The FIFA business model - VPRO documentary - 2009

The FIFA business model - VPRO documentary - 2009

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From. Stadium. Use agreement, 15, Thermage 2006. Appendix, B between. FIFA, loc, and city of Cape Town section. 13 point, four point one reads. As. Part of the marketing rights in connection with the competition, fever, shall have the exclusive right to sell and/or, to give away and the, exclusive, right to delegate, or license the right to sell or give away any. And all consumable, products, including, any food and beverage, as well. As any and all non. Consumable merchandise. Of any. Type or description. The business, lady gosh our town is busy, sexual, selection regazzi sell fast likes to portray itself throne built for motorcycle. And dignity, should do an architectonic, provided. The arbiters, had two skilled workers, from the townships, so, the business lobby is what the 2011. FIFA doesn't, turn poor should be like from V across class mega supportive, and even natural nominations. Dried captain. Examples, to pay to live the life rotations, from the voice to artistic after Tito. I. Welcome. To my little spread and Greg says it's, nice to see you can come inside well I'm going to show you where, my email, my usual place used to be. No. Do you know there everybody, was you know excited. You know since when. The window and it was announced that you know it to 2013. World, Cup is going to be a in South Africa everybody was excited to note so I started. To think I have to make my mama my house bigger, so. Here upstairs I'm going to have fire for rumors the. Fire firms are gonna have ensuite and I'm, going to have a bigger. Room also that I'm going to make it as a conference, room. I, never, moved into the stadium that he come and they closed to be a food gate. Now. Become, part. Of the team. Cooking. Overtime, meals for the company. And. The. Biggest, amount was, 312. Plates overtime, use at one night, most, of the wives and families, is down in the eastern time they, cannot recoup, for the Matteson, meal and, that is one loved. Gravy. Chicken, fried. Chicken, and, I. Start. Working in. 2007. Start. In the stadium, we are almost about. 26. Months there on the stadium now. In. The, beginning. It. Was a rough Nance Cahuilla was starting, to put up the dead, pylons. And all that crap casting bases all that kind of things and then, I for one as a surveyor assistant, now I've got 17 years in the company Martin Robert. The. Stadium, itself 2010, stadium, we talk about 2010, you, know whenever we, get the news saying that Sepp Blatter opened the envelope, saying that that he will host in South Africa, and then, everybody's, eyes was open and saying that if we will shoot it we'll have that Sabine's, here that means a lot of people we have a piece of bread on the table and then. That was something very special to me. Chacho. Macho macho. Okay. Are welcome. In my house this. Is my house I used to live in that hostel, where.

The Three. Of us, we're friends were sharing one room so. Come. Welcome. H. Bar. How's. It brother, you're, ready for the match yeah no, I'm. Okay. This, is my friend chipper also. My roommate, yeah, we shared this room. So. Here. It's much better because. Now. You. Have a little bit of space, the. Multi-purpose room kitchen. Is here these. Are small kitchen. These. Are like, now standing, wind is our bedroom so. Everything's tiny in this one room and, this is the bathroom. This, is what we use too much here so. Everything. Is here. For. Me you know it's I'm, very positive. About, the welcome I like, I'm. Very happy the fact that the World Cup is coming to South Africa, I supported. Hundred percent see. And, without. The World Cup you know sometimes, I ask myself you, know what. Else would love. Have been doing, you know what will not be doing with my life because I think talk, ideas like something. It's. Within me you know I believe it's, it's. A I, don't, think I'm gonna change the career that's how gonna put it this is what I've been looking for and the. World Cup helped me to, realize this. I had this dream I I, heard you know good. Morning, my. Name is Sevilla, I am Monica will, you come is to me to reach, any chair, nice to meet you Jenny I just. Want to welcome you in langa township and. Lana, Turner ship is the first black township and kicked off here. We speak a language called, cosa so. I'll teach you a little bit of Klose the. First one is the eggs in, my language to pronounce it is. Per. Se but, today I'll teach you in two minutes and I promise you can split closer and, when we say hello we say Marlo. Marlo. So, it's nice a couple it with the wave voila. I told. Myself I, would. Only benefit, on this one cup if, I prepared, myself Elia. Of. Simple IP well carbs could get well curbs in South Africa. African. Nations, you know they come they go and you don't see anything differentiated. And impact, making. Your life or economic, I love a nation so. I told myself with this one I've got to benefit. Welcome. That, the ships heads restaurant. We. Eat them and. You call them smile is because after. They. Are roasted you know the the rule is the roasted skin. Contrast, and the tip of the ship, sets will come out also, edited as I, went to. Tom Perez I was. Saying, can. You like. Subcontract. Outsource. Your, Township toes to us spot. Really well my Phaedrus really secreted in South Africa the, sitting spots which, were for, second race and other sports for, example soccer. Was, perceived, as a club sport in South Africa and Robbie. Click, here to Marcus cities and white spot Simi Valley another spots so. Our appeared you know when Nelson Mandela was arrested, in 1962. He. Never cried, and. Also when he was released in 1990, never cried and when. It became the first democratic. President. He never cried but. When. You. On the bid to host the World Cup it. Was the first time the sinner semen they're not crying here in South Africa. When. We had. Our first democratic, elections, in 1994, they were huge expectations. People thought that overnight things were going to change it on I wouldn't. Say there was the same kind of expectation, of the football, world but that is the kind of vibe that was created.

