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Hi. Everyone welcome, to the Hallie hassle, podcast, I'm Mike and I'm Tanya and we invite you to join us in our unfiltered, conversation, about the real life hustle of being an entrepreneur, for more information, about the podcast check out how we have the podcast, com, make, sure to check us out on Instagram at how we hustle, podcast, you'll. Find information on new episodes as well as notable quotes from the episodes we do so, come check us out at how we hustle podcast on Instagram I love. Our mindset, episodes, so, we're gonna switch back from the tactical episodes, that we've been talking about lately and. We'll. Just talk about a list of the different, mindsets. That you need to have or should have or should be cultivating. If you want to be a successful, entrepreneur. So. Let's get right into it what is the first thing that we are going to talk about let's. Talk about how challenges. Come, up often and. All. Of them are opportunities. So, every. Single time that you, have a setback or, something, gets, in your way I like to call them speed bumps because speed, bumps don't prevent, us from moving forward, they. Just. Slow us down so if you are faced. With a setback or obstacle, or a challenge, learning. With it these, are things that are gonna happen over, and over and over again and see you have to know, that they're gonna happen, be prepared, for them not, let them stop, you and I'll let them be a roadblock. But allow them to be a speed bump that you can move, over. And. Think of them as like. Opportunities. Like learning experiences, if you didn't have these challenges. Then, you wouldn't be learning. So whenever. I have a challenge, I am. Grateful. For it like when, I started my new business I, struggled, a little bit but, is through that struggle that I figured out okay I know I know I had to break it down a little bit and build it up again it was because of those challenges. That. I was, able to overcome, them so mm-hmm and it's actually funny, you say that because I, think, that, my. Automated. Webinar my webinar on quit, hiding and get visible where I help, people get visible, with video was. Created. Out, of the fact that I was. Really, terrified. To. Speak on video I was terrified to do podcasting, - I was terrified to speak in groups and I, would never have created. The business where I help people get visible, and specifically. Get visible with video if I hadn't struggled, so much with, getting, visible myself. So. Let's move on - when, I started.

My, Entrepreneurial. Journey many years ago I always had a negative, view. Of competitors. Like specifically, my competitors, I was, like uh I was jealous of them and I was I was, resentful. Of my competitors, because I thought, that they were taking. Away business. From me every. Customer, that went to them was a customer that wasn't coming to me so. I had a negative view of competitors, but I have completely, switched that mindset and it has been really productive for, me I don't, view competitors. As a threat anymore I see. Them as like. Beneficial. I learn, from them and. You. Know vices by knowing that I have competitors, out there it's just the, market showing, me that there's business to be had for them and for, me and it. Really, inspires, me so my, competitors, are good for me and. I think that also it's. Interesting because I always, think about it like ok just because there's an Italian. Restaurant doesn't, mean that another Italian, restaurant isn't going to do well or a pizza place isn't going to do well because there's another one or a jeans manufacturer. Isn't going to do well because there's so many other jeans manufacturers. That just shows that there is a market just, like you said and also. Looking. To your competitors, to see what's working for them is a really great indication, for, you as to what, areas, are people struggling, with what, topics. Do people want to hear about one, of the. Hacks. That I shared with Mike this week was, whenever, I'm looking for, a topic, for a video or a topic for a blog post or how, to write a, title. For a video or how to write an email subject, line, I will, put the topic into Google and I. Then will, see what kinds, of topics. Or blog posts are coming up on that first, because, if they're coming up on that first page that means that a lot of traffic is going to those, sites. And so a lot of people are searching or a lot of people are interested in that subject, line or that topic, and so, that's something that will give me an indication as, to where. I can, focus or how I can write my subject, or how I can write my video title, or how I can write an email, or things, like that what I'm creating content around it's, a really, great easy, free. Way to get. Some ideas and to figure out ways to write things to make people click. Or, read. Open. Yeah and also like pay attention to what your competitors, are doing because that will also show. You what. You are doing that's a little bit different and you can you. Know you can highlight how even, though you might, be providing, the same or a similar service you're, also different, so you. Know by seeing what your competitors, doing you can also highlight, your own uniqueness and you can play on that uniqueness, and, focus. On it so mmm, and and to. The opposite, point of that I talked, a lot about how I absolutely, love Gabby Bernstein and how she. Shares. A lot of information. That comes from A Course in Miracles or that, comes from kundalini.

