The 1 Bitcoin Show- Attempted Coinbase Hack, the Fed, Steemit, Banks, Q&A!

The 1 Bitcoin Show- Attempted Coinbase Hack, the Fed, Steemit, Banks, Q&A!

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Hello. Everyone. This. Is, adam. Meister the. Bitcoinmeister. The. Disrupt. Meister. Welcome. To. The one. Big. Coin, show. Today. Is. June. The, 20th. 2019. Strong hand peace. Now your wealth in Bitcoin I'm confiscating, well one Bitcoin equals one big one offended. By selling, personal, responsibilities, a new counterculture. Your home for, Bitcoin insider, information, no. Fancy, sets, or graphics, conviction. Always. Be learning always be. Learning remember, if you're watching this tape play. That 2x if you're watching this live if, you've got questions typing. Bitcoinmeister, in, the, chat so I can answer your questions I can only see it when you type in big climatic Meister or you do a super, chat also. Remember. Tomorrow 2:00, p.m.. Eastern. Time 11:00 a.m., in. Los Angeles. This weekend Bitcoin, oh it's soon David, Bennett will be on, Christian. Will be on and so. Well Bitcoin, Tina oh you love. All those guests, this, weekend Bitcoin the best, guests. In the space, you, find, here every. Friday at some time and that time is 2 p.m. Eastern Time tomorrow Friday. Pound. That like, button. Alright. Let's. Talk about the Fed or let's talk about interest rate you let's talk about government, interference in, the, financial, markets because you, know what you can complain about it you can scream about it but, it helps Bitcoin, here's, a great tweet from. Bernstein. And. That's his last thing at least and so. It begins in arms, rates of central, banks around the world competing. To devalue, their currencies. Fiats. Will leak into scarce, assets, and the, scarcest. Asset, in the, world will, disproportionately. Benefit. It's. Like they're conspire, during the pump bitcoin thank. You for your service. Yes, thank. You for your service central banks yes, you're going to enter the mud the monetary, policy of printing your. Fiat like crazy it looks like it's about to happen people are talking about it with the Fed they're gonna change their their, policy, interest, rates are going to are. Dropping. So they say you know I don't worry about it I say, you, print a lot of fiat people. If you get a lot of fiat, don't. Like value, your wealth in that Fiat put, it into something that's scarce they're giving you something for free put, it into something that's not free okay so they're giving you the opportunity you. Could go more thing what what what, most people do or look. At this I'll go spend it on useless things on a new car I'll miss that the other and the, end of the day you're, in more debt at the end of the day which is not what you should be doing so, you get your Fiat you don't value your wealth and Fiat you put it into something scarce, like this guy says and that is Bitcoin so, 20.

Percenters, Will know to do this and bitcoin, will benefit, because of all these all these financial sinead shenanigans, i don't. Complain about it I just, uh you. Analyze the situation and, you do what you got to do you got to value your wealth and Bitcoin and know that this. Is what bitcoin was made for for when governments, would create. Their welfare, dollars, and, increase, the size of the welfare dollar and of course all the all, the fiat lovers out there in 80 percenters, they won't know the difference they'll. Be getting bigger, and better, big-screen. TVs so, they'll be happy and will be happy found, that like but. The. Crypto, guy what's, he have to say oh this, is hilarious this is hilarious, I. Finally. I, finally. Found the perfect portfolio. Allocation. 40%. Bitcoin, 25%. Bitcoin, 5%. Bitcoin, 30%. Bitcoin pound. That like button dude that's, a portfolio. That I like that's not just that krypter, krypter, portfolio. Nonsense, that's the real deal Holyfield baby, or the real, deal, atom. Couch. That that'll, be the new thing you know Holyfield he was a old school boxer, now i Adam, Carroll I'm, destroying, his last name watch yesterday's, show if you want to know about the Polish powerhouse, from, Brooklyn, and his, attempt to become the heavyweight champion, of the world and hopefully, bitcoin, will, ride his coattails to. Glory but he loves Bitcoin, that's yesterday's show alright and you. Can always watch my, archives, disrupt, meister comm te, CH blt, follow me on twitter i between out my. Podcast, you, can see listen all my podcast supports maestro comm and my, podcasts are obviously all these shows in audio form because, you really don't need to see me and the, freezer here. To. Like understand. What's going on I mean again if you're 80 percenter, and you'd like to see freezers, and fancy, sets and graphics then I could watch another channel and this. Is about content, content. So, you can listen to it at sports meister come also and bitcoinmeister. What's. Your opinion about the Satoshi story, around. Paul LaRue, yeah I discussed, this before it's totally fun totally, clickbait totally ridiculous and again. We've been through this if you maybe you're new every. Year to, six months there's a new Satoshi, okay and. It's it's it's so salacious, each one's more salacious than the last one so we've got criminal, Satoshi, we've, got Jim Jones Satoshi, we. Had California. Asian man Satoshi, that wasn't too controversial, we're gonna keep getting these and perhaps, some. People out there will take, the clickbait and click, up keep on you, know clicking. On the articles, and giving all those mainstream, propaganda, outlets clicks and then they'll complain all wise box so powerful, why because. You keep clicking, on their stories. So. Again okay. It doesn't matter it. Hits. But next year there'll be another story about another fake Satoshi that'll be even more convincing. And all the people who love conspiracies, really yes obviously, it, was the FBI behind, it that made up this french-canadian. The, Australian. Satoshi. And it, was all and I'm song on my Bitcoin because the NSA, behind it and that's what it leads to all this nonsense so that's what I think about it I've discussed, it before it's a total waste of time totally, wasted all right so. I'm. It again if you'd like doom and gloom and, being a no corner that's the thing for you that's good it's interesting stuff to waste your time with and to worry about and. Moving. On this. Guy Yossi. Hassan, says I opened. A new US bank account in the, six days that it took for my, wire to transfer, from, my other US account to my new account my new account was debited.

