The $220 Billion Amazon Opportunity

The $220 Billion Amazon Opportunity

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Hey. There I'm really excited you made it we're here with some very special, people over the next few days to share something with you that could change your life forever come, on inside. We're, gonna show you how to build a real, $100,000. Per month business each, one of the people here with me today has done something that most people consider nearly, impossible in a very short period of time they've, had their lives transformed. Of building life-changing businesses, in fact, let me show you somebody. So. This is Angie Chacon, Angie what was life like before building this business well. Actually it, was pretty stressful. Is pretty hard actually I worked, a 9 to 5 job I worked, for a lighting, manufacturing, company and, I. Travelled a lot and I, was, a single mom trying, to raise four kids so money. Was tight paying. Bills was tough and it was it was a lot it was very stressful and I. Really, glad actually that I found this business because things have changed a lot awesome, so let's show what your business is doing today this. Is for the last 24. Months so it shows 3.9, million dollars over the last 24, months I think you told me earlier that you even have a day in there where you did a hundred thousand, dollars in sales in a single day yeah right there, then how much profit do you make from this business I'd say like twenty twenty-five percent okay. Awesome so that's about seven hundred and eighty thousand, dollars to nine hundred and seventy five thousand, dollars in profit, from this one part of Angie's business you'll learn a lot more about Angie, and the other incredible, people we have with us here over the next few days each. One of the business is built by the people here with us have been built leveraging, the incredible, power of Amazon you see millions, of people receive boxes, just like these every, single month what, you may not realize is that the other end of this is someone, just like you me and everyone here selling on Amazon each, time, one of these is sold someone. Is making profit, for their business we're. Gonna show you in just a few minutes how you can, build a real business by. Creating your own brand, of products just like these you. Will own the brand the products, will be yours and you can change your life forever with the business you build what's, so great about you being here with us right now is that something new has happened very recently that, has completely changed the game of building this business years. Ago Amazon. Used to have all kinds of special tools and advantages, available only to, big brands they, used to give big brands an unfair, advantage over people like us but, all that has changed, now for the first time ever people just, like us have access to brand-new tools and resources never. Before available and, now the playing field has been completely, leveled, today's, an exciting time to build this business and the best time to get started just last year, Amazon sold over a hundred, and seventy seven billion. Dollars, of products. Just like bees around the world this. Year Amazon, will likely sell over, 220, billion. Dollars, that's, 40, billion dollars more than last year based. On this growth rate Amazon, is likely going to be selling, 300. To 400, billion dollars per, year in just, a few years from now it's, one of the biggest companies in the world and continues, to grow like crazy people. Around the world are buying more and more online and over the past 20 years, Amazon, has positioned itself to take advantage, of this unstoppable trend, this. Has created an incredible, opportunity unlike. Anything before in the entire history of business for, people just like us to build real highly. Profitable businesses. From scratch even if you've never built a business before you, can do this and the people right here today with me are perfect examples and before, we go any further I'd actually like to introduce you to someone very special, here with us so, this is Mike McLaren, he's built his own business, tapping into the same opportunity, not long ago Mike was working a nine-to-five corporate. Job and decided to venture out on his own and in just a short period of time he, built a multi-million. Dollar business having, never built a business before so Mike how about you show him inside your business sure thing so.

