The 1 Bitcoin Show- What if crypto (Litecoin) people bought banks? Bdiamond, Cato talks ICOs

The 1 Bitcoin Show- What if crypto (Litecoin) people bought banks? Bdiamond, Cato talks ICOs

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Hello. Everyone. This. Is. Adam. Meister the. Bitcoinmeister. The. Disrupt. Meister. Welcome. To. The one. Bitcoin. Show. Today. Is. July. The. 10th, 2018. Strong. Hand. Long-term. Thinking, oh we're gonna talk about those things today. Deferral. Gratification. On confiscated, hoard that Bitcoin, offended, by selling, no. Gatekeepers, okay. This is where the big boys play it's Bitcoin it's cryptocurrency, it's time to just get into this I'm not going to tell you to check out the links below as you know to do that everything, I talked about is in the links to locate your treasure ledger nanoucoco, Hou all calm and, it's. A treasure link below get your t-shirts like this : I got all sorts of things down there in the links below and disrupt. My stroke on we're good to see the archives all. My, old videos check out yesterday's videos there, were two of them I'm still in Calgary I'm going to be in Red Deer. Tomorrow, I'm also visiting bath as, you. Some of you have recommended but. I'll be speaking in red here we're gonna get that back in in a second, so. Here's. A tweet from Miss bellhop mr. haddle. Awakening. The. The. Awakening, will happen, for, most people, when, they start tracing, all coins in. Satoshis. And not, dollars, and, he. Actually he. Shows the symbol, for Satoshi's which is this weird-looking, s and the, symbol for dollars, which is of course the S with the line through it. He's. Got a good point there I think, some of these right. Now we all value our wealth in Bitcoin, but, a lot of altcoin, pumpers, and dumpers. They. They just look at the price and. Look. At the price in dollars and. Eventually. It's. Just gonna be some of these all coins are just gonna be a few little Satoshi's. And they'll, just list them that way just, in Satoshi's, and. You. Know hon this is a hundred satoshis now everyone, will know what that means because. Bitcoin. Will. Be I mean it already is what people list, the value of some of these all coins in Bitcoin. But. It'll, be in Satoshi's. Even, at. That point that which is you know the. Instead of a percentage, of Bitcoin a singular. Number, of satoshis anyway I think you get the point bitcoin. Is the king and, some. People are gonna realize it, way, too, late. Hey. That's life dudes, that's. Life. Bitcoin, is the next Bitcoin no you're all coin is not the next Bitcoin hey you can play around personal, responsibilities, of new counterculture. If you haven't listened to me I guess you're never gonna listen to me but listen, to me right this second and pound that like button okay. So. Next. Alistair, Milne that brings up some interesting news. In a tweet I always. Assumed that if crypto got big enough the. Banks would start acquiring, exchanges. Custodians. Etc. But, what if the other way a rant it's the other way around, and instead. We. I guess bring the cryptocurrency community, end up, buying, out, the legacy financial, system. So. That. Isn't that's a very interesting question to start with there. You. Know people have, thought that you, know these banks, early on organist, or maybe they'll buy coinbase sir, but. Having if the. If. The, opposite habits habit of coin based buys a bank and how. About if a, conglomeration. Of wealthy, crypto people decide to buy a bank and turn into something else we. Might see that I mean it really is possible, but, what is actually, going on that. He's commenting on is this Charlie. Lee says, in, a tweet I'm excited. To announce that, the litecoin, Foundation, and token. Pay have. Entered, into a strategic partnership. To. Buy a stake, in a, German, bank. Weg. Bank AG. We, plan to work on many exciting, consumer-driven. Crypto dilute solutions, stay. Tuned okay so the light point faith foundation, is some other cryptocurrency con company, now, own a piece. Of a German bank and, it's. Linked to below triangle, is that the tweets I mentioned allister's, tweet is linked to below the token, pay press release, is linked, to below I'm going to redo part of it recently, token, pay Swiss. AG. Announced. Its partnership with weg. Bank in Germany, under, the terms of the previously, announced deal token pay acquired. Nine point nine percent of the bank along, with options, to purchase approximately, ninety, percent overall, of the Bank pending. The customary, regulatory. Approval. Today. This nine point nine percent stake. In weg. Bank was. Further, transacted. To, the benefit, of litecoin, foundation. In exchange. For a broad and comprehensive marketing. And technology, service agreement, it's a benefit, token pay and it's related cryptocurrency.

