Teknik Trading Terbaik Yang Bisa Digunakan II Best Trading Technique That Can be Used

Teknik Trading Terbaik Yang Bisa Digunakan II Best Trading Technique That Can be Used

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There are 3 kinds. then I add Sniper Trading It means we combine it *Opening Music* We combine the fourth Trading type. That's Sniper Trading Based on the name, Sniper is Sharpshooter Its philosophy is a Sharpshooter able to master all of fields Then, they move silently. Utilizing less bullets but can get many targets Sniper Trading is combining Combining Day Trading and Scalping The Time Frame that's used is H1, H4, and D1 There is time to see another Time Frame. The main Time Frame is H1, H4, and D1. Then, about the target. It's at least 100 Pips.

At least, it's 100 Pips or more than 100 Pips. The minimum is 100 Pips and the Time Frame that is used is H1, H4, and D1. All of them depends on the pair that's used. If the pair movement is small, we can adjust it with the character condition of the pair I explain it generally, so that you have an overview first So, before entering the Trading, don't be messy! What kind of Trader we want to be? Which one I want to choose/ Short/middle/long-term? Most of Sniper Trading do short-term trading Then, Swing Trading do long-term Trading What's the difference between short and long term Trading? Usually, Short-term is 2 days For middle and long-term Trading can be in weeks and months Of course, as the consequence, the budget must be big Why the budget must be big? Because it must hold big floating Even the floating can reach hundreds of thousands there So, if we play Swing Trading, we must prepare big budget Because we don't do Short-term Trading. The targeted price can be touched for maybe 1 weeks or 2 weeks

Like that. I hope you have an overview about this Please remember about 'what kinds of Trader do you want to be?' Short/Middle/Long-term? If you do short-term Trading, try to make it done in 2 days For middle-term Trading, it can be 1 weeks. At least, we must measure our durability and budget Don't be messy and inconsequent! It will be hard if we don't know the calculation If the target maybe 300 Pips, it must adjust with the condition What must we do? What kinds of Trading we'll do? How many budget we must have? How's our skill? All of them must be prepared. Don't do order careless origin then determining 500 Pips for the target Without counting and realizing our skill, it will be hard to reach the target These are Trading types which can be considered At least you have an overview about that types and you can choose it You're free to choose Scalper/Scalping/Day Trading/Swing Trading/Sniper Trading The point is how we train the skill based on our character. So that we can enjoy it

Whatever type of trading we take It was still determining the Trading system The third is we must have rules, planning What planning? Planning about our order and exit rules What's the rules if we want to order? What's the reason if we want to enter it? It must have rules For example, when I see there is long rejection there Maybe the market goes down, and there is long tail There is Doji here. In the Support area Doji in the Support area and there were rejections previous it. When there are many rejections on the left side and Doji shows up. It indicates the Trend will change from down to up So, our Trigger is Doji Another confirmation is it's located in the Support. It isn't breakout in the Support. This is Sell failed candle and there were failed candles too It wanted to go down again, but it failed So, the Trigger is this Doji When this kind of candle shows up and there is confirmation, we can order on the next candle or if we feel doubt there, we wait for 1 more confirmation candle Then, we order Buy here To order Buy or Sell, we must have rules about how to do order My task is to explain the basic techniques Then, you need to practice it in any kinds of pairs If you suits with Euro, that's ok. If you enjoy doing Pounds, that's ok. The techniques which I explained are same, but we need to adjust it to the pair character We must have the rules to order and exit. We must have plan.

How to order? If the market rises then it goes down, we must know in which area it goes down there is correction here If in this correction area starts to be rejected, and Engulfing shows up here Then it's strengthen by 1 more candle and we can order Buy here This is Trigger that we use or our order rules We'll discuss it more in the Technical analysis Now, we discuss about Trading system first Trading system or our SOP. after we have SOP, wherever the place it, we'll find it We have a business which has structure/system Wherever we want to open the branch, it will run The important thing is it already has SOP To determine it, we must do lot of practice with my steps Including how to order and exit The point is we must realize that it must have rules 'Then, if it matches with our style, do it continuously! Because it becomes our Trading system Don't look at others. Let other people run their own system. We use our own system which suits on us We must understand it We must have overview about Trading system We have plan inside our plan or Trading plan The Trading plans must be found there At the beginning, we have the target After having the target and rules, then the fourth is limit the loss Sometimes, we don't want to limit the loss Even we're afraid in doing cut loss. We'll always think that the market will go back That's our perception. Meanwhile the market moves opposite We must open our eyes. If it's really breakout and the direction changes, there is no other way except doing cut loss

