The 7 Premium Business Models You Need NOW - Successful Coaching & Consulting Secrets Ep.9

The 7 Premium Business Models You Need NOW - Successful Coaching & Consulting Secrets Ep.9

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Income or how to go from, $100,000. To making a million. Dollars, a year as a coach and consultant enjoy. Let's. Talk about seven business models for coaches and consultants, and I'm, gonna go through the seven business models now as I go through these business, models for coaches consultants, what I want you to do is to, look at your current, business model and. Look. At it as oh I am. Doing it already or. Mmm. I never thought about that business, model maybe, I can incorporate, that into what I do or you, may be thinking hmm, I'm doing a field of these but. Maybe I could do them a little bit better or you kind of make combine them together okay. So, that's that's my goal for fall for this this. One, I'm gonna cheer with the some business models okay but. I came up I tickets, sales. World's. Highest-paid, consultant. Media, celebrity. Multi-millionaire. Entrepreneur. A claim. TEDx, speaker. International. Best-selling. Author. And. Walk. So. What kind of business do you want to build so. We talk about who you want to sell who you want to serve whom on what target market you want you want to go you want to pursue so they talk about very, fundamentally. What kind of business do you want to bill so. Coaching, business model, that's the concept, virtually no one talks, about when. Starting a coaching business simply. Put a coaching. Business model, is where, the. Money comes from how you gonna make money with. Your expertise how, are gonna make money with expertise, in other words it's your source of revenue you're sort of what yeah. How gonna make money. Ideally. It's where you also have the most fun if. You structure it properly. There's. So many coaches and concerns and Sultan's who spend years building a, full practice a full practice only to discover that they dread working, with clients one-on-one, they. Spend years building the practice make sure it's they fill the appointment book, ten. Years later if I don't actually hate working with people one on one on. The. Other hand I met coaches consultants, who, who, now they travel, around the world they own the Royal account is speaking and facilitating, and after so many years of doing that they actually that's. Not what they want to do they want to stay, home in the home school their, children I've. Seen that happen to if our very good friend of mine a very successful, sales, trainer. International, sales trainer after, 20 years in the business we have a conversation he's, looking at me said then I hate what, I do I waste 20 years my life I do, not like it I mean living good very good living doing it but, that's 20 years my life I could not get back I hated that I. Said. Well would be good to find on a year, to, instead. Of waiting for 20 years so, that. Goes back to what kevin was talking about know yourself. Knowing. What your strengths are what you're good at sometimes. We're so again so close to it we don't know helpful. To have like a mentor, to point it out oh you're, actually good at this oh yeah. I am good at that so it's like as little as just, kind of like tank taking a blinder off now, you can see more clearly so, part of a consultant coach what you're providing is also clarity. What. Are you providing. Clearly. Clarity. Now, in order to provide clarity you got to be crystal-clear. About. Your stuff you. Cannot provide clarity fathers if you don't, have clarity. Write. Your, own stuff. You. Know what I mean your. Own stuff. So. Let's talk my model number one one-on-one. Coaching consulting this, is the most common. Model, also. Considers, traditional, coaching most, people think of coaching consulting yeah what I want.

Most. You consult is start out with this model with this model and adding. More leverage to the business later so basically as a one-on-one model, you are selling, your training hours. For dollars, sometimes. Could be an hourly rate it could be sometimes a package thing where they, buy blocks of hours or five hours or ten hours that, kind of model it's, simple it's true a tried, proven, model very easy to do it very easy getting how many you're actually using, this model right now like charging per hour right, charge people X month per hour okay. And, it's. Okay and and. It's, a lot of people start that way but. You don't want, this to be your only model. What's the problem with this model. Hard. To scale yes. It's. Hot you won't make money while you sleep it. Would be nice if you have a car let pay, me but let me sleep. That. Would be very nice. That's. The, only 24 hours in a day yes. You, have to be physically, there right, to run it yes because, you're selling your Alice for dollars now, there's a time in place for, that example, myself on my. Clarity profile that, I do my alley they have done about I don't know 67. Of these now. I don't, like, this myself, but, because, I'm taking you behind the scenes of it that, with my social media presence, I have, so many people, requesting. My help that. They, might not fit into, my. Other types, of consulting services that I offer they. Just need that 10, 15 20 minute call to, solve a their specific, problem so, then with. This I can point a mate just booked a call 10. 20 30 minute call then, we solve your problem and that's that so, this is quite transactional. There's. A very transactional thing but, because I'm getting so many lead, flow that's, why I set this out myself, right, but, it's not my main model. But I want to you, see that most of these models I do in, one way or the other that's, what I want to show you what I do why, I do it then you can think about for yourself oh do, I want to do that or maybe I want to tweak the little bit of what I do got. It okay. So. Another, one-on-one model, this is what I prefer it's, a long-term relationship more, it's a one-on-one agreement, 12-month 100k, Plus revenue, share at alman commitment, that, kind of model I call that the equity in component model not a pioneer, I preferred, that kind of model where participate, on the upside still, 101 but, I don't just want to get pay per hour I want to participate, in a long term growth. So. That's my, model as well so you can do it per hour one-on-one. Or I can have a long-term commitment where hey what with long term if your company's doing this but I come to get to that I want.

