The 1 Bitcoin Show- Positive BTC vibe! Steemit, Bancor, Bgold, Brhodium, Banks

The 1 Bitcoin Show- Positive BTC vibe! Steemit, Bancor, Bgold, Brhodium, Banks

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Hello. Everyone. This, is. Adam. Meister the. Bitcoinmeister. The. Disrupt. Meister. Welcome. To. The one. Bitcoin. Show. Today. Is. July. The. 9th. 2018. Strong. Hand. Long-term, thinking. Hey. That's my view for my hotel room at the Marriott the, Calgary Tower is, actually, you can't see it it's right outside my video. Grass. On my window, I'm gonna, turn it toward me now can, you see me here my my. Lovely hotel room that's uh that's. My shirt what, to say there strong, hand, alright. So yeah the Bitcoin rodeo. Linked, to below this. Event has been great, this, crypto, experiencing. Calgary about I've only been here for a little bit over 24, hours now I mean. Seeing the guys like, Benny and, vortex. And Francis. Everyone. Can. Bozak's here to man it's, just been a great except. Oz ative such, a positive, vibe. So. I'm. Like, trying to open something here to see my notes, bear. With me a second guys alright so Pat. Just check out the links below Trez, or ledger, nan-oh follow. Me at tech ball on twitter I've been updating we've. Been sending out tweets from the event just fun stuff really. Again this is one of the best crypto, travel. Experiences, of my life so. Far so, the guys putting, on this event have been so gracious if it's so generous I'm, in a little bit of a rush because I'm gonna go out with some. Some familiar people I think Bozak's. Probably, out on the town I know Benny and his wife are gonna be there. Rodolfo's. Some other people we. Met up with today so, there's there's a crew out there if you if you check out the world crypto Network video that I. Their. Latest video I link, to it in my Steam it I'm bitcoinmeister. On Steam it, there's. A woman, Amanda she helped put on this event she was hanging with us she'll be there you'll get a kick out of it she appeared on we got a woman to appear on the world crypto Network so that that's a great. Grand. Accomplishment. Right. Anyway. So let's let's get it to the news though let's get I want to give everybody on a regular video it was hard to fit this thing in here but I'm giving you a regular one just, like. You. Know just like I do it I try to do every single day so we had one earlier today to check it out that wasn't a regular video it was actually at the the event and Calgary is looking beautiful today, it's, just great weather well this, is about as much, downtown. Zurich, the, financial, capital of Switzerland, as it gets a Swiss. Coast a Swiss, quote, trading. Company, with, a banking, license is starting, a crypto, lounge here, in October, so that tweet is from a dude a chain, junkies, it, shows. A photo of a building in Zurich, you're, going to have a crypto, lounge there, in October, and you know sweet lenses Swiss people, when. They get in the crypto currency it's a good sign I think, those, people know about long-term thinking, and the, Truvia, the true value. Of, real. Money, so, that's, an exclusive, that photo that you'll see below in the link. Section hey. Everyone. Yeah Adams a little tired he was up earlier today I worked, out I did every day I've been up a lot so pound that like button if you just want to give Adam even some more energy so he can fully, go out on the town with everyone. No. I don't. Drink, obviously, but they're, probably dry a lot of drunken people in Alberta. And Calgary this, week because it is, the. The. What students encounter a stampede, that's why the name, vikram rodeo comes. From hopefully they're gonna have this event next year here too again it has been a blast a you. Know big, events, usually, aren't Bitcoin, centric, they've, become blockchain. IC o---- stuff, this thing through Bitcoin centric, most of the time I sure I heard people talking about I cos losing. A lot of money on ICS I heard guys talk you know to each his own anyone can like anything they wanted here so, that's great that's the beauty of cryptocurrency this is with a big boys. Play. Alright. Next. Here's. A tweet. From. Lop. It's. Counterintuitive. But. Bitcoin, leads by, being, conservative, remember that people holder's.

