The Kauai Int'l Cannabis Business Conference Starts Today!

The Kauai Int'l Cannabis Business Conference Starts Today!

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To. Bring you the latest developments in, medical cannabis, adult. Marijuana, industrial. Hemp and spiritual. Ganja. It's. Time for the marijuana agenda, with rust Belleville. Now. Here's. Your host Ross. Belleville. Good. Day talkers and coquettes Ananta lovers, of Liberty it is Friday December 1st. 2017. And it's got to be 4:20, somewhere in, the world welcome. To the program, so glad to have you here it's my last show, before, I head off to Jamaica, for a two-week vacation so. Those are you listening the podcast, or following the live stream or watching on YouTube. My, next live, show is gonna be on December, 19th. Tuesday, December 19th, so we'll have some time off but, you can check out my social media radical. Rest on Twitter. And Facebook for, pictures. And commentary, from the beautiful. White sand beaches of Negril Jamaica. I'll also be visiting the dallas-fort Worth area for a day and then three, days in, Las Vegas where, I hope to be watching, my alma, mater Boise, State Broncos as. Mountain. West champions. Taking, on whoever it is from the pac-12 that, ends up in the Las Vegas Bowl will be my first college bowl game looking forward to that if the. Broncos go, that explains, the Hat and the shirt and the tie because this, is my last show before the, Broncos, play the Mountain West championship at Boise, State, tomorrow. As well, as the Las Vegas Bowl which is on the, 16th. I believe it is or the 15th one of those days so go, big blue had to show my school spirit all right on today's, show today is also the start. Of the International, cannabis business conference, in Kauai Hawaii and, Doug, Benson, is, hosting. The VIP, reception, he's, going to be there and, we're. Going to replay, the interview, that I had with Doug Benson where we talked at, about, comedy in a post for a, fourtwenty comedy in a post legalization world, as well, as his views on marijuana, portrayals, in the movies and what it's like to do the International, cannabis, business conference, shout-out to all my friends out there in Hawaii. Aloha, to you all also, on the program today in what in the news the state of Oregon my home state has debuted, official, state videos, promoting. The, legal, recreational, marijuana, industry, we'll show you a couple of them also in, the radical rant we're going to talk about Washington and, Oregon and why, they're making home, cannabis, cultivation, so, complicated. So confusing. So difficult, and most of all so. Expensive for. Those patients, that really need it but first let's, get to the cannabis headline, news. This. Is your cannabis, headline news. Brought. To you by marijuana moment, net the, complete, source for all your marijuana news, in one morning newsletter, from marijuana majority. Founder Tom angel. Subscribe. Today for free at Marijuana moment, men. This. Is your cannabis headline news for Friday December 1st 2017. I'm Russ Belleville. Honolulu. Police Department said is reviewing, a controversial, policy, that requires legal, medical, marijuana patients, to surrender their guns because. Pot is considered, a federally, illegal drug the, policy review follows, community backlash, since news of the letters sent to at least 30 legal, medical cannabis users and permitted. Gun owners spread, nationally this week via marijuana, websites, and the media, HPD. Spokesman, Michelle you said some of the letters that were sent out starting in January, may have been authorized, by police commanders, but not necessarily, by the new police chief Susan, Ballard Ballard's. Name is at the bottom of the most recent letter dated November 13th. Along with HPD, major Raymond, and Chetta but, only an sheddeth signature, appears on a copy viewed by the Honolulu. Star-advertiser. The. Founders of the ill-fated 2015. Ohio issue three, marijuana, legalization initiative. Are suing, the state after, their bid for one of the, coveted large-scale, medical, marijuana grow licenses, was rejected, Cantus, and Ohio a local, company headed by Jimmy Gould bill Brisbane, and Ian James was, rejected, for one of the twelve licenses, that allow for cultivation about, 25,000. Square feet of cannabis canopy, for sale in the medical marketplace, Ohio. Legalized, that following, issue 3 s electoral, failure, Gould, claims the more than 100 applications that were submitted were put in the hands of just three unqualified. Application, graders and bureaucrats, with, little or no oversight, which, he characterized, as quote a glorified, essay writing contest, end quote during, a press conference this, afternoon Gould. Said he and other unsuccessful. License applicants will soon file a lawsuit seeking to preserve all records and communications, used by the state Commerce Department, to review and score the applications. Gould, claims numerous, problems with the process including, one license, winner claiming, to have required.

Financing, But still fundraising, after getting their license and two license winners being given preference, due to race and class that Gould claims is unconstitutional. In Ohio. 10. Medical marijuana dispensaries, in Maryland, will start selling the herb to patients today four years after the state approved a medical marijuana law the, state's rollout has been one of the slowest, of the more than two dozen medical, marijuana programs, across the country there, are already more, than 13,000. People who have signed up with hopes of eventually becoming, medical marijuana patients, and of those more, than eight thousand, are now allowed to purchase it Maryland's. Medical marijuana program is still in its infancy and, more growers processors, and dispensaries, will open in the coming months once, the program is fully functional, there will be 102. Dispensaries, 15, processors, and 15, growers across the state a. Constitutional. Court, of the former Soviet, republic of Georgia has ruled it is unconstitutional, to criminally, prosecute, people for consuming, cannabis effectively. Decriminalizing. Its use the, decision means people will no longer be punished under the criminal code or jailed, for consuming, cannabis but, they could still face penalties such as fines or community service under the Administrative. Code in, a previous judgement in 2015, the court decriminalized, possession of anything less than 70, grams of cannabis in, a separate matter parliamentary. Hearings on Georgia's drug decriminalization bill. Which, would decriminalize possession. All drugs, are scheduled, to begin next week. The. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have, published a study claiming that quote exposure. To marijuana advertisements. Was associated, with higher odds of current marijuana use among adolescents. End quote, current, marijuana use in the study was toking at least once a month adolescent. Data came from the monitoring the Future survey of, 8th 10th and 12th graders but, while increased, used was quote significantly. Associated with ads from quote storefronts. Magazines, or newspapers, billboards internet, television and radio end quote, only, Internet advertisements. Were seen by a majority of the adolescents, and it was the only media, showing that association. With increased, use with, quote no, significant, associations, found between frequency, of marijuana use and other types of exposure and quote Bossier, to ads from multiple media outlets was associated, with a greater likelihood of current use but, not increase, in use. One. Of boxing's greatest promoters. 86, year old Bob Arum who promoted Muhammad Ali Sugar, Ray Leonard and others in the 80s credits, marijuana for his career longevity saying. Quote I started, using it in 1966. I don't do it at work I do it for recreation, it's good for you it's good for you, cannabis. Is good, for you end quote, this. Has been your cannabis headline news for Friday December 1st 2017. You're. Listening to the marijuana agenda. With Russ Belleville. The. Marijuana agenda, is a listener, supported independent. Podcast, brought, to you by radical, Russ Media LLC. Subscribe. To our VIP feed, @mj agenda comm for access to our ad free podcast, segments archive, make. A one-time, donation to, support the marijuana agenda, at paypal, dot me slash radical. Russ. You're. Not hi you're. Listening to the marijuana agenda, with Russ Belleville, this is high purity THC. Content marijuana. And. It's not. A healthy, substance, okay. Maybe. Here a little high looking. For the 4/20 friendliest way to visit beautiful legal, pot land Oregon I'm Lori Duckworth inviting, you to come stay with us at delta-9 house and studios you get your own private room with queen bed and access to a high-speed Wi-Fi premium.

