The Lil Voice (2019) | Full Movie | Lynn Andrews III | Teiana Banks | Aaron Carolina

The Lil Voice (2019) | Full Movie | Lynn Andrews III | Teiana Banks | Aaron Carolina

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♪ Momma, I love you ♪ ♪ I really do, ma ♪ ♪ I love you ♪ ♪ Tell me momma what I gotta do ♪ ♪ I never had a chance to be a momma's boy ♪ ♪ But now in a daze, I just lay ♪ ♪ I have to get this far without you ♪ ♪ But the whole time, thinking about you ♪ ♪ Always picture what our life would be ♪ ♪ Till you broke the promise ♪ ♪ Now, now, true ♪ ♪ Like what would momma ever hurt me ♪ ♪ Your baby boy, yeah you're own ♪ ♪ Momma don't deserve me ♪ ♪ How you lie and show neglect ♪ ♪ Momma, tell me why I gotta be ♪ ♪ If only grandma knew about me ♪ ♪ You would probably show a little more love ♪ ♪ And not try to hide me ♪ ♪ Momma, tell me why I gotta be ♪ ♪ It's been a cruel world without you ♪ ♪ But I think that brought the man out of me ♪ ♪ Momma, look what I've become to be ♪ ♪ A God-fearing man who's off the streets ♪ ♪ It's like I strive just to make you proud ♪ ♪ And still, to this day, you don't acknowledge me ♪ ♪ Not enough ♪ ♪ Tell me, when are we ever gonna be ♪ ♪ I ain't looking for apologies ♪ ♪ No, I'm just looking for a solution ♪ ♪ Will my momma want me and tell me is that ever gonna be ♪ ♪ Can't you see me begging for your attention ♪ ♪ While you act like you don't see ♪ ♪ Momma ♪ ♪ Somebody find that boy momma ♪ ♪ I need my momma ♪ ♪ You're a momma's boy ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Momma ♪ ♪ I say, somebody find that boy momma ♪ ♪ I need my momma ♪ ♪ You're a momma's boy ♪ ♪ Momma's boy ♪ ♪ Momma ♪ ♪ You're a momma's boy ♪ ♪ I need my momma ♪ ♪ Momma's boy ♪ ♪ Momma ♪ ♪ Somebody find that boy momma ♪ ♪ I need my momma ♪ ♪ I'm a momma's boy ♪ ♪ You're a momma's boy ♪ ♪ Momma ♪ ♪ Momma, look what I can do ♪ - [David] What the fuck! - [Betty] Malik. - [David] Who? - Baby, I didn't know you were coming home today. - Nigga, that's a real good way to get your ass shot! Learn to fucking knock.

- [Betty] What the hell do you think you're doing? - [David] You need to teach that nigga some manners. He don't know how to fucking knock on the door. He can get his ass hurt. - [Betty] What'chu know about manners? - [David] Man, you know what-- - [Betty] Put your pants on.

He just got home, damn. - [David] That's all I'm saying. - [Malik] Today is a new day. Tomorrow will be a better one. - Sweetie, why didn't you tell me you were getting out? Come over here and give your mama a hug. - I called.

Phone's off again. Then I wrote a letter. - Well, stupid post office, things always getting lost in the mail. - Yeah. - Baby, I ain't started that car in years.

- [David] C'mon Betty, got dammit! You can talk to him later! - Who is that? - He's just a friend. - [David] Hey, Betty! - Maybe the battery. Like I said, that car been sitting there since you've been gone.

You gonna be all right? You good? - Yeah, mama, I'm good. - Alright, sweetie. We'll catch up in the morning. (dramatic music) I cooked all your favorites. - [Malik] You didn't have to do all this, mama.

- I baked you a sweet potato pie too. Malik, I read your letter, son. And I'm sorry I wasn't there to pick you up.

If I'd known, you were getting out, I'd-- - We're good, mama. - I checked on you three times. I didn't think you were ever gonna wake up. - Yeah, I think that's the first time I've really slept in five years. - Maybe because you were out there working on that car all night, all that clackety clank noise.

- My bad. (chuckles) (Betty chuckles) - How many rolls you want, baby? - Two. - [David] Two. - Thank you.

- Well, listen to you. Thank you. Still got all your manners.

- I said two too. Please. - Malik, you were right about what you wrote. You are gonna do better. I just know you are 'cause nothing beats a failure but a what? - A try.

That's what you always used to say. - That's right. There's another one right here. - A real man needs a real piece of meat. No homo.

- Here's the classified ads. It might give you some ideas. And I went down to the Salvation Army and got you some nice clothes for you to wear on your interviews. I'll do all the alterations myself. - I can't believe they're still making these. I thought they'd be out of circulation by now.

- Thought you knew everything. Young ass punk. - [Malik] Nigga, why are you even here? - [Betty] Oh, why? - You know, ma, I got you to thank for those manners you were talking about earlier, especially for teaching me how to share. (upbeat music) ♪ I walk in ♪ ♪ Scan the room, looking left to right ♪ ♪ Been a minute ♪ ♪ Since I slipped through on a Saturday night ♪ ♪ Got my people with me ♪ ♪ We about to act the fool ♪ ♪ Security got there having us ♪ ♪ They know we're about to break some rules ♪ ♪ Can you feel that ♪ ♪ It's getting funky out ♪ ♪ It's getting to you ♪ ♪ It's getting funky out ♪ ♪ Go ahead and do it ♪ ♪ Oh, get funky out ♪ ♪ Getting to it ♪ ♪ Get funky now ♪ ♪ Get on your feet and go ahead and feel alive ♪ ♪ Step in ♪ ♪ Step out ♪ ♪ Step out ♪ ♪ Step in ♪ - Mr. Armstrong, tell me about this logistics application

you've developed. - Well, as you see on my resume, it's called Magic Tracking. Simply put, it's a daily tracking system for warehouse and travel logistics that can be customized to the client's needs.

- And you did all this while you were incarcerated? - Yes, sir. The app also monitors relevant usage such as finances and-- - So you said in your personal interview that you were convicted at a young age. - (sighs) Yes. I made a mistake and I accepted the consequences. But while I was away, I took the necessary steps to ensure that I would never make that mistake again. - You know there are no guarantees in any business.

- I completely understand that, sir. I'm just looking for an opportunity. - Magic Tracking hmm.

Do you believe in magic? - Uh, yes, in a rudimentary sense, of course. Basically, magic is the power of influencing the course of offense by mysterious forces. And mystery or mysterious is simply something that is unknown.

