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I. Want. To introduce Tim Larkin and I hope you guys enjoy it thank you so. When. You look at this subject I mean I really appreciate you guys showing up for it because most people don't. Even want to look at this subject you know violence, means a lot of different things to people and it's a very specific word that I used and had, to fight my publisher, to put it in the. Title. Because oftentimes. We misunderstand. When. The appropriate time would ever be to. Use violence the tagline that I normally have in my, training, is violence. Is rarely the answer but. When it is it's the only answer and the. Interesting part of that is most people don't understand, when it is the answer they they, do it says the whole premise for writing the book because the, subject, of violence has been so stigmatized in the, last you know 50 years that. We. Don't even look at it we think there's no good information when, you look at when you look at violence and therefore. The only people that have availability, to the tool are the Predators and, my. Goal is to you, know educate people on the tool of violence and today. Specifically. I want. To take. You into some uncomfortable areas. The, best information, when it comes to your own self-protection. It. Really comes from the worst parts of society, and. We're gonna explore, how to look at something that we would think we would have to dismiss, and, where. We can actually extrapolate really good information from. These individuals, but. I think what we have to do is we have to, you. Just see what got, here so. The presentation, will be the, Alpha. Predators speak and so we're gonna hear from people within the prison system but. Before we do that I, want. You understand the reason we look at is because they live in this petri dish of a social violence a social. Violence is imminent. Violence it's there's no communication there's, no, back-and-forth. This is you're facing grievous bodily harm if. You don't take action you're, basically gonna be participate, your own murder at. That point and, that's a very that's a definition, as a threshold of, when you. As sane socialized. Citizens. Would ever use the tool of violence to protect yourself it's, when you're deployed of choice, you. Know if you have to ask yourself whether or not it's time to use violence then it's absolutely not the time and, that's. Probably the hardest thing for people to wrap their heads around they don't want, to imagine a time when they have to use violence and, that's. Something that the people within the prison system really, understand, because the only way they can survive. Is if they're successfully, using violence it's their currency, these, prison gangs derive, all. Their power from the. Successful use of the tool of violence and. Because. It's derived from, that they, have to be very results-oriented, they have to look at you. Know the individual, and they have to look at the human body and they have to sit there and say what works and what doesn't work they. Don't care about opinion, you know they don't care about whether or not they like combat sport why or combat sport you know G doesn't. Matter what matters is did, you get a result, and. We'll talk more about why they look at things that way. Actually. Let's go ahead I. Just. Want to say from your own self protection though I want to start out with a video can we go ahead and start out with this video I want you to watch this video. We're. Gonna go ahead and start playing it this is an armed robbery. Can. We actually. Can you show it from the beginning yeah.

Show It slow from the beginning show the first time and then as soon as they jump on the guy you can fast-forward to the. This, is just an armed robbery that happened in. Seattle. On a bus. And. You can see the guy in the background. Just, walking calmly. Robbie. People. Okay. Go ahead and fast-forward it to the slow motion so. Now I want you to watch the event again, I think they do it two more times in, slow motion where you see the gun actually on the individual. Okay, that's good. What. Did you notice about that. Watching. That event nobody, exactly, no interaction, amongst anybody even though three people were robbed prior to that individual, getting the gun put on him and. You notice anything else. Oblivious. To surroundings, yeah situational, awareness was gone. A, potential. Victim situation. He's. Pretty smart. To angle, the gun down and toward. You. Did a great job of redirecting, the vector that you're talking about and he did a good job there did, you notice anything else. This. Things have hijacked us. Look. At this that, individual. Had. A gun put. On him he. Redirected, the vector he came he actually did some good stuff he penetrated, he went in a lot of things that were actually good there he, had this in his hand and, if. You watch that again the reason I love showing this is because literally, he is and he, can't get it right into his pocket right away he's literally, a gun. Is on him his life is on the line and he wants to make sure this damn thing doesn't drop instead. Of using as a bludgeoning, device I just. Want you guys to understand, how much these things have hijacked our situational. Awareness this. Is the number one thing just to be aware of now there's nothing we can do about it yeah now that you see it it is it's comical. Yeah. You'd think he would use it but watch this again so this. Is okay awareness, now so now good he gets up and keep penetrating. Forward not bad, you, think he's about to use that as a to. Strike the guy and look, look how many times it takes them to get in the pocket. Don't. Underestimate. You. Know the reason I come here today we live in this amazing world, of technology you guys are the absolute. Tip, of the spear you, know being at Google okay. And so you know it's amazing to live in this my job though as I see is to remind everybody that we, still live in this physical world and, that. Your world can be turned upside, down in, seconds. If. You just don't have basic situational. Awareness on that I mean if I told you a story that a guy had a gun on him and that he, redirected, it and that he was more concerned in putting in his pocket, you would've thought I was crazy I have to show you that visual because it makes no sense. Now. That. Goes into. An.

Area, That, probably. Most of you have not you, know looked, at which is the prison gangs and the. Reason I like to look at the prison gangs is because, these. Guys live in a world that, is. Completely. A social, in. Violence meaning they have to understand how to use the tool of violence to be successful, in what they do, but. The way they look at it is very strategic, and also we make these assumptions, that prison is a very chaotic environment. That you. Know these prison gangs are just chaos and the violence is random, and and nothing in my studies could be further from the truth I'd get, to. Consult. With a lot of top corrections, individuals, that literally talk to Aryan Brotherhood black guerilla family Mexican. Mafia and these are two videos that I can share with you that, talk. To these shot callers the one is from the Aryan Brotherhood and, the. Other ones from Mexican, Mafia, and I'm gonna play the videos and just let them speak, so. You hear them and then I'm gonna tell you why. What they said is relevant to us and what we can learn out of that ok so let's go ahead with the Aryan Brotherhood first. This. Is the most notorious inmate. You've never heard of but. Behind bars he's. A living legend, by, his own count, he's killed 22, men inside. Prison, all. During, gang-related conflicts. I'm. Probably one of the most violent individuals, who ever meet in your life don't. Practice fact except, as. A veteran, of numerous, gang wars. He's. Built a reputation as, a lethal prison yard combatant. I'm. Not the kind of man that you want to underestimate the. Fact that I'm still alive proves, that, his. Name is michael. Thompson as a, leader of the aryan brotherhood he's, been a key figure, in the games bloody wrong father. You, cats ain't blood on our hands, intimacy. Comes our many many different forms few things are as intimate, as murder, most, people won't understand it, there's. Not a social, club it's not much kids fan of neo-nazis. These, are very very dangerous men who. Will exterminate, your family. Like. That. The Brotherhood strategy. Is simple, be. More extreme, more. Violent, more. Terrifying. Than everyone. Around you inmates. Will always fear me more than it will staff because. They believe that I will kill if. They don't do what I tell them to do that's. The essence of power. The. Brotherhood, encouraged, Michael Thompson to study anatomy, texts, hunting. For the most efficient. Ways to kill. Jimmy. There's not something to take like it's, not something that I'm proud of but. It's a reality. It's, a reality based on this environment. It's. Brut there's. Nothing more. So. The Aryan Brotherhood through, the successful use of violence. Represents. I believe, it is one-half. Of 1% of, the prison population yet. They absolutely. Controlled, prisons, for years for a while they were taken, out with some legal, action but, they're back up as strong as they've ever been and the reason, they were able to do that is because they were so good at violence as. A matter of fact when the Mafia. Don John, Gotti years ago was incarcerated they, had to do a deal with the Aryan, Brotherhood in, order to protect him the. The, entire mob can protect them in prison. What's, interesting is through, this they're able to control, just like the Mexican Mafia they're able to control everything, on the streets now, understand. These individuals, these both these individuals, that you're gonna see here spent. A majority of their time when, they were leaders in the gang they're both have have, defected. When. They were in they're incarcerated 23. Hours out of 24 days. They had little to no technology. Available to them yet. They ran organizations. That literally ran billions worth of dollars tens of thousands of distributors and, they. Controlled, it all with, just, you, know basically you. Know very low, low, tech means, so. From, an entrepreneurial, standpoint when, I talk to entrepreneurial groups it's really interesting you know the excuse, of I, don't have the latest app or I don't have the latest this to do my job kind, of goes out the window when, you see how creative some of these individuals, are because they've run their organizations.

