The Future Of Business: It's Not All Bad with Sam, Jen and Joe!

The Future Of Business: It's Not All Bad with Sam, Jen and Joe!

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We're. Discussing. The. Future of business it's not all bad, I think, it's I think it's great that we're looking at trying to do some kind of positive topic, rather than the topic, about us being, beat down during these crazy, crazy. Times, we. Also have, a hot. Or not, that. Involves cardboard, cutouts of you watch the show a company. In a couple weeks ago we were talking about cardboard, cutouts is a little. Little, bit different, I'm not sure that how, I feel about this yet so I'm interested to hear what, my two co-hosts. Think, about speaking. Of co-hosts, Samantha. Riley of Samantha. Riley by global, how are you feeling tonight I'm, doing so well joy. Yes it's morning here I, feel, like I get the the long straw, I feel like you guys get the short straw having, to do a show at night, but. There could just be me I'm not a night owl so I'm happy that it's morning here in Australia, oh yeah. That. Is good yeah I mean it would be weird if it was nighttime there. Yeah. It doesn't, work really. You. Guys don't exist down there no, no apparently, there's no such thing is Australia, we don't exist the Australia, isn't a thing, I'm not really here I'm just a figment of your imagination. You're. A welcome. Oh. Well. Thank you super Joey you. Are so welcome as well as Jennifer, Crawford the co-founders parentco, Jennifer. How are you feeling tonight I am so good it's been such a long day today was the first day of the small business, grit summit, my first virtual. Summit. Oh, my, gosh I, was so nervous this, morning I. Was. Yes but, everything. Went really well we've, we, sold over 200, tickets and, the attendance, of our live interactive event events were great with like over 60 people in, our strategic networking, event, and everybody, was super, just. Enthusiastic they. Were so into. It and therefore it we got great feedback and. It. Was just you know when you worked so hard on. Something but you don't you, you don't know how, well it's you know like you've never done it before you work really hard you try to make it the best you can be but until you it's executed. You. Don't really know if your vision is gonna match reality, so in this case it definitely, matched reality, I am really happy with how how, it played out I had my co-founder. Of the small business grit summit Mary. Sue whose may, want maybe watching tonight, we. Both had a little, celebratory toast, of champagne afterwards, because we felt so positive we, only have eight more days to go. We'll. Have champagne again on the on the ninth day but but. Today was just a little bit of a victory lap because, we. Survived. Why. So, many days I don't know we don't know I. Mean. When they decided okay. So. I always tried it I always like to do things my own way and not pay attention too, much to how other people, are doing similar, things because I think it it, pollutes. My creativity, and and you, know Foster's self-doubt, because I'm doing something different so I try not to pay too much attention so. It wasn't until after we put all together at that I was like oh yeah, most. Summits, virtual summits are like one day or maybe three days I've. Never seen one that's nine days, but. It's fine it's fine it's great because we have we've packed it full of value and now we we. Have you know how this is Jo with your, virtual. Conferences, you. End up having a colossal, amount of content, and then you can repackage that and in different ways we have a lot of options of how we can work with that content now that we have it. So. It's, it's not a bad thing but yeah it's, a beat we created a beast I don't we, didn't really, about, oh it's nine days that's kind of long but I. Mean, I ever. Loved and appreciate, the fact that you're like I want to do it my own way and fine and that and that I mean - two thumbs - thumbs way up I. Was. Talking about from an exhaustion, standpoint, of. Yeah. Well that's the other world that's a good point that's another reason it ended up being so long is because we didn't want to monopolize somebody, for the whole day so.

We Have like the priests and pre-recorded on-demand, content that comes out every day the, live interactive events, are only - about. Two hours a day a couple of hours but, two hours a day where we actually need, you there like in attendance, interacting. Active. Engaged, but. I can't expect people to be actively engaged for, eight. Hours a day for several, days at least I don't think I'd say, that's. A big ask yeah, to figure that's cool yeah. And these are business owners and, they should be busy and people will you know some people had to come early and leave early, and come late and leave early but, and I was there apologizing, I was like do not apologize, cuz it was because they were busy running their businesses, and of course we respect that so. Good. Yeah. Very. Good and how about you Joe how are you doing Joe. Exhausted. Exhausting youths can you see you, can't really see let me switch let me switch my camera up here yeah you seem kind of blurry to me and I have bad eyes no, no definitely, blurry. Blurry. I don't know. But. You see I got drywall up on all the walls it's. All it's all done here which, is great it's it. Was exhausting. And we, ran or I we, I mean me I ran. A virtual. Conference this past weekend. Where. We had, am I still Blair no, no, no it's better oh there. We go much better oh good. So yeah I've ran a virtual, conference this weekend for a community, building for, podcasting. And went. Really, really well had, it, was only I say, only but it was it was a little. Over six hours this time, oh my gosh. How. You doing, I would much rather do like a couple hours a day so. No. Secret, if you had no secret okay I think I was able to get things done around the garage while I was listening this, time around so I was able to I was like I put the speakers up in the in the ceiling out in front of me and like ran the wire so like in between some of the talks I was up in the attic like fishing, wire through.