This Is just one of my Amazon seller accounts with Amazon and as you can see I've sold over three and a half million dollars with this business and in. Just the past seven days I've. Sold over $31,000. That's, awesome so you see this business has transformed, Mike's life everyone. Else here in this house and thousands, of other people we. Estimate the people we've helped, sell over a billion, dollars per, year on Amazon, today over, the next few days we're, going to show you how you can build your own real. Business, with this incredible, opportunity even. If you've never sold on Amazon, never built a business before and are working a regular job right now we, will show you how to do this with as little as an hour a day we. Want you to experience the same freedom, and flexibility. So many people have achieved with this business that started right where you are in fact, not, long ago I was in your same shoes years, ago after college I went into Investment, Banking but, shortly into that job I realized I had to go into my own business working for someone else was just not for me so I started my first e-commerce business. Fumbled, my way through learning everything, on my own and was able to build that business into a couple million dollars a year but, everything, really changed when I discovered the opportunity, on Amazon, I was, able to double my entire business in just a few weeks when, I started figuring out this platform I was having so much success with just a small, number of products that I started feeling the strong pull to share what I was doing I knew it wouldn't hurt my business and I knew it could help a lot of people achieve, freedom around that time I met Jason I taught, him the model and very quickly he became incredibly, successful, with, this business that he had no prior experience in, before, we met we both saw the power and felt it was our duty to share this with other people to, help them to we've. Shown everyone, here with us today and many, more how to build this business the right way and now, we're gonna show you two over, the next few days we're, gonna walk you through how to build your own business tapping, into the power of Amazon, make, sure to watch each video we release as soon, as it comes out so you don't miss anything there, are six, major, steps, to building this business first.

You Need to get set up to sell second. You need to find and choose a hot product opportunity, third. You need to find a high quality supplier, fourth. You need to automate this business with Amazon's resources, and fifth, you need to launch your product to start generating sales immediately, and six, you scale, the business as big as you want with, the powerful strategies, we've developed, we're, gonna walk you through each of these steps in this series so, let's get started with the first step which is getting set up to sell on Amazon, to show you how to do this I'd like to introduce you to someone very special. This, person has helped thousands, of people from all over the world get set up to sell on Amazon find, redhot product, opportunities, and grow, their brand new businesses. He runs a team of elite sellers, who help people just like you brand, new to selling on Amazon build this business so, rich let's walk them through how to quickly get set up to sell on Amazon, in about five minutes my, name is rich Henderson and I'm gonna show you how easy it is to get set up to start selling on Amazon, in the past we always advise, selling, in the USA no matter where you lived in the world however. Over the past few years amazon, has grown rapidly in a few key areas of the world outside the, USA Amazon. Sells billions, of dollars each and every year in the UK Germany. And Japan, so, if you live in one of those countries we recommend, you start in those marketplaces, if. You live anywhere else in the world then, you should start selling in the, USA, the. Beauty is all Amazon, marketplaces, have the same sign up process and requirements, so. First let's, take a look at where you go to, register okay so to get set up in the USA you go to seller central, dot And it's going to bring you to this page if. You look underneath the box where you would sign in normally you'll, see a link saying, register. Now all you need to do is click, on that once. You've done that the next step is just click on start selling, and when, you get to this point you just want to click on create your Amazon account at the bottom of the page then. You fill in your name your, email address and select, your password, and you want to make it a fairly complicated password. Once you click on the next button it's, going to take you through the process of actually signing, up and it's really straightforward and amazon tell you exactly, what to do now as I mentioned if you live in the UK you want to go to seller central, amazon, co UK. And the, process, is exactly the same you can see from this page it's virtually, identical you. Just click on the register now if. You're in Germany you want to go to seller central, Amazon, de and finally. For Japan you, want to go to services, Amazon, Co JP. And it will actually bring you to this page which. Skips the, first pages you saw in, the, US the UK and Germany and then all you need to do is just click on sell as a professional, and it will walk you through the same process, it's, worth pointing out there are two different types of accounts an individual. Account and a professional, account, we. Recommend for, anyone starting, to sell on Amazon you want to choose the professional, option to, get all the features you need, to grow your business fast, so. Matt that is it as long, as you stick to the rules it is very simple to get your account set up on Amazon great. Thanks, rich so, now you know how easy it is to get set up to sell on Amazon let's, talk about one of the most important, parts of this business picking, a product to sell so, Mike let's first talk about what kind of products we're talking about selling absolutely. So, as you can see right now I'm holding a corkscrew wine, opener this is a regular consumer product that millions of people use, regular.

