The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2 | Did Kapil Miss Sunny Leone? | Ep 219| Full Episode | 8 January 2022

The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2 | Did Kapil Miss Sunny Leone? | Ep 219| Full Episode | 8 January 2022

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Thank you. Ms. Archana, it's going to be such an amazing evening. We are going to have some amazing guests.

I'll call one by one. The first guest is the one who can create fire in water. Please welcome the superstar singer, my friend, Mika Singh.

Give him a huge round of applause. Thank you. - Welcome, sir. Welcome. Mika.. Mika.. - Thank you.. Thank you. I don't know if it's a conspiracy or the blessing of the God.. - What? Since you are here, there are so many girls, today.

There's something written on his social media.. 'King Mika Singh.' He even looks like a king. Absolutely. - What a great attire!

You are looking so handsome. - Thank you. I regard him as my brother. But he needs the company of a female. He creates fire in water. Now, I am going to call someone who sets the floor on fire. Please welcome, very gorgeous, Sunny Leone.

Sunny, you are looking lovely. Thank you. And wishing you all a very Happy New Year. Happy New Year to you too. - Same to you.

I am meeting you after so long. - I know. You don't call me. You don't greet me. Nothing. 'How are you?' 'What's going on? How are you doing?' Nothing at all.

After waiting to get your number for so long I got married. Sunny, this is not true. We always think about you. You rarely come to our show. We are meeting after a long time. These people are here for you.

Seriously. And our team in the front row.. They are here since the morning.

They feared that their seats will be taken if they get up. I am not lying. Some of them didn't even go to the washroom. The one wearing the green t-shirt..

He believes that we get nature's call everyday but Sunny comes very rarely. Sunny, look at him. He's Mr. Das. Mr. Das, raise your hand. Please stand up. He is Mr. Das.

He is zooming with his eyes more than his cameras. Normally, he sleeps at 8 p.m. - I see! Yes, today, he's waiting here because of you. Thank you. - Give him a flying kiss, let him go home.

Mr. Mika's song 'Heart Fail' has been launched. - Right.. Hearty congratulations to you for that! - Thank you. I told him that we'll promote his song separately. He is my neighbour. - Yes.. - He keeps hearing

that Sunny is coming. He said.. 'No.. Do it in the episode' 'in which Sunny is coming.' When I saw him for the first time it was in Mr. Daler's show. - All right.

Since that day.. After that, I haven't seen him with Mr. Daler. I've always seen him only with girls.

The last time he had come, he'd brought the song 'Quarantine Love' with him. This time, he has brought the song 'Heart Fail'. What happened that you launched the song 'Heart Fail..' It's a very nice song. My lovely friends, Shaarib and Toshi.. - Yes. They have composed this song.

In fact, Sunny's song has also been composed by them. 'Panghat' which is the new song.. Yes.. - Okay. So, 'Heart Fail' has already been doing well. We will be launching another song named 'Majnu'. So, I have got 'M' printed on this. - Oh, wow!

Yes! 'M!' So, once those two come, I'll sing the songs 'Heart Fail' and also 'Majnu'. - Sure, sir. - Yes, sir. In his videos, I have always seen beautiful models. When I watched 'Heart Fail' this time, I couldn't see even you in that! I could see Mr. Satish Kaushik!

Did your heart fail because Mr. Satish Kaushik featured in that? No, it's a very.. It's a very beautiful song that has been composed and it features Awez Darbar who is Mr. Ismail Darbar's son. - Okay. - Right. He's a very good dancer, very popular on social media. So, I thought I'll be at the back this time. The newcomers should get a chance to come forward.

So, my voice is there throughout the video but not me. Sir, a hearty welcome to you! - Thank you.. - Please come. Thank you.

Thank you. Sunny, how was your lockdown? My lockdown was like everyone else's. Were you in India or.. You have a house in the US, too.. Both.

Partly in the US and partly here. Okay. - In fact, I've been to her house in the US. Their house In LA? - Yes. I went at 4 a.m. because I reached late.. Don't mistake me. She has a house in Hollywood.