- [Interviewer] So what's your plan B? - [Malik] I don't have one. I wanted to focus all of my attention on plan A so plan B wouldn't be necessary. - [Man On TV] Hey, man, PK, check it out. - [Man On TV] What you doing? - [PK] What's up with the pantyhose? I told you all to put stocking caps. - [Man On TV] Hey, PK, for real, man-- - Where my mom? - [Man On TV] For real, man, come on.

- Nigga, you got a hearing problem? - No, nigga, but obviously, you do. You don't hear that loud ass motherfucking sewing machine. - Maybe I could hear the sewing machine if the TV wasn't so motherfucking loud! - [David] You better watch your mouth, boy. - You see a boy standing here? - No, I see a punk ass bitch.

- [Betty] What's going on in here? - [Man On TV] As a matter of fact, since day one. - Your boy's panty's all ruffled. - Flash that shit again, you better be ready to use it. - Malik, what's wrong? - This nigga! What the hell! This nigga just posts up in the house all day and don't do shit? - Don't let your mouth overload your punk ass.

- Malik, Malik! - You're better than that! - Shh! Will you just calm down? - Calm down? I'm watching your back! - I don't need you to watch my back. I got this. - I can't tell.

This house is a mess. You're a mess. - I'm still your mama, boy. You better watch your tone. - There's only one boy in this room, on that picture, the one you said you were gonna do better for, in his name! - So that's what this is about? You still blaming me? You don't know whose fault it is.

One minute, it's yours. The next minute, it's your daddy's for not being here. Malik, you can't stay there forever. You gotta move on, son. - You always told me nothing beats a failure but a try.

It don't look like you're trying no more. - Now, don't you judge me. I lost everybody, dead, gone, everybody! - Except me. I'm right here! - You left me. You might as well have been dead too.

And by the way, I ain't the only one that made promises. - I got locked up for doing what I had to do so you'd be okay! You couldn't work. You could barely even function! I passed on scholarships for you. - Yeah, don't make me the reason you broke your promises.

You did time for Derek! - And now, you're letting that sorry ass nigga lay around here all day. - Where are you going? - [Malik] I don't know. - Malik, you don't have to leave. You can just, just, just let things cool down, at least until in the morning. - [Malik] I tried.

- Trying is an excuse for not doing. It's yours. Malik, I'm sorry.

I wish I could make him come back. I mean, I wish I could make it better! I wish it was that easy! - We both gotta do better, mama. - [David] If you see a sorry ass nigga, won't you man up. What, am I supposed to be scared of you? - Malik, no! - [Malik] I told you all that nigga do is lay around all day. (phone rings) - Hello? - Hey, Teiana. - Malik? Where are you? - I got out yesterday.

- I was, I was just about to-- - What? - Nothing. I bet your mom is really excited. - Yeah, yeah, it's kinda why I'm calling. I need a little, well, it ain't little. I need a favor. - So you get out yesterday, give me a call on the second day, and now you need a favor.

- Teiana, now you know it ain't even like that. - Whatever. Go ahead. - First off, I'm not trying to come back and just slide into your life, a'ight? I just, I need to know if I could stay at your place for a couple of months, just until I get back on my feet. I'll sleep on the couch, of course.

And you can keep track of what I'm costing you and I'll pay you back. I just, I really, I really hate to ask. I mean, I ain't got many options right now. Look, I understand if you-- - Look, it's fine.

I do have to double check with my man though. I don't know how he'll feel about me bringing another brother up into my apartment like that. (chuckles) I'm just playing with you. - Right, right, right.

Thank you. - Best friends since the second grade. That's what friends are for, right? Welcome home, Malik. - I owe you. - Bye. ♪ Girl, I'm on the way ♪ ♪ Girl, I'm on the way ♪ ♪ Oh ♪ ♪ Girl, I'm on the way ♪ ♪ Oh, yeah ♪ ♪ How can I ever be the one to let you go ♪ ♪ I love you from my heart and mind ♪ ♪ I love you from my soul ♪ ♪ The good and the bad and the thick of it ♪ ♪ Take us back where we began ♪ ♪ I'd do it all over again, over and over again ♪ ♪ It's easier to see the picture when you close your eyes ♪ ♪ The love we have is a sign we'll make it ♪ ♪ Oh ♪ - [Teiana] Hey, big boy.

♪ Hey ♪ ♪ I'm on my way back to love, baby ♪ ♪ I'm on my way ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ - I deserved that. - You deserve more than that, you know. But time has a funny way of making things seem like they weren't as bad as they really were.

- Like your scar? When I heard about the wreck, I, I'm sorry I couldn't be there to do something for you. - You could've did something. You could've just called. - Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. - Probably not. I'll go get you a pillow and blankets.

- So I don't have to worry about your boyfriend walking in on me, do I? - No, he stays in his room most of the time. My boyfriend wanted to meet you. (Teiana sighs) Malik, I know it's still really hard, but he needs you to live for him. We'll catch up tomorrow. I have to be up bright and early to open the restaurant.

(laid back music) ♪ Everything is so superficial now ♪ ♪ And nothing seems to be real anymore ♪ ♪ It's like some people don't understand it y'all ♪ - (screams) Whoa! Dude, what the hell! - Damn, Teiana. I'm sorry, but you can't be hovering over a brother like that. (coffeemaker rattles) - Fresh coffee to start my day.

I'll try to get a key made for you today. Oh, I forgot. And here, my old one. You probably remember it. It's kinda bipolar, but you know, it still works.

I'll try to get it activated for you today. Nobody uses payphones anymore, Malik. (chuckles) - How difficult will it be to submit a change of address? - You find employment yet? - Still looking.

- Why are y'all moving? - I actually, I'm just moving with a friend. It makes it easier for me to find a job. That's what this is all about, right? - You were in for drugs. - Conspiracy, - Conspiracy to sell what? Drugs.

- I wouldn't snitch so they hit me with conspiracy. - And of course, you didn't think that was right. - I know it ain't right. - Even though you were caught selling drugs, - I wasn't caught selling drugs. - [Probation Officer] It's the law. - Slavery was allowed too once upon a time.

It ain't make it right either. - I'm gonna give you get 30 days to find a job and start paying your fine. - I gotta go holla at my boy. What's up, dawg? You good? When the beast let you out, man? - [Malik] Day before yesterday. - Yeah? I'm back on that grind.

What you trying to do? - What you trying to do, head back to the plantation? - I'm just doing you what I know how to do, man. - It ain't what you said you was gonna do. - Man, niggas say a lot of shit when they behind them four walls. I mean, you know that. I took care of your moms, held that down like I said.

