Webinar - Saving Time and Money: Why Cloud Integrations Matter 2018-4-17

Webinar - Saving Time and Money: Why Cloud Integrations Matter 2018-4-17

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Everyone thank you so much for joining us for our webinar today. Saving time and money. Why cloud, integrations. Matter. Just. Before we get started I just want to go over a few housekeeping items, so, all. The colors will be muted so if you have. Questions there's a chat box that you should see on the left-hand side of your screen if. You lose your internet connection just use the link that was emailed to you and then re login, using that unique URL, if. You have if. You have to drop off or if you want to watch the webinar once it's over, the webinar will be hosted on our website at techsoup.org. Slash. Community, slash events, - webinars, you'll. Also be receiving an, email with, the presentation, the recording, and all relevant links, if you're. On social media feel free to send, us a tweet at techsoup, using, hashtag, tswebinars. But. Again we'll be checking the Q&A, box on the left-hand side of your screen so feel free to ask questions as we go along so. Just, a little bit about TechSoup we are in. 236. Countries, and territories and. We work with over a million nonprofits, providing. Hardware. And software either. Donated. Or, discounted. So. We just, to give you guys a chance to use the chat box if you want to type in where you guys are calling in from and I can read a few of them out. Just. To make sure it works, so. We have Arizona. That's. Nice must be warm warmer, than here Texas. Denver. San, Francisco, someone, near us Kentucky. Oregon. Do we have anybody calling, or, dialing, and internationally. Not. Yet but I see Alaska which is far. Cool. Okay so it seems like it works all. Right. So. We work with several, technology, partners, Adobe. Intuit, Microsoft, at Symantec just, to name a few and then obviously today we have three. Of our technology. Partners here DocuSign. Octa. Destin, octa and box, org and. All. Of these organizations, are part of a initiative, that TechSoup is also now helping, out with called, 1%, so. For those of you who don't, know about such 1%. Pleasure, 1%, partners with leading organizations, to encourage, early-stage companies, that, they work with to make giving back a priority, so bostedt, org DocuSign. And octa, who, are all on this webinar today are part of this amazing initiative and have, taken the pledge to donate 1%, of, their. Company's equity time, product. And/or profit, profit. Alright. So. I'm going to go ahead and introduce our speakers, today so. We have three speakers, Bryan, Breckenridge Amy. Skeeter's Behrens and Aaron, boedo felter so, Bryan, Breckenridge. He. Is with box org, and he, was the executive director and he leaves their effort to empower nonprofits and. Partners around the globe, and. Then we also have Amy skeeters Baron who's the executive. Director of DocuSign, impact, and prior. To DocuSign, she spent 10 years at, eBay where she held various leadership positions in, the company's philanthropic, units, and most. Recently she served as CEO. For. Reputation. For eBay Market marketplaces. Overseeing, business operations, strategy. And, planning globally, and then, we also have Aaron bow to felcher who, you may recognize if, you attended our webinar a couple weeks ago she, is the founding, executive director, of oxes for good which. Is Octus, corporate, social impact initiatives, and she's worked at the intersection, of business and social impact for over a decade and has had various, corporate, social impact roles at Zynga Yahoo, and, Warner Brothers so. I am now going to pass, it off to Brian so, Brian if you're if you're there you. Can take, control. Yeah. Absolutely. Are you able to hear me. Yes. We can hear you, fantastic. Well it's an honor to chat with everyone here today so glad to know that that.

Dozens Of organizations, are interested in, in bringing, cloud technology, to their organizations. Wanted, to start here with, a poll, just to make sure that that a lot of you folks who are sweet to tell us where you are radioing. In from today but, also love to hear from you about which, of you truly feel like you understand, what cloud, means in the context, of technology, so if you could jump, into the first poll that's being provided here you. Complete the poll by just, clicking. On one of these radio buttons and clicking. Submit so. Again working on learning theory to keep you engaged, looks. Like we're somewhat, is well out in the lead. With. Definitely, to follow I think. If we had done this call a year ago we, would have seen a lot more it's. Weather related right, question, mark so, thanks, a lot for answering that quick poll looks like everybody here has a basic. Example and, we're not going to build too much on that basic example, today but, certainly happy to to. Answer even more sophisticated. Questions. As we. Advance, in. Our relationship, with all of you all so. In answering the quick question of what is the cloud I think, what we know for sure the cloud is not which is actually, me at the nonprofit tech, conference, last, year our last week rather down in New Orleans wearing, a cloud jacket, this is not necessarily. What we mean when, we're referencing, what is the cloud and hopefully, there's a few of you smiling. Or at least providing, some props when we arrived on the Left ditions Hall from technology. Alliance. Group and, then a thought leader in philanthropy there on my left on the right of the screen and all, of us had these three, vibrant, jackets and, almost about we could be doing a jacket, best practices, a. Panel. As opposed to a technology and funding technology conference, panel, anyway. The cloud is more cloud. Computing, so, it's it's a layer of. Technology. That makes, the technology, that you're accessing available. Securely. Through, the, internet instead of hosting the, application, on premise and for. Those of us that have, spent the, last decade, or more working. For. Cloud, organizations. That care a lot about nonprofits. We're, really excited to see these technologies, get more and more accessible and certainly, DocuSign, octa and box are no exception, to, that rule so. Many, of the pioneers. In cloud computing. Which. These three organizations. That we work for supporting. Nonprofits represent. But there are certainly many other frankly. Hundreds of technologies, that nonprofits. Are starting to access that are delivered, in a cloud-based manner, taking. Some of the the. Challenges of managing on-prem, technology, off of your shoulders and there. Are about, seven. Of those cloud companies, that I'm going to let my. Good colleague Erin tell you about now in an initiative we started a year and a half ago together, called the impact cloud initiative. Over to you Erin, great. Thank you Brian, good, morning everyone, so as Brian said there are there are many many many cloud, companies, and. Increasingly, there. Are. Cloud. Companies who are stepping, up and saying we care deeply about, helping. Nonprofit, organizations, fulfill their missions with our technology, and, so impact, cloud and is. A coalition a group of these companies you can see us all here represented, on the screen working, together to. Improve nonprofit, access to an adoption of cloud technologies, the, goal of which is to help, them boost efficiency streamline. Operations, increase. And increase their impact you're. Going to hear from three of us today and, I. Want. To just give you a preview. Of what, you're about to hear at. The. Simplest level this. Is kind of what the three of us care about is companies box, cares about the files you manage and Brian is going to hop back on and talk more about that.

