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What's. Up you guys this, is the Chatwin, twins Q&A, part 2 for, part 1 head. On over to Derek's. Channel, the link is right there go. Watch that first, comeback. Watch. This, see. You soon. Girls. Do. We have the same taste in women, yes. Yeah. My heart. I'd. Say, 100%, we. Have the same taste in everything I think we're more alike when. It comes to our, taste. In anything, that's, food, movies. Music, women's. I can, look at anything. And, know. Kind, of how he feels about it so I can watch any movie I don't, know how he feels about it any song if. I don't like something he's. Not gonna like it is, there anything that you like guys no. Tomatoes. Tomatoes. Are good Tomatoes. Draw a, few. Tomato, like a weird, weird. What. You got there, baby. Okay. Taste. In women we have the exact same taste of women interesting, fact as. Well kind of say it all I. Was. The first one to, meet Derek's wife while, I was, the first one to meet my, wife, my. Act king of God cares number Appleby's, the. Funny thing is. Don't. The one that she gave it to the only the one topping her first brought, her around that's, kind of how I met her and, we were all just updated friends baby, hangouts, just, the more the merrier - Kari came around just. Strictly friends, super, nice she was super cool she was so cool that we became such good friends like she was such different both of us she, was such a good friend to me that I feel like I can confide kind of anything and so that's something we were friends first. So, we were really really good friends first and that you, know they say you marry your best friend that's actually, true okay, yeah. And. Delia. Playing. Volleyball at Mexico, I remember. Like I talked. Her first issues like right in front of me if I'm Annette you're having a conversation blah. Blah blah she worked at Nordstrom, Arizona. Spring, break, they're talking her cuz she ride. Across from me flank volleyball, and I. Was, like ready to Kara no I wasn't flirting, okay. Scoping. Out for his twin brother don't. Wanna still a single man need, to get you need to get hitched so I, was like I know bro, QT. Oh okay. Iraq. The history so I've talked about every club and exactly. What he was doing you just begin okay. This is a prime candidate, for my single twin brother and, so, we started talking you guys know the rest if you guys want to know our story just go watch a couple blocks back you see how me and my beautiful, wife met, it's. Great. Because I'll be honest the worst but, you think of our worst, bite on a Tama Huata lasted. Two. Hours one. Thing we're really good at me whenever, we fight it can be the nastiest bite, ever we. Will get over it in two hours all. There is is no grudges, we don't put a bit and you don't wake up in or Yahoo I don't know what the right word is for it but like I feel like that's I just. Like four men and. I'm. So glad we just get over things I mean we we, are garage free I don't hold any grudges, to, anybody, especially I think it's because we're twins that we've learned that trade, because we.

Forgive Each other like that like, we hate each other well, I hate each other will, tell you how badly at each other and all growing, up literally. Like the five minutes later it's like oh my gosh give me how I grow let me bro love you girl it's true it's like how, do you give me example Derek says something. Why. Is Derrick's family so adorable, and alive Dillon Billy hasn't a cute couple wait. You. Answer each other's bias, Derek's family so adorable. Well. Because. Derrick. Is. Such a good man because, he had a good goal, I would say a very close. Mentor, for 30 years. All. Right why. Is Dillon bilious such a cute couple because, they are all, right next, who. Do they think is, cuter. Twin brothers who. Do. You think who, do they think is thank. You so who does, everyone think the cuticle, and brother is the, cutest my brother. What's. Your favorite dance move. Or. Carrying. Dealio related. By. Marriage now, they are. Sisters. In law, we, made it sisters. And do. We compute each other I'd say it's a healthy competition I want him to always do well so I care for his well-being in, work, if, I'm being successful, at it you know whatever, selling, well whatever, I I, always, want him to sell so. To me you're. Not winning unless your whole team is winning kids. So yeah Derek is actually, with our job the past eight years nine years he has helped solanine, every single year we have a whole place. We can go online and we, can check each other selves, he would always have a deal early he, was I'll, be honest my brother's straight kills, it in sales he is literally, one of the best an entire company and just. Last, year, was the first time I, think. I all sold you by one account he. Did have to go home a little early, I came out two weeks early because carrots are the contractions and that was. 24. Weeks. The. Gym, now, we'd like to work out we don't go I, mean. It's I don't, work out that hard. Let. Me so do, we seriously. Do. We like to work out yes absolutely, one of our biggest hobbies, actually, I think one of the best times that we have is bro time is intact. It's. When you can actually go or you wind just. Catch up break. A sweat and guys, know what it's like, just, getting a lump feels so good it's the best stress, reliever, and, I really like that is how men you deal with all the stress and life in the.

