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Hey guys welcome back so today I'm gonna be testing out a bunch of brand new products from Sephora. I am really, excited because I pretty much got everything for, a full face I went on the what's new page on Sephora and I got a lot of really great stuff that I'm super excited about and you, guys know I love my drugstore makeup but I think we all deserve to treat ourselves and splurge every once in a while and it was requested, for me to start trying out more higher-end things just so you guys know like what works and what doesn't so hopefully. It is helpful don't forget to grab your snacks and also if you haven't already don't. Forget to hit that subscribe button it'll be right down below and there also be a link in the description box as well because it helps out a ton and I'm, really excited that we are almost halfway it's, a four hundred thousand subscribers right enough rambling I hope you enjoy and let's just go ahead and get started alright guys so my lids are primed I just used my NARS soft matte concealer in the shade a custard, and I'm really excited because I'm going to be using it the new Natasha Genoa tropic, palette this, is the most I've ever spent on an eyeshadow palette and I was a little skeptical to be honest cuz I've told you guys so before I would never spend this much money on an eyeshadow palette but I hear so many people talking about it and I was like you know what I'm gonna just take one for the team and just see what it's all about and see if it's worth the hype or not so first, of all the packaging, is to, die for I'm obsessed with this blue color it is so pretty and I'm sure you guys have seen the, colors like everywhere they are really really gorgeous I dipped, my finger into like a few of them just cuz I wanted to touch and see what they felt like but they feel really nice so I'm really really excited I'm.

Gonna Start off by just taking this shade right here which is called fake tan, and maybe blending that right and shoot my crease as a neutral at blending shade to do this I'm using my morphe, e 27. Just dipping my brush into here there isn't that much, like kickback, from the shadow a little bit but not much I am expecting, a lot from this palette just considering, obviously, how expensive it is so, let's. See. Really, nice shade, it looks actually a little. Darker. Than it looks in the pan. Picking. Up the shade or right here which is called Sahara, on the same blending brush going to be applying that also in my crease I don't really know what kind of look I'm doing today but I know that I really want to use that green. So. I'm gonna just keep the crease really warm but. I don't want to add too, many like red tones in it because I don't want to look to look like Christmas but I still want some warmth in there so I don't know what I'm doing but we're. Just gonna go with it you're super, buttery I know I've heard I don't really know how accurate this is but from what I've seen they, had different. Formula, like I don't really know what Natasha do known as formula was then but, right now it seems really, creamy and smooth which is good okay with a sigma e25 blending brush i'm going to pick up the green right, up here and this, is called exotic, and it's a really nice mermaid, green, it's so, so, intense I'm gonna take that I'm gonna start building that up in the crease now this is a color that it has a sheen to it it's not matte but I'm still gonna go with it. Oh well. It does take some time to like built up it doesn't like come, right. Away. You. Oh it's. A really pretty color that once you start building it up see like when you first start applying, the, color, with. The brush it doesn't show up like right, away you have to kind of build it up but. It could also be like the brush that I'm using because, this is more, so a color that you would pack on your lid with. Like a synthetic flat, shader brush but I'm doing it with a different brush just because I want the color more so on the crease not.

