The Daily Habits Our Team Uses To Create A Bulletproof Mindset!

The Daily Habits Our Team Uses To Create A Bulletproof Mindset!

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And here, with the amazing the, wonderful. Jane, Jewell who is the managing, director of clients, on demand she is a legendary. Mindset, rock star you guys know Jane you love Jane and you will do and listen to everything that Jane tells you because she is a genius so. Alright. I'll put that right out of the gate guys. Good morning um today. We, are gonna be talking about morning, rituals, and why they're so important, and. And, why you absolutely. Need, to have one. Hello. Everyone, that's, a great intro rest I like that. So. Yeah, I think, it's such an important, topic and it's so timely, as you start off the new year where everyone's looking, to come up with some additional. Habits. And rituals or, even just start doing, more intentional. Rituals, throughout, their. You. Know throughout January for, sure to kick off some of those New Year's resolutions, that a lot of people are setting. Well. It's it's weird because you know I'm. Known as a strategy, coach and clients on demand is known as a strategy, program and that's what we teach and we have strategy, all day every day but. Ultimately. If you don't have the proper mindset, and the proper intention, and you're not making working on your mindset part, of your daily daily. Daily practice, you're, not gonna get anywhere near the mileage out of the strategies, that you that you should you may not get any mileage out of it and if, you look at the clients, that we've had that have been successful, the, ones that are the super successful clients, are the ones that have made working, on their mind set an absolute daily. Practice, without fail it's, I think it's literally, the most important thing yeah. Absolutely it's, in fact we were talking to him on Friday about the importance, of that and and even, coming, up with fun. Accountability. Buddies so that they're doing those rituals together you. Know here's the thing is that you have already. Things that you do every single, day right you don't even think, about it you know you get up most, people have. Their cup of coffee they, might turn on the news, they. Start having breakfast, maybe get their kids off to school then, they just immediately start, work you know most, people they're gonna drive you if you to leave your up your home office to go to work you. Know you you drive the same way to work, every single day you might stop and get that Starbucks, every single day all of those things, are just habits. That you don't even think about it right nobody, thinks about brushing their teeth anymore, it's just what you do right. Most. Days well yeah I guess if you work from home. Like. Three weeks ago I'm good yeah, you should be set for a little while Wow. So. What. We really want to talk about is, the value of being, conscious, about. Setting up habits, and rituals that are, directed. More you, choose, them to really set yourself up to win some, of those habits, and rituals should be very. Much mindset. Directed. To get yourself in a really amazing. State to accomplish, what you want to accomplish to feed your brain to feed your emotions, your spirit, and then, there also for most people they have a little bit of strategy attached, to that too but, I think it's really important.

That People start, to become more conscious of that rather than just living their life by default. Because. What most of we us do is like we get up and however how we feel is how we start the day you, know so if. You're tired you kind of start your day tired if you're not feeling well if you're grumpy if the morning doesn't go the way that you want it that's how you kick off your day and. Your. Ritual, and your habits has the ability, to have you get yourself into the emotional. State, the, emotional, framework, the focus, that you want to be in in order, to have an amazing day and to really direct the way that you want to feel and think. Yeah. Absolutely and if you don't do that what happens is you're starting the day off on the wrong foot and you tend to just become victim. Of circumstances. You know a problem, comes up and if you're not mentally grounded, it's gonna just completely knock you off course and then, you know then you can start to snowball you know where one thing goes wrong and then you start saying to yourself oh man this sucks and then more things go wrong and then it's like why am I doing this this is the worst day ever and then you're, making you're your husband and your kids and your wife totally, miserable and it's. Just you've completely derail and and, that can happen really really easily and guys, people think about building. A great business or, building a great coaching practice or whatever it is you're trying to build it, really is, you. Know it's, just. One day at a time it's. Just winning, one, day at a time it's, it's thousands. And thousands, and thousands, of small victories. That, are stacked on top of each other one, after the other like little bricks it's, not something that happens overnight it's not something that happens in one fell swoop it can happen very very quickly but. It's about getting into a habit and getting that sort of momentum and if, you don't have a proper morning, ritual, if you're not starting every, day with, a clear, intent, and a practice, that enriches you and empowers, you and enlivens, you you're, setting yourself up for failure your. Your your, your your. Your like you're going into a boxing, ring without training without warming up without putting your gloves on like you're. You're just you're not gonna be able to deal with the challenges, that are going to come up because look. If you're. If you're following this show and you're listening to our podcast and you're following what clients on a man is doing you're probably setting, some pretty aggressive goals for yourself right, you probably have some. Some ideas. About, what you want your life to look like and these, are ideas that we're literally impossible for, human beings to achieve even like 50 100 years ago right, it was impossible to make, you, know six, figures a month working from home on the computer it was impossible to reach people all over the world it was impossible to make a global impact it was literally impossible to, do these things until very very recently so you guys you have to understand, that even, if your goal is something, that that you might consider to be kind of like a like a like a I'm just I just want to make a hundred hours a day on you know I just want to make a hundred a I just want to make you know two thousand dollars a week I just want to make ten thousand dollars a month right these. Are goals that, were literally, impossible, for. The entire history, of mankind until, very, very recently and, so, you have to figure that if you have these goals where you want to create the income you want a lifestyle, you want the contribution. That you want you're, gonna run into some pretty big challenges, and so. That's. What we signed up for and, so. When you have a proper morning ritual and, those challenges come along you're. Ready, to meet those challenges head-on. You're. Starting, the day going in I know not everything might go my way I know stuff's gonna come up I know there's gonna be things I have to figure out I know there's gonna be huge opportunities, whatever, shows, up I'm, gonna. Deal with it and so. With the morning ritual is what gives you the power and the authority to. Come into your day to really make some cool happen I love. That it's like it's really your workout, for your mindset your your spirit, your emotions, and if you don't use it it's kind of like your muscles you lose it hey, you know it's like okay so that's that's crucial, Jane because you. Know it's funny like so show us this just came up last night we're, sitting there and it's me and my dad my brother we're all hanging out in my living room and there just happened to be a copy of that book the master key system by Charles, F Hahn l and that book came out I think in 1909, and, it was just sitting on my sitting.