Gym. What. Did you say so. You. Want to relieve some stress right. The. First time we moved away from each other was. Admission. For our church which. Lasted, two years and what people are shipped away in, a box we both went to Argentina, Buenos, Aires one, time in Argentina in the last he was in the south so we were about three hours apart in, Argentina, for two years we. Didn't see each other for 18 months or a year and a half and then we had a conference where all you, know all the mentions in that area got together and, since we both played the piano it asked us to play the web which. Out stove, so. Hopeful. That was I practice. My part to do it you practice you're part of the data then we got together and, just played it together we practice, like say five minutes before, and. We played this do it in front of one of the leaders of our church and, I got thousand, other missionaries. And we. Played, yeah. It was cool it was really cool I'd like Ceylon we, had a little help. They. Use danced, in, tune. Precisely. That. Was actually the first time we've been to park and that was. Hands down the longtime urban apartment year and a half without seeing each other and. We. Were so busy that, it wasn't that, hard. But I, don't think today, I could go longer than a week, or. Two weeks and. I. Think our wives know we kind of have to have our guy time and our, guy time is Derek. And Illinois it's do. You guys have a secret, language, growing. Up. Yeah. So, this is actually pretty funny but we I don't know where this originated, from but. Yeah. That's your language, and it's, lovely my different language we just mumble, the. Out of words and. For. Some reason like the tone the tonality on your awesome hat doesn't work but the tone that, we're using I know. We. Haven't talked like that in years so thank you for bringing up that question. We're. Weakest humble makers growing, up all. My goodness were, we troublemakers, I could, work that you can start your like oddly. Oddly. Troublemaker dolls like. Some of these stories you guys are kind of we're, just kind of don't. Judge us yeah, don't judge we grew up I don't, know what. Happened. You're a good kid where you're always time, to animal.

We Never hurt animals, we never like, abusive. But. I'd say. Our. Parents call us Search and Destroy yeah I don't live with a glob of fire loving. Pie and, he just loved breaking. Stuff I don't know I love physics, I love watching the way things, like. Their glass, breaking. Is cool like I think any kid likes you know throwing glass in the air watching a plate shatter it's kind of satisfying, but we. Just we, loved it and I wish we had like more. Cameras, back in the day because people must not be got into, it's. So crazy to watch so I bought that about, that house that wasn't. In the neighborhood we always thought it was abandoned that no one lived there no. It was like a smaller home kind, of help them with a little bit there's, someone's house. Anyways. A bus and a bunch of our friends and neighborhood would go there and we would literally. Destroy. It it was like it was a big game like how can we get inside this house and you kind of broke in finally, got in there's, always old stuff I can hold a guitar and, for some reason all I saw was hey, you want to break me and I thought yeah so, I grabbed it and I just bashed, it don't ask don't. Judge I don't, know we, saw some cash I was gonna like. So, I just shot at the guitar don't. Know why something. Behind it with yuka satisfaction, like awesome I love watching the Wood splinter, there's. A cash register in there we. Did, you. Try everything. That's the. But I think no in. Reality we were fully, convinced, that it wasn't a bad house we, were like we're like this house of bad guys I really, think big stories in our head I think we were like playing. It's out of sequence there's like a movie got a sit. Down. Okay. There's that how about the playground, oh the playground, you might have Oh pop, out the, playground. Next to our house when we're also going to elementary the. Floor. Was made up of like pieces, of rubber and entire, and Mikey yarn little pieces of Noah it's pieces, of tire but. There is like yarn inside they're tired very dry for, some reason that darn was a very proud of all you this to say it was slowly, flammable. But. It's spread very slowly so we got fire. Flowers. And. The. Window we saw building. Blacksmith. Just, building. In the air like oh my gosh what's going on we, go back to the playground and there's fire, engines, and there is black smoke, just burn, the whole entire thing we felt bad we didn't think that far ahead, no I mean if you don't like what happens, on, fire there's no consequences, so like our dumb actions were just like oh it's light a fire walking away it's gonna put itself out there was no one there yeah oh I do I don't. Look at her, but. How. About. Next. Your neighbor my, stove, into the main and I'm not going to say it because I don't know I know that start. So many times for some random reason I, found, the Nell's in our garage at. My house my. Cows. And an, exercise car, I saw four tires, I thought it'd be a good idea just like drop. It now behind, each tire so I'd like logit and kind of and just angle it on, all four tires for. Nails, mr.. Campbell did it they did the work the next day no. I'm having the next day there's. A knock on the front door and others might want to yell calm us down we, were just like. No. I feel so bad saying this but we did, this we. Were. Like innocent but like oddly mischievious, we were like what I was doing and, then we felt bad or what do you think mr. camels like. How, do you see us now oh I don't think so mr. Ford tires of his Mercedes we would go into like a main street in our neighborhood, and would like, we turn our backs to the oncoming traffic.