She has a very beautiful house in LA. So, I got late. I was supposed to reach there at 11:30 p.m. but it became so late.. I'd come after doing the show. But she was so sweet. She and Daniel, her husband made and offered me pizza at night.

Oh! - So sweet! And also very tasty coffee. I still remember it. - Amazing! That's true! Hospitality.. I mean Sunny is an Indian from inside. - Right. She's a complete Punjabi. 'Chak de phatte!' 'Chak de phatte!' I noticed that during lockdown those who were with family had a good time.

Some people had a good time that they got a family! I mean.. Yes.. - Or they had a baby. Yes.

I had two. - Two. I had three. You.. - But I didn't do it.

Like I didn't give birth to them. But, Sunny, how do you feel? I mean, now, you are a mother. You have three kids.

Oh, my God! - How much change has been there? I mean, our life changes when there are kids at home. There's a different atmosphere. There's too much noise in the house. - Okay..

But it's nice. By 'too much', you mean.. When the kids wake up at night does Daniel wake up to take care of them or you do? Yes, Daniel had selected a perfect place on the bed when we'd moved into the new house.

The bed's spot is closest to the entry. I see.. - So, whichever baby wakes up he has to go first because he's closer.. - Right. He is closer, so, then, he goes often. I push him.

Mr. Mika. - Yes, Mr. Kapil? How was your lockdown? You know everything. Anyway, my lockdown was good. I had tried.. Our Divine Touch, Ms. Archana.. - Yes.. We have cooked food for 1,000 people daily.

Yes, the last time, I heard.. - And we operated it for one-and-a-half years. - It's a great thing, sir! We even kept launching new songs. And enjoyment was also going on because Mr. Kapil will never

let us get bored. Both of us used to visit each other. So, we spent our time nicely during lockdown.

And thank God that we are each other's neighbour! Or else, the entire road used to be deserted! I am sure you remember.. - Actually.. But we enjoyed a lot! - Actually! - Yes. I remember when my daughter was three months old the first lockdown had been imposed. - Right. So, the baby starts to react in three months.. - Yes. So, one day, he came downstairs. Anayra used to feel that there are only two people in the world her mom and her dad.

So, suddenly, when she saw Mr. Mika she started crying.. - She started crying.. - Oh! But yes! We enjoyed those times greatly! So, as I said, there's going to be great entertainment this evening. Because today I am going to invite two more guests of ours. Our two guests are amazing music directors.. Amazing composers..

And amazing singers! So, with a huge round of applause, I wish to invite them. Please welcome Mr. Shaarib Sabri and Toshi Sabri. Welcome, sir. Welcome.. Thank you, sir. Thank you. Wow! - Give them a big hand please! Sir, hi.. - Hi, handsome man!

You come beside me.. A small fight is going on as to who should sit there.. Shall I come there? - You can sit in the middle. Sir, I wanted to come beside you.

She anyway has three kids. One more is fine. So.. - Here's what you can do. You come here. Come on, sir! - Come here.. - You made him a kid! Taunt him some more! Move. Feel at home. All my plan got ruined! Tell me, Sunny. - Listen..

Give it up for the two brothers. They are very talented and they've struggled to reach this position. They appeared in many reality shows and after that they did such great work. You must've seen Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya, Pyar Ka Punchnama 2 and Housefull 3.. They did great work in those films.

Your family must be proud that you've reached such a position where everybody dreams to be. Like, appearing in The Kapil Sharma Show. How is the feeling.. - Kapil.. What you said is true. - Kapil, the truth is.. Yesterday, I got the chance to meet Ms. Sharma.

I met her when I visited his house. She blessed me. I'd like to say something which I felt..

It is fate and good karma that you invited me.. It is fate and good karma that you invited me.. It is good karma that you honoured me.. We all know that why I'm at such a good position.. Because I'm blessed by a mother. - Amazing!

Wonderful! And I brought you to this show you didn't thank me. I was going to complete my poem.. The audience clapped.. - Mika.. Mika gave us a call.. That is good karma.. Mika told us to reach here and that is good karma. You thought you'd sit next to her, that is illusion.

