test failed...「Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion

test failed...「Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion

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See. Look, imagine. Coming to inkopolis to live among the incop elite the Inklings only, to see them fight only to see them fight over how they like their orange juice. And. You're telling me, that. This isn't the perfect world Momo. You're. Telling me that this isn't your ideal, Saturday. Literally. Shooting, people with ink and making. Them explode, because. You like pulp in your orange juice. Well. Good, morning good night or good afternoon viewers depending, on your time zone and this is available to YouTube welcome. Everybody. It's. Time for some some splatoon, - octo expansion, I love, that if I have literally. Not. Three, minutes early to a stream people. Are like the entire populace. Of my dad's like late boat, like. The. Instant I see the clock. Hit 3:30, I press Start streaming, but. At 3:29 people are like he's, late. Get. Him out of here, replace, him with a good youtuber, is actually punctual, what's going on everybody it's time for some splatoon, - octo expansion, so, what have I been doing uh yesterday. Well. I had some time off to myself so I went, through and I actually played, a bunch of the levels um that. I had already beaten I didn't play anything once I just played a bunch of us I'd already beaten and just. Replayed, them with the other weapons that I hadn't beat them with just, because my goal is to, eventually completely. 1000%. This mode beat, every level with every weapon kind of thing that's, my goal but now. We. Progress onwards, we, are almost, towards, the last thing, we, in the last episode we got though we got we I got like last part of the blender we, need one more thing to go for you go for here don't. Stress your luck no whammy station sounds good to me oh wait. No I, saw. I know I saw the the. The no gun icon, I saw. That so. Don't try and tell me they don't Iran. From, New York oh right, oh it's. Another defend, the orb one oh, I. Get, it I get it I get it I get it. All. Right we. Have a whoa whoa, it's a cannon level, we. Have a cannon, level off. The bat you must protect the orb from anything that's why I love this game mode. Austin, missiles inbound what. Oh. My. God no, no. Well. At least loosely I have infinite eight. Octaves. Epling, oh my god I, hate, this already I felt. Confident with that shot there's. Like bloons tower defense, which. Did come to. The Nintendo switch recently please in. Case you guys want a blue star defense five did indeed come to the Nintendo switch as a plea that. One's, gonna hit that small what's gonna hit I can. Do nothing about the small one I gotta. Focus on the big boys. Come. On. Hey. It's, Phil about in three seconds into this episode I'm already gonna be sweating bullets uh I, love. This why did it go all the way out there why. Is what, is the spread on this. Good. Good, I just had to get the big boys I just saw how much time I had to let's uh play now need to stress this. Whoa. Get. The orb nah man outset I was set I was set. Women. Tower defense is my nostalgic, for life for flash games see, here's what thing I would totally get balloon star defense five on this if it, didn't cost. $15. Like. Okay. Thank you it costs. $15. To. Play, bloons tower defense five on the my Nintendo switch no, I'm not playing that game excuse, me ma'am. I'm. Not pulling up paying. $15. For. Balloons tower defense five of my Nintendo switch it, is, free, on the Pete it's free like every, platform they're, like I, think these things sell well in the Nintendo, switch. $15. No. I, refuse, I, veto that I bet. I bet, it's AI you know what it was a biggest slap in the face I bet, it's, not even like Oh. Good I bet. Something like a good port they just like took the PC version just staple like. What's. Happening, well. Whoa. Hello. My still streaming am. I still popping my. Stream, prove you died. Hold. On stream. Is interrupted, for some people it looks like. YouTube. What are you doing right now. YouTube. Alright. I no. Longer know, if I'm live because. YouTube, has, died. Okay. No one refresh, their page. No. One refresh, YouTube. Is broken but. For the people that are still here it's still fine apparently, I cannot. Read the chat I don't know I can't read the chat my little stream preview Oh, blessed. Be hello. Bombing. Me every three seconds, alright. Youth. YouTube, is doing some weird stuff we're just gonna move around it for now also.

I Love how this is just like the normal. Taking. Any damage okay, thank you marina, don't. Even think about getting shot by an enemy got it and, take care not to step in enemy. Y'all. Get. To the goal out game here same for the enemy. Okay. All. Right I. Like. What they're putting out. Will. At least dealing, with these guys shouldn't be tough the, toughest, part about this. Is. Gonna. Be the no enemy ink thing. Dealing. With the enemies, should. Actually be like, wildly. Simple. Because. They're just like simple bases baseless, that, that should be incredibly easy checkpoint. Easy. Five. Lives huh, five, lives huh oh. I. Knew it I knew it was gonna get tough, oh. I. Wonder if the enemy's over here well I guess not. Wait. What, is this thing. Let. Me let me cook that a little bit more, there. We go a. Little. Bit more, hold. It a little much hold on come on, I'm. Going for strikes right here I'm going for strikes. I'm, bowling for strikes, there. We go done, now. We could just quickly eliminate, you. With no hassle. Inside. No enemy anything men that's. What's giving me anxiety I'm, expecting, them to put like one drop somewhere it's gonna trick me trip me up. Now. I go back this way no. Don't. Step in that. Good-good. Do. This level tough man. It. Feels horrible. What, kind of world this tells you is re, you can't step in this one little puddle big, step it's like the a way, more, brutal version of step on a crack and you break your mother's back. Step. In a puddle you. Will die you don't, even need that one to rhyme the. Implications, speak for themselves, alright this this is a little bit better hold on hold on, step. Back. Assess. Can. We just kill this one let's. See if we eat in this long-range take out a couple of these guys with the flick shots. Just. To make my life a little bit less screaming. Stressful. Yeah. You know what that entire operation, I just did was a probably a little. Bit much nope the. Enemy, eight it's the enemy Eggman. Okay. We got to check monfriez might. Give me five yeah. This. Part, Bowl. Okay. I didn't expect it to aggro everyone but. It did luckily, work out in my favor quite well oh great. The key is surrounded, I mean. I don't think they are. Temporary. Retreat, huh I don't. Think you called I don't think I've advanced, yet I think. It's pretty hot you I think of retreat implies, approach. That's. Okay oh no. Three base level, enemies are approaching me. Time. To get out of Dodge. Okay. Edge. That's. All right right now this is put out we're making things work here feels. Isolated I, don't have any inkling of the check any. BAM. Let's head back that's, my problem, there. Was another one back there wasn't there though I wonder if you get a reward for going backwards all the way out. What's. The surrounding, thing for this world, oh. It's. RC cars for. Something, yeah. It's our C cars well. That's cute alright let's go. Do. You think I could I could like get, an RC car that big are you kidding me yo. Let the Inc let the octoling off in that, are. You kidding me imagine. It imagine if and octiline could drive our warfare are tingling friends could drive Oh like. RC cars our the size of like elephants, yeah, I started. That guy was right you're fired what oh my, god. This. One. Whoa. Whoa whoa, chats popping off. Chad. Is popping off. Alright, I think YouTube is broken. Alright. Everyone. Is screaming, about how the stream is broken. But. I don't think I can do anything about it from my end. Here. Yo if you can see this. If you could hear this a banana in chat. My. Guess is that, it's still recording. Look. If I see people saying banana, that. Means that. Like the stream is still fine and that. YouTube is just stupid, all right so people are saying banana cool, the, bananas are saving the day right now, wait. Yo if you guys can hear me check out check this out on YouTube gaming pull, no no I'll check out real fast let me let me just let me be let me be the one the sacrificial lamb here nope, all, of YouTube is broken, boy. I love, when. My employer. Randomly. Shuts down the website, with literally no heads up to the content creator, boy. I, really. Just love that I will, we're just gonna keep on progressing onwards, and if you if yo, people who said banana before. Inform. The people in these that inform the kind people who can't see anything that.