Really On the lid and I, don't know if you guys can really tell but I don't have much fallout on my face like looking, at myself in the mirror I barely, see any fallout, which, is good and I mean it, better be that way cuz this fellow was so expensive so I'm taking up a flat shader brush this one is from urban decay I got it in like my Naked palette years, ago and, I'm gonna be taking the shade right here which is lemoncello, it's. Like a really pretty light. Yellow. Literally. It looks so what's stunning I'm, touching, it it feels really soft like it has no glitter in it which is good so, I'm gonna take that and, I'm, gonna just pack, that on and the inner part of my lid. All. Right so what I'm gonna do I'm looking at the color it's really pretty it's standing out but I want it to be a little bit more like ba-ba-boom, so, I'm gonna just spray my brush with some setting spray that I have here, and, just see what that does to the look. Shado is a little. Crumbly. But. That is so, so pretty so, I'm gonna do the same thing I. Do. Appreciate how pigmented, this shadow is on its own though I mean, that's. Really good it's a really nice color, and then when you start mixing the, lemoncello, with, the green you, can see in the center it kind of creates like a teal sort. Of metallic color which is really really pretty so I like that a lot I'm actually living for, these colors I really, like the formula of them they're blending out really well the, shade is a little crumbly it's not excessive, but like once you start you know dipping in a little bit it, does get a little bit, of kickback but nothing, crazy though all right I'm gonna use the clean blending, brush and, I'm gonna just pick up more of the shade fake tan that I was using earlier and I'm gonna kind of just run that very lightly in the crease area I think I kind of want to add a little bit of the shade mini frost, in here which is like this green. Teal. Color and you know what I'm gonna just do it I'm gonna take that on this color pop brush that I have, and. Then apply, that right, on this. Center. Well, flew the cameras we can get up I put the brightness. Down a little bit on my camera I don't really like doing that too much then it looks so dark like in my background but I really wanted you guys to see, the. Shades and, hopefully you can. They're. So pretty oh my gosh I'm so impressed right now with this palette I really like it and I probably shouldn't, be was it so expensive but okay I'm gonna go ahead and do my winged liner I got this new one from Stila which I'm really excited about let's open it up see. This is called the micro, tip stay all day waterproof liquid, eyeliner I've, never tried any eyeliners, from Stila, but this is just what this one it looks like comes, with a really really fine tip. Oh, wow. That was like super easy all right so lashes, are on I used the scandal, lashes, in these style Hollywood, glam I'll leave a link down below to where you can find these I'm literally obsessed with them they're super comfortable they're, really beautiful and they're really affordable so check, out the description box below I'm, also loving, this liner you can see how black, it is I know my liner never looks completely, perfect but I am obsessed, with this because Justin see the formula, I love how black, it is like I'm literally so, happy with it I normally don't really love, pennant. Liners like this but this tip, is so, flexible and it's just like it's, amazing so this I love all right it's a now for skin I got this new primer from Tasha so. Fans you have never tried anything from Tasha this, is the silk canvas, filter finished protective, primer, it just looks like this really, nice packaging, it's super sleek and then you just kind of twist it open like this and it just looks like that, it.

Kind Of smells like men's, cologne. Not. Complaining apparently on sephora's website it's pretty much for all skin types normal, oily combination dry, and sensitive, says, use a right sized amount for the whole face with fingertips massage, this onto your whole face priming, balm that smooths and makes makeup last longer while keeping it out of skin, helping, to prevent clogged pores and breakouts, so it's supposed to help pores oiliness, dullness, and uneven, texture, which I do get, some texture it's gone down so, much because of my skincare but I do, have a little bit so let's just go ahead and just go with it. That's. A lot oh my. God it really smells like mine's Cologne. I actually, really like it if you like a really thick, sort of clay, consistency. When you apply it I still see my pores I mean like it's nothing crazy. It does, smooth out the skin it feels really soft but, it's nothing like I feel like out of this world I mean I don't know let's see how the foundation applies over top so I got the cover FX power play foundation and I got this one in the shade G + 40, it's, actually a lot smaller than what I initially expected. And the packaging, is really different it, looks like you're gonna get a pump, but you actually get like a squeezy, tube formula, which I don't mind it don't love it don't hate it so this foundation, has full coverage matte, finish it's for combination, oily skin which I have combo skin so it says it's a modern matte, blurring, foundation, with weightless full coverage that provides sweat, proof all-day, wear long-lasting. Shine control environmental, protection, and a finish that will not oxidize oh, we, shall see I guess I'm going to mix it up a little bit and just put, some on the back of my hand gonna do Beauty Blender on one side brush. On the other because. I really like my foundation. With a brush nowadays. I don't why but I do. This. Is not full coverage not. With this sponge at least it's not and I'm using just my regular new. Teal, Beauty Blender by the way this. Isn't even giving me like medium, coverage, I. Can. Still see definitely my skin being through. Interesting. Let's blend, out the other side with my brush I'm using my morphe m4 39. Definitely. Is a matte finish but. It's not drying which I like you, guys this is not full coverage I don't. Know where they got that claim from but it's not full, coverage. This. Is like definitely light, coverage you can still see like all of my skin peeking through it looks like I just put a BB cream on let's. Build it up because I feel like with this look I need some full coverage I usually, only like, BB, creams or stuff that's light coverage, when, I'm, like in the summer and I'm tan and I have like amazing skin and, I, don't have like anything to cover up I just kind of want to even out my skin tone that's usually when I'll go for that really, light natural, look like, in general when I do my makeup I like medium, to full coverage preferably. Full coverage thought, it was a Beauty Blender that was giving me like you know coverage but it's actually not just the foundation with the brush and a sponge I didn't get the coverage that I really wanted. This. Foundation, is light covered and then when you build it up it's. Medium, coverage I do like it I like the way it looks on my skin I just don't like the fact that you have to use so much because, I feel like there's other drugstore. And high-end foundations where you don't have to use that much product. To get good coverage so then for concealer I'm really excited I got the new Laura, Mercier flawless, fusion, ultra longwear concealer and. This one is in the shade, 2w. It just looks like this, really. Traditional packaging. I really like it I smell. Everything. Well. I think the shades gonna be I. Liked. This applicator, cuz I don't know if you guys can talk about it's really, really flexible.

