The Kapil Sharma Show New Season - EP 180 - 21st Aug, 2021 - Full Episode

The Kapil Sharma Show New Season - EP 180 - 21st Aug, 2021 - Full Episode

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Good evening and welcome to the Kapil Sharma Show. Thank you very much to all of you. Thank you very much. Please take your seats. Even during this pandemic era you've come to witness our new season. Thank you so much.

Ms. Archana, how are you? - Very good. Very good. Do you see we've moved to our village? Bright faces. Forget them, they came from the city.

Look here. Bright faces, open air.. Ms. Archana, it's been two years since the pandemic began we saw a lot of ups and downs in fact the entire world witnessed it. And I was so keen on social distancing that I swear, I didn't go near my wife. I don't know for what she might sneeze on me.

If you were observing social distancing how did you have another child? Both of us were sneezing at that time. You know a lot has changed due to corona. The way to greet has changed. We used to shake hands, hug each other but nowadays it's just.. 'How are you? Oh, you're here too.'

Some people touch elbows. 'How are you Mrs. Khurana? Hi..' Some people get confused.

They touch elbows and then hug. We used to have guests before and we were excited to meet them. Nowadays we don't look at faces. As soon as we open the door, we point the temperature gun.

94. Come in. Who is it? It's uncle. We look at their face after checking their temperature. If their temperature is high then we'll shut the door on their face even if their nose gets stuck in the door.

When the pandemic began everyone was suggesting treatments. People said inhale steam. Our Pandey the one with big face. It wasn't big, it has become big. He has inhaled so much steam that he looked like Sri Lankan momo after three months.

Forget him, I drank so much 'kadha' and I had grown a beard too so I resembled Saint Ramdev. Oh, God! - I'm not joking. During the first lockdown people stayed in their house for four to five months. People used less clothes because they knew the more clothes they use the more they'll have to wash. I was wearing under garments. And when Dinesh wore a mask he removed his under garments too. - Oh, God!

He said, when his face is covered.. What does it matter? - Who will recognise him? There were a lot of rumours during the pandemic. Pandey is no less either. He said if I get vaccinated utensils will stick to me.

The vaccine was invented now but your big utensil is already sticking out. And there was a really a case like that. You must've heard. Utensils were sticking to a man. The doctor asked, how many kids he has and he had none.

So he said, go stick to something you're supposed to. Someone went to a village to vaccinate old people who were like 90 years old. They refused. 'I won't get vaccinated.' 'I heard you'll become weak with it.'

Oh, God! The doctor said, 'Sir' 'you're not going to lift a gun at this age.' 'Just lift your hand and give blessings.' That's it. Some people are very clever.

They didn't get vaccinated first let observe their neighbours. 'Did he get vaccinated?' 'Did Gupta get vaccinated?' And when the neighbours ask 'Mr. Sharma, did you get vaccinated? Yes.' 'Any fever? No, I didn't get fever.'

'Did you vomit or something? - I'm not pregnant.' 'Something must've happened. No I'm fine.' 'You got vaccinated wrongly.' They won't say that it was done well. True.. I saw girls at the vaccination centres.

They get ready to go there so they have post photos on Instagram. They walk up to the doctor and say please.. Right? Please vaccinate me.

Pandey went to get vaccinated. Removed his shirt, he wore a vest inside. And the vest was so dirty. It took two nurses to vaccinate him. Why? - One gave him the injection.

The second nurse held the nose of the other. After that, the nurse was kept under observation for 30 minutes. Every country has different kinds of people. When someone in America gets vaccinated they say, 'Thanks, Doctor. You're doing a great job.' 'You're doing a noble job.'

In England, 'God bless you, doctor.' In India, as they're getting vaccinated 'Doctor, when I can I drink?' Kids are scared of getting vaccinated. Even on hearing the word doctor. They know they'll get injection. They begin acting. No.. 'Did it hurt? No.' The doctor tries to convince them.

Even kids nowadays are clever too. Since it's the age of social media. They tighten their bums before getting injected.

The doctor says, 'Dear, loosen in.' 'No, loosen it.' That day kids find out that this area is in their control too. And some take so much precautions that they go to hospitals with PPE Kit. - Oh, God! Nurses think they are doctors and take them to another room.

The patient is over there, what are you doing here? Things have changed today. One person, one injection and then it's disposed. You must've seen it before when you go to the doctor they had a pot next to them.. I didn't understand at first. I thought the doctors kept making tea. - Tea? They used to boil the syringe in a pot. And then they used to use it on you.

They spray a little out and then inject you. It was a big syringe. The ones who got injected with that.. Even now those spots leak during rain.

