The Duke MBA - Daytime MBA and PhD Graduation 2019

The Duke MBA - Daytime MBA and PhD Graduation 2019

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Ladies. And gentlemen I ask that you please rise. I present. To you, the. PhD, and daytime, MBA, graduating. Classes of, 2019. Please, be seated. I'm, bill bolding and it's, my extraordinary, privilege to be the Dean of the Fuqua School of Business. Every. Day at, fuoco and my view is a great day but. Today is an, extraordinary day, and it's, extraordinary, because, we're here to celebrate the accomplishments, of these, students. Soon-to-be. Graduates in, front of me I'm. So grateful to, have all of them here with us and to. Celebrate this, amazing achievement. I'd like to call special attention to our PhD, students, although. Small, and number if you, count the number of years that it takes to get a PhD it, may add up to as many years of education, as the rest of you. And. Also. Our MBA students, it's, so, fantastic. To celebrate. This day with you and it's, a day full of extraordinary. Joy I'm. Also so. Glad to have so. Many friends and family with us today, filling. Up Cameron, Indoor Stadium and. Making this obvious. That, you have given so much support, to the students in front of me and we are so grateful for, your, support in getting them to this moment, I'd. Also like to thank, the. Fuqua faculty, the. Frequent, the the staff who. Have made this journey possible. For all of you it, takes a group, of people to, get something done that's really incredible and in, this case is no, exception so, thank you to all for joining, us on this, day of celebration. I'd. Like to start things off with. With. Some comments, from our MBA, a co-presidents. And so. First, to speak will be Jeanette, Cornelia, and then. Jeanette will introduce Taylor, to follow but, Jeanette you're up. Dean. Bolding fuqua administrators. Distinguished. Faculty, dedicated, staff, friends. And family. Members thank. You for being with us today and for, the moms in the audience happy, Mother's Day. To. The class of 2019 I, stand. Before you, immensely. Proud. Proud. Of the graduates, I see in front of me among. Us there, are new parents, individuals. Who completed their degree in a foreign language, academic. Geniuses, misfits. Budding. Entrepreneurs, newly. Or soon to be Wed Power couples future. Americans, power. Brokers, people. People and me. The. Daughter of two working-class. New Yorkers who, while holding down two or three jobs at a time showed. Me the kind of work ethic it would take for, me to be standing here before you today I. Am. Immensely. Proud. We. All have different back stories but, what brings us together is the, powerful experience. We shared here, two. Years dedicated to becoming the world's uncommonly, principled. And good-humoured, Future, Business Leaders. Today. We will walk across the stage in celebration, of all that we have both invested.

In And also. Taken, away from Fuqua for. Some of us our primary, takeaway is knowledge, those. Of you who feel this way blew past seventy, nine credits months ago and squeezed. Every last bit of knowledge out of our faculty, you. Can calculate a discounted, cash flow like a seasoned, pro or, run, a regression to, explain the hairiest, of problems, you, are prepared to impress with, just how expansive your, brain has become. For. Others you are taking away from Fuqua, invaluable, experience. You, let your peers to complete new projects, that will impact many future, generations, of MBAs you. Partnered, with a nonprofit to uncover and solve problems they, didn't know we're preventing their, success, you. Have accomplished, a lot and you, are now prepared to take on tough business, challenges, because. Ambiguous, and unpredictable. Are your, new best friends, thanks, to your fuqua experiences. And of. Course there. Are the relationships. We will all take away from Fuqua the, ones that clicked from the beginning that led to the late-night heart-to-hearts and, the just-in-time pep talks as well, as the ones that never quite gelled but, you respect for, what the adversity taught, you it, is, the combination of, these knowledge. Experiences. And people, we. Bring into the next phase of our lives and that, make these two years some. Of the best, some. People even say that it makes our MBA years the, best and to. Those people I, say. God. I hope not I. Hope. Like me you. Feel like you've only just gotten started I hope. When you walk across the stage today you. Feel a boundless, energy and the confidence that you haven't even begun to scratch the surface of, what's, possible. I am. Confident, this is the case for us because, Fugue wings are made, for more Fuqua. Has given us the tools we need to be fearless, deliberately. So but, fearless, nonetheless and, so. I have two wishes for you as you embark on what's next first. I wish, for you more truly, remarkable failures. The, star stories we've been telling recruiters, aren't, the ones I'm talking about I'm talking about the type of failure that tests the limits of your mind your, heart and your, soul all at once the, ones that force you to build yourself back up from your foundation, because, when you do the work to test and set. New limits, I have. Found that you are propelled to a new level of self-acceptance. Gratitude. And determination. My. Few experiences. Taught me that, but. You can't do it alone the. Reason I hope for more failure is because today you walk away with a stronger, support system better, poised than ever before, to, overcome them look. Around you and you, will see your enablers, your. Experts, and your, co-conspirators. The, people who will help you find the profound lessons, and make sure you come out on the other side of a stunning flop a better, person, I, also. Wish for you the courage to take bigger risks, the. Knowledge and experience, we have gained will, lead us down a path starting. Today that enables us to do so and reap, bigger rewards, our. Finance, classes taught us about risk and return but, nothing made the brilliance of this relationship, so apparent, to me as the, Magnificent, highs and the, spectacular, lows, of these past two years I took, some of the biggest risks of my life and in, doing so I realized, we now have the tools to, carefully craft radical, ideas and plan, contingencies. To. Realize our audacious. Goals and even. Though that big volcano, in Ecuador is still waiting for me to climb it I vow. Never to stop rolling the dice because, when we do we, find ourselves in, pursuit, of our dreams when others would, have stayed on the sidelines, so. I hope we all find, the courage someday, to, do something we are not entirely, sure will, work and the, confidence to keep going even.