You. Know around bringing the World Cup over here that is going to benefit the country the but book says that very, clearly jobs, money. Etc and people have expectations. So. Once again thank you very much I am Pam Naidu, I'm, part of the 2010, organizing. Team at the city of Cape Town and. For. My sons I have been given the responsibility, of, pursuing. The legacy, that lies behind 2010. A, large. Portion of my role looks at how. Do we ensure that tourism. Economic, development, social development Arts. And Culture, and. The like coming. To the mainstream of 2010, and how, then do they benefit, from us hosting, this major mega mega event in, the city is very confined, to very very, clear specific, sites the. One is the Green Point Stadium, which we know that we will be showcasing eight, matches all, of them would be played at the, Green Point Stadium we. Have a fair mile or a fan walk which connects, the, Grand Parade to the Green Point Stadium, there's, one FIFA fan park or fan festival, and, this. Is at, the Grand Parade which, is a historical. Site in terms of natural, gathering spaces, in. Cape, Town. So. Yes, this is the mother city of Cape Town as you can see we have our beautiful Table Mountain in the back we. Have a city, hall where. Madiba, spoke from on his release and we. Are sitting as informal, sector, worrying. About what can happen to us for the period of 2010, many. Of us are of the opinion that, we will definitely be able to. Expand through, this period of 2010, into bigger businesses, but, currently, the City Council. Who, is our landlord, has not quite clearly indicated. To us where. We are going to what, we do know is that we will not be able to trade on, this piece of land where we have been trading, for so, many decades, during. The period of 2010, as the. Previously. Disadvantaged. People are. We really going, to benefit. Justly. 6 we, also know. They're. Not gonna die I will, be next week 70. National. This. Is our battle plan and it's very hard so and painful, that the the. Poorest, of the poorest, will die out for. The small cup not even a common well we'll see to that and FIFA. Doesn't evenly haste with us and I got a lot of things to say in papers. All over on the last trip they, call us in and we not happy with this and we will show the council and, the FIFA, will not have people just important. Thing about the, fan fest again is that, FIFA and FIFA partners, have, the first right to sell their products, and merchandise, and brand the, space there's, ok it's, only after, they have taken on, that, right we. Will then have an opportunity to. Place, into those exact same spaces. Non-competitive. Brands. Or products if I'm currently, selling, jive cool drinks and and. Coke is the official partner to, FIFA. Jive. Will not be able to be sold in the exact same space it's, very tightly, guided, by, an agreement that we have with FIFA, which is called the terms of cooperation, it, clearly. Out what needs to be done how, it needs to be done and who does it FIFA. Has given the exclusive rights, of Association, to all events, relating, to the FIFA World Cup to, the FIFA commercial. Affiliates, therefore. Care must be taken to. Ensure that no rights are granted to third, parties, that, conflict, with the rights or the FIFA commercial, affiliates. This. Is particularly, important. For the grant of food and beverage, and apparel, concessions. My. First reaction is such an agreement is that people, say that the devil is in the detail, actually, the devil is quite transparent most, times we just can't see it or don't want to see it when you look at those as those agreements you, know it actually gives you. Know FIFA, itself, a very water-type, kind, of situation, that they will never well. They they not exposed to any risk FIFA. Is not exposed in here is the Catholic the government guarantees take that away FIFA, is assured of you. Know getting out of the event what they need to to keep them going for the next four years until, they get to Brazil for the event over there whereas. The risk is. Taken completely, by by, the. Government, largely in this country like the Vatican. The. FIFA is a small state in your own country, it's like a export. Processing, zone where the normal laws of the land don't, apply so, we on the eve of our independence.

