The Foundation of a Successful Online Business

The Foundation of a Successful Online Business

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We Want to sell it 200 and. This. Kind of you. Know something, started to brew in my head through my own experience. So after this would. We look at now yes. Probably unsuccessful. Launch when you only sell one spot in your online program but. What actually happened is that, I spoke, to 90 people in, 3 weeks and. I. Sold. Coaching. For, $27,000. Wow. And that, was my first launch, so my, first launch was a multiple fire you launch, but. People didn't want the program that I was trying to sell me they wanted something else and they told me because I finally. Asked. Them what they want it so. The, in this first year of business 2014. I I had, this experience, and I, didn't tell many people about it, I was a little bit embarrassed, you, know I'm. Business cards my. Lodge no, one, person fights of course but. I was very happy of course that, I made all these money and everybody, wanted to work with me just with, something else not what I was offering them and. Then. I continued to work with client 2015. 2016. And in. 2017. Early, on I, realized. I wanted to put together a, program. Based, on all my knowledge I had been doing weekly weaponers for a very long time I've done over 100 webinars, and, through. My membership program, I realized that people needed a step-by-step. Structure. It is. You know Weber is a great it's, a great way to sit down for an hour and learn something new but, you don't have you, often, cannot connect the dots between different, webinars and there's. No path and there's, no work shirt there's no homework it's just like there's a one of our and you walk away and, I. Felt I had been creating, all this, content. But. Still sometimes, people will come to me and say, I'm a bit lost or. There's. So much content, that I don't know what to do, and. I realized on one hand people, are consuming too much content, and they're not taking action and on. The other hand there's there's not such a good, system, and understanding, what to do yes there's this lis checklists, of all you need a freebie you need a landing, page and all these things but it's not how. Do I build, a business. And. At, the same time I got. Increasingly, frustrated. To see all these people jump. From having, no clients, to, trying. To launch an online course and I was trying to explain to them that they were doing the mistake that I did in 2014, and, I said I have done it I don't want you to do it. But. That was not helpful enough they need it I needed. To show. Them some framework, some, structure. I mean, I was like how can I instead. Of just saying excuse. Me. Stead of just telling someone you're doing it wrong. You. Gotta provide them with an answer like a solution, you have to show, them there is another way so. It, came to me more and like I have, to explain this I have to explain this and now I have, now I'm creating Samba, and I, was creating the first module, for Samba and I.

Sat Down and I said how to explain, to these new people that was joined this 12-month program. How. To explain to them the way to go and then. It was there a PI, remit the the seven stages came. To me out. Of you. Could say there's partly frustration, how, to explain, how to not to do it and. Just. My, own experience and, working with clients it came all together so. I don't, know if anyone, is thinking of creating a framework I think that's often how it happens it does not come, to you on day one where you think about oh I need a framework. It. Comes to you through lots. Of iterations in, your head but, one day it's, there and I. Created the seven stages actually, I called them the Samba stages, because it was the first module, and, I. Released, the first module. To. The people who had signed up for my, inaugural. Class so to speak these were the people who were going to test. And create the programme with me and they knew that they. Paid less they paid half price and, I. Released, the first module and everything. Went crazy in the group in the Facebook group they. Were like where. Have you been hiding this why, haven't you told me this before, and it was almost like they were criticizing. Me for, withholding them, information I just, created listen, they, said but I needed this two years ago I've been wasting my time and having, whoa. So. First my, first idea my, first idea was just to have this as the module in in Samba I was not planning to talk about this outside the program but. The reaction, or the participants. I was like okay. I cannot, withhold this information I. Have to tell everyone about it, even. If they don't buy, my programs, it doesn't matter everybody needs to know about the seven stages because. It seems to be a very good explanation of, the. Path you take to build a successful on my business it, doesn't seem to be it is for. Sure I think and. That's, the thing it's not just based on your experience. It's based on your clients, experience as well because you've been following, a lot of clients, for a long time to, see, what. They did to make them successful, right, so you've, created this with, all your knowledge and. If. I look at the stages, now this is the way I went, without knowing the stages so. Yeah. And. It's that's, the thing I think the seven stages help, you because I I went those ways but it, took me years to get, there right so I think just.

