The Hollywood Ghosts of the Legendary Viper Room

The Hollywood Ghosts of the Legendary Viper Room

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The. Infamous viper room you've. Heard tell of this place right have heard many things you know this place is figuratively. Rolled out the red carpet for many celebrities rock stars know the, old bird mice I wouldn't consider myself in the same category, in fact we're actually standing, on the. Spot where something, very unfortunate, occurred young celebrity, lost their, life but we'll talk more about that when we get inside we're. Wearing all black we look like we're gonna rob the place. This. Week on BuzzFeed unsolved, we investigate, the Viper Room in Los Angeles California as, part of our ongoing investigation. Into the question are, ghosts, real this historic, ninety eight year old landmark has played home to many a celebrity including. Rock stars a list movie, talent as well as, mobsters back, in the day ooh. Are. You excited, Oh tingling. I could, I could tell in fact, the stage we're sitting on is a place where most of those rock stars had, their day and now we're up here making, our sweet sweet cool music with our, mouths. Yeah, dressed. As the Wet Bandits, from home alone if you have to take your hat off. We. Look exactly. Like the two guys from Cologne, this was unintentional, I'll do a getting, electrocuted, on the side at the same time yeah. Originally. Built in 1921. The, building at 885. To Sunset, Boulevard is, one of the oldest, remaining structures, on Los Angeles's, famous, Sunset Strip, in the, beginning, the building started out as a humble, grocery, store but by the 1940s. The Hollywood nightlife, began, to take over Sunset, Boulevard and, the, Cotton Club no relation, to the famous one in Harlem replaced, the market, becoming, the first of several nightclubs to call eight eight five two Sunset, Boulevard home, wild. To imagine, this place piled. High with pears. Bananas. Oh you. Know and, meanwhile. People, are out here doing drugs, listening, to rock and roll in this guy's like a. Simple. Grocer. They're, like sir you got to turn this into a rock and roll Club baby and he's like all right I. Think. It's switched ownership, I don't think he was no I think I don't think he was like I think take those pears and peaches and put them in the back of that truck because I'm selling rock music it was a very meek. Mustachioed. Grandfatherly. Type, man who probably owned a grocery store and then decided, that's treating those baguettes, for some bass guitars, and get the rugged good. Trade. Those lentils for some licks in the 1940s. The location, changed, from the Cotton Club to the Greenwich Village in which, according to a report, by the Subcommittee, on public morals, for Southern California was. One of eight clubs in Los Angeles quote staging. Indecent. Lewd and lascivious, entertainment. And hooked, on June, 14. 1951. The, melody room took over occupancy, and brought with it notorious, patrons, including infamous. Mobster Mickey, Cohen, Cohen, and his associates, were rumored, to have frequented, the bar which, was only one block west of his own headquarters, located. In the basement of a menswear store in. 1973. Yet another nightclub filthy. McNasty, moved in bringing. Rock and roll with it and by the eighties the club owned by Anthony, Fox had become the central and was, frequented, by celebrities, like John Belushi, and Bruce Willis beluche. But. Also mr., die-hard himself brucey, boy yeah I don't think he likes being called that mister. Die hard or brucey boy either one I think either one would elicit a knuckle, sandwich into, my face I love. It his head looks like one giant nut you imagine being knocked out cold by Bruce Willis I'd love to be head-butted, by him we also talked about filthy, McNasty yeah, that's a good name that's an actual dude yeah.

