Top 3 BEST Apple Watch 8 Clone Watches - HK9 Pro, H11 Pro, DT8 Mini

Top 3 BEST Apple Watch 8 Clone Watches - HK9 Pro, H11 Pro, DT8 Mini

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Good evening, everyone. If 45mm Apple Watch Ultra clones or Apple Watch 8 clones are bigger for your wrist, this is the one for you. DT8 Mini comes as 41 mm Apple Watch 8 clone and uses WearPro application, which is also one of the best smartwatch applications with lots of watch faces. And I just got my hands on it. Let's open the box and see what's inside and then start reviewing how actually it works.And

later then, I am going to make another video to compare to the original Apple Watch 8, so you can decide and see if it's really looking like the original one and worth to buy. But as I experience the DT watches, DT watches are actually quite nice. DTNO.1 the manufacturer name is actually DTNO.1. So let's open the box. 8 mini, and we have a tiny, actually not tiny, detailed Apple Watch 8 clone user manual.Nice.And

do we have warranty? Yes, they are giving one year warranty, which is nice.And this time I chose the Starlight Watch band.And by the way, if you buy the 41 mm version, it's also going to fit no, it is not going to fit for the 45 and 49 millimeter watch bands.So you need to get the watch bands which are being sold for the Apple Watch 8 41 millimeter.And what else?

Of course, the wireless charger with USB-A and the watch itself. Let's remove this.And we have also another protective film here.We are going to remove it.Yes, looks like the original one.The microphone hole reference.But I am not sure, it looks like it is filled.So you'll see if it really works or not.And first of all, I would like to measure it if it's really 41 mm so we can figure out

the original Apple Watch 8 accessories is going to fit or not.Okay, on, zero.Let's see.Time to see the fact if it's really 41 mm.Yes, it is 41 point.Sorry, can you read it? 41.34 millimeter. Yes.

So we can say this is very close to the original one at the backside watch heart rate, fashion support made in China, health lifestyle.Okay, before turning it on, I would like to show you this size comparison. HK9 Pro and DT8 Mini.

Look at this. This is the size 45 millimeter versus 41 mm. Okay, let's remove this protective film and turn it on.Writing from this one?No, this

one.Yes. Hello.And as you can see, we have an animated watch face.You can find lots of animated watch faces in the app and 1234 in total.We have four watch faces per installed and only this

one can be changed by using the application.You can download the watch faces provided by the application, or you can upload one of your photos as watch face here.So one, two, three and four.Unfortunately, there is no compass on this one.And what about the icons?Yes, hard date icon is working on here.Sport icon works and icons on the corners doesn't work.And

if you click twice, it says please pair your device audio because it activates the three.And as you can see, we have the red dot feature just like the original one.If we swipe from down to upside, we get the menu.Let's check the menu styles.1234-5678, 910, eleven in

total.We have eleven menu styles, which is also nice.And if we swipe from up to downward, we have the shortcut menu.Find my phone info which is hold on a second.Okay.The QR code again.Brightness.This is the full brightness of the watch.And as you can see, we have always on display.You can either use it with analog clock or digital.But when it's not on your wrist, it just turns off.This is the only always on display you have.There is no Always

on watch face feature.Let me choose the animated one.Flashlight.Okay.Race to wake up for the watch face voice screen.And if you activate this, it's activated now.And if you touch the screen, it wakens up.But if you deactivate it, see, nothing happens.So I am just going to keep it activated.So s we will get the settings later.To lock the watch, you need to use a pink Oat.This is not a shortcut.You have to put a password

then use the password each time you want to unlock.That's why I kept this turned off because I just would like to press and hold and the watch wakes up.It would be better, but unfortunately it doesn't.This is massage function.Sorry.So some kind of vibration as it is messaging your wrist.Let's cancel this one and draining feature.But of course this is just an IP67 waterproof.So you cannot submerge it to water.You cannot have shower, you cannot swim.But you can wash your hands with this one.Music feature.Come on.I'm going to show this later, which is

nice.You can connect your earbuds to your phone and remote the music from here.Or if you activate the watch audio feature through your Bluetooth audio.Sorry, bluetooth connections.You can listen your music through the watch.Okay, speaker performance.Let's start.