Across, From one end to the other and, then had, to like quit cuz the steps come down like right here, so you would see the step so when they got in time, it's like oh they're starting to wrap up like gotta, put the steps up and get downstairs and white ball sweat off my head of course it was an 80, degree day it. Couldn't have been like a 60, degree day so it, was it was fun it was a great time, and. We're doing the next one May 30th, you. Are. How. Do you do it, yeah. I dude. I do I do what I can for my peoples okay. Nice love it love, it Tim. How you doing. This. Effort us all over my facebook I have no idea how to do it I, only. Found how how to do it cuz when Charles. Posted. It somewhere, and I was like oh you just click here but had she had not done that I don't think, I would have known how to do it but. I haven't made one myself I even took the phone and she's like I'm gonna find a haircut, I'm gonna find a haircut, that. I permite for herself, that's, you. I'm, too, busy, for an avatar. This. Week I am maybe next maybe a couple, weeks from now I'll make my, affair. Or not well I want to know how to do it someone knows how to do it please ray Chapman showing me I feel like I feel, like that old mum that everyone laughs cuz she can't set the video recorder, that's me right now. So. This, week we're we're talking about how it's not all bad, in business. Here, in, the middle of this pandemic and. So. Yeah so who wants, to pick, it up here and help, believe me this week. Well. Sorry. Jane sorry Joe I. Came. Across this, article that, was talking about. Trans. Business, trends for 2020, but. I and the reason I wanted to read. It was because, it was an. Article written in December of 2019. I thought oh I'm. Really curious what trends. They predicted, and how. They. Align now. In. Light of the, corona, virus pandemic and, I. Figured they would be way off the, world's a whole different pit place the, earth is tilted on its axis of access, we're in a strange new world but. I was actually, relieved. And, quite happy. To see that some, of these trends there were art that were in play before. Corona. Actually. Play really well in, this. Pandemic, climate, and then. I found an article a Harvard, Business School article, where they had some you, know Harvard, Business School, scholars. Make. Some predictions, of how the future, of business is going to be impacted and I. Was again pleasantly, surprised, because not, all of the changes, are bad, and what. We're going to talk about them but many of them end, up. Being better for the environment better work. It place environments. For employees, better. Customer. Service so. There there are so many things that are actually benefiting, consumers and. Employees that. Were prompted, by the.

Pandemic, And I, but okay. It's, hard to find good news these days I'm gonna I'm. Gonna latch on to this so. That's. What's the what's what's prompted this this. Conversation. That we're having today. I, think. I think what's really important, tonight here because when. You said it was written in December, Jen I thought this is going to be. Hang. On a minute the foundations. Of business are, the same whether. We're in a pandemic or whether we're not it's actually the foundations, we're talking about and. Obviously. Because. We're all stuck in our homes online. Rates. Fairly, highly in this and I think that right I think, that rather than it being different what it's done is just escalate, that or speed it up I guessed a little bit more yeah, yeah, I definitely agree we this pandemic, has put a speed button button, on a lot of things like you, know things. Are just happening at breakneck speed so, one, of the things pre-pandemic. Predictions. Had. To do with this, trend. Towards. Consumers. Wanting. To do business with socially, responsible, and, environmentally. Responsible. Businesses. And, there's. A Gallup, poll that. Talks. Primarily, about Millennials, who. Are sort of driving that they were driving this trend, they. Spend, they're, worth about a trillion dollars, in consumer spending and. 73. Percent of Millennials say, they spend. More for sustainable, products, so this was something in play and it might not on the surface seem to necessarily. Relate. Or. Have any connection. To, the. Current, climate we're in but, if you think about it I think we've all been very cognizant. Of the fact that, we. Are, being much kinder, to the planet by default by, staying home, there's. There's, a lot less traffic there's, a lot less pollution. We've. Seen lots of reports, from environmentalists. And environmental, sites about. Wildlife. That is is, thriving. Turning up in cities, and turning up at taking over towns I mean I was out I want to go to take over my town. Take. It over goat man. But. Yeah so this is so. I think this is just sort of fueling. That, trend. Supporting. That trend I think businesses, who, are. Socially. And environmentally responsible are. Going to be, more successful, than those that are not. I. Think, that definitely the, Millennials you, know I mean this is my daughter's age and her friends, they very much talk, about doing, things that make them feel good or things that are good for the planet and they will not, take as much pay, to.

Make Sure that that's happening they've got a very different, mindset too I guess. And I know you're a bit younger Joe so. I'll talk about me being a Gen X. Sorry. The girls are yep. Dem eggs. Yeah. You. Know we we grew up and. In. This sort of cutthroat. You. Know corporate world, where. You works lots of hours, and, you, know you did what your boss told you and it's just really it's, not like that for Millennials, and. And they won't take that if it doesn't feel good for them and I think that that is actually a good thing oh I, love Millennials, are you kidding me uh yeah. I mean of. Course I, mean they are. Instigating. More corporate, responsibility. I mean, they they want more meaning in their work they, job hotplate, crazy they, don't they can't commit themselves to, a company. That doesn't, align with their, values, and honestly. I don't think there's anything wrong with that we should we should actually demand it from our companies to, have, values, in in, their while. They conduct a business I mean why why not you can be profitable, and not, kill the environment, you can be profitable, and treat, your employees well. And. Pay them well I mean you can i think. It'll happen by default, though don't you think because, as that these people this. This sector. Has got a lot of money that's going back in the economy and they're the ones that are driving it so I you, know I, can, definitely see, it being sped up I'm patting my wallet away i'ma let the Millennials, buy everything, oh. My. Gosh okay so yeah so I love, that I'm okay. With that I don't see how the. Pandemic is going to slow that trend down I think it's gonna continue to fuel that trend I made. It up let's just speed it up just come on let's go faster faster. So. One of the other ones was that customer, reviews will be more important, than ever and, again, I you know I think we all had to think about this a little right like how well how is that you, know related. To to post pandemic, and I. Was, thinking that you, know it's, harder. Than ever or, it's going to be harder than ever for, me and I think other people to to, trust businesses. Because now we're not just worried, about do. They serve a good product or food good at the restaurant, now we're worried about did. They conduct, you know their selves, in a safe what manner that. Doesn't spread disease are they you know they have safe practices, do they you. Know do, you do they do things that that you, know make me trust them before, I purchased from them so. Don't like I think I think we are we are just gonna be looking, at those reviews more than ever and we want to know those things and I think we're, gonna see those things come up I'm already seeing it in reviews I'm already seeing people talking, about cleanliness. And, restaurants. And whether those servers were wearing you, know masks, when they came out to the you, know grab-and-go, area. This. Is already, becoming a, common part of our lexicon, so yeah. How are you gonna find that out unless you read reviews I don't want to wait in, the restaurant to find out that they they don't sanitize, the tables that's, exactly, right and I think that oh no. Go for a J no, I was going to say that I think. Nobel, for that one you. Go please joy. Okay. I think. That customer. Reviews, I've. Been looking, at them more, than, ever because. As. As. We're sort of all locked down there's less conversations. You're catching up with people less and you're relying on the reviews, every time you purchase something because. Know. Whether our business is doing well, or whether it's not doing well money's, still tight and, you. Want to make sure that you're spending it and it's, going to get exactly what it is that you're looking for there's. Yeah. A lot of a lot of value in reviews. Especially for that trust piece. To. The I know my sister got into an argument because, of, she. Wrote a review about a local restaurant where all the people either weren't, wearing their masks, when she walked in to get like the pizza or the. One or two people that had them didn't even have him over their nose. So. She was like losing her mind and then the person who owns it lost their mind all my sister and it turned into an online, battle.