Act Like we're picking something odds try okay. This ok, messy the dragon you. See two kids down the road we, have something. Something. Two. Cars with. Literally just like slam, on their brakes and, stop, and then we do you want how we booked it. Oh. So, funny Lucy, this would make our stock with. An imaginary, line. Throw. Me that one that's cruel. That's, cruel, so we rather. You. Know we spend good things he spends his time. Not. Sleeping, taking care of laughter. Oh all right who's the kids Royal, rece. Royal red when you watch this down the road. Do. What we say no. Actually. Do it would you know you can do that do it no we're good we're, good man, I feel like I feel horrible that we didn't recount, them those stories I know that's actually, a true set I actually feel like I need to reach out some people know yeah. But. Hey you know what we can't clean. We're. Good people. It's. Way the worst I've ever done that's probably the more stuff of ever done my line right there. Yeah. It's up there honestly, it's up there well, over the past nine years we've, been a partner, we've been on co-managers. At a smart home technology. We. Manage together, like, everything anything to do with each other look. You. Truly don't first an but if one. Point does it really. Like and everyone's gonna do it so, so. Don't ever joke let's huh he just is announcing right now we'll, take twins, pregnant. With twins. At. First. Do. You think your kids will anyway I have always wanted this I. Don't. Look very similar, a little bit I think so for sure I. Have. Some kids are you. Understand. Anymore. If. You wanted to take. Thanks. Do. You ever wish teamwork twins at any point your life I can honestly say. No. I think, it's a night now I leave. No any different, I think, it's been the greatest blessing, honestly. Yeah. There's. My little bro you, met to Dylan you mentioned there don't. Necessarily. That. Is it there's a lot more questions, this, vlogs are probably a little too long I'll try to answer many more if I can but. That is. Us we are the chaplain, twins, the, chat, twins. Okay. Yes. I saw that. Yes. Thanks for joining us we hope you guys learned a little bit about us if he has made it at this point your, two members of the chat panel you're. Done chat, fans, like, we're not that interested guys been good it's, been great. It's, a little way we got to wake up tomorrow I'll hit the gym so we can go work. Ride, or die let's, go. Let's, go, thanks. For joining us, love you guys Derek and Dylan Dylan Derek, bibbidi-bobbidi-boo. Put, me, yeah there buddy you got two little boys a lotta. Our. Dad always saying that to us.

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Grace Ventura Well, I didn’t convert for him. I actually converted before I met him. I have many girlfriends who are a part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints & I started to learn more about it when I was about 16. I met with some amazing sister missionairies that helped me understand the church and its principles and I felt in my heart that it was something I not only needed to be apart of, but that I wanted to be apart of. I love what the Church stands for & to me it felt right. Hopefully that explains a little bit more. ♥️

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I just wanted to say that my 2 older boys loved to break stuff up too & my oldest loved to burn things may have been both boys, but I'm not 100% sure. That is so awesome that you both were sent to Argentina, but were given your own areas to serve in. I wish both my girls served missions, but only 1 did because her sister is inactive. It breaks my heart! I have 6 children & 3 of them are active. My youngest boy just received his mission call to the Montana Billings mission. He reports to the Provo MTC on March 13th. That will mean all 3 of my active children will have served. I wish they were all active, but I will never give up hope nor stop praying for them. This was a pretty awesome video, thanks for making it!

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You both are so funny! Can’t wait to see other Chatwins videos. It would be really cool to see a Q&A with your wives!! Love you guys!!