And Business, operations as a, result of this partnership token. Pay and Lake Point combined as a leading, force in creating, and, delivering to, the market, modern, consumer-driven. Crypto, fit tech solutions. All. Right, so this. Could be the beginning. Of something totally. Different in. The in the cryptocurrency. Ecosystem. Stay tuned we'll monitor that situation. Cryptocurrency. Buying banks, I guess banks aren't that bad after all all you, bank haters, if they become cryptocurrency, owned banks, and who knows alright, remember. Check out my steam it page bitcoin, meister a lot. Of stuff posted on there from yesterday, and also, check me out at at bought on twitter I've been updating this Calgary. Bitcoin. Rodeo conference, which has been a pleasure all, right no para 73, has a tweet out there I noticed. Privacy. Work in Bitcoin is gaining momentum this. Time it's not only research, but delivery. To many. Exciting developments. Are in the finish line alright. So. That's. Good news I won't, Bitcoin to become more private, keep. It up dude. We. All we all want that and again. Yeah the regulator's aren't gonna like it is for at first toward. The Meester pointed that out actually. But, they'll deal with it okay deal. Bitcoin nod doesn't have to uh Bitcoin, doesn't care what the regulators think. So. Uh. In. Calgary, today. I. Met. A woman in charge of the Alberta. Blockchain. Consortium. She's. Actually I. Was. Was impressed by, her her. Bitcoin knowledge and her, technical expertise. She she uh she. Told a very interesting story. She. Had a boyfriend. A. While. Ago and, I. Guess, it about twenty fourteen or fifteen and, she, said to him you know I want to spend $400. I buy some Bitcoin and he. Said no don't. Do that and then. She eventually broke up with him but, I find that fascinating because. You know in some of my shows I have given the. Scenarios. Where the woman, tells the man you know spending on something stupid instead, of buying Bitcoin, but in this case the, man was a total idiot and, told the woman not, to do the right thing so. Uh yeah. She's one of the five percent in our crypto, community, that's a woman and yeah, I give, her credit and, she's.

Doing A good thing here in Alberta trying, to organize. This. Up-and-coming. Community. And and. Notify. The world about what's going on here that they the, tax situation, they don't have provincial, taxes, or something like that you know I'm no expert on the situation. In. Terms of taxation but, I am knowledgeable, now, on the, very libertarian. Type of minded, people independent. Minded personal responsibility, is a new countercultural. People. Minded, people that I met here and not. Only did I meet, that lady, actually. There was another letter there. There are few more women out here than usual in cryptocurrency, they're moving, from who, came all the way from Saskatchewan. And I know that's not far away but, have you ever heard of a woman from Saskatchewan, it's a big coin I mean. The things you see in person it's. It's, amazing so, uh. Yeah. So, maybe I'll, get that uh, I'd. Like to get that Alberta, lady on this show actually I think everybody would enjoy that, and. She might appear like well we're working on someone so a lot of these people I met in person I'm gonna I'm gonna talk about some other dudes I chatted, with some guys from Montreal, today who. Were totally. In motion, oh my god I mean, they came from much you ought to be at this thing and. They're. Doing some great work and they were witness to a, hilarious. Conversation. I had with the guy, who. Had really little to do with cryptocurrency. I'll. Get into that medium beyond, Bitcoin, show that's, another it's a long story, found. That like button if you want to hear that so, uh, again. There are a lot of great you know for tax was in town, he. Was. Dead but Ken Bozak was in town here. Who. Else was still in town today. Rodolfo. Was and of course Benny who lives in Calgary so these are great personalities. Everybody really enjoyed all, of these people you know there were people coming up to us that you know recognize us from our shows it's very flattering and the, people are very nice here now one personality, who was not around was Andy Hoffman but, and he had an awesome video, today.