They're Vetting processes, and everything, are similar. Very similar to. You. Know any high-end you know vetting process that you see in any corporation, so, it's it's pretty amazing, when you look at them you would think there'd be no similarities, there's huge similarities, between how, these organizations are run successfully, the difference, is the currency. You. Know we're here we look at economic curtsy. We look at market share we look at you, know cash flow we look at you know the ability to pull from that technology. These guys it's all derived through their successful, use of stole violence the. Next individual you can hear from is Renee Eureka's, he. Was called the boxer, he was one of the main shock collars in American Mafia he, is going to talk about the. Education process, when, they educate somebody. This. Is the most notorious, inmate, you. The. Mexican Mafia is created in 1956. At. The DOE vocational, institution, in Tracy California its. Founder was the lease what above the Flores what. A Buffs concept, is to create a gang of gangs a group, of super killers that, would go on to control California, state prison inmates it's, based on violence it's based on terror, it's its whole philosophy, is. The utilization of violence and terror to achieve its objectives. California is cut like a pie once, a understands. And the territory is playing by a guideline they, will not encroach, upon that, territory, to, do so as punishable by death the. Mexican market does not deal with individuals, of the needs to be sources, it kills them if, you rat nu9 if you cooperate, you die if you were a source you die there's. No exception, to this murder. Taught. Us the language that. We have corrected, retail. Partners. Violets. Inverter is, our conversation. Black. Can, use. About, that. Capacity. I. Gave. You these pictures this is one he's, arrest photos, because what the guy you're about to see is you're. Gonna think it's a fortune 100 CEO. The, way he talks. Except. For the next tattoo. Education. Is always better fun in the Mexican Mafia it has always been understood that education, is power we, immerse ourselves in literature, correspondence. Courses reading. Writing. Mexican. Mafia members no no limitations, all, its performers opportunity, and, they do that through education they. Understand, about education. They, have no future as the. Visionaries, the progressive, thinkers the, individuals, who have strong intellect, become, the leaders of the Mexican Mafia there. Is a station, for individuals, in the organization we. Have no education and, they are the model syllabic knuckle-draggers, we, call them the noir cons these, are individuals who have stationed, organizations, at the lowest philosopher, hierarchy, for, the individuals, who become educated, they. Float to the top they, become our ally our, de facto leadership. The. Creme de la creme if you will once. It's understood that are not as educated. Possesses. Strong social political skills. And. In advance is this acumen. Through. A series of violent acts which is our status for mobility system, there, is a couple with his intellect, launches. Into a position of garland upon lambda or a brother of word this. Is not an official rank in your decision, but, it's inherently understood, by the membership that, this individual, is a force to be reckoned with he is a leader among leaders, some. Of literature utilized, by Salinas and mexican mafia members is. The art of war by Sun Tzu. This. Gives us a view into. Psychological. Warfare the, 48 laws of power which is self-explanatory. Machiavelli's. The Prince, which. Affords us an in-depth view into politics, and utilizing, humans to achieve our goals, abnormal. Psychology and, general psychology so, that we can understand. Behavior, Anatomy. Which, teaches us how to kill violence. Is our language we have to know how to kill we, do this this, acquisition, of knowledge. Is. To further our ability to be leaders to enhance the overall objective. Of the organization, this. Is not casual, reading for us this is our discipline, Mexican, Mafia members understand, that knowledge is power and. With this power we can generate finances. And, through finances, we extend the reach of the organization. Kiss. The the. Reason I shared those to you you might be thinking wow that's intense, it is intense and these. Individuals, were there but why just see was the similarities. When they got to the idea of talking about violence there was two similarities, that you saw one. Was, anatomy. Anatomy across. The board was something that they studied, and the reason is Anatomy ends up being the rosetta stone for. Self-protection and. They. Understand, this the reason it's, worth looking, at these individuals, they can't afford to be wrong when they use the tool of violence and.

So. Good, information comes. From. Horrible. Parts of society but. It doesn't mean that there's not good information. Our. Own self protection, has. Kind, of been, outsourced, we've we've really in the last 50 years, stopped. Kind of being our own first responder, stop learning about you know physically, protecting, ourselves we've. We've. Got away from that and the, downside, of that is. It's. Rare that I get to do talks like this you. Know people, normally. See. Me after, the fact seventy, percent of the people that come and train with me are people, much, like yourselves, that, live in great neighborhoods, have, great lives all, the, right friends, they do never. Probably experience, violence and then in seconds, their lives were turned upside down, and they. Kill me I can't undo that I can't, undo, what. Happened to them I can give them things to make sure that doesn't happen more, you know in the future to them I give them skillsets that will allow them to understand, what happened to them but what, I really try to do is I like to reach to that 30%, that. Proactively, comes, and seeks out you know self-protection training, just by attending this talk you, proactively, you. Know started to look at this information and, that's a huge first step. The. Other thing is we tend to make these individuals. Into super humans we, think there's something special about them yet the. Best, people. In the world that using their hands, and improvised, tools to kill other humans, they, reside, in these systems have. Zero training in combat sports and martial arts, so. It's not necessarily, about the training it's about knowledge and it's about intent. What's. Hard for us is a, society. Is we have to decide when, it, would ever be appropriate. For, us to use, you. Know the tool of violence and I call it a tool because it is a tool and the way you have to understand, that is. Let's. Imagine a scenario of a mother who.