You're. Just, inform them that the situation is, like fine. For. Some people or you, know just, say that YouTube is stupid and that. Anything that they miss. They. Can always watch later. On. Anything. That they miss they can always just watch later on because, cuz this will be uploaded as a pod tomorrow. Like. Sure. Sure I, totally. Didn't step in the enemy Inc. What. Do you mean I I totally. Should. Not get back man. Good. Good. Checkpoint, clutch. Checkpoint yo. Get that perfect bolt. Please. Give me that perfect bowl. I'm. Going for strikes come on I. Might. Be able to chip away to kill like this come. On. Nintendo. Lammott. Just. Get over the shield. Just, get over the shield I. Tell. You me none of these shots are over the shield. Come. On. This. Is the game we're playing. And. You know I'm about to win it so I don't mind playing it but. My god. None. Of these shots again here's. A lot of hair painted. One large tentacle. That. Tentacle, looks like it's pulled it up over the shoes all I'm saying. You're. Dead don't. Cha don't check all right you may now proceed to try oh there we go now. What Oh, get. Wall understand. I can. Handle that I, was, like wait a minute is that good I must be the moment they just, put enemy ink they, just hide it up there. Hold. On it's, probably gonna be okay. Good I heard, a duty to noise, don't like this. Not. A fan, of deaths. Eject aisles I hope. You guys are in chat I don't, mean to be a close-minded, individual. But. I'm gonna be honest when something's being fired at me and frankly. All I can see in my immediate future is my own death you. Know what that's gonna give me a little bit of anxiety. Quite. Frankly. I, don't. Want. To. Deal no. With you oh my god. But. Yeah here we are. Okay. In. Fact I. Totally. In seven Amy no that's a Kasich oh good sea cucumber. You. Don't need to be looking at every second, that's. All right buddy look, sea cucumber, you do an awful lot of watching, for, someone with no eyeballs, you. Know what it must, be stressful it must be tough. Frankly. Take, a break my dude it's all good, I will, not fault you I will not tell. Yo. Okay well. I'll just tell you guys who, are you know you. Know avid fans or you know avid viewers and are looking, for the next bit of fail boat all so. Here's my plan, so. For the people who. Saw. My first stream of this the midnight release stream for, the you know 9:00 p.m. release cream. You'll. Know that I. How. Was that Nadia sold top tentacle you'll. Know that I um had. An archiving, issue with. This game and that I. Was. Hoping it was going to work and then it didn't work kind of a thing and I, ended up archiving, my game and you know I was I got very very frustrated, what. I'm gonna be doing soon, because. I was originally, just going to be doing a video. 100%. On the archiving. To. Be highlighted, for later what. I'm going to do instead is. Make. A rage, video, for this game ooh hey. Look at this convenient box placement, I'm, gonna make a straight-up, rage, video, or. Or, or a funny. Moment pretty much like, the. Game Messi's film up of funny stuff happens kind of a thing go, to knock go raid, up.

A Bit. Pop hold on. That's. Also money the name of my new single, poppy poppy Papa but. Now all. It's. Just gonna be a compilation of all the ways this game is messed with me because. I realized the. Archive, was annoying but. You know what was funnier, every. Other. Rage, moment, that happens, in this series. Because. There are so, many moments that. This, game just destroys, me mentally, and. I thought would be way funnier, to mix it all into one big thing. Okay. Let's go. But. Yeah that's the plan mix it all into one big thing why. Is YouTube working, on my end now, I was, loving. More. Than was way, YouTube. Is fixed, and now I can see things say for the $2 Parker Renwick I wasn't, able to see you guys before now it feels like another part of me is backing online let's. Go. Well, hey let's. Keep it going man dinky, ink station, we gotta find where this last thing is. Cuz. I want to beat this tomorrow, I'm. Gonna be real I want. To try and beat this, entire mode tomorrow. Today. I mean I would like to accomplish big, things. My. Goal is to not. Meet. Alright, cool. Glad to know I've already wasted a very quintessential, shot. I. Wish. I didn't let you shoot in the opening seconds but I don't know that'd. Be too easy. No. I. Might. Be able to swim around it okay. Look. I've already wasted a key ik weet a key shot, right. Here I. Had. To try I had to try I just. Try. Cuz. I already I already messed up I already messed up I. Do. Experiment, right then. For. Now it's fine what do we got. Okay. I see. Thank. You for thank you for the $5 cookie, crowd it's. Been going good. This. Game is a very very fun game I. Don't. Like this I. Really. Don't like this frankly oh of. Course I would, I need to do is I need to wait, till he turns around oh, this. Is something. This. Is not ideal. All. Right. You're. One inc piece down. All. Right I don't like, that bomb all that. Bomb is twitching, to go oh. Oh. Oh, these are impacts oh I, see it now ah. I. Should, have shot that first. Okay. I. See. It I understand. It hey. Phil Harold you get some fairly old oh I don't like this. Guy. How. Did I get out of that blast radius. You. I. Hate. You. Got. Him. Hard. Reeds. Hit. Him with those big grain plays. That's. Right pearl fam. All. Right. We. Watch oh my, god. I'm. So. Mad I'm like I'll use of my ink on that and then refill that. Yeah. All, right. I know, I'm, dumb the. Entire chat is yelling at me because I'm dumb I'm aware, do, you think I've gone throughout my life not knowing that. Dan. Why I felt. Like it oh here, we go. You're. Running out of ink oh yeah. You. Know what. Sometimes. You have to use big brain strategies, to deal with big brain situations, I clearly won't be able to kill you one shot. Y'all. I. Won't. Be able to win because as soon as I shoot the next shot I'm I'm out. Y'all. What's. Beyond this oh I, have one person to fight. Okay. I. Have. One person to fight I. Won't. Be able to see the rest of the level though I. Can't. They, ever fill, the meter you. Guys not understand, the situation I'm in I. Shoot. This and I'm dead there. Y'all fun, but. Here's. What I'm thinking. Here's. What I'm thinking. It's. A secret tank apparently somewhere down here Oh No. Okay. Here's. What I'm thinking. First. Of all, what. If there's one in here. Okay. Here's what we gonna do fight. One of these this. One beat. This one get, myself a full tank. People. In chatter saying get ready to go bankrupt on this level all y'all, y'all. A. Little bit closer big buddy a little, bit closer it's, a little bit closer it's, a little bit closer get, close to me come here. Here. We go here, we go here, we. Go. Good. Deal. With them. Get. Myself an ink thing. Peep. It ah. Ah. No. This is the strat. This. Is one mil oh wow I just think I didn't see my viewercount oh my god. No. I don't know, y'all. You. Wasted a shot. Sorry. Mmm. You didn't go for perfect, can. You call yourself a real gamer. Wha. Ah. Do. I even need to kill this one it seems like he's already dead. Please. Please. Take. This. Well. Goodbye. What. Oh I hate. You sea cucumber, I hate you he. Didn't kill me immediately you guys catch that, he. Was like oh oh, this, wait a second, oh sorry. My. Lack of eyes couldn't see that you didn't have ink left he's. A really salty about the high comments I made before. Also. Real Talk how did my shot when he was in the wall not kill him no come a little bit closer come a little bit closer a little, bit closer.