There's a lotta promise makers in a penitentiary, man. - Not me. - So what are you gonna do, get you some classifieds, make a few phone calls, tell them you got a record and get a job? Let me know if you wanna get down, dawg. How's moms doing? - She's surviving.

- Teiana? - She good. - That's what's up. Now, I don't know what you did to that girl. - Man, whatever, man. - Shit, I'm just saying, man. Even I tried to holler at her.

What you looking like that for? Nigga, you struck out, and I stepped to the plate. - You're breaking the code, dawg. - Breaking the code? Nigga, it ain't no code in these streets no more. You act like I was trying to stand at the plate with you.

- I see you're still making them omelets. - Mm-hmm, and they're on a whole another level now. Oh, my gosh, remember that day? - [Malik] Senior skip day. - Where were we? White Rock Lake. - Mm-hmm. - Everybody was dancing and singing, acting stupid. (laughs)

- Yeah, we had a lot of fun that day. - Mm-hmm. - I remember your ass got drunk as hell off of a-- - No. - I don't know. - No, no, no, no. - Whatever that concoction was.

Big Bubba made it, yeah. - Nope, I was not drunk. I was tipsy. Thank you. - Oh, that what they call it? Okay. - I was sober enough to notice Cherry Fleming and you were acting drunk as an excuse to touch her fat ass. - Yeah. (laughs) - Yeah, uh-huh.

A full damn ride to MIT, yet you chose to give the streets your smarts. - I chose to take care of my mama. - And Derek, and everybody else except for yourself. - What's done is done.

Today's a new day. Tomorrow will be a better one. - What's about to get done is you. Trays, waiter. Get used to it.

- [Malik] Whatever. - So tell me about this whole app thing. - Well, locked up, all you got is time.

So I was observing how the prison system ships its supplies in and out and how inmates barter with stamps and commissary. And basically, everything's about logistics. So why not make it easier for companies to be able to monitor order status, ensure fast shipping and implement flexible fulfillment? Tension.

- And you're sure it'll do all of that? - And then some. Magic Tracking will also automatically sync inventory, orders and warehouse operations into a single platform. So companies will have the insight to draw profitability and scale growth. - Well, good luck, smarty pants. - Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. - Hmm.

Well, in the meantime, you know, my uncle, he still has that tax office. So if you wanted me to talk-- - I got this. Domino.

On your back. - Shut up. (upbeat music) ♪ Make up, make up ♪ ♪ Make up your mind ♪ ♪ 'Cause you're runnin', runnin' all the time ♪ ♪ Make up, make up ♪ ♪ Make up your mind ♪ ♪ 'Cause you're runnin', runnin' all the time ♪ ♪ Make up, make up, make up your mind ♪ - Today's a new day. Tomorrow will be a better one. - Mm-hmm.

Yeah, we straight. Just have my money in the morning and we can keep it that way. So are we gonna do this? - Two months, D. It's all I need. I'm trying to turn the corner.

- It's cool, dawg, it's cool. Look, man, you're a free agent in my book. I'm glad to have you back for however long.

Now, you got that charisma shit working for you, man. Folks dig that shit. - I'd like that charisma shit to work for me for other shit than selling dope. - Man, motherfuckers gonna spend their money on whatever they want. That's how the world rolls.

- I forgot. Your ass ain't got no conscience. - I got a conscience. I just keep it real. - Real ain't always right. - Real ain't always right? Look, man, I can't speak for every nigga, but I sell dope.

That's what I do. That's what I'm good at. That's what I know. - Doesn't make it right.

- I didn't say it was right. Let me finish my point, alright? Damn. You made me forget what I was saying. - You sell dope. - Oh, yeah.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I was saying I sell... Fuck that, man. Look, everything ain't about right and wrong, man. It's about cause and effect.

Cause, they let the drugs in the country. The effect, niggas gonna sell that shit. And cause, I've been sitting here talking to your ass, wasting time. The effect is me getting my ass cussed out when I get to the house. - Appreciate it. We got our free will, dawg.

We ain't gotta live like this. - Man, it's about winning this motherfucker, Malik. Look, when Adam ate that apple from that tree, was it right? Hell, nah, it wasn't right. And shit been fucked up ever since. - Damn, little dude! You know what time it is? - About 11:20, 21. - Your parents know you out here alone? - I'm out here with you, and you smell.

- Come on. I'll walk you home, little man. Where you live? - I stay at 1919 Chariot Avenue, but that's not my home. (dramatic music) - Eric.

I told you that I would, and I did. I did, I gave it some thought. I'm not trying to avoid you. (door creaks) Hey, look, I gotta go.

Okay, I'll call you back. I gotta go. Alright.

What you creeping for? - [Malik] Oh, hey. I thought you'd be asleep. - No, I, I had to close the restaurant, so I just came home and started to clean. - Your dude? - I told you that I don't have a dude.

And you're home late. So where were you, your girl? - I ain't got time for girls. Why? Do I have a curfew? - Whoever you were with was hitting it pretty hard. How'd your search go? - Nothing yet. What's messed up is half these companies, you can work for them while you're in prison but they won't hire you when you get out.

- Yeah? And the app? (phone buzzes) Well, you know, my uncle, I'm sure all I would have to do is talk to him and he could set you up with something. - Nah, nah, I'm cool. - Okay. (phone buzzes) - You know about a Chariot Street or Avenue or something like that around here? - No, I don't. For what? - There's this little boy sitting on the stairs.

- Little boy? (phone buzzes) - You do? - Whatever. I'm going to sleep. It's getting late.

And I told you I don't have a dude. - [Malik] Funny how sexy you still are when you try and dance around the truth. - Why are you really here, Malik? - Well, I, uh, we already talked about that, you know. - Uh-huh. - About to get-- - Mm-hmm.

Kinda sexy you still are when you're dancing around the truth. (upbeat music) - My bad. - That was like super fast. - You know it's, it's been a long time.

- Couch, Malik. - Are you serious? What, because I didn't-- - Of course not. Just remember that's where you sleep.

- Yeah. I figured, you know, since-- - Mm-mm. Couch, please.

- Girl, I knew I would find you here. When I tell you what happened-- - Save it, please. - Excuse me? I guess somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed. - Save your guessing for when you're president or the weather lady. - You know what? You've been acting real stank since you got in a management position.

But it's alright. - [Cheryl] Hey, Teiana. - Hey, hey, Cheryl. - I need you to hold this for me.