Some people become philosophers during the pandemic. 'Sir, I've seen everything. Life is very short.' As soon as things get better they apply for a five year loan and get a car. They go to Manali in that car. Let's go to Manali before the third wave. These are the people who bring about the third wave. - Yes.

That's why be careful. Do not gather unnecessarily. Due to the government and medical staff the vaccination drive is going very well. I salute our frontline workers and I request all of you to get vaccinated as soon as possible and be safe. Ms. Archana, the show is starting

so the guests' entry should be grand. And our today's guest always enter in a grand fashion. The one and only superstar Mr. Ajay Devgn. Ajay.. A big round of applause for Mr. Ajay. Sir, welcome..

The applause shouldn't stop. Wow! Amazing, sir! What an entry! I was thinking of his entry with two bikes. Then on two cars and followed by two horses. I was scared that he might use jet fighter planes now. And there he goes.

This entry on two injections did seem great. I love that. Kapil, it is the injections that save the world. I know. - Actually.

But it is required. Did you take it or not yet? I did and I want all our citizens to get the vaccines. and come to our show. On our show. - What do you mean?

You are so selfish Do you have a show? - People have their jobs. You only care about yourself. You must hope they get vaccines and get to their jobs. Is that so? I said it according to your line. You have few needs but I do not.

And hence I said it. That is what I meant. That was an old line and now my needs have grown. Same goes for all. Sir, thank you. You came to our first episode and gave us such a good start.

Thank you, sir. Thank you. I was here the last time for the first episode, right? Last time? - The show you shut down. Family time? It was before I had a family of my own. Is that so? It felt wrong so I went to first get a family of mine. You shut down yet another show prior to that right? No, it so happened that I..

All that begins has to end. It comes and goes. The season went off air in January. - This season. And you got a family in February.

I was injured in January. And? You were hurt in your waist. - Yes. So how did you get a kid? Come on, sir. You are a producer. There is something called privy production. The product was released in February.

The shoot was done way back. A big hand for Mr. Ajay. Congratulations, sir. Thank you. There are many such stories that are so inspirational and many such events happened and our brave people and our brave soldiers that accomplished such tasks.

We only know of them through movies. - Yes. Especially our young generation got to know by this. That in Bhuj when an enemy nation attacked our air base was attacked and the runway was ruined. This movie is based on that.

And how.. - It is true. When we told people of the tile of Bhuj.. They related to the earthquake. - Yes. They never knew what had happened before. You gave us an inspirational movie based on true story.

So Mr. Ajay and 300 women make a runway in three days. Wow! Such a story! - Amazing! You made a runway in three days with 300 women. So were you not tasked for making the highway? I was not but you may tweet. You like doing it, right? Try it and you will know why I stopped. People often say jokingly that women end up gossiping and get nothing done together.

But in this movie 300 women create history in three days. They make an air base runway! Power of women! 300 women made a runway in three days. I know a woman who made a villa all by her own. And they she over took the road asking for toll. I heard of her. Did you? Did you hear? I have not. Who is it?

A biopic by you does not seem right. Now it's time to call the person for who I removed four questions of Mr. Ajay. Even earlier I have said this about her. Among children, Dora and among the youngsters, Nora are very famous. So please welcome a very beautiful actress Nora Fatehi. One day come without Ajay Devgn.

A huge round of applause for Nora. Nora, you are looking very adorable. Thank you, sir. - You visit a lot of TV shows. Yes. - Several shows invite you as a special judge.

Yes. - One day if you can laugh wholeheartedly I'll arrange you a seat here. Nora, you are from Canada and I'm from Punjab. Yes. - Punjabis love Canada a lot.

We love Canada a lot. But why are you doing that now? Stop. - Yes, be patient. What? - You are married. Father of two children.

What! Two! - Yes. Wow! Aren't you ashamed of yourself? Even the hero with who you came has two children. And look at him. Soon he will give birth to another one. "I don't care." Just like that So far we have seen Nora only in glamorous roles. This is the first time Nora is doing the role of a spy.

Are you the one who selected the role? Or was it Mr. Ajay's suggestion to include at least a good looking spy as he has no girlfriend in this movie. You are right. That's not how it is done.

Such things happen at my place. She is such a spy who can make anyone reveal their secrets automatically. 'Ma'am, the enemy will attack from there.' 'Come, let's hide here.' Nora, have you watched the spies of old movies? No. - They used to stand

outside the villain's house as a watermelon seller. He used to cut the watermelon and when the villain comes out he informs his boss. And another one used to disguise as a beggar. Yes. - The villain left. Look at the spies of 2021.

Who says that our country is not developing? Look at her. Wow! I must say that you shouldn't discriminate. What's that? - Discriminate? That means.. How to explain that in Hindi? We must not discriminate. We must fight together as a country.