The couch on which Mika Singh, Kapil Sharma and Sunny Leone are sitting, that is called hot seat. Wow! Generally, my mom will think, we did something good as this is her favourite show. - How sweet! She always used to ask, when are were going to Kapil's show.

And I think, today, mom.. She said, she'll be proud when we attend your show. Wonderful! Sit here. I've earned this seat. Kapil, I'd taken them to a reality show after that, they stopped calling me over the phone. That's because their work was done.

And then.. My younger brother Jimmy.. I told him they'll eagerly come when I'll tell them I'm going to his show.

Somehow, my younger brother was playing pool with me. I asked him the purpose. He said, he loves me. I told him, come to the point. He again said, he loves me. Second brother came and offered me food. I asked them if they want to attend Kapil's show.

They became humble and told me to take them. Toshi, Sharib and Mika are good singers. Sunny, this calls for a song. - Yes.

Do you want me to sing? - Yes. Sunny says, nobody talks to her in Punjabi. Sunny, do you know Punjabi? - A little bit. How much do you know? - This much. You can speak to me in Punjabi.

He's like your brother, if you want to talk.. I've always seen Mika wearing glasses. The three of them wear it. - First time..

By sporting a beard Toshi looks like an owner of the Dubai oil fields. As the oil wells have gone dry, he has taken to smuggling. The reason I wear glasses because they are being gifted by Brother Mika. Maybe it didn't fit him. - No.

Toshi, I heard when you got your first cheque of Rs. 51000.. You've kept it as it is. Didn't you have a bank account or doubted the producer? You're right. Honestly, I didn't have an account then. - Okay.

Secondly, 'Maahi Maahi' was my first song loved by people. We completed the song and I got the cheque from Mr. Bhat's office. - Okay. I thought of retaining it because I started my career as a singer. It is a memento which should be with me.

You could've clicked a photo. Why waste Rs. 51000? I wasn't so much clever that time. You should've scanned it.

That time, there weren't any phones with cameras. When the producer gives cheque to the two of you.. do you say to give more as there are two people. Yesterday, we said it. - Yesterday. Ms. Archana, both my brothers are dear to me.

Somehow, they tempted me with food.. I was overjoyed. - Okay. They made me sing with less payment. - Okay.

And the price was really dirt cheap. The song was recorded.. Both of them are so clever..

They're also humble but shrewd in business. - Okay. I sang the song and came back to Delhi. They thanked me. The song Heartfail.. Then, I told them to compose the song. They became pricey. I told them the amount they gave me, multiply it ten times.

We made a deal, we'll sing for free for each other. Okay. At Yash Raj Studio, Sunny Deol.. Toshi was giving music for his movie.. 'Yamla Pagla Deewana 2'. - Okay. I'd no work in that.

Being a fan of Sunny Deol, he was there. I didn't know if I should go in or not. I barged in and took his blessings. Sunny Deol is a soft spoken man. He asked me, why I was here.

I told him, I came to meet him. He said, he's doing music. I asked him, where was my song. He asked Toshi if he didn't compose any song. While I took Sunny's blessings, my brother bagged the deal.

When he was there, I composed the tune.. Brother Mika sang the song in his style. As a composer, I was monitoring his songs.

I just corrected him in a tune, he retorted like.. He was adamant and told me I should follow him. During this season in Delhi, 40,000 weddings were booked. Forty thousand! - Ten thousand weddings per day.

Oh my God! - Take any grand wedding of big businessmen in India. The wedding is incomplete without Mr. Mika. - Yes. But he isn't married yet. Are you afraid that

there will be no one to sing at your wedding? If I ever get married, I will book Mr. Kapil. Yes. - Because, it's due. I sang at his wedding.

Yes, I heard it. - Because, he was a friend. Yes. - He was struggling back then. But now the entire world knows that he is the richest comedian the one an only superstar Mr. Kapil. So, I usually sing for one and a half hour. I expected to get paid for one and a half hour of singing. But I ended up singing for four hours.