And this is not the full sound level.Please say any negative and you can only increase or decrease the sound level through your phone.This is the full sound level.Never running now, never heading down.I'll be spreading out color now.Can't have your style if you rain it now.I

can make it sound.Can't stop me now.You wish me.Okay.And if you connect your earbuds by the way this is the best AirPods Pro clone Danny 5.1. See? And if you connect it connected to my MacBook. Sorry because it was connected to that one.Let me fix it and show you. Okay.Now when you turn off the phone audio connection between the watch and the smartphone

just play and it will play through the headphone you.And as my AirPods sicken activated whenI put them on, it activates.And if I remove them from my ear, it directly starts playing through the fondant.How to activate this feature?If you go to the phone feature and turn it off justas we see here, you will hear the music through your phone or the earbuds if you are connected to your phone.But if you open it or turn it on pair it is going to play through your watch.Most of the clone smartwatches doesn't have these features.That's why I really like this one.Is there any other?Yes alarm.And you can add or remove any shortcut that you

want.But it's okay, I'm keeping them all.And if you slide from left to right come on.Battery percentage three activation days.Messages. Yes.You have read that feature in the main screen but you have to come here to see the message.And by clicking this you can activate or deactivate the phone feature.Now it is

activated and the calling performance.Let's go to the phone.Sorry, not here.Menu phone. Okay.My GSM operators number.Yes.And this is how it works which is nice.Again, this watch is capable to save 2000 contacts from your phone book which is awesome.Commonly used applications, music control here, blood pressure, blood oxygen and heart rate.I'm

going to test it with the medical device, the sensors if they are working or not.And if we slide to right sport details, rings data, heart rate and you can see next four days weather forecast, blood oxygen, music.That's all.And if you press and hold just a second you can remove any of them.Add another application from the list.Now it is time to go to menu.And

by the way, if you click this one you will get the latest applications that you use and you can rate them all from here.Now let's go to the menu.Change the menu style to show you one by one phone.By the way, this is very nice.You can save 2000 contacts in this one which is awesome.Messages contact is here.Call records, fitness data, sport mode.Let's click it.Walking, running, cycling, badminton, basketball, running, yoga.

Yes.1234-5678, 910, 1111 sport modes.Which is more realistic? Heart Rate, ECG I don't think this ECG electrocardiogram feature works properly. And I don't have any professional electrocardiogram system.That's why I cannot test it. But I'm going to test the heart rate measurement and the blood oxygen measurement.We have calendar,

which is nice.Okay.NFC feature.It has NFC feature.Unfortunately, in my country, we cannot make any payment by using NFC. That's why I cannot test it. And I don't have any doors that works with NFC feature. That's why I cannot test it. But it has the NFC feature.

And if you have a door that works with 10.56 Hz band, you can use this NFC feature or if NFC payment is available in your country yes, you can add your card through the application and use it. Music Feature I'm going to show it later. Sleep tracking. Stopwatch time zones.Come on.Weather, QR code, motion Trajectory I'm not going to click it because if I click it, it's going to show me my exact location.I don't want to share

it online.Probably it gets that info through your phone.And my phone is connected to my home's wireless connection.That's why it can give you an exact location.Timer voice Assistant means Siri alarm Clock flashlight, emergency Contacts so if you add some emergency contacts to your application, which is WearPro, you can make a quick call to them.Religious Time I think this is for Muslims.You can set them and it warns you that the prayer time is now

calculator. Fine.Phone bread messenger laid assistant.Yes, laid period Tracking System because it's 41.Sure.Ladies are the primary customers of this watch.Menu Styles eleven menus, time, countdown, drainage,

draining, air pressure.Also, it gets this information through your phone by using the application and settings. Okay.Languages.Which languages does it support?Chinese, English, German, Russian,Spanish, Portuguese, French.I think this is Korean, Italian, Polish.And is it Japanese or Korean? Urdu, Arabic, tian viet I don't know which language is this one? Danish, Greek, Latin, Romanian, Turkish, Hebrew, I think Cestina I don't know which language is this one.Also I don't know which is this one.