Entertainment, System and more will even cook your breakfast, look us up on Facebook at, Delta 9 house that's. Slash, Delta, number, nine house Delta. Nine houses booked through Airbnb comm city of Portland permit number 17 - one five nine eight five five. I. Know. The dress, really. Easy. Thing. More gasoline to, the fire. Really. Really. Healthy. And drug-free. Society. Today. In what in the news I am proud to be showing, you the debut, of some, videos just a couple of them but they're part of a package have, been produced by the Oregon, Liquor Control Commission which is also in charge of regulating recreational. Cannabis here, in the state of Oregon it's, all part of an advertising campaign called. Go, legal, and the idea, is to get people especially, people on the illicit, side of the cannabis market to, take, up being, legal. Growers, processors. Wholesalers. And retailers of. Cannabis, and other. Products, so I'm. Just excited that I live in a state where my. Taxpayer, funds, spent. Money to, make a, series. Of educational videos, promoting. Cannabis. Commerce legal, cannabis, commerce, it's an, amazing, time to be alive and it's a great early, Christmas, present let me show you this first one they have they have a series of these videos describing. The seed to sale process in. Oregon. And how to get your licenses, and so forth and they deal with every aspect there's, videos for the testers, and, for the wholesalers, and for, seeds. And so forth I'm, gonna focus on just two of the videos one, for the. Retailers, of marijuana. In Oregon, the pot shops if you will and this. One for, the growers, of cannabis, or the, producers. Of cannabis. In Oregon. The. Oregon Liquor Control Commission has created the go legal public awareness campaign, to help Oregonians. Better understand, our state's, legal, marijuana market the, go legal campaign underscores. The importance, of marijuana consumers. And the, industry, choosing. To participate, in the regulated, market while, working together to, eliminate the illegal, market and its, criminal activity. Producers. Plant cultivate. Grow harvest. And dry, marihuana here. We introduce some of our licensees, and learn how being a part of Oh LC C's regulated. Market has, impacted, their business. We. Focus a lot of our energy on on trying to make. Sure that our plants, are grown as naturally, as I can being, a part of the newest and best and brightest making, sure that our growers have the, right information to be successful, making, sure that every time our, plants, go to market, they've been treated with the with the best love and kindness that we can give them what cannabis, has done for the state of Oregon in terms of bringing job opportunities. Has been tremendous, we've hired a couple of people in the last year, and we're looking at hiring probably, another tendance 214, people in the next year giving, people opportunities. That never existed before, without this industry, you, know there's ten or twelve thousand people that wouldn't be employed in the state of oregon right now we are committed to paying a living wage here, and health benefits, and, I think that people are really starting to see. This industry, this regulated, industry, as a boon for education, and knowledge. And breaking, that stigma, that has been long pervasive. In this industry folks, that have been working for decades. In the cannabis industry now. Have a level of protection that. They didn't before Oregon. Has a long history of supporting small. Companies. And helping. Them retain, their flavor. If you will their. Identity, and I feel this has been reflected in the FCC's, approach to, regulation. Of. Upstart. Cannabis companies Oregonians, are, revolutionary. It's, one of the reasons we moved here 25, years ago we, like the fact that cottage, industries, were respected, people. Could do things from their own property and make. Things or grow something, and have, it be accepted, Oregon, is doing a great job of rolling out the industry, one. Of the aspects, that I appreciate, is the rigorous pesticide, testing, I think, that that's going to set Oregon. Apart as the. Cannabis, industry develops. Nationwide. Oregon. Is going to develop a reputation for, purity. And integrity because of our rigorous pesticide, testing exactly. Like why we want to eat organic, and grow organic and, have an organic orchard, here and grow our own foods, and work with locals, here the same reason we want people, to be doing it with cannabis, and I think it's it's it's a it's something. That people can understand see to sale is one of the best things to happen to the cannabis industry because, it allows you to track where, your plants came from these great little blue plant tags right here that. Tracks the plant all the way from when, it was a seed that, was propagated. And that goes all the way through to the, bottom the shelf or the oil that was produced by it or the edible that was produced by it that increases.

