Warpath | ТЕСТ СЕРВЕР | ПОЛНЫЙ РАЗБОР НОВЫХ ТЕХНОЛОГИЙ // Full analysis of new technologies //

Warpath | ТЕСТ СЕРВЕР |  ПОЛНЫЙ РАЗБОР НОВЫХ ТЕХНОЛОГИЙ // Full analysis of new technologies //

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Everyone Hello Dear Friends with you ProBel is a Warpath game today we have a topic of analysis of the technology that was added to Patch 7.0 yesterday I didn’t have time to make out the patch fully showed only commanders and innovations for commanders and would like to dwell on technology in detail precisely on technology who did not add a lot because they wanted to make them out, in fact, now we’ll do this before starting the minute integration of my channel, we went for a long time I was looking for how to interact with an audience from different countries and so met my account on a boost here you can thank me for released video or interact with me at other levels, you can order an overview of the clan overview of your battle in the fourth -level cities. You can order streams to ask personal questions on development in the game you will receive any recommendations on your account or just thank me for the done The video here is the video much earlier than on the YouTube channel I also describe the weekly victorious strategy in the arena every week for which I am grateful my subscribers said that they didn’t have to play the arena much better than it was before and I am pleased to hear it and how do you already see Some people took advantage of the services of my channel’s boost that I advise you, so thank you that they appreciated my integration, I hope it will help someone why the boys will no longer know where to put the resources of technology, but in short, I don’t know 1245 new technologies scares me to be honest if I am on. The old account pumped 500 technologies on his main account, I read 500 technologies of advanced battles, that is, here is a pancake of 1200 almost twice as much as we have such a cell, let's probably start with tanks because many go to the tanks on the tanks and we will analyze in general Here, Dofiga is the whole scheme, that is, only such three specialists and the last in general let's understand what and how to start on The right one from these The modular composite armor is heavy and super-heavy tanks receive 5 percent less damage from ordinary attacks for each enemy unit in battle the effect accumulates up to three times that is, you can get 15 percent less damage from normal attacks [Music] well, I don't even know how to evaluate it well, but if I beat the base, that is, it is not important for me You get heavy tanks and less damage from ordinary attacks for each enemy unit in battle, but I hope the battle is considered and when the base is hit and there is 5, well, okay, 4000 I have accumulated again there about 26 thousand of these coins so that we will be Feel free to do this 461,873, it adds, well, this indicates that now there are already 400 million bases there is not a limit, Many should be interesting when a light average or main combat tank begins to attack, it has a chance of 40 percent to get an increase of five percent to firepower for 5 seconds. The effect accumulates to 3 times that is, to increase the firepower by 15 with probability, well, not 40 percent, that is, that is, there is not 40 percent get an increase by 5 percent and then you still need to change 40 by 40 again by 40 percent to get a real probability that you e then cursed three times in a row A research center of the level 30 of the criteria you see fast training of tankers and what is fast aha this is 10 That is, they will not miss their six something needs to download the speed of training of the tank, I understood myself, I can imagine how much it is resources, well, five percent of firepower looks normal if there is a probability of another 15 more to get normal but of course, it costs 120 million 72 million 96, of course, it costs it just carpets Uninhabited towers, so when a tank fighter or helicopter breaks through enemy armor, they receive five percent of firepower and the target speed decreases by 35 percent the effect does not accumulate Well, this is out of the three I would say that this is the coolest thing for helicopters are added because God is good for her these five percent, but 35 percent, this very cool remind this ligament as his fox and Valco will play very well and still stopped If, for example, how I advised the helicopter to put two ligaments of the War and Femis and Fox and Valkyrie, the Femida war machine, they are very moving a lot of