Right. There please thank. You, geez. Works. With me. Don't. Add me. Don't. Even add me I want to see that one more time in my replay. Don't. Have me just don't, at me don't look at me don't. Look at me. Don't. Look at me. Why. Because, it looked like a grind, rail. Cuz. I I'm conditioned, I. Am. Literally conditioned, to think that those are grind rails I, see. That I'm like okay so I'm gonna stand this on this or Inc it. Hey. There big buddy a little bit of clothes at least I'm getting faster this part. Hello. Stop. I'm. Going to end this, and. This little creature good. Good. Ok, get, to swim into it this time. Activate. This. Get. The egg. Salad. Can't simply submerge yourself an egg to refill your egg oh thanks marina I. Appreciate. The plays. You're. Right marina, thanks. For being the smart one. Alright. We're done with this. We're. Done with this stupid strap where we're, going to actually beat the level I just don't want to deal with the stupid things that fly around me come. Here come closer come closer I made that I'm. Deeper into the anger. Stop. Stop. Goodbye. Please. Spy into YouTube alright. Don't. On ink door, going on squid nope. Don't actually get that yet hold on. Survey. That I, like. I let marina hack you guys are insane you, guys are letting marina heck you're not playing this game right. One. Two, don't mess around don't even mess around with these fools, what's, up Harold. Get. Out your Harold whoo, let. Optimal, in music, you. Pull. Up pull up ready, don't. Use, up all. That's. All that's all we're using I'm not, messing around anymore. Sea. Cucumber, would kill me willingly if I should fire one more shot. Let. Him have it open fire marina pearl. Were you talking about. What. Are you guys talking about. I'm. Not not, messing around here. Boop. Once what. What why why, I. See. The issue in question, okay. Ah. This. Level isn't tough I'm just bad. Come. Here come, here come here. Bill stop it oh. I. Was. Never really on your side. This. Is a much easier way to do this is there. Do. You know what no no no no no, I'm. Gonna, try something. I'm. Gonna try something. Pull. Up ah. There. It is. Well. It's, like a crate level all over again oh I could have just broken that and make that a little okay. Okay. Big. Brain here. We go. Do. It, the. Sign stop divot. Goggies. Whip these guys can weave - better than you can in smash ultimate.

Stop. Stop. These. Guys have better movement tech than current date smash 4 alright. Alright. Alright. Another. Thousand, dollars down, the hole. Why. Are you like this. Alright. Mother get out of chat. Well, I didn't tell you I was screaming today. My. Mother's very supportive of me. I'm. Not sure if she would be after seeing the rest of the stream, but. Uh. As. A whole, she's. Pretty supportive of me in my endeavors. Line. Yourself up check. The wind, make. Sure there are no external factors, I are gonna slip in controllers. Button. Button. Cool. Left right all work, hold. Squid, form hold. Forward. Y'all. Guys I'm good yeah, yeah, I'm better at this game. Slowly. But surely I'm, making progress here, here, we go get, this guy. Unlock. This. Then. The. Biggest brain Rick. What's. Gonna leave this guy and, then jump, on is earth oil and its are smaller I can, just do this hear. Me out. Let's. Go try and break that and just leave this guy all right this guy's less, and less big brain by the second house. It's gonna make it this kind of anyway. We're. Just gonna move on here cool. This. Guy what do you do this go visit him all, right. The. Biggest rain getting, inside the smallest skull. I'm. Gonna run out of thing I need. To hit this shot if. I miss this shot it's over. Sea. Cucumber, being gracious. You. Saw my mess up says like hey I, don't. Really hit this button yet I really, need to hit this killer option, this, kill switch. Left. Go. Left go for. Them card reads left. No. No no, no, don't, know then I'm. Turning off the jab for that one don't. Even look at me don't. Even look give me um, no, no, no, don't, even look at me this is too much it's too much for me. No. It's too much for even me this, is beyond any skit this is beyond any any bit I. Hope, I. Refused. To believe that. That. Just happened, don't. Be, the stupidest, to. Guy. I hate, this game and I want it all. Right real talk. Good, every, time I do want to get slightly better except. For the times I get increasingly. Worse. Right. But. Every bit of my being I hate every enemy in this game. Rocketjump. Okay. Increasingly. Challenging, for me. Here's. What's gonna happen. Nope. Watch. Out there's. An incline, oh. Hello. Oh. Well. Hey um. Thank. You Cali boy for, the. Fruit. For the donation. Okay. You. Know I. Don't. Think this is what you should be doing. All. Right I can't. Yes, everything. 149. Canadian it's that 5 USD can, I get like like an image of like me with the butterfly meme I don't. Think you should be, conditioning. Me like this oh well. You see if you, mess up at the level 20. Times, you're. Just getting an insane amount and an insanely kind donation, oh well.

Clearly You know just, for you Kelly boy whoa I know. But. Um. Thank. You. This. Is a stranger's. Strangest. Version, of conditioning, I've ever witnessed. But. Um thank. You very very very much for. The support all, right here's what's gonna happen. This, is gonna happen. The. Rid of this. For, rid of this I. Got. A lot of ink I'm gonna use it up right now I. Understand. Pearl thank you don't, worry I've been through this a lot before. We're. Gonna go over here, why. Though, I don't, know Kali I don't, know why though. But. Here you are all. Right your skin will be supple and silky smooth captain. Cuttlefish, captain kind of figure you're, overstepping, your bounds. Many. A time. All. Right. Here. Gets interesting, I wanted to go for a high five here. It gets interesting. That's. It that's, it is it over, imagine. If you didn't have ink right now imagine. How. Stupid, would you be if you didn't have ink enough for this well god is. This. What, is this what. Are these four panels supposed to do I see. A thing down there. Every. Fuse. Table. Top that, up. What. Was that supposed to be. Do. It they are bait don't, even try don't stand on them now. I kind of wish I did, but. Look look I messed. Up like five, times, too, many on that level to, be experimenting. In the final seconds. Look. Look. I. Messed. Up far, too many times to. Be like let, me just try not Anna, I don't I don't owe you guys that maybe. I'll come back and I'll check it out a different time, Hey. Look a level where we can actually press the right foot you this. Get. This sound of me pressing the trigger. Feels. Euphoric. Alright. Boss time artists. Artists weapon of course. Boss. Is this, the big old toaster fellow. Toaster. Dude what, we got here defeat, the box. I. Love, the noise of them again so good. Go. These guys these guys guys got a freaky ass yo guys when you see these eyes in chat we. Actually won. In chat post like the eye emoticons, if. You're gonna see creepy eyes not. A mind they have no creepy eyes never mind. Octo. Open. XXL. I'll. Do them conditioned to not swing. Octo. Of an XXL, is that. Cinnamon bread, oh, it's. Cinnamon bread, boy. Love cinnamon, bread I. Ideally. Not what it's trying to kill me but you know what if you enjoy cinnamon, bread that attempts to end your life with. A variety of shots then. You know what that's up to you. Oh. Okay. I see, where the concept of difficulty. Lies in this fight here it's those guys up top that I will not be able to wait a minute I might be able to come out I. Might. Be able to take out those guys up top, now. When they're firing down here, one, but one by one one, by one be smart. Good. Before. I jumped out I'll take it more. Cinnamon, bread more like Cinna dead I got. You Chad don't worry. Are. Those scrub, faces, y'all. Do we have scrub do we get some scrub faces yeah it's been a long time since I've seen that dude just make me happy, why. Does this guy look like yet the the helmet, that um those. Guys this guy is like body like. With those new spouts, they, look like uh what. City it. Looked like um. Prison. Samurai Jack. Do, anyway like Haku. Y'all. Know what I mean. Bye, goodbye goodbye, OTPs. Out. DPS, him before you can kill me. Look. Like Haku said oh. Cool. Off. Those snipers Oh in. Walls oh. I. Already, know strapping this guy nope. All right now strap if. You hit him once it he would then reach the coils the walls all I have to do is kids fight me do. I have to know that my speed runs try to actually still work those guys. Will. Make this a little bit easier so. Why, did why his brush the bad weapon for this mode because, it's short range I don't know man. This. Ain't necessarily, bad. That. Part was annoying this. Part is also going to be a little bit terrifying that's. It like I'm stupid. Go. I agree, this please. Winn please oh it's. Delish, what I don't know if that's delicious delicious good pearl, what. Is delish I don't. Know man. Something. Sounds like something to get tested at a doctor for all right here we go. Y'all. Bready for this.

