The Historic Disappearance of Louis Le Prince

The Historic Disappearance of Louis Le Prince

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This week on BuzzFeed install we covered the mysterious, disappearance, of Lois lip prints this is one of my favorite cases we've ever covered, it's got pretty much everything you'd want it's got mystery, it's got history and it's, got a train a big train guy yeah. I'm a big fan of train mysteries there among, my favorites, well. In that case. All. Right I'm. Not as excited anymore but let's, get into it any. Casual. Cinema, fan would likely tell you that Thomas, Edison invented. The motion picture camera in the late 1800s. In 1888. Thomas. Edison, wrote quote I am experimenting. Upon an instrument, which does for the eye with. The phonograph does, for the ear which, is the recording, and reproduction, of things in motion and quote, being, a film student myself I learned about Edison in film school but, what. If I told you the true father of moving pictures may, actually be, a brilliant Frenchman named, Louie la Prince you. Might say well, if this were true then why have I never heard of him maybe. You were never supposed to because. On one fateful afternoon on, Monday September 16th. 1890. Louella, Prince would step onto a train, and never, be seen again a, vanishing. That, would essentially, wipe him from the history books let's, start from the beginning Louie, la Prince was born in the northeastern, city of Metz France on August, 28th, 1841. Louie. Was, a student of art chemistry. And physics, in 1866. Louie moved to Leeds England to, work as an agent, at a brass foundry called, Whitley partners, in 1869. Louis. Married a fellow artist Elizabeth. Lizzie, Whitley, in 1881. Louie. Lizzie, and their children, moved to New York it's here, that Louie would manage artists, painting panoramic, landscapes, these, immersive paintings. Would inspire Louie to create an even, more immersive, experience. Pictures. That, moved interesting. That that would be the, impetus for that if it was just him feeling, immersed in it exams, like how can I. How can I bring. This up a level you know and that's how you know he was a true artist and that's why I respect, this man yeah I was gonna say this guy sounds. Like a real lover, of film. Louie began working on moving pictures, as early, as 1885. Inventing. A camera, with 16 lenses, that he hoped could create what we now call movies. It's thought that Louie began building and testing an early, version of his single, lens camera, soon after, according, to Louie's daughter Marie who, was a teenager at the time she. Recalled seeing her father project, moving images, on a wall in their workshop, as early, as 1886. This, was long before Thomas. Edison had even begun conceptualizing. Motion, picture designs about two years later in. 1886. Louie, applied, for a United, States patent, for, his 16, lens camera, that, included, rephrasing. Allowing, for a single, lens version, this process, would take nearly two years in. 1887. Louis, moved back to Leeds a move, that according to a New York Times article was, motivated, by a desire to hide out from those who might steal his work such, as quote. Industrial. Spies end quote as his wife Lizzie, would describe them can you imagine if you're your. Dad just. Invented, something, completely. Unknown. To the world and you just have a memory like if you, had. A hazy memory of your father flying. Around the living room like. A like a jet pack yeah if your father is the living father in the living room yeah I had or if he had like hover. Shoes or, something he was flying and you're like yes I have this vague memory of, my father flying, around the living room he. Was he, was vacuuming, the living room, and he, was doing it well levitating, over the ground well because that point movies weren't a thing so she had this memory of this thing that was wholly, unknown, to the world yeah I mean it's it's pretty amazing, yeah and then.

Also Add on to that the layer of but, no one knows he invented it in, 1880. Louie built what would be his true claim to, being the father of moving, pictures a working. Version of the single lens motion, picture camera, it was, wooden mahogany. And weighed, 40, pounds it, had a hand crank that manually moved light-sensitive paper along between the lens and shutter here's tony booth of the National, Science and Media Museum, in the UK, on Lois, single lens camera, quote, if you look at the mechanism, that camera is using it's, a very similar mechanism, to all the subsequent Moving, Image cameras, that came after, that it, is a single roll of film moving, from one school to another through. A shutter and taking, sequential, images which, then were, designed to be projected to reproduce, that movement, as a piece, of moving image, recording, live action, yes, I would say he was the first one to do that end quote. Oh very funny also, I feel like we don't often pay enough attention to the fact that we still call them movies, it's. A funny word it's a funny word it's like calling your teeth Chuy's or. Shoes step. 'yes we're. Gonna go to the movies or pens righties yeah, when. You think about it that's a kind of a horrible name like if someone was like what should we call this moving picture and if someone went movies. We'll go to the movies Louise single-lens camera, would produce viewable, films in 1888, three, of which have survived, one. Of these films what you're seeing now was, claimed to have been shot on October, 14, 1888. Showing. Louise son in-laws. And a friend walking around the, date of October, 14, 1888. Is backed, up by the fact that one of the women's shown in the film died, 10 days later on October 24th, 1888. Keep. In mind, Edison's, earliest, film wouldn't, even be shot until, nearly three years later in 1891. That's. A motion picture it's this yes, it is. See. Three, years earlier he had that and yet. Lost. The time. Though. Louie had a working camera the, problem, Louie now faced was that he needed a a way to show these films and be, a more, durable material. Than his lights instead of paper in order to plan for repeated, projections, of his movies he experimented, and finally, landed on celluloid. In 1889. Which, he had began using for both shooting, and projection. This eliminated, many of the problems, he'd been having with his projector, such, as glass plates that kept breaking, Louis made early, unofficial.

Demonstrations. Of his device on March, 30th, 1890. Louis, projected, his moving pictures, at the National Opera, in Paris, Ferdinand. Mobizen, Secretary, of the National Opera swore, in an affidavit, that he had witnessed what the projector, could do and had, even quote made, a complete, study of this system, and quote, meanwhile. Edison. Would not publicly, show his motion pictures, until three, and a half years later in, the, summer of 1890. Louis, wrote to Lizzie who, was back in New York with the rest of the family, in the letter Louis. Stated his intent, to return to New York in September where he would publicly and officially, demonstrate, his moving pictures, to the world it's, just it seems to be going so well for him at this point I know he's. Got the world is his oyster he's. On the verge of becoming a. Millionaire. I don't. Know if there's anything that's more sad than feeling, positive momentum and knowing. Inevitably, it's. Gonna lend it's gonna lead to off a cliff you're, you. Could see the drop-off coming, at. This, point Louis. Had been granted patents, in France and Britain that covered his single-lens, motion, picture camera however. None. Of the patents were thorough enough to legally proclaim, him as the inventor of a working, version if Louie, were able to publicly, demonstrate, his moving pictures, in New York as planned, Louie. Surely, would have secured, his spot in history legally. As the, inventor of the motion, picture camera as, bad. Luck would have it this. Brings us to his disappearance, at the, time Louie, was visiting his brother Albert. La Prince in Dijon, France on. September 16th. 1890, at, 2:37. P.m.. Louella, Prince boarded, a train for, Paris as part, of a trip back to Lee, where he would retrieve his film devices and then, travel back to New York to meet his family and show his invention, with. Him Louis, only carried, a black suitcase, according. To Christopher Rollins, author of a book on the case the, suitcase. Contains, some rather important. Documents. Inside. The suitcase was, Louie's latest work on his patents, at the time Louie was still tweaking his patents, on his single lens camera, to, further protect himself from, the theft of his inventions, as Louie's, assistant, Frederick Mason would remind reporters, decades, later not only did Louie disappear, but, the suitcase, did as well all efforts. To find Louis failed Louie, la Prince carrying. Paperwork, meant to protect his creation, boarded, a train to share his invention, with the world and. Vanished, just. Going missing on this one day is the, difference between you. And I never hearing of him and everybody. In the world knowing, his name that's. Crazy, makes, a value a day Oh. Shortly, after Louie's disappearance, a family, associate, would enter Louie's workshop, and discover, Louie's machines safe packed. For the journey to America, untouched. Unfortunately. In a missing-persons, case nobody. Not even a spouse is allowed, to use the missing persons patent for seven, years, meaning, Louie's wife Lizzie, would be unable to commercialize. Louie's invention, until 1897. But, as mentioned before Edison. Displayed, his Kinetoscope, movies in 1894. And projected. His films, as early, as April, 1896. As history. Would tell Edison. Would often, be credited, with inventing the motion picture camera and. Louie would. Be forgotten, okay. Now I have a question Jesus. Christ I suddenly, I suddenly, wonder. Maybe. Edison, simply, heard about this. Fanciful. Inventive. Man mm-hmm, with his wonderful. Machine, yeah, that was hands off for, seven years and it. Put the idea in his head he's, a clearly. Capable. Man. Edison. Wasn't inspired by Louie though he was inspired by.