Of Our freedom struggle, will be to control of our own country during. The World Cup have signed it over to mafia. You. Are locked in you are locked into a situation that you can't get out of I mean we tried I was in my time to you, know adjust some of the of the conditions, but you know FIFA's, fairly rigid insofar as these things are concerned they, they, demand a pound of flesh and they got. Okay. The following terms may not, be, used or integrated, in any product, in any, circumstances. 2010. FIFA World Cup South, Africa, the whole phrase, 2010. FIFA World Cup, 2010. World Cup FIFA, World Cup World. Cup football. Or, soccer world, cup the. Number. 2010. As it appears the. Number 2010, in words. South. Africa 2010 Cape, Town 2010 and that includes, any other host, city, next that, belongs, to FIFA, okay. The. Event will have official. Inspectors. Checking. On the use of these, official marks they'll have like many. FIFA, police if I can just stab them that way so, yes. You. Know. How. Brutal are these these, FIFA. Police got to be I don't. Know and. It's, it's. A great concern, of mine I get, very. There's. A lot of angst around it because. You. Know how subtle, or how clear are they defined and it's all over it's exciting, it's happening, how many kids are going to be drawing that how, many artists. Are going to be drawing this kind of thing and now they can't sell their drawings their paintings, their t-shirts a big craft etc. No. I didn't. Know I don't, know about. This I just. Do what I think is printed, next, year then. This is a country South, Africa is a country. Noggin. Standing, our, proud, Marcello I'm proud to South Africa, around. South Africa I think, informed about this. Because. I'm going for World Cup so. As I'm doing this for it's. For an XJ. So. You kick you I made sell this one I. Cannot. Sell this one. But. Here. In the location, taken by you, can't buy the nurse, can't afford to do lessons and whatever the. Last ones is South Africa, 2010. Thank, You Breyer I mean, you don't think FIFA, is coming, to control here he is coming, to control, it. Not. Yet I'm. Not ya know da. In town in town oh gee, I'm. Gonna keep them yeah I'm not gonna change because. Yeah. They don't mind about this, they. Want this. We're. Gonna change. Ladies. And gentlemen, welcome. To the, 19th World Economic Forum. Summit on, Africa. With. Just one year to go to the kickoff of the world's greatest sporting, event we, look at the implications, of the, 2010. FIFA World Cup not, just for South Africa, but, for the whole continent. For. All of you a lot of you see more about branding, South, Africa, and also about national, unity than, it is about. Changing. A kid's life in, Google, a to in a sense in a sense of lasting, impact well then you won't change a kid's life in Google 80 unless. We. Can change the world's perception, of South Africa, unless we can understand, that world class is where we need to be unless. We can put in those investments. Bring, down crime improve. Transport, infrastructure, improve, all infrastructure. It's. Mean. This is the this is another kind of gobbledygook. From another end you, know, we. Want. To become a world-class, player, and. Now. We know even in soccer terms there, very few world-class, players. Number. One and. Number two what do the other people do why. Are you trying to become a world-class player. What, does world-class mean so, you. Are taking money and putting, into stadiums giving. Free for money, branding, South Africa while the very same woman in her, city people. Don't even have running water they, don't even have flush toilets. I saw. That. There. Is no entertainment, for visitors, were coming he, and the township, so. I. Started. Calling all the kids around the end said let's. Start a dance. And. Also what happened. Department. Of Tourism was, actually, looking for two kites were, interested. To speak Spanish. Argentina. Would be here in Paraguay. Chile, all. Those countries. There and of, course Spain, will, also, be here basic. Spanish I. Can't, accommodate people, like that so, also it helps me to create my niche, market, to win the World Cup is here because the competition it's really tight there. Are lots and lots and lots of chocolates, out there so.