Is In, her, house at night her, husband has gotten, a business trip she just put her infant son to bed she's, cleaning up in the kitchen getting, ready for the next day and all, sudden through the back door guy comes crashing, through and, attacks her he's trying to assault her has, her up against the. Up. Against, the railing. And you. Know she realizes, he's bigger he's faster, he's stronger she's. Gonna try to do something she flails around she just scratches, his face really, hard he just rips down on the skin it enrages, him. He. Then looks over and he sees the butcher's block and he grabs that knife out of the butcher's block he plunges, it in the side of her neck her, eyes roll up it's over in seconds. Let's. Imagine the same, scenario again this time he comes crashing, through this way she, gets thrown, up against the railing again, she, realizes he's bigger he's faster, he's stronger there's nothing she can do but this time she's the one that sees the butcher's block she. Grabs the knife she. Plunges, it into the side of his neck his. Eyes roll up it's over in seconds, now. In the first scenario we, would, say that individual, because, of what he did to a young mother, deserves. To be prosecuted, full, extent of the law it. Probably should be incarcerated at a minimum for the rest of his life if there's a death penalty in that municipality. He probably deserves, it. In. The second scenario with. The mother. We. Say she should be held up as a standard, to society, that she not only protected, herself but her young her, young infant son she, faced no. Prosecution. Of the law if anything. She should be held up as a model citizen for protecting herself, it's horrible, as it was. What. I want you don't understand this talk was, the, knife to the side of the neck worked, both times, it. Didn't care if it was a good guy or, it was a bad guy using, the information. Violence. Is merely a tool how the tool is used will. Be determined, whether or not it's a justified use of the tool or. If it's criminal use of the tool, but. The act itself is violence, it is not self-protection, it's not self-defense that is determined, after the act that's where everybody, gets it wrong everybody. Thinks violence, is something separate, violence, is what is used, in all of these scenarios, and, we. Need to understand, how the tool of violence most effectively, works and what you find, when. You look at. Individuals. Like this and you look at the people that are the most successful in using this is the, biggest flip, that you need to make is, to, get away from the idea of bigger faster stronger.

Because. That's what we all use we look at somebody who's bigger faster stronger we say there's. Nothing I can do and, what's. Most interesting is, when you talk to these individuals, in the way they look at things is they don't see differences, in human beings. What. They do is they all focus on similarities, they. Might see somebody who's physically bigger faster, and stronger than them and they'll look at them they'll say okay he has a throat like me he has knees like me he has a groin like me he, has a lower margin the rib cage like me and that's, how they look at people and they. Through that access, they've given their brain really good information that, says. You know I'm gonna access, all the similarities in a human being and I'm gonna go after those which are gonna get me a result and they, also understand. That injury, to the human body is, universal. In all, of us we all have these areas of the human body that, are susceptible to injury, and the best place to get data for that, is sports, injury data and, the reason you want to look at sports injury data is because that's humans colliding with humans and humans clotting. With the planet and those are forces that you and I can replicate. So. We can take away a lot, of the objections, that most of us have to, train. Her own physical self protection I have had probably some of the most unlikely people. In. The last 25 years of me doing this that, have been able to use very, based information of injury to the human body to save themselves against, bigger faster stronger, individuals. Had. A 52 year old dentist, that. Walked. In on the Sunday to his clinic saw that you know a druggie was busting. Into his his a little, infirmary to grab some some, of the drugs, there saw. The doctor, doctor, realized oh man I don't have an escape where he was there, was no door anything for him realized. That it was an imminent situation this guy starts fumbling, looking like he's going to try to grab what, turned out to be a knife and this. Individual realized this. Is a social there's no communication, going on this individual, just wants, to you know harm me charge the individual, and this. Guy charged him hit. Him to the side of the neck grabbed his head this. Is the doctor grabbed his head was, at the door jamb and said oh that door jambs hard hit, him twice in the head with the door jamb and the, guy dropped to the ground where. He thought he might, have to stomp on him because he thought maybe the individual still had the ability to attack. Him realize, the guy was non-functional, realized it was over was able to call the police and. You. Know effect. The arrest what, was interesting was the police said to him after they said you would have been justified in killing this individual, his rap sheet is there, why didn't you and he was able to say I recognized. He was no longer a threat and, that's because he understood, injury to the human body now this is an individual that went 52 years in his, life I don't understand this because I grew up with brothers you. Never had any physical encounter. His, first physical encounter, after. Understanding. You, know just this basic concepts, that I'm talking about he was able to physically, protect, himself so this is not competition. You, know don't think of your own self protection as competition. Think, about it is learning the skill sets of destruction, which are very straightforward. And, simple and achievable. For everybody in this room if. We compete, we're, talking about. Athleticism. We're talking about years, of training tactics. But. Let's talk about what makes competition. Work in the combat sport arena that we all kind of hold up as the ultimate, in. Order, for a competition, to, to, have violence, a competition, and violence we have to take away what, injury. To the human body in order to gamify violence, you have to take it out if you look at the Ultimate. Fighting Championship, which is kind of the premier, MMA. Event. You look at it last time I looked at it there were 31 rules, 27. Of those rules outlawed, injury to the human body and rightfully. So because. There's no place for it, you. Know to deliberately, maim cripple, or you, know kill, your opponent, is not the game in combat.

Sports Yet. When. You put injury back into the equation all sudden that puts everybody on equal footing, because. Injury. Bypasses. Bigger, faster stronger. My. Career, what got me into this early, on was, I was training as a young boy everything I'm a Navy brat and I wanted to be in the SEAL Teams it's all I wanted to do and this was before the seals became the big group that they are now but. In the early 80s I went, through training that. Was bigger faster, stronger, I was. A number one guy in my class I was a couple weeks away from. For. Graduation, I already knew the team I was going to which was the best team at the time I did. A no big, deal dive that we had to do right before the end I felt. Underwater. Wave hit my ear burst. My eardrum. Came. Out fluid. Came out of my ear that's the last thing I remember because then I lost all sense of sensation, of balance I was in the vertigo under underwater, this was the first time in my life that I had ever, experienced. True injury the human body where my, brain, basically, betrays my body and. I. Have no control over it I was able to get up they got me to the surface and I was there but my career was over before it even started because, I was no longer going to be able to dive my ears, at. That point. That. Set, me on a path. That. I realized. The more I looked into injury to human bite we're all susceptible to these things you know any one of us can do this and it didn't matter that I was bigger faster and stronger didn't matter that I had will we don't ever wanted to rely, on will you, know and what, was really interesting is, when you apply these similarities. When you sit there and look at the human body and you realize this. Individual, is just as susceptible to injury as I am and we, start focusing on that the brains really, good at, that type of training it's a very different mode, if. You tell yourself I'm helpless, you are but. I'll challenge that because I've trained people with far more physical, disabilities, I'm look at everybody in the room right now I've trained, people with amazing physical disabilities. Challenges. And they've. Been able to use the tool to protect, themselves as long as you can think and move you have the ability, to protect yourself, and the way you think of it is a predator. Will give you an opportunity and now. You will have some information on how to exploit that opportunity so. It's not a competition. You. Know I, look, at it like competition is like taking a huge block, of marble and saying. To you okay here's your chisels I want you to create, David for me I want you to create Michelangelo's, David for me well very few of us could do that but. If I put sledgehammers in the room and said you're not gonna get lunch until this thing's a bunch of rubble we'd all be able to you. Know achieve that because, why destruction takes no skill set, you, know. Just you just have to do it and the. Other thing that we all have to understand is we're all hardwired, to be really, good using the tool of violence. That. Was one thing in the book that I that I really wanted to point out was that you, know the, reason we're here is because. We are the best species in, using. The tool of violence to protect. Ourselves, you know that's number of number one now that does not mean we're an inherently, violent, it just means from a survival stat a standard. We, were able to evolve and the most interesting part about that is we are not the biggest fastest, and strongest species. And. I say that all the time you know especially, when I'm training, a lot of the. Alpha operators, you know a lot of counter guys that have trained the special-operations guys a lot. Of egos in the room and often times I ask, ok who wants the volunteer I got a ten-by-ten cage I got a 65-pound, mountain line that hasn't eaten in three days and I. Need you to go five minutes with him any. Takers, you, know no. Because, why yeah that does not what makes us dangerous, it makes us dangerous, is our brain. The. Human brain is the ultimate, concealed carry. You're. Seeing, that. When. Something happens like like what happened in Vegas I'm from Vegas by the way my wife actually is, a captain.