On The little like end table by my couch because that's the kind of that I read like and, my dad picks it up and he's like you know he starts flipping through it and I'm gonna put my son to bed when I come out he's got his glasses on he's pouring through it he's like he's like this guy really this guy gets it this guy really you know this is I agree, with everything this guy's saying he's like this book was written in 1909 how, did they know about this stuff back then it was like I was, like oh man you know this is this is the good stuff so you know he borrowed it he took it home um. But. But he said I said, dad do you want to borrow this book and he goes well you know I feel like I already already pretty much know this stuff and I. Said okay but let me tell you something I've read this book five times and every time that I read, it even at like the level of success were at now I find I find new stuff so. It's. A huge trap to say I know this it's a huge trap to say I already understand, this because. You can understand something intellectually, I understand. That if I did five hundred push-ups a day I would be an incredible shape, but. It's not gonna happen if I don't do it. Like. I can, understand, these principles I can understand these ideas but if I don't turn it into a daily. Practice. It's. Not gonna do anything for me so if you're watching this or you're listening to this you've, got to let that in don't, think that you know everything especially. If you guys are you know your mindset, coaches and personal development coaches, you got to stay hungry you got to stay coachable, and you've got to understand, the difference, between knowing something on an intellectual, level and turning, it into something, practice, every, single day, so that it gets into your bones. I have. To do it you have to do it that is so important. I called. Like I know it syndrome, you know and I I can, fall into it you know like oh I. Know that thing works or I I know, I need to be thinking this way or I know you. Know, I need, to. Do. My weekly planning I know it, I know it I know it and I think I turn you, know and people can turn I know it, too I know. Like. I know it, therefore I don't have to do it right, right, like I know this, stuff and just, because you know this stuff doesn't, have you actually get yourself, into action. Around it and it's only that, action. That's gonna make, the, biggest difference. How. Can you expect, yourself to have patience. To have courage, to be bold to. Be outrageous. You, don't practice those things when you don't need it right like, if you're, not practice. If. You're not practicing those, emotional. Strength, states. That. Kind of mindset when you need it it's not gonna be there right then you really. Have to like you, know rev up to get yourself into those emotional, states some people have trouble making decisions they're, trouble making decisions because. They're not intentionally. Getting them south into a state where they need to make big, decisions on, a daily basis, so, that's, why, doing. That is so important. Is that you have to have access to those it. Has to become more of your emotional, home not something that you kind of go to when you need it that's, the thing I mean that's that's huge you have to, immerse, yourself, in this practice, until it becomes who, you are, and, even, when it becomes who you are that doesn't mean that you get to slack off because, the natural tendency, of your brain is, to go towards weakness right, I mean especially if, you're on Facebook, especially, if you're on Twitter especially, if you're reading the news and there's so much goddamn, negativity, and so, many people being totally, uncivil, to each other and just mean and saying, things to each other on social media you'd never ever have the balls to say to someone to their face like, no that's really that's, really I think that's what that's what is kind of making things like rough in our society, right now is that like you know people, will sit behind their keyboard and say really awful things to each other that person was like in your house and you're having a conversation ever, say that never they, process, their emotions, on Facebook sometimes you know it's like you, see those those also, this post like I'm feeling. Good at it a dot nothing, else is there nothing you want takes on your feelings right there for, everybody else to read. The.

