The Download with Jamy Schumacher | Living the Woo Life Episode 5

The Download with Jamy Schumacher | Living the Woo Life Episode 5

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Hey. Everybody this is Martha from tribe finder, thank, you for watching another video of ours do not forget, to subscribe to, our channel, below our. Channel is for, spiritual. Businesses, healers. Coaches. Holistic. Practitioners. Were all about building, your business, and helping. You totally. Succeed. So. Everybody. Welcome, to living. The wool life I am your host I am Martha Krejci, I am the CEO and, co-founder of. Tribe, finder. So. This is brought to you by tribe finder we're, the one place that you're able to learn all of the. Wellness options, out there as well, as find, a local practitioner. We, believe that true wellness, actually. Comes from a clear mind a healthy. Body and a, well-fed. Soul. So come check us out at the, tribe finder com. That. Is actually, where Jamie is, Jamie. Schumacher is here with me tonight she, is with, a new perspectives. Healing Center she practices. Oneness, and LP. And oh, my. Goodness I've had a session with her myself, she's, freaking amazing what, we're talking about tonight is a download, that she had a week or so ago oh gosh it's been about two weeks ago oh. My. Goodness, time right. Well. Jamie go ahead and take it away tell, us about this download. Sure. Well, there's so much there's so much to it or so many layers it, feels like. You. Know so I am. A healer, and actually, through a lot of the things that I've done with tribe finder, and sweet ride finder and all the resources that you want for their it become much more clear about who I'm working with and as. That got clearer I realize. That I am I, tend, to be a healers healer so a lot of the clients that I work with are, healers, themselves, and, are light workers, and. I. Woke up one morning with, just this complete, awareness that. 98%. Of them have, this. Wound. If ancient, ancient. Fear. Around, being seen and that. Consistently. It stems, from. Lifetime's. Of being persecuted, for their gifts, and. I. Just, you know this mate this, may be plain. As day, some people, but it's, like I knew it in my head but I woke up with this awareness it is so consistent, like it's the collective. Fear. A, collective, wound that. Exists. In the in the laborers community and healers. We. Know that there's something big we're here to do we. Can, almost see. It and we can feel it but there's something, that just, kind of is in the way of, us. Really. Stepping into that light stepping, into our healing, and claiming or claiming. What, we're here to do, and. So what, I what, I felt called to do was, to. Bring. This up to the conscious awareness because, it exists, in this unconscious, place in all of us that. We you know and it's scared to be seen but, we also know that we have really powerful gifts, that were here to share and so, is it. No. It gets brought so that conscious awareness that we can start to go oh maybe, that is something that I have in it it you know allows it to come to the surface a little bit quicker. Little bit easier little indirectly, so, yeah that's. You know I actually I did a reading for somebody last weekend, and that was what came that, that exact, thing.

Came. Up where it was the number for her was 30 like 30 lifetime, she had gone through and every single lifetime had. Been persecuted, for her spiritual. Gifts that she had but, she kept coming back around she. Kept doing it she kept coming back around and and and, in, every lifetime she she never backed down from it, what, was but continued, to carry that right. In there but. The. Realization is that all. Of those lifetimes, had to be experienced. For our evolution. For us to stand in this power now you, know that that is part of it but, what I realized, was that humanity, has never been ready for it that's why we look but. Humanity, is ready, it, is time for, humanity, to wake up it's time for us to remember our connection, and that's. That. That's why it's time for us to step out of that shadow and out of that fear because this time we aren't, going to get killed for it we aren't going to get you know persecuted, the same way I mean. We. May have the religious, friend or, the, traditional. Or old-fashioned, neighbor whatever, that you know, brings. Up the fear but it's actually not about them they're just showing us that deep part that has that fear, that's coming, to the surface to be healed so yeah. Well. Because the same way that we have that, going. Back. Right, they. Also have, like a fear, going back to right I mean they there's, they've got their own stuff, I mean, that's. That's. Really really interesting and when you were saying that when you were saying it's time for. Everybody to wake up now as soon, as you said that of course goosebumps. All over my body big, old sweater, on and I've got goose bumps. Started. From my ankles, came right on up. Yes. That's exactly that's. Exactly it. Ah I'm, gonna see what people are saying here, oh my word there are so many. Let. Me see hey. Davina, Vikki hello everyone hello ma'am. Tish is here Stacey yes absolutely. Tish, hi lovelies hello, Vicki. Yes indeed Tish yes I just got. Done doing an animal, card reading and everyone. Was like wow this is powerful, awesome. Hey. Katie. Is here Jan's, here Tish said oh yes it is, wait I'm hekia, Stacy, I learned that I was a witch in a past life time and was killed for my healing gifts, that's a lot of us have he Morgan a lot, of us have.