DocuSign. Which Amy is going to talk to cares, about you getting your documents, signed quickly, and, efficiently and then. At octa we, really care about helping you manage the people who access your technologies, so, at the simplest level that's what we all do that's what we care about and all, of these things together are really, about helping, to make you more efficient more productive more. Secure, which, is increasingly, important, and and. Focus, on, the activities, that drive your mission so, we hope that you kind of listen to the next few, segments, with all of this in mind and. We look forward to your questions after. That so, I am going to now turn, it back over to Brian who's, going to walk you through box. Thank. You very much everybody so. Let's start with another poll and just, going to ask that close. To a hundred of you that that are assembled here how many of you are familiar with. Box, as a as, a cloud content management platform and, or our. Social impact initiative called box org so. Maybe, we'll, reduce this to how many of us are aware of box from a technology perspective not, so much a volunteering, or grant-making or. Advocacy. When. Through those the advocacy. Wins let's look through the technology, lens are, people using. Box to, manage their content aka their files are, they familiar but, not using it perhaps. You've heard of it but, not totally clear on what in the heck box can do or. What, the heck is box.org. So. We'd love to to, just know a little, bit more about who's here and can engage my, comments, over the next few minutes accordingly. So. Skipping through to the results it looks as though almost. Half of us answering the poll are saying, what is box or what is box org and so, that again is very very helpful looks. As though 8, or 10% of you are familiar, and using, box today on a donated, or a discounted, basis so. That gives me a really, good sense we need to really stay at that you. Know what what, is Vox generally, level and so. The response or the answer there is that. Box is a cloud content, management, platform. That's. Housed in the cloud and it. Helps you as an organization regardless. Of your size be it volunteer, only, or maybe. You represent, the IT team and in a really large international. Nonprofit. But we're going to help you store and share and manage, all of your files in one place and as. This graphic represents when, I speak to file this, means all. Of the files that your productivity, applications, like Microsoft. And Google with. The words and the G suite and the G Docs and all those things represent, but, also all of the pictures, or the videos or the audio files well. Over 100 file types are, the types of files that we help organizations. Centralize. Control. And. Then, start to store and manage in a more productive way with their internal, teams and with, their external teams and so. We're currently in the position, and, a great, position very grateful position of serving over 80,000. Organizations, in the commercial and the nonprofit government and educational. World on our, file management. Or cloud content, management platform and. So lots, of large, brands, that are household names are familiar, with with the Box technology, and trust us and use us to manage their different file types but. We also have lots of really small organizations. We. Currently are. Serving. About two and a half thousand, nonprofits, that pay us a dramatically, discounted, rate to, store their, content, on our platform, but, we're also serving, three or four thousand organizations depending. On how you define that on, a donated, basis, and certainly, we rely heavily on on TechSoup, for their incredible, services. And community building for for, facilitating, our our, donation, program, so. Lots of great organizations to, draw some, of these now examples, from box. Certainly, is is a place that replaces. A lot of just, basic storage drives that, nonprofits. May spend, a bit of money on every year, updating. Or or frankly, are paying for the amount of storage that they have on a shared Drive that either is in. Their offices, behind, their, networks or out. On the web we. Also see lots of organizations.

Using. Box to replace large, file, transfer vendor. Technologies, that tend to be pretty costly to. Move that video around to a donor can often with, the large file. Transmission. Systems be quite expensive and so. We're seeing organizations. Now be able to access all, their files from inside and outside of the office we're. Seeing those organizations. Build, workspaces. You know like folders maybe they're writing, a grant for an example and there may be a hundred different files. Be it that they're, reporting from the field and the images from the communications. Volunteer, and maybe. Some some, insights from the board as you're writing that the, Chairman's, intro letter all of that sort of thing tend. To be separate. Files that have separate versions, and are living with separate people and different departments, and box. Tends to be a great central workspace, for that type of work like an annual report order a grant application, to. Get created, more more, quickly and more securely. Certainly. We're improving the collaboration. Show. Of hands though it'll be virtual and you'll just have to do it there in your office or your home office but you, know how many of us have attached the, board minutes to, an email out to the board after a monthly board meeting and sent, it out via email and I would imagine a lot of hands would still go up in that environment not. Very secure not very productive and super, hard for for, folks to then go back to those board minutes from previous meetings and so, technologies, like box really address those types of collaboration. Scenarios, and certainly, just, like akka and DocuSign want to keep your security, top. Of mind. So. We're definitely as, an organization. With. Our technology, and with our via, joining volunteering, programs and grant making programs supporting, both operating, organizations. As well as, grant making organizations. We. Know that raising, the right support, being, administratively, found, planning. Executing, and measuring programs, and telling, your stories can be a very, file. Or document heavy. Sport, and we, know that those are mostly, all collaborative. Either, collaborating, internally, or externally, processes. In your organization, regardless of size or. Sub. Sector in, a nonprofit world, but we want to support you on that and we also are very well aware that for the grant makers on today's call you, have to maintain a, relationship, with, your grantees, with your program managers, and other partners, and we want the files in, those collaborations. To be managing, and very secure and easy to use place, so. Just quickly before I pass the baton, over to one of my awesome colleagues, I just wanted to say that. Box org is the name of our initiative. Nonprofits. Those thousands, of nonprofits use the same technology, that people, from all the other sectors that use box is. Housed but the initiative, called box org is where we engage, our employees and, our, brand and our, box.org. Fund which. Is our donor advised fund and all of the other assets that, that we channel toward nonprofits, under the box or umbrella, and so. Today's. Call is more about the technology, but certainly over time are excited. To introduce our other resources like our people on our brand and our community. Spaces and art and our facilities. And voice. And, advocacy. As. Well behind your mission we focus a lot on youth humanitarian. Aid and diversity and inclusion from. A specific. Issue area, basis but but, again today's call is more about the technology we just be thought we'd be remiss if we didn't also share with you the other things we do and you, can learn a lot more about us at box org, so, now, passing, it I guess, I've got one more note here our, program with TechSoup has has been amazing, had two January's, ago is when we started it up many, thousands, of organizations, have come through and begun, using you, know box we make 501, C 3s and a global, equivalent. Eligible. For. Box to manage their organizational. Content, we, have three current, offers, on the, TechSoup. Got, exactly what you'd call it but in their gallery of solutions, SE, and one.