Yo. That's delish, am i right fellow kids. Yes. Homies. You. Feel me on that list status. What's. Lish my good fellows. Hasta. LaVista station, I know. Now. Why you ain't. No. Real talk what is the lish. Or. Is it that the air is it the joke that no, one knows this. Is a constant, running thing. Just. Stretchy boy and left dynamo, roller honking down. Yo. That is the lish am i right fellow teens. Let's. Go oh. My. Favorite music, using. A little bit of anxiety but, you know here we are. Bad. Word saying that. Was. This thing eliminate, all the enemies right I can swing sorry I just, have bad memories of this, boat oh hold. Space invaders, y'all. No no no no this is space invaders oh why. Did I not recognize this earlier oh. I. Was, reading chat. Healthy. Fazbear's. This. Space invaders. That's. So cool. Except. I can now just for the basis and unless you have that was the, original intention of that but y'all. Own. Of course isn't thing in the background. It's. So cool man, god, I love them the attention to detail that's this game Oh hats I. Tried. To dodge I was so slow. Vacation. Beaters oh is that like the level title, so. Cool man I love. This, how. Many people to check for actually played space invaders I. Know. My audience can train just be a bit young at times and don't worry it like space invaders was before my generation eyes I. Mean. Like I think my generation was like a custom space invaders oh oh. Oh. No. Wait. If they just for the boxes do they just. Do idea is it game over. Guy. No. Catch that guy who's like facing, backwards. Like. Oh my god do you see how cool the light show is behind us guys guys. I know our order is to kill Swit. But, you see that you, see this cool cool Cube light show this, is just really neat man I. Feel. Bad about killing you have a good day. Good. I gotta. Have bad, memories of this music but here we are. Wait. A minute Oh dynamo. Is busted, for this mode actually I just realized I've. Been trying to use like like like, like normal, roller strats. And. Go for like the noble distant shots like. This don't. Like this, but, I forgot dynamo, bowler died I keep on jumping have, it have, it I, forgot.

I Can just do this and kill everything. Y'all. That one spin that, one use like a speed ball on me. A. Gift. I appreciate. It I. Aimed. Right for this guy see. If we can take like one off them for like immediately we. Are these, that's. Gonna break yep. No. Are you kidding me no. I'd. See, the Stingray jet. Odhh. Armor Oh. Fairly, I appreciate. It oh dude. Oh dude. Looks. Like I love this game give. Me this time I will - he's like no no no now. Can. We just our house platoon is like one of the best games like, hammer. And. Just so fun it's. So creative. Like. Just playing this mode makes me remember how, like just fine. This. Game is. Nifty. My. Favorite boss fight. There. We go there, we go kind of bored the UFO oh hold. On a minute before. That the, old captain cuttlefish. I need. My weapon. More. Aggressive when she says it. You, can tell I'm not a competitive, player because. I don't know how to immediately, kill this thing right there. We go. Why. Would this why would it become hasta LaVista station, if it's about I don't. Know I feel like they could have had a better reference for that name LUMO ways, V mo their weight, is V mo the new whoo me for octolings. I. Love. It uh. Let's. See here no, kid nor playing house party station and worse me. This. Is fun to save it I don't know. Let's. Go for it man all dude, my options. Oh yes. Finally, all. The amazing options. Well. I mean scope, is the hardest one by their definition alright. What'd. You say to me last level. What. You see me last level and. The one before that. Test. Failed huh. Test. Failed huh. Where'd. He go. I. Was. Like turn around he's behind me. You're. Already failed I mean. An irem failed barely. Use. The door oh man. What on earth all. Right. Oh oh. God. Now you guys can see me switching. Bands. Okay. Yep. I tried to jump it I'm not gonna lie I trekked dude, combo good combo. Me. One, kill. Don't. Even let him take don't even let him paint this, is gonna be one from back here this guy is the most of the right name. Most. Threatening right there. Second. Most frightening. This. Guy is cover to get to them so I'm not too worried about it. Good. Get. Rid of this. One. Back here. Okay. You got one there. Don't. Sleep on your curling bombs I will sleep on my curling box, what.

About. All. Of this dull of this don't, particularly. Enjoy the, situation I currently am facing. Good. Reason. Where's that guy shooting. Top. Rate was like haha brother you have died, they. Must be behind you. What. Are you doing are. You feeling today buddy where. Is he where. Is he. Hello. That's. Waving coming. Only. One to go so. Drink. One giant, one oh. Okay. I. Can. Handle that. What. On earth oh. I. Get. It it's, fleet shot down. Nobody's. Gonna go high you can go over here let's. Go. That's. How we do it. You. Breathe, test failed. I've. Got yes I go whoa whoa whoa. So. Are you boys now you die test. Failed. Hey, you're nicer there's your sound clip of me saying that, Incan. Slide station, fools, reels I. Don't. Like that pun no. The puns are great but like that that puns okay. Out. Sniped by a bad sniper hey I. Made. I did a lot of things but I'm bad at sniping too. I may. Be bad at a lot of things but I'm terrible, at sniping don't even call me a bad sniper that gives credit to snipers. Insulting. To normal people all, right here we go. Now. Dip. Dive. Slip, and slide all right girl you've. Got a Mane in a sub-weapon don't be shy about using ball I feel like I haven't read a lot of theirs their dialogue. Come. At me a little bit too strong twice, in a row, losing. Speed and you pelvis okay. Now easy. Kill those two guys easy. Kill this guy, what. Buck freaked. Me I'm not gonna lie I forgot. It they come back that violently. Give. Us you get. Back there get. Back there. There. We go beautiful. Kobe's. Coming at me a little bit too starring they don't like it oh. I. Understand. Whoa. Oh, wait I made it through I minister I was, building up as if it was gonna be like not as I wasn't gonna make sure of it now here we are it's a little bit awkward I. That. Somehow didn't kill me and, frankly. We don't need to talk about how it didn't kill me. We. Can all go on living. Ignoring. That entire situation. He's. Sunk oh do you see the eyes on those. Here. We go BAM who's next you. Girl, coming. For you see. These guys I'm.