Oh. Yeah. Like, it was it was it was pretty ugly apparently, so yes. I think that those you, know reviews are. It's. Almost like as if you're getting a clean slate because it's life after, like. How things are being handled now versus, like how they were handled prior, aside, from maybe, service, in general, but, you, know once you get past once you start looking past that like everything is gonna be like did they do, the right things during, the time in which they you, know that this is a thing that's happening, which. If it goes on for like a year and a half to two years even if we're not you. Know completely. Locked down for a year and a half two years like, the things are things, are definitely different. Now, at. Least until we get. The back a vaccine, and we move forward. You. Know that's, a good point that you made Joe I hadn't, thought about it like in terms of like well. With restaurants, in particular, I think they just tend to come to mind because they they, were so impacted. By the. Pandemic but. Yeah. The opportunity. Actually to, sort, of revamp. Your reviews, by, by. Being the restaurant, that is, the. One that's paying the, utmost attention to. You, know safe protocols. As we, you know slowly, you. Know reopen. Or. Whatever that looks like whether it's grab-and-go I mean they're you know you still have to have safety measures in place even, if you're just doing takeout. So, yeah I mean that's a good point. Did. That they installed, like you walk through the door and then there's like another door there and then that second, door they put in like a glass sliding kind. Of like a hand like a little glass sliding door window, kind of thing so they could like hang, your food right. Through the window so you have to like actually come up to the person directly. Face-to-face. Things. Like that this, automatically. Leave reviews, like, we're, talking about this and we're talking about we check reviews, but what about the businesses, that are doing all those cool things like the Chinese restaurant, the people that are doing the good things do, they need to ask for the reviews or people just automatically, get them I think, you're challenging, us to more challenging, me to do more reviews that's for sure I am, so behind on my reviews I'll be honest, I, attend.

To Go like review, when I'm really really really really impressed or, if I'm really really really unimpressed, it has to be pretty bad for me to wear write a bad review I I think I've written like two bad reviews in like five years. Because, you know I don't. Want to you know hurt anybody unnecessarily. But. Yeah, it's, a good point because that is such, a great. Valuable. A, great return on investment, way that you can support small businesses, particularly, now when, you know small businesses need all the support they can get that's. A great point I think you know businesses, should remind. Customers that. Their, reviews, matter, and, that they appreciate, them but, also monitor, the reviews and make sure they're responding to them so so, the Loom that are writing, them know that they're, appreciated, so. Yeah. That's that this is a great, point CLO. I asked, because it's an area I don't know much about to, be honest so I don't know if we want to talk about now in another episode but, I wouldn't, know where to us like where do we want to collect our reviews depending, on the business does it matter where we put the reviews, like, you, know it is a big discussion on I think we should table that one because if, we're if two reviews, are this important. We need to know how to collect them and where to tell people to go to leave. Their reviews okay, oh sure, so, do. Online. Reviews. In. Our no notes. File I mean I have a story about a friend who like somebody didn't like their business so they they paid a service to leave like hundreds, of negative. Reviews like one story yeah. And like multiple, different cert like Google, and like. Yeah. So it took a long time to, get those reviews, removed, because, you. Know these services don't care and, by. The time they did the damage you, know had been done but in the meantime he, liked, groundswell. Tons, of reviews so once those reviews, were removed the, fake ones that were clearly from, India like it's all Indian name yeah location, and he's a pressure washer, guy. Yeah. The. Only thing I'll say is that they actually do care about fake reviews particularly, like you know review. Only sites like well yeah. They'll remove them but. You, know at what cost of weeks it's yeah. He. Was on the local news for it because. You, know they did a whole new story around it cuz like in those weeks like he could be losing tons of oh absolutely especially as a pressure washer that doesn't something like you, know the pros spring summer and fall was it recently or was that a while ago this, is probably a few years ago okay, I asked because Yelp, is really. You. Know up their algorithm. Game so they, they catch like those fake reviews, pretty, quickly and and. They judge the quality of the review on so many factors like the quality of the profile, ranks. In the review the, the grammar. Get. All sorts of things they they check so they're pretty good at spotting like, the. Outlier, reviews, that just don't fit head, to leg to a lot of research on Yelp a while back I got really fascinated by it, but. Yeah I mean that but that's yeah, I mean I think that's a good yeah, it's good it, is good it's really good I think. I'm sure it doesn't catch everything but, no. No, but that's also my is that just yellow right cuz there's still Google reviews Facebook I know there's so many so, I. Mean and if you you. Know I mean I can't maybe, people maybe they're getting maybe they're better at now as a whole all, of them actively. But but, at the time like it, just took forever to get rid of them and people just look at star you know how often do each of you look at stars versus, like actually, reading the earth oh actually I read the reviews I read I read the.