Is A donated, access, to the starter edition of box for 10 manage, users, for your organization. And some very small organizations, will utilize the donated box but, a staff member or two and some board members and that will be sufficient for them and we offer 100 gigabits of free storage in those sites with, a very small administrative, fee that you pay one time the TechSoup to help build their community, then. We round trip you back and hope you get your your site set up we also help. For organizations, who have to start integrating more, deeply, with other solutions, or need, a lot more storage, maybe unlimited, storage or. Need to have their, box system. Talk to a lot of other. You. Know talk to a lot of external, collaborators we have upgraded, editions. Of box donated, at 50 percent and we, have an over 25, staff and under 25. Staff offering, on TechSoup. That we're, happy to to align the right channels to support you on should, those seem interesting, and certainly, look forward to answering any questions you have in the chat so. Passing it off to my outstanding. Colleague now DocuSign. Aimee Skeeter Behrens. Awesome. Brian thank you so much hi everyone great to be here but, we have introduction, again this is a mosquitoes Barrens and am the executive, director of DocuSign, impact, which, is DocuSign, global, initiative, to accelerate, a digital, transformation, of nonprofits, through our people our products, and our profits as. Seema mention we are pledged 1%, company, our employees get volunteer time off we offer donations, and or, discounted, products, to, most nonprofits, globally, and we recently formalized, our commitment, to the DocuSign impact foundation, indicating. Our intention, to donate 30 million dollars in cash, and stock to the foundation, over the next 10 years primarily. Focused, on employee. Directed, giving I'm. Especially. Pleased to join my colleagues and, my friends from boxing octa today along with. Of course French. And TechSoup to talk about how. DocuSign. Along with box anoxic, can save time and money that, you can then put towards fulfilling your really, important mission for DocuSign. There there are three areas that we frequently, highlight, and benefit, to the product, out of the, ROI improve, compliance aspect and, the, overall improved. Service, levels with a variety of stakeholders both, internal, and external to. An organization, and my hope is that some, through. Some examples, and a. Very. Low phi demo of our product those benefits will, be clear to to, everyone, but. First we. Wanted to start with a quick poll to, gauge the level of familiarity with, DocuSign, product. So. You, can see the poll right, here, I'm, going to hit, skip to results familiar. But not using, it using it our or, mouth but, 15 percent heard of it but not totally clear, what's up son okay, super well. I. Think we will hit the sweet spot and, hopefully. All of you will take something away from, my remark. So. To understand what DocuSign does let's first talk about the problem the, problem in a nutshell is paper, and. Spoiler. Alert Dhaka, Khan's goal is to take paper out of the equation we frequently talk about how paper is the enemy internally. I'll. Ask you I put up one example here, from, a very common, use case that nonprofits, have but. Also ask you to think about an example from your work where you have something that needs to get signed something. You, know that requires, data, inputted, by someone. Or. Perhaps you. Know multiple parties, and you. Know as I mentioned one of the most common use cases for tax time by nonprofits, is volunteer, waivers I found, this one online and grabbed a snippet by way of example, and in. Your example maybe, your document, is paper maybe, it's a word doc or PDF and, it, needs to get signed, so, either you print it to give some give it to someone to sign or, you send it via email they, download it from your site and they have to print it and sign it and get it back to you they scan it maybe they drop it off maybe, they mail like maybe they bring it in maybe, they bring it to the event and. Most likely it's some, combination. Of all of the above creating you know quite a management. Hassle, so you've, had the challenge on the front end of getting them the document getting signed and then the management challenge on the back end so, how does DocuSign, help. DocuSign. And a nutshell makes, it easier to get these documents, documents. Like this I should say filled out inside will quickly from, any device anytime, anyplace. And, importantly.