Sure. Like. Up here in your Lobby I. See. That that's the whole point, oh. Never. Mind never mind that's the whole point of it is it ladies meant to splat, flattened. Died in a violent style here, whoopsie, now this one I can actually stand, on I can grind on, see. See. All. Right gal three of them and hit the thing. Well. I won't lie I, really. Didn't, want to press you I really didn't want unsweet I'm not gonna lie he. Gave me a lot of speed, how. Did you live stop. It. Damn. But they have colored, live they've checkered, lines he'll vote how, could you ever miss it will you die. Thank. You that. Was, awesome. Thank, you. Very. Energetic, what. What's happening here. Why. Is it. Going. On here. Surely. I'm not supposed to jump from one to the one to the other. That. Gives me a little bit of anxiety. I. See. Now. We go. Look. Moments. In this game definitely made me stop. This. Game has done some things to me before I get. It but what, what. As. I. Said this. Game has done some things to me before that. Now. Is, no exception, for the times it will stop doing come on. Focus. Sure. Where's. My goal. Where's. The top part of this pearl. Get. Rid of you I like, the concept of that guy shooting around. Where. We're. Actually actually, what do you not actually have AB AB AB AB AB AB AB AB. Okay. Yeah yeah sure sure. That's. I know sign it. Okay. How. Do you guys so quick sometimes whoop chat. My. Delightful live chat of. People, who love. To support me and love to, hate. And. See. Me die. There. Comes a time in every, life. You. Can. Always work out as they, want, them to, and. Frankly I'm just, passing. On that boat the. Boy is you're on that road a. Man. Attempting, to live and, you, win. Okay. Anyway. That was a lot that was easy. Actually. Was I'm not gonna lie for what this game is done to me like this is actually fine. By. All means is this is cool it's really cool let's, keep going though oh. Hello. There. Is. That, the last thing. Could. That be the last one. Many. Buddies. Number. Eight and number ten thousand eight you have found all metro lines Alan oh no, it's alright. Well. No going to follow six two points, you. Never. Talk to me again I. Will. Continue to kill you for as long you want them. All right cool, well. Ooh, look. At it it's, so tempting. But. No not. Today not, now that's, for tomorrow. We're. Gonna be saving off the final thing for tomorrow the end of the game, will. Be done tomorrow, up. Until that point I will continue to torture myself more with more eight ball stations. The. Final thing will be done tomorrow. And. The. End of the game as a whole. That's. Right, done. Turn end. Nah. Man. We're. Saving it off. We're. Letting it build up. Do. I still don't know what's gonna end up happening here. All. Right this looks inciting creating. Please. Oh. Is. This one no, no. This. Is the one from. From. The front, of it from the trailer. Look. I'm, gonna be real I, was. Waiting for oh. We. Haven't actually had any other. Octobot, stress ones recently. Okay. Yeah. It's fine. Like. I said we just haven't had any off-the-ball stress a little bit. Other. Than that first one nothing. Else would be octave all is everything like bad. Let's. Love that lobster looks good very happy. I. Too. Enjoy, breathing I. Would. Like to do so if. This game would allow me to. Where's. This going okay with, the final boss of our 64. Huh. So. I need a little bit too much honestly give me a little bit more than I expected. All. Right. Let's. Boys like a Rube Goldberg. Okay. We're good we're good we're good okay we're, good we're fine we're fine it's another day at the labs.

Yeah. Another. Day. Another. Day of enjoying life with. Phil vote in. A non stressful, environment. One. That we can all enjoy. No. Clothes. Please. Grow back oh it's adorable and, small okay. Great. A timing. Is. That it is that a little Oh y'all. Please tell me that's the level please. Yes. The. Octave girl celebrates. No. Debts. Free. Free. Alright. There's. Something I would like to do this level this is this live stream. There's. Something I would like to do. Read. The chat room you. Guys have been telling me to read the chat room this. Entire time. What. We're gonna do we're gonna do like two more levels, then. We're gonna then we're gonna we're, gonna dig into the chat room you. Guys, are all telling me to read it earlier. And. Before. We get into the final stream, I would, like to clear it all up. Until. That point let's go acha. Brush. Don't. Tell me this is one of those stupid match things. Neat actually don't really like these roll. Audience, I really. Don't like them never. Have. You. Know what here we are. Frankly. I can deal with it. They're. Just weird. Halfway. There. Good. Hopefully. This is the final test. That. Would be Nikki, who, are you who, are you are. They rotating. Don't. Want to not hit me with that. Armor. Armor cool, exactly what I was looking for thank you. You'll. Ever play Angry Birds. Y'all. Replace splatoon. Y'all. Ever won in Angry Birds in splatoon. Free. Ready. Let's. Go. I'm. Sorry, just, look freaked out. Cool. That's. The timestamp that that that uh I mean he is actually a stamp. Good. Fat. Splats, I I. Can get down with that I. Can. Get down with what I'm with what I'm seeing here. Okay. I don't like being eyes. On the wall frankly. Whose. Point up these stickers as I'm I like eyeballs, were gonna put one here and one here and one here one here one, here one here and one here and this one's gonna be like really bored and one here and one here and one here and one here and haha like, who's doing, that are. They okay. Should, we call them a psychiatrist, they. Seem like they're not in the great mental race frankly I want to. All right, some. Tells me this one's gonna be simpler than most because, it was only really got 280, which. I imagine means like okay, we're. Not going to make this. Like. Endless. The endless game. And. Then we're. Eventually. There we go, okay. You wipe them all out I did, I am literally using the brush that whites. Or. Just rush directly, into it I too enjoy, Metal Gear games. Here. We go there. We go yeah. Deal, with you be, gone why, is the brush the bad weapon for this mode some, brush, is like the best lucky ideal weapon for this. Hello. I. Too. Enjoy, playing stealth games why must be seen. There. We go. Don't. Look there's, still trouble down below I can deal with that one. Yeah. I'll do. This. Yes. Yes. The. Silver Arrow is very special, I.

Now. Like this. Rad. Next. Round. Me here alright I, do. This part fairly easy. All. Right, tickle. It fan them all right I. Didn't. Trust that I still, don't trust this light. Y'all. Hear that noise I just made man that that's the most. Real. Now. That one little like a, little. Sigh I did. Okay. Well here we are just, another Tanaka, Lee enjoying their life. Okay. Interesting. I see. The splashdown. Hello. How are you doing good sir I will just take your splashdown, thank you, okay. Of. Course I can't have both splashdown, give me two punches that's right three. Three. Slash downs alright. Fair. Bit of that I don't. Cause. I think I usually kill everyone just by doing this. Does. It still only work out where the enemies are I. Can. For all you're one of them no please, don't let that one live. Any. Other big boys I can see y'all up here. Yeah. Optimal. Strategies. Baby. Yeah. Buoyed. By. Took. Care for whatever was up there or down there actually but. I appreciate, the logic trap, marina wait. A minute I see a really annoying guy down there I'm. So, mad. No. Now. I have to chase him no I are you kidding me are you kidding me, that. One little corner got me that's. The game you want to play. This. Guy, got. A brush you've. Got enough. All. Right this. Last guy. Nice. Work yeah. Hi it seems do a back. Hug. My way up there, didn't. Get the other splashdown say I probably. What. Okay. I'm. So bad at this game wait. Thank. You. Hey. There giant lipstick tube. Doctor. Girls like. The. Light. That's. Cool screensaver. I love it. Thank. You. God. I love her okay. Let's. Go man that's. What I like to see. All. Right let's do one, more level, then, read the lore what's. This one right. Just rail station, right Julie all righteous, rails, pretty. Lycia my right chat. Go. Chat howl Isha's this game. You. Feel me squad alright let's go bill okay. Ride. The rails I I. Know, she's doing that in the past. I'll. Be extra good. Ah. I. See pop. Hello. Oh. Oh. I understand. Purchase. On st. you difficult. Alright. Alright I see the difficulty. Where's. That siren noise in here want appreciate. Elbow. Do the octave spins you come out yet yeah. So. Waiting on it. Okay. Okay I. See. Leave. No crates mind if you know you'll you'll. Die. Back, to my sure all you can ever hear this message if you did leave a crepe eine, that'll. Be wacky, have that ever happened to here we go. Alright. What's. So far in too bad okay. Thank. You marina you, don't happen to say so, do. You have any other amazing tips that are extremely well timed like you usually give, them marina. Greenest. Person tells you to eat healthy. After. You're already incredibly, upset, with the way your body looks. That's. Actually not bad. Okay. Now over. She's. Doing her best she could no she's not she's trolling me. Watch. Out for the things that are incredibly dangerous that. You've now avoided, seventeen, of so far in this level. People. In chat actually trying to give me advice right now look. I'm. A little bit. Busy. But. I. Shot. The pause. All. I'm saying is so far pearls and you giving me any bad advice. Good.