And I'll link to his steam it below and it was talking about personalities. In the space and in, the good the really awesome part started around the 540, mark if you can't be patient and it, talked about uh the. The smart people a big the good smart people a big point and I was honored to be part of his list there. So. Check out Andy's, and the, high and he is a good smart person a big point of course - Andy Hoffman who, was you know totally. Your precious, metals, dude and he. He. Thought it all out and he came to a logical, conclusion that, big point is the king and he moved totally. Transitioned. From you. Know 20, of 2016, - now you know totally, yeah. A lot of you guys only know Andy from, cryptocurrency. I mean he was a big time head big. Time dude and uh in. The. Precious metals and you, know he he. Evolved, and he's awesome so he's a good program for. Check. Out his latest link. To below and of course if you're a content, creator you steam it ok, so some goods that were a guy that I was talking to a lot today and I mentioned, he's from Vancouver, I mentioned him yesterday coin. Cards, dot, CA and. Crypto. Asylum. Com I link to them below crypto. Asylum is the, site, that sells, the, storage. Devices. So. You. Know he. Is a he's a real nice guy a good guy and we'll get, to know him a little bit more possibly, soon enough we'll see and. Yet. Today it, was a little different and there was like some ICO blockchain. Type people. Present. Presenting, I mean you, can't stay a hundred percent pure, Bitcoin, I guess and so, some of during, some of those. Presentations. I was. Talking. To people again, this Montreal, guys. The. Alberta, blockchain. Consortium, lady and. My. The, dudes, and. With the dudes at. BTC. Solutions. Nazi a they. Have, of, course. Bitcoin, ATMs. I've. Been caught they're out there in Edmonton, I'll be. Hanging with them in Edmonton, one, of them is totally awesome is giving me a ride tomorrow and he'll be at the. Dell, he'll, be hang with me in bath and in, a Red Deer and again. Remember, red Red Deer tomorrow, is going. To be the meet up there I'm really, excited to meet one-on-one with. I. Mean. Rio P and some of them were actually at the event today, and yesterday but. I I know most of you have died had heard of Red Deer even though it's the third largest city in Alberta I know. If this is this show right, now is probably 50% of people watching this right now from the United States so they don't know Alberta, they, said heck well do you I'll give you guys credit you're smart but most people in the United States they. Don't even know what Alberta is and if, you said Alberta's a province, in Canada, they couldn't name one city, in Alberta, if they could name what city would be Calgary, and. Being. A sexy be Edmonton, so. Red Deer they would have no clue but, that I mean we've just drilled down pretty like large they I mean you know if, you're an American station you, don't have to know it right there is that you could be a twenty percent or not know what right but. The point is ah they. Don't get too many cryptocurrency, guests, from out of town is, it uh it's gonna be an honor to be there, I thank. The dudes at. BTC. Solutions, CA, I thank, the, God forgive, me a ride and I, thank the dudes in in Red Deer, for. Setting this up and I've, talked about them before I'll talk about them some more at afterwards, because, tomorrow. I might, not be able to do a regular show tomorrow but after. After the event ready I'll. Tell you all about it and and the dudes have made it possible because they're very good. What. Else did we have. Here besides. I, linked. Okay and everything I all these prices are linked to below all these sites are linked to below, and. Yeah I got up at 5 a.m. again, today and went running and did my workout, great, workout, room here at the Marriott this, Marriott is awesome. You. Know I usually stay there being bees and everything so it's I don't I haven't been at a classy, hotel like, this for a long time not that Airbnb czar bad but. This hotel is good man I got.

Pilots Air. Airline, girls. Staying here the, stewardesses. Anytime, I walk every, single time I walked into this hotel I see some airline related person coming, in there's so much traffic this, is a big it's I mean it's across from the tower though the Calgary Tower is right there I see it most. Of you don't care about what I just said okay anyway, so we'll move on found that like button, the. Cato Institute you. Don't really hear about them much in cryptocurrency, well, guess what they're getting into it now they're. Talking about I cos, if they're securities. And much more it is a long read, it, is listed, below should. Crypto, currencies, be regulated, securities, as the, okay. Cato if. You guys are stepping into this you know this thing is getting closer to becoming. Bigger. It's. Think. What you will about the Cato Institute but, if you want her in for a long read read that you. Know what there's this I, forgot to read somebody you got that are in motion that are sending the articles, and stuff I'm behind you. Know who you are behind, it getting back to people in emails it's just uh it's, been a hectic travel schedule, and you know when I come to these events I stay. At the events the entire, time, okay I don't, like, you. Know some people fail and, you know people have reasons why they leave after their presentation. Or they they can't stay both days or whatever I stay both days I talk to the people I'm out there, and. Yeah. It's but. So if my time has has been really dedicated to this Bitcoin, rodeo and it's, been well worth it because meeting, people, in motion is very inspiring, and. And. I love talking about them and I love to grow this face and I believe in this province and, I. Think. Next year this event is gonna be even bigger, they're going to be they did for up this was their first time putting on an event and they did a very good job and, we're, talking on hundreds of people were there and, I'd. Only I don't know what the totals were two hundred three I did, it's. Hard to tell because they're, new there are different people there today sometimes. And they, were walking people, and analyst but. No next year I mean this might be some primo thing and all you guys are gonna have to come through that are watching this right now this, is a beautiful city very safe city but, you guys are used to American.