It Keeps them all in the cloud so that they are able to be accessed on the management, side from any device anytime. Anywhere. So. You can see in this particular example, this, is, a document, I received, my. Name and email were already populated, because the sender had indicated. That in. DocuSign, and then, I had some options, to some required options, to fill in information and, then, it was DocuSign. With my standard. DocuSign signature, and the date of signature, was added. So. This, is one as I mentioned very common, use case for DocuSign. But there really, many others, these, include, fundraising. Grant. Applications, membership, renewal, corporate. Sponsorship, contracts, are they inclusion, resources, use cases policy. Distribution, and acknowledgement. New, hire paperwork. Change. Forms, motions. Compensation. Etc, volunteer. Management is with discuss waivers, event registration. Application. Procurement. Legal finance, IT there. Dozens. And dozens of use cases that, nonprofits. In, particularly, as well as really, any of the hundreds of thousands of customers that DocuSign. Currently. Has the. One, thing that I wouldn't, think that I have found to be helpful and again I mention a a demo. Light is. This. To walk through, the. Products very quickly in a few screenshots, which, I think brings. To life how, truly, easy it is to use DocuSign, for, a use case like I've just described, one. Of these others. Ok. So. I just want to let you through this really, quickly five steps so, once. You have DocuSign, this, is your design dashboard, on. The the home page here and I'm going to switch to my little green arrow here on the. Home console, of DocuSign this step one is seiner get signatures new, go, to send an envelope. Then. It gives you options, in, this second, phase here, to. Upload. A file from your desktop to use a template that you might have created like a volunteer waiver where you've you, have basically. Just said this is something, that I send out a lot and just pull, that in or, to get from the cloud and so you see here several several, options, box being our you. Know one of our preferred partners, and easiest. Ways to get documents into DocuSign, and and, I should say on the back end send them right back to box, where you got them from for, really easy management. And. Then once you've got the document, uploaded. You, add the, recipients, that need to get it over here so I've added Brian, who needs to sign it and, needs. To receive a copy and then. Our the legal team of this, nonprofit. Would. Also receive a copy so. Not only do you get the. Key signature you need but you also get it routed to the folks that need to have a copy and. These are just a handful, of the simplest. Things. That you can do with DocuSign for illustrative, purposes. They. Can be specially, asked next to the legal teams they're sweating. A little bit that the, just. Sweating a little bit ever I injured or just. Makes me sweat a little bit that the legal. Aaron. And I just a little bit but, okay okay, it's all on a percent, compliant, man dodgy sign is all about security and compliance actually, that's one so. In, terms of our vector our use case of this volunteer, waiver in release form, you saw the finished, product that was fully completed, and this is this is a little bit of the sausage-making so, you, as the sender of the document, and you're sending it to the person that's going to be the signer you, would, tat you would basically from this little drop and drive menu, here on the last you and drag in the full, name of the person that's receiving it you, would you could drive in a check box if, you know which could be optional, you, would drag in their, email, which is right there you, can create text field optional, text fields then of course the all-important, signature field that you would drag in and the, date that, it was signed it's, that it really is that easy and again, this particular document could be a PDF it could be Word it.

Could Be a Google, Doc and so on so. Really really good integrations. It, could be a box note really, good integrations, with with the various tools, so. I won't belabor the the, demo here, I'll just wrap. Up before, I before, I cover off on our offers, for. Nonprofits, and they have been on profit community, with. Just a few final remarks about DocuSign, and the power of, our technology I. Basically. The traditional. Paper-based, agreement, process has, continued. To be in many cases highly manual hello. Expensive, and error-prone, DocuSign. Eliminates the paper and automates, the process allowing. Companies to now measure, turnaround, time in minutes, versus days and, frankly in some cases weeks to. Substantially, reduce cost. To eliminate errors so, enhance compliant, and ultimately. Serve. A variety, of stakeholders both, employees. Grantmakers, and. Donors and. And service, recipients, in many cases much, better and i'll also, just add that you know while we are used by seven. Of the top 10 global technology. Eighteen, of the top 20 global. Pharmaceutical, companies. 15. A 10 of the top 15 global financial services companies we, have customers. That are, you, know you. Know consumers, individuals all, the way up to these. Fortune. 50 companies, and, the technology, is is, really. Flexible, in terms of how it can be used and how it can be structured. To meet the needs of really any size organization. And. Finally. Before I turn it over to Erin I just. Wanted to cover off on the. Three areas of offerings. That we have to, the nonprofit, community so. Our offered. Through TechSoup of course for. Our standard, web product, and our business pro, edition the standard web product is a fully. Donated, by DocuSign and then, you see one call out there for our upcoming Earth, Day promotion, where we're reducing the admin fee so, those of you familiar would be the techsoup model will know that that's about, half, of what the normal admin fee per license is during, that time period and then. In terms of community. Access we are offering, a limited, number of discounted, or free passes, to momentum for nonprofits, and finally. In terms of education, if you would like to see some. Free online, courses, on how to use DocuSign, if you're interested, in digging in a little bit further you, can access those advanced, on university. So. With. That i want to turn it over to, Aaron. From. Up. Great. Thank you Amy um and. Hello. Again everybody, so. Your you know what this question is now we'll, do it again for hasta, give. You guys a few minutes to respond to if you're using it I have, a guess as to where most of you will land and is proving, to be fairly. Accurate. What. Is octa a lot. Of people don't know what octa is that's okay. I'm. Going, to explain, it to you and I think you know octa, is is in, some ways more. Complicated. To explain than, then box and DocuSign, but I hope that the, context, here will help you understand how it could be useful so so. Great thanks for thanks for answering that okay so. Now. You've decided right you must, have box to manage all of your files and your. Collaboration, and you absolutely need DocuSign to streamline your digital signatures, and. Perhaps. You're already using a handful of other cloud apps maybe office 365, or Salesforce, our G suite and so. You, have solved some very important problems for your organization, with these tools but now you've, likely created, some, new problems. The. First problem is that now you maybe have half-a-dozen cloud apps in your organization, and for each of those apps you have sessions of users with, unique login details for each. Password. Requirements as we all know are. So, complex, that often times no one can remember their details and maybe, they're overwhelming. Your, administrators. With password, reset requests, okay. So that's problem number one problem, number two is security, right, so, some, of your employees need to access all. Of these cloud apps some of them are restricted, to only a few when. Someone joins your organization, you know you want to be able to turn on immediate access to those tools that they need but.