To Create or share some of the growth okay I preferred. That much more. Model. Number two group tella coaching program, so. In this and group tella coaching program you're walking, a group, through a process. So we want a process. So. It could be phone could be webinar it could be email typically. Anywhere from 10 to 50 people it, could be a little bit more 10 to 50 people and. You could charge you could charge anywhere, from nine, five thousand bucks to like even up to ten thousand dollars and it, could be for week it could be eight week could be a 12 week it could be six month it could even be a one-year program typically. A group tella coaching program focus on one specific. Outcome. And one transformation. That they they, join, your program, because they want to get this particular result, just one thing usually, that's how it works usually people don't join a program like that because they want to learn a bunch of stuff they. Want to solve one particular problem, so. Example you can see sometimes these groups, where all they, will teach you how to say, in four week. $2,000. Tella coaching, they take 50 people they're, gonna teach you how to do, Instagram, just. Very. Precise all you're gonna teach you how to do YouTube marketing boom, right very precise just one thing, not. Like a bunch of things and, the. More niche you go typically. The more money you could charge. The. More niche you go. The. More specialized, that you you you kind of focus on the more money you can charge typically. So. Example. Would be one, of my mentees, Manasseh fan it'd be my mentee for three years, social, media director certification, program which is a program that teaches people how to be a social media director and, man. Has helped hundreds, and hundreds of people make, a full-time living as, a social, media director so. That's a example, it's a five week program, twenty-five hundred dollars they take in online script, coaching they get some videos they get some Q&A that's. Kind of how it works that's an example of that and. That example came on our we've got a program which is a high technical certification. Program that's, gonna be a seven week kind of program it's, the same idea a group of people we take them through a process, it's. The same idea right, so, I'll, walk you through it so we transform series go-getters, from cells, Wims to high ticket closer that can make a hundred K a year, or more, so, we have seven modules taught over seven weeks I'll personally. Keep on I mentor, them during, that seven week pure of time so Telugu coaching cost, featuring training Q&A and role plays and also, at the end the, the best graduates. Have, the opportunity, to join the high ticket sales team upon grad where we're going to get contract, and send them clients, so. That's a $5,000, per person program, so it's the same idea. Tella coaching, a period. Of time very. Clear outcome, you charge a fee but, only last could be four weeks could be seven weeks could be eight week four became weeks for. Me so far yeah, so that's an artist in other model model, number three live group coaching it's, a little bit different live, group coaching so. This now includes. Some. Kind of in-person meetings. And the. Length can range from anywhere from a few weeks to even several, months. Again. Often, moving, a group through a process, together or studying, a curriculum, together. Group. Leverages, time and creates dynamic experience classes in person right. You, try to solve the problems together and you, can choose the optimal, environment you can choose you can do it in a setting like this you can do it in some kind of a, different.

