The Hunt For La Llorona - The Weeping Woman

The Hunt For La Llorona - The Weeping Woman

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Senior. That you. Know let's go no score. Welcome. To a special episode of BuzzFeed unsolved, supernatural, in honor of the new movie the curse of La Llorona we're doing something slightly different we'll be looking for the titular antagonist. La dia Rona to see if there's any truth to the storied legend I tried to roll those arse curtains I know I heard you like give up it's fine I guess this is a good point to bring up yeah I'm half Mexican, yeah and I'm Sava Dorian so my family's from El Salvador's you speak fluent Spanish I do not I'm a shame in my family I speak it enough you say like your honor no your honor but. I wouldn't say like let your own now are, you good, now shame. La. Llorona well. I got. Better than him can you roll can you roll the extended, arm, like. Your own yeah. Can you put reading out Spanish by the white guy can you put too much mustard, on it like it's because then it's you're just being obnoxious yeah, well that was certainly good stuff we should get into finding. Lot at your own oh wow the. Curse of La Llorona is the story of a single mother fighting, to save her family from the evil Iona or weeping, woman who wants to steal her children, and make the pearl own because. La Llorona is the important, cultural, figure in storytelling, traditions, not just in Mexico and the US but throughout the Latin ex world we've invited our friend curly from BuzzFeed's, petal-like to come with us on this journey just jumping into this yeah let's get it out of the way yeah Shanee AK or bukhara you know this I'm a boob guy like, I'm definitely a cool guy but I love him but I'm thankful for you because every time the Internet I'm freaking, out with you I'm like like. You'll say something and I'm annoyed over the aisle really. Another thick as thieves Ryan you can't take that away from us let's just let's just let's just let's, just get into it camera, la Llorona x' mythology, dates back to pre colonization. And until more recently she. Had been largely a figure, of oral, storytelling, because, of this the story of La Llorona can vary widely between, families. I'm, trying to figure out where this Falls because it sounds. Arbonne London Park cryptid, is it somewhere in the middle of everything, which i think is why it's so Universal, which is why I like no Latin, country no matter who you talk to everybody wants to claim it as their own story everyone is like this is my story this is us and it's like this, is kind of universal. At this point according to one popular, legend La Llorona was abandoned, by the man she loved and left to raise their children alone, overcome.

With Grief over lost, love or perhaps filled, with the desire to exact, revenge on, her betraying, lover she, murdered her children, and threw their bodies in, a river, she. Died of her despair and as punishment for her murders, she was condemned, to wander the world in search of the bodies of her dead children you. Know I think that's a fair sentence, to, be honest you. Murder your children, maybe. You have to search for them forever in the after whatever yeah some, misplaced anger there, you, know her husband do you think you think it's misplaced I think I think she went too far, where do you think she went too far which one she killed her kids I'm. Sorry I came down. Well. Many a lot Llorona encounters, and stories, encourage audiences, to fear a spirit actively, looking to do harm other tellings, are meant more as a parable, where listeners merely, learn from the woes of the weeping woman I think, it's important to scare children like this yeah I think that's good I think it's great to legit like before lay it on that I was a happy, little, kid I lived, a great life right, soon, and I mean and then we, were like sleeping on like a maka what are they called a hammock oh yeah, and then Athiya came up one day and just changed my life she was cleaning and she could hear somebody crying. Outside of the window and so she looked out and, she. Saw this woman with, like all black, eyes like, no wife in the eyeballs and super. Super like yellow skin and like fur so it's yeah. They add a little bit I think that's where they add a little bit I have no knowledge of this whatsoever, were there any polish legends shame that were threatening, you with death all we had was good old santa clauss and the worst, the, worst you get was no presence, Wow no. And that was very devastating. For me it's been a way it was a way to make me behave as a child my. Mom, used it as a disciplinary. Technique, that's they do so, she told me that pretty, much if I didn't make my bed, la Llorona would, coach me in my sleep yeah if you wonder why I am the way I am it's because I've been threatened with death since I was able, to comprehend, language one. Scholar has related, that her family's lie yet on a story which was passed down matrilineal, II was a tale of a woman who was jealous her husband, showed more love for their children than, her she told him her concerns, and when he didn't change she drowned their children, in the river, her. Husband left her and she died of loneliness, when. She got to heaven God told her she could not get in until she found the souls of the children and, she now wanders, the earth in, search of them in, this. Version liar Nona's not necessarily. A threat to anyone outside her own family she would reportedly, find her way unto the scholars family, farm and cried in the fields, creating, a moaning noise on windy, nights. You. Got to know that if we do hear a woman who. Is sobbing moaning, a, ghastly. Shriek I am, going to bolt in the direction I will do I will give with a camera, yeah and unfortunately for. This. Very real woman I'm gonna be like I'd, see that you're crying. Can. You let me pinch you prove. That my hand does not go through your body just imagine, the plight of this woman she's having, a very emotional. Boys day of her life emotional, public moment and now three grown men are charging, at her full force ma'am. We got you, get. The net. In. Other tellings, laa donas lover was a man from a higher class who betrayed, her to pursue a woman, more befitting, his social standing while. Aya donas myth predates, her this version parallels, to the story of La Malinche also, known as Dona Marina Dona.

Marina Was a slave offered, to the Spanish conquistador, Hernan Cortes by a Mayan Lord she. Served as his translator cultural. Mediator. As well as concubine, Cortez. Had a child with Dona Marina then abandoned, her when his upper-class Spanish, wife arrived, figuratively. Her, murdered, children could be seen as the millions, of natives who fell under Spanish rule yeah, I mean well my Lynch is kind of like an iconic figure as well I've, never heard La Malinche been put in with, Leona like ever this is sort of a cinematic universe, yeah people are starting to do crossover, yeah exactly I think it's also like it's trying to assign historical. Value to at all to me this, feels like fan fiction but this feels like a shoehorn to be quite honest I, think the story still holds value as a legend, passed down from generations, mm-hmm, but I think they're gonna be set for like a lot of spirits, that they're kind of just like legends, that you will pass on and I feel like they do sometimes. Gain power. Because. So many humans, are giving it energy she gets around well now that we've learned the history or I guess, the lore why, don't we go try and find this woman and maybe she, could tell us for herself what's the actual tale let's do it wouldn't. That be something while. There have been unnerving. Sightings, of La Llorona all across North America from Mexico City to Chicago to, Texas, we're going to be looking for her in two of the most active, areas of reported. Sightings Southern. California. And New Mexico our, first stop in our search for la Nonna is the Aqua monza Pioneer, Cemetery in, Colton California. Acqua Monza served as the cemetery for the first non-native, settlement in the San Bernardino Valley, the, settlers first arrived, in the area in the 1830s. And the cemetery, is the last remaining piece of the original settlements, all, right so here we are at, Alba mon-sat Memorial, Cemetery. Yeah. Very. Creepy. It's. Nice to have some enthusiasm, I'm excited. Curly. Would you like to maybe. Call out to her yes Senora. Girona they had a third chiona, gracias, por tener knows I came to Casa T to get us here at the alguien gave, us a shame oh he. Said my name for, sure. Crucial. To our search, Aquaman, is also, located next to a canal, and close to the Santa Ana River la. Llorona is said to haunt riverbanks, and lake shores reports, on her powers vary but some include the ability to hover above water or even transform. Into a flock of birds. That's. Good that's a superpower. She's like an Animorph that would be horrifying, if we're like we got you cornered then I. Mean. You're thinking doves, I was thinking does Rose, crows, ask you ever loved a crow okay pretty vague like what if it's like pelicans, a huge. Block. Of pelicans, a little little, golden finches or hummingbirds. La Llorona is known to wear white and rumored, to seduce men who hear her crying and then kill them said to reveal cultural, anxiety, surrounding sex. La Llorona is often, posed as a femme fatale or, sexual, predator, in Rodolfo. Anaya's, 1972. Novel, Bless Me Ultima La, Llorona is described, as a demon, that wanders river banks and quote seeks, the blood of boys and men to, drink and point, la, Llorona also. Has, a bit of a femme fatale side, of her where she does go after men bad boys and, what do you know three ripe young men show her your biceps right I'm not going to show. Hey, why don't you show your legs well I'll show her my legs for some light you. Hear that I'm. Giving you two free tickets to, the shame a day with leg show spicy, calves coming your way lady have hope, you got a glass of water because, here. Oh. Damn. Oh no, no no it's too sexy. This, is for you, look at that calves action, why don't you guys keep exploring, I'll stand here in the dark for 30 minutes and see if anything happens to me here, we are guys here we are here we are well this is the chapel, on site in the cemetery and yep that's pretty spooky, I will say some people think she's a demon, which obviously.

You Know my track record record, with demons not my favorite so they actually have a little while. Llorona shrine, right here creepy. Also, my, girl Bella lupa is here that's, my girl I'm happy she's here she's here no one can mess with us we're reaching out to whoever lives, inside, this chapel hopefully, that is why Llorona now, la gaitana we came here all the way from Los Angeles we, came here to find out why you drowned, your children, look. I'm not here to judge you I just want to know why maybe he's here to judge of course I'm here to judge you she drowned her children. I don't think it's cool that you drowned your kids lady we're, going to turn on a device here that may help you speak to us spirits. Of this Chapel, you, know that new sound you were looking for listen. To this. You. Like that. Box. Is here tonight ask. Who's inside here alguna. Personaje anthro como, se llaman. No. Tsunami. I couldn't, even understand that I was so fast it, was sound like Spanish. That. Sounded like hello, yeah. We're gonna need to hear more than one or two words in a row. What. Who. Was thank you so much, who. Was that that, was pretty crazy. Yeah. You sound surprised, oh I, mean I loved it what, do you know about La Llorona. Twist. Your arm in, a box. Twist. Your arm in a box sort, of makes the other one a little less. Next. In our search we will travel to allow you Donna Park in Las Cruces, New Mexico where. Many locals, claim to have seen her along the banks, of the Rio Grande were, lucky enough to be joined by one of these locals, willing, to share her, story. Ok. So here we are in Las Cruces New Mexico with. Artists Ellie to tell us about her experience, with La Llorona so I was, about 12. Years old and I see like this silhouette. It's like a figure and I can't see your face I can't see you know like features so I'm making this figure out and I noticed that I can't see their feet like their feet aren't touching the ground and right, then I started getting like okay what the heck and then like right then I hear love whales of you, don't know yeah and I booked, it and I'm like knocking on the door and by the time like I figured out what I was looking at my cousin was already gone so I think she had seen her before I did so, I'm pounding on the front door like please somebody let me in and I was crying but I didn't want to like making noise because, you don't know what's right there I didn't, want her to get me and finally.

Somebody Opens the door and I just like running and I jump, under the covers and I'm just crying, had, you known what, she was when you saw her or were you like that is like it or not well, like I was like what is that but then as soon as I heard like the, whales sound. Like oh god, like, give me the creeps cuz were here they, were just like like, crying like so, I don't know how to describe it it's like this bear like she you, know what I mean yeah see this is what I mean I was kind of early on my people see her and they're like we, know you, just know well, fellas we've arrived yeah. I, you know Rona Park made. It we're here The Crying woman a popular, Spanish tale about a woman who cries for her lost children along. The river a little bit of revisionist, history there sounds, quite sweet when you put it that way those we should probably go look over there by the swing set right oh yeah, let. Me feel it let's go where is it. It's. Right under that bridge. What's also funny when you kind of see these places and you know this is where I'm gonna lose it later your, virginity, yeah. My virginity. Which. Reminds, me I have something to tell you I had, some very special plans for you. Donna. Smith has largely been seen as a moralistic, and cautionary, tale that is meant to keep men women and children on. Their best behavior for, example children, are cautioned, not to play too close to waterways, and to get back home before dark, for fear that La Llorona would, get them okay, so here's the playground, this is where she. Would prey on children well. I got prey ground who. Would, think that this is a good idea though are you saying curlier that you think it's a bad idea to build a playground, I mean if you know the story why would you be like you know be great actually this, is like the park that you bring your kid when you hate them like I believe, she'll get him I'm scanning the park right now for heat signatures I'm not sure if la. Llorona would show up but she a spirit, is she a demon I'm not really sure, but is. That noise you. Hear that it. Said that children should be very cautious when they're in this park obviously, we're all grown men so, maybe we could act like children or we have brought some things that may, bring out the inner child there you go Shane I have here a photo of you as a child that's. Me and, there I am look we. Kind of look similar yes but you best, buds geez. Right. Now we're, calling out to the entity that calls itself La. Llorona lay, it on that the wailing, woman look. At this boy with these pinchable, cheeks it's, me now I'm him.