Indonesia.It supports lots of languages, which is very nice.Because this is a rare watch.It is really hard to find.The 41 mm apple Watch 8 clone and it supports lots of languages, which is nice.Dial Switch you can also change watch faces here and you can lock them, which

is also nice.Let's lock it.It is locked, so if I turn the crown, it won't change.Nice.Let's go to settings.Also, we have a shortcut here to Settings. Screen on and off, bedside lamp.It gives you green screen while charging it, screen off. For example, this is analog one and this is the digital one.Let me show you.Come on. Why?Hold on a second.I think it's not working.And style one.Oh, there is no digital one, sorry.This

is a smaller analog clock and the other one is bigger. That's all.There is no digital always on display feature which is a minus in my opinion.Secret time.The maximum sequence time is 20 seconds.So there is no always on watch face feature as I mentioned, secret.Okay, this one is okay vibration intensity and this one, the vibration

is really powerful even in the level one.But on third, it is really powerful. Premium.You will love the vibration feature of this watch.If you open this one, it's going to darken the screen cut bluetooth connection.And also you can just choose watch mode and just use it as watch mode.And if you use this one as in watch mode, you can even use it approximately

ten days.But if you use it in smart mode with full screen brightness and all features are in use, the maximum use is about 1.5 or two days.But if you cut the brightness to medium level and don't use the always one display, you can use it four days in smart mode, which is also nice and it has a280 milliamp hours of battery which is really big.And you can choose phone, message, alarm clock rings, ringtones, different ringtones password and factory reset.So these were the old features that this was shared.Now, I would like to make some tests about the health sensors.But I also would like to show you this, how it

looks wild when you add the watch band and second one.So look at this, I am using my AppleWatch eight with an Apple Watch ultra case.Oops.Come on.Let me remove this and look at how it looks on my wrist.So if you don't have a tiny wrist, thin wrist, or if you are not female, probably this watch is not for you, because it is really small for the big wrists.

Let me put it on.Look at this.It really feels too small on my wrist and I don't like this as 41 mm.So if you are going to use this, you should have a thinner wrist or you need to be a female. Of course you can be a female and have a thicker wrist, but this is generally for ladies and people who have tiny wrists.Let's start with the heart sensors test an oximeter that can measure blood oxygen and the heart rate.I am just placing my finger on the sensor and start heart rate measurement.Let's see, I need to keep my hand stay still and I am going

to read it for you at the moment, medical device shows that my heart rate is 83 beats per minute.Now 84.But on DT eight minute, it shows 70 beats.75.Sorry, 86.It was 85 86 68 and finished 66 beats per minute.Which means heart rate sensor doesn't work properly.Okay, now let's try the blood oxygen measurement.If it works properly.Unfortunately, on these

clone watches health sensors generally not working properly.The only one I saw it was HK8 Pro Max's health sensors was working properly. And as a round style business style watch, DT70 Plus's health sensors are also working properly and giving the same data compared to a medical device. I also made the detailed review video of this watch.You can find it in my channel.

And at the moment, 97.97 yes, the blood oxygen measurements are very close.96 97 now seven nine seven yes, generally these blood oxygen sensors are working properly.I don't know why.Maybe it's easier to measure it.But heart rate sensor doesn't work properly.So if you would like to get one of these watches for yourself you may find links in the description.

if Apple watch Ultra or its clones is too big for your wrist we have a brand new clone here which is called h11 Pro H11 Pro is a clone watch of Apple Watch 8, Apple Watch series 8 45 millimeters so let's unbox it a short user manual similar pictures just like the original box that comes in the original box a wireless charger and what I realized that you need to use its own charger other smartwatch chargers makes it too hot it's like it's going to explode and a sport band and the watch itself this is also a product of hello watch the smaller version of H11 Ultra and this is just h11 Pro the clone of Apple watch 8. so let me just show you this this is my original Apple watch 8. and look at the design you would think that the crown makes it it's obvious that it's a clone watch but it is not my watch's color is midnight black and the in the midnight black model there is no red circle but on other colors you have this red circle, so that doesn't mean it's going to make sure that this is a clone watch, it is not.

