Week 1 - Understanding Technology

Week 1 -  Understanding Technology

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hello and welcome to our curriculum  on understanding technology I'm also   subtitling this technology is easy the whole  purpose of this curriculum is to bring you   to a place where you feel confident in  technology and your understanding of it   thinking about technology can be daunting there's  a lot of different things that we just don't   understand and varying levels of complexity and  there's a lot of things that we can understand   and the main point the first takeaway and the  main takeaway of the entire program will be this   technology is either convenient for you or it is  not the whole point of computers is to make our   lives more convenient to make the tasks that we  want to do more more easily done so every computer   regardless of what it is or what it's  designed to do will make a task easier   and if you don't need to do that task then it's  not relevant for you and so the first thing I want   to get into your minds is when you are thinking  about technology and thinking about new software   new hardware that a lot of people are using the  first question you need to ask yourself is do I   need this is this relevant to me if it's not Don't  go breaking your mind trying to figure out how to   use it it's unnecessary you don't need it so why  try to learn about how to use it right um there   are very simple uses for technology which honestly  95 percent of the the population in the world um   only uses the most basic technological functions  there's a million more things that they could do   with their technology that they either don't know  how to do or they aren't interested in learning   how to do so when you look at for instance your  your kids and your grandkids and they're doing   all these crazy things with the internet and  with video games and their phones and whatnot   that's that's all very cool and this thing that  they've learned how to do because they want to   and because it's convenient for them to learn it  but that doesn't mean that understanding how those   programs work is a necessity for you it may be  that you will never need to learn how to do those   things but if it's a form of communication and a  way for you to connect with um whoever then sure   it might benefit you to know so that you can um  so you can interact with them on that same playing   field which is typically some version of software  right so we're going to get into the basics for   this first week before we even touch a computer  we're just going to talk about computers because   I believe that that's going to be the first step  in getting you to be confident in technology   me for instance I I do know a lot about technology  and there's a lot that I've used but I know a lot   about technology that most people don't and I  know a lot about technology that will never be   relevant to my life and will probably never be  relevant to anyone else's life except for you   know CEOs government contractors Etc but those are  again those are just things that aren't necessary   for the regular person and just the same it's  not relevant for you so let's start by asking   these simple question what is a computer right  there are many different kinds of computers and   when I say computer your first thought might be a  desktop PC here is a desk this is the desk on top   of my test on top of my desk there's some monitors  those monitors are connected to a computer which   happens to be down here under my desk but the  idea of a desktop computer that's the thing that   you are using that's on top of your desk right  so that's a computer well what about this right   what about this right here these right these are  phones right a phone is a computer what about this we all know what this is this is a calculator  a calculator is a computer right and at the   at the at the core of what a computer is this  is all it is a computer computes it calculates   and so the question is what is a computer  calculating right um but just to add some more   tools some more computers to the mix a tablet if  you have a Galaxy tablet or Chromebook an iPad   those are computers right if you have a gaming  console such as an Xbox let's say a Nintendo   right or um if you got a Game Boy any kind of any  kind of video game system it's a computer all a   computer is is something that can ingest software  and compute it to present you with the data that   you want to know with video games the computer is  your system and what it's Computing is the game   you're sending in information and that presents  something to you that you wanted to see which is   your character doing whatever it is in the video  game in the same way uh a camcorder right or   um of any kind of video camera the device  itself is the computer it is designed to   calculate a specific format and in the case of a  camcorder it's designed to calculate video footage   calculator is designed to calculate numbers  and equations a tablet is designed to calculate   exactly what a phone does exactly what a computer  does applications software so that's the basis   of a computer all a computer is no matter how  complicated a robot whatever it is Hardware that   is designed to calculate a specific task for your  convenience so that is to say that if you have   a computer and that calculates video games so a  video game console but you don't play video games   you don't need that computer and you don't need to  understand what that computer does right we have a   lot of different terms for the various things that  we use in society today technologically speaking   but they are all computers everything that we  use technology technologically typically they're   computers in some form or the other we just  don't call it a computer and because we don't do   that we're actually doing ourselves a disservice  because when someone does see the word computer   they think of something much more complicated  than it really is right it's just a calculation   and we just need to be able to know how to find  the calculations that are relevant to our lives   now that we know what a computer is any device  that is created with a specific task in mind   and and can do that task that's a computer  so let's talk about what uses there are for   computers like we already talked about calculating  talked about gaming communication because again a   phone is a computer whose primary device  was to connect us telephonically right   so that computer works exactly as expected we use  it for communication the difference is with