The 1 Bitcoin Show- BTC will create corporate job openings, BTC banks, mainstream ETH fail, EOS-yawn

The 1 Bitcoin Show- BTC will create corporate job openings, BTC banks, mainstream ETH fail, EOS-yawn

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Hello. Everyone. Look. Out there this. Is adam. Meister the. Bitcoinmeister. The. Disrupt. Meister. Welcome. To. The one. Bitcoin. Show. Today. Is. May. The. 30th. 2018. Han. Long. Term thinking. Golden. Hold, the. Furrow of gratification. It. Is. Almost. 10 20, at night, at, night, here, in Bergen Norway. And look how light it is outside, it's just right I have the window you came and see it's so bright out there yeah, it's 10 20 at night that. Is freakin amazing, hey man I'm wearing my run, BTC. Shirt. Links. Below to get shirts and. Prez, oars shout, out to everybody born, in 1986. Yeah that's what Run DMC, is about but, run BTC. That's. About 20 26, not, 1986. Anyway. Shout outs to those nineteen eighty Sixers. And I guess I guess, shout out to andy hoffman because, he's a fan of the mets and yeah. That's who, won the World Series in, 1986. Unfortunately. In 1969. Also that was total beat anyway. So let's jump right into, this show. Right, let's, not go talk let's not talk about that horrible. 1969. World Series no we're, gonna let's talk about the 1970, World Series or 83 no let's talk about Bitcoin, okay so, here, is oh yeah, well. I'll get to that second, vid. This guy sounds like mini lingham hear what I'm about to read to you Pierre Rashard, has, a tweet, and I link to it below because remember, everything. Is linked to below check out yesterday's show, disrupt. Meister calm, everything's, linked up below as soon. As one government, is known. To have bought its first bitcoin, into. Its reserves. We. Could see, a second, Stampede for the entrance, as national. Treasuries. Around. The world realize. They need to diversify, at, least, some of their reserves, into Bitcoin, before. All their rivals, do so, I, have, talked about this quite a few times on my show before maybe you're new to the channel you haven't heard me mention this but I think it's very interesting that Pierre is bringing this up now it sounds exactly, like, what Vinnie lingham, was predicting, back in 2016. That, one day you, know a country's would start buying Bitcoin and one when one found out about it all the, others were just join, in it it'd be a huge rush, by. All the other couple the countries to not. Be the last one in on Bitcoin and they'd all copy each other and it would be a great move especially for the first few or, the first company, the first first. Country, that did it definitely, anyway. With. That and, you. Might be saying whoa that okay so if any link Hansen in 2016. Big deal I'm hearing well trust, me when I heard that statement I heard many say that in 2016, I for. A good acted, baby, so I'm darn, happy I've been paying I was paying attention in 2016, so pay attention people, pay attention to this it's still early and, Pierre. Is talking about it now Adams, talking about Nvidia talked about it it's. Just a matter of time and when. It does happen you'll, be like that to me 18 was pretty darn early, okay. Thing I forgot to mention, on. The 12th, in, Boca. Raton that. Is June, the 12th Boca Raton Florida. 6:30. To 8:30 is, the meet up is linked, to below they've, got a description about me on there now so, if you were in the South Florida area I want to meet you I want to hang out we, had a great time here in Bergen yesterday. At the meetup here I anticipated. It will be similar there and then of course in, July, I will, be in Alberta the. 9th and the 10th at the. What's. At the Bitcoin rodeo, next, day in Red Deer and then July, the 12th at the Edmonton. Alberta meet, up and then I'm hanging around Edmonton. Until the end of the month and who. Knows maybe I'll Drive around Alberta, some more I'm. Really looking forward to being in Alberta as I have, never been to. That part of Canada, before I've. Been to British Columbia and. In. That part of Western Canada. But other, than that, I've. Been in the air for the Toronto I've been to Quebec City, anyway. So uh. I'm. Looking forward to okay so Bloomberg's. Got an interesting article out there. It. Is Millennials. Who. Made money trading, digital, assets, in their spare time are, breaking. Away from top. Firms. Okay. Now I'm interested in this story not and you know they give the details, you how these guys are trading, Kryptos and now they're they're, getting they're quitting their jobs at, you know very, corporate. Type of companies. You. Know big banks. May. Be stocking, in stocks, know, that big finance, stuff they got into and that's great that they got into crypto I don't, encourage trading. Or anything like that but what it makes me think of is this. Imagine. After, the twenty twenty having maybe in twenty twenty one or after 2024, hat having, in.