I'm also going to make a comparison video between these watches later, today I would like to show you the all features of this watch so first we need to start as always as we start the size so the original one is 45 millimeters and we need to be sure that if this one is 45 millimeter or not exactly the same size 45 millimeter and what is the width four and thickness with the sensor, whoops, sorry when it is small it's hard to keep it in your hand 12.6 millimeters okay and let's see how many grams it is I think you are not going to be able to see it so I'm going to read it to you the total weight is 24.1 grams and if you use straps it is, oops sorry. it is 43.3 grams

I also have ordered watch cases this is for Apple watch Ultra they didn't arrive yet so when they arrive I'm also going to make a video if original cases fits this one let's put in the strap to be honest I really don't like these sport bands I would rather these ocean bands or an Alpine band like this one as you can see Apple watch Ultra straps also compatible with this one but I just would like to use its own straps for this video okay we have an Apple watch 8. To turn it on we should press here yes, again, Hello watch and let me this is the lowest lighting level screen light and this is the full it is actually brighter than the original one, trust me. so the manufacturer of this watch has decided to make a hybrid because this red compass screen is specific to the Apple watch Ultra not this one so I don't have it on my original Apple watch 8.

I really wish that apple release this watch face for this one but unfortunately we don't have that feature at the moment and you can also download of course watch faces there are lots of watch faces because this watch also uses the Qifit application which I really like because everything in that app works without any problem so that is nice and this watch has one two three four five six watch faces and you can delete five of them and replace them which is also nice but this one is also an extra watch face that you can upload a picture so this is the picture animation picture of my daughter so you can upload your photo your loved ones or any other kind of pictures that you like, you can use it as watch face and split menu oops sorry yes there's no problem with screen touch sensitivity by the way my finger was touching this side that's why okay we have a split screen here and menu styles for example at the moment it's we have the grid menu responsivity is very good because this watch is using the same processor with the vwar ultra Max Apple watch Ultra clone which is one of my favorites with the smaller screen that processor makes actually a very good job nice okay now, Bluetooth if you click this one you can directly make calls from your watch but I'm I always keep this off, screen lock feature which is nice so to turn to unlock it you need to keep and press but it doesn't show you anything you just need to try to use it so if you can use it it's unlocked it's very simple, minimalistic, silent mode, screen lighting, Do Not Disturb mode, lock menu style and phone connection that is all and let's go to the menu Sports mods there are tons of approximately 173 as I remember sorry sport modes sport records heart rate, SPO blood oxygen level I'm not going to show you these in this video because I'm going to use my medical device to test them if it works or not but actually I tried it before and they are performing well let me tell you that. step Compass yes we saw the compass feature sleep dial call records I didn't see any information about how many contacts it it can save but as the Qifit I mean the watches that uses Qifit as an application are able to save 500 contacts so I'm expecting the same from this one if even it's not at least 100 contacts because I couldn't find any information about this you have calendar weather here's which is nice okay camera so you know as always when you open this you can just shake it and take your photo it works I tried it music feature you can control your music through your watch position I'm not going to click this one because this position thing I don't know what is this why they just put this here if I click that you will see my exact location with my address on the picture of Earth and it shows my address and the exact location so I'm not going to open it for security reasons, alarm, stopwatch female period tracking, calculator, game yes this one is also very nice look at this because as this watch has a Gravity Sensor look at this you just need to escape from the enemies they are flying towards to you you can go Ops forward yes see it is nice so you don't need to click anything to play this game okay let's stop it there is only one game by the way raise to wake I always keep this open so when you raise your wrist to watch just wakes up find my phone when you click this the phone starts ringing but I am not going to choose it because I am recording this video through my phone, screen brightness and the maximum you have always on display here okay but i really couldn't remember if it is always on or not sorry I have been using this for three days yes you have always on display always on watch screen actually not always on display which is nice now I remembered because when you go to settings hold on a second brightness, business card, WeChat, WhatsApp, QR code when you go to settings you'll see this screen off lock this is the AOD always on display the other one that I just showed you showed you that is the option that you keep your watch face always on and you cannot find this in settings it's only in the menu so you need to go this specific menu, a bright screen time and turn it on from here and turn it off from here and this is the time that we go to settings dial settings you can also choose and lock them from here General date format so in Turkey we use day and month bedside clock mode it's on it's showing a green watch face while charging system shutdown restart factory reset vibration intensity keep this in strong if you buy this one because the week is really weak remote control media control you can cancel or not from here so night brightness mode if you choose this one like me starting from 20:00 hours to 7 am in the morning it just lowers the screen brightness to keep your battery. password you can also put password SOS you can send the call to your emergency contacts that you add from your app language let's see because I realized that a lot of people asking about their languages so this time I am going to go slowly Le francaise is French Deutsche German Italian Spanish Portuguese Portugal Portuguese Portuguese Portuguese Ruskin Turkish I think this is Arabic.

