The 3 Secrets to Getting Others To Grow Your Business with Seth Greene

The 3 Secrets to Getting Others To Grow Your Business with Seth Greene

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Everyone. Nathan here with Seth, Green Seth I was just with you at TNC, how you doing I'm. Tired, I'm recovering, but I had, an awesome conference, as I know you did as well yeah. I did, I was, just laughing with you before I think I slept all weekend, but I'm good to go I had, my coffee and, I'm really excited to have you on for. Those of you that don't know Seth is with he, has, a podcast called sharper door with. Kevin Harrington you probably know Kevin Harrington from, Shark Tank I believe he was in season one Seth. Also owns a direct response marketing, firm called market domination LLC. And yeah. He is a seven-time. Best-selling author who's been interviewed on NBC, News CBS Forbes. Inc, MoneyWatch. And many more Seth that's a lot why don't you tell us a little bit more about your background and how you got to where you are today and then we'll let you kick. It off with your presentation, sure, and Kevin was on I believe Kevin Liu of the original, shark he was the first shark on Shark Tank and he was on for at least three seasons so I want to make sure you get some dinner got, it my bad and. We'll, get to more details on my background throughout, the presentation, so, that, way they. Will get the full version of the story. Sounds. Great take it away all, right so we're here today you asked me here to share the three secrets to getting others, to grow, your business. That's. Me that's my wonderful headshot so. A couple quick questions first before we dive in you know what is a client, worth to you because, this is you're gonna learn this, strategy, works for high transaction, value, businesses so, if you are selling, if you own a bricks-and-mortar pizza, place this, probably, isn't going to work for you but if you've got a decent-sized transaction, value you'll, love what you're about to learn what. A decent-size, like well what are we talking about Park sure, so, pizza, would not work if. You were selling anything anywhere, from five. Hundred to. Fifty. Thousand dollars this would work perfect. And we have clients who sell $500. You know info. Products, and courses and we. Have clients who sell $50,000. A year coaching programs and this strategy works. For both and anywhere in between, cool. What. Is a joint venture partner worth, to you if you don't know what a joint venture partner is you're, experiencing, it right now, so Nathan, is sharing, my expertise. With you and then right after we're done recording this, I'm gonna share Nathan's, expertise, with, my tribe we, have a joint venture together, we are sharing each other's businesses, with each other's members and obviously.

There Will be some we're, cross promoting back and forth that's what a joint venture partner is what, would it be worth to have someone, who had a list of your ideal clients, and would promote you to them so. If you don't have one already you, can let your mind take off with whatever numbers those might be and then of course what's a referral source to you someone, will regularly, send you people and say, hey John, you, should really use Nathan, at free up I use. Free up myself. It's amazing. You should hire them and use their service, what's. That worth to you, I'll. Give you an example the business you might not even think this it could apply to this. Is Ian and Paul they are, consultants. For accounting, firms, so, they are helping reinvent, the accounting, industry this, is their book changing the face of accounting, which was based on their podcast and this. Is what Paul had to say hey. This Partridge, from Hayden, Rock com just. One take. Two minutes to say, what. Our experience, has been on the podcast, we, have one called the accounting success podcast, and, we've. Had a number of really great guests people, seem to be thrilled to just, to be asked to be on it so that, part it's great it's been great for us getting our word out but, kind of on the results side our. Book is about a, month, from, being, published and, before. It's even published we already have clients. That are signing up, from. The podcast so, in terms of return on investment, will. Already have fees, in. Excess of anything we paid certainly. To seven his, team before the book even gets published so we're, way ahead of the game we, feel like we're only in the second or third inning, and, so by the time we get to ending. Them 9 it's gonna be even better but. The. Its off to a great start and we couldn't be happier hey alright, so if you'll stay through till the end you'll see how you can get what Paul's talking about on steroids.