2025. You're. Gonna read stories, that are gonna be just like this but, they're gonna be a little bit different they'll, be like you, know millennial. Quitting. His job at. Procter. & Gamble, because, he bought Bitcoin, in 2017. Not, because he traded just because he was a holder, and they're. Gonna, there. Are corporate, people out there now who have bought Bitcoin, using. It as a savings account I have you know they, don't waste their money on ridiculous, things they, are planning ahead they, want to be you know 31, years old and, able. To quit, their job at these huge, companies, that, might be paying him like, $150,000. A year, but. That'll be nothing to them because all they did was buy and hold Bitcoin, throughout, 2016, 17 18 19 20 whatever. It may be we're, gonna hear these stories in the future whether they be in 20 21 or 20 25 or whatever, they may be so, try, to be one of those people plan, ahead like that set goals like, write down your goals and pound. That frickin like button so yeah corporate, job openings, so, then all the 80 percenters, will be like Oh awesome look, at all these corporate, people I know I think probably get my corporate dream job of a hundred twenty thousand dollars a year and. They'll. Give me insurance, for when I get cancer when I'm thirty five because all I do is work for them and my wife will take half my money and oh yeah. And and, I'll want my three kids that I'll be paying for private school she'll, take them too and my house that I we overpaid. Yes so that person will get the job that, uh you, bitcoiners. Who are planning ahead will quit, in, the future alright and I remember to bang that Bell button also so you get, notifications and when I go live we've got some, people over there in the chat I see yes for mode yes. He's, over there man yes, for motivation, I just had to give him a shout out as I haven't seen him for a while I don't do shows like that, are good for people and loving my, times have not been very London, friendly, uh today, I'm doing one I guess it's nine o'clock in London so it is it's, friendly, for, him I hope, the meeting one day yeah I mean we've talked obviously, on he's got a channel too so check him out he, is an old school he's been around this thing for a long time, he's, been doing big coin shows.