We must not differentiate between beautiful and ugly tall and dwarf fat and slim etc. Are you answering him or describing him? You must also fight for our country. First let me finish my personal fights. My wife fought with me before sending me to the show.

Really? - She said, "Today you are" "going on time as Nora is going to come." Jealous. She is very jealous. - Jealous. Ginni is going to be here in a while. Edit this line. Anyway, welcome, Nora. - Thank you. - Please sit.

Mr. Ajay. Now it's time to welcome two more artists related to 'Bhuj'. Please welcome, a very talented actor and master of baritone voice Mr. Sharad Kelkar and.. A very talented singer and actor, Mr. Ammy Virk. A very warm welcome to both of you. Hey you. - Yes.

Nora and he sang so well. Yes. - But you didn't sing. Only 'A huge round of applause'. - No, pal. I was singing along. You're listening to Mr. Ammy. I was singing. Pal, come this side.

Yes. - You are blocking the view. - The view, right? Come.. - Our TRP will reduce if her face gets hidden. Oh, God. - Okay. Mr. Ammy is a superstar from Punjab. Thank you. - His songs have got a billion views. And today he got a chance to be on 'The Kapil Sharma Show'.

What a lucky man! Thank you, pal.. And he didn't even get billion views on his songs yet he came on our show. Wow! What a lucky man! But we have so much talent in our country. Mr. Sharad and Mr. Ammy came on our show for the first time but they are working so much. Mr. Sharad is doing movies. He is doing web series. He dubbed for 'Baahubali'.

Are you really so talented or have you recorded a casting director's video? My mom says that I've done 30 movies yet I wasn't noticed. 'Until you be on this show, I wouldn't..' - Come on. '...believe that you worked in the movies.' But the trailer is really very interesting.

Thank you. - All the actors look amazing. A big hand for Mr. Sharad and Mr. Ammy. Please come. Go over there. - Take a seat, Mr. Ammy. - Sure. You must be feeling pleased. Nora. - Yes. - This is for you only.

Oh, wow! - Don't share it with others. Pal, have bananas. Oh, my God! Hello. How are you? Oh, my God. Mr. Ajay, believe me. When I got to know you are going to be here

I decided to make such a grand entry. Or else I would've just walked in. I see. Thank you. - That reminds me. 'Aata Majhi Satakli'. Listen, remove your headphones first. It's my hair. - Okay, sorry. - It's my hairstyle.

Hairstyle. Listen, Sharma. I'm a lawyer. Ask them to fetch me a chair. Sit.. Please come. Shall I sit here? - Put your stomach aside. You might get tired.

This is what I wished but I was hesitating. You're an outstanding person. Keep standing. Let me introduce myself. Myself Damodar Jethmalani. I'm the world famous lawyer of this neighbourhood.

I see. - Why are you lying? Your name is Damodar Malani. No.. My name is Damodar Malani indeed. I've added 'Jeth' as a prefix. What I realised was.. Sir, let me tell you. The chair kept right in the front people with three words in their names retain it.

Navjot Singh Sidhu. Archana Puran Singh. Sir, those who have two words work as a labourer on the stage. Kapil Sharma. Krushna Abhishek. And no one cares about people whose name has one word.

Chandu. Sir, let me give you my visiting card. It's here in my pocket. This one, sir. Yes, you can have my card.

My card. My card. Sir, that's my card. It's clearly written here

that you will do the scam and I'll handle it. Tell me if you have any case. I'll fight till my first breath. First breath? - Because I give up after that. I can't fight any further. - He's lying. He's no lawyer. He had a black curtain in his house and just draped it.

This is wrong, Kapil. That's not true. I had a white curtain, too. I could've dressed up as Abbas Mastan.

But I'm pintrested in law. What? - Pintrested. It's 'interested'. - Yes, even that. By the way in your film.. How did you..

Come on. You sold your film rights to OTT. Had you sought my advice.. Because I'm also a legal soncultant. - What? I'm a legal soncultant. - What? It's 'consultant'. - When you know I can't say it

why have expectations? Just understand what I mean. If you speak so fluently, my dear.. I dare you to say 'Sashy sells lea-sells!' It's 'Sally sells sea-shells'. I can barely say 'soncultant'. How can I say this?

If you don't mind I wish to discuss this, sir. I realised that you do opposite things. In your film 'Shivaay' you wooed a pretty girl on the Himalayas. But in 'Drishyam', you attended a prayer sermon in Goa. People pray at Himalayas and woo women in Goa. But you did otherwise.

Let him do what he wants. Mind your own business. Not so fast. Ms. Nora is here. Let me talk. Ms. Nora, I just wanted to say my name is Damodar. It is.