Imagery. Or what if that's just what he's, obviously. If you ask Edison would inspired, you he's not gonna be like oh the guy who made it before me the guy I, stole it from obviously. He was a dumb question. Knee. Twirls his moustache, and backs. Out of the room yeah well. I just thought if if he was aware of it I wouldn't. Put it past him, to be able once, he realizes, oh what'd you just shoot a bunch of pictures, back-to-back, yeah rejected. He reverse engineer now reverse engineer, he was smart enough of a guy to do that and he had the he. Had the resources he. Had probably, the know-how, so I, could, see him just, essentially. Stealing. The idea and. Like you said reverse engineer with, that let's. Get into the theories the. First theory is that Louie was abducted, or killed by, men working for none other than Thomas Edison, this, theory, was held by Louie's wife Lizzie, who, believed Edison's, motive, was to stop Louie's invention, from reaching the public the. Timelines certainly, do match up in, 1888. Edison. Began to seriously think, about moving, pictures, Wow by that time Louie, had already successfully. Shot films, with his single lens camera, behind, the scenes Thomas, Edison was said to be an egotistical. Genius, though, a good, deal of his success, was, built on taking credit for others ideas such, as the ideas of people that he employed, Edison. Had many rivals and, he even ruined some of them but, he was pretty adept at doing so through legal battles, he, frequently claimed others were encroaching, on his patents, and often, wand these lawsuits and used the leverage to his financial benefit. So. But. Cowardly, a lot, of the litigious approach he, made a lot of his money off of doing this actually I would say a majority of his money he made off just suing people. Piggybacking. Off that in 1898. Edison. Sued american, mutoscope and Biograph company, on the, grounds, of patent, infringement on, his Kinetoscope, motion picture camera. This lawsuit, would ironically, bring Louella prints into the spotlight as mutoscope. Would call Louie's son Adolphe Fela Prince as one, of its witnesses, a dolphin. Actually. Took a year off from Columbia to travel, and gather evidence to make the case that his father invented, the motion picture camera not. Edison. As Edison, was claiming according. To Rollins Lizzie, and other family members still held onto the possibility, that Louie was being held captive having, been kidnapped, in 1890. And that, once it was known in a court of law that he was the true inventor of the motion picture camera his, captors, would, let him go wait. Wait wait who. Captured, him well they think that Louie the prince was kidnapped, by maybe Edison, or some other inventor, and the, only reason why they were holding him captive was because no one knew he existed but, if his name was brought into the spotlight in this legal battle maybe. The captors would let him go it's a it's, a somewhat, I, think. It's a somewhat logical thought, but, a very sad thought it's a very sad thought because it sounds like they're, just grasping. At straws yeah, it's it's a kind of a bummer but it's just a big straw desperately. Hoping that their father is still alive, yeah. During. The trial, Adolphe, II proved the films had been made prior to October 24th. 1888, by producing, his grandmother's, death certificate, dated on that day as she, appears, in one of the films yet, this wasn't totally incontrovertible. Proof that, the single lens camera, built by Louie was the same one that took the films in 1888. When, examining, Louie's patents, the lawyers in the case focused, solely on Louie's, US patent and sadly. For Louie this, particular, padded, unlike, his ones in Britain and France was, meant mainly for, his previous, 16 lens camera, and did, not include specifications. For the single lens camera, the camera being focused, on in the trial by bad luck the phrase quote one, or more lenses, end quote, which, would have covered both of Louie's inventions, was removed, by the US Patent, Office on the grounds, that they already had granted a patent for a single lens camera, in the past though. That, particular patent was for a still, camera. Not a motion picture camera like Louise this. Emission, would prove to be disastrous in. Trial, I can't. Blame them for that though it's. Something they've never heard, of they're probably like, whoa you want to patent a camera, or what are you trying patent boots next get out of here I guess. But, I mean if you just looked at the rest of the patent it was clear that it was for a motion picture camera, well maybe I'm not saying the US Patent Office was in on this I'm just saying it's bad luck I also feel like maybe he should have discussed it with them he did for two years for two years he said put that phrase back in he went he went back and forth with them for, two years and they, finally settled, on it and then he was like I guess at that point he was warned I was like fine take out the fridge again that's his fault I mean.

You Got to get a pad in dug. His own grave the, trial would initially, go for Edison, and over, the years the trial would go back and forth, starting. The famed patent, ORS as such. A Dolphy's, testimony, would move out of focus and his father Louis la Prince would once again be, forgotten. Perhaps. Tangentially. Related in, 1901. Three. Years after a dull fade testified, a dull fee was, found dead in the woods bloody. And broken he, had apparently been shot dead he, had been out shooting and a gun was found by his side it, was assumed he died of a hunting accident some. Believed it was suicide while, some in the family believed he'd been murdered we. Think about that you, know this is at a time in history. When, when. Murders were just, just. That just. Oh well he, just happened to. Testify. In trial and one of the Omegas. You've had in cases I'm saying it's very likely he was murdered but it doesn't matter because it's what the 1919. Hundred or so nineteen. Who. Gives a. Detector. Goes out there with a magnifying, glass goes he was shot he was shot likely, by someone else, however, in regards, to Edison, playing any part in foul play regarding, Louis or even a Dolph a authors, john jakku laws and jock fend point, out that there is no evidence to support this, theory for, what it's worth Lori, Schneider Louie's. Great-great, granddaughter. Has also voiced her doubts that Edison, a busy, and successful man, would, care enough to send a henchman to kill a man the, second, theory is that Albert la Prince Luiz brother was, responsible, for Louie's disappearance, Luiz, brother Albert, an architect. Was notably, the, only person, who claimed to have seen Louie board the train, according. To Rollins, Albert even spoke to Louie through his train compartment, window however. The, 1890. Investigation. Never turned up a single train, passenger, who could say they saw Louis on board this, is odd considering. The fact that Louie was a gargantuan, man, standing. At six foot four probably. Not a man that could get lost in a crowd I don't know how many six, four fellows they were walking around at that time but. I will say that when I get on a train I'm not focused, on other passengers, no you're reading the funnies or uh you, know especially. In old time trains when you're in compartments, you're looking the Harry Potter train you're thinking about the candy, card coming by you're not thinking about oh I wonder if someone here's gonna get murdered maybe it may have to tell detail a little bit later also I think there's some value to the fact that everybody's. Clothes look the same back like everyone. Was probably wearing just a black suit or something there's, no one walking around in a like, a Hornet, starter, jacket, yeah I just. Think I thought, this was a good opportunity for you as a fellow Lord of the Rings tree to provide something called ents whatever. Perhaps, the main reason, summer suspicious, of Albert involves. The will of Louie Albert's, mother who, passed away in 1887. Albert. Was the executor, of their mother's will and according, to author Christopher, Rollins Louie had traveled to Dijon France not. Just to visit Albert, but to receive his share of the inheritance worth. Over one hundred and forty thousand, dollars by today's standards, this, gets even more interesting, when you consider the investigators, in 1890.

Did Not seem to know about the inheritance, which, would give Albert a motive, and furthermore. They, did not seem to question, Albert's, testimony, regarding seeing, Louis board the train Lori. Schneider Louie's. Great-great, granddaughter. Once again doubts this theory basing. Her beliefs on Lizzie 'la princes memoirs, which depict, a close, loving family, authors. Uh loss and fend also, note that there is no evidence to support this theory and emphasize. That Albert's, family, strongly, denies it all, right I just. Don't buy it and I'll tell you why okay there's. Nothing, that. I looked into that proves, Albert. Lip prints was any fine was in any dire financial stress, I was gonna say is there a need for money, there there isn't so why. Would he all of a sudden decide oh I want some extra bucks let's, let, me kill my brother my brother and, ruin, his family, by. Taking. Stripping, him of his greatest invention he, killed them during. Life and after, death then at that point you know you. Know they say a man dies twice you, know story-wise. I could see why some people believe this sure but. When you when you really just think about it yeah it's a little - soap opera I'm not yeah I'm not buying it I'm not buying it. Okay. Great, I'm. Not you, don't have to I'm good it's not purchased it's on the shelf it's gonna stay there I'm not selling it I, didn't. Say you were selling it someone is and. I'm not buying it I mean. This, is a this, metaphor, is where. Are we I don't know the, final theory is perhaps the bleep yes that Louie the Prince simply. Didn't want to be found this, is the theory of Louie's, great nephew, who is the grandson, of Albert. That theory goes that Louie was greatly in debt to, the tune of eighty four thousand, dollars by today's standards, during, the mid 1870s, Louie. Gave a bad loan to Lizzie's family business, that didn't, pan out toward. The end the, dual income, of Louie and Lizzie had to not only provide, for the family but, also financed. Louie's film experiments. And according, to author Christopher, Rollins, Louie, hadn't, worked steadily for, an income, for about three years leading. Up to his disappearance in, April. 1890. Louie, wrote to Lizzie about problems, with the projector, adding, quotes I hope, to send the word it is, in my next and also, some cash which, unfortunately I, have not in hand and it, makes me feel very uneasy as I, know you do not make much just now end quote. It's, been suggested that in the end Mui, relied on his mother's inheritance in order to continue, working on his projector, but, learned during his trip to France that he didn't have immediate, access to the money of, Louise, breakout invention, some, like, author Christopher, Rollins, believe that Louis a noted, perfectionist. Felt his projector, was not up to the standards, he had envisioned, his, letters offer evidence that Louis was unhappy with the quality of the projectors, picture, it was bright and the picture was jumpy, according. To Rollins, it's possible, that Louis just got off the train between dijon, and paris rather, than face his family, in defeat for, people who believe this people. That believe maybe. He wasn't pleased with his projector, mm-hmm, I think. They're lacking perspective. You. Got to remember people. Didn't even know what the phrase moving, picture meant so, regardless, of whether or not the picture was jumpy, he. Shows, up to this event he, shows a picture, that starts moving, people, are gonna think this guy's a goddamn, wizard yeah they're gonna they're gonna they're not gonna be like oh bro. The quality's bad it's not 1080p. I don't, get it I existed. Back in this time and I saw a moving picture I probably think his camera was bewitched I'd kiss him on the lips I'd say, sir you've done it I'm just saying it's.