- What's that? - [Keisha] A trip. - A trip to where? - Not a trip trip. Just a plain old damn trip. Well, since you must know, Keith accidentally called me last night when his ass was supposed to be at work.

So I missed his call and it went to voicemail. Do you think his ass is at work? Hell no! His ass was at his homeboy's house. I heard them slamming dominoes, calling fish and dimes and shit. - And you put it on a CD? - Hell, yes, girl, I put it on a CD. - [Courtney] Actually, I put it on a CD. - You remember Courtney.

- No. - My little niece. Girl, from my brother. The one who used to work for the tech firm and his baby mama put him on child support because you know, he... Anyway, her. So she found this online service that turn your voicemails into MP3.

So girl, I downloaded it-- - And put it on a CD. - Hell yes. Evidence, home girl. - Keisha, just make sure your ass is on time for work today, please.

- Let me drop off at school. I might be a little late, but I'll be there, maybe. Give me like a 15-minute window. Let's go. Let's go. Get your ass up.

Keep walking. - 'Sup, little man? What, you rap or something? - Work for a friend. - Work? How old are you? - Nine, going on 10. - Why you ain't at school? - You ask a lot of questions. - You just remind me of somebody. - You wanna buy a CD? - Yeah, I'll help you out.

How much? - Five. - Keep the change. What's your name? Last one.

- Jonah. - Jonah, huh. Nice to meet you.

I'm Malik. - We've actually met before. - Now, it's official. - I'm just saying, like they say in the movies, they go in as men and come out another man's man.

- I don't even know why I talk to you. - Because I tell you how it is, just like I'ma tell you how it is right now, how idiotic it was that you turned down Eric's proposal. And then you tell me that you wrote Malik and told him that you were going to accept it and move to Chicago.

- I did write the letter. - But you didn't send it. Childhood crush, turned high school sweetheart, turned college and jailhouse pen pal, turned roommates? Girl. you better call Eric and tell him you accept that proposal.

♪ Why the fuck these niggas wanna go against the grain ♪ ♪ Why the fuck these niggas wanna drag a nigga name ♪ ♪ Hey, true story ♪ ♪ I know some niggas who hurt me ♪ ♪ They hurt me ♪ ♪ A couple bitches who hurt me ♪ ♪ They hurt me ♪ ♪ The jury don't wane me to make it ♪ ♪ To make it ♪ ♪ The DA, I know that he working ♪ ♪ Oh, he working ♪ ♪ Prosecutors wanna hound me ♪ ♪ What ♪ ♪ I'm hoping they don't do me dirty ♪ ♪ Do me dirty ♪ ♪ This 40 I got that bitch dirty ♪ ♪ Bow ♪ ♪ Shoota on go, he shoot perfect ♪ ♪ What ♪ ♪ I keep a hunnid on me ♪ ♪ The devil write me in my sleep ♪ ♪ Oh, he do ♪ ♪ I break a bitch in a week ♪ ♪ Lil bitch, I'm not what you think ♪ ♪ Nah ♪ ♪ I stood in the field with my hittas ♪ ♪ I kept that rocket on me ♪ ♪ I do ♪ ♪ Hate that I had to get rid of my niggas ♪ ♪ I heard they was plottin' on me ♪ ♪ Oh, it's true ♪ ♪ For the love of money, my homies they turned they backs ♪ ♪ Same niggas that still owe me on the pack ♪ ♪ Say they gon' jack me ♪ (door creaks) - [Teiana] Hey. - Hey. How was work? - It was good. We had a meeting today. I think Sam's thinking about selling the restaurant. You know you could always come up there to work with me, right? - For real? Wipe some tables, mop the floor.

You gonna be my boss? No. - Whatever. You've been staying out all night. - Yeah, I've been spending time with mama since old dude ain't been around. I'm better company for her anyway.

- Still a mama's boy. - All the better for knowing how to treat a woman. (romantic music) - So tell me, what you know about how to treat a woman? ♪ We're sitting in this room ♪ ♪ Side by side ♪ ♪ And something's on your mind ♪ ♪ It's hard to hide ♪ ♪ I know you want it, baby ♪ ♪ I feel the vibe ♪ ♪ And whether you know it or not ♪ - [Teiana] Malik. - [Malik] Yeah? - Couch.

- I was just gonna, I was just gonna hold you a minute. - You did. Thank you. Couch. - Are you serious? (upbeat music) - Mister charisma.

Holla at you, boy. - Alright. - Easy, boy. - Hey, hey, Butta, Butta.

You left your fliers, man. - They're not mine. They're not mine. I'm out. - A'ight, yeah. - You must be new on the block.

I hope the shit's still legit. Damn, are you just gonna stand there or are you gonna hook me up? - Oh. (chuckles) So sorry, sir. Here you go.

There you go. - What's this? - It's a basketball tournament, yeah. It's locals, very entertaining.

- That's cool, man, but I'm trying to get the hookup right now. - Yeah, yeah, hoop up. - No, no, no, hook up, man, like smoke, some popcorn. (Malik gasps) Yeah, you got that? - You mean drugs? - Yeah, yeah, that.

You got that? - (laughs) For heaven's sake, no. We don't sell drugs in this community, sir, no, no. But I heard that if you go up to, like up north, up to Plano, Highland Park, plenty of drugs there, yeah. - Yeah, okay. Appreciate that, man. - No, no, thank you.

- Let's get outta here. - And why are you out here hustling people? There wasn't anything even on that CD. - Ain't nobody else complaining, and I never said there was. - Man, if you don't get up out these streets before something happened to your little ass. - I can handle myself. - Your mama know you don't go to school? - Your mama know you back selling? - What? How do you know what I'm doing? Oh, so you're just gonna walk off like that? You don't need a ride or nothing? - Why do you sell drugs? - Shh! Not so loud, man.

- You know it's not right. - Everything ain't about right and... - What is it about? - It's about cause and...

- We automatically know right from wrong. That's why children don't have to be taught how to lie. - So your mama teach you it's okay to lie? - No.

She just says it proves that we knew it was right all along. We only lie 'cause we know the truth and we don't wanna get in trouble. - What's your mama, like a preacher or something? - No, a teacher. - Your mama a teacher. (laughs) Hold on, hold on, hold on a little bit Hold on a little bit.

Your mama a teacher and you ain't never in school. - Did you always go to school? - Yeah, man, I never missed a day. - Why does that make you sad? - It's a long story. - The challenge in life is to learn from the past but not get stuck in it.

- Careful, it's hot. So why now, Malik? You never wanted to know before. You went to school as usual.