You can call me Damu. - Damu? Why would she call you 'Damu'? She can't call me 'hubby' right away. There's a process.

She will start with 'Damu', then 'sweetie' then 'darling'. - 'Darling'? Then comes 'Did my tweetie pie have lunch?' It's a process one has to follow. Like Ammy here.

He sang Punjabi songs. Then acted in Punjabi films. Then shot a Hindi music video, Then he got to appear on Kapil Sharma show. It's a process! - Process! Process! But sir, I'm very impressed.

I noticed that in his Punjabi songs there are no pretty girls. There are no sports cars or booze. So he's actually the 'Aloknath' of Punjabi music world. Lawyer, tell me something. - Yes?

You talk so much of rubbish. So aren't you ashamed of calling yourself a lawyer? Sharma, never cover a judge by book. What? - Never judge cover book by the. What? - Never do cover book judge by the.. 'Never judge a book by its cover.'

Whatever! Why expect from me when I'm so drunk? Anyway, all that can wait. Even Mr. Kelkar is here. Let me talk to him. Sir, you did voice-dubbing for 'Baahubali'. - Yes.

My daughter's voice is even deeper. You won't believe it. But your voice is indeed.. Speak now. I can't sit like this. - Keep it down. I'm just saying your voice is brilliant.

It's very heavy. It's got weight. Very good! I'm not saying your looks aren't good.

You have a good physique, too. Very good! You're very fit! And I admit it without any shape you are fitter than me. Great! Now that you certified it that's enough.

You are! I'm not joking. Sir, aren't you ashamed? You're talking rubbish before these celebrities. Then why did you even invite these celebrities? Sir, go home. You're drunk. - Why should I? Loneliness bites hard at home. But you have wife and kids at home.

Yes, but my dog's name is 'Loneliness'. It bites hard. Sir, I'm here to give you profitable advice. How so? - I'll explain. I'm a lawyer, sir. I even get patents made. Mr. Ajay, I've seen it.

You act with your eyes beautifully. So get your eyes patented. I just did it for Pankaj Tripathi's neck. Patent? - No, a massage. I even do that. If you ever need..

I do deep tissue massages. - He's not interested. Leave. Let me talk to Nora. I saw one song of yours. Oh! 'Hay Garmi' which means 'Oh, the heat'! Your dance is lovely. I'm serious. Have you seen the step? It's a very complicated step! It's a very complicated step! I didn't do it so bad.

But the best part is I just did the step. She can travel during that step. She moves forward. Very nice! Very nice! So heed my advice and get the term 'Oh, the heat' patented. Then if anyone in the world feels hot and says 'Oh the heat' he will have to pay you royalty. And you'll be India's second lady who just sits and earns.

Who's the first one? Mr. Lawyer, hello... Don't do this or head will fall off. You must choose between dancing and practice.

That's what I am confused about. Dancing and private practice are my passions. Let's check on an option.

Come on! Choose one hand. Lemon..." "Lemon..."

Thank you very much. Please enjoy. Time for the court hearing. - Superb! - See you. Kiku... - Great... You all are very active on social media. Upload photographs and videos for your friends.

You seldom have time to check on the comments. We have a team that sat idle for the entire year. We have deployed them in an assignment.

That segment is called the post-mortem of the post. You had uploaded this picture where you're meditating. Look at the comments. Breathing easy away from wife.

That he needs to use a bathroom. People get extremely creative with it. Hungry man expecting puri in 'Langar'.

Look how creative have people got during corona. One such soul has crossed the line. My heart is enthralled on seeing your film. On seeing such beautiful pictures, I feel like the sky is cloudy. Peacock dances and birds sing.

Your beauty is divine. The aura of your face reflects divinity. Please appear and bless us all. - Great! Must be a treat to every eye.

How do you do it? Your picture reflects a divine aura. God... - You look tranquil and serene in these clothes. My jaw hurts reading it. Such rich vocabulary. I wish to meet you. Fulfil my wish.

Looks like a book on him. There are many more. - Wow! Any fan... - Langar one was the best. - Yes.

I like you since I was 14 and now I am 35. I love you, Ajay. Beautiful. They are nice people. We have some more. Nora... - Oh, God!

What will Ranveer Singh wear now? Lovely. A man like me here says there are 320 dots. Wow... - There could be more. We own a similar mat at home that's behind you. The fun's a little down.

Don't marry. You must fulfil your promise. Wow... - Too funny. - Norah Fatehi... I just said that I was the baddest in the town.

I have been appointed by railways. Will you marry me? Always yours, Sukhram Chaudhary. Appoint me as the horse's care-taker. You're outside my range. Not all... - Very truthful boy. They write very creatively.

