Touring a $48,000,000 LA Hillside Mansion with the BEST VIEWS OF LOS ANGELES

Touring a $48,000,000 LA Hillside Mansion with the BEST VIEWS OF LOS ANGELES

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- What's up everybody? It's Enes here and welcome to another episode. This week, we're touring this newly constructed, modern estate here in the Hollywood Hills facing the breathtaking views of Los Angeles. Here are the specs on this home and it is currently on the market for $48 million. As always, you can find more information about the property in the description of this video.

And before we start our tour, I want to thank the development team and the listing agents, Branden Williams, Tyrone McKillen, and Rayni Williams for allowing us to tour their amazing listing. And now let's begin. (dramatic whooshing) (upbeat music) House is situated on this amazing promontory, beautiful modern design, smooth stucco complimented with this travertine clad.

We have the two car garage on the left and the main entry on this side. Massive pivot door opens up straight into your family room. And as soon as you walk in, you see the breathtaking views of Los Angeles. This might be one of the best living rooms in the city. Space is all open. We have walls of glass pocketing into the walls, fireplace around the corner, and the same travertine clad that we saw on the exterior.

They brought that same detail throughout the interiors of this home as well. It feels very cozy here with the French white oak hardwood floors, open corner design. We have downtown Los Angeles around the corner. It's a phenomenal space. Now, right next to the seating area, we have the kitchen. Island in the center with a small sink, Miele induction cook top with a pop-up vent.

We have more of the lighter tones here and more of the darker tones on the base cabinets. Sink in the center, mirror backsplash, that way you can appreciate the views even from this angle. Let's get a close up. We have the Miele dishwasher on this side, very sleek, very elegant. Built-ins here with a warming drawer and we have more pantry space with glass fronts.

And I really like this bronze finish that they have, again, which creates a nice contemporary contrast. Now, I want to bring everybody this way. We have more built-ins here with a warming drawer. Paneled freezer and fridge, and going to this side, we have the second kitchen. Same modern details are also here with flat panel cabinetry, stainless steel reveal, built-in espresso maker. I really like the grid details on the upper cabinets.

Mirror backsplash, another sink. We have another dishwasher on this side. Your wine station, wine fridge, another wine fridge, and Mikey, we need to get a closeup. So I want to check out some of the accessories here that this cabinetry has.

You have your racks for your rolls and all that and check this out, they even have an accessory for your plastic wrap with the detach. - [Mikey] Oh, so it just cuts it for you. - That's right.

(claps) I love it, I love details like this. So, I wanted to point it out. And continuing here, we have this door opening up to the laundry room on this level. Without a doubt, one of the best laundry rooms we have ever seen on this channel.

Two washers, two dryers, small washing station another sink, and look at your views. I mean, you get to see all the way to Hollywood and Griffith Observatory from your laundry room, which is phenomenal. Now, I want to take everybody back to the kitchen because I want to actually take everybody outside. We have an outdoor dining area located on the left side of the property, right behind this fireplace design, sliding glass doors pocketed into the walls, and the walkway on the left takes you to the two car garage and the backside of the garage has sliding glass doors opening up to the views, which is an interesting detail.

And around the corner, we have the built-in barbecue. Now, I want to bring everybody back here. We have olive trees framing the views perfectly and right in the center, we have this outdoor dining area. And what I love about this space is the fact that it kicks out towards the views and we have Griffith Observatory, mountains on the back, downtown Los Angeles, and the entire city down below us.

Views are simply phenomenal and I personally love this angle. Now, let's bring everybody back to the side. We have, again, the family room right in front of us and before we check out the backyard on our left-hand side, I actually want to bring everybody back here because right off the entry, we have the staircase going up to the second floor. At the end of this hallway, we have the door opening up to the two car garage.

And right here, we have this door opening up to a beautiful powder room for this side of the home. Now let's continue our tour. Again, we have the staircase going up to the second floor and right behind this wall, we have the formal dining room area. Just like the family room, this space is also all open.