You shattered the guitar in a house that you broke into at 8, thats why YO mama put you in piano lessons. Something for your hands to do LOL :-) Hilarious!

You should do a Q and A with your parents so we get their view of how it was raising you two!

Love you guys so much

I am a little late becuase if school and all the work I have to do but though the whole school day I was looking forward to watching this I loved the first one and this one. ❤ you guys are the best please do more videos together

Love the Q & A! You both Rock! #PeterPiper greetings from LALALAND be well! @fancienanc nanc

+Dylan and Delia EVERY SINGLE WORD!

Haha oh man. Me and Darik are obsessed with water physics. And you’re the only one out there that probably understood every word of the secret language. ♥️

zenab ali yes

Love seeing your remarks Bonnie! You’re the sweetest woman. One of the best things about starting the channel is being able to connect with people like you who are always so positive and spread love. We notice that about you. Thanks for being you! ♥️

You’re so sweet Caitlyn. We’re glad you’re here. Thank you for the kind words ♥️♥️♥️

Amazing. Glad that you guys can relate. I feel like it’s definitely a twin thing. Thanks for being here! ♥️

man your wives are so skinny.

I love you guys. You can really tell the difference. Dylan is leaner. Smaller head. Derick is solid fuller face. But your both sweethearts. My last name should changed on here. gnt Cabo tomorrow.

Why does Derik always wear black.

I LOVE y’all so much!! ❤️ Y’all are hilarious together :)! Wish i could meet y’all so bad!

I am on par with your piano teacher...just an old sweet lady with an eye for quality..Love you both ...and yes i AM a member of the ChatFam !!!

I’m an identical twin, it’s a relationship that no one will ever understand unless you experience it first hand. We are so close and experience each other’s feelings that we have memories that we to this day don’t know which one it happened to. Example... One of us almost choked to death on a hard piece of candy, when we were 7. I know it was me, my twin sister says it was her. We both can recall the memory down to the flavor of the candy, what it felt like, everything. Was wondering if you two experience this?

Wow that’s crazy! Yes we can relate. I had a seizure when I was 2. I just remember laying on the hard floor. Flashing lights. People yelling. Darik remembers that too. Twin synergy

who else noticed that Dylan had spit at 17:43?

I watched and didn’t notice haha. You must have hawk eyes

How about the girls doing a Q & A? Also, your sister with the both of you? Now that would be enlightening! Lol

I can tell you guys apart

Heck yeah!! / a little salt on the edge of the tomato and bite in! Sooo yummy!

You guys are adorable, l still cant tell you apart. I did a few times when you mentioned the babies. You kept switching positions too (to confuse us! It worked

I love you guys you are hilarious !!! I especially love to hear you all say .... we live baby lol..... thanks for sharing keep up the hard work xoxo from the mountains of Virginia

I noticed your shoulders are differently shaped


Thank you

Haha thank you! We have two older sisters ♥️

+Dylan and Delia im so sorry to hear about your sisters. I agree that sometimes we dont see miracles until the end.

Is vivint nationwide?

Yes it is

You guys are switching places. Did anyone else notice?

Are you guys lds?


Enjoyed part 2 also. You guys are so fortunate to have the kind of relationship you do. Not all brothers have that. Keep it alive at all costs. God bless you!

Thank you Doug! God bless you too sir

Ye are brill xx

You guys should do a video where you do the duet

You all keep changing seats but people that watch your all channels know who is who.

It would be so sweet if Dylan and Delia had a boy and Royal and him looked just alike ❤

Are there other twins in your families?

We have twin cousins. That’s it

Ok you either switched places or just your hats

Nice family

Mama Chatwin needs a vlog...How I Raised Such Wonderful Sons! God bless

We both do, a lot

Thank you for answering me!

The switching back and forth had my mind going, like when did they switch this time? Flip back 10 seconds, 10 more, then continue on and before I knew it they were flipped again

U keep switching places

I love you guys so much and I've been watching you two for the whole time since the beginning. I can't wait to watch more videos in 2019!!❤❤❤

We’re glad you’re here Rohafza!