Click pictures in Salwar Kameez, mom wants to see. Western clothing won't be allowed by her. That's great! All this is fine. Can you cook rotis? Only 12 everyday. 4 for mom, 4 for me and 2 for dad. That would make it ten, right? Oh 2 for Nora then. - Of course. There's more. - Too funny.

The horse was blue but looks black before you. Sharad, I am at home. I hope you're at home too. Who wears a tuxedo at home? Tell me, at whose house are you? He's right about wearing a tuxedo at home. Another guy says if he is there remove the bulb.

They say about anything. Something about the kid. Be careful! Chellam is watching you.

What did you get by spoiling Shrikant's marriage? Ahead in... - Demon. - A demon. Next! ]It would be good if Sonakshi was here. Did she take a photographer with her? Tell Nurse that Chenu will be there.

Why show two fingers, when this is your first dose? Fans fight with each other. One has replied. She knows you'll point a finger. The second one is for you. You can slap me but don't talk about corona. Also a social message with a Rs. 300 cap in the station. Ambivirk... There you go! It is my turn.

'Write down the number of clothes.' 'Buy shoes for yourself when you earn so well.' People wear shoes in films. When will 83 come? When you all go away. There's a movie 83 where Shammi is working.

Great, the Indian audience Your daddy is a villain. Your uncle is the villain. All he cares about is Khalnayak song. Bless you and your team.

That's great. Are you here to promote the Bhuj film alone? You didn't invite me. You're not him. - The film was real. Do you know how problematic it was? I asked the rickshaw guy to take me to the Bhuj's promotion He took me to Gujarat.

I am here to tell. That Ajay and I have been friends for long. Not Ajay but Ajay Devgan... Don't talk about the gun. I wanted to say we've worked together a lot. This character needs a lot of energy.

I don't what you do other wise? Talking about Ajay and I... We have worked together in lot of films. He worked somewhere being a lamp. Everyone calls him Raju. Do you know what did Raju say? Entered the room with a glass.

She asks me to have juice. When I drank it was juice for real. That's when I got to know that Ajay is a prankster.

Ajay is a prankster. Mom reminds me of the dialogue. I am sorry. I wont look at her. Mom, our lucky charm is here on this episode. Applause! Hey... For once... Trust me we were together. - In Comedy circus.

And today he's here. He deserves it hence he's there where he is. Tell me. - Yes. Who did you dub for in this film? Myself. - You acted?

You gave a voice over in Baahubali? - Yes. What do they dislike? Your acting or you the natural. Huge round of applause for Sharad. It was a joke. Sit down. Kapil... - Yes. - I need to discuss

something important. Clap for Ranbir Kapoor. He worked in my helpful movie, Sanju. I can't explain. - How is it helpful? If I forget about myself I go watch the movie. That's true. Mom, give me kerosene.

Nora, hi. - Hi. I don't know if I should talk to Nora about something good or Fatehi Kapil, Nora and I went to Dubai together. - Where? We saw the Burj Khalifa. - Burj Khalifa. Didn't I say he'll only say Burj since we're here to promote the film 'Burj'. Ammy. - Very good.

Very good. Here, Ammy. - What's in it? There's a joke inside this. Go home and read it. - Okay. If you laugh after reading it then think that my timing is very good. If you don't laugh then think that you read it wrong.

No, your timing is very good. - Isn't it? Very good. - Enough. Our team is here today.

I want to give a small tribute. Sonakshi Sinha is playing an important role in the film. She's here with us through video call. Let's have a chat with her. Sonakshi. Hi, Sonakshi. - Hello.

How are you? A big round of applause for Sonakshi. Cool. How are you? To everybody over there. Sonakshi, where are you now? I'm in a place called Vaso, Gujarat. You finished your film in Gujarat and your next film is in Gujarat too. Now you're also promoting this.

And people say, Gujarati people earn money from everywhere. She's the first girl who'll gather money from Gujarat. Dear, you're looking very pretty. Thanks, man. Do you see that lady who works in a bank? She had a question. It was a great job in the film where you gathered 300 women to build a runway.

Her question is You live in Juhi which if flooded with water every year why don't you gather 250 women and built higher roads? It is not a bad idea. Ma'am, thank you for this wonderful question and you've put me in a deep thought. I think, your idea is good. I have to do something this year. If you want to give contract Ms. Archana does that one the side too.

Sonakshi is shooting an arrow, fighting with sword in the film. I think she got late in the shooting or if she went to the Olympics she would win a medal. You're right. You are right. I feel the same too. I think, if she can't win, she'll snatch it and come.

