Technology Can Teach Us About Meditation & the Soul? Face id, Software Updates, Hardware Upgrades ..

Technology Can Teach Us About Meditation & the Soul? Face id, Software Updates, Hardware Upgrades ..

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Then immediately they're teaching: entangle  your light with them. Because now we'll use   their science words, ‘Muraqabah’ (spiritual  connection) didn't seem to spark too much   understanding for people. ‘Meditation’ seems  to be more like a hobby for people. So,   now I read this, go read this science articles,  go study Google what is quantum entanglement,   simplified understandings of quantum entanglement.  Quantum is the study of light and the study of   entangled light and what happens. And then now  think back towards my spirituality that I want to  

be entangled with the Divinely realities and this  shaykh is teaching that and that's what's called   ‘muraqabah’. How to connect, how to keep the focus  of the Ulul Amr (saints) and bring my light out,   asking for a permission to connect to your  encrypted files. That's why the other technology.   So, you try to log on to websites or devices,  what happens when you try to log on? You have   to be verified. ‘What's your code, what's your  password?’ Now they want to send a text to your   phone. More sophisticated systems they want to  see your eyeball. They want to have biometric   verification because I could steal his phone. For  very sensitive information, let's see your eyeball   because we can have a whole fingerprint more  intricate than your thumbprint by just your eye   and each eye uniquely different than anyone else's  eye. It has to be verified. The technology is  

teaching us. As a result of verifying, you can now  access this sensitive information to a degree that   you've been cleared in your clearance. So, now in  the relationship of the shaykh with students. So,   we laid the foundation; we want to be entangled in  these lights. They found out that they react and   act and that's why many times we described: fulkil  masshoon – they're loaded ships. All they need is  

for you to come into their quantum field and they  grab one atom of you because their scientists are   finding that the atoms are communicating.  They entangle your atom with themselves,   for you to understand their science. And  everything that shaykh does will dress on   your atom and will send that back to your whole. As salaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh.   It’s Shaykh Nurjan. Thank you for watching  

the video that you’re watching. InshaAllah if you’re happy with the content   and happy with these programs please support  the button below. The programs that we have for   our orphanage repairs, our water well – give the  gift of life. Our mobile food vans, we have now 5  

vans – Vancouver, Chicago, Los Angeles, Pakistan  and many programs that reach thousands of people   and rescue foods and give those supplies to people  in need. Your support is greatly appreciated. Also   be so kind as to leave a loving comments and  please share the stream. Every bit counts.   As salaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh. They don't need the whole of the person,   they don't need to take the person’s soul. Allah  (AJ) send one drop of their tiniest atom, jump on   his ship, you'll be entangled with his lights.  Whatever tanzeela (emanation from above) comes  

to this servant of Allah (AJ), hits the  atom of that individual and immediately   dresses them wherever they are, the whole of  it. And that was the barakah (blessing) of   visiting maqams (station) and being a suluk -  being a seeker – saalik (spiritual seeker) who   goes out and searches and continuously moves in  the realm of these lights and awliya and saints   and all these amazing maqams. That's Allah's (AJ)  kingdom on earth, and everywhere they went their   atoms were left there to be dressed by these  awliya, to be blessed by these awliya. So, when   they come to the tariqah, they find the shaykh,  the shaykh teaches: now make your connection,   make your muraqabah, connect your heart. And then  they say, ‘I don't feel anything’. We're now at  

that state where people are saying, ‘I don't  feel anything’. What does the tech teach us?   The shaykh is like a quantum – kuntum – quantum  computer and some people they're like a 2007 phone   because they haven't had many upgrades. They  come new, they haven't done many practices.   Why would the 2007 phone that's here [hand down  below] be able to make a link [hand up high] with   a quantum computer? For if that computer sends  its information, is enough to blow the phone up;   it's too much of a file, it's too much energy  coming onto that system, too many different files   coming on. So, you take an old phone, very old  you find in the cupboard, try to connect it now to  