Products Like these are bought in the hundreds of millions on Amazon every, single year the, products that we tell people to sell are just like these they, could be fitness products health products, home and kitchen products automotive. Camping, or pet products or thousands. Of other types of products people use all the time well, we don't recommend people sell because they don't fit the model are things, like software, mobile, apps clothing. And a few other categories, of products that are really big really, expensive or really cheap to. Make this super, clear rich, is gonna walk you through the five hot, product, criteria, so, you can find great products, to sell on Amazon with high profit, potential and low competition. So rich let's show them how to find the best products. To sell on Amazon so we have five main criteria, we use to find hot product, opportunities, on Amazon the, first is best sellers rank or BSR. So. BSR is how amazon measures the demand for, a product the. Lower the BS our number the higher the demand each. Top-level, category, has its own BSR, you can get access to our recommended categories, below this video, now our recommended, range for BSR is between, 500 and 5,000, so if you find a product outside. Of this range then, we recommend, you avoid it but, let's go to Amazon and take a quick look where you find the BSR of a product so in this example product. What, we're looking for is product, information, so you need to scroll down the page and, it's, about two-thirds of the way down the page you'll find a, section, it's called product information and, what we're looking at is the best sellers rank you can see it right here so. In this case this product has a PSR of. 826. In-home. And kitchen and that's. The top-level category, now. We will be discussing top-level, categories. But essentially all you need to know is a top-level, category, will be followed, by see, top 100, and then, in the name of that category so this is home in kitchen and it says see top 100, in home in kitchen that means that, that category is actually a top-level category, and 99, times out of 100 it's also the first to appear all. These categories underneath, are actually subcategories. And we're not interested in those were only interested in the BS our number in the top-level, category, the next criteria is the price the product is selling for on Amazon now. We recommend, you only look at products between eighteen dollars and seventy, dollars we. Have found that this range is the sweet spot for providing. Enough profit, margin while, still meaning your inventory, cost is not, too high so, let's go back and check on our listing where, the price is so, you'll always find the price directly under, the title you can see it here it says price, $25.99. Now. In some cases a product might show two prices, one, will be crossed out the one you're interested in is the one that's in red that has not got a line through it now the third criteria, is the number of reviews. Reviews. Are important, because they give a good indication of the level of competition, for the products when, used in combination with the, BSR and. We recommend you avoid products.

With More than 1000. Reviews so. Going back to our listing again you, can see the reviews again it's, right underneath the title and in this example you can see it, says. 695. Customer, reviews so it's less than a thousand, so this, one would be okay in terms of reviews these three criteria enabled, us to find a product which, is a high enough level of sales combined. With a low enough competition level so, you can succeed, as fast as possible, but, let's look at the last two criteria. The. Weight of a product so we recommend you stick to products that weigh 3 pounds or less or, the shipping cost can start cutting into your profit margin so if, we go back to our listing again and scroll, down it's, under product, information, so exactly, where we found our BSR and you, can see it here what we're interested in is the item, weight and if we scroll across you, can see it's 8 point 8 ounces, so that's well below our 3 pound limit the last criteria, is whether it is possible to private-label, a product simply. Put this means you can get your own version of the product and put your own label, on it with your brand making. It your, products, now don't let this worry you too much mike is going to walk you through an example later, on great. Rich so those are the five criteria for great Amazon opportunities. You can look on Amazon yourself. And find thousands, of opportunities that fit these criteria, but, we've developed, a fast way to find them that rich is going to show you now so, you can see how to put these five criteria to work to find you a great product, to sell on Amazon, so. Now you know the five criteria we use to find the best product, opportunities, on Amazon that have enough sales volume but also low, enough competition so, it is easier, to compete but. Let's put them all together and show you how to actually find, these hot product opportunities, we. Are going to use what we call a search string to speed up the process, this, search string is the minus symbol followed, by any eight or more random characters. That do not make a real word, so. Let's, jump over to Amazon, and show, you how this works, so once you're on Amazon, all we need to do is put in the minus symbol followed. By eight, or more random letters. Or characters, now. You don't need to copy what I put on the screen any eight. Random letters, that don't make up a word is fine so, once you've put in the search string all you need to do is on the left hand side click. On the old button and I'm going to scroll down and select toys, and games but. You can select any category, that's, in the file you can access below this lesson so, once I've done that I'm just going to click on the search button. What. This does is it brings up all the results, in this category without as restricting. The number of results by using a keyword, now. There's one more thing we want to do to make it easier for us and that, is to scroll down and, in the left hand sidebar we're, actually going to put in our minimum a maximum price. Which. Is, $18, to. $70, and then click go and that just removes all the products that were not interested, in because, they don't match our price criteria, so. Once we have started, the search we scroll through the results looking, for products that match our criteria. For price and reviews, as this, is what amazon choses on the search pages, however. We need to see the BSR and the weight too so, we need to open products, that match in a new tab so we can see their BSR, and weight so. Let's go back to Amazon and see what this looks like so we're back on Amazon and now we're looking for products that we might have an interest in that, have less, than 1000.