and what is this is this Hebrew? I'm not sure and I have no idea what this language is so let's keep this English like this one and this was the end of the menu we also have a speaker here and I am going to try to give you an idea about its performance sorry guys the music feature only remotes the music on your phone so the watch speaker doesn't play any music, see? music up, sorry, volume up volume down pause play yes we have Compass which is nice this step page doesn't work I don't understand why they just put this here no menu nothing happens when you click call record dial contact I'm going to test it later with the device oxygen yes music walking and you can also add widgets from here and let's look at look back of the watch again Smartwatch series 8 45 millimeter aluminum case ceramic case ion x-class GPS LT water resistance 50 meters these are completely lies but it is definitely looks like the original one very similar see? but the resolution on the original one is actually incredible anyway this one is over four hundred dollars this one just costs about 23 dollars I paid 23, 23 dollars yes 23 for this watch and it is look like the original one you can say it it looks like original 95 percent the color is a bit different and if you look to design of the speaker you can understand the difference you need to be really close, see? Today it's time to make the in-depth review. So it is also compatible with Android phones and also iOS of course, using Wearfit Pro. And the Wearfit Pro app for this watch is actually nice because there are lots of watch faces.

And it just says HK9 Pro, very simple. Looks like the original boxing, but actually not 100%. Let me show you. So this is the packaging of the original sorry, this hello watch.

Sorry. This is the packaging of the original Apple Watch 8. And I'm also going to make the detailed comparison video with the original Apple Watch Eight. It's using an Apple Watch ultra case at the moment. So you can also find the link of this case in description. And I am also going to make the comparison video with the H11 Pro Apple watch 8 clone.

This has an LCD screen but comes with lots of features. Actually it has features more than the HK9 Pro, but HK9 Pro comes with an AMOLED display and also there are some different hardwares. in the box a simple user manual as always, wireless charger and comes this watch band, which looks like fabric, but it is actually silicone. It's a very nice idea and it looks pretty nice, look at this.

It just looks like a fabric piece pieces but silicone, very soft, I like it. And the watch itself, it says 9. Let's remove the protective cover eight design with the orange circle here.

Actually this should be red. For example, this is the first difference, in the original Apple Watch Eight with the GSM feature telephone feature which can use a SIM card or eSIM card. eSIM.

The circle is red on that one.First difference.But other design tails are same.The speaker is here at the back of the watch.It says watch series 845 millimeter.Yeah, we'll see that if it's 45 millimeter aluminium ceramic case, which is not actually true.But yes, it looks like that.