With The foreign, language it. Makes you really unique. Oh now. You really there's de, vocabulario. Relacionado. Con la. Copa mundial. The. Football. Severe. Acquaintance, awesome poco que espera, student, event on tequila's, conseguir. What do you want to achieve. Master. Abajo. Just. Because. Tourists, acoustic. Muchos yeah testicles. No hace. Muchos. Turistas. Donde, tendremos los partidos, como. Se llaman I study. A stallion we invoice. Then. I'm always tell you the green points are using. Weekend. Yeah, first of all it was very nice to see the president, for the first time since we. Came from the election. But, it didn't go the direction we, were expecting, as a busser bills because of i we. Say that we finish of the stadium now and, then. We, hear no one is talking about, giving. Us tickets anything. Like that but we didn't hear that he mentioned, that something, saying the gentleman thank. You for the job well done here's some tickets. The second thing is that let's give bonus to Abyssinians how are we going to give the bonus I was, expecting, that today from. The president himself but. We didn't get any feedback from that one we are still waiting on their mundane times, go the time goes the time comes. In. This age I was very happy, to be part of that of. One. Of Abbasid it was working in the stadium. But. At the end of the day you know that whenever, you sit down you you, always want to say that I was. On the stadium but, when I look back I said, no for myself well. Done I guess I have done something but I can't say anything because. If it was a very Nazca time to be on the stadium. It. Was a very golden. A bad time to. Be under stay there because of we are working very hard. Tough. Time with management, the. Workers themself but at the end of day too. Little money I can't. Even manage to stay, in a better house in, that couple of two years or buying, a car for myself or, buying two, three. Kettles. For whatever ever we, can't manage because of what I learned there I just have to take it straight to shop, right and have something in my cupboard like my child get something, in their bellies to get you were horrible to go to school whatever, and, then. This is my room. Where. I stay. Sleep. With my little, beautiful. Wife. And. Her. Name is Ruth I, married. 19 years yeah. We. Sleep here is me, and my wife in my daughter sleeping the fsor, and then my little boy who Todd he's, always sleeping on the floor. The. Model that FIFA is imposing on on, South Africa is firstly say these, are the kinds of stadiums we want this, is the kind of seating we want this. Is where we want the stadiums, this is the kind of infrastructure, that will be needed these. These, even, the bed-and-breakfast this is the amount of money you can charge, you. Build this all and after, you build these stadiums and after, you've been in the glare of the. Global, audience people, will see that Africa, and South Africa's not what they really think it is a place of AIDS a place of morass a place, of leaving, and murder and, rape in fact it's a beautiful, place and your largest would be that, millions, of tourists would then come into the country foreign. Investment. Will come to the country and you move up what, what, a guy called Rasta called the stages, of development and you would move up the the. Pile of Nations and have a competitive, advantage over, other, countries in similar socio-economic.

Situations, But. Meantime we will take the money. FIFA. Decided that. Instead of a. Quarterfinal. Which, would then sit approximately. 45,000. People that, Cape Town should host a semi, final, and the requirements, according, to FIFA, which they've cast in stone is that a stadium. For, a semi, final, must, seat. 68,000. People. We. Wrote, to mr. Blatter suggesting. That given, the, peculiar. Circumstances of. Africa. The extreme poverty, that, exists, and the need, to, use our scarce resources in, more productive fields. Than a stadia. That, he should accept, that we should host a semi, final here in Cape Town that, would. Allow. 55,000. Seats and not the 68,000. Seats. Most. Regrettably, as we know gnarrk. The Greenpoint stadium, is, being built to seat 68,000. People. Swishah. Wasn't happy the, message came from FIFA that kept on his selling itself short we. Were so adamant that. It. Should be Athlon we. Thought if we upgrade the stadium. There'll, be huge other Spanish and other upgrades that needs to happen around a we. Thought it would be good for. For. Businesses, especially small business. And particularly, black business, who's. Located. Close by there, and, historically. Has. Not benefited from, developments. Most. Of the soccer supporters on, the Cape Flats and, we looked compared. How much would it be to finish, Athlon, stadium, then. The numbers showed to, bold green. Points it was like 1 point something. Berlin. It. Didn't make sense in the minister said ministers, to feel it's. Clear I mean. Shouldn't, go as green put it's. Far from, the community, as well it's, in the CBD. Although. There's going to be a transport. Node now during the World Cup when. The World Cup is finished people is going to struggle again to come from. Kyle each which, was playing the. Cape Flats to. Come into town to to, the stadium, etc, so. I think it should be a slot. We. Didn't present to. The. Politicians. I, think, our diamond, myself was director, who's the director of sport in the city we worked on us and. Presented. To the political. Principals. Who supported. The. Initiative, we. Felt, that we. Really wanted this to be a developmental. World. Cup so, as, far as I knew and I was in government everyone. In government, local. Government level, provincial, and national was. In Ruud Gullit Aslan and. Then. After, that, we. Heard that there was a change. We, also know that. Franz. Beckenbauer. Flew. In, a helicopter, of. A cape town and, so. Greenpoint. Was a beautiful, day etc like, today and I, saw, a beautiful and said that's, where, you guys should have the stadium. Who. Is the first one was. In the broad understanding who, steps out and say let's not reconsider. The decision because, FIFA is not happy it. Was a premium. As. A rhymer assume the. Premium, was. Said. No listen I he likes he understand, that we that, etholon, is clear and he said he, congratulated Hatton myself in a job well done in presenting, the thing etc but. He said listen emotion. He's not gonna decide to sing. And. It was so angry towards. Kriya was anchoring to his green point which we, found strain. What. Was the next key moment, in this process. Obviously. We presented, to FIFA we. It's. At learn we were clear.