Done For you, so. This is Roger Bannister who, in, on may 6 1954, broke, the four-minute mile, barrier up until that point no, one had ever run, a mile in under four minutes doctors. Said it was impossible they said your heart could explode they, said the human body just couldn't run that fast until. Roger Bannister did it in 359, three minutes 59 seconds, and four tenths of a second now the crazy thing is since. Then. 1,400. Runners have run under four-minute miles and there's even a major motion picture out relatively, recently called, four-minute, mile about, that whole process so once he did it and someone knew it was possible everybody. Else suddenly became able to do it in their hearts didn't explode so. This was my four-minute, mile I as Nathan mentioned I've written seven best-selling marketing books this one's called cutting edge marketing, magic and I. Wanted. To get in the door to. Our ideal, clients, and joint venture partners without having to cold-call without having to network without having to do anything so. What I did was I interviewed, them for my book cutting, edge marketing, magic. Now. I had, the, reason I did the book was, because I've had the good fortune of finding, and letting. My getting my wife to let me borrow the money to work with Dan Kennedy, who's the highest paid marketing, consultant, on the planet and, Dan says you, got to be an expert and I said at the time you know I was 22 and I said I don't know anything how, can I be an expert and Dan said write a book and you'll. Be perceived, as an expert and I said what do I write a book about I don't know anything yet and the. First homework assignment Ian, gave me was to read the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, which I know Nathan's, read many times and, I. Realized. Reading thinking got rich that Napoleon, Hill it's an interview book he, interviewed, 500, of the richest. People in the world at the time thanks to Andrew Carnegie in wrote a book about it and arguably. Birthed like the all of our businesses, so. I said I can, interview people then. I can just write a book about what I learned so, I interviewed, people, I wrote, a book called cutting edge marketing, magic, and they. Started promoting it because they were in it which is another strategy I'll teach you here today and it. Dramatically. Grew my business and we'll talk about how in just a minute but what happened was around this time when I was writing this book I started listening to and becoming obsessed with podcasts. And I, started realizing that all the podcasts I were listening to were interviews, they, were just people interviewing, each other whether, it's Gary Vaynerchuk or, Tim Ferriss or Tony Robbins they're all interviewing, people and I said I just did a whole bunch of interviews I think about 15 of them maybe. I got a podcast I'm, gonna air them, as a podcast I'm gonna throw them up on iTunes and see what happens and I. Made a mistake I aired. The, unedited. Conference, call footage, as my, show so. It was literally the phone call on 1 800 free, conference uber conference, ring. Ring ring hi is Nathan there hey it's ed can, you put him through I'm trying to interview him for this book like literally that was the how lousy the production, value was it was the unedited, phone call of my, interview, and that's. You know George Costanza sweating, bullets right and it turned out that even.

Though The audio quality was terrible, there was no production value whatsoever, he. Worked because, the content, was really really good in the original the first show I started so, it worked it started getting a following, it started getting traction and most importantly we started getting business, from those awful, recorded, phone calls so, I said we need to do this on purpose and all. Future, episodes had, bumpers, they had cover art they had graphics, they had intros, and outros and, they had professional, editing so, it sounded like a real podcast, a real radio show and I knew we were onto something just. Obviously, we. Talked about having a high transaction, value, kind. Of curious as to what businesses, you all are in, where. You had the foresight. To recognize what, free up could provide and start using those services, so. Who this is for again, you've got to have a high transaction, value you've, got to have 30 minutes a week that's how long it takes and, you've got to be coachable we've got a process that we've broken many. Times over the last three, or four years so. We've. Broken it enough if you just follow the paint-by-numbers, process now it'll work for you. It's for you if you're one of the best-kept secrets, in your industry, and you're frustrated about that if you could just get in front of more of the right people it, would explode your business that's exactly, what this is gonna do for you this, is David Braun who is a retail bricks-and-mortar financial. Advisor and I. Won't read you his whole testimonial, but he says you. Got me in front of accountants and attorneys I otherwise never could have met I've already gotten referrals in business from them and my book isn't even out yet I'm very happy with my results, so far again. He's in a local, market and he specifically, wanted to use this strategy to get in front of accountants and attorneys he, could get referrals from ah this. Is Lori Ellis McLeod and Madison, Wisconsin, and she serves business owners and she wanted to get in front of business owners and the, people who also serve. Business, owners and you'll, see her book was number four on Finance, and number 20 for entrepreneurship, on Amazon so. What would it be like if, you had an army, of joint. Venture partners and referral sources who were out there promoting your business which. Is what we're going to share with you those three secrets, to getting others to grow your business so let's dive right in I, believe. That the only way to truly grow your business is to get other people to do it for you and the. Only way to get others to grow your business for you is by, employing. The strategy, I'm about to share with you today so, my agreement, with you is if I can make you believe that the best way to grow your business is to get others to do it for you then you agree to go all-in what. Is all in me Nathan I both travel a lot we both go to a lot of conferences, this, guy right here is not all in that. Guy is all, in, now. Don't worry I'm not gonna make you sleep naked on a plane I. Am, gonna show you something, for thirty three thousand ten dollars and it's, gonna be the best investment you could ever make in your business stay with me till the end I'll even show you how you can get it completely for free, so. How many clients do you need if you had to write a thirty three thousand dollar check again, it depends on that transaction value you might need 20 you might need 30 you might need 50 you might mean one I don't. Know cuz I don't know your business yet but, what I'm here to tell you is you're literally, just one partner away who, could absolutely explode. Your, business so I'm gonna ask you virtually, to raise your raise, your right hand and say, stuff but convinced, me that getting, other people to grow my business for, me I will go all in. So. Get alright Nathan's doing it for you awesome, so again that was my book cutting edge marketing, magic as.