$25.95. For being under, the minimum, balances, to, not be charged a fee and another, $34. Overdraft. Fee and yet, crypto, is the scam. Hey, dude that is a great point, but hey people like, people, like to poke fun at Bitcoin they say what's a scam it's this it's that to the other and then if you stay with the financial, if you stay with the traditional, financial markets. And you have, your bank account you try to open a new a bank account you've got a you get charged fees up the yin-yang and, it's, so slow, that you end up having negative. Negative. Balances. And you get charged even more and more so they're just people take him from you and if. It's incredible. Uh I mean, what, a racket I mean but people opt into it that's it for some people it's convenient, I guess let. Me tell you about this I think, eventually the, banks won't be able to pull off all that all those nonsense charges. Off anymore because. Smart, banks, who want to stay alive and relevant in the 2030s. Will, become. Bitcoin. Banks also so they'll deal with Fiat they'll be Bitcoin friendly, and they're just not going to be able to get away with, doing, incredible. You know $50, fees for nonsense, for fur for mistakes and. It. The, ones who continue, down that path will, probably become obsolete. I think, Bitcoin, will force, the hands of some of these banks to, become. A little bit more sensible, or, friendly. In terms, of their fees they're not going to be able to get away with I mean right now they have a monopoly on. Saving. Your wealth, basically. So, they get to charge fees like that they're not have that monopoly forever, and even. Even 80 percenters, will get tired of dealing with banks that pay. Those that, charges, an incredible. Incredible, fees but, again it's right at this point they can still get away with it because most people don't want to be, their own banks and get into Bitcoin eventually banks. Will feel the pressure of people that are just totally opting, out of the banking system and then, they'll have little carrots, to get back in let go yeah you can store your Bitcoin here also and we, won't charge you fees anymore to do that or to you. Know it won't take three days to wire your money or seven days the wire money so again I like, that this guy's brings. Up that here we're, almost in the 2020s, and we have banks they're still able to get away with with this type of nonsense but hey you. Know what more more power to and if people want to stick with that kind of thing yeah. Bitcoin, is a clear option, to opt out of it then I mean look. If. They can print money like that let them do it. Alright, be ruk says. Did. You see Riviera. Beach City paying. The ransom of, six hundred thousand dollars to the. Hackers. And you, know what beer up were. You the one who sent me that over a Twitter. Somebody, someone. Just informed, me of it okay and guess what I didn't, have time to look at it and I'm, so, glad you reminded me of it I'm. Going to look at it again but, if the, headline is true then yeah, it appears that they wanted about a hundred, Bitcoin, at. The time that Bitcoin was worth about six thousand dollars and they paid it which, is pretty, amazing because. That's a lot more than what the Baltimore, guys wanted, and the bottom where people never paid. It but it cost the Baltimore people even more in the long run so yeah I did hear about it it is, something to investigate, and it, is something is just a reminder that you if. You're one of these bloated, City bureaucracies. A long. Time ago you should have bought bought some Bitcoin, as insurance, just, so you won't have to get into this type of situation so. You know back in the day if you were you would have gotten a 100. Bitcoin. For. $400. It would have cost you forty thousand dollars which. Seemed, like a lot fan but. In the future if you ever got had if you ever got held, up like these guys did and for, like 50 pick a coin you would Pam, the 50 bit coin you'd be free you'd learn your lesson you would improve IT and, you would still have an extra 50 Bitcoin you would have come out ahead actually but. Yeah thanks for that I got to actually write that down right right now to look. Into. Florida. Okay. Yeah I have.

