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Well. The 2018, top golf tour is in full, swing, I'm Shane bacon coming to you from the champions, Bay here at top golf Vegas we're in just a few short weeks teams, from around the world will, compete right here for, $50,000. And the title, of, top golf Tour champion, the. Tour has been running strong for over a month now with regional qualifiers, across, the US and the UK the winner of each regional, tournament earns a ticket to the dance here, in Las Vegas last. Month, we saw some great top golf play in New Jersey Denver. Chicago Indianapolis, Kansas. City and Salt, Lake make sure to stay up to date with all the scores and regional qualifiers, at-taurah top, golf calm today, we're continuing our coverage in Atlanta Georgia where 19, teams are, competing for the single, spot to, represent the Peach State here in Vegas you ready let's, get to it hello, Atlanta hi Shane yes we are here in Atlanta Georgia and I'm super, excited for, everything to get going we have a lot of great competition rolling, in through the door and it's gonna be a great day of golf I'm super, pumped I hope you're pumped too I. Am. Pumped Kinsey so let's get started with round one. Today's. Competition, is a qualifier, format starting with 19, teams competing, in round one the top eight scoring, teams move on to round 2 where the scores reset, and the top two teams from, that round will face off in our third and final round will crown our regional, champion. Oh yeah. What's, your strategy to, put the ball in the hole that's, the strategy you know it's stupid simple that's what we try to do right try to make it easy well I'll tell you what I've been growing this beard for a week just to intimidate everybody, here, so I think we've got a good chance shaking, in my boots I mean that beard. White. Is pure and that's, where we are we like the game so that's. How we gonna show it I. Love that that's awesome how are we feeling, we started off a little nervous but we're we're settling in now I might have to get some drinks flowing I think that's what's gonna turn us around I like it. The. Dimpled balls, I think, the beer had a little bit to do with you the shirts and maybe the team name. Tough. To say I. Am. Standing, here with the returning, Atlanta, champions, and you. Guys were talking to me a little bit about how you guys last, night ate at the same restaurant you guys have some of rituals, that you were doing did well for us last time so we, same. Restaurant, same drinks, same. After-party, and then today drinking, mimosas going, into the competition what. Is your strategy, most importantly. Pensee. Very. Confident, going into this competition and I love it well this year's tour has already seen a number of past year's regional, winners make it back to Vegas so let's see what the tour leaderboard, powered by Dell technologies, has to say at, the end of round one so far so good for last year's regional champs DeHart and whitley for safely, in third place but, leading the way our tour rookies Brynn Powers and Zack Lassiter, Kinsey, is with the map. Where. Do you feel a little nervous I mean being at the top we've been hitting the wheel all morning so we're just gonna keep doing what we're doing and join, the music and the competition, and see, what happens, they're, very calm, I see very just relaxed, we played a lot come. Here over, the past few months to get get, used to it but we, grew, up playing golf so we understand, get. The ball close to the hole and, it's a it's a lot of fun. And. Round 2 teams will play two games a top contender team the two teams with the highest score, will move on to the third and final round, it really is anyone's. Competition, going into round two it's all about points and it's, all about preparation it's, heating up over here so I'm really excited to see how it goes well Kenzie round two is where the competition really heats up so let's see who can handle the Atlanta heat could, it possibly be a new face to top golf fans like, local legend a loaf mathur, who's our featured, player and what we like to call to new faces of golf powered, by Under Armour. Tell. Us just a little bit about yourself, and why you may. Be recognized what its most top health people I started playing golf four years ago and I'm.

Shooting An 80s on a golf course thanks. Mainly to being, able to hit balls over, and over again at top so, I got three hole-in-ones top. Golf Alpharetta and, i decided. To donate the check from the last one to a charity, and topped, off donated, five thousand dollars to the charity so, that is really cool, one three hole-in-ones for just starting four years ago that's pretty impressive. I. Think. There's a quote out there that says the more you practice luckier, you get I think, that's about a famous golfer so that's pretty pretty good absolutely. It is not, so much scale as as Lochinvar, than that. One. Of the things I love about top, golf is how it brings new faces, to the game but will it be one of those new faces joining, me in Vegas or, will our returning champs, again prevail. Well. Halfway through round 2 and it's still very much anyone's, game and Kinsey is down with one of our teams who definitely deserves an honorable. Mention I'm, here, with Steve and Tony, retired, Marine veterans. How are you preparing for, today, it's much easier hitting a big target like this and a regular green but I know it really well have fun today why did you choose hop-up to go watch the season last year, and Tony, Nye myself or both of the veterans, Golf Association, tour which, now has partnered, with top golf so we thought we'd give it a shot you. Guys are here and we really appreciate your service and I wish you the best of luck. As. We near the end of round two let's take a look at the tour leaderboard, powered by Dell technologies, looks. Like our military team and our hole-in-one, local hero didn't, quite have what it takes to make it to the final two but, it's good news for our returning champs, DeHart and whitley who have risen to first place but the round one leaders powers, and laster's still have one more ball left a triple, point bonus ball this, is their last chance to secure a spot in the final round otherwise, they, are packing. Their bags here's, Zach on ball 20. Ha. Prescient, Top Shot for Lassiter, and those 21 points are enough to bring them all the way up to the top of the charts again and, secure their place in round 3 against last year's Atlanta, regional champs these, two teams will battle it out for the trip to Vegas to compete in the top golf Tour Championship, Kenzie, how the boys feeling. It. Was expected, be honest with you you know we're. Pretty confident, this. Morning the first thing we did was, throw the confidence, on that's. What we did, over. The top of you guys right now draped over our, shoulders so, how are we feeling nervous. I'm. Very, surprised, that we made it this far feeling good you know we've had a good morning and so nervous. But, we're. Good ready, it's. Really cool really, calm you guys are very Sparky. And spunky, and. They're. Gonna get nervous they're probably gonna quit halfway through your. Competition. Was making. Fun and talking a little smack so I think you guys need to bring it going forward so we'll, bring it you might have to Center the mics we're gonna bring it.

