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The Haunting of Loey Lane

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How weird is this for you right now pretty, weird yeah maybe. It's about to get a whole lot weirder Oh God. This. Week on BuzzFeed unsolved, we once again make a house call as part of our ongoing investigation. Into the question are ghosts. Real. This. Time around we answer the call of Lois Lane a popular, beauty guru who you may recognize from, YouTube. Chloe has asked us to help diagnose, a haunting, that's terrorized, her since, 2017. A haunting. That has her scared to, sleep in her corner from. Guru to boom, rule. That. Is. Really. Out you've. Outdone yourself this time and I say this right up top I know when we did our last house call sort, of took a back seat I was very respectful not. Tonight baby you not believe this going into it I'm sure she believes, that she saw a little. Spooky guy, in a sheet I think I should just get a life-sized, Shane, doll with a pull string I would, say it's, the way I'm, sure they believed they saw what they saw and I'll just keep calling this I believe you believe. We're. Just staring at the corner of the wall I believe you believe let's. Get into it in April, 2017. Lois. Lane moved into an apartment complex in, Los Angeles California the, complex, a fairly new and nondescript, building doesn't. Seem to offer any explanation from. The outside, as to why strange, and unexplainable, things occur, within but. Before we jump into what's happening in the present let's, first take a look at the past I, am. A believer, who. Wishes occasionally. That I was a skeptic and I think it's because I grew up with it I told you a little bit that I grew up in a really haunted, farmhouse. In the middle of nowhere in Georgia, so it's, been like my whole life of experiencing, stuff I'm not so nice, perfectly. Normal. I guess so, yeah no I totally believe in ghosts though he grew accustomed to, the farmhouse hauntings, of her youth quote, I feel like I've always had experience, I've always been really in tune with stuff so I'm used to paranormal happenings. Pretty frequently, and quote, this, distinction, is important, to point out due to the fact that it contextualizes. Lowest present experiences, ghosts. Have never scared loi their ubiquity, throughout Louis formative years only normalize, their existence, which is why what's occurring now is so troubling, because you see whatever is happening to Loic currently, is quote, the first thing that's ever made me feel scared, end quote, so. She is, basically, she, has a sixth, sense is what you're saying she doesn't have a Bruce Willis are we the Bruce Willis in this situation. Are. We being Willis, are, we going there to actually diagnose, something are we going there to help to, cleanse or are we going there to, maybe stir the pot a little bit more and leave a disaster, behind I. Love. A little stirring I. Know you got your little chef's hat on yes I'm stirring you, maybe put the spoon in it. Why. Would you come to us if you want us to fix it, you've. Seen her a show I'm guessing I guess there's like this thick. Part of me that kind of hopes it's not real in hopes that there could be an explanation for everything granted, it's also been going on for years and years and years and multiple. People have witnessed it this brings us to the beginning of Louis, current, haunting, in. 2017. LOI, and her two roommates moved, into their three-bedroom los, angeles apartment, where quote things got spooky, pretty fast, end quote this might be due to LOI always attracting, this sort of energy since she was a child but perhaps one, event in particular is the catalyst, my you so like hunt.

And Shop and all of these little thrift stories and I found this really old like vintage. 100. Year old Ouija, board that was like wood and like totally scratched up looked really creepy so we took her home it was just part of my creepy aesthetic, at the time and although it was merely for decoration, and never actually used, though, he believes it's this purchase that set off a weird chain of events quote. It started, off small and it felt like things I could write off saying, shadows move out of the corner of my eye. Quote and in, general, LOI describes, an energy, that was quote just, really overwhelmingly. Bad a really, bad feeling all the, time, end quote we go to so many locations, and people, like. You can do anything, at these locations but, they all seem to have a rule, there, like one. Thing you don't do is bring a Ouija board in, here well I don't think are you crazy, it's. A toy well, here's the thing I don't think they're actually making a commentary, on the board itself I think they're making a commentary, on what the board represents, the board represents, reaching out and represents selling toys to children oh no it represents. Calling, out and inviting, maybe, negative, entities, to come into your home LOI also was having trouble sleeping a new experience for someone who normally slept, soundly for eight hours every night of her life quote, I could barely sleep at night and woke up frequently, out of a dead sleep by something I couldn't see or explain, which, I know can be ridden off by a lot of people and. I. Was. Just about to go into my little you wrote it off is that you sending it you. Didn't even mail it. Just. Think if you put it in the envelope you put. That down oh yeah then you're like now you close the letter that stamp. On it you gotta make sure you got a stamp on it. Give. It a little kiss before you send it off. Bye. Well, admittedly sleep, paralysis is, the first thing that comes to mind even to low yourself, ultimately, it felt really. Weird especially in this time frame where other like really weird things were happening later I was waking up with like giant bruises on my legs and I had no account. For them bruises, aren't as easy to explain, away with sleep paralysis yet. There's still wiggle room when experienced that definitely can't be explained by sleep paralysis LOI. Watching, quote a heavy, drinking, glass slowly inch off of her counter, and shatter, on the floor end quote, she, got video with that she's. Not oh what. Do you just have I guess yeah who's, got a something. In their pocket that could possibly record video well, I mean like I know. Something that's slowly, inching, not a lot of time, slowly. Inching. How could you possibly ever what if she's charging, her phone in the room oh you're, right well I will say that if this happened, to me yeah if the glass fell out in my house the next day I would have a system. On the table 20 static cameras set up in my house at all times and they could all be remotely. Operated by a button but you know not. Everyone attacks. These things with, the Moxie that I do yeah you're an entrepreneurial. Paranormal. Investigator. I'm insane, so this, is the kitchen great counter space in here thank.

You I'd kill for this how thrilling is it to be in your kitchen pitch-black with flashlights, I can't, say you've ever done it before, voluntarily. But you, know here we are hello. For. Anything that's in this room anything, that resides in this building my name is Ryan I'm Shane. I'm. Lois I would hope you know her yeah already we're pretty well acquainted we're, guests, here much, like you are I hope you I'm, sure you hate hearing that you are a guest here I think, there's plenty of people that reside within this home I think some are nice and some aren't and I'm talking, to all of them I'm giving, you the opportunity to talk to us so if there's anything that you want to say to us so, show, us a sign you want to communicate you can you, could say something you, could touch, one of us pull, my teeth out, or. You can do that so. Here we go I'm gonna give you some silence right here and that. Starts right now. After this LOI this, is the part where you learn. How truly, boring, it, is to be a ghost hunter it's a lot of weeding here, we go and I find the work fulfilling, ah okay. Sorry about that. Having. Some trouble with your flashlight I'm doing great. How. About this nice glass. Smash. It over his head I was gonna say slide it off that oh yeah or just slide, it off the counter either one would be pretty, incredible this counter, is pretty level. Showtime. And if you think by not doing anything you're gonna get rid of us I got, some bad news for you you better get use to this, ugly mug because I'm gonna be here all night long, okay used to that ugly mug get used to seeing these dead, cold, eyes peer. Into, your soulless, soul they're. Not pleasant are they. Too. Rotten little eyeballs, but. While the arrival, of the Ouija board is what prompted the odd occurrences. Its its departure, that is perhaps the most unsettling, mainly. Because shortly after its arrival the Ouija board vanished, without explanation. It wasn't, until three months later that LOI finally, found it neatly tucked, under, three stacked moving, bins is, it possible, that your brother could have hid it and lied to you is your brother a liar oh. He's. Probably watching this so I. Don't, think, that he would have done anything like that especially. My. Brother is so not fond, of like, again the darker, side of this I just don't see him touching, it while the board's disappearance. And reappearance would. Remain a question, in lowey's mind one, question, became clearer if, the Ouija board did introduce, an entity, into her home what. Are the entity's intentions. One. Night while doing her hair in her bathroom, Louis quote a bizarre, growling, sound over her shoulder, and and. Another night she came home to find her bathroom, completely, flooded, narrowly, missing, a hairdryer, plugged. Into the wall I couldn't. Explain it by like any accounts, no TV was on my brother was in his room with his headphones on, like.

My My. Dogs were downstairs I had, never heard anything like it in my life and it almost sounded like it was like speaking. In like a language I didn't, recognize. How did it make you feel really. Really, uncomfortable. That's. Weird, to. Megalo a standard, bathroom, pressure. Air. Buddy. I acknowledge. Staring, it's going to be strange all, right you know what if you want to catch that sweet sweet everybody, I get. To. Play a funny little tune yeah. Anyway. Continue. Continue. To brush, in. This growl, it was, animalistic. Or was it more of like a roll, the. Growl sounded, like, mumbling. Really, deep over my shoulder, oh that's creepy. It was just really deep, and like guttural, like I couldn't hear it super well or anything that sounds demonic I mean. Yeah. This, experience, prompted, her to ask for advice from followers, and pray over the space luckily. For the most part the experience, is stopped all was, well but, due to life circumstances. LOI unfortunately. Had to move to a different unit, within the building, shortly, after, the experiences, started again also. Worth mentioning the, tenant who moved into Louie's old unit, eventually. Moved out due, to strange, occurrences. What I do think is interesting is. While. I am like a few floors down I'm in the same location. As my previous one so I'm literally just like like vertically, yes I see yeah just like a little bit off to the left so, it could go down to the actual ground, itself, yeah but while that tenant fled her new digs LOI, was unable to flee from hers and the, activity, only worsened. Her, roommate would hear noises when, nobody was home things. Would go missing and randomly, reappear. And her roommates, dog would growl at Louie's side of the apartment although he wasn't home seemingly, nothing, but. Sounds. Like apartment, stuff you're never unnerved, when you see an animal I'm looking up my cat does that all the time you're like what are you looking at is just sometimes animals get spooked my cat start freaking out months, ago months ago we think he just smelled like a coyote, outside, or something but for, a full day he was like. What. If he took something back for one of our shoots well, it only happened for a day so it was normal and then then the demon was like this, sucks yeah no, reaction. Audience tuff Christ guy sucks, packing up later. Eventually. Her roommates, would move out leaving, LOI by herself, however, the experiences, weren't always unpleasant, Louie's, father passed a couple years prior and, LOI would sometimes smell his Cologne in, her apartment and in times of need much like all of us do with lost loved ones LOI, would talk to him quote sometimes, I'll talk to my dad sometimes I ask for help end quote. But unfortunately when. We reach out to the other side it's, not always the person we intend, that walks, through the door quote, one, night I fell asleep watching TV and, woke up this someone knocking on my front door they, called out she's, going to come in now is that okay I was obviously alarmed. And it was so real I thought someone was really at my door it sounded like a middle-aged, woman it actually, sounded kind of soothing it felt, like there were two people there end quote. Regardless. Of if it was two people or not whatever it was it asked, for permission to come inside and, LOI groggy, from an impromptu, nap, believes, quote I may, have said yes and that does really scare me I ran, over but, of course no one was there so. I, went I checked nobody was there nobody's in the hallway I slowly. Drift off to sleep that night but I keep like waking up like somebody's like shaking. Me awake or I just, keep hearing like the weirdest sounds, and nothing, specific.