Environment Could, be a business environment or could be more relaxed environment that's, okay too. My. Limited local market unless you have an international, brand name, unless. Your international brand name so let me give you some examples, so, teacher coach how many have heard of strategic coach yeah, ten solvent so, so teacher coach which this, is the signature program where. They, meet they meet once every quarter once. Every quarter you get together as, a group you, brainstorm you, set goals you. Think about your business you block all the a bit of time so, if that's a strategic coach and they serve different sectors it's a financial planners, but also entrepreneurs, will make a hundred K or more per year that's, kind of the minimum to join so, teacher coach that's, one form of like. A live kind, of in-person coaching, now what's. The pros, and cons of, doing. It let's say for, six. Weeks through a telephone versus, in person give, me some pros and cons. Yes. So. You could waste your time as a coach if that person doesn't show up if, you don't do telephone. Oh. They. Don't show up okay yeah that's okay okay. Good yes. Yeah. So every quarter you got to go somewhere, right, you got you got it fly to someplace unless, it's local right, okay, yes. Postcards. What, are the good things about them. Relationship. Get to meet them personally and, isn't. It true so sometimes you, want to do something and you have the best intention to get something done but you never get around to it but, when you lock yourself in a room for a couple days that gets done right right. So it's kind of like a fourth implementation. Also, the environment, might help you to be more productive right that's another advantage, of it give me a couple more. Well, maybe some of you have some relationship, maybe some joint ventures among the students, yeah possible, perhaps, yes. That's. Also helpful because you may be sutala, coaching, you, don't know I'm not the only person that's buying in this program or like there are 20 others I don't know but, in this case oh you deserve you sees 30 people in the room awesome. That's social proof maybe that yes give me one more give, me one one. This. Is what mine, what. About, think. About in. Terms of creating results. Is. It better, to. Do it to like seven-week, thing, where. You help them every week or is it better to do it maybe in a two day you. Know you know in a live setting. Which. One would think you think would produce better results. Like. With more capability, interesting, yes. You. Can do more transformation. Life yeah. Yes. Yes I like that I like also the people around them right but, also not. So much depending, on the business model but, also depends, on the, culture consultant, because. If you do it through a Teleco. Chain the. Requirement. Of your skills are lower okay. Do it through the telephone right you can just kind of coach through the curriculum you're looking at your notes maybe, you have some kind of PowerPoint you walk them through stuff, and there's some months they have some questions you answer Q&A that's, cool but doing a live two, days requires, more skill, right. So, you have the arts stuff oh am i comfortable. Facilitating. And groover people for, two days then. I can answer the questions on the spot most people or not right can. You do that do you have that skill set if, you say a love I live being. Live I love, to jump off the plane without a net I love. That, feeling of working, with, people through that process awesome. This model perfect for you I love that stuff so this is good but, from some people they're not comfortable with that a lot of speakers, speakers. You notice they are great speakers, but they're not comfortable doing like Q&A a live interaction, they. Can tell great story but. Suddenly someone, asked, them something if throws you off they're like the script, right. So you got to be very comfortable, up here and know your stuff you know to do that Steven yes. Or, anything that's virtual. I mean, there's Facebook there's email. Yes. You're. There to, do the work yes. Yes. Yes. So, you have to so consideration. When you pick different business model is first, does.

It Work with your personality, your strength also, lifestyle. Consideration. So. If you're, running they, say a program like a. Strategic coach a. Trainer. Has to be there the, facilitator, has to be there you cannot automate, it he's got to be there every quarter doing, his conduct, in your training right. And if you run multiple group, then, you guys think about okay I got to do this quite, often so. It's a lifestyle consideration, that's it to fit into what I want to build right, so, you got to think about also how much money you want to make on the other hand they say at Ella coaching model you, guy I can scale it I've. Done you a program where I have a hundred people in a Teleco Singh program but, my work is exactly. The same if. I have ten people in the program versus, a hundred people in the program the. Amount, of time I'm investing, to deliver the program is exactly, the same it gives me a lot more leverage so. I gotta think that through I'm not saying one is better than the other I'm. Just giving you the different options and kind of the pros and cons no one model is perfect you just ask yourself yeah, like, some. People you know what I'm doing one-on-one but I would love to do live in-person kind. Of coaching but I'm not I'm I, mean I cannot speak in public I'm just, have this fear, okay, well that might not work so well until, you develop that skill with me, so far yeah. So those are the considerations there's no right or wrong I just, want to point out the possibility, another, one pro coach a friend of mine I'm Andrew, so. Engine, runs pro coach I think Andre you win he's doing it or you win it you're doing they meet once every quarter once. Every quarter right you get together for how long a day. And, 95. Any kind of plan they set some objective, for the next quarter right get, some clarity in your business right so that's a local kind, of thing procoach, exactly. This kind of model how many people are typically in in in, the room. 25, ish okay so there's an example of that right so. That's another form unless, you. Have an international brand name they're often something like this limits to local, because. This in person if you have a big enough name, international, name then people are willing, to travel to. Attend your, thing. Which, is okay so you need to take that into consideration let's. Talk about model, number four which. Is coaching, intensive, Xandra treats. Coaching. Intensives, and retreats. Where. If you get energized, by a, group. Of people and. Enjoy. Traveling. Consider. This model you. Will do most of the coaching on stage, and, inspiring. Motivating the audience, so. One time we've been two to three days for, coaching intensive, usually, sometimes I.