Reviews. For. The show right chin. I've. Read all of our podcast reviews. Didn't. Take very long. Tunes. And everywhere, that you get your podcast yeah yeah, actually. Oh that's, why I have a grind my gears for later okay good yeah, all right make a note of that Jay this, episodes way too positive we need some gears, ground around here. All. Right let's good let's go into the third the, third point um yeah. I think this is one of Sam's favorites, the, eye is one of my favorites, traditional, businesses, I'm thinking they're probably talking but brick-and-mortar traditional. Businesses brick-and-mortar businesses, are learning to leverage ecommerce, and online. Just. Online sales. We. Love that right well. We love that that they're finally catching, up because I've been saying this for the last 10 years, people. Are finally listening, so glad. Oh a traditional, people are finally listening, because I was I, didn't predict a pandemic but, I did predict that you probably needed, to get a little bit ahead of the online curve so, I am glad that, people are catching out yeah, well I love the example that they, gave again this is from December 2019. Way, before, the pandemic and they're, like well restaurants, are gonna have to learn to package, their you, know salad. Dressings, and sell them and I was like well yeah look look at what's happening now restaurants. Are returning to. Selling. Pantries, like using their supply chain to. Supply. Their customers, instead of entire like precooked. Meals giving, them the agree so they can make those meals at home so, they're, definitely pivoting. To to selling, online, and. Selling products, related to that traditional, business so. When. They go out to eat they love to eat the, food, that comes from that restaurant I've, got a friend. Who, has, a manufacturing, company here, in Australia, and going, back I think was 20-something, years ago her in a husband had a our. Small restaurant, in the Blue Mountains beautiful. Part of Australia. And. They used to hand, make these little flat breads they kind of like a cracker, kind, of thing put, cheese on. You. Did you did meet Karen from Karen kitchen and they. Used to serve. These flatbread and then they people loved them these to package them up and now they're a huge, manufacturer. Here in Australia we can get their flatbread, like, at their lavash in all, supermarkets all of earlier, so that was like way before online but it was you know they were really.

Understanding That, listen. To the clients, or listen to the customers, they'll tell you what they want yeah. Absolutely. Used. To seem kind of silly or almost like full of yourself, to be like our sauce is so great we're going to put it in a bottle and only, sell it within our store. You. Know I used to kind of feel the way about uh there's. A pizza shop that we I took you that pizza shop Sam I'm, pretty pretty sure or we, were going to get that pizza we, were going, to get. Actually. Have like play-doh. Like. Like, a like, fake dough that you like toss up it looks like a you know frisbee and. Like their, own t-shirts, and like their whole like you. Know mind, is. Not what. Ya like but it's the sell like the sauce and stuff like that like so that people can can make it I mean it's just especially. Right now makes sense to do, those, types of things that any like especially, if you're not going too far out of your way to do, it right, look at we're not trying to suggest that like oh well now I need to go find a co packing plant and at a time where people you know it's very difficult to do almost. Anything and do all these things like. Just get. Some get order mason jars like you can do that on Amazon right you got you you can do that easily and, and. Start, you know print out labels and get get it rolling yeah, because it doesn't mean that you're gonna lose sales I think it's crazy that McDonald's, hasn't packaged up Big Mac sauce I think that I can't believe they don't sell that maybe. They're thinking is that I'll go to McDonald's, I'm not going to go to McDonald's see better, I would buy their Big Mac sauce. So. I don't, know it, would be so good on a better. Burger, correct. I. Love to put my french fries in it's so good. Anyway. Okay. Can I ask something, at the risk, of sounding really dumb. No. All, right probably. The dumb one here, Oh brace, me. It's. It's, been decades since I've had a Big Mac but.