East Coast cities this. Is totally different totally, different so. Uh you. Know I spoke, about crypt of dividends, and one. Criminal dividend, that you don't hear about that much anymore is be diamond. But. You hear about it more than like the, nonsense. Ones that were coming from Asia well, they are they just got pumped, they were pumped for some reason and they, are still working so that the, BCD. Bid, the big the B diamond, volunteer, I link to his he, updates, me he's. Awesome. And. And. So a the update is they're working on a B. C D pay and, we, are incorporating, Lightning Network fully. Into B Diamonds Network and on July 29, yeah I linked all this stuff below, I mention. This because the. Dude is proactive, and. They've. Just pumped recently, and. They can actually get listed on treszura and gets it gets split then, we're all gonna be darn happy because we're gonna get a bunch of free B diamond, and I would say I. Mean. After, be. Private. You. Know and again, in terms of the the straight-up forks, insurance. Of the ones that have forked, off not. Air-dropped in terms of ones that forked off. The. B diamond, is the one people talk about a lot and, would. Expect, to be listed on tresor and. I don't know if they're reaching out to tresor i don't know i mean we need a, mission, b diamond okay don't go out of your way to try to split this thing right now it's still very you'd. Never give up your private key people never never never i am, waiting until tresor, splits this thing for me but hey they're they're newsworthy, because, they they did just pump i don't exactly, know. Way you know in. Asia they pumping, for random reasons this is an asian based one but. They do have english-speaking, reach out because I mean you can tear the links below if you want to ask some questions. Over. Over Twitter they are the. Answer Persians, oh yes. Send me your send, me your events and I will talk, about them if you are in motion I will talk about you eventually again I am, I am busy. Here. You know we've, talked about Fiat price porn, how a lot of percenters just love it they love to hear the price like every second of the day obsess. Over the the Fiat price I gotta. Tell you here at the Bitcoin rodeo I didn't hear anyone mentioned the price to me any at any moment I did. I did not you know vortex, Benny and none of those guys came up to me said Adam it's this much none, of these other guys, that I've just mentioned they didn't come up to me see Adam it's this watch now oh my god it just pumped it just thumped adjust that you know there, were some non. Non. Fiat, form dudes here very, good very encouraging, type of stuff guys be. Like these dudes keep, away from the price do not obsess over it or else you're gonna panic sell you're going to become some a, 95%. Loser, trader, because traders do lose ninety five percent you're, gonna trade your big coin in for some i co alkaline, don't. Obsess over the price one, Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin. Okay. I'm not gonna talk about that I. Feel like I'm skipping something, and probably. Yeah. Philadelphia, remember, chem, Bozek and I and chem Bozek is is he, is just like it he is online man, he's, hilarious dude. He'll. Be with me in Philadelphia, at the crypto. Coin con-com. Forty. Five dollar. Discount forty five dollar tickets below if you're in Philadelphia area on August 18 again. So Red Deer. Where, I'm gonna be at Moxie's, tomorrow, 6:30. P.m. that's. Gonna be it's the Red Deer meet up and I, will be in Los Angeles on August. 10th at an event in West. LA and, we'll. We'll talk about that as I get more information I, just know that I'm, gonna be there on August on August 10th Bozak might be there also. Okay. Everybody. Just pound that like button check. Out the links section below I'm. Adam I should be calm I should disrupt meister subscribe, to the channel do all the things i usually say to do i. Will. See you tomorrow in red deer who knows what i'm gonna come up with next bye, bye yes.

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Great thinking! Crypto taking over Banks! - By the way I notice BDiamond advertises multi currency wallet Qoinpro on their website. Noticed a few unhappy comments about Qoinpro on the internet! Just saying! Careful everyone!!!

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