The Level of transparency. And accountability of, growers, to know that it all comes back to the soil - to where the plant came from and to grew it with what practices, in, ten years I see the Oregon, cannabis, industry, being, a nationwide leader cannabis, may be Oregon's, number one cash crop and I, certainly believe that it's going to be one. Of the largest economic, sectors, in Oregon in ten years. Great, video from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission and. A few, familiar, faces in that video as well for those of us who have been participating, in the Oregon industry, for a while, activism. As well in Medical Marijuana we've. Got another video from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission this, one is, on the, retail, side of the industry so if you're interested in being a seller. Of cannabis, in Oregon this video is for you. The. Oregon Liquor Control Commission has created the go legal public awareness campaign, to, help Oregonians. Better understand, our state's, legal marijuana market the, go legal campaign underscores. The importance, of marijuana consumers, and the, industry, choosing. To participate, in the regulated, market while. Working together to, eliminate the illegal, market and it's criminal activity. Retailers. Sell or deliver marijuana items, directly, to consumers here, we introduce some of our licensees, and learn how being a part of the OLC C's regulated. Market, has impacted, their business just. With, the culture, and history of cannabis, growing in cannabis culture in this state we, don't think there's anywhere better to be right now in the cannabis industry we. Only see that growing in the next two to ten years we think, that Oregon, has a really, great culture, of valuing, craft and we. Are excited, to see the craft cannabis, movement really develop here and see, producers, who are working to produce things in a sustainable and ethical, way really, rise to the top so as fifth generation, and family farmers it's great to see products, that we grow in, normal, farming say if it's rice or almonds, or walnuts, now we are, able to take, what we've learned from our normal, agricultural, business and apply it to cannabis and create, a farm-to-table, model, here and so, on our family farm now that where we produce cannabis, were able to take it just on the road to our family stores and sell. It legally to our customers, who come in I believe. That you know, the industry being regulated helps helps everybody so consumer, is getting a safer product they're getting a more consistent product, and you know the business owner gets to sleep at night knowing that they're doing things correctly we, were motivated to get into the cannabis industry to, provide safe access and, to really educate consumers, on this, plant our economy. Not. Only contributes, to the cannabis industry but, it also could trickles, down so, much to organs economy. It's created, thousands, of jobs and manufacturing and. Farming and its really put us in a place. In the United, States where we can be true leaders, through, our experience. Yeah. It's it's actually really, cool seeing the industry grow here you know we have 65. Employees now really, cool to see the fact that the cannabis industry is doing we love being Oregonians, we, love being a part of the lifestyle, here and we tried that to bring that in to everything we do here in the shop we have a lot of local artists, that were a part of helping us with our design from, you know cannabis, to the glass artist that we have and now we're creating this well-regulated. Marketplace, that gives consumers, more options, and more confidence, in what they're getting so, in Oregon with LCC, regulating, our market and metric, tracking all of our products you're able to see from, the time a plant starts as a seed or as a clone how. It's grown who, grows it and where it goes to the, cannabis tracking, system has kind of helped us to streamline things, even as far as handling vendors and just as far as the tracking in the peace of mind of knowing where. Everything is and really. Putting. Public safety at the forefront of everything that they're doing we, think that the, cannabis, industry is, just an amazing space to be in right now and we're, excited. To grow and, watch others grow with us. It's, so exciting to know that, these. Videos are, going to be distributed, not, just on YouTube but.

You Can also imagine, that, they're gonna be packaged up and distributed, to state. Legislators. All across the country even. Foreign, leaders are going to see these videos coming, from the state of Oregon. So, professionally, produced. Good-looking. Average. Folks. That are making good, in a new blossoming. Industry, pardon, the pun and the. Government, standing, behind it the official stamp. From the state of Oregon saying, hey this is our legal system there's, nothing, scary about it, we're tracking what's going on in it everything's regulated. We're testing for pesticides, so, many little facts that got into those videos that are going to calm. The fears of some of those people out there that are reticent, to allow, marijuana, cultivation marijuana. Legalization, to happen in their state Bravo. To the olcc, and the participants, some of you whom, I know for. Participating, in that video at the, set of videos I encourage, you to check them out at Oregon, gov. Man. I'm not going to any more of these bullshit, porno parties. Wow. President, Obama has really, really. Let, it loose since he's left, the Oval Office as me it's. 20 after the hour on a Friday. That means it's 4:20, in the Mountain Time Zone happy. For according to my, Boise, State Broncos and. Alumni, as we get ready for the Mountain West championship, tomorrow we'll, be blue, coming. Back from the break we've got our anti-drug. Public, service announcement, and Doug. Benson. If. You work in the cannabis industry consume, marijuana or just support freedom you need to know about breaking policy news that affects you marijuana. Moment is the daily, newsletter that helps you stay on top of all the latest and most important, state federal and international cannabis. Developments, brought to you by longtime legalization activist, Tom angel marijuana, moment puts a concise yet comprehensive, overview of cannabis news in your inbox early every weekday morning wake, up to marijuana moment and rest assured you'll be ready for the cannabis news that's driving the day subscribe, now and marijuana moment, dotnet. The. Marijuana, agenda, like, the gay agenda. Only. With better music. The. International. Cannabis, business conference, is headed to Hawaii get. Your tickets now for the year's best cannabis industry, island retreat this, December, 1st through 3rd Kauai. Grand hyatt hosts, the three-day ICBC. Which begins with a VIP reception featuring. Cannabis, comedian, Doug Benson, the, ICBC, features, exhibitor, booths keynote, speeches and informative, panels with industry, experts and regulatory, officials, then. When it's all said and done, kicked back for the incredible, after-party with music by reggae legends, organ heritage, there's, also a singles, golf tournament, you can play on Monday sponsored. By lief leander adventures, log, on to international CBC. Com to get more information and, buy your tickets now special. Discount, hotel rates are in effect so, act fast that's, international, CBC. Calm for, the international. Cannabis, business, conference, Aloha. Now. In the interest of fair and balanced journalism the, marijuana agenda, presents, this anti-drug, public service announcement. One. Joint contains, as much cancer-causing, tar, as for cigarettes. Marijuana. It's, more harmful than we all thought this. Has been an actual Andy drug public service announcement, to combat this and other drug war hysteria, listen.

