Technology ka Sahi Istemal | Dhruv Tara - Samay Sadi Se Pare | Ep 119 | Full Episode | 14 July 2023

Technology ka Sahi Istemal | Dhruv Tara - Samay Sadi Se Pare | Ep 119 | Full Episode | 14 July 2023

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Since the bride and the groom are here, I would like to request the general and the princess to grind the henna leaves together and initiate the ceremony. [tense music] [dramatic music] [tense music] General Samrat Singh, you won't be spared after killing me. [tense music] 'General Samrat Singh, [intense music] you won't be spared after killing me. - General. - Yes? - What happened? - Nothing. Nothing.

[tense music] [intense music] 'Your end is near, General.' 'You have committed far too many sins.' [intense music] 'My phone is connected to the speaker.' 'I will speak here and you will hear it there.' 'Since I've kept the volume low, only you will hear it.' 'Let's see how you take it.'

'You will never lead a peaceful life with Tara, General.' 'My soul will never stop haunting you.' [intense music] Princess? Do you hear any voice around us? - Yes. - Huh? Your voice. [comical music] Why? - General, are you okay? - Yes. I must've imagined it.

[dramatic music] General, you look worried. Are you okay? [dramatic music] 'Tell them that you're talking to my soul.' Enough! Shut up! [dramatic music] General. She's your queen. You cannot talk to her like this. [intense music] Forgive me, Your Highness.

I wasn't saying that to you. General, were you getting angry at Taru? [comical music] No. I was angry at myself. [playful music] You were asking yourself to shut up? [comical music] Sometimes, all of us talk to the voice inside our head.

The general must be calming his mind. So that he can focus on the henna leaves. Yes. General, I don't think you're feeling well. Are you okay? Tell the king that you're not fine. 'Tell them you see my ghost.'

'Tell them you hear my voice.' No! Shut up! No! [dramatic music] General, what is it? Why are you screaming? Nothing, Your Majesty. My head is throbbing. 'Your head is throbbing? Here, have some more.'

'Tell the king that my soul haunts you.' 'Tell them that your time is up.' 'Tell them that I won't let you marry Tara.' 'Tell them that if you apply the henna paste, it will turn red, just like the turmeric did.' [intense music] This is not real. This is not the truth.

I... [intense music] [intense music] 'This was just the trailer. The movie is yet to come.' 'Wait and watch what happens next.' 'Your headache is about to worsen, General.' 'Get ready. May all be well.'

Your Majesty. Don't you think the general is acting weird? Your Highness, I don't understand what's happening. The 'haldi' ceremony was left incomplete and now, he left mid-way from the 'mehendi' ceremony.

[tense music] He was acting weird. He was talking to himself. And then he told himself to shut up. I don't think his mental state is in the right place. We're getting Tara married to him. I am worried about Taru's future.

[tense music] [intense music] [laughing] Dr. Dhruv, did you see General Samrat Singh's face? It felt so good to scare him. Tara, are you upset that I ruined your 'mehendi' ceremony? Not at all. Why would I be? In fact, I even applied a beautiful henna design on my hands. [playful music] Really? You look quite happy with it. Why? Didn't you like the design? It's fine. Not that good.

- I'll go. - But it is so good. I loved it. Look.

Why didn't you like it? It's fine. I've seen it. You want me to have a closer look? Princess Tarapriya, If you like this henna design so much, you can adore it yourself. Why are you asking me? But Dr. Dhruv,

I said that because I really liked it. Look, it has gotten a beautiful colour. Princess Tarapriya, I'd heard somewhere that the deeper the colour of the henna, the deeper your love is. Have you fallen in love with the general? It's fine if you do. I have fallen in love. - Alright. - But

[playful music] What now? Not with the general. With the man whose love has filled my henna with such deep colour. - You mean? - I mean [theme music] Tara? Dhruv and Tara.

We will never be separate from each other. Never. [theme music] [thunder crackling] Dhruv and Tara have been separated from each other forever.

Yes. Dr. Dhruv is dead. And Tara is about to be mine forever. That's it! That's the only truth. Dr. Dhruv,

stop talking to me. You're dead! [intense music] Let me drink this potion. My mind will be calmed down. I will not focus on that voice any more. - No. - 'What if I come in front of you?' [intense music] 'Will you close your eyes out of fear?' I am not one of those who will cower in fear, Dr. Dhruv!

Face me if you dare to. [intense music] Enough. I will end this once and for all today. Where are you? Face me. Why can't you? Face me if you dare to.

Enough. If you're truly here, come out. General Samrat Singh! [intense music] [intense music] I am not your imagination. I am your death! Only after I kill you, will I ever be at peace, Samrat Singh! Samrat Singh, you have to die. No! This... [intense music] [intense music] That's it.

This is an interesting device. Man's voice as well as their image gets registered in this. Taru, he can walk and talk like a human. Genius. But how will General Samrat Singh fear this image? [clears throat] With the help of this.

[playful music] - Mirror? - Yes. This is not some ordinary mirror. What? Mirror? Yes, mirror. Brother, this is not an ordinary mirror. With the help of this mirror, the image behind it gets magnified. Shall I show you? Give that to me.

Look closely. [playful music] [pleasant music] And I will make sure that when the general sees this, when you scare him, there are no guards around him. If anyone apart from the general sees this, they'll know that the general is not imagining this. That you truly do exist. That will ruin our plan. Yes, Brother.

[laughter] This can't be possible. You're dead. I will kill you. Is anyone here? Guards! [intense music] [intense music] 'Dr. Dhruv? How is that possible?' [tense music] Get here, physician. - Yes, General. - Do you see that?

You see Dr. Dhruv, right? Tell me! He's right there. Physician! Open your eyes! Dr. Dhruv is right there. 'Dr. Dhruv?' [intense music] Look at that.

General. I am not imagining this. He's right there. How could I see Dr. Dhruv here?

You killed him. [tense music] Do you not see this? Do you not? [intense music] What are you saying? You can't see Dr. Dhruv here? There's no one here apart from us. Dr. Dhruv is nowhere. General, I think that you're not feeling well. You should go and rest in your room.

If someone sees you like this, talking to yourself, and it reaches the king's ears, he won't let you marry the princess. He might put off this wedding indefinitely. He might even cancel it. [intense music] But... There's no one here, General.

Take a hold of yourself. [tense music] Here's your sword. Go on. [intense music] [intense music] Doctor. Doctor, I can't tell you how happy I am to see you alive.

Thank you so much. Physician, you've helped us a lot today. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Princess, don't embarrass me by thanking me. I was helping myself. My heart is heavy with guilt.

Under the general's pressure and influence, I have committed so many sins. [intense music] [intense music] I was helpless. Physician, [tense music] will you say this in front of my father? No, Princess. I will turn back on my word in front of him. Forgive me. Why? Because the general has held my family captive at some unknown place. [tense music] If I say even a word, he will kill my family.

Physician, I understand your situation. Under his pressure, whatever it is you did, I forgive you for that. I've committed one more sin.

It's not merely a sin. It's the greatest sin. Even the death penalty is not a sufficient punishment for it. What is this great sin that you've committed? [tense music]

2023-07-18 18:58

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