Look. At that that's, when his head was the size of a melon and not the size of an exercise ball all, right Shane, what if we pretended to be your children okay. This is actually I'm not trying to make a mockery of this I think it may be we well I was thinking I could maybe push you in the swing well, I can't, believe we're at the park here look at this big tall friend of mine yeah it's, my favorite, place to be I'm, gonna push you on the swing now it. Would be really bad if, something came out and did something to me like dragged me into the water until I couldn't breathe anymore and cease to exist, push your friend curly, to push, curly do ya, uh-uh. Well. We're. Gonna look in other parts of this park, maybe. You'll find us there maybe you won't, remember. We. Used to be these boys, we're. Still tasting, at, least one source says, the legend of the weeping woman is very strong, in Las Cruces where locals are reportedly, very superstitious, and, claimed a spot liar Dona crying, and walking, along the river with that being said we'll, end our investigation. In the same fashion that many locals, have encountered, her bite each of us walking, alone, along the, riverbank hoping for a face-to-face encounter, with the, famous and deadly, liar. So. Curl is out there doing his solo walkthrough, he is doing his first solo Locker he seems pretty excited yeah, maybe, because he's never done one before alrighty yeah so I am walking now by myself within, my lonesomeness. So. I am. Not really scared, I'm kind of just like come, on like let's see what you got girl were you left and I'm not trying to provoke nobody I'm not trying to make you angry or nothing I mean, look you don't know how, dope. Would it be if we showed the world that, you were here you know I'm sure we should call you my little your, energy, on that if what you did is true. It's. Pretty fucked up are you genuinely concerned, about this walk through this. Investigation I, don't I don't know I haven't I haven't seen any signs yet but you, know you, never know oh oh. I keep. Like, thinking. That I see something, but, like I think they end up being like. Trash bins. I think, Curly's on his way back here how do you think he fared. Probably. Fine I can see maybe the silence, getting. To him you know he is very, perceptive, when it comes to energies, and stuff so it's true he may have felt, something out there I feel like we haven't, heard him though. Are. You here, hello. I feel, like now's a good moment to spook, me I kind, of have, gotten a little gassy walking up and down this river oh here, he is it's, cold out there yeah. I know, you. Seem awfully chipper, yeah. I mean it was a lovely walk. Seeing. Is how that's the first thing you said you mentioned the cold I can't imagine that actually anything, happened, right I kept thinking that I would see things and, then I would look and do it oh it's a trash can the shadow is playing tricks in your mind or I'm like I see walking and then I'm like oh that's my shadow I'm. Gonna go jump, out there and do my own thing now what. Soaps I'm setting an alarm oh. All. Right, I'm walking to find my old pal. The, whaling woman Donna. Hope, she's out here I'm, approaching, the spooky, bridge that we walked under earlier. God. I'd love it if this lady showed up and just drowned my ass can.

You Imagine I'm, gonna walk out to the river here this, is where the lady is said to be do you think Shane. Is out there screaming right now he's probably doing some stupid bit where he's pretending he's a kid oh hey. There miss oh it's just me a, little. Boy, I'm. Out here all alone at, night, oh I. Sure hope some lady doesn't show up and kill me check. This out Oh. Sure. Would love a little. Lemon soda. Maybe. Some peppermint, sticks Oh. One. Thing I don't want is to be murdered tonight and. Then he'll move on from that he'll start wailing, and, then when that eventually. Fails, he's gonna move to his his, old standby, of asking. Law Diadora to murder him in various ways well, I sure would be bummed if a lady showed up and drowned, my ass right now fill, my lungs up with water why not I'm. Sure you'd like to shut me up sure you hear you heard plenty for me tonight I know you had sweet curly out here before me and you're going to have the timid man come out here after me but. I'm. Really. Probably. The biggest get out of the bunch hey. Back. Yes. Let, me guess I'm not gonna like it out there I really liked it yeah that's. A good what'd you do I. Tried. To appeal, to that lady's interests yeah she. Wasn't having it. Frying I think you're gonna have a good time yeah I think so too that'll be fun so what I'm gonna do I'm gonna tap into my childhood, self oh my. Okay. I'm pretty far out now. Me. Somebody. Help me find my mom. Mama. Oh god it is pitch-black, out, here there is nothing, but. Me um what. Do you think he's doing being nervous and. Talking. To the air. He's. Probably super scared huh yeah, yeah. Doing. That kid bit pretending. I was a kid again actually, made me even more scared it reminded me of how I used to feel when my mom would tell me about you, think. I'm gonna break out the spirit box seeing that now I'm in the middle of nowhere. Hello. My. Name is. Ryan. Who's. Out here with me I'm. Reaching out to the spirit, of La Llorona. What. What. Was that. What. Who's. Out here with me, it's. All me just being by myself now's your chance. I'm. Talking, to you La Llorona if. You're real, tell. Me why you did it why did you do that to your children to your Nino's I just. Want to know. Maybe. I could help you. Lots. Of twists. Turning. It off. You. Know this was kind of liberating, I feel like I just stood up to a childhood bully alright, let's, get back into the warmth I actually forgot I was cold hey. What. Up how'd. It go. Did. You see me page I got a female voice that said, it. Was a twist all I know is, that, my mom's our I gave, her the perfect opportunity to, get a two-for-one, Bergara, special, that's when she blew it I guess, the.

Ghoul Boys prevail, again this time. Oh I. Don't. Know. The. Legend Alya Dona has loomed large in Latin ex cultures, for lifetimes, to this day she remains a huge part of the culture her story will continue to haunt children, and adults alike but with so many different interpretations and, legend, surrounding the weeping woman whether she still wanders, the world in search of her lost children remains. Unsolved. Karuna.

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Mm but is anyone else seeing the parallels with the story of Medea?

"I'm being out-spanished by the white guy!" I'm crying

Ryan: I'm Half Mexican Donald Trump: *REEEEEEEEEEEE*

is it just me or did the [unintelligible] at 21:48 sound like "don't fall in"

#postmortem Have sightings of La Llorona been reported in places outside of North America? Or can I rest easy, chilling over here in Northern Ireland?

#postmortem I was a bit disappointed that you kind of ignored the fact that in this ep the spirit box caught the clearest voices ever and that "twists" came up two times. The answers were also pretty much related to what you said or asked before, so when that man's voice said "Do you hear that?" I almost lost it at home, whereas you seemed so chill onsite lmao. Still love you guys, greetings from the country of "Senf". #BUNgivesmelife

Lemon Soda hahahaha

*Every Culture has ghost lile La Llarona* Irish have the banshees and Asia have the Pontianak or Kuntilanak . It was created after a mother died in childbirth and will kill children

A *prey*ground 14:40

Fam “I’m being outdone in Spanish by the white guy”. Spanish did originate in a white country sis....

'U know, u never know.' 'Oh hell nooo!'

This particular episode has me dying of laughter! Im trying not to wake up my family at 4am. 11/10 best episode so far

I don’t know if anyone has said this already but isn’t this the story of the pilot of Supernatural?

19:23 real friends

"do you hear that" legit gave me chills. wtf

“You’re virginity?”

If they really want to connect with spirits they should practice meditation- there are different “prayers” you can do to connect yourself with the earth and can control the type of energy you give off which could increase the amount of contact you have with the ghosts

#postmortem at 21:48 it sounds like someone who sounds like Shane is saying "Don't fall in". Then like 30 seconds later someone else says "lots of twists, so", the twists could be that there are lots of twists in the river current making it easier for you to drown!

I live in el Paso and I'm kinda shook that they went to Las cruses

21:48 sort of sounds like 'I don't want it' in a sad voice

Why am I watching this at 3am

omg I’m from las cruces and had no idea you guys came!! How cool!!!

For post mortem. Would you guys be able to save one of you if she had grabbed you and took you into the river? Are you prepared? Hope so never want to lose you, love you both x

Gotta love how they gave La Llorona/La Malinche the Ricky Goldsworth piano music theme

"Señora Llorona, deja de ser chillona" jngrbjkngbjnFGKTKN I DIED PFFFFFFFT

Did no one notice that the word twist was mentioned two different times? With the spirit box?


21:48 sounds like “ run from it “ or am i just trippen

Try Macinac Island in Michigan, there have been tons of cases from a flirting ghost to a man who killed himself then haunts the woods surrounding the Island. Even a little girl named Lucy who died when her parents left her for a business trip around Michigan, I can't remember where though

hispanic kids who were scared by la llorona bc of their parents unite

That must be where they got the idea for the Woman in White from the Supernatural Pilot! They changed a few things, but her husband cheated, she drown her kids in the bathtub and then jumped off a bridge. After that for years she wandered a stretch of road and any man who was unfaithful she would kill them, Sam and Dean forced her back into the house she killed her children in and they (presumably) dragged her to hell when she returned. That episode scared the hell out of me XD

Post Morten: why were the children’s souls lost? Don’t children automatically go to heaven?

"Señora yo no los conoscos"

"Let's go to the places where more sightings are reported" Me: Wow, they came to Guanajuato and Xochimilco!!!! "Let's go to New Mexico and California" Me: WTF!!!!

omfg my dad was hiking and heard a woman scream-crying and yelling in spanish and we live in socal, wack

I believe investigation in the dented head little boy is a must:

Ok but why do I watch these alone in the dark

Wow I’m shook that they actually came to New Mexico

You guys should investigate Syracuse Square (formally the Mason Building) in Fairhaven, WA. There’s been reports of many hauntings in that building including one about “the woman in green”. Bellingham, WA is known to be pretty haunted in general, also the restaurants are pretty dope.

I got a La Llorona ad during this

Buffy Star SAME!

LMAOOO they just bring pictures of themselves as children, whyyyy

you kids need to deep dive into Heaven's Gate- you could even contact them lmao

i wish this was in parts, this one may be my favorite

He should've kept talking after he got an actual response...."lots of twists" ok bye.

I think Ryan and Shane should investigate the mystery tomb or the legend of the cotton tree in Tobago

Investigate skin walker canyon Repost if you see this

Bruhhh who was speaking tho?? Sounded like Siri oof

shane gets draged to the river shane danm thats some wind

I could be La Llorona because you can see me having a mental breakdown and crying at 10pm in any parks. Neighborhood watch who? I be swinging on the swings and bawling and cursing at the world.

He’s gay

i have been waiting for this day

gEt tHe nEt

As soon as it was Shane’s turn to have a walk. It turned to his face and I started to burst out of laughing so hard

The Wailing Lady somewhat reminds me of a Witch from the Left4Dead Series. For #Postmortem, don't you think it is quite common for any culture to have a "Wailing Lady of the Townfolk", and its counterpart, the "Hot Gorgeous Lady of the Mountains"? For an instance, many Korean, Japanese, Thai, and Filipino horror movies usually depict Wailing Ladies, which is very creepy. And there is always a Gorgeous Lady of the Mountains that will help the protagonists out. If not, a priest or a shaman-like person. And it is always that because of one definite reason: The Watcher. All Praise the Watcher! #alwaysaBoogaranRyantist

I’ve been dying for this video!!

i never knew about the new movie actually this is my favorite urban legend and i felt exited when i saw this because La Llorona is my favorite from snarleds ghost guide so yea i got it from snarled i also know why she drowned her children

"I'm getting out Spanished by the white guy!!"

"My girl, Guadalupe, is here, so... I'm happy she's here." As a Catholic, that was funny. HAHAHAHAHAHA


You having a horrible day so you run away and cry in the woods and 3 grown men run up to you holding cameras screaming

One other version of the story of La Llarona was that as punishment, She wore the decapitated head of a horse. #kelpie

*other parents*: if you don’t behave the boogeyman’s coming to get you!” *Hispanic parents*: La Llorona will drag you by the feet if you don’t behave!”

Just hunt her down with *LA* *CHANCLA*

Mom: If you don’t make your bed la Larona will tear your body open and eat all your organ and leave the rest to her demons Me: So your threatening me?

Why are the Llorona and the Siguanaba so similar my parents are salvadorian and my mom wouldn't really mention the llorona bc I think it's mainly a Mexican tale but my mom used to scare me when she told stories about the Siguanaba

La Larona Læ Lâròñà Łå Łåröñä

didnt she drown her kids? idk the story changes alot

Every gringo in the world just now hearing about La Llorona. XD P.S. - I am well-aware that Ryan and Curly are Latino. Please do not attack me. It was a joke.

She killed her children by hiring them to hard with her Chanclas

I’m sry but James wan better pray for his life

my-y-y-y llorona

I kw the story very well cuz in my country I heard her cry n it freaks me out

5:17 So like a banchee?

Pretty woman are pretty scary this day La llorona was once a pretty woman

The story of La Llorona I grew up with was a beautiful but poor woman fell in love with a wealthy man and had 2 children. A few years later she found out that the man she loved was already married and when his real wife came back he cast her out onto the streets with their 2 children. Overcome with grief and rage she took her children to the river and drowned them both. Her lover now angry, also drowned her in the river. When she went to see God, he cast her back down to earth where she now looks for her lover and children to get revenge.

Pronunciation: murdered, butchered, destroyed

"One thing I don't want is to be murdered tonight."

I swear curly is a mood this whole time


Did Ryan just say Rio “Grand”?????

21:48 sounds like it says “don’t fall in”

Imagine your having a bad day and then a tall man sprinting at you is yelling GET THE NET RYAN GET THE NET

can they do a video about el coco???

