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Friends, about offset printing, we all know that it is based on the principle that water repels water, the water here basically represents the dampening solution and whatever is our grease or oil, they basically represent them. But friends, have you ever thought that offset printing can be done without dampening solution or without dampening unit, yes friends, a method in which the dampening unit has been completely eliminated, which saves a lot of water, chemical and time. during printing let's start Friends in Printing Guruji, today we are going to talk about a method that completely eliminates the dampening unit in offset printing. How it works, then you see in front of you that in the conventional printing method, we also had a dampening unit, one was their unit and the plate cylinder, blanket, cylinder, impression cylinder would have been all these, but now you will see that waterless printing In the method that is there, everything else is your offset printing, but the one that is your dampening unit is not here at all, so the same process i.e. why this method has

been adopted, what are its benefits. How does it reduce, in today's episode, we will know that first of all we talk about what it is called, so friends, what is this method, we call it waterless offset printing, so friends, what is the meaning of this method, which is closer than today. started about 90 years ago i.e.

From the time 1926 around 1930, it was reduced but it lacked many resources at the time, there was a lack of knowledge, due to which this product could not be developed in that way, but in 1960, the 3M company did less on this product and a product Waterless printing plates were launched in the market, but even after many years of research and development of 3M company and even after spending a lot of money, the shortcomings in the product were many technical communication The system discontinued this product, another similar Scott Paper company was doing less on the project than this similar but they too were not getting much success but they were engaged in research and development and in 1972 the Touring Industries A Japanese company came and bought the patents from the 3m company which they had and the patents they had with the Scott Paper company so that they could do less on this product, during their research development, they used their expertise here which was touring The industries were they were very expert in making basically a silicone rubber type of materials and products and their opportunity was the leader, they used their product mixed with this product and launched it as a new wireless printing plates in the market In 1977, at the DRUPA Exhibition in 1977, Tour Industries has launched water painting plates under the positive plate, in this launching they showed how the voter list works, how they have their surface And at what level does it get the trending quality, after that there was a lot of research and development and the marketing of Touring Industries, they reduced it very much so that more and more presses use this wireless printing method for themselves and their waterless spending plates. If it started becoming available in the market, friends, now let's talk about the complete process of waterless painting method and how it is possible, friends, first of all three components are there, due to which waterless printing is complete. it comes first The secondary comes that the suitable ins in it is the waterless printing ink and the third one is the temperature controller system, these are the three things that come less for offset printing, where wireless painting can be done, then friends. First of all, let's talk about what are the basic physical or chemical properties of wireless printing plates, so first of all let's talk about what is the base of the printing plate, it is made of aluminium. After that the layer on top of it is photo sensitive.

become know then tops The silicon grade driver is less to make non-imaginary and which is our light sensitive photo polymer layer which is between the base and the silicon layer, that is the image area and at the bottom is our base which is made of aluminium. As you are seeing on the screen that your dampening water and ink used to be on the same surface in the conventional plates used to be on the same surface but which are our voter list plates in which your dampening water is not used instead of yours. The silicone rubber layer that is there behaves like a non-image area and the ink which is there is usually more to it than the conventional method because here our image remains below the area and the difference is about two microns. Due to the same reason, their density remains slightly higher in comparison with conventional method, so more ink comes during printing and it prints more deeply. So this is the difference between our plate which is ours, what is the difference between the conventional plate and the wireless plate, so now let's talk about what is our wireless plates and what is the difference between their exposure and development which are conventional plates. If we talk about exposing, then your water can be of this plate as well as the exposing conventional plate, but the difference that comes is basically the time of development ie that which is visible from your latent image.

The difference between the quantity of chemicals that comes in the middle of the development process that comes on the plate, basically the difference is visible here, then what was our conventional method of offset printing plates then the chemicals in it They come to it a lot, while compare it with waterless plates, the diluted solution is used in the wireless plate, which is used very little chemical in it and after that it is simply washed with water and looks like gum aerobic and outside a goes but our Conventional method was a lot of your chemical fuse, so that a chemical treated water goes into your environment, which causes more damage to the environment, as well as the cost of the chemical, it is also felt in the conventional method, the same waterless The cost of those chemicals is saved in the plate and the environment has not been harmed, now seeing the physical difference, how do the water plates look and how do the conventional plates look, then you will be seeing on the screen that the conventional plates are almost Some are of blue color and are visible in this manner but those which are waterless plates are of green color and their image print un which is printing image image area and non image area is seen in this way then it is physical Differences and some chemical differences are seen here, now the other thing that was its ink, when we send the plate to the press and the plate mounting is done on the machine, it is exactly the same as the conventional plates, the same mounting is your wireless plates. If there is any difference in them anywhere There is no rain but when your job starts during de printing hum machine then in conventional method when job starts then there we have to make a balance between ink and dampening solution i.e. ink and job which is set according to our job. We also have to adjust the same according solution, in which a lot of our time is wasted, in the same waterless printing, what is there in the unit is not there, because of that you did not need to make the balance of the ink and dampening solution, so here There is a lot of time saving on your wattless printing method after that when the printing starts then in the beginning which is your conventional method because your dampening solution and the balance of ink that is created during that many sims get damaged during your printing And after a lot of sim is damaged, your job starts printing in actual, so that the paper wastage increases, the same waterless plates which are there, your job starts within 10 seats with difficulty of starting because here that There are defects related to water dampening solution, which are not available in waterless printing, so very soon your job is ready and printing starts as well as wastage of paper is also ringing mate which is convention method.