And after a few days, I told him.. At least thank me. And he thanked me. Love you, sir. - Love you. Tell me something. Are you not ashamed?

Thank you, sir. Thank you. Are you not ashamed of what you did? I will see you tomorrow. - No! Don't even dare to come tomorrow. I will see you. - Shut up! You take care. Okay, my friend. Shameless. - Love you.

Hey! - I will see you. Hello, sir. - Whoa! Mr. Kiku. - Fantastic!

How are you, everyone? I am so glad to see you.. - Who was that, sir? Why was he so riled up? He said order. So, I asked for two plates of noodles. He got angry for no reason.

He has no sense of humour. You should have behaved well. Believe me, I did behave well. But it angered him again. He asked me why I am being so nice to his wife.

Well, let me introduce myself properly. I am Damodar Jethmalani. - Okay. I am a lawyer by suggestion. It's by profession. - It's a profession to those who make money from it.

I just receive suggestions. Suggestions such as, you cannot be a lawyer. Stop it you, fool. Mr. Mika. - Yes. I want to ask you something. - Go ahead.

I heard that you own many flats and houses in Mumbai city. You are not married and do not have a wife. - Yes. So, who is pressuring you to buy these things? It's not pressure. It's called investment. It's called a cover, not an investment.

And that is what you are doing for your friend. - Yes. Well it is to expected from a neighbour to another. But do you see how much knowledge I have about the industry? - You are very knowledgeable. I will tell you a secret. - Okay. - Go ahead. He composed the music for the film 'Raaz: The Mystery Continues'. Speaking of mystery, if you have the phone number of any mason please give it to me. My wall is..

I told you that I am a lawyer. So, Ms. Sunny.. If you ever.. If you ever face any problem, let me know. What will you do about it? - I will tell her about mine.

Mr. Mika, I suggest.. - Okay. Adopt me. Why should he adopt you? - Adopt me. Why should he adopt you? Please adopt me. Since you asked so politely, I will take you with me. You are my friend. - I have seen him raising horses

in his farmhouse. He raises cats and dogs. Adopt me too. Adopt him.

I have no big demand. Just feed me eight times a day. Eight times? - Eight times! And give me a bed. I will lie on my back like a dog. You should go home and lie down there. There is nothing to do there.

I have to chase away loneliness at home. I have a dog named Loneliness. He tries to bite me. I don't want to go home.

Oh God! - Ms. Sunny. - Yes. Are you from Canada? - Yes. Canada reminds me of my childhood. Did you spend your childhood in Canada? No, I used to live in Lucknow. Then how? - The shop in Lucknow where I used to buy snacks from had a photo of Canada on the wall. And I used to tell myself that one day, I will go there.

I was almost going to go there. But I couldn't go there because of this. Because of visa? - Because of money. Why did you make this gesture? This looks like visa. - It is my gesture to say

Oh no! I have no money. How can I go? Anyway, whenever you go to Canada next time.. Give this to my friend. His name is Manmeet. I recently visited his house in Punjab. But he was no there.

Why are you giving this letter to her? If someone from Punjab leaves home they must have gone to Canada. Mr. Mika. - Yes. - There was a time. Time. - Yes. When I wanted to be a rockstar. - Oh.

And I would have made it. - Really? What happened? - Then I saw that when the rockstars perform on the stage they don't care about anything. - Really? They take off their shirt and throw it away. - Yes.

So, I said no to it. I am a little introvert. I see. - Little shy. - Little shy. I cannot do that. Sir.. Why are you talking nonsense? What else do you say here? I am doing what you do.

Yes. - Isn't that right? Sir, why did you come here? I came here to discuss crypto currency. I came to have a lighthearted conversation as usual.

Anyway, Mr. Mika. - Yes. I wanted to share it with you. I have booked you for a show the day after tomorrow. The show is at 6:30. You have to perform live.

Please be there. Okay? - Whom did you ask before booking him for the show? I asked those who wanted to see it. I asked them if they want to see Mika Singh's live performance. They said yes. So, I booked it. What is there to ask? - Sir, you should leave now.

