The 7 Step Process to Create & Leverage Your First Business Mentorship Program

The 7 Step Process to Create & Leverage Your First Business Mentorship Program

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If you were coaching consultant. And you want, to be able to have a leverage, group program, I want, to share with you the seven step process. I felt, various. Dozens. Upon dozens of, entrepreneurs, build, multi-million. Dollar businesses, with the exact, model that I'm gonna share with you over the next few minutes alright let's, get, started. So. Consider, this, a lot. Of the problem, with being able to scale, a six-figure. Business is, of course the delivery, model I was talking, to someone the other day and they said Scott I have hundreds, of people, that, want to be able to have. My coaching, my consulting, they're. Incredibly. In demand, but. The problem is is I don't understand, how I, can actually deliver to them there's only one of me and there's so. Many other people and of course this is how we get kind, of into the trap of leverage. The trip typical leverage, group program, where you, know you do a group call each week and then you keep doing more group calls and at some point you burn out now. In, the, time that I've, been in, this online world, I've, sort of understood, I've sort of seen a. New paradigm a new, paradigm that perhaps could, also work for you a leverage. Model that allows us to extract who, we are and allows. Us to be able to build very successful business so what, I'm gonna share with you is something that i've used to build multiple, seven-figure. Businesses. 7, plus bigger businesses, and. As. Well as been able to work, time, and time again across a lot of different news a lot of different industries to, be able to do the exact, same thing so i'm gonna share with that to, you today in the, step-by-step process seven, steps that's going to allow you to be able to create that behind, the scenes program. That's gonna be able to get you and your clients, results good, to be able to help you leverage, be able to sell more, people into your programs which of course is going to allow you to have a higher degree of transformation. And i mean i think that is one of the most major pieces, that. We have i mean we want to scale but we want to ensure that we actually have. Impact. We want to actually have transformation. I mean we're out of the knowledge economy and, we're into the transformation. Economy, and i think that that is the the pinnacle paradox, of where we're in we want to be able to help and transform, but we also want to ensure that there is an equal. Energy exchange, because as a coach, or a consultant or, a person, that helps the transformation. For a person to go from here to there there. Is a element, of energy, transfer, and a lot of the time it can feel overbearing. An obligation. So today i want to share with you how I've, found, really. A specific strategy to be able to get from that so let's. Uh let's. Go and and let's. See. How, we can do that today, and to, create, a little, bit of a better. Reality. For you and a higher degree of transformation. For. Your. Clients, alright. See. You soon so, I'm sure you've heard it before you to be able to ensure and, understand, who your, audience, is your avatar, the person that you're actually going for it now, one of the biggest problems.

With Being a coach or consultant is, the fact that the information, you have the knowledge you have the expertise, can. Be applied, to so many different, scenarios and a lot of the time we, as entrepreneurs have a hard time to define being defined, by one thing, we're kind of like well, I don't necessarily, want to just do this thing now. If you're gonna have a leveraged. Program. It's going to require the fact that it does one specific, thing so for example. For. The relevancy, engine which is our program for helping, someone at twenty to fifty K a month that has a higher ticket offer scale. To seven figures gotta get the fundamentals well, that is the one specific, thing we don't help ecommerce businesses, brick-and-mortar businesses, we help people that sell things that are over two thousand, dollars and we do, that over the 90, day span, now, in project new killer we help people that have multi-million. And million dollar businesses, scale, up so they have five million, plus dollar, businesses. That is what we specifically, do, now. These, offers. These very specific offers have, to come back to, a very specific, audience as a, very specific avatar, so in your, case you have to have somebody that is a four-spot into you they have to be bought into and what we'll talk about in a few minutes a bought into your, process. Then. On top of that it's, also incredibly. Important. That, you understand. This avatar that you very much talk to this. Avatar, and in terms, of your messaging, and we'll get to that as well that you're able to relate, and resonate. With this audience that. You're really attempting, to magnetize. Towards, you so that you can help them transform, so you can help them see, their current reality, and want to install and deploy, a new one. Now. In this aperture creation. It can be as simple as complexes, you really want it to be but one of the biggest things that I always look at creating, leverage program is what is the, thing that I know, that I can do really really quickly, if. I already have an audience you. Know who is that audience and how and, and and who is already in there that I could necessarily, serve and then, three what, and we'll get to this in a second what, offer. Can. That audience, see that makes and be like yes right the irresistible moment. Where the person's like this is meant to be no. Further. Than that this means that when you're creating an offer for an audience you're being very specific on it you have to almost. Zero in on, saying, no I'm not going to work with this person this person this person this person this is hard, but. This is a difference between having one-on-one coaching where you have the ability, to have this valuable, sort, of low-key well you know what I can create a package to having these very specific, program. That brings someone from a very specific place to another very specific, place and of, course when you do this over and over which is part of the leverage, it creates. A process it creates a system but, if you do not create the ability for the system to be created. Then. You're. Not going to ever be able to have a system which means that there's nothing that's repeatable and you're. Never going to have a true business you're gonna have a hustle that is involving, you, we. Don't want to do that what. We want to do is we want to have something that's created of the business, yes, you're gonna feel a little weird as a creator yes you're gonna feel a little scarcity, because do you know that you could help this person that person but the beautiful thing is when someone sees this offer they know it's for them or they don't allowing. It so that when, they get on a phone when. They see your marketing, they know to, be either magnetized, or repelled. Specifically. Based upon who you serve, alright. So the second, thing that I think is super important, once you understand who. You're specifically, going to in terms of your avatar and your audience is having. A specific methodology, you, know everything changed, for me when in, 2015.