Reviews And also. Match our price range of $18.00 to $70, but we've taken care of that by. Filtering it out earlier so. I'm gonna scroll down and pick a random product to show you what I mean so. This product here for instance if, we were interested in this we could right click on it open it. A new tab, because. We can see it's got less than a thousand reviews and, the, price is okay, it's $19. 88 so. We look at that product, in the new tab and we scroll down if you remember from earlier we're. Looking for the product information. Let. Me get to here we can see the the weight is fine, but, then when we look at the bestsellers rank right here we can see it's number 25. In toys and games which, is far too competitive, remember. We're looking for products that have a BS are between 500 and, 5,000. So. Let's look for another example it's going to keep scrolling down remember. At this, stage I'm looking for products with less than a thousand, reviews and that, match the price so. This is the second page we're looking at of searches and again I'm just gonna scroll down I'm looking for products that have less than a thousand reviews but, what you will find is early, on in the pages up. To maybe even 5 or even 10 pages you're. Probably not gonna find products, that match because. Amazon, do put this roughly in order of PSR so, I'm gonna keep scrolling down. And. I'm not seeing anything that jumps out at me at this page and as. You can see the vast majority these products have more than a thousand reviews that's because they've got very low beer czars so. Just go to one more page. Scroll. Down, but. Here's one. Sophie. The Giraffe new, box now I'm not. An expert on toys but I'm gonna guess that Sophie. Lili. Sophie, could, actually be a trademark, product but no idea what it is but I'm gonna assume that and you need to stay away from trademark, products so, for instance in toys and games in the main category, you're going to find things like action, figures of, you. Know Marvel. Superheroes. That kind of thing you have to stay away from them you can't private-label something, that's, got a trademark, and a patent we're, at the end of page three we still haven't found a product so, I'm gonna move forward to the next page and I've, no idea what this is be amazing instace no jar makes, two gallons so it obviously makes two gallons of snow it's, five hundred and fifty two reviews so that's fine and it's 1905, so the price is right so I would open this in a new tab.

Scroll. Down. To. Product information. First. Thing I check is the weight that's fine and then the BSR it's two hundred and sixteen toys and games so again it's still too competitive, so. This is the process you have to follow and the more pages you search through the more results, you will find that do match the criteria that, you can choose from however. We can speed up this process again by using the subcategories. But, it is really important that you still use the BSR, for the top-level category, so, let me show you quickly how this works okay so, what I'm gonna do is if you see the left hand side here you've got the top-level category toys and games so, I'm gonna pick one of these a random, and I'm not you're gonna go for puzzles so. Now you can see here it's showing me results for. Toys and games and the subcategory, puzzles, and we've still got the price in there that's so that's great so. Now I can look through these the, beauty of doing this is because. It's a subcategory you're, going to find products, that match our criteria quicker. Because. Obviously you're not showing all of the products in the top level category, so. I'm just gonna scroll down. And. We can see this one here the. Lavi vert jigsaw. Puzzle, roll mat it's. Got 232, reviews so that's fine and the price is 2099. So, I'm gonna open this in a new tab and, again I'm just gonna scroll down find. The product information and, let's see what we've got so. It's thirteen point six ounces, so we're good and, also, the customer reviews we've seen is good and there, we go 768. In toys and games so, that matches our criteria, of 500. To 5,000. So this could be a good product opportunity, and if in this category at. 768. This product is probably generating. Around, $50,000. In revenue every month so, it's, a very very good product to be looking at so now you can see that using subcategories. Can speed up the process but, if you want to you can just stick to the main category, and methodically. Work through the pages now, you will need to go through a lot of pages potentially. 50 or more so, this can be a time-consuming process. But, it is so critical, to find a profitable product, that, it is time well spent, now. Obviously we do not expect you to go through possibly, hundreds. Of pages across different categories in one sitting but there is a way to fix this issue it is very simple to do so, let me show you how to do it and look. At another quick example ok. So we're back on Amazon and I'm actually gonna select a different category so. I'm gonna go to why. Don't we try home and kitchen and, I've left the search string in there so that's fine I'm gonna click on search and there.

