The Chilling Black Dahlia Murder Revisited

The Chilling Black Dahlia Murder Revisited

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This week on a special, episode of BuzzFeed unsolved, true crime TNT's, i am the knight has asked us to take a closer look at a case we previously covered the infamous, murder of the Black Dahlia I am. The knight is a new limited series on TNT, inspired, by the incredible true, story of fauna hotel, a teenage, girl given, away at birth who makes a discovery about her past that leads her to question everything, her, search for her identity leads her to the heart of Hollywood's most infamous, unsolved murder the Black Dahlia and one of the prime suspects, in the case in this, episode we'll take a new look at the murder the suspects, and the pile of evidence that has yet to be enough to solve this case you, can't hide the truth. Now. Shame this was before your time on the show so, you. May not have seen this episode I have not that, do you know the case at all The Black Dahlia Hollywood. Murderer. And. It's. Gruesome it, is gruesome there. Was a movie I think it's, also a show oh. Yeah. TNT. I am the night the point I'm trying to get across he was a little bit shorter because it was one of the first episodes that was you making your little power points you know okay no need to get back, I'm. Just saying now we've been given the opportunity, to dive deep yeah I got my goggles on I'm ready to dive deep I got a scuba tank baby let's. Go digging around, 10. A.m. on, January, 15th, 1947. Betty Persinger, was taking her three-year-old, daughter and on a morning, errand, to the shoe repair store, near what's now the Crenshaw neighborhood, of Los Angeles as they passed an empty, lot on Norton Avenue Persinger, recalls quote I glanced. To my right and saw this very dead white body my, goodness, it was so white it, didn't look like anything, more than perhaps an artificial, model it was so white and separated. In the middle, and quit, rough, start to this story there's, a reason why we're going into the grisly details of this because they'll come well you got we take no pleasure in this we're not sickos. Yeah. I'm no I'm not why are you looking at me with that accusatory, glare yeah sometimes, I get a little worried about yeah the body of 22, year old Elizabeth Short, was lying face-up and naked, her body split, in half at the waist, she was oddly posed, with, her eyes open hands, above her head with elbows bent and legs, out straight and, spread apart she, had been hit over the head and pieces, of her flesh had been cut out at, the corners of her mouth there were three inch long slits, as gory. As the scene was there, was no blood it, appeared, that the body had been drained and scrubbed, before being placed where it was found, Betty Persinger went to a nearby home, and called the police to, report the body Persinger. Then continued, her errand, I would not be going to get my shoes repaired after that I would say that, if I saw something as traumatic as this I probably, need to you know go home. But. It is weird to be the first person to arrive on the scene because, when you call in you, are going to be the first suspect usually, well, she's, not gonna commit, a grisly, murder I'm her way to repair her, don't underestimate anybody, if history has taught us anything you don't underestimate anyone anyone can murder anyone can, murder Julia, Child do.

You Think she could murder if pressed, yeah I think you could murder if pressed I don't. Know if I found out today that you had murdered somebody I wouldn't be too, surprised, I think cause someone told you right. After. Identifying, the body by its fingerprints, with help from the FBI. The LAPD began. Circulating, a flier in the hopes of getting more information it. Described, short as quote 5 foot 6 inches, 118. Pounds black. Hair green. Eyes very. Attractive, bad, lower teeth fingernails. Chewed too quick end quote, eventually. More, information, about the woman began to emerge, originally. From Medford Massachusetts, Elizabeth. Short moved to Hollywood some, say in the hopes of stardom, like many actresses she had worked as a waitress, and a cashier, and, dealt with periods, of unemployment as, she struggled, to get minor acting, roles that's Hollywood. That's. Tinseltown, you moved from Chicago here. With the same hopes of stardom, yeah you did also take an improv comedy class as well right I did to meet people, you follow the Wi-Fi PlayBook in LA Oh a hundred percent and I'll tell you what I did meet some of the most insufferable, people. Had, an improv class I can't believe that but they also met me and I wish that uh no one okay, all right it, was common at the time for, newspapers to bestow nicknames, on murder cases the, papers called her The Black Dahlia, due, to reports, that she often wore sleek black clothing and had striking dyed black hair the, autopsy, on the body provided a chilling glimpse into, shorts, final moments, officially. Short, died of hemorrhage and shock marks. On her legs wrists neck and right thigh suggested, she had been bound in tortured, the slits at the corners of her mouth were made while she was still alive she. Had also suffered a concussion from, blows to her head reports. Say that the cuts were clean raising. Suspicions, early on that someone, with surgical, skills, may have been responsible. Likes. Gruesome. One thing too to mine from that yeah if you wade through all the grisly, details which are upsetting is that. Whoever did this had, surgical, skills this. Was not committed. By someone you, know who, just picked up a knife at the hardware store this is somebody who knew what he was doing he knew Anatomy, sure so, that's, gonna come in big, later in the case okay I wouldn't want to be a detective, I have no aspirations, to be in law some of the most disgusting, stuff I've ever heard, it's gross yeah it's much easier to be an asshole sitting behind a desk like we are yeah, the. Gory details and proximity, to the glamour of Hollywood, cause shorts murder to become a huge, story, making. Page one headlines, in Los Angeles for a full, month feeding. This sensation, was the apparent murderer, themself, nine. Days after her body was found an envelope, arrived, at the offices, of the Los Angeles examiner.

It Contains, some of shorts belongings, including, her social security card birth, certificate. Photos, and an address, book, was missing a few pages all, of, the items have been cleaned of fingerprints. Using gasoline and the envelope, had been addressed using cut out letters taken from movie advertisements. All told. 13, letters were sent to the police and press taunting. Them as the investigation. Unfolded, many, signed Black, Dahlia Avenger, we're. Dealing with a great áááhole, here the mob was all over the town you got dirty cops the, whole town is filthy. Yeah greedy corrupt. Maybe that's why that woman went to go get her shoes repaired, it's probably the fifth dead body she'd seen that week. About. That one, other thing that we should talk about is the address-book had a few missing pages what, means what could, could the killer have been in her address book yeah he probably knew her for a little bit there were many suspects, throughout the investigation. It's been estimated that hundreds, were questioned, and cleared the, police contacted. About 75. Men listed, in the address, book that was sent to the Los Angeles examiner, the majority, of them said they'd met short only briefly, going, out on a dinner date or to the movies but, that things had ended before they went any further during. The case the FBI investigated. Approximately. 300. USC, medical school students, though, it seems nothing came of this at one, point fingerprints. Were found on one of the Dalia letters sent to police the. FBI race to match these prints with an identity but, the fingerprints, were not in their files so they were unable to find, a match eventually. The case went cold after. More than 70, years I think, there are three main suspects, worth examining the, first is a salesman, and former Army musician, Robert Redman. Lee his, relationship, with short began about a month before short was murdered when Manley noticed her outside a bus station in San Diego, and asked. If she wanted a ride, according. To Manly at first, short, would not speak to him but he was persistent and she eventually did, get into his car for, the next month Manley would take short on dates when he was in town in San Diego, when, the place where short had been staying in San Diego suddenly, fell through short.

Contacted, Manley and asked, him to come pick her up Manley, said next they both stayed platonically. In a tell in pacific beach after which, manly drove them both to los angeles there. He says he brought short to the Biltmore Hotel and left her there at about 6:30, on the evening of January 9th, as, far as the investigation was ever able to ascertain, that is the last place short, was seen alive six. Days before her body was discovered, when. Questioned by the police, manly pleaded his innocence, and willingly, took to polygraph, tests both indicating. That he was telling the truth, years later in 1954. Doctors. Gave manly, sodium, pentothol at one point thought, to be a truth, drug that. Would induce honesty, and questioned. Him about the case again. It seemed manly was innocent. Didn't they determine, that's pretty much baloney that's some professor snape shit it's not real I do wonder what the effects of it are you know we should do huh we should inject you full of truth serum and then ask you if you think ghosts you're real do, you think I'm lying about that sometimes, I make you're lying to yourself hmm now. I know this isn't the season for that it's not the season manly, died on january, 9th, 1986. After an accidental, fall in his apartment in Anaheim, California, 39. Years to the day after he last saw short alive at the Biltmore now, that sounds like a coincidence, an accidental. Fall on the anniversary of the last time he saw somebody he was accused of murdering oh so, you think he maybe was. Remorseful. And, jump, I'm not saying that it. Could go beyond coincidence that's all I'll say or the thing though is if I'm living in Anaheim, and I've got a balcony and I'm smoking, cigars, because it's the 80s and I grew up in Hollywood, in the 40s, and 50s yeah yeah I'm addicted to every substance known to man and I'm, out there on my balcony in Anaheim it's a miracle, that I'm not going over that thing any, given day of the week well, you got the fireworks to keep you on the balcony Oh from Disneyland. In. 1997. For the 50th anniversary of the murder the LA Times interviewed, Ralph Osdol, the last living detective, from the original investigation, as they'll. Claim that within weeks he, found the man he believed to be the murderer as Dahl had received a few tips in a description of a man witnesses, noticed, near the empty lot where short was discovered, other, witnesses, described seeing a black car around dawn as, Dale found a man matching that description whose. Car which had been recently repainted, also, look like the one described, because. As Dale had no hard evidence and only, a hunch to go on he was unable to confront, his suspect, but as of 1997. He, believed that this, mystery, man was the black dahlia murderer, great. Insight provided by as Dale here you're not a big fan of this one, he's the last living detective, from the original investigation he spent 50 years having, his nose rubbed in it and now, in the end he is just like yeah I knew who was all along can't. Tell you his name but I know if that's true kind, of a bad detective yeah. The, third and final suspect is well known to even those only casually, familiar, with the case dr.. George Hodel, many. Who worked on the case over the years believe they interacted, with the real killer at some point perhaps, no one feels stronger, than Steve Hodel, after. Retiring as an LAPD, homicide detective. Having, worked on over 300. Murder cases, Steve, Hodel published, his research claiming, the murderer was one George, Hodel the, detectives, own father. This. Is juicy. Can. You imagine being, a detective, working. Your ass off on this case he's got a big board and suddenly, he takes the yarn on the board and just where. Am I putting this on a photo. Of my father I, know oh well. He wasn't assigned, to the case this is something he took on after he retired interesting, okay his. Dad also as you will soon, find out was a bit of an asshole and it made, sense why he would suspect his father of being capable of something horrible, George. Hodel was a wealthy, doctor in Los Angeles described. As a well-connected, dashing. Man with, high IQ, George, was, in charge of a venereal disease clinic in LA which, supposedly, gave, him knowledge of the sexual, lives of people ranging from local sex workers to the city's elite, while, George wasn't, a practicing, surgeon he, was reported, to have breezed, through Medical, School where, he'd studied to be one yeah, I got murder after, George hotels death his, son Steve, found, two photos of a woman who Steve believed to be Elizabeth, Short the Black Dahlia.

He Began investigating, coming, to believe that his father had. A romantic, relationship with short, and that they had been spotted together at a hotel in downtown Los Angeles so. George's son is looking. Through his dad's photo albums, and he comes across two pictures that look strikingly, similar to Elizabeth Short now I will say I have not seen any confirmation, that they are in fact Elizabeth. Short did they run these past in a ransom they I seen that they ran past a couple experts, but no one conclusively, said yes but they also didn't say conclusively no, are they a little more revealing than that photo of the back of Amelia, Earhart's, head that you tried to pass off as if I didn't say I tried to pass that okay that wasn't mine you see her face in these things though we do you see her face hmm. Yes. You have his profession, which gives him a unique, insight mm-hmm and then you have these photos and then, you have the claims that they had been seen together at places. No so he, obviously knew, her at, the very least George, Hodel would have had the medical training needed to produce the surgical mutilation. Performed, on shorts, body and that, is only the beginning, steve has suggested, that George is also, responsible, for the murder of Jean French which, occurred a mere, three weeks after shorts. On February. 10th, like. Short French, received blunt-force trauma, to the head and her body was also found, oddly posed, in a vacant lot early, one morning, French's. Body bore the initials, B D possibly. Thought to stand for black dahlia written. In red lipstick, yeah, yeah, B D sure, yeah, I'll take it did, they send any letters following. That one no but, the. Actual, writing of BD. Is going to come into play the, penmanship, of it, notes. Allegedly, sent by the killer after, the murder match hotels handwriting. According, to handwriting analysis, performed by one forensic, expert, hired by Steve Hodel that, expert. Also believed, that the BD initials, written on gene French's body matched, George hotels handwriting. Now, that. Comes with obviously the disclaimer that it was a handwriting. Expert hired, by the person who was purporting, the theory yeah, but. Are they're crooked. I. Can't see why this person would be. Would. Aid in the miscarriage, of justice right, right, that doesn't make any sense to me if you're a handwriting expert you, got, to do your best yeah how many jobs are you getting I, I also I don't know if this is weird but I think there's more weight to it because, it's his son doing the accusing I think, it could be less because one against blood well, it could show a personal, vendetta if, this guy had a bad childhood which, is strong, but. This he. Was not even a whole he's not a good dad evidence, was found that hotel had 50 pound sacks of concrete, sent to his home for remodeling, on january, 9th, 1947.

