The Hollywood Ghosts of the Legendary Viper Room

The Hollywood Ghosts of the Legendary Viper Room

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The. Infamous viper room you've. Heard tell of this place right have heard many things you know this place is figuratively. Rolled out the red carpet for many celebrities rock stars know the, old bird mice I wouldn't consider myself in the same category, in fact we're actually standing, on the. Spot where something, very unfortunate, occurred young celebrity, lost their, life but we'll talk more about that when we get inside we're. Wearing all black we look like we're gonna rob the place. This. Week on BuzzFeed unsolved, we investigate, the Viper Room in Los Angeles California as, part of our ongoing investigation. Into the question are, ghosts, real this historic, ninety eight year old landmark has played home to many a celebrity including. Rock stars a list movie, talent as well as, mobsters back, in the day ooh. Are. You excited, Oh tingling. I could, I could tell in fact, the stage we're sitting on is a place where most of those rock stars had, their day and now we're up here making, our sweet sweet cool music with our, mouths. Yeah, dressed. As the Wet Bandits, from home alone if you have to take your hat off. We. Look exactly. Like the two guys from Cologne, this was unintentional, I'll do a getting, electrocuted, on the side at the same time yeah. Originally. Built in 1921. The, building at 885. To Sunset, Boulevard is, one of the oldest, remaining structures, on Los Angeles's, famous, Sunset Strip, in the, beginning, the building started out as a humble, grocery, store but by the 1940s. The Hollywood nightlife, began, to take over Sunset, Boulevard and, the, Cotton Club no relation, to the famous one in Harlem replaced, the market, becoming, the first of several nightclubs to call eight eight five two Sunset, Boulevard home, wild. To imagine, this place piled. High with pears. Bananas. Oh you. Know and, meanwhile. People, are out here doing drugs, listening, to rock and roll in this guy's like a. Simple. Grocer. They're, like sir you got to turn this into a rock and roll Club baby and he's like all right I. Think. It's switched ownership, I don't think he was no I think I don't think he was like I think take those pears and peaches and put them in the back of that truck because I'm selling rock music it was a very meek. Mustachioed. Grandfatherly. Type, man who probably owned a grocery store and then decided, that's treating those baguettes, for some bass guitars, and get the rugged good. Trade. Those lentils for some licks in the 1940s. The location, changed, from the Cotton Club to the Greenwich Village in which, according to a report, by the Subcommittee, on public morals, for Southern California was. One of eight clubs in Los Angeles quote staging. Indecent. Lewd and lascivious, entertainment. And hooked, on June, 14. 1951. The, melody room took over occupancy, and brought with it notorious, patrons, including infamous. Mobster Mickey, Cohen, Cohen, and his associates, were rumored, to have frequented, the bar which, was only one block west of his own headquarters, located. In the basement of a menswear store in. 1973. Yet another nightclub filthy. McNasty, moved in bringing. Rock and roll with it and by the eighties the club owned by Anthony, Fox had become the central and was, frequented, by celebrities, like John Belushi, and Bruce Willis beluche. But. Also mr., die-hard himself brucey, boy yeah I don't think he likes being called that mister. Die hard or brucey boy either one I think either one would elicit a knuckle, sandwich into, my face I love. It his head looks like one giant nut you imagine being knocked out cold by Bruce Willis I'd love to be head-butted, by him we also talked about filthy, McNasty yeah, that's a good name that's an actual dude yeah.

Wait What the space officially. Became the Viper Room in August, of 1993. When. Johnny Depp reportedly. Spent three hundred and fifty thousand, dollars about bidding Arnold, Schwarzenegger, to become Fox's, co-owner, and a majority, stakeholder, in the company controlling, the bar do. You imagine Schwarzenegger. With that paddle. 100,000. 150,000. Not this time Deb put, that paddle, down now. Put. It down is, my bar. You. Know I'm a pirate. Tom. Petty and the Heartbreakers played. Opening, night in the Viper Room quickly, became a favorite, among young celebrities, like Jared Leto drew, Barrymore, and Leonardo. DiCaprio. Tragically. It was what happened on Halloween. 1993. With one such young celebrity, that's made the Viper Room infamous. In the early morning hours of October 31st. 1993. Actor. River Phoenix, went to the Viper Room along, with his girlfriend, Samantha Mathis, and his 19 year old younger, brother Joaquin Phoenix, security. Footage obtained, of that night shows that the group arrived at the club at exactly, 1227. A.m. around. 1:00 a.m. River was being escorted out of the club by Mathis, and an unidentified male, after, quote acting, strangely, end quote. Recordings. Of a 911. Joaquin. Frantically, asking for help for his brother who was convulsing, on the Sunset Strip sidewalk, directly. In front of the Viper Room river was transported, to cedars-sinai but. Captain Ray Ribar a paramedic, who attended, to River on the scene said, that it appeared he was suffering quote a classic, cocaine, overdose, end quote and that quote he, was clinically dead when we got to the club and quote, River. Phoenix, was 23, years old. Jesus. You. Know. Really. Bums me out every time I read about this river Phoenix was. He. Was also in would, you know is maybe, my favorite movie of all time the Last Crusade yeah. A very talented young guy it's it's a tragedy by all accounts what happened to him so. They were only here for a half hour yes. But it was Halloween they were probably out before, that there's, probably 23, it's, a young age yeah, I had done nothing with my life at age 23. Nothing. I believe it know. That you know 33. 10 years nothing, has changed in the decade well, I'm I got, these gloves you. Do got those gloves down and, you're looking at me yeah, so nothing, has happened for, you since well, I made a friend. Thanks. Pal since. Phoenix would have presumably, spent most of his time in the VIP room that's, where we will try to make contact. All. Right so this is the VIP room. Pretty. Nice. Be, fun if there was like a birthday party, in here oh yeah you know things got pretty crazy in, here lots, of booze probably, spilled on this couch and some other stuff. Okay. It. Goes without saying it was a tragedy, what happened to River Phoenix, but. It. Is our job to try to communicate with people that have passed on you, seem like a cool guy. What. Was it like, being. In movies River we've, never gotten like, a word from anyone, why are you expecting, you're it's like you're sitting down with Rolling Stone and writing, a piece on him, what's, it what's an on journal, II question then, like a how.

Do You balance, life, work. And family, hey River what's your favorite band what kind of music did you listen to when you came here. Oh. Sorry. Yeah can you answer look. For roots maybe it's hard for you to communicate so, we're gonna use something that, may help you communicate. You're. Gonna love it. All. Right let's, try this again my name is Ryan fain. Can. You say our names back to us Webber's in this VIP room with us if, you would like to communicate. We're. Nice guys very. Approachable. They're, really something like hi how you doing, did. It really sound like hi how you doing. Hi. Hi. Think. That was Japanese. Rivers. Was not in Japanese. Another. Active, area of the viper room is the bar itself, Tomi, black the general manager, who's worked at the Viper Room for the past 17, years told, Ghost Adventures that, when patrons are standing at a certain point at the bar quote, they'll either faint pass out or their knees will buckle end quote quote, I've seen, people drop in the same spot 16, 17 times end quote, he added quote, I've seen, a glass fly from the bar onto a mat end quote. Right now we're at the bar this is war Tommy the current manager claims he sees a lot of people, buckle. Over in this exact spot right here yeah I've seen no other ghost hunters come here and say that it's very cold and that they see flashes, of things are you feeling any kind of particular energy right, now here, I'm feeling ready for Friday night if you know what I'm talking about no I'm not. Spiritually. No are, you no. You. Know let's just give it a shot here let's go for the home run yeah, we invite. Anything in here to communicate with us whether that be. Touching. Us like you've done in the past you, could say something to us you. Couldn't move something on this bar you, could make a noise in fact I've. Heard that you pushed glasses, you. Could move this glass I've heard you've moved classes, off this bar in the past can you do that now this is a common thing we've heard at bars every bar we've been to there's a story of a glass being pushed off but, this is just like that's. Just bar stuff glasses. Are falling in bars all the time that's like someone being like well the ghosts make it smell like stale beer, in here, vomited.

In The urinal again. Maybe, you forgot how I'll show ya. Just. Smashed. Whoa. See. Easy. If that happened, on its own oh you poop, your little, tiny pants we're. Gonna leave this glass for you here though break, it shatter it. As, they're awake of mark words I. Don't. Know how we're gonna be able to tell you moved that. Now. Moving. Just. A normal thing we're doing at 6:00 a.m. slapping, a bar counter. Balancing. Coasters. On a glass that's probably not go see now that did it well, that was wind well that's good to know though if a if some windy ghosts come by even. After years of experiencing, these strange occurrences, black, still works in the infamous, club but, black isn't, the only viper room employee, who's, experienced, something they can't explain, Macy, Jane the Viper rims former manager, told, Ghost Adventures that, she's received, the same phone call in the club's office, multiple, times the, phone would ring Maisie, Jane would answer and the person on the other end would, say hi it's, me in a man's voice Maisie. Jane reports, that there is static after, the person speaks, the. Line goes dead, look, it could be a prank phone call I'll say it for you hilarious. Yeah get this. Hi. It's me. It. Is believed by some that, these phone calls are being made by none other than the former co-owner of the Viper Room himself, Anthony. Foxx a man, who's, been missing since. December 19th. 2001. Days. Before Fox was set to testify against. Johnny Depp and four others, for allegedly defrauding, him of profits, from the club Anthony. Fox disappeared. On, January. 6th, 2002. Fox's. Truck was found in Santa Clara California but, no trace of Fox was found let's. Hit that with a classic, no comment because. I. Like. My life right now don't. Want to get sued is that coincidence, probably. You know that's, what we can say. Okay. But people speculate, that Anthony, Fox isn't, missing at all but, that he is in fact buried, on the Viper Room premises. And according. To Macy Jane someone, who says she cannot name personally. Confirmed that, a body is, buried, behind the downstairs, lounge in a small room with the dirt floor, Tommy black the longtime, manager refuses. To even enter, that room. Okay, so this is the downstairs, bar and as. You can see it definitely. Does have a little bit more of a sinister, vibe, if that's what you're looking you look shariah yeah I feels like some nasty, stuff went down down here that, aside pretty, cool lounge we got down yeah oh. Well. Don't make that noise ever. Again. If there's anybody down here with us specifically. Anthony. Foxx we would love to know what happened to you so we're gonna give you some time right now to communicate, with this you, could say something you can move something in the bar you could touch us one, minute coming at you right now, please tell us what happened to you. I. Was. Like scanning, the bar looking, for ghosts and I pan, over to you and you're just passed. Out like, I said there's been a lot of there, were mobsters, down here this was once a grocery store who knew who, knows what happened down here anything, could have happened, and. I'm gonna use something right now that could maybe shed, some light on that, here. We go, all. Right. Now. Once again my. Name is Ryan I'm. Shane, and, we're reaching out to the, spirits, of Anthony. Box if you are in fact, unfortunately. Dead. Mr., Fox can, you please tell us what. Happened to you what. Were you gonna say on trial that next day. All. Right in like that one bit no I didn't what what the fuck was that, if. That's you Anthony can you say that again what. Did you want to say on trial, that next day. Sounded, like you said help. Once. Again whoever de spoke can you speak to us again. Well. Let's look at that hold you don't want us to look in their goo boys see a hole they're, gonna look in it that's the ghoul boy promise that's true rise. And shine baby, closet. Is. It, yes. Basically. We'll. See you back there what. Are you doing. Yes. It. Is pretty creepy in here actually now. I'm in your hole I'm, reaching out to Anthony Fox are, you buried here. What. Was that. Okay. What. Happened in here why do people not like coming over here is, it because it's a weird baseless crawlspace I don't.

