The Crypto Market Will Fall...

The Crypto Market Will Fall...

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So, for everybody, you, know I'm saying, just checking me out thank, you you, know for joining. We, got about 126. People live on the air this is a live stream one of the first you, know syndicated, cryptocurrency productions, in the world shout, out to the fam this, is the number, one Bitcoin group in the world right here a. Hundred. Actually. I'm sorry two hundred. Thousand. Members. Growing, every day we have awesome amazing group of miles to miss a 3:05, market, Ranger there's not any crypto you, know in the chat right now thank. You for everything that you do for, us what I wanted to do you guys I had, a plan you, know have a big big you know, dissertation. On the market, and try. To speak some knowledge in into these you, know into into the speaker. But. That, wasn't in the cards apparently, at his computer sucks. I have an apple macbook, pro. Pro, pro book what is it macbook pro garbage. It, sucks, for live streaming so after. This computer, after. After this a video, I'm, going straight up to the mall dropping, about $4,000, cash on the counter and saying give me the best machine you got that, will be Microsoft, Microsoft, if, you suck I will be back two. Weeks later with the receipt in hand to, return that piece of trash as well I'm trying to find a new computer, I do a lot of live streaming a lot of you. Know multimedia. Production, and this this computers garbage so I'm, done with it I got cash money I'm, going up to the mall buying me a new one and I'm you, know starting. There so I just wanted to make this one quick to you. Know turn over a new leaf so, to speak and close old. One and, so what we're gonna do right now I think the information I have is still pretty valuable and that's the only, reason I, came on the air and didn't, just you know delay, it until tomorrow, because. You know there are dips, and swings and bounces, in the marketing, and so, what, I want to do is jump over to trading view right, now. Good. Processor, in good memory yes I said let me write this stuff down high. Seven processor, what kind of RAM do I need for this new computer, I. Seven. Processor. Where. Can I get a good Linux computer build a desktop, let, us help. I'm. An IT guy Oh, Micro. Center yeah I'm not a micro Center. They. Got one in Atlanta too huh. So. What if I go to micro Center what kind of computer should I get, because. I might do that instead, I. Need. A desktop I don't, care about mobile, I can keep. This piece of trash but when I sleep in a hotel but I need a desktop um. We'll jump on a chart, somebody, set waves we'll jump on that one I haven't looked at waves in a while. And. I'm reading a chart too but the chat too so go ahead and let, me know what kind of a machine. You think would be best I, got. I seven 16gb, we got that. I'm. Not doing a Mac again so, it looks like Linux, is leading the pack. Is. KNC. Does that have a chart, um. Let. Me just get you a quick 30 second, wave synopsis. Huh. It's, getting there. Don't. Waves waves, is getting there I think I did this about a week ago and said waves is really wavy, but. What what's happening is this is actually coming. Up on a, continuation. Pattern. Just. Like litecoin, right. Um the. Next one should be pretty big - this is this is actually a really good chart. Wave. Right I like your name that's pretty cool. So. This is a 77, minute, the reason I'm using a 77. Minute is because a lot of the data that we have in the past three, weeks is. Very important. I don't need to go back you know three. Months or six months to look at the whole cycle, the whole sequence, I'm zooming down in time to, about you know three to six weeks worth of data to, understand, what it's happening so 77, is pretty good. For doing it right one, of the things I see here if we just look at this chart real quick there's a couple key, areas, right. This. Was one, key, area right there that kind of began you. Know that, little breakout, we had that, was another, one where we confirmed. It right. Probably. Right there where, we confirmed, it and then, we. Broke down right and we broke down we. Confirmed, our breakdown right there right, one of the things you can note on a 77. Is a lot of times you don't even need the, seven you can make most of your assessments. And assumptions, from the intersection, between the. 77. And a 231. Right, so well this one is. A little bit off we, could have put it there but I like to anchor, it into the moment where the 77. Changed direction right. So, for right here we have that intersection, right there we have that minimum point right there and then we have that maximum. Point you can't see it it's hidden but it's actually a double maximum, between the 231, and 77. That essentially, has given us all the information we need right, we do have a local High Point right up in here, you're, gonna see that we can triangulate this, whole thing, just from those four two, points, so if we go Bam Bam.