Thing Is is like all. Of us are subjected, to this daily bombardment, of negativity, just by being in the world all right and if you're not doing something to counteract, that the, natural, tendency. Of your. Mind is to go towards fear, and weakness and anxiety, and overwhelm, and depression, and that's why so many people are depressed now and so many people are anxious because, that is where you go that's, the natural tendency, of your brain just like the natural tendency of your body if you don't lift weights you're gonna be weak you. Know you're not you know you don't you, automatically. Become strong. And powerful you, have to work for that and so, once. You get this in so the first thing is to just to start doing this and then you have to turn it into a habit, but then you can't get cocky you, have to continue. To do it and I don't care how successful, you get you, have to continue, to work on this stuff because the moment you stop, you're, gonna go Toor weakness and it's, not about doing it every once in a while it's about creating, momentum, um one. Of the biggest lessons, that I ever got was a million, years ago when I was bartending actually, I don't think I've ever even told you this change um the, guy who owned the, entire shopping, center where the bar was was, a guy named Erik Caruso, and he's, like, in, the I think top 100, richest people in the world something he's worth about 4 billion um and. He, was sitting down with us one day and he was talking to us and he said you know success, is like, a flywheel. Where, it takes, tremendous. Energy. To get it going you, know but then, once it gets going it gets going faster, and faster and faster and you build this momentum and, so, if you're just doing this every once in a while you're never gonna build that momentum if. You got to make it a constant practice so that you can get things going and in the beginning it might be tougher, you know in the beginning it might be weird and alien and strange to you but so what you keep at it you develop a routine and you stick to it then you get into momentum, and then you cannot, stop, because, if you stop the. Momentum is gonna slow down and then they. Start having some good results by it and they're like oh I feel great now I don't need it I have, made that mistake that me too -. It's like oh you it has cost me a lot. In. Terms of happiness in terms of peace of mind in terms of money that me I can, tell you that. Sometimes. You know how like sometimes it hasn't happened for a really long time because I've learned this freakin lesson but, like especially when you first came on there were times when um you know a few years ago like every once in a while things we just kind of go haywire we have like we have like a few weeks where was just like goddamn those, were the weeks when I wasn't doing my mindset stuff and, it's, like sometimes I as, the owner would, stop doing my mindset stuff and something totally unrelated would pop up in a completely different part of the company involving someone else but it doesn't matter because, if you're the leader of the business, your, intention, filters, through everything. That's happening right and, so, you have, to keep your, together and that means making it a daily daily daily practice yeah. Yeah, that is so true I it's. Like the. Other I think the downfall, that people get into is you. Know especially when they first start we start talking about this inside of our program we'll say you know what you. You know you want more sales you want more success whatever, it is you you gotta have these, this daily practice, and they'll. Come back to me and say, I've. Been doing it for 12 days. When's, it gonna work like, what. Am I gonna have. $100,000. In the bank. And. It's hilarious because. We, want certainty, right it's like tell, me how many days do I have to do it and then, I'll have you yeah right if you say this affirmation every day by, next Friday you'll be a billionaire. Yeah. Because even, some of them where the millionaire allows people at first you know I stir left I'm like I don't, know.

Like. I'm a coach and we've worked some incredible, miracles but you know I'm not a goddamn genie. It's about your psychology. It's about it's not about the, external, result it's about who you become along the way and, when you become a certain kind of person that's when the, the external, manifestation, of that will show up you, know our goal at CEO D I shouldn't even say this but it our goal at CEO D is to get to a hundred million dollars a year in revenue right, and we just had like we just came in just under ten, million last year right so our goal at CEO D is to get to a hundred million dollars in revenue right I know, that. I am gonna have to take, my. Mindset Jane's, gonna have to take her mindset Adrienne. Mark whole team is gonna have to completely. Evolve, to a new level you know to get there but that's why we're doing this is because that's what we're hungry for I want those challenges, I want you. Know I want to have to take myself to the next level and take this whole business to the next level and we're gonna do it right so so. It's all about that it's all about like setting that intention knowing. That you are gonna have to grow to get, there but that's what it's all about it's, not about like Jane we got it we got a two hundred million dollars by next Thursday or I'm done with this go, get a job at Starbucks. Yes. Well. That's the thing is that you're. Doing your your, daily. Morning ritual. In order, to feel good in order to be the person that you want to beat, so. That your, actions. Are in alignment, with, the. You. Know how you want to operate in the world and if. You're only doing a daily ritual because, you're looking to you. Know and. Only, because you're measuring it against, like you said a result, or how much money is in the bank or you know whatever. It is that you're trying to make happen you get that - but, it can't just be about that, and then you're measuring, hey my, rituals either working or it's not working because I, either made a sale today or I didn't make a sale or you. Know whatever, it is you, have to continue. To do that, work and you're doing it because it's good for you, because you feel good because, you're. Stepping, more into, alignment of what it is that you want - how you said how you want to operate in the world so I think that's really important, here sooner, I'd love to hear is I'd love to hear from people who are listening how, many of you have a. Daily ritual and if you have one if you want to just do a quick comment and say that whether you have one or if it's something that you're looking to be doing I think, that'd be great to kind of see get an idea of who. Out there has, something if, you're with us live on Facebook just let us know do you are you doing a morning ritual right now just let us know yes or no in the comments and if you want to type us a little bit about what it is in a minute me and Jane are gonna share our morning, rituals um just. To see if you guys can get any value from it or if we're just crazy and these are things that work for us and never, for anyone else um a, couple.