Yoga. Or meditation and, so, you. Can take. A, topic. Or a foundation. Like what I do in my li program I'm teaching the foundations, of growing an online business which are very, similar to what other people are sharing but, the way I teach it is. Individual. To me whether I'm putting my own spin on it I'm putting my own stories, I'm explaining, it using, different metaphors, and different examples, than someone else so, that might, connect with people more than. Someone. Else who's using it so it doesn't always have to be an, unique. Idea, it, can also be something, that. Someone. Has shared, that you have a way, of sharing it them might connect with different people in a different way. Yeah. All. Right so let's move down the list the, next thing we're going to talk about is just that, like entrepreneurship. Is hard and it's not it can, be it. Can look easy when we see other people do but it's it's not easy and no one that has succeeded, especially. Those people, who. Present themselves on Instagram, and whatever who look like they've made it easy it's not easy right like entrepreneurship. Requires work, it's. Demanding there's, lots of you. Know. Lots. Of problems, along the way it's. Just like to be a successful, entrepreneur you just have to like be. Aware of this you just have to accept that it's not going to be easy and that that's. Just the way it is well. Okay let's let's, not make it so, crazy hard like I think that there's a fine line and, a balance, between yeah. There are parts that are really difficult and hard and are gonna test you emotionally. And physically but, there are also ways, of making it easy and welcoming. In ease, and yes, there is times, when you need to hustle but, there are also times and if you're creating. An online business with automation, there, are also times, where. You can set things on to. Me on, automate, so that you're not having to hustle so much but, I mean to, begin with to create them yeah you're gonna have to work hard but, I also want. It like I want people to know it's not all. Easy roses, and butterflies but, it's also not. It's. Worth it I think, like some things that are hard are also worth it and by, doing, the hard work now you're, creating, the freedom, and the. Fulfillment. And joy, for. The future so, sometimes, you're putting in that extra work, now in order to. Feel. Freer, and have more ease in your business in the future so, I don't want it to deter people from getting, into doing get. Like starting, your own business because, I do think it's worth it but, I don't think that you can just sit on your couch and watch Netflix and hope for the best and like, do your I am statements and write. In your journal about, how you want to create an online business and then all of a sudden it just plops in your lap like it doesn't work like that yeah. I certainly wasn't trying to deter. People from. From. The hustle its but. There's gonna be days where you got to remind yourself like, you know this, is going to take work today and the work I'm doing today is might. Not have like. Not gonna get a paycheck tomorrow for it it's gonna be a long game and, that's. Just, you got to remember that it's a long in yeah. And also there are parts of it that you won't, know how to do and that you won't like and, to. Be honest those parts might end up becoming your favorite parts in the future but because. It's harder when we don't know how to do it we it's harder, when, we're a beginner at it but, you, and I both snowboard, and snowboarding. Is freaking, hard to learn, but. Now. When I snowboard I'm not really thinking, about turning, right, I'm not thinking, about my edges I'm not thinking about my balance it comes naturally, same, with driving like when you first learn how to drive. You. Know you're very stressed and then, you. Can drive and be like today I don't even remember how I got here, yeah. Like my last business I built out a back-end software, platform, which was super annoying but. Once it was done and I ended up being the catalyst, for like like. It was the best thing I could have and it was already done so, you know it was a long game, mm-hmm. So it requires effort at the beginning like I always think about like I mean.