See. Model where everybody, kind of takes a turn with. The hot seat in the front of the room now, in case you're not familiar with the hot seat basically, someone, sits, on a seat and they would share what. Are they're going through it's on the challenges, they might have and what help they need and then, group will try to come up with solutions that help them that's a hot seat okay, and for. Retreats combinations. Of curriculum. And process and coaching so sometimes, the. Facilitator. Or the mentor, would teach, them something go through curriculum and then, do some hot seat for, a few people and then they do another curriculum, go, through another process and then do some hot seat that, kind of thing that happens, too okay. So. Coaching intensives, now, with this model, what's good about this model is you do the work if you done properly, you did it work two or three days but it's a big, pay day it's. A big pay day for you okay. And some, people sometimes coaches. Consultants, they would, use. That model where, they'll deliver massive, value in that two or three days and then, they would upsell, them into more long-term program, that. Happens too so, they go two to three days they love it hey if we want more now, have an ongoing program, with six month or 12 month that. Kind of structure that happens to so. An example is, a Brian Tracy man, Tracy speaking, professional, speaker kind of program where, basically, you go to you, fly - Brian. Tracy's office, for, three days with a group of very small crew people like, maybe a dozen and Brian. Would train, you take, you through a curriculum of. He's. What he's learned in 30 someone uses a professional, speaker plus. You, also may be present, in front of the group to get feedback how to help, you improve as a speaker, okay. So it's a coaching intensive, so some of the things that are included the. Pre work to, prepare for Brian Tracy, -. Before you go there three. Fully, interactive, days with Brian in his office, downtown San Diego including, snacks, and lunch and then you get a work boy you get some books and CDs to support the learning I get, an endorsement. Video from Brian Tracy you. Get a video of you speaking, fully editor producer use, for own marketing, you get a certificate after you complete after the three days you also get 12 monthly. Telephone up, telling teleseminar, recordings, so he's combining a little bit of telly coaching with, the coaching intensive to build more value that's okay too and then, opportunity, to network and meet with other speakers and successful. Professionals, so you're, going there again - three days you, are looking, to get a specific result, I want to become a better speaker Brian. Tracy is one of the top speakers a world I go there for three days I'll learn a lot of techniques. And strategies great, and boom. That's, what you buy. Another. Example would be from Jay Burnham how many pair of Jay Burnham okay. Marketing. Genius, marketing consultant, so for Jay this is like a two three days of, intensive. There, you go there you go - I think I believe in Los, Angeles go to G's beach. House, $25,000. A person with, maybe four people four five period of time three, days just hot seat and you, do a brainstorm Jay, will teach you some teaching and then, they, were answer some questions kind of work on your business a bit - three days you, walk out of that with a plan, and a growth plan to grow your business so do, the numbers for j2. Three days at work for five people that's a hundred hundred and twenty five thousand dollars they, pocket, with virtually, barely, expense just. Basically chatting, at his speech house right. You. Don't need to do a lot of these to make a good living right. Of course that's we've got Jay's name, brand, but, I want to show you the model first right another. One they were destiny how many have heard of Tony Robbins okay, so, David destiny again it's a six-day, coaching.