The, Last day short, was seen alive and, less, than one week before her body was found, Hodel, son has claimed that there were similar bags found near shorts body that police speculated. Could have been used to carry shorts, body from the car to the lot what's. More George, drove a black 1936. Packard, that looked similar to the descriptions, of the black car that had been seen at dawn near the empty lot wear shorts body was found Steve's, research, pointed out similarities, between house shorts body was found and works by George's reported, friend surrealist, artist, man ray the. Dahlias arms, were posed above her head, not unlike man Ray's photograph, possessed, by MoMA Minotaur. As, for the slits on dahlias, mouth they could have been inspired by the artists painting, Observatory, time the lovers according. To Steve George, idolized. Man Ray and wanted, to be an artist himself could. The Black Dahlia have, been George's, sick attempt, at art, one, of George's daughters Tamar Hotel recalled, her father hosting, huge parties, at their Hollywood adjacent, home, with guests including, man-ray as well as movie stars Tamar. Also, claimed she had posed for nude photos, for Man Ray when she was a child after running away from home in 1949, Tamar, reported, her father to the police telling. Them he had tried to teach her about oral, sex at the age of eleven that he had offered her to his friends, for sex when she was 14, and that George himself had, had sex with her if. This man is not a murderer, he's, obviously a bad man yeah this guy is awful, surprised, these kids didn't get together and just kill their dad well. One of them said hey maybe I'll indict, him for murder, no. I got it. Yeah. As a side note at, age, 15, Tamar, gave birth to a baby girl in San Francisco, that girl, fauna, hotel would, be adopted, by a family in, Nevada and not, know the story of her biological grandfather. Until, much later when, conducting research of, her own. Do. We know who her father is I'm. Not saying this is what happened but it's possible, that, Tamar, since, she claims that George, had had sex with her at the age of 14 and gave, birth to a baby, at 15 it's possible, that. The father of that baby which is fauna hotel, could, have been George, her grandfather, oh this guy's a real piece of shit Ryan do, you see why I said, Steve, Hodel may have a conflict of interest now yeah now I get I thought you were just like oh oh. He's. A monster yeah he's a he's a monster yeah George, Hodel was ultimately, acquitted of incest, charges, after several, other family, members testified that Tamar, was lying there are those who have stated however that, the family could have been motivated to do so because George, was the breadwinner supporting. The family in, 1950. A few, years after the black dahlia murder George. Hodel moved, or perhaps fled, to the Philippines, perhaps. Not so coincidentally a woman, murdered in Manila, in 1967. Reportedly, was also, found bisected.

And Posed, in an empty lot just, like the black dahlia Steve. Claims that at the time George, Hodel was living just a half-mile away from, the I'm Z in, 2012. Steve, Hodel visited, his childhood home with a production, crew another, former police officer, and a search dog that picked up the scent of human decomposition in, multiple, locations on the property, such, as the Le way in back of the house according. To doctor Arpad Vass a leading, forensic anthropologist. Who helped pioneer chemical. Analysis, of human decomposition this. Does not technically, indicate, that remains are located, where the search dog found the sense because, the markers the dog detects, can move carried, by water and other forces over, the decades, however, VAS himself, analyzed, a soil sample taken from the alley behind the home and found that it was positive for human remains though. The sample indicated, a death that occurred anywhere from 20 to 100 years ago quite, likely beside, the point but I always feel bad for those dogs that got a sniff dead bodies all day yeah, I mean that's definitely not preferable, to the ones that have to sniff for like cocaine. Cocaine those dogs. After. Hearing, about the George Hodel theory LA Times reporter, Steve Lopez went to the Los Angeles DA, and was given access to case files and grand jury documents. In the, files he, found a photo, of George Hodel listing. Him among 21, other suspects, Lopez. Also found records indicating, that the LAPD. Had snuck listening, devices into hotels home undetected. And listened, to hotel for, 40, days in 1950. Not, long before he left for the Philippines, the. Recordings, do not exist anymore but, transcripts, of the recordings, were left in the DA's files, Lopez. Says one of the transcripts, had recorded Hotel saying quote supposing. I did kill, the Black Dahlia they couldn't prove it now they, can't talk to my secretary because. She's dead end quote. Well, you. Know people. Don't usually say, stuff like that it, sounds like dialogue, written for a villain like that's something that a normal person doesn't say. Another. Transcript, describes what may have been the sound of a woman being attacked in the houses basement. According. To a CBS 48.

Hour Special, on the case, the investigation. Into hotels, possible, ties too short was shut down abruptly, in 1950. With, one of the lead investigators stating. That the recordings, taken from hotels home eliminated. Him as a suspect if, that, sounds suspicious, to you you're not alone George's. Son claims his father via his connections, and occupation. Had knowledge about corruption in the LAPD and, their ties to prostitution. And abortion, rings and that the police covered, of hotels guilt to avoid their own dirty laundry being aired indeed. Some, officers, in the LAPD were notoriously, corrupt in the early 20th century and the transcripts, from the bugs left in hotels house also, reportedly, quote George's saying this is the best payoff I've seen between law enforcement agencies, I'd, like to get a connection made in the DA's office and. On, the nose there sounds. Like, it. It's. George Hodel. Again. Why does it always come back to evidence. Being gone what happened to the tapes they. Conveniently, fell, in the trash well seeing, that these tapes say this about the LAPD who is then in charge of the chain of custody of certain tapes yeah it makes sense in a sense to me that those tapes would, vanish yeah upsetting. But, then again when you look at that and you see oh the tapes disappeared, while they are in the custody of your, establishment. That only makes you look bad so regardless, don't care they. Don't care yeah cops don't care I guess no lending. Credibility to, the corruption allegation, according, to the 48 hours investigation. The LAPD, admits, that much, of the physical evidence from, the black dahlia case, is not with the files it's, unclear, where it is or why, it would be missing, pretty, clear I understand, you know there's bureaucracy. You got to fill out forms stuff goes places, oh do we put that on this shelf or that shelf I don't know but. They probably have some pretty good systems, in place yeah the police you. Should be able to keep track of these things, if, we could assess, anything out of that it's that Shaima de believes the, LAPD are crooked, wait, no while. There are some doubts as to whether the photographs, found in George's photo album are actually, of the black dahlia or if, his handwriting does match the letter sent to the police and press there's, enough cause for suspicion without, those, leads to keep the lens focused, on George Hodel after. Reviewing the hotel case Steven, K the then LA County head deputy da who'd, prosecuted, murder cases for over 35, years, stated, he believed the case had been solved, speaking, for himself not the DA's office quote, I would have no reservations, about filing two counts of murder against, dr. George Hodel end quote, Steven, K thrown. It on the team I mean I commend, him, but at the same time duh George. Hodel returned, to the United States from the Philippines, around 1990. He, died in 1991. At the age of 91, I've always wondered since, they found the fingerprints, on that Dalia letter can't, they take little George's finkies and put him on the thing and see if they match well now there bones. Well, I'm sure they have George's fingerprints, on file do they they have to it was he ever brought in for anything he was a suspect, yeah. Today. The case is still open but, it has been decades since authorities, were actively, investigating. Perhaps most frustrating, is the sentiment, expressed by, John Douglas former. Head of the FBI's, serial, Crimes Division and one of the nation's leading experts on profiling. Violent crimes Douglass. Notes that so much information, can be ascertained, from the murderers interactions, and time he spent with the body that today, the crime would be quote very, solvable and quote. The Black Dahlia Murder riveted. The nation and continues, to fascinate sleuths, today was. The Black Dahlia merely, the most infamous murder at the hands of dr., George Hodel or is, there, another answer out, there lost to time for, now the, case remains. Unsolved. What. Are you gonna do charge, George Hodel with two counts of murder according to the DA chisel. Into his gravestone, also. A murderer yeah I mean maybe I don't know what you do part, of Justice is forcing. Penance upon the person who did the deed, right sure, there's, no justice. Sleep, tight everybody, oh no. Way here we go okay. Yeah. Another part of justice is that the living descendants, of the. People who, had the, act. Committed against them now they could find solace that the true perpetrator.

Has, Been pointed, out place. That's something it's good for the living descendants, closure. Check. Out I am, the night on TNT. With. Chris Pine that. Guy is, okie, he's. Got nice eyes.

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You Guys need to do some research into the Mary Hatchet Story on Long Island. I will say nothing more, other than this. There are two locations: One, in Cedarhurst, Nassau County, LI, Which is the more evil of the two, and the other in Smithtown, where her grave is. If you choose either of these locations, I can be a wonderful guide, as I'm a native Shamanic worker and lived here my whole life. You'd love the activity level on these locations. The Cedarhurst location, is a bit hard to obtain. I have a 5 mile radius. It's been a long time since I chose to go back to that evil place. lol. Now a part of a golf course or a nature preserve in Woodcrest hills.

I swear cops in the 40's&50's were so bad like seriously come on

Hey! How did Hodel get his hands on her birth certificate and social security card? it's not something someone normally carries around with them?

the fact that anyone could be that disgusting of a person is making this harder to watch

Was expecting a bowl cut

buzzfeed is such a fuckin sellout

BuzzFeed unsolved, but solvable

3:17 That would be a no no for advertisers, boys

when you said a woman was murdered in manila, I wanted to fly back to Australia immediately.

I miss my two lil munchkins :c owo

h-he moved to the philippines. filos: _[screaming]_ he moved back. filos: ...

The cuts seeming surgical is eh to me. I took a bio: human anatomy class so we had to dissect things, it's not hard to make clean cuts. Just saying.

There was a episode of ghost hunters and a girl admitted that her father/grandfather? Said on a regular basis that he was the bd murderer

Back Dahlia is also a tattoo and piercing studio in Athens

This show is a very inferior copy of much better unsolved crime channels made by people with actual passion for the subject. Another sad buzzfeed attempt to cash in on others success... Keep to the trivial stuff buzzfeed, you can barely manage that, as a channel you have no talent for serious subject matter... At least try to find presenters who give a damn, or have some background, in this sort of thing... This was truly awful.

I hate Ryan.

I was creeper out when Ryan mentioned him eventually moving to Philippines. I was like "we already have enough psychopaths here! We don't need another one!"

For #postmortem: I've tried searching the case happened in Manila in 1967, it's Lucila Lalu's murder (don't include this on the PM if this isn't the case you're referring too) Just to make this short and quick, according to what I've read, she moved in Manila from her province in Pampanga to try her luck, just like Black Dalhia, she worked as a waitress, met a man, got married, get lucky, she finally owned a business, cocktail lounge, sort of having some affairs and lovers, like Florante Relos a 19 year old lover of her who was the main suspect at that time but immediately released because his two friends corroborated his alibi that he was somewhere else at the time of the murder. Then later, here come a guy named Jose Luis Santiano, a 28-year old dental student came and confessed to the crime. He detailed the events that led to the brutal killing. But, a few days later, he denied his own confession and insisted on his innocence. According to a news clipping from The Sunday Times, Jose, "claimed and insisted that he was an unwilling witness to the murder of the woman by three man." Police also found an evidence to Jose, a hammer with positive Lalu's bloodstain and hair. Just to add a little spice, Black Dalhia suffered concussion too. It's plausible that the one of the three unnamed man could be George Hodel (just a theory though).

They NEED to do a supernatural episode on the Jersey Devil

all videos, documentaries made since 2001 have been based mainly on the George Hodel theory, would be good to see something based on another theory. George Hodel DID NOT kill Betty Short. If you have seen the 2 photos that were dicscovered in his photo album I think it Is pretty clear that those photos are NOT of Elizabeth Short. the lady photgraphed with the flowers in her hair and the wooden horse behind her has come forward to confirm that the photo is of her and not Betty Short. Seems like this story is a big batch of family revenge, if you are reading this you should look into the theory of "Jack Anderson" he seems the most likely to have killed her.

when I opened this the lights flickerd. I'm scared

i have wanted them to revisit this case for the LONGEST TIME

"Also a murderer" omg i love shane!

why does this look like season one

The black Dahlia has always made my stomach turn, but its always so Exciting to hear about Evidence that's never seen the light of day. To think that the Answers are lost in grave with the beast will always keep me on my toes. Good episode 10/10

For the postmortem: Hey, I have a suspicion. Maybe Ricky’s grandfather Victor Goldsworth killed her.

For the postmortem: Did George have a wife?...Could photo have been of his wife?

Also you guys taught me today that ‘Baloney” is a word and not just a misspelled Bologna moment lol

Been waiting for the remake of the black dahlia episode!!! Thank you Ryan & Shane! Keep rockin'!

For #postmortem, I just wanna say I love Shane and Ryan.. But I'm kinda torn between hating and loving hot daga.. xD It's a bit obvious that George Hodel did the killing especially after he started acting like 'Yeah I did it, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to ask LAPD to catch me? HA!' I really liked it when Shane said, 'There's no justice, sleep tight everyone.' #BoogarabutIwishIwasaShaniachaha #ButRyanlookinglikeahotmessyhotdaddyforthisepisode

ah yeah saw a post on facebook someone's family who were doctor lived at that time and all so was hoping you'll go back to ti

I did some research on the murder in Manila in 1967 , he wasn't suspected at all

*I knew who it was all along. can't tell you his name but, I know.* this is making me mad. wtf

Hi shane and ryan! Im from Philippines! Im shocked that one.of the lead suspect went to Philippines!

I know you guys usually do cases within The States and nearby but it would be really great if you guys could make a video about MH370.