Well, actually, you woke up late, which was very unusual. I remember that vividly. You were moping around, and I didn't think much about it. But you were always eager and excited to go to school so I thought you were just sick or something.

Anyway, you went to school and Joshua was outside playing in the front. It was about 11:20, and I heard gunshots. And I went outside. - What happened next? (dramatic music) Daddy told me to look out for him. - Oh, Malik, you were in school.

You were just a child yourself. - I gave him my word. He said, "Son, your word is your bond." I'll always remember that. - Malik, it's not your fault. And I'm sure if your father was alive, he'd understand that.

I mean, God gives life and God causes death. - God? He was five years old. - The lesson of the dead, it's not for the dead. It's for the living. - We don't have no control? - We don't. - We don't have no responsibility? - But God has a permissive will, and some things he just permits to happen.

- We can't blame everything on God! Sometimes our actions cause stuff to happen. - So this is about you blaming me about your brother death, again. - He didn't have to die. - You wanna blame me? You wanna blame me, well, you go ahead. And while you at it, blame me for your daddy going off to the army and getting his self killed.

And you blame me for moving us into this drug-infested neighborhood and for letting your brother go outside and play like he'd always done. And you blame me for coming in for two fucking minutes to check on his food, hmm. And blame me for the drug deal going bad and for that stupid ass nigga coming in and shooting up the place.

Why don't you just go ahead and blame me for the pawnshop selling him the gun, blame me for all the drugs in the neighborhood, and blame me for the people that ship and fly the shit over here! And while you're at it, you blame me for that fucking school that wouldn't let me enroll him because of his birthday being three months off! I don't know why God does what he does! I don't know. Malik, we don't have comprehensive knowledge of all the whys. I don't. I just know he's gone and he's not fucking coming back. And that's why we ask him to grant us serenity to understand the fucking things we can't change.

He ain't coming back, Malik. We can't change that. He ain't coming back.

- You know I'll ride and die, but I refuse to be on a suicide mission. And the only reason why I'm still here is before my mother passed in that wreck, she told me that it's better to wait on a good man than it is to waste time on a bad one. - I'm sorry, Teiana. I'm through. - Me too.

I'll go pack your shit and you can get out of my house. - Teiana-- - Malik! I've went through this once with you already, and now you're doing the same shit that got you locked up in the first place. Take this shit and get out of my house! You can leave your key and come back in a few hours for the rest of your things.

Damn, Malik. I love you. I don't talk through teddy bears. - You love me? Whatever, Teiana.

You love me and you're putting me out just like that? - Nigga, I waited on your ass for five long years and you're questioning me and if I love you? - You don't know what I went through locked up in that place! - I don't! And you don't know what I went through locked up in this one. - That was your choice. That's why I let you go, because I wanted you to move on.

I didn't wanna sit around and be thinking about what you was doing, having you here worried about me. - You know, that's some real selfish shit 'cause you only gave me one choice. What about what I wanted? (dramatic music) - What's up, dawg? You good? Yeah? - Yeah. Yeah, I'm straight. - [Derek] You wanna hit it, big dawg? - Nah, nah, I'm good.

- So what brings you to my domain? - A brother can't just come holla? (Derek laughs) - A social call, is it? Man, you got jokes. Used to be you coming to my crib was all about business. - Yeah, yeah, about that business. I'm out. - Damn. You're serious, huh.

What, you got that career shit off the ground? - Not yet. Soon though. Soon.

- Have a seat, man. It's cool, dawg. Relax, man. Have a seat. Soon, huh.

You're making a lot of dough, dawg. You give that up, is soon gonna pay them bills? - I've just been doing a lot of thinking lately. - I can dig that. - One day, when I was locked up, I was meditating, right? Man, shit got deep. I felt like, like I can hear what my mama was thinking when I was in the womb. (Derek chuckles) - Well, whatever you was smoking on, that's the shit I need to be selling.

- No, no, real talk. Some people, they think they hear God, or they see a bright light spot. I heard my mama's voice. (Derek laughs) All right, dawg. I'ma roll.

We good? - I don't know, dawg. You tell me. So what was your T-jones thinking? - She wanted me to always hear God's voice so he could always guide me on the right path. ♪ Ooh oh ♪ - I'm sorry. ♪ Yeah, yeah, oh ♪ ♪ Hard to keep you off of my mind ♪ ♪ Reminiscin' those better days and nights ♪ ♪ Hard to keep you off of my mind, girl ♪ ♪ Thought you would be the love of my life ♪ ♪ But it seems my mind been playing tricks on me ♪ ♪ Things weren't what they really seemed ♪ ♪ Wanted you on my team ♪ ♪ You thought you'd show me I was wrong ♪ ♪ Had to find strength to move on ♪ ♪ 'Cause now I see that life is gone ♪ ♪ Still, I can't stop thinking of those good times ♪ ♪ The memories we shared ♪ ♪ The love that we made would always be there ♪ ♪ I hope you find what you're searching for ♪ ♪ Our love ran away and won't come back no more ♪ ♪ No more, no more, no more ♪ ♪ No more, no more ♪ (car alarm blares) - Damn! What are you doing out here? - Getting my basketball. - At 11 o'clock at night.

- [Jonah] Yup. - There's no Chariot Street around here. - Chariot Avenue. Where are you going? - I'm leaving, and I advise you to take your little ass home.

- We're responsible for our own happiness. Right now, you don't seem too happy. - Really? Really? What do you know about responsibility, huh? - I know it's made up of two words, response and ability. We don't always control what happens in our life but we have the ability to control how we respond to it. - I don't have time for this shit. - Obedience is better than sacrifice.

- Malik, what are you doing? - Huh? I was just talking to this little boy about... - Little boy, at this time of night. - Yeah.

He was looking for his basketball. - Are you smoking that shit too, Malik? - No! It was the same little boy I was telling you about earlier, the one I was talking about... Fuck it. I ain't gotta explain this shit. - Here you go.

I can't believe after all you've been through, you're willing just to throw it all away again. - It's not like that Teiana. - At least tell me you're not still fucking with Derek's foul ass. Damn, Malik! Are you serious? You just did time for that nigga and you're still messing with him? - Teiana, the brother had two strikes, and he was looking out for my mama while I was locked up.

I gave his stuff back anyway. - I don't know how you can be so smart but make stupid ass decisions. - Teiana, I took the stuff back, a'ight? God as my witness, I'm done.

- You took it back? This is too confusing for me, Malik. I want you, but I'm nervous. I need you, but I need my sanity too.