When It doesn't I. Recognize. What I envision for us my fellow graduates, sounds. A bit messy but, Fuqua has given us what, we need to, make life and career a little, less scary a lot. More exciting, and always, getting. Better and better and. So. I'll close with a lyric from fellow Yankee, Frank, Sinatra, he, sang in 1959. The. Best is yet to come and won't, that be fine you. Think you've seen the Sun but. You ain't seen it shine thank. You and congratulations. To the class of 2019. I now. Have the pleasure of introducing my, co-conspirator. Taylor, Donner. Definitely. Not how I envisioned, my. Graduation, day going it's. Definitely going to put a damper on my golf game I can tell you that, all. Joking aside. Unfortunately. I wasn't able to attend few Qin finale, but. I wanted to say what an absolute, pleasure it was to work with Jeanette and our amazing cabinet, this year each, and every one of you made, me a better person, in a different way and Jeanette. Is right the. Best is definitely yet to come but. I gotta say the last two years are going to be pretty hard to beat there's. Been parties, and proposals, treks. And trophies and tons. Of hugs in high fives as we walk through the mall way every day in. The. Last few weeks we've become very sentimental, which. Has made it all that much more challenging to address you today. We've. Heard compelling stories, from members of the community. Witness. Deserving, people receive, awards, and made. Plenty of toasts, to, our futures, as leaders, of consequence. A. Wise. Man with blue rimmed glasses and Duke cowboy, boots once told me that, his personal. One. Of his personal. One. Of his personal. Forms. Of happiness is. Finding gratitude, and everything. And. In reflecting, upon these last two years I asked, myself, how. Do I say thank you. How. Do I say thank you for making me feel part of a team, how. Do I say thank you for, encouraging me to speak my truth and telling. Me that my opinion matters. How. Do I say thank you for eagerly, showing me you're part of the world. How. Do I say thank you to, those who taught me that. I absolutely, must. Be an advocate for all especially. Those who, have different life experiences. Than I and. How do I say thank you to. All those who found, joy in each and every one of our successes, and the. Answer is I really have no idea, but, I dunno what led me to find what I'm grateful for. As. A teacher in the rural South who eventually went to work for a start-up in New Orleans I was, skeptical, that two years would be enough time to make me feel confident, in my ability, to thrive. In the corporate world, in. Reality I was terrified. Upon. Arriving, here I must, admit that I felt out of place I, was. Welcomed. But. I felt out of place, everyone. Seemed so successful. Driven. And certainly. More self-assured, than I however. Time, came to reveal that. Most of us were all in the same boat, stranded. In the middle of the sea with a compass we had no idea how to use I know. Ocean. Metaphors, are super cheesy but come on you all know how cheesy I actually am. So. What did we do, we. Became a compass for one another while learning to navigate our own our. Sealy teammates, guided, us through unfamiliar. And challenging, content, we. Helped steer each other through internship, in full-time recruiting and whenever. Anyone, needed anything whether. It was to vent a frustration, or share a major when we. Were always there to keep our classmates, afloat even the. Guy whose name is written on this Court says. That he wants to only lead a team of players who. Make those around, them better and I, can think of few other teams that do this better than our team right here team, Fuqua. Although. We may have met a few wrong turns along, the way and didn't, end up going in the exact direction we intended, to when we first wrote our essays, eventually. Each, of us discovered, something that enabled, us to learn how to better navigate ourselves. And though, to those, around us. This. Inner compass or. Whatever you want to call it is. Something that we've always had, but. Today after this. Two-year, journey we. Are fully prepared to leverage it as we, grow into even more distinguished. Member distinguished. Leaders, of consequence. And for. That I must, thank our faculty and administration, our. Loving family members especially our mothers on this Mother's Day weekend.

And The Fuqua mba class of 2019, cheers. Y'all. Each. Year the gut graduating. Class gets to select the class speaker and this year is no different it, is my distinct. Honor to, introduce you, your class speaker, Jonathan, Johnny, on the street Woodward. All. Right. I. Am. Excited, I'm gonna drink water if you bear with me for just a second. Good. Morning Dean's. Faculty. Staff. Family. Friends and, of, course the, class of 2019, in, a, very special welcome to, the, confused, tourists, who have just again entered Cameron Indoor Stadium and, to, come upon a graduation. Quickly. Though I want to say thank you to two important people in my life my. Mom thank, you so much for everything mom and. My wonderful wife Amanda thank you for believing in me when I didn't believe in myself. Thank. Ya I. Wanted. To thank the class of 2019. As, well for. Nominating, me to be our class Speaker it, is a tremendous, honor of. Course, it was not all of you that nominated, me and, for. Those of you who cannot believe, they. Let a few Christian president speak, at commencement well. Neither. Can i honestly. I'm. Going to speak for exactly 6 minutes and 23 seconds, I think. You all deserve to know how long this particular segment, of today will be, because. A well known but rarely adopted. In the world of graduation, ceremonies, the, fact is that there is no greater pleasure that. You can give an audience than, to tell them when you will, spinach, speaking. All. Of my Taipei classmates, just looked at their watches so, I'm, gonna get started. I'm. Certain many of you reflected, over these last two years quite a bit I know. That I have for sure. About. A week ago my brother-in-law Zack came to visit me and. Over a chicken pickle biscuit at Mona's Zack. Asked, me how my two years, at Fuqua had been I said. It was great and he said well what'd you do and, I said a lot and, he said well like what and I said and this is true, business. School stuff. After. Struggling to answer the simple question I decided, to be a bit more intentional, about my reflection, and today, I'm, gonna share my list. Of the six things I know for. Sure happened. And what I will hopefully never forget, moving, forward, so. Without further ado here. Is Johnny, on the list. Number. One. When. In doubt go. First, not. In a selfish, push, people out of the way kind of style, but, to be vulnerable and to open up, so. Many of the friendships, that I've forged here at Fuqua started.