Stupid, For people to think that he was maybe, feeling a little uneasy about his projector, so he decided I'm, just gonna jump off this train now Frederick. Mason, Louie's assistant, believed, that Louie would only stand to gain from his inventions, which would thus make it nonsensical. For him to intentionally. Disappear, on the cusp of his debut David. Wilkinson a producer, on a documentary, on Louie said, quote I am absolutely, convinced, that he would have raised money from a very distinguished, audience so then he could start manufacturing on, quite, a big scale he, would have done what Edison and the Lumiere's did but before them he would have been known end quote. After. Hearing Louie's story I can't, help but agree have. Louis successfully, shown his work in New York Louie la Prince would have been that, I read in textbooks as a film, student but, unfortunately, that, never happened. The reason behind that will tragically, elude us for the foreseeable, future I think it was Edison's goons I think, it was either Edison's, goons or some version of goons whether they're Edison's, or some other creator maybe I don't mean Lumiere brothers seem less likely but there were other creators who were onto the emotion the only way our brothers were just whimsical. They didn't they weren't like let's kill this man I think it's because their name sounds whoops yeah they remind me of the candlestick from Beauty and the Beast Oh Lumiere yes. Yeah. Good catch on. The. Pen, and on the reference. Anyways. Yeah. I think it was some version of goons, my. Money's on Edison they could have been any goons I think. This man was, stripped. From glory right. At the cusp of it but. Maybe now people will know his name for. What it's worth if someone, were to ask me who, is the true father of moving, pictures I'd, say Louella, prints but, as for his disappearance I can only offer theories. As the, case of Louella prints will remain, unsolved.

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Shane, maybe was that a Rick and Morty reference?

I'm not sure why, but it's nice to think that now over 2 million people know Louis Le Prince was the original inventer of the motion picture and that he won't be forgotten.

Fictitious narrative. I read few comments, from your commentators; which have low IQ's. Only credulous, imbeciles, will believe this unscrupulous colloquy. The others have veracity to them. But not this one.


Thomas Pettyson

Please do a buzzfeed unsolved on the Murder of Altantuyaa Shaariibuu

This is now my science project :D

So Louis is also the Godfather of modern Gifs?

Can you do the Vallecas case?

Flight 370 is an unsolved case as well.

Shane didn’t say anything!

please do one on tarrare !!

who else watches these unsolved mysteries only 10:00 pm till like 3:00 am??

Wait so if we have allllll the evidence that he created it.... then where is the speculation?

I saw Ryan at a Lakers game.

Pshh... So you're tellin' me that the wonderful, and notoriously sweet-hearted Thomas Edison had something to do with this mans disappearance and death? Yeah right.... What's next? That he stole the idea for the lightbulb? That he tortured a bunch of poor animals to death? That he didn't invent the X-ray machine? Get real!

Should make an episode about the Codex Gigus.

This is my favorite episode

This and the history ruined show are the only reason I watch any buzzfeed videos

ah it was the last video.. i've heard a theory that also related to edison, that he stole the invention of tesla's plasma lamp.. idk, is it true or not, also i don't really remember the source, was it credible or not..

do one for Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story. PLSSSSSSSS ALIENS


I love these videos

Thomas Edison is cancelled



I love this show its interesting but I get scared when im watching it alone

This is so similar to Nicholas tesla

HI HI HI CAN I GET EVERYONE'S ATTENTION TO ASK IF BUZZFEED UNSOLVED CAN DO THE PALMER RAIDS FROM 1919 TO 1920???? *disclaimer* I don't know much about it (so correct me if I'm wrong lolol) but I saw it in my AP textbook and I thought that it may make a good unsolved episode one day

i too am a ferroequinologist

Anastasia, the lost princess of Russia

wow...this is awesome. Sad... but awesome

Woah..Love this episode!!

Anyone also from Leeds?

finding out that thomas edison stole something else? not surprised

Reminds me of Coco

Thomas Edison is a thief and an elephant-murderer.


Please do Max Headroom!!

I really dislike everything I have learned about Thomas Edison over the years. Everyone should know that Louis Le Prince is the true inventor of motion pictures.


I think Edison took him out

I think Shane and Ryan should visit the Island Of The Dolls in Mexico!

This video gave confirmation that I truly hate Thomas Edison.

Edison for sure BRO #100% #love you guys #ryanneedstofillmeinonDearDanielbecaseilovehisstorytellingandDDscarestheshitouttame!

Eddison was a fraud/thief and nothing more!

So screw Edison.

Sounds like foul play.

Thomas Edison with J.P. Morgans financial backing were 2 of history's worst villains and I believe that he stole most of his "inventions" from other inventors alot of them being foreigners.

What’s a “padent”?

My professor of History of Modern Art mentioned him to us and showed us the clip he made

So are they just going to completely forget about the Lumière Brother's?

this is sad :(

This is one of the only interesting things that happened in my home city, Leeds. Gotta admit hearing Buzzfeed unsolved cover this gave me a little joy, love it #shaniacs

Does any1 else start tapping the theory music as soon as u know it’s gonna man be on

The thing that gets to me is there should be so much more evidence, like where our his blue prints where is the camera they’re would have been prototypes. Wouldn’t there? Like he didn’t just wake up knowing how he would create the camera so he must have tried and failed so where is all of this evidence? I’m a big fan and I always watch the video and then the Q/A so I thought I would join in this time TJ

Boss like

What pisses me off is everything is a fuckin joke to them. They are talking about deep serious topics while acting like childish annoying douchbags at the same time.

Shaniac #1

You guys should talk about extraterrestrial life on Venus. It is entirely theoretical, however, I think it would be quite the entertaining video to watch.

Isn't there a Poptropica island based off this

people were bitches even back then. nothing has changed



22:57-23:00 is my favorite part It made me laugh so much

Edison was a shady son of a gun. In the UK we tend to use film instead of movies.

August 28 is my birthday

Man that sucks... life is so unfair

Surprised at how many ppl didn't know Thomas Edison stole many of his ideas

I've watched every episode so many times it will be so sad when this series is finished and we gotta wait for more

When you watch too much buzzfeed unsolved and conspiracy videos and start questioning everything you know

OMG-- I have a theory. Welcome to Nightvale fans, this train is The 12 : 37!!!

You guys should do the west Memphis 3

I'm in film school right now and we actually learned about this. My professor even told us about how Edison probably offed him and how he stole his idea.

When your feet are scarier than their video

Tbh this show is the only thing I really like from buzzfeed... well, this and good ol “Worth It”.

Also Walkie Talkies...that’s a weird word...

am i the only one who thinks someone is watching you when you watch anything of these series

I don’t like how he guys talk like I just want to watch the thing

crashcourse already talked about it

Do the Alcatraz escape

my favorite series.. but do more ghost ones, those are my favorite! keep up the great work guys.

8:32 What's going on with this map of Europe? In 1890, had Switzerland and the Balkans not yet emerged from the sea? Also the east coast at 1:54 is all kinds of funky. Buzzfeed needs to have a chat with your map people. Otherwise, cool video.

What about The Mystery of Rene in Savannah GA ????

Edison was a snakeee

Did this boy finally find the way to Hogwarts???

This is so sad

Movies is just moving selfies. LOL

This is really sad, how a single event can change history forever.

I think what I find funniest about the unsolved crime vs the supernatural is what Ryan finds hard to believe or ridiculous in some of these cases, yet when it comes to ghosts and UFOs can find some of the most incredible, outlandish and spurious explanations to be perfectly acceptable... If you took some of these cases, threw in a ghost or a UFO Ryan would be right there believing all sorts of unbelievable nonsense... but in true crime, what might seem like slightly odd behaviour and we get... hell no my good man, that's utterly preposterous, no one would act that way... Really makes me chuckle... :D

Edison was no.1 thief in world of science. Most of the things he stole from Nikola Tesla.

back in middle school, one of my classmate (also named) Thomas Edison was a big jerk too

Can I just point out that Ryan was both figuratively and literally "sipping the tea"? That was perfect haha

now I can prove my teacher wrong

Its was advil, who gets it?