You. I think. That's really really nice I do like that so, creamy it's like literally melting, into the skin which. I love in, a concealer, I do feel like it actually gave me some good coverage underneath my eyes I don't really have much darkness peeking through you. Guys are familiar with the Tarte shaped ape you know it's kind of like a powder finish, underneath the eyes it's very matte this, one doesn't, feel like excessively, oily or hydrating, but it is more hydrating than the tart shaped ape okay so for powder I got the new Becca. Hydra, Miss set and refresh powder packaging, it just looks like that I'm trying not to blind you because it's like mirrored, because I believe is only in one color. It says keep me closed to keep me cool, right. On the lid I'm like looking outside because it's like still light, out and it's like six o'clock and I'm just I'm so happy with daylight savings it, did mess me up a little bit last week but now I'm, back on track and I'm happy does have like a peach sort, of tint. To it I don't know can you guys see that a little bit so I'm gonna use my sponge I like to always run through the creases a little bit dip. In here and I'm gonna set my under eye. Oh wow. It feels really cooling, underneath, I that's so weird. So. Cooling like instantly, when you apply and it's not because my sponge is damp trust. Me I can, tell the difference it is like so smooth, like literally so. So, smooth, my. Face looks a little white right now we need to add some bronzer girl, I'm gonna just take my wet, n wild powder brush dip, into this powder very lightly and just okay. You said the rest my face this feels wet on my skin oh my. God it literally feels like my brush was wet wow that's really different all, right I assumed you guys in I want to let that powder dry because I feel, like I need to so I'm gonna just finish up my, lower lash, line so. What I'm gonna do is just hop back into the Natasha - Nona palette I'm gonna start off with the shade fake tan again that I was using earlier and I'm gonna just smudge that right on with a pencil brush from, morphe, with a definer, brush also from morphe this is the m-43 - I'm picking up the shade exotic, and I'm gonna just apply that right on my lower lash line which is the green shade, we're really gonna press, this in there and you know what I'm actually gonna mix it with the shade, tiger-lily, which is a really deep royal, blue so, pretty I'm gonna just mix the two because why not I'm gonna focus the shades really, on the outer part of my lower, lash line I don't really want to close off my eyes too much so, I'm gonna focus the darkness on the middle, and outer part. When. You mix it too I feel like you get a really pretty like teal color and I really, really like that hang up a smaller, brush, I'm going to dip and shoot the shade lemoncello, I'm, gonna take that on a really small brush I'm gonna spray, it and then apply that in the inner tear-duct.