People Were asking me about the book that I mentioned before that book is the master, key system. By, a guy named Charles, F, and. I don't even know how you pronounce his last name I think it's Dutch I know it's H a a and, e, l the master, key system, it's an old book it's written I think in 1909 or something like that. Like it's. Like pre-world, War one I mean it is an old book, it's over a hundred years old and uh, it's. All there I mean it's just right there step-by-step, this is what you need to do to have an incredible life I mean in, in plain English it's really a fantastic book and you guys should definitely check it out so it's very very. Like step by step very clear very no-nonsense. No, like airy-fairy, weirdness. Like just hey do this do this do this. Let's. See. Classics. Just keep coming back you know like it's, all universal, truths whether it was written you know 100. Years ago. Thousands. Of years ago right, it's there's consistencies. And all, of those practices, yeah. Because the truth is the truth and and. The thing is it's like different, people express. It in different ways so maybe you resonate with like I don't know Abraham Hicks or maybe you ever you know resonate with the way like Eckhart Tolle talks, about it or you know the way that this person or that person talks, about it doesn't matter you, know truth is truth and it. Hasn't, changed and it will not change because, it's based on this is the way the human mind works and. This is the way that the universe operates and. When you understand, these things and you practice, these things it. Really is like having the cheat codes to life like if life is a game this is like having the cheat codes honestly Gwang, okay. So Linda says TM 20 second year I guess that means Transcendental. Meditation. Well. Maybe yeah. Um. Tim, Ferriss book. Tools. Not. Tools the one that just came out oh yeah yeah like something something mentors, I can't think of the title but so. Many people in that book talked about doing doing, TM doing Transcendental Meditation. Sheeran, again meditation. Daniella. Have one now meditate for five minutes imagining, what it will look and feel like Barry. Daily, journaling, and priming. Priming. Is a Robbins thing right yes so. True. Justin. Wake up and think and feel about what I have and what I am appreciative, appreciative, of meditate. To balance my vibration, listen to mark. Okay. So guys in the comments if you're with us on Facebook Shaina just posted a link to the, book on Amazon so. Erin, this is big guys I, have, one I get up early Jane, your whole face is hidden behind this comment it's so big um I, have one I get up early so I can take my time drink plenty of coffee since mornings are not my friend and the caffeine or I am cranky I spent, an hour so reading something that not only teaches me but also inspires me then I spend 10 minutes doing my daily gratitude, if I don't start my day out with things that inspire and motivate me as well as keeping grounded and grateful the day's struggles, can get me down or often the week yes exactly. Deanne. Says 10 minute power guided meditation, and visualization set. Goals for the day 5 things I'm grateful for think, about how jazzed I am for 2018 see, my goal is already done I love it these are fantastic these. Are great guys so it's really cool that a lot of you guys listening to this have already made this sort of a daily practice so. Jane why don't why, don't. We just share yeah, I'll. Share mine and we'll see if people can like get any gems out of it cool, so. I love, to meditate so I like starting, off with, meditation. And I think that one of the. It. Just, gets me more, more. Balanced. I'm really, focused, and I'm ready to tackle whatever is in front of me and for, me when, you when you meditate, like. What do you do. Sometimes. People it's like when you say meditate I as. Far as I know with, trans adela meditation you're just you have like they give you it like a mantra that's your mantra and you just repeat it over and over and over again and then there's, some people when they meditate they try to completely quiet their mind and not think about anything and then there's some people that meditate like on a point of light or on a point of the body so so. When, you say meditate what is that for you yeah, you know what I, switch. It up I do a lot of different things and I think that what has always worked for me is when, I go to do a ritual is I stick with that ritual for like 30, to, 45, days and, I kind of game of by it then talk about this like at. The at the end that we can do that now is where I pick something that I'm gonna do, then. I'm gonna stick with that thing, for.