Crete and Crete's chance not so mobile and here we still have the opportunity to slow them down in a ligament of foxes a Valkyrie for helicopters is very cool, it’s the most useful to everyone to pump everyone as soon as there is an opportunity and there is a patch on the main servers to pump it all for the helicopters. So let's go further the tank unit gets 5 The latest gives a million strengths, look at the numbers of 180 million 135 million 225 million similar graders only had a past branch, and now, and now let's see that the tank units can cost five percent expensive Kuron and damage resistance when tank units destroy enemy unit resistance of damage and speed rises by 0.5 by 8 seconds The effect accumulates to 15 times

that is 75 percent to damage and resistance to damage no, they are not 05, I didn’t think 05 percent up to 15 times that is, well, well, well, damn it, well, the cost is just kapets speed increases and resistance to damage and opinion when tank destroy enemy no damage speed of 05 by 8 seconds And up to 5 times roughly speaking, to divide into this well, well, in principle, it’s not bad, but this is for field battles that is, for me, this GRET does not fit at all, I don’t need it because I am more than I have a base, I have a support as a support and not as it as The main unit that causes damage for MB is necessarily pumping the cost of boys just kapets ah, how much well, it is offhand so 30-400 405 500 540 million resources 540 million resources is just kapets okay, let's already go through the full branch what and how is it and how is it right A good skill is added from us to restore reserves, especially when we have high -level units, modern 991 92, they are so slowly restored just kapets so we have the speed of OSS Reserve Tanning of 5, that is, about five percent adds further the fire power of tanks how much 10 percent of conditionally 10 percent tanks 10 percent, this is super, it will be necessary to pump the speed of tank training speed for me. For the speed of training of tanks here you need to pump up to 6 do not pump it for 6, pump the speed of training of tanks. So we are here for 6, too, you need the resistance of tanks of the damage of the shock wave is from the artillery and there are 32 percent 32 coefficient probably or the percentage that is incomprehensible but not There are so many 6 6 ok armor-piercing tank damage, but this is for helicopters for well, the principle for Mouse is also not for MAS for MB, too, but more for helicopters, of course, there is damage to tanks in the garrison, but this is not good news for me so much when in the same There are no garrisons on the basis of a lot of artillery, and here they add two percent a step 2 percent to the damage of the tank 2 percent to step a little 10 percent and so here we have the firepower of the air defense base, they add precisely well, and where is my power of the base of this firepower Bases too it is necessary to pump 3 to 3 here only 10 slots, that is, 10 grades 10 percent are added, they began to add more grades to these grades to these grades, which surprised me so for the databases, that is, this one needs to pump it out well how much 10 and 10 are 10 and 10 interest on the tanks for tanks 2 percent okay firepower of tanks, the firepower of tanks is also 10 here is the speed of restoration of tanks in the garrison of 20 percent turns out to 20 percent all the rest goes on ten so the first entertainment resistance of damage tanks from artillery, but since it was also In previous resistance from artillery, the resistance of tanks of damage tanks from the infantry, the speed of training of tankers again, we have already passed the capacity of the reserves, here again, OZ tanks are already three percent of three percent, so that is 30 this is very cool. Quickly jump forward just carpets resistance to damage base from tanks, this Resno 10 percent of resistance from tank damage for the base of okay damage against artillery Well, such damage to tanks against tanks and tanks damage against infantry well, such a restoration of OZ, it is clear that there is still firepower of the air defense base of firebase further again the hp base. twice the damage of the base and troops of the garrison against tanks The speed of training of tankers and here the resistance of the damage of troops and the base if in previous advanced combat technologies, we just had the damage of your units, then they still added but also bases, that is, the resistance of the damage of the troops and the base and the very damage of the troops and bases.