Off With one of us saying hey. I like. You do, you like me and they, said yes and you said great let's be friends, the. Important, thing is to go first to, get to know one another after. Today we will not have sea leads or sections, but the very least we will know what, it takes to build a relationship so. Just go first. Number. Two. The. Right answer to, every, single. Business, challenge. Is. It. Depends. Number. Three. It. Is possible. It's, true. Number. Three it. Is possible, to take a vacation every, six. Weeks. We've. All done it and we, can keep doing it seriously I've, learned, the. Value, of getting out of your setting and I've learned the tremendous, financial cost, of traveling. All around the world these last two years. But. Maybe, it won't be into Australia, or, Morocco or Japan or Israel, we all went these places seriously. But. Maybe every, once in a while you'll, make some time in your schedules to go visit a familiar face or to see something new. Number. For. Fun. A serious, business, at. Fuqua, we, are really, serious about working hard to create fun experiences, for one another, the. Loss of white party the, daffy of all the, full moon party blue. Cup wine around the world the castle, the VIP section at tavern the list goes on but. But, fun is a serious, matter in creating. Opportunities, for bonding, and creating, social connections, actually is. Worth the effort, but. It takes that it. Takes effort. Nowhere. Have I learned this more than as a few kleh vision co-president, me. Sarah Jesse and so many other members of our cabinet and actually, so many of you would, pour hours upon hours creating, these videos for classmates, I can. Say without questions, that these were some of the most fun nights of my entire life, and, I, want to thank you for that, it. Was a lot of work, really. Too much work I honestly. Probably spent too much time making videos. But. I hope we continue to make room for fun in our lives. Number. Five there. Have been Peaks and there have been valleys, as both Jeanette and Taylor mentioned earlier. Our. Time at Fuqua has been both such an amazing gift and opportunity, but. It's also been really hard and weird. So. Weird in fact that I often called my, family and friends and wondered is this actually, happening. Vehicles. Filled simultaneously. With, Fuqua Fridays and late, nights of playing mafia and playing. Basketball shooters, to tavern, expensive, course packs chicken, tenders peas ESPYs, pdps. As well, as jokes from Pino getting a first round interview getting rejected from a second round interview all. Swirled, into one. This. Tension the high and lows I think. It's a marker that we are doing something worth doing or. It. Could just be that life is equally magnificent. As it. Is hard I don't. Know you, decide and. Finally. Number six. Don't. Forget to water the roses. We. Have all been consumed these past two years the. Best of us have been able to maintain relationships. With friends and family back home, but. If you're like me you, probably could, have done a better job at this. Maintaining. Relationships is really hard work, Fuqua. Taught me that, when. I was a kid I would, stay with my grandmother on e and she. Would help me do chores like, watering the garden in. Each day before I went out she would say Johnny please. Remember to water the roses and I would say grandma. Of course, who, would water a garden, and skip the roses but.

What I would later find out like so much of her sage advice the. Water in the roses that she was referring to were. Actually the people in the roses in our life the. People that brighten our days and make our gardens of life social expect Acula. So. I hope moving forward we continue to water those roses, because, I know I've met so many roses, throughout my experience, and I'm sure you have too all. Right that's. All I have for now but if I think of anything else I will definitely let you know, to. Me we are so much more than a team. Teams. Trade players teams. Dissolve, they move and I, think teams are wonderful don't get me wrong but. We are a family, the, Fuqua family of, 2019. Thank. You. Thank. You Jonathan. Taylor, Jeanette, for. Your absolutely. Terrific remarks. I'd. Now like to acknowledge a, few, faculty and staff members, who have been picked, out by. The graduating, class is being, very significant, to your experience, here these, awards were given out. Earlier. And so we won't make a big presentation. Here, but. I would like to first acknowledge Ryan, McDevitt, who received the award for innovation and teaching in a core course, congratulations. Ryan. As, well. I'd like to recognize bill may you who. Receive the award for innovation and teaching, in an elective class. And. Finally. I'd like to a knowledge Sara. Wakefield, who received the students choice staff award. For. Incredible. Service to the community, so thank you sir. It. Is now an honor and privilege to introduce our, commencement speaker. Tim. Ryan is the senior partner, and chairman. Of PwC. You us, and. When. We think about how we choose a commencement, speaker there are a number of criteria that, has to be met, above. All we, want someone to stand up here who is a role model for all of you someone, where you can say I aspire. To be. Someone, like that I aspire, to achieve that, kind of success and. So. The first thing is it, has to be an individual, who has actually accomplished. Something. Who, has achieved success, and, significance. In their professional, life, but. The second thing is that. You want someone who has benefited from, wisdom that, they've accumulated, during, their career, and therefore. Has something insightful to share with you as you, move forward into the next stage of your journey and so. First. Of all tim. Has been extremely, successful you, don't get to be the head of PwC, without. Being someone, of incredible, accomplishment. But, he's also extremely, wise, he's. Someone who has advised, people over. A 25-year, career and earned, the trust and respect of, so, many firms because. Of the, wisdom and insight, that he consistently, provides. The. Third thing that we look for in terms of providing a role model to you is to. Choose someone, who has, achieved this, success, by. Doing things the right way, who. Has made his or her organization better. While. Doing what's best and, here. Tim is a fantastic. Choice tim. Is someone who, really. Believes in, the importance, of. The. People around him. Oftentimes. You hear me talk about this triple-threat leadership. Capability, that, you need the IQ, the. Emotional, intelligence and, the decency, to bring, people behind you to bring them together to, get them the work would come the purpose and Tim. Is someone, who, very much exemplifies. These these, three traits he's. Incredibly, smart and is, driving the transformation. Of PwC. In response, to the very seismic. Shifts in the world around us but he also cares deeply about, the people around him, he, connects, with them he understands, that you accomplish, nothing without. A great team and so, he's consistently, building, a great team and connecting. The people around him and finally. He's, an incredibly, decent, human being where, it's obvious, that he cares, about the people around him and because. He so deeply, cares about. The people on his team they. Give him his very their very best, but. More than that he, has taken. These. Values, and, extended. Them beyond the walls of PwC. In terms. Of saying there's something important, in the world today which. Is we need to be sure that. We can show how we bring people together to, get, them back to a common purpose and accomplish, something great and, so. Tim is the founder, of the, CEO Action, Group, focus. On diversity and inclusion that. Group now has, 700. Members 700. CEOs, have signed up so, his impact, goes. Well beyond PwC. To, fundamentally, reshaping, the business landscape, around. Issues of diversity, and inclusion because. He believes this is something, that, will make organizations. Better while. Doing what's best so. Tim, exemplifies. This, triple-threat capability. And in, my view is a true, exemplar, of leader.

Of Consequence, Tim, they're all yours. So, T, bolding thank you and you said that I had wisdom but after looking at Jeannette Jonathan, Taylor I'm not sure I can say much more you're, remarkable. So, Jeannette first I want to say thank, you for your humility and you sharing your background, because it proves that anybody can succeed, Taylor. For your willingness, to thank, people because, we don't get anywhere in life without thanking, anybody and. Jonathan I'm still thinking but I would like you to come to the board room with me a couple times with my clients because the answer is always it depends, so. Folks. It is an honor to be here today and I am sincerely, privileged, to stand in front of this class amazing. Graduates, I've. Been tracking commits, with speech across, the u.s. over the last couple weeks seeing who's speaking on what topics, and what caught my eye was. JJ, Watt from the Houston Texans, is speaking, out Wisconsin, next week and I, saw that he was okay we have a couple of Texans out there go, ahead I sure. I saw that he, was asked about his comments, and he, said well I haven't really prepared, many remarks, because all I know about graduations, is people want to get in and get out and get on with the party so. I want to let you know I'm gonna do my best to get you that party but, before I do that I do have a few words of wisdom regardless, of what path you take, before. I jump into that I do want to thank the Duke faculty staff. And all the people who put today's ceremony, together because, it wouldn't be possible your, success, without. This group so I do want to thank them first. I'm. Also going to ask the graduates to stand up for a second and. On, behalf of this group of graduates, I want, you to turn to your families, and thank them because, they're the ones who made this possible. Okay. You could sit down. To. The families friends, parents, brothers sisters, people. Who have driven a long way I was out in the foyer oh it's early this morning I heard about people who drove through the night from Massachusetts, through the night through New Hampshire Tennessee. You've. Done a lot to get here but more importantly the. Work you've done with this group is immensely appreciated.