Kind. Of dragging, it towards the inner corner as, well. You, don't really have to spray your brush with this shade it's honestly really pigmented on its own. But. I like to, do that just to give it a little bit of an extra pop I'm also going to be aligning, my waterline this is not a brand new product it's new to me though I've never tried this shade it's the Urban Decay 24/7, glide on pencil and, this, one is in D shade mildew. Which is a really nice green, color, it's actually like the same color of my shirt which, is nice. All right I look super, ghostly. White, I need to add some color back into my skin so, I did a video testing, out the brand-new Anastacio products, a few weeks back and I picked up a bronzer I got the shade cappuccino. In that video but I didn't, really see any other like super, brand new bronzers, so I just got another one of the Anasazi ones in just a different shade just to test it out today cappuccino. Is pretty, dark but it does work with my skin because the formula. Isn't like I don't want to say it's not too pigmented but it's not muddy or powdery when you apply it so it's very very wearable, even though it is so dark so, I picked up the shade saddle, which looks pretty dark too, but it's a little bit lighter, than cappuccino, so I'm gonna be using this just to start off by bronzing, the skin cuz I really feel like I need it so I'm going to be using my morphe, r2. If, you don't. Like, warm, bronzers, you're not gonna like this bronzer at all or any of them because they all seem very warm, very, like red toned. All, right so then I'm going to go ahead and contour, a little bit with the same powder, and I'm, going to just use a different brush I'm using the LA girl 104. All. Right then for blush I picked up this new at Sephora holographic. Palette, you get three highlighters three. Blushes I'm really excited about them just because they look so different, than anything that I have in my collection and I figured with, the crazy eyes this. Palette will work so. For, blush I'm actually going to be mixing, this one with this like really gorgeous orange bronze, color. It's, really pretty they're really really vibrant. All right so I got this Becca Ocean jewels highlighting, palette so I'll probably use this in conjunction. Conjunction. Conjunction. With, this for a collection and palette realistically. I'm probably not going to use this blue like with this look it's just not going to work so I'll probably use, this, shaded right here which is like a really pretty look. The white on camera, but in person it. Has sort of like this really. Pretty like green, sort, of undertone, to it which, is perfect with, my eye look so I think I'm gonna use that along. With this Becca palette so I'm gonna mix the bronzy color and I'm gonna take this like yellowy, a shade. I love. Becca's, face, palettes, they. Are just like always so. OnPoint just switched brushes, because I feel like the morphe and 501 applies. Product. So. Much better than like a lot of brushes that I have all right and then on the other side I'm gonna just use the Sephora, collection, shade. Right in here and I'm actually gonna mix it with this pinky one which doesn't really matter I like to match all, of my makeup like I like for all of it to kind of go together oh.