I Launched the SSF method the sidewalk slow lane fast lanes, and things are creating, even more momentum, now, that I have the, ROI method, relevancy. Omnipresence, and intimacy, now. These. Methodologies, is something that I've always utilized. Instead of all the marketing that I've done for the 15, plus years that I've been in this world but, the difference is is that those that have methodologies, and, those that don't are looked, up to in a different way you have a lot further, different, authority and the way that you come, across from a teaching perspective really. Is different see when you have a methodology someone, can understand. What, you do inside of context, when. You just say hey here is a formula or here's all these different pieces it's, too specific, see somebody needs to be able to see their, reality on top of or kind of taking a methodology. And putting on top of them now. The other interesting thing, is when, you have a methodology. What you'll find is that people, will start applying it to all parts of their business all parts of their life and they'll, start talking about it far more see this is a difference of say someone saying you know Scott's a really great guy -, Scott, has this really great methodology, that allows people to scale seven-figure, businesses, now, which one's going to be the one that actually intrigued, of course it's gonna be the one that has a specific result, which was based upon a specific, methodology. Now. The question always is well how do you you know create this methodology well, it's already inside of you it's already you know whatever way, that you bring someone through the process, of working with you well that is very specifically, your methodology, now how you develop. It and how you put all the pieces together and how you name it well, that is a unique, process that I won't go into today, but. Really. When it comes about saying is here is the method that I've come across after. My experiences, and my knowledge and my expertise, and, I'm gonna share it with you in this, way and whether, it is a you, know Venn diagram, or whether it's a pyramid or whether it's you know whatever visual.

Cue Or metaphor that you necessarily. Use to be able to get across that, methodology it's. Very important, now here's why it's important not only or do you become more magnetizing. Inside of your marketplace but what actually ends, up happening is, the, fact that once you've extracted, your. Methodology, people. Now can buy into your methodology, instead, of buying you now. This is the difference between having a six-figure business in a multi seven your business because, there's no way that you can keep the delivery, of a, seven-figure. Business it's just technically. Impossible unless all your clients are paying you a quarter million dollars, which is going to be a lot of stress on your shoulders see. When somebody buys into a methodology. You're the one attracting, them to the methodology through your marketing and your sales and then it allows for, you to hire other people which, we'll get to in a minute, to. Be able to help someone through the journey, of implementing. Or deploying that methodology, now it doesn't matter for your fitness of your life coaching, if you're in financial. Advisory, if you're a real estate agent, it doesn't matter if you're coaching or anything, in between everyone. Has a specific methodology, and this methodology, can be applied now. With the ROI method, and the relevancy, engine for example this. Has allowed me to have a program where we bring in dozens, of people on a monthly basis and I don't actually have to personally. Speak to them now what's also really, interesting is most of the time we're, not, the best coach or not the best mentor, for the people that we attract, into, our various, programs there's. People out there that literally, their entire job on planet, earth was to be a coach or it could be a mentor it's, what their calling was see, right, now it's, kind. Of a 50/50. Chance that you may be a technician, or, you might be the visionary, you may be the creator and if, you're the creator and the visionary, all the time it's not your job to be the technician, I know for me it's not when. I get on the phone to mentor, someone I'm, actually not the best person to do it I have. The amazing. Ability much, like you to be able to create methodologies, from the experience, that. I've been able to have over, the time of being an entrepreneur and scaling, seven-figure, businesses but when it comes to actually helping someone deploy it it's actually better for it to be someone else now this is the pinnacle that kind, of almost. Have, be. Of any, type of leverage group program, because if it relies upon you it means that you have to be on the group calls it means you have to be replying, to things it means you have to be the one coaching or, mentoring but. In this context, it allows you, to, be able to have and deploy your team so. That you can scale and having. A real business so. The third one this, is Cooper by the way. Say. Hello to everybody. So. The third one and probably the most important, pieces of being able to have a leverage, program, that's gonna be able to build you a multi-million. Dollar business is your offer and you.