BOYS! You must look into the following Australian mysteries; Azaria Chamberlain, Tynong North Murders, Mr Cruel, and The Beaumont Children.

Thomas Edison is just the worst...

0:22 who r u?

You should cover king Ludwig!

When is there going to be a supernatural episode?

Thomas Edison is nothing but a theif.

Can't you do a buzzfeed solved as a season bonus or something see all these unsolved cases make me queasy, one where justice actually served would be delightful

Then a movie about Louis Le Prince is being created *ironic* *i* *know*

Someone should make a movie about Louis Le Prince like a big budget one

You should really do the assassination of the former Philippine president, Benigno Aquino Jr. His death had so much theories around the political world of our country and even caused a historial mass revolt called the EDSA Revolution . I think It'd be amazing for you to do it!

This is why studying the layers of history is important.

I was wondering where do you get your sources from, I am a junior in high school and I have to write an essay about any topic in history, and I choose the invention of film. So it would really help if you can tell me where you get your information from

edison also stole the lightbulb patent of tesla.....

do more episodes that you go places

0:20 Shane is so proud of himself

Thomas Edison was kinda attractive. Hmm.

Is this case a movie? It should be if it isn't.

The murder case about Eve Stratford and Lynne Weedon is one of the more obscure unsolved cases of all time. I mean this one is a honestly a real mystery... It's definitely not a common one and i'm quite sure the majority of people wouldn't have heard about it! If you could do an episode on this case that would be brilliant!

...Guys, its pronounced "ex-ECK-u-ter" of a will :D Not EX-ecuter, like a murderer!

Wait if Louis Le Prince‘s name was brpight put during the legal battle, making him famous, wouldn‘t his captors kill him? 13:36



I learned this from Ripper Street. Thumbs Up If You Know That Show!!

I feel like they were both really stoned for this one

Please never stop making these I love them

Is this animations class or buzzfeed unsolved? I forgot from all the explaining of this man’s work.

writies, chewies... steppies. ima use those now

the funnies

I agree with Edison stealing Prince's idea. He did something very similar to Nickola Tesla

Screw you Edison

u r a goon.

Sounds like a coco movie hahaha

Do the missing malaysia airlines flight mh370 soon !! :3

Can you do a video of navy ships disappearing like they would get sucked and another ship would come and they would find nothing no body’s or ship parts

why is switzerland a body of water

If you think Edison invented the camera, you are an idiot.


Another theory is that maybe while he was on board he met someone who promised to make him a lot of money if he helped do *insert sketchy thing here. Ex: transport drugs, rob a bank, etc.* and he agreed, hoping to quickly have a little extra money to send to his wife or to finance his inventions (his priorities weren’t too clear tbh). During *insert sketchy thing here* things went bad and he died but, because *insert sketchy thing here* was illegal, someone had to discretely discard his body and that’s why he was never found

18:15 It may be the result of me watching too many unsolved type shows, but I actually do pay attention to my surroundings and its details, as well as the time when I encounter something that's out of the ordinary (which 98% of the time is nothing lol)

This is an interesting topic but you guys are rather annoying.

So at the beginning you said that Le Prince was scared that industrial spies were going to steal his work. Maybe he got on the train but then became so consumed with paranoia he got off the train before he got to his destination. OR again being consumed with paranoia, he got on the train, waved goodbye to his brother, and before the train started moving, he got off (and if he was sitting near the back, it would explain why no other passengers on that particular train would have seen him) Then he could have boarded another train, however, he accidentally got on the wrong train and he didn’t have enough money to take another train back home. And for the aftermath, he might have went to the nearest town to find a job to earn money (or beg for money, whatever people did to earn money quickly back then) but then paranoia got the better of him and he spent the rest of his life hiding from industrial spies

i'm going to share this with my class

Dam I’m hecka late

Really no one says movies anymore, then what do you call them.

DO THE PHANTOM KILLER PLEASE! It’s one of my favorites and I love it SO much.

Ryan: *sips tea*

the word "movies" explains why "talkies" was a thing for a while

We should just strip Edison of all his inventions and erase him from history.

Where's Switzerland?

Thomas Edison is not credited with the invention of cinema though, the lumiere brothers are. Also literally just learned about this guy in my film history class

The only reason Edison isn't credited with it is he for some reason thought people would want to watch movies one at a time while bending their backs.

So now I will be referring to Louis Le Prince from now on when someone says that Edison invented it.


I dint get it if Lincoln died in 1865 and he was recorded how was the motion picture cam invented in 1886

A fucking hate Edison now

Edison steals another invention, number 1752

Someone needs to make a movie about this

U.S not us

I just don't think Edison did it. I agree with Laurie, he was a busy/successful business man. I just don't think he would have much of a motive. Perhaps Louis died on his way home, in an accident or of natural causes., and they never identified the body.

How are you guys dealing with the discovery of Amelia Earheart's(pardon my spelling) bones?

Do the murder of Lana clarkson !!!!!!

Go down to Edison. More years added to this world, less respect he got.

LOL!! the 1080p comment was the best

It was the Goons!

Could you guys do the conspiracy surrounding Abe Lincoln's murder?

please have an episode on the Shankill butchers! PLEASEEEEEE

Do Michael's Jackson's death next

Do the Alcatraz disappearance of Frank Morris John and clarence anglin or Alcatraz breakout theory

Do the spontaneous combustion case!

Just so's you know you're using an inaccurate map. It includes the artificial border imposed on Ireland by the British (at 3:15) long after 1887.

Leeds Leeds Leeds

Adolphe is the french spelling of Adolf. It’s pronounced the same. Love the vids, usually not annoyed by mispronunciations but this one was a big awkward lol. Also, it had to be Edison. Egotistical genius? Hears about a dude who disappears AND invented “something”? C’mon. Gotta be him. Call Bill & Ted.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

is anyone else hopping they’ll make a podcast??

thomas edison was literally one big plageriser

Do Nikola Tesla next

This is Lumiere brothers erasure

I think that Louis must have just been paid off by Edison and the terms would just be basically for Louis to disappear so nobody could question it. (This is based off opinions, just to make this clear)

do 9/11

Do Michel Jordan's dads murder like if you want to see it

I know that this may be a sensitive subject to Americans, but Edson was no good. The thing between him and Tesla was one of the biggest reason Tesla died in poverty and made his name be unknown for decades. And, now, we heard about Le Prince. So, yeah, I'm gonna go out and say his is absolutely no good.

buzzfeed unsolved would blow up if you did Madeline McCann’s disappearance

please dear god do Madeline McCann

Wait! Guys! Was there a (wheeze) in here at all?!?!?!?!?!? Oh, there it is. 5:17 Anyway, I don't think he simply disappeared, nor that his brother or any family member was involved. To think that Edison didn't care enough or was too busy to have done anything is ludicrous to say. If you don't want interference and you're a man of renown and wealth, you'll get it taken care of. None of this was an accident.

In 1888 = jack the ripper :p

lol i'm not surprised. he stole ideas from tesla all the time, this was probably another instance

Am I the only one surprised there was no Alien theory

Anyone else like this history lesson better then schools lesson?

This episode gave me the chills. Louis Le Prince is the true inventor of motion picture!

this is actually really sad

How about for the next season you do a "Deep Web Unsolved Mysteries" theme?

Do a Buzzfeed unsolved on the Stanley house from the movie the Shining it is haunted

I have been there

I live in Leeds!!

Can you do the jersey Devil

Disappearance of Agatha Christie!!!!!!!

1:28 What the hell happened to Switzerland, Ukraine, Belarus, Serbia etc?

Hi, I'd really appreciate if yall will do MH370's mysteries next c:

Ryan, you're skinny in this episode. Were you sick? Take care always.


Can you PLEASE do the devil's gate when you do another supernatural episode. Love the true crime episodes. Best thing to watch on a Saturday morning while eating breakfast

I thought it was a well-know fact that Louis Le Prince invented it not Edson. Weird.

Do the DC snipers


Please do the Villisca axe murders! it is a truly bizarre and interesting story, and one of the largest unsolved mass murders.

I could imagine, at that period in time, there was a bit of a black market for invention ideas you could patent, and I could see Louis being easily conned off the train with an offer of financial backing for his invention. I don't peg Edison as the type to actually have goons on his payroll...seems to high risk for him...but I'd totally peg him as the type to not ask questions if offered an idea...and it wouldn't surprise me if someone involved in organized crime also saw Edison as a potential source of "no questions asked" revenue.

this was so sad

It’d be interesting to see their take on the Sister Cathy Cesnik case (even tho netflix has a freaking 7 hour long documentary). Personally I find the case pretty interesting but the documentary was really drawn out and confusing. All the same, there is a lot of speculation and rumour surrounding the nun’s murder

Thanks to buzzfeed, I asked my boyfriend the other day if he wanted to see a moving picture with me. I can't say movie anymore. Thanks buzzfeed.