your Apple account. Not one even app will fit on  the… and 10 gigs or 6 gigs that you first bought   your phone. Now they want 250 gigs. Why? Increased  capacity, increased files and apps are coming. So,   the technology is teaching us in their man-made  understanding that you need continuous updates.   You can't come to that door and think that we are  by virtue of cleverness entitled just to receive   the whole download. ‘Why is not just coming?’  What are your technology doesn't work like that,   why would Allah (AJ) work like that? Then they  say that the system you're trying to connect to,   your actual whole hardware has to be upgraded.  You don't have enough operating memory means your  

system doesn't have the capacity, your brain is  foggy and your heart is dark. It doesn't have the   capacity to receive these lights. So what happens?  Is my life is about continuous upgrade, continuous   system of being connected to receive upgrades,  to receive upgrades, to receive upgrades. So,  

then what was the system? Because the zawiyahs  (spiritual schools of Sufism) were different   than the masjid and imams (religious leaders),  completely different system. You go for masjid   for Jum’ah (Friday prayer) but you go to the  zawiyahs and the understandings of zawiyahs   and tariqahs for enlightenment and to reach your  covenant with Allah (AJ). So, you would go before   not even 10, 15, 20 years ago, you have to find a  shaykh to be somebody who really wanted to upgrade   their software, not a distance person. You had to  find the shaykh and then go live with the shaykh   because there was no distance learning and you  committed your life to the service of that shaykh.  

They would live in their villages. Shaykh Nazim’s  (Q) village was very huge, other one village was   in Michigan and you lived there, you served there.  They would have a farm, thousands of trees. You   saw the orange trees. Hundreds of sheep. You come  in, take your clothes off, put this flea infested   outfit on. It was like a potato sack that mmm  [Shaykh scratches self] make you… they all had a   bed bug attack that time we visited. Why? Because  they want to see, ‘If you want to run, run now in  

the next couple days, otherwise you're wasting our  time’. So, it was all about now deprogramming and   reprogramming. And as soon as they lived there,  they lived a life of service, they work the field,   they work the sheeps, they worked everything on  the shaykh’s property. One year, two year, five  

year, thirty years or died in that service. Until  what? That every time they did a khidmat, every   time they did a service, every time they served  the shaykh, Allah (AJ) upgraded their file,   upgrade their file, upgrade their file and you  would see after a few years, they have capacity.   You see light upon them, they live a life of  service. Their heart has the capacity to achieve   the faiz (downpouring blessings) of the shaykhs.  The knowledges are understood because their  

capacity has been upgraded by Allah (AJ), because  Allah (AJ) wanted what? Service and khidmat. What   did the companions do? They served Sayyidina  Muhammad ﷺ with their lives, not short. They   didn't give charity. That, that was not the one  that they talked about. Their charity was their   life. That, ‘You're going again, we're going.  You're going again two times in one day, we're  

going to die’. They came back alive, disappointed.  They wanted to be the first ones to go and visit   paradise under the flag of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ.  So, this was the way of serving, to achieve what?   Allah’s (AJ) rahmah (mercy). Allah's (AJ) down...  Allah's (AJ) downgrade, not downgrade, ‘download’   for us all these lights and softwares. ‘What I'm  in need of Ya Rabbi how am I going to get it?’   And you had to live there and then you would be  dispatched, ‘You've been upgraded, as a matter of   fact now you have ijazah (permission) and we are  with you wherever you go on this earth’. But that   takes a lifetime of service. Then about 17 years  we're here, 17 years we're serving in this area  

for them and about 10 years ago or 7 years ago  they opened permission for virtual zawiyah. So,   whatever is partaking now is exact same system  they were running. Because how do you make a   virtual zawiyah in which people don't have to  come? Because we don't have capacity. Sicknesses  

and restrictions are blocking, but exact same  system. That's why there are charities, that's   why there are entities and websites. Why? Because  one is an orange field, one is the sheep, one is   something else; it doesn't make a difference.  Then there has to be an email in which you are   communicating with the shaykh, not other people.  We don't know what other people tell people,   hidden conversations and... No, I'm emailing  the shaykh and at least four or five people are   watching that email so that everything is always  according to shari’ah (Divine law). There’s no  