Yeah. At least since 2016. 5 before that he I hope he's been holding Bitcoin longer. Than 2016. Also, okay. So uh and. You. Guys could do this if anyone's in the chat he can do this super channel all that good stuff too. So. What, else do we have here oh yeah torna Meester has a tweet and, I don't even care when he linked to in the tweet I just like what he said the, world changes, companies. Adapt. Eventually. Banks. Will offer Bitcoin. Services. Okay. So yeah he's, absolutely right and I've said and I've said this recently on the channel also people. Bitcoins, gonna put the bank's out of business, the. Smart banks will just have, Bitcoin services, and will, tell, people hey you can store your Bitcoin, here and this, is something that actually got brought up at the Bergen meetup yesterday. Someone. Said to me well is it it's easier, for, people just to let, third parties, control their Bitcoin and you know what that, is easy, for that's easy but it's not it's not a hundred you, don't, really own your Bitcoin, that way but so many people are used to banks, hold it controlling, their money and not. Complaining, about one you. Know there's there's people that they know that well, yeah I mean a certain country my bank could just uh there could be a bank bail and I don't care you, know that, attitude, is uh most. People have that attitude they just don't they're slaves they're just like yeah that's the way it is that's the way it is banks, that's where you keep your value, at banks and so, they'll, be like well there's a new way of having value, it's Bitcoin but I'll just let a bank have it so banks. That are willing to adapt and take, in those people they're going to do well so, indeed. The world does change and Bitcoin, will become bigger and bigger and bigger but, some aspects, of it just kind of I guess rhyme, that. Some. People just really don't they're, there general, ways of, depending. On third parties it'll. Stay the same even though, Bitcoin is all about not depending on third 40s so if you do control your own private key you will be that much more elite, as I, have been saying so get yourself a treasurer link, to below that. Ledger nano crypto. Hwa Khan it's all linked to below use them oyster discounts, and oh I. You know haven't we checked out and update that stuff for a while but just do it anyway if. You don't have a treads or get one you. Can and again I have direct, affiliate link with Trez or also someone, just did a super tak ten dollars, from, T you. Were the reason I owned my treasures, thanks. Adam and yeah dude thank you and it's, good you know there was at one time I was like I'll you only need one but dudes with all the things going on get to get three whatever there's different reasons to have more. Than one definitely, there. Did and we've gone all over them and other shows before if you're, playing around with crypto dividends, if you're, really super paranoid, you, just. Want to split everything between two and there are people like that and there are people that make tremendous huge, mistakes that, lose everything that we, don't be one of those people that loses your treasure and your recovery seed but. God, forbid there are people like that. But. Anyway had at least one and tea thank you very much for that ten dollars I really I really appreciate, that the super chat and that you watch these videos man, I hope this is a good time for you unfortunately. I don't know if I'm gonna be able to do it at this time and often by the way tomorrow, I'm supposed to be on some Australian. Bitcoin. Show of a lady a lady from Australia, we'll see how that goes, I'll, share, the link after I think we're gonna talk about be private, I don't, know I could talk about anything you know that I've, done I've done over a but we'll get into that in a second I have done over, 900. I've done a close to a thousand. Cryptocurrency. Related, shows in my life now okay. Here. On YouTube and you can watch all of them if you go to disrupt.

Meister Or most of them i I think I haven't tagged some of them properly, from the beginning, I don't know but. Anyway yeah I'm, well-versed in the YouTube. Cryptocurrency. Talk, and I can that's why I get to talk in events all around the world because I can just keep going and going again yesterday was like 90 minutes straight I was just answering questions talking. Talking and then afterwards, 90, more minutes or just hanging out with people until, we got kicked out of the venue and I couldn't even talk some more I mean, I could probably talk about this stuff for 24 hours straight if I mean if he gave me some water and my proper, food, why. Didn't you know I had when I could fast the entire time to what the heck you won't have to die I wouldn't need water though alright so uh yeah. We talked about vanilla ham we. Talked about, the. World changing, okay here's another interesting. I've, retweeted, this yesterday follow me a tech ball by the way on Twitter te CH BLT, on steam, it at bitcoinmeister. Both. Of those things are blowing up but you you would know and I tweet, I retweet, things throughout, the day doesn't. Matter what time zone you're in you can be in Auckland New Zealand a very cool place that I have. Hung out before in, December, of 2015 great, memories, check, out the archives to watch when I was there and I told people to by, what. I say by 10 big points for $4,000. You should have listened to me but so uh alright. So here, here is what i retweeted. Yesterday, Bitcoin, is becoming, a proprietary. Eponym. For. Crypto, currencies, like, Hoover, became for vacuum cleaners, like, Google did for search like, thermos, velcro. Sprin speedo, etc. And so. This was by Alistair, Milne and I had mentioned the store I mentioned, this story I'm about to tell you before but I'll tell you again when I was in Hong Kong in, a the. Beginning of July of 2017. When, it would rain seven, times a day every. Day, it. Was so humid. Anyway, uh if, there, was a Bitcoin meet up there and I, was, hanging out with some people out on the. Outside. On the balcony and this one there was a girl uh there were some newbies there stuff and this one guy asked me how, do I get the litecoin, version, of Bitcoin so. There. You go just like what, Alistair is saying, that, for some people cryptocurrency. Is Bitcoin, that's just Bitcoin is just another word for cryptocurrency. You. Know like. Speedo, is for the bikini, style bathing, suit er or, whatever. So. Upon. That like one town. That like button if you're one of those European man and you're just like dude I don't care out where the speedo at all the beach Americans. And they're not like that unless, you go, to certain. Beaches and. Or. You hang out in certain, area. Whatever to each guy his own I mean they got a dude. You gotta do what you gotta do I guess but a lot of most American guys aren't down with the speedo. Anyway. So, but. Europeans. Alright. So people. Have asked me about Neos, and. You. Know what I don't I really don't care I, don't. Care I look, of all people you know I'm a Bitcoin, guy I mean this is I've seen the flavors of the month I've seen these things hyped up before, yeah yeah sure I probably don't good value I don't know I don't care I just don't care is, it going to destroy a theory I'm no I don't. Really even. Just. Ridiculous, at this point some of the some, of these things people come up with or. If you want to mess around with it and then you get.