What. Do we got. And. This is the 77. And a 231. It's not, what. I normally do but it, still holds pretty well and so, what what do we see we, see that, we broke down on, the. 3-2. Right. And now, we're, consolidating. Right. On top of that 1 6 that's a good signal right, the longer we spend writing that green, energy especially. We. Almost got like a little mini confirmation, here right, to. Where we did like a bottom, right there came back right down bottom. Right there for those of you that know classical, formations, a double bottom is. A pretty, good signal. Right. Bottom, bottom, top. So. I can see this thing easily. Going. Up on this, next little round, to. The, four six or four -. It's. Almost inverted, a little bit boom. Boom boom boom. Because. You don't normally get, that. Much. In one sequence and, by that much I mean we we basically have, these two points one. And two. And. From. Those two points you can almost still sketch out this whole graph right. I can. Get three by coming back down to the seven, eight six I can, get four. By. Confirming. The one six I can. Get five, by. Falling, on the three two and now I'm. Getting six, by. Confirming, the one six again right, so what does that mean that means when we do. Something like that that's, gonna be a little bit of a hard point but once we clear it it shouldn't be too much and then. We'll do something like that right, just, the same as and that's what I was looking for a similar situation uh. It. Would be just the same as what, we did. Right. There. Right. So, you just copy and paste that. Line. It up over there once we're ready to turn around I don't think we're ready to turn around yet I think, we might drop a little bit more actually but once that happens it should be somewhere around there, when. Will we turn, around let's check that out because it's not a matter of if but when, with, a lot of these things. So. We do this boom, boom break out break down. Fine. I, think. That's it there you go good, so that's that's that's it right there all, I did is I took the. Cycle. Lines, from. The first two intersections, point one and point three, and that, gives, us. This. Breakout. Pattern, right here that's a positive right. That's. A negative. This. Is going to be a positive, so. We we're going to look to rebound we're gonna have some positive, energy coming into. This, one, right. Around a. Little, bit earlier it looks like right. Around the second, week of February February, 10th. Probably. To the 12th, I'll, err, on the side of caution with, a lot of these charts. Here. Probably. Somewhere around there we, should get a nice. Bottom. To. Turn. Over on right. And. We. Can once. We fill it or. Less, once we cross that to, four we. Can expect to write this thing all the way up more, than likely to. The four six right. Because. You notice you don't need a full cycle, we didn't use like a full cycle, to fill that that was really like half cycle, so, with that being said we could even delay, it a little bit to right there and that. What you're almost guarantee us like us into it. No. It's right around to 16, to 18 somewhere, in there. So. That's a rough chart for waves what. You'll find what a lot of these charts, is we're. Basically. In limbo we're either off the, high of a continuation, or. We're. Near the, low of a continuation, both.