Value. Predictable. Monetary, policy, yes, they do, developers. Value. Stable, platforms. Few, folks, appreciate. Having, the rug ripped from beneath their feet in, the. Rush to overtake, Bitcoin competitors. Recklessly. Risk it all oh and. We'll be talking about some of them a little later on in the show today yeah. Conservative. Is. Good. In crypto, currency if you want to get fancy then you can fork off create, your own crypto dividend hey that's what my speech was about today at the Bitcoin rodeo I talked about crypto dividends, yeah. Pound. That like one again I just need to say it a second time yeah. I'm getting a little tired all. Right so this one dude comes up to me today with his son the little son is a little kid he brought to the event his, kid is known as the crypto, kid, and, he's from here in Calgary so. I said I'd mention, him I the guy went up to Benny - he recognized Benny and I from our, shows and uh you. Know crypto kids got a show and this little kids got a Bitcoin, show a crypto, currency show and that's, good get little kids into it I haven't watched you know I haven't watched it yet seem like a nice kid I guess I'll see him tomorrow - but it's linked to below it. Says crypto, kid next to it so check out the crypto kid from Calgary, and. Again. Visit, me on steam it at. Bitcoinmeister, to. See the videos from today, the. World crypto Network video. Which. Actually had a woman in it again for you guys who value your. Wealth. And women you showed it and I even told her is like no. Value, your wealth and women Val your wealth and Bitcoin I didn't say that on video he says something like that on video but I talk no she's a good person the man's is a good person there's, a lot of good people put on this event but again end in my event and then the big my Bitcoin video earlier today is there and again the world crypto Network video don't start yelling and screaming about how the, bad yeah the audio was a little bad okay deal. Or don't even watching. A. Vortex. Is trying his best here, if the connection slows down then you know it's free don't. Complete that you can come it's a free world but you're a jerk, I say you're a jerk when you start did suffer I'm not watching this audios bad after one second you, impatient.

Impulsive. No. Pointer, 80 percenters. This. You know today, a lot, of people smart. People we're, talking about long-term thinking they sounded a lot like me, actually, talking, of his eyes when I preach long-term, thinking, don't get into this impulsive. Nonsense. Buying, these i CEOs and all okay, you've, heard it all before so. Also when you Benny was on stage with. Luis. Today. Chocolate. Talking about crypto culture, and they, were talking about Steve McMahon Steven Cena was getting some shoutouts I, bet, he was talking about how some people are frustrated with YouTube so they're moving over to steam it I'll have more about that a little later. Again. Yeah, I'm just having a blast here baby. He's. So, everyone's, everyone's. Giving it their all here, a lot of independent. Thinkers. Alberta's, got a lot out, this. Events gonna put Alberta, on the crypto speech. Crypto. Map. I, mean. We're doing it we're, contributing here I'd, love to come back I love, the return and again I'm gonna be an Alberta, you. Know the rest of the month I'm gonna be in Red Deer on Wednesday, I'm gonna be talking, in Edmonton, on and. Some of those guys are already here it's been a pleasure meeting some guys from Edmonton, Red Deer I'll be hanging with you dude soon especially dudes an enmity and I'll be up there quite quite, a while what we haven't talked about Alberta, a lot on this channel. It's. Uh who. Could predict that what, I when. You when y'all you guys watching, this got in the cryptocurrencies, started watching these videos everybody's, videos were all crypto network videos that nonsense videos out there by the 80 percenter did, you ever think there's gonna be he's like some guy talking about the the, Alberta. Crypto scene and like showing you on the ground stuff and like living here for three weeks that, would this. Is fun man this is fun all right so. You. Guys know safe the guy who wrote the Bitcoin, standard, I can't, I butcher, his name, so come safe. And. This. He. He. Kept talking about long-term thinking, today too I mean that I think his book has to deal a lot with it I have not read his book hey, he's been funny man, he seems, really hardcore, in person, you know in. Videos. He's he's very very, unemotional. And you, know he's kind of machine-like and stuff but he was pretty funny some of the things he'll, just straight-up call things that socialist, that's communist, I like it man I like uh, he's. Good at person, he's. Funny in person and I ran, into him working out when I got here you died I was only here for a few like. An hour two or three yesterday, we're walking, to the workout room who's coming out he's safest coming out we'll talk about him in a second, Henry, law just sent 25, Hong. Kong dollars, and. He. Said I'm gonna talk about Hong Kong a little later in the show he, said Winklevoss. Invested, in Tasos add a. Tasers wallet, and I'll give you five, Tasos, coins buy. And hold Bitcoin people only, very small bets, for all coins all right Henry I'm not, gonna add a tasers well I'm sorry dude, that, they're, getting really sketchy over. If. You, got lucky with them like you said you did or whatever a good. Job you. Said only small bets for all coins yes it is gambling, all coins, it's bets it's gambling, so. No I'm not I'm not gonna sell it ASIS thing I just, that's. That's, gonna that's I got I mean. Some. Guys I respect a lot of space I mean they're ripping on in a big time and it's it's gathering. More momentum, in terms of people. Ripping. On it's uh I mean. It's it's, a it's giving, away up. Its. Cave I see people, I don't you know but Henry thank you so much for the contribution, and thank you for, watch being a loyal washer. Of these videos and everything and reminding, everyone that yeah all coin all. Coins definitely. A lot of gambling going on there again, I have talked about. Speculation. In the top-tier altcoins sometimes, I consider. Speculation, by people who are already. Pretty. Doing. Pretty well in the Crippler scene and have no debt most, of you out there have a lot of debt and should. Be paying off your debt before you buy potatoes. There's. Something like that okay let's, go back to the stuff I skipped. Um. Yeah. We're not going to look over that next time let, me put that in parentheses, to remind myself uh. Because. About steam it, beer. Anti-gay this is a tweet from, cans. Or. Anti-inflation. Folks should. Flip they're talking points there's, something like by, opting, out of inflation. You'll, be recovering, 2%, of value per year how. About at least 2% of value per year you'll be uh you'll. Be recovering, I mean in the United States the official, they what's the official inflation 2%. But I mean, you've seen how prices go up in terms of Fiat I'm not gonna get into that discussion but.