And. I think the next key moment I actually lived a first. Because. My contract, wasn't renewed a. Few weeks after the meeting, and. Hat. Was moved from. Ethnicity. As well he was no longer responsible, 2010, so. The two functionaries, the ones who supported. Adam. Where. They'll, walk out from. Office yeah kept them also, later. That day. Mr.. Blatter, had, a meeting with the then. President. Of South Africa mr.. Mabuki, and. After. That a. Call, was received why mr. Russell's office from, the presidency, of South Africa, to say that. Green point will be the, chosen spot. What. Exactly where the reasons, that the FIFA wanted, Greenpoint, FIFA. Command says really you know we don't people to look at shacks we don't them to see this. Socio-economic. Degradation we, wanted to see them have, the mountain, and, the ocean, in one clear shot so the world can visit Cape, Town so, we, got build another state but. Who will use that Stadium because a home game of the. Premier League Soccer South African Cape Town even, a derby in Cape Town will, get eight thousand spectators. So. Those stadiums will. Be empty, there will be showers they will be the. Living monuments. To. FIFA's, imperialism. In Africa. South. Africa. Are we. Ready and this. Particular page. Discusses. The economic. Situation. As well and if, we start at the top it says when. It is completed, the Green Point stadium, will, have cost taxpayers. 4.4. Billion, rand, four. Times, more, than was, originally estimated, three. Years, ago now, let me at this stage say, that, the average over run costs, of, stadia. Of this nature in the world is. 32%. Now. This has gone four. Times, four. Hundred percent. More than was originally intended. How, on earth can, the politicians. Who have, agreed. To, sustain. This, this. This expenditure, of 400. Percent. How, do they, sleep at night and what. Right, have they got to continue, in office and I said they would call upon them to resign, and in any other civilized. Part of the world where, this sort of scandal, happened heads. Would roll and politicians. Would go but not in South Africa, they'll get medals. From, the weight of it and given. The current price of gold. Is. When. Something. In the heart that rock when. Seifer, has a six part idea which. Really does not take into account the. Local. Conditions, of. Countries, hosting the World Cup part. Of our campaign is to address precisely the. Problems that the cotillion afife is using and one, of them clearly is labor standards. What. We found in the study in terms of workers conditions is, that. Nothing. Has really changed over the past three, years so, the. Current wages that these workers are earning is in accordance or is measured as a poverty, level wage. Lost, majority of workers have then actually, had a real, decrease. In. Earnings, over.

