The 1 Bitcoin Show- Lost coin numbers, Norway, Tesla, Bcash, crypto trading addicts

The 1 Bitcoin Show- Lost coin numbers, Norway, Tesla, Bcash, crypto trading addicts

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Hello. Everyone. This. Is, adam. Meister the. Bitcoin. Meister, the. Disrupt. Meister. Welcome. To. The one. Bitcoin. Show. Today. Is. May. The 29th. 2018. Strong. Hand. Long-term. Thinking. Uncuff. Is skateable. Alright. Check out the links section below everything I talked to it about in this video is mentioned below get your treads or your t-shirts, ledger, nano discount, codes I'm gonna, be in Calgary, in early. July check that out Boca, Raton the. Event, June. The 12th check, that out it's all linked to below I just, got back, I mean Bergen, Norway. Obviously. And. We. Just had a great, meetup. Here I actually. Spoke, like, non-stop, for 90, minutes and it. Was question, and answers it, was a blast. And then. I stuck around for 90 more minutes so it was a three hour hangout, a lot of people were, there i from, what I could tell it was a pretty advanced, audience not, didn't see like there were a lot of beginners there most, of the people were from Bergen, there were a few Outsiders, uh that. Were in town they came out and it was really great, to meet some longtime, viewers. Of mine I. Was. Surprised, by one guy who was there I didn't, know he's gonna be there is great to meet you and then there were the dudes that I expected, to be there and those are awesome guys too I linked, below to a picture that someone took a lot of people were taking pictures afterwards, so, you can see it was it was a really fun time here. In Bergen tonight, and. You. Know you if, you're in one of these a modern, in Norway's a very modern. Country. Very high standard, of living beautiful. Country and I. Think. A lot of the people when. You go to one like this you. Get some I mean you get a new and you get an energy. You. Feel the energy surrounding, the community, here and how, cryptocurrency, is definitely, here to stay and there, are a lot of knowledgeable people here. In the second largest city in, Norway. And it's, it's not going anywhere and people are excited people are knowledgeable people are in motion, so again I encourage you wherever city you're in to have a meet-up to meet up with other people it's really encouraging everybody, has a good time you, know invite outsiders. To come you never know who's visiting your city not everybody, here in YouTube land travels, around for whatever reasons I think it's great to travel around so. You. Never know who's gonna be you never know what I'm gonna be in your city next so I who. Knows we're gonna meet one day you know though who you are now I don't know who you are now but, we're gonna meet you know who I am as you're watching and it. Will, be it, will be a true pleasure, to. Me but be you know there was there was one guy tonight who. Was from Palo Alto. Originally. He told the story is a very interesting story it's gonna deal we're gonna talk about with lost coins because, later, on I'm gonna give you an estimate, on how many lost coins are actually, out there in Bitcoin. Well. Anyway this. One guy from up who. Was in Palo Alto LEC, he was there he, said eight years ago. Someone. Gave him some Bitcoin, on a phone. Of his an old phone and he is totally, lost. The phone now and he, wanted to know. Figure. Out some ways of getting this Bitcoin back and, he. Didn't see how many Bitcoin it was it makes me think it, was probably more than one I, just. Said you'll find the phone you gotta find the phone first, if. You find that phone, and. It's more than one Bitcoin that's on there I mean you'll. Be able to pay someone, quite a bit to find it and it'll be worth your while to pay them that amount to you, know if you're able to get me my three, Bitcoin from here you're gonna get paid five thousand, dollars or, something like that okay. Because. Right now the dudes not getting it but it does. It, kind of brought me back a little bit if you're in, you, know Palo Alto which is the center, of so, Kahn Valley and, he said it might have happened in Sunnyvale, the point is it was in the same it was in the center of Silicon Valley I mean you get you get the tech there before any whip one so make Steve wonder how many really.