A While. You. Know and I find that when I do that it, just makes it I. Feel. Like I just get so much more format it's like I know exactly what, I'm gonna do and I often change it with the season so, right. Now it's, freezing. Here, so there's no going outside to, walk around here it's like I don't know -, 50 degrees, just kidding but it's really cold and but, in the spring I love getting, outside so. I, do a lot of it more of like a walking meditation or. Doing, different breath work and I do, that while I'm walking, so. And. Then the kind of meditation also changes. Kind of like what I'm into right then you know for a while I was using new calm you, know and I still use it still use newcomb but I was doing that every, single morning as soon as I as, soon as I woke up I've. Done things like using, apps you, know like a 10-minute kind of meditation where I'm listening, to something for 10 minutes then. I do some I've done some breathing, meditation, which. I really really love that's probably my most favorite, is. Doing meditation where it has a lot of different yoga. Type breathing, that's, absolutely my favorite if. I'm not going to be outside so, I think it just adds and flows but that's what I'm doing right now is more, of a breathing, meditation. I, find that I just feel, like my whole body feels like turned on the colors feel really, bright I feel really focused. So yes actually what, that's. What she wear Jennifer does from sin guru he's the. Meditation, that is my favorite meditation, to do that's that's, remember I went was, it last year last summer when, I went mm-hmm. Yeah yeah, when I went and did his, his program his two-day program so, that's my favorite meditation, actually to do, so. I do meditation and, then. I. Yeah. That's great so, I do the meditation, and then I go right to what. To. Appreciation, is focusing, on what I'm most grateful for, and I actually do that pen to paper so. I write it down and I find that when you're first doing your. Meditation. It or you're. Writing down what you're grateful for for, me at least it's it's a little bit intellectual. You know like I'm thinking so I always capture, ten and I start with I'm grateful, or I'm blessed every, single point that I write down and at. First, I'm kind of thinking about oh I'm you know I look around I'm. Looking what's in my environment and bless that I have a beautiful home or you. Know I'm. Grateful. That we have and you know a healthy. Nutritious, food I'm, feel. So blessed that I got to hang out with my kids last night and we had an amazing family dinner I am, and I just capture, each one of those things but it's like a thinking, you know it's like what happened yesterday what.

Went On this morning how. Do I feel, than, what's going on in my environment and I capture all of those things but, I don't just leave it at it intellectual. Once I write down those ten things I go back and focus on each one so I, read it you know I read it and then focus on it like for example I'm, I feel so blessed that my 13 year old still loves to snuggle up on my lap and then, I think, about it like oh my gosh and I feel like I feel him in my lap I put my hand in my heart like, what it feels like this nuzzle up against, him and I, get it and I get really. Emotionally. Associated. To how blessed, I am that I have this amazing. Thirteen-year-old. Boy this still likes to snuggle with his mama and then, I move on to the next one. And. So for, me that gets me emotionally. Hooked right, and when you're focused, on what you're great, or what you're blessed, for everything, else disappears there, is no way you can be angry frustrated mad, any of, those things when you're focused on what you're blessed and. Why you're grateful so everything, else disappears and, for that space, of time that's, all there is for me and so, after, I go, through and get really associated, and say thank, you so once I do all of that I put my hand in my heart I do a couple deep breaths and I just say thank you thank you thank you and from. There then, I just spend some time dreaming and that's where it's just kind of freeform your, journaling sometimes. It's like goals, from five that I want to do five years from now sometimes, it's like things that were working on that we're creating, sometimes, it's I dream, about buying, my mama how sorry I dream about taking a certain kind of trip and it's just kind of like free from because now I'm in a really great like whatever I'm up to manifesting, and just, kind of go, from there. And then I complete, that daily, ritual, then by setting. Up my day so if it's on a Monday, I'm planning, out the entire week if it's, now you. Know any other day of the week I pull out my weekly plan and I get focused on the outcomes for the day and so. What's important, to me is I want my ritual to be something I can do anywhere, anytime, and. It's super, simple. So. It, I, sometimes, add, more dynamics, to my ritual but I know that I can do all of that in about thirty minutes it depends if I'm doing the sin guru meditation that, takes in itself about 20-25. Minutes but then the rest of it is about, you. Know takes me about 20 minutes I might. Add are there dynamics, to it depending on what's going on but, I want to keep it super simple that no matter what at the bare, minimum that's. What's gonna get done and, then, I keep track of it so, as, I write down it I write day one and this. Is something rescue, and I spoke to a couple years ago is that, like. Once you especially if you're trying to do a new habit if I. Write down day one and then, day two and, then, day three when, I made a 25 if I, miss it I gotta go back to day one and, there's no way I want to go back to day one so, I make, a game with myself of, how many days in a row I can hook those together, where. I'm doing that ritual and it's the same ritual, Monday, through Friday Saturdays, and Sundays are a little bit different because those are crazy game days and fun days with the kids so, that that, rich will actually get shortened down a. Lot. More usually, because I'm not doing as much a daily planning it's more ritualistic. Emotional. I mean so, that's. What's what I do every single day. Other things that I add in there that I love to do is I love doing tapping or EFT, is something. That I add in there some kind of movement. Writing. Down what. What I'm proud of so there's different things that I might sprinkle, sprinkle, in, there but those are the ones that traditionally. Are the things that I don't miss. That's. Awesome I love that that's great that's like I really that's a great ritual I love it you're. Flexible, with it and that you're trying new stuff and I love that you're actually recording, what. Is. Making. A big impact and what is it and I, love that you're, doing the I first thought about that from Jerry Seinfeld, I don't know if you, connected. That with him or if you heard about this but like when, you told me that later.