We have sliding glass doors that are motorized, all tucked into the wall here, floor to ceiling, opening up to your backyard. Views are phenomenal. And right in the center, we have this live edge, solid wood table that sits eight people, gorgeous chandelier detail above, another cozy room. And right on the other side, same travertine textures are brought also to this section and we have ethanol fireplace down below.

Now, continuing our tour, we have this spacious hallway take us to another incredible seating area. Minimalist furniture set up, all facing the views, walls of glass from floor to ceilings. We have the side doors all pocketing into the walls. This is just an amazing space for you to sit down, relax, and enjoy these breathtaking views all the way to the Pacific Ocean. So we have Branden here. Thank you so much for getting us in here.

This property is unbelievable. The moment I walked in this morning, it feels like downtown Los Angeles is part of your backyard. Tell us a little bit about it. I know you have a little bit of a history with this property in particular.

- Well, this area is so near and dear to me because I grew up right down here. So I came up here as a kid, exploring this area as a kid, and looking at all these different sites and then they became make-out spots and then they became where you hang out with your buddies on your bike or your skateboard and then I got into real estate and I love this area. I always thought this was untapped and the views were so incredible and you have a 50-yard line of downtown to Santa Monica and the views are just so spectacular up here. And I'm like, "Why isn't anybody doing some big developments in this area?" There was a little house from the '70s on this lot. My two buddies ended up buying it.

Tyrone McKillen and Jason Sommers ended up buying it. - Wow. - Who you know, who are big, you know, developers, realtors, expediters in the city and Jason Sommers was my partner on the Stanley, on the Lenny Kravitz property, the Stanley. And so they ended up designing, Saota working this, getting the neighborhood to let them build this here and to make a long story longer, I talked them into selling it for a profit to my developer, Clive Robertson. - Which is the plot and the design. - Yes.

And then Clive brought his touch on it and wanted to kind of imitate or take inspirations from The Stall House, which is right across the way, which we're standing in a living room very similar and then he brought this really organic, nice touch, and all the travertine that was used in the Getty, the same exact pouring and how the Getty laid the travertine. He, basically, wanted to wrap the house and give it that beautiful, warm, organic modern. (upbeat music) - It's just amazing. And on our left-hand side, we have the steps taking us down towards the backyard where we have the infinity edge pool with a light blue plaster, jacuzzi on the left, and we actually have steps taking us down to the lower section of this backyard, where you have the gravel finish and that's just an extra space for you to sit down and relax, entertain, and enjoy these breathtaking views.

I feel like throughout this tour, all I'm going to talk about is the views. I mean, it's hard not to because every single room is oriented towards the outside and it is just phenomenal. Now, I wanna take everybody back inside because right behind the seating area, we have the bar. Dual elevation with natural stone countertops.

I love the subtle mood lighting and the same mirror backsplash detail is also here with this stain finish, that way it gives it a little bit of a character. I love these open racks, nicely staged. Wine fridge, small fridge on this side, and we have the sink here.

Great space for you to serve your seating area. And, again, even from this angle, you appreciate the views. Now, coming back to the main hallway, we have a door on our left. Let's quickly check it out and we have the wine cellar here. Same textures and details are also brought to this section with the open shelving, mood lighting, and the travertine design on the back. And coming back here, by the way, Mikey, let's get a close-up on this detail.

Look at the floors. They have these recessed in floor lighting throughout the house which highlights the textures of the travertine facade and clad. And it just looks great and I'm sure it looks even better at night. Now, we have a pocket door here to seal off this section. This door opens up to another powder room on this level. Modern pedestal sink, wallpaper that gives nice warmth to the space and we have the water closet here.

Now, coming back, we have some built-ins on this side and the space flows into your office. Table in the center and just like the other rooms, this space is also oriented towards the views. We have the built-ins on the back with a small fridge and a nice humidor, check it out. - [Mikey] We don't really see many of these. - That's right, it's a classy touch.