On Behalf of all the graduates thank, you for what you've done and. Last. Thing that brings to you all. Congratulations. On, an amazing, milestone. But. As your peers said to you also. Just. The, beginning. Now. Wendy. Bolding, told me that I was going to be her commencement speech, first. I was honored, and that, is started thinking about what do I talk about what. I will share with a group like this, then. I thought well wait I'm the CEO of one of the big four firms I'll talk to you about accounting. And. Then I realized that might be a teeny bit too exciting, for this group. But. Then the more I thought about it a County is actually the perfect place to start, see. Accounting, is all about balance, as accountants, we, love balance, sheets some you studied we love balancing, numbers we love balancing. Books as. Accountants, we love to know that everything is exactly where, they should be and. We're always in, the pursuit of balance. But. As you heard from your speakers today, balance. Is not just. Isolated to accounting, in life. When things are good we say with a balanced diet a balanced lifestyle, and, we use balance to say that things are good. Balance. Is also used when things, are in contradiction. People. Say you, need to listen and not. Just talk. People. Will also say something, your speaker's talked about need. To play hard and, work hard. Balance is important. Balance. Can also be used however, when. People are trying not to change, something when. People want to maintain the status quo, you'll. Often hear, we'll, wait a minute we, need to be balanced. In. Graduates, if there's, one place in our world where. I think it's critically, important, we do not maintain, the status quo and, where. We break the balance it's. Around the inequities, inequalities. That, exists in our world today. You've, studied a lot, of numbers and a lot of data here as, you studied business, school stuff. Let. Me share with you some, brief, facts in, the. United States today. For. Every dollar a man earns a woman. Earns 81, cents. In. The United States today for every one dollar of wealth that, exists in the white household. There's. Ten cents of wealth in a black household. In. The United States today. Thirty. Percent of Latin, X earns, a college degree a high school degree in, 4%. Earn. A college degree. In. The United States today. 65%. Of, our population, does. Not have, $500. On hand for a household emergency. Now. I'm sure if we put our teams together, we. Would come up with dozens, of reasons as to why, those. Inequalities exist. But. I think we can all agree that, they're, wrong and they. Need to be fixed. I also, want to acknowledge that. Trying to fix these seemingly, intractable, inequalities. Can be overwhelming. But. I want to remind you you're. At Fuqua and a, few core anything, is possible. Now. As you go out into the world and you. Take on these challenges whether they be in your businesses, or. They be in your nonprofit, endeavors, or, if, you choose the elected official, path. What's. Really, important, as it. You is that you reject, those. Who. Demand that, you maintain balance. And. You reject, those who say. That we need to maintain the, status quo in. These.

Challenges. You, all are being presented, with an, amazing. Opportunity. Because. By taking, these challenges, on you, have the opportunity, to. Help our world achieve prosperity, that. We have never known. Imagine. For a second. What. Our world will look, like if. Everyone. Had. A fair shot. Now. At JB Fuuka, we. Should all know that. The namesake, of this, school, grew. Up as a poor, farm, boy in the, Junior he. Could not afford a college education but. He reached out to several, schools and, he, asked, who, free material. One. College. Replied. Duke. JB. Fuqua went on to found a fortune, 500 company. He. Went on to become a great philanthropist. And he. Made a difference in this world the. Namesake, of JP, Fuuka JB, Fuuka is living. Proof in, evidence, of what happens when everyone, gets, a fair shot and. As. You set out to achieve success, in your world whether it be a business whether it be political life, in your communities, I'd. Like to share three piece of advice as you. Try also to address, the imbalances, that in our world. First. If. You. Want to solve and understand, society's. Biggest issues, you. Need to feel it here. You. Have had an amazing, education. Here at Duke but. The way for us to understand, our society's. Issues is, to. Get out of the classroom, to. Go into your communities, and. Understand. And make it personal. You. Have to be willing to. Upset, your own sense. Of balance you, have, to disrupt, your, status, quo and. Go out and make it personal. Now. In today's day and age with social media most. Of us would say we're more connected than we've ever been before. Unfortunately. Too often we're connected with people who don't share different views who don't hear different opinions were, often in echo, chambers, we're communicating with, people who. Are just like. Us. My. Ask as you get out and you make it personal. Now. A PwC, a few years ago. We. Were surprised, to hear that many of our people were not comfortable, bringing, who they really were to work we. Heard from many of our people that they felt they had to hide behind their suits because, talking, about who they really were what their experiences. Were, was. Taboo. So. I shut our firm down for, a day I. Shut. Our firm down for a day because. I wanted, all of us to understand, each other's experiences, so, we can learn from. One another. We. Wanted to learn what was like to be a working mother a, first-generation. Immigrant. Someone. Who is black or a disabled, person in our workplace on. That. Day I learned. That. Many of our black professionals. Carry. Not only their license, but. Their PwC, business card. So. If they get pulled over they can show that they afforded, the car and that, they didn't steal it. I learned. That many of our professionals, felt, unsafe, in everyday. Life and. Many. Felt they had to hide who, they really were. On. That day for me it. Became personal I. Learned. More from our, people from, sharing experiences. Than I could have ever learned, by. Hanging out with people who were just like me. Shortly. After, that day one, of our professionals, asked me Tim what's your role outside of the four walls of PwC. If. I'm candid I thought whoa can I just have a break we just did something really big shut the firm down for a day but.