Well. I mean a lot of us have those paths and and it's exactly like what Jamie said I mean I agree completely, with, what Jamie said. We. It's we. Get we. Keep growing, our skill sets right and then, we learn the things that we need to know to. Come, to this pinnacle place, to come to this place to do this thing and we have an interesting thing happening, with timelines, right now - right where things, are definitely criss, crossing and sort of popping in and out and you don't really know where where. You are sometimes, but. But, like I I was doing my makeup the other day and I know, that I posted, about it too but I was doing my makeup the other day and it, was like I was putting on more paint it was like it's, it was that kind of timeline, switch, up where, like, you're remembering, another time, you're, remembering, another like, another, something. But you're bringing things, from, those. Previous, lives into. This one because they matter so, much right. Now right like, that's it's, I love, it I love it I love it. How. That came up for me so as I was looking at my own wounds and I know it came up when we had done everything together Marsha that Michael. The veil yeah. They're. Like fog they're kind of it's like I could see what, I was supposed to do but there was something just kind. Of a veil that made it unclear, to, me and. In the process, I did with a friend so she's. Also a oneness NLP, practitioner video, sometimes, you. Can't do surgery on yourself you need someone else to help. You see those parts, that you can't see yourself so. It's like I can feel this veil I know but, there's something between, me and it and. In the process I realized, that. That, I actually chose, that veil that in some lifetime, I. Chose. It to for protection, I said don't. Let me see my gifts anymore so that I cannot, be more suited for them so I can't access them, to. The extent, you know that they're there or so that I can keep myself and my loved ones safe because I've experienced, it so many times and, it. Was so powerful to, realize that I made this agreement and I could change, this agreement, I can revoke. That agreement say I want my powers back I want to see them fully and. So. I just feel like to bring that to, your awareness because, it wasn't only me there were several of us that had experienced, that that we actually self, invoked, the, blinders, out. Of protection, and so you know there may be others, out there who.

