What Do Russians Think About The Ukraine War?

What Do Russians Think About The Ukraine War?

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- What do you think about the war in Ukraine? - It is very bad. - Really? How? - People are dying. You have your own truth and there is different truth. You will not find it, because civilians have been killed for many years(by Ukraine forces), and you(USA) did not pay attention to it. And now you are looking for some confirmation of Russia's endless aggression. - Who is to blame for this war? - Politicians are to blame. - Can you tell me what you think about the war in Ukraine? - I support it. - How? - I was there. - Really? - Yes.

Therefore, I can support it, or I can not support it. My position remains neutral on this issue. I mean, I don't think it's good or bad. I accept it as a fact. It is there. As long as this does not concern my family, my relatives, I will adhere to a neutral position. - You were there? - Yes, I was there. - As a soldier? - As a soldier. - When? - 3 month ago. - Was it hard? - Yes. It was hard and uncustomary, because the weather conditions leave much to be desired, and the atmosphere there is appropriate. But there are some benefits.

People change there. - Why do you think this war is happening? - For the preservation of independence, for our citizens in the Donbass. - Really? - Yes. - But the whole Western world says that Donbass is Ukraine. - Well, in the West they say so, but we adhere to the position that these are our citizens who should not be touched. If they had not been touched for 8 years, then this would not have happened, most likely. - Understood. - Hello! - Hello! - Can you tell me what you think about the war in Ukraine? Is it good or bad? - This is a war, it is nor good or bad.

- Who is to blame for this? - Our Western friends are to blame, sorry. Not even Ukrainians. Obviously, this war was unleashed from the outside. Not by us and not by Ukrainians. Unfortunately, the Ukrainians are doing what they were ordered to do. We do everything that remains for us. - And what will be the result? - We will see. It is clear that no one will feel good, as in any war. - Hello! What can you say about the war in Ukraine? - What can I say about it? - What do you think, is it good or bad? - War is never good. As a fact. - Who is guilty? Why is there a war going on now? - Why is it there? - Why did it happen. - I'm not a politician, I can't answer that. - How do you see it? - Somewhere someone's interests did not match, nothing more.

- Who is fighting there? Is it Ukraine and Russia, or maybe differently? - That is? - Between whom is the war? Is the war unleashed between Ukraine and Russia, or is it someone else's interests? - Russia and NATO, I think so. - NATO? - NATO, well, at the moment. - Why do you think so? - Because. How else? In fact, Ukraine has become a kind of testing ground, where different technologies are tested on one side and on the other. There are many examples: Korea, Vietnam, a lot. - Afghanistan. - Angola, Afghanistan, there were a lot of conflicts in the last century. Nothing new - really. - And what do you think will be the result? - What result? Absolutely unpredictable.

Because of all those who predicted something, no one guessed right. At the very beginning of the year. All theories failed, absolutely all. -Hello! What can you say about the war in Ukraine? - I am against it, I think that it is not right, illegal and absolutely inhumane. - What law? Who is to blame for this? - I think that the President of the Russian Federation is to blame, who initiated the invasion of a foreign country, all these predatory actions.

- Who is fighting in this war? Is it Russia and Ukraine or maybe someone else? - Maybe there are other interested parties, I don't know, but the fact is that these two countries suffer mainly. - Hello! Can you tell me what you think about the war in Ukraine? - To be honest, I don’t really want to be interested in this, because I don’t like war and everything that happens there. People are dying there. I don't get into it much. The less I know about it, the better I live. I don't worry too much about it. - I understand. Can you tell who is to blame for this? - Repeat again. Who is to blame for this conflict? Because of what or because of whom did this all happen? - Honestly, I didn’t get into it much. I can’t know what happened before, I wasn’t very interested in it, so I can’t say who is to blame for this. - Understood. - Can you tell me what you think about the war in Ukraine? - Who's first, you or me? - Let me. I think that this is a disgrace, this is not right, this is not good and not okay. This is a failed war. Nobody wins. This is would be a bad victory. People will just die. Anyway, they will sit on the negotiating table, everyone will agree and that's it.