Your time is up. - No, why should I leave now? The show is on the day after tomorrow. Why should I leave so early? I am asking you to leave this place, not for the show.

All right, he is asking me to leave. I will go. I don't have a problem. - Okay. Sir, you must have watched Mr. Dilip Kumar's 'Devdas'. Yes. - You must have watched Mr. Sharukh's 'Devdas'. Today, I will show you Mika's 'Devdas'.

Please come. Let's sit there and watch. - Okay. - Please. How was my performance? - Didn't you see? The way you danced, you can't come to Mumbai. In fact, you can't even go home.

I have been waiting for Devdas for a long time. But he hasn't come yet. He must have seen your performance. He won't come.

Shut up! My Deva will come. My Deva will come for sure. Deva! Hey, Charo.

Hey, Charo. Hey, Charo. Where are you? My Charo darling.. I am Taro, not Charo. I am Mika. I need Charo. Deva, what are you saying? I have been waiting for you with a lamp for a long time.

Put off the lamp. I don't like oil lamps. See this. Automatic lamp. See this. It doesn't need oil. Hold this.

Keep it there. Okay? Where have you brought this from? I went to China to do a show. They didn't pay me. And Mika doesn't perform for free. It's simple. It's good if they pay me. Or else lamp for sale at Rs. 10.

Can you never be serious, Deva? If I do less comedy, they throw me out of the show. If I become serious, I will be thrown out of the country. My parents are looking for a boy for me because of your such actions, Deva. Ask them to search a boy for me too. My assistant is not coming. What shall I do?

Deva, they are looking for a groom for me. Yes, ask them to search for a boy for me. Get married to him. What's the problem? You are my girlfriend. - Deva! You have changed after going to London. I have changed? Just a moment.

I will ask Mr. Daler. I am confused. Mr. Daler. Hello. It's me, Mika. Greetings.

When I got down, was I Mika or I was Sonu Nigam? Yes? He said I was Mika. If I was Mika, why is this bottle still full? Hello. Yes. Deva, why do you drink so much? Because I earn lots of money. It's my money. I can do whatever I want.

Your income is less. Enjoy your chewing tobacco. Alcohol will ruin your life. Quit drinking. Yesterday, even my dad asked me to quit drinking.

Why did he say so? - I was drinking his alcohol. Why were you drinking his alcohol? Because he was drinking my alcohol. Deva. - Yes. - You still do comedy? And you haven't learned yet how to do comedy? Please try. Let me see.

It's enough, Deva. Enough is enough! - Okay. I can't be with you anymore. You will miss me. You will run behind me, Deva.

I will run behind her? I don't even run on a treadmill. It's used for drying clothes. Why should I run behind her? She has got upset. Whom should I call? Let me call my manager.

Yes, Mr. Chumi. Yes. You said a girl wants to work with me in music albums. No, send her immediately. I am in a mood now. If my mood changes tomorrow, I won't take her in my album.

Send her immediately. What's this? Talk to the one who put colour on you. Am I your servant? What? Hello. You have started talking rubbish again. You didn't even ask for tea or coffee.

I am sorry, darling. I am sorry. Come under light. I am about to fall unconscious.

No, just a moment. - Yes. Don't fall unconscious in front of me. It reminds me of the cake. After that.. Listen. By the way, I am Deva.

I am Chandrumukhi. You look like a money. Hey.. I warn you. Don't insult a woman. There is a mother in every woman. - Yes. There is a daughter-in-law in every woman. - Yes.

There is a daughter in every woman. - Yes. If you are that woman, there's a man in her too. What! If I happen to punch you you will remain hurt for an hour. Hello! I can't come today. Deva is here. How dare you meet someone else? I broke up with the earlier one, he's new. That is called love today I would like to express myself.

Okay. - Come with to my shows abroad. We are not married yet. I can't go anywhere with you. - I am Daler's younger brother. That's between you and him. Why involve me? Come, listen.

I am Mika, and I don't toss and turn. I talk straight. Tell me if you are hiding something.

Yes. There's a boil on my back. Someone burst a balloon. - You are joking. Yes. - Let's get married. Wow... - This wedding can't take place. That's a small package.