Move the dummy plz.. :'(

Do 7 bridges

At the time of the Black Dahlia, there were several other violent murders of women happening (some including dismemberment). What do you think about the idea that some of these could be linked?

can you please do an episode about the disappearance of Madeline McCann!!

I believe that George Hodel is the murderer. I live in the Philippines and in 1967, there were a lot of murders happening due to Martial Law but that case with the girl was a unique one.

Every time you guys are in that room I just think of the episode where the mannequin behind shane moved its head...

Alsoo dis week, we should band together to find de wae! De wae is perfect my bruddas! Let us find de wae!

The Real photos of the crime scene is truly awful ....... Lucila Lalu is the name of the girl, killed same way as elizabeth short, here in the Philippines.. Her case named "The Filipina Black Dahlia"

Not that it matters, but that's not the correct Biltmore Hotel footage. It's entrance is more grand.... pun intended (it's on Grand)

too bad they don't have the original letter from the killer. they might get dna from the stamp, and compare it to the Hodel's son

The case itself sounds more inconclusive than unsolved due to the convenient “lack of evidence” on hand from the LAPD


she kinda looks like jennifer connely


Stanley Meyer Theory on new invention of "Fuel Cell". He died under mysterious circumstances and his invention went missing in 1990. Including, this invention would give no pollution to the atmosphere.

I feel like Shane's catchphrase is "insufferable"

Finally up to date on true crime

i've wanted a revisit of this case for so long!!!!!

why weren’t Jeanne and Elizabeth’s murders connected? I know that the serial minimum is 3 bodies but if they connected the two they could’ve done other things to bring out the killer, using those methods would most likely end in someone else being killed but I have a feeling the police scared the killer away.

You ever thought about naming our favourite mannequin? He's become so icon chilling in the back there I think he should have a name. I'm going to say Thomas.....Thomas the mannequin.

Quick Q for the lads and the postmortem. Would you rather be friends with a zany ghost or a fun cryptid? Go skiing in the mountains with a yeti or go hang-gliding with the Mothman? #Shaniac #RyanIsStillValid #LoveYouGuys

"was he ever brought in for anything?" shane, his mugshot has been right behind you for like 5 seasons...

Mystery as creepy I think this case shouldn'tbe solved. someone knew everything but know one need to find out anything. This case never be solved

come thru budget!

the living descendants did Elizabeth Short have kids that survived???

For #postmortem: not related to the vid, but I recently discovered BUN, and i got obsessed and started watching from the very beginning, and i just need to point out HOW MUCH Ryan's editing skills has improved? like, the boy has talent! #alsoshaneyouregreatily #muchlovefromchile !

For postmortem: Manley and accidental fall? He doesn't seem guilty so why would he supposedly commit suicide? Perhaps a crazed fan or a family member always blamed him and took revenge?

Ya’ll should do Riverview Hospital in Canada!

Do the disappearance of Madeleine Mccan

I like ur haircut Ryan

I believe this is Shane post-bowl cut

My dad said if I get 2000 subs he won’t put my dog to sleep

i was drinking from a mug that has spongebob saying all cops are bastards on it while watching this :)

Sorry for pushing video games into this horrifying case, but this reminds me of Twin Peaks and Rachel Amber.

I really enjoyed this one

No doubt Hodel is the killer! :/

I think you guys should visit a haunted place in Alaska! There is this one place where I used to live in Whittier Alaska that is proclaimed haunted. It is called the Begich Towers. It is a supposedly haunted building and it is 14 stories high.

I never even noticed that they changed Shane and I've been watching it since the beginning


The guys talking are annoying

I always get paranoid whenever I watch these. So why do I watch these at night?

Are they running out of stuff too do??

Muhmuhmuhmuhmuhmuhmumuh *MAN RAY!!!!!!*

I'm watching this as there's a murderer running loose in my neighborhood

As a licensed Doctor, Hodel's fingerprints should be on file. I don't know if it's the same now as it was way back then but to become a CNA I had to have my fingerprints filed so you'd think he would be on file too.

Shane looks 1 million years younger again

me: *is eating a pie as they start the details* me: a bad idea

Steve Hodel is a fraud who is also trying to pin the Zodiac and at least 10 other serial murders onto his father. When you actually look into the evidence against George Hodel and even the’s an extremely weak case. Read the latest book on this case Black Dahlia Red Rose for a more factual timeline of this case and a far more probable murder suspects!! This video will just prolong justice for Miss Short

George Hodel is the dude. Why are we talking about this anymore

ahhh i'm a huge american horror story murder house fan!!!

Go to skinwalker ranch

"Black Dahlia" by Ainé Cahill is a really good song that I think everyone here would enjoy, you guys should listen to it sometime

Wow a 26mins video


For Postmortem : Okay so this is regarding Short getting into the car of a freakin stranger! I mean who does that? And oh, I don’t think that Manley approached her in a platonic way when she was at the bus station. So I doubt him when he says that they loved platonically!

I definitely believe that George Hodel was involved in her murder and was the murderer. There is a lot of evidence against him. It haf to be him since he was a doctor and had those medical skills.

it’s not a buzzfeed unsolved without em’ wheezing lol

Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej are soft for Chris Pine......bless

You guys should do the villisca axe murders in villisca Iowa!!!!

Yo! Medford, Ma with the shout out! Represent!

Y'all should revisit the JonBenet Ramsey case

Y'all also need to do a series where you just talk about Murder cases that are solved because I would love to see an episode on the Gainesville Ripper but they caught the guy

Cases like these make more buzz and possible money being unsolved rather than solved. Just my opinion. Who knows.

I think they should try to find the fingerprints, and see if they match. And the granddaughter's DNA should be checked because you can tell incest that way.

sicko mode or mo bamba?

watching this at 3 am like I’m not gonna be traumatizes pretending that I’m not gonna think every noise is a serial killer

Did you come upon anything about Hodel’s supposed secret room that his children weren’t allowed to go into? I watched a documentary with his son and they talked about a secret room the kids weren’t allowed into; could that be the room where he could dissect in peace?

J.B.Moore and the Villisca Murders

Lilly Lindeström and the Vampire Murder Case

The Grimes Sister Murders

The Lake Bodem Murders


hey guys I think this case is pretty much solved already. it's just they couldn't make it official because of other "things" that should not come to light with the conviction of Hodel. How about y'all start a new subseries that is already Solved? Pick the ones that took 20 30 years to get solved, with equally grizzly details. You may have not to come up with theories of suspect but you can talk about motives and things to learn from each cases.... that most people are psychopath.

Gotta stop watching these before bed

The Murder of Mary Jane Hanselman

Well, it’s been exactly 72 years since she was found. And there’s still nothing- poor woman

The supernatural seasons don’t give me the spooks. The true crime ones actually give me the heebie-jeebies though. Especially the little scenes edited in. Good ep boys.

still waiting for MH370 Episode

Hey guys could you make next epizode about murder of Barry Seal, the guy from American made?

I did it. Im sorry.

LOL, these 2 have been friends too long, they now look, dress & sound the same. Twinzees !

Okay this is probably disrespectful but if you google black dahlia, the picture they used in the video was her mugshot!!!!!! Omg

When a victim ends up having “clean” wounds we always jump at the idea that the killer must have had surgical skills. Why don’t we ever consider butchers and slaughterhouse workers?

I'm from the Philippines

Loving Ryan’s hair

Is this TNT show about Fauna Hodel finding out that her father/grandfather murdered The Black Dahlia?

Of course if the suspect fuan hodel is nowhere to be arrested the descendant need to pay for what their grandfather did....


Can someone fix this dudes hair

you guys should come here at the philippines for your Unsolved Supernaturals!

Isn't alcohol a truth serum?

I didn't know those cuts on her face were made while she was still alive. I always kind of hoped it happened after she died. That's just so cruel.

Pre bowl cut

Do Madeline McCann

nice hair cut ryan!


How often do you guys shoot videos? And how long does it take for them to get edited and posted after they are filmed?

How often do you guys shoot videos? And how long until have they are recorded do you post them? Thanks!

i feel like they should do the Lavender Town Syndrome (idk if that was ever solved and ended up being something else)

All police departments are corrupt, some just more than others.

Speak of the PHILIPPINES try Ninoy Aquino

Is nobody gonna talk about Ryan's hairstyle XD Lmao it kept gettin my attention throughout the video.

They should really do the Oklahoma Girl Scout murders. It’s a tough one but it has a lot of depth. I’d rather see that than the death of some mobster.


Elizabeth short looks a LOT like Cobie Smulders !?

Don't like the jokey double act crap.

Hey, Ryan, you should do an episode about Missing 411’s!

Poor woman. I wish this would be solved. It’s horrible that someone got away with this horrific murder.

"i met the most insufferable people... But they also met me :)" "And i wish that on no one" :')

Ryan why do you look as wet as a newborn?

Dr.Hodel is the killer

Do a video on the sports section about Ayrton Senna's death

Do a video on the sports section about

Ayrton Senna's death

Omg can we get an unsolved REVISITED season?!

yesssss i really want to see them do Dyatlov pass again!!!

Please do an episode about Marilyn Monroe's death pleaseeeee

The only way the murder can REALLY be solved is if we were able to time travel

Ryan that hair style suits you so well

“oh so you mean it was just you making your little powerpoints”

okay, so Hodel sounds like the most likely suspect even with there being some circumstantial evidence, but you guys did say that the LAPD had 21 other suspects, what criteria ruled them out? could one of them had a higher motive? and, side note, the recording of Hodel mentioned the death of his assistant, was that ever looked into further? was there a connection there to the assistant and the victim?


bad lower teeth... disrespec

unsolved is the only good thing abt buzzfeed

Ryan your hair looks so nice like that :)

You should do the unsolved murder of Bob Crane.

Ryan honey... that hair just aint it sis. Shane daddy, you shouldnt have let him step out like that

when is the next season of unsolved airing??

boiiis let’s bring back the **wheeze**


He BuzzFeed unsolved it's okay you can go figure out the death of xxxtentacion in Jamaica please


Let’s talk about that

"My was so white." What people say when they see me on the street


How come you guys have never done Marilyn Monroe?

this is so much more informative than anything i’ve seen or read so far, normally i don’t like movies like this but now i want to see it

And John answered him, saying, Master, we saw one casting out devils in thy name, and he followeth not us: and we forbad him, because he followeth not us. But Jesus said, Forbid him not: for there is no man which shall do a miracle in my name, that can lightly speak evil of me. For he that is not against us is on our part.

Most cases that go ‘unsolved’ usually never want to *be* solved...especially by the people who pay for it to be covered up...


you probably won’t see this but here in australia, the chamberlain case was HUGE. a family was on holiday up the northern territory and night the mother claimed that a dingo took her baby and ate it. she was a suspect of murder and the way she was treated was horrible, despite the evidence against trail. it’s pretty interesting, and even though the case is closed, the result still troubles many people. i would really love it if you did this : ) love you guys

You now that I think about it... The phone you have in your pocket, If you knew the right people, and had the right power..that phone could alone destroy a lot of political, urban, worldly things...

TRUE CRIME, BABY I’ve missed these lmao

Yeah I still maintain that George Hodel is the one who murdered the Black Dahlia. But Steve Hodel also claims that his father was the Zodiac Killer, which I think is a total exaggeration.

One of my favorite cold cases, also the most chilling. Just the unsettling name she was given by the public shoots shivers down my spine. Anyways, Australia LOVES you guys! Your video is trending #19!!

It's 1am. I'm home alone. I shouldn't be watching this.

Just me but dr George looks like Shane

In 5 mins it will have been 72 years since the murder

It was the Cleveland Torso Murderer.

Literally Shane and Ryan did a hair style swap.

I love you guys but I was disappointed you didn't add anything from Piu Eatwell's book. I really like her theory of the crime.

Have u guys seen ghost adventures they investigated Gorge's old home where the murders was meant to taken place. Gorge's kids r in the episode along with his grandchild.

Hope season 5 comes back soon! Any ETA for that?

This is my favorite!!!

Question for the Postmortem (hope I’m not too late): I was thinking about you guys coming to Ireland. Dunno what unsolved mysteries are around here but there’s some spooky stuff going on. I was laughing to myself thinking of Ryan trying to pronounce Irish names and places, so here’s a few for you to pronounce: Names: Aoife, Oisín, Bláithín, Niambh, Sadhbh, Cliodhna, Saoirse, Domhnall, Siobhan, Máire, Tadhgh, Caoimhe Places: Portlaoise, Skeheenarinky, Tievebulliagh, Kilmacongue, Glendalough, Malahide, Dalkey, Boleynass, MacGillycuddy (mountain range) Anyways, love you both, hope you come to Ireland and keep up the good work! #boogara #loveyoutooshane #isaoibheannliommobhuachaillí

I love how they roast cops almost every episode honestly love these guys!

Oh my, a new upload, and I'm three days late! Can't wait to watch and listen when I get home. Love these guys!


Please do the good hart murders!!! I've been hearing about the case from my relatives who lived near the scene and I want to hear it unpacked!!