To The marijuana agenda, every weekday in 3 p.m. Pacific at, live mg agenda calm or download, the free podcast, at MJ agenda calm. Tattoos. Thomas. Are, true artists we design custom, piece or use a design you bring it like he or she also offers, all the styles of tattooing as well as piercings it all about fun in the DFW area, to stop by lucky horse you tattoo and tell the radical resection trust. Me it'll feel. The. Marijuana, agenda, like, the pharmaceutical, agenda, without all, the side effects, overdose. Deaths. Sure. I think, we must run off the con station dry mouth constipation pediatric, and abdominal pain which can occur without warning and may cause death. The. Marijuana agenda, free podcast, is available on iTunes, I Heart, Radio stitcher. Tune, in Google, Play SoundCloud. And on our facebook page at MJ agenda free video archives are available, at the radical russ channel on youtube, help, keep this media free by making a donation at, paypal dot me slash radical. Russ. The. Cannabis, community is, a diverse, set of people from all walks of life conservative. And liberal black, and white strains. And gay rich, and poor and, everyone. In between, learn. More about the people we are freeing from adult cannabis, prohibition in, our cannabis, community Channel. Welcome. Everyone to an extended, edition, of the cannabis, community chat. I'm Ross Belleville, and joining us today we've, got one of our favorite. Guests, you know him you love him you can't get enough of him he's the host of Doug. Loves movies podcast you've. Seen him on the high court on Comedy, Central you've seen him in the movie super, Jaime or heard him as the, voice of banging, in the Lego, Batman movie. Its Doug Benson who's. Going to be appearing at the International, cannabis, business, conference, in Hawaii, December. 1st, through the 3rd he's. Hosting the VIP, reception. Morgan, heritage is playing the after-party it's going to be an amazing event, Doug. Benson how are you going I'm. Doing good it's great to talk to you again I I, met you a few years ago at the world famous cannabis, cafe here in Portland, Oregon oh okay. Yeah, back in the day when we had such a thing. Right. I guess there's less call for it now well. Yeah and that's something you know I wanted to talk. To you a little bit about as well as is you. Know with legalization how things have changed we used to have cannabis. Cups and cannabis, cafes up here in the Pacific Northwest and since we legalized, they've. Kind of gone away it's like it's a it's a little weird man yeah. So. I how, about on your, side of things when you're, you. Know you're well known for, being cannabis. Comedian, and all of that has, legalization change things from your perspective. Just, feel a little bit like there's you know there's certainly less excitement. Or fever. For, the idea of this, guy is going, to talk, about marijuana, or this guy you. Know smokes, a ton of weed and then comes. Out on stage and. You. Know people are more. You. Know. Relaxed. About it I guess mm-hmm. Yeah it's not so shocking anymore, yeah, and, you know and it's funny because there. Was always. Along. The way in my career the more and more I made, marijuana, a part of my act and my life, the. More I'd hear from people saying you know like well. Part of the reason that it's. Everybody, likes it so much is because the excitement of it not you, know not being regal and. You. Know I always thought that was that. Was silly especially when it comes to smoking marijuana like, people. Are certainly not less, interested, in it now that it's legal I'm sure there's even. More people smoking than ever especially ones, that are. Willing. To admit it but. In terms of in terms of comedy it has kind of shifted a little bit and that it, doesn't it doesn't see it seems like the novelty sort of worn off a little bit is.

That Mostly, in the states where they've made, changes like, California, the weather the rest of the west coast I mean do you still get some some, people that are shocked and, amazed. By it say in Alabama. Yeah. And they're not as much shocked, by it it's just they're just sort of. You. Know they're still sort of excited, about the idea of that, these places that I come from you know I come from California just, seems like such, a mystical, land to some people like you, know some people say oh it's never going to be legal in our state or, or. You you know you'll never come play our town because, we're in a place where it's not going to be legal and you, know before legalization, started, happening everywhere, and since, I've been happy, to go anywhere. Because, you. Know as, a, fairly. Discrete, white. Male, with. Money I can. Pretty much smoke weed anywhere I go and get away with it you. Know I never you, know I still feel a little bit of that like you know this. Is this is illegal here I should be careful but it's, certainly. Especially, if you look at the national polling numbers like people, are just pretty accepting, of it these, days yeah. It seems like the shock factor is kind of wearing off and that leads, me into another avenue. Of questions I wanted to get, to you and that is you know you've you're well known for doing the Doug loves movies podcast and. You're a big fan of movies. And TV and that sort of media and, you know back in the day you know even, just a decade ago Showtime, comes out with weeds and it's oh it's big shock a story, about someone selling pot and now, you know Netflix comes out with disjointed, and it just seems kind of passe, what, do you think about the media's treatment, you know TV and movies treatment of marijuana. These days post legalization. Well. It feels like I haven't, watched disjointed. Because I've had too many people telling. Me that it was it. Would make me unhappy because, it's, kind of like. It. Feels like having, a dispense something. Taking place in a dispensary. And but, there's a live audience just laughing, at everything everybody, says just. I you. Know like I said I haven't seen the show but it feels like it would, bring. Incredibly, false but in, terms of the. Overall treatment in the media you. Know I I think it's great that you. Know more movies and TV shows are. Tackling. It it's kind of interesting that it's still, if. You make if you have anybody smoking, pot in a movie it automatically, I think knocks. It up to maybe pg-13. Or and, if there's a lot of it you know even an r-rating even though, chances. Are you, know it is a legal activity, and you, know whatever place the the. The, film takes place but. My my, biggest beef is that. Like. AMC's. The talking I mean excuse me Walking, Dead The.

Walking Dead is like the most you, know successful, weekly, television program on TV. Right now or at least it was the last time I looked and. These. People are living in the apocalypse. And there's they're going around scavenging. And getting everything they can find and, then using it to survive and, no, one has ever talked. About or smoked, marijuana on, the show and. It just. That. Would be a great time for there to be a character that's like excited, to deal to smoke all the weed or, maybe upset that the zombies are keeping him from the weed. Or. What do you know they find out that cannabinoids. Actually. Kill the walkers in these days yeah that'd be great you know but or. Make it already makes them less you, know it's had the opposite effect it makes them less hungry, you know there's hungry for flesh if they just smoke a little weed so. So. That's kind of frustrating to me because I do love that show but you know I, you. Know it's been how, many seasons now like seven or eight seasons, and it. Just doesn't even come up and, also that's, part, of the reason I bet it's never come up is because the you know the the network and the show kind of considers, themselves family, entertainment, even though it's he's, got all this murder and mayhem every, week you know yeah, yeah yeah interesting, that we can see the blood, and viscera but as someone smoking a joint we want, to keep the kids from that oh my goodness exactly. Yeah. Another. Thing that's on my mind that I wanted. To bring up with you is you know we've been hearing a lot coming. Out of Hollywood with, the Weinstein, scandal, and sexual harassment and, all of that going on and aside from you know the Hollywood aspect of that I'm also curious about the. Comedy, aspect of, that is. There is this a problem, in stand-up comedy in the comedy circuit like. It is in Hollywood this, sexual, harassment well, I imagine. And. Of course it is you know like that's the. That's. The thing about it is that a you know in any we're gonna find out more and more places, more worlds, where. You. Know men who have some. Power and, you know and in some cases wait a minute in some cases, gay. Men like we just found out with Kevin, Spacey yeah like, it's the, people with that kind of power are, unfortunately. Going to, abuse. It you know and. So. Like in the case of comedy, I think. You know every, woman in comedy, probably has plenty, of stories about being, harassed. And, you know not only by audiences, but by other comedians, that are more successful to them. You know club owners, you. Know I'm sure that stuff like that. You. Know could potentially, come out I mean it just seems like the the floodgates have opened in terms of. Nobody. That's got you know been doing. Stuff. Like that is going to be, harder, to get. Away with it and more, people are going to share. Their stories. Yeah. It's something, we only do ten, Shinto and you. Know definitely taking the word of the people who are coming, out and making these these, claims and it's, something that definitely needs to change the, other thing about Hollywood. That's been in the news a lot lately is the, idea, of diversity, in Hollywood a couple years ago the hashtag was Oscar so white seems. To have gotten a little bit better but as you're you know you see far far more movies, than I do what. Do you think of that situation is it improving, as it just been a little bit of window dressing or, is it truly getting better. It's. Improving, and very in, to. Slowly though. Because. The. The. Basic, problem is the people producing, and directing. Most. Movies, are just white men it's just they're not there's. You know maybe. 2%, of all the directors, are women and maybe 10% of all the producers something, you know the, very very low. Sad. Numbers, and, for. People of color as well. Just. The more people that are you. Know making these movies, that are, women. Or our people are the more of them they can hire. And work with and and you know tell their stories, yes. Certainly, Wonder, Woman was a great breakthrough. That that was one of the most popular, movies this. Year and it's you know and it's all, about a woman you know at least it wasn't that. That's. Silly back lasted, to all-female, Ghostbusters. Yeah. You know God like.