Who's the XXL barrel? I am Paro and I love Deva. I am awaiting his arrival with a lamp. Now that it's turned off drink up the oil and speed away.

Enough now. - You leave. Good. - I am Deva's first love. I have only two loves, I am not lying. Come here. - Tell her. - I don't lie. Can you play drums? I have a show. You booked me for show, right? Why ask her? I'll do it. - Will you? - No, I will.

I will. - I will. - hold on. I am Mika and I decide. It's about rhythm. Let me see you both dance. Sunny, you often upload photos and videos on social media. All of you. Even Mr. Mika posts often.

But you barely have the time to read comments. The Indian public is so creative and post such funny comments. Let me show you some of them. Please display them. Mika captioned this picture.. 'Had a wonderful time with the entire Ambani family.' - Yes. Okay. Let's read the comments.

It's Mr. Mukesh and Mr. Mika. Seems like rather Mr. Mukesh is attending your party. Read the comments. 'Mr. Mukesh after taking gifts.' 'Not so fast! Sing a song before you go.' People say 'Have dinner before you go.' - Right!

'He's the millionaire and you're wearing all the gold.' 'Mr. Ambani be like, 'This is not fair.'' 'I invited you and you got six people along.' Show some more. Sunny says, 'Happy Halloween, part 1.' Show the comments.

Comments on my posts are dangerous. 'Did you buy a dress to match the tiles, or other way round?' 'If a ghost looks like this, the exorcist would say' 'Come possess me!' Show some more. 'I'm single. Can you come home to scare me?'

Someone replied, 'get married and you'll be scared for life.' So witty! - Lovely reply. Show some more. 'You can only follow and appreciate my style.'

'You can't copy it.' Oh! 'Thanks to my fans who made me Mika Singh.' Wow! Nice pic, Mr. Mika! Show the comments. 'Is this your plane? Or took a pic with a random one? 'Mr. Mika offering rides after buying the plane..' 'Patiala! - Patiala!' 'Mika be like, 'I'll fly the plane today!'' 'There's no door on the pilot's side.'

Show some more. - Such creativity! - Awesome! 'If you don't marry your girl after spending so much..' 'It's your loss. She has nothing to lose.' 'Once 12 passengers board' 'the flight will take off.'

'To paint slogans on the plane contact me.' - Oh, God! Great! - There are many more. Show more.

Sunny says 'Through your heart'. Show the comments. 'Forget the arrow, just shoot with your eyes.' 'I'll gladly die.' 'No matter where you shoot it will strike my heart.' 'People behind Sunny don't know that it's her.'

'They know, but they're scared to see her drawing an arrow.' 'If she misses her aim today the photographer is done for.' What were you doing, Sunny? Was it for a scene? Or for fun? It's for a show. - Okay. The contestants had to shoot at something.

So even I had to do it. - Can you aim fine? But I may have hit a person or two. Are you serious? - Well, it just happened.

But they're fine. - You've hit more than two. Believe me. Show some more. 'Hello, friends! Mantra of a successful singer or artist.' 'There should not be fake followers.' Very good! 'This won't get you business.'

'Some people also think you need to have hit songs.' 'This is not always the case.' Let's read the comments. 'People do it on train tracks.' 'He's the first man to do it on a runway.' Oh, God! This is awesome! Such a good one! Really! 'Now that's a famous man.'

'We watch planes from inside the airport.' 'He can go on the runway.' They're just insane! Show some more. 'Animal rescue on the island.' 'He was adorable until..' - He bit me after this. What! - He knocked off my glasses.

And flew away? - Yes. He broke it. Shameless parrot! - I know. He did not know you're Sunny Leone. Macaw. - But it's a beautiful picture.

Both you and the parrot look nice. Show the comments. We're afraid of what comment is next. I know. - 'Please rescue me.' 'My dad calls me a dog anyway.' Someone wrote, 'I wish to be a parrot in my next life.'