Just I feel really uneasy the, following night LOI came home to find quote all of, my cabinets, wide open, despite living alone I woke, up in the middle of the night to Siri on my phone responding. To something despite. It being silent. In the apartment, and no one else being here even, weirder another, night I woke up to the sound of a deep male voice chanting. Something in my ear and. Like, this like grumbling. Like deep chanting, sound unlike anything I'd ever heard, in my life and I like bolted. Up, it felt. So, nasty. I smelled, like and that's another thing with this place you'll, just smell the weirdest, stuff, almost what smelled like campfire, smoke and again, it's like 2:00. 3:00 in. The morning at this point nobody's. Up grilling. Or you know doing whatever who. Walked into Louie's apartment, is unclear. But, whether they walked in that night at Louie's invitation, or they, followed her home from the antique shop in Texas the, question may not be who, resides, in the apartment, but, what Louie. Thinks the voice she heard that night possibly, was speaking a different language and, often, her apartment, smells like something, burning, these two things plus the antagonistic, feeling in her apartment all, unfortunately. Point, to one thing a demonic. Entity, not. To drop the demon word this early on but I think the idea, of anything demonic, really scares me all right ghouls. Now. We're really gonna party it's may be loud. If. You could say any of our names back to us to establish a baseline of communication. That would be great once, again my name is Ryan Shane, Louis. Please say any of our names if you want to communicate with us. Can. You say your name. Well. With that. What. To play that back first I don't like below put it a little bit what what happened what what. Happened. Why. Are you here. Maybe. I'm. Gonna be a Ryan I'm, not sure I'm gonna need to hear more than one word for me to think there's anything in here. Was. There a demon here. When.

Researching, The house I found that the building was once a lumberyard and eventually. A supply, store however, why would this building, have a demonic infestation. So, what we have here are two flashlights. Very. Easy to turn on and off all you really have to do is tap them yes, like, that turn it off now. If you could turn off the one. You're. Gonna you got to wait here, thank. You hey if, you could turn both of those lights off in five four. Three. Two. One. Lights. Off. All. Right I think everything's good here, LOI. You're, all set, how, about turning the one. Turn. That back on please turn oh my, god if. You could turn this one off right now. Please. Turn that back on thank, you. I'll. Tell you what clearly. You're not amused, right now so, we're going to leave and when we come back it's gonna be just one of us at a time you, like that huh. You want to play huh. Demons. Prey on vulnerability. And nothing, is more vulnerable than, a person, alone so, to simulate that we'll finish off our investigation by. Investigating. The apartment. Individually. All. Right ghosts. Get. A level with you I don't think there's any demons here because, I have, tests with a lot of demons in mind eh - these flashlights. That Ryan loved so much we could take a look at them see what they do well. Right now we've got one on one off if, there is a presence, here and it despises, me turn that left flashlight. Off and, the right flashlight, on. You've, got 10 seconds, 10, 9. 8. 7, 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. You. Didn't do it okay well. You go okay, see. Huh. You know what not. Bad. Not. Bad you, ever tried to take a lid off of a pickle jar yeah. Yeah. You're hard you can't do it takes, a couple twists, you hand it to someone like hey can you take this off and they're like let me try and then you tend to someone else and let me try what. If me and Shane are. Loosening. Up the metaphorical, lid of this pickle jar and when you get in is gonna pop right off and. The pickles will just fly out and you're gonna have pickle juice all. Can. You turn both of the flashlights, off if, you. Are. Inhuman, if. There's some sort of demonic spirit, here that wants me dead that. Wants to bring me harm, I'll, take you home with me I don't care great. So we've got it both off so. Maybe. A demon, here maybe I, don't. Think there's a demon here yeah I think we're gonna have the flashlight set up for you you're gonna be able to use the flashlights, to communicate, with it okay and, then maybe I'll just explore the space you know yeah assert, my dominance. I'll. Walk through and make it known that yeah. You're the one in charge I'm gonna pee all over your furniture, mark. My territory an awesome demon. Now's. Your opportunity, to. Enter my. Soul there, put 15 seconds on the clock here. Here, we go. What. Are. You nervous about being in there alone despite. It going, against the, fact that you live there alone. Now. Yeah, I guess you walking, in there alone, is it usually, preceded, by two. Idiots. Screaming at them something to come kill them for. Two hours before that well alright. That's it time's up, you, didn't do it I think the silence, almost freaks me out more. Because. I've experienced, so much in that space it, I, hope, something. Will happen on these. Cameras, and you know not when you, guys leave for real and I'm like actually alone that, would suck that would really suck, so. Now I'm going to call upon the power that I've accumulated, from, all the demons I've defeated and I will use it to banish, your wretched, withering, soul back, to hell, do you hear me I'm sending you back to hell, I don't really know how that works but I'm just gonna say. That I'm doing it and I'm pretty sure that's gonna be enough so. Alakazam. A big. Bang boom. Hope. You like hell you loser hello, come on in hello. It's, messed up in here man is it is it really messed up those flashlights, are dancing in a way I've never seen him dance really. I'm. Actually starting to get a little a little butterflies in my stomach this year either one a Dios, friends, have fun, I'm. Gonna, unscrew that pickle, jar for you. Thanks. Ryan happy you guys have inside jokes. Oh well, well. It's. Just me and you now pal if, there is anything in the fact at all you, can't be scared of little old me can you oh oh that mine just turned on can. I see you turn on the other one and turn off the one that is currently on if there is something in here that in fact actually, wants to hurt, us do, that right now. Gonna. Do it could you I'll say I think your apartment, was about on them on a par with every. Other location, we've been to oh wow. Yeah, there, are no ghosts here right yeah. I'm. Not trying to be cocky about it but I think you're safe, I'm saying that as a word. Of words of comfort what's. Your name. What's. Your name, come. On what's, your name I know that gives away your power what. Do you want. What. Do you want what LOI.

Come. On. This, really all you got how about opening those cabinets, give it a little swing, swing test, those hinges out come, on if, there truly is something demonic in here. Smite. Me this is the most cavalier, I've ever been on a demonic, investigation. You're really gonna let that happen on, your watch this. Is where you played with her right this is where you growl. But. You can't do one. Little thing right now you can't even tussle. My hair touch. Me. Mmm. A little. Bit of a breeze in here that's interesting, is. That you is, that all you got I do feel, a little bit of nervous, energy is, there something actually in here watching me. I'm. Gonna bask in the silence now and. I'm gonna really let you have the room because, maybe you're just tired of hearing my stupid annoying voice and I get that so here you go here's some silence, standing. In the dark for, you right. Now do. Your worst. Mmm. That's good that. Doorbell did make me jump. Very. Good very. Good, all, right lower the time has come I mean, I'm pretty nervous you'll do great this is the first time I've like tried, to address something. Specifically. What, we certified in a rile up the room for you great, we were very respectful well. I did steered I did stir that up baby. Holy. Cow, it feels weird in here um. Pretty. Pretty, rare that I'm out here, with. You, during. A solo, investigation you. Know any extra, time with you is. A. Punishment, and. That's. What you've given me here today more face time with you I mean. You're having fun. Is. There anyone here who, wants. To communicate I. See. That faint light. So. Freakin. Weird in here. Now. Can you slow it down because I actually don't know what you're doing there's anyone there. Like, shaping oh. My. God, holy. That. Was so freakin scary I just said hey LOI. I'm, here, what. Is your name oh. My. God okay. Okay. Can. You tell me what you want. Holy. Crap, okay okay okay okay I just heard it say I want you to and I didn't hear the last fight thought it said jury do, a little over here well, over here out. Back. Yeah. What. Did you do with your their pen their Peck over here yeah. Now, back out. Now. Over here. No. No. Well. That's the different things what, is your name. Freakin. Chose I. Hate. This I'm. Sure she's probably fine. I. Did feel a breeze in my on my face in the bathroom which was interesting, it gave me pause for a second I was like it's, the last place you want to feel a breeze in your face. Well. You know thanks you suggesting, that goes, parted in what days if that's the time suggest oh my. God, ha. You seem shook. Yeah, a little, Chuck um, okay. So, that. Was really. Freaking. Weird it, said my name it said halo II and I heard it clear as day and, it immediately, it kind of like freaked me out I just felt weird and like I've, never really had I'm like shaking yeah, um so. I never really had anything like that happened before and then almost immediately. After I said what do you want and it said I want you to clear, his day and I couldn't understand the third word or the fourth word or whatever it, sounded, like I want you to drink, well. I don't maybe. It's just reminding me to hydrate, I don't, really know. Friendly. Kaspar it did push a drinking, glass toward you and then there was another full. Full full sentence. That sounded like a woman's voice and I just freaked out and like turned it off I couldn't. Do any more yeah well I like, still like so freaked out I've never experienced anything like that in my life you'll be fine I think, our job here is done what, Ava we freaked her out we, riled the place up I think I feel it feels cleansed, and now we're gonna get back in the back. I feels, cleanse. Pretty. Bad I'm very sorry okay, I'm gonna take. A bubble bath or something now so okay. Bye. Guys, two. Years ago Lois Lane purchased, a Ouija board for the esthetic and got plenty more yet. Another case study into, why reaching out to the other side no matter how innocent can be dangerous, but whether or not something sinister washed, through that open door is up for debate and will for now remain.

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#postmortem At 25:58 I think it sounds more like "¿no se siente bien?" (You dont feel well?) Which makes more since she had just complained of chills and is clearly upset. Maybe the ghost is friendly after all and just concerned for her?

0:23 Ryan temporarily became a horse

Okkkk this isn’t a question but this is mind blowing , I just started binge watching loveylane right after watching viper room post Mortem and the fact that the episode is on her and I just started watching her is the scariest coincidence ever , but anywayyy love you guys

#roastmortem Shane out here dressing like Shaggy really highlighted how f*cking goofy he his

Can u guys go to Japan and check out the suicide forest?

Glasses full of cold liquid will create condensation, a trail of it on the counter could cause the glass to slowly start sliding and eventually fall off. However, it generally happens after it’s put back down, not while it’s resting on the counter.

How do the both of you feel about the responses that Loey got? #postmortem #Loveyouguys

Has Loey reported anymore activity happening after the investigation, especially after Shane really shook up the energy in her bedroom?

#postmortem Has Shane had any experiences following the episode? And is Loey okay. #boogara

#postmortem How can Shane possibly deny something existing and being there when *something* literally obeyed and played with the flashlights? Someone had a full conversation with Loey. This is the most compelling case you guys have ever had.

For #postmortem : throughout the investigation you heard Loey"s name said twice and Ryan's once through the spirit box. Surely this is good evidence, especially as it was on demand? Shane what is your explanation for this? Great episode btw! As a fan of Loey and having heard the stories of her haunted apartment, I was so excited for this investigation #boogara

Bring the hot daga back we all need it also shane looked so shocked in the very beginning as if he actually saw a ghost lmao

With the way Shane’s dressed, I half expected the ghost to be Old Man Wilkins, who wants to scare off all the tenants and sell the building. #roastmortem #shaggy #hewouldvegottenawaywithittoo

You should get Reed to come along with you two for an episode

What if the thing wants to drink loey instead of wanting her to drink something? (It’s dark I know)

Why did the light begind poey turn on after it said I want you to drink? Also, can you please get a psychic in their or call father thomas, the church anything because I am scared for her.

#postmortem No one can enter shane soul because he looks like a demon. Love you guys from Philippines!