Not Everybody has, ever built, a snowman but. I in, my mind it's always you know when you're building a snowman and you're rolling the, snowball. And trying. To get it bigger and bigger and bigger well, as it gets bigger and heavier it's harder to push like to get started the. Momentum you need or the effort you need to get it started, is a lot but, then to keep it rolling is a lot less so, to. Create the momentum in your business you have to put any effort at the beginning I think, it's just a mindset thing we're trying to get to is like some, people really want that instant. Gratification of, maybe like a paycheck every two weeks yeah. It's not instant, gratification, but. With, entrepreneurship, that you can't have that mindset you got to think a little bit differently. All. Right let's let's move on here so the next thing that we had on our list of things to talk about was just. Striving, for perfection and, how you really, can't. Do that you know they, say that if. You, if you sit in your house and wait. For all, of the lights to turn green before you leave your house you're, never gonna leave your house right, yeah. And if I see it every, day where people are waiting to share things waiting, to put out their course waiting, to talk about the course waiting. To offer, their services until, they have a perfect website waiting. Till their branding, is all beautiful, like no you don't need to wait I mean, if you have a business where it's based a service based business like, as long as you can give the service you, don't need all of those fancy, shiny objects, like a perfectly. Done Facebook, page and a perfectly done Facebook group and a beautiful, website and, a lead magnet and an email list and all, of these things you, don't need any of those things to get a client you, literally don't need any of that what you need is a person, like money flows to you through other people, you, get clients because, you connected, with a human, being not, because you had a beautiful website so. You don't need everything, to be perfect you, don't even need to have like some of my clients we'll see what, happens when they join my program, and how I have like a whole welcome, sequence, and like all of these automated. Documents. That they get and they'll, say oh I don't have that well, then you don't need that I didn't have that at the beginning either I used, to just send out an email to people to welcome them to my program and say like, I would type it out every single time so you don't need any of these things to get started and if you're waiting for them then. You're missing the, opportunity and, you're. Gonna get discouraged, -, yeah. I totally, agree and you. Know I'm, going, to coming up with excuses on why I shouldn't. And. You. Always. Say, okay cool but. Let's. Let's. Put the excuses away for now and get to work yeah. It gives like you can like you can share that you're available for, taking, on clients like you don't need specific. Systems, in place to take on clients like some of my clients will say well I don't have a membership area, who. Cares if you don't have a membership area like there are people that don't know what you, what my membership, area looks like inside so, they're not expecting. That you have the same sort of membership, area and if, I had waited like, I didn't have that to begin with at the beginning I would just send, it out to people in an email and then I would put it on a web, page age that I built myself and then, as I grew and as I had more clients I had more money to invest in creating those systems so, you, need the clients, I'm, a big believer in you need the money you need to be making money before you start building out all these fancy systems. All. Right so. The next thing I list was I it was very much like micro. Versus, macro, right the macro, like the bigger picture, of our business, all, it really is is just composed. Of micro, components, you know so don't. Let the overwhelm, of the big picture stop you from focusing on the small things, you. Know like like. Everything. Is really just a series of tasks. And whatnot so if you think oh I've, got so much to do to get like the whole big, picture taken, care of it's really easy to fall into overwhelm and really get nothing done but, if you break everything down into, like what they are which is just one thing, after another it. Really becomes a lot easier to, to. Like tackle, and be productive and even if you don't get everything on the list like there's been times where I feel. Overwhelmed but then I just like I do one thing and even if I just get that one thing done it's such, it, feels so good and then, especially, the next day we were like yesterday, at least I got that one thing done really well and now it's done so you, know yeah.

And I actually do. That specifically. With my clients like break. Things down into what's. The one thing that you want to get done today and not, like one thing that's gonna take six hours one, thing that's gonna take you 15, minutes what is the itty-bitty teeny, tiny little, thing that you can do today to feel productive to, feel like you're moving the needle forward and to. Like. Feel, good about I accomplished, this because there, are so, many things like sometimes I even, feel overwhelmed, by like my to-do list never gets any shorter, and I. Don't. Do well with overwhelm, if I'm overwhelmed, I literally do nothing so I have to break, things down into like 15, minute bursts, of energy 15-minute. Options of things to do and if. You, break it down into just teeny, tiny 15-minute things, it. Feels a whole lot better and if you do something else bonus. Great, amazing, but if you break things too into, 15. Minutes you, can just choose okay what's the next 15-minute thing I'm gonna do. Yeah. Totally, agree, all. Right so we'll move on and I, guess the next thing is just don't be so hard on yourself like if, you. Have. A screw, up or make a mistake, no, big, deal right like the mistakes are what define us I, love. When people make jokes out of mistakes like one of my I always, think it's funny one, of my highest, opened, emails ever was. An email where I had made a mistake in the email prior so, I literally, wrote the email subject was like oops and then. So many people opened, it and I was like but they didn't even open the original email like I made a mistake and I said oops and like it ended up I could have like used, that as an opportunity so. When. You make mistakes like just make a joke about it and move on like don't let it get. You down if, like you send out a link that's, wrong or you screw. The time up or the date of your webinar or, one, of my clients the other day had her, webinar, the, the, time went, out an hour earlier, so people tried to show up to her webinar an hour earlier, and then when she did the webinar, it, was actually an hour an, hour leader and nobody showed up and like, you know what the show must go on like keep, going send, out an email that you'll be doing a different webinar at a different time send, out the replay just.