Messed. Up it's your thought you know personal, responsibility. Is a new counterculture. I'll. Tell you what I do I I hang. Out with a Bitcoin man, not not. Diversification. Diversification. For, the sake of diversification, is, pretty, ridiculous. So. Speaking. About aetherium. And pretty ridiculous, and, again that was about Yost but a lot of people like viewers will kill etherion, I don't care. So. But. This is about aetherium here and this is not a theorems fault The Motley Fool, you. Know The Motley Fool they've got a Twitter account apparently, and they. They're. Pretty mainstream, financial. Organization. On the internet, website. It. Get out for this show but here that here we go they've, got a tweet out there Larry with the tweet says, could. A theory, of market, cap exceed, this is a new tweet mind you could, etherium market, cap exceed. Bitcoins, this year, a, lot. Of problems with this tweet and it just shows you how, off, the, mainstream, is they, spell etherium wrong. Not. Good not good that, they didn't take the time to figure, that one out so, I don't I don't think I'm that familiar with the theorem if they can't spell it correctly. Um. But, I mean what do they think this is the flipping rumors, of last year or the year before or whatever the flippin I mean the, flipping is so 2017. Dudes I mean what, are you talking about now but, the funny thing is that they're a bunch of 80 percenters, that will hear about this that all that are like old Motley Fool's talking about it now I better look into that with this if thorium, is if. Fear I am is. Better. Looking at that you, know I've heard about this Bitcoin why don't I just get a cheaper, version called, aetherium and uh yeah. And, it. Was Motley Fool's talking about it maybe. It'll be worth more than Bitcoin because they they're saying it's. A employee. To the market town but exceed it and, so yeah they're big plenty of people that don't know that this is totally old news and this, spelled wrong and Ted, the MA hey come on people dead. Bees made, some of these mainstream sources not. Good sources for cryptocurrency information. Like all of them are bad sources, sometimes they'll they'll have little nuggets, sometimes. They'll have the mean over true signaler is like it Forbes. So anyway, but I guess, that's totally different but the hurt uniforms. You know what. The affirmative action hire at forbes or whatever gave. Her that job I mean because she's a anyway. So uh. Yeah. Just be careful, you know when it's Forbes, or Motley Fool same thing same thing, alright. But. You know thinking, about be, saying things like that and. I, interact. With a lot of people online and, in, probably. Love meeting people at these meetups and people do. Tell. Me they like Adam you say things that I can't say and I really like your channel because you just you say what. You think and, it's original, stuff and you, know you go beyond bitcoins and guys, I'm gonna keep on doing that and I want to be the voice I want to be the voice for the people that have, to be quiet that are not in this, situation, that I'm in where, I don't work for anyone and, I can say whatever the heck I please and I.