This is just too confusing. I'm so confused. ♪ Don't go ♪ ♪ Don't go ♪ ♪ I made mistakes before ♪ - [Jonah] Using the temple of God to sin. ♪ I promise I can make it right ♪ - [Jonah] That's basically what fornication is.

♪ Anything for you day and night ♪ ♪ I know I can't make you change ♪ ♪ I just need you to believe ♪ ♪ Damn, I need you here with me ♪ - [Jonah] Obedience is better than sacrifice. - What? - You hear that? - Hear what? - [Jonah] You know fornication is more than just having sex, right? - Malik. What? Malik, what's wrong? Malik, are you okay? - I'm gonna go to the couch for a minute. - Alright. - Just give me a minute. - [Bryan] So you're Teiana's friend.

- [Malik] Yes, sir. - How close? - Since elementary school. - (scoffs) That long. You know she's like a daughter to me, right? - Yes, sir. - I was the one with the bat when you came to take her to the prom. - I kinda blocked that whole day out.

- Are you sure? Teiana told me it was her first time and you don't remember. - No. No, no, no.

No, sir. No, sir. I mean, Teiana, she was a homie. We was just friends.

(Bryan laughs) - I was just messing with you, dude. Teiana already told me about your situation, man. Matter of fact, I was expecting you a couple of weeks ago, I just got a little paperwork you need fill to out and you should be good to go. (laughs) Look at your face. (laughs) You're funny, kid. (laughs) - Yup, so he just ran out the room like he saw a ghost.

It was really weird. - All right, so what were you wearing? - I dunno, just my sweatpants and a t-shirt. (Keisha snorts) What? - I'm sorry. You thought he was gonna hit that with y'all wearing the same thing? - [Teiana] Oh, you're the worst.

- You know what? I bet you Eric wouldn't have had that problem. - Hey, there is no Eric, okay? I'm gonna need you to get over that. - Alright. Well, like I said, you know, some men go in as men and they come out as another man's man.

- Malik is not gay. Trust me. You need to stop watching all those damn movies, filling your head up. - Maybe it's you. - Me? - Yes.

- Me what? You're trying to say that my stuff stinks? I can promise you that that's not a problem. And stop looking at me like that. - Okay, alright, okay. Check this out. How about you go get you a French maid uniform, some sexy red stilettos.

- [Teiana] Oh, my gosh. - And a dust mop. And girl, if he ain't tripping all over himself tryin' to hit it and get it, then Houston, we have a problem. ♪ Every time I think about the man of my dreams ♪ ♪ He's the kind of man that I always wanna please ♪ ♪ He's the one who makes my life complete, yeah ♪ - Hey, homie.

I made you a omelet but it's probably... You alright? - [Teiana] Uh-huh. ♪ I need a man that takes me in his arms ♪ ♪ Fill me with his charms and more ♪ ♪ I need a man that gives real love ♪ ♪ Yeah, fulfills all of my desires ♪ ♪ Mama always told me to be careful who I choose ♪ ♪ She said ♪ ♪ Find you a man ♪ - I spoke with Bryan today. Yeah, we made a...

- Need some help cleaning up this kitchen, big boy? - I'll probably dirty up this kitchen some more. (Teiana chuckles) - [Jonah] Hmm, friends with benefits. - Damn, what was that? - What? What? - Teiana, the last thing I wanna do is confuse you, or me anymore.

- I'm not confused. I know exactly what I want. Are you? - What? - Confused? - Very.

- Confused like confused confused, or just plain confused? - Like discombobulated confused. Look, I wanna thank you for hooking me up with your uncle. You know, I forgot he put that bat out on me.

- Is that what this is all about? You don't like my uncle punk you? - Oh, no, no, please. But he did had that bat next to his bookshelf though. Hey, he was telling me about this book he was reading that said that this chemical called oxytocin is released in a woman's brain during sex, which gives her a biological predetermination to go seek a connection with that man. - What the hell? - That's the same thing I was thinking.

- He's probably just messing with you. - I don't know. It kinda makes sense. - Why was my uncle talking to you about sex anyway? - Maybe because of our living arrangement.

- Oh. I can't believe this. I can't believe this. - Teiana, just like it's wrong for me to be selling drugs, it's also wrong for us to be doing this.

It's all fornication, baby. Matter of fact, you so fine, you just plain wrong. - But we've done it already, babe. - That don't make it right. I sold drugs before too. - And you're sure it doesn't have anything to do with me? - What do you mean you? - With me.

- What are you talking about? - How do I smell? - You smell good. - Do I have an odor? - An odor? Man, what are you talking about? - Does my stuff stink? - Oh, no, no, no. - And how do you know? - 'Cause I-- - You be checking? - No. - So how do you know? - Well, I never smell anything. - Nothing? - I mean, I mean, you know, regular. - Regular? - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, regular old stuff.

- So my stuff smells old now. - Uh-uh, nah, nah, mm-mm. Normal? - Normal. - Teiana, baby, your stuff don't stink. You don't have an odor. I swear.

- Hmm. Okay. Alright. - [Waitress] Teiana told me to let you in and she'll be here in a minute. What can I get ya? - Oh, no, no, I'm good. - [Waitress] Are you sure? - Yeah, yeah.

- Okay. - Man, this tax job, it's for the birds. I've been doing this for what, almost a week now and I only got three people to get they taxes done. I'm trying, but damn.

- Trying to do what? - Legally make some money. Your mama need her taxes done? - Try to raise your right hand. - Huh? - I said try to raise your right hand. - Dude, what are you talking about? - Try to raise your right hand. - Like that? - [Jonah] I said try to raise it, not raise it. - I did.

I raised it. - I said try. - [Waitress] Yeah.

- Hmm? - [Waitress] You need something? - No, no, I'm still good. - Did you just... - [Malik] Yeah. - Mama says the word try just stops us from doing. - You know, ever since I met you and you've been saying your mama said this and your mama said that, I ain't been able to...

- Been able to do? - You know. - Been able to do what? - Do it. - Oh, you mean fornicate. - Shh! Damn! What, you ain't got no volume control? - Excuse me. - [Waitress] Oh, hey, girl. I asked your man if he wanted something to eat.

- [Teiana] Thank you. Hey, sweetie. - Oh, hey. - [Teiana] How are you, babe? - I'm good, I'm good.

So what's going on? - Thanks for coming. I just wanted to apologize. - Apologize for what? - Last week, you know. - No, you ain't got to apologize for that. As a matter of fact, I wanted to make that up to you. You know, it's the least I can do it.

- No, no, you were right. - Mm-mm, no, no. You see, I was wrong. - No, no, babe.