Know Turn off the light and shut the door I'm gonna give you one more chance to talk to me on spirit box this may help you speak here we go. Fucking, Anthony box what happened here. Don't. Try that at home folks it's gross I think. This is as good a time as any to jump, into individual. Investigations. Yes I'd like to explore the space on my lonesome, I would too more specifically, any space but that one cuz it was gross, smells, like shit I'm ready to enter the nightmare zone once, again you, gonna okay. That's I was, gonna say what you could look for and all that stuff but I'm looking for ghosts. Descending. Into the basement, both velvety. It's. Very velvety so. Shane is down there likely. Not taking the investigation. Very serious, very odd brand, oh oh, oh. No. Echos whatsoever, anyway, my name's Shane, I'm, a ghost hunter, and I'm. Here alone right now giving. You the perfect opportunity to, really give me a spook, spook. Of a lifetime, this is a once in a death, time, opportunity. But I will say look at this the. Straws moved a little bit that may be from just the general rustle and bustle of a set but, you know. They were like this if you'll recall and. I feel like we painstakingly made, that clear. There. Moved just, saying any. Much just mobsters, and generate some general, mobsters. Here, mobsters. Love a basement. Oh yeah. This one's deep this. Is one storey, underground. Baby, but, this basement oh it's, a party basement, isn't it I'm a little party boy if you're looking for a party, boy Here I am let's. Party, baby let's. Party, let's dance. And. I don't know what to say on these things anymore cuz. It's. All the same quiet. Rooms full of nothing okay. I'm gonna go now bye. Ghosts I love, you. It's. Me did. You fall asleep down there no I actually didn't, I was dancing you were dancing well, I thought, the monsters might have liked a party boy so I tried to give him a party boy and they didn't want the party boy but I think it's worth maybe trying to give them another party boy go. Get him I'm gonna go on there and I'm gonna cleanse, the basement, yeah I'm gonna take my little broom out spiritual. Of course and shovel, in some dirt a little sweep sweep sweep in, yeah who. Are you gonna call, Ryan. Bergara. Well. I got to do a little offbeat because it's copyright. Well. I hope he finds it goes there. Is an unsolved. Mystery, associated. With this place and if, you know anything about me you know that that is my cup of tea as they say you're, giving me the opportunity. Right now to solve a. Unsolved. True, crime case as well, as solve the mystery, of ghosts. Frankly. I'm asking you right now to do me a favor if you, show yourself, you will make me the, greatest detective. Overall. I would say of all, time and look. I'm not a man to. Chase. After glory. But. I will say I. Wouldn't. Mind having that on my mantle, you know I've been antagonistic. Enough, this whole time. This. Whole series, now. I'm just rooting for him. It's. Become very sad. There's, nothing down there, Shane. Said he did some dancing does that move look good right there a little, pelvic. Action. How about those moves huh ghouls I hope, he finds a ghost I always do ideally. The ghouls walk up the stairs and rhymes just oh he's, passed out with fear in between them and they're hauling, him up here like he's had too many and the ghouls just say sorry we scared your little buddy too much and, I'll say don't worry about it and then I'll say delete this footage the, world can never know now, I'm gonna talk to River Phoenix. River. I don't know if you ever spent any time down, here in this part of the bar but you, honestly. Were one of my favorite actors I think you were really talented and, it's a shame you're gone now. What. Was that. River. Phoenix. I thought, I heard something behind me thought it was steps I guess. Not. Oh. Shit. Fuck. I. Actually. Thought you were a voice screaming, through the spirit box at first. Screaming. Alright. Let's get out of here how'd it go down there um can't, really tell you. Know how it is yeah check your audio a little bit maybe. Yeah. Check your audio a little bit maybe yeah check your audio a little bit maybe. There's. Somebody opening something down there up here. Wow. We, have a party, let's. Go check it out I just want to say so what are you talking about the guy you, hear that no you're.

A Dad or a dork, we've heard or squeak squeak, how many times are we gonna go up and down these I don't know. You, heard that their ice adoro, been down here no I didn't hear door opened. Did. Someone open a door down here, doesn't. Look like it after, spending the night exploring. Every, darkened, shadowy corner, of the infamous Los Angeles, night club I can, certainly see why many believe, the Viper Room to be haunted but whether the dark windowless building also, holds within it the ghosts of the not-so-distant Hollywood. Past will, remain, unsolved. I. Think. This place is. Finally. Cleansed. After years. Of. Paranormal. But we've done it that sentence, right there communicates. A severe misunderstanding. Of what we do so, that being said let's, go back out into the mortal world my, family's place adieu it's been a treat, it certainly has. Holy. Smokes. What time, is it. What's. Up but do you imagine how weird we must look right, now to, the general public. It's. Okay we're ghost hunters. Let's. Go get some breakfast, okay I'm gonna go eat some waffles.

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when ryan went into the lil back room thing that everybody's scared of i just kinda thought... has ryan lost his fear of ghosts???? bc dude went in there just like HEY BOI ARE YA BURIED HERE? and the ghost is just like.. help please.

#postmortem The Ghoul Boys and Ghost adventures together?

BuzzFeed Unsolved Network why don’t you guys go to the suicide forest in Japan? It’s said that there’s a lot of spirits there but then’s in Japan so...

#postmortem what bravery possessed ryan this season i don't know how to feel about his newfound confidence

BuzzFeed Unsolved Network Shane’s gone feral

maybe you don’t see any ghosts because the lights are always off. When there are sightings by like someone who works there the lights are probably on. #postmortem

Everyone go follow @BasedVero

so this one wasn't haunted either, what a surprise

#postmortem NOTICE ME SENPAI!!!!

Did you guys do this case because it's semi kinda ish connected to Joker that just came out? #postmortem

Does anyone think that the Viper's logo looks like the logo of Twice (Kpop group)?

#postmortem release the sweet sweet ghoul music cowards

Lol I like this Ryan, he didn’t seem nearly as scared this episode. #braveryan2019

for roastmortem: Shane looks like a daddy long legs who was thrown out on the streets and had to start earning his living by attempting to steal from children

10:21 i hear a glass moving and possibly falling

I want "Bye ghosts, I love you." On a shirt. #GetThatMerch

can anyone else hear "i hate it here" at 8:25?

You guys should do a show on the freeway phantom!! This is hands down my favorite show on youtube, Shanes a badass but Ryan's hilarious! Please don't ever stop doing what you guys do, I tune in every time i see a new episode as soon as it drops!!

Damn, imagine if this were all real and someone was really pleading for help to be found underneath that club. This is one of the episodes that made me actually sad (other than the Soder children).

y’all been lookin homeless this season r buzzed not paying u enough or sumn?

For Post Mortem: A serious question for Ryan- I understand you're trying to get the shaniacs to believe in ghosts (even though we never will) but how can you just start being more realistic now? For instance, you said you felt no strange energy at the bar but at literally every single other location you have. Also the fact that you were willingly going back downstairs after hearing a noise that you would've run from in earlier seasons. Are you putting on an act now or were you putting on an act then? Or are you just so used to ghost hunting that it doesn't scare you as much anymore?

*no one:* *not a single soul:* *ryan:* i’m in your hole

I really don’t understand the logic behind spirit boxes. It thrives on the quite ludicrous idea that ghosts somehow are equipped with the superfast ability to foresee and find the exact right words, in the right order, on numeral different radio stations, and somehow control the device, when asked random questions. That’s even harder to believe than ghosts themselves.

Post mortem: doesn't it seem like whenever ryan and the audience hear something that shane looks at the exact same time or even earlier. Looks like Shane's starting to believe?

Wow. So many variations of "help me". That's super sad. I hope they find his body and he gets some closure.

Johnny depp

why shane entered from the EXIT DOOR?? @17:22

shane: *touches ryan* i made a friend me: *cries*

This show is so addicting

For #postmortem : if they believe there's body buried in there, has the police sent some hounds to check? Even if it's not Mr. Fox, it still seems like something worth checking out.... #shaniac #DoATrueCrimeEpOnMrFox

That’s way too good of a Johnny depp impression

Phoenix was a cool guy, eh? The moron that overdosed on a narcotic? That actively participated in its popularity in the nineties? He got what he deserved, end of story.


I could watch a whole episode of the boys just cosplaying and impersonating celebrities and movie characters

Shane: I had done nothing with my life at 23 NOTHING... Ryan: So nothing has changed SAME SHANE SAME

I think the ghosts were intimidated by your pelvic thrusts Ryan, love you both :) #postmortem

Is it just me or do the spirit box "messages" pretty much never sound like words unless you're reading the subtitles? Like, that "thank you" was NOTHING. I replayed it five times and those were not words. #postmortem #shaniac

So... there's the potential someone is buried in the building and that hasn't been investigated?


Roast mortem: Shane looks like a homeless man doing a good "job with his hands" just to get by when he pretended to get electricuted. #postmortem #roastmortem

Look how far Shane has come, saying he's a Ghost hunter! And I have to say, the fact that these deaths happened not so long ago makes it so weird to see you guys ghost hunting.... the 20 years rule! Let's see if buzzfeed gets sued by the Phoenix family xD

Would you guys ever try a sort of spin off where you instead go to a place famous for maybe alien visits?

You guys should use an oculus! The spirit box is really annoying!


If there's supposedly a body down there, why hasn't anybody just... dug it up? Seems like kind of an open secret, so why isnt anyone looking into it more? Like, if you tell the police "hey there's a body down in the basement," don't they check it out? X-ray the floors or something? (Is that a thing?) Seems like that particular mystery could be solved pretty easily.

Around 6.57 - 7.00, straight in front of Ryan, you can see what looks like a skeleton ghoul. What do you say to that Shane?