Know Your offer is. One of the biggest pieces that people mess up and the reason that people mess up an offer is because of course they didn't get the avatar right didn't, get the process right so, your avatar, is the allowing. Of ability, to get the perfect client and then, from. There your. Ability to have a methodology. Allows. You to be able to have a very specific offer. For. A very specific person now, this makes the difference from getting on the phone and having a 6,000 dollar program one minute to a $9,000, you, know program the next minute to a $15,000, program that all have different, levels, of delivery I mean this is the difference of saying this is exactly what, you're getting and, this. Is what's going to create a transformation, this also, creates an area of trust, for the people that you're delivering it to because. If you're on the phone and you feel like you can get 15 coaching sessions versus four of the last call that you got on you may do it but, that's not again going to create a business this creates a hustle, it creates a little bit a nightmare. Of structure. A nightmare, of the operational. Side and what we have to do is we have been sure that there's coherence, between the, offer and, the transformation. That you're providing and allowing, it so that you aren't the one that have to provide the entire transformation, now. An offer. Really should allow someone to see very, specifically, where, they are and where they need to be and the level of support that is needed for it now. Inside, of the programs that I run as well as the programs that a lot of our clients run I recommend, a combination, of, one-on-one. Calls group calls slack. Access, as. Well as of course video training. Now there's very specific ways to, be able to do this but I believe, that a leveraged program should have one-on-one, on a weekly, basis now further than that I think that majority of group program should span 90, days with of course a continuity, offer after the 90 days for the extension of a year but, remember that most people, can't imagine their life 90 days now they can't imagine what their bank account looks like they can't imagine what their life looks like they can't imagine what the relationship, looks like and so 90 days allows for enough time for someone to see that perhaps, their life could be different their reality could be different but at the same time it doesn't scare them now. Inside of this offer the, one-on-one help don't worry you're not the one that's actually going to be the one doing the one-on-one, though what I want help allows for accountability as well as allowing someone to be able to work through their various problems, challenges and, potential, opportunities. So, over 90 days I, highly. Recommend that there's a weekly call so 13 calls over the span of 90 days that, allows them to go through the entire process your, formula, that, allows them to get from where they need to be to where they want to be now.