Knowing What. To do next really helps to shorten, the, period, to. Actually, become successful, it. Does and even if I kind. Of went skip, the stage I always go back and. Ultimately. You've gone through all the stages before you come to stage six or seven we're, gonna add at our seventh stage. Let's. Go there. Perfect. So let's. Start, at the bottom if, we look at stage zero because. You're not starting with stage zero what does that mean, like when when you're starting out yeah. I decided to call the first stage zero, because. It means zero. Revenue you. Can't forget that this stays zero so people went when people tell me I wanna stay zero I'm like okay so, you're not earning money yet but it could be that, you have a website it could be that you have you. Know are, working. With. Potential, clients like there may be for free. But. This stage is actually important. When. I look, back actually. Probably, end of 2013. I did, my first tests, I, I. Would. Reach out to fellow, entrepreneurs, that I knew were also building their online business and I would ask him to test with me. Your best year yet it, was an idea of mine how, to teach business planning to, entrepreneurs. And late and a year later this was a program I did, a lot of testing, in the beginning, that I didn't, immediately. Launch. As programs, but. It all came back to me it's so interesting that. Nothing. That you do even, if you feel it kind of might. You feel might you might be wasting your time but you are not this. Research. Stage. Or this testing, stage where you're not only money yet it will come back to you later on as a benefit, and everything. I did in my first month. Has. Come back as a product, in some shape. Or form so. Don't minimize. The, importance. Of this step what. You can do to fast-track, it is as soon as soon. As you have an idea, for. A product or for a you, know as. Soon as you have a business idea test. It, find. Three. Clients. That. Are willing to test this with you and since. We're in state zero they're probably not paying you and that's, fine you just need their commitment, and. Do. It fast. Don't, make it into a 12-week. Program or, six months or 12 months because, you, are you are, reiterating. If. You've heard about the method scrum, it's very popular in, programming. They. Instead. Of writing. Down the requirements. Of a new program, and then you know everybody. Agrees, to the requirements. And it takes three months to write what the program should look like and then you're programming, for nine months and then after twelve months the, person. That's supposed to use the program says no, that's, not what I want it so. That's. Exactly, why, a programmers. Now you scrum, where they kind of decide. A few things program. It four weeks later there's actually something working, and the, person using the program can say, oh yes. I like this let's move on or change this in that smaller. Steps, and smaller solutions. And you find find. A way together with the client even if it's for free or maybe a small fee maybe you know it doesn't have to be for free completely, no. You can't charge a little bit especially as soon as you have, a little, bit of a brand awareness if, you've been doing business, maybe. For a while you've built a recognition. Even if it's just through free content. Don't. Be afraid to charge a little bit to get a bigger commitment from your test clients, and. If but if you're totally unknown, you. Know I did a lot of free, coaching, training in the beginning, and I don't regret any of it I think it was important, but. The key is to get fast. Feedback. Yes, and. Testimonials. As well from your clients I guess yeah. The, feedback and testimonials, is for you to. Understand. Do. You like doing this because, you know it's not the, clients, getting success, is it. Actually, what you thought it would be like do you like doing it do you want to do it again do you want to be known for this you want to do it for a whole year or. What what is they you, know really results. From this, so. Yeah so state zero is for fast feedback I. Stayed. In there for a while. I. Think. Another way to get faster, through state zero is to be a part of the program whether it's someone, or a mastermind, or whoever. You surround. Yourself with the. Danger, of doing this alone is that, you, question. Yourself you doubt yourself and.