Why do the voices sound more credible as they go on like they’re now responding to questions with answers not just random things. How do you feel about this change? #reeder #postmortem

#postmortem well guys, it's confirmed. Ryan is possessed, and it's so scary that it's even scaring Shane, the demon Lord himself Why you being so sceptical Ryan? Or should I say... Ricky Goldsworth??

That was a really good episode.

Ryan : "Could we also talk about Filthy McNasty?" Shane : "Yeah,it's a good name" Ryan : "That's an actual dude,yeah" Shane : "Wait,what?"

I don’t why i find it funny that they said *98 year old landmark* as if that’s super old for a building

shane: let's party baby! let's dance!

*Glass flies off the bar top and hits Ryan in the face* Shane: Wow, didn’t know it did that...

What actually happened: 5:06 Ryan: ... and Joaquin Phoenix Me: *CHOKES ON FOOD*

10:20 is that a sound of glass breaking or just a sound effect?

I've always had the feeling like Shane is trying to hide his fear (and maybe the fact that he too believes in ghosts - in some level) behind that constant talking etc. Whenever he is with Ryan he is a lot more calm and relaxed, but when he is alone somewhere he immediately starts to talk and repeat his mantra about ghosts not being real just to keep himself calm and besides that way he doesn't hear/see anything spooky.

For #postmortem Will Ryan ever see a full bodied apparition? (Probably not, ghosts aren't real) Will Shane ever get any "activity"? Will this show get a musical episode? These are all important questions, but the most important it what on EARTH DOES A HORSE HEAD HAVE TO DO WITH GETTING EVICTED?? I AM SO CONFUSED!

At 11:41 when I heard Ryan said " told Ghost Adventures" They got sponsored by Ghost Adventures. Zak Bagans and their crew will be happy with that.

Why do you guys suddenly cut-off the spirit box? Let the ghost communicate

Why is Ryan so brave in this episode??? He even volunteered to be alone omg thats new

What crack is Shane on ?

19:54 a shadow figure on the wall! just kidding ghost isn't real, can you believe that they have been talking to air the entire time? I think they need help haha...

Y'all are really desperate for #roastmortem, the hobo outfits and the shameful dancing, really looking forward to that segment this week

Man how long were you guys in there ?

Aren't those the bad guys from home alone?

For #roastmortem Ryan if you were part of the wet bandits you wouldn’t be taken out by Macaulay Culkin, you’d be taken out by your partner because you thought the traps were laid out by ghosts, activate the spirit box and immediately get hit in the head by your partner because it’s so annoying #shaneismyspookydaddy #getinmyholeryan

For the post mortem: how's Reed doing?? Has Shane's opinion in cancer kids (hating them) changed at all? #Boogara4Life

Shane keeps deleting the ghoul footage

#postmortem why does Shane look homeless in this one?

#postmortem What do guys think is the squeaking sound you heard from downstairs and I just wonder... The spirit box seems to answer the queries and respond to you guys. So, whatcha think? Is it haunted or not? Btw I love you 'friendship'

Roast mortem: Shane going strong with that hobo couture.

Why didn’t you guys try to communicate at the spot on the sidewalk where River had the most traumatic part of his OD? RIP River ❤️

For the #postmortem: what the heck is that doll/face-looking thing behind Ryan at 19:08/19:09???? Is that an actual person behind the bar or...? #loveyouboth

"We look like the Wet Bandits." no one does Roast Mortem better than Ryan and Shane.

Two joker characters

Why do they look like the guys from home alone?

Is it just me, or did Ryan say "moPsters" instead of Mobsters?

Me: *sees thumbnail* Also me: *screams*

I don't think I'll ever look at Johnny deep the same again!


The amount of times it sounded like something or someone was saying "help me" is wildly concerning, especially because there were a bunch of different voices. Does it make you want to do a unsolved crime episode there, if you wouldn't get sued? Also, "Hi boys" sounded incredibly ominous, even Shane looked unsettled. #postmortem #reeder

I’m heard “Leonardo DiCaprio” and “Johnny Depp” and I started screaming.

"please help me" i think hes saying hi

"i don't want to get sued".....*youtube crashes* ..........okay then

For post mortem: How do you guys choose which places are you going to visit? Also, Shane I like your fluffy hair.

Ghouls boys have turned into the Goon boys lmao

Petition for Shane and Ryan to play the sticky bandits in a home alone remake

It sounds like the same spirit talking and they are clearly suffering, with the “please help me”s and “help me”s. Idk what they need help with though #postmortem

Why is Ryan dressed like a hipster Hamburgler

#postmortem people pass out??? ITS A BARR THEYRE DRINKING LOADS, ngl think its kinda silly

I think the spirit box is a load of crap, but that voice was creepy, and so unlike all the other voices we've heard that sound like snippets from a radio broadcast. It even said the guy's name. Spooky stuff.

I love Shane and Ryan but I kinda felt offensive the way they were trying to talk to river and I'm glad I don't know why but they didn't add the 911 call joaquin made

#postmortem This isn’t really a question but, a friend of mine’s girlfriend had a hamster that died and the girlfriend was so upset that she wanted it cremated. They couldn’t find a place to do it so my friend threw the hamster in a travel carrier and put it in his freezer. It’s been there for six months. I ate a popsicle from that freezer. Maybe this happens to that Fox guy? #Solved

#roastmortem shanes hair (itsactuallyreallyfloofyandnicebutihadtodoittoem)


Are ya looking for a party boyyyy

ryan's coming for my wig this season, it's hard out here for a shaniac


I'm a #shaniac but that spirit box really sounded like it said "please help" like at least three times in a row.

Ryan is becoming braver and braver as episodes go by

Is anyone else thinking that guy is legit buried in that cupboard? Why has anyone ever not just dug a hole to see?

The thumbnail legit looks so much like scully and hitchcock from the 80s

Ryan has become so bold omg

I just realized that Joaquin Phoenix is an actor that played Joker in 5:07 . no wonder i feel familiar

Ryan was in an especially cheery mood that night. Also unusually brave, jumping in that dirt closet. Didn’t even seem remotely spooked. Wonder if he was just feeling happy or it was something in particular. Either way, happy to see him having a wonderful day!

Sounds like "you have great knees!" in an indian accent lmao 21:07

Why didn’t they make a bigger deal about those Spirit Box words? Not even an Instant Replay on some of the best stuff!

at 10:44 you can see something move in the mirror. was it someone from your crew? it creeped me out a little #postmortem

*squeak sounds* Ryan: now we have a party. Let's check it out. Shane: what? No0oo0 Ryan's getting braver y'all

Both of u maybe should come to Indonesia spend a night in a spooky place

Umm is anyone else curious about the whole Johnny Depp being linked to a disappearance thing???

The random head at 19:08 kinda caught me off guard

gHosT voMitEd iN tHe urInAL AgAIn

2 uploads? In 1 month? Awesome!

Why dont you guys use the ovullis thingy again? The thing from that episode with Hannah

Another questions for the post mortem: can shane do his johnny depp impression again

this seems so active !!! creepy

Shane over here looking like Ash Ketchum. I guess he wants to be the very best.

just imagine if all the [UNINTELLIGIBLE] sounds from the spirit box were actually deciphered. What do you think that would say?

To be honest. If Shane believed in ghosts, Ryan would “notice” more things, and attribute a lot more things to ghosts. If someone believes they find reasons to.

You need to go to bobby Mackeys bar .

I feel like if ghosts existed and River Phoenix was one of them, he definitely would greet still-living people with a cheerful and chilled little “Hi boys”.

12:04 someone HAS to meme that

Hey Ryan and Shane! My name is Clara, I’m from Brazil and I’m a big fan of the show but I was wondering why did u stop sleeping at the supposedly hunted places? And also, why dont u try non famous hunted places but look for places that some people may “recently” passed away? the chances will be bigger to find some evidence I think... anyway love u guys!

Gotta go classic #Reeder here and say I'm not sure if there was anything going on. The spirit box stuff was intriguing, but I think it's too hard to tell, really.

No one: Shane: *I'M SHANE*

Get an EMF pump so the ghosts can use that energy to communicate better

ok but like river phoenix looks exactly like harry styles, is it a coincidence that harry just released his new song lights up ???? i think not

"Bye Ghosts. I love you" was so freakin precious!!!

bruh I had no idea mike waters died like this wtf

16:35 it sounds like he says "you're not supposed to be here"

why does Shane looks like Ash Ketchum from pallet town this episode?

For the post mortem : what's Shane's reaction to the many help's and please help me's.

hold up. for the postmortem i need to know whether ryan got those waffles or not

WHERE ARE ALL THE THOUSANDS OF TRUE CRIME EPS, Humans are weirder than ghosts! PLEASE MORE TRUE CRIME/MYSTERIES. I AM SHOUTING BC I LIVE ACROSS THE ATLANTIC. #sortofsceptic #butprobaliens #postmortem #roastandtoastbabay

#roastmortem 33 and wearing gloves of a middle class 16 year old ska fan smh #notpartyboys #goulbois

Would love to see you guys collab with Paranormal Files #PostMortem

Okay but some sunset strips sleaze bands were pretty damn good

1:21 - Shane when the exorcism is finally done on him

Shane is 33?! Holy cow!

Why is the mic doing that weird thing when Ryan speak using the spirit box? I didn't remember it being like that before

#PostMortem Are you up to going to the Amityville Murder House?

Watching this whilst trying to do my maths homework, thanks for making quadratic simultaneous equations interesting #postmortem

The “Anthony” and the “Thank you” is honestly so convincing-

Zanetti train dissapearing maybe? As Ryan said he likes trains

I mean Ryan and Shane's friendship has always been goals but this season... oh my- their goals.

#postmortem why don't you guys use the other Spirit-box-thing you used in Hannah's house? The voices of the spirits were much clearer. Ps,: You guys are amazing can't wait for the demon ep. #boogara #shaneisfunnytho

This is sad not funny

5:18 so the guy currently playing the joker was 19 WHEN HIS BROTHER WAS MURDERED

It’s actually scary how much they look like the burglars from home alone

It's really cute how Shane is secretly rooting for Ryan

Ma party boi aint getting spooks like

*Queen visited there once* That’s all I gotta say

anthony is straight NOT having a good time

Ryan! You got bolder this season. What happened??

I see River Phoenix, I click.

At approximately 15:09there seems to be a dace behind shane but I can't tell if its just the flash #postmortem

You blew my eardrums at the start

20:37 Shane said that like it's happened before xD.

Wait wasn’t John Frusciante also there?

I did hear an Anthony, and a Thank you when Ryan mentions he is a fan of the actor. Yes the place is haunted!