We have already disassembled it and so let's move on to artillery miracle how it is also arranged there yourself according to the same scheme, we’ll figure out what is added from us, let's start digital control systems from the flask when the anti-tank gun pierces the enemy armor, their firepower increases by 5 percent by 4 seconds, the effect accumulates before Three times well, about the flag and it will punch the armor very often and it can be considered that it increases the firepower by 4 seconds is a good firepower is stronger damage, given that they will now make the possibility of attacking the air every three shots so smart ammunition every three shots of the firepower of howitzers increases by 50 percent by 4 seconds And you know that this is very cool because, for example, we can dispense with the help of such commanders as the eyes of the holding as a volcano we can still throw and the proteins are additional passive skills to accelerate to make the howitzers every two seconds and you can make one second and every three shots will be To increase the mouse of howitzers by 50 percent, this is a lot, for example, the firepower of the howitzer is 30 million there and 15 and for 15 million it will add a lot of boys to her this very cool game for the howitzer, I will tell you a very cool, Their hall is reduced by 0.2 seconds to 4 seconds to the next first recharge and they fixed Katyusha removed one second of reloading, but now this is not anything about Gray as for me for 04 seconds of the role, well, well, until the next first reload This is given to themselves if they didn’t fix the Katyusha and added plus one to the first shot plus one second, that is, it is charged not 2 but 3 now it would be cool, that is, one and a half seconds on a salvo and now they are roughly speaking to us They removed the bun and now it was returned and half, well, to be honestly roughly speaking about anything So hypersonic missiles also boys, look 180 well, the same warm 500 there, something millions of costs Just 500 million resources I remember how I gave birth a long time to make a bombing here damn it is just a carpets artillery unit that receives five percent for damage and damage resistance Five percent to the damage, this is a whole skin of my artillery unit will receive a bonus for damage and resistance to damage, depending on the current stock of life of your howitzer, which is higher than life, the more bonus up to 10 percent, that is, one hundred percent is 10 percent to the damage Wait for this additional 10 percent, that is, only 15 we can get 5 we get guaranteed and then the game begins with these with the percentage of dependence on well, for me, it is cool because in most cases I drink fu hp with my howitzers and this is cool, well, with this branch I am pleased in principle, Katyusha, of course, upset, given that I have two of them a little with this, they upset me, let me restore the reserves of the lake of artillery, in short, the fiery power of artillery, as well as with tanks, the speed of artillery is precisely the accuracy of the artillery, the resistance of the shock wave, well, this is better for myself. from ordinary damage, the damage of artillery in the garrison about this is cool, given that how much well, 10 is okay, just just like fire relics and resistance to artillery, its power of artillery, the speed of restoration of the garrison, the resistance of artillery tanks damage is shorter as it was the speed of artillery training, this is all repeated. the capacity of reserves and in general the same only And we insert artillery to the places so as not to waste time, so planes, let's immediately at the end, I want to see how much it will cost how it will cost Look at that how much is it like that It turns out that 810 1 Lard 80 million in 1 billion resources 80 million I just don’t know how to look how much it gives almost 2 million forces tin, okay, we read later LARD resources oh, I even do it in the near future, where to collect it, taking into account the city’s VK, the resources very often go out to collect it just kapets if in other games in other games Lilita we can rob or do these farms and transfer resources here in this game there is no this and I understand them because there are a lot of leftist and resource trading immediately, okay, let's look in short, it is tin when now fighter fighters are invisible when the fighter does not move Their firing power rises by five percent every five seconds The effect accumulates to three times and holds while the fighter does not start moving again, but this is more protective such thing or say you cover your artillery, for yourself, For example, a fighter hangs on him for example and the one who arrives at me into a radius of defeat will receive a poll the boss is much stronger until I am moving protecting my artillery uh by 15 percent of firepower, well, see the cost of the fuck yours So strategic bombers while the life of bombers remains more than 50 percent of their firepower increases by 10 and when life drops below 50 percent of the track paper receive five percent of the resistance of damage [Music] Well, well, it’s good 10 percent increases the firing power, well, okay is good as for me, so far the most unsuccessful is for tanks, and let's give it to this Gazelskaya King-Kong Kong Kong Great, I