Even. If you get great feedback from your test clients, you, will kind of wonder hmm. Not really sure let me test it again instead. If you are surrounded, by like-minded people, inside. A program, or a mastermind, group they. Will they, will see the truth and they will encourage. You to continue, and eventually, start. To charge you. Know properly, for what you are offering but. State zero is is important, stage I, just want to encourage people to, reiterate. Fast. So. They really, get a fast answer. So. That they know that when they go to state zero this is actually what they want to do in their business great. I really like that and then the next step, would be if we, want to go on to stage one the, stage one is, one-on-one. Clients. So, working, closer. And getting paid for it so what, what could be part of that stage because. It's as you are saying it's very important, to get a lot of feedback before, creating first, online course so where would the online course be in which stage do, you see that one happening. The. World the online course doesn't come until it states three, and, that's actually a smaller, online, course and stage 4 is your signature on a course so before you go there I want, you to work on a1 and we are of course here talking about service based businesses, not necessarily product based businesses we're. Talking, about, coaching. Consulting training. It. Can also be. Even. If you are doing something that is on a lot bigger. Scale, you. Still, need. To test with individual, clients even if you're doing you. Know, projects. Or selling. Big programs, you have to test, so. Yeah so stage one is it's, basically taking what you learn from state zero and implementing. It on a level. Where people are paying you and they're. Not paying you. Know they're not paying half price they're painful price and. They're. You. Could stay there for a while some people want to go very fast through the stage and I say well minimum, three to five paying clients, before you even, consider going to the next stage so. Let's say you're one of those who says I just, don't like working one-on-one with people I really. Want to move fast the reason I went into online business, is the, own like horses and I said okay still. Three. To five clients paying, client. Because. I don't want you to make any mistakes, and and, it's. A big difference between doing something for free and asking. People to pay money for it and your. True answer, to, whether people want your, program or not is when people pay a full price, because. Oh and they don't pay anything well, we all want to participate in all kinds of challenges, and, programs for free but, as soon as somebody asks us to pay, we're like hmm, I could, do something else with that money so. Your, true answer, whether their business idea, and the program is is on the right track as when, these 100 clients pay you and you. Take them through your process, so if you have something in mind which, you might have take. Them through that process one, on one could. Be six weeks eight weeks 12, weeks whatever it takes, but. I do. Recommend. If you want to be a coach. If. You want to be a good coach. This. Is a stage where you stay in for a little while I know. Amy porterfield also. Recommends, the same 12, to 18 months is. The. Time you need to. Really learn, the. Tricks. Of the trade or whatever you want to call it like to, be a good coach, I interviewed. Chris Tucker not, so a long time ago on my podcast and, he told. Me when he started to really. Coach, people. He. First built a business like, the virtual. Assistant. Business, that he has in the Philippines where he helped you find a virtual assistant. But. Then people asked him for coaching and he, said I was a crappy coach. He. Said that honestly. On the podcast and I realized yeah that's true when, you start to work as a coach consultant trainer, and let's, say you just haven't done that in your previous job and even if you've done it in your previous job you. Haven't done it in this way before, right. You're probably not the best when, you start and. That's. Okay I hope, you're not charging too high prices at the beginning, for that and. Still your clients can be happy but you realize, two. Years later hmm. Debra, thinks you could have done better you could have coached better you, could have you, know and we are human, you know we make mistakes and I think it's not just about the coaching, you, know what I did, the same thing so for about two years I was only. Consulting. More. Or less on Facebook, and not I had. No courses whatsoever. But. In. That, time. Period. I was. Working. On my community, so I was building up my community, because it's much easier to get a one-on-one client. Then. To sell, an online course where you kind of need bigger number, right to actually, get the kind of money you would get one-on-one so, that's, also big part of it you know staying a bit longer in that in that period I would say and then building, up a community, getting, your expert, status, out there and really talking, about people start, talking about you and then it's much easier to, sell an online course to more than one person.

That's. Exactly, right yeah. Basically. It's. Much, easier, to build, a business in, terms of revenue with, one-on-one clients then, with online courses because. The online course will never have the price tag of what you can charge one on one and you. Would have to sell, a lot of those to, make similar. Amount o, working. One-on-one for, 12 to 18 months it. Doesn't mean that you are not earning good money you can, easily have a six-figure, business one. On one you just need to learn to, kind. Of price right, and. The. Length of your program, and also tech Tate the, the price of the program in, the beginning, I do recommend, doing it six weeks so these were my first one on clients, I had, been offering one-off one-hour sessions, that's, not very sustainable and I, would. Say if you do that do that only for a short while just, kind of testings, out but. As soon as you have people, working. With you another longer and you know move fast, to a six-week, package, that's where I think you should start and, I. Charged. $1,500. For my first six week package and. Now. I charge the thousand dollar an hour so you see there's a difference there. And. As. Soon as I was fully booked with six, week clients, I realized, I had to move to a longer, program. So, I just started, to say twelve weeks for three thousand I didn't, even think of you know you. Know having, a different price when. I was fully booked with that I started to raise my prices. So. It's important, to be fully, booked before, you consider raising, your prices yes. I know some. Might be very eager, to earn money, and thinking, about all how can I earn more money and, one way to earn more money richer, prices, yes. But. Your clients, need to value you at that, level so. I, would be careful going, in to raise the prices before you are fully booked and fully, booked for for. Coaching means. Could mean 10 clients because. I realized, when I had about 13, clients, and. You, know I was giving them attention over, email, and, and, you. Know possibly, you have them also maybe on Facebook's I send you a message or something and suddenly you realize 13. Clients is a lot if. You're talking to them I was talking to people every, week for an hour then. It would possibly email me that on top and then, I do my weekly webinars, and then I do social, media content, marketing all those stuff to kind, of build the community, as you said so, that in the future you can launch an online course and. So, for. Me it was ten clients that that was then, when I was fully booked. Great. And then to scale, your. Your stage. After, that would. Be stage, two so, so, what are you doing in that stage. Just. To scale up a little bit in. Stage, two is a group, program and. You. Can be. Thinking of, launching. That as a course later but. I I recommend. It to a group program first. So. I had this idea of, course. Launch, with passion I wanted to teach people how to launch I had been launching I've been helping my clients launching, and.