Perhaps More importantly, when they leave you. Want to immediately cut off access, to sensitive information and, data right, and. Then the third problem is that, it's not really just about your employees anymore and more. And more you're expected, to reach your. Volunteers, your donors your board members and your partners through. Cloud technologies, so how in the world do. You manage all of this effectively, and securely and in a low, resource way. So. Octa. Solves, these problems and we solve it to something called identity management our. Vision and mission is is really to enable any organization. To use any technology today, and in the future and. We are passionate, about helping you solve this we do, this by, securely connecting, and organizations, people that's, the identity management, part, and. Organizations, people to the set of tools that they want, to use ok so, how do we help so going back to our problems, and looking at our solutions, the. First solution is. That we help your, organization integrate. All of the call of the apps and tools that it needs and streamline, password management for users. The. Second, way, we help is that, we help you to build it your foundation it between your linear, technologies, right abling. Need to control. That access, that I talked about based. On who the user is no. Matter their, location, their device or their network. And, the third piece is that we help. You easily build secure ways to let you connect with all of your external stakeholders, so, really it's about helping you leverage technology, to engage all of your stakeholders in your mission that's, what we care about. Ok. And when we talk about often all of those things I just discussed this is what we really mean ok so this, is the octa dashboard that's what you're looking at for. Any user, in your organization. They, can log in once with a single username, and password into this dashboard and. This gives them a picture of all the applications. That they uniquely, need to do their work so. This. Dashboard, illustrates. The simplicity of our, single, sign-on solution, from the end users perspective and. Essentially. Single sign-on just, means that you, log in once with one password and you never have to log in again so, once you are here and you're logged in you can seamlessly. Navigate between. Box, DocuSign. Salesforce, whatever you need to do your job without having to log in again so. It really enables your end users whether they're your employees or your volunteers, or others, to, focus, on their. Work focus, on the mission rather. Than having, to remember all of these different usernames and passwords. The. Other benefit sort of on the backend is that it helps to free up your IT teams, time because. They are no longer having to focus on password reset requests, and. Time spent providing and revoking access, to different. Applications, as people come and go in your organization, so they can use that time to focus on the project they value. In. Fact when we quantify, the value of, time saved and returned to your mission it can really add up and, these. Are some results from one of our octa customers and partners City Year this. Is a nonprofit for those that don't know City or nonprofit. That aims to bridge the gap doing what students need and what schools are designed to provide. After. Implementing, octa city, or saw a, 95. Percent reduction. In the number of password, resets requests, which, led to one hundred and twenty thousand dollars in annual IT savings, pretty, amazing. So. That's one way we help you save time and money but. It's also about, productivity right and sitio, realized, one hundred and seventy five thousand dollars in, terms of annual productivity gain for, their users because they were spending, times the study their time on the things that that mattered, most and. Then. We see even more savings related, to issues of security and compliance with this with the security features of octa we. Have a whole customer. Story. And case study written up on city or the web link is there so if you want to learn more and sort of understand more deeply what, what they were looking at and how we help them feel free to check that out. Okay. So. You know like box and and DocuSign, artists. Serve thousands. Of customers across all different industries and but. We are especially passionate about helping nonprofits, so. 18, months ago we're sort of the newest kid on the block at least on this phone call 18. Months ago octa took the 1% pledge as Seema said and found a doctor for good as a way to focus our resources on, helping nonprofit, organizations, better manage, this mess of technology, and. Focus, their resources on their missions so, it was actually early, customers like Sudhir that helped octa and our leadership start, to understand the needs of nonprofit, organizations and.

And Start to point the way and tour. The ways that we could maybe help, so, since watching ACTA for good we've directed over a million dollars of donated technology to, hundreds of nonprofits, and I'll share more details on our offer in a minute and. I, just want to say, to all of you too because, this is still, early for us it's. An exciting, time for octave for good because we're at the beginning our. Nonprofit, customers are not only hopefully, benefiting, from our technology but. They're actually helping to teach us and helping, us to shape our nonprofit, offering in our philanthropy work and. So we're really thankful, for these you, know what I would consider partnerships. That we are building that are very much by direct so so. That's, a bit of a octa for good and I want to just leave you with a couple of helpful. Takeaways. Before. I pass it back to Amy so. This. Slide okay so the. First thing I want to share with you this is actually a free resource, available. On Octus website right now you can go there and check it out this is called the businesses, at work report so. The. Cool thing when. You have thousands, and thousands of customers, connecting. To all of these different technologies, is that we as octa can start to see some interesting patterns in the data, we. Started the businesses that work reports every year several years ago to help organizations, understand, what, apps and tools were, the most popular, and the fastest-growing. Basically. To share some insights with you and. You can go to this tool right now it's sort of a live and dynamically, updated, dashboard, that pulls all of that data from all of our customers you, can search by type, of tool you, can search by industry. Including, nonprofit, and, you can really start to see. You're. Short on time and resources but you you want to kind of quickly benchmark, what the top tools are and get. A handle on how, you might think, about moving. To the cloud or leveraging, the best-in-class, investing, breed cloud tools you, can see what others are using and sort of make your case I'm. Happy to just point, out that box, and DocuSign are both on this list. Here which is which, is octave most, popular, apps so way to go guys good job guru. Anyway, so it's a great pool is available, now please go and use it and, again as you think holistically, about what, the cloud is and how you might be able to start, to leverage the best and right technologies, for you this is an awesome asset, and, I encourage you to use it okay, so that's thing. Number one and then just the last thing is and you, know we we have a non-profit, octa for good program, we offer 25. Licenses, of all of Octus core IT products, including, all the things I just kind of reviewed. To. Nonprofit, organizations and then, we do discounting, above, and beyond the 25 licenses, should you need more we. Also offer 50%. Off of all of our public training courses we think educating. Your teams on how to use octa. Make the most of it is really important, so we do that and then we also have a customer, conference every year called octane where we invite nonprofits, to join us for free there's. More information on the link and I will pass it back to 80. Super. Thank You Erin. You. Know I am, before I dive, into to one, final example, of. How, box I've spent an octave work together to, help, this nonprofit. Reflecting. And thank, you too because last, time we talked. A, lot. And, it, was such a foreign concept to me three years ago and now I just actually, couldn't, do without it it's so easy once. You have it and just the technology that you all have so. Just. Interesting reflecting, on that that first experience, of wait their titles, and it's on this dashboard and, it's all the app you. Guys have really truly. Innovated, in a way that no one else was, doing. Thank. You thanks. Amy solutely. Emily. Yeah. Out of curiosity I mean you there has been a couple of questions that had come across the wire from some of our attendees. Should we answer those quickly pre-pre. The, users review, or should we do it you know just after what. Would you prefer should we do it during the Q&A session or, what. Are you. Let's. Break up the via. Talking, at with some interaction, appear some of the questions okay. Just one that I had seen come through was, was directed, toward toward, cloud, content management area, and that was great, questions from Fiza and. Elaine and a, couple of others that were suggesting, you know how is box. As a Content. Platform unique. Or separate from office. 365, or G suite or some of the other platforms that are available in the marketplace I'll, just answer that really briefly, the. The. Technologies. That help. All of, your. Volunteers, and teams get, productive and build, spreadsheets, and Word documents and PDFs and presentations. Are. Friendly. With with, the Box platform, what, we're finding more and more is that consumer.