ION X glass, GPS It doesn't have onboard GPS, LTE no, it doesn't have eSIM feature, water resistant 50 meters. No, it is IP68 waterproof. And actually it is not the IP68 because if it's IP 68 waterproof, you should be able to submerge this into water up to 1.5 meters among 30 minutes. But you can only wash your hands with this watch.

You can not take shower or you can not swim with this and you cannot submerge this watch. Okay, and let's talk about the hardware. It is actually comes with this same hardware. I mean the processor of the HK8 Pro Max. HK9 Pro has a dual processor, artificial intelligence neural network accelerator, but I am not sure because I forget it. HK8 Pro max has a running memory of 1.4 megabytes.

I am not sure about this. So I'm going to check it and write onto the video. And that processor makes it incredibly fast, almost fast as the Apple Watch 8, the original Apple Watch 8.

But I am not going to show it now because I am also going to make a comparison video. Both of them. I'm going to show it in that video.Okay, so let's turn it on.As I remember, I should press here, there are lots of watches.So I always forgot which button turns them on.As you can see here.Okay, let's try this one.Come on.

Which one? Okay.The crown. Yes.And when it turns on, you get some vibration.And to be honest, the vibration is more powerful than its big brother HK Eight Pro max.

The vibration on this one is a little bit better.Not too powerful, but better.And on this one you have let's count them.The first one is the custom dials that do it yourself.You can upload a photo to use as a watch face, which I am using my daughter's photo.Here one, let's say 1234-5678 and nine.So you can only change the last one.This one download another watch face.Other seven watch faces are pre installed and you cannot late them. See?You cannot uninstall them.But on this one you can see the uninstalled button is

active.And also one custom dial.So let's use which one?Let's use this one.No, I want to use this one becauseI would like to show you this.As you can see, we have compass here, but it should be calibrated.Let's just shake it when there are some metals around you.Yes, it is calibrated, see?And if you click anywhere here, you get the night mode.Come on.Also I would like to show you this.And you can just get numbers or the compass face, which is nice.And icons on the screen.This one works.Also this one works.But you need to be very precise

when pressing that button to get the weather icon work.These are doesn't work.And this one, no, doesn't work.Icons in the middle. Yes.When you tap the music button, it takes you to the music page.This one activity records

and you can seta target or change your targets and compass.See the first one and hold on a second.2nd style.So the compass works actually pretty nice.Let's get the main screen and get the default one.We have separate screen of course.And as it has two dimensional image

engine, just like its big brother.With that image engine, you can get a transparent view.And also with this watch face, because of the two dimensional image engine, you can have fireworks on your screen, which is very nice.Okay, let's keep but not now.We can lock the watch, so you cannot change anything unintentionally.I would like to show you the sizes dimensions.Sorry about the watch.So if it is really a one one clone of the original Apple Watch eight, let's

turn on reset to zero.Come on.Yes, it should be 45 sizeApple Watch eight kilogram let's see.No, it is 46.38 mm.So it is 1.38 mm is bigger than the original Apple Watch eight.Which makes it actually you can use the silicone covers

silicone accessory for the Apple WatchI mean HK eight nine pro with the original Apple Watch eight accessories.Because you can, you know Make them fit or force them to sit on the watch.And it actually after it work, it fits not 100%, but it fits.But if you thinking to use an Apple Watch eight accessoryI mean protective case made by an Hardshell, you cannot use it on this one because this is not complete.45 mm.Okay, now let's start with

the shortcut menu.Press and hold 3 seconds and Watch Face unlocked.Raise to Wake when you raise your wrist, the sequence wakes up.When you click this, your phone starts ringing if you cannot find it.But as I am recording through my phone, I am not going to tap it because the video is going to stop.Battery percentage always on watch face.If you turn on the always on watch face, see for 20 minutes.The maximum Always On Watch Face that you can use is 20 minutes.After 20 minutes, it turns off Always on Watch Face feature to keep the