It. Doesn't matter if it's a book or a website. 101. Group, coaching or, online course there. Are certain, things you can do when you're launching and, you, tweak them a little bit for the different products. So. I thought about launch. With passion, as a course. For those who are launching for the first time or, they've. Had an unsuccessful launch, just like myself in my first year of business and you're going into your second launch and you're, getting stressed because you haven't actually had a successful. Launch before, so. My idea was to run, this as a group program and then create the course, right. And, I. Asked. My community, then. Don't, make that mistake don't, launch something on, they let you have asked first. So, you I had a free Facebook group admin running for a year or more I asked, them in the group I asked, how many people were launching, in the next three to six months, so I got a bit, of idea how many might be interested, I, asked. Them if they would like to a program, like that I asked them for the name you. Know all these wonderful. Ideas that, you could also use as a seeding, so you're preparing, for a launch but, you're also checking, that. There's actual interest, so. When I launched the program actually I was kind of travelling in Iceland, on a summer holiday when. I got the idea for, the program I wrote, the sales pitch on one evening I said okay kids go to bed and I, told, my husband I've got to do this now I had this idea and, I, have. A wonderful assistant, so basically I sent, her my copy. In the, evening, and the next day, the sales place was ready and then I. Basically. Went into my group and told him about it and I, had. Some fast action you know these large strategies, fast. Action bonus for those who were quick but I did know webinar, nothing, and it was sold. Out within a few days oh, that's. A, community. There. Was no content, in there though it's like how did your group. Program, look like you had no content, you, were just talking to them kind of in webinars, and giving them what I wanted at that time. Well. I decided because I was thinking of doing an online course which I never, did by, the way I. Was. I I started. To prepare content that, I sent, them once a week, so. You can deliver this in a webinar and I actually suggest, you do I one, thing that I if. I look back now. It. Was taking me a lot of time just to create those slides and recorded, separately I I wish I would have just delivered that over a webinar to them it, would have been much more effective and, this is what a Jeff. Walker in his product launch formula book, recommends.