I'm really not trying to be mean; really wondering... These guys are clearly mocking this entire situation, Why does this trend every episode ? They aren't even trying to believe this nonsense. Do you guys ?! What is it that you guys watch this for

Okay sorry but Ryan’s face when Shane said I made a friend

I love that these guys don’t try to fake the ghosts being there like the other shows on tv like this .. they’re not afraid to be like “ nope, don’t feel any supernatural stuff “ it’s Always so interesting , the true crime ones are good As well...and they make laugh .

Feel so bad for jaquien ( spelling ?) I know his brother died but I didn’t know he was there.

Fun fact: ~(that doesn't really add anything to this episode but I can't stop thinking about it)~ Depp is actually a German word and means something like Idiot so for us germans Johnny Depp has quite a funny name #postmortem

Is nobody going to talk about how insanely accurate Shane's impression of Marv being electrocuted was....!?

10:20 glass noises or just like bg music?

I just had this wild dream that shane and ryan are sitting at the bar in viper room and shane satrt taunting the ghosts and suddenly a ghost throws a chair at shane and everyone starts running out but shane is laughing and sitting there

Joker laughssss

i’m not one to feel the need to comment negatively, like ever, about content on youtube, but i feel this episode was a little distasteful to include a possible “ghost” of someone who’s immediate family (eg. siblings and parents) are still alive, active, well known. also mentioning the trauma that night would have caused and they’d surely still be dealing with. if they had gotten the family’s approval do this, then i wouldn’t have an issue with it. but i don’t believe they did so it just feels wrong - particularly when they are feeding into a narrative that started from one of those dramatised ghost hunting shows when there were no credible reports previously. if they wanted to report on river’s death, a true crime episode would have been more tasteful (even though there isn’t a mystery about it - it still would have felt better). this is also coming from a fan of river’s AND a fan and religious watcher of unsolved (#boogara4life) i couldn’t watch the episode in full, i did lots of skipping ahead, but i look forward to seeing the ghoul boys back in action next week.

This was one of the most evident video you guys have had. But what for postmortem ryan what did you feel in that creepy crawlspace. #shaniacandboogara

Ryan I think you're grasping at thin air, it's really sad #roastmortem

Imagine the amount of cocaine consumed there over the years.

When Ryan asked if someone's buried in here and the box said "Clearly" and then asked who was buried there it said "Anthony" and Ryan didn't react??? Wth is wrong with Ryan?

And you wonder why we think Shane's a demon

the door queaked

Someone is asking for help ..hope Rayne and Shane help him

"Now im in your hole." - Ryan 2019

If Shane and Ryan are Marv and Harry than who is the Kevin? #postmortem

I have never heard ANYTHING sound less like "thank you" in my life lmao

LMAO y’all said you look like the bandits from home alone at the same time I was gonna comment asking why y’all are dressed like you’re auditioning for the home alone reboot

This is almost as good as solved!

#post mortem how was your experience pls answer individualy

1:08 Ah Yes

God damn that electricution had me dying

post mortem why does shane look like ash ketchum but like the version that would be like really fucked up in his later years

Do you guys have a big Halloween special for us? :)

Ryan isn’t nearly as scared in this one as literally every other episode.

#PostMortem do you feel like the number of "help" or "help me" on the spirit box was more substantial this investigation? Also, it didn't seem to be addressed, but pretty sure the spirit box stating the name "Anthony" must have been fairly compelling. Did the investigation or atomosphere feel at all heavy afterwards?

I was baffled when Joaquin Phoenix was mentioned, especially after having seen Joker

ghosts asking for help ryan: I think it sounded like hi how you doin

*This had to be one of my favorite episodes! Loved this!!*


The spirit box really makes me believe ghosts are real. These responses can't be a coincidence. When they went to the lighthouse the responses they got were already weird, but this right here is very very weird.

Shane, are you ok? Blink twice if Ryan’s keeping you hostage! #PostMortem

Shane is having a serious mid-life crisis.

When you already nut but she keep sucking 1:24

you should go back and stay the night or stay for longer and see if anything else comes up

The amount of "help me" or "help" calls with the spirit box is concerning D::

Boys they’re trending now let’s go

that "please help me" part freaked me out because it repeated itself in the same "voice" but with slightly different wording. and then "Anthony"

I clicked cause of Johnny Depp

I like how every time something remotely resembling sound comes through the spirit box, Ryan asks ”what was that?” as if the ghost is suddenly going to say, ”oh, apologies dear sir, you were trying to contact me while my mouth was full. What is my full of, you ask? Why, only the most finely crafted apple tater that ghost money can bye! Well, toodeloo, I’ve got to go sit in the same room for eternity. Best of luck to you on your ghost hunt, young man!”

ryan has become more and more of a braver soul since this show was started and im kinda proud

i would loooove to see a home alone film with shane and ryan as the wet/sticky bandits

Joaquin Phoenix? As in the new joker?

Shoutout to Shane for giving us 23-year old unaccomplished people hope! Maybe in the next ten years I'll also have created something as amazing as the HotDaga #RoastMortem

Ryan was very chill this time. I'm shook.

Question For Post Mortem: Has anyone tried to dig up the body? I mean, if there might be a body in that little “closet space”, why hasn’t anyone checked? Or used one of those dogs that can smell corpses?

Ryan I see you with the ‘Jordan 3’s’ on

What sucks is the show used to be entertaining. Now, I think they're both done with it. The evidence is the past 30 episodes.

I hope they start going back to scary places again, this season has been meh

I like my life right now, don't want to get sued!

Not a true crime episode or season but ALL HAIL THE WATCHER

Shane is HOW OLD??? I thought he was 25


I would like if you did the Lemp mansion located in st. louis

Viper guys

so... some moron died of an cocaine overdose.... thats the whole story?

When he was sitting in the crawlspace 'talking' to Anthony Fox it actually made me sad.

but how late u get outta there?

Ryan: why won't u just show yourselfs ghouls?? Ghost: it's me Anthony, please help me Also Ryan: y'all hear sumn?

Why does shane look like he’s about to go fishing down the road from his country cabin?

For the #postmortem I think, when the ghoul boys went into that room and asked if anyone was buried there and the ghost said “obviously” that was kinda like the ghost trying to get them to find him but instead they just went “welp, nothin to see here” and just left

8:37 "eyeball"

Come oooonnnn lets daaaaaaannnnccccceeee

The next place yall should is THE GOLDFIELD INN (Nevada) Thats the place that Ghost Adventurers had the brick thrown at them !!! Yall need to goooooooooooo

is that supposed to be from hardy boys?


you guys should do the “disappearance of ruining history” for both true crime and supernatural next episode #roastmortem

Definitely a mouse

There the 2019 joker in this case.

It seems a little too soon to be doing a ghost hunt for River. Just seems insensitive. It's one thing when it's been over 50yrs and there aren't too many close relatives around anymore but River's family and friends are still very much alive and still mourn him. It just doesn't seem respectful.

artofvoice i agree with this

Shane: “Well that’s good to know though, incase some windy ghosts come by”

Shane looks so cute in this episode

a while back i was joking to my friends that wearing a denim jacket and cap made me look too much like a small-time paranormal investigator and now shane has proven me right

21:07 "do you have anything?"

I feel like this is kind of insensitive...

Go outside the country for more supernatural investigations

I used to here about ghosts when I worked at Nelson Adkins museum of art. Maybe the boys should explore :3

Idk man I’m the ghoul bois #1 fan but this feels like a cheap shot at profiting off Joker and and an awful tragedy :/

Piper Boon Piper Boon YES THIS IS WHAT I WAS THINKING BUT YOU WORDED IT WAY BETTER. it truly seems kind of insensitive like ryland stated that he liked him as an actor so i’d think they would’ve done this idea sooner but instead it seems like they were waiting for joaquin to get more publicity from joker before doing this idea.

Ghost: help me, please help Ryan: I think that said "how ya doing"

Why not talk about the theories of why Anthony fox got buried there

15:48 that's what he said

15:44 sounds like it's me

There too many "help me" to be a coincidence!

Me: super psyched to watch the episode Ryan: starts talking about River Me & everybody watching: instantly depressed

Wow this was a good ep

'Hi boys." The boys Shane and Ryan

Ryan: It’s probs a coincidence that the man that tried to testify against these powerful celebrities & co. disappeared Ryan: looks at Shane expectantly Shane: ... okay?

Ryan is awfully brave in this one. Is this a character development I see?

I finally know how to pronounce Joaquin

“Oh my god why is Shane calling Ryan his friend” - Most people watching this video 2019

Shane has finally started losing all semblance of sanity

when the spirit box said anthony, oof

did the ghoul boys not hear whatever is there asking for help, maybe its fox or its river asking for help, cause hearing help more then once means something is there. awww ryans favorite actor said thank you thats so sweet

>some paranormal squeaking happens Ryan:let's go down Shane: NO! How many times we gonna go up and down these stairs? Shane are you a demon trying to make sure Ryan finds nothing?

the fact that River Phoenix supposedly said thank you to Ryan after complemented him is so wholesome!

Ryan "I'm in your hole" Meanwhile we almost saw Ryan's hole.

Ryan: Was there anyone buried here that wasn’t meant to be buried here? Spirit box: Anthony. I’m freaking out man

shanes actually lost it

"well i mean i got these gloves," is a mood and a half

shanes kinda annoying. one of these days an actual ghost is gonna punch him in the nose haha

Ryan: Hey, I'm in your hole Me: don't do it don't do it don't do it Also me: ....that's what she said

They prolly found ghosts on several occasions but Ryan passed out due to being so scared and shane deleted the footage and covered it all up

Ryan: It’s probs a coincidence that the man that tried to testify against these powerful celebrities & co. disappeared Ryan: *looks at Shane expectantly* Shane: ... okay?

#postmortem I'm waiting on the day that the spirit box picks up some sort of secret drug dealer transmission

Shane be giving me mid life crisis Steve Harrington vibes. Wacky. #postmortem

the red hot chili peppers were playing that night with johnny depp, they drove behind the ambulance to the hospital. river was a very good friend to their lead singer Anthony Kiedis and bassist flea

Who you gunna call? rYaN bErGaRa! *dotatooo* *offbeat*

hello there buzzfeed unsolved. my name is Eli and i im message you today because i have one of the most active paranormal house in fl that no one has looked into. i have had pic of a little girl who vanish in the pic after a few days. if you sleep in a serotonin bed you can feel someone pushing down on your chest while you sleep. and lots more things happen every day in this house. i can strongly say i can get y'all proof that ghost are real. i wold like y'all to come down to fl and try to stay the night in one of the most paranormal active house in fl. if you can make it with out the ghost messing with you while you sleep. pleas message me back to let me know if y'all are instead in coming down to fl to get your hard could proof that ghost are real.

