The 5G Future(5G의 미래) │James Cathey(Qualcomm Technologies)

The 5G Future(5G의 미래) │James Cathey(Qualcomm Technologies)

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Well. Thank you everybody. What did the exciting. Time to be involved, in technology, I, think we heard some very inspiring, words this morning about, how technology is, going to transform, our future and at. The. Consumer Technology, Association, we. Represent over 2000 North American, companies, and also, produced, CES, the world's largest annual technology event, each year in January, and, as. The person who gets to work on that. 365. Days a year one. Of the things that I have, an opportunity to do is see a little bit into the future and clearly. Connectivity. And 5g, are going to be some of the most talked-about. Technologies. For. The years to come, 5g. Is going to unleash some of the most promising innovations, of our lifetime, and it, will affect everything from self-driving. Cars to, smart cities and to digital healthcare it's, going to help spur new markets create, jobs and also, help connect so many communities, from all around the world and, here. To tell us more about, how this technology is, going to change our lives and how, and what the vision for it in the future is mr., James Kathy, RSVP. And president, of global business for, Qualcomm, thank. You, good. Morning honey, honey. Co-come. Sami Dada. Thank. You Karen very nice introduction, today. I'm, gonna have some time with you and I appreciate the, time I want to thank the ladies and gentlemen or wishes today the, honored guests, as well I'm. Going to spend some time talking about 5g. Everyone's. Heard about 5g, and telecommunications. But, today I want to give you a different perspective I want to talk a little about about future, I want. To talk about its capabilities, I want. To talk about its speed of adoption, maybe even blistering, speed of adoption, and I, want to tell you how it's going to create wealth and where, that wealth is going to be created by countries, and regions it, is, very appropriate, because at this forum, there. Are over 75. Governments. In attendance. And I, actually think it's very apropos and, will. Move towards that and as we discuss 5g. We will realize as we go through this short period of slides we. Are quickly moving towards. A world. Where, everything, is, intelligently. Connected. It's. Being fueled, by rapid. Advances, in connectivity. Processing. Artificial. Intelligence, and sensors. This. New phase promises. To redefine, how, we work, how. We live and connect. With new devices new, services, and new, experiences. Drive. Tremendous, innovations, across industries, and the ecosystems.