As Well, he, calls the seed launching, this method, when. You basically you. Know you you check if people are interested in a program you, create, it just with, the people whether, it's four six, or eight the. Group of people and. It's. Like a group program, so, the. Content, should ideally, be delivered over short webinars, where. The people are live with you and can give you immediately feedback, can you ask your questions right away so yeah I did it a little bit the, other way around but I would do it differently if I did it again same, here with ya I. Always. Learn you know we, make mistakes, and but we, want, everyone. Listening, watching, not. To make these mistakes yes, yeah, so seed launching, is you, don't prepare any content upfront of course you know what you're teaching, but. And you have the framework in mind so week 1 week 2 you know what topics you want to cover you. Actually, I would, probably prepare. Some slides beforehand. But I would just deliver it like a short webinar, not, more than 30 minutes people cannot consume so much and then the, rest of the time the. Audience, this group of hopefully, six people, is just asking your questions and, getting. You, know and, you're. Getting feedback on your content, you see their pain points right I think that's the most important, you get feedback and and you know what what they're working on I really. Like that concept and that's how I launched, my first course as well of course. I, did that mistake and prepared, all the videos up front about 50, of them so. That. Wasn't very. Effective. It. Wasn't, very it was very time-consuming let's, say like yeah that's especially, because my, facebook. Topic. Changes. So quickly and, then that, was a big mistake so, I would always do webinars now for. A course like that and I really, like that concept so, just. Moving, into the online business world because I know it's it. There's, so much about. It we've just gone, to stage two. And I mean you are already mentioning, that stage 3 would be the first small online course and there's. More stages to it and. We are gonna have a webinar, about this in January so whoever. Is interested in, all the stages and once more about all, of them so for, example maybe adding, mastermind, groups or. Retreats. To their online, business and there's. A lot more to it and there's a book you know you have quite a few great, ideas, on how, to get into the six-figure, and even much higher, online. Business. Six-figure. Meaning at least a hundred thousand, for everybody who doesn't know and I. Know this this, is really great for the foundation, for us and and, what. I really, like, everybody. To know you are starting, a webinar series, just. After Christmas maybe, you want to tell people about, that a little bit more, yeah. So. We. Talked about one, of the key things you need in online business it's a freebie yes, and one. Of the most popular. Freebies. Or free, offerings, I have put, out there it's. My twelfth s webinars, I came up with this two. Years ago so. This is the third time I run it. People. Love it because it's a little bit over the downtime, of Christmas, so. The, English meaning, or the American, meaning twelve twelve, days of Christmas, is actually 25th. Of. December. To. January fifth, so. Once, a day you. Get access to one of my best webinars. Of the, year. So. In the previous years, I've you. Know my.

Assistant, Or my team has gone through my webinars, we've seen which ones are most popular, and we, pull the back normally, they are only, available when you watch life or replay, for 24 hours and then it takes them away and they're only accessible, to people who, are, in my summer program, as a library, as a resource, and now, I take these best ones out and make. Them available each, one for 24 hours so you need to be on your toes, make. Sure you are, that. You're ready to watch those that you want to watch but each one you can watch for 24 hours, and. I will be even before. Recording. Some, brand new ones like Facebook Ads because, as you said Facebook change is so fast, my. Webinar on facebook ads was done in January. I said, to my, Samba people, my. Community, I'm, gonna record a new ones they are already very excited I couldn't record it very shortly for, them and then in 12 states with webinars you, will have access to that as well so it's, on launching. Master. Mining sales funnels, Facebook Ads messenger. BOTS. It's. A lot of the topics that I am using, in, my launching, and. What, I'm known for you know mastermind, groups is pretty much what I'm known for also, some buys a mastermind, like program, because. We have mostly mastermind, calls and. Sales funnels a very popular topic we. Are gonna do a lot of automated, sales funnels in 2018. But. We have great examples already. This year and, yeah. So it's all these different topics in online business that we're, going to cover in 12 days Weber's perfect. I really I really like it and I know that the. Content, is amazing, so for, everybody who signs up for free they, get a lot of value, so if you are, new. In the business and online world or if, you are even very advanced, already there's, certainly. Topics. In there that are gonna help you because you have 12 webinars, that. Have, just very great, content. So we. Are gonna have a, special. Link. For it if, you go to Katrin, he'll, calm, slash 12 days you are get gonna get right, to the sign-up of this webinars, and just. You know I'm, very excited, to hear about your feedback because, I know synchronous. Content, is amazing and if. You want to know more about the seven stages sign. In to our webinar, we're going to link it in the description as, well and it's. Gonna be in January and, I'm very excited about that too synchronous, if, they have much fun to talk English once in a while, this. Is a new thing and I. Would love to know from the community everybody, listening, to this if you, are willing to do this a bit more often so if you are happy. That I interview, some others maybe experts, from the United, States about. For example Facebook Ads. You know Americans. Are a little bit further. With with. Technology. And Facebook, and everything, else around online marketing and just. Please let me know let me know in, the comments, because. I would, love to, see if this, is something that could work or rather, you. Want to have something in German or not. Seagram. I thank, you so much for this content, I think, it was very valuable I, know you, know how to create. A successful online, business and, it's. So great that you are sharing, this with my community, thank. You for having me it was a true pleasure thank. You so much and I. Would say you, can find all the show notes you're gonna find all the information that we were talking about in, more detail and, in text on my, website, look, into the show notes and then see. You next week. Bye bye.

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