She's like that a little. Sonakshi, if you had to go to the Olympics which sport would you participate in? I'm very interested in sports. I used play a lot of sports. Tennis, volleyball, football, throw ball, basketball swimming, discus throw, short put..

But which sport were you good in? I was good in all of them. Ms. Archana is very good at husband throw. She just throws him away. But jokes apart, this time in Olympics our athletes did a good job. They won seven medals. Congratulations to all of them.

And Neeraj Chopra won a gold medal in javelin throw. Congratulations to him too. Mr. Ajay, I think for the gold that Neeraj won the preparations for the biopic would be underway.

Of course. - I thought Farhan Akhtar might have started. He must've thought, he already has the body why not get this done too. Like sometimes, you're shooting a mythology film or a series about Akbar since the set is built, let's shoot Tipu Sultan too. I think this can happen.

But Kapil, I think you'll be perfect for Neeraj Chopra's biopic. - Oh, my God! Why.. - Because you can lie a lot. Sonakshi, you were the only one I loved sincerely now you've changed too. Oh, no! Don't say that. Just because I couldn't be on your show don't change sides. But we are missing you, Sonakshi.

I know. I'm missing being there. I wish I could be there. Thank you, Sonakshi. And all the best for your movie that you're shooting now.

And thank you so much for connecting with us online. - Thank you. Love you. - My pleasure. Thank you. - See you guys.

Thank you. Thank you, Sonakshi. Thank you, bye. Nora, now do you want to say something? What do I say now? Keep saying something, you look beautiful anyway. Seriously, just read the news. Mom, look at her. Oh, God! You're introducing her to your mother now.

No, sorry. Mom, don't look at her. I forget. I go back two years. Sir, you voice is so deep. - Yes.

When I went to see the film 'Tanhaji' when he speaks the chair vibrates from below. - Woofers. Did you do anything for that? I didn't do anything. It's God's gift. And don't understand my voice either. I listen to it everyday so it doesn't matter to me. You guys tell me how it sounds.

I want to talk like that. Deep voice. - Yes. Wow! Hope no one casts an evil eye. Will you have some almonds? Yes. - Please. Keep eating during the show. No one will refuse you. The one upon seeing whom everyone feels jealous..

Chill Palace.. Which place gets the maximum bookings? Chill Palace.. How's the spirit! Hi, Sharad! Hi, sir. - Hello.. - Hi, Nora. Hi, Ammy. How are you? - How are you?

Hi, Kappu. Excuse me.. You did really well. Now you need to do promotion in another area. Okay? Thank you so much. Thank you..

Chill Palace. - What is all this? My hotel's promotion. Kappu, do you know I've hired all the female staff? So I thought to move ahead with my fellow women. As you saw our women athletes won so many medals in Olympics. Wow! P.V. Sindhu won a medal. Chanu got a medal in weightlifting.

Right, even she won in shoplifting. She got a cup. It's the first episode. Let's have sweet conversation. This is not done.

By the way, Mr. Ajay, it's a proud moment for me because I've started my own business for the first time. Congratulations. - So I'm really very happy. - You know what? When you do something and your parents are proud of it. It's not that you do something and your parents go to jail.

It's not something to be proud of. What is this? You said you're fond of acting. Yes, I am and will always be but it doesn't mean I can't do anything else.

Take Mithun Chakraborty for example. He is an actor as well as a hotelier, right? Yes. - Okay, ma'am. Do you see a girl is trying to move ahead but someone is trying to stop her? Why are you telling her? She is sitting here after stopping a man. Home deliver door-to-door! - Ten star general store.. Buy once, buy once more. - Ten star general store.. Girls. - Excuse me, Chandu.

These are my girls. Wrong. She is Mr. Shyam's daughter. She is Mr. Gupta's daughter. And she's Mr. Chopra's daughter.

I mean, they were doing promotion for my hotel. Absolutely wrong. They are here for their movie's promotion. Please stay quiet. Sir, I watched your movie. It was very nice.

You all have done a wonderful job. I salute all of you. And, girls. Now you may go. Do promotion for my store. Okay? And keep in touch. I'm going to fix your lives.

And your upper lips. They seem to have grown. Who took you in this show? The same guy who took you. I still have around 15 fans.

Such fans are hanging from my hotel's ceiling. Understood? God knows where he came from. By the way, take a look. I own a hotel. Hotel Chill Palace. - Chill Palace. She has started a small five-star hotel. Even a couple can't go in there together.

First they have to get divorced. Nora, don't worry. We take very good care of our guests. We even change our interiors in every 15 days. Just for a new vibe, you know. - You will have to do it.

Pal, her hotel walls are made of papers. Yesterday, I customer shook his hands after washing and their wall ruptured. This is nothing. One customer said after checking-in..