#postmortem why does Shane look like shaggy this ep

why does shane look like hes ready to go solve mysteries with a talking dog

is shane a demon #forthepostmortem

Not really going along with the episode but, do you think that the area in which they live in could cause the activity? I grew up on what used to be the petroglyphs and that was very active. Do you think whatever was there before she moved there could be the reasoning? #postmortem #ihopeimakeit

Shane is dress like shaggy

I’m so worried for Loey. Her apartment is haunted AF and she needs to start using a blessing my mom does on our house to keep the spirits that haunt our house away.

#postmortem I legit shat my pants when she was like "her siri just started up all of a sudden at night as if it was listening to something" AND MY PHONE AT THE EXACT SAME TIME RANDOMLY STARTED SIRI

#ForPostmortem I am a woman who also lives alone and any noise in the house scares me. However, we got thin walls so when I hear bangings on the walls, whispers or things falling I just assume it comes from the houses next door and that really calms me down. I actually experienced the same thing with a glass, saw it slide slowly to the floor, but I noticed it was a bit damp at the bottom, like the glass was sweating and gravity just did the rest. I think the mind just plays tricks on us especially in the dark. My advice to loey is to talk to a therapist, she might just be suffering from anxiety and living alone makes her a bit paranoid. It happens to me all the time. Great episode and I hope loey finds peace in her house. Love you guys. #Reeder

For the #postmortem , Hey guys! I am a #Shaniac and was not really convinced by any of the "evidence" in this episode, but I want to know how Shane explaines the flashlights turning on and off on the bed. Love the show and am waiting for more of the #HotDaga!

#postmortem did loey get rid of the ouija board after she found it under those boxes? if she believes that the presence is associated with the object then perhaps it is worth getting rid of.

#postmortem come to my house next, i can make up some ghost stories too. also those flashlights are bs, i think you could talk about non ghost stuff and they will still go on and off.

Only opens it.. Then leave it open. Ryans shadow has small winnie

Can u guys play the ouija board to see if things happen please

#postmortem shaniac here! if the site still has pieces of heavy machinery left by the lumber yard/supply store in its lower area, those machineries often emit sound waves that mess with people's sense of hearing and sight. ghost sightings and unexplained phenomena are usually around those areas

Alot of stuff she talked about sounded like the beginning of the song hell awaits by Slayer #postmortem

Daddy Shane teaching Ryan how to floss was adorable #postmortem

#postmortem Why the heck does Shane sound like a proud dad of the demons with the flash lights

#postmortem #roastmortem Shane looked like slenderman who was gonna attack loey at the end of the episode

Wait, Loey is in the beauty world - are you guys gonna pull a Shane Dawson and investigate Boobra at Tati's house?

#postmortem hey Ryan and Shane, ngl this episode creeped me tf out. My question is why would a demon infest one part of an apartment building? Seems odd to me. Love the show and I’m a firm bergara

at the end of the episode when your talking to loey about what happened in her room you two look like scared area 51 aliens... especially shane cuz you’re tall and lanky #roastmortem

OMG IT'S LOEY. Shit's about to go down.

I thought it said I want you to drown #postmortem

"[...] come in" sounded like "listen to me"

ryan’s laugh after shane made that face and shook his head right in the beginning must be the most haunted laugh i’ve ever heard

i was digging shanes hair until after the intro, boi

serious question: as a shaniac, it would take a lot for me to believe in ghosts. but shane what would have to happen at one of these “haunted” locations for you to fully believe in ghosts? #shaniac #loveyoutooryan


Did anything happen after that's bout it

every time they say the ghost has growled, I just imagine it standing behind Loey saying "rawwwr XD"


I love it how she thinks they are some professionals when ryan and shane are just screwing around

22:20 "i want this space"

Obvious publicity stunt, she looks like she's been inflated.

At 22:15 it it sounds like its Says Killer her

i think the fat in her veins is blocking the bloodflow to her brain, so she starts seeing things

Shanes phone is *cracked*

Ha Shane is dressed as Shaggy.

Ryan is changing. I'm kinda concerned for him...dude u okay? #postmortem

Many of us seem to hear quite different words/phrases from the spirit box. Do you guys remember the yanny/laurel challenge, which showed that our ears are wired to either higher or lower pitch levels, and perceive sounds differently? Since the spirit box is an electronic device, it seems like a prime candidate for producing sounds that can be interpreted in multiple ways. Even though I'm a shaniac, it's interesting to think... What if a spirit were communicating at a frequency we have difficulty understanding? #postmortem (This is in regard to some hearing "____ come in" and others hearing "listen to me" - two very dissimilar phrases)

I love Loey and I remember her making these paranormal updates from that place. But BuzzFeed, please get rid of douchebag Shaggy. This is real, have respect going into this. It's terrifying for those of us who are living with these experiences every day.

Absolutely ridiculous

Ryan’s laugh at the beginning sounds like the sea horse in spongebob

That entity surely wants to drain its host's energy. Could be an elemental.

*So much happened and yet she didn’t bother to put up a single camera? Must be because it’s all bull.*

Housecalls are TIGHT!

Mmmm I didn’t believe her but the spirit box with her alone was VERY spooky

Why is Shane dressed like Shaggy from scooby doo?

At 16:01 I heard ‘a demon’

#POSTMORTEM The voice at 26:01 sounds like "yo tambien" or "you wanna come in?", a female voice compared to the male voice that she was talking to initially. So either a Spanish speaking spook agreeing that it ALSO feels chills, or I wonder if that female voice is the same that knocked on her door asking to come in before? Not sure why it would ask again, unless that spirit or whatever claimed the apartment as its own and now is asking Loey if she wants to be there. Who knows! If there's something there, it's attached to Loey, not the apartment, considering neither of you got anything on the spirit box, on EVP or much flashlight evidence (except Shane who endlessly taunts the spirits). Love you guys! Hope Loey is alright. If she moves out and experiences the same things, she's definitely the one haunted :(

The woman asked to if she could come in now before and then when Loey did the spirit box session she asked to come in again... seems like a pattern. Maybe it's an entity wanting to help since it was a female voice. The male voices was way more intimidating laughing at her and playing with Loey. #postmortem

well nothing happened to them since the annabelle investigation so..

I feel bad for Loey and how they just dismissed and left her so fast.

This has to be my favourite episode this season... Spooky

Whoa.. this is definitely the most convincing episode. I wish Shane played back the footage/audio and said his thoughts on it because that was way more than they've gotten from every other episode put together. I feel bad for Loey and how they just dismissed and left her so fast.

Shane looks like Shaggy... Is that his Halloween costume?

shane: turn the left flashlight off and the right flashlight on demon: puny human you can't tell me what to do shane: you didn't do it >:( demon: i'm sorry sir i'll do it right away

Ryan: Our job here is done Loey: But you didn't do anything Ryan: * vanishes *

The scariest thing about this episode, is that Shane looks like shaggy from scooby doo

Shane: If you're a demon, turn both the flashlights off *both turns off* Also Shane: OKAY I GUESS THERE'S NO DEMON HERE

This Earth´s version of Lois Lane looks different...

Can't Sleep Explained: She is morbidly obese and probably should see a doctor about sleep apnea. She could really be sick with diabetes or something and should see a doctor so it doesn't get worse.

She's obese.

#PostMortem 100% a shaniac here but was that moment at 7:57 possible ghoul activity or just Shane not understanding how a flashlight works?

I've never heard of this beauty guru... Or should I say booru

#postmortem PLEASE can ryan do an episode alone i feel like shane scares the ghosts

Shane spooked us all with that Boo-ru pun

Hjahsndngngn Loey doing her solo investigation, possibly making more contact than both Ryan and Shane combined and then Shane teaching Ryan how to floss literally meters away I,,,,,

Ryan why aren't you scared? The flash light DID turn on no?

Around 21:59 it sounds like some old grade '90s jazz music when he turns the spiritbox on. No Ghost's Confirmed.

Shane needs to believe in ghosts just like Loey's pants believe they can contain all of her

#postmortem Shane: can you give me a scientific explanation of how those flashlights turned on and off after you asking them to? And Ryan, what do you truly think is in that room, if anything? - I love you guys so much! But sorry Shane, #boogara

4:47 I'll be leaving this here.

:24 shaggy? Scooby? A witch?

Like...zoinks scoob

the chaotic energy in this is

too many scooby snacks

Dude I going to pray for loey's clothes dude They are so stressed

Didn’t she describe some lady saying coming in earlier and the spirit box had a lady saying coming in. B r u h

#postmortem I wonder if there is a maintenance person at her apartment, who might come in and move things and leave cabinets open. A lot of the things she describe can be sleep apnea or hyperrealistic dreams or various medical issues which cause bruising, or maybe her apartment is over a metro line which causes uneasy vibrations. I am not necessarily a skeptic myself, and she is clearly totally freaked out which is upsetting to see. But the things moving and cabinets... that apartment is too recently built to have really crooked cabinets. I suppose there could be minor earthquakes shaking things and opening cabinets. Anyway, I once came home to an open cabinet and a stack of bowls on my kitchen counter. Turns out the maintenance guy who came to unclog my bathroom sink was looking for a bowl to catch water when he undid the trap in the sink pipe, and he just neglected to put things back.

I’m today’s episode of buzzfeed unsolved we see Shaggy teaching a mere mortal to dance in the presence of a demon

I really shouldn't be watching this right now... I live alone and there's a thunderstorm, and there's an intermittent loss of power due to ongoing electrical repairs near my block.

Shane.. I don't think you acting like you are possessed will actually get you possessed because.. if i was a ghost I'd probably laughing at you :))))))))

22:30 a shadow?

9:45 ???? Since when is that possible?

I don't believe her story's I've seen glasses slide of my kitchen side's many of time's but every time it has happened the side has been wet.

am i the only who thinks that shane looks like shaggy??

The "unintelligible" after the 2 "loey" kind of sounded like it said 'loey?'

22:30 there is a strange shadow behind him on the window wtf

#postmortem: has she ever made an appointment to a psychiatrist??? No offense but she may be suffering from some mental illness like schizophernia or something.. ! I really recommend her this option❤

#postmortem I see Shane brought the strength of Shaggy with him for this episode.

25:56 to my ear it sounds like "[let us] begin" #postmortem

#postmortem the spirit box sounds like it says "listen to me" at 25:56

Shayne looks like shaggy

i wouldn't say that shes a beauty guru idk if thats spelled right

shane what is that hairrrr hhhhh cute tho

Shane: turn the left flashlight off and turn the right flashlight on *Proceeds to count to ten* Demon: no Shane: you didn't do i----- Demon: did it Shane: not bad BABAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Shane isn't even using 1% of his power and the demons are still terrified

Summary of comments (lit these are the only comments) for those scrolling -loey dying whilst they floss -shane looks like shaggy -lmao stay hydrated

im sorry but where is shane and why there is only shaggy from all mystery team

Omg Buzzfeed Unsolved and Loey in one video? Perfection :o

She was like expecting you to take it away

My personal opinion : I think loey has a tendency to exaggerate every little experience she can't explain as paranormal because she's a believer. Her YouTube channel is full of storytime/horror videos about paranormal experiences that just could be a mistake on her part. Plus we all know storytime Youtubers exaggerate everything. I think both Ryan and Shane realised that which is why they weren't taking the investigation seriously.

Nobody: Shane: *Dresses like shaggy*

21:08 look at her

Don't want to be that guy... I'm not going to make any fat jokes... But how can you let yourself go like that?

My guess is trauma. She used to starve herself, she had a miscarriage, she lost her father, went through a divorce, and who knows what else.