Intensive, Basically. Six days, with. A lot, of people and the price point with Tony, depends. It, depends on what package you buy and how you you, buy it they, say anywhere from five thousand eight thousand dollars. Per person five. To eight thousand dollars, per person day. With destiny at this point with, Netflix how, many have seen the movie I'm not your guru okay, with that that movie, and things like that I don't know four or five thousand people five thousand people top sometimes five grand you do the numbers. So. Six think that's how much money he makes right. Well. It's. Not rich but you could you can live off of that it's if he could get by he, gets by okay, so that's a very powerful model. Short. Period of time a lot of people a lot of value so, it could be as little as like a dozen people five people it could, be four thousand people right. Now. Did they would destiny if you know Tony's work it's very different from unleash the power within, cuz. Unleash, the power within is more. Him. Presenting. Ideas, but. They were destinies more you work on your stuff, and, he does a lot of interventions. Throughout they're all six, days so, it's a little bit different again but liberal curriculum, a lot, of interventions. Take, you through different exercise and then, and. Then Libby the curriculum different. Exercise but. You work on your own stuff, okay. You work on your own stuff anyway, how many been, through. David destiny anybody, nobody. Oh it's you okay good good good it's definitely being in it through it what a couple of times right yeah, it's like few times very. Powerful program. So. Model number five VIP. Days, this. One is. For a lot of a lot of you so it's. A one-time event, clients. Basically pay for a full day with you just, one full day easy. To sell quick. Purse of income you, should, is one day face. To face and. It's. Easy to run because clients, are usually responsible for, their own agenda so. They, come to you with something. That upon they want to solve and you help them solve that in one, day or half a day how, are they consulting, for. Their consulting, and could. Be happens in your office it can happen in your home, other. Locations, I do this, in, my home office, you're. Doing in any other any other locations. That you choose so. Coaching. Mentoring and some teaching if appropriate, maybe, sometimes it's coaching mentoring, with, Liberty hotseat that happens too I'd. Like to use because, for brainstorming, myself, in my office I've got when, you know mentees. Come to my house, have a big massive, whiteboard. That's, when we to the right stuff in to brainstorm, some people, some coaches consultants, they like to use flip, charts, and other visual things whatever, that works for you I like. A whiteboard, I love I like to think with a whiteboard, okay, some people use PowerPoint that, happens to so, a VIP, days so, he's, an example, of a, good VIP day from, speaking Empire which, I've got a couple of friends have gone through that so, if, I believe. The. Price point I think the price point is ten thousand dollars, very. Niche very, specialized, so, basically. You, are a platform, self, speaker. You've. Got a presentation. A sales, presentation, of some sort and it's. Maybe it's working well maybe it's not working well you go there for one full day the. Entire team will help you tweak that scrape, it out walk. Through it again and you walk away with a script, and a. PowerPoint, that, you can go and just to sell you use it do it do it through a webinar you, can do it in person but that's what they do basically, like a speech. Presentation. Makeover. They, pay ten thousand dollars you, go there and they fix the whole thing okay and then make it a VIP experience they, pick your love pick you up in limousine. Line she go to the office whole nine yard that's what my friends told me and. I asked him I said worth the 10 K he, said well we sorry I think so I said why couldn't just work on your script because that's what I did work I'm out of script but, no no no I it never gets done I spent 10 K I fly there it gets done and for. Him is well worth the $10,000. No brainer for him and I said okay great and, so. That's one form you go there for one full day to get again a very. Very. Very specific, outcome bears, now wouldn't you say that's pretty niche right not, only speaker, but certain types of speaker and provide, a certain types of service and they're the best in the world they've done hundreds. And hundreds and hundreds of these right just, that one thing so, when people think of I want someone to give, me a speech. A sales, presentation makeover. Oh I can go to these guys very. Powerful again. You don't need to do a lot if you, do think about you for like, say one a week for a, month that's if you charge 10,000 s $40,000. Right. Myself. Or to do a one day I caught a Day weekend that. They come to come to my office we're.

Locking In, my office with brainstorm, I don't. Do a lot of this I probably do you one every quarter, for somebody, if. You send me a request one every quarter outside, of my group I've, done quite often with people within the, IC in, a circle but outside the IC maybe one, every quarter that I do again come in whatever problems, I help them solve that in one day so that's one model model, number six continuity. Or membership, program now. This you should be very familiar with, it's. Just simply a monthly, charge on a credit card usually at a lower lower, ticket amount people, can either enter, and drop out any time, this. Is very good for providing, sample. What is that sample. Of your work of, your, teaching good. As an entry level designed, to move members, up your ascension letter so they buy something for maybe 20 30 40 50 100 bucks. Automated. Membership, program they get some of this stuff your. Work and then if they like it or now they want to make by your VIP days maybe join your coaching intensives or the Teleco team program so, ease. Of entry if. You're. Providing specialized. Information you. Could charge more money for them and can. Be a cash cow at these in cash cow if you, are amazing. At driving large amount of traffic to your site or have a big list have. A big list well do you want your software. Kind, of falls into this model it was $27, a month and how. A peak, how many people you had a peak. Yeah. 30 there's a white back there $30,000 a month so, that's that kind of model every month you build them for like 20, 30 30 bucks right got a bunch of people in that cool. And, through that maybe some of them would upgrade to you more maybe one on one coaching or, different things that you do so, that's a very very good way some people might use the membership, this particular model, just. They're. Not trying to make money from the program but they're trying to filter. And try, to get people into, this program so then they know it, kind of covers their marketing costs it filters the people who are prospects, now they've got a bunch of actual, buyers right subscribers. So some people use it that way so, an example, Weight, Watchers how, many ever been on Weight Watchers anybody. A couple people nobody.