Thank. You such, an accomplishment. With. How many stores are over that many restaurants, are on the planet it, is an accomplishment by, accident. I've gone to McDonald's, a handful. Of times in the last my accident. My. Question. Is I. Assumed. From. My last memory. Of the Big Macs that, the sauce you're referring to is just simply Thousand, Island yes in. Australia, it's not it's, not. I. Don't, know example I actually haven't had a Big Mac in America so I don't know but in Australia there. Is nothing, like it at all okay come on we've got some people watching in come on people, that's why you Amy's is the, secret, sauce or is it just doesn't Island dressing because I swear to god it's just Thousand Island dressing. Definitely. Not Thousand Island dressing in in Australia because many makers of Thousand Island dressing I'm. Not gonna believe the internet on this I'm only gonna believe the people that are watching. That's. The ingredient, Thousand, Island dressing oh really. Well. You know what I'm going to actually it was going to table, that we have a new segment that's Australian, first American, I'm going, to get some, and, we didn't get to do it today because we were running a bit behind I'm, gonna get some Big Mac sauce and, some Thousand Island dressing and show you what they look like in. A in, a bowl because they look nothing alike. Okay, so Ricardo, says it's Thousand Island and ketchup, but ketchup is already on is ketchup, is it ketchup and Thousand. Island sucked and put on the burger separately, or, are you saying Thousand, Island, dressing is, mixed, with ketchup and that, is the special sauce and, and. And where, do you get this information. Now. I'm really intrigued what your what your Big Mac sauce is I've got a feeling, it's not the same. Things. That about. Oh my goodness here, you go so here's Rick. Once we, I remember. I was getting I was, at Burger King I think was working with Rick, he's like the. Fount I he said the fountain soda at Burger King was different, than any like anywhere else because they they formulate, it so that it tastes better with the burger in which, they put in. It's. Definitely, different, okay I don't know he's like I was just met the same an old Macker chick but that probably doesn't even mean anything to you either there's American. Versus Australian, things. Big. Mac no. No oh I, said I don't know what I said now I. Don't. Know I said I said Macker. Magazines. McDonald's, no we don't call it McDonald's, here we call it Macker I missed our client Macker even they don't go there. It. Doesn't so much better by going for mecca's yeah. Okay. So okay. So Rick's googled, it I, really. Want something with some inside knowledge though, because it, may be mixed with ketchup but it doesn't necessarily put. Ketchup on nurse that's, what I'm saying why. Would they put it in the Thousand, Island dressing if they put it on, burger -, oh. Yeah. Lettuce cheese pickles, on. Bone. Okay. So there's no ketchup so, it's. Beef. Patties. Special sauce lettuce, cheese, pickles onions. On, a sesame-seed. Bun', today. The business geeks are sponsored, by McDonald's. I. Remembered. That. I. Know, what - I do, I, do remember when I when, I finished, my first Big Mac all by myself as, a child it was a momentous occasion in my family I got. How I mean I got collapsed I got I think I'm more praised for finishing my Big Mac and then I did for my straight a report. Card. Tag. Bad, parenting.

I. Ate. McDonald's -, I was an adult we were not allowed to eat McDonald's, cuz it wasn't healthy my parents was pretty good for us. Oh. They. Thank, you okay. I don't know the Spruce eats I don't know if it's reputable but okay I'll take it I'll take that under advisement like more research is got, to be done oh and now our recipe, got the whole thing. Okay. This sounds like a whole mess recipe, I don't think McDonald's, is making this I think. This is if you want to make it at home, what is Miracle, Whip. Never. Heard of Miracle, Whip, just, the the condiment. That kicks mayonnaise is ass that's how it is. You're. You're in charge of the menu next time I come over last, time he helped me out with a Philly cheesesteak now we've got like a whole, new, array. Of goods that I need to try but. Wait wasn't Miracle, Whip is like created. Back at like World War 2 or something as a as a type of grease for like the, guns or something really. Am I thinking of something else I think, you ate that you ate the grease from guns I, think. Well it wasn't like a good like a pew pew but like a cannon. Like, a mortar, type of well, that makes us so much better I'm eating this from, and instead, of a gun I. Just. Don't know why they would go through all the trouble of like there's like 20 ingredients here when you can just use Thousand. Island dressing it's, the same thing, I. Can't. Believe how far we've got a. Way. To bring about the business it's cheaper for you to buy the ingredients and making them bulk rather than pay somebody else to make Thousand, Island dressing and put it on there Plus be very making it if you're making it then it's your special, recipe, well, I need to make this and, figure, out whether it's the same thing I need. To do I was I'm dressing as maybe we catch up I find that really hard to believe no, I think he's saying that they. Did use us is, made well, here it is. But. The ketchup, has vinegar, in it like that's. There's. A lot to unpack here, wow. This. Is like a whole episode all, on itself yeah. I see that all right so getting. Back on track, to. Mobile. Marketing, we're up to mobile marketing, oh. You. Say mobile don't, you I feel. We. Say mobis oh. I. Love you so much. Okay. So. Are you gonna take this. Okay. So mobile. Mobile, marketing. As far as like cell phone marketing. To cell phones or what do we. Put. It in the messenger. So. This is about marketing. Specifically. To people who are on their. Mobile. On. Their phone on a movie. About, like the Bluetooth like, beacons. That they have and this is around, geo-targeting. It's around using apps it's, around tapping. Into SMX, or test messaging. Mobile. I, feel really weird saying mobile now mobile. Maybe. Payment mobi payments, so, it's around. Leveraging. People. Cell phone because that's obviously what they're on now, 100% people, are on their phone more like even if you're on Netflix, I don't know about you guys I'm, shocking. I'm still scrolling, on my phone while I'm watching I'm not a hundred percent into, the show and but. I think maybe it's not as. Big. As what they're expecting, because we're not heading, out so, much but. That's I don't actually this is not a fact by the way this is just my thought that maybe it is not to, the level that they thought it would be I'm, seeing, more on, my mobis I'm, seeing, more like SMS, and text messages, from businesses, even during this time. You. Know sometimes it has to do with virtual. Events that are happening. Sometimes. It's you know notifications. About, a, you, know free delivery or, a grab-and-go deal, or a special, that's happening right now. You, know sales things, that are that are happening I actually kind. Of like, the SMS. And text messaging to me I'd much rather get, that than an email and. I can quickly read it quickly delete it it's, not junking, up you. Know communicate. My business communications. So. So. I actually I actually like, the mobis I like the mobis a lot, I. Think it's smart get. People where I actually prefer, I prefer to get a text message too because a I see, it so, so, my local restaurant, yesterday sent, me their deal for this week I saw it straight away I know they email it to me but good well JC my inbox goodness, knows where that email is. It's, at nineteen thousand emails Joe and Counting. I. Know but but think about with geo-targeting, you can get so specific. I I mean yes, we're not going out now but you can still frequent.