Need. To hear that trigger to look within their own records. In there past experience, to see if somewhere they asked for that for themselves as, well and to, rewrite, that agreement, for themselves I love. That I would challenge, anybody. That's, even a little bit, curious. About. Things. Unseen, that's even a little bit curious that, there's more. Than. These, than these. Solid. Structures, around us right then there's if if you're even, just wondering. Right, talk. To somebody just talk to if it there's, lots of people if you come in spiritual, influencers, group there's lots of us there there's, Jamie, there's myself there's I mean there's so many of us you, can go on to the tribe finder calm there are lots of people there right. The, Lightworker alliance we have lots of people in there in that Facebook, group to you, guys there, are lots, of us, okay, and the reason that we're, here, standing. In it the way that we're standing in it is to, be able to help, you, do, the same okay. We're, not here, to toot. Out some sort of blasphemy. And whatever we're. Just. Trying to come back to good we're. Just trying to get back to Center again that's, it's, all, of this other stuff is is I mean it's quite frankly the make-believe right, it's. It's, it's. So much more I think there's so much more and when you can connect this when you can connect, to that it's. Just so absolutely powerful. And especially. If you have kids guys if, you, have kids. You. Owe it, to them. Okay. You. Owe it to them. I'm, gonna do it again cuz it happens every time. Every. Time I talk about kids. So. We owe it, to them they came here to do they. Came here to usher, in love okay that's their job that's what they came here to do and they came into a pretty difficult climate. In which to do it okay so, us as, their, parents. Right. There in their house with them we have to make it okay. We have to show them that it's okay to be. This way because everybody else is gonna show them it's not right, yeah. Let. Me see what what, folks are all my words he I get so I it, goes so fast and, then and. Then I just don't know where I am, sorry. Oh. Gosh. Okay. There. We go Davina, hey Martha hey Davina, Lucky hi all hello hi, Jose Tish. Oh wow I relate to the Vale, awesome. Monique, I remember, saying, that agreement, as a child oh wow. Monique, Thank You Jamie, awesome, Stacey, thank. You awesome, Tish. Love our tribe heck yeah hi. Betsy. Ruki, is here hey Jamie and Martha hey wookie, and then she said yay Stacey. I truly, admire I. Truly. Admire you and Mike as parents, so much oh well, thank. You we're by, no means. By. No means are we perfect we. Get frustrated we, mean very well and we, do the best that we can that's what I can say. Hey. Alex, Monique. We owe it to ourselves, to. Be loved and be okay with being ourselves absolutely. Ruki, you both look amazing and beautiful boy, that's the second time somebody said that I'm, just gonna say maybe, we should do this more often and, I'm gonna wear this sweater more often now. Does. Anybody have any questions, or anything, Ruki, Martha. I love you grandma oh and, Ruki said jamie is such a sweetheart she, is yeah, I got some meat looky today oh did. You isn't, she great. She's. Sweet, Alex, said jamie is your offer for exchange. For testimonials, still on I finally, figure what I want to do. Alex. Is now down for a furrow reading and you guys if you're watching this right now and and. You haven't jumped into the, spiritual, influencers. Group yet, in that, group we, have we, have a thread in there that, if. You're a practitioner, or, something you can go ahead and offer, your service, in, exchange for a testimonial. So that's going on which. Has been doing okay but we have one in the tread finder member group that, went hot sauce real quick like it's got it's. Got a ridiculous. Amount of comments on it I. Think some people turned off notifications and, then they didn't realize other people, started. Adding other services. So all. Right but. And. So I picked up all the services. Like. Well I'll take that and oh. Man. It was funny. All, right let's, see. Katie. I just had another download, about kids the other day man, kids, are everything right hey Cara. Monique, suggestion. On reversing, the agreement, oh there you go so. That's a question for you Jamie so Monique, is asking, for a suggestion, on reversing, the agreement, okay, I, mean. I believe that, you know this process, is very personal, to each of us like for me though I could share what that was like. I had, to access, that, lifetime in that memory, and, it's visual, for me so I. Visualized. The picture, the situation, the story where I was acts and, I, have to, acknowledge.