That Slipped my mind again I thank, everyone who sends me all sorts of stories sometimes I get sent way too many stories and I but thanks for that reminder pound out like bond everyone thanks for the the, questions. Okay. So. We talked about the bank accounts, and that, winning banks in the future will have to. Definitely. Change, their ways to. -, they. Won't be able to do that back anymore. So. The block crypto, has, an article out here and this is you. Know this should scare you guys straight it nothing, bad actually, happened, but, coinbase. Detected. And blocked an. Attempted. Attack on, user, funds, coinbase. Was among several crypto. Companies, able. To detect and block and attempted, hack on Monday according. To reports, so. Again there are a lot of people that think oh it's. Just as good it's it, is just as good as a bank because the bank can get robbed also, okay it's a centralized, point of weakness coin. Basis, people, have tried, to hack it this is proof that they tried to do not succeed at, all but, after a story like this why are you keeping any funds, at coin base now I know there's some of you out there that, you, know diversified. From the sake of diversification, you, were keeping your Bitcoin net there so, now you have something called 0x you wouldn't know how to store it in the first place anywhere, else that's. A bad situation to get yourself into dudes if you, buy a crypto, person you should definitely know how to store it at something, other than a third party because once, is that a third party like coin base you can get hacked did someone tried to hack it the other day so, get yourself a treasure or learn, how to send the Bitcoin learn, how to store a big point properly and again, if you, store your Bitcoin properly, you get crypto dividends, you get interest on your Bitcoin you get these air drops and you, get these, Forks. And you turn it into more Bitcoin, thanks. To crypto dividends. It is something you this is insider, information, here. Not everybody knows about this type of stuff but, hey if you watch this show you do and if.