Yes. Okay thank you yes so you so they're different program meetings. Plus online yo. E 11, bucks a week and then if just online it's like five bucks a week right. That's, what they have works. Or not regardless, but that's what they have right a membership program. And. He, is like a program that I belong to you right it's it's like a martial, art. Membership. Where pay over 20 30 bucks a month and I, joined a membership, and get, some videos every, single week they, all made the whole thing and that's what they have so again it's a membership program that's. Pretty interesting so. How, many of you belong right now some kind of membership program. Okay. Give me some example accept. Point. Give. Me something good examples. Yeah. Okay good yeah K money mastery yes. Online. Drumming lessons, okay yes give me some couple more I can. You put up your hand again you belong in some kind of membership just put up yeah look. Around the room see how popular that is, it's. Interesting is it there's a lesson here right, so think. About people, online. There are a lot, of different, subgroups. Because. Think about this that, before, when, you have a membership, like that may be difficult itself, but now with what's, happening online Facebook. And even target you can have like some like this is pretty niche. Like. This is Marsha Ward Bruce Lee's martial art from a specific instructor. Right that, I like I would subscribe to that or there's. Maybe a fitness. Training, program, that I could subscribe to, specifically. For I don't, know bodybuilding, whatever right and boom I could do that or sometimes. These dating sites it's also another kind of membership model right men. Styling, membership, yes that's another form of membership so, think about what are some things that you can do, don't. Put yourself in a box I have. Seen, it I've, seen the websites where like, again the weirdest. Craziest. Thing I'll give some examples all website, where you, subscribe, and the oil talks is about like different types of guns, like. For gun lovers. Okay. Like I'm a Canadian I can't have guns but like right, that's, pretty cool I've. Seen websites, where they, only do. Extreme. Workouts. Like. People flipping tires and all that, right yeah, it's, like an underground, fitness, like type, training right I'm like who buys this crap right. And they've, got like thousands. And thousands, of like literally, thousands, of members right paying them 20 30 bucks a month, see. The stuff we're like the hobby, like. Gardening. But I got a very particular, kind of, gardening, which I don't get cause I don't I don't do those things but it's like a very particular type guarding that people pay yeah 20 30 bucks - the. Craziest, thing the. Craziest, thing so maybe a model that you could consider, model. Number 7 mastermind, groups it could be anywhere, from 8. To 50, plus people. Typically. In any program, if. You. Do some kind of mastermind group you want to have some kind of application process. And. Each. Member, takes, turn in hot seat and could. Range, for anywhere from $8,000. I've seen mastermind. Group as much as $100,000. Per year so. You have a big range, very big range. So. For mastermind groups now, out of all the seven models mastermind. Groups are the most difficult to, run because. Depends. On how you run your mastermind. Group. The. Host, or, the teacher the. Mentor, is running in the mastermind, group requires. Some. Tremendous. Skills it's, not easy and that's. Also why you look, in North America, you can name Polly with one hand how. Many like, mastermind. Groups like a top top mastermind, groups not many like I could name I probably on top my head I can think of four or five not. Many of them because. It requires a lot as a teacher to do this Titans mastermind, which is a mastermind. Group but they belong to last year, which, it's, $20,000. We get like three. Two. Day live events, per year and hot, seats and you learn from different speakers, you, can attend any on the three live events, you can attend all three and also. You gotta meet with people so that's a mastermind, group 20k, for, like marketers, direct response marketers, so, that's an example of, course, you have the I see that's another form of mastermind, group that I've been running for a few years so let me talk about the process mastermind, groups so, for mastermind, groups the advantages, are you're able to charge higher, dollar per client high.