I was wrong. - No, no, no. Babe, babe, you see, I was going through some things and you know, I'm good. - Look,

I know you were just trying to do the right thing and I guess I was just so emotional and I guess I missed you so much. But I get it, and I'm sorry, sweetie. - No, no, no, no, no, no. We're good. You see, I missed you too, and there ain't nothing wrong with us, two adults expressing that.

And I really, really wanna show you how much I missed you. - That is so sweet, but it won't be necessary. I'm good, I'm good. I promise. But I do thank you though.

I gotta go open the restaurant. Keisha's late, as usual. (Malik sighs) - [Keisha] You never told me what happened. - I'm sure you're smart enough to figure it out on your own. - He's gay. - Are you gonna talk about sex again? - No, I'm not about to talk about sex, thank you.

- Well, are you about to not talk about sex again? - You know what? Can you go do some push-ups, something? We're talking, grown folks' business. Exit, please. Thank you. So please tell me it's about Eric. - There is no Eric, Keisha. And why aren't you at the restaurant anyway? - Because I had an emergency.

- Of course. - Eric's her uncle. - That's nasty. - I heard her on the phone.

- On the phone? Jesus. - [Cheryl] Best advice I ever heard. - Oh. - And I think you could use it too. - Well.

- Go ahead, tell her. Go on. - Are you sure? - Yeah, child, tell her. - Well, he said that maybe I should stop using my body for leverage and invest that energy into my mind.

- Amen. - [Teiana] Something like that. - No, that's it, just like that. - So you didn't do nothing with your uncle. - You know, you're a special kind of stupid, Keisha. - Mm, that hurt.

But for real, I need a favor. - Uh-uh, whatever. I'm about to go get ready for work. I'll see you at the restaurant.

- Hey, how old is your uncle? Is he married? - You don't want that uncle. - Where did she go? - She ran her off. But it's okay. She was gonna run off anyways. She had to go track Keith down on her family locator app. - And she just left you here all alone.

- Well, today is shadow a parent or a professional day. Both of my parents are away on business, so I was going to shadow Aunt Keisha, except I can't because she had an emergency. So now, I have to shadow you. She was going to tell you that before you decided to run her off. - I didn't run her off.

Is there a place I can take you? - No, ma'am. - Don't call me ma'am. My name is Teiana. Just Teiana. You have to be in school, so I can drop you off there.

What school do you go to? - Townview Business Magnet except you can't drop me off there. - And why not? - Because today is shadow day, so that's 50% of my semester grade for my business class. If I go, then I'm gonna fail.

I'm gonna get an F. - I'm gonna whoop Keisha's ass. Don't touch me. ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ I wonder what it's gonna take ♪ ♪ To make you wanna stay in my bed ♪ ♪ It's me and you against the world ♪ ♪ Let's run away, let's run away ♪ ♪ Run with me now ♪ ♪ Oh ♪ ♪ Run with me now ♪ ♪ Oh ♪ ♪ Run with me now ♪ ♪ Oh ♪ ♪ Run with me ♪ ♪ Oh ♪ ♪ Run with me ♪ ♪ I wonder what it's gonna take ♪ ♪ To make you wanna stay in my bed ♪ ♪ It's me and you against the world ♪ ♪ Let's run away, let's run away ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪ - I swear, I'm going to kill her. Oh. Oh, Malik.

What'd you do? - What'd you do? - Malik. - [Malik] Teiana. - And Courtney. Good look. - Where'd you get that? - Where'd you put it? - Malik, I can't remember. I thought I'd gotten rid of it.

- Why? So you can hide the fact that you really do have another man? - I don't have another man, Malik. - I've given it more thought. I'm gonna accept his proposal and move to Chicago. You was actually gonna marry this dude? - You told me to move on! - But damn! Do you love him? - Malik, I waited on a good man. - Not really.

- Excuse me. I take your advice and now you're upset? - I asked you a question. Do you love him? - Only the parts of him that reminded me of you. And you're finally here, and I love all of you. - Why didn't you just tell me? - I was angry.

You leave me to figure it out by myself for five long years. And then you can just call me, needing a place to stay. You can just knock on my door and I'll still know that it could never be anybody else. Best friends since the second grade. ♪ So blown away by your love ♪ ♪ So blown away ♪ ♪ I'm so blown away ♪ (Courtney clears her throat) - Well, this is your platform, and this is where you'll, well, right here is where you get your average. And if I were to, I'll just show you.

- Can you believe this heifer? She won't even answer the phone. - [Courtney] Did you text her? - Yes. What time are your parents coming home? - They're gone all weekend. - So, you learned anything new today? - Did I.

Number one, adults care way too much about sex and then they wonder what's wrong with this generation. And then number two-- - You're cool. You don't need to continue. - What are you working on? - Taxes. Phone calls. Do your parents need their taxes done? (phone buzzes) - Are you an accountant? - [Malik] Nah.

Teiana, your phone. - Well, maybe I can help you out with a couple of-- - No, no, no, no, don't touch. I kinda got my own order to things. But you can watch.

You see these files? I go through the documents for individuals and small businesses. I categorize and then I digitize those for, for tax preparers. - That's a lot of paperwork. - I agree, especially considering that all this stuff is gonna end up in a digital platform anyway. but I gotta go over it all for review.

- There should be an easier way to get from point A to point Z. - Yup. - It'd be good if you had like an online database to where your clients can upload all of their information regularly. - Are you kidding me? (phone buzzes) They're not trying to do that.

That's why they hire tax services and accountants. Teiana, your phone's ringing. - Yeah, you're right. People are lazy.

They won't take the time out to handle their business on the front end, so then it all gets pushed off to the back end. And now, they're bombarded with deadlines. - That makes sense, what you said before. It makes a lot of damn sense. - Wait, what did I say? - Individuals, small businesses may not take the time to electronically input the data, but if...

Teiana, Teiana, I got it, I got it. - This heifer has some nerve. - Babe, I got it. - I can't believe her.

- So with a few minor tweaks to the calculations and finance features, I can convert Magic Tracking into an accounting program in a snap. - So this would be something my company can use, less paperwork for us. - Some changes to some other components to customize some forms and not only will you bring in more business, but bigger companies will want to outsource to you. - You don't say. So Malik, what do you need from me to make that happen? - Resources, a check with an increase in pay while I'm developing. (Bryan laughs)

- Hold on, wait. Hold on, hold on. So you want me to pay you more money to develop a product on my time that you'll own.