back actions. So, just like the zawiyah that  we're communicating, we're emailing, giving   opportunities for people to serve, to do, to be  of service to show their love for the shaykh, to   do charities, to give out food, to do... Why? So,  that they can get an upgrade from Allah (AJ) and   every time they do a khidmat (service), every time  they go and give food, every time they serve on   the Mawlid (celebration of the birthday of Prophet  ﷺ), or do whatever the shaykh has given us an   opportunity – it's a gift from Allah (AJ) to grant  upgrades, upgrades, upgrades. And now look at our  

lives and think that some people get a phone and  they upgrade for one, two, three years, after that   they say, ‘I don't need any more upgrades’. And  then what happens? They're now very limited in   their software capacity and if something really  powerful comes out, they don't have the capacity   to receive it. It's a lifelong process because  we didn't achieve anything. False thoughts   of achieving something in Allah’s (AJ) infinite  oceans of reality. Who could say, ‘I achieved it,   it's finished’. Finished with what? Allah’s (AJ)  not finished, the oceans are infinite oceans.  

This was a lifelong process in which some people  you'll see in tariqah left and right of ourselves,   they're not all the same. Some people have immense  himmah (zeal). You know they plug into that and an   inner yearning in their system is, ‘I will never  stop until I'm fully upgraded,’ and they do a lot   in a very short amount of time and then people are  wondering, ‘Oh how's this person always around?   How is this person always involved?’ Oh they do  a lot and Allah (AJ) has upgraded their servers,   their systems, their capacity for light and  knowledge and realities and understanding. So,   means we hold our own key. People are just  waiting for something to happen. What are you   waiting for? The system been given to you.  Go serve! You know how difficult it is for   our people to all night long make comments on  YouTube? People think I'm on my phone thinking,   ‘Dad are you playing on the phone all night  long?’ What are you talking about playing   on the phone? Who's going to click on all these  YouTube videos with ‘Hello, hello, heart, heart,   heart, heart, thank you, thank you, thank you,  thank you’? No. Then we get Ali and these guys,   ‘Please start doing these things,’ and they start  posting. They say, ‘Who's posting these you know  

20 different articles every day coming out? Who's  making these videos by their own inspirations’.   Could you imagine if the one making videos was not  inspired and every time I say something they show   an inappropriate image or not related image?  We would say, ‘Who’s making this stuff?’ No,   but they must have an immense capacity in which  their software is very top-notch software. So, now   in tech you start to understand, ‘Oh my software  is really good’. So, then awliya and pious people   been trained by awliya, they want the drop at the  first level. Right? When new software is going to  

drop, that's the term they use; they don't want  it after everybody got it. They want it the minute   it's going to be coming out. Then this makes their  spiritual rank in the heart of Prophet ﷺ. Now we   can see through the technology and explain things  for the people whom are tech savvy and understand.   So, when they're continuously living a life of  service, they continuously have khidmat, their   life is to serve people and create ways to be  of service so that Allah (AJ) to be happy. Why?  

Because they want the knowledges and realities  that are dropping from the heart of Prophet ﷺ   the moment it’s dropping. They don't want  it after everybody got it. So, then you'll   see these high level ones speaking things that  nobody speaks. They take the information from   the heart of Prophet ﷺ, now they're responsible to  drop. And as soon as they begin to talk about it,   you'll see the knowledge trickle down into the  hearts based on their software. Don’t matter what   kind of title that person thinks he has wherever  he is on earth, he'll come across that and say,   ‘Oh I never thought that Sayyidina Umar al-Farooq  (as) was the siwak (teeth cleaning twig)’. And   eventually will come out with, ‘Oh we found  it in a Hadith, oh we found like this,   oh we found it like that’. Because you're seeing  the waterfall of these knowledges come out and  

that's what's important. So, how the shaykh lived  his life was to completely serve his shaykh until   he no longer existed, had nothing of anything, of  anything. And in that subsistence in that reality   was is entitled to all of these softwares, all  of these updates and the system that he carried   in his life continued. Continuously serve so that  Prophet ﷺ is happy. As a result, the knowledges   that dropping, they're the first to receive them.  And as a result, disseminate those realities and  