Further From this I think there's great, opportunity. To be able to do group calls in our programs we do two one on Tuesday one on Thursday to, allow for different time zones and inside, of these calls again not done by you and not done by me our, head, coaches, allow, for our students. And the people inside of our programs, and the same thing for our clients, and their programs, to be able to get any of the problems or issues or challenges they have that come up in between of the time that they're talking with their mentor or their coach depending, on the scenario on top. Of this we also allow access, to a slack channel allowing, for there to be a community, built so that people aren't just buying into the. Process, but they're also buying in to a larger, community a place where they feel like they're in the trenches with other people, and they get access to the coaches for any little things that they need throughout, that actual, week in between phone calls now. On top of this to be able to create intimacy between you and, the other person and, one of the things that we do is have a monthly call with me and inside of that monthly call we go through the different questions, we go through the different pieces. That aren't, necessarily, in the program inside of the video training, because we know that different, people that come in have different mindset blocks different issues different, opportunities, and we want the ability for them to be able to get past that in, a fairly regular, basis, so. That, is just you know our offering, for example, with the relevancy, engine along with a few other things and that is the same sort, of offering. That we. Recommend. Most, people do when, their you got a high-touch, highly, transformable, program, so, I don't believe that information. Is really. What people need people need true, help. True accountability. True coaching and mentoring to be able to go from here to there I think that is so so so important, and then of course the last piece of the offer is what will the offer do, you know you. Can have the different pieces of the intimacy, and how you help but really, you need to define what the offer does so, for the relevancy, engine for example it gives, the person, the entrepreneur. That's making twenty to fifty thousand, a month the. Baseline, fundamentals. And really. The you, know ground line baseline, ability, to scale to seven figures by allowing them help. With marketing, lead, generation and, sales so that of course they can get to seven figures where then, they'll have lots of new challenges, and new opportunities. And. Once you have all these pieces together combined. With who your avatar is in our case entrepreneurs. Making twenty to fifty K then. From. That point being. Able to understand, exactly, where. It is positioned, in the marketplace where. Of course we. Know, and how it can actually create. The transformation. And what the offer looks like or on to, the next piece so. Now you have. This. Kind of group program, structured. Out and you don't actually have to do all that you don't have to do all the phone calls and do all the pieces because at the end of the day that's not actually your, real, unfair, advantage right, so. How do you, get. Somebody to you know do these phone calls and ensure, that people. Go through your process well that really comes from of course extracting, your process, and ensuring that somebody actually knows it but I believe. That, there's a huge distinction, between coaching, and mentoring and at this point you should really, understand, the difference in. My belief a coach, comes, to the point of having really no real. Necessary. Understanding. Expertise knowledge about the scenario, they're, coming for accountability, and for clarification, allowing the person to be coached through, their, current process, now. A mentor on the other hand kind, of brings 50%, of the, expertise, knowledge you.

Know Background. And the. Person coming to the phone call brings their 50%, and together, or, essentially, what ends up happening is, that, they. Can kind of create this and mesh it together and have something really really great now, I don't necessarily, believe that there, is a wrong, thing with coaching wrong, thing with mentoring wrong thing advising, they all, different, sort of things and all sort of different offers but what I found is that mentorship. Really. Changes, everything. And so, mentorship is defined by having someone that's a step or two ahead of the person that is coming inside of the program now, all of the things that I do I always recommend having. And hiring mentors, for your program instead of just coaches they, cost far more money and on average, five to eight times more money to be able to hire a mentor than a coach because, of course they have to have experience, and more, than likely they may even have their own business, but, there's. Always this kind of an internal, need to be able to mentor people and what I found is that if you reach out to others that are good at what they do they. May just. Actually, mentor. Your students, with your process, to learn, more from you to learn more about themselves to feel like they're also mentoring, and of course it's actually really easy way to be able to generate more revenue generate more profit, for those people that's, what we've done inside of relevancy, engine we've taken people that are making between quarter, to half a million dollars a year that have a marketing, background I've been doing it for five plus years bring them into our methodology. And then they bring our students, through the relevancy, engine the RLI, process. This. Works. Amazingly. Well and what, it allows us to do is to, be able to give and offer a level. Of excellence, and a level of mentoring. That really, the industry has never seen before and I think you should look, at and kind of internalize, and kind of look in the mirror and say well do I want to offer a coaching. Program or a mentoring, program now. What this also allows you to do is it, really develops a relationship, so that your business, in, our case the ROI the. ROI company, allows. So. That I don't, have to be the, centerfolds point inside, when somebody actually gives, us money we're, bringing them through a process the ROI process.