I call it BuFUN now

buzzfeed unsolved: who was the scranton strangler

George did it I mean COME ON it was very obviously him... and if he didn’t (not likely) he got inspired and killed the others


McCaffrey did it

i honestly think it was charles montgomery, because he was a dentist i believe, and had done horrible things to woman around this same time. idk, that's just my theory

When revisiting this evidence did you happen to see anything supporting that the press or police doctored the photos released to the public? I'm specifically referring to the shot of Elizabeth's body covered, with the exception to her face and feet. Elizabeth's head is leaning toward the left side with weight on her left cheek. The picture appears to be taken from the street view with the empty lot in the background. The most notable feature of this killers marking on Elizabeth Short is her ever present smile due to the facial lacerations. In many photos it appears this has been removed. I'm assuming this was done to make the photo less jarring in order to send out in a public document such as a newspaper but I can't find anything confirming this. The lips/mouth put on her face in the doctored photos is to calm to match the brutality of this crime. Just curious if you found confirmation that I couldn't. Love you guys!

C Dk they did paint over her face and they painted on the blanket in order to show the photo in papers. There’s also a painted-over version of a close up shot of her face that they sent out to papers before they were able to identify her, hoping someone might recognize her.

For post mortem ( if you do one) Hey Shane I sweat but dogs don't sweat #boogara

George Hodel died in 1999 not 1991.

You guys shouldn’t try and make jokes, that’s so disrespectful I stop watching after a minute about the texting part. Making a joke of something that’s not funny is wrong!


rewatched the original before this and it really highlights how much the show has grown, i'm proud of them (:

All these years and I still can't handle that goddamn mannequin in the corner

Y'all its George Hodel I'll throw hands to anyone who says differently

New mystery on twitter, if you like the content help support it, everything posted is real not fiction

I got really confused at 22:14

that show actually looks so lit

im honestly doubting that hodel did it, seeing as his son also said, and i quote, "I know now that my father was also responsible for a series of infamous murders in Chicago (where he was known as the Lipstick Killer), Manilla (where the local press dubbed him the Jigsaw Murderer), and the Bay Area of California (where he called himself Zodiac)." so likeeeeee claiming he was the zodiac killer and the lipstick murderer AND that he was the black dahlia killer? it seems like if you throw a bunch of stuff at the wall, something'll stick eventually

if you guys do any more of these please do the zodiac killer again. also I think you should do a solved series (even if it's just a couple episodes) where you talk about solved cases -such as John Wayne gacie- but show different motives (which would be like the suspects in the unsolved) love you guys xx

Please revisit the Somerton man!!!!

Do Burlington county prison

L.A. Noire

Were the pages that were missing from the address book ever been discussed? If only a few pages have been missing do you think it name George Hodel name on them? As most address books are in alphabetical order the pages that might have been missing could have pages “G” and “H”

it was me,i did it

Bring back ruining history

Go to Cannock chase here in England and check out the black eyed children werewolf and pig man stories there

Ryan, what is with your hair?

Should do a unsolved video in the Hodel home and use the voice box in the basement

He actually passed away on the 16 May 1999

Woah I didnt know George Hodel was connected to the Jigsaw Murders in the Philippines. I gotta read up on that again!

Go play la noire. The devs at rock star games already figured this out.

hey ryan looks thiccer

Hey Ryan and Shane! Love you guys and this show. Have you read any book about real life murder mysteries ??? Can you tell us one or two?

I believe a Temp bartender named Garrett Mason killed her and then killed several other ladies several months later. He was then shot inside the The Christ Crown of Thorns in LA by homicide detectives. The only reason why we never found this out was that Mason is the half brother of a high ranking political figure.

Got so excited this morning to have a coffee and to sit back and watch this vid! Another great one guys! Keep em comin!

Maybe it's his children framing him for the murders because of what he did to them as children

boyyyyyyy this is what i wanted from this channel

DISGUSTANG- George dude wtf


Sorry bu reviews are not so great. Really wish someone like David fincher would direct the story about black dahlia murder.

YAS ur back

Damn...this is recommended me on the same day when they found The Black Dahlia (January 15)

What a great birthday gift, a BUN special episode, love the ghoul boys, back in action

wtf happened to Ryan's hair

India is hot

If you want to know more about Hodel There’s literally a conspiracy show on Netflix called “Conspiracies” (lmao) and there’s and episode that goes into the Black Dahlia case and it’s all about George Hodel so yeah

Run a comb through your hair for Christ sakes

Man, I wish I didn't watch this after midnight

L.A Noir was such a good game a copy cat killer acted out the murder?! Wow, good job Rockstar.

PLEASE make a video about Benigno Aquino Jr., he was a senator of the Philippines back in the '60s and '70s and was like, the savior of the people because he talked back to the immoral president at the time of martial law. He was said to have beef and political fights with the president back then. He went to America to get surgery for his sickness, and came back (under a fake name for secrecy, not much people knew about his secret identity), BUT was shot (in the HEAD) while going down the stairs of the plane. In film evidences, there was a white van. The whole investigatory business of the Phils. got involved and almost every single politician was accused of conspiracy. No one's sure who actually killed him. But, he was a great symbol of nationalism and was the start of fighting for freedom. R.I.P. Senator Benigno"Ninoy" Aquino Jr .

Suspect moves to *another country* and another crime similar to the one *already being investigated* happens...but no one's arrested?

You guys need to do an unsolved of skinwalker ranch!


Ryan - Would you murder someone running at you with a FULL heroin needle? They could squirt it on you and get it in your EYE!!!?! Bam you're hooked.

Robert Manley died on the 16th of January 1986...

Oh look, the murder that happened on my birthday

Ryan did you skipped your resting schedule to solve this?!

Y’all should do the Steven Avery case.


Check out the picture of the woman's coat from Hodel's house and the coat on one of the police pictures of Elizabeth Short.

20:51 i literally shouted out _"NO"_

What’s really creepy to me is that season 6 of America’s next top model was filmed here and they had all the models LIVING IN GEOGRE HODELS HOUSE

Is it just me or does Ryan look juicy

buzzfeed lol


I love how I can watch this at night because ya know juuust when I'm about to be scared to death.... We shift to cocaine happy German Shepherds!

Wasn’t this in an episode on American Horror Story?

I felt weird watching this. I got chills and I felt as if someone was watching me behind my back. Guess I won't be sleeping tonight.

I got an ad of the show “The black dahlia” HM....

Major ice truck killer vibes

Work hard on the next season of unsolved !

I wonder if they've run the letter fingerprints with new tech.

cool you got a sponsor

I shall only refer to those I find attract as, “Smokey.”

Don't mind me but Ryan is looking like a S N A C C

This was on American horror story and it was sooo good and it was on murder house

6 minutes of content, 20 minutes of transcribed unfunny banter.

Can they do the Kendrick Johnson case I feel like we need more information on what happened to him R.I.P to him

*Accidentally watches this on the 72nd anniversary of the finding of the body* Happy 72nd Black Dahlia

When does the new season start?

get that coin, bitches

You guys are selling out hard

The slits by her mouth are giving me joker vibes

Seriously, these guys need to tackle the True Crime case of "The Monster with 21 Faces;" it is a terrorist organization that targeted Japanese food brands, swindled them out of millions, kidnapped executives, poisoned candies, taunted the detectives, and ultimately escaped, leaving just one last note for the police saying "It's fun to lead a bad man's life." I feel like Ryan and Shane would really dig this one.

Shane and Ryan!!! I hope you guys can go here in the Philippines. We have soooo many creepy places here like the haunted mansion in Baguio! And I really want to meet u guys *_* pretty please?

The only problem with Hodel, is that it's extremely unlikely that he ever would have stopped.

JonBenét revisited ASAP

I'd like it if you look into the murder of Betty shanks it's one of the oldest unsolved murder cases in Australia and the Tynong North and Frankston Murders (also another unsolved murder in Australia)

You should do the case of the murder of Mary Phagan

THEY still give the 'truth serum' to those the police question in some cases in modern day.

It’s also a band

Today is the anniversary of this case

I can just imagine the creepy doctor walking towards the crying tied-up woman, slowly drawing a knife across the corners of her mouth while saying:'You look so beautiful with this smile on your face. Don't worry flower, I'll make you very pretty.' Then continue to muffle her screams while creating his wicked definition of art.

Uh guys Julia Child was a spy before she was a celebrity chief so it's very possible she may have committed a murder (probably not but hey it was world war 2)

These make me paranoid as hell.

Yay! So excited for new content!! Thanks guys! I missed you! #Postmortem questions: Does it bother you guys when there are unsolved cases that don't have any justice to them like this one? How much research do you do that doesn't get put into the episode?Also, what happened to Ryan's hair? Boo, you look like you haven't seen daylight in 163 days. Love you guys!! #Boogara #LowkeyShaniac

Where's the bowl cut Shane? *Where. Is. The. Bowl. Cut?*

A TnT Sponsor??? whatttt???

Yay intitals BD

What’s with Ryan’s hair? You okay buddy?

Jesus christ, we do this vids keep popping up in my recommends. AND WHY DO I KEEP CLICKING ON THEM

Yo, Unimportant, I’m watching this on January 15

for real now okay “yeah! yeah BD! yeah! okay!”

last comment i really missed the (wheeze)

“yeah that guy’s a murderer.” PFFFFFTTTTT

Why has no one pointed out that Rayn didn't comb his hair?? Not even shane did??? I thought he'd poke a joke at rayn about it??


i always feel super spooked after watching unsolved

*watches on Jan. 15* *looks at date* OH MY GOD IM WATCHING IT ON THE DAY HAPPENED

“oh from disneyland!” yeah shane. mhm shane.

okay um hellur Ryan where did ur hair go to

pls do an episode on the lindbergh baby

Ryan, you good my guy??

“anyone could murder” yes anyone could shane. anyone shane.

Hey you guys should really do the Martin Luther king conspiracy plz I would love to watch it

so basically on this day many moons ago a poor women and her child had to see the body... yikes

dang the killer went sicko mode


Can you do the death Of XXXtentacion

Sounds like a duck... Walks like a duck... Definitely not him?!

Half of the comments are about Ryan’s hair and the other half is about the new season

Can u please pleaseeeeee cover Maura Murray's disappearance?? Pleaseeee I'd love to see it

I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but will you please go to the Myrtles Plantation?

I always know I can find the best comment section here


Please do Madeline McCann

(Supernatural)We have a unsolve mystery here in the (Philippines siquijor cebu) that when its 12-3am two unidentified ships travel/Ghost ships. Some believed that the ship had a horrible accident, and ship its self is all the memories of the people that died.. If you search "kapuso mo Jessica Soho" (kMJS)(Ghost ship of siquijor) you can have more details about the Ship. Hope you can investigate the so called Ghost ship. #unsolved

For an unsolved mystery I suggest you investigate the French men who may have crossed the Atlantic before Charles LIndbergh did there are accounts of people hearing the crash in Maine etc. Just a thought

Why have a transcript of what you're saying show on screen? Just show the video of you two talking. Really don't see the point of the scrolling text.

Loved the new episode. Along with everyone else, I’m curious as to what’s coming up next. What have you got for us? Ruining history??

Hey guys! You should look into the disappearance of the Beaumont Children. Three children vanished from an Adelaide beach in 1966. Its probably the most famous missing persons case in Australian history.

Is there anyone else who believes Hodel was not the murderer?

what was the movie clips in the beginning?

Its Hodel. Case closed

26:08 excuse me but is Shane in fact 6’7???


You guys should play L.A. Noire and solve the Black Dahlia cases in homicide

If u pause at is in that picture on the right?!?! Looked like black face for a while, hmmm

Is anybody else really fascinated with this era of Hollywood? That was the golden era of cinema and on top of that the mobb was very powerful and they had a lot of influence becuz of the money they had to finance whatever in Hollywood. Just seemed like a crazy time to be alive

Gahd wth he lived in our country?? I dont think it was sensationalized in a sense here. I think he knows that he’ll surely get away wt murder since there are a lot of murderers and rapists here

Is it possible that if they go back to Hodels house would traces of his dna while living there still be there?? And maybe some of it is on Shorts body?

2:24 do u know how I got these scars??

I tried to watch the old episodes with Brent, but I just couldnt do it. The absence of Shane was too overwhelming

Am i the only who was surprised when (george hodel) flew to the philippines? Lmao haha, buzzfeed filipino fan here.

Shane is from Chicago!? makes so much sense as to why he reminds me of John Mulaney

George Hodel is guilty as hell

Polygraph tests are bs. Not sure why people bring them up as evidence if someone is guilty or not.

Ryan’s hair tho?

Do Ourang Medan or something cool

Ryan looking like a whole damn meal


Couldn’t they get a fingerprint from something in Gorges home to compare to the ones on the killers letter?

I'm not sure if this would be true crime or supernatural, but what about an episode on cattle mutilations? Not sure if there was any real explanation for that.

Why does Ryan look like he just came out of 5 days of jail?

Someone tell me why I’m watching this during the middle of a lightning storm as my power is out at 10 pm on a school night

Could you possibly say, she finally reached her dream of stardom? #postmortem

You guys should investigate the jersey devil!

Julia Child

For postmortem: coke or Pepsi?

You can see some pictures of the body of the Black Dahlia at the Death Museum in Hollywood. Disturbing, but interesting for those who have an interest in researching/learning about infamous killers.

Do and episode on HH Holmes


Me and Elizabeth short have the same birthday.

I 100% believe George Hodel is the killer.