Technologies, And in, technologies, that were built for visuals, like people, who will drive that they have their personal Google account. They're. Working hard to bring those sweets into, the, context, of organizations. And box. Decided, about ten years ago that it wanted to see, content management at an organizational. Level but, keep the ease of use of a lot of those consumer, tools and so. The, way that that that box as a company, has been constructed, has been to, allow box as a technology, to talk with all of the other technologies. That get our people productive and secure so. Much like octa, can be the single sign-on for thousands, of different applications, box. As a content, platform, for your organization, and become. More of a central place for people to collaborate in and manage content but. The places that that content, starts, could. Be a word, document or a, G Suite RG docx or, G sheet and what, we're seeing a lot of organizations. Start to do because. Platforms. Like box R are. Agnostic. When it comes to the other platforms, that your people might be working in they, will have their onedrive instance, or their Google Drive serve, as a personal, file drive for those. Employees. Or regular. Volunteers, but, then the moment something needs to be more organizational. They'll, be they'll be certain that that lives in in the box instance, and so, box really is forming, an organizational. Content layer and and. That can often mean that continued. Use of lots of different platforms, for, personal storage and lots of different platforms for versioning. And individual, and. Separate personal, productivity. And work can happen in the in the platforms, that are happening in but, then when something needs to then get into the, organizational. Radar screen for collaboration, or legal review or signatures, Doc's, I know the rest it might be those. Are a pitch-perfect bit. More simplified and secure content layers like box so, maybe a little bit more of a sophisticated answer. To the question we. Certainly partner. Closely with Google and Microsoft and, have tight. Integrations. Into their messaging, tools and their productivity tools but. Again, we we tended to exist. Together in a, very much a better together environment, just like the three vendors that are that, work closely together, and have a lot of interoperability. On this call so, I'll end it there. Duper. Brain were there Brian, or Seema. Were there other questions that, you think we should answer now before I dive into, this, final example with Team Rubicon um. I. Think if you want to go ahead and like show the examples, I think it'll be helpful for everyone to kind of see, okay. I know what you have here and then yeah. In a few minutes we can go through the rest of the questions okay. Super, I will I, will do that so. You. Know we've covered off on box, content. Management keys where documents, are DocuSign. How, you can send documents out for. Signature. Getting more information and an octet of that that uber, level of. You. Know how you control, who has access to, different tools and information, in. Your ecosystem of, different. Different, tools so. One. Nonprofit, that, uses all three is Team, Rubicon and so I wanted to cover off on how these three technologies work together to, help Team Rubicon. Save. Money save. Time and. Incredibly. Important, to that and given that they are an organization size. Better. Assess, volunteers, in times of disaster when. Time truly. Is of the essence if, you think about Team Rubicon it, Team. Rubicon itself. As an organization, has different, as employees, and has different tiers of employees that would require different, kinds of access to different. Tools and different information. And then, you have a network of 50,000, volunteers around. The world so, at, different tiers as well some who are volunteer, regional, leaders for 14, Rubicon. Conducting. Management and administrative, function. Especially. In times of disaster but, may not be the people that are actually being deployed, to a particular, crisis, area then. You have, crisis. Teams that will have a leader as well as as different, volunteers, that often to be deployed so, you can. See a lot, of different, tiers, of folks that need access to different types of information and that of course their. Their compliance. As, well when it's ensure that people, after. Disasters, are deployed quickly and safely, and, who. You think about. How. How. Box. Doctor, said and octa facilitate. Getting. People deployed quickly, and safely and delivering, aid to people in need with. Box so, so let's let's take as an example a, tornado, hits a tornado, several years ago hit more local homeless a town very close to where I grew up, a team rubicon was one of the first responders, on the ground there and one.