YOU GUYS MISSED SOME IMPORTANT INFORMATION AND RUMOURS! rain (his sister) was also there and she tried to give him cpr while joaquin was on the phone with 911 and then the 911 responder immediately told joaquin to tell rain to stop. in a book wrote about river, it says a rock star gave river the speedball and people say it was john frusciante from the red hot chilli peppers who gave it to river. a lot of sites also say that river even asked what was put in the drink to john after he drank it. the whole thing was truly not investigated properly by the police which is very upsetting. please help make this a top comment so people won’t assume negative things about river when the whole story surrounding his death is still unclear and suspicious.

ryan is quite literally clutching at straws

"Please help" ""Hi boys" Yep, nothing in this room, lets go check out the bar.

Is it me or does Shane seem possessed with a different personality?!

For Post-Mortem: When are you guys ever gonna sleep on another haunted location? Lol. And since Ryan's been kinda brave lately, is he *finally* willing to go back to the Sallie House?

Shane radiates Scott Lang energy sometimes

Plot twist the ghost was the cameraman .

So I was into it.... until it was revealed this is about River Phoenix, Joaquin Phoenix's brother. Idk guys, this really seems too recent to me, River had friends and family still alive. And investigating Joaquin Phoenix's brother RIGHT as Joaquin's new big movie is hitting theaters seems really clickbatey, tone deaf, and disrespectful.

10:21 sound effect or glass tinkling?


The character development for the Ghoul Boys has blown my mind. Shane told the ghosts he loves them. Ryan fearless asked to be shut in a dark, dirty room that possibly had a body buried in it. That's what we call growth.

when will you visit Philippines? there's a lot to ghost hunt.. :D

whenever you're in public, just remember someone has pooped their pants right where you're standing

You should’ve asked Joaquin Phoenix to join you

or maybe asked river how good was joker

A lot of the spirit box responses in this episode actually sounded like River, especially the “thank you”


ummmmmm am i the only one that's concerned that anthony's disappearance wasn't clearly looked into more lollll ??? like ??? i guess they don't think he could have been truly murdered if they never investigated the viper room when there's so many rumors that his body is there............ like is johnny depp connected to this man's murder ??? this is THE episode y'all

okay but 2019 is their year? they've been getting so much ghost interaction this season. also i want to see Shane use the spirit box one day and see if he gets anything

"Clearly, please help me." Yall gotta dig this guy up. He is beggin from beyond yo

When the voice said "thank you" through the spirit box i felt that it couldve been River Phoenix, appreciating that people still know his work

River Phoenix has always interested me. Poor dude had a fucked up life :(.

5:07 joker was behind it all

14:06 Me in class

Shane looks kinda homeless

me: excited to watch the new episode also me: on the verge of tears bc i'm sad about river phoenix

I keep seeing how people are saying how much braver Ryan is getting... Well just you wait for the season finale! I heard in an interview he passes out from fear in it!

Since Joaquin Phoenix was mentioned, would just like to praise him on his performance in Joker, one of the best all time.

I can totally imagine how ryan and shane would do Prank calls and laughing like little kids. :D

I thought we stopped using the spirit box.........

For postmortem: You guys are literally possessed. Visit Father Thomas asAP. Teehee!

Guys I’m starting to think Anthony’s ghost needs help

You weren't asked.

You guys should go to the Bell Witch Cave

shane: “im a pirate” ryan: (big wheeze)

Ryan, pancakes or waffles for breakfast? #postmortem lmao

siriusly, Joaquin Phoenix aka Joker and we didn’t know this happened? Skskkskskskskskks

The wholesome moment between Ryan and River with the "Thank you" though, aw. #postmortem

“We are looking for Anthony fox” Ghost: “Anthony” Me:

If there really is a body down there, why won’t anyone just dig through the floor, or call the police? #postmortem #shaniac

The recording thing: tijggkhthkvj Subtitles: hey boys

Ryan: Was anyone buried here that wasn’t supposed to be? Ghost: *Anthony* Me:

Flea from The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Gibby Haynes from The Butthole Surfers were there when River Phoenix died.

Yo this season y’all have been getting semi-coherent responses from the spirit box, even more than before, how have you been feeling about that?

this makes me so uncomfortable bc it seems more personal with it involving celebrities and it wasn't that long ago

There dressed like the re-cast versions of home alone

Aw man dang it! I caught up with all the unsolved videos...what am I gonna watch now!?!?!? WWAAAA

Ryan: "now I'm in your hole." Me:

1:24 Shane sounded like a very angry chicken

Shane: i made a friend **looks at Ryan** Ryan: Thanks pal AWWWWW

Friday night smackdown

why do y'all look like portland hipster dipshits in this #roastmortem

انا ملاحظ ان كل حاجة في بوليڤارد مسكونة وفيها اشباح وجن

Do you believe Johnny Depp was involved in the disappearance of Anthony Fox?

Oo damn ryans brave

6:39 **combusts in uwu**

The recording thing: tijggkhthkvj Subtitles: hey boys

8:01 “alright lets try this one more time, my names miles morales”

river phoenix,,,,

Hi, it’s me. All Hail The Watcher

What's the point of an "investigation" if an ask for help goes unnoticed. Someone needs to dig that closet.

#postmortem im gonna post this every time until you respond If you had to get married at any location you’ve filmed at which one would you choose? Ps, I just realised that I am the same height as Shane and my boyfriend is the same height as Ryan, we must look wack in public

Where can one get a ''spirit box''? #postmortem

I think you should come to Tasmania, specifically Port Arthur, we have an island graveyard, some of the most haunted buildings in Australia, we have an old asylum in New Norfolk, a Female Factory and many other historic sites that are haunted. I feel like if anything is going to be able to be picked up on camera and audio it would be down here.

Wait, Shane is old enough to be my older brother then

#postmortem did it smell as bad as I imagine ?

Not related but I love Joaquin Phoenix.

just out of curiosity what are you theories for after death? #postmortem

Oooooh the bois are looking spiffy

lol i love how when shane says he's made a friend, ryan becomes the skeptic

Heard "Look up" 6:00 - 6:01

Maybe his buried above???

So let me get this straight: the owners are just okay with a body being buried below their bar? Wouldn't the police or forensics want to dig up the body and search it for clues to find the murderer????? WHY ARE PEOPLE LIKE THIS -_- ....

Wait what?? The guy who played Joker hmmmm so sad

Please go back in there at maybe 12am and try to talk to Anthony again because I feel like youve got something there

Didn't know that the Joker's brother died this way.

"I'm a little party boy" ~Shane- 2019

Unpopular opinion I love the spirit box

really want to believe it. I’m believing it anyways

To Shane and Ryan, would you bring your girlfriends to one of these adventures?:D

Spirit box: dsufbgsaludfgalsuryf The captions: help me

you guys and mykie from glam and gore should do a video together

Visit the Amityville horror house 108 ocean avenue

I think most ghouls would be huddled into a corner as they watch Shane make a spectacle of himself dancing then comes Ryan...poor ghoulies.

Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix as in Joker??? OMG

19:12 my favourite part of the whole episode

5:52 I know this is sad and all, but Shane saying "eh JESUS-e"

Woow his truck was found on my birthday Pretty sick

Is BuzzFeed not paying you guys? Ryan looks like he's been living in his car for a month. Shane looks like he's been living under a bridge for a year. #roastmortem

“now that i am in your hole”

Do the Comedy Store in LA next

Haha that's funny

It’s amazing how he only said help on the chair but when Ryan went into the little closet the ghost spilled out a whole bunch of words and started getting open. Isn’t the basement lounge

So I now believe that River is actually there and I wanna cry. Ghost adventures was there and have on record of a voice responding “hey/hi” back to them. Ryan captures a voice saying “thank you” back to him in the same tone/voice that was heard in ghost adventures......and one person said that, that in fact was rivers voice. I hope it’s true because I really want to believe it. I’m believing it anyways

Shane seemed a lil scared this one

is shane okay? #postmortem

12:30 ryan making girls pregnant thru a screen☠needa learn more pelvic movement

Iv gone 3 days without sleep and then it’s 12:00pm and I’m watching this . No regrets

Why didn't you guys start digging after getting a beg for help? I would of. Or at least ask the owner's permission. #postmortem

Shane at 23:10 might be the funniest he's ever been


So the actor who played the new Joker witnessed his older brother's death. Oh.

You guys should investigate the legend of the lizard man in Bishopville SC.

You neglected to mention that Rain, one of River’s sisters, was also there that night. It was River, Samantha, Rain, and Joaquin. Rain and Joaquin literally watched their brother draw his last breath that night.

Post Mortem: It sounds like glasses clink in the background after Shane is taunting them (10:20)

Every time I watch Ryan and Shane makes me doubt all the ghost shows that actually have encounters

Bar Manager: "I've seen patrons at my bar faint and I just can't figure out why? Must be a ghost!"

21:03 "thank you" Me:wait what?


Shouldve just dug anthony up ur self. Well, I'll do it myself #postmortem

The scariest thing here was Ryan’s pelvic action and nothing else

Well, this was a creepy episode.

18:25 LeTs pArty bAbY

The River flows in you. Sorry. Just had to pun it.

The thank you sounded like “yeah it is” to me, when he was talking to River Phoenix.

Shane hobo

I was so heartbroken when River Phoenix died.

Instead of taking the time to play love island Noel Miller has taken up ghost hunting, smh

Why does my fiancé hate you guys? Plz say hi to jina so she will love you. #postmortem

Why does Ryan look like the theater thug from drake and josh?

Anyone want the Shaniac back?

"Is someone buried in here?" "Clearly. Please help."

are you sure Shane isn't on crack?

Buzzfeed when are you gonna grow up and a video about those guys in france that danced themselves to death?

I don't like that the ghosts keep saying help.

Ryan is so ballsy in this episode. That's the scariest part.

11:20 is it just me or did the glass just moved

any concern with the fact that “help” was said about five times? #postmortem

6:40 Shane and Ryan. Making it awkward since 2016...

you in their hole? that was just wrong

Shane should grow a "Man Bun." Also, which is best for mosquito bites; calamine lotion or cortisone cream?

Do you know how scared I got because of the red lights at 21:57? They looked like red eyes!


Does anyone else watch these in the dark? Cause I'm a little spooked right now.

These mother fuckers annoying af

How about those moves huh ghouls

Okay i actually genuinely felt sad when you guys were communicating with Anthony Fox. :(

The spirit box saying Anthony was a strange coincidence

Could you guys discuss the theories surrounding Alexander Hamilton's (the founding father) death?

That did NOT sound like "thank you"

Shane: we look like we're gonna rob the place Well those fingerless gloves of yours certainly does not help


I'm actually really digging the #HoboShane look this episode, right on man.