What you guys should do is ... inject Shane with truth Serum the next time you guys do a series on demons and ghost. I for one want to see a role reversal if any in Shane. Give this a thumbs up if you think they should consider this!!

Black dahlia was on American horror story

I was going to give you guy's shyt, but realized it was re-visit.

What the fliif. I literally had chills when my country was shown oof.

You know I'd love if Shane and Ryan went to H.H Holmes's Murder Hotel. It'd be so cool.

when ryan and shane joked about putting 'murderer' on Geroge's tombstone my brain went 'under what? loving father?'

wait is that amys sister from the secret life OTAT?

Dear Buzzfeed, if you try to replace these two....I for one will not watch this channel, these two are the only reason why I subbed this channel.

Ryan looks fuckng good with those beard.. and hair

Anyone else remember this from LA Noire? Don't say I spoiled the game, since you've had like 6 years, but I hated how those cases ended. Phelps had real evidence against the murderer, and It went down the sink because he had to do with the government. On a side note, I didn't even know those murders were real.


aww Ryan still can't say "February"

Super excited the boys are back and for this show

I've been seeing commercials for this show and I always think of you guys LOL

Ryan said let's go digging and Shane said I'll bring my scuba tank like

can u do the Luloreie house plz?

One of the things I have read and heard about the Black Dahlia case is that the body was also drained of blood. Who has access to equipment that will drain someone of blood? A doctor. Another thing, it was the 1940's so him being a doctor, his handwriting had to have been on all sorts of prescriptions and reports. The letters sent to LAPD to have been cut outs of alphabet letters is pretty deceptive as someone could have figured out his penmanship to a handwritten letter. I think the case is pretty cut and dry but when a crooked PD is involved, everything remains UNSOLVED.

i still believe the father killed her, also wasn't the father a scienctologist?

6:20 the cutout letters suggests to me that it was someone who knew the Black Dahlia who did it.

George obvolisy did it

Do the Battle of Los Angelos (Aliens in World War II)

I've been rewatching all the unsolved series and I need you senpais to notice me. Please explain the mannequin in the Roanoke episode please please please. We all saw it move!

My country got added here as well XD

TNT needs to put these guys in the show at some point

If you played la noir you know who the murder is

2:27 it’s Jeff the killer!

Julia child knows how to use a knife though...

u know what another good unsolved case is???? THE GLICO MORNIGA CASE!!!!!!

for episode ten u guys should do the glico morinaga case!!!!! just a thought!!!

i never clicked on a video so fast

Is Ryan's hair hungover?

Hey guys why you don't investigate skinwalker ranch or stardust ranch.

You guys should talk about the Romanov's next

This scoundrel, Hodel knew how to play the law, and innocent people had to pay for his “innocence”. Wow...

Ryan really let himself go

The only thing buzzfeed is good at

Can you do a story on gypsy Blanchard

i always get suspicious of unsolved cases when evidence goes missing or never returns with nor clear explanation. lost media is a huge phenomenon that happens, but most often there's an explanation as to why its gone. so many videos, audio recordings, and pictures get locked away because of the sensitive content within and it's explained why the evidence won't be made public, so when authority figures go "oopsy doopsy the evidence is gone!" its really suspicious

it's the chesapeake ripper

This vid came out on my b-day I’m so happy :D !!! I love this series!

the lindbergh baby kidnapping should be covered next!

Couldn't watch. Stick to the story! All the mindless jokes and side comments really distract from the tragic story.

This whole story is scary

I’m scared

this is literally the worst episode to watch while eating

It's so wild to me that America's Next Top Model used the Hodel house to film one of their seasons.

*has evidence against hodel* *has same car as witnessed near crime scene* *was an abusive father* *is a doctor* *reoccurring murders in the same spots near him* *has audio of him basically saying that even if he did it no one could catch him* Detectives: hmmmmm nah it’s not him

Goddoggo That's why people think it was a cover-up.

Do a video on the death of marilyn monroe

George Hodel looks just like Shane

Y'all ever named after a flower and a murder. Also, side note: it's DAh Lia not DaHl ia

I guess those 70+ dudes that went on dates with her were turned off by her bad teeth. Hell, that's one of my dealbreakers, too! Bad teeth (which usually equates to bad breath), poor hygiene, and incompatible pheromones. :)

Omg that’s the girl from the secret life of the American teenager like the younger sister of Amy

Shane's face after Ryan says he thinks the LADP are crooked... I haven't laughed so hard in while, omg. I love these dorks.

Shane: We're not sickos *looks at Ryan* Ryan: Why are you looking at me with an accusatory glare?

I should’ve known not to watch this while eating lunch.

goddamnit why do y'all gotta include the philippines in this jshsgFTgsg

Is it just me that thought of American horror story?

Who else got an ad for a Black Dahlia movie

What if they did conspiracy theory videos


A brutal brutal case and one that may well never be solved. Always makes me think of LA Noire...

Scopalamine has the same effects as Sodium Pentothal and go read up on how that makes you an unwitting participant to suggestion.

stop talking in between it’s agitating

Do the Madeline McCann case for the UK viewers

Shane wasn't always part of this show?? Talk about the mandela effect...

Biggest UNSOLVED Mysteries In The World Read this Article:

you should do a unsolved on Aaron Hernandez because i truly feel like he did not commit suicide in the jail cell i think the guards did it

10:16 based off that I think Shane killed her

This case reminds me of American Horror Story season 1 Murder House when the woman was split in half and cuts in her mouth as her smile, she was also wanted to be in hollywood... Bishhhh this is basically like ASH season 1!

I thought that the body was art when they called it a white body with her blood drained in a specific pose

Damn I miss when I caught on late and had like 30 of these to watch, now all caught up, miss this show

Who else here will not watch the show on TNT?? who else does not watch anything on TNT unless it's a Christmas Story marathon in Christmas???

Omg George fled to my country the Philippines??? WTF TAKOT NA AKO

Do a revisit to the Sally house plss

do the historic mounds theatre in saint paul minnesota

Please do a True Crime episode on the death of Kurt Cobain. There is so much more involved in the case than just the alleged suicide. It would be very interesting and neat to see an episode on it.

Man Ray.. *from spongebob* duhn duhn duhnnn

George Hodel's wiki page says he was born 1907 and died 1999. I think you guys said born 1900 and died 1991. Either way, it doesn't help the case and this guy is a sick bastard lol

Alright, In the true crime seasons- Take a shot every time they say “rub your nose in it”

U can remake all the episode before shane and still hit millions views, ez money ez life ryan, no need to make research again

SKSKSKS I’m so glad y’all are back!!

Am I the only one that got the Black Dahlia/I am the Night ad during this?

Hodel looks like Shane in a stache

Saw this at AHS

Hey random person scrolling down the comments.. Have a wonderful day

Please shutdown BuzzFeed India .. it's bringing shame to the name of BuzzFeed

Of all countries why philippines?

wait wait wait wait wait......... in 1967 in the Philippines there is one murdered lady that became an instant hit in the news, she was named the CHOP CHOP LADY her real name was Lucila Lalu, there were 5 suspects at that time which all of then don''t have concrete evidence that they killed Lucila Lalu... up until now its still a mystery and unsolved... could it be?

I have literally just finished making notes in my sketch book about Man Ray that is due in in 6 hours only to discover he is a pedo and possible murderer. Lovely.

It’s George 100 per cent. Also his association with Man Ray.

You guys should do the Susan Powell case.

Did anyone else get a add for I am the night

I love you guys

“George had had sex with his daughter” no Ryan. He raped her. Come on you can say it.

Y’all should totally do a cross over with ghost adventures

Wait, how did the FBI have her fingerprints in 1947?

why am i watching this at NIGHT

What evidence is in the Philippines from the woman killed there? If he set a pattern, seems to me that should be examined.

If I found out today that Shane had killed someone I’d just be disappointed, he should know by now how to cover everything up

And my name is Dahlia

This murder looks oddly similar to the kills of Brian Moser (Ice Truck Killer) From Dexter. No blood? Odd position? Suspicious

Can you guys please revisit the Elisa Lam case. Since the originally idea was so short and there were tons of more evidence that weren't used.

LA Noire?

I was so shook my maiden name is Mefford and he said Medford and it struck too close to home of the mispronunciation train

It would be awesome seeing Ryan and Shane go to the Warrens Occult Museum and interact with Annabelle.

i’m gonna be honest.. i think it’s kind of fucked up using someone’s murder to create a fabricated tv show .

me and my brother own a butcher shop and i 1000% believe i can cut a person very neatly with "surgical skills"

10:17 am I the only person who felt that seemed.... off. almost.. fake? dam I'm getting to into these shows

Looks like Ryan forgot how to use a comb in the episode.

Robert manley seems susppious to me way wold he jump

i love the narrative, but the whole typed out chat between ryan and shane took away from it.

George totally did it wtf

wheres the post mortem?

I got a Black Dhalia add on this

PLatonic??my buns, in AHS she came to the Doc for an abortion, if that happened 6 days later, then that wasn't platonic smh


is it weird that just before i watched this video,the black dahila trailer ad just came up.....

Do an unsolved to Daisy Márquez she is a make up YouTuber . She has been experiencing paranormal activity in her apartment.


Hears Anaheim and is Shookith

#postmortem i don't know if this will be seen but if it is, it doesnt need to go into the video, just at very least have some kind of acknowledgment. would it be possible to put a disclaimer for pedophilia? i understand its a murder show but ya know thats a different kind of just gross. this video was,, great and I loved the editing and little effects/visuals!

Someone should get those fingerprints checked

Is there a Q + A video for this episode yet?

I’m pretty sure it was a man and woman team that did it. Or a single male. Either way you don’t have to be a surgeon to do what was done to that poor girl.

THIS WEEK On another episode of buzzfeed unsolved . . . That was a long week

Why does this guy have the foot lettuce voice I can't


please do the disappearance of Madeline McCann

Pls let shane do that liedetector test

Would be funny if these guys reacted to Ghostbusters 3 teaser trailer 2020. XD


Who else got an add for the “I am the night”


Anyone remember in AHS murder house Elizabeth Short was one of the ghosts?

Yo they should do a documentary on the assassination of Gianny Versace.

why are you trying to be funny? you're evidently *not* funny, and the small cuts where you add unnecessary commentary ruins the whole flow of the story.

I just got a ad involving black dahlia murder, crazy, right?

super robotic this time

Black dahlia commercial during the video wtf


I got an ad of I Am The Night midway though this video, talking about the same subject Coincidence?

Got a I am the night ad for this

16:17 wtf, Hodel was friends with Man Ray?!

I guess the bowlcut was fake

No surprise tht khedd is from medfuud (it’s a Boston thing)

Haha I actually had an ad for I Am the Night before this video

Can you do a video on Thomas Brown? His body was found after two years and I know they don't know a lot since his body was found a few days ago

You guys should do a episode on Malaysia flight 370.

You guys should talk about Boston,Ohio aka Helltown

omg i got an ad for i am the night before this!

another theory, maybe Dr George did it because he wanted to spend more time with his son. So he planned a murder that he knew would make his son interested in, and then leave clues that would lead to him. Then his son would *have* to spend more time with him. It's pretty messed up, but ppl are like that. Plus the relationship between father and son was not good so he might have wanted to fix it. but who knows

You gotta revisit the JonBenet case!!!!

Can we get more True Crime episodes !

Can you guys please look into the Brittany Murphy case

On anyone being capable of murder; anyone is capable of murder in self defense. And that's not technically murder. That's survival.

Brent Or Shayne Who's better? I think Shayne

I wish you also featured the jigsaw murders in the Philippines during the time that George Hodel was also in the country. Did you think he went there to hide? The dying declaration letter was another one worth mentioning. #PostMortem

They should cover whitey bulger like even though he’s not and unsolved it’s just an interesting topic

...this is season 4?

I love how if they actually solved this murder, people will forever know that two guys in front of a camera making a show solved the case

just realized im watching this while wearing my hey ghouls shirt.

Can you do the real story behind valentines day ? Its a dark story .

bwiset na hodel yan dinamay pa pilipinas

Silly emo soy bois joking about a historic event in LA crime- Red Manley was ruled out as a suspect and the last detective on the original case had a VIP in LA and of an existing power family today- that's why he couldnt say( and senility)- Hodel actually knew the crenshaw district, especially leimert park where Shorts body was found as well as people he knew within a few blocks of the body dump site. If more of the evidence actually existed today, shorts murder would have been solved

Never knew a suspect of the case black dahlia had been here in the Philippines and possibly did a murder too

my heart stops every time he said philippines good lord

What's up with Ryan's hair?


i'm so happy this video doesn't show the picture of her face all slashed up. i just can't handle that picture at all

*watches this at two am*

freaky, I live in san diego and hang out at PB a lot D:>

No new vid. Cool too much money. Go back to entertainment not budget...

Buzzfeed Unsolved is now being dictated in direction by advertisers? They're redoing one they already did and has been done to death by other channels JUST TO CONSTANTLY PUSH THAT TV SHOW How cringey it was to watch them completely shill out for a tv show that's probably paying them oodles for a show they're doing again to appease them There's SOOOO many other cases they can do and they pick this - theyre not even subtle how they quite literally have sold out in every way

The video isn't monetized and this show obviously has a budget, so if they want to make a living on youtube, aside from merch, paid sponsorships are pretty much the only way. Plus the previous Black Dahlia video was made before they'd established a proper formula for the show so this episode is a lot better in comparison.