Yeah Opt out of inflation, and you. Will be recovering, 2% of your value per year at least I know, a good way of opting out of inflation, a strong. Hand by a little bit coin yeah yeah okay. And, again I hope you guys have been following technical at all today on Twitter, that's me te CH B alt follow, it tomorrow I'll keep on twinning the tweeting, stuff out from, the rodeo, now something else that Saif said was, uh and. He was signing his but he gave a Bitcoin, standard, uh speech. There, were some funny moments like this one and he, compared Bitcoin to the sewage system. That. It's. The plot it's the plumbing, of the financial, system but he come he can he compared, it to the sewage system, back. In the day people were really excited, when they got sewage, I mean, they didn't have to you know be around. Defecation, all the time it, was pretty exciting, at first now. We just take it for granted but, we have to have it I mean, we have to have a sewerage system so, there you get the Bitcoin comparison, right, now everyone's, going crazy over, a big one but one day in the, future it'll just be there and it's. Be something that is underlying. Everything, that we just take for granted but we have to have it. Yeah. Imagine. You. Put. That in perspective if the, sewage system was a company back in the day if you could somehow monetize, that become an investor, in the, worldwide the. Success. Of worldwide sewage systems you'd be like a trillionaire, now or something like that so compare that's it's like Bitcoin how it will be the plumbing. Of the financial, system how it will be a. Tremendous. Underlying. Aspect, of the financial, system now again I'm not saying it's getting rid of Fiat or anything like that I'm you. Know I'm kind, of leaning I mean. Maybe with safe is saying. It. Won't be that grand. But it very much well could, be it. Will be something that we I think we will take for granted it will just be there is it interesting, interesting. Subject, matter I could probably do a whole show on it. I won't, though that's it I thought it was funny comparing, Bitcoin and sewage systems, all.