Perhaps La Llorona didn't come out because she knew you weren't kids? She seems like the type that's more likely to go after actual children, than goofy grown adults. Though I have to admit, I may be a little bit of a Boogara, but my approach to ghosts and demons is more like Shane's than Ryan's, so I'd probably be there taunting the ghosts/demons right along with him. On an unrelated note, Shane, have we finally seen the last of the Hotdaga, or will we see a return of our rich beloved, well thought out characters sometime soon?

There’s a house a few hours away from me called the Vilisca Axe Murder House that would be interesting to see on an episode. Basically an entire family was murdered in their sleep there and it’s haunted now. You can stay in the house overnight and go on tours and it’s reallyyy creepy.

i think Shane and Ryan should visit this: /watch?v=ReYbrlG4BAU same location, different video: EDIT: Just read on it, they sealed it off. DAMN.

“Oh god! I’m getting out-Spanished by the WHITE GUY”

Wait Ryan is half Mexican! I thought he was just Asian

3:14 lort u cannot come at me like this

where my Hispanics at???

More like a prey ground 14:39

My dad has seen La llorona before in Mexico

lmao this is why I'm glad I'm Canadian

The version of La Llorona that haunted my childhood was a bit more gruesome (my mom was always a fan of the gory details). In the version I grew up with La Llorona was a single mother of three. One day she met a man who she fell in love with, the man told her he would marry her under one condition. She had to get rid of her kids. And you have to understand, she loved her children dearly, but it had been a long time since she’d felt what she did for this man. And she was getting older, and her children were difficult, and the last time a man had loved her he left when the youngest was born. And she was just so tired. She deserved something good- And all she had to do was say goodbye. But she loved them so much, that the thought of abandoning her children pained her. What kind of mother would leave her children orphaned? To grow up in a world without love, no one deserved that. But she had made her choice and found an alternative solution. So one day when the children where playing outside, she ran a bath, filled the tub to the brim, and called them in one by one. The youngest didn’t struggle when his mother ran a hand through his hair smiling down at him, singing softly through her tears as she gently pressed him to the bottom of the tub. The middle child had always been a rather loud one, and as her mother lowered her into the water she cried, screaming and shouting, pulling and kicking at her mother until her little lungs filled up and her body went limp. The eldest is where it went wrong, for he had seen his mother drown his sister and when he looked for his younger brother he had found him in their bed, soaked and without breath. Maybe he would have seen a different ending if he hadn’t let out a cry, maybe mother wouldn’t have had the change to grab the knife had he stayed silent, maybe his blood wouldn’t have stained the room in red. This was troublesome you see, for mother had had a plan. She was to call out to her children just before dark, and when they wouldn’t answer she would beg her neighbors down the dirt path road to help her find her children. She would wander down the river side, maybe in a day, maybe in two, and she would stumble across the lifeless bodies of her kin. And she would cry and weep, “oh, how cruel nature be!,” and she would leave with her new husband, to another village where she would be loved. But now there was red. Her eldest hadn’t drowned, he had bled instead. Their bodies would be found and she would be to blame, and no- We couldn’t have that happen, now could we? So she cut up the bodies into tiny little pieces, and threw them into the river. That night once she cleaned up and put on her finest dress, a white silk thing that rippled and flowed around her, she left home to visit her love. Her heart fluttering, her steps as light as a feather, she made her way to him, but as she passed the brothel she saw him, her lover, in the alley, leaned against the wall, a young sweet delicate thing in his arms, beautiful and glowing in the moonlight, wrapped around him and in love. And as if a spell had been broken she fell to her knees and wept. The weight of what she had done settled down on her shoulders like a boulder, pressing the air from her lungs. Her children! Her darling children! She ran, down the dirt road, away from the brothel, and through the forest, whose branches gripped and clawed at her as if to keep her from reaching the riverbank. She was bloodied and bruised, wailing as she thrashed into the river, crying the names of her children over and over as she searched the river for the cut up pieces of her children. She searched for weeks, wailing and crying, she searched past her village calling out their names, until she found all but three pieces: a thumb, a toe, and the tip of a pinky. She died before she could find them all, her soul cursed to wander on earth wailing for her children at night when the world is dark and cold, forever searching for the missing pieces

At 21:48 I swear I hear 'go away'

You guys got it sorta wrong. She murdered her children in the river by holding their heads underwater until they died (they didn’t say that so I just wanted to clear it up). And when you said she died of her despair, she soon killed herself. Her despair didn’t give her a heart attack or anything, she jumped in after them and wanders earth trying to find them.

You guys should investigate the abandoned Seaview farm colony on Staten Island!! There's reports of devil worship and seances on the properties, underground tunnels, a local serial killer burying bodies, and an overall creepy aura. There are several buildings to explore. Wouldn't recommend staying there overnight as it is a really eerie place to be. Hopefully you guys consider investigating it. Would love to find out what kind of spirits/ demons haunt the place.

8.09 lol

la llorona - feminist icon

I think La Llorona is just a ghost story you say to your kids to get them to shut up, not play by water and go to bed lmao

I love how Ryan is so serious but Shane is always joking around.

i love ryan's accent, is that weird?

yall 15.03 what is that

What if you want to go to heaven. But God said : - *Find your death Kids*

When it said twist your arm in a box. I lost it, it was just so funny to me.

"Hopefully she'll get em!"

grrrl if you think la llorona was the only one used to scare latin children then they've never heard of el cuco thumbs up if el cuco terrorrized your childhood

wtf, ryan is hispanic? i thought he was asian

Shane had such a nice childhood compared to Ryan and Curly,not being threatened by death. Shane's lucky because I'm Polish and was scared of the Strzyga, something my grandmother had no problem using against me.

I think “lost of twist” mean like there alot of twist in the water once you fall in

Please do a mystery from romania!

Would of help to bring a real child

Funny story A cousin moved to live with her husband in mexico in a remoted town every night she would hear a woman cry and would get freak out thinking it was la llorona but when she would tell her husband he would tell her to just fall back asleep after months she find out the neighbor was a drunk and when he would come home at night he would beat his wife so the cries she heard at night would be the neighbors wife crying after been beaten. For the record she did mention to her husband that they should help that lady but he told her they did tried a while ago and she didnt wanted to leave her husband and even got angry at them for not minding their own business.

Shane is the man!!!! Lmao his commentary is epic lol. I’d love to chill and smoke some joints with the guy. So Shane, if you are ever in Sacramento, CA hit me up lol. I’m smoking you out for sure!!!

*i bet you the ghosts are more afraid of shane*

You know, it shouldn't have taken this long but I'm really starting to doubt the accuracy of the spirit box. Unless ghosts can only speak like Bumblebee, most of the time these are just random audio clips from radio stations.

"I'm getting out-Spanished by the white guy".... Dude... You know a place named... Spain. From which...Spanish...comes from? Filled with ... white guys? Like... Americans...

I'm starting a new indie band called 'Sweet Curly and the Timid Man'.

C-town rep!! Sick vid!

Curly is the only person I have seen people actually want to stay in the series, he’s been accepted into this club and it’s a big honor to be lol

Omg the entrance

Please investigate AshVlogs


Shane is fkn hilarious

ryan: whats also funny is when you go to these places you know that this is where you're gonna lose it shan: yOuR vIrGiNiTy? ryan: yes your virginity

This is creepier for me because we live near the river.

I would like to see curly for the next episodes. Whos with me?

People in El Salvador believe in La Siguanaba!

Lmao did she just twist her kids necks or something


21:47 thought the spirit box said " don't fall in" Also, just a thought but what if she killed her children by putting them in boxes then in the river? Or maybe there is actually a real "twist" in the story of this woman

Why's La Llorona so into twisting things? Would she like to join me in a game of Twister some day?

I now understand why Shane chose his mob name to be Shane "legs" Madej

wahhhn I've been waiting for another episode and this is it!!!!

I always grew up with the story that her husband left her so she drowned her children and later regretted it and died of heartbreak. She searches for misbehaving kids to steal them for herself because they don’t deserve their families. Mostly a story to keep little kids from misbehaving.

Y’all think the Spirit box picks up like radio or tv stations ? Because those kinda sounded like snip bits of them

Am I the only one who is confused where episode 4, 5 n 6 went?

the version that i know of the events happen during a really bad night thunderstorm in which la Llorona had thrown the kids into a raging river. and as far as the movie goes, its one movie i hope parents bring their kids to(since many brought their kids to see "IT")

Thank you I love mysteries like this!!!!!

Honestly, I'm REALLY liking the dynamic on having Curly on the show. He's such a good midpoint between the extremes of Ryan and Shane, and it's nice having another person for them to play off of.

Shane and Ryan know each other so well.

"I tried to appeal to that lady's interests..." "she wasn't having it..."

#postmortem won't you visit the Amytyville House?

skinwalker canyon

Oh my god I’m laughing to much. I enjoy how well Ryan and Shane know what the other is going to do

One of these days Shane is gonna be killed from taunting so many ghosts and demons and end up becoming a demon himself

Why am I watching this by myself at night. I am so scared, but the wheezing soothes me

Everything was fine until you mentioned that she was in New Mexico, now I'm looking over my shoulder.

I always go to that park and I never noticed that it was La Llorona Park

There were sightings of her in my town in New Mexico.

Did Ryan became buff or is it just me?

when they started talking about being told the legend of la llorona, all i could think of was a roma tale that is often told to preteens and young children to keep them from forgetting to lock doors/opening doors without knowing who is on the other side. i’m not sure if it’s just a roma tale or if other cultures have a variation of it, but it goes as such; “a long time ago, a woman and her three children moved into a new house. it sat in a bustling city and there were many markets around the home. one night, the woman told her children she was going to grab something from one of the many stores, and said that she would be back soon. on her way out, she told the eldest to lock the door and the youngest to not open it for anyone. the middle child was told nothing. ten minutes passed after she left, then twenty, until it was 12am, and at that exact time, they heard a knocking on the door along with what seemed to be the cries of a woman. the eldest looked at them and said, “i was told to lock it.” the youngest replied, “and i was told not to open it.” so the middle child got up, “she told me nothing.” and went to open the front door to see who it may be....when the mother arrived at their home, she found the door wide open, and walked into an eerily quiet family room, with only a fire crackling in front of her three children. she could only see the back of their heads, and began to scold them for not listening to was then, that the middle childs’ body slumped back, and the mother screamed upon realizing, that the child had no eyes. rushing forward, she grabbed the shoulders of her youngest and eldest, checking their faces, only to see that they too, had lost their eyes. legend has it, at 12am, if you’re home alone, you can still hear the mother weeping softly for her children, as she too, begins to knock.”

22:45 it looks like Ryan has a mullet and I can't stop laughing


@buzzfeed you should go to Billings Montana and look into the hauntings of the moss mansion

For #postmortem I always have a feeling that every ''unintelligible'' voice heard on the spirit box are the spirits and every clear voice heard are only radio interceptions. I know spirits are supposed to mold the sounds to form clear words, which is I believe the general purpose of the box but what if they can't? or are unable to? has anyone thought about that? #Boogara #loveyouboth ❤️

She is freaking beautiful


Wtf, i pissed myself at that clip at the end

I think going to the afterglow vista on San Juan Island would be interesting!

Come to my school. My theater is really haunted.

how strong is that box or the ghost? their voices are usually never that clear and so loud from what ive seen im rlly curious



#postmortem the version i was told about la llorona said that when the cries sounded near you, she was far; and when they sounded far away, she was close to you. So if you were to hear her, running toward the sound would only set you farther away from her

the llorona was scary to me because i was told that she would steal children to replace her lost ones.

Thought for future episodes: As you both are in favor of scaring children, you might consider investigating legends of Mountain Witches of the Smokey Mountains. We would love to have you all out in TN!

Something that gets messed up in the movie and gets me irritated is that la llorona wants to steal other people’s children but no she just wants to find her own children

It's not the original story, but her going after other peoples children is what makes it scary

The reason La Malinche is talked about in terms of La Llorona is because La Llorona is La Malinche. She was an indigenous interpreter for the Spanish colonizers and was married to the "fair skinned" Prince/King who used her to help colonize because she spoke multiple languages, and was able to negotiate. Once the Spanish took over, her husband left her for a Spanish woman, or what he referred to as a "real" woman, and threatened to take their children and send them to Spain. La Malinche was devasted, and basically went "crazy" and drowned her children and is now referred to as La Llorona (the weeping woman) because she weeps for them because they are gone.

I adore Curly!!! He is so delightful, and I love how he jives with the ghoul boyz. My question is: Do you think if La Llorona did something to the people in the Watcher house, and we all know The Watcher will take full credit for this, do you think La Llarona will be cool with this as she gets to crime her way OR do you think La Llarona will take revenge on The Watcher?! This is a film I would like to see. #HerCrimeHerWay #Feminism

I grew up in a split family in Texas. My German father would threaten me with Krampus, meanwhile my mother with La Llorona, and my step dad with the Chupacabra. The true Texas childhood trifecta.

"Mis hijos"

Shane remind me of Velma and Ryan is remind shaggy. However, every girl needs a guy like Shane. He makes every scary situation become funnier

I freaking cant with ryan and shane trying to act like kids

My grandma would tell us the story to get us to fall asleep. She would tell us we better go to bed or la llorana would get us. The version I was told was that la llorana was a married woman with kids. Her husband left her leaving her alone with the children. She later fell in love with a man but he refused to be with her because she had kids. So in her desperation she took her children to the river and drowned them. When she went back and told her lover that she no longer had kids he was disgusted and horrified and left her. Regretting what she had done she went back to the river and drowned herself. Now she haunts the river to this day looking for her children.