Shame looks like he just stepped out the mystery machine god dayyum

#postmortem why don't you use the spirit box from the Hannah Williams video?

Brushing her hair in the mirror in the dark while Shane and Ryan sit there watching

22:07 ok yea ghost but, loey is literally so gorgeous

#postmortem maybe she is haunted??

So not really a #postmortem question more of a give you an insight of what you horrors you just did hahaha Im from Philipines and you already know how whack our spiritual beliefs are. What Loey has in her apartment is indeed a clear sign of a demonic pressence. Based on all the things she felt and saw also maybe you can ask her if she smelled somthing that smells like decaying meat or similiar to that because that would be another sign also when she has house flies for no aparent reason. I've actually seen and felt this personally everytime we would go and exorcise people and clense their house right after (thats actual sh*t you dont wanna see personally coz it f*cks u up). You may have pissed it off even more by messing around with it and yes Ryan you indeed opened that methaporical "pickle jar". This is probably one of the most dangerous things you guys have done hahaha so thats cool but please please get someone to actually clense and bless that apartment because its jot going to get better it will get worst trust me. Ps. Huge fan of your show and you guys love from all your fans here in th PH ♡

Schizophrenia anyone?

I cant believe theres not more OMG ITS LOEYYYY comments

"Demons prey on vulnerability, and nothing is more vulnerable than a person alone" Me, watching alone in an empty house: *sweats nervously*

Ghosts are not real :)

Wow she’s fat

Wow great comment

Shane's just teaching Ryan how to floss while Loey is freaking out lol

I don’t know why but the image in 9:40 is just comedy gold

#postmortem I am no expert and definitely not a believer but I have done quite a research on demons and to be honest this looks like a demon case but it seems like the demon likes Loey and most importantly that he wants to be with her alone. That's why it wasn't really interested at proving his existence at you two but tried to communicate when she was alone. all in all, if it was indeed something there it would be probably a friendly creature. Love the show #shaniac #hello_demons_its_me_ya_boy

Grown men doing floss shows you how serious this is

Why does Shane look like shaggy

"Maybe it's reminding me to drink. "

No one is going to point that Shane is dressed as Shaggy?

Us: He looks like Shaggy Real Shaggy: :0

#postmortem when Loey is doing the Spirit Box when it says “blank come in” to me it sounds like “listen to me” also love you both but I’m a Boogara all the way!

mexicans fosho

Well I believe in this and if u think your bein haunted and something asks your permission to enter never say yes have u watched annabell

Is it just me or Shane looks like shaggy bc of his shirt

#postmortem Why is Shane dressed up as Shaggy from Scooby-Doo in this episode?!

Why is shane dressed like Shaggy but not acting like it? Embody the character man. BE SCARED!

Shane : “DEMON GO BACK TO HELL!” ... Demon: “Who Is You?”

"Any extra time with you... Is a punishment" Damn Ryan kicking the #roastmortem off on Shane straight up

At 14: 30 she said she smelled smoke!! Guess what Jinns are made out of smoke. All the other activities such as hearing mumbling in a different language suggest that there are Jinns residing in loey's house.

edit : jinns are made out of fire

did anyone else hear a “yes” from the spirit box when loey said “is anyone there?” 24:47

Shane looks like shaggy from Scooby doo

Usually when I'm watching the episodes (of Unsolved or any other paranormal investigation show), I can't really hear what the hosts/investigators have heard through the spirit box and have to rely on the subtitles. But this time, I absolutely heard clear as day "Listen to me" when Loey was on her own, where it said "Unintelligible...come in". I've never heard anything so clear before through the spirit box! #postmortem

Shane : “turn both flashlights off if there’s a demon here, I’ll take you home with me idc” Flashlight turns off Shane: “I DONT THINK there’s a demon here”

i'll be honest here fellas, seems like that demon is kind of a whimp if you can tease them like that and the most they can do is turn on a flashlight for a bit. good to know that demons are at worst a nuisance!

Shane looks like Shaggy from Scooby Doo.

Omg Shane looks like shaggy lol

Shane is dressed like Shaggy from Scooby Doo...

why is shane dressed as shaggy from scooby doo

Shane is shaggy

I suggest Loey research the subject of Djinn, Ive had some severe issues especially in the last two years, and converted to Islam as a result. comparable to “Demons”. In Islam its a GOOD thing to not fear the Djinn/Demon, so I hope you can deal w these issues, and maybe get the ouija board out of the apt.

shane straight up cosplaying shaggy at this point

Nobody: The ghoul: Stay hydrated

Shane rocking his Shaggy Rogers costume.

Ryan: “nothing is more vulnerable than a person alone.” Me: *watching at night in the dark and alone* :-3

I would actually like to see an episode where you use an Ouija board, since you don't think that they're creepy or real. Not that I disagree, but I'd never try one to see for myself

Shane coming to loeys apartment looking like he about to use 1% of his power

#postmortem : as a certified #reeder, did you ever think that maybe the reason the spirits aren't contacting you is because you assume they're acting out of aggression? Maybe if you stop asking them to do violent things or confirm violent tendencies, they'll be more open to communication? Also I've long thought that some of the best evidence you guys got was with the ovilus at Hannah's house. What happened to it? #BRINGBACKTHEOVILUS

Being around Shane for so long is turning Ryan into a Shaneiac. Slowly but surely.

can we talk about how much shane looks like shaggy from scooby doo in this episode

shane:shaggy from scooby doo

Shane be looking like Shaggy from Scooby Doo in that green shirt

Why Shane dressed as Shaggy though?

Wow she needs to eat a salad.

I feel bad that she contacted the ghoul boys with a real problem and she is so freaking out. But hey I'm guessing she has seen the show. Do the ghoul boys ever do anything?

did she took the ouija board with her when she moves into the new room ?

For the #roastmortem why is Shane dressed exactly like Shaggy from Scooby Doo?

Postmortem: I'd really appreciate it if Shane would be the one to analyze the spirit box noise for even one episode, just to see how much Ryan actually 'shapes' what we, the audience, hear due to the subtitles that Ryan writes #shaniac

*#postmortem**:-**25:57** "sounds like you want us to come in?" **#bergara** also love the work you are doing recently started watching the show and i love it. I have had an encounter with such a presence and since then i believe that they exist.*

You seem.. SHOOK

The reason you didn't find any anything, is because the *demon just went to the corner shop to buy some souls*

Don’t let them make another house call, they gonna screw up somebody’s life one of these days

25:58 sounds like “listen to me”

Is it weird that its trending on number _13_

I mean if I was a ghost and this fat Michelin woman was in my house no doubt I would haunt her, nothing surprising here. Edit: Actually that was disrespectful for the Michelin man she looks more like the Goodyear blimp.

nobody: depression: 4:20

i just want to let you guys know that i am a huge fan, i am from Pakistan. i have seen every single episode of BUN and yes i have subscribed. My question is why do Shane never open his mind to possibility to any supernatural footage? In episode of Hannah, that was some really good enough proof for even the biggest shaniac to say (Yeah maybe) but Shane doesnt blink once to anything. Is it because the show must go on or Shane is just really that arrogant? no offense Shane i do love this show because of you mostly, no offense Ryan. #boogara for life

21:55 shaggy and daphne

Shane looked like a Shaggy rip-off

The "I want you to drink" sounds a lot like Ryan. Maybe the box picked something up from their equipment?

Lmao at them flossing while Loey freaking out

Why does Shane look like shaggy?

*Loey freaking out due to the spirit box mumbling* *Ryan and Shane* - We be flossin'

Who else is in the middle of Shane and Ryan

Loey !!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


big shaggy vibes today shane

Shane: shaking his head so demons can enter his body Demons *in John Mulaney voice*: nah sister you’re not getting me to no secondary location

But why does Shane look like Shaggy here? And does this make Ryan Scooby-Doo?

When Loey and Ryan were just having a conversation, and you see Shane in the corner pretending to be possesed

“Smash the glass !” Ryan it’s a cup

This is far the most funniest episode so far

I wonder if the ghost ever slapped him

liking shana's shaggy outfit

25:57 I don't think it actually said "come in", more like "are you talking to me?"

Shane flossing has to be the best thing ever

Pretty sure shane just gets more and more mental every episode XD

I was planning to go to sleep. Then this video popped up. -3-

i have a suggestion. why dont you guys leave cameras on the said hunted house for at least 24hr. i'm sure you gonna catch something on camera.

You guys should explore the uss lexington, in Corpus Christi Texas

anybody notice how Shane is dresses like Shaggy? or is it just me?

Дааааа, и не стыдно?

Why aren't you guys using oculus anymore ? It was more fun than spirit box

Please tell me I’m not the only one that thought it said ‘I want to eat a grape’ to Loey

ooh another one: i was on a phone at my mother’s house (where i grew up okay with all the energies) in like 2005 and i HEARD two voices who weren’t there and my parents played it off as “plane interference” bc we live close to pgh airport. idk ya’ll

damn. apparently i got a lot to say about this video.

Those things.. whatever they are.. wanted to communicate with her.. and not u two.


Shane looks like shaggy from scooby doo and Ryan freaks out like scooby doo

#Postmortem Can someone please explain the flashlight thingy? Also, what instance will make you conclude that ghouls/demons are real/existing? Please answer and make this not unsolved. #disappointedshaniac #frustratedboogara

For the #postmortem Have you ever considered that maybe all ghosts know of Shane and Ryan, and warn their ghoul pals when they fear the boys are coming for a visit? That way the ghosts will know not to respond to any of Shane and Ryan's ridiculous requests, in order not to reveal themselves. I don't know dude, it would explain why they've never caught any actual evidence. That or ghosts aren't real.

lmaooo they just leave her home like that ???

If this is the only “demon” hunt this season, I’ll be so disappointed

I feel bad for loey

Shane dressed like Shaggy and channeling his energy is probably the scariest thing in the episode

Why don't you both come to India it's a place of many superstitions and I hope you both are gonna find something there.

Proofs in the pudding, Shane can kiss Ryan's apple taters now.

errrrr I think she might have schizophrenia

fluffynoose what paranormal experiences have you had?

for post mortem: are you ever going to use the ovilus again? it only came out once and then disappeared, did you get a refund on it or something?

I can't believe that Shane straight up invited the demon to his house

the only reason why Shane had the power to banish the demon was because he was channeling the spirit of Shaggy

Nina so ready for this meme to come back.

"why would you come to us?" because she wants money and exposure ryan lmao


loey is in there getting so much activity with the spirit box while these two idiots are learning to floss outside this is some good content

Gia right? she sees through the veil, they don’t.

21:54 Shane looks like Shaggy lol

Can someone !please! Animate Shane asking the demon to switch off both lights, it does and he’s like ‘ok, there’s no demons here.’ And the demon is just like; am I joke to you?

For Postmortem: would you consider staying in a haunted building for a longer period of time? It would be fun to watch Ryan freak out over a week. Loved the episode! Love from, a wanna-be ghost hunter

She looks super uncomfortable sitting on that chair

I don't like these house visits. Its not really creepy at all. I have plenty of friends that claim there house or apartment is haunted.

Shane is already possessed that's why he's not scared of anything lmao

You should do an unsolved episode on the ‘suicide’ of kurt cobain

For PM: did the flashlights freak you out at all? What would make them turn on and off like that?