Are Pretty good you. Know if you assume that the markets gonna recover more money's gonna flow back in a Bitcoin and he's also ultimately benefit, as a result, right. I'm, an wave right I said looks like it finished a complete cycle on the 4-hour chart if you zoom out. Alright, we'll go to the 343. Let's. Check the full hour. Yeah. Yeah. So this was like a huge, huge huge wow wow. Wow wow. And. That's why I said it's gonna be big didn't I say that early on because, it's like it's stepping, up, you know I'm saying so, two four six honestly. That's a minimum. High. That's just gonna get us back there I didn't even know that you, know that was like a little bounce zone but, what's gonna happen after that it's probably gonna jump, into a continuation, on, top, of that one to. Climb this mountain right, to go back somewhere. Up. There. Right. So. Yeah, this is definitely like on a new cycle. It's just broke. Out a little bit Bitcoin, went down so it dropped and now it's kind of setting that new cliff, so. It could gain some traction and keep going it's forming, a continuation. Breakout. Pattern right and, so. What I saw initially was. That what we're doing is we're setting higher highs, and that's that's great right, so if we want it to look at this thing I can I can, rewind this real quick we got we got some pretty good data right there but. Let's call. This. Point up here. Point. One. Right. Color, that thing like purple, or something. And. Then we can call this point. Point. Two for, our higher highs and this is like a macro. Cycle, so. This will just give us like the general, levels. That, we want to ascend to, on. A quicker scale and we, lock those intersections. In where does 77, broke down against it so we get a negative, negative going. Into it that will give us a positive high, with. A negative breakdown coming out of it look at that like golf balls one. Time you, know I'm saying I just hit a nail on the head at the forest six right, where we said we were gonna plan for, off. That, high right. Off that, blue bar right there, that's. How works, you guys it's just that easy fractal, harmonics, collective, conscious you, know and a little bit of wherewithal, to, enter, into the intersections. That's how you do it right there so. This thing this thing is gearing up for some major money right, it's. A it's a good coin to have probably, for the next six months I think you probably just ride. It out if you like it just ride it out you know forget about it. And you. Know it should be pretty good to you probably wrapped right around the middle of the summer you, know June July this, should be this should definitely have. A second, wind so. There you go that's waves it's, pretty good very good chart very good chart two levels that mid level right there that's gonna be the first ascension. You know once we confirm that then it's going to gain some real-deal traction. To. Shoot shoot, for it at a seventeen, five right, just, like Jeezy misses, seventeen five one one. One seven seven five Oh. 1775. All right cool, there, you go. Again. This. Is your first time watching these videos I do have a playlist set up called chart like a boss all you got to do go to type, in chart like a boss, I own, the number one spot you, know on that list, and, it's, a video it's a playlist about 2024, videos, from. The past six months and I really walk through this methodology, it's. Free knowledge this is educational. Content, I i leverage, every. Aspect of fair use you, know in providing, this content, to you guys I also have I've gone through the due, diligence of, patent. Protecting, and trade marking, my, intellectual, property so if you are a profit-seeking entity you, may not use it if you are a person I give it to you for free it's my gift to you because unfortunately, you're. Sold into bondage long, before you appeared, on this earth. This. Method, however can. Be your liberation. One, of the things I wanted to talk about specifically. On this video was, the fact that when. Everything. Is. Pointing. In one direction. The. Intelligent thing, to do, is to. Stop. Look. Around right and, so. What. We have and, to be honest I'll just look at the top 20 coins a lot of times to, get my general assessment. Of what's. Happening in the market but what we see right, here if you, just.

You. Know focus in on one, area of this, page. No. One to give it to me what's going on corn market cap oh it's still low nothin. Hahaha, yeah, man you know I'm saying I got it I got a got, a talk between my teeth sometimes but hopefully, you, know if you're listening you, hear exactly what I'm saying. So. If you just look get, this part of. The. Website twenty, four to seven, that's. A huge huge huge discrepancy. Right. That's. Not good that's not sustainable you, don't get any type, of natural market, to where a day ago, everything. Was up, couldn't. Go wrong you. Know even. Stevie Wonder could have hit a home run in that market. Versus. A week, ago. You. Couldn't catch a break right. It. Doesn't work like that that is not the sign of a natural, market that's not the sign of a healthy market, what that is is the, sign of a. Pattern. Right seven. Days ago everything. Broke down one, day ago everything. Went up. What. We learn is that the momentum, of the, past often, weighs. In. Upon. The. Future the present and the present in turn ways on the future right one plus two equals three right. So. What this means you guys ultimately. Is that we are not done going down do. Not think that you made you know ten twelve percent on your, portfolio today, guess, what you, were down sixty. Percent from two weeks. So. That ten or twelve that's. Not that's not you, know the. Signs of, health that's the signs of a confirmation. Right that's like a death call you know man it's. Like the eye of a hurricane right, it gets real calm like right in the middle and then BAM you. Know I'm Zen wipe out wipe out the rest of the village and that's what we got right now this, is just a brief bounce to continue, into, a downward, trajectory, I've done a few videos already. Pretty. Accurately, for, Bitcoin I expect, that to be between sixty, eight hundred, and seventy. Five hundred we, may get a candle, in there as low as fifty eight but. Don't expect it to last very long that will get bought up just like that if you're lucky enough to get it in at fifty eight fifty four by, all means I'm saying put that money down. Again. I'll talk about this a lot but unfortunately. This is not a free and fair market. Right I think. As people we want things to. Be freedom. Fair but they are not the. Reason is because people don't have any, money, institutions. Do businesses. Do banks. Do hedge funds do you know billionaires. Do people. Don't if you're still trading. Your, time for an. Hourly wage and a 401k and. Twenty, dollars an hour plus benefits you. Know health. Care then. You more than likely you don't have a lot of money and this is just the reality yet again. But. When you're an entity, when you're an institution. When you build. Supply, channels and distribution. Channels and fulfillment. Centers then you get some real deal, volume, and then you ultimately. Get. Some real deal financial. Accommodations. That's. How that, happens. Because. The institutions.