Right. And. We galloped wheat here oh this is about Bank or so, Bank Ward was like a hot to trot I CEO, was supposed to be decentralized. Like a year ago everybody, was talking about it well that look kind of sounds like you. Know everyone talking about Tazo, source oh I didn't error everyone, talking about me. Annie oh and everybody talking about Evo's. Yeah, okay so a year later a year, later now, with it with the miracle, of bank or and, it's. Having a problem I'm a big problem, and it's not it's, free it's not decentralized. This is because here we go banker. Banker, has confirmed. Left. My Baltimore accent, that's why I can't pronounce SEC sipes need safes name either a bank. Or has confirmed, the coin telegraphed sources, see below also seems. Pretty obvious to, me but we're, saying point blank if you can freeze tokens, or pause, shut, down the network. Unilaterally. Your platform, is clearly not decentralized. That, is a Matt O'Dell tweet so, it's linked to below everything, I talked about in this video is linked to below, so. If you need a better explanation than what I just gave Abby, gold, I'm on their email list they sent me enough obviously, a lot of us are. Still holding be gold because we got that crypt of dividend for free if we were holders especially, if we had it on our Tresor so here's a little update for you successful. Not for in that network upgrade, no not not grade network. Upgrade, Adam, is losing pronunciation. Skills the network upgrade, was a success, the blockchain, is stable, and all, partners, can reserve regular activities. Including. Returning confirmation. Request to pre fork levels now, delivering, great greater, safety greater, stability and, renewed. A sick resistance, congratulations. Be gold and my. Be guest be. Gold Edward was talking about this on this weekend Bitcoin a few weeks, ago two weeks ago so hey hey. I don't. Think I talked about this beforehand, and I haven't. Got a full confirmation yet but it looks like Manero is gonna be on treszura soon. Will. There. We go that's, good news for Manero and fortress. Or oh I've. Been loving my trip when I was I'm, gonna tell you a treasure story soon I think, I had to bring down here did, I forget it uh. Big. Someone, today who. Says he watches his show I don't. Have his name right here he, told me that at the very least people, can say Bitcoin. Started, the world's, largest conversation. About money, ever. That's. True man bitcoin, did start the the largest. Conversation. About money ever in the, world. Alright. There was one dude here who's a Canadian telling, telling me about how, he's, he.

Had A mortgage application with a bank they, found, that like he had Bitcoin and they wouldn't issues they wouldn't they want to do business for them on that. Note a guy, named Leo. Who. I actually met. In, Hong Kong. He, said three, years ago, at. DBS. Bank Ranney crypto, event in Singapore, everyone. Who signed up for the event had. Their DBS, bank, account closed, down, within one month of the event, she. So. Sometimes, if you tell your bank that, you're in the crypto or trade err they think you're trading order that they become some, of our own paranoid. Apparently, there's two stories right there one I of a guy I met and one, that I just coincidentally. Uh, somewhat. Upon on Twitter there. Yeah, I talked about uh first. Of all the mainstream media of crypto. Coin. Desk, I mean coin, Telegraph, all those do they should be covering this event in Alberta, I mean we're talking hundreds. Of people at this event this. Is not a small event and the Hobbit has be rhodium, update, or, prediction. Don't, steam it again he's using steam, and he's in motion there's. Other guys talking about be rhodium, I actually mentioned be rhodium in my speech today because. It's. A crypt of dividend that's an air drop one you all everybody had to sign up for it a while ago people, have asked me again like am I getting might be rhodium well if you signed up properly for it then, again, it is not a fork, it's it's. Not like be. Private, or be gold but. Andy talks about it a lot today. In his steam and I thought I'd mentioned it people are they're people asking, me about fee rhodium and Andy. Is definitely the dude to ask about me rhodium, and yet the other do talking, about it is a, Bitcoin, to the moon the guy I was wearing his shirts, back. When I was in Baltimore, so, I seriously. Recommend for, you treads or owners, out there and you guys know that I love the treads or and you guys now you, got to know that I like to treasure work over. Any other, storage, device now, you know Rodolfo Novak Scott his storage devices I haven't tried them out there's a picture of me holding one of them I got a tweet that out I, love. How he made it look like a calculator that's. The way you market it to regular people to I don't. Know how easy those ones were used bandy but going back to Tresor that's my favorite one out there, much, love to Rodolfo, to you, know of his thing but I. Advise. All you do is your Tresor that are paranoid, you, do your. The. Test you. Can do a test on the, screen, of it you don't have to type in your recovery, seed but. You can tell it's the advanced. Recovery. Seed. Test. The. Confirmation. That you have the correct, receive written down so, once you do this test and again you don't have to type it in oh because, you don't want to type your recovery CD into your computer ever, but. You can do it through the treasurer device through their screen on an, old treasurer which is called with the treasurer one or, the treasurer. Model-t, you, could do this test, it is, so reassuring it, is, it is such, it's. Such a good feeling like, that you're a hundred percent sure you, know what my recovery seed I copied, it down correctly if this treasure gets run over by, a.