FOR ROAST MORTEM Shane closely resembles the worm men from MIB... lanky and funny as hell #Youguysarethebest #Keepupthegoodwork

shane straight up shat himself when both flashlights went off

I feel like they’re trolling Loey this whole time but she doesn’t get that... poor Loey!

seriously.... anyone who believes in ghost, demons, angels, spirits, monsters, poltergeists etc is an complete moron. there has never been anything, angels, ghost ANYTHING like that on earth EVER and there never will be. we all need to cut the bul#&hit and grow up as humans.

Shes the type of delivery girl to eat the pizza

Why does shane looks like shaggy??

#postmortem Ryan you seem to have a newfound confidence when dueling with the demons. What brought this about? #Boogara #SallieHouse2019

I'm surprised she can fit in jeans with that much weight... Designers are doing some work.

Give me back that 28:23 mins of my life back... I thought these guys tasted different priced foods smh.. I'm pissed after watching this video I might even delete my YouTube app on my phone


My boo boys ❤️

I think Shane has some influence over the time of investigation. Because it seems that Ryan is turning little bit into Shane when they did the individual investigation. Is it like Jekyll & Hyde scenario? I guess that will stay unfortunately UNSOLVED.

yoo something is not right with Shane I’m genuinely worried. Someone call Father Thomas plsss

Just before 26:06 there's that women's voice that says... "....... Come in?". Isn't that what loey said woke her up in the night?

2:53 why was this so cute?

Damn loey lane can get it. Lol

Oh yes my favourite spooksters in one video!

god dammit Ryan it feels like you're trying to convince yourself there's something in this apartment, I'm normaly on board with ya buddy, but even I don't buy there's anything in this place p.s. you win this one Shane

Loey freaking out, meanwhile Ryan's learning to floss

Did Ryan get possessed by Shane ?

This was supposed to be scary and ended up being fckn hilarious!

Is shane dressed like shaggy from scooby doo on purpose?

21:55 ruh roh shanggy

Can we all just talk about Ryan’s laugh at the beginning

26:00 In The Next Couple Seconds I Think It Said Do You Want Us Coming In?

why is he dressed as shaggy

Yoo they went a whole episode without swearing bruH

*Meanwhile if this happens to me* Reads surah Yasin

I think the spirit box just picks up radio frequencies

Those those could break a watermelon

Dresses like shaggy

What kind of flashlights are they using??

Official. Ghosts like bbws lol This guys r fkn clowns hence is funny af instead of scary. It's mostly them making fun of real ghost believers. These clowns making fartnite emotes while the poor girl is shitting her pants in there lmao...Great stuff man great stuff

ngl shane is looking like shaggy in this video

Shes gorgeous

ive been a boogara my whole life (except for alien episodes) but for this one, lemme move to the full shaniac side. sorry loey~

I love 24:40. How their dancing while she has a panic attack

You guys just LEFT when she experienced something that freaked her out ?!!! I feel so bad for her!

She ate the farmhouse.

Why can't she move to another place?

What was his name?!?! ... The demon I mean

Conspiracy Theory: Shane is the demon that's why he's so stuck on "oh there's no demon here"

Flashing torches on demand once had Ryan almost crying, now it's "meh"? Where my scaredy-cat gone!? I thought the evidence was good this episode! Also Shane did you dress like Shaggy on purpose? Love you guys! #PostMortem #RoastMortem

I think you guys should investigate jinn. I suggest speaking to a learned islamic scholar about jinn. There is proof in the quran about jinn, a whole chapter that speaks about them. all are not evl, but they are vengeful creations. so don't step on their toes. I think a lot of your answers will be answered too.#postmortem

Am I the only one that found 11:24 funny

How's Hannah btw?

i like that theyre at her house because she says she saw a ghost but then when she gets "evidence" of a ghost being in the room she said it was in, reacted like "omg im actually shook i have never experienced anything like that"

We have loey here being scared and terrified by the weird voices inside her apartment and then we have 2 ghoul hunters flossing the fortnite dance outside

I am not fat-shaming or hating on her but she needs to lose weight.

Then Shane floods her apartment saying "THESE FEELS CLENSED"

#postmortem 25:57 It is being pointed out by some Spanish speakers that this sounds clearly to be "are you feeling ok" or " I don't feel good". Since the "ghost" here seemed to respond accurately to Loey, does it change Shane's mind that mayyybe this house is ACTUALLY haunted?

Love that Shane is getting low-key jealous at Loey and Ryan having inside jokes

Shaniac here: She said she lived on a farm before. Is she just not used to the noises of a busy apartment possibly?

Shane: - Fakes being possessed for literally like a minute-. Demon: Am I a joke to you?

It's interesting that your mind went straight to demonic entity because personally after hearing that I thought native american spirits? They're traditionally very aggressive for obvious reasons. Maybe worth searching more about the land the complex was built on.

To be honest if I was a ghost and heard, in a demanding tone, that I have to PROVE my presence in any way, I would not be very cooperrative. I'd just be like "wtf screw you dude" and wouldn't touch a thing.

Honestly, I don't remember any demons leaving Hell, but uh there are so many in Hell I can't count them all. So some of them might've escaped, but I dunno.

Unsolved Ideas, ask less questions so frequently? Idk if it takes longer for signals to translate across into the ghost world. Also please please please exorcise Shane and set up a prank house where stuff happens and see how Shane reacts

The booru.. hahah. Well, buru in my language, Indonesia, it mean hunt

Shane looks like Shaggy from scooby doo

#postmortem Hey guys, since there were more things happening while Loey was alone, I was wondering if something happened after you left. Any update? Hilarious and kind of creepy at the same time. Thank guys.

Dressing like Shaggy actually gave Shane the power to send the demon to hell

ryan’s giggle in the beginning made me smile:))

"I'm sending you BACK To HELL"

Kind of sad that Ryan wasn't dressed like Scooby Doo to be honest...

It definitely didn't sound like come in but tambien.

You guys better have hooked her up the Priests afterwards or you guys are messed up!!!

my bitchass decided to watch this at 1am and now my bitchass is scared and can't sleep

Wtf 22:27 there's a shadow humanoid behind ryan

Shane's dressed like shaggy...hes really starting to take these investigations seriously.


This doesn't fit the aesthetic of the rest of the series. Kinda weird.

Auditory, visual, and olfactory hallucinations? You could be experiencing symptoms of schizophrenia

Yo I like Ryan’s beard

The phrasing in this one is glorious.

When Shane looks like Shaggy. Scooooooooob.

I have to stop watching these at night, I had laundry to do but now I’m scared to get up!!

So no ones gonna talk about how Ryan sits at 1:47 ?

These really scare me!!!

Waking up hearing noises and burning = must be a demon. Me = or you know... Waking hallucinations are a thing...

The scariest thing about this is that Shane is dressed like shaggy¿

Wow! I haven't seen you guys trending on Singapore before.

shane dressed as shaggy?

Not on topic.. but there’s this guy in my speech class and i just couldn’t figure out who he reminded me of until i seen Ryan on BuzzFeed thanks

What's up with that Shaggy cosplay, Shane? You plan on growing some goatee too? I mean you could be the goatman after all

Could you please explain the spirit box to people before you use it in an episode? I don't think a lot of people realize it's just a radio. #postmortem

I couldn’t stop laughing when Shane said :” from guru to boo-ru!!!” BuzzFeed Unsolved Network should watch this link where there is clear proof of ‘Demon’ and must go there so #shanemadej can finally see & believe that paranormal really exists. #ryanbergara #shanemadej #boogara #buzzfeedunsolvednetwork

When are you two going to be back in England? And how do I reach out regarding a haunting?

Shane just needs a demon for his house. He'd never have to walk to a light switch ever again.

All this needs is just one Ayatul Kursi.

POST MORTEM QUESTION(S): 1. After that flashlight scene, does Shane believe in ghosts a little more because I sure do. I personally think that's the most evidence yall have ever gotten. 2. Can we have an update on Loey? Has it gotten better? Has she moved? Etc 3. Not a question but please do more house calls. They're great

Post mortem why is Ryan so over confident

Could you guys do the devil's gate

“I want you to drink.”? It sounded very masculine I will say. But could it be Loey’s dad? That something I will not know as I have never heard Loey’s dad’s voice but if I did I would probably match up the voices.

#postmortem was it Shane's intention to look EXACTLY like Shaggy from scooby doo in this episode??

This demon is just wants Loey to drink some water

so ik your whole thing is unsolved cases but maybe you could do bonus episodes about famous criminals and how they got solved

#postmortem why did you leave Loey like that she seemed so afraid

what if shane got the big demon haunting him and mf wasnt scared of that guy and the demon thought yo he do be straight vibin doe and now he got the big demon protecting him so he can be as cocky as he wants

go back to loey's house with AJ the psychic

The spookiest part is Loey saying that she had been awakened by a woman knocking on her door calling out “she’s going to come in now, is that okay?” ..... then the spirit box picked up a woman’s voice saying “ (unintelligible) come in”.... CONSIDER ME SPOOKT, BABY!!!!!!

Was i the only one how hard it say imma stay at 22:10

They are still alive after taunting anabelle?!

We need an MRI: this could be a brain tumour!


shane-ggy sure got spooked, righttt??


At 22.28 Ryan’s shadow gave me a damn heart attack!!!!

Yo anybody know the episode where Shane's like "I got evidence Ryan watches the hot daga" and it cuts to Ryan watching with like the deadest expression ever?

did Ryan ask demon to wait. lmao

Shane looks like shaggy this episode

I love how you guys just fuggin dip.

Is there a reason Shane is dressed like Shaggy from Scooby Doo in this episode? #roastmortem

damn that girl big

She never misses lag day cuz damn! Her calf’s are huge af

Buzzfeed logic: If a girl puts her hand on her mouth in the thumbnail the stuff is got to be scary

shane being sassy asf while talking to the demons is really a mood

Try contacting ehab . He is a Arab guy. Watch his videos. You guys can collaborate with him. You can find some really creepy stuff

That's kinda mean for them to just left her lmao. I wished they would have brought a priest or someone to make things even with Ryan and Shane goofing around

I love loey so much

I love ghost

Shane is hilarious

20:47 me when my mum tells me to do chores and I can't be bothered to

What happened after y’all left? Did Loey invited some priest to chase the demon/ghost off?? #postmortem

I love that loey is like scared in the apartment and shane and ryan are outside dancing like fortnite characters >

Just me or does Shane look like Shaggy? haha, maybe he's taking the ghost hunting to a new level.

This is just lame and fake beyond belief.

Literally nothing happens, what is supposed to be fake?


Question for the Q&A for this episode or one later. What is the most convincing evidence that you have found till this episode? Asking to both of you.

not everyone can afford 20 static cameras contolled with a button either mate !

She's a girl who's obsessed with all things paranormal so it's on her mind and it's written in her YouTube channel 'about'. It's more like two YouTubers colleb. P.s. we see what we want to see.

speaking of Loey Lane, why haven't you fools investigated the Dear David case yet when it's happening to one of your own coworkers?

Because it was fake.

Shane should become a mime

5:15 i cant with shane

You should do a video on the cursed script of Hollywood, the Atuk curse

I’m bored

19:49 the editor be like: This is what Ryan is doing while Shane is having a siezure. Hell, why not lets see how long Shane would do that for while Ryan and Loey talks.