Restaurants. On a takeout basis, you know their drive throughs at Starbucks that are open, there. Are some stores you know that are you, know essential you know businesses, like Target, and Walmart that are open, by. Using the, the mobis they, can geo-target, and they'll know like when you're within you, know range, of their businesses, and can send you something to, incentivize. Your visits like, hey notice. Your draw out stalking or anything but notice, you're on the same block as our store if you come in now you'll get $10, off. You. Know so thank you that. It probably there you go you I think you've changed my mind I think it's probably more relevant right now the. Only one that's concerned more privacy. Than getting, $10 there is no, facebook, your live streaming, as if there's any privacy, come on you, live stream with your children. Yes. So. Yeah. You're no no I know, obviously, we're live streaming and. And I live stream a lot and I do live show my children and and but that to, me is controlled, so there's. Two things I worry about with my movies which is battery, life so like having, them having. People like check my location, not. Okay, from two standpoints one a privacy, and but. More, even more concern is battery, life I don't want people just constantly, checking my more, aware, my phone you can turn you can turn it off bite it off, well. No I obviously, I do. I'm. So curious thank you Rick, why. Why. You feel, that, online. Privacy about Rick I know that, obviously it doesn't make Joe happy but, he knows. From. A battery, standpoint. Like you. Know okay, timeout I'm out on the battery standpoint, this is what we're doing now I. Am. Never I, am never, more, than, a few feet away from a charger, I mean, are you just letting what's. Going on are you not charging, your phone on, a regular basis, oh yes. I've. Never had this problem of, just safe but maybe nine percent, I'm never stressed, out about my battery life though and, I'm a responsible charger. Mm-hmm. I. Must. Be a genex thing may, be such a next thing maybe. I don't know I maybe. Need a bigger battery well, I don't want the. It's coming at me any.

Opportunity. I mean I have like most of the GPS, functionalities. Turned off for pretty much every app like I have a was, it a sleep sounds app and it's like hey we want to know where your location is I was like get the heck out of here. Actually. Okay, I will give you this Joe I agree, with you with the location and even, if I'm posting on Instagram I will post if I'm at a place after I've left it yes, I do do that I never, play so where I'm actually with you on that. You. Know I just. I don't know I maybe, I maybe I'm just odd in the sense of I'm just like I don't need them. To be like hey here's $10, off like I'm gonna over, they call it wardriving or something like that where you drive around looking for people's, open Wi-Fi connections, oh so. Like in that, case I'm driving around looking for companies. To. Completely. Respect. For you're coming from a drawer, of USB bat formal, batteries please oh, I. Absolutely, do, I respect, where you're coming from Joe I will say that these are businesses I've opted, into, in. Some way like they're not just random, businesses, they're you know I'm on their email list or you know have their app yeah. And. I don't think, that Jen and I is saying. We're. Going to market. At you Joe we're saying that we think that, restaurants, should tap. Into, maybe. Marketing, mobile. That are willing to do it no no I. Well. There are FTC, guidelines they. Can't do it unless you opt in like, it's right it's. Against the law so we do have some protections, you do have settings on your phone that can protect you. So. And, I know most of my apps are set for to. Only do the the location, thing. When. I'm actively, using the app yeah I'm the same okay. Yeah, oh my god we all agreed on that it's, three, and a half minute scene and we're all agreed on something. We. Work hard and oh wait do we also agree that we're calling mobile. Devices movies now Oh totally, I like. Yeah. Love, my mobis of. My mobis. Alright, we're, grabbing. A, second article but this is no no no let's head into the number-5 and wrap this up come. On people. Yeah so the 2018. Prediction. Business trend. Prediction, with stories, and live streams, will dominate. Social. Media. Well. They got that will daddy hit that meal right I hit, that nail on the head and that. The app, that, is the, happiest. Social. Media platform, that covered. Embraced the world would. Have to be tick tock tick. Time. Salutely, blowing up because everyone's, at home seriously. Jen tick, tock is like the, black hole of social, media you can go down there for hours, and watch I can watch for hours but I alright so maybe take refuge I feel, like you need to be like a film. Director, like I need to. Make like a five-second. Tick tock there's I have, no I am in there and I'm like I'm making decisions. That I don't know how, they impact, by, content. It's. I, mean, maybe. I'm just not smart enough to create a chick talk but. I, am, I, admire. The people that are doing it and doing it so well there's, cinematographers. Absolutely. And they're all so gorgeous, - I'm not oh my goodness I can't be here oh just watch all you beautiful oh yeah no. You. Got to be like a solid, 9 and above. Absolutely. I'm, hanging, it like a 5 to. 6. That's. On a good day I. Don't. Know about you but the fact that I can't even fit into my pre-pandemic, clothing. Is just terrible. I, met. A survivalist. Wait that's what I call it. Revivalist, wait. It's. Like getting a running start on starving. Because that yeah well yeah if. You get sick and you stop you know X start to waste away I'm, like, oh weeks. Maybe months away from that's gonna say I reckon right now be the last one on the planet so there's a positive. You. Know I'm it's body positivity, I you know every, every shape, is good everything. Absolutely, if you come out of this pandemic with just some some weight gain you know there's no no, shame in that so, many guys have been saying Sam I've lost so much weight since the pandemic, and I'm like oh that's, so cute ha ha ha and then I feel like punching you in the face. A. Friend. Of mine was like I don't know what it is about the pandemic, but I only want to eat fruit and yogurt mm-hmm. Is, that. A. Sweet. Fruit and yogurt I was like I want to eat cake and. Like. Every, mashed potatoes that's all I want -. I think I think that I've just proven what my diets. In. One episode, oh. Well. Stop, me now stop me now okay all right so can.