Nathan Mentioned I've been on CBS, NBC Forbes, Inc a ban, in insurance news net and registered breath which are the two largest trade journals in Financial. Services and I've, been in Dan Kennedy's marketing newsletters, three different times, this. Is you want to talk about my background this is my awesome wife Rebecca and our three kids our, son Max and our daughters Lily and Ella and they're at my book signing at Barnes & Noble for book number seven which, was market domination for podcasting, so super cool is I got to do have people come ask me for my autograph and buy copies of my book at Barnes & Noble that I didn't even know. Nathan. Mentioned I've written seven books that's. All seven, of them. Now. How many of you and again I know you can't virtually raise your hand but, it, whipped out your credit cards and tried using Facebook Ads to grow your business it. Can get pretty expensive yeah, and sometimes. It doesn't work the way it's supposed to Nathan. I just learned at. The conference we were at that Facebook is going to be substantially increasing. The. Prices for their advertising in 2019. When we're recording this so, even if you are even if it's working now it's about to get a whole lot more expensive so, you whip out your credit card and you try YouTube you, try YouTube ads because, on YouTube you can advertise on other people's YouTube channels which, is an awesome idea except, they put this giant skip ad button in your video so, everyone can skip your ads which, makes it complicated, and, tricky to advertise, on YouTube so, you whip out your credit card and you say I'm, gonna go join I'm gonna go do networking I'm gonna go join being high I'm gonna go join my local Chamber of Commerce and I'm gonna physically, meet people knows to know is toes - toes press, the flesh and get some business that way, I've. Tried that - a. Lot, of I don't know what business you're in but a lot of people I was in BNI for many years and so were my team members a number, of them and a lot of people in our. Chapters, just didn't get what we did. They. Didn't understand, digital marketing they didn't understand the internet I had, one guy who told me LinkedIn was a fad and wasn't gonna last. So, as, we kind of got no results bad right so that's when I came up with the idea after the book came out and I turned into a podcast and it worked to, systemize, that and how other people grow your business get, other people to do the work for you like Nathan's doing right now and I'm gonna do for him in an hour so, how many referrals did you get last month are you happy with that number would, you like to put like a zero on the end or a whole, lot of zeroes. For. Your joint venture partners how many clients did you get last month from them if you, add any. So. Here are the three secrets and if you haven't been taking notes you want to start now and write these down I'm gonna tell you what they are and then we're gonna break each one down and show you how to do it you'll literally know what to do on so. Number one is give first. Number. Two is give who the, number three is give how you first give who get hot so what does that mean, so, give first you're going to give to, your ideal client, your ideal joint venture partner or your ideal affiliate, you're gonna give to them before you ever ask for anything and you're, gonna give multiple, times the, reason for that is it creates something that Roberts eldini investing, author of influence calls reciprocity. Because. If I approach. Nathan. And he doesn't know me and I say hey Nathan I want, you to buy something from me and then I want you to sell it to other people Nathan.