Why stop investigating when it was just getting juicy!???

shane looks like a ripped off version of mr bean

Wow, Ryan’s character development is astounding. I’m so proud.

Shane out here looking like Shaggy with that green T and brown pants.

Ryan: Demons prey on vulnerability, and there’s nothing more vulnerable than a person alone Me at 3 am: *ALONE*

Come to oregon we have tons of haunted places like the Shanghai Tunnels

When the flash light thing happened, Shane actually looked like he got a little creeped out!

#postmortem pretty sure when lovey went in it said "permission to come in"

25:58 "Listen to me"

yooo shane looks like Shaggy lmfao

19:14 the light flickering

i thought this was scooby doo

Does Shane realise he looks just like shaggy from Scooby do in that green t-shirt?

Shane: pull my teeth off Ghost : da fuk

The woman's voice from the ghost box sounded like "no me siento bien" which is spanish for "I don't feel good"

Any plans to visit the Philippines? We're the kind of people who absolutely love ghost hunting and paranormal investigations. We also have a lot of spooky spots. Who knows, Ryan, it might be here that you find the evidence you're looking for. #postmortem Btw: Here's a list of some "haunted" places you could explore here:

This stuff makes me super paranoid and scared yet I can't stop watching it. Send help.

I felt nautious and uneasy at 16:41 comment if u did

14:26 we need the winchester Brothers on this lol

Bruh Shane literally looks like Shaggy in this episode

Shane is soooo sexy, I would climb him like a tree! *slinks back into the darkness like the creep I am* lol

I dont like seeing that devil face in full screen at 2:30 in the morning.

Shane was extra Shaney this episode

pls investigate next the house of Kent Burris from ghost of Carmel maine

Shane have started to lose himself at this point. Screaming after ghost to show them self. "I dont blive in ghost"-Shane #roastmortem

Loey: "I think I hate this.." Shane and Ryan: *i bE fLoSsInNN*

This is more Shane tongue action than I ever thought I'd see

I got an ad telling me to read the Book of Mormon to get to know Jesus

theory: the demon did enter shane and just pretended like he was faking

My nightly routine is usually watching one of the series videos but this was a waste of 28:23 seconds

#postmortem Hey Ryan, are you slowly morphing into Shane now?

Ryan and Shane: tells Loey multiple times that they're here to stir up ghouls and this isn't a show where they actually help Loey: WAIT YOU GUYS ARE JUST LEAVING NOW

Shane or Shaggy???

I feel like you guys could of done more like stayed the night

I enjoyed Shane very much this episode.

I like her reason why she called a pair of youtubers instead of mediums: "I want you to disprove it."

I made a yt channel about my puppies i would appriciate any support

Loey got that WAGON boi

Shane lookin' like Shaggy

I'm going to take a wild gander here. Natives of the land before the apartment was built are the culprits that haunt the place. I wonder if Loey actually asked the owners about this.


Just the laugh at the start from Ryan was the most scary thing in the video 0:23

No one: Shane : starts flossing

DeMoN. DeMoOoN......

A camouflage cat could explain the glass falling slowly off the counter. Lol

shane looks like shaggy from scooby doo hahah

It's not the's loey!!!

Epic Forkbite dances

Shane looks like a baby Mike Wazowski who knows he's about to disappoint his entire family #RoastMortem

If there is a demon in there I think it makes more sense that it would only want to talk to Loey, because it’s studied her and it knows her and how to feed off of her energy. I think if the boys wanted to really communicate with it they’d need to spend more time there. But who knows

loey is out here being scared shitless while these dudes out here flossing

How scary would it be to have a haunted house I think ghosts could be haunting loey lanes home but also a demon

19:43 this entire scene literally made me laugh so hard especially with the tiny screen in the corner of Shane and the quiet sounds in the background of whatever the hell he was doing as Ryan and Loey are just casually talking lmfaooo

Hey shane and ryan! so i think u guys should do an episode on the murder in 1983 or 1984 that happened by golf n stuff where 3 teens were slashed and no one knows what happened to them. The family never had closure so they are reopening the case and investigating it. I think it would be really cool to see a buzzfeed unsolved on it!

Btw, when there is a demon, try hugging it with love. Demons hate hugs. (actually not joking) They do not like the energy of positivism. Please tell Loey to ask the demon for a hug multiple times untill there is no more scared energy for it to feed of off ;)

Poor Loey...i think its her that needs to listen to the spirits. Shane and Ryan are so hilarious!!

I think there is something to be said; that's undeniable, about why the ghosts didn't give 2 shits about Shane or Ryan, but communicated with the person they are haunting. Clearly a man and a women responded through the white noise to Loey. Proof? ...;) Ryan is the man! Boogara for life.

Shane is dressed like shaggy

At one point when the other guy was there alone the ghostbox said "I will stay" (when the guy was in the kitchen)

The ghost was Loey's Dad, he was happy to see her so he said hey loey, Then he saw how scared his daughter was, she was nervous sweating so he said, drink, stay hydrated,your dad loves you loey

25:25 my last two brain cells in a test

oh god shane is shaggy

Filler episode of the season is out of the way now \○/

Shane looking like Shaggy aye

21:16 "you guys have inside jokes?" He sounds so left out.

Something definitely did, entities that are referred to as demons need to be invited in... I feel so bad for Loey, I love her to bits but she needs to contact a shaman or someone who can cleanse her home.

Ryan: turn that light Demon: turns off light Ryan: your supposed to wait

I feel like Ryan has become a non-believer lol idk why

Wtf this is a troll

you really dogged her with that lighting in the sit down. sad.

22:29 is it just me or does it look like a person standing in the door

That demon be looking like a circus clown after performing all those tricks with the torches.

I want you to drink

‘ you guys have inside jokes?’

I know I’m late but the little giggle ryan does at the beginning of the episode when Shane makes a funny face is so flippin adorable

I dOnt ThiNk TheRes A DemOn hErE *both torches turn off*

I am so sure from 25:56 to 26:09 I heard something. Like young girl saying mommy, listen to me and then their a response but I don't understand what is being said.

21:47 im seeing shane as shaggy in this with the green shirt lol

maybe it wanted to say: I want you to drown (looking back at the flushed bathroom) and instead said drink

Nobody Shane pull my teeth out

So fake it’s cringe

She doesn't seem that scared if she's taking a bubble bath after the whole thing. I would have gotten rid of the board (or set it alight till it's reduced to ashes, holy water or something!) and then never bathe again until I move out!

Like zoinks man

25:24 you are welcome

I haven't watched it yet... is it Superman?

Loey is probably schizophrenic.

Lol why does Shane look like Shaggy with green shirt, Brown pants and messed up hair.

"Normally slept soundly for 8 hours every night..." oddest part of this video

5:34 Shane starts to act like Mr.Bean"

Scraping the bottom of the barrel eh?

No one: literally no one: Shane: It's to sell toys to Demons!

Did Shane make himself look like Shaggy from scooby-doo on purpose?

shane: great counter space here ill kill for this me: ·_·

Maybe Shane tried to take the thing with him and thought insulting and inviting it to his own place is enough.

idk who loey is but *shes beautiful*

broe i swear 25:55 says "will you let me in"

the only thing that's haunting this chick is a buffett.

Dear David

When Loey is in the bathroom and you've put up the caption 'come in' it sounds more like listen to me

Quote.. quote... Quote..

I think the spirits are more terrified of Shane.

“i’m insane!” -

the intro howling sounds like Ryan's howl

Ryan's laugh at the start of the video I-

shane is so funny HHAHAHAHA

No one: Literally no one: Demons chanting in Loey's ears:

For #postmortem how does Shane explain how the flashlights did exactly what he wanted?

I love the cute little girlish laugh Ryan had in the beginning.

21:52 Shaggy from Scooby-Doo who?

18:24 There's literally some spooky activity happening with Shane there and then Ryan : YoU eVeR tRiEd tO tAkE a LiD oFf oF a pICkLe jAr

Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Shane: bOo-Ru

Worth It: With Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara Unsolved: With Steven and Andrew

this might sound mean but she needs to lose some weight

for post mortem: do you think that the ghosts were more responsive because they’re familiar with Loey? like it’s rarely a rando who has the experiences but the tour guide or the home owner your thoughts?

22:28 ....behind Ryan... that silhouette ..

I love the fact that Shane is dressed like shaggy

I’m scared for Loey that seems like it’s attaching its self to her. And it knows she’s scared ... it was laughing at her

They probably should’ve explained how the technology works and how it’s kind of flawed, like the flashlights can definitely turn off pretty easily and the sound box picks up signals from radios, hence why the voice was different sometimes. Obviously I said with Shane on the existence of ghosts but they definitely just scared her more without telling her obviously I side with Shane on the existence of ghosts but they definitely just scared her more cause she’s a hardcore believer.

This went from old hunted cases to modern cases

I'm gonna need a tank top that asks "are we Bruce Willis?"

22:28 why does that shadow in the back right always scare the crap out of me even tho I know it's Ryan's

I wanna see an episode on amityville

Amityvilla Go to amityvilla

shane is just being noisy to calm himself.

did shane check his fuckin torch batteries, lol why does it keep flickering

Please go to the there..... What happened there

13:52 i thought she had a room mate

When she went into the bathroom I felt her nervous and worried energy. did not like that

is it me or did the light in the living room flicker when shane was asking it questions?


ok but like why did they include that close up picture of a demon,?? gurl i’m watching this at night!! hunny,, no!!

Do you have to press a button on the flashlight? How does it work? Can you show it to us? #postmortem

These "no one" "nobody" comments are soooo cringe and unoriginal at this point

I think it’s fun if you bring Loey with you everytime you are going to investigate a place for Supernatural.

“Im going to take a bubble bath now lmao”

You guys should go to Skin Walker Ranch!

The acting was really good and funny as well

Shane: "from guru to BOOru" Me: "bOOOoOoruuUU"

the most unbelievable part is that before she got a full 8 hours of sleep lmao

Was Shane's Shaggy vibe intentional? Also does Loey still have the oujia board?

@25:57 i swear it wasnt english n instead was spanish coz i heard “mato muy bien “ ? which means i kill very well? or maybe thats just me lol??


The ghost in her house wants her to stay hydrated!

This episode is basically Ryan being Shane for half an hour....... *I love it.*

Wtf ...

Nobody: No one: Ryan: SHE QUOTE, “...” END QUOTE

This better not be the one demon ep ryan does

Hi Ryan & Shane! My husband and I are HUGE fans of your show. We were wondering if you would please do a segment on the infamous drag queen, Dorian Corey. I think this unsolved mystery makes for a great episode. Thanks in advance!

Ryan’s laugh at 0:24

you used to sleep 8 hours, but as you got older you started sleeping less? thats crazy my house must be haunted too

Hey, guys. When Loey is in the restroom with the spirit box, it says “tambien “ not “come in”

Two part question. Do you think that someone has the capability to manifest energy into their own world? Would you be willing to have subscribers to join you on these investigations? #postmortem

BuzzFeed Unsolved Network

When did Shane become a member of the Umbilical Brothers?

yo what if they are just camera shy

They could’ve built the apartment on Native American grounds

So ur telling me Shane’s got the drip of shaggy an they are gonna slit up an look for clues

shane is such a troll i love it AHHAHAHAHAHAAH

You should def do one with eva gutowski. she's have had a number of encounters she's shared on her channel

Most of this can be explained by normal apartment noises and smells carrying around, tremors and earthquakes (the glass and the drawers), sleep paralysis, night terrors, lucid dreams and nightmares. She seems really anxious and as someone with an anxiety disorder it can cause you to hear things and react to normal sounds / smells with panic. I feel that’s what’s happening here.