the   Advent of the iPhone and other Technologies  with smartphones Smart TV and all these apps   and stuff right a very simple process a very  simple computer was made more complicated how   by adding more functions more functions that  some people wanted and some people didn't want   some people needed some people don't need we  don't need to understand all the apps you don't   need to understand all the apps all you need to  understand is which apps are relevant to you if   you got rid of those apps the world keeps  turning you don't need them if you wanted   it someday you could probably download it again  that is all a smart device does it's not smart   because it has all these functions it's smart  because you can add functions to it a calculator   is not a smart device right a calculator  is designed to do these equations with math   you can't add Netflix to your calculator right  the the point of the calculator its function   has a very specific one one-sided task it  does that one thing very well but it's not   a smart device because you can't upgrade it to  do even more tasks seem like old CRT televisions   um or even some of the more um recent LCD TVs  that don't have applications their function is   simple it's just a TV its whole purpose is to  gather signals either from the air or from a   cable box to send you television shows and movies  Smart TVs these days do the same thing but they   don't necessarily do it with air cable or air  and cable they do it with a streaming service   such as Netflix or Hulu or Apple TV whatever you  use and those services are stored in the internet   which is why you need the internet in order to  use those applications on your simple TV right   all we've done to make it smart is we've given it  the ability to have more tasks to run Netflix to   run Hulu all these separate services that don't  need to be separate because we have companies   right and corporations that are vying for our  dollar we have apps we have separate similar   tasks that are smart TV now has to be able to  separate for us it's not particularly convenient   but it can do the task if we had a television for  instance that could only play Netflix apps well   then what do you do when you have a Hulu account  where you want to have an Apple TV account you   need a new TV that can do those but our Smart TV  is capable of doing all those things whether or   not we need them it is capable so um computers  they do a task and computers in general are what   we use to make most Technologies the computer  gets more sophisticated as time goes on and all   that means is using a computer we can make a smart  TV using a computer we can make a gaming console   using a computer we can make more calculators  using a computer we can make tablets we can   make anything we can make anything with computers  and computers are the basis of our technology this   this calculator became everything that we use  today right so that's that's all it is we just   made more complicated calculators but at the  core of it all we still use computers to design   new tasks to make our lives easier so when you  look at a computer a desktop computer your phone   Etc these are personalized devices  and the whole point of these devices   is so that you personally can can create a  routine of tasks that you personally need   and however you use it that's up to you it's your  device it's your computer you don't have to use   it for anything complicated but you can right  it is yours to decide what task it needs to do   and that's why computers are so complicated it's  because they are smart devices because they're   capable of doing new tasks they can grow with you  so as you learn about new things that you can do   and you want to do those new things you don't  have to go and buy a new phone you don't have   to go buy a new computer new console whatever  typically with a PC personal computer or your   phone all you have to do is download a new app  and the phones in your computers are designed   to be able to take on those extra tasks so again  why own a computer why should you own a computer   in this age it is absolutely necessary to at  least understand how to use a computer because   computers are how we communicate day to day as  we know from going through covid remote work   became very important because we weren't able to  connect with people on the day-to-day basis even   more so we weren't able to connect with our family  members with our friends and we couldn't do that   in person so we needed another way and some of the  processes that we use now like Zoom they already   existed prior to covet but because of covid we  started learning about how we can use technology   for our convenience these things that existed we  can now use them to connect us we can use them   for video calls and face calls right we can use  them to connect us to the rest of the world even   if we can't physically be there and that is why  it's more convenient right so why own a computer   because things like that happen the world changes  and as the world changes we start to get more and   more separated from others and it's ironic because  technology brings us closer together but can also   push us further apart so there is a balance that  we need to have I think it is good to be able to   communicate with people face to face but it is  also good to be able to communicate with people   when you can't be face to face and there are  various ways that you can do that which we will   discuss in later in later curriculum in areas in  the curriculum so what is the difference between   all of these different computers between you  know the uh the calculator the gaming systems   the communication phones and all those different  types of things well we kind of already talked   about that right the difference is they all have  specific tasks our television its whole task is   to provide us with TV and entertainment right  our gaming systems their task is to provide   us with games the calculator is Task that's  provide us with calculations right so our phones   primary task is to provide us with communication  but we can use it for other things like games and   like TV all of that stuff is kind of Consolidated  our phones are computers right and and all our   phones are really is a desktop computer that has  left the desk it can now come with us and do the   exact same things that we would do on a computer  from the palm of our hand from our pockets right   so they're just tools they're just  tools to make our life more convenient   um whenever we need them we don't need them  all the time but