For. When he when he wrote comedy is he would say like he made it a habit I guess to write for write comedy like an hour a day or something like that but what he would do was he put a big calendar on and he would put a big red X through the day every time he did it and he would try to make the chain as long, as he possibly could, and then, if he broke the chain then he had to start over and it was just like this mental hit hacked like just like you said it's like day 1 day 2 day 3 day 4 if, you miss a day you're back to day 1 it's like. That's. Great I love that that's. Great yeah, so toasters and then we'll talk about some of the little you, know tips that people can do like you know getting a partner or. All. Right so my ritual um. Okay. So, people. Don't know this about me but actually. Don't have a lot of discipline I'm not, a very disciplined person at all like I'm not one of those people that is, really good. At forcing, myself to do stuff that I don't want to do and. So, what's. Worked really well for me is to connect, my morning ritual was, something that I'm gonna do every day any way so that it's automatic. So you know admit that you shower every day I do shower every day yeah, so. Yes so what I do is well, okay so so I do my morning ritual in the shower and there's a few reasons for that number one I'm taking a shower anyway right. So I can't miss it it's this anchor now where it's like if I'm taking a shower I'm there, that's where I can do my morning ritual the other thing is that the. Shower in my house I've got a two-year-old I've got, an infant, we have two cats it's like that's the only place, in the freaking house where, I can go in there and know, like a cat's not gonna jump in my lap like, nothing's gonna happen I mean there's not gonna be any distractions, right and then, you know obviously is your the shower so you're relaxed, it's like you know though the water is falling down it's like it's like it's just you know it's a very easy place to just kind of disconnect, and relax right so that, was a big help for me because now it does it's not something that's like oh shoot I forgot to do my ritual or oh I need to do my I better I better do my ritual it's, like it's it's just it happens everyday automatically. Because I've linked, it to something where I'm already, doing, it that's. A great tip by, the way people, should write that down too especially, in the beginning you want to take, your new ritual, and put it where you already have something that you do yeah. So. In the shower what, I do is, I close. My eyes and, I start with gratitude and I feel like for both of us gratitude, is the gate this is the gateway but. I think, people miss something, key, when it comes to gratitude, right because I would hear about gratitude in the past and it'd be like oh well just be thankful for the things you have and it's like okay and there'd always be like well you know even if you're in a terrible mood you could always be grateful and say okay thank you for my, shirt thank, you for my hair thank, you for you know what I mean and it can turn into this thing right. So. Here's. The trick and. This probably. Speaking. About you know success being like a flywheel, and what speeds it up the most when. I learn, this. Trick. Or hack or whatever you want to call it when I learned this principle, this sped, up my success faster than anything else I.

Would. Begin to be grateful, for things that. I haven't achieved yet, and. So. You guys have to understand something and I really thought about this right and and I was you know think about you know think about God and think of you know how that factors into everything right if God knows everything, God, knows exactly what I'm gonna do and God knows exactly where we're gonna go and God knows everything that's going to happen to us so, as far as God is concerned all, of these things that I consider to be goals or, outcomes that, I want already, done yeah. Love, that love it love it love it that you do that so, why not be grateful, for those things now. Why. Not rejoice, over those things now, why. Not let yourself, get lost in the majesty. And the power and the joy and the wonder, of it all and let yourself feel, the things that you would feel if it were real right. Now, so. I think about, I start with what I have now usually right, and I'll say you know thank you thank you thank you for my amazing, wife thank, you for my incredible team my wonderful clients thank you for my beautiful children, thank, you thank you thank you but then very quickly, I'll go, into, the stuff that I want you, know thank you that clients on demand is this thriving business. That's doing you know X amount of revenue every month thank you that the work we do is you, know wiping. Away fear, and making our clients rich, and happy, and successful and, joyful, thank, you that our clients, are making a difference thank you that every day we're getting stronger, you know if there's something specific I want thank you thank you thank you for my beautiful, house overlooking, the ocean thank you for you, know my amazing, car whatever it is and it can be anything that you want but, the point is that when. You do it this way, there's, no tension involved, because you're not saying oh god I hope I get this I hope I get this or you're not thinking of all the constraints, of what could get in the way this. Is a it's. Already, there, it's already done and I'm gonna let myself be, grateful, for it now. Why. Wait yeah. That is the, key. Guys and that's the thing that a lot of people overlook when it comes to gratitude, is that we'll let ourselves be, grateful for what we have now but, we won't let ourselves be grateful for what we have you. Know before we have it but, again as far as God's concerned it's already there it's re done it's a done deal and that's, how I look at all my goals now is what I'm thinking about what my outcomes, are I think to myself like. You. Know what is the best possible vision. Of this like what is the best this could possibly be and. Grateful, for that now and what's, incredible guys, is that what I've found is that when these outcomes manifest, and when they happen, it's. Better than I even imagined, it so. It's like I've got my version of how cool I would like things to be but, then it's like God as his version of how cool he want things things to be and it's way beyond my imagination so. Like every single time I've ever wanted something or visualized something, the thing that I actually got, the thing that actually showed, up he's, always way, better than what I could have possibly thought, of and, so. Every, single day that's basically. The, crux of my morning routine and when you do that you're moving into this place of gratitude and appreciation and. Joy and you let yourself feel it and feel it and feel it and then, you sort of pass through, to. This place of almost, indifference. Like. Like. Like think about the negative. Space that attached Annie and then oh yeah it's, like it's like think about something you really wanted Jane think about like um maybe, there's a car or something that you wanted that you got right and and, before you got it you were thinking about it and thinking about it oh I really want this car I really want this car I really want this car but now it's just your car right. It's your car like I mean you know I mean like I really really really wanted my car now it's just my car and it's in the garage I don't even think about it right so, you sort of pass-through into that place of indifference where you're like oh it's just I got it and, then you open your eyes and you go about your day and that's, your new reality and then, once you've created that reality is very important, that as you go about your day, you, don't do, things or, allow yourself, to dwell on things, that contradict, that like.