Almost. Never-ending. Fundamentally. Changing, how companies, do business and alter. The, competitive, landscape for, those who don't adopt to the new technologies, that, become available. 5g. Designed to meet specifically. Expanded. Connectivity, needs of the next decades, billions, of devices. Providing. Fiber like data speeds ultra-low, latency and. Greater. Reliability. Flexibility. And availability. It. Will enable things that we haven't seen beyond. The high bandwidth, applications that, you've seen in the past 4k. Video streaming but in virtual reality mission. Critical, devices mission-critical. Services. Autonomous. Vehicles, first, responder. Applications. Also. Providing, greater scalability, to, support, billions. Of connected, devices and, objects. I want, to say that again billions. Of connected, devices, even. Within a small, area, think, of a city block with, a hundred, thousand, devices all connected. 5g. Will be as pervasive, as. Electricity. Ubiquitous. Everywhere and, you, will simply just expect, it you will expect it to be there. Throughout. History. Innovation. Invention. Have, been fundamental. To the advancement, of society. Driving. Each industrial. Revolution, water. Steam. Coal. Electricity. Sparks the Industrial, Revolution. Internet. Digitization. In the, Information, Age. 5g. Will. Enable the next major, era, the. Age of invention the, invention, age fueling. Unprecedented. Innovation, that, will transform, and, disrupt. Virtually, every. Industry. Providing. Foundation, for industry 4.0. Where. High speeds low, latency, connectivity. And artificial. Intelligence will. Drive cyber-physical. Systems. 5g. Will also be the driver of economic growth, this. Is one of my favorite slides especially. With the 75, governments, that are attending this conference. When. We look back at the at the ages of 3G, and 4G an, hour and 5g, the, economic, benefit of 3G was around a hundred billion a hundred billion in u.s. dollars now you come up with that estimate by looking at these new technologies, in their first 5 10 years of existence what, does it bring back in economic, development, about. 100 billion of 3G as you, move towards 4G it's 3 trillion, 3 trillion in economic benefit, and the speeds went up the speeds went up from 100 kilobits per second, to hundreds of megabits, per second, but, as we move towards 5g. New. Wealth will be created, massive. New wealth the, economic, benefit, of 5g, is estimated, to be 12 trillion. US dollars and, generate. Over 20 million, jobs. And the, speeds the, speeds are 10x what you saw in 4G, so. If you came today and you're representing, a country just, focus on that right hand side of the slide where. It talks about GDP, in, an. Increase, 10%. Increase in broadband, penetration is. A. 1 percent GDP, increase and, the. Doubling of speeds it, also increases, the GDP, by, 0.3%. And, I just talked about 5g, being a 10x over 4G it's. Significant. It's. A significant, opportunity, to, create wealth and. 5g. Is not it's, not a slide presentation anymore. It's, not a discussion on a whiteboard it's, launching, and the, difference is there's, 20. Carriers, nationwide. That have already announced, including Korea. For example who, had his stunning, launch of 5g, and I should congratulate, Korea, I think there are three million subscribers. Now you, should give a big round of applause that, is not easy to do Korea. Has probably. One of the most successful launches. Of 5g, in the world in a very short period of time the, carriers were available to provide very, high quality nationwide. Coverage with, already, 3 million subscribers in an incredibly, short period, of time when. You compare. That to when 4G, was launched, there's, 5x, the activity, now with 5g, and the slide clearly, demonstrates, that when 4G launched there were four operators and three OEMs. With. 5g, the, early 2008 errs that have announced and 20, OMS with 20 products and it reaches from North America to, Europe to the Middle East to Asia and it's, still growing. Now. Here's the thing where it really gets exciting. We. Usually see the, developed, economies. And developed, regions they'll. Always be the first to get there in the lead op and they'll grow they'll create new technologies, will create new wells and. When, we shifted to 4G, many. Of the developing, regions took many years to get there some. Were 7 years to adopt, 4G, from the 3G technologies, some, were 3 some are 7 and the, list is up in front of you if you, look at the list it'll show you Brazil China India Indonesia you, can go on down the list it'll show you how long it took them to, migrate. To 4G. Now. Just shift your eyes to that right-hand column. This. Is 5g. They're. Already doing live trials, they're. Already doing field trials and, many of these countries that took four or five six seven years to adopt 4G, they're, now talking about 5g, in 2020.

What. The message is is 5g. Is going to create a lot of wealth and it's, not just going to start in the developing regions its excuse, me it's not just going to develop in. The developed, regions it's, going to be adopted quickly, in the developing, regions, and in, fact if you take another look at what the developing, regions are doing. The. Initial, connectivity. Of 5g, it'll always be measured very monitored. It'll. Always be grown. First, in a, developed region or developed, economy, but, as you start to move out in time to 2023. You'll, start to see now that the, connectivity, of 5g, the. Developing, regions catch up it's. Even, in 2023, and when, we get to 2025. 50%. 57. Percent, of the, total 5g, connections, will, be coming from developing, regions. 5g. Is is here, it's, moving very fast it's. Very deep and moving, in every country you can think of it's, a great opportunity for new wealth and it's a great opportunity for invention. How. Do you make this work a couple. Things one. Standards. The, 3p. The, 3gpp has, been around since I want to say. 1998. It has. A large collection of bodies and individuals, that are making that possible, they. Make it possible to ensure compliance with the industry requirements, seamless. Interoperability and. Also. They make it possible for scale, because. Of adoption, of global standards, it makes it possible for scale for not just the infrastructure, but also the devices, as well this, is one of the reasons why we're seeing these forecasts. For, these developing, regions being able to bring in 5g. So fast. Spectrum. We, must ensure access to adequate spectrum. Across every, type and band low. And mid spectrum bands below, 6 gigahertz plus. Millimeter, wave in, addition. To licensed spectrum access. To unlicensed. And shared. Spectrum, for 5g, will be imperative. Extends. 5g in multiple, dimensions including, greater.