Dollar Per client you, get more committed members because their skin in the game because. It's high ticket you. Focus the group the crew the focus group that move to. Work to work together towards, to go together because their group of people members. Help and support each other members. Get spectacular results. Because. It's the groups to support we. Treats in locations, of your choice you, can choose location, like, in October, my group we're going to Hawaii together so, that's you can choose because I think it was fun to go to Hawaii so we've got Hawaii that's, pretty cool. As a facilitator, you learn from other members as well so, if you're good facilitator, you pay attention as, you're facilitating, your mastermind group you can learn from other your, members as well, you'll, learn from their businesses the disadvantages, of a mastermind group time, commitment, because. Running. A mastermind group takes tremendous amount of time only makes sense if you love the people that you work with enjoy spending time with clients I have, met, Cohen called gurus who, run pretty successful, mastermind groups pretty, profitable they hate they. Hate the clients. They. Can not like they, do their thing and they, can't wait to get out of there they can't they just to them it's a huge profit Center but, they actually do not like to spend time with the people I've. Seen that before. Requires. To be a master, of multiple, skills of talk of facilitating. Presenting. Teaching, hotseat consulting, selling, from stage leading. Like it requires, a lot of skills it's a great model but, it almost requires. Like the way I run it the mastermind the I see is almost a, combination. Of everything, with. The first X model I do some one-on-one I do, some life I do, some. Hot seat I do in person and my home office I do, have. A curriculum that I have to teach so, I'm doing a little bit extra but. It requires a lot of skill group. Politics and issues because, you have a group of people usually, type. A high achievers, type you get some issues emotional. Taxing. Sometimes. Attachment, the attachment sort of members and then, they leave the group there may be issues with that extreme. Resilience. Required. Extreme. Resilience, required most. Profitable. But, takes the most amount of skill to run does that make sense yes. Hello, good. Ok so there's seven business models. So. What, have you learned from my talk and how, does it apply to you and how, do you take direct action, comment. Below and let me know if, any other questions you can also comment below and don't forget click. On the subscribe button turn. On notification, and hit. The bell so every, single time I upload a new video you. Will get notified, if, you want to watch my other videos, make sure you can check them out on the left you, can check out all the other videos that I have we, have hundreds. Of videos on YouTube, you want to expand on a topic check. It out.

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Good one from Dan

Mr. Lok thank you so much for your influence. If you ever come to Atlanta to speak I would to be guest.

Amazing content Sifu

Wow, as a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, I didn't think that I'd get much out of this presentation, but it has opened my eyes as to which niche to focus on and which model to choose from! Thanks, Dan great info!

I've been under estimating the need to dive deep deep into knowing the competition. This was a valuable ahha moment. Thanks

Thank you Dan. This is very helpful especially in the developing stages of my business and deciding the business model(s) I want to go with.

1. a) Traditional One-on-One transactional Model per hour b) One-on-One but participating in a long term agreement relationship. 2.Group telecoaching Program. 10 to 15 people. Could be from 1 week to a year program. To solve one particular program. Very precise. 3. Live Group Coaching. Like this video. Requires more skill than model 2. 4.Coaching Intensives / Retreats. Like Tony Robbins. 2-3 days. 5. VIP Days. One day focus with one client. Very expensive with alot of value. 6. Membership Program. If specialized information, you can charge a higher fee. 7.Master Mind Groups. Application process. What Dan does with his inner circle.

This world is dream and Dan is reality that's all i have to say thanks again for sharing .

Thankyou Dan, thank you. I love to see you in person.

Great perspective on how to approach business Group TeleCoach, Strategic Planning and VIP DAYS