Good. Doc. Doc doc. What. What. Oh my, god because, I pressed it too early my Achtung was like I don't really see anything coming I guess I better jump into the void. Look. Girl I love you, but. We need to work on our prediction, skills I. Can't. Read the check I swear, if I read the chat it never works out cuz, I have to try and like pull, on no, even, the shed is not optimal during the section which has. Yo. Chet you must just be missing out on how things are going here I'm. Exclusively. Using the toughest weapons. Yeah. But don't well I am, that's. The way this Let's Plays go he's my let's play, well. We'd like to play the game. Halfway. Home am, i right octo, okay, she's dead. Well. Oh. Thank. You for the $5 from caller grades good luck at octo sorry about that I. Appreciate. The well wishing display my. Enormous. Levels, of stress while I'm playing this game but. Yes I realized I don't need to fully charge it teyla. Thanks. Captain cuttlefish I'll take that in mind. Hey. Frank's, behind I look. The. Target, on the left again you know what. That. Vice wasn't too bad that was actual just literally what's the book the situation, he. Just. He. Does not unpause and just accept our fate. Okay. All. Right. Fun, times the fun game all right guys. Can. I get a. However, little flip she's really happy okay everybody. Let's. See what your mean telling what I can rapid fire but that's really cool because apparently I can't even reach you before I even get to it I have a face-first, into the box before it actually breaks. Man. I love sniper rifles, that really go up about. Two feet in front of me. The. Bamboozler, is the reason that these, things are called chargers, and not snipers. Rank. X gameplay, confirmed as what that's about right so now I can actually read chat because I understand this part. According. To bad. Well. Thank you for accumulating, youth this is the test data. You. Chose the bamboozler test family. Look, I'm gonna be real I have sympathy on my little octo girl here I imagine. It's fairly difficult to ride rails like this while shooting a gun with I imagine, a fair amount of pick back, I gotta. Admit she's. Doing superhuman, feats I'm I'm the one sitting on my butt on my, couch, being. Like wow come on off go girl you know what I gotta give her some credit she's doing she's doing some amazing work out there. You. Want yeah. Well, mean Joey the. To. Give me semantics, over. She's. Doing some extraordinary feats, here. She. Has high heels - exactly. She's. Looking fabulous and. She's, destroying the weather that's. More than I can say about most superheroes or, most severe more most. Video game protagonist. Looks. Fabulous, honey, you're doing great. What. Is her name we'll figure that out later on. Come. On now good god we got a taste of the ring all, right oh it. Actually goes much further than I gave it credit for okay oh my. Hello. Wall oh good. Neat, fun. Fun, fun. Find a good job shooting, the targets too bad you bopped one oh by. The way we're just gonna send you all the way back to the start that's fine okay cool. Well. Like this would ever get repetitive or annoying to watch you. Know. And, a. Hey. Could. I get a, could. I get a. Double. Yes good, huh. But. I got three yeses in a row for the people in the back. My, name is Daniel. Phil though could, I get a. Should. I get. They. Got one more unit we're, gonna yes. With a side of fries in about a second, here BAM, that. I got a double, yes. Please. Just kidding it's just the single yes. Hey. There, Pam. Hey. Can I get a movie yet no. Should. I got like one of those yeses, that goes Bam Bam, Bam. Bam. I knew you hide stuff what I ordered. Beautiful. Hey. Can I get one of those purple yes and again I know I'm ordering a lot of food together oh it's. So good. All. Right. Put, back up. Okay. It's. A new world it's a new world it's a new wolf it's a fun world it's a fun world it's a great world it's a. And. I would like to enjoy thoroughly, I hate this game I hate this game I hate this game with everything I own, believe. In the octo and let it guide you thank you for the five dollars but um I I'm in pain. Alright. Alright. You. Know be. Careful the octo washers, thanks. Marina. Thanks. Honey. Appreciate. It BAM. How. Wishes, this level I'm a right chat, now.

What Just snacking on gamers. Only. The most Lycia foods, I believe. That's. Right, yes. Okay. Look, now a little harder when are there I'm not look at the China. Can. I get a. Book. Followed. By a book. Many, boobs, that's. A good move. Let's. Go let's go. Hey. Let's. Read some lore. Seems. Like a delightful place to stop for the day. We. Gonna. Lure. You. Guys all wanted me to hit, up some of those session. Logs. Let's. Hit him up Oh. What's. My marina and pearl voice I remember. Yo. Can we go Laur. Let's. Go oh, god. It's my favorite one. Yo. How do you make the chat window full screen oh. Alt. F4. Just. Straight up leaves y'all. Hit. It with them what, do we got unfortunately, nice fortunately. I haven't discovered, unfortunately. Nice work. That. Pretty much describes my, gameplay experience, so far, hey. Yo, oh dude let's go away what's up what's up skull pay for the two dollars don't forget you have that one thing soon oh don't worry don't worry I'm. Rounding. It down I'm ending it off right here man I want, to get through some lore and then hit you guys up where, me playing some uh I, know, you called that one thing as well not sure if I could say it myself but don't worry I have, my I had my eyes on the clock there unfortunately. I haven't, discovered anything since new. Since our last chat log so we're kind of still in the mud but it oh god what is this when the meantime I was thinking we could we get to know each other by posting pics of ourselves, well here I'll go first. Wait. A minute that's pearl. Wait. DJ, for freshers is um. This. Is a marina, right, so. I'm leaning I'm leaning in. That's. All. I. Prefer is marina right I could. Be wrong all. Right cool good, what's wrong pick oh. That's. An old picture of pearl I don't tell her I said this but pearl is the coolest Oh. And. Anyway. Back to work well off the save picture sharing for later oh. That's. Adorable, also, lovely, captain. Cuttlefish didn't even say anything back like don't, tell her Listeria. To the coolest. Read. At 2:23. P.m.. Philly, of Marina what, do we got I'm back yes, you are brain, are you here she's, in the head what. The, head. Filly. A pearl whatever. Yo. Why is the pic of me getting posted here you see I guess the longer something some, data breach of privacy oh, we're, doing intros just, read that part okay. It's my turn to post a pic of marina boom. But, Judd huh, this. Day we first met back in the day here's a bonus one just cause Oh. Adorable. Frankly. I thought that was Feiner I saw it on Twitter earlier oh she's, like writing music oh this is delightful, he's. Like hey wake up sleepyhead. Pearl. Its immediately. Didn't. Really, like discord hang-up noise, what. We got here bye guys I do have something to do at five o'clock so. I might, be only getting through haffley's in which case we'll pick them up at like ah we'll. Pick them up in the next dream anyway, uh what. Do we got battery's almost dead I'm gonna go grab my charger, pulls, out a gun here. We go shoots. The phone. And. There's nothing to do when it's just me and you cap I, mean, I'm, bored, I mean, I'll do a little research on you see what kind of door I can dig up I have, nothing to hide, we'll. See. What is this oh, my. God alright this is what the, cool face kind of thing right, right, what bag is this the squid beaks platoon led by second lieutenant cuttlefish visit, grievous losses loss upon. The forces of the enemy during the bitter siege of arowana castle that, takes me back Wow. Cool, cool, I remember that I remember that. Wise. Marina taking so long that reminds me we can check any on eight using our video link oh. You. Mean HTTP. Dot. Youtube.com, slash fail boat slash live or in. A more convenient link fail boat dot live. Uh-huh, that's correct, so. You probably can't tell but just. Between you and me marinas kind of a weirdo she's. Still free she's like freakishly, tall and way too smart for her own good yesterday. She built an entire battle, stage all by herself and she had floating, rocks and everything wait.