- Who is to blame for this war? - In fact, global financial structures are to blame, which earn money on this, steal and share. Not Russians and not Ukrainians, but first of all.. - Financial tycoons who rule the world. - In the West they say that Russian aggression is to blame for everything. - No, it's just that Russophobia has been developed there for a long time, so they will certainly say that the Russians are to blame for everything. Russians are not aggressors and Ukraine has always been friends with us. It was Little Russia.

If everyone knows the history, then Ukraine has never been an independent and successful state. It has always been in the knot of Russia. Because beside Russia, when it was without Russia, it was ruffled by everyone. It was never viable. And in fact, what they arranged is a civil war. We love Ukrainians, we have always been friends with them. - They are part of Russian people. - Yes, this is part of the Russian people and there is a civil war going on. And Russia is not the aggressor, it is not. - What will be the result? - Most likely, unfortunately, Ukraine as a state will cease to exist. The warring countries, Russia, Romania have already declared their claims to the land of Ukraine, Poland, etc. It will simply be torn apart by the states that took part in the war. I think so. And so thinks most of the Russians, unfortunately. - I'm afraid that.. Friedrich Delimant has written "The Winter War in Tibet". There is a narration on behalf of a mercenary who runs there through the holes dug in the mountains,

stumbles upon his soldiers there and gradually understands the senselessness of this war and that this is just a training ground. That will be neither a year nor a year and a half, because the financial magnates will never have enough money. And that it will be a war of 20 years, 30 years, from where money will be poured, laundered and tossed, new weapons are being tested. - People will die. - Sorry, I know it's cold, but can I ask you another question? What can you say about Russian President Vladimir Putin? - What? - Russian President Vladimir Putin. Your opinion. - I have not lived in Russia for 15 years, 10 years ago we returned with a child, in 2013.

I never left forever, I had parents whom we visited here. And from year to year I saw obvious changes for the better. I am not a fan of Putin, many decisions are quite controversial, but I think that he is one of the best leaders there is. And the fact that he stood up for Ukraine .. I just have a few acquaintances in Rostov who moved over the years because they could no longer stand it. I have a girlfriend, to whom a mine flew into the apartment and did not explode. And they left everything and moved to Rostov. I believe that he stood up for native Russian people. - And Zelensky? Ukrainian President? - I generally know little about Zelensky, only what my husband tells. Well, he's just a puppet. - Understood. And the last question, what can you say about peaceful Americans? What do Russians think of Americans?

- Well, what do you think about ordinary Americans? - We are not familiar with them, I personally do not know and do not know. - I am American. - You look great, you are friendly. - In fact, they are very nice and very trusting guys. When I lived abroad, we played them all the time. We lied to them, we played pranks on them. Nice guys and somewhat ignorant. - Little educated. For example, they do not know history well. - What about the US government? - What about management? - It is very sad that such a large and interesting country has such strange people at the helm.

We Russians do not understand how they are chosen. - I really feel sorry for the education system, when young people get into debt, even to the state, and all their lives they pay off debts for these colleges. It's just a nightmare situation. - America should have welfare education. - A person gets into debt for 30 years for his desire to study, it's a nightmare. - This mess. - Thanks a lot. - Good luck, all the best. - Goodbye.

- What do I think about the war between Russia and Ukraine. War in any case can not be good. What else can I say .. Now Russia is actually fighting not against Ukraine, but against the Western world and not against Ukrainians, but against the NATO bloc, which now uses Ukrainians as a military force against Russia. Here is my opinion. This cannot be good, I am very sorry that people are dying from our side and from the side of Ukraine. In fact, ordinary citizens are not to blame for anything. The military are forced people, they follow orders. Orders of the Ukrainian government. The Ukrainian military is carrying out, perhaps to some extent, offensive orders regarding the defense of Ukraine.

That is, it is not right, it is not right. And our military, it seems to me that they are hindering the advancement of NATO and are trying .. Now, I will try to compose it correctly, maybe I didn’t say it quite correctly. They are trying to prevent the advancement of NATO and Russophobia and fascism, something that is instilled there to people who do not fully understand that they are mistaken in their understanding.

- So that people do not get confused and understand correctly, you are a soldier, right? - No, I'm an ordinary civilian who has a family and who also goes to work and worries about everything that happens in the world. No one will benefit from this, except only the commercial leadership who are interested in it. That is, in the sale of weapons, in financial turnover, etc.

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