That Was I thought that was ridiculous for the guinea man who's mad about it it's just also. Just. It's just effective, to be mad about it but. But. Yeah it's it's definitely getting. Better but I. There is still a long way to go, just. Kind, of a fantasy question, here for ya a Marvel. Cinematic Universe vs.. DC Universe a, which. One's cooler, and B which, character, would you most want to smoke a joint with. Well. I am. Actually what's. That the flash he'd go through all that shit too fast right well, yeah. Stick. Around to share you know you join he's gone. But. I'd have to say. I'm. The voice. Of Bane in the Lego. Batman movie, and. So. That. Would definitely be my my choice as to, to. See if Bane could even smoke with that mask that he's got on his face. Special. Like adaptor, or something, I scary yes yeah and also with that you, know with that mellow him out and make him not a a bad. Guy anymore yeah, we ought to see what what. We does to the Hulk as well maybe, chill him out a little bit yeah, exactly, so. Let's talk about your, career a little bit last I saw. On Comedy Central you were doing the high court and it's kind of amazing to me you know we've come to, an era now where people are, actually smoking, weed on TV, and, talking, about it did, that shock could surprise you and is there more of that coming. Well. I hope there's more coming the. You. Know after the initial run of the. High court. It. Became very clear that we're still in a not, in a great place, when, it comes to you. Know. Genuinely. Consuming. Marijuana. On, television. Comedy. Central. Had. Trouble. Securing. You, know big sponsors, and big advertisers. You, know the kinds they're accustomed to for all of their other shows you. Know like South Park and Daily Show and what-have-you, so. That. Was one of a few reasons that they you, know they gave me for you. Know not picking up the show and, then, I see other shows where you. Know like there's a channel vise there definitely you, know fully. Immersed, in weed. Culture, and it's a it's a great network, but you know, pretty much everywhere else it's got you know that's advertiser, television. They, may talk about smoking, weed but they're just they're not showing it if they do it's you.

Know It's just. Pretend. You know it's just some sort of fake weed that they smoke for the cameras, so. So. That's frustrating. That we're still not there. On. That but, at the same time just, the, fact that you, know I got a show like that on at all without. Without. Too much pushback, from the. Network, the main thing they were concerned, about was, safety. So we came up with all these. Inside. The soundstage, where we shot the show we came up with all of these ways, to, make, it so that no one was. Nobody. That maybe didn't want to get high with. Anywhere. Near the. The. Weed whenever we'd smoke it and then they all said this complex ventilation. System so that even though the gigantic, sound stage people were worried that you know it would get hot-boxed, and people get a contact, high. So. You. Know they went to a lot of trouble to make sure that it was done safely. And then we also had a big long disclaimer, at the top of the show that said you know haze what we're doing here is the legal, in this state you know we're not breaking. State. Law I'm. Imagining the. Old Get Smart cones, of silence, coming. Down around you to keep your pot smoking, yet yeah. You. Know I just wanted to fully commit to getting pot smoking on television. So. I, was, very adamant because occasionally came up hey do we have to see the pot smoking can we just imply that it happened or saying that it happened and I, was. Just very clear. That I wanted it to happen, on television but that may have been the you know in terms of long-term employment. That may have been my my biggest mistake, is with if, we just said we're going to the deliberation. Room and then winked and left the room and then came back, I. Don't. Know it could be you know it could potentially still, be a show, on TV or. Or play that you know pan the amer around the circle like they did on that 70, show yeah not. Further you know the whole run of their show was clear, was going on even at Tommy Chong in the in the circle, sometimes, yeah. That. That's definitely a giveaway so you're. Out on tour of, course almost all the time and, people. Are gonna you, know be. Coming to your shows what are. You getting. Are. You getting different, reactions. Nowadays. Under. Under legalization, is the does the heckling change is anything different for you as a comedian, trying, to work, in a legalization world. Well. People. You. Know will occasionally, throw some, marijuana, up onto the stage. Which. I you. Know can't complain about. Yeah. I enjoy that part of it. I'd. Say the heckling might be just there might be some enthusiastic. People, that, are, you. Know maybe come to my show more because, they're excited about marijuana. Than specifically. Me or my comedy, but, then. The. You. Know the greatest thing that's still exists is. You. Know if it's at all possible for me to step outside the, club into some sort of alley, or something after. The show because I still haven't encountered any like you know comedy, clubs that, I mean legally, they can't have. Weed. Smoking and, alcohol. The, same facility.