Capacity. Higher. Spectrum, utilization. And new, deployment, scenarios. Creates. Opportunities. For companies without license. Spectrum, to take advantage, of 5g, technologies. Driving. Continued. Service, innovation. With. Spectrum, you get performance. Icom, often, get this question what. Is really this - these phones what is the speed in a certain city these, are just some examples in Frankfurt in San Francisco, it's. Amazing, the speed sub six on the left almost, over four hundred ninety million. Bits per second. 7x. Faster response time and then, there's the millimeter wave where it really shines millimeter. Wave technology one point four gigabits. Per second, and 23. X faster response. Time, blazing. Speeds. Not. Talking, about it anymore it's. Not a shop room discussion, it's actually, in the field it's deployed it's working. 5g. Will deliver amazing, new, mobile. Experiences. Streaming. 4k video everywhere which we talked about before, just, like you stream music today, except now it'll be social, video will, become a service we use, sharing. 4k, and 360-degree. User-generated content. Across. Social platforms, into the cloud augmented. Reality will. Deliver new services that. Will, enrich lives powering. A new era. Cloud. Gaming, and. Latency-sensitive. Multiplayer. Gaming, making. The cloud a gaming. Console, making. The cloud a gaming. Console. And virtually. Limitless computing. And storage. In, the, cloud. We've. Only begun to see and imagine. The, experiences. 5g. Will enable. Now. I have, someone with us today on the stage dr.. June Healy he. Has some. Unbelievable. Experience, he, is the senior, vice president, and head of technology, for strategy team it's Samsung, I'd like to ask him to come to the stage and talk. A bit about the user experience and the exciting devices, that Samsung has in. The market and come to the market very soon dr.. Lee. Thank. You thank. You Jim. Thank. You very much. It's. Really great to be here today to tell you about how, Samsung, is define. Barriers. To, launch d5. JRR. I'm. Really, very, proud to say that no, other company, has done, more to make 5g. A reality. Than Samsung did. Today. More. Than 2 million. Consumers. Around the world can. Connect, the 5g, networks, using Samsung, 5g, smartphones. We. Expect, that number to more. Than double before. The end of the year in. Just the past five, months, we. Have launched, five, new, 5g, smartphones. Galaxy. S, 10, 5 G, Galaxy. Note 10 and note. 10 plus 5 g and, galaxy. A 95. G and the. Last but not least. Galaxy. Fold 5g. These. Sleek. Slim.