We've Got a results, now you'll notice when you switch to a new category it removes, the. Filter for price I'm just going to quickly scroll down and put that back in and. Remember it's 18 to 17 click go so that's removed all the products that aren't in that price range so for this one I'm gonna try bath and then. I'm. Going to try bathroom accessories, you'll, normally find that smaller products, you're more likely to find matching. Products, so, I'm gonna click on bathroom accessories, and. Then I'm gonna scroll through and look at a few products and I'm now looking for something that actually jumps out at me rather than just every single product but, when you first start doing this and, especially, when you jump into subcategories, open, every product just get used to the process and how it all works so. I'm going to scroll down see. Here this looks quite interesting the soap dispenser I'm, gonna keep going and here's, another one you can see this bestseller actually now normally with that seller that means that the BSR, is gonna be too low but, I want to take a look at this one because I actually know this product so. I'm opening a new tab. Again. I'm gonna scroll down. To. Product information. We can see the weights fine it's only eight point eight ounces, and. The, best sellers rank is 645, in home and kitchen which, is fine it's well within our range of 500, to 5,000, and this is just how you go through this process and that this ESR, in home and kitchen because home and kitchen is a massive, category, now at 645. And home in kitchen we. Estimate, this, product, is generating. Around, ninety thousand, dollars in revenue, so as you can see this could be potentially, a really, valuable product, so that's how you find your hot product opportunities, as long, as you remain patient and methodical you, will find, the profitable, product you are looking for, earlier. Rich mentioned that the fifth criteria to look for is to make sure that you can private label your product and sell, it on your own brand this, criteria, is a total GameChanger for anyone looking to make serious money selling, their own physical products because, instead of competing with the hundreds of other sellers all selling. The exact same product you're, able to create your own brand by simply adding your own packaging, label and brand name to it let's. Look at how the seller of this product did that now. As you'll see in the later video this product is exactly the same as several others selling on Amazon and the seller here they just put their own logo on the product itself they, put it on the packaging, and then they also put it on the, instructions inside, that's, how easy it is to private, label the product now. While most of the products that you can buy online can easily, be private labeled there, are of course some products that cannot be these are usually products, that have been developed through years of research and development and whose manufacturers. Only sole rights to them think. Of the iPhone the Amazon echo or maybe, math car outside those, are each examples, of products that you wouldn't want to try and private label so. Now that we know what you can and cannot private, label let, me show you just how lucrative, having your own product, with your own brand name on it can be, this. Is the exact same product opportunity, that rich found on Amazon this, product sells for about ninety, thousand dollars in Amazon every, single month the, profit margin that I see in my business and in all the people that we've shown this model to is somewhere between 25, and 40 percent this, means this product makes someone just like one of us around, twenty-five thousand dollars every, single month on Amazon right now and that's, only with one product in this, video series you'll, learn how to scale your brand at 2 3, 10, 20, or even more products all producing. Profit for you all day long on Amazon. When, you sell a product like this one for say, $25.99. On Amazon, Amazon takes, a 15%. Fee or three, dollars and ninety cents you, can get this product for about eight dollars including shipping from the manufacturer. To Amazon which we'll show you in the next video, Amazon. Charges a bit of fulfillment, fees for storing your inventory and shipping out the products so you don't have to the, remaining amount is your profit, so, if you sell a hundred thousand dollars per month you can expect to make somewhere between 25, and 40. Thousand dollars per, month not, bad for a business that can be run by one person with just a laptop people. With zero business. Experience, and build highly profitable businesses, with this model, not long ago Philip and his wife are doing lots of trying to make things work financially they, even sold rugs from a van for a few years they, saw the opportunity, to build this business and took some of their daughter's college savings to start this business their.