With, Las, Vegas Metro she ran the incident scene, for. That so I have first-hand. Knowledge of a horrible situation, you. Know we all experienced. But. The problem, is that. When. We look at you. Know an act like that we, asked we often. Asked the wrong questions, we. Want to know what was he thinking why, was he doing this you know we don't want to believe that there are individuals, out there that are just able and capable to, do violence, like this and, we. Want to think that there's some way you could have prevented this. Or we want to outlaw the tool that, was used and, that it's just not a gun control debate what I'm trying to tell you is I've been, in areas of the world I travel internationally, where, there are the most severe. Penalties. For, having any sort of a weapon on them, and yet, the. Proliferation of weapons is, just huge, the human mind will find a way to do it and, that's what makes us dangerous, you know the tool itself, like I just showed you with the knife to the side of the neck is not the problem it's the intent, that. We're doing that now we flip that we, reason to come out and talk to people like this is because. There's a perception that a lot of people think you have to be some sort of a special individual. To be able to protect yourself physically, and that's nothing can be further from the truth if, you. Want to become a combat athlete yes. That's, a completely, different skill. Set and that's that's reserved. For you, know the physically, elite my days of being able to compete, in the combat sport world are long gone you know I don't I don't want to deal I have a lot of friends I'm from Vegas I know a lot of the UFC guys there are amazing competitors, but. Out on the street everything's, 50/50 it. Really comes down to that whoever, can get the first injury, on a human being, now. You'd. Ask yourself okay Tim I. Really. Don't want to train this really is uncomfortable, why would I ever want to physically put myself in a situation like this and do training too for my own self protection. The. Reason, you want to consider, it in some. Way shape or form is. Because, what inculcates, in you is, behavior. Modification, on how, you act in the real world and that's. The real thing because if you know what the ramifications are, if you know that if I ignore my, situational. Awareness if I choose to take that, dicey. Road at, night because. It's gonna save me ten minutes and I've got away with it nothing's. Really happened, yet but. When you know that if you're in a situation when you've deployed a choice. Here's. The tool that's going to get you out of here here's what you're going to have to do to physically to somebody to save, your own life, the. Behavior modification, is huge, most. People, that I come across with in some part of their life, are doing, the equivalent of sleeping with their head on the railroad track and. They're. Betting the fact that the train didn't come last night that it's not going to come my. Goal in teaching, somebody how to use the tool of violence is that's gonna allow them to finally take their head off the railroad track so, the pancha ality for violence is minimized, because that's my real goal my real goal is not to teach people how to use the tool of violence it is a necessary thing I think everybody should understand, how to do this just, like everybody understands how to swim how, many people in here know how to swim.

Okay. Now, did your parents, when they originally had you swim or when you took it upon yourself to learn swimming was it because you wanted become Michael Phelps, no. It's because you don't want to drown. That's. The same thing, when it looks just your own self-protection you should have some basic knowledge of the tool and you. Know knowing it doesn't, bring. It upon you there are people that think if they look at this this. Information, that somehow they'll, either become criminal, which is not true you're not going to break your own moral code and. They. Also think oh well maybe it'll bring it upon me. There's that whole idea if I if I focus on violence violence it's gonna come find me and I understand, it's kind of the karmic thing that people talk about my. Argument, to that is do you have a you know most most places have. A code where you have to have a fire. Extinguisher in, your kitchen does, that mean you're looking for a fire does that mean that you're bringing a bigger chance of fire into your life no actually. What happens is you end up living a much more peaceful life, because. Just like the fact that you don't worry about a kitchen fire because you say okay I've already understood I got the I got the thing I know I can get out of the house I've, already looked at that I know how to operate the, fire. Extinguisher, you then go on to live your life you cook you have a great time you don't worry about it same thing in self-protection. When. You've learned the basics you understand how the tool of violence works you understand, why things happen. You. Change on how you do you make much better decisions in, your life you. Know I and, you get yourself out of problems because a lot of times what happens is we, participate. In things that we don't have to participate in, you. Know you, will sit there after you learn about the tool of violence you're not gonna you're, not gonna take the bait on the road rage you're, not, gonna take the bait at the bar you know. A lot of people will show this information they'll, show it in a bar fight format like I have people in my industry, basically. Teaching how to win a bar fight which is basically also how to win a jail cell you know, it was that it's shown there absolute, wrong context, and majority, of you if you were shown how to win a bar fight you did more all that information, and rightfully so meaning, because, it's shown the wrong context, but there's probably some good information in, there they, just shown, it in a way that's criminal and we inherently know that therefore, we dismiss, even looking at the information and that's the problem my. Whole goal is really what it said the beginning I have. A narrow definition of when, we'd ever use the tool of violence and really. It's devoid of choice it's. You, know you. Are facing imminent, grievous bodily harm and there's no exit there's.