Old-school People who were just involved, in technology, back then in. The belly of the beast, got, little, got, one Bitcoin put. Onto their cell phone for the heck of it and now, it's eight years later and they're just like oh my god how do I figure this situation out, now so, it, was rant meeting this guy tonight. Kind. Of put a real. Face on the lost Bitcoin, crowd, and. Find. Your phone man and. You. Know talk. To some people. And. Also if we were wondering he couldn't remember the company they gave him it who was creating. Wallets, back then he said if anyone, out there is watching it says it has any insight. If. This story sparks, any bit of like memory, for them you know email me at a mattress, or help calm. And. Remember check out this rupp, follow, me on twitter. At. Tech. Ball and of course fema at bitcoinmeister and pound, that like button people and yeah. It was it was really great to uh. Was. Like this everything that it was it was great, questions, like really, great, questions. Let. Me see, there was another guy there who was a big hash fan and that was interesting and. It made me think III. You know i talked earlier about how in, i'm. Gonna be an Oslo in a few days as it, seems like there's some be cash people out there it was be cast there too guy, here today and he was uh definitely. Into his be cash so. Another. Guy brought. Up something very interesting he, said um he's like you. Know I mean I would be down with this be cash stuff, if, they. Were a friendly. Fork if they didn't go about to the unfriendly, way that. You know king of the trolls tries. To make it out to be Bitcoin, it did, if king of the trolls wasn't trying to do, that trying, to say this was the real Bitcoin I would be like yeah dude this is this is what the guy was saying the, guy was saying you know he he would be cool with be cash and it, just got me thinking I'm, like you. Know what, what. Yeah what if the P cache was just a totally friendly fourth they, could have done it they can still go about and if we can still change their ways and I think a lot of people, will, jump, on their bandwagon and say you know what you, want to do this coffee coin type of thing you. Know good for you you're using the Bitcoin name good for you you're not saying, your Bitcoin good for you we want you to do better than - sure so I mean there'll be plenty of people who, have but just that it's, kind of got that toxic, start to it and then. There is this it's, among, some people in the Bitcoin community they're just very suspicious of anyone in the beat cash community, I'm not, one of those people I know they're good people to be cash community, but, this. This guy in Norway you know he made me think tonight so again that's why going going, to these events can really make. You think and. You. Know here in the first world in the in the in the very developed, world they, don't need Bitcoin, yet so it is interesting to see how. They are using it and thinking, about it and you. Know it's a store of value for me remember plenty of hardcore Bitcoin people and there were people that were open had their minds open to other coins - and were were traders so there were there all sorts of people and again I told my stories from Zimbabwe, where they actually need Bitcoin, now, so. Anyway that that was good so, this. Bitcoin core, joke, of a coin, which. Is just kind of a poke at be cash from. The people who maybe classic. I I. Do link, to a Bitcoin. Article, that gives a little bit more. Death. To the story should we say. You. Know I'm still. Not exactly know, it gets because a big tongue twister, it's a fork of a fork of a fork or is, it really be classic, or is it just a wallet you. Know whatever it is it is kind of hilarious, and. People are paying ten bucks for it or nine bucks for it. We'll. See how it develops it's. It's an interesting take, you, know it's a peaceful, way if someone, is say is trying to like, paint.