that becomes our life’s system. So, when people  are saying, ‘I'm not feeling anything,’ you've   got to upgrade your software. How? Because other  shaykh’s are going out, ‘You don't need to do   anything. Don't do all of these things. Why you  have to do charity and all these things?’ What   is that telling you? ‘I'm not going to give you  any information nor am I thinking you're going   to receive any information’. Because how could  somebody operate tariqah like that when it was   never like that? That like come to a shaykh, he  has no farm, no nothing to serve, he's not asking   for any service. They didn't have that. Our life  was about service and khidmat. But now the zawiyah  

is virtual. That click online, if you like what  that person has to say, give your allegiance and   pledge your time and your life in that way. And if  you're not growing the way you want, you're doing   something wrong. You didn't do everything you  were supposed to do, you didn't give everything  

you were supposed to give, you haven't got all  your updates. If there's a fault in your software,   in your hardware it’s not going to come. Now look  at the world of encryption that the people do and   they think that they'll make the madad (support)  and everything will come to them. But what happens   in the madad? As soon as they make madad, the  light of the shaykh appears. If that light  

comes and through their encrypted light begins to  look at the individual and find fault or wrong,   there's something wrong with this individual,  the intention not correct for the individual,   nothing will ever convey nor would it be on your  bank. If you put one character wrong, the bank   doesn't say, ‘Well we kind of know who you are,  here you can have the account’. No. So, it means   you make the attempt. If the light comes and reads  and finds fault in what's happening, there will be   no conveyance, and as a result, they go back,  they do their khidmat, they do their madad or   they correct their intention. If the intention is  to grab and steal... you see now on social media,  

they run into Gucci, they grab 500 bags and run  out thinking they're going to do that like with   Allah (AJ). ‘Oh these guys I'm going to… I'm  going to take it from them and run’. It's not   going to happen. Even the encryption comes, it  looks and says, ‘Nothing will come, nothing will   be conveyed’. So it means that every moment,  as soon as we make the madad, their lights are   reading us. If they find satisfaction, conveyance  begins, the download begins. Then we asked our   students – go study now crypto and cold wallets to  understand that as you progressed and knowledges   are coming into your hearts, you're not yet an  adult, you're not rijal (people of maturity) to   be custodian of your wallet. Right? Even now you  say, ‘Oh Shaykh I'm doing everything, my heart is   connected, I'm feeling the guidance, I feel the  understanding.’ Now what is crypto teaching us?  

That you're not rijal to take your wallet and go.  Right? Because when Allah (AJ) is describing in   the bay’at (pledge of allegiance) ‘they reached  their ahd’ means they got their wallet. Whatever   knowledges were given to them and continuously  flowing to them, instead of the cold storage,   the keys have been transferred to them. And their  12 seed words, is interesting these analogies  

they give. Right? They know how to make their  madad and connection and Allah (AJ) gives them   access to their wallet. And say, ‘Now use this  knowledge for your mission that you have’. And   it doesn't happen until the person becomes rijal  and mature in Allah's (AJ) way. That their system   was complete, their understanding was complete,  their life is a life of service. And as a result,   they're gaining access to that wallet of  knowledge. That knowledge is everything,   is everything. That knowledge is what gives them  barakah and blessings, that knowledge is what  

feeds them and nourishes them in Divinely Presence  and upon Earth. So this is the system of the   heavens understood through computer technologies. Subhana rabbika rabbal ‘izzati ‘amma yasifoon,   wa salaamun ‘alal mursaleen, walhamdulillahi  rabbil ‘aalameen. Bi hurmati Muhammad  

al-Mustafa wa bi siri Surat al-Fatiha. As salaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh.   It’s Shaykh Nurjan. Thank you for watching   the video that you’re watching. InshaAllah if you’re happy with the   content and happy with these programs please  support the button below. The programs that we  

have for our orphanage repairs, our water well  – give the gift of life. Our mobile food vans,   we have now 5 vans – Vancouver, Chicago,  Los Angeles, Pakistan and many programs   that reach thousands of people and rescue  foods and give those supplies to people   in need. Your support is greatly appreciated.  Also be so kind as to leave a loving comments   and please share the stream. Every bit counts. As salaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

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