That's. Really really pretty I. Was. Like like I said it has like this green, it, sort of undertone which I think you can kind of see it a little bit but, it looks so pretty with like all, that I have going on in here I really, like that this highlighter is really pretty it's really different feel like I need a lot of glow to my skin because my skin it feels so try right now from that powder. I'm gonna even do some of my chin all right you guys I'm living for it so I'm gonna go ahead and just spray my face because I need some hydration, I saw, this new Too Faced festival, refresh mystical, effect setting and refreshing, spray, and looking at it it looks like there's a ton of stuff on the, bottom if, you can see like right here, so, I'm gonna mix it up I hope there's not glitter in this this apparently, is limited edition I know they have like a new, like, unicorn. Collection, is, anybody else tired of these unicorn, collections, I mean I love Too Faced but, it's. Kind of just, a little kiddush to me I just I like collections, but I like things that are not unicorn, does that make sense. This. Smells like orange, tic. Tacs, I'm. Not mad about it I'm gonna just lie my lips are really quick I didn't get a new lip liner I didn't really have anything new, I'm. Not really super, impressed. Whenever I try new high-end lip liner so I just stick with my drugstore one I'm using my next one I am topping, that off with the Fenty Beauty matte lipstick. And this was in the shade single, apparently, these are super dry I was reading the reviews and. Apparently. They're dry but I don't know it's, really cute and have FB on, the, lipstick which that's really cute love Mt, Beauty it actually seems really creamy that's. A really nice color. This. Isn't dry at all. Literally, every other comment, on sephora's website, like, in the reviews said this is extremely. Dry this is creamy, I'm. So confused this, is a really I love this color this is really, nice I, wore. This shirt in another video. I'm. An outfit repeater. Hashtag. Lizzie, McGuire alright I'm gonna spray my face one, more time because why not. Alright. Guys so this is the completed look I'm honestly, loving. This makeup like I'm so, happy with almost every single thing that I tried taking my face looks super smooth I love the lip color the eyes I'm obsessed, with like, this, look is just like everything, to me I love the green with the like orange nude lip I think it looks really pretty together the highlights. The. Only thing that I can say that I'm not a hundred percent living. For is this, Becca powder only because I feel like it's, a little drying like when you apply it it feels really cooling it feels really nice but, once, it's like settled, into the skin I feel like it kind of makes my skin feel a little tight I don't like that feeling I guess if you have severely, oily, skin this could be good for you but this is extremely drying. And matte that's why I set my makeup twice because I felt like I just needed that extra hydration, so I wasn't really obsessed, with that I mean it does make my skin look really smooth but, not, loving. It I'm gonna keep using it but I'm not obsessed with it I do really like everything else to be honest I don't really have any other complaints this. Lipstick, I am obsessed with it like I want all of them this is like the creamiest formula, ever a concealer. It was really, really nice it was just so creamy I really, like the coverage and really great hydrating great coverage concealer, so loving that I really like this palette I do feel like there's other really great alternatives, to this palette if you want you know to create the similar look I feel like you can the. Jaclyn hill palette is really standing out to me right now comparing. It to this because. I feel like it has very similar colors, I mean it's not identical but there are very. Very similar colors, I do feel like this palette is really beautiful. It's great quality but is. It really worth 100, some dollars probably not there wasn't a lot of fall out which I was really impressed with but the shadows are nice they're creamy they're buttery I love this look I will continue to use palette. There's other alternatives so, don't think that you need to get this pallet you're not missing out on a whole lot and there's other really great options out there if you don't want to spend a lot of money on this so just being completely honest with you guys I do feel like this is honestly pretty comparable to honest hacia formula the only thing is there isn't as much fallout as with on Nastasia I really, love this Sephora collection palette. The blushes in here are so gorgeous I really love this highlighter up here as well it's super vibrant and I really also love this Becca, highlighting, palette it is stunning, so.

Wet And just amazing on the skin I'm actually really loving this Too Faced spray I like the way my makeup looks right now I'm like after I sprayed it I just felt like it looked so hydrating, and dewy, without, making me look oily so this I really love this, cover FX foundation. It's not that I don't like it I'm just not really obsessed, with light coverage foundations, especially. When they're high-end I'd rather just go to the drugstore and get like a BB cream or something can build it up and you can get medium coverage but, I don't like that because I feel like there's not a lot of product in here so you're gonna be going through this very quickly, if you're gonna be doing, like a medium coverage, foundation, look every single day so I'll. Probably honestly pass, on this I mean I'm gonna keep using it and I'll keep you posted where right now I'm not like obsessed. With that fact, of it but it does look nice on my skin I just prefer it to be medium. Coverage right off the bat without having to use so much product oh I almost forgot this primer, I, do like, it I like the way it made my skin feel, I just don't really see like, an absolutely. Totally, different, than my pores or anything like that so I don't feel like it's like out of this world, amazing. So, I'll keep using it and I'll let you guys know but like it does feel really nice on this skin I just don't know if it's really worth the, fifty three dollars it's just yet cuz I didn't really see anything crazy, happen, to my skin like it's a nice primer but, fifty three dollars that's a little aggressive so, the. Overall I'm really happy with everything and I'm gonna do a check in for you guys in a few hours and let you guys know how everything is wearing, right, now it is, 6:42. P.m., so. I'm gonna come back in a little bit and I'll let you guys know how my makeup looks so what I think but so far I'm really happy oh and really quick let's do a flash test, and see how this powder is gonna look in flash I'm just gonna take the picture with my iPhone. Okay. It doesn't look as white, as I thought it was gonna be I'm gonna turn off my ring light and let's, see again okay. So side-by-side, the one on the left is the one with the ring light on and the one on the right is with owl honestly, my face is not as white as I thought it was gonna be it is pretty white underneath my eyes but. It doesn't look super, crazy I mean it does like I said it looks white it definitely, looks white but, I've had way worse it doesn't look that bad. All right guys I'm gonna come back in a few hours and, I'll let you guys know how everything is wearing so I'll see you in a little bit all right guys so right now it is 9:30. 9 p.m., so I've actually been wearing this foundation like since 6:00 p.m. so it's been almost four hours at this point and typically, with most of my foundations, this is the time where I usually have to touch up just because like my, skin is combo, and it tends to get really oily in between my brows a little bit so this. Is what my makeup is looking like right now and honestly I'm super, impressed with the way that it looks it still looks really matte, I did, mention earlier that the foundation, and the powder is matte so that, kind of explains it so I do feel like everything looks really good super. Smooth you can see the lip color is faded, right now it, does what kind of a little bit dry like.