And, Understand. The reason why I did it because it served a purpose and, so if I'm going to remove. A resource, that, serves a purpose I have to be able to replace, it with. A resource, that serves the same purpose essentially. You. Know so for me it was protection. And that's why that was there and in order to fully learn that lesson and, to release that that. Strategy. For, protection, essentially, I need a new strategy and, so, I also in that place had to acknowledge what, my protection, is now and that is my divinity that is my connection, to my source and that's. More powerful, than anything. Can. Come. At me that can happen I mean like just my understanding, of myself, as. An infinite being is my protection now so I haven't upgraded resource. Essentially. And. Listening. To your higher self asking. What needs, to be done here you. Know what, was the agreement and what do I need to, reclaim. Essentially. You, know so for me it really was acknowledging. And releasing. Those that I had protected, with it too, because. In that in that lifetime it really was I make this agreement, to protect my family my, you know like soul family, and. I was releasing, them as well, and it was amazing, because two days later my youngest sister, called me and, said, yeah. Someday, like two days ago I don't know what happened is a Collison, I recognized myself again, I've, been in this fog that we you know like not recognizing. The energy, work and kind of in my head all. Of a sudden I recognize myself again. Exponentially. Reaches. But. It really is a personal experience it really is asking, your higher self and asking, that part of you what, that agreement was what it was rooted in and what, needs to be done to. Rewrite. It essentially. But that's what my process. Yeah. Oh that's cool and Monique, you're and tried find her - I mean you might if you're still doing, the, the. Trade-off for testimony, on Jamie maybe yeah, maybe she can do a guided thing with you Monique maybe you guys need to hook up hook, up after the show. But. Like in in other cases that would mean something. About. Kids. To. Them and just awareness, that just like we receive. Our physical, traits from our ancestors, which, are my parents we also receive, our energetic treats, and that, we as parents as we heal those things we are clearing, that. For our children too, so not, only do we owe it to them to stand, in our truth and lead, by example right, model, that behavior but. Also the healing that we do it within ourselves, gives. Them that healing, for their lives to give them like this fresh start you know to work. Their magic to, do to, do their thing. It's. Gonna be amazing. Whether, we help them or not it's gonna be amazing, but why. Not make it easier, for them why not contribute. To that healing so, right. I mean, preach. Yes. Yes. Stacey. I posted, mine today Oh for the. Switchy. Referral. Thing. Jenny, hey Jenny Alex. I was down, before but didn't know what to do huh I was scrolling through those services, but couldn't figure out what I needed. Ruki. Had such an amazing journey, awesome. Rooky got to know how. Many people and. Experience. All got to know so many people and, experience, the services, cool rookie I missed the initial part we'll catch replay later sounds good Tish. Love that thread, Monique. Thank you that would be awesome sauce, great, there, you go rooky. I had such an amazing time, with Jamie and this visualization, resonates. To. That and it helped me in such a huge way that's. Awesome. Tish, I love the snot out of you Jamie oMG. The fog that lifts, the fog that was me last week. Mookie's. Standing, for an ancestral, realm is a new thing I learned from Jamie today oh man. That, opens up a whole thing. Right I mean, when. You yes. Yes. When. You can start working with that energy, you guys everything. Is connected. Everything. Is, connected, it's, not just a phrase it's, a thing it's. Yeah. And so many times the ancestral, healing that happens, you. Know when you go back and you heal that ancestor. They, can also heal, the others in that in, that, place in their lives too so you're sending healing, John, so, many time lines and so, many. Family. Lines. You know and, it's it's, amazing. To. Witness it's, amazing. To see the ships and to. Because. Obviously when you heal your ancestors. You're also healing yourself you go back to that place where the wood started, or the fears or whatever. Energies. Started, and that trickles down through every. Generation back. To you, so you're not just healing them. You're healing your whole family. Essentially. Yeah. And it feels so awesome you, guys whenever I did my and it doesn't take long I, mean some people might might take a little while to work through it mine, whenever.

We Did it gosh it was like a half-hour or something but. It. Was intense. And I. Remember. When the healing when we got to the point the, point of like where. That little girl was way, back like it was when we got there, and that healing happened, it, was I, don't. Know, if I can describe the feeling actually I don't know I started, the sentence cuz I don't know that I can describe, the feeling I can, more give you a visual of just like glowing, it was, like it, was like everything, just started, glowing, around, me and in. That in that visual, where I was and, then, he. It's. Just it wasn't, all is well feeling. And going. Into it my feeling was not all as well that, was it, was not it was very very far from that and and. Just. Addressing. It and healing. It it just it you. Knew, that you were healing. Ancestral. Ties you, knew it because you could feel it like you could feel the shift that's what it was you could feel the, in like everybody. And, it's almost like there. Was a. Wave. Of gratitude. To, in that same moment from, from everybody, else involved right, like a poof. Like, look, you know that okay. Well that's the key right that's that's, what happens. When you switch from, victim. From something happen to me - oh I. See, why it happened, for me now you know like when you can see the. Purpose, behind it, you cannot, feel like a victim anymore and you feel gratitude. For. Even. The hardest. Circumstances. When you can stand in gratitude for, those, experiences. You know that it's healed you know and you can say thank you for that pain from. Here, you know it's not just I'm, grateful, and I'm grateful, for the peace. Resonates. As gratitude, you. Healed that wound. You. Can use it you can take. Others, to the depth within themselves. That's. What it's all about I, love. It I love, it I love it let. Me see where whoops. Jenny. Hello there hey Jenny, Ruki, Thank You Martha for getting us together under, an umbrella to know each other and stand for each other it. Is my job and I love every minute of it so he don't have to thank me. Hey, crystal, crystal, blade I'll have to watch the replay ah. Ruki, hey Tish and crystal, crystal. Haruki. Ruki. Why it happened, for, me I love, that isn't it great when she says that I love whenever she says that -, because. That's that, is yeah. That's what we have to come around to is is. Finding. The finding, the reason, finding, the reason why things are, happening because it's it's not, it's. Not it's not for nothing and. It's never what the mind thinks either the mind tries to figure it out but you might, can't. So, it really has to get out of the mind and into your heart center to really experience. Whatever. It is that that, experience, holds for you. Because. The mind can only experience, what, it has experienced. In this lifetime right like it can only be. Man. Tissue. I love that Jamie it happened for me crystal, lol, crystal, this is all we do in every video we say hi to each other forever. Ruki. Lol crystal can't get enough, you guys are goofy okay. Um. Well. Now I'm just gonna do I'm gonna do a couple I'm not gonna do actual Akashic, record readings if you guys want a book time for that you're more than welcome to it Martha Krejci, ASME. But. I'm, gonna do card polls because the Akashic record ones they just take a while and I don't want to kill everybody's evening but I will do if the. First two people that want a card poll we will do a card, poll.