It could turn out to be worthless, and then you turn around and sell it to me and other companies? - Whoa, whoa, whoa, Mr. Harper, Mr. Harper. Just please. If you do this, a percentage of ownership will belong to you. - Hmm, okay. Now you're talking. Now you're talking.

- This app will put Armstrong and Harper Tax Services in business all over the state, all across the country. - Shit, sho ya right. Man, I got big plans for Harper and Armstrong Tax Services.

Good job, Malik. Good job, man. - Mama. Mama, are you around? I got some good news.

Mama, are you in here? You decent? (knocking on door) Man, old dude better not be in here. Mama. Mama. No, no, no, no. Mama, mama, wake up.

Mama. Mama, come on, come on, come on. Mama. (dramatic music) Mama, what did you do? What did you do? No. We were supposed to do better together, mama.

We were supposed to do better. Ma! - [Man] Bueno. Hello? - Hi, is David there? - [Man] Hold on one second. David's in the garage. Can I help you? - [Man] What's your address? - 1930 Unity Drive.

- [Operator] 911, what's your emergency? (dramatic music) - Hey, Joshua. Hey, Malik. - Hey. - Oh, look, you're doing things big this year.

- I'm trying to. - I heard you made A honor roll again. - Yeah, I did, thank you.

Hopefully, I can keep that going at MIT. - Well, education is something they can never take away from you. I believe these are for Teiana. - Thank you. Thank you so much. - How's your mama doing? - She's doing good.

She's working, as you see. I have J. Joshua, Joshua. - Go ahead and have a seat. I'll go get Teiana. - Come on, let's sit down. - [Mom] Teiana.

- [Teiana] Yeah. - [Mom] Hey, Malik and Joshua are here. - Okay. Oh! Are those for me? Thank you. Oh my God, you're not giving me a hug? - I'll take it. - Oh, thank you.

- [Joshua] Well, I'm right here. How can I give you a hug when I'm right here? - Because I can grab you like this and give you a hug. Thank you for my candy.

- [Joshua] You're welcome. (Malik laughs) - Oh, babe. Thank you.

- You're welcome. - What's that? - God speaks through men. I speak in teddy bears. - Okay, that's different. Thank you. - You're welcome.

- What you doing? - I'ma come get you. I'ma get you, I'm a get you, I'm a get you. (Malik and Joshua laugh) - Babe, so when will you leave? When will you leave for MIT? (dramatic music) - Are you okay? - Yeah. I'm fine. - I lost my mother too, Malik.

I know exactly how you feel. - It's just something my mother insisted that we always put on our tombstone. - [Teiana] I actually wanted to play something to for you. - [Malik] That's a blank CD.

- Not anymore. I remember you told me that I might've been the last call that your mom made before she passed, so I checked my messages. She left you a message, Malik. - [Malik] And you put it on a CD? - Safekeeping. One day, Keisha got, nevermind.

I just never wanted your mom's last words to ever be erased. You okay to hear it? - Do I want to? - Yeah. - [Betty] Hi, Teiana. Thank you for taking care of my son, baby. This message is for him.

Malik, you remember what I said. Teiana is a good girl. Don't you make God angry. Yeah, I didn't want much, just to tell you that I love you. You're a good man, just like your daddy.

(chuckles) I never told you this. I got so big when I was pregnant with you. All my friends said I was big as a whale. That was gonna name you Jonah. Your daddy said that was a white boy's name. Son, I just want you to know I would have rather had you than Derek's money.

Son, Teiana's... - I never saw it from the outside. 1919 Chariot Avenue.

- I stay at 1919 Chariot Avenue, but that's not my home. - That was just a PO box. I never knew the address. - You okay? - A lot of promises have been made in that place, and a lot of them stay right there. I'm keeping all my promises, all of 'em.

(dramatic music) - [Operator] You have a prepaid call. You will not be charged for this call. This call is from-- - [Derek] Derek. - [Operator] An inmate at a federal prison. This call is being recorded and is subject to monitoring. Hang up to decline the call or to...

- [Malik] Alright. - [Teiana] Alright, we're here. I can't believe you're doing this.

You're so crazy. Okay, okay, okay. - Alright. Alright, come on. - Alright, don't let me fall.

- Slow step, slow step, slow step. I'm here with you, I'm here with you. You got it, you got it, you got it.

Alright, there's one step coming up, one step up. There you go. You got it, you got it, you got it. Alright. - Okay.

- Alright. - [Teiana] Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Okay. - [Malik] Are you ready? - [Teiana] Yeah, I think I'm ready.

Yup, okay. - You're sure? - Yup, uh-huh. Work? - Yeah. - Why would you take me to wok? - Except you kinda own it now.

- Kinda own it now? - (screams) Oh, my God! Oh, my gosh! That's what you were working on? Oh, my God! Oh, my goodness. It's mine? Oh. Oh, my gosh. You're crazy. Man, this new app Malik designed for me is off the chain! Not only can I monitor my restaurant's progress, but I can check on my customers-- - Girl, I cannot believe you're gonna have me doing this shit for three months.

- Excuse me. After you leave Courtney with me for a weekend so you can go off with Keith to play domino when your ass is as loud as him slamming in the background. Besides, cleanliness is next to godliness, and you need some God in your life. And you weren't even gonna tell me if you didn't accidentally leave it on my voicemail.

- I can't believe it sounded like we were playing domino, girl. That's funny. (laughs) - You are so nasty. I need to get a new phone. - [Keisha] Whatever. It was not that bad.

- [Teiana] I put it on a CD. - [Keisha] No, you didn't. - [Teiana] Yeah, I did, two copies. - [Keisha] Two copies? - [Teiana] Yes, safekeeping, remember? - [Keisha] All right, Teiana, I need you to destroy that immediately. - [Teiana] Ooh, I do need to call Courtney. - [Keisha] What do you need a call Courtney for? Teiana, you didn't give her a copy, did you? Teiana, you're lying to me.

Don't look like that. Teiana, are you serious? Are you serious? - [Teiana] She needs to find out sooner or later about that stuff. - [Keisha] No, no! Are you serious? (laid back music) ♪ Ooh yeah ♪ ♪ Listen ♪ ♪ Woke up this morning and rubbed my eyes ♪ ♪ Took me a second but I realized ♪ ♪ That I'm still the same man I was yesterday ♪ ♪ See, I made a promise to myself ♪ ♪ To make a change and bet on myself ♪ ♪ But I don't feel any different and that's a shame ♪ ♪ What I want ♪ ♪ Is to be a better man ♪ ♪ What I need ♪ ♪ Is a cleaner slate again ♪ ♪ But I know that change ♪

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