The dude at 11:54 said ‘twist you’re arm in a box’ and the girl at 22:13 said ‘Lots of twists so...’ so it has something to do with twisting apparently

spooky how both locations mentioned twists from the spirit box.

What if you wanted to go to heaven But God said: 4:57

They should do la lechusa

**both shane and ryan wailing** Curly: señora, no los conozco Me: Yo tampoco los conozco

Has anybody ever thought that maybe the husband killed the children, and she just looking for them to bring theme to heaven. Or she wasn't actually mairead to him and his real wife came back and he didn't want his real wife to know about the affair and killed the kids, maybe even la llorona and that's why she's crying could you imagine the betrayal she felt if this is what happened.

#PostMortem Would you guys take a trip to Mexico and search for her again in a more rural setting?


NO it is NOT 'lUh YoUrOnAh' it is 'LA YO-RO-NA' *TRIGGERED*

I think the voices on the radio was the thing picking up nearby radio stations

ok it’s not like you’re gonna see this but it’s fine but you should come to El Paso bc we have some great hauntings here we have the De Soto hotel which is said to be haunted by a demon, he have Concordia cemetery which is about 150 years old idk and we have El Paso high which have some fascinating ghost there

ah yes back to hiding in the comments

Shane: Shows leg La Llorona:

Actually the R is not rolled that hard if it’s written with one R. If a word has 2 Rs then you roll it stronger or if the R is in the beginning of the word. Like Carro or Ropa. La Llorona is a soft R.

Omg I live in San Bernardino no wonder my mom told me about LA lorona when I was little to scare me

Im assuming the movie "Mama" was inspired by this legend?


We need more videos with CURLY!!

20:58 something in the window

for postmortem:Why didn't you guys use the ovulator with the Spirit box in this where was the ovulator just a one-time thing that came with the medium

La Llorona is deadass just Caviera without the guns

im scared of watching coco now.

*im getting out spanished by the white guy* - *ryan 2019*

This reminds of that song, My sharona. La La La Llorona! Ow!

Did you see that finger 21:36

Curly though

What if with the spirit box saying “twist” two times means she’s talking about how her children were twisting and fighting against her when she killed them...

Shane and Ryan knowing exactly what the other is doing when alone outside ahahahahaha

is it just me or does the spirit box "twist" in both of the scenes of the spirit box

There's a series called Grimm that has an episode abt La Llorona.

3 is a crowd get rid of the gay guy he isn’t funny

I was at that park when I saw la llorona. I remember the sun was setting & there was only one street lamp giving light. It was yellow and kept flickering on and off. This was when I was 10 there was enough water in the rio grande that I wanted to play in it! I got close enough to put my hand in and not even a few seconds later I look up and across the river there she was in white. I kept starring because I couldn’t believe it I kept thinking there’s no way that’s la llorona until she started coming closer and hovering over the water. I don’t remember hearing cries maybe that’s because I was so shocked. Once I realized that she had no feet I ran the fastest I ever have in my LIFE. My parents would always tell when I was being bad that they were gonna take me to the rio grande so the la llorona could take me and be my new mom. That would shut me right up

Why do I feel at ca California Is just a random white guy joining the Mexican conversation

My mo told me that an evil witch will take me if I don’t eat my vegetable and even aliens would abduct me

22:13 I think it’s la llorona

I’m salvi so I grew up with El Sipitio, La Siguanava and El Cucuy

omg is shane polish???

U guys must visit bhangarh fort of india ...its said to be one of the most haunted places in the world

11:00 me: Ok creepy 11:06 me: ok now it’s starting to sound like transformers


The only La Llorona we had here in the Philippines was the Guardia in the Mall. "Hala sige ka, kuya guard oh tingnan mo nagmamatigas ang ulo ng anak ko. Hala ka kukunin ka ni guard." The only exception was 5 year old me was the Weeping Woman with all the weeping

Ok so as far as I know, the story goes like this: La llarona used to be a very young and beautiful woman, eventually later on, she married a very wealthy man and they became husband and wife. Everyday he would go out and come back home with presents for their 2 little boys and for La Llarona but soon, he started to grow more distant and one day he never came home. One day she was walking with her children next to a river when all of a sudden, she saw her husband with a much more young and beautiful woman, he stepped out of the carriage, completely ignored her, greeted the children and jumped back in and rode off. La llarona became infuriated and picked up her children and threw them into the river, when she had realized what she had done, she was filled with grief and she threw herself in. Nowadays, she walks around looking for her two young boys, every child that she sees, she grabs them and when she realizes that they aren’t her own, she throws them into the river and drowns them.

Whats the white thing in the distance at 9:36

I don't see how killing your children as a revenge to your lover's betrayal makes sense.The action doesn't really seem to have a compensation factor.... It just sounds so insensible.....I mean lady, You lost your lover and to avenge, u drown ur children?? I don't know in what parallel universe/world (if it exists) this makes sense, but I strongly feel that in this world it doesn't. #shaniac #nooffensetothethelegend

*looks outside the window to see three grown men swinging, at night* well th-

I wonder do they ever get followed home of have nightmares or some freaky stuff happening to them after these. They're funny but they can be a bit disrespectful

It's me, I'm the weeping woman

Saw this story on snarl and wanted to watch it.

She drowned her children and she went around the world taking children, when she found out they weren’t her children she drowned the kidnapped children too

Ryan: I’m getting out Spanished by the white guy!

Wait two times it says twist. Twist in a box and it was a twist did she twist her Kids some how?

yaay Curly

“I do not, I’m a shame in my family” Relatable

21:46 I herd weeping women

Twist your arm in a box

I loved Bless Me, Ultima.

*18:17* : "ArE yOu HeRe"

La llorona is a phedophile.

ryan: oh this is where im gonna lose it later shane: *your virginity?*

Hmmm there are 3 places of sightings , i guess only one of them speaks the truth.

does anyone suddenly remembers Grimm? like, they had this story at one of their episode. it reminds me of Grimm

Ok? 5 mins into this. And im getting the "Verity" vibe. Was this story where Colleen Hoover got her inspiration for Verity?

Ok l I’m a big Nono on the walk alone thing Bye bish

my parents always used “el cucuy”

"Señora Llorona deja de ser chillona. Gracias por tenernos aquí en tu casa, Si tu quieres llevarte alguien, llévate Shane" LMAOOO I love you Curly!!!

Sees la llorona - thinks of the song in Coco the amazing disney movie

Yall should do one on el ayuwoki

Not as pleased with this episode as I have been with the others in the past, especially having two people that grew up with the legend of La Llorona. I think this should be revisited again sometime. In some of her legends you cannot really seek her but rather she visits you if you have done something that has upset her. The story I grew up with is that she visits typically who are essentially trash terrorizing them and visits those who are in a bad relationship to warn them to avoid the heartache like hers. #postmortem

Wait can we talk about how good Curly looks?

Would you prefer her to look like Salma Hayek or J Lo?

If she’s looking for the bodies why is she not looking by the river

The fact that it rained while they said her name make me uncomfortable

So when we looking for el cucuoy?? I got some strong words for him

No matter how old I get or how old I would get, la llorona will always scare me

snarled, anyone?

Why did I watch this- I need to go to sleep and I need go to pEE-

Is it just me or does that spirit box thing just sound like it's getting interference from some radio shows?

Bro my mom always tells this story of how my older sister fell out of a shopping cart and cracked her head open and some lady came out of nowhere and kept telling her that, It’ll be okay, I’ll take the baby. I’ll take the baby for you. (I was the baby) But I think that was just someone tryna take newborn baby me haha oof. Idk she always talked about how strange it was because the lady was really weird about it, plus she had her friend with her that was holding my car seat so there was no need for her to take me. She said she had a strange feel to her, but she kept insisting to take me even when my mom declined, and even tried to grab my car seat from her friend. Sorry the video is a story about a lady taking and killing kids and it made me think of that

Bro I just watched the video, it’s way more than just some lady taking and killing kids

Philippines mythology?

My mum also saw her in Salvador :/

No que no era en xochimilco donde ella esta más

In Honduras, the "La Llorona" it's a popular leyend as the "Taconuda" or the "Cadejo"

La Llorona: *Takes kids* Karen: Finally a worthy opponent our battle will be legendary inspired by @Bo bo

I think we all knew that this video had a 0% chance of seeing or even hearing a ghost

Who’s here because of *SNARLED* ?

Hmm, this sounds like a Matianak/Pontianak, but Spanish.

If you are mixed with Spanish, you'll know the these top 5 scary Urban Legends: 1) La Llorona 2) El Silbón 3) El Cuco/Coco 4) El Tata Duende 5) El Chupacabra

Shane speaking Spanish made my whole YEAR

okay but their in a park late at night. your telling me now crazy person came up to them and did something. imagine shane doing his kill me bit and than he just gets shanked by someone like not a ghost or anything just some local drugy

Watched this before bed and now I’m gonna have nightmares

2:35 he sounds sorta happy when he says that .... btw i think he sais: "twist your arm in the back". Is it because of Ryan's position? or maybe something that happens before??

This episode was very interesting, perhaps you should make one about the “Cucuy”, from what I remember and have learned about, the cucuy is a humanoid creature that will usually take children who misbehave, “wouldn’t that be something”.

Sam and colby anyone?

Sure would love a lemon soda

shoulda gone to texas, smh

When are y'all going to Alcatraz?

I hate it when people don't know how to say Spanish words

Were my fellow children who lPatents or grandparents told then this story too many times

3:53 that woman was a furry

Being old su.. Nvm

19:00 shane that is not a bad angle lemme tell ya

omg!!!! Curly lost weight!!

3:18 The Whoa’s of the weeping woman..

“twist your arm in a box” it seems like box can mean a coffin, and “lots of twist” like a person was alive in a coffin when you put both together, and she was twisting trying to get out

They make me smile

believe me or not i was in Mexico and me and my mom and brother heard her if not her then something that was screaming “ mis hijos “

Yo! The Santa ana river doesnt even have any water, those who know, know

you guys were in las cruces AND I DIDINT kNOW??

Theory One is just the Greek tragedy Medea lmao

Obviously the best buzzfeed branch

Ayeeeee Colton!!!! My family lives there!

What curls says how many spirits tend to be real because of all the energy that is humans give, is actually called a Tulpa which could be why the llorona might be real because of what he says or maybe he’s wrong and is stating two different types of beings

Also, twist your arm in the box translates to Voltea tu mano en la caja Which could translate to maybe her saying turn the box off or turn it down

*Ryan and Shane start making weird noises* Miss, I don't know them

they should've went to Mexico that would've been epic

I feel you Ryan I'm exactly the same I'm Mexican btw

Curly representing us all: 1:38-1:44

21:48 it sounds like a woman crying or weeping.

The spirit box is litirally connecting to radio network

I always asked my mom if she’s seen La Llorona but she never gave me a straight answer. Just stories, from Hidalgo

Cant believe Shane’s spanish is better than Ryan’s

Please do one of the JERSEY DEVIL !!!!!!!!!!!


does no one else find it weird how they said “twist your arm in a box” when asking about la llorona and when ryan asked about why she done what she did the voice replied lots of twists maybe it could be a summoning ritual or could be referring to how she killed how children . Just a theory

I'm sorry but did anyone think that that sound at 21:49 sounded like someone saying "run for it"??

Ooh in Poland I grew up with “the Knocker” which was basically if you were meant to be asleep but weren’t the knocker would come and knock on the window or walls and if you were out of the bed when you weren’t meant to be, some parents would sometimes knock to make the kids think the knocker was there- wow on reflection no wonder I’m so terrified of the dark now

That girl is very pretty

“Lots of twists” sounds like Spanish. It probably isn’t. But it’s a thought


i was like “oh no she snatches kids? she gonna come snatch me” *then i realised i’m 16 and freakishly tall she don’t want me :(*

9:20 so basically she's a feminist

#postmortem 21:47 sounded like go away , tho I apaologise if its not

Shane:”be ready for TWO SPICY CALFS” Ryan:”I hope you have a glass of water” Shane:”NO NO NO ITS TOO SEXY SENÓR” Curly:*wtf*

At atound 21.45 when the subtitles say "unintelligible" you can hear a woman say: don't fall in.

18:59 yall got thanos on BuzzFeed now?

I actually heard that the woman was in an abusive relationship (or something like that), and that she hid her baby near the water/river bank. Only to then fall and drownb and that was why she was crying and looking for her baby.

La LIorona and Wewe Gombel have something in common (long short story, Wewe Gombel is an indonesian urban legend of a woman who kidnaps neglected children and takes care of them as her own, and then punishing the parents) they both kidnaps children.

Bet that her children's soul are hiding from her because she drowned them

Yo us polish people have ‘the man next door’ threatening to take us if we’re naughty

20:00 was funny asf with shane

"I'm getting out-spanished by the white guy!"