And. Then. Jamie, if you're getting any info, from them for, whatever if, you want to if, you want to share any info, if you're, getting some some, downloads, about them by all means please do it um. Hey. Val, Tish. Human, expectations. Are the cause of so, many blocks. Yeah. Expectations. That suit of expectations. Gotta unzip it take it off and burn it. So. Yeah I want a card please okay. Crystal. Crystal. I. Just. Found this sweater in my closet, today. Talking. About my sweater I'm so excited about yeah, I, like I never I never get, to wear it cuz. It was it was in the closet with coats that I don't wear anymore so, you know it was like in a like in the back of a closet. Don't. Even go into any more oh. Man. We're gonna can, I get a jumper please can somebody do this everybody. That knows me knows that I wait for a card to pop out so. We could be here for a while but we'll see. Crystals. Card make. Its way please. And. Then. Ruki ask for a card so Ricky's the second one I'm gonna see what these other comments. Are oh. You. Guys are asking for cards I'm sorry, I'll have to do another weekend one. Man. Everybody. Is. Crystal. Love your sweater well thank you I am. Also a big fan, stacy, open, to anything that may come up for me. Hi. Ladies hey Steph oh there. It is all right. Exciting. Ok here we go yeah. Did. You see it pop up here. Whoa. All. Right crystal, you got the Sun dancers. Ma'am, so. Crystal. Is a neat one because she is going back into Tarot, too and, she she, had stepped away for a bit she had had a bit of a sabbatical and, now. She's back she's. Back. Sundancer. Is joyful activities, celebration, of life and abundance. As. Your ally the Sun dancers celebrate, you now and remind you of the Laws of Success and, praise, anything. You place your attention on will manifest and experience, so the laws are always perfect. Expect. The best and praise it in advance, this, unleashes. The magic. Like, the book of mystical. Magic magnetic, energy, drawing, circumstances. To you to create the reality you envision, give. Thanks in advance for, the Grace and goodwill, of the divine be willing to dance the victory dance as if your, greatest dreams are realized and watch how easily things, begin, to fall into place, stay. Positive and leave the timing up to divine. Things are possible now dance, the joy of being and celebrate, your life and abundance, today, hot. Damn Cristo that is not a bad card I am. Gonna say, that's. Are you in the book club does, everybody know about the book club whoops, there's the other card I got rookies -, um. Are. You in the book club Jimmy, I am yeah, are you. It's. A book that the universe has been pushing me, to alert yeah, just, it, was outwitting, the devil a couple, weeks ago and then this time somebody said. Seriously. I'm like five days into it or something now, and it's just the. First day, my life shifted, the very, first. Day, and, it's just it's. It's. A magical, place to be I mean hence the title, I'm sure but it's, it's, amazing anybody, that doesn't know some. Girls, from the tribe finder have started a book club and I.