And. Powerful. Devices connect. Consumers, to. Advanced, 5g, capabilities. With, the cutting edge design, that, Samsung, has, always, been, known for. We. Will continue. To defy barriers, in. Our quest, to inspire, passion. For. New mobile experiences. But. Success, requires, open. Collaboration. With, partners who believe as we. Do in. Innovation. Without limits. Here. At the beginning of 5g, era we, are leading this. Industry, forward with, partners, lot like Wacom. By. Cultivating, an ecosystem. They. Will expand, access and. Accelerate. Innovation for. Everyone. Extending. Beyond. The smartphone, we recently announced, galaxy. Bukas together, with welcome, bringing. The always, on always, connected. Experience. That opens new, mobile, computing, and, transforming. It forever. This. Truly is an exciting, time, with. The minimum latency and, maximum. Reliability of. 5g, a. Completely. New viewing, experience. That is perd analyzed an interactive. Will emerge. Users. Can choose the. Viewing angles. Replay. Specific. Moments, or catch, the details, that. They may have missed, it. Will change how people interact. With the word, classiness, in the middle, of digital. Spaces built, on augmented and, mixed. Reality, and. It. Will generate the data to, create efficient. And sustainable. Smart. Homes smart, offices, and smart cities. More. Than, just a features, on a smartphone five. 5g. Will fuel invention. And transform. Our industries. And our communities. For. Decades to, come. Through. An open, collaboration, and relentless. Innovation, we. Will maximize opportunities. For. Invention. And create. A future. Filled. With meaningful. Progress. And, change. Thank. You very much. Thank. You dr. Lee, Qualcomm. Definitely, a deeply. Appreciates, the long history. Of joint. Collaboration, and we look forward to that and thank you for that time thank you 5g. Will do more than just redefined. Experiences. It will also drive transform. A nation across. Every. Industry and. If you look at the chart in front of me here or just, behind me it'll, change from healthcare to energy to manufacturing. 5g. Will fuel an entire new cycle. Of innovation. Enabling. New business, models new services, and new ways to enable, and interact customers, driving. New revenue, streams greater. Operational, efficiencies. 5g. Will also lead to creation. Of entirely new industries. And services, that. Have yet to be imagined. Similar. To what we saw with 4G, which, helped fuel the digital economy and disrupt. Entire, industries. Laying. The foundation, for the sharing, economy, empowering. Companies, like lyft. Sokar. GrubHub. Door. - oh bike, and countless. Others. 5g. Will have a significant. Impact on industrial, use cases in manufacturing. 5g. Will provide the reliability. Availability, and. Scalability and. Ultra-low. Latency required. In this demanding, environment. Allowing, companies to tap into dense, arrays, of sensors. Industrial. Robots and head, mounted displays in near real-time. Providing. New levels of insight for, more informed. Decisions, and decision-making. Supporting. Greater automation, and, control. Efficiencies. And enabling. Reconfigurable. Factories, and, I want you to think about that for a second, enabling. Reconfigurable. Factories, with this automation, with, this deep sensing, it'll. Keep the concept, of Industry 4.0, to, increase productivity and, flexibility. Allowing. Companies to more, quickly. And easily. Respond, to, changes, in demand as, well, as transitions, to, new products, and sk, use. Fueling. Broadband, across, 5g. Fixed wireless one, of my favorite, slides we. Talked about the developing, regions you talk about putting fiber in a country for the fiber backhaul, not.

Needed You. Can use fixed, broadband. We've. Seen global, internet penetration increase. To, nearly 60, percent another. 40% of the planet is still. Unconnected. Unconnected. 40 percent that's, not feasible to run fiber, optics, across the entire country to being connectivity, to, underserved, populations, Wireless. Has always been an efficient, cost-effective. Way, to extend. The reach of broadband, access. This. Is the amplified, with 5g, where. Service providers, can, bring high-speed connectivity, to. These communities, using, millimeter, wave and sub, six. Qualcomm. Has developed, the industry's first fully, integrated. Extended. Range millimeter. Wave solution, for, 5g, fixed. Wireless acts. Making. Millimeter-wave, a viable, and powerful. Solution, to. Reach the rural areas. With broadband, it, also enables. The ability to have different carrier models in these developing, regions. To. This end we have developed, a number of initiatives and platforms, not, only globally, but also here, in Korea, Qualcomm. Has had the opportunity to work in Korea for almost 30 years and. Over that 30-year period we've, had a deep collaboration, with the OEMs. We've. Worked very closely with the operators, and also. The foundries here in Korea, Korea. Is such a great wealth of engineering, talent we even have established our own research, and development, center in Korea and we. Have close collaboration. Of the small to, medium-sized, enterprises. Our. Activities, in Korea range, everywhere. From connected. Phones to connected, laptops, the always-on laptop. Automotive. It's, almost, endless, everything. That exists, lives, in Korea including. We do have many other activities, with the universities, we, work at the Korean robotics, the innovations, award it's a true pleasure and I do enjoy coming back to Korea to, do my, job so. It's, only the beginning I think. That you'll see new experiences, and new industries that emerge. That you've never would have thought of it's. Exciting, and I think it will provide a robust. Foundation. For companies that can, use to connect their current businesses, to. The world the, opportunities, are truly limitless I want. To welcome you all to the invention age welcome. To the invention age thank. You for the time thank, you ladies and gentlemen thank you honored guests and enjoy the, conference, thanks. Again. The. World knowledge forum.

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