Joaquin phoenix doesn't get a break lol

You guys should visit the Skinwalker Ranch

For P.M.; would you ever be interested in taking your EVPs to a professional audio tech or someone who is a professional in the ghost hunting game? I would love to hear what they would have to say about all of the things you have captured. Also, what do you do with the evidence you do end up capturing? Do you show it to the owners of the place you’re investigating? If it involves a crime like the Anthony Fox case, what do y’all think should be done with the evidence? Take it to the police or brush it off? #SoManyQuestions #BUN #GhoulBois

I havent seen one of these videos in a little while but was I the only one who was shocked when Ryan very very willingly went into the basement closest area and said "turn out the lights and shut the door" while he was in there? I feel like he used to be so scared

Hey Shane, how long have you been shopping at Baby Gap?

Watching this after watching the Joker and watching Joaquine Phoenix interviews nonstop. I had no idea this was going to talk about his brother dying and him making the phone call. Random..and super sad.

We can barely decide between laurel and yanny, and im supposed to trust whoever made the subtitles for the baseless spirit box?

I feel like if Joaquin Phoenix watched this he'd be pissed

Shane lookin' like a reject Dexy's Midnight Runner. #roastmortem

"Hi I'm Ryan," "and I'm SHANE!!" "And you're watching Disney Channel."

Check out ghost of carmel maine..its quite active over there

Can Ryan plz stop asking the spirits to repeat themselves? Even when he receives a direct answer, he asks for them to say it again. Maybe the ghosts are irritated. #postmortem

shanes hair this season >>>> also shane & ryan will you guys be sleeping at any of the places you investigate this season? #postmortem

No comment

This one should be counted as Unsolved True Crime...!!!

Postmordem: Almost every ghosts is asking for help. Like something terrible had happened or some dark secret. Could have the viper room held some sort of dark secret that only select people know?

#RoastMortem Why tf Shane be looking like he just discovered skateboarding? Like, seriously man. Get over your midlife crisis and get a haircut. #BoovsShane #suckittallman

I'm Shane and crazy !

#postmortem : Maci Jane just got a call from the Hash Slinging Slasher

R u guys using a new camera or something? It was almost like watching a movie the quality was so good. Also for #roastmortem shane u say ur sad for ryan but it's been ten years and u only got those gloves to your name THAT'S SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD BABY

Every supernatural episode ever: Ryan: “Are ghosts real?” Shane: *passionate dissatisfied head shaking*

Most of the people came there auditioned or became the joker

I just realized that Joaquin Pheonix is the actor from the new JOKER movie

ryan: "now im in your hole"

Hey buzzfeed unsolved you should come down to El Paso and visit one of the most haunted high schools in america, El paso High;)

not gonna lie. I rewatched the "thank you" bit with my eyes closed so I only heard the sound. It didn't sound like "thank you" to me at all. #shaniac

4:20 you're welcome

Ryan was uncharacteristically brave this episode... sir, who hurt you?

Is Ryan a filipino?

He kinda cute (:

what kind of sound are you using when communicating to the ghosts???

Guess what ... Ryan just solved something " Anthony missing case " is close baby

why don't you use a ouija board? that would be funny to watch lol

Assuming that was the spirit of Anthony saying "please help", I can't help but feel really bad for the poor guy after hearing that. Likely being buried in a backroom at a night club is one hell of a tragic ending. #postmortem

this one was freaky but also really sad. they literally have evidence that anthony is buried there and he needs help :( i need a part 2 of this where they go back and ask different questions or try ask them again

They looked like the wet bandits from "Home Alone"

Cover the case of KENDRICK JOHNSON.

What did Shane have to say about the straws that moved around the cup? Did you tell him before you did your one on one? #postmortem

I do believe that River Phenix is still there. P.S you guys look like scared dads in the end card photo

So a pretty underground conspiracy theory is that Leonardo DiCaprio had something to do with his overdose for a movie role. Thoughts? Also SHANE THOSE GLOVES AREN’T AN ACHIEVEMENT. YOU LOOK LIKE SQUIDWARD WHEN HE QUITS THE KRUSTY KRAB TO BECOME AND ARTIST AND SPONGEBOB FINDS IN A BOX.

LOL. People here are crying about how this had so much feedback from the spirit box. Seems like the usual amount to me. And that ‘thank you’ didn’t even really sound like one. All I heard was ‘help’ rather than help me. Don’t know what people are talking about with the cut either.

Ryan’s getting brave. I’m proud of our ghoul boy for going into the murder crawl space all on his own

I saw River’s face on the thumbnail and audibly gasped... Rest In Peace, my love~

why do shane look like a poor man

For Post Mortem: Why do ghost hunters always go searching for evidence that ghosts exist at night?

Why does Shane look like a cartoon hobo.

I’m loving that River Phoenix said “Thank You” to Ryan! Best episode for me!

Great video, keep them coming

#postmortem Does anyone else really miss the hotdaga?

"Bye ghosts, I love you."

River was asked to do Interview With a Vampire right before his death

Why does Shane look like he should be asking, “please sir, can I have some more?”. #roastmortem

Please check out this location too! Colonial Park Cemetary Georgia ?

4:28 lmfao comedy gold

Holy sh*t is it me or did the glass move ever so slightly at 10:21? I watched it over and over again and I cant exactly wrap my head around the possibility that Ryan missed it and didnt freak out like the little baby he is, but lets not lie here, anyone who sees something move by an unseen force would absolutly sh*t their pants like Ryan came close to doing a few times lol #boogara #postmortem #roastmortem #RandomHashtagBecauseIAlreadyPutTooManyHashtagsAnyways

Johnny depp was so fine omg lol

There was some weird stuff going on in this video. The amount of please help on the spirit boxes is concerning to say the least.

If you want to experience real ghosts, go to the Philippines.

Ryan : how r these move ghouls River fénix : Uh hi uh wtf Ryan stop humping the air


Shane looking like a homeless Boy Scout.


For #postmortem I'm firmly a Shaniac but I will admit that dark rooms give me the heebie jeebies. Shane, have you have you ever gotten creeped out from being isolated in dark, creepy places?

Bye ghosts. I love you.

when they were slapping the counter to test if the coasters and straws would move, I couldnt help but think of Julien slapping the counter and yellin Ba Papapapappaa

Ok so my theory is some of the "Help me"s were possible victims of the mob (?) Boss and the " Hi boys" could have been him. After that the [unintelligible] kind of sounded like "what are you doing?" .

I only watched this because of River. Who’s with me?

May just be me, or maybe something else did it, but did anyone else see the glass slide over on its own ( 11:19 ), after Shane blew off the coaster?

Ryan: “Now I’m in your hole...”

5:56 welp I bet he wishes he has narcan

I felt emotional over Anthony

1:22 when the special ed kids are in gym class

You guys should go and investigate double eagle restaurant in new mexico!

for the post mortem:Do you think the club might be claiming to be haunted to attract more people there? Seems like a classic case of a 90s club that fizzled out and now grabbing at straws to bring people back in.

Ryan and Shane, for your next true crime season, you should investigate the West Mesa Murders. It’s a cold case here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It would be great if you covered it!

This is kind of old but going back to the case of Lizzie Borden, maybe the Maid killed Lizzies father then her mother saw and the maid followed her and killed her after.

Did anyone notice the glass move a slight bit

You guys need to go to Letchworth Village in New York!

the ghosts don’t talk to shane cuz they’re scared of him,imagine a 6ft 4 lanky many coming into ur room flailing his arms yelling “lets boogy boys”

This episode was much less concerning, I think Shane was on crack or something in the last.

Shanes wearing fingerless gloves

Hey Bois! as a suggestion, don't try to tell the audience what you hear in the spirit box, because there is psicological effect where people will hear words in sounds if they think they are there, is called Pareidolia. And it doesn't matter if you find ghost or not, because you have found the power of friendship.

The ghosts are communicating through shane and he’s trying to play it off like he’s not

Don´t you find weird how many times the word help me was repeated on the spirit box??

the only exciting bit in this video was the breakfast. waffles sounds great

Shane looks like a hobo I cannot unsee this outfit

Shane "Oliver Twist" Madej

20:08 We are witnessing 2 men slowly lose their minds, and it's great.

Shane?Shane? Shane? Shane my boy? WHY do you not beilvin in ghost?

I think it's very respectful of Ryan to call the ghost by his full name, River Phoenix.

I'm going to need them to do an investigation with ghost adventures

Ok but like. Why is Johnny Depp on the thumbnail.

Oh I see

16:15 “turn off the light and shut the door” i thats ryan then im a fridge

Someone should made a gravity falls buzzfeed unsolved opening where dipper is Ryan and Mabel is Shane.

Lol that "Anthony" was actually pretty clearly spoken idk that felt like something

The Joker's actor brother....

instead of “please help” i heard “seatbelt”

Jacquin phoenix is the joker, wow

The hinterkaifeck murders

“This historic 98 year old building” can only be said in the US

Why does Shane never go in with the spirit box?

all i see is shanes ash ketchum pokemon trainer-y vibe and im not hating it


Johnny depp

Petition the introductions to the True Crime introduction is changed to "Is crime real?"


idk why but "filthy mcnasty's" cracked me tf up

Buzzfeed Unsolved: The Viper Room (Explains the death of River Phoenix) Joaquin Phoenix: I don't like you Ryan and Shane.... You brought me onto your show to upset me...

Who watched this after finding out joaquin bro died

Ryan: River, I think you're an amazing actor. River: Thank you Ryan:

Didn't see this on my feed! Only after I saw the q&a for this

Is it me or they feel a little off after the Annabelle episode


I began to question myself when they started shaking and screaming

Did know that Joaquin phoenix had been through this and he’s the new joker!!

Ryan never gives these spirits a chance to actually speak. He is always so quick to run away. Why do this job if you are so scared??

Anyone else notice the sound of a glass falling and rolling at 10:21, or is it just me?

Nobody: Ryan: I think that was Japanese

why am i watching this at 2:42 am



You guys should go to Mare Island Shoreline Heritage Preserve. I went there for a Haunted House last year and it was heavily haunted. They let us walk around the island and there were some spooky vibes

Please cover the mysterious death of Natalie Wood! Who wouldn't want to hear about a case in which Christopher Walken is possibly an accessory to murder?

Am I the only one? I just saw the glass move

Ok but Ryan has actually become so much braver

Shane looks like a hobo

" I'm a pirate"

This is my favorite show and I showed my mom your show. Now she watches it in her own time! She's a #shaniac like me.

I love how sarcastic that ghost is, when Ryan asked that if anyone was buried there the ghost replied "clearly". Tbh I 'm kinda intrigued to know what happened down there due to the no. of times the ghosts said"help me".I don't what happened to River and how but I got one thing that he was really polite coz when Ryan praised him he said "Thank you". Even though Shane and Ryan always say in the intro"if ghosts exist" ,they clearly do, coz duh

John Frusciante and Flea of the Chili Peppers were very close to River Phoenix. Both were outside of the Viper Room when he died.