Lives Have been completely transformed. By what they built Philip. And his family now on multiple million. Dollar businesses, using the exact, same strategies. You're, learning here in this video series it's, incredible, what you can do in a very short period of time with. This business we've. Sold millions of dollars worth of products on Amazon and have helped many people just like you build. Businesses, with this model one, of the most important, parts is choosing the right product, to sell to help you do this we've created a powerful tool called profit, spotlight, this, tool helps you quickly find the hottest product, opportunities, on Amazon in just a few minutes we, can only make it available for a short period of time and you can get it for free right now, rich. Showed you the manual way to find great product, opportunities, on Amazon that, method is powerful, and works great however for a limited time we're, making this powerful tool available to you that is some of the hottest product opportunities, on Amazon available, for you immediately no. Digging around amazon necessary, this, powerful, software is called profit spotlight, as you, can see you can sort and filter the products and the software then, you can easily see, the estimate, of how much each product, sells on Amazon, using. Profit spot right you can find the best products, to sell on Amazon right now by just clicking a few buttons, below. This video you can get your free access to profit spotlight but you need to get it right now because it's not gonna be available for very long shortly. We're shutting down access, to this powerful tool filled, with hot Amazon product opportunities, we, have no intention of making it public and need to stop letting people in to keep access, limited so, after, you finish watching this video get your access below immediately, in the next video we'll, show you how to find high quality suppliers.

For Any product, on Amazon and how to nearly automate, this entire business using. Amazon's, own resources, you. Can produce sales and profits 24/7. Even, while you're sleeping while Amazon works for you all day long this, is how you can build and run this business in as little as an hour per day plus, you'll discover how this. $500,000, per month Amazon, seller and single. Mom created, an entirely new business when, her supplier couldn't keep up with the demand she was generating, because, of how fast her business was growing and later. In this series you'll see a real example of a product that we took from nowhere, on Amazon, to the top of Amazon search rankings, in just, a few days we're, even going to give you the full marketing, strategy, on how to do this for your own business. Get. Your access to profit spotlight below and I'll see you in the next video. You.

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What will i do after contacting the supplier my means to say is i am not able to understand what should i say them where to transport my shipment in India or USA and its my pleasure to part of your team.

im miss ty and ask away x

hi, im a miss lol and i so need to do this idea i used to wash out my cherry juice from empty bottle and put ketcup in it well be4 they came out with queezy bottles lol and things i wud give ideas on for free wud be in 3 world countrys they shud use pop corn to ship things over it wud do the same job as polastireen balls but the starving cud eat the pop corn, but vitamins powder on it, i wud eat it if i was starving plus it never goes off well it does but weeks or more some times x

Hi Vasu Chadha you can definitely do this if you live in India. You can set up an Amazon Seller Central account in the U.S. Let us know if you have any additional questions.

Hi Dough Bang you can sign up for ASM9 tomorrow April 25 and the training will go over everything step by step and they can help you answer this question and many others. We also have a community of mentors (Rich is actually our chief mentor!) and members that can assist you if you get stuck on anything. You can sign up for ASM9 at

Thank you KinDel for your reply. However, we don't understand why this question is so hard for anyone from to explain clearly with some sort of explanation. Saying simply "avoid", "it's too competitive", "very difficult to compete" basically doesn't say anything. If we don't know the "why", everything else just does not make sense. If we're teaching someone to avoid something because it's too competitive and the students ask "why" we should be able to explain "why" something is too competitive and so on.

Hi Paloma Senor you can sign up for ASM9 tomorrow April 25. We also have a community of mentors and members that can assist you if you get stuck on anything. You can sign up for ASM9 at

I am learning and I am going to make videos what I do I can at least help you get started for free. Starting it keeping with it and learn learn learn and do do do is what I think is key.