Stampede. Of horses here in Calgary. It'll, be fine. So. Do that and, they. Call it advance and is a little advanced, hey if you need a crypto consultation, if you need help setting up your treads or email, adamant a Dementors or help calm, yeah I'm still doing that stuff man gotta be in motion. Rebeck, all, right at. Your treads or link below. And. I'm, friends, now with another guy here from Vancouver, who uh. What's. The damage name is company anyway. He's, like a third party seller of treasure Wars and Ledger's and not Ledger's but, treasure Wars and other storage devices just. Like crypto a star wallet calm you know I wanna feel, an amount and everything see how he, says he's very trust very very reliable you know when you're dealing with, third-party. Sellers of these storage devices they have to be perfect like trip to HW while it is so, I again. I'm emotion, meeting people meeting businessmen, here and again, you, know Western Canada there's some people emotion he's obviously from first Colombian the dude I'm talking about not not from Alberta. But he knew to can't come to Alberta. That's, where is that man so. This guy in the comment. Section are a. 803. G said Adam, Savage. Right hoping. Bitcoin, won't, cure, your mind. Curing. Your mind will. Cause you to hold Bitcoin, that's, awesome, because somebody, was saying you know Bitcoin. Will. You know I don't. Know make, you an, independent. Person if you, just get some Bitcoin. Now. It not, not necessary, not necessarily. But, once. Once. You are of, the. Non impulsive. Mind the. Long-term thinking mind. It. Will get. You into the mode to, hold Bitcoin. So. Become, you. Know training don't, be impulsive and you'll, become a Bitcoin holder but. Bitcoin, holding won't, necessarily, make, you not, impulsive like if someone sends you a Bitcoin you might still send it away you, were holding it for a second but then yeah it's, not gonna fix you it's, not matte appearance. Of, Bitcoin in a wallet of yours, isn't gonna cure you of your your. 80%, ways there we go enough talk about. Alright. Here is a really long one from a guy that's, trying, to get me to use D live dot, IO which. Is like D tube which, is based off of steam it so this is like a steam it type of thing here okay so they're dudes in motion, trying to you. Know fork steam it whatever it's called to create to, create a platform where, you you get rewarded, the, steam it way through posting videos on so, I'm gonna read you what the guy sent me because he's really trying to convince me I just haven't had time to do, this D, D. Lob D, live dot IO check, it out it's, like D Tube do. You live, since. Then a new platform called D live bio, was launched, that allows for larger video files as, well, as dedicated, video, hosting. So. Your videos are actually stored, and remain. After, posting, they, also don't take any cuts from your rewards, like d2 does I've, been using it for a few months to stream video games and hopefully, a crypto, show soon oh good for you with good with great results so I linked to a D, live launches Android app. Press. Release also so, check. That out. The, guy also says I also recently, accepted a role as a D live ambassador. Where, I'm tasked with bringing more great content producers. To the platform, I've. Also been told that after bringing people over I will. Be able to ensure that they are able to yet, okay. You know he's gonna he's gonna hope he's gonna get you some support from the D live community. So. That's great. Nothing. Is different from your traditional steamin Post where, you can just. Convert. This into bit, yeah, where you get steamed and then you can convert the steam of the Bitcoin. Except. Now there will be a steam. Native, home for. Your content, in addition. To YouTube so there you go instead, of uploading it to YouTube folk first you can you can upload it to these dudes first and they'll be on Steam it's alright I sort, of butcher some of the stuff the dude said but, this guy's in motion I wanted to give him credit and just tell, him that I'm working on this manna I'm gonna try it when I get some time I'll try to play, around over there I'll steam it and so, for you content, creators out there like me. You. Know get in contact with this dude this guy's outreach, from the D. De, la vie oh. All. Right. Finally. And. I'm a little if I mixed up words in that thing I'm sorry if I said steam, it when I should have said be live or all.

Right The best holds, were bought in bear markets remember. That value, your wealth and Bitcoin people. That's. It I'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister i am going out even though i'm a little tired remember, subscribe this channel like this video shows you check, out the notes section below hey man when you're on when, you're on a journey. Like this when you're in an office and an awesome event like this and cut. Down on your sleep you should get eight hours of sleep at night obviously. I have not been but a once. In a while it's cool to hang out with the dudes found out like fun I'll. Say hi to you guys they check very, very, quickly.

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