When Fear thoughts come up you don't let yourself go with the fear you take yourself back to what you want it like, oh you know you take yourself back to that state of gratitude you know something something bad happens, in your business I don't know maybe your facebook ads get declined or something like that and you can let yourself snowball. And go oh no no no and, it just turns into this whole thing and ruins your day instead, of doing that just bring it back to what you want thank, you thank you thank you that my facebook ads are thriving that, they're attracting, exactly, the right clients, who are coming into my business and they're having a wonderful experience, every, single day and they're thriving, and I can see the messages, that they're leaving me on Facebook every day telling me how happy they are and you see how that begins to snowball so, instead of snowballing in a negative way now you're snowballing, like in a very very very powerful way, and then right away I start to feel better and I just let it go and go on with my day yeah, I love it and that's how I do when I was talk to you about my journaling, that's how it kind of goes and sometimes I do like little, and, if anyone. You. Know has learned. Anything or about. Manifestation. It's exactly what you're talking about whether it's Abraham Hicks or some of the other people that talk about manifestation. Is being, grateful for it ahead of time Sommers. Do like a focus, wheel where I write down this thing that I want to create in the middle and then, I do like little rays or thoughts all the way around it so I'll do. Like something I'm grateful about that or how some of that's already in my life or you know what. It's gonna feel like who it's gonna impact, how, would that make me you know how does that make me feel having it already in my life and I just kind of complete the thought till it's all the way around and it closes a circle so it's like I have this this thing that I want to create and all the reasons I'm grateful for it already like it's already there almost, like a son you know where it's like Rays coming, off of each one of it and and it just you feel so good and the cool thing about that is there's just no point, of resistance in any of that it's just like it's, just already, there it's just already part, of your, life and, you. Know I think where people get in trouble is when they're trying to like I want this thing and I need to have this thing or they set this goal because if I don't have it it's kind of comes from a place of scarcity you. Know like it's like something's missing something's, not here and measuring. All of that stuff too soon where. This is just all about appreciation, appreciation appreciation, and. There's no point for you of resistance, or that it's not gonna happen because you're already grateful for it right. And when you focus on what you don't want like, you focus on the problem you focus on what's not working it's like all these mental doors kind of shut in your head because you. Just lose access to all of these resources that. If I think about it like oh it's already done, okay great well how did I do that and almost, try to like remember, how I took my company to ten million a year or how I took my company - honey millionaire knowing that it's already done it's like how, do we do that it's, like now all this creativity, and resources, and stuff just switches, on because. I'm not worried about it and there's no negative energy associated. With it it's. Already done it's done deal, you know and. In it and dwelling, on that and getting lost in that and letting yourself just go on that trip and and feeling the gratitude and feeling the joy and feeling though just a wonder of it all it's. Like incredible how. Many more, you. Just show up ready, to rock and roll you show up ready to work.