Want, You guys to get, into this situation like, I am but, for, the time being when you're not in this situation I'm gonna keep on speaking for all those, people who want to say this kind of thing but can't say this kind of thing because. They'll, get fired or, lose. Their ye4 who know I mean who, knows what societal, pressure will be placed on them because remember to me and I tell all of you this it's not fitting. Who cares about fitting in dude it's just do. What you believe in go your own way man and you, let Bitcoin beer, your. Way out of here out of mainstream fitting. In and the, social, justice, BS, world, that is the, mainstream and. You know what you, can complain about it but the, best thing is acting upon it and leaving it like I have left it and I just do whatever the heck I want to do go where I want to go have. Shows I wanna have shows and. You, know talk about Forbes, and Motley Fool. Just. Women, that her working, Forbes that know nothing about cryptocurrency, so are know very little you know who would like the pitch and I cos every day, okay. So. Another thing I did. Yesterday's. Video I realized, on my, channel, here on YouTube, it was my, video. That I uploaded, on that channel now not all of them are big you know some, of them are really old they're me walking around Baltimore, or me. Talked a little bit talking about barb or so you can explore the archives, be my guest, it's not like I've never erased, the video so. Yeah and then there's like a couple videos that are like mistake, videos no they're, funny. But of those 1000 and now I use 1001, videos of the majority. At least, like 944. Of them I think my. Number 50 of them are are, about Bitcoin, and again. If you go to disrupt, meister comm, you, can see. 944. Videos of mine that. Either i've been on other channels or my channel where i talk about cryptocurrency, so. For. The fans and if you're a hater you know you can obsess over me there too so z cash z. Cash zuko, he, interviewed. Or he talked to rocket man woo a bit, Ming and I. See posted, it on his uh Z. Cash forum, and I'll link to it below it. Was kind of interesting they. Talk some Manero a little bits of mining. Hey. Maybe you dudes will be interested, in that kind of thing it's link to below I try to bring you some different things here so pound that like button i'm adam, meister the bitcoinmeister, the disrupt meister, remember. To, subscribe this channel like this when you share this video do, check out the notes section below.

And, I'll say hi to the dudes that are that are here, in the chat right now Run, DMC Jam, Master Jay run. BTC, 1986.

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I don't get the people who think banks and Wall Street firms will just go away. It shows how little they understand. Talent and massive infrastructure at our current financial institutions is still needed by most regular people. The firms will just tweak their business models to include crypto services. Other major companies have made much more significant transitions in the past. Many people don't realize that Nintendo used to sell card games, but BECAME a video game company when the world changed. Successful doctors, lawyers, etc. won't just decide one day that they'll start storing their life savings on a flash drive. They'll rely on "trusted" institutions like always. (Unless of course there's a complete economic collapse)

Dave- I don't think you understand what Bobby is saying. he is definitely not giving a "herd" opinion.

Bobby A You don't get it. That's fine, do your thing, stay with the herd.

This show is all about look at me-me-me and I I I I , narcissist stuff.

123Noscope it's a statement not of hate

BlockChain Adam is a successful person with good self discipline and longterm thinking. He focuses on helping people build savings and uses himself as an example but why would anyone hate on that? I want to learn from smart peope on how to build wealth for the future

Good rant Adam, good points, and a lot of wisdom. Keep it coming.

Thanks! I will keep on making these videos every day!

Bitcoin Las Vegas is meeting at Jacksons Bar and Grill. It is at the corner of Flamingo and South Jones. The first meeting is on Friday, June 1, 2018 at 7:00 P.M. I will be there!

Fridays are big days for tourists in Vegas. Many people can be told about Bitcoin on those days!

Awesome. I will bring this up on Thursdays show hopefully.

Alberta is beautiful. You will love it!

I am really looking forward to it.

I invest in crypto. What I am saying is that "mom & pop" and "Joe Six pack" will still need and rely on "financial professionals" of some kind for many years to come. And I just don't think high-IQ people making lots of money on Wall Street or banking will just decide to close up shop and go home.

Adam talks about everyone and everything else in the industry. I get the opossite impression

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