we can use them when we do   and it's to make it so that we don't have to  come back home just to find information about   what store is open or how do I get to this  place you know or um where's my friend all   of these things we no longer have to come home  and spend that extra time trying to figure it   out on a computer we can do it while we're out  we can do it on the way it's for our convenience   so um let's get into that those those ideas um  those are all applications basically because   remember we have Smart devices our computers  have become so sophisticated that they are   considered smart and all that means is they can  do they can take on multiple tasks and those   multiple tasks those tasks are called apps  or applications it's just been abbreviated   um just because it's it's easier and fun to  say app right so that's that's what we're   dealing with and what is an app an app is a tool  made by someone else to make your task easier   so what is your what is your task and you  may have heard the phrase there's an app   for that I don't remember who coined the phrase  or what company is currently owning that phrase   but it's still it's it's still relevant the idea  is that for as many tasks as you can think of for   a computer to do there's probably already  an application that has been made for that   task right because there are millions there are  billions literally billions of people in the world   and there are as many apps as as well I can't  say that there are many apps there are people but   there are way more apps than we will ever know  what to do with some of them do the same thing   right so how do you know which app is better than  the other well we look at the reviews we ask our   friends which apps they're using but the whole  point is that if I need an app to communicate   with people there's an app for that I can find  something to communicate with people if I want an   app to play a specific type of game there's apps  for that I can look it up and find the specific   type of game I want to play if I wanted to read a  book I can find apps for that you can connect to   your libraries through apps if I wanted to listen  to audiobooks there's apps for that if I wanted   to watch movies there's apps for that specifically  on Netflix or Hulu there's an app for each one of   those if I wanted to exercise more there are many  apps that will give you guided exercise routines   if I wanted nutrition information there are apps  for that if I wanted health information there are   apps for that anything you can think of there's  probably already an app for that and especially   if you're thinking of your own like like bank  account information or your own health information   personal stuff these services that are provided  to you by those specific companies that you   interact with probably have an app so that you can  easily get your information and so that you can   easily identify yourself and and be able to make  quick decisions without having to come back home   and get on your computer it's convenient for your  sake if you want it you just need to know that   it's there for you if you can think of it there's  probably something there for you in the form of an   app and all that is it's a tool like a Swiss army  knife you don't always need the screwdriver but   sometimes you do and you can find it in that one  place on your phone or on your computer and and   that's the that's the core of an application it's  just a tool for your convenience because it is on   you're a smart device your device that is designed  for multiple tasks whenever you need to use them   if you never use them that's okay it's okay  to not need technology but it is important to   know how to use technology for the times when you  do need it and all all you need to know is what   task do I need to complete now and maybe you can  do that without a computer but maybe a computer   can make it easier for you to do it and those  are the kind of things you need to keep in mind   so next let's talk about operating systems it  sounds complicated but it's it's a very simple   way of saying that many companies have decided  that they all want to make money off of us   so they created different systems that will not  communicate with each other for instance iPhones   or apple versus Windows or Microsoft they created  operating systems separately so that if you're   using one you can't do a lot of the things that  the other system does that's Mac versus Windows   um they Mac for instance uses a very specific  file type which we'll get into file types later   but you can have multiple apps like Netflix  again let's use that downloading Netflix on   a Mac is different from downloading Netflix on  a Windows computer you probably go through the   same process to find the application to put it on  your your PC but the point is that the operating   system is based on the company that created it  so sometimes there are apps that only exist on   a specific operating system like apple if  you tried to find it on Windows you just   can't because Apple has paid a lot of money so  that no one else but the people that buy their   product can use them and that is the That's the  basis of operating systems they are designed to   separate us from or their consumers from other  compute com from other competitor consumers   um and that's that's a process partially uh  in conjunction with something called planned   obsolescence why do we need an iPhone every year  you don't they just keep upgrading why don't they   just make an iPhone that has everything because  then why would you buy the next iPhone if the   iPhone you have is perfect right these things are  are planned to be in obsolescence after a while   your phone stops working the internet is throttled  meaning it gets slower and you're kind of forced   to upgrade that's a terrible thing that companies  do to keep us dependent on the Technologies and   that's a conversation a different conversation  that can be had later but the point is that's how   technology is currently controlled in our world  today which can make things seem more complicated   but the majority of users of of our Technologies  of phones for instance are either Apple users or   Android users which is more on the Windows side  of things and for the most part we have ways to   communicate that are not proprietary or they're  not connected specifically to one experience or   the other because as humans we don't care we don't  need anything except our task fulfilled we'll let   the companies themselves fight those battles but  it's not necessary for us to