I like how Shane dresses up as shaggy during the ghost hunt lol

loey: having intense ‘communication’ with the demons shane and ryan: *flossing tutorial*

the house is the identical with the one daves Navarro mother was murdered..if you search mourning son on youtube you will see it....its identical

Why is Shane dressed as Shaggy?

“hey loey”

You should play thee Quran in your apartment.

the sound she heard over her shoulder maybe her stomach growling

Shane is dressed as Shaggy the most powerful demon in this episode *further proof Shane is a demon*

everyone talking about “Ryan and Shane” in the comments had me thinking Shane Dawson & Ryland were in this so i was wondering why they didn’t use them for clickbait

Is Ryan trying to date the demon or something? "SPANK ME" "TOUCH MY HAIR" like, daaaaammmnnnn Ryan. You thirsty!

Usually means lier

Filler word's

It would be so funny if the crew set the guys up on a case. Like opened cabinets and slammed doors. Kept it up to see if Shane screamed like a little girl.

Shane looking like luigi

You stirred that pot up then pissed off lol ... can only imagine how terrifying her BUBBLE BATH is going to be

Monoxide poisoning?

why is Shane dressed like shaggy

"Slept soundly for 8 hours each night all her life" god i wish that were me



I love how they make every serious situation so funny


*FLASHLIGHT TURNS ON AGGRESSIVELY* 18:28 Shane: oH I want to achieve this kind of calmness.

the glass is perfectly explainable.


That intro clip........ context boys context

Am i the only one who thinks shane kinda looks like shaggy?

Omg I hate everything about Ryan’s shadow at 23:00

iejdjie I’m scared now haha

there shouldve been a lil question time w the flash lights! like yes & no questions to figure out who & why theyre there!! ugh so many missed opportunities this episode

This is just a ghost comedy show. /Only for ghosts/

Loey? more like *slowly* approaching a heart attack

What else could have turned the flashlights on/off?? Like isn’t that the most(?) shocking evidence that actually worked?? Also maybe the ghosts don’t come out cause of the cameras? Isn’t there a thing with that?

omggg please investigate the paranormal activity experienced by youtuber, Daisy Marquez!!!!!!!!!!

About time they got Loey on here. Now time for Hailey reese!!! Love her!!!❤❤

"I want you to drink" Turns out the demon was alcoholism the whole time

Shane looks so much like Shaggy here omg I'm screaming-


Hey maybe you guys could do a video about what witchcraft has evolved into and what satanism and Luciferianism actually are

Easily their worst episode, and her bathroom flooded to her counter and she just walked in on it nbd? Not like the water would rush out or anything brother in headphones or not...

Being with Shane, Ryan has also become disrespectful.

If i was a ghost or demon, i’d get a heart attack just looking at her... she needs the gym man

This feels like a girl who just wants attention or a free marketing from buzz feed

Shane alone was hilarious

Shane: HEY DEMON! TICKLE ME! Demon: ...

"It smelt like campfire smoke" you sure you dont have a brain tumor?!?!? Cos that's concerning.

flosses while loey is dying :)

10:32 look behind the guys you can see a shadow head disappear behind the hallway (turn your brightness and quality up)

Can you do Dear David? Please!

Were gonna ignore the fact that shane is dressed like shaggy lol

You gotta tell the ghost it’s not a guest or they will think they are welcomed

Shane is hilarious omg ‘eh yknow what not bad’

this is shaggy now, feel quite old yet?

i have a feeling that ryan was questioning if this was real or not as with all of the other episodes he is all timid but in this one he asked a "demon" to harm him

Shane be looking like shaggy

This has been the most boring episode ever in the history of Unsolved Paranormal, I even fell asleep 15 minutes in. Came back to rey and finish it but again fell asleep woke up at the end of the Q and A episode. Sorry guys.! That have never happened before. Yes that boring it was.


Is anyone actually convinced by this women?

Clear as day???


so maybe it’s a demon pretending to be her dad

she’s so pretty honestly

Goddamn, you guys are gonna need a new chair!

Loey shaking with fear *Shane teaching Ryan how to do the floss dance outside*

In all seriousness, the flashlight scenes were actually really cool/spooky

Omg...Loey is crapping her pants in there and here these two fools are having flossing tutorials....wtaf?

Shane really be dressed like shaggy lol

damn she is fat

The flashlight turned off Shane: it must be the wind

Would love to see your take on the case of Pamela Werner....

Shane is dressed like Shaggy from Scooby-doo

Shane looks like Shaggy in that green shirt lol

Maybe you should look more into Loey than the apartment? It just sounded like an energy is following her

13:18 "STAND"

did this make anyone else feel uneasy?

You guys should go to the Charlie Manson caves by Simi Valley!

if you are a believer, the bruises, the burning smell and the chants, someone or something wants to replace your soul with theirs...

whhhhhuuught loey

investigate my house, it is scary.

I feel like this investigation was super rushed. Shane and Ryan all of a sudden just booked it out of there

Ryan and Shane: our work hear is done Loey: but you didn’t do anything Ryan and Shane: *leave*

Man you gotta love her amazing detailed descriptions of her experiences

Why Shane dressed like shaggy from scooby doo

Ghost : I want you to drink Lost: AA Shane and Ryan : flossing

Shane killed me with his possession impression

no one: absolutely no one: shane: iS tHeRe a DeMoN HeRe

Shane asks the demon to do stuff with the flashlights and it does... "I don't really believe in demons" lol I would've pissed my pants

Why does Ryan look like a Pokemon trainer???

I was literally terrified and then watching Shane pretend to be possessed made me wanna per my pants

I'm so happy Shane is the comedic relief

FFS... give the lady a bigger chair, PLEASE !!

PART 2!!!!!

Why do y’all gotta make this so spooky? Like cut all the sound affects and add some happy music in trying to watch this without shitting a brick.

It’s The Watcher

Shane is the type of guys who will ask rhe demon to off the light so he can go to sleep

Inside the apartment: *loey being terrorized by a demon* Outside the apartment: *shane learning Ryan to do the floss*

26:05 That sounds like, "can we come in?" just sayin

Shane and Ryan terrorises loey then just like well cya loey is like wait wait what.....

Shane is. Dressed as either...Shaggy..or Mike Wazowski going to university at the beginning

Was expecting her to say she was waking up with mysterious 'unexplainable' burger and mcflurry stains

*Shane speaks in tongues* Nope no ghouls


22:11 I heard "My mistake" twice

The board is open from the last owner they didnt close it.

I hate the way he doesn't believe in anything it annoys me

Shane’s shadows really take the big head joke to the extreme this episode.

#postmortem Since Loey found her bathroom flooded one night, what if the entity in 25:13 meant "I want you to drown." That's what came into my head immediately!

demon: hey loey loey: *gasps* demon: growls loey: oh my God demon: ha ha ha

I've always found Oujia boards fascinating because they can be explained with both science and the paranormal.

(Around 19:40) Which soul Shane, which soul? At this point of this show, he's either already possessed or totally lost it. Anyway, get the rock salt.

Please let Ryan and Shane flossing become a meme.

Ryan would have moved out of his house if a heavy glasse moved alone

hey! one request ... visit east drive ... most haunted place on earth ...

demon: does exactly what shane wants shane: i don't think there is a demon here

Sheee needs to lose weight... Fast man. I was that big and the doctor told me I'm 5 pounds away from diabetes type ONE. I'm having anxiety watching this.

I really hate these animations, especially for this episode. They make the show ten times scarier :(

did shane really just dress like shaggy

Yo when Ryan was like “what’s your name? What’s your name?, I know that gives away your power” I was Creeped the hell out

Shane is wack

"Ghost you have 15 SECONDS to prove you're here.. Ready, GO..." GEE WONDER WHY THEY GET NO RESPONSE

Does anyone want to address that Shane looks like Shaggy HAHA

Start of the video: “This can’t be that bad...” Few minutes later: “Oh man, oh gosh.”

I think not watching Buzzfeed for a long time made me loose my edge

Demons are said to sound like a growling dog like voice

i'm sorry but the image at 9:41 SENT ME i have no clue why im laughing so hard

why was this recommended to me late at night

Shane's outfit its like shaggy on scooby doo

Shane could stare a snarly boi demon in the face and cooly say "I believe YOU believe you exist"

Man, I remember when I was addicted to her videos before realising they were probably fake.

"Why would you come to us to fix this?" WELL I CAN TELL YOU WHAT IT ISN'T; IT'S DEFINITELY NOT FOR VIEWS. NOPE.

Not spicy enough *plop*

I heard "Te bien" not come in.

So crazy how it communicated more with Loey than shane and Ryan

Going to be honest...I don’t think she was ever’s all for publicity or she needs attention.

They are idiots.

oh my god is no one gonna mention ryan's laugh at the beginning of the episode??? evil doll/witch vibes

Ryan: “ok for anything here can you please-“ Demon: *turns off light* Ryan: *s l o w d o w n t h e r e b u c k o*

Sorry Shane but “from guru to ghoulru” is better than “from guru to booru”

Sleep paralysis, easily bruising, and poor sleep quality can be attributed to mineral deficiency. Mineral deficiency can also cause some mental perception irregularities. She should get a blood panel and urinalysis to rule out any underlying medical issue.

Can someone just make animated shorts of shane in his alone time with the demons

In the beginning Shane looked like he was kinda dressed like mike wazowski from monsters inc and then he dresses up like shaggy. She wtf

Why does Shane look like shaggy



I don’t know how long it’s been since you’ve read scary stories on reddit but I finally shared one on there about one of the many paranormal experiences I’ve ever had. Love you Loey!

ryan and shane can you please do the rhode island farmhouse that the conjuring movie was based off of?

Shane and Ryan: *riles up demon* Shane and Ryan: I guess we’re done here Loey: WHAT?!

"Why did you come to us?" "I want more Subscribers."

I love how Shane is talking to the demon like he is it’s dad, especially with that countdown. And why does the ‘I want you to drink’ sound like Ryan?

Jokes aside shane shouldn’t invite them the way he does :( im so scared for him

I was eating a pudding cup and choked with laughter on the breeze on the face in the bathroom bit.... if i died watching an episode i'd make sure i'd come back and haunt you pudding cup included.

Why is Ryan so much braver these last 2 episodes

I'm so confused if this is staged? There seems like there's so much caught on tape that really seems like evidence! But Ryan is so chill....

Shes cute

At 25:14 It said "I want you to break" not drink. C'mon. Edit: you might want to turn the volume up close your eyes and wear headphones to hear it.

0:21-0:25 my heart

4:58 sweet humble brag

buru means hunting in malay

Yooo... 19:45 gmfu

As i was watching this youtube closed out all the way it crashed and when i went back on it was like i nevev watched it i cheked my history and it wasnt there i searched it up and it was not where it was when it crashed

At 26:00 I didn't hear 'come in' I heard something along the lines of '¿estás bien?'. She did seem very shaken up and scared, which leads me to believe that someone was concerned for Loey and her health.

Why does Shane look like shaggy from scooby doo

Shane is me when some ghost tries to scare me

why is Shane dressed like Shaggy??