No Communication going on it's a very narrow window it's the same window that if you had a firearm on, you you. Would feel justified, and emptying the firearm into that threat that is the threshold, on when, you'd ever use the tool so, people. Say from you know from a legal sampling if, you're asking legal questions, it's, probably not the time to use tool of violence if. You want to shut the loudmouth up, or if your egos, been you, know done, or somebody's in opinion appropriate, and, I'll give you a perfect example because, I'm not immune to this I, my. Son now is 21 my oldest son it's 21 I picked. Him up about ten, years ago ten, years ago I picked him up and I. Go to to. Take him I had a seminar that I was training that dad's been dropping off with my brother he was gonna go hang, out with my brother for a while we have a great dinner that night I pull. Out, nobody's. On the road I pull out this guy comes barreling down and, somehow, thinks I got in their lane like I tried to cut him off or something so he's steaming, he's really mad and. He's you know flipping, me off doing, everything and I, just kind of let it go well of course there's a light you know he stopped I have to pull up next to him and that's, when it starts, like. Ichi yeah you think you're so tough tough guys no Mikey my what eight-year-old, son is sitting right there that, he's yelling through and, he's calling me all sorts of names I have a tattoo say, Oh like you think you're a tough guy he got this tattoo. Baiting. Baden-baden, me and. I could just tell he's a really annoyed guy and it was embarrassing to. Have my son hear me what was more embarrassing, was my son happen to be holding black belt magazine of, which I was on the cover and. There. To. To, an eight-year-old boy, God. You should have you. Could have got outdone you. Know taking care of why don't let anybody talk to you like that and I, said you're, right son I probably could have got out there there's a good chance that I would have done pretty well I said.

But I had the choice a choice not, to what, I didn't tell him because he was young at that time is. Yeah. I had to also think okay. So I'm successful, what if I get arrested. You. Know because I chose to participate in that what. If, he. Got me what. If I didn't know he had a weapon or something I'm killed in front of my son you, know the ramifications of all those things the, only reason I was able to make that decision. Is because, I thought about it ahead of time and I understood the ramifications of, using the tool if I, have. A choice I never want to flip that coin because that coin is always a 50-50 you. Know so it's a very rare soul so living in that world, I'm a very calm person that way I want to be the friendliest person it is people mean I usually, Chennai Scott and when. I do that I gotta go good I got you, I want, people think I'm a nice guy I don't want this think there's anything cuz if I need the tool of violence I want to be a total surprise, that. I can use it and I don't mean that from a paranoid sense but I want to operate that way you, know and I. Understand. I understand there are times where we most. Of the times when you want to respond with violence it's the wrong time most, of the times you when you want to communicate it's. The wrong time and, what I mean by that guy. Suppose a drink on you just kind of obnoxious all you want to respond you want to go in there you want to start escalating. In. The middle of night your door gets kicked in your bedroom got in a balaclava and a shotgun and two other guys with duct tape what do you want to do who. Are you why are you here you know it's like probably, not probably. Not the right right, time to use that information you know and so, my goal in all of this is just to you by by looking at this and by going through the book you'll have a very good understanding of. How violence. Fits about our society the, fact that this is something that the. Most uncomfortable thing for most people is not the fact of learning the tool it's when they go through it it's finding out that they're already really. Good at this they. Already know how to use the tool and it's a little bit uncomfortable for most of us because we haven't had to access that for a long time. By. Passing, on this type of information. We. Could have probably. The one thing I would probably leave you with before there might be any, questions as. The. Most interesting things when I trained originally, in the military in the law-enforcement arenas, and we did in all the Special Operations area what. We found was there were there were. Less. Incidences. In the military sense there are less incidences, of Liberty. Risks we used to call them guys going out and getting in fights on their off time duty, in. The law enforcement world there was a drop in excessive, use of force, and. What we found is the more highly trained somebody is and the lethal application. Of. Violence. The. Calmer they are it's. The exact paradox. Of what you think it would be by. Understanding violence. You actually end up living a much more peaceful life. You know and I found that the most capable individuals, that I happen, to know that are in this world are. Extremely, calm individuals, and really, go out of the way and I'm saying the people that participate, in society not the people that we, incarcerate but. The people that participate, in society but, have a very good understanding of the tool don't. Misuse it they understand, when it would ever be appropriate, and until, that time they are focused. Completely on giving it you know having a great life and that's, really what I wish for everybody that I come in contact with my. Sincere, hope is that when people come seek out training or do that that I hope the information, remains completely. Useless to them the rest of their life I hope they get to live that life, but. Should it come I want. To be like that doctor that was unlikely, individual. That all of a sudden his brain says okay I this, isn't the first time I've thought about this, now I know what to look for I know there are opportunities for me how do I focus on my opportunities, and that's.

Probably The biggest change that you can do but, it starts with looking at the subject, and you, know merely listen to this talk today alone, has really you know helped, open that up for you guys and I hope maybe it'll pursue you, know breeding the book and you. Know asking. Yourself the right questions you know what are you doing in your life right now out, of convenience, that. Is putting you at risk and. There's probably a lot of things, you. Know and I have a story for every one of those unfortunately. But. You can internally, do that yourself, but, this. Is this has been an. Opportunity. For me to. You. Know share with you why I wrote this book this book is probably 20 years this is the book that I've been wanting to write for quite some time because, I think it's a timely subject unfortunately. And we're, not going to go away you know and what you're seeing also, is you're. Seeing the. What's really scaring people yeah Vegas was you, know a horrible, event but that was using farms but more security thing for people are you. Know the people, using vehicles people. Running, out just using you know table, knives using, you know machetes, things like that readily, available low-tech. You. Know violence. Basically, and it's becoming areas because you can't outlaw intent. You can't outlaw the human brain the human brain will find that one. Of the terrorism experts that was interviewed, on one of the things, the night of the nice truck, bombing or the the nice truck attacks that came in it. Hit him all at once and he said something that I've been saying for quite some time which. Was we're finally here we're up against the opponent, that we can't predict and we can't defeat and that's the human mind when. A human has the will to do something they're, going to do it and that's why, you, want to have a base understanding, of how this tool works so you don't have irrational fear, my whole goal is not, that you don't. Have fear trepidation. I don't want you to freeze. You. Know and by understanding the, tool of violence you don't get. That, you. Know you sit there you're not surprised by an event like in Vegas you understand, it you don't you know you're saddened by it but you understand, the potentiality, for things like that you you you look at it what I want to leave you with is a, quick, way to start. Changing. The way you look at violence, and it's going to be a challenge. For. The next thirty days. When. You see an act of violence in the news when you see an act of violence on TV, the internet and unfortunately, fortunately. For me because it's instructive there's. A lot out there but. If you're looking like a closed-circuit, TV I want, you to look at the act of violence and I. Want you to do what these alpha predators do because.