know or care why it's   happening all we need to know is that we have a  way to communicate we have a way to play our games   to watch our TV shows and to talk to our friends  and family that's the the basic functionality the   basic tasks we need fulfilled which we can do  no matter what phone no matter what computer   you have right so let's get into what what the  difference is between hardware and software   software is the stuff that you download on your  computers or your phone right because the computer   is basically any technology that is electronic and  has connections to the the digital world that's   a computer right anything that's calculating a  task for you as a computer and yes technically   there are computers that are non-electric right um  but we'll that's that's a Nuance for another time   Hardware is the physical device right this is  the hardware this is the hardware this is the   hardware all of these are Hardware right this  is the physical device that houses the you know   the sound card and the motherboard and all the  devices that make the buttons work that's hardware software is the operating system   software is on this phone Android software is on  this phone apple right basic calculator doesn't   really have software it has just a screen and  those buttons correspond to specific lights being   turned on and off right a computer the software  is your operating system if it's Windows if it's   um Google right these are this is a software  this is a program that is download downloaded   Google Earth software any application is software  right any any application you've downloaded for   a specific task anything you have that does  a specific task on your computer is software   and then the hardware is literally the house  that allows you to select and run that task   so with that we'll get into the last part of  understanding technology or the end of our our   first part of our curriculum which is internet  basics so the concept of the internet it came up   early on uh maybe 20 30 years ago and I was  actually privileged enough to have grown   up in an era where internet was really first  being adopted and now being at the Forefront   of technology I see where it's come from where it  has been initially we had something called America   online and this was back when we had kind of those  big clunky white computers that sat on the desk   which coined the name desktop right and all we did  to get online is you needed an America Online CD   you had to plug it into your computer which was  software right and you load up that software they   had you select the name and password and you would  log into the internet and from there you could go   on different web pages and those web pages were  generated by various users and they had things   from email and from Messengers like um aim the aim  message or America Online instant messenger and   they had you know games that you could play on web  pages and they had information that you can find   and you can create pages and lots of colors and it  was a way to share information across the network   interconnectivity and that's what the uh the  the word internet represents it is a way to   connect people who are not close together  and so internet was very new and exciting   thing but the problem remained that it wasn't  quick and it wasn't efficient and so it was not   convenient so there was not much reason to adopt  it other than to maybe go and look up information   but back then you needed a landline connected  directly to your computer and it took over your   phone line so you couldn't talk on the phone  and connect to the internet at the same time   and eventually the internet became more  sophisticated and it transitioned over when   kind of we transitioned air to cable networks as  well and we no longer used those systems in the   same way most people missed the transition it was  very quick happened in the day and then everything   was different and we didn't really notice the  transition unless you were paying attention and   it became what is now called Web 2.0 which is what  we currently use today it's faster we have Wi-Fi   networks we have companies that will sell you fast  internet speeds and we can do things like look up   in no time flat it even I think it still tells  you on these web pages um you know I used to   but there used to be a a little button here on  Google when you search for anything it would   say found response in .00 whatever seconds so  to show you how fast the internet was moving   and that was relevant because with web 1.0 with  America Online you had to use dial up you had to   use your phone line to connect to the internet  and that could take up to 30 minutes just to   connect to the internet and you really couldn't  even do this stuff when you're on in all you had   was maybe chatting with your friends to check to  see if you have an email send an email and then   you'd have to wait anyways for days at a time it  wasn't really much more efficient than sending an   actual letter the difference is you then have  the physical requirements and you know the   the the monetary value of a letter right so you  just kind of you could do it quickly it was just   waiting took a long time so now with 2.0 we can  do these things very quickly and efficiently and   that's a really big convenience boost right  going from not really needing it and having   really no benefit from it because it would take  so long and you had to come home just to get this   information to now we have the ability to do that  in no time flat and again to take it with us and   that is a huge convenience with technology today  so internet Basics what do we use the internet for   why do we need the Internet well we need the  internet to look up information if I wanted to   buy a cat for instance and I wanted to know what  cats are the friendliest I could just start asking Google and Google has through um machine  learning algorithms which we'll get to later   in our curriculum which can it can anticipate what  kind of questions you might ask and it's not based   on you it's based on the billions of people who  use the internet across the world and the kinds   of questions they ask you might ask well how does  it know what people and other question countries   are asking and how does it connect that data  well because computers are designed to be able   to translate web pages so anything you type in  one language can be translated and understood by   a computer so it can look up questions like what  cats are the most affectionate it knows that I'm   probably asking this question