Talk To each other they. Communicate. To each other they went, and Notre Dame we would call it a signal, to each other basically. Their intention, because they. Don't really want to compete, with each other because it's expensive to compete. So they would rather. Collaborate. Essentially. On a mutual. On a consensus. Decision, right. And, leave people like me and you in the dark stuck, like Chuck trying, to figure it out all right and so, that's why you never, ever, ever want to trust, the general, trend, of a market, especially, if they're pointing in opposite directions like this that's, not a good situation we. Use the momentum, the quick and the slow on, my video today with my patreon, group I called it the the, the the quick money in the long run right we let the quick money lead the long money and then we beat the quick money right, today. Are to their claim in their stake right and because we're, so. Infinitely. In Tessa. Mele small. Compared. To these huge whales right, I call, them dinosaurs, you, know a lot of these big businesses, crapple being one of them is a dinosaur, because as far as I'm concerned a big you, know they ugly, day old and they pretty soon they they about to be extinct, right as soon as this blockchain, is built out and people can actually distribute. You know and facilitate, the transmission, of value, amongst, themselves without, having to rely on some green piece of paper with, some dead guy's face on it from 400, years ago until, that happens. They're. Still in you know, pretty. Good state but. When that happens. Their. Days are numbered and they realize this the, blockchain unites. Us at the bottom we, don't need a centralized, Authority we don't need an interest-rate we don't need to trade 35, years of our life for a 401k, and 8%, match in order, to get ahead we. Have created. A, uniform. Unilateral. Consensus. Protocol. That. Allows us to transmit value anywhere everywhere. Forever. Without. Any of that so. Do not let, do. Not let the bubble heads on TV tell you any different, do. Not let, some. I, saw there's one video I got really really upset I don't normally get upset but I got like I could, see because you, know when, you when you when you when you just sit back and watch and that's what I do a lot of times I just dope lays like I just go to I remember being in the middle of New York and. One today one of the malls downtown, and I was just set to set it for like 20 minutes and I just watched people. You. Know but, when you, can. See. The. Intentional. Manipulation. And and misinformation. Of, the, content, that is disseminated. Through these multinational. Conglomerates, then you, can. Begin, to grasp. The. Level. Of, intentional. Destruction that is being done to the general population this, is why. They're. Selling, it to us right now because they knew that. Christmas. Day we were all going to run around the country tell, our momma our daddy our grandma, our best friend our brother to buy Bitcoin, it's only nineteen, thousand, dollars please buy it, what. They do after that. People. Don't have money, institutions. Do. Institutions. Talk to each other they work together they buy each other out why, would I break, you, down, if. I plan to buy you out then I got to rebuild it that don't make any sense they give free money they do leveraged, buyouts, to where. One. Gets bigger and bigger and bigger and, bigger then all of a sudden they're too big to fail and you. Know they pretty much do what they want. That's. The problem with capitalism. But. Ultimately. We. Realize that and we use that against them as long. As they have all the money then we have all the power because money. Is useless if, you don't have somebody on the other end, willing. To accept it right. Because. We, have the masses, we, have the, choice, on what. Transmission. Vehicle, we. Want to, facilitate, this. Transfer, it, doesn't. Have to. Be this. You. Understand, that there. Are many other vehicles, right now. And. As. More and more people, cross. That one brick one-way one-way. Bridge, I call. That the blockchain bridge right there you know I'm saying you got goldman sachs Wells Fargo, TD Ameritrade, JP, Morgan Charles Schwab a hundred, and eighteen different fortune. 500. Companies, that have been anchored, in creating. Debt depression. And deception. On this green piece of paper their.