They Asked, the right question. If. The more I reflected, on it I understood. I. And. We, sit. In these seats for. A short period of time and, our. Success, our legacy. His. Way beyond, the bottom line what. I realized, that as a leader of a professional, services firm with 55,000. People that. We had a responsibility, to, our communities. And we had a responsibility. To our clients, to. Make sure we all do better and, with. The help of a few CEOs, we. Founded, a group called CEO action for diversity, and inclusion a group. That came together and simply, said we. Owned the issue and we're. Trying and we. Can do even better and. That. Brings me to a, very important, point. Graduates. In order. For you to achieve success. You. Need to understand, people. All. People, in, the. Way that you do that is, you go out into, your communities. You. Not only maintain the, great connections, that you've had here, where, you go out to places you never been before and you. Listen to people share their dreams you. Listen to people share their disappointments. And where. They get discouraged because they've been turned back and they don't think the system will ever get any better, give. Them a hug because. At that moment in time, that's the best thing that you can do, in. Graduates. These, people, aren't only your future employees, in your future customers, they're. The ones you're going to be asking for capital, to start your businesses, they're. Your future co-founders, and they're your future running mates. Make. It, personal. My. Second, piece of advice. Think. Of the amazing leaders. That you have studied about, during. Your time here at Fuca and across. Your entire education. People. Like Abraham, Lincoln. People. Like Rosa Parks. Gandhi. Amazing. People, but. During. Their time, they. Were not wildly, popular. But. Each of them. Disrupted. The balance in our world permanently. And for. The, better. Graduates. I'm not, saying you. Have to strive, to have people. Not. Like you but. What I am saying is. You need to be willing to be unpopular, you. Need to be willing to be challenged, and, as. The father of eight, children in a blended family with, some of us sitting over there I know what it's like to be challenged, every single. Day. And. It is really important, that we're willing to be, challenged. Now. We referred, to CEO action, that we started two years ago, it. Was one thing to, start CEO, action it was. Another one to. Grow it. The. Experts said you'd, only get a few CEOs, to join because. What CEO in their right mind would sign up for an initiative that. Puts. More onus on them, to. Do better on something. Where we all need improvement. But. We stuck at it. We. Got a number of CEOs to come together and in. The early days we. Were unpopular, we. Were talking, with CEOs, about, an, issue that, made, many of the uncomfortable, and. I. Was unpopular for a while because I was challenging. CEOs. Sense. Of their own balance. But. As we stuck with it we. Had more CEOs join us one. Who's in the room today David. Taylor the. CEO of Procter & Gamble whose son is amongst you today he. Was one of the early, CEOs who came together with us and, together. We. Asked other CEOs, to join to say that we can do better and. His Dean bolding said today, we. Now have 700, CEOs across the country, who represent, tens of millions of employees and workers who. Are all doing just a little bit better a little bit more and we have momentum, on disrupting, the status quo in our, country, around, inclusion and. That. Brings me to my last lesson. As. You heard your student speakers talk, already. Nobody. Ever achieves greatness, alone. Greatness. Is a team sport, look. Around you look, at the people you're in these chairs with and look at the folks up in the stands. You. Are here, because an ecosystem, of teamwork got. You to this position. Success. Is a, team sport I. Can't. Change diversity, inclusion in the United States by myself, it's. Not possible. With. A group of CEOs together, we, can make a difference, and disrupt. Our status quo, one. Of the biggest gifts you can give to yourself is. Permission. Not to have all the answers in. The. Courage, to surround yourself with people who will help you arrive at better answers, for. The good of all. Graduates.

As I wrap up. I want. Her to go back in history. There. Was a time in our country. Where. Slavery was. Okay. There. Was a time, in our, history where. Women not being able to vote was. Okay, for. Most of us it's almost, impossible. To see how that could have ever been viewed as okay. But. It changed, because people. People. Just like you, were. Willing to, disrupt. And challenge. The status quo and, bring. Balance to, our world. My. Wish for all of you is, that. A hundred years from now someone. Is standing up at this podium, they're. Looking out at an amazing, group of graduates, ambitious. Talented. Smart and. They. Talk about how our world lived in 2019. Separate. Apart. And in. Equal. And. We all begin, to wonder why, that was okay. But. Then they. Thank you they. Thank you because you had the courage to disrupt. The status quo and make. A difference, in bring balance to, our world. You. Want to be leaders in consequence. Three. Simple piece of advice, number. One make. It personal, from the heart. Number. Two be. Willing to be unpopular, in. Number, three don't. Go it alone. Folks. Congratulations. I wish you an amazing future thank you. Tim. Thank you so much for your, extraordinary. And. Inspirational. Remarks and, for your, willingness to say more than it. Depends. We'd. Like to honor you, by giving you a gift of appreciation and, so on behalf of the entire community, I. Give. You. So. Now we turn to recognition. Of the graduates, and so I'd like to ask Steve mizerock Oh to step forward. Bluff. Bottom. Line up front. Bluff. It's. Been a dream, an. Honor. And, privilege, to work. With. And learn from you all, the. Class of 2019. We. The faculty and staff are, all proud and thankful. To share in this experience with, you all we're. Incredibly grateful for everything you've done to. Make team feel good better. So. Ten years ago I. Had. The pleasure of walking across this stage to. Shake the deans hand as. A Fuqua graduate. The. Opportunity, to reflect on, two. Highly impactful, years, and. I was faced with tremendous, uncertainty, around. What would come next. Fortunately. Thanks. To some, incredible mentors. That. Were on the same stage, my. Journey started. Working. At a place I loved Fuqua. Two. Years ago starting, at your orientation. I the. Honor to embark on an, unbelievable dream. That. Started with welcoming you. All. Still. Vividly recall the sights. The. Sounds the anticipation. The excitement, and. Even my own nerves from those three long days I, do. Feel like it was just yesterday that I with admiration. And. Pride, observe. Kate. Louie. Tim. Johnny. On the street nice job by the way man and, many. Others crazily lead in their section Cheers, that. Experience is the gate of my first set of coffee. Chats with you all to learn more about your experience and. Continued. With. So many fantastic interactions. Your. Class, the. Class of 2019. Will. Forever be the class that, helps shape what, team fuqua means to me. In. The. Past two years. Through. Many highs and. Also a few lows I've. Admired how you've elevated your classmates. Supported. Each other. Learn. And. Grow. As. Students. Now. Especially, as alums I am proud to be on your team a few. Thank-yous to, you. All I am still thankful to have you as part of the Fuqua family. Family. Is so important, and. The, spirit of Mother's Day I've. Tried to welcome you and. Support you in way that would make my mom proud. Mom. Thank you for being my role model, my. Inspiration, and my. Motivation to lead and to love. To. The class of 2019, I'm. Thankful. For your time. Your. Passion. Your. Patience. Your. Partnership, and, your. Commitment to Fuqua and to each other. Jeannette, and Taylor thank. You. FS. BC thank. You. I'm, thankful to your partners your family and your friends for the support on this journey as I. Mentioned it your orientation, please. Know that the gift you've given yourself is, a lifetime membership. We. Are here for you please. Always consider, this home. Clear. Eyes farts. From the bottom of my heart thank, you. Okay. So it's almost that time before, we individually, recognize all graduates, we like to acknowledge and celebrate a number of today's graduates for various achievements. First. For each graduating, class we recognize the top 10% of, the class based. On their academic achievement. These. Students, are designated, as speak with scholars and the recipients, are noted in your program with. The 2019. Fuqua scholars please stand and be recognized. Second. The students in the graduating, class when, the fuqua Dean's nominate, and select a number of students for awards based on their contributions to the fuqua community, these. Awards and the recipients, are also noted in your program at. This time I asked the second year recipients, please stand and be congratulated, for your achievements.