'Ma'am, where is the washroom?' She said she'd turn around and he can do it. Oh, God! That's how her five-star hotel is. Why are you lying? - Don't force me to speak.

I'm warning you. - Sharad, this is not true. We do take care of hygiene. Rather we prefer use and throw towels only.

Wrong. Not use and throw. Say throw and use. Pal, I'll tell you. All the other hotels throw their stuff after using them. She uses those disposed items later. - Oh, my God.. Yes. This is nothing.

They don't even have a hand dryer in the hotel. She asked her uncle to sit in the washroom. He blows air and helps people dry their hands. - Oh, God! And let me tell you one more thing. Yesterday a customer's hand got smeared with Dal. Okay. - He asked for a tissue. She said they don't have it.

Instead she asked her uncle to lick his hand. Chandu, what is wrong with you? You were in love with me till the last season. What happened? Why are you talking like Kappu? - Yes. Bhoori, I've been in love with you from last three seasons.

Yes. - Marry me quickly or else under the current circumstances you won't get anyone even like me. Shut your store as well as your mouth or else I'm going to break both. Understood? How dare he! Just look at your store and you're comparing it with my hotel? Do you know you aren't there in the promos because of all these things? No..

Oh, God! Mr. Ajay was also not there in the promo. Right. - The thing is, Chandu.. Stars directly feature in the episode. They don't need a promo.

Bravo. Come, sit. Sit with the celebrities. You get a special feeling.

Really? - Come. Pal, how are you? All good? - Don't.. Why do you bend? - Don't shake hands with them.

Maintain distance. You make me conscious as soon as I arrive. 'Don't shake hands.' Team gave you a muffler for the sake of the character. But are you a fool? It's the month of August. Tell me, why did you wear a muffler? To give the feeling of a hill station. - Anyway..

Listen to me. Consider my feelings for you. Nora is sitting in front of me. Yet I'm talking about marrying you.

As if she is ready to accept your proposal. So what? I'd prefer to get rejected by Nora. Why would I get rejected by you? Good point. It's useless talking to you. You spoiled my mood

and my day. - Bhoori, listen to me. Shut up! I want to say something to you. - Please.. Get lost from here. How can I? Guests are here. Even I want to meet them.

Go ahead then. Mr. Ajay, I've a special 'Aata' for you. Which one? - 'Aata Majhi Satakli'. What's special about it? Add water to it, knead and make nice Rotis. What is so special about this? - What do you think then? What else should it be? That, a woman adds water to the flour, loses her temper and then makes Rotis like this? Please. Educated people also watch our show. Sir, I'll get the items packed.

Pal. You can pay me later. Make sure you take it. Congratulations from me once again.

Okay, I'll leave now. Okay. Bye.. - Wow, Chandu! Hi. Please give a big round of applause for the star cast of 'Bhuj'.

Hello, sir. Hi. My name is Sapna. And I have a parlour here. - I see. What's this? What's this? - Hotel Chill Palace. You changed the channel I kept quiet. - Yes.

You changed the judge I kept quiet. You changed the set I kept quiet. But you have changed my parlour! I won't keep quiet. Because today is the first episode if I stay quiet, my money will be deducted.

Because business and emotion shouldn't be mixed. - Yes. - Yes. Have a seat. It's okay. - You sit down. I know my place. Hi, sir. How are you? - I am good. You are very nice. Sir, your upcoming movie..

It is based on 1972 War, right? - Yes. I want to ask you a movie named 'War' came in 2019 starring Hrithik and Tiger - Yes. When will you make a movie on that? Oh, God! - Why would he make a movie on that? It's a film. Why would he make a movie on that?

Why? A move can't be made on another movie? No. - 'Devdas' was made on 'Devdas', right? You take so many interviews. Don't you know this? You shifted my parlour, right? Today, I will spoil your work. Just wait and watch. I will ask such questions, you will feel embarrassed.

Just wait and watch. - Embarrassed. Hi. You are so nice. She is so beautiful, right? She is so pretty, right? - Yes. When she goes to take a shower Yes. - Her soap goes for spa. 'I will touch Nora.'

Mr. Ammy, very nice. You have so many fans. Even Sharukh Khan is his fan. Do you know? He follows his every word. - Really? - Yes. Yes. - How come? - I saw on TV. Sharukh Khan saying..

What? - 'Ammyjaan used to say' 'no business is small.' 'No religion is bigger than the business.' 'Ammyjaan said this.' He said 'Ammijaan'. - I see. I changed 'Ammi' to 'Ammy', you have a problem.

You have changed my parlour to Chill Palace. I won't spare you. Hi. Very nice. You are Sharad Kelkar, right? Yes. I want to ask you something. Okay. - Which sport do you like the most?