Days Are numbered because the, more people across. That bridge cross. Over to that black China. Never. Return and, they understand, this this is basic economics, every, dollar. That, goes, across, that. Bridge, by. Design. Disappears. They. Can't fractionally, reserve it they can't lend against, it it's not in their monetary, distribution. Anymore it literally. Dissolves. And disappears. Value. Is not, created, or destroyed it merely transforms. From one form to another and, right, now we got. 400. Billion. Incremental. Units of value over there and I guarantee you it's gonna double, before the, end of May we will break a trillion, dollars, before. June first mark my words. And. So. I just wanted to let you guys know not. To. Be this, informed. You. Know don't, think this is the bottom and you should dump your life savings into it we're going down another 10 20 % but probably inside of two weeks will bottom out and man China's gonna come back with a vengeance buy, up the bottom, and then the US banks are gonna be struggling trying to figure out you know if they want to keep the Ponzi scheme known as a stock market going or if they want to pay you know a little bit more of a premium on this BTC, you, know since. Everybody across the pond is already doing it. This. Is how we win. Seven. And 77. As. Long as they have Auto money we have auto power because we have a choice. Up. Until now I haven't, had a choice. This. Was given to you you know you trade two, weeks of your life and they pay you a you. Know a few few, handfuls, of these guys and you say thank you and then they look at you after about two years and they say you know what we, like what you're doing we're gonna we're, gonna give you a you, know. One. Tenth more we're, gonna give you a five percent raise right. You. Look at you say dang you. Say yes I won what. Did you in more. Debt death and depression, don't, do it so. Your values change your worth, and, together. The. Collective would be a lot better off. That's. All I wanted to say, really on this one I didn't, I didn't know it was gonna go in that direction. But. This is the opportunity at hand right, this, is why. The. Knowledge I'm giving you guys is only worth 20,000. Views to YouTube cuz apparently Paul. Logan, and any any, crazy, swinging, dick they got out there you, know dumb in the population, down they gasp I'm up to the top they get a million views overnight, you know I've been dropping dropping, knowledge for, about six months straight almost, 200 videos got 20,000, subscribers but, guess what I'm, cool with that we, build in. You. Know we, build in something here so I appreciate your patience I appreciate your time apologize. For the you know delay, earlier tonight I'm about to drop four G's at a.

Microsoft. Don't, give me your best machine if I if I don't like it I'll be, back next week give, me my money back. And. At the end of the day we do need to be positive, it's a messed up situation you guys but I think we can see our way out of it you, know and that's what I stress to you we need to come together we need to come together we need to come together don't listen to the bubble hairs on TV they will divide us apart divide and conquer we need to come together right. Don't. Accept whatever whatever label, they give you because the minute you step inside that, box those, four walls is all that exists people say oh you're, a millennial liberal. Volunteerism. And. Tyne, I. Have no idea I think. They literally just play, Scrabble. You know and have little bits, of words put together and just pick one they just bam hit the dice and bam, bam bam oh okay. Good we'll go with that word that's a new word they make up a new word every week. So. We. Have to rise above that we have to ascend. You, know above. That right and, then we can understand. The. Uniform. Collective. That, lies within every. Single one of us. There's, ninety crypto thank you um. Get, a receipt yes and. Keep the box - I don't, think they let you return it if you ain't got the box but I gotta go till. We meet again stay cryptic y'all thank you so much again a boss of Bitcoin father crypto resources and tool number one Facebook. Group in the world and uh I'll. Be back tomorrow, on flips, at stake. Rip to go please.