Wait What the space officially. Became the Viper Room in August, of 1993. When. Johnny Depp reportedly. Spent three hundred and fifty thousand, dollars about bidding Arnold, Schwarzenegger, to become Fox's, co-owner, and a majority, stakeholder, in the company controlling, the bar do. You imagine Schwarzenegger. With that paddle. 100,000. 150,000. Not this time Deb put, that paddle, down now. Put. It down is, my bar. You. Know I'm a pirate. Tom. Petty and the Heartbreakers played. Opening, night in the Viper Room quickly, became a favorite, among young celebrities, like Jared Leto drew, Barrymore, and Leonardo. DiCaprio. Tragically. It was what happened on Halloween. 1993. With one such young celebrity, that's made the Viper Room infamous. In the early morning hours of October 31st. 1993. Actor. River Phoenix, went to the Viper Room along, with his girlfriend, Samantha Mathis, and his 19 year old younger, brother Joaquin Phoenix, security. Footage obtained, of that night shows that the group arrived at the club at exactly, 1227. A.m. around. 1:00 a.m. River was being escorted out of the club by Mathis, and an unidentified male, after, quote acting, strangely, end quote. Recordings. Of a 911. Joaquin. Frantically, asking for help for his brother who was convulsing, on the Sunset Strip sidewalk, directly. In front of the Viper Room river was transported, to cedars-sinai but. Captain Ray Ribar a paramedic, who attended, to River on the scene said, that it appeared he was suffering quote a classic, cocaine, overdose, end quote and that quote he, was clinically dead when we got to the club and quote, River. Phoenix, was 23, years old. Jesus. You. Know. Really. Bums me out every time I read about this river Phoenix was. He. Was also in would, you know is maybe, my favorite movie of all time the Last Crusade yeah. A very talented young guy it's it's a tragedy by all accounts what happened to him so. They were only here for a half hour yes. But it was Halloween they were probably out before, that there's, probably 23, it's, a young age yeah, I had done nothing with my life at age 23. Nothing. I believe it know. That you know 33. 10 years nothing, has changed in the decade well, I'm I got, these gloves you. Do got those gloves down and, you're looking at me yeah, so nothing, has happened for, you since well, I made a friend. Thanks. Pal since. Phoenix would have presumably, spent most of his time in the VIP room that's, where we will try to make contact. All. Right so this is the VIP room. Pretty. Nice. Be, fun if there was like a birthday party, in here oh yeah you know things got pretty crazy in, here lots, of booze probably, spilled on this couch and some other stuff. Okay. It. Goes without saying it was a tragedy, what happened to River Phoenix, but. It. Is our job to try to communicate with people that have passed on you, seem like a cool guy. What. Was it like, being. In movies River we've, never gotten like, a word from anyone, why are you expecting, you're it's like you're sitting down with Rolling Stone and writing, a piece on him, what's, it what's an on journal, II question then, like a how.

Do You balance, life, work. And family, hey River what's your favorite band what kind of music did you listen to when you came here. Oh. Sorry. Yeah can you answer look. For roots maybe it's hard for you to communicate so, we're gonna use something that, may help you communicate. You're. Gonna love it. All. Right let's, try this again my name is Ryan fain. Can. You say our names back to us Webber's in this VIP room with us if, you would like to communicate. We're. Nice guys very. Approachable. They're, really something like hi how you doing, did. It really sound like hi how you doing. Hi. Hi. Think. That was Japanese. Rivers. Was not in Japanese. Another. Active, area of the viper room is the bar itself, Tomi, black the general manager, who's worked at the Viper Room for the past 17, years told, Ghost Adventures that, when patrons are standing at a certain point at the bar quote, they'll either faint pass out or their knees will buckle end quote quote, I've seen, people drop in the same spot 16, 17 times end quote, he added quote, I've seen, a glass fly from the bar onto a mat end quote. Right now we're at the bar this is war Tommy the current manager claims he sees a lot of people, buckle. Over in this exact spot right here yeah I've seen no other ghost hunters come here and say that it's very cold and that they see flashes, of things are you feeling any kind of particular energy right, now here, I'm feeling ready for Friday night if you know what I'm talking about no I'm not. Spiritually. No are, you no. You. Know let's just give it a shot here let's go for the home run yeah, we invite. Anything in here to communicate with us whether that be. Touching. Us like you've done in the past you, could say something to us you. Couldn't move something on this bar you, could make a noise in fact I've. Heard that you pushed glasses, you. Could move this glass I've heard you've moved classes, off this bar in the past can you do that now this is a common thing we've heard at bars every bar we've been to there's a story of a glass being pushed off but, this is just like that's. Just bar stuff glasses. Are falling in bars all the time that's like someone being like well the ghosts make it smell like stale beer, in here, vomited.