You, Don't watch the show then you know about who the latest big Satoshi, is and that will get you nowhere in life but if you know what a crypto dividend is that well and you don't have a story Bitcoin you'll get more Bitcoin pal that like button tell you well too big all right that's really dumb valium, you're welcome so. I don't. I do not want to hear the news one day that coinbase actually, got hacked that would be horrible, and guess what the price of Bitcoin would actually dip because of that in terms of PI there would be all because people would say oh look we got hacked. Hey. That's why you have a strong hand you gotta be prepared for stories like that and to really be prepared for a story like that you control your own private key you know how to store your Bitcoin so yeah we're another were another day closer to an all-time high Bitcoin is always returned to its all-time fiat. Highs and. So. Another day closer to 20k, or whatever. It was nineteen, point six K, and I, think a lot of more people are getting a hang of this lately because. The, last one, week or two or three weeks, Bitcoin. Keeps on getting, yearly. Highs they keep in terms of fiat I think, today. Bitcoin. Has not been this high in terms of fiat look like in 13, months so, some new people who only got in when Bitcoin was going down or they're even newer than that they. They hadn't seen this yet the glory of Bitcoin. In terms of, its. Taking. Step after slowly, step, by step but, now it seems like it's getting a little faster, it returns, to its all-time, high and so now it's returning, to its yearly high, or is 13, watts higher it's 14 month I and sluttin and we're gonna be in a nice, uh round. Number, again in. Theory. Soon, enough if it's not soon enough and continue your strong hand but, again this the whole concept of one day closer to an all-time high I think people are able to uh it's. Not this, nebulous. Concept anymore. You you can really see it in from your face like oh wow it's it is getting higher every day it really could get, to an all-time high again. Yeah believe it or not it will it has in the past it will again learn, to 210,000, block theory that we talk about on the shut up, okay. A guy named Satoshi Satoshi. Says. More, JW, weatherman controversy, to date, he. Says bit 39, is insecure and he would never touch any hardware, wallet okay you know what he says, a lot of controversial. Things he's like uh. He. He's. Incredibly, paranoid, about, his big I mean he. Believes in, Bitcoin, Bitcoin. Distress. And it. Really, to. An extent, where he takes it to a whole new level where. If something, even, resembles, a third party, he doesn't. Like it a pair so I haven't heard about this yet. But. See. He's. Like easy. We, need perspectives, like that due. To a. Appear. Very paranoid. About every aspect, of securing, your Bitcoin and, that. Everything, is a threat, to Bitcoin, again I don't live my life that way but, he definitely, and you know he's interesting guy to talk to you and, I. Definitely. Don't agree with him on everything. I'll. Have to check out this latest things two-toed she said so she thank, you and this, is yeah it's totally sells JW, which to me though totally. He's. A character, in the space. Uh-huh. Best, guest it on the face of this show he has been one of them in the past very recent, checkout, tech vault calm to see it so and. No, I don't agree with that by the way the, knowledge, that I have he. Says Biff thirty-nine is insecure and he would never touch a hardware I like clearly, that's not true with me I. Treasure. Baby. Yeah. And again the other ones are okay cube but treasure, you can easily sign and get your crypt of dividend so that's when people ask me which one is the best one that, one's the best one right there know, if, if 39 was insecure we'd be in a for. A world of hurt right now okay so I'm. Down, that one but hey let JW, be, worried so, someone's. Gonna be worried. You. Know III read. The comment below that you didn't type in bitcoinmeister do, you said what do you think of the bit by wallet, isn't, that the nonsense, one that. At. The Belizean drug. Addict that was talking about. Losing. What singing Cuba now that that freak now, is no I don't I don't think anything of it that's the one that was totally proven. Yet. You have a trace or keep the treasure or dude but, if I has no advantage, if. I'm if I'm if I'm getting bit by confused, with. The. I was talking about McAfee, was Miss McAfee, you want promoting goodbye yeah I probably get anything fused with the other one churches. Where is the best one yeah. This guy says called card is better than Tresor net you, in terms of a combining.

Safety. And what's easy, to use the, Tresor is much easier to use so I'd uh yeah, you said for more advanced users okay more I'm not saw you, know more advanced users how many of them are actually out there seriously, Amy in. The whole cryptocurrency, space how many people actually know how to use a hardware wallet what five percent okay, and then we're talking about advanced users of that five percent how many would be advised advanced, users like one, percent of that five percents I mean yeah. I like. Um what's-his-face. He's been on the show before the guy behind the, cold. Card and I, haven't. Played. Around with the, the one that I have that much so. Uh. Yeah. He's, doing good things what's his name Rudolph, those cold card so, I hope I'm not messing up I'm hope I'm not getting bit, by. You. Know we've got all these names that are like bit five is that company it also like gives, you interest on your Bitcoin which, is totally ridiculous to give a cup and it sounds something like bit by also, so, I get I just get this bad by when I even see that written, there so if it's not the one that's promoted. By McAfee, than whatever but Tresor, is the best. And. Okay. So we're talking about alright let's talk about steam it right now so I'm bitcoinmeister, on, steam, it and I like, steam it because I earned this by, posting, my my. Content, there I earned this thing called steam which. Is a cryptic recite earning the Bitcoin and I don't know why anyone would buy steam because you get it for free but, there is a guy another. Reason I like steam it is because, it they're. Trying to get in the direction, of cryptocurrency, tied, around social media okay and there's, something to this okay and people. Are trying to type it and it, would be great if you could have social media and people paid with Bitcoin through social media and, people were working on that also but the steam thing has been going on since 2016. Okay since the summer now it's almost been I'll get my three year anniversary on there very very soon well, as the world changed, since then oh my god and. So you always have all these people complaining about their YouTube, and Facebook and, but. But at the same time we, some of us say well there's a there's a social, media, platform. That involves, cryptocurrency but. Steam. It hasn't changed very much over the years okay and it's, definitely. Not very social. And this, guy has it has a steam it post that I think people. Should read I ivory. Steamed it and I'm gonna read you some some, bits. And pieces for it because steam it's gotta improve it's, gotta improve itself okay, the. Guy says ironically, the, same set of people that have abandoned, steam it because, of the crashing, price of steam are actively. Posting free. Content, on other, social network platforms, such as Facebook. Twitter and Instagram then. The big question arises. Why, are the same set of people who create free, content, or other mainstream, social platforms. Facebook, in particular sites. Are getting. Frustrated, on steam it due to low payouts the answer is simple, there is nothing social. About, the present, user interface, we haven't steam it in short, many, users, and. I. Just lost my place there okay. About. The present user interface, we, have on steam it in short many, users, at best, see steam it as a place where you come post. Your content, walk, away and return, to harvest, rewards, the present, user interface, does not give much room for social, interaction. It is, why more than half of the register people and steam it are always, nowhere to be found in, a bear market so. Great, point dude it's, not social, it doesn't. People. Just post, and go I mean, and I'm guilty of it too. I post, and I, mean I do talk about it I do a, Racine. People, and so. I go a little bit beyond and I do and I think insisted. There I don't leave because the price into. The you know the steam steam Fiat, price has gone down but. They need, to work on things to make it just a friendlier. Place where people are actually interacting. And it. Hasn't changed just 2016, it really, hasn't changed is 2016. And. For. Now I mean, I'm trying to help people get Bitcoin, so if you're a content creator keep posting, and but. There are real note there are no other benefits. There, besides. Just posting, and leaving they just. It's. A work in progress that is kind of stalled. It's definitely stalled, out but. I hope that someone can come up with something that. Really makes it more social, or someone comes up with other. Truly. Social social, media platforms, that involve cryptocurrency, there, is something, to this there really is something to this I've been saying it since 2016.