Okay. It. Is now time to, individually recognize each, of our graduates we, at least ask each of our graduates that come forward to be recognized, and congratulated, by Dean bolding Tim. Ryan and myself. At. This time I would like to ask Kathryn shipper the Thomas F Keller professor, of Business Administration to, read the names of our graduating PhD, students. We, how young. Kevin. Kaiju. Arjan. Cough lucky. Jomkwan, lay. Andrew. Frizzle. Levi. Develop. Juwan. Kim. Hi, Raj Oh. Yankie. My. Jae Hyun Kim. Thank. You Catherine now. I would like to ask Ruskin, Morgan our city associate, dean for full-time, programs and Cherie Hubert associate dean of admissions please. Come forward to read the names of our graduating, MBA students. Jeannette. Cornelia. Jonathan. Johnny on the street would work. Arthur. Taylor Donner. Mohamad. Aboah. But. The. Remagen. Aya. Ahmad. Rosana. Geraldine, aria. Ashley, Marie Brown. Nikita. Sergeyevich a vedere school. Sara. J our neo. Winny. Arranged Ernie. Michael. Patrick Rena. Chassé. Steven, Alan. Ashley. Averill. Tania. Asar. Brooks. Joseph, Baumgartner. Kameron. Wayne butcher. Megan. Mackenzie, Bieber. Bill. Astronauts. Philip. Tyler Bathurst. Brendan. Bonner. Nadia. Bagrat, Oba. Aastha. Button. Eggar. We. Too are raw. Matias. Barbaro. Don. Robert, belt jr.. Jeans. I. Gee. They Aminu. Nanuk. Waku among bang. Here. In Bali. Abdul's. Zeinab, a lagoon. J. Alex Bowman. Me. And Onan. Michael. Joseph Crowder. Joshua. David Byrne. Stephen. Brando we. Ginger. A chow. They. Launch ow. Jirobo. Galovski. Moshe. Abramovich. Or. Even AMI. ALDS. Ricardo. Mal de gomez-perez. Louisa. Bertani. Andre. Pam, boy. Allen. Pirelli Barbosa, beefy. Alcides. Piace Junior. Nathan. Jacob, rager, medical, school. Retty. Kabir. Tomorrow. Our on G amar Singh gay. Alisa. Mara Brandon. Christina. Natalie, Abruzzi knee. A. Dish. Bombay. Chumphon. Ciao. Maria. Alina, Becerra. Maria. Jose, Arriba. -. Up a collegio Julia. Hakuna. Each team okay oh yeah. Jonathan. Michael booze. Mesirow. Vuitton, Yin. Matthew. Spencer, Burton. Sebastien. Arrested. Pairen, accrue. A poppin. Seeing. You on back. Josemaria. Cow. Alexandra. Nixie Chen. Johanna. Christine, Daae. Arpi. God. Why. Do you fool. Christopher. Joseph casselli. John, Bryan Clark. Louisa. Armas. Emily. Rachel karz. Kevon. Chain. Oriana, karelis. Gloria. In town. Timothy. Robert Curran. Andre. Emery D'Agostino. Tayler. Karen, Jackson gir. Colin. David Emerson. Michael. Patrick Crowley. Brad. Davis. Justin. Michael Fink. Matthew. Edward Dillon. Geoffrey. Francis Fanning. Raijin. Vicki chance. Christopher. King hotel. Amanda. Perine, Kareena don't bus. Maria. Eugenia kobato. Alejandro. Fernandez, Loretta. Even. L door. A. Nude, story. James. Our couch the third. William. Savatya. Jr.. David. Alexander claps. Frank. Moore Crocker. Kevin. Bomb Qi. Victoria. Lin Dan. Michelle. Sarod, Rosner. Zoe. De Brucker I. Beg. Choco tears. Binet. Savage Davidson. James. Pierce Conklin. Amandla. Muriel Fox. Eight. And John Fitzgerald. Christos. Colitis. Laura. Marie Gardner. Is. That if I had. Robert. Thomas Galligan. Kelly-ann. Froelich. Octavio. Coleman eras, fired. Paulo. Passaglia. Cataloging. A bellow. Andre. Lambert, genius. Tiffany. Taisha Alice. Amandla. Chin. Ekaterina. Gordeeva. Nicole. Chen. Christopher. Yukio Dumond. Tilman. Joseph Babu. Julio. Galvez. Reuven. David, Galvin. Samuel. Brock Elliott. Sachi. Chawla. Michael. Dong. Sylvia, choy. Robert. In Frasier. Andrew, Michael Fredricksen. Catherine. Jane boo year. Kristen. Murphy keener. Lauren. Nicole gage. Alice. And Clara Fredman. See. Yet they on. Tzitzit. The side. When. You're a karate MJ. CEO. Tony gouache. Peter. Joe, Bernardo. Keith. Allen glass Brooke dual, degrees full of the environment. Nakia. Bola. Khushboo. Golani. Our. Teague, body. Jessie. Guam. Jonathan. Adam guy. Shannon. Gray sir. Animus. Jane. John, Dee Harper, third. Charles. Gregory Hatcher. Bradon, Ray Hess. Omar. Saddam Hussein. Jeffrey. John Howard. Benjamin. Deathless oakum. Emilia. Hope ho dual degrees for the environment. Jeanette. Wang. And. The end. Lakeisha. Beth Henderson, Davis. Leigha. Jordan, Haynesworth. Barri. Kong. Jose. Ignacio, and Jimena. It's, Mia Marcello Hernandez. And. Fulton, heart. Michael's. Tailor Hoffman. Jenna. Hailey cats. Muraki. Arun Kumar. Jose. Ignacio, Greta kenapa. Reuben. Gentlemen. Tomer.