In The urinal again. Maybe, you forgot how I'll show ya. Just. Smashed. Whoa. See. Easy. If that happened, on its own oh you poop, your little, tiny pants we're. Gonna leave this glass for you here though break, it shatter it. As, they're awake of mark words I. Don't. Know how we're gonna be able to tell you moved that. Now. Moving. Just. A normal thing we're doing at 6:00 a.m. slapping, a bar counter. Balancing. Coasters. On a glass that's probably not go see now that did it well, that was wind well that's good to know though if a if some windy ghosts come by even. After years of experiencing, these strange occurrences, black, still works in the infamous, club but, black isn't, the only viper room employee, who's, experienced, something they can't explain, Macy, Jane the Viper rims former manager, told, Ghost Adventures that, she's received, the same phone call in the club's office, multiple, times the, phone would ring Maisie, Jane would answer and the person on the other end would, say hi it's, me in a man's voice Maisie. Jane reports, that there is static after, the person speaks, the. Line goes dead, look, it could be a prank phone call I'll say it for you hilarious. Yeah get this. Hi. It's me. It. Is believed by some that, these phone calls are being made by none other than the former co-owner of the Viper Room himself, Anthony. Foxx a man, who's, been missing since. December 19th. 2001. Days. Before Fox was set to testify against. Johnny Depp and four others, for allegedly defrauding, him of profits, from the club Anthony. Fox disappeared. On, January. 6th, 2002. Fox's. Truck was found in Santa Clara California but, no trace of Fox was found let's. Hit that with a classic, no comment because. I. Like. My life right now don't. Want to get sued is that coincidence, probably. You know that's, what we can say. Okay. But people speculate, that Anthony, Fox isn't, missing at all but, that he is in fact buried, on the Viper Room premises. And according. To Macy Jane someone, who says she cannot name personally. Confirmed that, a body is, buried, behind the downstairs, lounge in a small room with the dirt floor, Tommy black the longtime, manager refuses. To even enter, that room. Okay, so this is the downstairs, bar and as. You can see it definitely. Does have a little bit more of a sinister, vibe, if that's what you're looking you look shariah yeah I feels like some nasty, stuff went down down here that, aside pretty, cool lounge we got down yeah oh. Well. Don't make that noise ever. Again. If there's anybody down here with us specifically. Anthony. Foxx we would love to know what happened to you so we're gonna give you some time right now to communicate, with this you, could say something you can move something in the bar you could touch us one, minute coming at you right now, please tell us what happened to you. I. Was. Like scanning, the bar looking, for ghosts and I pan, over to you and you're just passed. Out like, I said there's been a lot of there, were mobsters, down here this was once a grocery store who knew who, knows what happened down here anything, could have happened, and. I'm gonna use something right now that could maybe shed, some light on that, here. We go, all. Right. Now. Once again my. Name is Ryan I'm. Shane, and, we're reaching out to the, spirits, of Anthony. Box if you are in fact, unfortunately. Dead. Mr., Fox can, you please tell us what. Happened to you what. Were you gonna say on trial that next day. All. Right in like that one bit no I didn't what what the fuck was that, if. That's you Anthony can you say that again what. Did you want to say on trial, that next day. Sounded, like you said help. Once. Again whoever de spoke can you speak to us again. Well. Let's look at that hold you don't want us to look in their goo boys see a hole they're, gonna look in it that's the ghoul boy promise that's true rise. And shine baby, closet. Is. It, yes. Basically. We'll. See you back there what. Are you doing. Yes. It. Is pretty creepy in here actually now. I'm in your hole I'm, reaching out to Anthony Fox are, you buried here. What. Was that. Okay. What. Happened in here why do people not like coming over here is, it because it's a weird baseless crawlspace I don't.