Have You ever gotten an email like that yeah. Marquez, read. Write. And do. You immediately, hand over your credit card and start telling everybody about what you just bought no. I don't think anyone does nobody. Does exactly now, if I approached Nathan first and say hey Nathan I'd like to interview you on my Shark kannur podcast, with Kevin Harrington from shark tank how, would you respond to that email yeah. People, people are in people like bright bright, which you've done you've been on the show on so. That's the audio podcast, and the reason why people want to be on a podcast this is Mary Kay from Mary Kay Cosmetics and, she says the two things people want more than money and sex a recognition. And praise. They. Want to be recognized, and praised for, what they do so. As a, podcast, host you. Are basically, a reporter, and you get to interview people and make them many famous to. Your audience. Reporters. Get to ask all kinds of cool questions, so, for example I've interviewed Russell Brunson the founder click finals twice on my show and I, have picked his brain for. 30, minutes and a pop without, having to write him a $50,000, check to be in his master mind grrrrrr shh, don't tell Russell I, interviewed. John Lee Dumas before I ever started a podcast who's. One of the most famous and successful podcasters. Of all time I interviewed, him about how he did it before, I started my show and I, didn't have to write a jack so. You got the audio podcast Nathan. I am recording this on zoom which gives us both audio and video, so, the audio goes to iTunes, Google Play Spotify. Stitcher, I Heart Radio, the. Video goes to YouTube and other video sharing sites. Then. We're going to share it on social media so. Nathan. If I said hey listen be, on my podcast I'm, gonna put it on iTunes I'm gonna put the video on YouTube and then I'm gonna put it on social media it's gonna go on Facebook Instagram Twitter Pinterest. LinkedIn, YouTube. And, everywhere, else, what, does Nathan say. Nathan. Yeah I mean, he's, right, and. Then if I said hey Nathan I'm also gonna write a blog post about how brilliant you are would, you mind sharing that. Yeah. Of course why, wouldn't I. And. Then you know what I'm going to publish the series of interviews around the similar topics there's a physical bookstore, Barnes and Noble book, would. You mind sharing the book with your audience I'm. Gonna do that of course of course he is right so he's just promoted, he's just shared my I've, just promoted. Nathan on my audio show my video show social. Media my blog and in a book, I pushed. Nathan's, message out to, my audiences, five different times, Nathan, said I'm in every, single time so. I, gave, first five times in a row now, if, I approach Nathan, after. Those five times and say Nathan, my. Audience, loved your message so much thank you so much for doing all of those for being and all of those things for me to promote you I have, an idea that I think your tribe might like would, you mind sharing it Nathan what are you gonna say yeah. I mean I'm definitely. Because. He I just promoted him five times before I ever asked him for anything so, I. Overwhelmed, in with reciprocity, and, value. In advance so, that the only logical, answer is of he's. My new best friend I've just promoted him five times in a row probably, five weeks in a row he's, like oh my god I can't believe stuff keeps promoting me every single week of course, I would return the favor so, that's give first.