Does anyone else think theyre selling out for doing this show for an advertiser? And its not like theyre pushing these out every day

Can you make an episode for Jean Spangler? (please make this known too)

This is pretty distrubing

Huh, I always thought Man-Ray was more child friendly...should we sue Nickelodeon?

it was charles Montgomery hehe

its an ahs reference btw

When is the q and a coming out for this one or are they even

Would like to see the Malaysia Airlines flight 370 on the new season #GoFindItBoys

"Anyone can murder." Yeah, but historically and statistically if someone is gonna brutalize and sexually pose a woman's body, it's a man. C'mon.

you guys should maybe look into the murder of jenny lin. it's not very interesting but its still unsolved

Is there going to be a Q and A follow up show for this episode? ( the newest black Dahlia episode? ) Thanks!

Body drained from high levels of DMT flesh eaten in sacrificial ceremony. Body placed in shape of a star. Not that hard to figure put that it was the cult of pedophiles and perverts in Hellywood

I got an ad for the show lol

New video?

WHY DID HE GO TO THE PHILIPPINES Of all places naman hay nako HAHAHAH

nah she was killed in murder house and dr. montgomery helped drain her blood...smh

The only justice in the world is the one we take for ourselves.

if it was the doctor, maybe it was some sort of brutal, psychotic coverup of a botched abortion.

george is SCUM

lol y are those people running from shits come here in the Philippines? speaks a lot HA HA

So this is where Hollywood undead gets this song?

When is unsolved back for the next season?

2:30 I was eating and I regret eating and watching this

it happened in philippines?! in manila?!

I missed vids like this. Keep up the good work! :))

George Hodel killed short, the case is solved. His soul is rotting in hell right now

20:01 I have a human remains search and rescue dog, haha. She loves her job, I promise

the professor snape reference made me so proud

Me: *Pays for Youtube Premium* Youtube Show: *Let's sponsors put ads in the middle of the show*


No new episode?

Hey, at least she got the stardom she wanted.

The sign that says dahlia’s belonging thing looks like the thank u, next sign....

My moms side of the family is surname Manley

The boys are back

The way Elizabeth Short was murder I think it was more like a warning from the killer telling anyone involved in this case to keep quiet or else suffer the same fate as her.

Ryan’s hair tho lol

Yo I got an add about a show that is about the black Dahlia

Hey, where's the new episode? It's already friday

BickXep ikr

many actress where a waitress i might have a chance in hollywood

BuzzFeed unsolved: Who was the hash slinging slasher

I want to see one on Grigori Rasputin

+Rudy Lynn Thank you! I'll check it out

Vic Mercer You should watch Ask a Mortician’s video on him

AHS murder house anyone??

Buzzfeed Unsolved: I think you guys should do the case over the Fire In the Sky movie!

*i like video*

That PowerPoint comment was ice cold, you would be nowhere without Ryan!

did anyone else have a black dahlia add?

Is that Noel Miller??

I didn’t realise I missed this so much until seeing this

Do one on the disappearance of Jim Sullivan! It’s really interesting and kinda gets into aliens a little bit

Omg I got an ad for the show before the video!! Lol

There was also a room in Hodel’s house that his kids weren’t allowed to go in.

Please cover the disappearance of Amy Lynn Bradley. If you haven’t heard of it, I highly recommend it. She went missing while she was on a Caribbean cruise with her family. I still find myself randomly thinking about what could’ve happened

You guys forgot the band :(

I had an AD about this video when I clicked

Where’s the new episode? Could you be more inconsistent

Yeah plus they haven’t posted anything about it being postponed

Kieth Livingston was wondering the same thing

Legit came to these comments looking for answer, like it's be so easy to be consistent and it'd be so appreciated, seems like a win-win move to me

What happened to your hair Ryan?

when i clicked on this vid an add for the movie came condused

Did they check the fingerprints again with the other suspects? Even the ones that weren’t suspected

Ok... Who got an I am the night commercial

Please check out the case of the Chiong Sisters

Wish you’d do an episode on Madeline McCann Like if you agree

you guys say george hodel died in 1991 butttt google says he died in 1999 sooo idk man

Ryan looks like he’s homeless

the ad was about the black dhalia too uhhhh hello lol ??

Who else got an advertisement on the black dahlia series

Nah Cole Phelps already solved this but couldn’t say.

american horror story???

I literally just got an ad for “I am the Night” right before the video

I got an add for that Black Dahlia thing before this video... hmm

Perfect play the ad

OHHHHH SHID I got an ad for the show without knowing it was sponsored and I got scared

I love you guys but you'll never have an authentic experience how you guys are set up. I suggest bringing an real medium. The best medium in my opinion is Terrie Huberman and shes worked with youtubers like Collen. I'm more excited to see shane and her get alone because she is hilarious.

When are you guys bringing Ruining History back?

still see your zodiac killer paper... have can you help me on that "pal"

The black dahlia murder used to be so good but their new stuff is lame

Pleaaaaaase do the west Memphis three case!!! It's so amazing!!! There's so many things you can look into, please ????

1:43 "my goodness.. it was so white." is literally how people describe me

Um George Hodel died May 16th of 1999 at the age of 92* you’re welcome.

If shane left i would leave life

TNT has been putting out great content lately

I literally saw an ad for TNT's 'I Am the Night' when I clicked on this video...

I would not only accuse my mother of murder but actually go as far as to commit the murder myself and frame her for it. Only if I didn't fear police so much. They make me so uncomfortable and I hate it

whew... white people issues

You guys should do the Girl Scout murders


Watch this while eating my mcnuggets

This is the only good buzzfeed series

This episode didn’t have the usual zing to me.. maybe cause the whole thing was essentially an advertisement? Maybe??

I like when the boys are more into what they’re talking about. This doesn’t feel that way to me :/

Cops corrupt in the 20's? Corrupt always haha



26:02 he really is

Please do the Chinese Black Dahlia case too! It's been unsolved for a whole twenty years! She was cut up to 2000 pieces (which the Chinese police put her body back together and released the picture online). Her body was partly cooked and dumped in various places. Her sister is still trying to fight justice and find her sister's killer.

Could you guys do an episode on the disappearance of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose? Please, I'd love that.

If I am correct Steve hodel had the pictures 'scientifically' analyzed on some sort of tv snow and it was likely not Elizabeth Smart nor were the two pictures the same girl as they all had different features like nose and ear shape

Ryan, you okay man? you need hug? I got you cus I need one too

sounds like jack the ripper to me

oi where's the new episode for this week

I'm eating while watching this

why do they say "have sex" when they're talking about a father raping his child...

Hey! My daughter's name is Fauna. The possible product of an incestuous relationship with a possible murderer is the only person i've heard of who shares the name.

“WAIT, NO!” -Shane

julia child went to smith college she could murder if she needed

Dr. Hodel is such a dirty man. I just hate the fact that he came to my country after doing his crimes. Call me out but I'm grateful that he died before I was born in 1992. I cringe every time Ryan says Philippines and Dr. Hodel.

i couldnt get past five minutes because they kept talking about themselves. this is boring.


bakit sa philippines pa HAHAHAHAHAH

Just recently discovered this Buzzfeed unsolved and boy I had been missing out ! Haha How often do you guys upload for true crimes series ? and is there any particular schedule ? Btw please do Do a Madeline Mccann ! Ps. Love you Shane and Ryan ❤️

the granddaughter of the Hodel Is probably the protagonist of the series you mentioned

I'm eating right now

shane: that guy is smoky ryan: he’s got nice eyes me: BWAHAHAHAHA

leche nung sinabi sa pinas lumipat napatayo ako kaagad tas naalala ko dati pa pala to

Why does he say janeary

Shane and Ryan look like they both just studied this case so fast like they had a test they forgot about

It was the ice truck killer

This is going to be fun. This episode then the zodiac killer episode. YAY!!


I got an I Am The Night ad before this...


Wait Why no new episode this week?

I didn't even a crime like that happened in the philippines

Buzzfeed unsolved: the smiley face killers of Pittsburgh :)

haha I got a black dahlia ad... yea one cares cool bye

How could the murderer not be George hodel. All the arrows point to him. It's almost as if he wanted to get caught.

It was aliens...

I just got the ad for I am the night before the video

You guys should check out the jig saw murder

And the similarities and gorge hodell was in the Philippines

I knew about LAPD 1940s corruption thanks to LA Noire

Where’s the postmortem or new episode


Like J Cole said everybody is a killer all you gotta do is push em to the limits


This is literally just LA Noir.............

Review the lake bodom murders

Have u done on William Tyrrell (born 26 June 2011) is an Australian boy who disappeared at the age of 3 from Kendall, New South Wales, on 12 September 2014. He had been playing at his foster grandmother's house with his sister, and was wearing a Spider-Man suit at the time of his disappearance. Tyrrell is believed to have been abducted (have a look on wiki (yes i know its nit reliable source) its actrully quite interesting

That moment when you get *I am the Night* ad.

The Joker's Wife

You guys solved this case! Maybe think about working as actual detectives in the future?


I got an "I am the night" ad at the start

Please do an episode on the Ericsson twins

Wtf so after I watched this video I clicked onto the 6 hour long season 2 marathon and got the Black Dahlia tv show ad randomly. I went back to this video to comment it because I thought it was weird, then I got it again on this one. My mind is blown

Okay but Buzzfeed Unsolved Skinwalker Ranch?

I also think maybe she was prego so gearge hodel removeed her uterus and the baby.


It's not unsolved because Cole Phelps solved it

Ok, has anyone ever thought that George hodel was promising plastic surgery then once he tied the woman down he killed them. Also the Julia childs comment made me laugh because she was a spy in world war 2 and could of easily killed someone then.

Please look in to the Oakland County Child Killer case!

It's Jack the Ripper for sure Edit:Jack the Ripper killed bout 5 woman if I remember correctly and they would say Jack the Ripper had surgical skills.

Is this really unsolved? Seems pretty probable that it was George.

they referenced this in AHS season 1

I got an ad for a black Dahlia movie right before this jeosndbdj

Dude, I got the black dahlia add and then I had the same add on my tv

Please look at the disappearance of Brian Shaffer. It's a very interesting case.

Does George Hodel kinda favor Shia Labeouf? Or is it just me

I wonder if they checked the next page of the notebook because you know when you write something the writing usually went thru the page on to the next page...but he probably knew and the police ,but it's something to think about

As much as this case was mentioned in LA Noire, it should have been a mission.

What if it was a women

I got a black dahlia ad

BD looks like a face

what happen Ryan's hair haha???

You should do an episode on Susan Powell. We know the murderer was her husband, but most details are unknown and no body has been found.

its ya boi

the assumption that the person had medical experience is misleading... it can easily be someone who never did anatomy but has actually done this before. They could have killed dozens in unremarkable ways just gearing up to this

I was thinking about your episode on this a few days ago and now this

love the haircut Ryan!!

I don’t know if you guys have the seen the meme made with Shane on it reading. “When you make that walk to the kitchen at 2 am for water” following with a picture of Shane saying “ hey demons, it’s me ya boy”

I could totally do with their inconsistent and meaningless chit chats

what if the killer was actually a female

Am I the only one who thought of Kuchisake Onna when they brought up her mouth being slit?

One of the most interesting things about this show is when they cut to just the blue and yellow text on screen when they are talking to each other. I don’t know why it’s so effective, but I love it. How is the most basic blank screen reading what they say satisfying. Very creative.

I liked it. But I kinda hate that they’re trying to be funny now and then. It’s disrespectful to the victim in my opinion. A murder is serious and shouldn’t be mixed with a bunch of comedy. But hey. That’s just my opinion

George Hodel was the killer obviously. It's just that there is no concrete evidence.

Inject Shane with truth serum and ask him if he’s a demon.

shane seems more subdued than usual. like buzzfeed shot him with a tranquilizer and dragged him here

if Tamar had a child in 1947, that child is probably alive today, why not have a DNA test? The DNA would show very close contribution from each parent - thus proving George was the father?

I've already left a comment about this, but honestly you guys should do an episode on the disappearance of blair adams! or if you're reading this is the comments, look it up :)

For the next True Crime would you Consumer investigating the Murder of Rebekah Gould from Arkansas???

I live in Medford mass

someone with some medical background



how are they so sure its a he ?

I got a ad for I am night right before watching

Does anyone know why they haven’t been uploading as much?

It's jack the ripper

There’s this Instagram influencer @daisymarquez_ that claims she’s been having paranormal activity in her apartment she said she found out someone committed suicide on the floor she’s living it would be cool if you guys checked it out , reach out to her!!

The murderer is probably *late* by now

2:25 it was the joker case closed

is this an inspiration to american horror stories murder house?

John Douglas........The valley of fear anyone??

Can you guys do Princess Diana and Marilyn Monroe?

"There's no justice. Sleep tight everybody." Sums up Shane's attitude pretty well.

She voted for Obama oh yeah yeah

It's also a band?

Can you guys sell Unsolved merch? I think it would be a great idea for those that love this show.

Next Lets see the cover of the mystery murder case of The Royal Family of Nepal please

I am the knight

i still cant believe that buzzfeed made this show. theyre the people who think that manspreading is a legitimate problem and that we should be castrating men for doing it

I didn't thought that happened here at the Phillipines???!??!???!!!!!