battery because the battery is 320milliamp hours on this one as I remember.So it's a small battery.Theater mode, sleep mode, or don't do not disturb mode.Alipay feature.Sorry, Alipay is here.You can also add PayPal andQQ and one more payment method.But these are not available in my countryTurkey, so I'm not able to use them.And this is the always on display the analog clock.But this analog clock should be always on.When you turn it

on after 5 seconds, it turns off.I mentioned about this one in the test video.If it's another second or not video, you can see that there.By clicking this you can go toYouTube, Short Videos or TikTok video controllers.You can increase the sound or decrease the sound play and pause and forward and backward and also you can like the video I knew what was this and I forgot it again.This makes something but I couldn't remember.But I think you can

find it on my previous videos.But I don't know in which video I mentioned it.I forget this.If you know it, please write again.I didn't forget it.And this is a feature that you and me if one of your family, girlfriend, boyfriend, child, your parents using a watch that uses Wearfit Pro app.By using this, you can follow each other from this app feature and it has Flashlight feature and you can directly go to Settings.Just start settings.Personal Information you can put your weight and body mass something red dot Alert when enabled a red dot will appear above the watch face when there are unread notifications.Notification prompt when enabled.Notifications will appear when the watch is on the wrist, whether it

is unlocked or not.Notification content when enabled.Notification tables only appear when a message is tapped.This is for your privacy.Universal about this machine HK Nine Pro System version actually where I just turned it on first time I directly get an update.So this is the updated version 11.4 bluetoothAddress audio bluetooth Canon Number this Canon numberBluetooth 2.24 is for your Bluetooth call feature.Connect your phone that you can get sorry, like this

the QR code restore settings and Do Not Disturb mode display and Brightness sorry, this is the full brightness at the moment.Race to Wake turn off the screen watch means the AOD Always on Display the analog clock screen of time.You can set it to 30 seconds from 5 seconds.Let's keep it 30 for the moment.And this one always bright.

Yes.As you can see, maximum you can set it to 20minutes for Always on Watch Face waxy Screen keep this always.So if you press the crown, it automatically returns to main face as it says here when activated and after 1 minute is displayed or after pressing the crown, return to the dial.It means the main previous sorry, main watch face that you choose.And FBU, we have 1234 mini styles which I'm going to show you a little bit later.Sounds and Touch it looks like sounds and Haptics call volume media volume Coloring tactile Impression powerful crown, tactile Feedback the watch can provide tactile cues as you rotate the dial crown to scroll.So if we turn this on let me turn it on as I turn the crown, it

gives you tiny vibrations.That is all.Password you can set a password key customization.So this is actually Glitch because they directly put the same firmware they used for the HK Eight Pro max theUltra version because on Ultra version we have action button here but there is no action button on this one.But double right click it left click.So we don't have a left click here.This should be fixed.Okay, so which means you can add some tasks to this button.Battery 100% lost charged 200% 21 hours ago do not mistaken, this watch has been turned

off.I just turned on with you here.That's why it is 100% at the moment.And while talking about the battery, if you use the always on display feature, which is not properly working, the battery maximum lasts about one day, maybe less than one day.But if you don't use those features, the battery will not last more than two days because the battery is really low and I don't know why.The watch consumes, really consume rate is really high.Sleep Mode sports Modes so if you turn this on automatically, pause the running training when you stop moving and resume the training when you exercise again.When enabled, the watch will remind

you to start training when you are exercising.When enabled, the watch thinks you are done and will remind you to end your workout. Press the side button, which means this one and the crown the same time to pause or resume a workout.Units of Measurement calories, Kcal, Kjul, miles, kilometers. Heart rate, Real Time Detection so this is the actual, the most important one that consumes the battery.The real time detection that measures your heart rate, I think every 1 hour consumes

a lot of energy.So if you keep this turned off, you can make that one battery last time around two and a half days.Resting Heart Rate the Watch evaluates your resting heart rate, an important indicator of your overall health and notifies when it's high or low.You can

make all settings here sleep heart rate, high heart rate, low heart rate, aerobic fitness.There are lots of settings just like the original one.Actually, this menu looks like the original one, which you will see in the comparison video activity court and best side clock.Now, let's get to the menu.So this is the first one, grid menu style, and as you can see, it is incredibly fast, just like the original Apple Watch 8.