I Say I've been a, little a little bit healthier because I'm not eating out every day I lunch 5 days yeah. Aspect. Of it so for, me it's been good that and doing things like drywalling, and like that's a workout right there oh yeah, absolutely so I. Wouldn't. Say I've like lost a bunch of weight but I'm not stepping, on scale anytime soon to find out so that's. Good, done. Joy see I don't eat lunch out so. Mmm. I'm not eating I'm eating out less - there's, this yeah my my locals not open it's very depressing but, it will be so what's, local oh my goodness we, need to have this segment, no no no our local bar. The. Local, that's it that's it it's an Australian thing I think it's an English thing as well you always you're gonna head to the local and on Friday night. See. I can teach you things guys and learning you think. My. Head is about to explode. Oh. Wow. All, right well I think we did a mess like those, trends. From 2019. Predicted. Trends for 2020. Not. So different from what's going on. Halfway. Through. 2020. Are you making prediction. Halfway. Through this crazy, storm called 2020, yeah. Do. You want to make a prediction Joe. That. I. Think. That, there, will be I think. In 2021, there will be a rise in in, more, businesses, created, and partly. Because how many businesses. Closed that. Like they're, going to be mu businesses, to fill the gap mm-hm. But I you know III think I think it's going to to be I think it's gonna be great and I think right now, you. Know anybody who, had, a dream about starting. A business and you got furloughed, or you got like kicked out of the. Working class you know, this. Is the time to do it especially because you're getting unemployment you're, getting an extra 600 bucks in your pocket like if, you're. In a in a stable situation, outside. Of working. Like this, is the time to go and start, that business and figure I could not.

Agree More it is the perfect time and I think it's also a time because we have slowed down in other ways that, people are really looking and saying am I, happy, do. I really, want to be doing this what is it that I really want my life to look like because. We. Have had the chance you know as life goes on it's like you know sometimes, you know you're not happy but it's like you just keep pedaling and now all of a sudden it's like hang on a minute stop Oh. Perfect. Time and thing. I don't know what it's like over there in America at the moment but things are starting to open up in Australia again and what, I've actually seen happening, over the last week, is, a whole new level of anxiety with. People, that had sort. Of like been not, necessarily laid. Off their jobs but told you don't have work at the minute you, know and. After. The first week of panic, of what am I going to do it's like actually, you know what I didn't, really like my job anyway and I started to explore, what they want to do they're, being called back into work and, they're like I don't want to be here and I, think that it's going to really speed up I think we can have a lot of people in an Australian leaving, jobs in the next month and and, there's gonna be all sorts of crazy movement, people, starting their businesses, and I, couldn't agree more Joe brilliant. Time to start your business if you want to do it do it now you. Know I agree I mean I always I always think it's a good time to start a business but yeah for all those reasons you just you just listed, and I think a lot, of us have had time to reflect and, think and I think there's a lot of editing going on in our lives we're editing out there is meaningless, to us and does not make us happy, part, of its because we were forced to like you said we've lost that yucky job or whatever. And. Then we realized we don't miss it so hey. Let's, do and we actually enjoy doing. Yeah. I you, know you. Know there are they're horrible things that have happened because the pandemic I mean wretched horrible sad, yeah really, sad stories, but, you. Know it's. Nice to kind of reflect on some of the things that happen, that are on the more positive and do absolutely.

Like. This episode like, this episode, the, craziest, episode you're done yeah. No well this is this is how it should be a much C is like falling is like. Will, be blessed joy there, we go alright so ya know like but this is this is how it's supposed to be right this is this is why we are different than every other business. A show out there. And. Why you should totally be watching and or listening. Every. Single, week Monday Monday. 8. P.m. Eastern, Daylight Time or Tuesday, at 10 a.m. Australian. Eastern Time. Hey. Rach which I was, not perfect I just realized that the scrolling text below says, that. Doesn't actually say Tuesday on it so I'm gonna fix that Wow. Right after, I toss. It over, to our, hot-or-not, topic. This week which. Is all about something that we talked about a few, weeks ago on the show which. Is cardboard. Cutouts, and having, them in restaurants, to make people feel less awkward about, the fact that there's ten, percent or twenty five percent of the restaurant in the restaurant, absolutely. So, this is something that Jen originally. Brought up about cardboard, cutout so we all thought it was really cute and then, our, on, Friday in Sydney. In Australia our, restaurants. Were able to open up but only with ten people inside, now, it. Can be a little weird with only ten people in a restaurant so this restaurant, owner put, cardboard cutouts, at the table, in an attempt to make diners, feel more comfortable I. Don't. Know that you'd feel more comfortable sitting, with cardboard cutouts but I think it's funny I think. You could have a lot of fun with them like they could be I don't know I feel, like comedy, can be hard here I do. I think I would just take it I think it'd be fine I think you just take a little getting used to I. Think. That it's more about rather than just rather, than doing it to make people feel more comfortable, because, it's let's face it it's not going to I think it's more calling out the elephant in the room that is, weird because the seats are empty so it's I think it's more you, know making. A joke out of it. Yeah. I mean, anybody's cute if they had like celebrity, cutouts like I. Would. Be I'm. A. Fan. Of the idea just get rid of the tables, and have, less tables and structure your space, it's, a function, with Oh interesting. Yeah so. Like yeah. To me like this is this is just a creepy. And B it's already gonna be weird being in a restaurant because, when, you look at those pictures of the, like the diagrams, of, people. Eat in a restaurant and, gawk ovid there's nothing, comfortable about eating, in a restaurant right now or. From. To me if you have, a person, that's, you. Know highly, impact, impact, they're able, to be highly impacted, by the virus there's. Zero, that's gonna pick up make it comfortable so to me I'd rather just see less, tables less, chairs, no. Creepy mannequin. I'm. Thinking, I don't know jet well I see, what you're saying about the restaurants, but I'm. Thinking. I need some mannequin, in my house. And. Stimulate, having. Friends. Again and maybe, a little party aboard game night I don't know the, wine and cheese. You, know put, them up in front of the window so the neighbors think I'm breaking. All social, distancing norms there are. I. Could dance dance, with, the mannequins around the living room I don't. Know there's fun to be had here there is fun. Yes. Exactly I. Just. Thought it was funny that we were talking about a few episodes ago, and then and then we saw it and I was like oh I, think. It's a, good thing that's. Expensive, proposition to, like, when we looked at the prices of like the you know the carboy getting Harper Kyle well like 150 bucks. Can. I give you a different take, on that Joe okay, go ahead please, as a, marketing. Ploy you, look up the restaurant with the cardboard cutout in Sydney and they are all over the first three pages of Google, so, I think it's actually the smartest, marketing. Thing I've ever seen I've never heard of Five Dock dining, before this now I know who five drop dining you they. Certainly yeah they certainly. I. Got. That and I agreed. That you, know there's no such thing as bad press I but. I also agree like it's a myself I agree to myself that. I'd, rather see less tables and it'd be more set, up. Differently. Than then leaving, all the tables and just having them mmm. Cardboard. Cutouts but but, yeah I I you know it's like um a friend of a friend of mine on Facebook was, a kid who's a Casey green, I think it was he he. Wanted to sell a house so he put a guy, in a dinosaur like the dinosaur, costume like the blow-up dies from, like mowing the lawn opening. The fridge and put all his pictures to sell on the realtor site, and.

