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Look. At this. What. Super tail sweet. Put that all. Right. Let's get some clothes though yes. What do you mean with a bug of course. This. Is a great selection of ones Oh bread. All, right so we pretty much have all the ingredients I've, got a ton, of almond milk you're, wondering why I explained you all right it's all of our ingredients all right so we've got a sweet potato pie pie. Salad. No, it's not solid the toppings the. Burger buns these, are the patties extra virgin olive oil here's the fryer. We. Got some questions that you guys wanted us to answer so I'm gonna go for it are you gonna bang up fortnight now that you graduated, I was. Banging out before I graduated next. Question how does it they all having a fiance, it. Feels like having. A fiance. They. Understand, I'm not wearing my ring because I don't drop, it. Get. Oh. My. God, by. The way the pet is look orange because it's this. I'm. Just gonna say seasoning, no. By. The way we are not cooks I specialize, in toast she specializes, in some, good eggs the way, she. Could cook a lot she can cook a lot better than me are you gonna be there more YouTube videos now that you got your degree yes, of course now, that I've got my degree I have more time so I'm gonna be just going, into each all the way. Some. Reason it's ticking did you put olive, oil on them. Guys. What we're doing might be a bit stupid. But I don't, know five guys remember it being flat and not a girl we, might be doing it wrong easing the toes and the cheese and the double. Cheese time. Look. At you little princess, and your flowers by the way guys look my tomatoes. Tomatoes. Right there, tomatoes, all in there there's, a massive courgette. Here look. At that so now, we're just gonna pop, our buns in there just to warm up a bit off oh. That's. Quick, move. Them vanilla burn guys make sure you don't eat, any dark, bits because it causes cancer if you can do scrape off if you can try not to burn it right me I did say a specialized into us and we feel another. Yeah. All. Right let's go, get eaten. By. Guys who we can Matt monahon yeah. I guess. It's been a day since. The. Proposal right and, the, graduation, and. We. Have another Q&A in ages I haven't posted a video in like 40 days ages, we've never done a Q&A uh yeah, yeah, I don't know. What's been taking out for three years and with me is it acute me and we have opposed to the nature so with what would do this post I have another video straight after this an exploring video rather. Than that we thought we'd just answer some of your questions today, and just enjoy, a meal we never get personal, like this yeah it's gonna be a bit of a like a chitchat sort of video not, gonna be too edited if we add little edited but mostly, just us eating I'm speaking yeah so but I don't know and you don't meet any other social media which. Will all be in the description I propose. To every, yesterday, on my graduation and, a lot of you guys had questions like well we've been why I haven't been posting and, so many other stuff away. Now. I, want. To add some jalapenos, where the burger so saucy diet that is the, buns gone all soggy. Break. It. Hashtag. Lazy no you just wanted me before I miss break it open. I want, to use the chips in it -. All. Right let's get to the Q&A. Now. Put too much. Yeah. That's way too much. All. Right the first question is what's. Your favorite thing about your. I. Don't. Know where to start from there's are no things I like about yeah I don't know I don't know if I have a favorite buying us off time her braids is like doing calculations, of flying everywhere I'm, trying to think if I should be talking about your neck so your personality, or what.

Looks, Personality. You're funny, okay. Even. If we're like arguing. And I can be so, angry, at him where I feel like. But. Somehow. His. Loss it's. Not more of your jokes it's the way you'd laugh it's his laugh I just start laughing and I'm crying because I'm angry and I'm laughing at the same time like it's, just like he could just make me laugh, whatever. Position I'm in I could be at a funeral, and I'll probably laugh if I'm with him. I. Write, you. This. Is funny because Eve asked, me this before and. What I have said is the, humor. Like a lot of people if they don't know like if they do know me they, know a. Bit about my Ballantrae. Show it on my channel but, I'm. A clown to. Put it in that way it actually is about you not, me but saying it's favorite what, I was gonna say is that she understands, me in that sort of sense she's. Just as weird as me so I think that's my favorite yeah well we meet people we just like you. Get involved in people's conversations so, much it's, like some people find it weird anywho, I'm, waiting for you to fix, up your Berber so to take the first, bite together but, this videos going to be kind of like a long video so it's like let's cut so it's like you get to know a bit more we're gonna cut out our. Personality. That make sense but I star a lot you ready yeah, I'm not, gonna have the expectations, that it takes like five guys I'm just gonna say it tastes like I'm. Hungry anything. And use, of special burger and it's off would it be if I put salt pepper cumin, turmeric. Some. Masala. I Thanos. Garlic, and onions Oh. It, tastes very Asian. It. Does vary. But the agency's, Asian, reservation we did put cumin. Trimming or not. Yeah. It's good it, doesn't taste like a beef patty no doesn't. Taste like a burger patty mm-hmm. Tastes like I don't, know if that how. Many Asians there are here well you know kofta, finesse. Is it are, you Turkish crafty, how. Did you tell your parents that you want a relationships, and how do they react. You. Need. People. One. Using. A guy introduces, a girl so family first right hmm. Advice. Like. One. Day I just going, home I think. My mom I, don't mean yeah my mom met you first I was, like this is you sir but, I also didn't want to say you know she's. My boyfriend because should. Be like oh. Yeah. I don't know how. To. Do it yeah. But when you met my dad just instantly, loved you didn't he yeah. Yeah, and then she told me like after it, kind of went like oh my God he's so respectful, I really, liked him I started I was like yeah. And then. That was when was that those November, and then I met me compare it's December, I've never brought anyone home so, when.