Pretty. Much in all the states that have legalized, that they made that that's. Part of the deal and unfortunately. Comedy. Clubs make all their money from the selling. Alcohol, part of it so. Since. There's no venues that I can really you, know smoke, with the fans in. Like. I was saying I step outside and. You. Know pretty much every show I do there's some you know there's some people out there and we we. Have a nice little you know, session, that's. Very good to hear so. I looking. Forward in. Your, career, here what, can we look forward to coming out as far as you, were in the Lego Batman, you mentioned, with the the voiceover, anymore, voiceover, or acting work in the films we should be looking forward to. Yeah, well I'm doing I. Have, a very small part in a indie. Film that's gotten some some. Great reviews and some awards it's called mr. Roosevelt. And. It's slowly. Opening. Across the country now and then it'll be on. Netflix. Towards the end of the year and. There's. This funny thing that's been happening on the on. The show you're the worst on FXX. Where. The. Creator that show I've, known him for a little while he used to work on the. Show Weeds and. Then. He created you're the worst and he. Came up with this idea to have me, come on the show as. Myself. I, play Doug Benson, but, the joke is whenever you see me I'm wearing a suit and I'm running a huge, corporation, and, the, whole weed smoking thing is just sort of like a gimmick. That got me there and I'm not really the the pothead that I you, know I pretend. To be in, in. My life in my comedy yeah. So. It's a total like bizarro, you, know ante Doug Benson, and and, you. Know the lines, they give me are really. Funny and then I, but. I appear, a few times throughout this season of the show that's currently running and then, an. Episode, that has an arrow do you actually. See. Me, stoned. And you know behaving, like I'm high, because, one, of the characters you know catches me at, home instead of at the office. And. Said that uh you, know and I'm always trying to get new ideas. And series and, movie. Stuff I'm always trying to get different. Things off the ground and we're, still. Continuing. With my. Internet. Show getting, Doug with high we still make. Approximately. One a week of that for, YouTube. And it also plays on the, Pluto, TV, now which is a. Growing. Thing that apparently young people watch a lot of but I I'm barely familiar, with it right. On so Doug, as we wind, this thing up and about, to let you go I want to make sure we get to this question you you've seen a lot of movies as we've mentioned before in. Your estimation, what are the the, best and worst movies, when it comes to not, just being about pop but they're their depictions, of pot and pot users anything, come to mind well. You, know best is any movie, where people just met you know casually, smoke weed and enjoy. Themselves and it's you know and it's just portrayed, in a positive manner, like. You. Have to go back to movies like. Poltergeist. And, nine-to-five. Both, have like kind of famous you, know adults. Just smoking weed and giggling and having a nice time. Sequences. But, these movies lately, where. Where. It's you know sort of about marijuana, like some of the most popular, ones of all time. The. Go-to answer is if somebody says you know what are the great pop movies people say you, know Dazed and Confused. They. Say pineapple. Express, and they say half-baked, but what they leave out is, that in Dazed and Confused there's, bullies that are hassling.

Kids. Throughout the entire film and in. A, pineapple pineapple, Express gets extremely. Violent all the characters are very violent to each other even, though it's you know supposed to be a weed movie, and then. Half-baked. The. Hero, of the movie Dave Chappelle's character, quit, smoking weed at the end of the movie for his girlfriend, and that's supposed to be a happy ending that, he's right right not doing it just for her and then he winks at the cameras and good for him on that I say but. You. Know it's probably part of the thing, to get the movie made you know at the time but. But. So I don't really have like a do. You have one do you have is there one where that's, more recent where. Pot. Is depicted, in a positive, way I'm thinking, of that I can't remember that was it called it's complicated. Steve Martin, ya know Streep yeah. And, know, pretty casually, in that movie and I was I was very happy to see it at the time but, that movies, probably. A good. 10 years old at this point right yeah yeah I think so I think so uh it's, we've seen you know Adventureland, Kristen, Stewart was in that show but that was more like a show, about potheads, itself, so I don't know if that was so casual, necessarily, those are those the ones that come to mind for me actually. So. As we yeah one. Last question for you Doug I know you've got to go one. Of the other most. Famous, Hollywood, stoners, out there Woody, Harrelson it's, been revealed he's been he's, quits for about past 18, months have, you had a similar long. Period, where you've gone without weed and what do you think about Woody's. Choice uh, you. Know I'm happy for anybody that decides. It's gonna be better for them if they quit a comedian. Friend of mine, named. Ron Funches, decided. To take. October. Off and, he was like an all-day everyday. Smoker. And, Ron. You know he he's, been tweeting. About his, experience. And a lot of it is. You. Know not. Not happy, that he can and weed but on the other hand. It's, showing that it's you. Know it's just not as addictive, as everyone, who's against marijuana likes, to claim it is and. That, if you you. Know if you desire to stop if you want to feel less. Of the things that marijuana, makes you feel, you. Know you, can and then of, course on the other hand there want has helped people. I know get off of alcohol, and pills. And and other. Things that they you, know shouldn't. Be doing so I. Personally. Have, not. Had a break in in, a very long time I'll, have days where I you, know don't smoke, because I try not to. Operate. A motor cook vehicle after I smoke weed but fortunately. With. You. Know walking or ride sharing you, know I'm able to you. Know get around and do stuff if, I you know choose to get high before you know leaving the house but. So. Some days I'll go, you know maybe six seven hours not, to mention if I'm working on a, sad or something and I have a lot of dialogue you know it's probably best for me not to get too high cuz I got a you know remember, my lines but. You. Know, good for woody harrelson good, you know there was that point where Snoop Dogg said he was out but then it turned out that he wasn't really, but. He said it just cuz you know it's, always a not. Only a good PR move but if you're you know if you're something like Woody Harrelson, you don't you don't want to worry that that.

People Are gonna not hire you because they just think you're a pothead, yeah, you know and that you're gonna show up high and ruin everything but he's been such a good actor in so many things for so long I you, know I can't, imagine that it was. Ever a problem for him on set but. I'm also fine. With him quitting and, I'm also fine with him uh you, know starting, back up again someday. Well. If Woody Harrelson ain't smoke and that's just more for you and me right exactly. Doc. Medicine it's always a joy talking, to you of folks check them out on Twitter handles at Doug Benson, and don't forget that Doug will be appearing at the VIP, reception, for, the International, cannabis business conference, in Hawaii check. It out at international. Cannabis business conference online i NT. L c. B:c. Dot-com. And get. Your flight to Hawaii and hang out with Doug we appreciate you coming onto the marijuana agenda and talking to us thank you. This. Episode, was produced as, part of the marijuana agenda, with Russ Belleville the daily news and interview, podcast, covering the world of medical cannabis adult. Marijuana, industrial. Hemp and spiritual. Guns and jave agenda calm. You. The. Marijuana agenda, with Russ Belleville, is brought to you by cannabis. Kamikaze a professional. Licensed, producer, from Canada, producing. Three pounds. Perlite, follow. Cannabis, kamikaze, on Twitter at, cannabis, , cause that's. At cannabis, cake Am, I, Kaz. Cannabis. Kamikaze. The. Marijuana, agenda, with Russ Belleville, law. Enforcement, is a part of the dance is. Part, of creating a climate of hostility. To, drug use in America, whatever, years smoke and it's, not marijuana. Hi. This is Willie Nelson, alcohol, prohibition didn't, work in the nineteen twenties and marijuana prohibition, isn't. Working today it's time we stopped arresting, responsible. Marijuana, smokers, it's the fair thing to do for.