Hi Jacob Ojeda the best advice I can give you if you can not afford is to make sure to watch the videos and download the free content provided with each video at . Then join our free Facebook group called Amazing Amazon Seller Updates (

Hi Shankar K you can sign up for ASM9 tomorrow April 25 and the training will go over everything step by step and they can help you answer this question and many others. We also have a community of mentors (Rich is actually our chief mentor!) and members that can assist you if you get stuck on anything. You can sign up for ASM9 at

Hi Vishnu Suresh Kumar ASM9 will open tomorrow (April 25). Let us know if you need anything else.

What about to start account

Hi you can sign up for ASM9 TODAY April 25 and the training will go over everything step by step and they can help you answer this question and many others. We also have a community of mentors and members that can assist you if you get stuck on anything. You can sign up for ASM9 at

Thank you Koki!

Earuingam Gogoi Message me I would love to be a executive

From $100,000 a month is around $10,718 @$9.33 Profit how did you come with $25-$40,000 ?

We just launched our ASM9 course today. Registration ends Thursday, May 4. You can find out more info at The link will also help answer this questions and any additional questions you may have. Let us know if you have any additional questions

Sounds great! We just launched our ASM9 course today. Registration ends Thursday, May 4. You can find out more info at Let us know if you have any additional questions.

Hi you can definitely get started with selling on Amazon if you live in India. You would need to create an Amazon Seller Central account in the U.S. We just launched our ASM9 course yesterday providing the ins and outs of selling on Amazon. You can find out more about it at Registration ends Thursday, May 4. Let us know if you have any additional questions.

Is this a scam? Because i dont know if these types of advertisements are marketed towards people that buy things like an ab roller because they said that on the tv you could lose 40 pounds in 3-4 weeks without mentioning the healthy eating and supplements and all of that.

I’m 17 could I do this

And how much does Amazon take from you? I'm sure they take a small fee from you as well. And are they partial to someone selling intimacy products?

Hi we just launched our ASM9 course this week. It can help answer that question and many others for you. You can find out more information or sign up at Let us know if you have any additional questions.

ya ya Time is money $$ is about time

Hello, I'm very Interested in learning how this works. The money is great potentially especially in the situation I'm in currently. I'm a vet and adjusting back to civilian life and jobs have been difficult. I looked up cost I see 39.99 a month but how do I get products and how much money aside from the monthly fee do I need? I'm really tight on money really sacrificing Bill's for other Bill's. So how do i go about this? In sure I need money to buy my own products

Hi we just launched our ASM9 course this week. It can help answer that question and many others for you. You can find out more information or sign up at Regarding finances, we offer a payment plan option for ASM9. We also have a Facebook group you can join as well. Let us know if you have any additional questions.


You are very welcome!

thank you so much for this information. i will talk to my parents to see if they can fufill the banking aspects and be sure to follow up with this as i am aware this opportunity may not be available when i am 18 so thank you for replying.

Hi! Amazon requires you be 18 years old to sell on their platform. However, you could sign up for our ASM9 course (registration ends Thursday, May 3) and a parent or guardian could help you with the banking aspects until you turn 18. You can find out more about the course at Let us know if you have any additional questions.

Thank you for the amazing video, very informative. Something I am unsure of however is, once you find a product with the right criteria - how do you proceed to sell it?

Hi Anna you're welcome! Our ASM9 course will teach you the ins and outs of selling that product. You can find out more about the course at Registration for the course closes at 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, May 3.

5000euros a month would be nice, but i'm underaged :( but on the otherhand i could do it with my mom she just is too careful with money

Hi Leonardo if you are 18 you can get started. If you are 17, you can get started as well if you have permission from a parent or guardian. Let us know if you have any additional questions.

It really isn’t a scam. I’m actually working on being an Amazon Seller after months of research and studying about it. It’s extremely hard to start it, but if you are committed and put in the time you should see results in on average 6 months to a year of selling. If you can afford this product, buy it! Any money you can invest in your business is a great idea. However, if you cannot afford it, like me, take your time to watch as many YouTubers who’ve had success with selling on Amazon as you can. You should get most, if not all the info you need that way. just has it organized better and an entire team of people to help you. Right now I’m working towards being able to afford this program by using what I’ve learned already.