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I've been using the BK method since September 2017, through uptrends and downtrends. I have had a 85% success rate (95% since December). If you are new, and some of this is above your head, search google for "HOW TO CHART LIKE A BOSS". This playlist will show you how to go from USD in your pocket to increasing your BTC and therefore putting MORE money back in your pocket (or retirement account, etc). The original videos use GREEN and ORANGE lines for the moving averages. Now they are BLUE and WHITE. Comment below if you need some clarification. There are plenty of Boss Method vets who want to help. Unlike other groups, we are not in competition with one another. WE ARE ON THE MONEY TEAM. The banks and bobbleheads are on the other side. If you are interested in this market strategy, but need some help, we are all here for you. Join the Facebook group and ask a question. This is easy money. This is BK's vision, and we are here to realize these network effects. GO TEAM!

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love these messages BK, this gets me motivated! in the philippines, i'm starting a peer to peer crypto to fiat exchange. unfortunately, the only way to spend money IRL is through fiat - but it wont be long!

thats amazing! please let me know how it goes and reach out to the community on facebook if you need anything!

This video was disheartening because i feel like you are usually vary rational. Your macbook pro is not the problem. I used a macbook pro for a long time, i eventually outgrew it once i started using more powerful programs. I needed more RAM and more CPU power which meant i needed better hardware (an upgrade). The difference between Windows and Mac is the operating system. The hardware can be the same A good analogy is... When i owned a F.150 it was a great truck, until i started towing heavier equipment it was not a great truck anymore because of my application. This did not mean i need to go to dodge or chevy, i could go to dodge, chevy, or ford.. the point is i need an f.250 or f.350.. i need more power not a new manufacture of truck. Same thing for you. You dont necessarily need a windows, you just need a computer with more power. More RAM, better CPU power.

No thats not the only thing i heard. Its the only narrow minded thing ive heard from you.. thats my point. I was just trying to shed some light on your computer situation, took me a long time to research why people are so bias towards macs and pcs so was just spreading the unbiased information that i had learned from research and my current use of all three operating systems you mentioned. Sorry, didn't realize constructive criticism was so unwelcome.

LMAO - all the things I said in this video - and the only thing you heard was 'macbook pro'. Sounds like you have the problem buddy, not me.

Especially for you BK, Mac is better for media application. Its what it is designed for I only use Windows to run design programs such as solidworks

I strongly agree with what you're saying. The debate about the operating system is a very bias rabbit hole to go down and it does not need to be at all. When i recently bought a new desktop, i researched for almost a year.. with an open mind to an manufacture. The price gap is definitely closing when you break down the hardware you get for the prices. My current Imac with 16GB RAM and the i7 intel CPU was only about $200 more than the equivalent HP. I currently run Windows, Linux, and OS on my Imac. ALL THREE operating systems. I can do this, and pick which one i use for what, because what really matters is my HARDWARE. The rest is preference and application.

Spot on Jake - its not the MBP but the resources it has to perform with.  Sure Mac is premium priced (mind you Windows is closing the gap - look at the Windows Surface Pro range) and the latest MBP's have issues in terms of ports, etc BUT the important issue is the OS and windows is crap and OSx (unix) is supreme. Moreover you get more bang for you buck in terms of adding RAM and faster CPU because of the OS). Linux is a better alternative to Windows but it lacks support for a lot of software. Stick with Mac BK - just upgrade RAM, faster disk (SSD), better GPU and to i7 if you have i5.

Thank you for the kind words, and WELCOME TO THE MONEY TEAM!!

They Said They BOSS WALKIN on the West Coast!

Boss Method Course coming soon!

Well I shouldn't be the only one - each one reach one...

Thanks Josh!



The universe does not exist if there was no U (n) I - basically implying two points of interconnection between one node of central coexistence.

great minds think alike!


I appreciate your words of support and encouragement - each one - reach one!

thank you david!

not what they used to be...

Thanks for watching!

Great video, very informative!! Go grab a sick computer

Where was any btc prediction you mostly rambled

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