It Was really this pub the most jarring thing that I saw when I was interviewing these guys when. They see an act of violence. They. Look at they never see, themselves, from the victims perspective. So. Where you and I would see an act of violence we - oh my God look at those happen that guy oh I wonder, if we could have done this we were trying to work our way out of the other, side of the equation, they, only identify, with the winning side of the use of the tool of violence, okay. The. Alpha-alpha, look. At that. And they. Not only look at it from the winning side they, then try to improve upon it, those. That yeah that was good but I would have done it this way. Now. We think, by. Doing that that, oh. We're condoning criminal, acts. Maybe, the victim it was a criminal act what you're really doing though, is, we're not going to condone I'm not asking you to just and, say yeah we're condoning the criminal act what. I want you to do is inoculate, your brain and. Understand. There's nothing to learn from the victim's perspective there's, no useful information from the victim's perspective what. Is useful to you is when. You see an act of violence is asking. Yourself the question when. Did everything change in. The winner's favor whoever. Ended. Up winning than that act of violence I know that's a horrible thing to talk about when you're looking at a murder or something like that but, if you watch it there's, gonna be a point where, something. Happened to the other person, and then it just went, from there and not what that's something, usually is injury to the human body some. Part of the human body got. A big result, and. That's. The useful information, when you, see things in prison yards if you ever see a prison, you. Know fight that's out there like move on the news or something like that it's, interesting watch act of violence far. More interesting, to watch everybody, around there, like this, and, they're. Looking the whole time because they want to know where the useful information is so. My cult might my goal to you my challenge, to you is a 30 day challenge of. Looking. At the tool of violence. Ask. Yourself. When. Did it change in the other person's favor and then. In about, 10 days get. Used to I'll give you 10 days to get used to that in. 10 days start asking yourself how would I approve upon it how.

Could I have done that better and what, you start doing is you start telling your brain I only. Identify, with the successful use of the tool and this works with every. Every. Mental training program. That's out there as far as visualization. If you're, a golfer you. Don't ever imagine. Okay I, go. From the tee to. The rough from. The rough to the beach a three, three strikes in the beach get. Up on the green, and I do a four putt, okay. Which is essentially, what you're doing when you're looking at things from the victim's. Perspective. Know. What do you imagine if you're a golfer you go t-to. Fairway, fairway. To green one. To two putt whatever, is, realistic, for you at that point but that's what, putting your head there's, nothing wrong with your doing the same thing when it comes to love violence asking. Yourself where is the positive information, it is uncomfortable, for the first couple of days after, a while you feel almost like a corner, a corner, we'll look at a murder victim and. We'll. Have empathy for the murder victim but once he. Or she starts the report, it's, very clinical, and straightforward, and that's. What you need to do when you're looking at acted by it's I want you to protect your brain and that's. Probably big thing I just want you to understand you don't. You. Don't need to give up your empathy. You'll. Have that, but. If you really want to make a quick. Change just. Start doing this so I. Would. Love to hear I have an experiment going on right now with, a book I would love to hear your response, to that you know having. Guys right now they're in the middle of a thirty-day within. Four days they're noticing changes and, how they look at the subject. Now. Last, thing if you go to when, violence is the answer calm. Everybody. That's here, I do a ten module, there's ten chapters in the book I have ten videos, that. I've done that, are available to you for free there's no cost to it where I go in depth on each one of these and it's a it's. A really good program and I think you'll like it I can't. Thank everybody enough for, having me here today I'm totally available for any questions, but. This was a really great chance to come, out and share the message so thank you. It's. Left does, anyone have any questions or, comments in, play. Once. Yeah. Thank. You I have a question, about the circuit a challenger just mentioned, you said somebody will, come and give, you a favor that they have they, say some changes in their life or their mind could you just share what kind of change they have yeah, most people the the change that they have when. Doing what I just asked you to do is also and they start they, start operating. Differently they start seeing themselves as, a, able, to actually. Act in, proactive. Violence you know be proactive in violence rather than be.

Defensive, And wait for things to happen to them they're immediately looking, at opportunities, it flips the brain that way. It we, call it in the book I call it cause state that done it's worked with traitors like, I've trained a lot of the traders in the financial, world and. You. Don't want to be in the effect state when you're in the effects state which is you're trying to react what's always and already, been done to you you're way behind the power curve in a life-or-death situation, it's, it's critical, you know you want to be in cause state you want to be in control in a business sense you know it can be costly for you to always be in the effect state so, it's it the mindset is there and in violence, the best way to do it is to start identifying, with, okay what works and violence, you know the, traders, took that information and, said well nothing happens till I execute, the trade so. Instead of you know just being in paralysis by analysis they, understood, they had to make decisions, and they had to execute and then they had to judge off of that judging, off of action, the. Premise works in a lot of different areas that are not life-threatening, but, in your in your life threatening situation. If somebody, grabs you around the neck I want. Your first thought, to be all thank, God I know where his hands are what, do I have and you immediately transfer, you nor this being done you because you can't undo this but. What I can do is say oh look there's his throat there's his eye there this is all available to me because you've trained your brain to react that way and this, is the first thing to say of people I have numerous. Of people. That have trained with us that. They get in the situation the first thing they saw you, know they saw that one square inch of the human body that they knew would get a result and that's what they did they immediately attack because they were trained that way rather. Than trying to undo what was being done to them at the time and you'll. Find the, people that survived. In violent, situations, are the people that respond, by injuring, the other person, not, trying to keep themselves from being stabbed from being hit from being punched it's. A much more difficult equation. You. Know so that that's how you start but that it starts up here or the brain I can teach you to I could teach you all the physical movements and all the punching and kicking if I can't get your brain to operate correctly, it's. Never going to work for you so, that's why drills like this are really very, straightforward, and simple and these are probably some of the biggest game changes that people have when. They start looking at this subject. Thank. You for the talk I. Think. The biggest, barrier. For people the way I perceive it is the fact that, these. Criminals, for instance they are clearly most, of them Psychopaths, right they they, don't have this this mechanism that keeps most of us back from engaging.

In Violence, because our brain basically, says you. Know thou. Shalt not do, you, know intentional, harm to to somebody else and and. I think they're the reason it, could be difficult to engage in your 30 the, challenge. Is because of this, reaction. From the brain that says I cannot, identify myself with a psychopath, that does, things like that and therefore I'm not gonna think, that way so, do you have a they. Have a solution. To that yeah, you basically, have people like turn the audio off and they, clinically, we, get caught up in the story you, remember when I was telling you about the the. Young woman being. Attacked by the guy in knife to the side of the neck you probably were all caught up in the story you. Know what you need to focus on was the knife to the side of the neck and that's. The difference we I get it we all want the story right now what's the biggest thing people want in the Vegas shooting, the, story they, want why was he doing this but it doesn't matter it really doesn't there's nothing to learn you. Know they're analyzing, his brain they're going to do these other things you know that's. Not that's, not where the good information is you. Know and, and it's hard for us and, the reason I give you this 30-day challenge is because you're going to be amazed that after, three or four days of this that. You, don't feel like a criminal you don't feel aggressive you don't feel anything like that but your brains giving, your brain direction, to look at things differently and go okay. That worked that that was in ERISA that's actually good information oh look he got a huge result out of that boom, and I've, challenged, people with some really hard things to look at but. Again you're not you're not condoning. The. Act what you do is you're knock you lating your brain from looking at the losing, side of violence and that's. The most important thing for our self-protection we, can empathize with the victim but if we look, at things from the victim's perspective we're, actually putting ourselves at, risk that. Way and so that's the whole idea with the exercise. You. Mentioned the, sleepwalking. Through life and having a head on the train tracks and thank. You for the talk because I'm already starting to think about just some simple things I do that I'll do, differently moving forward curious. If you identified, a one. Or a handful. Of the most common, things. That people are kind of oblivious to in their everyday life yeah, the. Number the number one thing is obviously. Our our, obsession. With our smart phones and what, I mean by that is you know what we're doing is we're depriving ourselves what we saw on the bus is we. Relatively. We, on a regular basis are depriving ourselves of, our sensory systems my, vision. Is myopic. Its focused, here and oftentimes I've, also hijacked. My my. Hearing and it. You. Tell people like like the. Other thing that you have to do is people said well I should, be able to do X Y or Z and yes in a perfect world you should you.