So, She's the one building, those things dude. That's, so cool, making. It so she's a game dev gotcha, make me rock flow that's octo Tech what do you mean you. Know octarians. Menace you, mean those guys who lost a great turf war tweet. She. Doesn't know. Cute. Whoa hold, on a minute whore, you not saying marinas working for the hawk tyrion army are you okay, you need to see is my, top Seahawk carrying Dozier me. She. Says she builds him every specialist I didn't know what, I'm sorry that's my mistake you, should skip the text dude. What, is this. Age. Six to enroll that elementary training program age nine skipped multiple grades, took. Only advanced courses. Age. Ten member of flood design, team. Join. Slime, scheme garrison, I'm sorry. Age. Sixteen, scientist, eject obvious wasabi OH supply, unit earned, multiple commendations same. Year went AWOL, after completing, multiple, audible. Range of the, all. Okay. So this music, so so this calamari. Incantation, it really is the the hypnotism. Of uh I wonder. If we're gonna get some more on that or if it's just because the music is really good. Dude. I, love it marina, ADA. Wonder. If there's like a translation, of that. There's. Some pun on that, remember, a flutter design, team those flutters are ruthless, splatting machines they did an agent. They. Did an agent 300 interesting. What. Nah marina would never design something like that it's right there in the file that you mentioned it marina is totally obsessed with the machines. Dude. What, the battle, which mean she. Bounced ages she makes involve, traps and stuff where you've made uh where, you float we, don't see any things like that elsewhere only on tearing military has that technology I'm telling you. Dude. What a. Sickly. Noise she makes before ad before every every game thing I remember, her saying something about the calories changing. Her life it's right there in the file, no. Power you explain, no, fan of that song as a foe of mine right, she oh oh, that's why he says it because he literally, anyone. Who hears the song would not be a foe of his I get, it right, she might have some skeletons in her closet who does uh dude, let's go I swear. A cuttlefish if you've tried to splat marina I will cut a fish I. Am. Okay good. Keep, your head in the game I get in the gaming dude. It's, so cool. Honestly. That. Seems like a great, place to leave it off for now we. Will be back tomorrow with. The. Rest of the Lord and the, finale, of, the. Octo expansion. Dude. This is getting really good this. Is getting really good. Oh. Hold on one last little piece of lore from the chat here thanks. To gren ITA's a surname. An. Example I thought was interesting, matsutake. EDA Japanese. Lieutenant : l who was conspired. To overthrow the government, Oh. Interesting. So it could be a reference to that. Do. That so good well, hey man I'll be picking this up tomorrow thank. You all for watching tune, in tomorrow. Hit. Me up at that I'll, make probably a community post about it so that way you guys know what the exact time is gonna be happening let's, do it really fast raid. III. Go Colin L Oh interesting. I got I got a bounce, pull, on skull. And skull and fishing the rest are doing a thing I don't want to be late to that I'm, gonna be late by like one minute but, I'm just gonna we're just gonna raid someone like immediately. Like. First person I see instable turn to other than me I'm sure I'm probably up there area. Oh do. Have anyone else hear me. Joe how think I've ever read of me Joe yeah, let's write me. Joe hey you think y'all for watching i'm bout to spam a lincoln chafee super respectable, be super nice spam a bunch of hearts give, them a bunch of love we're, about to raise someone uh they're. Playing splatoon two right now give, them a bunch of love blah blah blah blah you guys already know what you guys already know what to do thank, you all for watching - next time for whatever y'all are doin um in, the next episode you guys already know.

It's. Gonna be a great time I'm actually super looking forward to this man this entire DLC, has been like amazing so far, alright. Guys thank you all for watching and I'll. See you around go. Ahead going up this person with a rate we, had a thousand, for just people can we get like seven on your people in their chat. Just. Made them with a bunch of love. We. Got like a hundred people in chat. It's. Rate time boys and girls thank y'all for watching and I'll. See you around.

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I already beat octo expansion I did it in one day


Welcome to college *T E S T F A I L E D*


You lied, I looked everywhere after this video and I did not find a single finale, but I did find a glitch video earlier that day and later the video just got deleted. So Fix-It failboat!!!

Am I the only one who hears the song sail in the boss intro.

You won! *_test failed_*

copy and paste from something else I think never tried it though

Theresa Ebert how do you do that with the text on YouTube? The slanted text I mean

You passed the test. Test Failed.

Whos waiting for him to do a certain boss? i am :3

Btd 6 just came to mobile devices and its 5 bucks

You clicked on this stream. Test failed.

I bet you’ll be so hyped by the last boss

test failed TEST FAILED

ima cut a f1sh... so then it becomes a dedf1sh

You failed the test *test failed*

Vlad Lego true.


like you could do it

I wasnt in this stream but when will you do another one F-Boat. (Thats his new name.)


I said it and no one can change it now.

I dunno why but I stress whenever failboat gets close to failing as if I'm playing.

why do i keep commenting random things :O


Also i ask for pearl and marina’s help on every stage :/

much OWO


To be honest, I... wouldn't be able to do any better, I'd more likely do much worse.

This is the dark souls of paintball games focused around aquatic creatures.


you made me miss this stream. YOU FAILED!!!

*test failed*


Yeah and its super suspicious

You didn’t subscribe to Failboat *test failed* I’m sorry

You touched the air Test failed

You like pulp. Test failed.

"Fail"Boat literally

you read this comment test failed


i think the reason for when you have the limited ink levels and you start with half of the full tank is for struggle, not because you wasted ink before the level starts. notice that there's a "start" place thats at half the tank instead of it not being there or at the tip. i think thats a clue that its there specifically designed for the level, not because of you.

You exist. Test failed.

Awesome Mcool ha ha

Test failboat


How do a catch one?

This is the best stream ever because of the raid.

Jake LouAllen no, the raid right after the stream.