Again which I am going to show you in the comparison video.And second style.And with this style. Okay.Third style, fourth style again.Let's get to this one.And I'm going to show them one by one.Heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen.I have an oximeter and I'm going to test the heart rate and the blood oxygen measurement capability of this watch as my oximeter can measure heart rate and the blood oxygen.Okay, let's test the heart sensors.If they are working

properly, the oximeter is here which can measure the heart rate and the blood oxygen.Let me place my finger on the sensor and turn on the heart rate measurement.Let's see.I'm not sure how I'm going to show you and I need to keep my hands.Stay still.At the moment,

watch shows 76 beats per minute and Iam still waiting the results to show up for them.Okay, at the moment it looks like that health sensors are not working properly because the medical device shows 99beats per minute and the watch shows 76.Finished the calculation like 77 and 99.And it is not wrong.The medical device doesn't show wrong because 99 bits are high.But I have some heart conditions.That's why I have a higher heartbeat.So the medical device shows a true data.But unfortunately the heart sensor onHK Nine Pro doesn't work good.Surprising

because they should have used the same sensor on this one.On HK eight pro max.HK Eight Pro max shows the exact same heart rate data with medical device.But on this one it is not true.Okay, then let's try on this finger.Maybe that's why.Because these miracle devices should always be used on left hand.And I'm going to start the measurement again on this one.

Okay.And I'm going to fast forward and show you the results.9370 heart transfers are not working properly on HK Nine Pro.And I'm not going to test the blood oxygen level because they always show the very close numbers.If it shows 99, it shows 98 or 97.But the most important part is the heart rate.But it doesn't work properly.Sports sleep pressure.I don't know what pressure is this.I still couldn't figure out what this pressure means.Activity

record phone calls, the calling feature and speaker volume while making a call.Let's make a call and see how it sounds.Okay? Come on. Yes.

So this was the calling audio quality. And the calling feature works.Voice assistant, music control.Okay, now let's see the speaker quality via playing music menu.It music controls.Let's start from his song.Two songs. Please tell me that I can't that I won't that I fail that I'll never make it out yet please tell me you're the bad people good.So my head full of every single doubt.

Yeah.Please say any negative thoughts.I pop off when I hear people dance and not.I get off to the thought of and everyone wrong.Stop to the top thing. You better back off.The gate left never run it.

Now.Pause play.Pause play.So this is the maximum sound quality.Of course, it doesn't sound like the HK8 Pro max because HK eight Pro max has a dedicated giant speaker on this side or yes, on this side. That's why you get lower sound quality on an Apple watch 8 clone. Weather, alarm clock, Timer, Stopwatch, Calculator, M-E-T, short video remote control, compass, camera, which means you can use your watch as a self remote controller. Turn on your camera and shake your hand or tap the second of the watch. It takes your selfie, find phone, message notifications It means, Alipay, settings, he and I. And when we get back, as you can see, it gets to the start of the menu, which

is not good.He and I means that the feature you can track your each other with someone that uses the same application.Sorry.Respiratory rate.I don't think that these are works properly.Blood sugar to use this one, you need to insert some numbers to the application.But I don't

know how it works.And game. Fly bird.We have a game here.You need to keep the bird in the air.To pass between these and if you crash let's crash.Yes.It falls down.Okay.And that is all.Let's put the straps

on.I'm in the Watch-band and see how it looks.Let's first lock the face.Even it.Comes with this.It is really hard to install the watch band.So yes, it is nice.One more thing.Let's see how many grams does the watch weight with the watch band? I'm not sure if you can see it. Total weight is 51.9 grams on your wrist. Okay Guys, I am not sure if I forget to mention any feature, if I forget something, you can ask me in the comments and I'm going to try to answer them as much as I can.

And if you would like to buy this watch for yourself, you may find the link in the video description. As always, thank you for watching and have a great day.

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