I actually thought that 2:38 was thunder outside my house. I got scared slightly

Maybe for paranormal stuff to happen to you gotta be like in a vulnerable place like mentally like whenever people talk about their experiences they always happen to be doing something normal like just walking around or whatever so maybe Idk??

The beginning sounds like albert

21:50 it says “don’t fall in”

18:17 ArE yOu HeRe?! I love Curly

Jericho, S1E1 in my mind the whole time lol yeah when my parents told me about it too. But I was just picturing Sam in the car with her.

La Llorona after taking a woman's children Woman: STOP! You've violated the law Priest: It's been too long I've seen a good brawl La Llorona: I'm just warming up Woman: YOU PATHETIC WORM!!!

Is that a women behind u?? Creepy

I think that box is useless , it catches different randsn radio frequency around the area , so basically it just transmits local radio stations.

that voicebox is just receiving others signal.

Oki so I'm Mexican and the part that drown her children its was not true bc there a part of the story that the villagers kill there children of the crying woman they burn there house down and then she way trying to save them but she couldn't so the villagers got her and kill her to death

okay the "lots of twists" at the end, like I just recognize that DJ's voice, because it's from a local station. so uh... that definitely dampens the spirit box legitimacy for me lol.

The story of La Llorona for me was that her house was on fire and she sent her kids out to save them from the fire and now is looking for them.

what about el cucuy guys haha

wow I always thought ryan was philipino

okay but why would la llorona appear in the U.S. ??? lmao should've just gone to a little pueblo in mexico or near the area of where the story was born

I am Mexican but man I can’t say la llorona

My grandma has heard the la Lorna many times in Mexico



la llorona was used for us to keep us from being out without our parents when the sun went down. it scared us from being outside in the dark.

ryan, i am almost entirely of mexican descent but my parents were the type of mexicans that didn’t teach their kids spanish just so that they could talk about us without us knowing what they were saying. my entire generation of my family was raised that way. all our parents and tias and tios and everyone else knows spanish. we’re grown as hell and don’t know how to speak spanish. we understand it because we hear it enough but like... i feel robbed.

y'all did an episode on la llorona and didnt even go to mexico LAME smh

My cousin who lives in Mexico once told me that while walking back home one night he saw a woman crying down the road. She was wearing all white and calling out for someone. He wanted to ask what was wrong but once he got close enough to get a better look at her he realized that she looked ghostly. She was wearing a white lace veil and her dress looked like it was made of lace too but the bottom was very dirty, he said her eyes were completely white and that her cry sent a chill through him. He ran across the street and once he turned around she was gone. Needless to say he ran home that day.

Did anyone find it weird how both of the things said from the spirit box had the word “twist” !!

Talk to much

Hey Ryan, your spirit box actually connected to a radio station!


The fact that they figured out what he did tho

This is the scariest Buzzfeed Unsolved video because La Llorona was part of my childhood

Go watch this now! La llorona

I'm dying at the fact that Ryan knows Shane so well that he could guess exactly what he was gonna do and how he was gonna do it... true friendship goals


I wonder if Shane grew up speaking Polish which may be why he can pronounce the rolled r's with ease.

My mom has heard la llorona cry when she was cooking a lot of meat on a good friday

19:44 Shane you’re terrible

Maaaaaan.....why am I watching this at night? Freaked me out.



Can you please do an epsiode on the Loch Ness monster ?

Why the hell m I watching this -at night -in the dark -by myself It's like I'm literally asking to never sleep again

Like.... going to chapels where people still worship and act that way is very disrespectful. I'm an atheist and I was uncomfortable by your disrespect.

my grandma told me that if i cry when its night time then she will come out of my attic and kill me u never catch me crying

every time i did something bad my mom said la llorona was going to get me

Im from texas and the story i know is that her husband left her and filled with despair and knowing she was to poor to be able to raise her kids in a good life she drowned them so that they didnt have to suffer.

Ryan pretending to cry makes this soo funny

Interesting how the spirit box picked up something about twists or twisting twice

I already know this story from SNARLED

This comment section is filled with memes- I'm not surprised and I love it

My heart stopped when the spirit box said, "Did you hear that?"

ok so these videos are all ads now?

*cries in spanish*

For The Spirit Box Questions, Twist is slang term for how to roll a blunt or joint. Box is slang for something I'm not explaining online.

My mom told me a story about she saw la llorona She said that when she was 13 she walking home from her friends house ta night and she said as soon as she stepped on the street she heard the wailings . To be honest I didn't believe her because these type of things to scare me lmao

I love how Ryan just assumed, that because Shane is white, he wouldn't be able to pronounce it. XD

I’m from lc, nm!!

My mom and my dad heard her both in Mexico And My dad even saw her in a distance near a river He said that she wore all white and that she’s always near a river Omg so scary

“I’m a shame to my family” TRUEEEEE

This video started playing on it's own. spooky

La llorona will take kids only if they dont behave and from their on no one knows what happens next. My mom only told me that she drowned her kids and thar she goes around crying and wailing "mis hijos!" Meaning my kids or children

Just something oddly dark to think about. There will never be more people alive at one time then all those who have died since the origin of man.

Does anyone else feel so bad for la llorona, yes she murdered her children but the story I heard was that after she did it she regretted instantly and tried to save them. I just wanna help the poor woman.

Why do I keep watching these things in the middle of the night?

buzzfeed better pray they dont leave lol

*"your virginity?"*

They discovered the ghost of wii fit trainer out there and aren’t exited?

Haha, y'all got spooked by myths so you wash your hands, i was scared of the bathroom from bloody mary and the computer from some elephant allgery or something....

I didn’t know Ryan was half Mexican

My aunt told me of a La Llorona experience of hers. When she was a child, she was going to visit her grandma in Mexico with her Mom and Dad. It was 1am and they were loading their luggage on a taxi. They arrived at the grandma's house at 2am. When the taxi driver was unloading their luggage, he gasps, "I hear her." He drops the last luggage, gets into the taxi and speeds off. My aunt asks her mom, "What does he mean? What is it?" But her mom didn't say anything, but she remembers her mom looking scared. They quickly go into the grandma's house. Now my aunt's grandma has a river directly behind the house. My aunt and her mom and dad stayed in the room that was closest to the river. When my aunt was getting ready to sleep, she could hear loud wailing and moaning trailing on and off. She said it was so loud she covered her ears to block out the sound. She doesn't remember falling asleep but when she woke up, her ears were hurting so much since she was pressing on them the whole night. She just remembers the wailing and its still the scariest sound she heard. Anyone have La llorona stories from families?

11:31 that sounds like shanes voice!! Also can someone explain?

Shane kills me

When it said “ do you hear that” my Jaw DROPPED


La Llorona from Coco EYYYYY

Soy el único comentario en español?

The spirit box is such a bad tool. The only things they heard from it were from random radio channels. They should do more EVP recordings instead.

la llorona kind of reminds me of medea in the sense that she killed her children because her husband was trash

Ummmmmm Ryan is half Mexican ? I thought he was Asian and white.

Did no else peep how in the church the ghost said twist in a box i can’t remember exactly but then at the end he said he heard a twist? Maybe there is more to the story than being told

2:45 that sounded like If she were gonna say “my ki” liek my kids in Spanish

Want a season finale? Just go to the Philippines

Poland #1

Also we do have a lot creepy stories, mostly connected with some specific places, like The White Lady that haunts an old castle and you can hear her crying when you happen to be there late at night (MAYBE THATS SOMETHING FOR YOU GUYS TO INVESTIGATE HMMM) or Bazyliszek, a creature that lived in the Warsaw underground and turned people into stone with his eyes (that’s a local one I was always being told and super scared of since I’m from there) and many, many others

I always forget that Shane has Polish roots and whenever they bring it up I start to feel super bumped cause I can finally say that I have my “polish bro” doing some cool stuff out there xd

In Brazil we have the legend of The Chupa Cu, an evil creature who haunts the city of Goianinha

How ironic my birthday is on 14 October

I didn’t know Shane was polish!?! Now looking at his surname I can see it sounds/looks polish, felt a little pride there.

Waste ur time

~Karen~ *La Llorona* took the kids

the ending is the perfect reason on why i am so paranoid when i shower

Ay de mí, llorona Llorona, tú eres mi chunca Ay de mí, llorona Llorona, tú eres mi chunca

I hope you guys try to visit Philippines! Especially Baguio City!

14:15 shane is a demon. omggggggg(his ear looks like a pair of horn)

Wish shane would get posessed.

the santa paula cementery!

El chupacabra!!!

do el cucuy next!!!

16:13 - 16:21


People are saying “my parents threatened me with La Llorona” and others then there’s me in Australia that doesn’t get threatened with anything

Why there's no synchronisation between audio and visual .am I the only one who noticed it

HU. ganes. If you know what I am saying

La Llorona was just some myth a Mexican mom are up so her kids would’ve miss behave lol

SERIOUSLY... How many people are still trying to pronounce, "La Lorrona" correctly?? LOL

There episodes are a bit scary but Shane makes it funny asf❤️ bro I love the way he judged la llorona

If you listen to “lots of twists so..”without looking at the subtitles it sounds like she’s saying “los e visto” which means “ive seen them” in Spanish. Just food for thought.

Are they using that spirit box correctly?

I'm currently watching this at 11:51pm and I'm scared like CRAZY

Ryan and his spirit box

I'm so late.

The beginning tho

Ay de mí, llorona Llorona de azul celeste ~MAMA IMELDA FROM COCO~

When all you can think of is supernatural season1 episode1.

I don’t know about y’all but when they were in the chapel and it said “do you here that” I screamed so loud, it’s 2am

How about a part 2 of The Goatman and then they will sleep in the forest overnight

At 21:48 I hear "it's a woman" after ryan asks who's out here but like idk

Clark air force hosptal

I'm from ES as well like Curly and I know all about La LLorona. Adults tell the story to kids and then you can't sleep at night. It's unbelievable. I'll be watching it here in Australia for sure. I look forwards to it. Next time they should make a movie on La Cihuanaba, ask Curly, he'll know who that is. Some people claim to have seen her in ES too.

Lol this whole time I thought people were talking about Shane Dawson but they weren’t lulul

All of the voices heard from the spirit box were interferences from local antenas or something like that that were on the same frequence.

Smol taco

19:13 , same end it now haha

She got a ninjutsu like Itachi

Try looking on to Kuchisake-onna from Japan too!

She’s undocumented We must deport her

This feels kinda like a episode of next

Okay so I just realized they sang a song about her in Coco

I think you should investigate more hunted houses that had normal people in it because I think that there are more paranormal activity in active houses that abandon houses. Just suggesting

Yeee my family is from El Salvador as well! :)

My dad is Scott Irish and my mom is Mexican and my dad would haunt my with krumpas and my mom with Lã Lalaronia

I made the mistake of watching this alone in the dark. I am too scared to get up and turn on the light. SOMEONE HELP ME!

Those ghosts are pretty chill.

Nice BTTF reference.

I think this is the only demon ep ryan is all excited abt

Best videos

The only reason to watch buzzfeed: this masterpiece.

Most super natural things happen when you’re alone and don’t expect anything. Example: I was home alone 11:28pm and my light was flickering, and I was like “what- the heck....?” When my sisters come back and my cousin I ran out of my room went back in and it had stopped now I’m sleeping with a deku pop (MHA) sooooo

Shane trips me out

I heard a hodgepodge where she was jealous, but she was still looking for any kid’s soul. Like, that she couldn’t find HER kid’s souls so she’s trying to find other souls to replace them? I don’t remember the god part, I think she regretted killing them and wanted /some/ kids

I left a comment on the la llorna suggestion in the community post and I’m so happy that bf did include curly to be like “this is our culture” !

*"No no no no no."*

Naaaah Chieef this creeps me out its too late for the movie clips

"You seem awfully chipper" lol that was cute

I was kinda upset that they didn’t speak Spanish to her. Yes there was curly with the spirit box but I wanted them to speak more.

21:48 sounds like a man's voice saying "run for it".

Crap i live really freaking close to San Bernardino and Colton help

"Lots of twists" there is a lot of twist and turns to her story and now im siting on bed crying bc im scared

i find it hilarious that Ryan knows exactly what Shane is saying

one thing about the La Llorona park or any places where she has seen: if you are a child NEVER go alone, no matter your age. 10, 12, 13, maybe even 15, never go by yourself. always go with a adult, especially with a friend. if you are two boys going alone specifically, then go with an adult. while she will still target adults, i think she won’t target any with children, or will get to anyone with children. i live in Texas, and since we used to be apart of Mexico, we obviously have the same Urban Legends. i’ve always been terrified to walk near streams, lakes, even oceans alone. i always want to go with a friend or adult. that’s how scared i am of her.

I have been waiting for the day to come when they finally make a La Llorona video

Shane is cracking me up I’m dying


Sound: *exists* Ghost: Do you hear that?

So am i the only one who see someone walking passing shane , when he’s walking alone?

the back to the future reference oh my god

sounds suspiciously like a very specific baintsí

This episode made me freaked out enough not to go to the bathroom at night yet lmao enough to have to go and pee. Perfection.