The. Next is give who and give. How so, who are you going to give to who, is your target market so. You. Can enter it you can use this strategy for a number of different sources who. Is your ideal client. So, I, could, say that, for. Example I wanted. Michael. Drew as a client of mine he's, a guy that we know who's famous for eighty. Seven, consecutive New York Times bestselling books not, writing them promoting, that if you want your book on the New York Times bestseller, list you go to Michael you write him a check and he makes it happen. So. If I said Michael. I'm gonna put you on the audio show the video show promote social media promotion a blog for March in a book and them said hey can you share my message he, said yes and hey. Michael, maybe, you, might want to hire us to do some of podcast, for your authors and I. Didn't phrase it like that I said you know some of your pod authors, should have podcast he said you know what you're right they. Should hire you and I. Get a new client, who. Is your biggest referral, source so, for example you saw that financial, advisor who wanted accountants, and attorneys to send them business so, if, you were a pediatric, dentist, maybe the pediatrician. Is a. Good. Referral source for you if you're, an Amazon seller, and you're, in one. Niche then. Are, there other Amazon, sellers, in a related niche that aren't competition, it would be good for you so, if I'm selling survival, gear I don't go to another survival, gear guy but. I might, go to someone. Who's into a. Similar. Niche more. Like the zombie apocalypse or, emergency. Preparedness, or camping. And, because. Campers, need survival, gear that. Makes sense yeah. Definitely, who. Do you want to be your joint venture partner who. Do you want a 30-minute testimonial, from because the average podcast, is 20 to 30 minutes so, Nathan could interview some of his most successful, clients on his podcast and they were literally talked about how fabulous Nathan is the. Show's gonna be about them but, they're gonna talk about how nathan has helped them grow their business and free up their time and. Nathan. Can use those snippets, as testimonials. And, of course their client just told everybody about the show because. They were on it, built. In referrals and testimonials, yeah, this. Is Scott Holman who wrote who we produced a podcast, and a book for who, he interviewed Inc 500 CEOs, fastest. Growing companies in America top 12 CEOs, guys. Making. A ton of money and. They became prospects, after the book hit number one on Amazon we, down sold over 1500 copies and, generated. Plenty of prospects, for Scott six-figure. A year, coaching program off. The. Back of this strategy, this. Is Leigh Richter on. The event planners Association, where we interviewed some of her event planners, I'm. Including some celebrity, event planners in order to get the word out about her, event planner Association, it. Even works in politics, this, is Craig Turner who was a local political, consultant, if you want to get elected the School Board or county commissioner or mayor of your town, he's, the guy you hire, the hired gun who comes in and gets you elected, so.

He Even did this in interviewed politicians, that he had worked with and they talked about how wonderful it was and then, he interviewed politicians, he wanted to work with about. Their process, and built, a relationship with them that way does that make sense yeah. It's gold. Exactly. And we'll talk about our gold versus platinum program in just a second so again. We gave first we added value five times before we asked for something we figured out who our target market, was do we want to use this to get clients referrals. Joint venture partners speaking. Gigs etc. And now. How are we gonna give to them how are we gonna stay in front of them in addition to the five things I laid out we. Also send a warm and fuzzy postcard, every month to. Folks that are you know that are part, of what we call our dream 50, clients or dream 50 joint venture partners so, we send them a physical, snail mail postcard, every, single month then. Every so, two weeks they, get a postcard two week later they get a physical gift in the mail so. They're getting touched twice a month via direct mail these are small gifts it's a book it's a box of chocolates, it's, a box of cookies because, we found out if you send something really expensive people. Will feel uncomfortable and feel like you're trying to bribe that right. But, you, know if I spend a $500, Tiffany's. Something. Necklace, I get. Are you trying to find me if I send a $10 box of chocolates nobody complains. And. Then once, a quarter we send lumpy direct mail along, with our long form letter about. Hey, thank you so much for doing those for being in those five things I promoted for you here is the message I'd love to share with your audience are. You okay with that and pretty. Much nine times out of ten everybody says yes because we added so much value in advance. So. We're, gonna give first we're. Gonna give to the right people we're. Gonna stay in touch also be a direct mail and. Let. Me ask you quick how many of you are excited about what, we're talking about I am. Honestly, this is what this is how we built, free up spending, almost no money on marketing, on Facebook, Ads none of that for the first year and a half it was all joint, ventures I mean this stuff works so you find people that have. The same target audience as you but do a very different, thing and those are are the best partnerships, and yeah, it's one of the reasons why free up it is launching a podcaster there's a lot. Of everything you say you're really resonates, because I've been there and done that starting, with $5,000. Going free up to nine, million last year by doing talked. About that's. An amazing I my, man doesn't I can't do that ROI off the top of my head but that's a pretty big number. All. Right but you might also feel like you're Nathan, Nathan and I are fire hosing you right you're drinking from a firehose because we're giving you a ton of information but. There's hope right there's, the light at the end of the tunnel cuz you're like oh I could do that I know what those five things are now in the to direct mail the three direct mail add-ons, I get. It it, makes sense, so is OK with you Nathan, and is it okay with you if I share with your folks how they can get all this done for them yeah, of course okay. Awesome alright so again we're gonna give first five, times we're, gonna give to the right people we're gonna with them and with multiple pieces of Direct Mail this. Is my awesome wife Rebecca and these. Are our three kids max, lily, and Ella and. Max. Is the star soccer, goalie on our top. Travel team and, I. Coached eight years, of tryout soccer before. We switched to this year to a more competitive league, where they have professional like, real soccer coaches not volunteer dads, so. I'm back to the sidelines, but I coached eight years and I was at every single practice and every single game except. For when I was traveling, at a conference like with Nathan, and. I was able to do that because I don't have to worry about where our next client or joint-venture partners coming from, Ella. Is our actress, that's her as Annie and Annie, this. Was really cool this. Happened over the summer we. Got a phone call on a Friday saying. Can you be can, what Ella like to come audition for frozen on Broadway. So, she got to audition for the part of young on in, frozen and they. Didn't realize we didn't live in Manhattan so I, cancel all my meetings on Monday I was able to afford to buy plane tickets last-minute, and we. Flew to New York City Ella, auditioned for frozen and then, we spent all day walking. Around Broadway, walking around Times Square I just didn't get the part but now, they know who she is and Ella has a permanent when. I was 9 years old my daddy and I flew to New York City an audition for Broadway story, that's, cool, this.