Overall, great space and in fact, our tour is not done here. We have this opening taking us to another cozy seating area. I love this couch set up here that wraps this wall. You have your deeper section here, shallower on this side, nice cove lighting detail on the ceiling, wallpaper adds up to the warmth of the space. We have the built-in screen on this side. And, of course, another set of sliding glass doors open up towards this section of the backyard where we have a water feature on the left, that iconic living room area, olive tree right in the center that ties the warmth of this estate.

We have an outdoor seating area here with a fire pit right in the center. And, again, views are phenomenal, beautiful home. And the first floor feels truly connected with the indoor outdoor flow. Now, that wraps our tour here.

I want to take everybody back to the staircase so we can check out the second floor. (upbeat music) Here we are on the second floor landing. We have four bedroom suites on this level and we're gonna start our tour with this one. This room is currently staged as a gym, same hardwood floors. You have your built-ins on this side.

And before we go outside, I actually want to take everybody this way to the bathroom. I love this floating vanity design with a solid wood finish, drop-in sink, chrome fixtures, and right behind me, we have your walk-in shower with a rain head and a steam detail. And you have your water closet here with beautiful built-ins, everything you need. Now, coming back here, this space, of course, just like the other rooms, are oriented towards the outdoors. We have the unfilled travertine floors also here, glass railing throughout to take nothing away from your views and this section also comes with this outdoor seating area with a fire pit right in the center. They have truly utilized all the square footage in this house.

Now I want to bring everybody back to the landing. We have the second bedroom on the other side, small hallway here, framing the views perfectly with this picture window. And before we check out the second bedroom suite, I want to briefly cover the staircase design. Chandelier right in the center and instead of going with a steel frame, they've actually bolted the frame inside of the walls so you have this nice floating effect as you come up to the second floor.

Now, we have this door opening up to the second bedroom suite and as soon as you walk in, the first thing you see is the view of downtown Los Angeles. I mean, look at this bedroom setup here. It is so cool and so exciting.

We have the bed on this side, glass pocket into the walls. We have the built-in curtains and it's just a nice, warm space and you have your views. - Pretty nice. - Now on the left-hand side, we have the built-in and some open shelving and going here, we have this pocket door opening up to the full bathroom, nice and spacious. We have travertine on the floors. Travertine utilized as a countertop here on this floating vanity, gorgeous chrome fixtures, LED lit mirror, and you have extra cabinetry on the left-hand side.

And coming here, we have the accordion doors opening up to the same patio that we saw earlier. And right here, we have this open shower design with floating floors and you have these gaps in between which serves as your drain and, of course, same chrome details are also here, gorgeous bathroom. I love how it's connected to the views. Now, let's go back to the landing to check out the third bedroom and overall design of the home is so modern and elegant, but yet the natural stones, the hardwood floors gives a lot of warmth and character to the estate. We have the third bedroom here.

Built-ins on the right, bed is situated on this side, additional sliding glass doors opening up to the front facing balcony and coming around, we have this pocket door opening up to the bathroom set up here. Travertine fabricated sink. I love this stacked stone design on the back that goes all the way into your built-in tub set up, chrome fixtures, amazing views, beautiful bathroom and we have another walk-in closet here. Now, coming back to the hallway, we have the primary bedroom suite right at the end another skylight above us. And we have this door opening up to the primary bedroom suite. First off, I love that it's cozy.

- Yup. - Secondly, I love these open corners. - Yeah. - Such a clever design.

You have the fireplace right in the center. Tell us a little bit about some of the details here. - Well, a primary bedroom, you got to really nail it, especially with this view and I think Saota and the developer, Clive, really nailed it.

And they put this really great pillar through the, you know, which is, obviously the fireplace and travertine stone so that it breaks it up. You got the ocean to the right and to the left, you got all the LA City. And it gives you that really comfy, cozy feel. Sometimes, too much view could be too much.