I thank you again for this video. I have not gone full force because I am working with a mentor and literally gleaning from one career to transfer to build another one, but figuring out the most efficient path ,strategically , instead of starting ten different small businesses to generate cash, which is easy to get sucked in to, I am honing in on who I am and what I am amazing at, my HTS. All of the models that you descirbed are what so many coaching and consulting firms are saturated with. And lets face it, if that was all it took we would all be wealthy and making 6 figures! These models require a lot of time and require me to be physically present. It is not logical. I am seeking, not the easiest , but the most efficient path to do what I love, but also be a mother and sole provider for my family and increase revenue ,the reality is my "why" are for my children two of whom are autistic and my own health, I dont have time to waste. Which is why I love your HTS model and content. I am cutting through the BS and getting to how. Alot of my peers are amazing, but the majority are frustrated at slow growth. They are doing one or all of these models and it's like a snail pace at builidng mometum. The one model that I have seen to date that has lasting power and is efficient is the membership model. I love two things: apps and memberships! They save time , money and are consistent for me,s a provider and consumer. Both are somewhat easy to maintain as well and the revenue can be used to fund the HT skill as a business over time. I do think Masterminds are great ,but doing them with trusted peers and mentors , not paying for them, I mean "never say never", Dan, if you invite me to your mastermind, I am going! I love your honesty and feedback Dan. I hope you and your family are doing well , Alot of times we listeners we take and don't even ask how are you on these comments! You are a human with a real life! So thankyou for giving us so much! I have skills I am willing to share, to offer value and not just take , you give away so much value for free, I am amazed! I am working with a solid mentor now and I agree with something you said in another video ,that when you connected with the right mentor you made more progress then you did in past attempts at growth and success. My gifts are, visioning, making vision become reality, forecasting, driven to number one status and building something from nothing. I am not here just for me, I have lived my entire life in service to others!I love what you said "don't chase the money, do what you love!" para. D.L. I do what I do and am who I am because that's my DNA , I was born to create and instigate change. I walk the talk. I had my first business when I was 8 and many , many fails since! I never quit , I never give up.I do not usually write this much on a public post. People need to listen to your guidance. you are putting it out there is a very tangiuble platform and it would be stupid for anyone to not pay attention. The content you are saying is spot on and I hope people listen up because the world we live in is moving fast and we have to be ahead of that, what worked a year ago doesn't today. We need to think more strategically about how we live our lives and run our businesses or function whether at work or in our health or whatever it may be. even in non profit life or social services which is part of my field , hacking your life is for everyone! Not just an entrepreneur or employee or someone who is wealthy or poor, but for everyone and what kills me is it's all online! Even the homeless have smart phones! Google is everywhere! Everything you need to know to solve a problem is free and online , right there for the taking! You listen then apply , listen then apply. Stpe one , step two and yeah its hard work and takles time there is no magic spell for success ,but the answers are here. I tell people this every day! I say dont come back to my office without action, you or I can do the same thing we are both human. I focus on results. That's what I teach my kids too. they complain about picking up the house or doing laundry and sometimes I am like "listen, we can complain after the fact, but right now I want to see X,Y, nd Z because that's what going to get you through this, not using your mouth to complain" and then after we sit in our living room and I say "look at what you did! doesn't this feel good to be able to sit and relax ?" And guess what? They don't even remember complaining, they smile and feel good! That is a super simple example of what I am doing in my life and for my family and my clients. It is internet mentors like you Dan and the greats, and we all know who they are from way back when to Naploean Hill to Jesus , philosophers, to John Rohn etc. I am in social services part time and I have circumstances that are unimaginable come throgh the door, stories, there are many to seeand little time, finally I started saying "listen we all have one, a story, the details are different , but we all have one, what we have to do is organize , compartmentalize and start using our brain to solve problems" Cry at night if you have to but before the sun comes up have a plan that day and do soemthign dont just lie down and take it! Most problems come down to people needing more money, thats simplified, but that's not enough, people can learn, they are amazing, anyone can learn! I teach people and say "I get this I am hacking my own life too" Nothing happens without action so I made two rules: no one leaves without hope and no one leaves without action to take, they come back with results, fail or win, action required! We cannot just sit back and take all this in we have to figure this stuff out and maximize what we have to offer , like you say and do something, there is not more time, the time is now for Gods sake! I cannot thank you enough Dan, you and your organization. Esther Laiacona CEO Dream Believe Become

Amazing!!! Eye-opening and mind-blowing exposition

Hi Dan, I think you made a minor mistake. You presented 8 models, not 7 1/One-on-one model 2/Equity income model 3/Group telecoaching program model 4/Live coaching model 5/Coaching intensives/retreats model 6/VIP days model 7/Continuity membership model 8/Mastermind group model Please correct and forgive me if I'm wrong. Thanks Dan

Courses for model 3 1/Matt Astifan- Dan's mentee course teaches people how to be a social media director. 5 week program, $2500 2/ Dan & Keyvon High ticket closer sale program: 7 week program with 7 modules, calls featuring, Q&A and role plays. $5000/person Courses for model 4: 1/Strategic Coaching of Dan Sullivan, Signature program, meet once every quarter, gather, brainstorm, set goals for your business 2/ Procoach Success System- Andrew: meet once every quarter for a day, 9am-5pm, about 25 people in the room Courses for model 5 1/ Brian Tracy- professional speaker program: his office for 3 days, with a small group like a dozen people and he takes you through a curriculum 2/ Jay Abraham- a marketing genius: 2-3 day intensives in Los Angeles at his beach house, $25,000/person with only 4-5 people 3/ Date with Destiny- Tony Robbins: 6 days coaching intensives, $5000- $8000/person, 4000 people Course for model 6: 1/ Speaking Empire: its a speech - sale presentation makeover $10,000, a whole team will work through your script, presentation 2/ One day with Dan: $50,000/day Courses for model 7 1/ Key money mastery 2/ Men' styling Courses for model 8 1/Titans Mastermind Charter group $20,000/year. 2-3 days live event a year, hotseat, different speakers. there are 3 live events a year, for direct response marketer. 2/ Dan Lok Inner Circle

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