Yeah. It's. Good stuff I love, it I think that what, a lot of people wrote down and then your ritual my ritual for sure I know marks ritual. You. Know is. What's. Similar about all of that is appreciation. You, know just really gratitude, and appreciation so. I, think, that if there's one thing that, you know for those listening, or those watching here on Facebook that, you can add into your daily practice is, putting, some, part, of, appreciation. And gratitude into. Your into. Your daily life and I would really, invite everyone, to take that on try, it on or you know 30 days make, it fun and see, how you feel like, what would life be like if every single, day you started, off with appreciation. With, gratitude I'm telling, you it's life changing it's, life changing. Some. Of the other things that you could do to make it fun whether you'd make it a game a lot, of our people in a millionaire Alliance are using that it what is it habit calm, I'll have to look it up I just. Downloaded it it's an app you guys it's called habit. Habit. Trek or maybe I had it up on my, which. One is it habit, sure habit. Share and you can and it kind of does exactly, what Jane was talking about before where like it lists, out all the days and you can check off the days you did your habit and, you can you can create that chain right there on the app but, what really is cool about it and kind of sucks about it is that you can share it with other people and so then if you want them to like lord it over you and get on your case about it when you don't do your app they can when, you don't do your have it that's a they can do that too but you can set up really great accountability. Partnerships, if, you, know yeah, you can make your own little group just like you know friends, right y'all get you know friends, and we were just talking about it this morning that uh that. We're gonna do that and pull, Adrienne along. I. Was. Just gonna probably yellow. No. You. Know but it's kind of cool because then every, single day they're checking in with each other you know and it's easy the child right right, there whether they did it or they, didn't do it you. Know they're having a lot of fun creating. A game out of it so that that's a really really great way to do it yeah. Awesome, cool. Thanks Shana for sharing share showing, us shared the the. App right there link, in the. Comments guys the link to that yeah yep, cool. So. That's our invitation, our invitation, is create a very, very, simple. Habit. Ritual. That you are gonna do every, single day just like you get up and make yourself coffee and, brush, your teeth even. If it's for five minutes. A couple, of things that you can do for a minimum of five minutes a day that's really, gonna direct, your attention to. Your. Mindset, to your spirit. Something that makes you feel good just, for the sake of feeling, good and getting yourself an emotional. State to just have an amazing day. If you did something for five minutes with just that intention. For 30 days I promise, you life, will start opening up things will start occurring to you differently, than they have been up until now and you'll get addicted you, will love, it and then you'll find yourself adding different dynamics. To it you, know and playing, with it and having a really good time it's, something, that you, know if you I wish. I had, time to look, up the code but they did this study that like the most successful. Entrepreneurs, business, owners in the world all had one thing in common the, thing that they had in common is, that they had a habit or ritual that they did every, single day with intention. With. Intention. Is the key word I don't. Know any happy, successful people that don't do this guy's so just, take a lesson like if, you.

Know If, every single successful person on the planet has some sort of daily practice where, they're working on their mindset you need to be doing that too so hopefully today we gave you some you know good insights, in system little you know some stuff that you didn't know or some some stuff to try but, the bottom line is however you want to do it whatever system you want to use what method you want to use just do something, every, single day to, get yourself in alignment to get yourself focused, to make sure that you're being intentional. About your day otherwise, you just wake up and you just kind of letting things happen to you you, need to be the cause of what, of what you want to achieve in your life and that's something jane says all the time is live at cause be. The cause be responsible. You know for creating, the life and the outcomes, that you want and this, morning ritual is the best way to do that is to do it intentionally, every, single, day it puts you it puts you in the perfect position to get the things you want and to live the life you want to live and to become the person you want to be it's, amazing, and you know I think later on in the next couple weeks are going to be talking about it's, great to have habits and rituals that start you off in the morning but, then habits and rituals that you use throughout the day you, know our our enrollment. Team our coaches, they do not pick up the phone and have a conversation, without. First. Getting, them having a ritual and it could be a 60, second ritual but where they focus on serving, the other person, so, I am sure that March is gonna come on and talk about this in the next couple of next. Couple of weeks here, is talk, about the different rituals that you can do even as you shift gears into, different things that you're doing you know as I'm closing, down my day and it's time to walk out of my office I have another ritual that I do so that I can get focused in on my family so, this, is the best place to start, and then as you get that that. Muscle, you're gonna notice there's a lot of different areas of your life that you can add small. Little, intentional, rituals, and habits that you're doing throughout your day that's just gonna feed you. Feed. And fuel you for sure, so, finally, guys listen, if you if. You're interested as always if you're interested in working with Co D and how we can help you get your mind set and your business together and create the business you want head over to clients on-demand comm forward slash talk and book a chance to talk to us we'd, love to you know get on the phone with you for about 45 minutes and work with you on your business and your mindset find out what's working what's not working and how we can help and guys, if you got value out of this today if you're watching us on Facebook please share, this if, you know people and your friends list and your timeline that we get value out of some of the stuff that we talked about today this, is being broadcast on my personal, profile, it's Russell Ruffino you'll see this on there you can share this share, this with your friends share it on your timeline, because there's a lot of people that need to that, need this and we all know people that you know are habitually, going, into negativity, self-sabotage.

All These things and if they if they just could listen and make this a daily practice it's like everything, in our lives would change so, if you know anybody that we get value out of this and you're watching us live on Facebook just go ahead and share this if you're listening to this on iTunes we would love it if you could subscribe to this and leave us a leave us a review so. Guys we would love to hear from you head over to clients on-demand comm forward slash talk and book a call with us cuz we'd love to see if we can help you grow your business and also, get your mindset together along the way, JJ. Thank you so much for all those insights today you're so awesome at this stuff and guys thank you for tuning in that's gonna do it for us today and, we'll see you on the next show thank, you.

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