Not Only did he sell the house but he it made like. A ridiculous, amount of newspapers, Wow. Over, the world yes so like yes I agree, but, I also, think that there, isn't anything. Particularly. Stand. Out about this but, they you're right there named, get to, get there and all, but. Somebody's gonna one-up them someone's, gonna find a way to make it even cooler than, than. Just you know a couple of course and that's the fun of it right yeah. I like seeing how these how these restaurants, are adapting, that's part of salutely part of the fun seeing their ingenuity. Absolutely. And, seriously. I don't think any of us would not send a big, you. Know load, of love out to anyone that's in the hospitality industry like, right now like. That industry. Is hurting. Mmm. Yeah. I agree, absolutely. Restaurants. Out there. All. Right yeah. Let's get to this grind my gears Grameen. Bank, so, on the radio they cuz, I listen to the local sports radio here. And on the radio they've been running the radio, comm ads, for. These podcasts and, there's. One like with this I don't know it's like she's like a doctor, and she's like talking all like yeah, so I'm just telling my story about being on the front lines it sounds just kind of like almost. Like she's acting like that's like her the way her voice is like, she's intentionally, trying to be like these are my you. Know doctor, logs and, but. The thing that death is not what grind my gears what crying like gears is at the end she says something to the effect of. You. Know you can get it on the radio comm app or, wherever. You get your podcasts and though, and it to me that just doesn't sound very. How. About like how. About anywhere you get your podcast or like all like all the places that you know you know I mean like the, word wherever, you get your podcast like that just sounds so, dead. Fish I. Don't. Know is it just me I'm, so lost right now I. Don't. Worry I'm missing, it I'm I've, heard that I've heard it said that way before like, you know on here or wherever you get your podcast because there's so many ways that you could be consuming, a podcast, yeah. No no it's just wherever. You get your podcast this is like. Instead. Of something like or your preferred podcast, up are you talking about. Rather, than know whatever it's, more like I got. It yep that's that's, what I'm okay. My train is arrived, at the station Joe. Mere. On edge, things get on our nerves really easily these days yeah the. Same commercials, over you. Know over and over and over again just, they're like the, del paw prints you, know the small businesses are struggling and looking for resources so we created, the first ever virtual. Conference. For for, small business owners the, pod France we brought podcasters.

Together. For. A long time. It. Was the first, ever first ever do, you know virtual. Aires. Is, a month-long. It's all month, long throughout, the Wow yeah, but, I think it's really literally, like just like not only just but their dirt podcast. Episodes, so, it's like they set up a feed and they popped in all the podcast episodes and call it a paw prints and the, trademark, did well, hopefully someone, gets some value, from it I hope so yeah. I hope so too. All. Right so any, any one cool thing this, week I don't see anything in there no oh. Yeah. No. I. Think. That we ran out of time anyway because, we spent a lot of time talking about Big Mac sauce I'm, not being exposed to enough new things. My. World is well next. Week we're, gonna start I'm gonna start exposing, you guys to the Australian, language which is completely, different to what you think it is you think we all speak the same language, ah ah, we do not are we gonna go in like pocket dictionary. Absolutely. I need a bucket Dickie. Gins. On fire I, feel like I'm, just gonna pick up this language. Like. A second you can you, are just gonna be talking over, us Aussie, slang before, you know it I. Hope. So I can only argue something, this quarantine some other. All. Right guys this. Has been great it's been real it's been a long day but it was a great punctuation. To the end of it yeah, thanks, guys. If you've enjoyed this episode of the business geeks podcast, sure with the business geek in your, life, send, us your questions and suggestions, the questions that business geeks, podcast. Comm you catch us next Monday, a p.m. Eastern Daylight Time. And/or. Tuesday. 10:00 a.m. Australian. Eastern Time if you're watching, it down under than that place that doesn't exist apparently. Anyway. I. Hope. You and all your. Family are staying safe during this time and, if you are going out into places, like Ocean City New Jersey, keep. Your distance from people please wear a mask oh yeah. Wear. A mask. Pro. Mask over here, I am. Definitely. Pro master I already, have.

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