I play cricket. - You play cricket. When you return home after playing cricket what do people say? Sharad Kelkar has come or Sharad 'Khelkar aaya'. Kelkar 'Khelkar aaya'.

You dubbed for 'Baahubali', right? - Yes. Great! When 'Baahubali' released everyone had a question why Katappa killed Baahubali? - Yes. - Yes. But my question was little different.

What? - My question was why did the uncle kill his nephew? Oh, my God! Sapna, where were you for so long? I was in Dubai. - Oh, God! Why did you go there? - To get oil. You used to wash pigs, right? I stopped doing that. - I see. - Yes. I do high level jobs now. - What? - What? Now, I wash camels.

Yes, it's true. I don't believe this that you went to Dubai. I don't believe you. - I see. To convince you

should I carry a date tree with me? Sir, I have changed my system now. Okay. - I work from home now. Okay. - Okay. - I get camels in my house. I wash them in my house. - Don't lie. How can you get camels home? - I see.

But you can bring your friends from Punjab. I am telling you, Sir. He has shifted my parlour. I am feeling very bad. - I see. You can't tolerate lies, right? He can't tolerate camels. I can't tolerate such a shoot.

He has shifted my parlour. I know you received a call from my uncle, right? I don't want to work with you. Okay. - Mr, Ajay, take me along. I will wash your camels. Oh, God! - He doesn't have. - I don't have camels. You don't have? - He has cars.

He has cars? I saw your car. You own the car worth Rs. 10 crore, right? That's a good car. Four to five people can sit, right?

Sell the car. You'll be able to buy hundred camels with the money. - Oh, God! Yes..- Why do you want to wash camels?

Because I enjoy washing camels. - What do you enjoy about that? Yes, washing camel's tail, back.. I enjoy washing camels. - Straight come to the point. How can I? Does camel stand straight? It stands like this.

Can't you talk sensibly? Mr. Ajay is here. You should talk sensibly. Mr. Ajay, Mr. Sharad Kelkar has worked with you before.. 'Tanhaji'. - Yes 'Tanhaji'. Now he worked with you in 'Bhuj'. So, you repeat the artists? Yes. So, it's not that after the film 'Bol Bachchan', you will not..

No, that's not the case. Why do you do this? For how long do I have to beg you? Please make 'Bol Bachchan 2'. - Yes. It's so tedious to dress like a girl. It's so problematic. Please start making 'Bol Bachchan 2'.

Okay. - Right? Okay, sir. That's great. Kapil.. Sir, I wanted to tell you one more thing, honestly. I am your fan anyway.

But Dinesh is a bigger fan of yours. - How come? Sir, you act with your eyes' expressions and earn millions. He acts with his hands an take lakhs of rupees from the channel. But he is a very nice guy. Come here.

Come.. Please come for two minutes. That's only for acting. Keep it there. He listens to songs with this. Do you know? He is like that. Come.. Very nice. What will you make him do today? No, I'll make him do nothing. - Don't lie.

I'll show him a very important thing. What? - Come here. Do you see that? This is called an ATM. Why are you telling him that? Because he thinks that you are the ATM.

Very nice. Okay sir. Good bye. Why are you leaving? Don't you have any massage for the guest tonight? Sir, our parlour is no more. Sir, we have different types of massages. Sir, we have 'Bhuj' massage. What is that? - Really? In this we apply oil on the customer's body.

And we keep a lamp near his feet. Okay. - Okay? Then we apply so much pressure that the wind passes and the lamp goes off. That's 'Bhuj' massage.

Sapna, are you done? Actually, you know.. You may have removed my parlour but my main work here.. - What? - That I need to.. I need to tell something to Mr. Ajay. - Tell him. Mr. Ajay, years before in the film 'Dilwale' you proposed me. Do you remember? You don't? Play it for Mr. Ajay. 'Sapna, I love you.'

Wow! - Sapna! What a performance! Oh God! A drenched girl wishes to say something to you. Feeling a little cold, are we? Is it working? - No. - Sapna, use this. This is too good. Use this. Sir, a drenched girl wishes to say something to you. What? I am very cold. Can I get a towel?

Allow me. My best wishes to you. Keep visiting. A big hand for the cast of Bhuj. Come, sir. Ajay, Nora, Sharad, Ammy, thank you for coming.

Thank you. - It was fun to have you all on first episode. For a new season and we had such a grand start. I wish you good luck for your coming projects. Please keep visiting. Thank you so much once again.

We wish you luck for your show. We wish you all the best. - Thank you. Thank you, sir. A grand start of a great journey. - Thank you. All the best. - Thank you.

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