You guys should go to gonjiam psychiatric hospital for next season or whenever you guys do ghost things again

Edison likes to.steal stuff from many people and then take all the credit. Tesla anyone..

Etienne-Jules Marey published his "flight of the birds" in 1880 though

Edison also screwed Tesla, Edison isn't nice..

Nobody does my dude Louis dirty like that

I really appreciate the sense of loss you guys infused into this episode. It *IS* a tragedy, to have your legacy wiped out just as it’s about to be realized, and I think (maybe because you’re both creators) the sadness and cruelty of it really comes through :/. Well done.

How about the Big Grey Man of Ben MacDhui next?

This makes me so mad and sad ;-;


Do a video about Nicholas Barclay dissappereance

They should do "The Shocking Assassination of Martin Luther King".

I hate Thomas Edison now.

Try to investigate the mystery of who killed Antonio José de Sucre.

Unsolved you should do the tale of Bloody Mary!

loveeee these videos so much

Can you guys plz do Helen Keller

When he yelled "all aboard", i got these Choo-Choo Soul flashbacks

Do Olivia Mabel next!

Check the record of the company and tickets sold. Determine who boarded the train. The gun. Find a description of it. A serial number and the bullet used. Conduct an autopsy on his body to see the gun bullet penetration wound. Compare Louise Le Prince transactions to Thomas Edison's. Murder has to be ruled out because the patents where lost. He attempted to file for a patent and they where lost stolen. Someone opened the suit case.

From the confirmation of who made the gun and gun type you can determine a motive and who may have been hired and why.

Edison has proven time and again that he doesn't need to have people killed in order to steal their ideas, so I think that theory's off the table.

Well looks like Family Guy was right

Only episode from this series I didn’t enjoy at all

Edison also stole ideas from Tesla. would not surprise me if Edison did it..

edison is a thief and a hack. what he did to tesla is equally despicable

Thomas Edison the freaking fraud!!

do the story of estefania gutierrez lazaro. the movie veronica is based on her true story. she was possessed and died because of it.

guys, its ah-dolf, like Adolf

On the next season of true crime you guys should totally do an episode on madeleine mccann

as if i needed more reasons to dislike thomas edison

Do an Unsolved Malaysia Flight 370! So interesting

Can you do a Australian case next?

Do more ghosts ones

This just reminded me of the poptropica island based off of this event

Hey Louis and I have the same birthday

You guys should do a video on the Pink Lady of Grove Park Inn!!!

what happened to eric coy he was a 8 year old who got killed in a 10 minute window and nobody ever found out why

ironic that this was filmed on a moving picture

the national science & media museum is in bradford (about 15mins train from leeds) and it's really amazing + informative if you're interested in that stuff! west yorkshire is rife with cinema and arts history :~)

God I hate when my birthday shows up on these

lol americans known as devils!!!!

The aliens took him

I feel like it has to be Edison. He had the most to gain and a proper motive. The other two theories have little to no motive. The fact that Edison also stole the idea of the lightbulb makes that theory the most believable

You should do one on Anastasia and the Romanov family!

Big up Leeeeeeds yes!!

thomas is Luke, and Le Prince is Percy ( Percy Jackson bc everyone thinks thomas is great but then he stole Le Prince's Fame!!!)

I knew Edison stole from Tesla, this really puts into question did he actually invent anything?

I would bet all my bitcoin that Edison was behind it, or closely linked to Le Prince's disappearance/murder. He was an absolute jerk, completely unoriginal and a thief.

Absolutely fantastic. This would make an amazing "movie" ;)

"People are going to think this guy's a goddamn wizard!" Best line of the episode.

Thomas Edison, just another in the line of dudes stealing work from others.

Oh, so it's not normal to think someone on the train is gonna get murdered? Oh, okay, I'm, I think I'm just gonna go to the asylum now.

15:18 both of them look so good in this frame. Also, how ironic, i'm talking about frames haha

When we needed him most he vanished.

Didn’t Edison also steal from Tesla? Did he ever accomplish anything on his own?

Shouldn’t his surname be pronounced “Luh Pronse”, considering he’s French and all? This just kinda bugged me through the whole video.

I HATE EDISON but really do you ever stop to wonder how many people he has fucked? bc we know of a few, but I bet he stole from or even killed many real intelligent people.

Thomas Edison could totally be behind Louis going missing. Growing up in Erie,PA they're many stories of Edison screwing people around the area when General Electric opened up. He was interested in success and would do what he had to do

Edison stealing people's inventions isn't exactly news. Edison potentially _killing_ someone to steal an invention... well I wouldn't exactly be surprised given his track record.

Louis was ROBBED

Shane looks so adorable in his wittle glasses!

"I'm not buying it." -Ryan " No one is asking you to."-Shane "It's staying on the shelf." - Ryan

Honestly Edison is such a POS, stole the patents for like EVERYTHING and claimed it as his own because of corrupt capitalism.

My life is a lie

Duh Edison did it

Talk about the two lost boys princes from England

Half way through this I realized this video wasn't a history lesson


j'adore leurs accents!!!!

I have a request and I have no idea if you guys have done this yet: The Zodiac Killer

yaritza zavala I just saw that lol, i recently read that the Zodiac killer was— in a way— related to the Jack the Ripper cases

DabbingIntoArt they did

“What are you going to try and patent boots now?Get out of here!” Man I am so done with Shane.

So Louis' son made gifs..

Physically he looks like someone who could fight another person off so hmm


So basically they both had the idea at the same time then Louis vanished before it got famous and Edison didn't get vaporized so he got the credit i don't think he stole his idea they just had the idea at the same time and he got credit

thats so sad, this is why i always imagine of when i watch this videos to just have the power to go back in time and just watch it all over again, and potentially to be able to fly, bcause why not. And I'll be like go back here in present and tell the "real story" and it will ne mind-blowing but of course people wont believe so it will be just a "theory" yet again.

For real you could tell everyone Edison stole the Moon and it’ll be 100% believable because he was pure trash so

Shane's hair gets better every episode

Can we please get a Airplane crashes episodee pleease


Edison is a fraud. Nothing he's credited with he actually invented. Absolute charlatan.

“They’re called ents” swoon

Thanks louis le prince for porn! You was the man RIP

Barely related question; Who created the book?

They really need to make a movie about this. Lol.

Tag yourself I'm Ryan at 0:24 Judging people

I ran a train on a train

I never knew Switzerland was a giant lake.

Saw a rendition of it on crash course and this came up on recommendations

smh edison

la france

#makelouisleprinceknown lets make everyone aware of Louis Le Prince

Why is Switzerland marked out

Im hatin thomas edison now. Its funny how i have 2 friends named thomas and edison.

don't believe everything u hear from history

This reminded me of Coco

You guys should do a video on Vincent van gough

But didn’t he steal credit of the light bulb?

It’s sad that no matter what happens the truth of this story and motion picture will always be denied

albert and edison made a deal with each other? too soap opera-ish?

Nikola Tesla

My school years are a lie

Ryan have you seen "The Lady Vanishes"? Amazing train-involved Hitchcock film.

can you guys do the Paul Is Dead theory (the whole paul mccartney died in the 60s and was replaced by a lookalike)

Louis is probably living in Cuba with Pancho Villa, Tupac, and Michael Jackson

plzzz do a buzzfeed unsolved on who betrayed anne frank!!!!! its one of the most famous stories. and its entertaining

I was just learning about Louis in my high school film class. That's crazy!

Where the new vid @

I think the aliens did it

thank you for the english subtitles!!

you should do an episode on Marsha P. Johnson's death it was kinda mysterious and the police basically just glossed over it as a suicide

Can someone create a movie about Thomas Edison plotting the disappearance of Louis le Price

why did yall delete switzerland lol


Insane was all the commercials I got for unsolved and true crime and I really want to see that movie now!

Seriously. What happened to visiting the haunted places!? Those are hilarious!

le prince sweetie i'm so sorry

movies is a funny name. you missed the point that when movies came out with sound the were called talkies


i turn up to the theory music

All aboard!!!

Buzzfeed should do one on the girl that the movie Veronica is based on

Apparently in 2008 someone found a book in NYC library that was written by Thomas Edison himself and there was an entry of September 20 1890 four days after the disappearance saying that he got a call saying "prince is no more" and Edison said "Murder is not my thing. I'm an inventor and my inventions for the moving pictures can now be put forward".

Thomas Evilson

Up next: how Thomas Edison stole from Nikola Tesla

From Michigan, can you guys do Jimmy Hoffa?

"who put Bella in the wych elm", just saw this online, very interesting mystery murder!

edison literally stolethe lightbulb from tesla, dont act surprised

I mean, Bell had people in the parents office, so it’s not unbelievable that Edison did too.