More Information, contact normal. The National, Organization for, the Reform of Marijuana Laws, call. Toll-free 8, 8 8 6, 7 n o r ml, or visit, their website a 1000, R and L org. Health. Cannabinoid. You're a CMP our experts. Consultation. Services, for medical, cannabis visit. Health cannabinoid. Calm, or, call 1 800, 906. 1383. That's. Wwl, cannabinoid. Calm, or, call one eight hundred nine, oh six, one. Three eight three health. Cannabinoid. Number. One federal. Criminal penance, is true to one ounce of marijuana marijuana. Yes, probably the, most dangerous, drug, legalization. He's just another word for surrender. This. Is not medicine District, teaching tronco. Use. Less drugs I. Think. We did a mistake to legalize negative, reports coming out of. It. Seems like it should be an easy question, to answer. How. Many cannabis, plants are you, legally, allowed to cultivate, at home if you're, an adult living. In Washington, or Oregon. After. All both states approved medical marijuana 19, years, ago. Washington's. Had marijuana. Legalization, for, five years and Oregon. For three if. Any place should have a handle, on indoor, home cannabis, cultivation, it should be the Pacific Northwest and yet. The, lawmakers. In those states are still. Treating home grows as restrictive. Ly as if people were building homemade, nuclear weapons, in the. Evergreen State if, you're a person authorized. By a doctor, and approved by the state to, use marijuana for, medical purposes. You. May cultivate, for cannabis, plants in your home and possess. 6 ounces of usable. Marijuana, now. That has been reduced from the 15. Plants, and 24 ounces that, existed, before. Recreational. Legalization. Wait. Six. Ounces from four plants. Just. One and a half ounces a plant. Why. Does the state think medical, marijuana patients, are such terrible growers. Seems. To me that you could get that, from one plant. Doesn't. This just set up patients to have criminal, amounts, of marijuana at home every, time they harvest, well. If you're, worried about that you, can choose to sign up on the state's new medical, marijuana registry. If you, do then. You're allowed to cultivate, six cannabis, plants and possess, eight ounces, so. Instead. Of one, and a half ounces per plant now. You're down to one and a third, so. You're even more likely to be harvesting, a criminal. Amount and, now. Maybe you need a great, deal of marijuana. Your, doctor can, then approve you for up to 15, plants and possession. Of 16 ounces or. One. And one fifteenth. Ounces. Per plant. That's, right the more plants, Washington, approves you to cultivate the less marijuana, you're legally, allowed to harvest off, of each plant, of. Course if you're healthy you. Can't grow any cannabis plants because Washington, infamously, failed to include any home grow rights in its twenty twenty twenty twelve marijuana. Legalization, initiative, since. Then voters, in seven, other states in Washington DC have. Approved marijuana legalization and they all allow. Adults to, cultivate, their own cannabis plants, at home. Washington's. Cannabis, regulators, heard a lot of complaints about that so, they, decided to research, three other states Colorado. Oregon, and. Rhode. Island. Okay. To. Take input. For the public and law enforcement and, public health organizations on, how. The state, might proceed, on recognizing. An adult's right to, cultivate cannabis at home they. Issued, their report, for today's December, first deadline, outlining. Three potential, scenarios, for home growing, however. One scenario is to just, keep the prohibition, status quo so there's, really only two options, offered. In. Option, one the. Regulators, proposed a statewide, framework. For cannabis cultivation that requires an adult to, secure a permit, from the state. Granting. Them the right to cultivate, just. For cannabis, plants total. In any. Household. Adults would have to report their cultivation and, harvest into a state database. There. Would be mandatory security requirements. To prevent diversion and access, by children. Presumably. Adults would still be subject to a one-ounce possession, limit. Finally. If police, discovered, you had more than your for legal plants they, can seize all your plants, not. Just the excess plants. At. Option one in option two they. Considered, that same framework, with. The added feature of cities, and counties either opting, in or opting, out of allowing, any home grow permits, and we.

Only Have to look at the institution, of moratoria, and bans on medical. Marijuana dispensaries, and recreational. Marijuana retailers. To know how that's going to turn out adults. West of the Cascade, Mountains will be able to get permits and those east of the mountains will be banned from getting permits. Meanwhile. In Oregon. Adult. Use home cultivation, requires no permit no reporting, and no mandatory, security requirements. To cultivate the same for plant limit Washington, is considering. Neither. Do any of the other legal, marijuana jurisdictions. And and some, of them allow cultivation, of more than four plants. However. Oregon's. Legislators. Recently passed some bills to curtail the rights of patients, cultivating. Marijuana for, their medical purposes. Medical. Marijuana patients, in the beaver state can cultivate six, mature, cannabis, plants and twelve. Immature. Or non, flowering, cannabis. Plants at home they. May possess, 1.5. Pounds, of cannabis from those plants, which is four, ounces per plant, they. Have no state reporting, requirements. Now it used to be that. Many patients, could then grow cannabis at one location with. Six plants and a pound and a half allowed for each patient this. Led to a condition called card, stacking, where, growers, would collect as many patient, cards as they could to, create large cannabis, farms that, culminated, in an embarrassing news, story about a garden with, 624. Mature plants servicing, a hundred and four patients, who. All lived in Southern California so. In. Addition to adding a state residency. Requirement, for medical marijuana the, legislature, decided that the maximum, number of plants that could be grown at, a home are twelve, mature plants, and 24, immature, plants, regardless. Of how many patients live there that. Includes, any of the four legal, recreational, cannabis. Plants, that can be grown in any, household by a healthy adult so 12, total no. Matter how many people live there no matter recreational, 12 total. Well the problem with that heart limit is that, for every card stacked grow that was abusing the system there, were many altruistic. Caregivers, who were legitimately. Growing, lots of cannabis, to provide, huge amounts of marijuana to the sickest most disabled, patients. To try to tiptoe that, line between, legitimate and, abuse. Legislature. Has, added more considerations. For, medical marijuana growers, if, your. Medical, grow is located, within city limits in a residential, zone and it. Contains no patients, growing for themselves, but. Rather is run by growers cultivating. For patients, that. Grow may have 12 mature plants, 24. Immature. Plants but those. Immature plants may be over, 24, inches tall and. They. May cultivate, an unlimited, number of immature, plants under, 24. Inches tall so. This. Has led to a situation where, a husband. And wife who are both patients, living at home who grow each. Grow for themselves, would. Just get 12 mature plants and 24 immature plants period. But. If the husband grows for the wife and the wife, grows for the husband. Then. They get 12 mature plants 24, immature plants over two feet and unlimited. Seedlings, plus, another. Adult living in the home could. Grow therefore, additional. Recreational plants. Just. By the husband and wife switching. Cards. But. What if the grow, isn't. In the city it's located outside the city or what. If the grows in the city but. Zoned non-residential. Well well, then then. You get to cultivate, 48. Mature, plants, 96. Immature, plants over, 24, inches unlimited. Seedlings, and someone, else can also grow there for recreational, plants, however. You. May only cultivate, a maximum. Of six mature plants and twelve immature plants per patient so, your, 48, plant, garden, must, cover eight patients. Furthermore. A grower can only cultivate, for four patients so that grow would, have to have two growers. Are. You confused, yet. Imagine. Being a medical marijuana patient trying to figure this out. And during. Negotiations. On these bills some. Of the biggest compassionate. Growers pointed out that, they were already serving more than eight patients so. Which of their cancer, AIDS and PTSD, patients should they abandon, to meet the new limits, well. That led the legislature, to craft a grandfather, clause for, large groves that existed, before 2015. If your. Site qualifies, under that clause you're, allowed double, the plant limits for your grow up. To ninety six mature plants, and a hundred and ninety two immature, plants over twenty four inches at a rural or non-residential.