When the Trend changes, don't wait for it! Do cut loss directly! Doesn't mean we do cut loss every doing mistake. There will be parameter How to determine it? We'll discuss it in Technical analysis material The point is limiting the loss How to limit it? We can use percentage, Pips, Support and Resistance or see the market condition If using percentage, for example, I limit it 2% in a transaction period In a period, I have Buy 0.01, Buy 0.02, and Sell 0.02 transactions In this transaction period, I limit the loss 2% for maximum. It's free for you to determine the percentage. The point is not more than 20% of budget Because it's so dangerous and has chance to face MC if we don't experienced it.

So, we can determine the percentage. The average is 2%. There are some people apply 5% loss It must be tested and adjust to our character I personally limit the loss 20% for maximum. I still tolerance it if it's still 3%, 5%, 10%. But, see the market's condition too! It's not forever be like that There is time for 2%, 3%, 5%, 10%, etc. We determine the tolerance. Each of us has different anxiety levels

Every Trader has different percentage. Next, we can use Pips For example, we use 500 Pips in XAU or we use 250 Pips in Euro This is just example. You don't have to follow this numbers. It's ok if you want to use different number The point is it suits with our style and anxiety level Once more, every Trader has different anxiety level There are some people who feel nervous if the loss is only 100 Pips You may test and try it by yourself. What number which suits on you.

The last is by using Support and Resistance For example, we order Buy and we take the loss limit in the support. There is Support on the left side. We take it there If we order Sell, we'll get loss if the market rises. If it's at above, it's Resistance. We take the risk at the Resistance for the Stop Loss Like that You may use percentage, pips, or Support and Resistance Fourth, limit the loss Write all of these. Because it's so important for our Trading Even though it's just note, but if we often open it, we'll realize that we must go back to our rules and Trading system which must be fixed It isn't psychology first. We must fix our Trading system first

Our psychology will follow it if our Trading system is healthy and suit on us We've tested it and enjoy with it Because psychology is also managed in Trading system What's that? There is also loss limit So, the budget won't run out and bankrupt. Because there is limitation Even though the market runs fast, our budget won't run out because there is limitation Then, we also master another techniques Next, to make healthy and last-long Trading system, what must be prepared to be learned is make a note or write it down in our note Don't let it in our thought only without making a notes You'll face difficulty later. You'll forget it than remember it Even though sometimes we open it Don't forget to write it down even though it's just in a small note Write our Trading system rules When the Trading system which we use doesn't get profit, we can evaluate it and do correction If all of the Trading system run well, do it then! It will be very useful if the Trading system runs well and suit with our Trading style Just do it Well, that's all for tonight We focused discussing about Trading system Tomorrow, we'll discuss about Technical analysis I don't explain all of them in one time. Because there are many materials which must be learned

We learn it steep by step first. The important thing is we understand the concept, fix the Trading system, We try to practice it repeatedly If you face difficulty, fix it! Do evaluation and correction Because the most important thing isn't valid or invalid, but you want to learn it and do correction Not feeling mastered it, but want to learn and do correction I also learn how the method can be simple and all people can learn it So that they can know the feeling of getting profit in Trading That's all about my explanation Ask me if you have question or if there is unclear material related to this Trading system We'll discuss about Technical analysis tomorrow one by one. Even it's candlestick, Support and Resistance Then how is the correction area and bounce area? How we do order when the market is wrong All of them are learned in Technical analysis For now, we focus on Trading system If you want to ask question, you may ask me Before I close it If you want to ask me, you may ask first. So that the materials won't mix

We'll focus on Technical analysis tomorrow to be continued...

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