I DO NOT CONSENT to geoengineering/solar shield (heavy metals in the air I breathe). I DO NOT CONSENT to fluoride in drinking water. I DO NOT CONSENT to GMO food. I DO NOT CONSENT to 5G (radiation). I DO NOT CONSENT.

Woooahhh that’s my bday too! 28th August


You guys should do the Long Island Serial Killer. Really interesting case, but very depressing.

Do the disappearance of the Malaysian Airline Flight 370!

I’m learning about Thomas Edison and his pals in Film class

breaking news thomas edison was really not that smart he was just some derp who wanted to be famous so he stole stuff from actual geniuses.

I don’t know if it counts as completely unsolved as someone was convicted for it, and I don’t know if you can do it because of how recent it still is, but if you could do the Laci Peterson murder, that would be nice.


I know I’m about a week late here, but can I ask what happened to Switzerland?

Please check out the Malaysia flight 370 and the mysterious link to this post

Do UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731 UNIT 731

Do you still see your stalker everywhere?

The Jimmy Hoffa case? Or has this been done enough?

I’m not buying the other two theory’s, Thomas Edison did it!

Everyone knows Thomas Edison stole all his inventions

Thomas Edison definitely did it.

Could you do A Buzzfeed Unsolved - Supernatural "Dyatlov Pass Incident" ? Also one about the Hessdalen Lights would be nice.

This was more like a film class

Okay, but why isn’t Louis’ assistant a suspect??

To be fair I wouldn't want to go to Leeds either... and I live there.


Can you do a buzzfeed unsolved on the girl found dead at gwinnett place mall

no doubt it was Edison.

I'm gonna need more Ryan getting scared episodes please

I don’t know if this will count but if you guys covered the Blood Countess story, I’d watch in a heartbeat

The dissapearence of MacDonald's boys Singapore

Irony or timing? Talking about a man who disappeared and his invention was stolen, days after an educational channel makes a video on him. Credit given for going in depth on the subject.

Guys do that voicemail thread thats currently hot rn

I was just thinking how wierd the word movies was

So after knowing this y havent we corrected the books? Why do we still teach people tht it was edison who invented the motion picture? Shows that we human beings do not like changes.

my heart hurts from this, its so sad

I'm glad to know of this man, now, and I can't help but see him as the creator of the motion picture, now.

all Thomas Edison's inspiritional quote went to drain

Poor louie

wikipedia mention that Thomas invented the camera at the same time they also mentioned that Louis is the "real" inventor. hmmmmm

ooh finally a good crime.. that i never heard of

He left because he wanted to make clothes so now we have lous vitton


That picture of Louis Le Prince looks like my ex.

you can really turn everything he says into a full 5 page essay.. hmmm

My birthday is August 28th !!! I've neber found anyone with my birthday!!!

The more I knew about history, the more I think Edison is not that great

Train train wee all love trains trains

Thomas.E . Did not only steal this invention but other too such as the

This is sad. Just sad. Truly sad and tragic

You should do the mystery of the Malaysia Airlines Disappearance

golden state killer!

It's sad that we grew to cheer for him knowing he would go missing. Knowing we can't do anything to help right the wrong.

its actually sad that some inventors were forgotten just because they couldnt patent their own work... alexander graham bell didnt invent the telephone.. so fak tht guy too

When you’re from Leeds, England

"I'd kiss him on the lips." Srsly Shane?

Buzzfeed Unsolved should investigate the death of Joshua Maddux:

Edison is evil

Okay listen I don't know how credible this is but apparently someone found a diary entry of Edison's that read “Eric called me today from Dijon. It has been done. Prince is no more. This is good news but I flinched when he told me. Murder is not my thing. I'm an inventor and my inventions for moving images can now move forward.”

This was awesome! I have one question though, why is Switzerland the only country in white on the European map?

adolphé haha actually the lumière brothers were big shot ~captains of industry and savage businessmen so i'm totally on board that conspiracy train now

You guys should go to the Lemp Mansion in STL or the Lalaurie Mansion in New Orleans for your next supernatural season. They are both very haunted especially the LaLaurie Mansion.

What is with Edison being propagandized as the great American inventor of things, when he was just a businessman.

Edison stole most of his inventions, it's a known fact.

Thomas Edison is a jackass. He also stole Tesla's ideas.

i'm betting that someone traveled back in time to kidnap or kill louis

Edison either murdered Louis himself, or hired someone to do it for him. He has a known history of stealing people’s inventions and taking the credit and glory for himself.

Dos Fucken gons

Ok so Edison fucked over Louis, Tesla, the elephant. Nice. Fuckin cuntbag

oh my i'm from France, i was born in Dijon! i'm scared

if any of these mysteries DO get solved you guys HAVE to post about it

Shane always makes scary vids into something funny

OMG MOVIES Cause they are pictures that MOVE I. sorry i just go that

you guys should do a buzzfeed unsolved: conspiracies series

If my teacher says Thomas Edison invented the camera, I will tell her about Louis Le Prince.

Just knowing about Tesla, Edison was the most petty dude ever. I wouldn't be surprised if Edison was somehow involved with Le Prince's disappearance.

For a rather huge test in English last year, I learned about Louis and I was very interested

I was waiting for you to say it had romance!!!!!

The fascinating life and times of Louis Le Prince. Can't help but feel like Ryan's hunch that Einstein and his goons had something to do with this is probably correct.

It was Nikola Tesla

Didn’t Thomas Eddison literally steal all of his inventions?

0:19 wtf Shane?

My last name is Whitley

Who else thinks they should do the Alcatraz Prison escape, I’m surprised they haven’t done it already. Like if you agree

Buzzfeed unsolved: MH370

They need to make a movie about this (not ironically

this makes me despise Edison

The murders in Pike County, Ohio (April 21-22, 2016). Pretty recent, definitely creepy, and eerily close to home.

This is the saddest episode so far...

God I want this to be a movie

lmao why is Switzerland a lake on the map of Europe xD

Shane: ALL ABOOOOOOAAAAAAARD! Ryan: *staring* Ryan: all right.

In order to sucess Edison would do anything...

MAPEH teacher: Who invented the moving pictures? Unsolved fanatic: It's Louis Le Prince! MAPEH Teacher: NO! It's Thomas Edison >:V *unsolved fanatic shows this vid to the teacher* MAPEH Teacher: Oh...

You guys should do princess diana. That one is pretty weird

Plz plz plz plz do Madeleine McCann, that would be so cool

Edison definitely killed Louis and took his stuff used it and created the camera

5:50 All that hardwork to produce a gif

Ryan: "But what if I told you that the true father of motion pictures may be an incredible Frenchmen?" Me: *YOU MEAN LAFAYETTE?!?!?!* raps Guns and Ships endlessly

Do the Benoit family murder

Buzzfeed is doin things

Um this isn't like unsolved or anything buuut the case of phineas gage is sooooo cool and interesting I think it'd make a cool video

What you failed to mention is that Thomas Edison was there when Louis showed his moving picture in France. Thomas Edison was a huge fraud who stole numerous inventions from people including this one. I feel like everyone needs to see Edison as what he was, a thief, not some great inventor.

You guys should play the Ouija board and try to contact Louis Le Prince

Jonestown cult suicide

can you guys do the mystery surrounding Anastasia Romanov? it’s one of my favorite things to read about (as well as my favorite broadway show lol)

i feel so bad for him omfg

I'm not convinced by the theory that he disappeared voluntarily because 1. if he didn't have the funds why would he not just stop working on it, I don't see why he would feel the need to disappear entirely; he seems like a smart man who cares for his family more than 'pride'. or 2. if he wasn't happy with it and didn't know how to improve it why wouldn't he sell the idea on to or work with another inventor? Anyway I guess this will always remain unsolved but I'll always remember the great contribution Louis Le Prince made to this world. Peace and love.

*COUGH* *COUGH* Tesla...

Hi guys not sure when you’re next series is due. Could you cover Hinterkaifeck murders love your vids btw

Im guessing the white dude has a vague memory of his day elevating he looks kinda creepy and if you pay attention he has a dark sense of humor

Poor guy

Pleaseeee do a video on olivia thomas's death!!!


go to the stanley hotel

Because Thomas Edison is a liar and cheat.

1:27 my birth month and date!

Oh my gosh please can you do Mary queen of Scott’s Husbands mysterious death? I think she set up his murder because he was abusive

hey Ryan you’re great but please never say the word “patent” again.

Edison was a hack and all of his ideas were stolen

I think that edison had someone kidnap louis

Anyone else wondering about the episode about the family

isn't it strange some history students would know about louis le prince (founder of motion picture) but a student majoring in film would never hear of him?

How did you guys find all this information ?

"You made this? ... ... ...I made this." - Thomas Edison

Do Madeline McCann

Could yo do the case of the movie "The substitute" I think it´s with Angelina Jolie. It was a real case.