Bitcoin, In a bad light and use a different, term for it then you just take ownership of, that term you, take ownership of the term Bitcoin, core so whenever they they. Talk about it it's kind of more of a joke, now and, and, might, pump up an altcoin, who. Knows how these you know I've heard, of all coins pump for reasons. That are less, less. Logical than that all right. So. Speaking, of pumps, everybody in in the United States of America people got back to work today and immediately. You know the price of Bitcoin just goes up two hundred dollars or something like that and, it. Is it's. Funny because you know you have these people who are traders, and. Dude. You, you're, putting your. Money on the line when. All the sun's something can just pump just because a bunch of people got back to work in the United States and unless that, might have not caused the the whole pump. Up the cryptocurrency market, today but it might have and and. It just shows you how fickle. These. Markets, are you know just, because people came back from their vacation. You're, either gonna lose a lot of money or make a lot of money because if you're a trader and you're playing you're a gambler, imbedding so, if you're a short-term, gambler, I mean. Yeah. Good luck you're, you're making money and losing, money based on people coming back from their own memorial day drunk fest, it's. Your choice I have a strong hand I'm a holder, I think, long term 2020. Yesterday. In the the. Chat a guy named Casa. Berkeley, said. Something very nice thanks, Adam very inspiring, you. Keep me focused on having a strong hand, I am, going to set and write. Down my, Bitcoin, goals I think, that might have been a woman actually cause of Berkeley who knows but. Yeah that's actually a really good idea dude, or dudette, write. Down your Bitcoin, goals why, not that's it that, kind of makes it more real and makes, your hands stronger, I never, thought of that old. School on your part. And. Also when you're writing that stuff down take, that pencil out of your hand and pound that freaking like button, all. Right. Here. We go here's a tweet from Matt Galland this is, he. Check, out this tweet but it shows a chart. And here, it says our final, estimate, from looking at the UT, EXO, age distribution, is, that, between 3, and 3.8.

Million Bitcoin, are lost whoa. There, are currently 17. Million bitcoins in existence, using. Their estimates, of lost coins brings, that number down to thirteen point two to. 14. Million Bitcoin, so. Dudes if you're a 14 Bitcoin you're in great shape because there's probably only 14. Million Bitcoin that are not, lost right now at. The same time that dude from Palo Alto his. Bitcoin, is part of that 14 million ouch. But dude can still find his phone by net phone man buying, that phone but, no this is interesting because. Again we this is seems, like a pretty scientific. Study of, the. India, you know how many Bitcoin are really lost it's not just some guesstimate, so, between 3 or 3.8, million so. There's between the there's, really only 14, million Bitcoin out there at most, okay. Let's say let's say that's the thing so. Get yourself um what get yourself 1.4, bitcoin man then. You're moving, right up the rankings, there. Okay. The london, independent. Someone sent me this over twitter. What's. It say UK. Hospital launches. Rehab, program, for bitcoin, addiction. Experts. At scottish, rehab, center sacred, for. Bitcoin addiction, experts, at the scottish rehab center say crypto. Trading, holds. Appeal for, problem gamblers, yep. Problem. Gamblers, and bitcoin, traders, there's a big crossover there big. Crossover. There, come. On, come. On guys this. Crypto, trading, can be gambling. And you, can have a problem. One. 800 gamblers. Everybody. You know when you're Las Vegas or Atlantic City, they have this a bill billboards. That say these. Public service billboards, I guess they they have to buy and. The government, makes, you have these in these cities 1-800. Gambling, or whatever it is I don't know people actually call that made. Me think of that but no there. Is no 1-800, number for your crypto gambling, addiction, you. Got to get off of it cold turkey with your strong frickin hands dude, and. Just think, long term do not be impulsive because you know you're losing a lot playing. Around with your, 6-tier, altcoins. And, whatnot. So. Here's a. Dream. Big I tell people I was tell people to dream big and, the. Guy uh McTell, money had another video that came out, recently. Or maybe I watched, it today and he's. Talking about network marketing. Which. Just can be like a big Ponzi, scheme. Big. Pyramid scheme lots of times but, there are look there are legitimate, network. Marking, marketing. Companies, out there and he. Said. 96%. Of network marketing, people. Don't make any money and, some. Say 99%, of people in network more and I'll link to the video below. So. I know there are a lot of guys out there that. Want to be their own bosses they want to you're not your own boss when you're doing a network marketing, you're selling a product and, the, way you make, money is by selling, the business is by you. Know getting other people, to be under, you and, and. This, guy explains, it all and. If. You gotta have a salesperson. Mentality, it's, not that easy, and, if, you're, here on the internet you, know wondering, about this stuff and you never get out you never go to meetups, you don't even know that many people there's, nothing wrong with that but, you're not going to be a good salesperson you're not gonna be able to do this network marketing type of thing it's a shortcut it's an easy thing it's impulsive it, you, know yeah. Bitcoin. Is the real thing dudes all, right bitcoin. Is the way you dream big bitcoin, is the way to be your own boss. You. Hold, it it's that simple and I know it doesn't seem that exciting, it doesn't seem it doesn't seem as exciting.