Of The ways they were able to do that is that they. Have box where from any device anytime, anywhere. They, are able to pull. Up the deployment, instruction, and then, using, DocuSign send. Them out to the volunteers, that they have in the area so, that the volunteers, have the right information at, the right time and, are. Then, you know then prompted, to initial. In various places sign, it in various places to confirm, that they understand. The instructions, for. Deployment, including of course the risk of going into a live, disaster, a situation. And then. Of course the layer on top is octave, to manage, who has access, so when you're dealing with people's, personal, information in. Various tools when you're dealing. With. Sensitive, information, that that, shouldn't. Be available, to even all levels of employees, within Team Rubicon much, less different, tiers of volunteers. Of a, cadre, of 50,000, volunteers globally. Octave, is really a crucial piece, of how you organize and manage that, access. So. In the interest of time seem I'm good I'm going to stop. There and turn it back over to you ok, all right well ok we're going to move into the QA so if you guys have questions, like. I said there's a chat box on the left hand side so now is your chance to, get you. Know if you have questions about any three of these technologies, feel. Free to ask us now so we have a few that have come in already. So. This question is for octa so. Just offset work, with QuickBooks. Um and. It does with this is Tucker. With. Octa it, does integrate with the cloud, version of, QuickBooks it's, a it's a very simple, setup if you have opted up and running, you. It. Just enables, you the first time you log in to QuickBooks to store and. Hash your username and password so that you can actually have that secure, login access and I'm going to share, a link in the. Chat that, actually shows where, you can search any application. To, see how, it, integrates or whether it integrates a. Pre-integrated. List of over 5500. Cloud-based applications. So it's pretty extensive. Awesome. Ok and. In terms of like, having, a trial or is there a way to demo so this question is for for, all three or four of you you. Know is there a way to demo the products before signing, up. Yes. I would, just as good. Maybe. Your first. So. I that, we do have free. Monthly, trials on DocuSign so yes, and. On the black side of vanilla oh god. Frank nope. You. Same. Same answer for activate a free trial and on. Our, page that will share the link out for it after this webinar so, yes absolutely. And. My suggestion, would be to to. Create two pre free, personal, edition of box which we have in. A 50 or 60 million people using today to manage. Some, of their personal, documentation. Files. Etc so, a free, box account gives you a really good sense for what the user experience, feels like and just imagine, adding. A little bit more administrative, control and organizational. Features. From there great. Well and Brian we got a couple questions so. Someone's, asking Kevin. Is asking what is the advantage of having box, versus, Dropbox. Yeah. Another, another, great tech company that that, at minimum is helping a lot of a lot of individuals. And households get, their their pictures, and and important, documents up into the cloud it's. Just about ten years ago we had a very, decided. On a very divergent business. Strata from, Dropbox and that box was really going to get very, clear sited on the, needs of organizations.

And That's where HIPAA, compliance, for people that managed health, related data came in or poor financial, institutions, that needed you, know FINRA compliance, or or government entities that needed you know various things those, were the types of investments that we made very very early, again just serving organizations, and so, the. Dropbox and box are pretty. Similar in that we both allow people to upload, files and store those it's. Just you're going to see lots of, functionality. That that, pertains, to organizations. You. Know with box and, doesn't, put as much in in the in the legacy of a consumer, or, individual. User that that Dropbox was was born on and so if you're a, highly. Collaborative organization. That needs to be able to invite owners, and to folders and kind, of regulate their permissions and things of that nature for say donors or volunteers, and some of those other organizational, use cases then then, an organizational. Solution versus more of an individual. Or consumer solution may be may, be your best bet but we very much admire and appreciate the. Work that they do and Dropbox. Is doing a lot of good work for nonprofits, as well so we've been, coaching and mentoring and helping as much as we can but we do have a rather. Unique business, model in terms, of what makes them different. Got. It we. Got another question come in for box for. You Brian. Box share documents, with non licensed, users. Yeah. You can, that, the donated, offering. That we that we provide through TechSoup for, several thousand organizations is, capped. At ten managed or collaborated, users and so. Again if you're if, you're one of the organization's. Managed. Users that the admin. Of the site creates, you, could add yourself, and then nine other staff. Members but. Boxes the technology, really starts to set itself apart in, the domain of inviting. External, collaborators, into folders to collaborate securely on different files that, suggested, that board use case earlier in that, case that you're going to be adding external. Non-employee. Users, into, the content, you, will start to count, against, your ten managed users and our donated sites but. In our discounted, upgraded, sites that are also offered, through TechSoup your ability to business. Plus or higher at an unlimited number of external, collaborators that. May or may not be a part of your external, octa. Identity. System. Are, going to be, you. Know you're. Going to be able to add those into that content, so we very often see a nonprofit. Organization, that's using our 10 donated teams through TechSoup and then they get into it for a few months appreciate, it these of uses there feel. Comfortable, and then realize well maybe it's only three, or four or five of our staff that really need to be managed users but, the 250, other people that they're coordinating, outside. Of the organization that. In the upgraded, sites don't cost another, cent. Makes. The most sense for them so they'll go forward with a smaller. Site in some cases, upgraded. And then incorporate. All of that external collaboration, and unlimited. Storage I might add for, those heavily discounted upgraded. Solutions, and feel. Free certainly to click, on contact, us at the Box federal work site for, more support on that or. Send a note directly to BB, @ box comm if your questions you. Know go, past what what I just shared. Okay. So. We have another question I think this probably applies to, all. Three companies, so you know in cases where if, there's a non-profit, who's in a remote area where. There's limited access you know to Wi-Fi, in. Terms of accessibility. You. Know to to box files or, to the documents, and DocuSign or maybe somehow. Needing, password, access how. Does that work when you have like limited, connectivity, so. Maybe, if you want to maybe go first yeah. I'd be, happy to so. We as, part of a product. Launch or a product, release I should say last year, we, have, added the feature that. Offline feature so. DocuSign, works in offline mode, however. The, caveat, is, from. Time to time you, would need to have connectivity. In order, for the documents, to actually be uploaded, to the cloud and.