There are many chemicals in it for making a dampening solution, but there is no dampening unit in waterless printing, otherwise the cost of its chemicals is also a settlement, as well as saving your time, so let's talk now. How does this reduce the key of our temperature controller system, so friends, which is your ink, which is your ink in the machine, when you are doing officer printing, then the ink which is through rollers goes to your plate cylinder through the plates cylinder to your A blanket goes to the cylinder, the direct impression from the blanket cylinder comes on the top of the cylinder, so during this process there are many rollers that are grinding them, then when they are in between each other's surface. If there is ink between the two, then grind it What happens due to the creation of friction is that there is a hit generated there and because of the hit generated, their temperature changes.

The same properties of wireless printing ink are that if their temperature changes, their viscosity also changes, their tackiness also changes as well as there is a difference in surface tension as well, which is the most roll in waterless painting method. Pay during D Printing, what happens is that when your temperature starts increasing, its viscosity starts changing as well as its surface tension also starts changing which is not right for voter listing, so in this case it should be The whole system that does less to control is the temperature controller system so that whatever is their temperature is maintained. A hollow space is created, through those hollow spaces, your water is run in it, which is temperature control, that is, its temperature control is being done by a machine, it is done by the chiller, in which the water which is It keeps on being regulated, that is, the temperature we need for them, that water goes through your input pipe between the vibrator rollers, there it transfers the temperature to your vibrator roller and the temperature of the vibrator roller when it If it is maintained, then the temperature of them is also maintained, it is because of the maintenance that your hit is generated during so many de grinding of ink, so it reduces the temperature change to control it, the temperature of your vibrator rollers That is, when the vibrator roller is maintaining their temperature, then their temperature, which is big, will also affect your water which is your temperature control water, that is, its temperature will start increasing gradually, then from there what happens when the input The temperature controlled water from the pipe goes to the vibrator roller, then it goes from one side to the output type, so that what happens is that there is a continuous temperature controlled water which is regulated in the vibrator rollers i.e. which is your input pipe. that is the constant temp The

water is regulated by the vibrator roller and sends the water back to the temperature control system, so what happens is that a frame is created in which the temperature controlled water is regulated and the same thing happens. Due to which their temperature is maintained, what happens by being maintained is that their viscosity of ink is maintained they have, so during the printing, what is in it, it reduces the same and the surface tension which is its surface is also maintained. What happens by staying that when it goes to the printing plate, it stops printing only on the image area and the surface tension of the silicon layer that is there is a big difference between our surface tension, that's why it is not on the silicon layer It is not able to go on the non-image area, due to which your registration during printing remains the same. If they do not come in it, then the temperature controller system in our waterless printing method is very much respected by one M roll. It can print up to 5 lakh 6 lakh impressions.

The range is about 20% more colors and more colors than your conventional printing option, which is about 20% more colors, 20% more colors, you can print in your job with un-wireless printing method, so the color as you see on the screen In the game which is our bike, you will see that the pink color which is given in roundness is the color game of the conventional web, that is, it is very less, after that you see it a little in the conventional sheet fed. The range increases a bit i.e. in sheet fed, you can achieve a little more colors during the period. This is conventional offset printing but in the water which is your method, this is your game, it is about 20 students more, that means you can achieve 20% more color then it was our color game so as you see on the screen It has been said that our color registration is so much better than conventional officer printing in wireless printing. We are far away from each other, whereas in the method of your wireless offset printing, how much more accurate is your registration here, now we know what are the advantages of our offset wireless printing method, first of all let's talk So the dots in it are very fine, it is much finer than the conventional method, second which is its color range, it is almost percent more than your conventional offset printing, third which is the time of make ready, it saves a lot.

Joe Your Dampening Solution and Ink During the balance, the paper which is the besties or the best thing stops to a great extent, the fifth one is your boss, the volatile organic compounds, the chemicals, which are what we have in our conventional offset printing, the number of them here It is reduced to a great extent by about 80% so that your chemical hazardous which is your waste becomes less, the same which is your registration control becomes very good and the reason of dampening solution The defects that come from do not come here in offset and there is a considerable saving of water and fountain solution, so all these advantages are due to wireless painting plate and ink and temperature control system. There is no less of any method of dampening unit, so friends in wireless printing, we have learned that this wattles printing method is much better than the conventional printing method, that is, the offset is much better than the conventional one, but now you must be thinking that we have not yet The printing presses that are there have not been seen anywhere or even if they have been seen, they are very less, then why so friends, they have some mini regions, because of which the waterless printing method is not being done much. It is quite popular in India, but in respectable countries, why is it not happening to him much in the continents, his regions are the first one, the first region is that which is the industry, it is the only company that makes voter list.

Due to which what is the demand, so far the existing wireless printing presses that they have are not able to supply them, due to which they are worried and because of that people shy away from the wireless printing method. If we do, the cost of our printing plates is in waterless, which is more than the conventional pending plate, due to which the presses also do not want to increase the cost of the print plate, thirdly, the temperature controller system in which it is done. The cost of adopting it, that is, the cost of installing it, becomes very high, so the value of the front is the value of the front face value of your temperature controller system, even if it is too high, press not to adopt it.

because they have There is not enough budget to install the temperature controller system, then spend that money on it, then go and adopt waterless painting and also your conventional printing method is already very popular in the team, many people use it. If you do, no one would like to replace it quickly for wireless printing plates, so these are regions in some, but because Tony Industries and the rest of the printing industry are constantly reducing on it, because somewhere it is of great benefit to the environment. Cost-effectiveness Will come with time when the cost of printing plates like this is being reduced by reducing its cost, so somewhere I feel that in the future, the scope of waterless printing plates is in many continents. Will increase and everyone will try workless printing plates wireless printing method, then friends, how did you guys like this episode on today's episode method, tell us in the comment section, then friends will get this much for today every Monday evening at 7:00 pm Till then hello

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