Cats. Elizabeth. Locke crystally. Alexandra. Jeanine Kim. Brad. D payback. Saji. Andrew cannot. William. Holwick. Christopher. Kirkman. Coral. Quarry Phillip Kushner. Rafael. Jimenez. Becca. Yaki, Joe Kannada. Nikita. Even, Janka. Ashley. Danielle King. Lauren. Michelle Khan. Christopher. Alan Kilgore. A. New. Sorry. Stuart, Lando Jardine. Yonghwa. Keith angel. She, beta. Yejin. Whoo. Samuel. Joseph Corbett. Hello. I'm jose advanced. Dia. Savas. Janssen. Ryan. Robert, Hill. In Fisher Graham. Bradlee. Stephen Kanaskie. William. John Hawley the second. Nicholas. Link healthy. Seth, our board enhances. Derick, Francis Gould. David. Raymer. Eli, Benjamin, Khan. Lilandra. Can do. Anish. Kataria. Oh cool, Kumar. Once. A con. G&K. Ali, Ainsley, Jones. Benjamín. Way Richard, Mayhew. Jim. Young Lee. Yo. Keely. Last night Deshawn. Lewis. Hector. Lo. Hanna, Frey, lobber. Charles. Edward Lewis the third. Max. Man, doneck. Rana. Alexandra. Marx. Christopher. Mathis. Matthew. Armando. Martinez. Sean, Michael, Miller. Samuel. Ellis, MacLeod. Who. En Elise, tong li. Colleen. Margaret, Maloney. Travis. Raymond, McNamara. Jeffrey. Appel Mitchell. Sean. Mayta. Unsure. Mattar. Harold. Robert Melia. Shawn. William. McMahon. Mark. Richardson, moring. Callie. Murphy. Heather. Melchior. Maurin. Joe, Malin. Megan. Putnam, McGee. Many. Whele even, over the Cova. Felicia. Bianca. My, nigga. Christina. Magalhães, Vemma Brenda. Leo. Moab. Leamas. Pedro. Augusto, sukira, Mendonsa. Thiago. Miranda. Edwyn. Matters. Gaston. Or Neto. Hi. Maya Geraldo. Laguna. Salazar. Carlos. Alberto majira, Zarko. See. Lou. Elliott, Lee dual-degree. With the medical school. Marley's. Messy, Oh. Wayne. Long win. Min, vant Wan Li. Kevin. Scott McCoy. Christopher. Kon win. Dexter. Lou. Victor. Chun Lu a. Use. Man Singh. Mike. Metcalf, ski. Wyeth. Andrew, McKinney. Thomas. Hemingway, McNamara. Christopher. Harry Lions. Jonathan. Edward, Morgan. Gal. Car nazarova. Megan. M Nicholas, Harper, dual degree with the school of the environment. Derek. Lam. Steve. Seungcheol. Oak. Yoshino. Li negishi. Karin lo ha. She, Lou. Knio, knio. Jonathan. Michael miller-meeks. Charles. Linden, Neil. Sara. Elizabeth. Niels. Amanda. Lee Nelson. David. McArthur, nay heart. Masaki. Hamachi. Matthew. Thomas, Oppenheimer. Christopher. Patrick, orchard. Agent. Cue. Elizabeth. Catherine, Quinn sir joint. Degree with the law school. Slava, Petrova. Lowell. Myles Simpson. Sar. Rub picker. Devere. Shammai. Matthew. Daniel, pepper. Touch. It ray. Jared. Sneed. Matthew. Dwight Smith, Daniels. Stephanie. Marie Salem. Caitlin. Kehoe. Chirac. Caray. Flattered. Elizabeth. Page currency. Alexandra. Beth Schreiber. Elizabeth. Plotkin. William. James Sherpa. Joshua. Alexander. Ruffin, ski. James, Gilbert, pageant. Brent, Rothschild. Her. Sharma. Tomas. Center, Leia. Fernando. Sub, that dress. Alejandro. Rodriguez, vineya Martinez. Juan. Francisco petit. A guy. Jose. Guillermo. Bar, delle the, river otto hoo-ee. One, Manuel, Restrepo. Jose, Antonio breeze. Pablo. Rihanna Shibuya. Christina. Mackenzie. Decker. Tawa. Arturo. Sonia. Ashley. Morgan, Rosenthal. Gabrielle. Rachel, Sonia. Josh. Salim. Jeremy. Are Santiago. Brian. Wynn Salisbury. Nathan. Charles, Smith. Brian, Winthrop. Platter. Zachary, Daniel, Seagle. Justin. McKay Smith. Anon. Jatin, Shah dual, degree at the Medical School. Tarik. Ziad, Sayid. Todd. H Riggs. Clinton. Chappell, Richardson. Tyler. James sip, Allah. Anthony. Michael Solis. Zachary. M price. Charles. Cody Schuler. Derek. Anthony, Sousa. Eric. David, Perkins. Jordan. Hayes real endure. Thomas. Richard peacock. Fernanda. Frizzle, Rousso. Christian. Romney. Robinson. Edgar. Patino Dan, Earhart. Franco. Pen Amonte Pollock. Julie. Elizabeth, Smith. Ask. Me Patel. Stacy, pipe. Neha. Prakash. Paige. Murray Schofield. Kunti Jack. Bryant. Show. Mono. Seeker. Michael. Callahan, Zelda, Ryoga.