Is Her with Cory khat who's the star Broadway, star of Newsies and she. Got to be in a musical revue with him in another city that we had to travel to and from for rehearsal every time and then for the show and again got to do that because I wasn't worried about where is our business coming from so again, would. It be worth it to. Do all of this now remember, I. Showed, you at the beginning a, number. Of 33,000, ten dollars and I'm gonna break it down and show you what that goes into and again I'll show you how you can get it all for free so. We're gonna do the research and help you figure out who your dream 50, folks are are they clients, or they joint venture partners are they referral sources who are those folks we're. Gonna build that list for you we're going to get all their contact information if you don't have it now, if you don't like talking to people don't do this because. In order to build relationships. Gonna do all the work but you're actually gonna have to talk to people so the, reason I say that is because we had someone who didn't talk to anybody they. Fired us we did the work we, got complaints from the people on their list who called and said you set me up with a podcast interview and the lady didn't show up and didn't talk. So. If you don't like talking to people don't do this um we're. Gonna build the direct mail campaign, that's gonna go get them to be on your podcast we're. Gonna send the email campaign that'll get them to say yes if they don't respond to email we'll send them LinkedIn if they don't respond to LinkedIn we'll call them on the phone we're. Gonna write the questions for the show all you literally have to do is show up and read, we. Have a multiple Emmy multiple, Emmy Award winning team that's, going to practice the interview with you to bring out your inner Oprah, don't. Worry you won't have to get jump on a couch or get anybody to cry we'll. Teach you how to record the interview we'll, type every word of every recording, you do because, the podcast, turns into the blog post which turns into the book, will. Edit those transcripts, will. Have, our Emmy Award winning team write chapters, about you so you look fantastic because, it's your book will. Do the graphic design will publish to Amazon, will publish to Kindle will do an Amazon bestseller campaign. So that you hit the top of Amazon so that you can now say I'm an Amazon best seller will. Produce the weekly podcast, will. Design Eagle bait graphics, every week that will get your guests to share the. Fact that they were on your show on your blog in your book, will. Also take. That blog post and SEO optimize, it to help your website rank even, better, this. Is Mitch Rousseau in less than 30 days through. Our SEO blogging strategy, he gained 70, organic, keywords a week improved, his ranking by 200,000. And increased his social media share is over 50%, I know, Mitch I was just talking to him yesterday I didn't. This, is not a setup I did not know that you knew Mitch that's awesome. And. Mitch. Actually just introduced me to someone because I helped them before so it all kind of goes. That's. Awesome. All right so you add all of that up and you get thirty three thousand ten dollars that's the, gold level of our dream 50 podcast, and book program and again at thirty three thousand ten we. Have clients paying that it's totally worth it and depending on your transaction, value it doesn't take too many clients to, make up the thirty three thousand ten dollars, this. Is Roger, I'm gonna share with you just his part of what he had to say just about the book process, I woke, up this morning, to find, out that. Retirement. Basecamp. Our project. Reached. Number one on a campanha, Amazon. Bestseller list in a financial, category, pretty. Exciting, since the books only been out for like a week. Thanks. For everything, it's awesome it's. Great ride to be on I feel like I'm at the apex, of my life and thanks. To you and your team this, is gonna really be a boost to the last. Part of my career I woke. Up alright. So my. Men to where my mentors and I know Nathan's as Tony Robbins and Tony says if you continue to do what you've always done you'll, continue to get what you've always got so, if you want something different from your business if you want different results you've got to do something, different I think. We're that something different since you're already using free up and I. We, make it easy for you now, there are two big reasons why people don't do this number, one is procrastination this, isn't the first virtual, meeting or webinar you've ever attended I am, sure there are times you attended you took good notes and you meant well but you just didn't get it done the phone rang client.