And, Again. I've never I've never given them a dime I've just, gotten, a lot of steam from them and turned it into Bitcoin pound that like button so let's, hope. For some some changes over there and I give this author credit, because he's, not grown a lot of people like to post Pro steam it things there with hopes that a lot of people gonna upload them that guy spoke the truth so good for you dude, Irie, steam do and maybe, you're watching this who knows. III. I did. Some. Sometimes. On Google I'll just type in Bitcoin and I'll. See what articles. Come, up and my, lord I mean you. Get click baby stuff. Like. The, father of three put. Everything, in the Bitcoin here's. What happened next by the way that's from box it's not linked to below because I think it's like that. Site is nonsense, a lot of the time. And and. It's totally clique baby but. And. Then they're just like the total flood articles, that will come out on the Google search and the ones that are just based on like it, hit. $9,300. It's not dead I mean they treat. It like such a fad. The, the mainstream, EE outlets. Out there that they really haven't gotten it yet, so. It's uni. If you're if you know where to go for the 20% sources. Of information whether, it be channels, like this whether, it be Twitter feeds of guests that I have on my show or channels, of guys that I have on my show guys. And gals whoever guessed. Who who cares you know this, this is just base isn't just for a minute you can be a guy you can be a gal you can be a black you can be your boy you can be a Christian give me in juvey, nay theist you you can be in Bitcoin nothing's preventing, you but. There's, definitely if. You're a person, who's just like. Interested. In Bitcoin and you just Google, in Bitcoin man. You're gonna get clickbait, you're just gonna go down the wrong path you're, gonna end up buying all coins you're gonna end up worrying about who the next fake Satoshi is and, about what. Happens next with a father of three puts, everything in a Bitcoin the. What happens, next life oh my god Adam Lewis click baby thing on earth but, people fall for it hey but, a you, know a precise, are gonna do what any percenters are going to do, here's. A funny site, and.

This Site is probably better, than most of the mainstream, news. Articles. About Bitcoin, it's called Queen market crack that CEO, coin. Market crap, that CEO, so. It's linked to below it is very funny it gives the rankings, of all the coins out out there Bitcoin, is first and then what's below it is quite, hilarious I. Think. It covered everything there. Yeah. That's it thanks. A lot everyone remember, tune in tomorrow at 2 p.m. Eastern. Time, that is 11:00 a.m. on, the west coast and 1. P.m. in Chicago, in the central time, zone I'm Adam I for this week a Bitcoin we got some great guests big pointy nine oh like you're excited about that I saw you guys posted. About that i'm, adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember, subscribe this channel, you share this video pound that like bun down bang that bell but if you need a reminder when we go live or maybe. You'll get that reminder, it's up to YouTube I'll see, you guys in the chat right, now click. On that's those squares you see.

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