- Correct. - So you have that downstairs, but you come in here and you feel protected, you feel warm. You got the drapes so that you can completely get blackout. Otherwise, a lot of those shades, they have all these little cracks in them.

You don't get the full blackout. And then you got this balcony that you, literally, feel like you're the king of Los Angeles. - Absolutely. - And that's what this house is supposed to make you feel. It needs to make you feel like.

- You made it. - This is your city. You made it. - Oh, absolutely incredible. And I love that because you have this cantilevered balcony and it just feels reserved in there, like it feels kind of private. And if you want to expose yourself to the views, you can, but if not, a little bit of drapes.

- Yeah. - Close the windows and because the cantilever kicks out, you get privacy. That's a pretty special primary bedroom. - I think so, too, and you know, what I like about it is a lot of these times when it's all glass, the sun comes in there and just pounds you, but what Saota is so great about these designs is they have these big overhangs to protect you and then they gave you also that, you know, the fireplace feature that kind of helps also protect you from it. And I love their thin profiles of the roof. It's not too heavy.

It's not too chunky. - Too bulky. - It's super thin and super sleek. And that's why Saota is now becoming, you know, one of the best architectural architect firms in the world. - Absolutely. - [Branden] And leading architectural design. - I mean, I totally agree. This house is unlike anything we've ever seen before, so special, I think, Saota did a great job.

And if you don't mind, we're gonna take this way and I go check out the primary bathroom. - Make yourself at home. - Thank you so much for everything. - [Branden] Thank you. - Primary bathroom hallway starts here with your built-ins on the left, small fridge down below, and on this section, we have a sink, another fridge. This section essentially serves as your wet bar.

Now coming here, we have two closets. I'm gonna start with this one right here. Built-ins go up all the way to the ceiling, skylight right in the center. I love these stainless steel doors with glass inserts, LED lighting, and, Mikey, we need to get a close up. This is the first time we're seeing a detail like this. - [Mikey] Whoa, that's cool.

- Pretty interesting, right? - Yeah. It's like a double helix almost. - Also, it makes a good use of this corner right here. - [Mikey] Yeah.

Now. let's go check out the second closet which is right next door, same finishes, LED lit, beautiful cabinetry, another skylight right above us. Now, coming back to the hallway of the bathroom, we go straight into the bathroom itself. Freestanding tub, right in the center with a ceiling mount faucet. It's nice and open.

Two floating vanities with natural stone countertops, Led lit mirror, same chrome finishes, and right around the corner, we have some extra cabinetry, another skylight, water closet here with a Toto toilet, another skylight above that. Obviously, they really wanted to bring as much as natural light possible to the second floor. And right here, we have this open walk-in shower where you can access from both sides, chrome finishes, and I just love that each one of these showers also has a pocketing glass door. That way, you can have literally fresh air coming in as you're taking your shower or you can simply close it. Same travertine details also here wrapping both sides of this wall and coming to this section, additional sliding glass door open up to a patio space dedicated for the bathroom with some lounging chairs, nicely hedged, beautiful finishes.

And I love the drain systems that they've installed throughout the property on these patios. It's very discreet, nicely, hidden, and yeah, beautiful property, amazing views. And that wraps our tour on the second floor. Of course, property like this, we're gonna spend a few more hours here, wait for the sun to go down so we can see this place at night.

(wind blowing) (upbeat music) All right, everyone, that's it for the tour. I hope you all enjoy this video. Without a doubt, one of the best homes we have ever toured here in the Hollywood Hills. I want to give big congrats to the development team for doing such a phenomenal job.

And I also want to thank the listing agents, Branden Williams, Tyrone McKillen, and Rayni Williams for allowing us to tour their amazing listing and share it with all of you. As always, you can find more information about the property in the description of this video. And lastly, if you enjoyed the tour, just make sure to give us a like, subscribe to our channel, and we'll see you guys next week.

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