Keep Going because. We're. Human and everybody. Makes mistakes and nobody expects you to be perfect and, if you can just like laugh at yourself about it and like move, on and learn, from it, believe. Me I'm sure you'll learn don't, be afraid of the mistakes, you know don't don't be afraid to make them cuz like you will I do we, all do nothing, go yeah. It's totally normal and I, think. It's like an opportunity to connect, with people again and just like laugh. It off make some sort of joke about it yeah. I, guess. Patience. Is also another, mindset. Too we, talk about it's the long game as well but we wrote. Patients on our list and I, think that patience is worth like, talking. About it because like. Things are just happen overnight and we've talked about before a lot, of people online talk, about you. Know, making. Six figures tomorrow, but. In. The, real world like. Business. Does require patience. So just be patient with yourself just, allow yourself, a little bit of leeway it's, all good like, and trust. Like trust, that it is gonna happen at the exact right time I think, you really have to trust a lot on this journey. Because. Otherwise, you, would be like why isn't it happening you know, rather. Than asking, why isn't, it happening. Look. For signs that, it is working, look, for the public look for signs that it's working and if it's not working what, are things that you could change what have you learned what is not working and what can you do differently because, yeah there's no magic pill and yeah. You do have to be patient, and trust. That, everything. Is happening at the exact, right moment if, it's not happening, right then if you didn't get that client, or if you didn't get that deal or you didn't make as much money as you wanted that doesn't mean that you won't one. Of my favorite ads by Amy Porterfield. Right now on Facebook is her. Ad that says, why. You should, not. Throw in the towel on, your failed course, like why you should stick with it and it's, true like even, if something fails even if it's not working right now it's. No indication, that it won't work in the future so, stick with it because, a. Lot, of the best ideas. Took. People, time. To perfect, and took, people many, many, many. Knows to, get out into the world even Harry Potter like everybody. Said no to. Publishing, Harry Potter and in. The end it became like a worldwide sensation so. All. Right next, thing on our list was like. Support, and, allowing. Other people to, play. A role in your own development, and I mean that can mean all sorts of things like hiring, a coach but, also just having, a conversation like I went to a networking. Event like, a mastermind, event maybe like two months ago I didn't, have very high expectations, for it but I went and I got I got. To sit with six or eight other people in, a group and talk about my businesses, and my challenges, and just, getting, that outside. Perspective. Was. So valuable, and I got such an important, piece of insight out of that, so, just allowing other people to, to. Give you perspective. Because, as entrepreneurs. And I certainly fell into this I thought I knew everything about my business like I thought I knew exactly. What my customers, wanted, but. Then like you challenged, me when I started asking other people their. Opinion, I got so much insight, that I didn't allow myself to, really recognize beforehand. So, just like be open to, other perspectives. Doesn't. Mean you have to take, them like accept, them doesn't. Mean you have you know I'm. Very selective and who I listen, to like I'm not gonna take, necessarily. The. Advice or opinions, of people who aren't where. I want, to be or don't share my mindset but. I also, do, actively. Seek the. Opinions, and perspectives of, other people intentionally because, I get a lot out of it and I don't want to fall into the, the. Trap if you will of of, just. Relying on myself because, it's it's. A tunnel you know mm-hmm it's totally, a trap and I do think like I love what you said about asking, for, other people's perspective. And like. Your peers but also to. Potentially. Your audience like I always say the lazy way to do it is like just ask if I don't know what I should be doing or what topics, to talk about like I just asked but. Also asking, your peers like I love masterminding, I have accountability, groups or mastermind, groups that have been like. Imperative. To my growth and I. Wouldn't be here without them and I, do think that having. Somebody. Who's maybe not exactly in, the same space. As you but is in the same jean like, maybe.