Why did you let that nibba in our country? wtf yeah yeah

Pepsi Paloma of the Philippines. Please and thank you!!!

Are we gonna ignore the fact that one guys name is Man Ray?

There literally was an ad for this video that was about her. Like a TV show making of it..... danggggggggg

Id love to see more 'revisited' videos. This was really good!

(W H E E Z E)

I got an ad of the black dhalia

Its also a death metal band

I heard 'The Murder of Ryan's Hair' is going to be the next episode. I'm hyped

dudeeeeeee i got a black dahlia ad

Please do an episode about the missing MH370

this is juicy *(wheeze)*

Can you do one about h.h. Holmes

I keep seeing the trailer for the TNT Black Dahlia everywhere on You Tube.

Do an episode of Unsolved on Lerina Garcia

great episode! just wondering if you guys are coming out with buzzfeed unsolved: true crime sweaters in the new year?



What’s with Ryan’s hair


All buzzfeed channels are pure aids

DOES ANYBODY KNOW when the new episodes and season of Buzzfeed Unsolved will resume??? (THANKS!)

Anyone else got a Black Diaha ad

Dame story.. Is there nothing new to make??

Does anyone know why Elizabeth Short was buried in the bay area instead of in LA or where she was from?

buzzfeed unsolved: why am I so lonely

I love true crime!!!

is it not DAY-lia?

Igneous Rock nope

reminds me of jack the ripper w “murderer w surgical skills”

PLEASE do something for Villisca Axe Murder House. It could be a true crime or supernatural. Or BOTH!!!!!

A hand writing expert that went to med school?

“This is juicy” 11:54

i would KILL, to be fucked by both of them, please DM ME nathan____walters (4 underscores) please daddy shane and other aidan guy i cant remember cuz i’m drunk (ryan?)

Soooo i got an "I am the Night" ad on this video

Lol I thought of Paradise PD for sure when the dog sniffing coke was mentioned can’t be just me


Could you imagine Short dating Hodel for some time for the money and her wanting to leave him, leading to his rage to avenge with her death? Cuz I can for some reason lol

I got a trailer for the show as an ad before the video

Omg it was definitely George Hodel That’s a lot of evidence this case so creepy omg I’m getting no sleep tonight

#postmortem definitely George Hodel, all signs point to him and he seems like a sinister creature. And what a coincidence he “moved” to the Philippines and a similar murder was committed. Is this not significant to investigators? Is it not enough to have your own family go on record saying he did it?

Yesss I’m so glad they revisited this case!!

George Did it. Case Closed.

Wanna know how I got these scars?

Please do the Sam Shepard case!! I had to write a paper about my theory on it for my GSW class last year and I'd love to hear what you guys think about it!

Eh. Can you guys dive deep into the shafia family murder that happened in Kingston Ontario Canada

the white guy looks like steven gerrard

You guys should do a video on the disappearance of Yingying Zhang. She was a foreign exchange student and got stranded in the city trying to catch a bus, a man persuaded her to get into his car and she hasn't been seen since. When they further investigated they found that the man was on the dark web looking at torture methods and really crazy stuff. There are a lot of theories surrounding the whole thing considering it was a nationwide case, they just sent the man to prison recently if I remember correctly.

ARE THEY BACK? Is this new season of True Crime???? I need answers guys plsss

at the end of every episode you guys need to end by saying “and that’s the tea sis”

The Girl from the Philippines was Lucila Lalu. Different theories about making it unsolved.

Her life was really short lived

I don't like Ryan's hair

Ya it’s George , they should have caught on

70% of the comments - Oh yeah oh yeah 30% of the comments -Regular comments

It was George Hodel

You should do the grimes sisters.

You two make me laugh and i seriously shouldn’t be laughing

He killed her with his Manray ray!

Ryan’s hair though, He’s been staying up late again being paranoid.. then runs into the room like I got a story for this video!!

18:15 its Chinatown

Regarding Jeanne French.....the letters scrawled on her body were PD, not BD.

2:28 Jeff the Killer creepypasta

Y'all should go to the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO.

Wtf I got an ad for that show right before this

Can we talk about if George was killing people in his house with his children living there how did the kids not even notice! They said he dissected bet short in the bath tub. It's hard to miss your daddy cutting up a body in your bath tub.

Murder boys are back


Wasn’t this in American horror story Murder house?

Ryan's hair!! He looks so much better when it's done!!!!

I believe that someday someone's going to find a locked trunk or filebox in an attic or basement containing the missing evidence and tapes; when EVERYTHING goes missing like that, it's far more likely that someone, *one* someone, did a sweep and took as much as they could get their hands on. Why? Blackmail material, probably-- leverage. Why hasn't it been used? Probably because they died. So there it sits, waiting to be found. I doubt they destroyed it; if they went to that much trouble to get it, they'd probably keep it safe. Of course, this is just my little plot-line fantasy, and I like to write; it's just as likely that it went into the police station's furnace. But I still maintain that for so much crucial evidence to go missing, well... that's not something that happened due to accidental misfiling or stupidity. That was deliberate.

A crime to look in to: The Murder of Hazel Drew

I dont know if at the end, the height thing is exaggerated, but is Shane really 6' 6"?

The only buzzfeed show I can anything about

Oooh, the girl in the show sponsoring this is played by India Eisley, she's an amazing actress. I've seen her in some horror movies, she has one from last year called Look Away that's pretty wild. She's awesome!

When's the next season ?

Did anyone else get a “I Am the Night” ad before the video?

Can you make a video about the ROYAL MASSACRE OF NEPAL?

Anyone else got the tnt ad before the video


Lmao I thought of Spongebob when he said Man Ray

It was Ted Cruz’s father

Not the Philippines

this thing is so creepy +u have that music , i like this tho

Hello Ryan & Shane can you uncover the details in the assasination of Benigno Aquino, Jr. thankyou very much~

Kinda sucks not every video is clear and loud enough. Some vids I click on, I turn my volume up all the way up and it's still so quiet I can barely hear you guys talking normally. Some are really nice and loud and I don't need to have my volume up all the way. Not this one.

I'm patiently waiting for the next episode... :)

The boys are back in town !

So.....they made a same video wit same content for show promotion ? . i've waited alot for new video. m so disappointed.

0:00. Quote 26:24 End quote

Can you please do buzzfeed unsolved about amanda knox roommate who was murdered in italy.

im twenty minutes from where elizabeth short was from and its 3 am and now im gonna have to sleep with the lights on

When Shane mentioned the dogs that smell cocaine I laughed. Legit my thought.

Would love for them to do the Chiong Sisters case from the Philippines. Still unsolved and exposes the flawed system of the Philippine Justice system. Cheers! love ur show as a filipino

What’s on Ryan’s head?

What if the person who murdered her just had experience doesn't mean he has surgical skills maybe he just has experience (ya boy an experienced murderer.)

You should do one on hunua falls in nz.

Would like to see Assassination of Gianni Versace.

Shane really looks like a maniac right there 26:09

Come on it was George Hodel without a doubt

Unsolve is dying

Oh yeah yeah

I literally got a ad for the show that asked you to do this before the video started

can you guys do the Lynette Dawson case, It has been "solved" but a lot of mysterious stuff happens in that case.

Got an “I am the night” advertisement before the video

really in manila

yall remember that dance off dance moms about black dahlia

I believe that the killer was a women simply because of the fact that she wasn’t sexually assaulted this seems like a jealousy crime

I love this series so much!!!

The only questioned medical students, but what about coroners or vets. They would have surgical equipment capable of cutting a body in half.

If a time machine is ever invented, i would love to travel back in time to figure out how people disappeared or was murdered. Like the Bobby Dunbar case or the murder of Lizzie Bordens parent's

The ad came up soon as I heard I was like wow

Wait, did anyone else get an ad for I am the Night?

Now I know why the whole time I recently watched This I'm getting the "I Am The Night" ads lmao-

Solve why I don’t have a girlfriend

this new editing is awesome

So lets see,The witness's of the night said they saw a man in a trench coat right?So if his children had maybe kept his stuff they would of been able to accuse Dr.hodel.And if they look back of maybe hodel and his car, and looked backed saw his car in 1946 to after the car in 1947 they could find it was him.Btw it was probably him and he just paid the lapd to cover up evidence.

Well we all now it’s George

hodel so obviously did it holy crap

Any AHS fans here?

The Ad for that show literally came on before this video

The only mystery is them big ears

i completely forgot that shane used to not be on unsolved

TFW commercial before this was about Black Dalia

a vampire killed her

I got an ad for the show right before this.

I think the case is 'Solved' with the amount of evidence and extreme coincidences that happened nearby to where the Doctor lived in two countries. Its obvious.

LA Noire anyone ?

It was definitely that Hodel guy.

god i love these men be my dads pl

Open a dyubbk box in Shane’s house bet you won’t

I got an ad for "I Am The Night" before watching this video.

i didnt wanna outrightly say this but Ryan I think you need a nap...

You guys should do amber hagerman

When you get an ad for I am the night before the show starts

Hey Shane & Ryan can you guys do the 3 kings ritual or play the elevator game? I’d love to it see it


I really want to see a video where ryan and shane switch places with Steven limb and the other guy,so ryan and shane just eat while Steven gets scared

your hair, are you okay?

Just started the episode and I see that me and Shane have the exact same haircut sksjsjsjsjjs

What if George Hodel didn’t actually do it himself but hired someone else to kill short

"her father had had sex with her" you misspelled raped her


I missed this.

what if Ralph Asdel knew it was George Hodel and was threatened not to tell anyone.

I got an add for I am the night lol

Cole Phelps solved the case back in 1947

There’s something really disturbing about being called “very attractive” after being found gruesomely murdered...or is that just me?

hm. trying to eat while watching these true crime eps isn't the best idea.

When you share a last name with the victim


Hell nah that boi was a blood and said that’s on bd


i literally got an ad for the tv show you guys were talking about lmao

Next Unsolved episode: Shane

You should do an episode about Madeleine McCann

When you get an ad for 'I Am the Night' in the beginning of the video

Do the phantom killer

Shane & Ryan. You guys make these videos less scary. When you started talking about the dogs and sniffing things. I lost it

Literally got an ad for I am the night right before the actual vid

Brutally murder o god

ButtFeed is a sewer

they need to visit some solved cases

I got an ad for I am the night

I got an ad for the TV show before this, lmao

It’s also a band..

Pleasedo one on Princess Doe. I think it will be an interesting one. Thanks!

This is relly guersome I don't know if I should continue

TECHNICALLY, Lucila Lalu (Manila, Jigsaw Murder, 1967) was not posed. Parts of here were cleanly cut, YES. But body parts were found at least once a day for several days and quite near each other.

We’re not sickos

Hey, can have that library lamp? Y’know, that green one? I really really want it. Like set up a give away so i at least have a chance. Pls pls pls pls pls. :(

Unsolved? Lol... you’re kidding right?

It’s so weird because my name’s Dahlia so hearing it being said over and over again about a murder case makes me shiver lol

Remember when address books were a thing


Am I the only one who thinks that Shane looks like Steve from haunting of hill house?

Although Steve from haunting hill Looks like Pewdiepie too

Yeah now that you say that he does

Ryan be hitting them gyms

its soo much like the zodiac killer. even active on the same time

I got a black dahlia ad.

Now I’m gonna play LA Noire

If you’re going to give Shane sodium pentothal, just be aware that it was one of the main injections used for lethal injection executions.

George Hodel died in 1999 not 1991

Ok I need everyone to know there is shane/Ryan fanfics out there in the world

Nice cross promotion guys...

I wish they'd make a video about Hwaseong murder case. It's like one of the most mysterious case that I found.

they should also do one where they go into really interesting crimes that were eventually solved (just so i can have some satisfaction haha)

It wouldn’t be buzzfeed unsolved without Shane.

Why do I always watch these all alone so late at night

Can u do Brandon lee mystery unsolved

No doubt that George Hodel was a horrible person, but Steve Hodel's claims are harder to accept, since he has pretty much gone on to accuse his father of being guilty of just about every unsolved murder of the 20th century. He has accused his father of also being the Zodiac Killer, the Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run, the Lipstick Killer, and I think, he also suggested his father might be EAR-ONS (Golden State Killer), but I'm not sure of this. Again, George Hodel was horrible, but Steve Hodel's claims have entered into the realm of the ludicrous.

Ever since I watched this case here, I became curious... good to know that Ryan dig deeper about this Edit: 18:53 Oh that must be the case of the chop chop lady. Can you do that case pls?

Shane is the black dahlia murderer

If Ted cruise is the zodiac killer shane is the black dahlia murderer

Some historians suggest the murderer of the black dahlia is linked to the Cleveland torso killings.

show is now only worth watching for shane!!

24:41 JacksFilms

the victim that had "bd" on her body was killed before the black dahlia and didnt the press create this name for the dahlia which i think heavily implies it means something else

An ad on the new show about the Black Dahlia for the YouTube vid on the Black Dahlia. Woahhhhhhh

I just got the add

9:10 spelt bologna wrong :))

does anyone know when is the exact date they will release the new season ???

I stan Shane

Can u do a video about who the Mona Lisa is?