The Three-year period we. Also found that while the in 2010 stadiums are being, completed and, as workers are being laid off they're not getting any special bonuses. Or. Guarantees, of future employment. So. The workers of finishing projects in, phases, and are, basically being retrenched. In. Their hundreds as, the different stadiums, finish. Different projects. To. Be honest with you shaking story because of everybody's get they don't know where they are going after distro. That, is said it's, very said that. Is very said if I ever was even I for one am very. Worried I don't know where I'm going what is going to happen. There. Will be no job after the stadium, we. Are going back home we are going to sit and look at the Sun goes up and down and. Then there is no good car. Don't, think I'm now saying. Something, which is not true when. I left. The. Plane this morning and I arrived, on the, African, soil I started, really, I was, making some, dancing. Dancing. Dancing, because. That's, life that's life and I feel this vocal, it's, a little bit also, FIFA's. A little, bit milder. Thank. You for your attention. Did, we invest. That money, wisely. Hasn't, been wisely invested. If you're building these kinds of things that in the long run is going to cost you more money to maintain, shouldn't. We've been building houses and factories and, things like that them could. Have had, longer-term. Benefits for. Our people I think. Personally, that this has not been money wisely invested by, the Scrambler South. Africa should not have to try to get the work done now. I think if we could negotiate for, the World Cup to, be a much more moderate work up an African event using. As much of the stadiums, the existing, stadiums, that, we add and not going to the huge. Expense. I think, that, would have been acceptable, but, I think you, know the nature of the football World Cup and the. Requirements, of FIFA, were. Boldness, Surrey aligned with with with with that kind of orientation. Has it been difficult working. With FIFA. Well. I think we must understand, that this is an event that comes once every, four years, for these International, Federation, and all, of the activities, are generated. The revenues generated from. The single, one event, they. Have nothing in between. Well. You, can you, can use that phrase. I. Think. FIFA's. Financial. Statements, reflected, that FIFA today, is in, the best financial position. Over. A hundred, year period they've. Never had it better and the, irony of this case is, that this. Was one of the central, arguments, over a, hundred years as to why Africa, should never host the World Cup they said a World, Cup on the African content, anywhere will be a commercial, disaster huge, financial losses, the, most profitable World Cup ever of 103. Years now in FIFA's history is this World Cup in South Africa Africa's, first World Cup yeah. Danny Jordan sounds, like somebody, from. The firm from me from a major multinational rather. Than representing, it's his, country, they. Say that, often. The. Slaves after a long time don't, even know when. They adopting the mentality, of the slave owner so, he's a typical example France, phone on wrote about this you, know black. Faces white mass and. That. Should be the title of his biography. Black. Faces. FIFA. Me. I. Don't. Know, where to, go where to start because what, I guess that they see the person is people, by the shops, already. Obvious. A big companies, the, McDonald's. I miss Pierce and, the King puppies. Okay. When. I look at this manner I see soccer, because. Of this is my dream, Dan's got to have this man because, I still as go to another. 40 years and. Then. Just to train this man and then he can take me after that. Because. Of the reason why is because of love the soccer and then I love this man I want to be the star for, South African and s coming here, was. To play rugby it's, a very it's a it's, a evil sport rugby, say evil sport I'm, a peaceful man I love, peace and I, want to live in peace and I want also even to play soccer because soccer, is a peaceful sport, you. Never see people have been dent, knocking. Everything, like that so I wanted me to be a soccer. Star. Good. Boy. Good. Boy. Okay. I've got a question. Is. There a way for the city to organize. For us as small businesses, to, benefit, from the big businesses, because. I've been approaching them to at least subcontract. Some, small jobs to us. Yes. That's exactly what I was telling you all the time if you didn't understand, English and you didn't get the message, I did, say to you that, we must do something for ourselves people, we. Cannot expect every single, thing. You understand, now I do want for personal, you. Encouraging. The big companies, to help us because.

We Do go to them but they don't want to listen to us can I ask you a question, have you have, you approached, somebody, thank you guys yes. Approaching, the big companies, all the time but, they not really look. At what you have I told, you to take the gap we. Cannot expect everything to come to us. If. You want if you want besides, the 2010. How would you run your business are, you going to I sit in a chair and wait for people to come to you you're going to get up and you're going to go and look for opportunities. Yes. Sir. The, idea of that meeting you know it was a good. Idea but. The. Lady was presenting, the whole thing she was not listening to me. I think, they came with the perception, that they, are coming to people who are lazy you, know people. Who want things to come to them you know I think, that blinded, them you know not to really open their mind when they were talking to us here in Langer but. Me. Personally I, felt, like I wasted. My time going, they thank. You for watching, for. More on this subject take a look at the playlist you can also watch this recommended, video, don't. Forget to subscribe to our Channel and we'll keep you updated on our documentaries.

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