don’t know the numbers where they get it all and they are all and they are all and they are They just don’t know how to suck out money from players. Aircraft get operation outside of direct visibility, the aircraft receive five percent damage and damage resistance, and if the aircraft does not receive damage within 10 seconds, their damage will increase by 10 percent, otherwise, they will receive 10 percent Damage resistance Well, for an American bomber, this is not suitable for two other bombers because they beat ground targets, but for German so so so, because rarely someone keeps howitzers somewhere far, but for the Soviet bomb it is very cool because you can often catch tanks Somewhere in the field far without overlapping and you will bring 10 percent more damage as for me, well, for the rest, the resistance of the damage is 10 percent given that a bunch of anti-aircraft guns in previous masonry were not attacked there and here, too, we will also check now 10 percent You just reduce one abyl and cross everything as we recall the previous branches were separated from the fighter bomber for a fighter, let's see here the firepower of aircraft, that is, the general speed of the Air Force troops Stability intercepts about interception if a fighter is good for the damage of all baskets of the base The bases for aircraft is shorter than a little division in terms of interception and stability, the speed is so restored to damage aircraft against fighters, the resistance of damage aircraft from fighters is understandable [music] of the capacity of reserves The firepower of aircraft resistance of damage aircraft resistance from the base Restoration for firepower is the base of troops in short the same thing is the same thing that is the same thing in terms of interception of protection of the bombers from the fighters and in general all the same Yes, this is she for a year and a half to swing this Gray for a year and a half, they just do not return here for a lot and so the infantry so, so the modular weapons when the infantry division is the avant-garde, that is, the Germans attack the enemy, it receives one percent of firepower per second no more than ten, that is, 10 percent of him, she receives power, well, I don’t see the avant-garde infantry in the battle, I just don’t see when the infantry of the Martyrs' infantry attacks the enemy, that is, a total of 25 percent of the hopper resistance per second and no more than 5 percent, that is, I thought in short five percent but roughly speaking five seconds five percent of the hopper resistance, but such a baby reduces such a thing for themselves to prepare the preparation of smoke sashki checkers in the infantry by one second, too, one second there probably will probably not even know for two seconds The infantry tanks work under the cover of food and begins to roughly say the enemy at that time, your tanks shoot their tanks, in principle, I see Liberty just in such a plot of development of military operations when it is not the first when the tank goes like a support that is He begins to throw with smoke checkers he begins to throw the front row of a protective enemy, it seems to me this is the most it and good top plans should use the Liberty infantry most of all, we don’t check it, they are repeated, but here the standard cost when the unit infantry attacks the resistance so when the armor with drives is when infantry The unit attacks the enemy’s resistance to target damage It is reduced by five percent if the infantry in the hopper mode for 0 5 receives damage exceeding five percent of its CP There will be protection for only five percent of this damage as I just said before that it will be like a support and it will not be so easy to get it, well, I personally think that you need to have some kind of detachment at the lobe battles when the enemy is broken down It is Liberty that you need to have at least a couple of pieces at least a couple of pieces there and now we see you see it breaks roughly the resistance to damage and for five percent it is cool plus, it will become, I mean, I mean smoke and we have cellular control and we have cellular control It’s easy to bother from there if the wall goes to the wall and at that moment the infantry of Op begins to throw with these checkers in the crowd if even some kind of tank leaves that cage of some other tank drives into this cage and they still can’t do anything to do but they are also blinded and get the resistance of damage, but I personally see it so, that is, in the team game, the Liberty infantry is very cool as for me at least you need to have several infantrymen such in the clan so that they can be like that so that they can It’s very sad to engage in the principle that so much is very sad and very expensive these are these girls. that I can say sadness eats me but I am not going to quit the game, but this is very much this patch upset me because everything is very much like how you’ll catch up with the game and the game is running away again, but in principle, you need to earn money at high levels play who doesn’t get it better to go downstairs a little and there to get at least some pleasure, in principle, all I hope you are not as upset as it did I do to everyone until the meeting for everyone while so far

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