Please do one about the Malaysian Flight

Please do the story of Kaspar Hauser it would be greatly appreciated!

This is a very interesting story! They should make a...MOVIE out of it. :D

how about michael jackson

If he was so committed to his life's work why just get of the train and vanish? He left the camera at his workshop!

The day he disappeared is my birthday

"The Harry Potter train"

Maybe Edison killed him, because he wanted fame for Louis Le Prince's idea.

Wasn’t there a map on Poptropica related to some of these invents?

So half this video is about someone making a camera/movie. You're lucky I'm still watching

My ex was named after Edison. No wonder he's such a jerk

Do the McCanns next! And talk about the cadaver dogs!

Do the disappearance of madiline mccan, she disappearedin portugal 2007 and has never been found please do this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

really enjoying the episodes! Wouldn't it be cool to make some episodes on cases that had actually been solved. Showing us the evidence and suspects eventually leading up to the revelation? (if this doesn't already exist?)

I think Edison had some people kill him

i prefer Tesla over Edison.

It annoys me how no one knows about Louis Le Prince but everyone knows about Thomas Edison

Considering what Edison did to Nikolas Tesla with the alternative current, I think we can say that he was a big dishonest A-hole, so I wouldn't be surprised if he was behind something like that with Le Prince too :/


What about Nikolai Tesla? He was, or probably is the most intelligent man to come out of a woman's womb. Maybe no one knows him, but do some research on this man. Maybe your understand what Edison was and what was this human being who invented AC current, which btw is nothing to what he has created.

Wow, I Fucking hate Thomas Edison now.

Because it's all so unsolve

Hope you guys do slederman

Comunism massacre in Madiun Around 1965

What about the Melies brothers?

The moment the city you live in (Metz) is mentioned in a BuzzFeed video, this is goals. Btw I live in Metz and I never heard about him..

This makes me hate Thomas Edison. F**K YOU EDISON

Live You why would you say that . He made light

Why is Switzerland​ the same color of the bodies of water in the map???

Can you do some mysteries for Louisiana and stuff?

Lmao when he says “I’m not as excited anymore”

I’m certain Edison had something to do with it. He practically destroyed Tesla, emotionally & financially . He had no compunction about stealing others ideas. Read about the battle between them about alternating current electricity. He is no American hero.


edison strikes again

It makes me SO MAD that people don’t know this man. I just googled the inventor of the motion picture camera and everything that came up was Thomas Edison. It’s honestly heartbreaking that this man spent years working on it just to have someone else get the credit for inventing it.

I don’t like this series...... I love it!


the 'murikins try to take credit where now are due. The movie ARGO and the former President Mr. Jimmy Carter are a fine example of the characteristics of 'murikin thinking and American thinking. One tells fibs the other sets the facts straight. For too long those 'murikins have been lying. Far too long. There's money in Lies.


listening to Americans say French names makes me cringe, I'm not French but seriously Adolph-e? it's is pronounced like Adolf

so nicola tesla isn't the only person edison did dirty...

Edison was a sick SOB >:-( I don't trust that fker..

Yes Ryan! YES! How dare Edison stand on the shoulders of giants and proclaim to be the tallest man? This case had two crimes damnit. Favorite episode to date.

Anyone else here from suggested videos after the crash course recess vid on this

I will never say the word, "Movie" again!

They're called ENTS.

Someone please tell poor baby Ryan how to pronounce "patent"

19:37 Shane with that voice crack.

Talk about the silent Hill in Pennsylvania

Y'all should look into whether or not there were any reports of a heart attack or stroke reported on the trains or along the route somewhere, i.e a mile radius around each of the reported stops the trains made or hospitals nearby that might have treated Louis. Back in the day, people weren't always carrying identification like we do today and if he was traveling alone then perhaps they couldn't find out who he was or which luggage was his. Did anyone ever find his luggage in the train?

I'm sorry, but when he showed the word "movie" in quotes, I suddenly realized: Movie. It's a MOVING picture. Move. Ie. Like Selfie. Sorry, I feel like somebody who missed a really good pun and realized it 10 years later. Anyway, carry on.

Damn ryan what's up with you

Why is Switzerland the same colour as the water on the map? 1:40

It kinda bothers me that he’s pronouncing Le as La when he says Louis le prince idk if it’s supposed to be that way but yeah that all I could focus on

Buzzfeed Unsolved should have missing persons posters in the background or something. Imagine all the people that would see them. Maybe someone would recognize one.

Im mad that Edison cant come up with his own stuff but always stealing from others

Thomas Edison is the Christopher Columbus or the film world


THE CRINGE. lol(in the beginning) love ya guys

What would have happened if Louis didn't dissappear? would we have advanced this technology sooner?

why was Switzerland gone on the map?


Yeah you guys are weird. We call them films here in the UK And i feel edison is the biggest fraud

Why is Switzerland a sea on that map?

I like how they found the most smug picture of Edison possible

Shane has become so lame

The reason they wanted to put his name in a court of law was so the captors might come forward with ransom money or some type of negotiation if they understood his worth

Awwwww so sad! Scientists do this all the time...

Surprised there is no theory that Louis knew his motion camera wouldn’t work in NY and just ran away to not be seen as a failure.

I know this was in the 1900s but was there no record of him boarding the train? Like a stub or written documentation? Just a thought.

Poor Louis....

you guys are amazing, i love your videos! However, you forgot to add that they found some sort evidence of a picture of a man drowning, which looked like Louis Le Prince

Edison killed him

Pleas do The Plaza-lady! The lady was found dead in a hotelrom in the hotel Oslo Plaza in Norway. She had a false ID, so they dont know who she was. Pleeeeease make a video about this case! It is very interesting... (Sorry for bad english)

Where did my virginity go UNSOLVED

Disappointing video. Louis Le Prince's brother was the last to see him alive; he's a bigger suspect than this video portrays. Louis's purported financial straits were also fictional.

Wasn't the kid's movie "HUGO" based on this idea? I remember this premise from there, or something extremely similar...

huh Edison.. wonder what else he falsely took credit from aside from this guy and Tesla..

Do Persian Princess Next:

Edison stole the patent for the telephone too, look it up !

This needs to become a movie so more people know his name.. Edit: (Bc let's be honest no one cares about history unless it's presented in entertainment)

Discipline upset rent far coastal embrace seven long soup musical criteria violate marriage.

Thomas F U C K I N G Fraudson

is anyone else remembering that one poptropica game??? no?? kay

if you guys do another paranormal series or episide you should deffinitely check out "Port Arthur" just outside Hobart in Tasmania. Port Arthur is a prison colony with a rich and violent history and there have been numerous ghost siting in the grounds of the complex as well as alot of unexplained phenomenon even in broad daylight. Im a big sceptic but this place was more than a little strange. This was also the sight of the 1996 Massacre the catalyst event for the australian gun laws reform. May be a bit delicate adressing this however. Anyway just a suggestion as id love to see your opinions on the place.

In Australia we call chewing gum 'chewies'

My Theory: In saying that Louis Le Prince was in debt, what if his plan was selfish. Maybe Louis went onto the train to journey to find an inventor wealthy enough (Thomas Edison) to buy his idea from him then went on to live a wealthy life in the shadows releasing him from his debt???

Just started watching the Unsolved and it’s really cool! I don’t know if you’ve done this already but Princess Diana would be an interesting one.

When y’all do supernatural again PLEASE LA LLORONA


edison was a liar and a thief.

Do an episode on MKUltra, please! Or Adam Walsh.

woahahhaha weird lamo I'm shoo mayb

PLEASE do a video on ‘La Chupacabra’ it’s my favorite legend and you guys would maybe get to go to puerto rico ???

Solve this: how the hell did switzerland become a giant sea in your map of europe?!

wasnt this on poptropica or something

He was born on my birthday

well this sounds familiar having watched films like steve jobs and the social network. there has to be some hollywood dramatization of this already in the works. i can imagine it now - eisenberg as edison and garfield as louis le prince lol

Imma ask my social studies teacher, who’s Louis Le Prince and see his reaction

Would you consider discussing that Alice killings?

Damn. Did Edison actually "invent" anything that he claims he did?

its truly sad story and i found it very interesting to know the TRUE history of the founder of "moving picture"

10:58 that duh killed me

Between this and Tesla I’m starting not to like Edison much...

More alien mysteries!

Lmao just another thing that Edison "created"

Thomas Edison destroyed Nikola Tesla as well.

Aw Louis and I have the same birthday

I might be wrong, but I remeber reading once that Edison did not even invent the light bulb, but stole the idea from an inventor who publicied his work at the same time. However, Edison is still quoted to be the inventor of it.

0:22 *dies slowly inside*

didn't edison also stole tesla's idea? something about not compensating him.