Alright, Let's head back to the final, round in Atlanta to determine, our next regional. Champion. Well. Shane it all comes down to this we are down to the final, two teams the round one winners and the, returning champs of last year we, are super excited and Vegas is on the line so we will see how it all pans out round. Three is a single game of top contender team head-to-head, winner will be headed to Las Vegas for the championship, and a reminder, that the first four balls, the yellow target, earns double, points, come. On. And. I just love his power showing, no sign of nerves as he fires up the crowd. And. A great atmosphere here and oh he doesn't look too happy with that first shot but it gets the scoreboard, moving with six. Similar. Shots same result and response, in other six points. Lassiter. Wasting no time in, nailing a big 16, pointer. But. As we all know what the golf gods give us they can take away with that second one coming up short, a solid, start overall, for our tour newbies. Time. For the reigning champs to show of their confidence is deserve. Well, one eight, points. The, heart begging that second ball to get down and it does just that doubling, up with another eight Whitley. Who's been making clutch shots all day is up next. In. That reaction tells you everything, need to know zero, points there you, waste no time and reloading. Now. Oh, and. That's more like it he closes the gap on the rookies, 2826, after. The fourth ball our. Next, set of balls double, points for the 90 yard green target. Powers. Definitely, has his game face on in his final and he cashes it in on the, green target with two 12 pointers. Power. Seems happy with that shot by his partner in so he should be scoring, 10 and another, 10 to ramp up the pressure on a rainy chance. Your, side shot. Go. And it's, not quite happening in this final pretty hard at the moment to scoring shots but clearly not what he was looking for. The. Hearts frustration, now seems to be getting to his teammate, Whitley who is clearly, not happy to spite scoring 12 with his first ball. After. Eight balls rookies, powers and Lassiter stretched their lead out to ten and the, brown target, earning double points, for these next four balls will be critical. Powers. Remains unbelievably. Steady as he kicks off the round with two solid scoring, shots. Bellows. Southpaw, last improving, on his partners good start finding his range with 14. And. Another 14 they. Are certainly keeping the pressure on our reigning champs, and they have 60, points to make up and it is possible, but if they miss the target on any of these shots it is likely over for them. That's. A good response there, though. Some. Good sportsmanship, from powers who acknowledges, the arc sixteen pointer. Whitley. Also responding, well with 14 he has a chance to catch up here and if he hits the 20 points Center it's all tied up. What's. The window I hear you. He. Smartly, backs off as the wind gust out there regroups, and. A. Good golf shot. That's, enough to close the gap just a little bit 122. To 114, with 8 balls to play and it's time to go for the blue as our 150, yard target offers, up double points. Powers. At it again.