Danielle. Reilly sword. William. Michael Cheyne house. Timothy. David, Smith. Michael. Andrew, Perlmutter. Allisyn. Louise Smith. Charlotte. Hamilton Ryan. Andrea. Kylie, Smith. Karolina. Beatriz, Pardo. SK. Sarangi. Jung, Hwan Park. Sudhir. Kumar petha. Margaret. Bush stealin. James, Angelo. Williams. Made. Us wrong. Alex. Sabotage. Lakshmi. Suresh. Jason. Scott Taylor. Race. Tonk. Chase. Devon you listening. Ravi, gulab, t'lani. Patrick. Manly, star. Varun. Vaswani. Rimington. Thomas, Williams. Meishan. Michael, Wilson. Justin. Quan, tang. Julie. SPO vente. Stephanie. Lee here. Michael. John vedera. Mark, yan. Wiling. Son. Chris. Zhiming, Wang. Lorena, Vasquez. De Silva dual degree with the school environment. Shayla. And Stuart. ELISA, Kate Steinmetz. Jaclyn. Murray Wiseman. Katherine. Lee Thomas. Vincent. See. Danny, whoo. Ting. Jiang. Ross. King, Stewart. Michael. Jacob, Thompson. And, Ruth Gordon Vance. Paul, Howard, Taylor. The. Lawn, Spencer. Karen. - Chang. Sarah. Catherine, Bentley. Nina. Shrivastav. Jordan. Tabby Aaron Cavanaugh. Jenna. Nicole whiner. Alexander. Susan. Jordan. Terry. Colin. Robert, silo. Jeffrey. A wire. Coat. A. New. Swapna. Sundar, eval. Ming, G yang. Your, stress. Quick. Sergio. Enrique, the tall de Carvalho Silva. Elliott. Teaming, Wang. Kevin. Stephen, yep, check. April. Wang. Mohammed. Xia. Christopher. Thomas. Montse. Rajendra. Sonie Rufin. Ash. -, mwah. Sweaty. Tiwari. Silas. Tota. Nina. Zhang. Timothy. Gen Hong Yoon. Sooo, yeah. Sher, yang. You, jingchou. Nature. Versus. Vivo. Mohit. Verma. Cristobal. Chico, Valenzuela, Gamboa. Nikolas. Whitmer. Philippe. Philippe. Zuluaga. Could. I please ask the, graduates. To stand. Please. Join, me. Okay. So I didn't even have to complete the sentence join me in congratulating our, graduates but, fantastic. So, I'd like the students, to remain standing if, everyone else could please be seated. And. If you could remain seated until all. Of us have recessed, out of the building and then, join us over in the Fox Center for the continuing, celebration. Of this great day. Before. We recess, out, of the building I, can't. Miss this opportunity for. A final set of words to the graduates. So. Every time. We. Have a graduating, class. They. Always want to know what. Makes them different and. So. For this group I. Think. What really distinguishes you, is. That. If we think about graduation, oftentimes, people think about this as a backward-looking, exercise. As something, to reflect on what you've done and, that, is an important, aspect of what you've done but. What you've done is you look back should also be preparing, you for what, you do moving forward because. Commencement. Is, actually, about commencing. Something. New. And. So I want to say a little bit about why I think this, class is particularly. Well prepared, to commence. On the journey post, fuqua. So. I recently received, a. Recruiter. Survey. Through. My role as a GMAC. And, it. Listed, the top skills, that, recruiters, are looking for. The. Number one skill, recruiters. Are looking for is. Working. With others. That's. Team Fuqua the, ability, to work with others and to, bring out their best, the. Number two item on that list, is. To manage, self. That. They can hire someone and, understand, that. They can do the job and they. Can do it the right way. To, take an exhibit, the kind of uncompromising, integrity, that's, so critical in the world today, but. It's people who, will think like as Coach K said just the other day people. Who will think like owners and, not renters. The. Third item on the list is problem. Solving and. Here's. Where you. Definitely excel, because, you understand, to solve a problem. The. Way you can do that better than anyone else is not to do it by yourself. But. To bring out the best from others around you to, solve the problem, jointly. The. Fourth item is. Listening. Not. Speaking, listening. In. The. Fifth item is, adaptability. And, flexibility. I think. These last two items go together. Which. Is there's. Simply. Exemplars. Of. Humility. The. Willingness to listen to others the willingness to believe that others might know more than you and therefore, the willingness to adapt, and, flex. In terms of your plans and, all. Of you have, embraced this as a, part of team fuqua and so, you've come here, you've, embraced the ideals of team fuqua and you've, made them better and for. That I will be eternally, grateful so, thank you for what you've done for. The school. Having. Said that the, other thing that I've come to realize is when people want to know what makes you different that's not really the question they want answer but. The true question that they're asking is, do. You love us and are, we your favorites. And so. Here, let me say. Unambiguously. That, yes I do love you and you, are my, favorite best. Class, ever. There's. Only one thing you have to keep in mind, which. Is you, should be hoping that, a year from now I say, exactly the, same thing to that graduating.

Class. Because. If I don't say that that, means we're no longer getting better every, year after. Every year and so, I look forward to being able to say the same thing again next year, so. Having thanked. You I'd, now like to. Make. Some requests, of you. The. First one is something you've heard repeatedly. During the day but it bears repeating which. Is you. Did not get here on your own. Please. Show, appreciation to. The people who got you here your. Inclination, will be let, me talk to my classmates, because after, today you may be spreading, to, the four corners of the world and so, let me soak up every last minute with, my classmates, while I'm with them but. Don't forget the. People they're here to celebrate with you who, allowed this celebration, to happen and so, please show, that appreciation. Deeply. And frequently, because. It matters a lot. The. Second thing that I ask is please. Stay. Connected to us as. You. Think about your experience. Think. About all the times that you've benefited, from, the, people who preceded you. The. People who may have come back to give you advice who. May have given you networking, opportunities. Who, may have come into your classes been, on panels. Please. Stay connected because. We need you to continue to invest in the, people who, will follow you. The. Third request. I have is. Something that you've, also been hearing. About today, which. Is stay, connected to one another. Please. Don't assume just, because you, love each other so much today. That, those bonds, will automatically. Renew year, after year you. Will have to work, because. Life is going to come at you fast and furious. You're. Going to have work changes, life, changes. Everything. Will be changing, and it's. Going to be very easy to, focus, on what's right in front of you, but. Don't forget what's. Always going, to be with you and since. Jeannette referred, to a song I'll refer to a song which is the. Official song for the Liverpool Football Club not. Expressing, any allegiances. Necessarily. But. The official song is you'll, never walk alone. Make. Sure, that. You never walk alone, because. You have access, to this incredible. Network this incredible, community. Keep. The bonds strong keep, the ties strong, because. These are people who will make a difference in your lives for. The rest of your lives so please, don't forget them and, the. Last thing that I ask of you is. The. Most important, which, is we've we've, heard about, being. Consequential. Being. A leader of consequence, and. So. This ask is very simple, it's something that you hear all the time but. Please embrace, this. Opportunity, to. Use the platform of business, to use your leadership, position, in the world to. Bring other people along with you to, make a difference, in the lives of other people to, lead a life not just of success, but. It's life, of significance as, well, and. If you think back to when I welcomed, you into the community I told. You that one of the things that, distinguishes the. Fuqua community, is the. Fact that we are happy, and. It's. True that we have a lot of fun and. That's an important, part of happiness, but. Also remember, what, I meant when I talked about happiness, which is the way Aristotle. Views happiness, which. Is making full use of your talents, along the lines of excellence, making. Sure, that you use your full potential, and making.

Sure That others get to exhibit, their. Full potential. So. Please as you go forward in life, stay. Happy. And. Finally. Be, consequential. Thank you so much. You.

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