and I can do that I  can click on it and it will tell me exactly that   now that's because we are connected this is the  age of information the age of connectivity right   so all of our information whether or not we know  the people who first asked this question right   maybe it was multiple people who asked the  same question at the same time in different   countries across the world but this question was  asked enough that Google recognized when someone   starts typing what cats are the most it knows we  probably want the word affectionate or friendly   so the internet is useful because we can find the  information we want and we can find it quicker   and if we don't know what we're looking for the  internet can anticipate and help us help guide   us to whatever answer we might be looking for and  through that we have web pages for instance this   webpage the first one that comes up is one that  was created in 2022 so that's one year ago almost   one year ago today that someone made a web page  about this particular question that I asked today   but we can also go and look and see this was  also asked in 2021 right we could go further   and we can find 2019 go even further right we keep  looking and we can find there are a lot of pages   that ask the same question this one was made  six days ago on a Blog website right there are   there are many web pages all over the world  2018 right here people have asked this question   many times before and people have answered the  question many times before um it's an idea that   in this day and age where our ideas our thoughts  are connected so widely that there are very few   possible new ideas that can be created because  someone somewhere has thought of it and now we   have a way to share that thought with the entire  world which is why it becomes much more difficult   to create new things someone may have thought  of it already and someone may have presented it   already years ago or even before we were born to  all of that information we now put on the internet   for all to see so it is very convenient for you  and for me to be able to look up or ask questions   about anything and find an answer because someone  somewhere has already asked that question for you   how valuable is that for you well we now have  a list for instance of the cats that are most   affectionate in order at that so Persian cats are  probably the the most affectionate and granted   of course some cats are more affectionate than  others you know there's genetics involved but the   on average these cats are the most affectionate  ones so can I trust that information that's true   well a bit more research and probably but we'll  get into that validating the truth of information   again later uh in in our curriculum but you can  search anything on the internet so I can even   if I just didn't want to read information and I  searched you know what cats are most affectionate   I can look at images which is under Google as  well and it will give me images that are tied to   web pages that show us the most affectionate cat  breeds and we can see lots of images of these cats   I can look up videos right next to images and I  can find videos that people have made about the   most succession that cats and I can click  on any one of these and it will take me to   you know the webpage that housed it for instance  if I wanted to just click on this video here   on this blog here's well an advertisement  first and then the video this is the video   that I just selected the internet is designed  to make it very convenient for you to find the   information you want in the medium you want  to consume it whether that's images whether   that's articles whether that's videos  and it's that easy it's that convenient   and it starts off as as simple as opening Google  or your your um your your browser of choice   most browsers because Google is you know  it's just a massive company that has been   trusted across the world as being a primary  service provider for information Bixby does   it as well but Google is the one that is known  for its reliability its design most sorry most   browsers are designed to start off on Google  and why because when you open the internet for   everyone when you open the internet you are  trying to go somewhere to learn something so   it automatically opens up and gives you the  opportunity to type in what you want to know right and that can be anything and as soon as  you type it in and press enter the internet   provides you with a plethora of information that  you can then choose to consume right anything   how do I here's a song how to watch the VMAs  how do I Say Goodbye lyrics how do I change   my name on Facebook how do I delete my Facebook  account these are all questions that people have   asked and this is the thing that empowers you as a  person who either uses or doesn't use the internet   this is your first and primary superpower  when it comes to understanding technology   is that it was designed with you in mind with  your convenience so if you want to understand   technology all you need to do is ask it how do  I do this task so with that we're going to go   ahead and end this particular curriculum and  we'll go ahead and start with a question and   answer section where we will talk about the  concepts the ideas anything you can think of   about computers and ask yourself the questions  well what is what is this how if I wanted an   app to do this if I wanted to do this task how  would I do that because that's That's the basis   everything you will ever do on  the internet how do I do this   how do I learn this how do I hold on to that  question forever because in the same way that we   learned off computers in the past before computers  this is how we learn in the future how do I do   it and you can ask those questions and find the  answers these days so thank you for listening and   we will continue next week with our next series  on creating files and particularly what is a file   then we will do some practical application and  I'll guide you to some different resources on   the internet specific web pages that you can  use to practice those skills but for today   let's keep it regular and chill and all we're  going to do is talk about some of the different   tasks that you might need or want to do and how  do you think you might use a computer whether   that's a calculator a phone a gaming device a  tablet whatever how would you use that device   to do this task and ask yourselves does it exist  because again it probably does so have a good one

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