Know Turn off the light and shut the door I'm gonna give you one more chance to talk to me on spirit box this may help you speak here we go. Fucking, Anthony box what happened here. Don't. Try that at home folks it's gross I think. This is as good a time as any to jump, into individual. Investigations. Yes I'd like to explore the space on my lonesome, I would too more specifically, any space but that one cuz it was gross, smells, like shit I'm ready to enter the nightmare zone once, again you, gonna okay. That's I was, gonna say what you could look for and all that stuff but I'm looking for ghosts. Descending. Into the basement, both velvety. It's. Very velvety so. Shane is down there likely. Not taking the investigation. Very serious, very odd brand, oh oh, oh. No. Echos whatsoever, anyway, my name's Shane, I'm, a ghost hunter, and I'm. Here alone right now giving. You the perfect opportunity to, really give me a spook, spook. Of a lifetime, this is a once in a death, time, opportunity. But I will say look at this the. Straws moved a little bit that may be from just the general rustle and bustle of a set but, you know. They were like this if you'll recall and. I feel like we painstakingly made, that clear. There. Moved just, saying any. Much just mobsters, and generate some general, mobsters. Here, mobsters. Love a basement. Oh yeah. This one's deep this. Is one storey, underground. Baby, but, this basement oh it's, a party basement, isn't it I'm a little party boy if you're looking for a party, boy Here I am let's. Party, baby let's. Party, let's dance. And. I don't know what to say on these things anymore cuz. It's. All the same quiet. Rooms full of nothing okay. I'm gonna go now bye. Ghosts I love, you. It's. Me did. You fall asleep down there no I actually didn't, I was dancing you were dancing well, I thought, the monsters might have liked a party boy so I tried to give him a party boy and they didn't want the party boy but I think it's worth maybe trying to give them another party boy go. Get him I'm gonna go on there and I'm gonna cleanse, the basement, yeah I'm gonna take my little broom out spiritual. Of course and shovel, in some dirt a little sweep sweep sweep in, yeah who. Are you gonna call, Ryan. Bergara. Well. I got to do a little offbeat because it's copyright. Well. I hope he finds it goes there. Is an unsolved. Mystery, associated. With this place and if, you know anything about me you know that that is my cup of tea as they say you're, giving me the opportunity. Right now to solve a. Unsolved. True, crime case as well, as solve the mystery, of ghosts. Frankly. I'm asking you right now to do me a favor if you, show yourself, you will make me the, greatest detective. Overall. I would say of all, time and look. I'm not a man to. Chase. After glory. But. I will say I. Wouldn't. Mind having that on my mantle, you know I've been antagonistic. Enough, this whole time. This. Whole series, now. I'm just rooting for him. It's. Become very sad. There's, nothing down there, Shane. Said he did some dancing does that move look good right there a little, pelvic. Action. How about those moves huh ghouls I hope, he finds a ghost I always do ideally. The ghouls walk up the stairs and rhymes just oh he's, passed out with fear in between them and they're hauling, him up here like he's had too many and the ghouls just say sorry we scared your little buddy too much and, I'll say don't worry about it and then I'll say delete this footage the, world can never know now, I'm gonna talk to River Phoenix. River. I don't know if you ever spent any time down, here in this part of the bar but you, honestly. Were one of my favorite actors I think you were really talented and, it's a shame you're gone now. What. Was that. River. Phoenix. I thought, I heard something behind me thought it was steps I guess. Not. Oh. Shit. Fuck. I. Actually. Thought you were a voice screaming, through the spirit box at first. Screaming. Alright. Let's get out of here how'd it go down there um can't, really tell you. Know how it is yeah check your audio a little bit maybe. Yeah. Check your audio a little bit maybe yeah check your audio a little bit maybe. There's. Somebody opening something down there up here. Wow. We, have a party, let's. Go check it out I just want to say so what are you talking about the guy you, hear that no you're.

A Dad or a dork, we've heard or squeak squeak, how many times are we gonna go up and down these I don't know. You, heard that their ice adoro, been down here no I didn't hear door opened. Did. Someone open a door down here, doesn't. Look like it after, spending the night exploring. Every, darkened, shadowy corner, of the infamous Los Angeles, night club I can, certainly see why many believe, the Viper Room to be haunted but whether the dark windowless building also, holds within it the ghosts of the not-so-distant Hollywood. Past will, remain, unsolved. I. Think. This place is. Finally. Cleansed. After years. Of. Paranormal. But we've done it that sentence, right there communicates. A severe misunderstanding. Of what we do so, that being said let's, go back out into the mortal world my, family's place adieu it's been a treat, it certainly has. Holy. Smokes. What time, is it. What's. Up but do you imagine how weird we must look right, now to, the general public. It's. Okay we're ghost hunters. Let's. Go get some breakfast, okay I'm gonna go eat some waffles.

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