You should look into the Casey Anthony case

Buzzfeed news Is fake news srsly if ure gonna pretend to do journalism at least check your facts before releasing "breaking" news. Now that idiot trump has no effective counter to his claims that journalism is fake news against him. Buzzfeed news is a disgrace to true journalism

You should do a Unsolved on Agitha Christie's disappearance and reappearance.

Shane is 100% Ben from parks and rec or is it just me?

*did anyone else get the i am the night trailer for the movie while watching this..?*

I hope I make it into the PM! Do you think that the killer would of known her acting career? Hence the cut smile? Just a thought!

Well looks I'm not gonna get any sleep tonight...

0:55 don't forget its also a band!!!

3 in. slits at side of mouth "wanna know how i got these scars?"

I had an add for a tv show about I am the night on this video.

Every time a victim has "clean wounds" everyone immediately says it has to be a surgeon or something... How hard is it to slice a body cleanly? (if anyone actually answers this, im calling the cops)

Anyone think this sounds a lot like American horror story

I actually went ghost hunting at the murder seen of the black Dahlia butt I had to ask the owner of the house bc the crime seen is now there front lawn so that was fun

Welp, it's obviously the dad

a i am the night ad played before this video

oh my god im from the philippines.

The lot where Elizabeth was found is now a home and it’s a very peaceful neighborhood


Not sickos, but what about SICKO MODE

Please go to the Comedy Club which was Ciro’s back in the 40’s. All the comedians who go there claim to see the ghost of “Gus” or something even creepier

1:40 the Supreme Court

You need to do the disappearance of Denis Martin from the Great Smoky Mountain Park.

She wanted to be big...

I wanna see you guys look into the murder of Stanley Meyer. He made a car that ran in water and it apparently disappeared when he died.

9:35 berty nine years

You had me at Chris Pine.

23:02 “pretty clear”

You should cover the death of Adolf Hitler, as there were many theories about his death and what has happened exactly.

Did ghost adventures do an episode on the black Dahlia

Can you pretty please revisit the JonBonet Ramsay case, i feel like you missed out a lot when it comes to who could have done it. There is a lot more to touch on in regards to Burke being the guilty individual.

1:58 *someone then screams out after the pause SICKO MODEEEEEEE*

Have you guys heard about the story of Selina Wadge and Bodmin jail? It's pretty creepy, especially when you visit the jail in person and the staff tell you that she wanders the halls and grabs children...

No reference to the band? Very Disappointed

I would love to watch shane write and narrate an episode

Biggest question I have composed whilst watching this: am I the only person that thinks George Hodel looks like the possible older version of Shane?????

My theory is that Hodel met Elizabeth at the hotel she had been dropped of at by her friend who was the other suspect. Then the two were seen together and he killed her after that.

Okay the cop that said that the tapes in hodels house made him innocent, definitely got paid

I got an ad about black dahlia on this video

yo this reminds me of american horror story season 1

Would love to see an episode on the Stanley Hotel in CO (inspiration for The Shining)!

Little known fact - The body was posed in a sexual manner ( legs spread open ) ( She was a hermaphrodite ) she was killed some where else drained of all blood & scrubbed meticulously ( hair shampooed ) ( genitalia was mutilated ) - She was an aspiring actress who often would date just for a meal,until she ran across the wrong doctor,that positioned her in that suggestive manner just a stones throw from the police station

hey would you do a EP on brad bishop

Ok my last name is short and the description of Elizabeth sounds exactly like me (except I have brown hair but hers was dyed anyway)... plus my middle name is Elizabeth, I’m a little creeped out

Uhhhh yeah so when I hear my country, the Philippines, is featured, I get happy. But when it got mentioned here bc Hodel has gone here????? Omg so there's a possibility one of my relatives interacted with him???????

so when are y’all gonna cover maura murray

Ryan’s hair isn’t good style your hair better man.

Case closed, the doctor did it

Love this

I would love to see you guys the Dennis Martin case. Woah that case is just odd. I don't know how to think about that case.

Pls do taxa chainsaw massacre real murders

+REXY 1993 oh

mynaneismason 12 it was solved

the story of the chop-chop lady is like,,,, a legendary case here in the philippines

Did they not check the fingerprints of the suspects after they found the fingerprint on the letter?

I think they should cover Meriwether Lewis’s death. (As in Lewis and Clark) It’s a mystery whether he killed himself, was murdered by bandits, or was the victim of an assassin

You should look into the Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders in the 1970's

It has been proven that the lie detectors do not work, the inventor himself even said something along the lines of it “being the Frankenstein’s monster of silence”! Just watch Adam Ruin’s Everything, it explains this in much more detail. :) love your show!

PixelPikachu “STOP IT ITS A LIE ITS A LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve hodel knows the truth

The 1967 murder in the philippines was called “The jigsaw murder” case. Lucila Lalu was the filipina who got murdered. I think it still is the lobgest running unsolved murder case here in the philippines? Idk. The killer chopped her body parts and threw them at different locations. From what i heard, they haven’t still seen the head of lucila. The police added that when they found the bodies, it seemed like they were stores in a freezer before they were thrown. Hence they concluded that the murderer was somewhat rich and intelligent to have done the murder so “professionally”. A dental student confessed to the crime but later retracted his confession and pleaded innocent.

When I clicked on this the add was black dalih show

I think this was in American Horror Story too

Do Chiong Sisters form the Philippines

I believe Steve Hodels story. It makes sense.

when did ryan get a 'punk' haircut, kinda rate ngl

"my goodness... it was so white." uhh WOW rude!

OMG The show was the preview

Can you make more true crime videos please!

The last place she was seen alive was the day I was born though the year is different the month and the day are the same, and maneley also died on my birthday .... (diffrent year)

Michael jackson!!

*when you relize that buzzfeed unsolved was made by buzzfeed* why can't they put this amount of quality into their other buzzfeed vids or channels

I literally got the commercial for I am The Night

What about Elizabeth Short’s family

You do this now! A month after I did a class presentation on this very case! I could have used all this extra information!

“You wanna know how I got these scars?”

Ya’ll should investigate the murder of Gianni Versace !

You guys should look into Ana Lídia's unsolved crime. It creeps out brazillian people til present day cause it envolves politicians and media cover up.

I actually got the preview for that show, lol.

do an episode on Elsie Paroubek!!

You should do an episode on the disappearance of Madelaine McCann. Parents were totally involved, negligent at the very least

Omg I got the black dalia commercial before this

do the disappearance of the footballer

This explains the ads

"I'M LAPD" -Carter in Rush Hour

I think Shane and I could be friends.


True Crimes > Supernatural 1,000%

fate led me to this video ive been scared of this for 3 years bruh im just hoping this video will somehow help with the fear

Why didn’t they check the address book to see if his name was in the alphabetical order of the page that was ripped out?

Did anybody else get the ad for the show before the video

Not to be weird but the victim is GORGEOUS!!!!

Do a video on El Chapo's escape from prison @BuzzFeed Unsolved Network

As I always say, just because you have a certain job it doesn't make you a good person.

I would love to see Shane on ghost adventures just to see if he would taunt the ghosts so that they can get more evidence of paranormal activity. Do y’all agree?

Kinda reminds me of the Jack The Ripper cases ..the murderer has medical knowledge,female victim ,brutal murder. Anyone else?

*This video has been taken down by the FBI*

Oh no oh no oh no

Can you guys do the unsolved murder of Bob Crane?

Love this series. I think an episode about Marilyn Monroe's death would be interesting.

they should make a video with shane dawson.

well she wanted fame and she got it.... careful what u wish for

Oh my God I can't look at Ryan's hair in the beginning

Do the murder of RFK

Next do an episode on the slash slinging strangler

I thought the Black Dahlia was upset to find herself pregnant and she discreetly went to the Doctor to “take care of it” she could continue her career...why is this not talked about in this video?

of course I get the I am the night ad before this

You should do Marylin Monroe

This reminds me of the homaside desk in la noir P.s I can't spel

I believe the killer/suspect of black Dahlia is a like psycho dentist or just a dentist who's a addict

Well he got away with it he died a free man

So George Hodel was in a Hollywood Pedophile cult. Surprise surprise. Not much has changed.

I like the topic hate the written transcript on the screen

It’s Hodel. Come on. It’s Hodel.

please could you do a video on the monte cristo in Australia, junee. it is said to be the most haunted house in Australia.


I think it's very clear who the murderer is here

For the next true crime season, please do an episode on the Monster of Florence!

*gets an ad about the show about this case* Me: *sharp gasp* what the flip.....

when is the next season???

For the next unsolved disappearance could you look into the case of William Tyrrell?

How much $$$$ did y’all make just for remaking the same episode you already did? Must feel good huh? Time to cash in on the fans? Jumping the shark guys.

Did she have family?

You guys should do "Septic Tank Sam"

While I’m eating tho

Finally you guys are back!!!

It’s the chilling hot daga mirder

Before this video I got a comercial about this

Hey Ryan.. 2019 hair... questionable. you do you.

Do the el dorado Jane doe case!

Buzzfeed dropping the ball. Hodel died in 1999 at the age of 91 And according to the Internet was indeed the father of Fauna Hodel by his eldest daughter Tamar.

Plot twist- the killer was Arthur Leigh Allen, assisted by DB Cooper...

Did anybody else get a black Dailia add?


They should do an episode on the disappearance of Madeline McCann like that would actually be so good tho

Had a couple of good “wheezes” watching this

Man ray? Like the guy from SpongeBob?

Can you do a true crime on madeline mcanne

I already knew it was Hodel for a long time and LAPD were just covering him up since he was a rich, powerful, wealthy influential man.

we need an investigation about bunny man e.e

Can someone get this to the top of the comments, apparently JonBenét Ramsay’s killer confesses two weeks ago and it was GARY OLIVA, he was the most obvious killer and it even talks about when he said “I hurt a little girl” it is talking about him confessing on the internet if u search about JonBenét!!!

What do they mean by "oddly posed"?

Rest In Peace Fauna Hodel :(

I noticed the number 9 come up a lot, weird.

When someone accuses you of murder you don’t say “well even if I did you can’t prove it”. Like what? Don’t give them a chance to say you even half confessed

Pray for Emiliano Sala

Who is up to form a hunting party and shoot George down?

What about a plastic surgeon?? I mean shes a young woman in show biz and the cuts on her were clean and her body was drained. So maybe she went to a doctor appointment and maybe he turned out to be a creep??

Since u mentioned philippines, and mad of the corruption of the police officers, you need to Paco’s story. Chong Sister Mystery.. You gotta hear how the Philippines covered this up lmaoooo Well if you’re allowed to do this kind of unsolved of the other country

Lol "very attractive" as a descrption for a body .... Humm

I keep thinking ‘Batman’ when I hear “I am the night”

“Black Dahlia? That case was ten lifetimes ago.”


How about our school in The philipines Study my school Its HUANTED

Omg Thank god im still alive Cause i live in The Philipines

I like the entertainment of this show lol love you guys but, the major things about this is what did George do to the other body ? Killers will always push farther, did he mutilate it farther? Initials? That’s just a copy cat at the point.

The girl who died is so freaking pretty tho!!

w h e e z e

does anyone know when the next season is coming out?

I shivered when I knew he was ONCE here at the Philippines.

Since you mentioned the Philippines in in the last part of the video, please do on the unsolved mysteries of the Philippines

I hope one of these mysteries get solved ugh

I just got the "I am the night" ad-

You might consider doing a show about Bob Lazar famous UFO whistle blower

Gets I am the night ad

Hodel "had sex" with his daughter? It sounds like he raped her. Let's call it what it is, please.

Sad that they cancelled the show

Also do an episode on the murder of mary phagan!!

You guys should do an episode on the disappearance of Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt

What the hell? Why are there no new episodes?

If LAPD was corrupted since the 20s, is anyone surprised that OJ Simpson got acquitted? I'm surprised anyone got convicted in that city, for anything really. You could not base a case on corrupted offices' work.

Arthur Leigh Allen IS the Zodiac Killer

mah mah nmah mah mah mah, mah mah mah mah mah mah, MAN RAY!!!!

why are they taking so long to do a postmortem/new season!?!?!?!?!? anyone have an answer?

can you do a video on mh370

But this ain’t heavy metal


HEY GUYS! So can you guys do a video about H.H Holmes and his horrific hotel??? I know y’all can do a good job digging into the case, plus y’all are too funny!

it was definitely george

Some of these episodes fall more under "Buzzfeed Unpunished" than Buzzfeed Unsolved lmao

Are you guys ever scared that you'll say something about the wrong person/people and something "accidentally" happens to you?

I reckon you guys should look at the Madeline McCann disappearance, definitely think that would be a good one!

OOOOOOHHHhhHhhh my goodness! I clicked on the video and an ad for the movie black dahila( or how ever you spell her name) came up. I am shook

Heavens Gate please??

Do MH370

The tapes would've maybe been celluloid which rots and releases gas over time... that could also explain tapes being gone.

Plzzzz do black-eyed children next

You should inject Ryan with the truth serum to see if he still believes in ghosts after finding nothing for so many seasons.

“ *i did need some of the most Insufferable People..but they also meet me* “ -Shane Madej *best quote ever*

i don't think george hodel was the murderer of the crime in manila. lucila lalu's murderer has confessed, i read it from a news outlet here in the philippines

you guys should start a podcast !!!!!

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