NV. NV. You. Know be saved in the cloud so it, will, work. In, the offline, environment, but, you won't get the, accent. You know the global accessibility you. Know that the cloud represents unless you can actually access the cost. Then. I would say it's the same per box that, the neat thing about box is that when you start to use the service your ability to add, an iOS, app or an Android app or your iPad, you. Know or iPhone app in the iOS environment, are all going to have and take. File offline, mode and your ability to move you. Know video content, or PDFs. Or Word docs or audio files or any, of the other hundreds, of file types that live on box into, an offline mode as possible, we see that a lot with people that that get into jeeps and bump around out the field during their important work but then when they get back to the hotel or the office or the capital city they're. Able to have, the, the system sync up and down with everything that they worked on offline and, so there's two or three ways at that the offline mode is one and n. Again boxes, got some technology, like the boss box, desktop, and box sync and a few other box. Edit there's another number of different features that that make that that work really well you get out of that austere or no bandwidth environment, and get some connection, to move those files up and down. And. For. Octa, effectually requires very, little bandwidth. However. It does require connectivity. When. You first log in to octa let's. Say you know it's an internal employee login first thing in the morning that's, the only time you're pinging the octave servers once you're authenticated. With octa atha. Has already done the background, of the authentication. To, all these different services so. You're only hitting the servers very briefly but obviously most of the applications, that you'd be using to access via, octa would. Also require, connectivity. Great. Ok so I think we have time for one. More question so in. Terms of you know with, organizations, there might be a lot of like volunteer, turnover. Or if there's board turnover, so, in terms of you know users kind of coming, in and out like for, all three technologies. How easy. Is it to kind of you know switch, over just. Keep an inventory of the users and switch, them in and out erin, and you first you're the experts there I have. To so. That's I mean that's certainly one of the benefits we we call it the single pane of glass to, view all users. All usage, of any of the applications that, someone would be accessing, through Opta so. We store all of that data, it's. Downloadable. And. You can see the details of what user was, accessing, octa, from what device what, IP address, what location, and, so. We we. Store all of that information in the octave service make it really transparent, to. Understand. Who is accessing which, applications. And. For. Many, of the applications this. Gets a little bit more technical we're off the supports. Provisioning, and, within the case of both DocuSign, and box, we, do so support, provisioning, so if you need to revoke. Access from. DocuSign. Or box or other downstream. Applications if. You, suspend, or, deactivate. A user with an octa that immediately, suspends, the access in those downstream applications so. It's a really nice security, measure and prevents. That backdoor, that one of the initial, slides of the presentation showed. Why, does this person who left two months ago still have access to email. Or Google. Drive or box or whatever the case might be unless. You're not, from. The octave side back, to the city your example, that I touched on if, you're interested, City Year this was one of the biggest pain points that I think octa helped solve for them so City er basically. Runs on a. Core. Of you know hundreds. Of AmeriCorps, volunteers, that are in the classrooms, delivering their programming and schools around the country and so every. School year they've got two on board and, hundreds. And hundreds of AmeriCorps volunteers and get them quickly set up with all the applications they need and. Then at the end of the school year they've got a D, provision all of those folks and get ready for the next crop of of.

Volunteers. And so this, was something that ought to help them streamline, and that was a lot of the both. Savings. In terms of IT administrative. Costs but then also the gains in productivity were. Based on stream. Streamlining, that sort of onboarding off-boarding of those, hundreds of volunteers every year and so, if you want to learn more about their yeast case it might be relevant for the person who's asking this question, check. Out the link that that we included in the slides and and. See if that answers, that and it's sort of a more bring it to life way go. Ahead right and that's I was going to say the admin console onboard, and off-board does, allow you to do, that with box and, and suspend, access to things and bump the files that one. Fundraiser, owned if perhaps. She takes another job and you move it over to another person that comes in those files can be you, know moved over to those individuals, and so that's pretty straightforward and just gives, there. Are more and more features that provide more and more ability, to do that as you move up into some of the more. Elevated editions that we discount heavily and, certainly, the we're. Going to be available to answer any other questions I see a couple of others come in the stream here about partnering with us of course we're receptive, and. Then somebody, had asked their if does having, people. Accessing their box documents, via their phone take up another seat, for another user in what we donate or discount and the, averages and the answer is no it's, going to be a user that's just another way to make them productive but, but not count against a second, user if somebody's browser versus, their, phone that wouldn't be two users that would still miss be one, great. Questions all. Hey. Amy did you want to cover. DocuSign, or. So. Very very short answer is that you. Know off is the simplest way to do it if my boxes and you can stick image you know some reason, you have access all the different applications, to, decommission at once but, within DocuSign, as, an administrator, you would be able to revoke, that access, got, it okay alright everyone, thank you so much for joining us say and thank you to our speakers those. Very sinkhole, formative, so oh sorry. Go ahead Brian did you want to add that's, something no I just wanted to say we're so grateful to get a chance to educate, a little bit today thanks so much for this opportunity TechSoup. It's awesome working with you yeah. I know it's been great to have you guys here so I'm wondering, that's really helpful for us for those who are still in the line if, you want to chat one thing that you learned in today's webinar, it's, always fun for us to kind of see you know what you got out of you. Know the hour today we. Also have a post event sir okay so any, feedback that you have for us is really helpful and, it helps us kind of curate content for. The future so just kind of telling us what was you know useful or, not useful to you it's, always helpful if. You guys are on social media we're, on Facebook Instagram Twitter, we. Post pretty frequently, and we try to post things that are you know helpful, to your organization, so if you, are on social media give us some social, media love and. Then we also have a blog which. Is a blog. At techsoup.org, we, post a lot of tips and tricks there as well and we. Have a few webinars that are coming up we. Have one on for 24 that's a TechSoup tour, we. Have one on five one which is online surveying, five eight gets no grantstation and, then five ten the golden keys to, successful. Grants and. Lastly, I also want to thank Tucker, Barbara. And lashya they were on the backend answering. Chat questions so, that's always helpful to have them here, helping us out and. If. You have any more questions obviously go to our website or. A product, catalog where you can find all, three of these companies and. Thank. You to our webinar sponsor readytalk. And we, hope to see you guys on the next one thank, you.

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