It Kind of like clung into my dry patches on my skin a little bit but it doesn't feel dry even. Still when I'm like putting, my lips together my lips don't feel like crack during youth like that it still feels really smooth maybe that's what people mean when they say that the lipstick is dry but like regardless I still think it's really creamy and I, mean I could use a little bit of touch enough but it's really not a big deal I still really love it the lipstick I really love the bronzer that I use the shade I love the blush love the highlighters I'm super impressed with everything. Again. I just feel like you, know what let me just touch on my lipstick really why so I touched it up I think it looks so much better I'm obsessed, with the lip color it's just so creamy I just honestly I really just love it I mean you can get away with wearing it on its own and it's not gonna be like nasty feeling or anything so I really do like that aspect of it I do really love this Natasha to nona palette but again I just don't think it's worth it I mean it's really. Really pretty I love, the formula, but what. A beauty has great eyeshadows honest hacia the drugstore, so it's not really anything like. Extraordinary. Like unlike, no other you know what I mean like it's not anything. Crazy I mean it's an eyeshadow palette it's blendable, it's creamy but there's. Other alternatives so don't think that you need to buy that palette every, also I really do love I'm gonna keep playing around with this foundation because, I do really like it I just feel like I'm gonna run out of it really quick and if it's like so expensive I don't really think it's worth it you know what I mean so I want to get my money's worth out of a high end foundation, so I'll keep using it but I do really like the way it looks on my skin right now and everything. Else I'm just like really happy for, the most part so I'll keep you guys posted if, anything changes, I will leave a pinned comment down below but, so far I'm really loving, everything so let, me know if you've tried any of these products, what are your thoughts anything that you've tried that I talked about today please leave me what you think down below in the comments, thank you guys so much for watching I really hope you enjoyed I love you all and I'll see you in a few days in my next, one bye.

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Super random but your teeth are perfect!! I’m So jealous. lol

The eyes came out amaizing errthing love it

Could you do like must have skin care products?!!

you are stunning! love your videos and I love how as soon as im curious about a product you make a video on it...thanks for always being on it girl!!!!

beautiful eye look! I am in love with this palette also!!

Lovedddd this look you did girl! Beautiful!! Oh and omg love that color too! Need✔love you ❤❤❤❤❤xoxo!

totally agree wit being over the unicorn collections & those lashes are amazing !


Omg the video cover picture made me click soooo fast it’s so pretty lol

Thanks love!

Can you please review the juvias place eyeshadows

I love how she’s treating herself, drugstore is cute and all, but I appreciate seeing the reviews on the most expensive products as well; so just tell me what works!

So glad you enjoy! xox

Lol “hashtag Lizzie McGuire”

Been watching you for a while and love seeing you step out your comfort zone with different colors! Every look always turns out soo pretty⚘⚘⚘

Thanks babe!! ❤️

Your twitter link in your description box leads to an account that does not exist

woops! fixing it now thanks love!

Can you pleaseeeee view Jerfee star cosmetics

Loved this

loved this look

Looking very pretty lady

Love all your vids so much.. You are so pretty love the eye look

Thanks babe!!

WOW you look stunning ✨❤️✨

Thank you! ❤️

Great video and yes we do deserve to have a few good products. I love Sephora.

Love all your content. I appreciate your opinion and your thoughts about everything. Love your channel so much

The eye look is sooo prettyyy!!