Called Something got in the way and you didn't. Finish, what you started, or what you meant to implement, and. Then number two is the money obviously thirty, three thousand ten dollars would be a significant, investment it's, worth it but it would be significant, so I'm gonna do something to fix both of those for you so, I'm gonna give you a 24-hour, deadline. To. Overcome, procrastination because. We will reward fast, decision makers and number, two I'm gonna dramatically, reduce the price for those 24 hours to. Help, you with the money situation so again we're gonna give first we're gonna put them on an audio bottom guest a video podcast a blog post a book. Social. Media and, we're gonna drip on them with direct mail we're. Gonna pick the right people it, would make the biggest impact on your business and, then we're gonna do all seven of those things to build that relationship for, you so, that you have if. You stick with us for thirteen months you literally have 50 people out there promote, your business. Which. His, Nathan told you took him from five thousand and nine million past. Performance, no guarantee of future success, insert, standard legal disclaimers, here right, can I guarantee you that you're gonna go from five thousand to nine million however, I. Can, go guarantee. You that you're gonna go from where you are now to a lot better place, so. Again it was thirty three thousand ten dollars. Again. We put the 24-hour, deadline to, reward people who can take fast action you're, not gonna pay thirty three thousand ten dollars because Nathan twisted my arm and said you've got to give my people an amazing deal but. If all it does is turn you into a podcast host, with your dream fifty clients, and joint venture partners as guess would it be worth it if. All it did was turn you into a published author with, your dream clients and referral partners, would, it be worth it and if. All it does is turn you into a blogger with your dream clients, and referral partners, is it worth it I'm biased, my, answer would be yes. Again. Regular price of thirty three thousand ten we're gonna give you fifty four percent off which. Knocks it down to seventeen thousand nine hundred eighty two dollars and, you don't even have to pay that because you can make monthly payments it's, 2997. A month and in. Twelve months you won't recognize, your business, now. For, those of you who want to totally. Explode, your business we have a platinum program, where. That. Include again, that these the gold program includes, everything. Except the direct mail the, platinum program includes a monthly postcard, monthly gift and then a quarterly, Dan, Kennedy, style long-form. Direct response sales. Letter to, get them to do a launch, with you. That's, another 18,000. A year which, would equal fifty one thousand on the retail side but, again we're gonna give you 28 percent off of that and let, you make monthly payments so, we're gonna totally 500 bucks a month more to include all the direct mail, if. You, think about it I went. To Syracuse University, for college a long, time, ago and it, cost my parents hundred twenty thousand and.