Know I would you know I should, be able to live in a neighborhood where I'd have to lock my doors but. I do you. Know in this so this idea it's my job to sit there and tell people listen I get it you want to be able to jog and listen, this and you wanna be able to jog at 10:30 at night. Precipitously. You know I show this one video of. An ATM these, old people go into an ATM and it's. A I showed it and I showed it to a bunch of self-defense experts also and everybody, saying well and this is an old guy that was like hobbling, up and his wife right well. The old guy should have been turning around and, you know facing, this way so you would have seen the attackers, coming and they think you don't come up with all these scenarios nobody, looked at the time code, it. Was 10:30 at night. What. Was so important, that they had to get cash out at 10:30, at night that they couldn't have got up 20 20, minutes earlier in the morning when, the risk is precipitously. Lower, how. Many times had they done that and got away with it, you. Know they're probably almost even arrogant about it I should be able to do it in this neighborhood, and they were just there and the. Predators, were there and they saw the target so simple, things you, know I don't want to show I don't want to show an older gentleman. How to deal with three raging, in attackers, when, all I have to tell them is don't, do it, just. Don't do it and your, risk is gonna go precipitously. Down and that's the hard part of this I show the physical aspect, of it because you have to but. It is the last resort and I'll tell you what's most important, the people that have had to use the physical for the most part and people. That come to me that are that, 70% that violence has already happened to him I will tell you each and every time it's this one thing. At. This point I felt something was wrong. But. Because it would have been socially, awkward for, me to, either leave or, do something I kept. With it and then. By the time this started happening it was already too late I was already in it so I will tell you we. Have, thousands. Of years of evolution of nonverbal, cues that are in our body and do. Not ignore those risk, being socially, awkward, God. Gets in the elevator and pulls what women are amazing this way women have far more of an, awareness of the potentiality, for violence than men do I did. A thing recently, with, Tony Robbins it was, at his uh one, of his events and he. Asked before I started training he asked everybody in the room he goes hey I'm not saying it happened anything happened to you but in the last three days how many of you have felt potentiality, for violence maybe. 5% of the men Rosen. Well, over 95%, of the women raised. Their hands and it was just an awareness of, strange, guy walked this way and women, are extremely aware of that so don't not. Don't, ignore that that, is probably our number one thing, because. I'm the one that deals with it on the other end of it because I'm the one that has to hear the story about how you did ignore it and then you didn't have the skillsets to deal with it physically. You. Know and that's just so, that's my, big thing and what's interesting is the more you look, at the tool the more you look at these acts of violence the change you're bringing to do this you, automatically, just start making better decisions, you. Know we're, actually really, weird we're not we're. Not looking to engage in violence and the other thing is the interesting is your situational, awareness by. You. Know raising, it up you're far less likely to be chosen predators. Don't want to challenge, they. Don't want to go against somebody who's situationally, aware they, want to go against somebody who's lost in their phone not paying, attention and, so. My goal with my clients, is not to eradicate. Violence that's criminal. Violence is going to be there I just, want my, people to get the pass I want. My people to have enough skill sets in them that they. Just don't look like an easy victim and. That's really what it's all about so I did that yes sir. That. Was incredible. One of the best talks I've heard in a while I like, the analogies, of the fire. Hydrant and the train track but, my question to you right now is as I'm, sitting here and we've mentioned, the Vegas shooting a couple times and I'm trying to do that exercise, that you challenged us to if. We could just maybe, it's a little too sensitive but maybe not can we just walk through that together so, would it be in the in the eyes of the. Attacker in his room would. It then be what, could he have done better or how could he have harmed more people or yeah.

Environment. It occurred to be very brutal II honest with it, you. Know, it. Could, have been a whole lot worse with, what he had up there he actually were, really. Lucky that he wasn't able to use all of the. Ammunition. That he had up there and he utilize all the guns for, that perspective when, you look at the numbers around shot, and the people killed you. Say okay well he wasn't that good you, know I mean that's a heart no it's, do, you see how I you're, all probably struggling, with what I just said okay. And I understand, that but I'm I'm putting my head you know okay using the active odds you know using a tool like that this, is what and what this does is it takes all of the, irrational fear away from us okay I know if, I was airing by the way I was scheduled, to be there Tony, Robbins basically, probably saved me from being shot because I was doing his event in Maui and I gave my route 91 tickets, away my wife and I gave them away who. Both gonna go to the event and that's. When it all happens, you know like I said she ended up being unison a commander, had. I been there, you're. In an open oh and guys it's it's a blank. Parking, lot there is no cover anywhere, okay, I could. Accept that though meaning, when I look at all this I realized okay a lot. Of people that have been trained have been in situations where, there was nothing, they could do, and the good. Part about that is they, actually knew that a lot, of people really, just rocked their brains they survived situations. And they think because they don't understand the tool they think well maybe there's something I could have done and they just they they guilt themselves when, you understand, the, tool of violence you also understand, when, you're screwed you understand, when hey there's nothing I can potentially do here and you're okay with it I had. I had, a one. Of my guys that became an instructor later on he was a manager at a restaurant when he's going through grad school, takes. The trash out with, his busboy comes back to a guy with a shotgun his, first thought the. Way the guys holding shotgun I can take him he. Has no idea the angle I can go anything I can take them but. I better wait because I got to see I got my whole staff and then I gotta see what's going on goes in there sure enough four, more guys with shotguns staff, all on the ground prone, he, gets down prone on the ground okay. Realizes. There's, nothing to do they comply with everything here's. The difference. Because. He had been training in this and because he'd been doing some of things I'm asking you to do. Of. The. 30 people on, staff, that were in that restaurant, on prone, on the ground he was the only one that didn't need psychological, counseling after and, he. Was the only one, that could identify the shooters, point, them out in court down, the identifying, tattoos, on. These, individuals, why because he never gave up he never he, was constantly, looking realizing, there's nothing I can do yes I can take this guy but. I'm not gonna risk my people and he was ok with that, and. That's the idea behind us I just want to give you an example I don't want you to think that we, turn into these super ninjas and we always do things no but, we're. Constantly aware of our surroundings aware, of the situation understand, how violence works this particular situation. Too. Much of a risk not. Worth it you, know and and. That's that's the value of it that's the value of looking at the subject it does not make you paranoid I guarantee, you it doesn't make you one of these you, know like these prepper type of guys that go around you know totally paranoid all the time and you know backs to the wall that's not what I want what, I want you to do is just

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"Its better to be a warrior in a garden , than a gardener in a war"

great talk

Being on a bus, Carrying extreme high value items in public. At what point does it become life limiting to always avoid confrontation and risk situations.