Gorgeous makeup, Jasmine!!!

anybody in the queens ny area I am selling a Natasha denona star palette swatched only once . For cheap

Really wish big lashes would look good on me but I have small eyes

loving your brows and this tutorial, thanks for the review! xoxo

Hey love! I work at Sephora and I got training on the new Becca hydra-mist powder..I was pretty shook too when I tried it out with a brush/sponge cause it feels wet, however doesn't mess up your makeup when you apply it all over. It's such an interesting powder. It actually has small molecules of hyaluronic acid to hydrate and refresh. It'll be great powder to use in the summer. Oh and it also blurs the skin really nicely too! Hope that helps lol

Thanks so much babe!! I think I will like it more in the summer since I get more oily :)

If you pick up some of the things from the Ulta 21 Days is Beauty sale, i’d love to see a haul

im so glad i found your channel when i was looking for TJMAXX hauls haha

Really love the look you came up with ❤️

Hi Jas! Love this look so much, but I love everything you do

Girllll Natasha Denona is really feeling herself charging that much for eyeshadows lol but I did love the look... it was beautiful but I will stick to drugstore and colourpop... and love how the primer said rice size amount and you said screw that and put more like a potatoe sized amount

Absolutely love this look. You look drop dead gorgeous.

Couldn’t agree more with you with the whole unicorn vibe

Stunning look! Tfs.

You were supposed to use “rice size amount” with the tatcha primer, according to what the Sephora website stated

The eyes are stunning, wow!!! The blush looks really nice as well, I need to go Sephora shopping, lol!!! TFS honey, love ya!!!

Thank you❤️ ily!

That palette sucked cause she changed the formula from the others and made the pans smaller for the same price

That look is firaaaaaa!!!!

Omg I am dying for a Natasha Denona palette! But I do agree that there are other great palettes that do the same look. I love my morphe palettes and my JH palette. And of course your makeup is flawless as always ❤️ can’t wait for your next video!

Reallyyyy love that lemon color on your eyes! And your makeup looks amazing

so over all the unicorn/mermaid collections and stuff like that. once was cool and fun and all but I think its time to move on!

I love this look so much.

i wish you could review or try out ordering from glambot.com

You’re so silly lol I love you girl . I can tell you’re just being YOU✊

Love your videos ,which is the best way to pick the right foundation.

Loved this look

The eyelook is sooo good

I mostly bought higher end makeup and ever since I've started watching you I've gravitated to durgstore and I LOVEEEEEEE IT. Thank you

Awesome job love the eyeshadow colors you choosed

they are really nice and comfy!! They aren't drying! I have really dry lips and they are just perfect!!

It’s not a juicyjas video if she doesn’t smell something and say “I smell everything”

Favorite YouTuber of life !!!! Quick question , I would love to know how that granier moisturizer worked for you please !

The powder looked too fine... does it has any flashback?

Some people need to stop getting so serious and rude, is make-up, everyone is different. What she likes or works for her may be different from others. Relax people!!!

Omg Lizzie McGuire!!! Lol that brought back memories

This is such a fun summer look!!! It reminds me of mermaids

Those eyes are amazing!!!

I love this look

I cannot get over how you're so creative with your looks

You definitely deserve to treat yourself ! This look is so beautiful, everything looked gorgeous on you. Ps. I Love your eyebrows!

Natasha Denona eyeshadows are incredible!!! definitely worth the money

Of course you post a video with beautiful new products that I'm now dying for when I'm trying to save money

Love Your Video's! Your Just So Honest & Real. Your Not Like All These Other Youtubers Who Have Changed So Much! Your By Far My Favourite Youtuber!

very pretty!!!! love high end makeup!!! but don't have the money:(

ok but the look you created with the natasha denona palette is making me want to run to sephora and get it without even thinking about it!!! my husband is going to kill me!




youre sub count is growing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please do a beginner video.To explain like why you use primer and stuff like that.I’m just starting out in makeup and have soooo many questions.Love your videos.

You are seriously my favorite youtuber, beauty guru mua EVER. I can sit and watch and rewatch your videos for hours and hours. I wish you nothing but the best and all the success love

OMG!!! Love this look

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