I. Don't, use anything I learned in school. So. They spent on over 20 grand and I don't use any of it they. Could, have spent a couple grand a month for 12 months and blown, up the business I started and taken, it to a whole nother level, it probably would have been better off that they've done that your. House that, you probably spend a couple hundred thousand on. Isn't. An asset it's a liability it cost you money every month right it doesn't make you anything so, you could be spending money on those things or you could invest it in having us build you a team of 50 people to grow your business for you so, if you want to take advantage of that 50% off offer on its, it market domination LLC comm / dream, 50. But. Wait there's more as my friend and co-host Kevin Harrington likes to say. No. Whichever level you sign up for we will include the. Following bonuses. Absolutely free, I host, weekly, office hours once a week on Facebook, live where, you will get access, to sign-in, ask me, any question, you want normally. People pay $197, a month to, do that I host. A monthly virtual mastermind, group where, I teach two to three hours of the, most cutting-edge marketing, strategies we're using to grow our business and our client businesses, we talk about Facebook as we talk about YouTube we talk about linked and we talked about everything that's. 297. A month and. Then I read a book a day and once. A month I will send you the best book I've read all month so, that you don't have to read the other 30 so, you'll be in my Book of the Month Club which. Is normally 497, because I'm saving you a lot of time by reading 29 books you don't have to read and. You'll get a direct email access to me you will have dedicated account, reps and project managers who will help you through, this whole process but you will be able to ask me any questions you want that's an additional nine hundred ninety one dollars a month in bonuses that you get for free at either level wait. I'm not gonna let you keep going until you explain how you read a book a day. Okay. So I read, fast yeah, and. I have read I have taken two. Different speed reading comprehension programs. So, it's not just about reading a book, really fast it's about reading it and actually being able to remember and understand what you read so, for example, 80%, of the books I read are business and personal development but, at least once a week my mind craves fiction, I'm just. Because I've read so many business books so this is book 4 in, the. Vega. Jain series, David, Baldacci sword. & Sworcery fiction. I'm on page 260. I will probably finish this later today it has. Four. Hundred and thirty bases Wow. How many hours a day do you read ah. Interesting. Well we'll talk more about that later that fascinates, me Kiko okay. So. If you wanted for free, we. Also would, love for you to be a part of our dream 50 so people send us three clients and they, could be people that we book on your show it, could be people we get for you that, then say man that show was awesome that strategy you used on me was awesome I want it I'm you, send us three of those in a year that hire us and we'll give you all your money back. So. You're, doing 50, interviews you, can turn three of those into people for us who are so impressed that they want to do it too which, literally, happens, almost. Every day we get a referral from someone who was on a show and. Who, went through this process for. A client, and then says hey. I want to do that in my business how do I do that, so. It's relatively easy so again three. Hire us and over in a year you get all your money back and then. Of course once, it works how, many new dream 50 members do you need before you can stop wasting money on other marketing you, know you can get rid of cold calling Direct Mail online, leads Facebook, YouTube Twitter. Networking. Events endlessly chasing prospects, because this kind of does all the work for you don't, stop doing those things until, it's working better and then. You. Can stop spending money on that other stuff so um. Dream. 50 goal dream 50 Platinum both. Available at market domination LLC, com / dream 50. Awesome. Set yeah. I just want to reiterate joint.

Ventures Is a key to business now I mean you're gonna be competing with everyone, out there on Facebook Ads, you to ads or whatever it is and there's a time and a place for that I mean we spend about a thousand dollars a month on on Facebook ads it's nothing but it keeps us relevant in that space but without, the joint ventures, we wouldn't be able to scale without referrals we wouldn't be able to scale without, me going another podcast moon to be able scale it, all comes together and to be honest I wish that I had started a podcast sooner, so I definitely, recommend checking Seth, out says how can people hear about I guess you got the URL right there URL. Is where the two choices are also. If, they're on that Bay if they go there on market domination LC comm they can opt in for, a free consultation, where. They can say hey I want to talk to you guys I got some questions I will, also. I'll tell you what I will, give your, folks. Now. There's gonna be a disclaimer here I'm, going to put my cell phone number in the chat box now. The disclaimer is I, live. On the East Coast so Eastern Standard Time and. I have three little kids who, go to bed early so, text. Me before you call me, and. If, I don't, respond right away I'm not ignoring you it's because I'm either working or, because. It's. Bedtime for my kids or on it's soccer or theater or something like that so feel free to text me if you have questions and, then I will either answer them via text or call you when I'm available yeah and. For those who that know me I'm, watching this if you want me to put you in touch with Seth. More than happy to do it. Awesome. Seth did did we leave anything out do you miss anything um, I. Don't think so I think we covered it all awesome. And well I really appreciate you coming on like, I said joint-ventures, it's the thing in marketing that doesn't, change and it's definitely a path forward and I encourage everyone to at least reach out with least. At least you I can't talk today at least to reach out to you and set up a call and. Definitely, pick, one of the packages that make sense for you thanks. So much thanks. For having me. Hey. Everyone thank you so much for watching did you enjoy this content if so, click like leave us a comment and subscribe, to our channel so we can continue bringing, you great content, all about, higher.

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