'Do not hurt my feelings. I'm humans, not a parrot.' 'I never sat on your shoulder. How lucky is this parrot!' Oh, wow! - What a rhyme! Amazing! People rhyme in comments now. Next?

'Are you teaching the parrot to whistle, or other way round? 'Wow, ma'am! Even your parrot is colourful.' 'We've only seen green ones.' Most parrots are green, right? He's an African Macaw. This is an African Macaw? - Yes, an African Macaw. You know a lot about parrots. - Yes. I am that parrot.

This photo reminded me of when we went to a zoo in Malaysia. We saw a monkey there. A boy from our team tried giving him an ice-cream. The janitor told him not to give the monkey any food. The three of them were positioned in such away the monkey gestured..

The monkey was like, 'Darn him! Give me the ice-cream.' The monkey took the icecream but the ice-cream got stuck at the bars. He was holding it with both hands. The monkey was so clever, he licked it from there. He threw the left-over and told him to go. Show some more.

'A very happy birthday to the most charming and handsome..' Mr. Anil Kapoor. Wow! Roll the comments. Look.. - What a photo!

Four superstars in one frame. Mika be like.. 'I gave the chain to Mr. Anil' 'how will I ask it back.' People notice small details. Anil wore that chain.

A real big singer as he has three superstars in his band. Wow! Show some more. Wonderful! - Look at the stars.. He does ads for singlets but doesn't wear one. More. - People notice so many things. Oh, wow! Sunny..

Sharib, Toshi and Joshi are all here! Hey.. Who's Joshi? Is there anyone more energetic than him in the film industy? Think about it. This guy can 'set fire in monsoon'. - Yes.. Imagine what he could do in the dry season! Mika. - Yes? I'm truly a huge fan of yours.

You're the best singer in the film industry. You said the same to Mr. Daler too! Our show has a fixed format, Kapil. Take your seat.

Oh, hi, Sharib! I'm a huge fan of yours. I charge Rs. 2,000 to say that line. It's true.. This is our job. This is you two's first time here, right? - Yes. I'll show you the menu card of the show. - Menu card..

I charge Rs. 2,000 to say 'I'm a fan of yours'. Yes.. Rs. 2,000 to say 'I listen to your songs'. Rs. 3,000 to say 'my mom's a big fan of yours'.

Oh, dear.. - Why Rs. 3,000 for that? Mom takes Rs. 1,000 comission. Yes.

Do you know that they've got a loyal fans? Really? Where are they? Why didn't they come with them? Fans don't come with them! Why not! Mika is a huge fan of Sunny Leone. He has come with her. Then Mika's fans should also be here. These two are his fans. Aren't you a fan of his? Of course.. - I've been thinking of him as Rajiv Thakur! I also thought that! We discussed backstage about Rajiv Thakur and Pankaj Udhas being here.

Right? Please get a haircut. I mean, it's normal to not have the time to not get one when you get invited to a prominent show. Sapna you've been making fun of them but they've got fans all over the world. Really? Now, how much were you get paid to say that? He tries to put on the spot..

Are you here for this nonsense? No, I'm really a huge fan of theirs. Sharib, I'm a huge fan of yours. Thank you. - For Rs. 2,000.

I didn't say that for Rs. 2,000. Let me tell your for real, these two are very talented. Give them a huge round of applause. - Of course..

Thank you.. - They're amazing. You have fans.. Fans keep photographs of their idol in their wallets. But it's amazing that though I'm his fan he's got a photograph of me in his wallet! How's that possible? I picked his pocket last month. Well.. You know, Sunny.. Mika, I found a letter in his wallet.

What does it.. - He wrote a letter for Sunny Leone. What does it say? 'Dear Sunny.' You've spelled 'dear' wrong. You've spelled it as 'dear'.

Hey.. - It's the right spelling.. That's how it's spelt. - It is? - Yes. Does that mean I've been writing it incorrectly all these years? Toshi, he wrote her a letter.. - Tell me what it says.. - Sunny, for you, he writing letter. I speak Hindi. - You do? - You can talk to me in Hindi. - He's written a letter for you.