Anthony Fox somewhere in America: HAHAHAHAHA these bois are cute

I got these gloves.

8:35 shane: :D "hI bOyS" shane: :0

shane is so self aware now about his friendship with ryan i can't. this is too cute.

"Hey it's me". Middle schoolers:

Y'all should check out Amboy California cali's ghost town supposedly it's supposed to be mad creepy and there's a cemetery

I thought Shane was like 26????? He's 33, whaaaaatt

Y'all should check out blood/slaughter mountain and slaughter gap in north Georgia.

I feel like every Sunday all the ghost that got verbally abused by Shane get together and share their stories.

No one noticed that jokers brother died here

That opening home alone i couldnt breath i was laughing so hard!! Hahaha

Shane lowkey looks like the grandpa that ate paint

Ghost: Hello. It is I. Anthony Fox. I've clearly been buried here and need some help. Please, help me. Help. Again, I want help. Ryan: Is there anyone here?

the "thank you" at 21:07 sounded like "do you have anything to eat?"

Y’all, remind me to stop watching this stuff at late night.

15:48 "Now I'm in your hole." - Ryan Bergara, 2019

they probably would have found ghost already but Shane keeps scaring them away.

Oh hellllllll nooooooo

At 10:45 does the gods move back?

Ok was it just me or did the glass move a little bit ?????? 10:25

Ryan has definitely changed

Why do I watch this at night lmao

ryan and shane out here making enemies with the mafia again, i see...

The spirit box absolutely said his name it was like “RyaAn” omh

None: Shane :LeTs PaRty BaBy The ghost : lets just leave

15:28 rise n shine kardashian meme hahahahahhaahaha

Why are your pants so tight! Lol

Yo the ghoul boi's had me dienh in the beginning with home alone lol

At about 15:44 I swear I hear the spirit box say "it's me" only seconds after saying hey. Oml I'm freaked

shane:Bye ghost love you also shane:okay fine don’t say it back

Ryan: Is the spirit of Anthony Fox present? The spirit of Anthony Fox screaming desperately in Ryan’s face: YES! HELP ME! PLEASE! HELP! THEY BURIED MY BODY HERE! ITS ANTHONY! I WAS NEVER PUT TO REST! MY SOUL IS TRAPPED HERE! HELP ME! HELP! Ryan: huh. Not getting anything definitive.


Guys, he's actually saying "peas healthy". So eat your peas you unhealthy bastards. Unless you wanna end up a ghoul.

If they ever separate Shane and Ryan this show will be ruined

This is my favorite show now. Shane always cheers me up with laughter.

No wonder why Joaquin Phoenix is the perfect actor for the new movie joker

Shane without glasses scares me.

I know that I’m not the only one who saw a shadow move across the top left corner at 8:14

Ryan:”Hi, it’s me” Shane: *completely goes sicko mode*

guys I feel like Shane looks all sad and keeps talking about friendship and rooting for Ryan because the show is gonna be cancelled :( I'm scared. I hope buzzed knows people don't watch unsolved for ghosts or answers, we watch for the ghoul bois

I'm on Ryans' side but when he says ”are ghost real?” I can't help my self but shake my head with Shane

I kne I recognized the name River Pheonix. Stand By Me was such a great movie!

Ryan was hella confident this episode

Shane: :) Ghost: [hi boys] Shane: :0

"clearly" ooo sassy ghost lmao

It's so wierd how popular this show got and it's just an extension of another channel

Why does Shane look like he’s trying to be homeless.

is it just me or is Ryan getting less and less terrified

DO THE VARGINHA ET CASE (it’s from brazil but anyways)

'Now I'm in your hole.' - Ryan Bergara, 2019

1:23 DEFINITE ghost noise



At 21:08/09it i didnt hear thank you i heard, “i didnt have it in me” or “you have to get me” or somthing. what do you guys think?

4:19 what did you call me

Nobody : Shane: 1:25

Spirit Box: Help me. Please help me. Help me. Ryan: Well nothing here Spirit Box: hdinsgsyd Ryan: oh my god, did you hear that? Ghost exists man

The Joker visited a haunted nightclub. Noice

Who else really wants a true crime episode about Anthony fox?

Wow, that really creeped me the f- out

No one : Not even a soul : Shane : I'M A PARTY BOYYY !

Seriously... Spirit box saying hi boys!help me a bunch of times, Anthony and thank you after he praised river Phoenix... This feels like when a girl is obviously flirting with a guy and still he Google's:does she like me? Us guys are idiots!

Joaquin Phoenix? Like the joker!?

A lot of people fainted and knees buckling over. Must be insufficient oxygen. Look at that enclosed space

I wanted Ryan and Shane to check the Suicide forest in Japan

Did these motherfuckers just solve a mystery?

im watching this literally days from my 23rd birthday, and its comforting to hear that shane also accomplished nothing by now.

you should hire a person who could dig that storage room. because u guys just solved an unsolved mystery on where anthony is

Shanes arnie voice was hilarious

Ryan is really going hardcore isn't he!!!

11:05 these are underage people at the bar

15:28 *in kylie jenner voice* RiSe AnD SHiNe

23 yrs old Cocaine Nice

The ghost: Help. Help me please. HELP Ryan and Shane: welp, that was fun, let’s get out of here. Maybe we’ll find ghosts next time.

Shane the ghost hunter!!

Ryan's braver now


Shane looks like a truck driver caught in a zombie apocalypse

Shane is my fursona

I think Ryan and Shane need to investigate the "stairs" found by search and rescue officers

7:36 I freaked when i saw the hand and then realised it was the camera man. Then I saw a face next to Ryan, then realised it was Shane's reflection

ryan is especially fearless today

Shadow movement at 8:14 top left corner

Just me who hears "twenty three" at 08:41?

R.I.P earphone users at 1:20

Great episode, the ghost parts, Ryan talking to Anthony, was a little scary.

You should do this ghost hunts all drunk

The message is clear...."Please, Help!"... over, and over, and over...

“I made a friend” he got a soft side that’s nice to see once in a while :,)

Bring back the hot daga please!!!

Hey does anyone agree that maybe they should bring a tape recorder to their next ghost hunting adventure see if that changes anything? I mean I know they have very sophisticated recording equipment, but you know maybe it’ll help out throughout their investigation. Maybe while they ask a question or right after they may hear something?

Shane and Ryan are literally my favorite two people in the world.

Please notice me Ryan and Shane I’m a big fan of your stuff


Shane: I had done NOTHING with my life at 23 Me (age 22): oh thank god. I have time.

River Phoenix is the new Joker’s older brother..

I would love to see the boys go to Bodie honestly.

Kind of odd that you guys are just choosing to ghost hunt places that have no prior evidence or testimonies of ghost activity instead of checking out another one of the THOUSANDS of places in the US with more activity. Not every place is haunted just because someone died there. This show unfortunately seems to be losing it edge/

I cannot be the only one who shakes his or her head no along with Shane when Ryan asks the, "Are ghosts real question?"

River was bumped off due to jealously. Dudes were jealous. Like Depp n more .

Who else saw something in the top left corner 8:14

.....if i had a dollar for every time Shane said Party Boy.....

I'm just curious as to why they haven't gone to the Amityville House. Is it not haunted anymore or something? I hope they have that house lined up for future episodes though...

the “thank you” after ryan said he was one of his favorite actors

ryan’s “rise and shine” gave me kylie jenner vibes

Ryan : Can We Talk About Filthy McNasty Shane : Ha Ryan : He’s A Real Dude Shane : What Wu-

Nobody: Shane: I’m a little party boy! Doing a little sweep sweep sweeping!!

Shane:okay 12:58

I didn’t not know Joaquin had an older brother, gotta feel bad for the guy. Losing a sibling with that small age gap and at a young age has to be one of the worst feelings.

is it just me thinking that they should use the Ovulus the one they used in Hannah's House it's more viable than the spirit box in my opinion

I agree. Hannah's House was one of their most confirming investigations but they're not using alot of the stuff they used in that investigation

That "Wait, what?" was amazing

17:53 I dont know Ryan... It feels like you're - grasping at straws - *wheeze*

Wait so river Phoenix is related to a clown? (Joaquin Phoenix or am I tripping)

River Phoenix was Joaquin Phoenix's older brother

"It's okay, we're ghost hunters!"

1:21 killed my ears

Make more house calls like Hannah’s house. I feel like those places are more recent activity

River Phoenix was such a good person, his death hurts my heart so much :(

The Haunted Halls of Waverly Hills Hospital 22:10 vs Viper Room 17:37 Character development?

"can we also talk about Filthy McNasty?" "yeah! that's a good name" "that's an actual dude" "....wait wha–" they're so funny

Every episode they don't find ghosts makes Ryan more and more of a Shaniac.

Spirit box: help me Ryan... aight imma head out

Kylie Jenner: * 15:30 *

Why does Shane looks like a hippie ✌❤

“Sup demons, its ya boy”

Just skip to 15:48 where you hear the "ghost" talk and go back for details if you care enough. Everyone wants to talk about what was said but no one wants to time stamp it

yo this is so depressing is shane okay im genuinely worried about him

yo i started tearing up oh my go that was a solid please help he even repeated that oh my god

everybody gangsta until the editor layers the sound and it gets super enhanced

Did anyone else see the glass move some?

Who wants a party boy? lol

am i the only one whose heart completely melted when River said “thank you”

*me watching this in the quiet room at work* My partner: Is home alone on?!


I made it 2 minutes, unwatchable.

I think a video on Edgar Allan Poe would be noice.

*ryan dancing with the ghosts* “A little pelvic action” ryan... were you seriously thinking a ghost was grinding on you..

The ghost keeps saying "help me" i think you should help it

The fact that the spirit box said repeatedly “help me” and “Anthony” clearly was pretty good evidence

LMAO you really do look like guys from home alone

Ghost: help me please god help me Ryan: looks like it said howdy boys

It really has gone from me making fun of ghost hunters, to just wanting SOMETHING supernatural to happen lol

now I wanna rewatch home alone god dang

At 16:35 I heard it say illegal

Is it just me or is Ryan braver in this season?

"Now I'm in your hole" Oh dear

You guys look like bullies from hocus pocus

Silence Shane: Well I hope he finds a ghost

Please visit McRaven house

You guys should investigate the Zombie Road in Missouri St. Louis! That would be so cool!

The glass 10:26 looks like it was moving a little

I think if nothing else you guys are proving just how fake the Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures type shows really are. I'm not even saying hauntings dont happen. It's a means of calling out the other shows, and I wonder how much they are faking for entertainment value

15:54 i heard Frisbee idk about yall

It does kinda sound like they're repeating frisbee lmaooo

Just watched Joker and started watching everything about Joaquin but this was accidental...