The best part of this vlog? 5.44! So sweet! I would have loved to give my son a brother but it wasn’t to be. He seems happy though...I guess he does t know any different! Keep these great vlogs coming

I love both of your channels. I laughed so hard when you mentioned doing the trick about pulling an imaginary rope in front of cars. I have two older brothers and we grew up on the corner of two residential streets. My brothers and neighbourhood friends used to do that same trick. One time they did it (it was winter and the roads were really slippery) and this one car slammed on his brakes and slid into a snow bank on the side of the road. They all booked it into our house, screaming at me to hurry up. (I was later blamed for them getting "found" because I was so slow, haha.) Our parents weren't home so we all ran downstairs into the basement. A few minutes later, the doorbell was going off like crazy. We didn't answer it of course. At one point, it was all quiet so they sent sweet little innocent (about 5 yr old) me upstairs to peek out and see if the guy was gone. I got to the landing at the top of the stairs, turned to go up the final few into our kitchen and all of a sudden there was a pounding at the back door. I turned around and saw this angry man's face staring at me thru the back door window. I cried and cried and cried and ran back downstairs. Needless to say, he stopped banging on the door but when our mom got home about 20 minutes later (dad was out of town, fortunately), he was parked in front of our house. Man did they get in trouble! There was no damage to his car, but still. I had never been so scared in my whole life. There may or may not be other stories about them shining flashlights in cars' rearview mirrors as they drove past them hiding in the bushes along side our house, or crab apples being thrown at cars from over our backyard fence as they went by. For years, I used to cry whenever our parents went out and left me with my brothers, haha! We pretty much had a babysitter every time they left us alone from then on though. I was so innocent and just wanted to play with the 'big kids', haha. Thanks for the reminder of all the stupid, crazy stunts my brothers would pull. xoxox Heather

+Dylan and Delia Haha, no need to apologize. I wouldn't change a thing!

Haha oh my.

they kept switching sides

I love the hair transformation over the years, LOL!!!!

It’s epic I know

"HOW about we go out and get some food and come back home"?? Lol

Lol good job!

I feel like I can completely tell you apart. You look similar but not completely the same :)

Chatfam yooooooooooooou two are the funniest i wish i had a twin or a brother , sister that only child life wasn't fun at all 22 years by yourself

Your language sounds like when the main character on Bedtime stories got stung by a bee on his tongue!

Dylan and Delia I am too!

Doug RobertsThe Chatwins just shouted you out on their latest video

I am from Argentina!!!!

You guys are so entertaining! Thanks for sharing!!

You guys are awesome ❤️

Your eyes a little different, but you definitely look identical. I can always tell which is Darik, though. lol

I have a question, are you working and if so, what kind of a job do you two have?

Watch the Vlog before this one!

Your family juz like in the movie

Tomato - the devil's fruit

I'm a dirt road small town flip flop wearing country girl and we're brought up to eat maters (tomatoes) raw lol

You’re like the older version of the Dolan twins lol!

The secret language is lit

Are they switching sides on purpose?

You guys are too funny I think we all did bad things growing up the worst I can remember is skipping school.

+Dylan & Delia Chatwin Haha, no need to apologize. I wouldn't change a thing!

Day 9!!!

Great guys!...I’m truly a ChatFam Member! Whoop whoop

Oh my gosh - I've laughed our very loud listening to your childhood stories - thank you for your honesty ....... you were normal healthy adventurous boys. Love your bond

The only two families I watch anymore...ChatTwins Win! ☺️

Really they are one fam. Two channels I should say.

Darik has a slightly rounder face and Dylan’s is longer or more slender. Other than that they look exactly alike...

You guys are so identical it gives me the creeps. Anyone watched that YouTube docie about these identical twin brothers who were insync and did pre med and started a practice together dealing with Family medicine and Kids then it turned out they were Molesting those kids (boys) while they were alone with them in their DR rooms and all sorts of creepy stuff like they were never into women n no kids just the two of them and they were sexual with each other aswell

+Dylan & Delia Chatwin

We’re definitely not that type

Honestly am confused. ..who is who now

O mah god u both r such an incredible really ur great twins guys both of u luv to each othr this is so swt.....relly

They kept on switching but Darik's hat with the badge gave him away.

so funny!

So nice both of you very childish

@Dylan & Delia Chatwin

@Dylan & Delia Chatwin Haha, no need to apologize. I wouldn't change a thing!

So cool

OMG me too

I think it is obvious that you have the same tastes in women in that your wives look so much alike. You can tell you love for each other and are so close.are you Mormons? You guys were really full of it, hope you don’t get pay back when those three little ones put there heads together........

Yes we are Mormon ♥️

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