Endersmash you mean rage right?

I love it when gamers pause the screen when they are about to die


You missed the stream *test failed*


You Streamed a Nintendo Game-Test Failed

You commentated on a video game *TEST FAILED*

i actually stepped in the enemy ink once and it didn't fail me :)


Mary Vanschaick I did that tons of times XD

When I played that no damage/enemy ink level I was so stressed and mad

You do know that the bamboozler always has max range even at min charge

Sebastian Arimura oh.


Momo comment is hilarious

Ayyyy I was in this video!

yeah... whait your not a octoling (what agent 8 is)

In the comments

I did see you

_._._ _:P_


Um, why is one of the caption language options titled und?

That I have seen in a lot of videos and I STILL want to know.


If now is 10 pm when is tomorrow

Marina is called iida in JP.


Daniel The Creeper Killer don’t look at me or my child ever again


666 views ahhhh

How do you watch live

You just gotta watch the video when he is still recording it but some don't let you watch im in action. P.S it's say live on the tumbnail YouTube put the mark



I still can't believe he actually completed the 105/B08 level with the heccin **BAMBOOZLER** You are my god

I KNOW THE BAMBOOZLER btw I have hayfever

Bamboozler levels are always so easy

Nicholass thats how i completed the level aswell, but it took me less tries than him lol



You converted oxygen to carbon dioxide - test failed

dang it I missed the stream train...

You bought the DLC. Test failed.

You were born TEST FAILED.

You bought a switch *T E S T F A I L E D*

You bought the game. Test Failed.

destroying the last traces of humanity and viciously tearing society apart just to prove you don’t want pulp in your orange juice. What has Nintendo come to.

Nintendo has always been like that tbh

I was on the stream!

You like to drink something other than orange juice during the orange juice splatfest... test failed

13th comment

It’s fine for me

It happens all the time

Not me

people only like pulp because its *T H I C C*

[WSS] Blake like judd

Test failed


That Alt+f4 one killed me when i first read it! Beautiful XD


No reason. Test failed

Lil angery gumi boi

You moved test failed and you paused before you die 20000 points —

Marco I thought I was the only one that ask for their help

You replied to this video TEST FAILED

The universe was made. *T E S T. F A I L E D*

dark souls on the switch looks great

You- *Test failed.*

your video has delay. t e s t f a i l e d.

CAROLYN ICENEDER Many aren't hard, and the ones that most people consider hard he does pretty well. It's ones that aren't hard and he fails at that might be irritating to him

Audio desynchronized. Test failed.

YouTube broke. Test failed.

inklings: woomy octolings: wommy THEY ALL MEME DOWN HERE

inklings could be considered human rip-offs, they’re just even more nonsensical that humans which is honestly hard to believe

You t h i c c test failed

banana XD

I was in the lobby during this stream and failboat saw me


A Gold Soldier good point

wow you exist

Took a breath. *test failed*

You died in a match Test Failed!

Why does everyone do this “test failed” thing

You talked *Test failed* You died *Test failed* You breathed *Test fail* Losing Tower Control *Test failed* Losing RainMaker *Test failed* Brought the DLC *Test failed* Moaning *Test failed* Moaning about money *Test failed* You conveted carbon dioxdide out *Test failed* NOTE (before people say anything) : I did scroll down at the comments and copied some for this comment. Even I don't have premission. Wanted to clear up before I get any Hate Sos for the spelling ^_* *TEST FAILED* YOU READ THE COMMENT

voted for one of the splattfest teams.Test Failed

Ya it took hours for it to archive

It’s kinda true who cares about orange juice xD

Im watch ing this a while after daniel streamed it and i got so mad at him i accidentally hit my head on the wall

Kyle Chen it’s basically a meme/joke on C,Q

Stephen Malloy ha ha good one

The post at the beginning proves why the final boss did what they did.

Thats empathy for ya.


I never played Splatoon 2 octo expression

*PTSD Flash Back sequence* (Incoherent screaming)

That, might actually happen... Well in survival games that's all you get. You survived, now you die.

You entered the level. Test Failed.

You failed a test I’m not going to continue

Hey failboat You streamed test failed

"If you let Marina hack, you're not playing this game right." Me: O.O *quickly hides Marina-sprite-ridden Deep Sea Metro map* I suck at games... I just wanted to finish the story!!! :'(

Right before the bread explodes, it’s eyes are so cute

You are dumb test failed

April Moon934 best thing I’ve seen today

It’s a new meme that came to the switch

Make sure there are no external factors. Lol

You commented on a live video *test faild*

Use _ at the beginning and end for slant _Example_ Use * at the beginning and end for big *Example* Use - at the beginning and end for crossed out -Example- You can mix em together, to! *_-Example-_*

Pepsi Maaaannn!!!!!!

You touched the controller *_T E S T F A I L E D_*

Inkling\octoling s e x


They made splatoon into

(I know that's not how u spell coisi or is it... DUN DUN DUUUUUN)

Tell kirina and coisi we got bad news


For the level at the half hour mark, you should do this for the fan bit: Destroy only _one_ of the boxes that leads to the fan initially. Destroy only _one_ of the boxes on the fan’s ground part. Shoot the fan so it gets _just_ high enough so that you can jump over the back set of two. WAIT for the Octoling to fire the shield off before you shoot her! Kill her and super jump. Hit the fan once, it should be enough to get you high enough, and jump to the platform where the pen is. IGNORE THE INK SWITCHES AND ENEMIES BELOW. YOU’VE MADE IT.


I watched This amazing Video TEST FAILED 0-0

Get the 100% of this expansión with each gun Test Failed

You turned into a octopus T E S T F A I L E D

You took a step TEST FALLED you thrigred

Ur good at streams test failed

You killed the Octo Oven test failed

You failed the test. *Test Failed* Also orange juice with pulp is the best

4:40 The YouTube gods heard smack talk about that Switch port. Test Failed.

Too bad I missed the stream... You pressed read more, *TEST FAILED*

Balosa The Animatronic you commented on a video Test failed

Some guy al Mr. Boi you failed English class Test failed Also imma gonna kill your dog with the bum bomb (the thing that kills you when you fail a test?)

BoyGamerTV you made a dark souls reference Test failed Also I'm deleting your bank account

The fluffy kitten you got a disease Test failed

Peridot 5XG you don't know how to vocabulary correctly Test failed. *_also I'm deleting your credit card info_*

Vickie Hagen you shot your weapon. Test failed

Hieu Plays Kappa

Vlad Lego you threw a bomb- test failed

Pearl you tried to hack the test. Test failed

Pearl you ask yourself for help?

lol and huh

you failboated. test failed.

Emmett N Redblue OH COME ON

Chhhhhhhaaaaaaattttttttttt you have not read the chat yet the chat log

You default dance in fortnite Test failed

Something is wrong with the sound. TEST FAILED

When I play can't touch this station I tiny touch the enemy ink and a LIVE!

Your so stupid....who missed an inkrail that is an easy level...GOD

Is it just me or is there audio lag?


C.Q.Cumber surely looks like Jotaro with his hat. *_There is only one reason you failed the test._* *_One simple reason._* *_You pissed me off._*

3:25 .....im going to cry......i still havent beaten this one and you got in first try?!

666 likes on this video now. Perfection.


grabs bass bal bat

U saw air, TEST FALLED? FAINTED??? FOOLED?????????? Wait, TEST “no looking” FAILED

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