Did the box say “run for it “

1:26 if you weren't listening you'd think curley's photo was a victim or suspect photo HAHA Anyway here in philippines too we have way too many, just way too many of things like these. It's really nice because even tho it scares a child, it disciplines them. I was stubborn on playing outside til it's late. My grandma scared me with a story -then I'm off to bed at 7 haha

My cat was freaking out the entire time I was watching this

Skype meee n lemme share a lot of info about la lloronaa also questionn !!!! Do y’all believe in la llorona

in Texas, we have many Mexican urban legends, since we were once part of Mexico. whenever i say La Llorona to anyone who was born and raised in Texas, they always know. us Texans are basically terrified of her.

tuuuu mamaaa essss gayyyy

Growing up I had a best friends that were Hispanic and they told me the story of La Llorona. Talk about mortified as a child. I ended up seeing visions of her in my “sleep”. This movie better be good my disturbed childhood depends on it.

The boys are back

When I was younger.... *Looks out of the window*

Si nobody is going to talk about the “do you hear that”?

At 21:48 it sounded like "Don't fall in".

I JUST REALIZED THAT CURLY AND I HAVE THE SAME LAST NAME!!!! I never meet anyone with my last name.

I showed my brother who I am 10 years older than this video and he is so paranoid and my mom is gonna yell at me for showing him this XD

I wonder why they didn't come to San Antonio Texas because there's a actual lake named la lororna that is famous.

Odd how both contacts mentioned a twist

Wait i thought he was filipino

"si quieres llevar a alguien toma shane" XD

I lovedddddddddd that Curly was in the videoooooo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ He’s the best!!!

Can we just have curly be part of this permanently pls

lmao When you said Southern California my heart stopped for I moment because I live in AZ!

The animated one will always be scarier than anything

I am a gringa who grew up in New Mexico - both Santa Fe and outside of Truth or Consequences. Most of my friends were Hispanic and as such I grew up hearing about and being scared of la Llorona. But because my folks weren’t from here they really didn’t know the stories or why I wouldn’t walk near arroyos or rivers at dusk or night, or why I was freaked out when I would be crying and then instantly stop when I heard branches scrapping on the windows (that was her trying to get me because she thought I was her child that was crying), or why skinny women with long black hair scared the hell out of me. Even though I wasn’t Hispanic - just a güera - it was still a part of my culture and as such is a part of my children’s culture. And I still don’t want to walk near rivers at dark and branches scraping on windows still freak me out. La llorona is real to me.

Yall should go to Mexico every mexican family tells about ghost encounters from their towns lmao

If you pause at 11:53 you can see a faint line of something.

Right at the end where Ryan is back in the car and he pulls the ear warmers to sit around his honestly looks like her has long hair like one of the Three Musketeers...I had a good laugh

Curly's the best!

Visit the enfield house, the warren occult museum, interview lorraine warren, visit the boundary house in swindon england where i live. These are some of your best chances at finding proper proof of ghosts. The boundary house is so active & the spirits are always chatty


I want the Ghoul Boys to team up with Curly more often

I hate it when the camera hits Shane cuzzzz the weird man with the mask dude

Play ground more like prey ground. -Shane Madej 2019

She just sounds like the Irish banshee


Shane: *Got thrown in the river by La Llorona* Shane: "Well isn't the wind pretty strong today!"

22:13 sounds like a child

Shane: *see's* *La* *Llorona* Also Shane: hmm that's a weird looking raccoon

Stuff152 la llorona: *tries to drown shane* Shane: oh boy this wind is violent!

“You’ll have the timid man out here next”

You Remember the part where she said’’ lots of twists ,so’’ It seems to me that she meant to say that there are many twist to the story Because of how many people change it so she might be saying that she has her own story and that the other stories are twist to what it really was

Latinx is incorrect stop calling it that we don't like it it's latino

“I’m being out-spanished by a white guy!” Was the best quote in the video

I want Curly to be a repeat guest on Unsolved. I feel like he fits halfway between the shaniacs and the boogaras which is more or less where I am.

You guys should investigate Camp 30 in Bowmanville, Ontario Canada. Definitely haunted and will give you the creeps

Keep Curley a part of your cast... he’s a perfect fit and y’all could be a trio now

Ooo i'm salvadorian

Nah its that she drowned her children then drowned herself now shes crying out "wheres my children?"

“I don’t think it’s cool that you drowned your kids lady” Well I do jk lol

Their saying this story is universal and I've never heard of it honestly. Not when I was young or a teenager and definitely not now

Y'all should look into the Turpin family. Just saying.

That "did you hear that?" Response they got wayyy to clear I'm not believing this one

I only know this from Grimm

OMGGG I live in Las Cruces and la llorona park is definitely one of the creepiest places in the city, they should have gone to Double Eagle, a haunted restaurant in downtown Mesilla

When curly was saying "oh hELL NO" i literally cry laughed for 10 minutes

When ryan put his talking thing while he was walking out side i heard a women crying

Go to Mexico!!!

At 21:49 I swear a voice said “run for it”

the spirit box lowkey sounds like siri. but it doesnt sound like a spirit

She won’t ever find her kids because there in heaven and she couldn’t go into the gates of heaven so she roams Mexico basically through out Latin America to find her kids I’m lantia so I know a lot about this stuff

You can only find her like in Mexico or El Salvador she doesn’t have papers so she can’t cross I’m jk but she doesn’t roam the U.S

okay but uh we not gonna point attention to the whatever it was that said “do u hear that” and twist ur arm or?

Oh no! Why’d you have to go and give me flashbacks to Bless Me, Ultima!

can we get a ghost/spirits/demon infinity war. IM CACkiLinG

La thot

Im wondering if you are pooping then la llorona drowns you there

Can those spirit boxes or whatever they are called pick up radio frequencies?


What's freaky is my power went out in the middle of watching this

La llorona is the nurse confirmed

okay but ryan going "we're gonna need to hear more than one or two words" and then the voice sarcastically going "do you hear that" had me Shooketh

I thought la llorona was supposed to be about a woman who lost her children in the river but aight

I know you're hiding on the comments

"Twist your arm in a box." is a magic trick. Sounds like you tapped into a magician's podcast.

idc what yall say La Llorona is Mexican, no matter how many times your relatives tell you otherwise

Can you guys come to haunted places with me ?? you guys make it so much more fun than it is. It’s scaryyy!!! But I love how you guys handle it.

This probably sounds ridiculous but twice on the spirit box who hear something about "twist", I wonder if that has to do with anything?

15:10 ok he could just come in the frame I guess

Señora llorona,stop being a cry baby

Ide love to have more of Curly on the show! Lol

her voice is so bright and so clear, it doesn't sound like shes's been crying.

I miss when Ryan was afraid of everything

Y'all need to do the roads hotel in Atlanta Indiana. Most of the town is actually haunted.

I remember my mom told me she was a woman who’s husband has died or something like that and she had two children she couldn’t take care of anymore and so she walked with them into the river and waited until they drowned and she died or sadness and then she continued to walk around the area where she drowned them in the river and would try to find her children and instead would lure children who were still alive

Nothing but a Spanish retelling of the woman in black

'Im getting outspanished by a white guy!'

Only mexicans understand Mom a.k.a (Chilld Hood Destroyer) : Vete a limpiar o sino te pego con la chancla 8 Year Old me : NO NoOne: Me : AMAAAA

They have to cover skinwalker stories next! If you don't know what I mean google it! You will be very entertained and scared for life

They should do la sihguanaba

Is there a version where she gets hanged ?? Bc I remember as a child my mom would scare me by saying some random tree is where she was hanged lol

Also a version where her husband abused her and one day he was so mad he drowned her children and she became so sad that she didn't accept that he drowned them so now she just thinks they're lost and need to be found so she's looking for them ??

"If you wanna take someone, take shane"

Shane and Ryan should do the story of la pascualita!!!

Shane sounds like the old man from family guy hahahaha

If you look at curly while they’re sitting by the table in the beginning the trench coat looks like la llorona

Shane, Polish people have baba jaga

Is anyone else here from Las Cruces


Can you guys visit shakers cigar bar in my home city of milwaukee?

in my Spanish class we've been reading a book called la llorona since before Christmas and I miss a lot of whats happening because its in all spanish but its so good from what I can understand

Should’ve gone to Mexico. There is also a story about death and his carriage. My aunt has said that people hear it cross the streets of the Pueblo the day before someone dies. And if you here it don’t look out or it’ll take you instead. Many of my uncles have had experiences of seeing woman in white and men in tall hats. I think that the reason paranormal experiences happen a lot in Mexico because people believe in it. And the more you believe you kind of give power to that belief and make it real.

I think Shane is a ghost with a ddlg kink

Can u try to oslve the tale of 8 foot tall women- the japenese tale

Bruh la llorona in Mexico she can’t cross the border

When it was ryans turn to walk and he had the spirit box it actually sounded like a lady wailing

At 21:47 it sounds like someone saying, "it's a woman" idk

December 2015 I was in Rioverde slp mexico visiting a cousin. She convinced me to go stay with her in this big city meanwhile my whole fam is about an hour away. She lived in a very small apartment with the living room next to the bedroom. She put out a mattress for me in the living room and she stayed in her bedroom. Later that night we went out came home around 2 am. I could not sleep and kept turning. It was close to 3 and started hearing what sounded like a woman in straight up agony crying far from the window above me. I was scared to move and started praying eventually stopped hearing the cries. Next day I packed my bags and went to back home in a taxi. I told her brother and he legit told me that her apartment was also haunted that the microwave turns on by itself and other weird stuff. Anyways not even a week later my uncle committed suicide. Apparently I have read online that if you hear her far away she is close by and death is around. Also the apartment is near a river

it's interesting to note how in Mexico and the US she is known as "the Llorona" but in Panama she is known the "Tulivieja" but it's all the same thing but with different names.

I have teke teke soooooo.... if you dont know what that is it is terrible

17:56 looks like slender man da fuq

the upper class one is the one i heard and it fucked me uuuuupp

Yo where my las cruses people at cus I didn’t even know they came here and it makes me exited

They gotta go to Mexico for this

if loneliness is a cause of death, I’ll be sending out my funeral invites now

So many people making a fuss about them not going to Mexico for this. But the fact that people are "seeing" La Llorona in Texas, New Mexico etc just showed the deep history of this oral tradition. Of course it will "appear" wherever large Hispanic populations are.

Wouldn’t you think that if they were looking for her they would go to Mexico where the story actually came from ?

And I thought the boogie man was bad

8:09 i love curly

Oh snap, Las Cruces! The middle school I went to is pretty close to that park. Fortunately no children from the middle school were taken by the Llorona.

19:11 it’s a mood Shane

The sexy calf

I'm so happy right now I saw the title and I lit up the story of la llorona has scared since I was I tiny child.


My version is that a indian mexican woman wanted a children so she adoptes, she was a single mother, but one day in the house were they were living set on fire and the children died, or maybe they scaped to a river and drowned

Curly is the best part of this ep... Love the spanglish

She threw her children in the river and they drowned

basically the river thing but they replaced river with arroyos

i just watched that and i realised that la llorona is the american mexican version of some others weeping women in arabian countries so we have aicha kandicha in morocco and nadaha in egypt also oum dawiss in middle east so that is as u said universal !!!

Omg Shane doesnt know that że Baba przyjdzie i go zabierze.

This is code for hi ryan. $8 46-!

If people like this story then PLEASE check out the rendition that Snarled did because it’s awesome and so is the Chanel in general.

22:12 thats clearly just a rabio xD

HAHA "shes like an animorph"

Hahaha funniest episode ever!!!

Anyone else hear "my sharona" every time they say her name


Damnn curly is looking good

La Chancla is much more terrifying

They should of played grounders


They should go to Mexico and check out the story of La Pasqualita!!

Bruh how she get to Chicago

You guys should do the Holbrooke Hotel in Grass Valley Ca! I live near there and it would be cool to see you guys do something near me!

no one : Ryan: ... I think i’m going to break out the spirit box

I live in texas

I lived in Las Cruces. Beautiful place.

I have Tele tubies playing in the background so this isn't scary lol

Ryan: you know my track record with demons Me: YEAH YOU FREAKING WORK WITH ONE

Dude I've seen her before!!! It was the most crazy experience I've ever had with a spirit... I live by a lake in Texas and every three years she passes by my house and many more,

i think i’ve been threatened by myths all my life. my mom would say that “el chango” was going to get me so i grew up scared of the dark. my stepdad would say “krampus” was going to take me so i’ve always hated christmas. and my grandma would tell me “la llorona” was going to take me if i didn’t listen to my mom. so yeah i grew up traumatized.

Any other YouTubers would claim to see/hear her

I live in Chicago and when I heard there a a lot of sightings here, I almost puked

Do an episode of the disaperence of my will to live

By the sound of it, I think they picked up some radio waves

You have to go sleep next to a river in Mexico

Did anyone notice the shadow when Ryan was walking

Curly: She gets around. Me:

Here in our country, children are mostly afraid of their mother because they spank their asses when they go home late at night... #ChildhoodMemories

If you take your kids unbaptized to a river in Mexico, she will take their souls, thinking it’s her children’s souls

my parents always use to scare me with La Llorona and La Mano Peluda

Did you just say "latin-x" world?.. as an actual Mexican, please keep your nonsense to yourselves. Don't include the rest of the world in it just yet, we are still sane.