Think, It's just called tribe finder book club, is, the, Facebook group but it's the. Book that we're reading, now or, that we're going to be I think it starts next week maybe is, the. Magic, and it's, by Rhonda burns and, she. Did the secret, and then also the. Something, else and I can't remember what it is, but. And then also the magic so, if. You want to get in on that you are more than welcome to in that group so. Rukiye. My. Lady you, got, sisters. Of the seasons. Cycles. Of growth natural, law and divine, order. When. The sisters of the seasons, meet you on your path they remind you that everything, has a natural, rhythm that obeys that a higher law just. As the seasons, magically. Past, be. Reminded, that the nature of birth, growth, harvest. And decay cannot, be altered, so, if you keep on your path with determination. And discernment, allowing. For the natural, course of events to unfold success. Is assured. Divine. Appropriate. Timing is, guiding your desires into perfect, manifest, form this. Is a very, good period to start new, things as you've moved out of winter into, beginning. Of spring. Continue. With patience, and be aware of the rhythms of your opportunities. There, will be periods when, things slow down and. Begin anew move. Into fruition and, then slow down again in a never-ending natural. Flow be, mindful of which sister, greets you before she points directly at the next every moment counts now I love, that I love, that embracing. The ebb and flow of of of. The, natural, laws right, I mean and it's. It's okay, to have the down time you, have to have the downs. If. You, were always like, go go go you. Would you, would run yourself right, into the ground and not. Be able to get anything done. Oh. Man. Okay so I'm gonna read all these people's things here. Oh God. Happy dances, and all sorts of stuff. Ruki, yay grandma, crystal, haha crystal, yes I did see it. Crystal. Like a 15, year sabbatical man, seriously. Ruki. Crystal is so spot-on with Tarot isn't. She though really. Crystal. Hey I love it Ruki. Tried find her book club, crystal, happy dance Stacy love you all crystal, no I'm busy, with ACIM, oh right she has another book club a. Course. In Miracles book, club which I need to say movie. Tisch, you rock crystal, dancing on the Sun, Ruki, it's an amazing, book Stacy oh man I have four books I'm supposed to read but y'all keep bringing up the magic Stacy, just read all four of them just read all four of them at the same time I do, just, three I just read them all at the same time listen. To some in the car and then, just. Have, books. All over the house just pick them up when you're close to them next, time on taking, a photo reading, class what's. That mean, that is when what I from what I understand, is you connect. To. Your unconscious, my your higher-self.

And You flipped through the book and allow your unconscious. Mind because your unconscious, mind reports, everything, it sees so you like flip, through the book and, your. Unconscious mind can, then there's a technical, ways to do it you flip the book do it a couple different ways and then, you, can access, that information. Ya, know can, we do that with online courses too, cuz I have like 28, on the wall right now. I've. Got like I'm not kidding there are 28, courses, that I have that I need to take I. Have. A serious, some people excused for me it's online courses. Just. Like stick my face in the computer, and see if it works. Stacy oh that's, what you said Tish oh man how am I not in the book club right Tish I think you must have been sick whenever it was happening. Crystal. Wookie, your card, Ruki. Omg, omg omg, I, can totally relate, to this this is so apt and some, sister, has really guided me this is spot-on heck, yeah Stacy, awesome, Ricky Ricky, gave. Krystal some hearts. Said, gay rookie out of the Hogwarts. Rookie. Gave Stacey hearts and then. And. Then, Ricky, said Tish we are going, to do it together, and then. She said try find her book club please join we're, starting on the 18th, so this Sunday, Monique. Thank you love's Ruki, look at Martha go. Crystal. Oh I want to learn that yeah. Write that that. You have to tell us how that works out for you yeah I know, it's like March. 22nd. 23rd and 24th they think I'm. Gonna go to it but I'll find, out because I think they're gonna offer more so I will report. Back are. They gonna make an online course for it. I. Think. You really, probably have to be in a place where. Oh. That's. Cool. Stephanie. Rukiye we have we're. Starting next week on the 25th, oh never mind misinformation, the. 25th, is when it's starting rooky I want to learn it too Jenny, my son memorizes, all kinds of stuff it can be done yeah. Looky. Whoops Stephanie I meant welcome video but. You were my Savior okay well there we go we're, all all as well guys all as well so the 25th. Well. Cool thank you Jamie, this was fine. So. Cool, to hear about the download so cool to spend time with everybody um. Rooky said Jamie can make an online course there you go Jamie you make it online course and I'll get it. Awesome. Well everybody, have a good rest of their Thursday, night and we'll. See you next week, bye. Bye.

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