Hol up x

"Now I am in your hole" Ryan 2019

Tbh the squeaking sound you thought was a door kinda sounded like a mouse

Make sure to leave your questions for our post mortem episode down below!

River phoenix deserved better

this episode is so chaotic what is going on literally everything they said is hilarious

“NOW i’m iN yOuR hOLE” okay Ryan

BUN season 6 aka shane going “yOuRe mY fRiEnD” in every episode which is absolutely adorable


5:07 the joaquin Phoenix

Can we have police investigation on the body that lies in the viper room as 'Anthony' as well as when the question"is someone buried here?" the word 'clearly' was heard?

The glass did move in the begging

what ever was in there probably ran out at 1:26

yall should prank shane

River Phoenix is one of my favorite actors. He’s so underrated

Ryan: Shane is down there not taking the investigation seriously Shane: I'm a party Boi bby

10:26 me just looking at the like dvd sign in the computer

Joanquin recently talked about River in a Joker interview and it was so heartwarming. Mr. River would be so proud of you, sir.

saw river phoenix in the thumbnail and instantly got sad :(

Johnny Depp had Anthony fox killed for stealing his profits

So sweet and sad River Phoenix said thank you :(

can we appreciate that ryan did "rise and shine" at 15:28 before kylie did it?

The true origin of joker.

Is that johnny depp in the thumbnail? Kinda looks like him but pretty sure hes alive

Ryan: Lots of booze probably spilled on this couch Shane: And some other stuff

Shane admitted he was a ghost hunter... Charater development

Can we just talk about Ryan and Shane calling it a rock and roll club after it was a grocery store as if it existed in 1920

You know, when he busts out the box if you slow it down by half and play it on reverse... It still sounds like garbage.

wow it keeps asking for help over and over.

my heart melted a bit when Ryan was talking to Phoenix and the box said “thank you” it’s such a shame that he’s gone :(

This just made me so sad watching this about River, I loved him so much as an actor, and when he was in stand by me, *AHHHHHHH*

why does shane look like a homeless person

I don’t understand how they ignore all the signs. What sort of ghost hunters are they??

It’s the joker

Lol! Wet Bandits.

anyone notice the orb from the top right corner go toward the middle of the wall when he got the response “Anthony”

I was there once right before it became The Viper Room, and there was definitely a weird vibe to the place. Maybe ghosts?!?! There's lots of places in LA that have some bad mojo. River Phoenix dying is so very very tragic, he was such a talented actor. I always forget he was so young. Imagine what he might have accomplished.


4:08 1993 johnny depp is hawt af

*a body has been discovered* (insert tik tok cosplay music)

Shane looks like he's wearing a really decent Michael Moore costume

I love watching Ryan pretend to be brave

10:27 The Glass Moved An INCH I Saw That, Anyone Else See It? Edit: Yep Deifinetely moved, Pay VERY Close Attention, It Moves An Inch Right Before The Camera Moves

You guys should hang out with Omar and Patty, actual youtube ghost hunters lol

"That's good to know if Windy Ghosts come by." xD

Ghost: Hi boys Shane: *Instant erection*

Ryan doesn’t seem as scared this season

For being scared of ghosts, Ryan is awfully nice to them

Literally one of the best of the series. Some of the best evidence. And humor lol. Amazing, bois. I send my appreciation and love

Why do they look like homeless people?

So no Caller ID

For the post mortem: at about 10:20 theres the sound of glass shattering or falling or bumping into other glass or something. I can't tell what it is, but it sounds like glass. What is it?

More true crime!!

Why do I want to go missing just so I can be on the show show

did yall hear ryan in a womans voice at 16:30 ???

The fact that a spirit said thank you is very wholesome to me

Go help that poor guy.

Is anybody going to say about 7:20 there was a shadow moving

Rise and shiiine

I feel like shane is lowkey scared.

Okay but, what I’m assuming is River saying “thank you” to Ryan while he was praising him and his acting.. my heart!

Is no one going to comment on that tender moment when Shane said: "I made a friend"? Ryan seemed a bit speechless. That's so sweet.

This episode is surprisingly creepy.

Drunk people falling down at the bar ? Ya don't say...

21:07 that defentiley sounds like something river would say

RIP River

the month where joaquin Phoenix is metioned da most

Imagine the ghost are like "Hey Anthony someone is trying to speak to you can you handle this?"

8:25 it sounded like mayday

4:37 guy looks high

at 15:29 kylie jenner is that you?? riiiissse and shiiine

Ryan's very confident lately

"once in a death experience "

When he mentions river Phoenix I was like hmm last name familiar then says joaquin Phoenix....ohhhhhh

Omg the reflection as the camera move had me double-take for a sec, I thought the glass moved

I'm curious, how long was it between each "help me?"

I would get so claustrophobic in that bar

Shane: my name is Shane, I’m a ghost hunter. Ghosts/demon: I’ve heard of this person, heard he’s an annoying hell Shane: dances for no reason, Ghosts/demon: nope, he’s quite entertaining

Rya: “you are honestly one of my favorite actors" River's ghost: “thanks my dude"

Like the ghost kept saying please help, then Anthony but NOOOO response like WTF?!?? That was insane and some of the best paranormal response they have received

true crime > supernatural

15:55 this part is so sad to me, i hope they are able to pass on

That white guy sucks. Get a new partner. Why do something you clearly don’t like doing ? Get a serious partner.

ryan: are ghosts real? shane every time: *shakes head and comes up with explanations for anything that seems ghost-ish*

I couldn't walk away after that ghost begged for help, that was so sad. Whether it's real or not that was sad

since ryan mentioned ghost adventures, they should collaborate with them because it would be pure chaos which would be great.

Anthony Fox went missing when i was born

5:28 rHurrise and shineeeee

Shane kinda reminds me of Bigfoot. In a nice way of course

I feel like you could easily edit this video to be age restricted

Ryan is really brave this episode

15:27 just me or does he sound like kylie jenner

wait, joaquin phoenix?? *the* joaquin phoenix?? why didn’t i know this-

omggg i needed this !!!!

joaquin phoenix as in the joker

me: oh viper room sounds like that one place where i tripped while walking past BU: located in LA me: O:

Another good haunted location on Sunset is the Comedy Store, I think it's just down the street. I've heard lots of comedians who perform there tell stories of similar paranormal occurrences

Ghost: “help me, please help me” Ryan: “that really sounded like hi how you doin” Ghost: *facepalm*

Does no one realize that Anthony’s brother is the guy playing the new joker

Anyone else see that shadow about 18:16 thru 18:23? I swear I did while he looked at himself in the tv

Just slow it down at about 18:16 and watch it closely to his left in the tv

Imagine talking to River Phoenix’s ghost

wow, this is the best evidence they've gotten so far, the spirit box actually spat out something relevant for once

18:24 my favorite part

Imagine this: *driving in town to buy food and you see two grown men dressed up as hobo's coming out of a windowless building.* "IT'S OKAY WE'RE GHOST HUNTERS" *that right there is commitment.*

Wow Ryan, you’ve gotten a lot braver in recent videos!! Hahaha! Great vid as usual guys! Love your investigations, you just make me chuckle!! Thanks!!

I was watching edits of river phoenix (lmao) and i was like "ima watch youtube" and I saw you published a video and I was like "THE SPOOKY BOYSSSS"

antony: "help!!" ryan: "RISE AND SHINEEE BABY!!"

the ending i DIED

jokerr hereeee

16:34 it said "potato"

Don’t worry ghosts.. I wouldn’t want to talk to Shane or Ryan either.

i don't know why but the new episodes and the drama, the humour just seem so...different, i'm not gonna say forced but something's definitely changed

In conclusion the ghost didn’t like the party boi

So mickey cohen is in la noire and visited the mamba club. And la noire in set in 1947 so does that mean that the mamba club is based on the melody room

Imagine the seeing Shane dancing and being like who's is this guy. Is he drunk?


Ghost: HELP ME! HELP ME PLEASE! Ryan: wow it sounded like, "hi how ya doin'"

Dang. Jared Leto and Joacquin Phoenix went there

I really wish they would use an EVP recorder and play it back in real time instead of that other loud annoying device. I think deep down inside Shane gets scared when he's alone cause if u notice he's never quiet so if there were any noises u wouldn't be able to hear it over his talking

Nobody: Literally nobody: Shane: Hey demon is yah boi Shane

Trade those beets for some beats.

I’m so glad we have a show like this buzzfeed never disappoints all the paranormal fans

15:31 Ryan did it before Kylie ya’ll

This is notttt Ryan y’all! Clearly this isnt Ryan

It's ironic that I'm finally watching this now, after seeing this clip in my reccomended before seeing the joker movie and then seeing a reccommended for the tragic life of Joaquin Phoenix, NOT knowing this had any ties to him. This just makes me sad ;*(

Ryan is so bold this season

I just realize Shane looks a bit like Shaggy

4:11 WHOA WHOA WHOA, No need to bring the T800 in here...

Shane is basically the deadpool of the ghost world

*Bro anyone else get scared because of the loud noise at the beginning of the video that auto plays when you go onto the channel?*

1:29 and i have already lost it with laughter im cracking up

the “please help” and “help me” from the spirit box were so so clear. i got chills when it said “anthony.” that couldn’t have just been a fluke...

Ghost: “help me, please help...” Ryan: “HI HOW YA DOIN?”

why does Shane look more like hobo each episode this season....

Plz stop usuing that radio machine you guys should use the other machine you have! I don’t remember what its called

Why do people like Jim Baluchi so much?

this is the only good thing buzzfeed produces and the only good hosts on their payroll

Ghost: "Hey boys" Shane: stunned pikachu meme "Hi!"

I have no idea why but the last couple episodes I have watched Shane has looked like a lumber jack..These episodes have been 2018-2019 so I’m thoroughly confused. C:

Ok but Shane calls himself a *ghost hunter* but doesn't believe in *ghosts* . Whaaaa?!

Man I love River!

No one: Ryan: “Alright I’m in your hole”

15:29 rhieyese and shyiene

Think we found some new merch ideas

well I mean if river phoenix was haunting me I wouldn't complain

Ryan: alright....once again, my name is Ryan! Shane: AND IM SHAAANNNEEEE

11:16 ..... why did I just notice that head in the background wearing a beanie


They faded asf

By far the spookiest one

kinda sad that they might demolish it


Okay I don’t believe in ghosts but can somebody go help Anthony

can we just take a moment to appreciate freaky mcnasties?

i like CHEESE and QUESO

river phoenix was in 2 of my top like 10 movies of all time (stand by me and my own private idaho)

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