Why is Shane dressed like shaggy

I think Shane is really a demon, when the flashlight didn't do what he asked , he sounds like a mad demon when he said "YOU DIDN'T DO IT"

Oh come on, we all know that Shane is actually a demon and that's why he continues to taunt them and ghosts because they can't do anything to him.

10:43 10:43 10:43 10:43 10:43

Featuring Loey Lane and SHaggy Rogers.

shane: you can come home with me, i don’t care! *both lights turn off* what did you just do shane tsk tsk

It may or may not be Native American. They would chant and use smoke signals for communication and cleansing. It didnt really seem demonic to my friend or myself.

so Shane is Shaggy and Ryan is Scooby Doo. Zoiinksss!!!

I miss shane and ryaaaaan! ♡

22:29 that shadow in the back scared the f out of me lol

She's such a good sport about their joking. I wasn't familiar with her (and I'm not much of a beauty/makeup girl) but I think she's really cool.

These house call videos freak me out more than the other haunting videos because this feels so real like it could happen to me and not just going to a haunted ship

This is not the right thing to watch at 3am before going to sleep but oh well

love that the demons always like and obey shane lol they recognize one of their own

22:16 Imagine if that eye painting behind Ryan actually opened its eyes...

the whole envelope thing was freaking hilarious

It sound like the female said "no te sientes bien?"

Shane looks like shaggy from scooby doo.

Who else is just reading the comments while the video plays? No one? Ok

so now shane has a demon, we love that for him

Can you imagine being the downstairs neighbor sitting on the toilet while Shane was in there making his possession noise.

Shane: Il let you enter my soul. BEHnsldhskrjrhdkdirndjdorkeke Demons: psssp joe, look at this crazy bastard. What’s he doing, let’s just leave this one

"Hope you like hell ya loser" lol lol lol

Y’all should have sent an excorist to her place to cleanse it damn

I wonder if Shane dressed like shaggy on purpose

You seem.. sh

0:23 that laugh tho xD

this close to disliking purely due to the impromptu flossing tutorial that nobody asked for

Loey: *pisses her pants in her apartment's bathroom while ghosts are telling her to drink* Shane, teaching Ryan how to floss dance outisde: over here, over here, out, back, in, now back out, now over here, in

I always thought this would be a cool collab!

25:45 that is the scariest thing ive ever seen in my life

Loey having the worst time of her life and they are doing the floss move outside.

Shanes outfits is a green top and tan cargo trousers, he is pretty much a fearless Shaggy who does not believe in ghosts

They should set up cameras in each room for a day and see what happens

I feel that this is all an act

Loey is about to get possessed and their dancing to fortnite dances lmao

Loey is freking out will this two boy are fortnite dancing

Why is Shane dressed like shaggy?

Oh god I lost it at the 19:46 mark

That demon responds better than my siri

I feel like Shane’s gonna be the type of dad who says there’s nothing in the closet at night.

I feel like Shane's house is being haunted and he's playing off all of the investigations as nothing because it happens to him all the time.

"You're an entrepreneurial paranormal investigato-" "I'm insane!" I died.

She *STOOPID THICCC* *(not an insult btw)*

21:54 Why does Shane look Shaggy Rogers from Scooby doo ?

See I never understood this series.. I love shane and ryan but they dont actually try to solve the mysteries

Let me save you 28 minutes of wasted time. Ghosts aren't real. People hallucinating is real. MYstery solved.

I like how the demon would be obedient when Shane asked them smth, like "please turn that back on *turns on*"

Just for the record, in Islam we believe that Jinns are accompanied by fire/smokey smell

I had a glass fall of the table by itself too. It turns out the glass was sitting on top of some slight moisture/water on the table top (I have a wooden table with a glass cover on top of it) and it made the glass slide slowly off the edge.. it's not always ghosts.

Is Shane dressing up as Shaggy from scooby doo or is it just me?

Loey- "I think I hate this" Shane and Ryan- "she's probably fine"

Is it just me? But Shane is irritating AF.

Shagy and Velma?!!

In the last few episodes you can actually see how their sanity slowly deteriorates

Is Shane the petermckinnon of making sound effects

She is a youtuber has a camera but she has only stories to tell

Poor demons. I think they just want to be your friend, Shane.

Honestly every episode Shane looks/acts like he's lost a bit of his mind and if that isn't the evidence you needed that demons are real, idk what is

I feel bad for Loey.. what is essentially just proving that she's not crazy and what she is experiencing is real must be terrible. I hope she can find validity from this if anything, and to seek out the help she needs to feel safe again. It's pretty sucky to see what seems like two guys making a bad situation worse and then kinda just up and leaving her distressed and uneasy.. idk man, I feel for her.

Shane. For you looking like shaggy Ryan really be the one like ZOINKS!

loey: *is catching a decent amount of paranormal evidence* ryan and shane: *doing the floss*

Is her head green in the interview?


Ryan! There's an orb over your shoulder above the shower at 22:40. And no, it's not a bug.

So while I watch somone downstairs knocked something over and it just like sent shivers up my spine

Is it just me that gets reminded of seokjin when I watch shane

I swear, Shane loses his braincells when Ryan leaves him alone for 5 seconds-

Ryan is as coordinated as a cat.... if the cat didn’t have feet to land on #shaniacs

UH at 19:14 the background light behind Shane's back is flashing on and off...!

In this episode...Ryan is Shane....and Shane is bit like Ryan

why is shane dressed like Shaggy?

Nooooo!! Not yet cleansed. Loey, be careful girl.

Loey: *panicking* Ryan to Shane: *BUT CAN YOU DO THIS??!!?*

The collab we’ve all been waiting for!!!

This chick sounds like she just wants to be told "there's a demon trying to enter you"

T H i C C

Don't you just love it when Shane communicates with demons

That "unintelligible come in" sounded like it said "let them come in"

door bell rings: Mmm thAts goOd

i was waiting for shane to go : zOinkS

21:56 why does shane look like shaggy

Why does shane look like Shaggy?

Guna pack it up

They ghost made her soo frightened till she ate them

Shane and Ryan: that proves it, nothing here. Loey: oH mY gOd, tHe eNeRgY fEeLs wEiRd iN hErE

25:57 I think I heard something in spanish bc I know i heard "tambien", remember when she said she heard another language?

*Ryan is slowly becoming Shane..*

Y’all, pray for Ryan. Nothings wrong with him. But the more of these videos he does, he less sanity he has.

OMG... Shane is so damn hilarious!!

At 19:45 , I’m pree sure Shane scared the ghost away

"Things went randomly missing and then reappeared"..............every time I look for my charger

The cut from Loey freaking out to Shane teaching Ryan how to floss cracked me up

I hate that I’m watching this at night

So when someone buys a new fresh apartment, do they not question what was the complex built on

Every time something goes wrong for me I'm just gonna have Shane's voice in the back of my head going "you didn't do it"

Why does shane look like shaggy

Did anyone else notice how shane was dressed like shaggy?

maybe when the female voice said “come in” it was the strange two women who knocked Loey up and said “can we come in now?”

Loey:talking to ghost and scare. Ryan and shane:learn how to floss.

You don’t have to keep repeating “And Quote” or “And I quote” it’s annoying.

It's a literary requirement if you want to quote something that is not your own words.

Shane be out here looking like shaggy

So far this is the funniest video they've ever made

It's weird that she heard "Can I come in"? on the spirit box, because she said that she heard someone at her door before asking to come in. That was freaky


I bet all the ghosts and demons are working together to make a plan and take down shane


Love these ! But it’s also been said if you don’t believe or joke around about it then ghost or what you may call them will not interact or communicate.

What about the 666 house???

Loey :traumatized Rayn learning How to floss

Shane looks like mike wazowski/shaggy in that outfit

And yeah it's a toy, but who the frak willing buys an old, creepy ouija board for their aesthetic fhejeksllwwjnsdhhd lmaooo

*both lights turn off* Shane: well

that woman’s voice sounded kinda korean

I think both Ryan and Shane were in agreement that this was a publicity stunt


Demons: Follows Shane's instructions to sign it's inhuman and wants to hurt him. Shane: Im going to let you possessed my soul in 3...2...1... blrurorelrvbbrlrukrbrjebbekrbkrirlebvsbrvvfhshsirbrjevsndjrbrhrllrbrlrjr

When she said she bought a 100 year old ouija board I said punyeta why did she do that?

shane dressed up as shaggy to get more power

Bruh this is the best one yet

22:28 that shadow behind Shane gave me the creeps.

Now why are they suddenly dancing?!?

Shane looks like fuckin' Shaggy

i cant believe you got shaggy to feature in this. anyways, wheres shane?

Perfect thing to watch 4 days before Halloween

i think this has finally broken ryan

"Because i have tensed with a lot of demons in my day" ~Shane Definitely shane is some sort demon to protect Ryan

Why is Shane dressed like Shaggy from Scooby-doo?

was surprised she haven't ate the ghost


Has anyone noticed that ryan has gotten alot braver than he was in the past? Im so proud of him

Can we just talk about how Shane looks like shaggy from scooby doo

i have a 200 year old wardrobe in my room. in the night i kept being woken up by the doors swinging open by themselves. now i just leave them wide open so it doesn't wake me up.

these house calls are so genuinely scary, i love it! though i really cant watch them at night, unlike the usual supernatural episodes :D

Ryan are diabetes

"Not spicy enough blop" I'm dying

why is shane cosplaying shaggy

19:12 the ceiling light in the background starts flickering

"Why'd you call us" " Well, I want to be a skept- She wanted to be on the show. That's it

Shawn some shaggy lookin boy

Im waiting for a new solved channel

hhhhhhh Spooktober


Shane: “is there a demon here?” YOUTUBE COMMERCIAL UGH

I love how Shane actually tries to help.

This sounds like the effects of reverberations below the hearing range of humans from an un-isolated AC-unit or water heater of elevator. Certain mechanical rumbles can make people uneasy and see things . Those reverberations could also vibrate a glass off the counter. Sounds like this new building was built cheaply. Move out if you can. Sleep loss is no joke

dude, the dang Post Mortem is gonna be about her being tortured after this, goodness wtf, I now have abandonment issues and I'm not even her

Why would you let these two idiots in your house with something so serious . .?..

Surprised Ryan didn’t bolt out as the smell of ash is a demon and go bath in holy water

Why does Shane look like shaggy at 21:53?

Are we just going to ignore that Shane is dressed as shaggy from scooby doo

Shane is literally the "god" of demons

Loey can get it frfr she fine

why does loey get the bad lighting and ryan looks flawless with nice lighting

Forever searching for that ground beef that passed through to the afterlife

Shane and Ryan hopefully you see this but you both need to play on a ouija bored for a video

Who let Ricky Goldsworth loose whilst Demon Hunting??

Shane over here lookin like shaggy from scoobydoo lmfao

She look like Madison Petsch gained 200lbs!!

Pretty sure Shane is more intimidating lol

-demon doesn't do what Shane wants during the 10 seconds- Shane:no response huh?oh well HIPPOTY HOPPOTY THIS PLACE IS NOW MY PROPERTY

you don't buy an ouija board that is 100 bloody year old and on top of that it is from a thrift store! Oh hell naw.

“if there’s a demonic spirit here turn the lights off” *demon does exactly that* “........ i don’t think theres a demon here”

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