I work in an office next to a retired Green Beret and I had a roommate who married a SEAL that I got to know quite well.  Neither gentleman was someone you'd even think twice about.  You are correct, those who are capable don't seem to need to show that they can.

I'm sorry, but it might be true if you're going into a bloody war zone, but if you're a normal citizen... I'm sorry, it's rather stupid to spend a huge amount of your time training for such situations. Also, as you Americans are extremely good at showing to the rest of the world, if the aforementioned 30% seek protection by learning how to handle guns and beat the life of normal people. Then they are quite likely, or at least a significant percentage of them, to use their new skills and gear towards harming people just because they don't agree with them. I'm coming from a country where we had a huge number of such people, communism felt... money and food were nowhere to be found and guess who became heads of the newly organized crime? The best martial artists and sportsmen, Olympic medalist and hopes. Suddenly those who knew how to fight, excuse me - protect themselves, they suddenly became business organization leaders in the field of unlawful obtaining of money. This happened ALL through Eastern EU and you can check what people like Putin(judo) were doing in the early 90s. So Mr. Larkin, I fully understand you have a family to feed, but please DO keep your skills to your professionals. It's far better to obtain safety by learning how to control yourself, to empathize with others, help them and so forth. Learning how to beat people or starting wars doesn't work. You Americans need to understand this very, very well. Same for your guns... most developed country, yet your crime rates are higher than in countries where people live a month on 200$! P.S. In Eastern EU almost any country has a lot more guns in the population because 15-20% of the budget was on army, may be all are at least 10x poorer, yet there are way fewer killed people because it's not legal for someone on freaking anti-depressants to own a freaking AK-47 because apparently it's for his freedom!

I agree with your entire comment, Red 27, except your first two words. There is nothing to be sorry about!! This self-aggrandizing self-important blowhard, and people like him, and people who hang on his every word like he's the Almighty, people like that are much more likely to use violence in an illegal way than the average citizen. About the only cool thing he said was that if you're in a situation, and you have to ask yourself if it's time to use violence, then it's probably NOT time to use violence. Also, I would add, if you're in one of these one in a million situations that are becoming more common precisely because of people like this speaker, and you do have to resort to protecting yourself, go all out. Don't fight fair. The final hurdle are bystanders. To these do-gooders, who almost always think I'm the bad guy for some uncanny reason, I have to prepare myself for them stepping in and helping the person who attacked me. Somehow I have to quickly explain to them how I got attacked, for no reason at all. A few times even this tactic has failed me.

i live in a small safe town in germany. not much violence around here. just the normal drunk stuff. yet not so long ago my sister got jumped by 3 guys. my onley option was to get my hands dirty. if i had never done taekwondo i woulnt have been able to handle 3 large guys and my sister might of got seriously injured or maybe worse. are you saying i wasted my time? are you saying i should of let them them fuck her up? and most importantly who are you to call someone stupid for defending themselves and others.

There are monsters everywhere, not just in war zones. 5% of the population are sociopathic. It’s better to be prepared. Most of the time, the preparation will keep one out of bad situations. Training your brain is the most important part.


Google afraid of the rest of the citizenry? Tim Larkin is a great instructor with a lot of knowledge, and a captivating presentation.

search: "Gentrification of East Palo Alto" (I'm not a googler)

33:29 - Cue existential crisis....

Easter Europe here. First, we are not poor. 1 in 3 citizens has a personal car. 1 in 3 citizens is probably too old or to young to drive, so we roughly have one car per 2 adults. Second, 96% of the people own a house or an apartment. The Communists built a lot )of housing) and after 1989 the revolutionary government gave them away, for free, to the people. How many Americans can say they own a house (without mortgage)? Now, about Tim Larkin speech: it is very important to know what violence is and how and when to use it. Very very important. Eastern Europe has a lot of guns. But they are very very tightly regulated. It costs a huge amount of money to have a gun. This means that only 0.65% of the population has guns in Romania. This is a small percentage. As a result we only have 5 gun deaths per year. FIVE. Meaning we have 0.4 gun death per 1.000.000 citizens. The United States has 29.8 death per 1.000.000 citizens. It is clear that when people have guns they kill other people, precisely because they do not understand and do not know what violence is and how and when to use it.

This is so very ugly. I grew up in a civilized society where a presentation such as this would be seen as absurd. We have sunk to abysmal depths in this country. This man trains people to live as animals.

by far best speach from tim

No, he seeks to train people in what's going to keep them safe should they encounter the animals.

Mexican mafia guy is actually a retard. If they left out the violence they might actually be successful which isn’t living in a small prison cell being told when they can shower and eat. If they were so educated they would realize their freedom is the most important thing. They are the correctional guards/the state’s bitch. Dude tries to act smart reading the art of war, the prince. Dudes a fake. He’s Just a psychopath.

Yeah I'm sure no one gets murdered wherever you are...

wetracy That society you think you grew up in was never all that civilized. I grew up in it too and got hurt extensively by both physical and psychological savages. The truth is that violence often is the answer and you are not likely to survive if you ever face a real assault. Yes, this world here in America has become more savage. This is directly the fault of a dumb society that does not punish severely violent criminals. Someone who assaults another without cause should be facing very long prison terms and physical punishment. Those who murder and rape should be executed in public. Either hung or shot by firing squad in the town square. Thugs only understand brutality. They do not understand love. Yes, they can murder and rape children without conscience. I grew up with one of those as a father. Many of them look good on the outside. They obey the rules until they get the opportunity to hide their evil in darkness. They do not live by the law of love and respect. Do not ever, ever think that they are like you or you like them. You or I may have a beast within us that in reality is just a hurt part or piece of us. These people are beasts. They are not animals for animals are actually quite noble. They are people who choose to be savages for it gets them what they want. The only solution the them is violence. This is not some angry drunk who takes a swing at you. They are not the same thing. The drunk? You punch him in the teeth and walk away. He is a hurting soul. These freaks are savages. How do police handle savages? They command them to obey. If they do not, they shoot them. Such is reasonable.

*Bunch of Ignorant Ass Fucks in the Comments* *I can Never Respond weLL to Stupid!!!*

*BUT WUT has your Worthless Ass, EVER done to Take a Stand!!!!!???* *OH . . . I Know, You Posted this Tweet, 4-months ago!!!!*

*You are a 12-year old & Already you have Sucked, Older Men's Cocks!!!*

Unfortunately, if everyone is a warrior, so there is no more garden.

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