I Brought her home like my parents kind of knew you're serious, so they were kind of like I don't know they just went. Along with it because I was out of age Wells in Union, l so it's. Not like I was at school and you, know what go home yeah so can you when I met you right well you first you crazy, - yeah first, yeah sir, yeah, they'll call it nice straightaway first day I come to your house I was, sat in the living room on, the sofa with my legs crossed I'm like like. This like really posh rude he's dead he's, actually taking a picture of you I don't know maybe I fell in are then you just had it here. Quite. Funny by the way this is not this isn't really how I eat I've been I was going on what I'm talking I've, never in my life got a piece of lettuce and just start, nibbling it like this so, one of my questions from, Hamidah. And Hamidah when's. The big day, always. People have always asked me that, so, when you get married I'm just like well he, kind of hasn't proposed yet but now that you have I feel like maybe we should kind of think about a day. In my head ah. That's. A neighbor. Walking. Past as well oh. Okay. That kind of scared me anyway. Hey. What are you doing beautiful, food so, I was saying, all. These people ask me like and I've never known what to say but now I'm just thinking like. Probably. 2020. Well most at the end of 2018, would you say all white like mid going, towards again yeah and, I don't know if some of you guys know but when you like when I get married after book a year in advance, so. We're probably gonna maybe, book it end of 2019, to get married oh no 2020. I still, like maybe like two years or, a year and a half whatever because, we still want to travel and stuff yeah I think main goal for me is traveling, I think the married life and stuff is enjoyable, where. It's in due course like I don't feel any pressure to go, from getting engaged to straight we're getting married late there's, no pressure for me to do that well yeah I mean like from the year you said I think that's a good idea like I'm no problem I'm not like we. Can travel once all 29, in the 2019. Like. You. Never kind of like everything you want never go with the plan so yeah what's, your dream holiday location, I'm. Kidding. And we're going sacred I know we spoke about Thailand right I said that we would want to go there it's not my dream I've done what's near after, watching that movie you know that, hurricane, it impossible was. It hurricane or tornado yeah. Alabama's. There's. Questions from ztq. Did. You have any idea, he was going to propose. No. Way. Like no way honestly. Like obviously, I thought he would eventually but, I don't think it was going to be anytime, soon you, kept it really good and you said you've been planning it for a real long time those of us right like, so many people knew as well right I don't like one person, knew like your, whole family knew my.

Brother Knew your. Friends knew, it. Was really funny because when I went to collect, the ring she. Was actually there and I've got my mom to distract her and I presented to run off to the toilet and I had to run straight to the store and I was hiding behind like this little, boxes that can you guys hide me while I could collect the ring in it they all played a part in it we, were walking in this lady's like doing the traders and I was like no thank you and he, goes around she asked nicely so, I'm just right yeah why make me look like it so I was like okay yeah I'll try it at. The time I was like why, is he supposed to meet her some hooker they were obviously like little cues but. I had no idea I don't know why I'm really usually really good with stuff like this like I can like. Even watching movies like I know what's gonna happen but. Yes mom, was, like a couple, I think maybe two three weeks before that I was like oh what size is your finger, and I was like oh gosh, because I need them I'm. Gonna buy a ring for my friend this size because oh because you had her hands look like yours and I was like I didn't, think anything of it and then, another second, thing was when we were at the place, Jesus. Mom was like oh so how do you how do you turn the camera on like how do you record I was like oh just showing hash because I was, like oh but I'll do it that's why she goes but you might have to go on stage and take a picture with Yusef, and. I was like no I wouldn't, do that that's fine but I showed her how to use anyway but, I didn't, really I should, have noticed that you know obviously. An. Apparently manager was like once I turned around money he looked at her like don't. Do it but. Yeah an idea, Zahra, said would you guys ever make a couple channel PS I love you both so we actually have a channel that we've never posted, on so we. Made you guys subscribe like a year ago I put pineapple blogs, you think it's called you know what it's called you, same thing as if you didn't make the username with me. But. Yeah we made it and were like when. We get a thousand subscribers when I post our first video I think, we're almost in two thousand and we haven't done anything sorry. After. This we'll probably post, on that. Channel instead of this one yeah, I like the cobwebs off so if you guys want subscribe to that hit the link in the description, is it a g4 in the g4 don't, em and. Yeah, she's really really sweet what are both your plans for the future so what are your plans for the future what about I need you guys do you mean like career-wise anything. Whatever you want it to mean I, want to take you to father, I, want to be doing acting like, I do some on the side like I'm always auditioning, but I never like get the breakthrough, role. Or I can't long but songs. They're waiting. I've. Never actually booked a break for all like I want to take music, forward and acting like the whole performance that I was going to push it out and just gonna be myself a bit more in. Terms of like for us I'd. Say. Maybe. I'm. Like a baby. For. Kids originally only wanted three kids but I'm down, ideally, I think, um I had two boys one girl but if, there was because. That's what my siblings are like and I think that's the perfect formula you can protect the younger sister and then the two brothers are like you know. She's. Just so happy that my sister now. Ryan. Money he'll mm-hmm. She's, gonna comment delete this. What. You would you only did career-wise. I. Just graduated actually I graduate and let's go I graduated. In level five, specialist. Makeup in the year before I graduated, and no. Before production Media makeup yeah I'm like I'm really into TV and film sort of make our special effects I love special effects makeup, or career-wise, I probably I just want to get into TV or film. Mostly. Film. And, a little bit of like my first experience, on TV. Not, my dream is. To have a mind like, naming. The credit, makeup. Artist with us gonna get you. Know our YouTube going a life going stay away from like, negativity. Yeah, yeah. He says how long have you two been dating his finger thumbs free as in like a couple months right it's, July, wide.