Coco was based off this

Edison was a thief and a hack, he copied so many other inventors and took credit

I freaking HATE Thomas Edison

this makes me hella sad for Louis.. he seemed like a genial man and adoring family man, jealousy sucks man

*I had to watch this episode after my kids debated a teacher into a frenzy. They wouldn't back down, so teacher and I watched this, and needless to say, they received an 100% + 50 bonus points that gets them out of their pick of a project. Well done on this episode. Kids, if you see this, well done for presenting your case and sticking to the truth.*

damn thomas edison was a snake

'Sup with Switzerland XD 8:25

What if Louis le prince sold his plans to Edison and then decided to disapear because he wouldnt want his family to know what he had done.

If you know anything about Edison it's that he robbed and backstabbed Tesla. I don't think he'd have a problem with stopping Le Prince either.

train had another meaning to me so , the beginning caught me off GAURD

I had never heard of him. I'm really glad you brought him back and him relevant to history in some way. It sounds like he deserves to be remembered.

I used to think that Edison was amazing before this and now I hate him.....not regrets. LOUIS LE PRINCE IS THE GENIUS BEHIND MOVIES

Edison what... no Lumière brothers!

Damn. I've lost all respect for Thomas Fraudison.

So Edison was the Steve Jobs of the 1800s....absolute prick of a con man that tricks everyone into thinking he’s a genius because he stole his ideas from the roommate etc. Not gonna lie, the fact that Edison is American makes it easier for me to think Edison did it. 1 in 25 Americans are sociopaths after all. Look it up, incredibly high percentage for a “civilised” country.

Hold up- Is Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart referencing Louis Le Prince with the film french man the boy met on the train?? SO many metaphors and symbols in that movie. I love it so much

The more I watch it, the more i'm certain of it :)

I think someone of thomas edisan killed him so he could take the credit and relase the moving picture

how to get a kiss from Shane: create something entirely new. dully noted.

Shane has gone soft.

You guys should unsolve the golden lamb in Lebanon Ohio. There is a room with a girl that haunts the place.

This reminds me of Poptropica. Sorry

Mk ultra

Do Mk ultra

can you guys do the disappearance of theodosia burr please

i don’t think there’s anything shady about that though? she just was lost at sea.

What about looking int the unsolved murder of Bob Crane


buzzfeed unsolved spend a night in the conjuring house in england drop a like if u want this to happen

Do some people too 10 FBI most wanted

Do the unsolved mystery of the wvu headless coeds!

Please do episode on escape from Alcatraz

Louis le Prince father of the Instagram Boomerang

leeds yes yes

Thomas Edison is a cuck

this is so sad... so sad.

Edison the Traitor. He should be remembered in history from here on out as this title.

I'm baffled why Buzzfeed didn't take into consideration how Edison had stolen and fought many other inventors and claimed inventions of others as his. His petty fight against Tesla is a fine example.

Ouééé les français RPZ si si la mifaaaa, on est les meilleurs les mecs, c'est grâce à nous qui z'ont tous leurs films à Hollywood, oué les gars, c'est nous qu'on est les meilleurs d'abord! (lmao to my fellow french buzzfeed unsolved fans... i'm sorry for this but i couldn't help it #ChauvinismePrimaire)

Thomas Edison: The Biggest Theif & Fraud in History

I think the real mystery is the disappearance of Switzerland from the map

I already hated Edison but this only strengthens my disgust to new abhorrent levels.

These guys are hilarious!!!!!

This is reminds me of the Poptropica island where you go on a train and help Thomas Edison find his motion picture machine that was stolen from a french girl. Like this kinda seems like the island was based poorly on this

There's a police photo that said it look like the victim looked like Louis was a drowned victim

this sounds like a good movie plot tbh irony??

Now thanks to this video, more than 2 million people, and possibly many more will know of this great man.

What should movies be called?

Well, my whole view on Thomas Edison has changed.

I have a suggestion for a video! How about one on the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?

we need a jonbenet part 2!!!!!!!!!!

Thomas edison was an invention stealing POS. He didn't invent the light bulb - Tesla did.

Do a video of the murder of nickola tesla

Louis Le Prince is amazing and should have been the legal inventor of "motion pictures"!!!! #LouisLePrincedeservedbetter

My favorite film fact is the reason why Hollywood is in California and not New York, which was the center of the film industry for many years. Edison was hunting down people making motion pictures and charging for use of his technology, so filmmakers naturally got fed up and asked for sanctuary elsewhere. California provided space and the protection necessary. So that's why films are on the west coast, not the east coast.

Thomas Edison was the worstv

Urgh taking people's ideas

Yep, definite points for ingenuity!

Satyesh Jha oohhh that’s a good one

he was born at the end of august? wouldn't that be just like a virgo to disappear off the face of the earth bc their project was only slightly less than perfect

It's 2018 and I'm still watching that mannequin

can you please make an episode about the true inventor of light and electricity, Hasan Kamel Al Sabbah. This story is also tied with Thomas Ed. so there are a lot of words about this.

Anyone else from Leeds?


i bet the animated film COCO was based on this story. Very sad. The dad killed while going home to family :(

hey how bout making a video about the malaysian flight mh370?

God this is soooo sad

Thomas Edison is the 1800s version of Steve Jobs

you guys should do the legend of Anastasia, or the Romanov’s story. The story behind it is very interesting.Look into it, look into too Rasputin and his story too. It's the best one in my opinion

Why haven't these guys try to find Bigfoot or the Jersey devil or something yet?

Seems like Thomas Edison had a narcissistic personality disorder

*Thank you for the history lesson*

louis and i have the same birthday!! who knew.

Edison also tried to steal Teslas "the transporting man" device!!

think i'll put on my walkies , get in my drivey and go to the movies

# Remember Louis Le Prince! also may Tomas Edison forever rot in hell!!!!


I like theory 1

Edison was a prick he stole a lot of other people's inventions

IM SO MAD RIGHT NOW this is so sad, I feel so bad for this guy (almost 130 years in the future)


You guys should do the Oklahoma Girl Scout Murder Mystery

Fucking Edison

Can you please do Nicola Tesla now, pleaseeee

“Le Prince” starring Sean Connery

5:27 you won't regret it

I can definitely believe that Edison had him killed. He was a notorious tech theif (look into Nikola Tesla's life) and just a scoundrel. He clearly had no qualms about manipulating people or ruining lives, murder isn't a far reach imo

so what... guy disappears, and edison shows up with an invention this big and new 3 years later. edison might have fooled those people then, but we know the truth now


Louis Le Prince is the father of moving pictures. But after the divorce, he didn't have custody of moving pictures and the world married Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison is the step-father of moving pictures

I’m really sick of horror movie trailers playing during my unsolved marathon

Quality Trash And they always play much louder than the actual video so it’s terrifying

Olivia B I hate it so much!!!

I’m glade you made this video. His name will now live in glory to the viewers as the true inventor

People Say "Would You Kill Adolph Hitler When He Was A Baby" Movie History Extravagants Say "Would You Kill Thomas Edison So That Tesla And Le Prince And Some Other Name We Probally Dont Know About Be Alive"

You Know What We Really Need A FREAKING TIME MACHINE!!!!

Since it was mentioned that Louis is neck deep in debt, I think it's possible that he was killed/kidnapped by the people or their henchmen who he owes money from.

"I just thought this was a good opportunity, for you, as a fellow Lord of the Rings tree-" *"They're called Ents."*

0:18 - 0:24 that’s honestly really awkward

That motion picture is called GIF lmao

Fandom Trash.

Thomas Edison literally stole most of his stuff. He was a total wad

Why do i feel so sad after watching this

Somebody should make a movie about Louie Le Prince. OH!!!!THE IRONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thomas Edison sucks.

consider doing one on Tammy Lynn Leppert! beauty pageant girl who went psycho and disappeared one day

Do an episode of the assassination of Benigno Aquino of the Philippines!

Seeing people talk about how everything they know about edition is a lie but because I'm british we don't learn about American history so I know barely anything of him anyway.

In britain we call them films, because originally they were made from rolls of films like you said.

Edison also stole lots of other stuff from lots of inventors too lol

Edison was a butthole, so I'm blaming him. Lol he sabotaged enemies, killed an elephant, etc

wasn't there a train mystery like exactly this on Poptropica??

Never enjoyed learning about history until I watch these vids

Thomas Fuckison

He wasn't forgotten on wikepidiea it says he was the invented of motion pictures

Now you know Edison is a fraud. USA and it's people are fraud!!! The truth will always prevail.

What if he was so in debt, he sold the idea to Edison for a good bit of money. Feeling so guilty, he may have jumped off the train or went ahead and started a new life.

Choo choo i love trains

Thomas Edison EXPOSED

theres a bug when on shuffle this episode is the only one allowed to play.

How did they take a picture of the motion camera thingy?

“They’re called ents” Shane truly gets me


You know what Edison SCREW YOUR LIGHTBULBS

Other news