And. Even earns himself a compliment, line right there. Good. Play but. Confidence. Seems to be building in this team with Lassiter following, his partner's example, and all, for their balls to the blue targets score 14, points and now. There's a hill to climb with 65, points needed for the win the. Art, makes it 5 in a rope 14, points solid, but they're gonna really have to start cutting into the rookies lead cut. He's, asking this one to cut and it does just that but only enough to pick up 12. Big. Time golf there is very valuable 18. And, a pretty lucky break there just catches the back edge with ball 16, narrowly avoiding disaster and landing 10 more all, of that fast-paced, action means with four balls to go brookies, powers, and Lassiter stretched their lead back out to ten and a reminder they haven't, been behind in this, final yet four, balls between these two teams and a trip to Las Vegas. And. A solid start there from powers blasted, or even given a little bit of a toast to his teammate. And. A. Huge, miss at a collision time, that could be disaster. That just may end their dreams of Las Vegas, it, can Lassiter repair that damage. No. He cannot, another, zero, and that could be the door opening, for, our defending, champions, who remember have never led in this, final, Lassiter's. Last fall is the triple point ball that's right hit blue white brown, or the trench and we tripled the score oh. Yeah. Guys. That and Powers likes it and. He should a big 24. Points, to, close out their round giving them a total of 218. That. Means our reigning champions, have to score more than 50, points with their final four balls to book a return trip, to Las Vegas. Good. Swing house now its Whitley trying to talk to his partner's ball and that seemed to work 14, points. The. Heart looks confidant, that one but just, a little too much of a fade and that is a donut. Well. Any room for error just left the building for Whitley he needs 36. On these final two balls doable, but, certainly not easy. Great. Swing great score 18, points. All. Whitley, now needs is 19. Points with the triple point ball to move on to Las Vegas the door wide, open for, our reigning champs. I think. That's a tie. Unbelievable. Another, eighteen point that ties up this game. Unbelievable. Play there from Whitley. Yeah. And unfortunately no, DeHart you don't both get to go to Vegas it means sudden-death each team, will get one additional shot high score wins, unbelievable.

Shane We just went to sudden death one, ball one shot, and winner takes off here we go powers, and last that are talking this over buddy Horton Whitley adopting a different strategy we got one shot. About, it he's got to take a home right here where's go base our decision up what they do but. He's gonna stick it. I'm. Out of here I'm good Lassiter. Steps in going, for the trench or the white would mean more points of course but he was solid all day with that blue target and, it looks like he's aiming for dead center on the blue he. Needs a good shot and time will tell if it's too conservative, of an approach. Good, aggressive swing to the blue target eight points. And. Decision, time now for Whitley, and maybe trench. And. It looks like it's trench or go home time for, our defending champions. That's. Good come on Dan the trench. Those. Reactions tell you all you need to know are the finding champions, are still our Atlanta champions, Congrats. To the boys you are headed back to Las Vegas after an, absolute. Thriller. I'm. Here with the repeat champions, of top golf tour Atlanta, how do we feel right now it, feels incredible, be, honest with you we played well today and, looking. Forward to going to Vegas I think we're gonna I think we're taking home it. Came down to one ball I mean that's, really. Intense how are we feeling about that that was a close shot but I couldn't got there without DeHart hitting good shots all day long Whitley, of course is being modest because that sudden-death shot is our top performance, of the day presented. By Audi. Came. Down to a little bit of strategy they, stuck a nice blue shot in there for eight and, I could either done, the same or win a tight, white but, any, trench would have put us over eight so I just got up I mean. The feelings over the ball you can't explain and you're not thinking about anything or else besides, just hitting the shot I didn't want to let die' down so I had to hit that shot and it worked out. I'm. Ready to go right now can't wait Ryan Tripp I'm coming for you. Our. Next regional, team is moving on to Las Vegas let's, check in on some other regionals to see who's gonna be joining them in Sin City. Washington. DC was the second chance city for Baba shanian and Williams, after losing out in New Jersey last, month they redeemed themselves in the nation's capital, winning their spot as the, DC regional, jams.

In. Nashville, Cox in devel completely. Dominated, the competition parking, themselves at the top of the leaderboard all day long and winning the final round by over 80 points. And they'll definitely be a team to watch here in Vegas. And. In Portland tour with ease Waller and Drake teamed up to show there is still room for new faces at the championship, with a big-time win. In. Kansas, City last year's Tour champs Ward Mabry, led the pack all day and took home the regional championship, we'll see if they can make it back-to-back Vegas. Victories. In. Sacramento, the final round was tied all the way up until the final four, shots were tore newbies Baumgartner. And wheeler, race to head to victory they're packing up their Winnebago, and headed to Las Vegas. In addition. We are honored, to partner with the veterans Golf Association and, hosts a number of tour teams made up of US, servicemen, and women we've, reserved, an exclusive, spot in the Tour Championship here. In Vegas for the highest score and military team across all regionals, in round, one top golf is honor to host him and we thank them for their service taking, a look at the military division leaderboard, presented by the veterans Golfers, Association our, team from Atlanta, didn't quite make it to the top spot that, Vegas spot continues, to be held by the team Reed and Kelly from Washington, DC we. Will continue to update the leaderboard as the tour continues, in cities, across the country there's, only a few weeks left before the championship, comes here to Las Vegas and next time we'll be bringing you coverage from my home course in Phoenix, Arizona trust, me there are some top players in the region let's just say I'm glad I'm hosting and not playing and, of course $50,000. Is on the line for, one team here in Vegas make sure to stay up-to-date with all the scores and regional qualifiers, at tour top, golf comm I'm Shayne bacon and we'll see you next time on the 2018. Top golf tour. You.

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