USA Think but. We've known each other for a lot longer underscore. They wrote say are you dating, let's. Get us on the camera nervous. Wait. What. Okay. Cut, by the way this ginger one right here oh I. Just realized they want to join a Q&A. Yeah. We are. Give. Me a shout-out. What's. Your name I'll give you a shot she has. It ready. She. Switched that run so funny, stuff. A. To to to i. Mister. At to, to to. Disc. Is hilarious. Okay. Once i could nap. Zeyneb. Dot, here. Would. You take use this last name of, course give. Me food. Yeah. I hope, you take all muddy, yeah. Every armondi, sounds very funny no what, was your reaction when you have proposed oh, my. God that's my dad's name TDOT, arson, but my dad's name's toss in i was, like. When. I when he said it i was walking towards the stage but my head's like wait. Maybe. It's not a proposal maybe he's just gonna do something up there he's gonna do something else like my head was like in denial almost got me do you do you I mean and when I was when I was walking towards him I. Went. Like this before, I did that because I was like oh my god whoops I saw him get into his knee but, as I was going I like this better not be a prank because, I thought maybe I might come up there and then he might do like something for his YouTube channel or whatever I'll never Google like a fake proposal but, like I thought you might do something like just better not be a prank and then, he went to his knees and I'll just like oh my god and there's, yeah, and then you got a little teary. I got teary I cry. Any. Man that said how did I feel before I proposed to her I don't know if it was because it was a combination of me actually graduating. And all. The work that went into proposing I thought so nervous, is he face that backyard wedding, or something extravagant. Definitely. Not backyard, but something, in between something. In between definitely. There's nothing wrong with people like you know everyone's financial situations, are different my. Humor. Jasmine, said. Not. Question but congrats to the both of you digit my favorite YouTube couple Thank You Kim, boss Nora dot, C and Lucien. On, a scale of one to ten how nervous was you so funny he got down on one knee I've never been more nervous from being honest scalable, understand so you were to say tenth and definitely, I was overheating, I was undoing my button I'll turn around guys I was like what like my friend iron will sit in the back and all that iron should I go now I don't know. So. You getting up and speaking to people but I just thought you it's just cuz that's how it does like he just like because, like always should I sit like he wouldn't just try to figure out who to go off someone so I felt like that's what it was doing it solo I didn't even know how to propose if I'm being honest I didn't have time to do it like YouTube how to do it I was remembering it from Newsies you've had to do it by YouTube anything and I was like okay so I'll go down on one knee and then I give it to all right hand on, the right hand it's the left hand what's funny is actually in the video you can see that, when he goes down and when he pops. The thing says will you marry me I say yes he gets up hugs me and once, he stops hugging me you suppose to take the ring and put on right he's, like he's debating if she got back down on the knee on that poor John's Go Go Thomas go free said. You. Should do a challenge video of, how well you know each other I think I'd be a cool video would you guys want to see that of how well we know each other always, used to spirit Turkish food by Timur under Scott a four hundred what's up to my Turkish the. BTech Pizza the. Legend, no mojo is that your favorite dish I like kebabs anyone, that's watching this video you guys hungry, if you hungry give this video a like if you're hungry girl like I, don't really like this part of that so I'm enjoying it now right now yes, I'm way it's a bit bit off. I'm. Gonna pretend it's nice just to make it longer I. Guess. I'm gonna have to wrap you up here it's getting dark, the bugs are coming out you've enjoyed the food of me yeah well I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you want to see more content from us too then hit the link in the description and subscribe to pineapple vlogs if you'd like this in a hundred seconds that you will get 100, dollars please.

100. Seconds do you guys soon take care.

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