Hi this is not a scam. We offer elearning materials for people who want to sell product son Amazon. We just launched our latest course, ASM9, this week. You can find out more information or sign up at Let us know if you have any additional questions.

Hii. I have watched so many Videos concerning this Amazon sell.i have already Register on the wait list.just want to know how much the course will cost me so i can start Putting the Money AS to start my own Business within 1 to 2 months.will really apreciat.

Hi Jessica registration closed for ASM9 on May 4. However, keep following our social media channels, including YouTube, for when we reopen the program. You can contact for information on the cost. The next version may have a different cost than the current one but they would have that updated information. Let us know if you have any additional questions.

So the video for he first time today n wanted to get the profit spot light. But im late. May i know when this will be opened .

Hi Shakti go to and sign up to receive our emails and you can find out there when we will reopen the ASM program. Let us know if you have any additional questions.

Hi leakim you can sign up for ASM9 tomorrow April 25 and the training will go over everything step by step and they can help you answer this question and many others. We also have a community of mentors and members that can assist you if you get stuck on anything. You can sign up for ASM9 at

Why are you talking about something to buy? They never said there was something to buy...?

Who said anything about purchasing something?

Earuingam Gogoi how is everything working out for you if you've started already?! I would love to know because I'm thinking about starting also

Trade Mark it if you can A patent also

Tonya Eli I couldn't give much of my time.. Well its not bad though!! We can be together . you can contact me :))

Right plus this ad will be down soon. First off your missing the whole purpose of being humble and letting the blessing of good works and love is. No offense it’s not worth 4K plus I already figured out how to bipass the headache. I promise to god if someone else tells me all I gotta do is click and paste and copy and paste I’m gonna glitch the 2.0 up so fast that your gonna think google and iPhone have good security systems. That one guy that beta tested all of it since 08 and be trolling the comments. Matt I’ve tried to contact you via chat bot. I know I can launch a huge movement and it’s not even gonna be focused on Amazon. Why would I pay you 4K then pay $40 to amazon then to turn around and pay supplier in China to be stressed out even more. I’m thinking your gonna have to back it up with a guarantee and a few other things and ideas that if you want to step it up and give me 30 mins on the phone and agree to a contract of no money down til after both sides fulfilled the results. I’ve already been thinking about using Amazon to help with a small part of this dream that keeps happening. Don’t get me wrong I’m really glade to see this but due to my luck with my past I’m always in jail then this happens but not this time. Matt and Jon you really need to chat with me cuz what I’ve got visioned will not only help family’s but will help a whole state that needs a miracle. I think it sucks how people since in this day don’t answer the call to lead a bright new reality and purpose. I guarantee you hear what I have in mind and you’ll probably won’t ask for any money. I’m sorry I’m done venting oh one last thing. JT Fox your suits would sell good on this Amazon ting.

S K ㅛ

7:40 where the actual walkthrough starts. You're welcome.

who's he looking at? look at Me!

Interesting video..but there does seem to be a bit of rather important info left out. (Perhaps there's another vid on this?). I watched the video and it raised questions. One being what's the cost of having the product branded? Obviously that'll vary but some idea on that would be helpful. And do you have to buy a number of products and send them to amazons warehouse? If so I can see a problem if you pick the wrong product...Or can you have them shipped from elsewhere? And what do amazon charge for warehousing if you do use that service? It all comes down to cost guys.

I have time, and im looking for someone to work with

hey,does your own product choosen base on the thing you taught?

Hi, Im JD from India.I have heard a lot about your course and I dream to do it.What's the cost and duration for it? Also, do I sign for amazon India or amazon usa for opening my seller account?

isnt the course like 4k? why not d o your own research and use the 4k to purchase wholesale or online arbitrage private label is hit or miss and with amazon cracking down on reviews on new products its tougher than everyone thinks

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