Okay. It says, 'if you go on a date with me' 'I'll partner with you instead of Toshi.' 'We'll make music together.' 'Your Sharib.' He's even drawn out a heart.

What sort of heart is this? You'd partner with her? Sharib.. - If I get a chance, of course. I'm shocked to hear this. For years, we've been. - Yes, this is wrong. I've been under the impression that Sharib was a decent guy.

No.. - But he has turned out to be like Mika! I don't like this. Hi, Sunny. - Hi! Sunny, with pasta.. - Yes..

Do you eat it with mayonnaise or 'Leones'? Sunny, can I take a selfie with you? It'll boost my followers coount. That'll cost you money. That's right. She understands how this business works. You've got such a giant face that we can stick two needles on it turn it into a clock and hang it at the railway station. Clock.. Wow! What a timed punch!

Excellent! Toshi.. - Yes.. How are you? - How are you? I'm fine.. - Get a haircut. Toshi, I'm glad that your parents didn't start your name with a D. Why? - It'd make him 'Doshi'.

I want to ask you.. The society.. - Yes.. The rests guilt up on others.. - Yes..

Where does it rest? What's that place? I mean, do people get to eat there? Are there facilities available there? I want to know.. - Why are you asking him? Yes.. - It's because I've been accused. I see. - What for? I don't have it on the script.

Anyway, Mika.. - Yes? - I'll need you tomorrow. Okay. - Need where? In Nala Sopara, there are some fans of Emraan Hashmi. I see.. So what? - I told them to stop obessing over him and let me introduce them to his master. Mika, I've got some questions for you.

Okay. - Don't you obey the law? He does. Everyone does. - I do obey the law. The law states that one should marry at the age of 21 years. You've turned 21 twice! Mika. - Yes.

Stop wasting your time with customer care girls.. Anyway, tell me something. There's that song of yours 'Lag Gaye 440 Volt' 'Chune Se Tere'. Right? Well, an uncle of mine was once struck by 440 volt of current.. Kapil..

Okay. - He's so electrifying now that he can charge a phone by keeping it like this, Archana.. - Okay. It's true. Let me tell you what he did. - Okay.

He's charge 30 per cent of the battery on one side. - Okay. And 30 per cent on the other. And the other 40 per cent.. - Don't ask..

Hey.. Why are you all laughing? Why is there a plug at home? We used to charge using that. Are your useless talks done? No, one useless thing is left. Yes. - That's why we left it for the end.

What? You set a fire to the rain, right? - Yes. My uncle set fire to 52. Really. How can you set fire to 52? He's 52 years old. - Yes.

There was a candle of 52 on his cake and lit it on fire. Okay. I'll leave. A lot come to get messages from me. Mr. Hari Haran had come. Yes. - Did you massage him? Yes, but he forgot his Haran in a hurry.

Oh, God! I can't tell you.. His stomach got upset. So the doctor told him to have laxative of Haran. I have Haran. He'll fall ill. Kapil, I'll leave.

Bye. A round of applause for Nikki. Nikki. Nikki, show's blackie. Wow. Nikki, show's blackie. I found Nikki in Kapil's show.

A long time ago Mr. Kapil made her sing. She's like our child. We are neighbours. - Is it? She was very young then. I didn't she sings so well. Now she does a lot of shows with Mr. Mika. God bless you.

Give our guests a huge round of applause. Sunny, Mika, Toshi and Sharib thank you so much for coming. - Thank you.. This has been a great evening.

We had fun and sang songs. Thanks a lot for that.. - Thank you very much, Kapil.. My best wishes for all your future projects. Thank you.. - Thank you so much. - It's a new year.

I pray to God for Archana and your team that this show stays on air for 100 years to come. Thank you, Mika.. I love you, sir. Thank you. Friends, as you know vigilance against covid is important.

More than 100 crore people have been vaccinated so far. Ministry of Health has provided vaccination to everyone through 'Har Ghar Dastak'. It's our responsibility to be careful of the new variant and follow covid appropriate behaviour. Maintain two meters of distance from each other. Wear Masks. Don't form crowds.

Stay safe, good night..

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