But It doesn't have to be me, through, it it's not just my personality anymore it's the personality, of the, collective. Of people that of course allowed. Them to go through the relevancy engine we now have nine mentors, that work with our students will work with our entrepreneurs, every, single week and having. That call on a weekly basis and I really, really really love this model because it allows for the intimacy, and it allows for like the detailed, help without, making, it back on you and this has allowed us to scale relevancy. Engine to a multi-million, dollar business and, the ROI as a company, to a multi-million, dollar business that will do past eight figures this year simply. Because of this leverage model by being able to bring in really, great people to, help those, that are coming in to our programs, so that they can get to that next step and in our case to that next step in their business so the. Next piece of being able to have a leveraged offer is making sure that your program, is based upon, really. Frameworks. And a journey now, every single time that you work with someone in a one-on-one way just the same way that you have a process which becomes your methodology, you, also have a way of being able to sort, of do, things that are certain time, so, for example inside of the relevancy engine we know that someone needs to look at their positioning, their offer their messaging, and their financials, their, avatar, before they do anything. When it comes to actually, implementing, you. Know a system. For allowing, them to be relevant, and to generate leads and appointments, and phone calls for the business now. We. Know that everyone is different and so this is why I love frameworks. And not formulas, a formula, requires that, there is not so many variables but a framework can be installed and deployed on someone's business and, with these frameworks that allows our mentors, to actually. Be able to distill. Someone's business see where they're - and instead of changing their entire business, it allows us to take a framework and put it on top of it so a framework for example on how to properly do a webinar if someone needs to do a webinar from a framework, on how to properly utilize. And develop content distribution, and things like in our case the relevancy, grid things. Like content blocks and content stacks and. Of course inside of your business you have these different frameworks, that you use and you may not even know and of course part of it is being able to extract, this and being able to put it in you type. Of you know program, the leverage type of program now, on top of this it's really important. From, my, experience. With all of this that we have these frameworks that can be applied instead of a formula because it allows for the success of each individual, person coming in knowing, that everyone doesn't have to be exactly, the same then, when we add these frameworks upon a journey meaning, week one we're doing this we two were doing this week three were doing this week four we're doing this while, on top of the frameworks, we create a scenario where everyone feels like they are not kind of getting jammed into necessarily.

One Specific, direction but. The mentor, can sort of look at the frameworks look at the journey and customize, that on demand for the people that go through the program giving. Them the highest chance of success and, the highest chance of actual transformation, allowing. Us of course to be able to have the highest level results, imaginable. And more, likely actually better results and even if they worked with you one-on-one I think that's the most amazing thing having leverage, and the, best results, that is just a beautiful combination and of course is what is the, fundamentals, of a business that's going to be able to scale to multiple seven figures and not just be a complete bust, no. I believe as one of the core values of my business. That, we are in the transformational. Business not the information business I believe, that we're you, know kind of rocketed. On past, the, knowledge. Economy and you. Know very rapidly, inside of the transformational. Economy you even look at the market, growth size of, eLearning. To coaching, and consulting and they're vastly different. Now, this really, is an interesting paradox, because we are surrounded, by so much information, yet so many people are not changing their life so many people are staying, the same way they've always been, and. Transformation. Requires of course mentorship, it requires coach you can require structure, and frameworks everything we've talked about thus far and one, of the things I want you to remind. Yourself that your. Program, your leverage program doesn't need all this content inside of relevancy engine we have less than 10 hours of content for the entire thing and you. Know my past programs at 40 50 60 hours of content and nobody, would ever get through it so my, belief is that transformation. Requires reduction. In, the amount of content, and an, increase in the consumption, of, that actual, content, that is utilized along, with the mentoring or the coaching or whatever the program looks like now. This, of course is different than what you may want to do because you're like well I want to give give give give but in reality you're, actually, giving more by. Giving less in the scenario, of. Transformation. Over information. And. I think that you watching this video even up to this point thus far means, that you want to be able to give a transformational. Experience to, those that you actually work with and I think that that's one of the coolest, things ever so. Just make sure that you're taking the actions, that you're given the experience, that through the customer journey you, aren't asking too much but, rather asking, exactly what's needed for, the outcome remember we're not trying to make anyone a master, of the information, that we're giving them we're trying to get them to have a new result, mastery.