Grow, Based. On six plants per patient that. You had before 2015. And still. Have today. Now the. Other problem, was. That many of these large grows especially in, Southern Oregon are, growing, cannabis trees, that, can reach 20, feet tall, there's. No way a pound and a half possession. Limit per patient would work out, so. The, legislature, decided that if you grow if your grow was. An. Out an indoor grow you. Could have six. Pounds, per. Mature plant, and. An. Outdoor grow, could. Have double. That twelve pounds, per, mature plant. That's, sink in for a moment, run, that math in your head. If you have an Oregon, medical, cannabis grow site in. A in. A place that's operated. Before. 2015. And. It. Has for, growers cultivating. For 16 patients, your. Grow site can have 96, mature plants, you. Can harvest 12 pounds each off of those plants, for a total, of. 1152. Pounds, over 1/2 ton, of. Marijuana. Now. Keep. In mind while, the grow site can possess that much the, 1152. Pounds, the. 16, patients are only allowed, a pound and a half possession, each for. A total of 24, pounds between them all. Hmm. I wonder. What then happens, to the other 1000. 128. Pounds. Well. For all these medical grow sites that, are not, simply. A patient, growing cannabis for themselves, there's. Also reporting. Requirements. First. The. Grow site must possess a scale that has been certified by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission for, weighing the product that. Cost comes in at around 3, to 900 bucks, then. The, grower must pay a $200, fee to, register, the grow site for. Each patient that it is growing for. And if that grow is cultivating, twelve or fewer plants it. Can then sell back product, into the medical dispensary system, after. Paying for proper testing, the. Grow must also report its operations, to the State Health Authority, for. These larger, grows the. Grow site must sell may sell product back into the recreational, marijuana system, may. They. Can sell up, to. 20. Pounds yeah. They, may they, still have to buy the scale they, still have to pay $200, fee per patient and. The. Growers gotta pay a $40. A month fee, to the recreational, authority for access to the required, online reporting, networks at two four hundred and eighty dollars a year plus. Another. Yet, to be determined, annual. Administration. Fee, so. For. That hypothetical. Grandfathered. Rural 16, patient, garden producing, over a half ton of marijuana the. Cost would add up to at least eight thousand. Nine hundred and sixty dollars not. Counting, the unknown administrative, fee and that's. Before all the expenses, necessary just to secure and operate, such a large garden and, to. Make up that cost the, state will let these growers sell up to 20, pounds of product to the adult pot shops per year. Again, begs the question what. Then happens to the other one thousand, one hundred and eight pounds. Oregon. And Washington are. Making, home, marijuana, cultivation so. Difficult, because. Of the mandate, to prevent out-of-state diversion, called, for by the federal Department, of Justice's, so-called. Cole, memo. Folks. It's a fool's errand, we. Had the greatest mandate, ever to, stop diversion, for, decades it, was called prohibition. Any. Cultivation. By anybody, anywhere, led to a felony, record and prison time. If that, didn't, stop weed from flowing eastward, why do these regulators, think, easily. Cheetah belong, line reporting, databases, and labyrinthine. Regulatory. Requirements. And massive. Fees, and costs, what. Makes it think that's gonna work, when. It comes to legal cultivation. The solution, is simple. Let. The people grow, period. The. Null set unenforceable. Limits don't require useless. Regulations. And registrations. And maintain easily, corruptible, databases. None. Of this will have any real effect on criminal, intent, but. It will needlessly curtail. Adult, rights and it will have devastating effects. On patient, needs oh. But. But what about diversion. Look. Don't define. Possession. Of certain amounts of plants, or marijuana as per. Se evidence, someone intends to traffic weed if. You catch them trafficking. Weed busting, you. Know like. We do for cigarettes and alcohol you. Can possess as much of those as you like but. If you sell them without a license, you're busted. After all it's. Not nuclear, weapons, it's. Pot. What's. The worst that will happen, that. Some adult. In a non-legal.

State Might commit, a crime by buying some, of this marijuana from another. Adult who committed a crime to get it to them and and. Then, they they, might get high, you. Know like, like. They're already doing now. It's. Insane, people I had. To write a full, eight and a half by, 11, page. Flow. Chart, just. To figure out how. Many Medical Marijuana pen plants. A bro could have and how much it would cost. Hey. Folks thanks for joining us that's all you got from now. Till. Next time take care of eachother tokers. Follow. MD attend on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube. And, follow mg, agenda, show on Twitter. Mg. Agenda. Take. A seat.

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