The Same space but not the exact same specific. Niche is a. Great way to, use. Different things that are working and outs and different types of businesses, and apply them to your business or to, get another perspective also, to hear like what do they see all. Right what are they hearing because sometimes what we put out is no necessarily, what's being received so. Asking. Other people for, their, perspective. Is a great way to see. Yourself. And your business from another lens. Yeah. Completely. Agree, with that okay. So. We're I've, got two left I think on our list the, next was just like be disciplined, right. You. Know discipline, is a mindset, and. You have to have it. One. Of my favorite quotes around this is like motivation. Is like, bathing you. Have to do, it every day like you have to create, the motivation, you, have to be disciplined and create. Your own motivation, because, nobody's, gonna build your business for you you can hire out this is one of my favorite things I like time tell my call so it's like you can hire out all, the, positions but. That's not gonna build your business like, it's not other people's, responsibility. To build your business it's yours and. You. Need. To know how, to do things so yeah, it's not always going to be easy and it would be nicer, if you could outsource, everything, but. Creating. The motivation, to learn and to do things and to stick with it and to. Show up every single day in your business and like be the CEO and be, present. And. Do. And, say no to things that other people get to say yes to one, of the things I talk about is, my. First year of building my business I probably said, no to. Most. Social. Things because. I was. Investing, all of my money into my business, I was investing, all of my spare time while I was working a nine-to-five job I was investing, all my spare time into. Building my business and supporting. My clients, so when, I said yes to building my business, yes. To investing, in it yes to take on those clients, I had to say no to, some of the social things that maybe, my peers were. Getting to say yes to but they weren't building, a business so. You, need to make, a decision and some, things will need to be sacrificed, not, forever but, for the moment I, think. That these really, into the last one which was that. For all, being an entrepreneur is different. And it's. Like it's a lifestyle right you have to. You. Have to approach it differently like, if all of your friends are doing things one way, you. Think, that's not you're, not doing, it the same way as them because you're living a different way. Yeah. I think like they like have weekend's, like there's no such thing as a weekend, when you're an entrepreneur but. Like they, have, a limited vacation, there's no such thing as a vacation when you're an entrepreneur like all summer, I felt like I was on vacation every, single day because, I was golfing every day whereas, everybody else was going to work I didn't have to go to work because I was working when, I wasn't golfing so I got to make my own hours but. Yeah I did that mean that some nights that I worked late into the night or that I was working on Saturdays, or Fridays like yeah, there were days that I did do that but, it, was a for, me it was a small price to pay to, be able to golf everyday not have somebody tell me when I could go on vacation or, when I could go outside or. Any of those things like I make my own decisions. But. Like I also I, also. Eat. What I kill and. And, don't compare, yourself like it's I do this all the time - if it's, especially. When I walk like downtown, or I see all these corporate people who are like. Evidently. Working, really hard and, it makes me second-guess myself, like oh they're working so hard. Here. I am like, in the middle of the day at my house recording, a podcast and. It's, just like it's a different lifestyle right like we're, trying to get to the end goal whatever, that end goal is but differently, so don't compare, yourself to. People who are doing things differently than you are because, then you're, going to you. Know confuse, yourself it's, like saying I heard, this expression was, like if, you, judge, intelligence. By. Asking, a fish to climb, a tree or something, you're. Gonna think the fish is pretty stupid but. That's just. You. Have to to. Understand, that you're doing things differently than other people so don't, apply, don't don't you.

Know Don't don't compare, yourself to people who are dude who have, taken an on entrepreneurship, path, entrepreneurship. Is a lifestyle yeah. That's a good point also because, you're. On different paths but like your values, are different right what do they value maybe. They value, stability. Maybe they don't value freedom. Maybe they prefer stability, over freedom maybe. They don't value. Vacation. Maybe they enjoy, the. Routine. Of going to a job right. Entrepreneurship. Is rarely routine. Unless. You create your own routine, so. You, know it's different people value, different things and have different goals, and have a different, life that they desire in mind, so. If you are gonna be an entrepreneur, you have to have a completely. Different mindset and, you, have to cultivate a completely myself and, that's a wrap on another episode of how we hustle, for, more information, check out how we hustle podcast com.

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