Takes, Much. Time not 90 days not six months what. We're trying to do is allow, that person to have a considerable. Difference and a considerable difference and mastery, are two very, different, things so. I got a fun question for you does, someone need to, be able to have. A transformation on your clock or, their own clock now. Another, piece that I really believe is that we need to illuminate, over manipulate, and when we illuminate, instead of our marketing, that illumination can happen anytime it doesn't happen during a launch it doesn't happen to us opening, and closing so that's why I believe that leverage group programs, for a number of reasons need, to be evergreen they need to be able to happen. At any given time so inside. Of the relevancy, engine we allow people to come in at any given time now we do have a cap we do have X, number of people that we can only kind, of take and then after that there's a wait list but. Overall, we. Want to create an experience we want to create really a scenario, where the person, can sort of come in when, it's really, relevant to them not just relevant to you now, further than this we don't want to create a launch cycle, business, I mean that's really the epitome, of a hamster. Wheel right we keep on launching we keep on doing new things and we want to create a sustainable business that grows each and every single month not up and down up and down up and down we don't want to create the rollercoaster, of revenue, we want to create an actual sustainable system. And that's what's, required for that now. Majority. Of models are opening. Up and closed open it up and close it down and so of course you know utilizing, the ry method for example allows, you to have a consistent, number of qualified, applications, that. Want to work with you right away that have their pain illuminated. So you don't have to manipulate. Them with closing the card or countdown, timers, or saying that you they need to make a decision in the next 24, hours it, really just allows them to say you know what this is important, enough to me now and I'm gonna take action on it'll my own accord, because I don't believe a man, or a woman you know change of their opinion really changes, their opinion because of some words, deep. Down they have to want to actually transform, because we're in the transformation, economy, again not the knowledge economy we're not just trying to sell it 997, product, and get a sale we're trying to actually change, a human being, a human doing into doing something different, I mean we. Can't, we can't you, know expect, someone to do that on our time they, have to do it on their time, so. That really means that your, program your product needs to be evergreen, it needs to be something that can be sold consistently. And all, of, the time so. That is the seven, steps being able to create a very highly leveraged, program, that you can bring dozens of people into every, single month you, can generate millions of dollars of revenue over the span of a year and.

And You know in terms of the company structure it allows you to have these mentors and coaches that, are driven by a head coach and. Then of course you have as time goes on a community coordinator, you, know almost. A community. Person check out Joey Coleman's, work with I never lose a customer again, so that you have high retention. Then. From here you, know you can of course you know develop your continuity product, and then just a quick interesting. Thing is when, you develop a continuity product, make it so that's half of this much as someone is used, to paying on the monthly fee for your product so if your product is a $4,000, a month you, would charge $2000. A month for the entire year so $24,000. Product and then of course what, you're wanting to do with that is then a different offer it's a different position and it's a different messaging it's a different avatar all these different types of things but. Here's the thing guys it's, just a such a beautiful, model that we've seen deployed in such success, such just, amazing, evolution. What transformation. Is and it goes beyond a group coaching program, where you know there's a bunch of people in just the room if she creates, intimacy and I think that that's one of the most, underlying. Pieces of transformation, I mean a transformation. Without intimacy, is just so difficult because it requires something to be accountable, to themselves they have all the pieces of information to be able to understand. The context, of all the pieces that are there and I don't think that happens, very often I don't think that happens almost ever, and. I think you, know you listening to this video right now I mean. If. You want to launch that out there I would love to be able to help you do that and we do that inside of the relevancy, engine all the time being able to help people kind of transition, their offers, and we launch their offers and I mean we've, had so, many, amazing, entrepreneurs, come in that have had small audience, is almost no audiences, and be able to create these products, and, this new transformative, experience. For the people that they work with and they people just resonate, with it is it so it's, such a lost art everyone is just pushed, through this like. You. Can't put a round peg in and square all right and I think people know that everything I think the people, that buy theirs, and want this transformation. They know that they want something more they want something deeper, so, I. Won't. Go today on how to launch your first offer, that's. For another video another, experience. In another time in another place but if, you want to be input and be able to implement it the ROI method, be able to be relevant to your, audience be able to really, dial in your offer your positioning, your messaging, be able to launch that be able to create an automatic, way to be able to bring the perfect, people into your worlds that can pay you the perfect price and that you have a perfect, connection to and I really want to help you deploy. The ROI method, into the business so with that said thank, you for being here thank you for doing what you do and I'm so excited to be able to help you if it, is, something that makes sense and if not I'll continue to see you in my videos articles and across, the internet Scott, over here and I'm so, so, excited for you to start transforming, more people's lives and upgrading. The reality, and the level of consciousness, here, on planet, earth talk, soon so. If you enjoyed this content and, you, want more, of it make sure you go ahead and subscribe and if. You want other entrepreneurs, just like you to be able to also access, this information, this knowledge make sure you go ahead or share it with someone that, means the most to you remember, as entrepreneurs, it's our job to be able to help other entrepreneurs. Continue. To elevate allowing. Us to evolve society. And evolve our world I'll see you next time bye. You.

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