You guys should do The Iron Island Museum in Buffalo NY. Wanna see a ghost? That place should do it.


Lol all Mexican families be scarring their kids with the story of La Llorona

“ When did you think she took it too far? “ “ when she killed her 2 kids.. “

Curly: “la little llorona chillona”

Their job seems soo fun

I seen la lrona in mexico she tall no joke i seen her


Where is my can speak Spanish group at

I live in las cruces and nothing happens here and I was so sad that I didn’t know they came

21:48 I heard "La woman." Did anyone else?

where my Latinos/Mexicans who grew up with La Llorona when I behaved bad my parents would always say she gonna come for you in the night

“OF COURSE I’M GOING TO JUDGE YOU!!” my mommmmmm when I was under and used to think I looked bomb asf

I live literally right next to the park

this kind of reminds me of soap sally. like the two tales are nothing alike but my grandma used to tell me if i didn’t behave soap sally would come get me and throw me in her sack and turn me to soap

My folks used this so we'd stay away from the river as kids, but it was probably less for La Llarona who'd steal my mates and I, but more for the needles and glass lining the shores of the lovely Rio Grande.



The spirit box is never set to go through channels fast enough. The setting is too low and they actually are getting pieces of the radio. I love this show but I dont take the spirit box seriously BECAUSE of its settings. Set the box to go through channels faster and you have a better chance of catching something real

I’m so sad no one else picked up on Ryan’s awesome Back To The Future reference?

I wanna say slot of stuff in this comment but I’m lazy


If I remember well she went for men who cheated on their partners, not just any random guy , maybe that's why she didn't want to appear in front of them lol

Hey who else is a fellow Salvadoran?! :)

California ? New mexico ? Chicago ? I love buzzfeed unsolved a lot, but La Llorona is an originary Mexican leyend, and she’s from Xochimilco, you should’ve come here to search for her instead of the US

I really got an ad of the curse of la llorona

I live in las Cruces!!!

You should stay the night in room B340 at the queen mary


I want a part 2


Nobody: La Llorona: all hail the watcher

I had heard the version of la malinche thats how our teacher used to tell us the tale

Why is curly a 40 year old man?


Poor lady crying: how can this day get worse Shane,curly, and ryan: GET THE NET

I feel like I am supposed to watch something religious right after this because I am so scared after watching this

Shane is polish.

it would be super cool if the next season could be about urban legends

2:06 so no one is going to talk about this


i love curly’s vibe

Shane’s leg show lol

as a dominican, I was told the story of the cuco. Well the boogyman basically

thanks Something Scary.

La llorona is from Xochimilco

“ lots of twists” “twist your arm” hmmm

im gay

lots of twists LOL, who said that?

what was that light behind ryan that was moving when he was walking the river?

She might have shown herself if Ryan had a top fan badge

I think shane and ryan should invest in wriststraps for their tools. Especially ryan, so he doesnt have to worry about dropping them...

I would like to see an episode of them visiting the Grove Park Inn (Asheville NC) in search for the pink lady Anyone else?

bruh the story of la llorona is she married to a rich man and he didn’t want kids so she killed them by drowning them and the guy was like tf is wrong with you so he left her so she killed herself and is looking for her kids

Oh my gose he’s polish!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am too!! It’s true that we have no Polish folk legends!

The story of La Llorona that I got from my mom when I was little, was that she was a very beautiful woman who wanted to go to a party one night but couldn’t because she had to look after her kids so she decided to kill and chop up her 2 kids in tiny little pieces that she threw into a river. She went to her party but when she came back, she was punished by god to become this hideous creature that has to collect every piece of her kids in ordered to be forgiven. That’s why she cries out “Mia hijos,” because she’s tormented by what she did and because she’s looking for them. My mom would tell my brother and I this story (and others) to get my brother and I to fall asleep

22:12 It sounded like music was being played at the end of this sentence, kinda weird

Curly can stay as a new addition

Since were doing Latin legends you all should do pascualita the bride from chihuahua, chihuahua

You guys are wrong la llorona is from guanajuato Mexico they even have a museum of her there

We need more episodes with Curly

You guys should include curly as a new member to this series

There was a polish story to scare children if they weren't behaving. Parents told their kids that a black volga limousine will come and take them. There were disappearing kids at the time (1950-1970??) but how the car was added into this, I don't know

Like who just thinks to themself *hey let’s go look for a deadly spirit and ask it if it’s true and let’s bring a net just Incase*

Yo la escuche en Michoacán Mexico. Yes it’s real

‘i’m getting out spanished by the white guy!!!’

What if when she killed her kids she put their bodies in a box. And had to twist their arms (break them) so they could fit in said box?

I guess every culture has a female spirit that hunts on men. In Nepal, we have a female spirit called "Kichkandi". She is believed to have died due to unnatural causes at a young age, or due to men. She is said to be a pale, beautiful woman who preys on men and sucks their life energy. And the scariest part for all those who know of this legend: feet which are turned backwards.

Bloody Mary episode please

They say in my Pueblo that if you hear her crying from far away she is actually close to you and if you hear her close to you she is far away

It is 6 o clock in the morning and I nearly died when it said "did you hear that"

22:12 i think it was "lots of questions" idk was it just me?

Ryan we are both a disgrace in our families

Well in indonesia we have WEWE GOMBEL

She transform into a flock of birds? La Llorona is Itachi?

Get the net

i got a nosebleed when Shane showed his leg FOR REAL

The story i heard is that she was by the river with her children and she got distracted and her children accidently drowned. Her childrens bodies were never found. Out of grief she killed herself by walking in to the river to her death. She is supposed to wonder looking for her children. And she supposedly takes the children to replace her lost children.

"twist your arm in a box" "lots of twists" wtf?! "DI YOU HEAR THAT" WHAT THE ACTUAL FCUK

yooooo my girl guadalupe SENDSSSSS SHUT UPKLDKGNSJKEN

somehow I always get stuck watching these at night

I'm waiting for the one episode where they actually catch something

Lots of twists?

No one gonna talk about Ryan saying Grande as Grand??


Everyone in New Mexico is terrified of La Llorona. Me as well.

AYe, mis hijos!!!!

buzzfeed is fake news

Trailer: She wants your children. Me: uh oh

Edit: AND she is a sexual predator. Damn...

Reminds me of Maria Labo in the Philipppines

Oh hell no, oh hell no Someone make this a meme

shhhh im hiding in the comments

Don't worry, the Watcher will come get her

Where's my Salvadorian fam at?!

I grew up with this folktale.

Idk if you saw this but if you look closely from the time 15:00 till 15:05 you can see a face in the middle of the screen you can make out eyes and the face

So hype over the Animorph reference

Visit sprucevale ohio! It's an old ghost town with several haunted locations and significant history and deaths.

21:48 looks like it said "don't call me"

Why am I watching this at night

Iz the one in Coco

Lac Cruces NM Hits close to home

Why does the narration sound like a male troomtroom narration

What can I say, She loves her Mans Tender

You guys have such a great channel, I love your vids, and I am a PROUD Shaniac!!!!!

Now Ryan, can you really consider yourself a grown man?

i feel like this is the spanish/mexican interpretation of the irish banshee, relatively similar backstories and appearances, crying, weeping calls and interesting


At 11:29 the man says “Do you hear that”. You can hear he has a country accent. Could this maybe be an old citizen or resident in Colton,California. This isn’t really a conspiracy theory but Boogara tingz. #postmortem.

2:39 La llorona reminds me of Madea, they both killed their children for Revenge

Finally its my time to shine

Why check Northern America, she’s in Mexico, Northern Americans need to stop trying to claim her, she’s Mexican check Mexico :(

Wind: *blows* Ryan: “WhAt??”

I think the extremely coherent voices were from radio shows and you picked up the signals, I think you can turn off radio signals on some spirit boxes but I don't own one so I'm not sure, it's just the way they were talking sounded like a podcast or something

8:06 I almost peed myself while laughing

The story I heard was that she was a beautiful woman that found her children were abused and murdered while she was away. She went insane with grief, started wearing a white dress, and would go out at night to seduced men in order to kill them. When she died she turned into a demon since she couldn't let go of her need of revenge.

How tf does Buzzfeed even get revenue from their Unsolved series mf I can’t even read the title without thinking about the nightmares I’ll get from watching it

Who believes in la Lorena

Am I the only one who got told that la Llorona fell in love with this guy and he made her choose between him or her kids so she drowned her kids and he left her ????? Orrrrr????

Great I’m going camping and I always go to the lake alone, not after watching this video

I love how accurate Ryan and Shane are when guessing what each other is going to do during their walks.

Do pascualita the corpse bride of Mexico. A mannequin whose to believe is a preserved body. People claim that she moves her eyes.

I’m gonna scare my kids with Chris Kyle


It sounds like the spirit box said run for it when you were by yourself

Liorna is itachi

La llorona crying are cats having sex ..

curly sounds gay and yall cant lie lol :P

Can we pls have a collab with these guys with Shane subtly roasting them

Colton ca that's real mfin close to me!!!!!!

Also in tonatico estado de Mexico there are a lot of stories on how the devil appears to the people there and offered them money and in return he asks them for their soul. And how he appeared by a lake to a girl and impregnate her. If you guys ever want to go to Mexico and check out haunted places please contact me I would be happy to take you.

I live by the river and the times I've heard her is when there's a big storm. Also when my neighbors dogs start howling and barking at nothing.

Why would anyone believe the different forms of la llorona or that La Llorona still exists? Latinos are such chismosos

15:04 can anyone else see eyes in the top middle of the screen ☠️

at 21:47 it sounds like a little boy crying and saying “i dont wanna”

Gotta love their fake Hispanic accents

Ayo anyone laughing at them

I have a friend who experienced it...

What if she didn't kill her children, what if her husband did and she stayed behind to find them and guide them to heaven

17:31 somehow sounds Like curly is flirting with the llorona that is a line you would say in bed XD

Come back to New Mexico and go to the Santa Fe prison riot!! It's the most violent in American history and you always hear stories about how it's haunted.

I don’t watch this because of its ghosts only because it’s just so funny

Half Mexican what up!!!

Shane and Ryan!! Could you do a series or a finale in Japan and go ghost/demon hunting there???

when ryan did the spirit box, it sounded like a woman crying

The way my parents told the story was the woman who lived in the village was the most beautiful woman there. A man of high stature pursued her, being that she was very gorgeous. They got married and had children after many years the man left on a “mission” else where and never returned until one day he came back strolling through the village with a new woman, a much younger woman who looked like la llorona when she was young. The man ignored her callings and although he would talk to his children she no longer existed to him. Once he let the village yet again The woman filled with rage drowned her children ... but after she realized what she had done she too drowned herself. Now she wonders the earth angry and seeking revenge

And if you hear her crying supposedly The further she sounds the closer she actually is

What about el cucuy?

Curly is so damn gay, I just know it!

My dad told me the story of La Llorana as a bed story. This video triggered me

Todos los hispanos que son de el salvador dame un lik y si vas a ver la llorona

I've seen the llorona when I was a child, and my parents used el coco as a displine tactic. Lol el coco was more scary

-Valek: im the most horror demon ever created. - la llorona: hold my curse.



I heard that the one who seduces men in la sucia

You know she is also very very very known in Central America, and everyone in Honduras knows her

Shane putting the picture of himself on his face is the scariest part of this video

Growing up, I heard that La Llorona was a widow who’s kids were murdered and she died from crying so much and grief. In the afterlife she wanted to venge the death of her kids and make other women feel the same pain she did. If she couldn’t enjoy her kids then no one could.

oh my gosh they brought pictures of children

im only 3 minutes in rn but it reminds me of medea--husband leaves her so in revenge, she murders their kids.... except medea gets away with it all deus ex machina (she flies away with the bodies on chariot)

I mean you could come to Mexico and investigate la llorona again, there's also el charro negro, el chupacabras, la Malinche, and so much more!

Watched to see if Las Cruces was mentioned, love the recognition my town is getting! Very cool to see the park in the video so close to home

Also sad i didn't meet you guys there lol

I started screaming when they said they'd go to New Mexico. My Papa ruined my childhood when he told me about the time his siblings and him saw her in the Bosque...

But what if her children’s souls are already in heaven? Did God just pull the biggest prank of all time?

OMG now we know why Jason the hockey masked killer died,because la llorona pulled him down and drowned him

I heard la llorona saying mis hijos I got soooo scared that I got my grandpa flip flop and I had it with me da hole night

Just a small story (feel free to share yours), but when I was growing up in rural Oklahoma, there was a story the kids would tell. There was a wheat field near the home I lived in and the neighboring children. As it went, if you were not home by the time the sun went to setting, a monstrous black dog with red glowing eyes would rise from the field and take you away. I remember being out too late one day and the sun was almost completely set. I ran screaming and crying all the way home because I thought it would get me! xD

Shane bout to get snatched one of these days and y’all will know why lol

Oh good luck I live in south east Houston

Wait I live In texas

This is why I dont live in Mexico anymore

Shane dawson who

At about 21:48 it sounded like a woman saying “I don’t want it!” Or something like that

19:01 Thanos.