As You know selling. This new awesome, product, in convincing people to work under you and they have underlings. Now. You don't need to have underlings, you don't need to have a pyramid, beneath. You. And. Some people might even talk why are you comparing network marketing a big word but cuz they're a lot of guys it. Boils, down to this like well should I get into Cutco knives or, should I buy Bitcoin and to me it's so freakin obvious dude. Do the simple, Bitcoin, don't. And. That's. That's. How you dream big with. Pity you're gonna be your own boss through. Bitcoin through. Patience, through not being impulsive. Because. The other stuff it. 96%. Of people don't make money at the very least, all. Right. Truly. Be your own boss, alright. We're not you know a Salesman, it's, hard to be a Salesman, it takes a certain skill set to be you know when I when I used to work in the. Close. To corporate world I worked for some internet companies in my day um. I you. Know I was just worried about these salespeople like, how hard can it be it's something I don't like to do but you must love you know it is hard sales is a hard thing it is a real skill and, it's. Something that hardly, anyone can really do well so, don't, get into it it's, not worth your while to get into it when you could just make, some solid, investments. And live. Within your means for. God's sakes and, in. The long run it will work out and Bigpoint is one of those long-run type of tools that, you. Should that you should consider way. Over, network, marketing. Finally. CNBC. And this, was inspired by nori this article is actually from January, says Norway uh. Was. A. Tesla. Model X is the country's, fourth. Best selling car, subsidies. Free parking and toll free, roads are all, part of the package so I'm, when, I'm running around here, in Bergen I see so many freaking Tesla's, it's. Unbelievable. And it, is because, they, don't have to like. When the Norwegians, they're smart people they do car, cost-benefit. Analysis, when they add up all the discounts they get for buying this high-end. Luxury. Car it's, worth it it's, worth it it's the same as buying a Mercedes, or what. Kujo. Or. A uh, what. Was it called uh. Hybrid. Little hybrid and pride Priuses. So, again I mean I'm not a big fan of government, subsidies, or whatever but if they you, know you can complain about the government subsidies, or. If you're in many but if you're stuck in Norway to take advantage, I mean you're not gonna have to pay euro towels anymore, and some. Import, taxes, are gone and so a lot of people have done they're smart people here they, are definitely smart people here they're peaceful people here and they're, buying Tesla's, because it's worth their while and they're living it up and then you know Tesla is a good car and that's you know Elon, Musk again, people, like to rip on the dude that is a big, dreamer, there that is a guy I like, those type of guys that you know they, dream big he, doesn't have it they don't advertise it all either they, don't go about he doesn't go about things a traditional, way and so. You know if a country like Norway is gonna play. Into his game then I guess they're gonna play into his game they're gonna hook him up and he's gonna become bigger and bigger does, I mean he wants to go to Mars, that dude and and everything he does is making, money toward. Getting toward that goal and, it's. It's really awesome so, again. I've talked about I am not a car guy at all but. At my first time in the test love which was a Bitcoin, guy picking me up in a Tesla in Los Angeles I have. You know I'm like I got to get my dad one of these after the 2020, having, if I, feel comfortable doing so at that time, so. You know that that's Adams first uh luxury. Item, ever heard. Anyway. Yeah so that's just giving you a little taste of Norway if you're ever walking around, Bergen you're, gonna see a lot of Tesla's. Surprising. Amount and this is though who knows how they're gonna go who knows how he's gonna go about it in the future spreading, the Tesla, around I'm. Pretty sure this dude Elon. Musk is gonna change the world and just tremendous, tremendous, tremendous ways, but, he's a positive, and he's, not a blamer he just goes out there he's in motion all those should be in motion with Bitcoin pound, that like button i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember, to subscribe this channel it says do you share this video check.

Out The notes section below i'll say hi to you dudes in the chat see fi.

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