I think the Spirit Box was just picking signals up from car radios because it didn’t sound like a ghostly voice, it sounded like radio ads.

They should do one on a Filipino monster like manananggal or the kapre. Would love to see my culture represented in these ghoul hunts.

My parents never told me about this because they knew it would stick with me for the rest of my life,so they kept saying the boogie man would come for me if I don't behave well

Ryan and Shane, there's a street in Mexico called salamanca and legend has it that's were you will see la llorona.

Have you ever saw your Hidey Behind? He's always behind you and no matter how fast you turn you can't see him! He has no reflection and nobody else can see him except for you. Everybody has their own Hidey Behind. If you ever see him he has to grant you 2 wishes but if you don't before you are 60 years old you lose your chance and he passes away.

I didn’t know that Shane was thanos

11:33 made me VERY uncomfortable

8:35 itachi? Is that you?

I literally live right down the street from that park in Las Cruces. It's funny because a couple months ago I was driving over the river thinking you guys should do this exact investigation.

21:38 wtf is in the bottom left corner

You should cover the christmas legends like Mary Lywd etc..

What about the Mary Lwyd

Shaniac bois

If you guys are interested, how about another folklore to investigate. Ive been hearing it and i swear one night while i slept in my own room, i smelt her. I was too scared to look out the window so i stayed under the covers and heard dogs barking as well.

"Twist your arm in a box."

Do the disappearance of Kayla Berg!!!! Like if anybody would be interested.

"Also, My girl Guadalupe is here" Curly, 2019

Just watch Snarled ghost guide and IT WILL TELL YOU EVERYTHING

Bro my just watered i heard a weap in my room

These guys really think La Llorona is gonna be Like oh "Yeah I'm right here," Clowns

oooo what about el silbón?

That ghost box sounds like it picked up radio signals. :/

Oh my ahh. "Do you hear that?" Is that the clearest sentence they have ever had?

La Malinche is la llorona, then the story turned to the woman that drowned her kids.

Miss llorona stop being a crybaby WTF why would you say that omg


I think it might be hobos, but in my neighborhood (boyle heights, in LA) multiple people have heard her around 1-3am, including me

My aunt once heard la llorona in Mexico glad I didn't live there and was born in Nevada

They definitely got it all wrong in locations. They should’ve tried going to Guatemala there there’s really a lotttt of sightings

Has the experiments of Josef Mengele been viewed? I don’t know if that is any scary.

7:32 Hell yeah

The story I was told was that her children drowned in the river, La Llorna was looking for them until she died, and still “is” today

“Do you hear that?” Finally a spirit from today’s generation. Goodbye 1800’s ghosts the 2000’s ghosts are here


You guys should do la Sabon the whistling man

Omg is that la lloronas husband ;) JK

Who is that??

I am form el salvador

I did not know Ryan was half Mexican I love how bad his accent is

I have a feeling that Ryan has developed a much more healthy skepticism since starting this series. It's good to see that he can take it a little bit lighter and more in-his-stride than he used to.

"Do you hear that?" Damn, ghost boi, clap back at them.

do slenderman plz

I thought Ryan was half asian this whole time ._.

Got me messed up my mom scared me so bad

What happened?

I feel you curly, I also got excited when I saw la virgen de Guadalupe

AHAH texas isn’t a city

Love the way they say "La llorona" as "La iorona"

This is way more important than the homework I have to do. Lol

Curly sounds so gay omg yes

from what ive heard, La Llorona died because she realized what she did to her children and ended up drowning herself

I feel like Hispanics were told this story when they were kids

What is she never drowned her kids? What if she twisted their arms or necks?

Ahhhhhhh conspiracy theory!!

I wonder if shane did twist his arm in a box?

This episode is lowkey gay and i love it


Do the case of Madeline McCann plz

You guys should go to the Belvoire Winery in KC which wad the Odd fellows home back in the 1800s... It was a orphanage, senior living home, and hospital... I was recently there and explored the abandoned buildings and there is a room number 219 or 213 which always closed but when you open it it will slam shut it happened to me after I made dun of it... I would lovw to tell you more so you can contsct me at

Ryan: I tried to roll those R’s curly Curly: I know I heard you like give out, it’s fine Me:

The twi times they used the spirit box spooked me because these to phrases "TWIST my arm in a box " "lots of TWISTS

Shane is so funny


Y’all didn’t find her cause she’s in Mexico

I want Shane and Ryan to do a “collab” with Zach Baggins on Ghost Adventures!! Seriously!

10:53 he quotes back to the future

“I’m getting out-Spanished by the White guy!”

"oH NO I'm getting out-spanished by the white guy!" *wHEEZE*

This is really well done. I thought it was going to be a bunch of overlooked crap, but the introduction does a really good job of not stepping on any Latin culture's toes by understanding it's importance within our culture. Very entertaining video guys, good job guys.

I love this.

As far as I know the only urban legend we have in Puerto Rico is the chupacabra


YES we need more Hispanic unsolved episodes. La chupacabra or el cucuy.

*senõra, I don’t know them.*

Germans have Krampus

I'd screw with the people in the car so much

it sounds like they are trying to lure micheal jackson's ghost instead

Did anyone else read the title as "the hunt for Oompa Loompa" Or am I just blind

The way that my mom told me is that she had children and she killed them. That’s all she told me, she didn’t tell me why she just said that she killed her children.

You guys should have traveled to a Pueblo in Mexico that’s the most common place to find her

oooo la liorona

A fellow Salvadoran buena!

Bless Me, Ultima is a pretty good book.


Who the hell goes looking for La Llorena? Hell no!

Me and your friend got the same last name

Ok my childhood is ruined

Did you know that this leyend goles way too back into the Legends of the indígenas?

La llorona doesn't speak english. She can't understand a thing you guys are saying to her

go to amittyville and investigate abt the annabelle doll

21:48 it sounds like she said my children.

Can Curly be in more of these? I love him so much.

"Twist your arm in a box" and "lots of twists "

When I was in Mexico visiting my tia in the rancho my cousins were sleeping in the bed with me and they wouldn’t stop being loud. I just wanted to sleep dndnndnd so I got tired of it and said in Spanish to them “if you don’t stop being loud La Llorana is gonna come to get you. There’s a river by here to so she’s out there” they just said “yeah right that’s a story” and I just said okayy and went to sleep. They kept being loud so I was still awake bc I couldn’t sleep so I touched their feet with my feet (they thought I was asleep) and they got so scared and screamed cause they thought it was La Llorona

Y yo aquí pensando toda una vida que La Llorona era tica.

In the story I was told, la llorona left her two babies in a basket behind a tree to go to a party or something but when she came back the river had grown and taken her children

The movie comes out today

playground? you mean "prey"ground :)

Shane is my mood

we had 'baba roga' as kids and the boogeyman but he wasnt really called the boogeyman i forgot his name in my language but yeah

and a 'baba jaga'

17:57 there is a white shadow on the top right corner .

21:50 anyone else hear "dont fall in"


Imagine a women sees them in the park starts crying to scare them Then she just sees three grown men barging towards her with a net

21:49 "run for it"

nobody: ryan: "mummy" "somebody help me find my mum"

Ryan seems to know Shane soooo much...hahahaha


Upvote so the ghoul boys can go back to Shane's home town Chicago and visit The Congress Hotel

21:48 sounded like "don't fall in"

La llorona Is a demon si it's the Virgin Mary because one of the ten commandments is that you only have one God

I dont know what to feel at this point,, Should I be scared or laughing ?

Does "twist your arm in a box" from the chapel and "lots of twists so" from the riverbank walk mean anything?? They seem to be talking about the same thing?

Do the minjagos case

The story I grew up knowing was a woman fell in love with a man and wanted to marry him but he flat out refused to marry her because she already had children. And in sheer desperation to keep her lover she drowned her children she went to him after to tell him that she no longer has her children and that she did it for him so they could get married. He abandoned her after finding out she was a monster and had killed them. The two different endings I heard were 1.she then commited suicide because of being rejected and as punishment she must search endlessly for her children but the point being she never will no matter what. 2. He left and she was left with regret and guilt and she wandered the banks searching for her children to bring them home and lay them to rest. She wandered for days on end until a storm came through and she still kept looking for them and died in the storm and not knowing that she had died she still wanders continuously to find them.

Legend says that she haunts you when you don’t clean.

Your Hispanic friend is so uncultured .. la llorona Is la Malinche crying out for all her relatives kill do to her

I imagined from the park,3 grown men, sitting on the swing and acting like children and La Llorona just watching in far distance while they playing in the playground. Then La Llorona said like," What the f*ck they are doing playing in the playground?"

you should come to south east asia. ghosts here are often laughing or weeping, and they often have long hair and wear white robes. And we have a lot of them

if shane was my child i would have drowned him

I noticed that when they turned on the spirit box both time she said something about twists so maybe the husband killed the kids and twisted the story and she cry’s for her children roaming the earth to find her kids

Ok so like idk if that was her or another woman but in 21:48 that sounds like a woman crying for sec in the spirt box then doesn’t speak again. Idk I’m just saying that maybe was her for a sec


cant you also say her name 3 time in a dark bathroom

the movie was bad tho

Agua Mansa is Spanish for "gentle waters", I never understood why Americans kept the Spanish names after the invasion to Mexico ended. I imagine it sounds cooler. I mean, in Mexico we kept the Aztec names for a similar reason... well even Mexico is Aztec for "Center of the Moon", probably because, since the pyramids were built in a floating city in the middle of a lake, it sure was common to see the moon reflected around the city. But I'm digressing :p

If Shane offends her she’s gonna be crying because she is sad


Ight bruh idk about y’all but European urban legends are way crazier

8:50 what if it was a flock of penguins *cursed waddle waddle*

the "do you hear that?" scared the tarnation out of me


Ой блин

*Shane Dawson Wants To Know Your Location*

The story I heard is that her husband left her and she turned to a darker faith and the devil told her to kill her children (she was possessed) so as she killed her last child, she realized what she did and regret it. She lives on as a lost spirit, who can’t go to heaven cause she’s the devils now, looking for her children and haunting men. My mom told me that my grandfather use to be a player and he would pick up girls on the side of the road and he saw a woman in white and she got in his car and when she looked up, her eyes were blacked out and my grandpa got scared and drove away. Morning came by and his face got stiff and he couldn’t move more than half of his face. His arms and legs started twisting and my grandma had to spiritually cure him.

I think that lots of twist was her saying there's a lot of twist being put on to my story like she didn't kill her kids they just drowned and she doesn't want to go on with out them so she looks for them but people twisted it and she's like there a lot of lies so I don't want to talk just find my babys

Sound like it said little boy when you used the spirit box

3:30 me too man, me too I am half Japanese so my childhoord is just filled with mexican (or wherever this story originated) urban ledgends and Japanese ledgends i live in fear lol am 25!

They were always the tias from both sides ㅠㅠ

LAS LECHUSAS! Y'all should investigate the legends of women who use black magic and basically shapeshift into huge whistling birds in Mexico!

1:46 look in the back

that's a radio or something

This is actually real it happened to my mom and her sister

You should have screamed out saying I’m ur son in Spanish

under the bridge right by the park is a beautiful but super creepy mural of la llorona and her kids in the water

can you do one on michale jackson

She’s real I heard her when I was younger there was a storm and faintly we heard “donde esta mi niños” all said with sobs

I swear shane is such a psychopath sometimes

At 11:16 it sounds like someone said donde which means where in spanish

You should bring David dobrik along

The boys should look for a wendigo next.

Omg do you not see that 16:06 in the video

Future episodes I need: The Jersey Devil The Beast of Gevaudan The ghost taxi passengers in New Orleans The Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs (lucky for them, this place is upscale and you can get holy water just down the street)

My mom and my ain’t when they were younger actually saw the llorona in Mexico when they were playing outside it’s crazy

why am i watching this at night?


The version I heard and was told was that she was a women with two kids and a husband the husband was a soldier and was caught cheating by the Llorona so out of anger and jealously she drown her kids in the river when she realise what she did she drowned her self to be with her children but God took her children to heaven and her spirit is wondering around the world in the rivers weeping "Ay mis hijos!" Or "Oh my children" hoping to one day find her children and be with them agian


My mom told me when I was little like 5, whenever it rained I would go outside with a little toy shovel to dig in puddles. When my mom asked my why I did it... She told me I would answer her like "The lady in white told me to look in water to find the bones of her children." She hadn't told me the story of La Llorona yet. Sometimes if I found something in the puddle I would hold it up as if holding it to an adult and ask, "Is this your son's or daughter's." and then I guess I would get a no answer because then I would say, "Oh its not one of your children's bone..."

Flock of crows.. ok Itachi

I live in New Mexico


In 21:48 it sounds like it's saying "don't go there"

dude i totally thought that shane was gone i cried

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