Taula Rodona de Startups: Emocional, Vitum Technologies i Lapona

Taula Rodona de Startups: Emocional, Vitum Technologies i Lapona

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[Music] Well, my name is Martín Ríos, I am the CEO of Mexico, which gives its name to the Mentico room, it is an entrepreneurship agency where we offer solutions for entrepreneurship, from mentoring to investment, strategic consulting, etc. Today we are going to have a round table with three entrepreneurial entrepreneurs where We are going to talk a little about what it means to undertake, as you will see. They are in different phases within the entrepreneurship and we will also be able to nourish ourselves from this experience. Above all, I encourage you to ask your own questions later, it is worth to be able to enrich even more so this round table So I am going to introduce you he is sergi eternax terranax I have said it well CEO of bitum we have Patricia González CEO of Lapona and Pedro Martínez Espinoza CEO of Emotional okay So the first question is what is going to your project if you can explain it briefly ok so that everyone can understand it of course we start here We are rotating not well as they had done I am sergi the founder of bitum a couple of years ago now also together with my partner Fred who is behind there what we do in bitum is an ayot Services that is to say internet of things as a service until now It is having something that only large companies could afford, investing in consulting engineering to implement solutions.

What we do It is like a service who goes and pays for Netflix because they also pay for the service . What this service does is traceability and management of physical assets. say from pallets packaging to cables not for different companies especially industrial and logistics not to be able to have all this monitoring and visibility of their supply chain Hi I'm Patricia families fathers mothers in the room yes a few very good Well then you will understand What I am going to tell you a little about children, babies grow quickly, you know , and what we do is that we buy clothes, and after 15 days a month is too small and what do we do we keep it in some magnificent tupperware that we have at home very folded very well placed and we put its corresponding label 03 months on the next we put three six months and so on what happens well what we were talking about Babies' clothes get too small super quickly There are clothes that we keep that we have worn only once, there are some outfits that we have worn a couple of times, there are even some clothes that bear the label with which we bought them, that is, what It happens that moms and dads, especially first-timers, go crazy because we love it because we're super excited because our babies' clothes are good because our baby has to look really cute from death and well and this ends up happening, not that we get together with a lot of clothes and we end up using very little. Well, what we want with Lapona is to provide a solution to this issue, how, by renting clothes through a monthly subscription , we what we do is offer families packs of five and eight completely personalized garments per month , they are totally personalized boxes according to your tastes, your interests, your needs and we send it to you and at the end of the month we change clothes Okay, clothes for one size plus others looks etc. in this way you can change the clothes as your baby grows without having to accumulate saving in our family economy that is very expensive baby clothes and we are also going to contribute to this highly polluting industry we are going to contribute to reduce the ecological footprint of fashion that is so polluting, I agree. Well, this is the idea and in a very comfortable way because you don't have to worry about going

shopping on the Internet, etc. We send it to you and we'll pick it up at home. once a month and you enjoy great looks and clothes of the highest quality with beautiful designs and well , what I have told you is the idea of ​​Lapona and t All of this Thanks to a personal experience Hello, how are you in emotional? We basically do disruptive technology based on Artificial Intelligence to improve human resource management. It has been brief, well, the idea of ​​this round table, surely many of you have the intention of starting a business or you are undertaking and what we are going to look for is to take a tour of the entrepreneurship through his experience and solving certain doubts that you may have The main thing is that it is necessary or that it is the essential that an entrepreneur has to have to undertake is This is a good question, eh, Martín. Okay, what does an entrepreneur have to have to undertake? I think that in the first place we have to have passion . In other words, you have to have a Passion for that specific topic that will lead you to undertake that passion, then it is directly related to courage With the ability to take risks, if you don't have passion, you're not going to jump into the pool, that is, you only do it when you're ready . passionate because passion is directly related to motivation motivation is motives in action motivation is what leads you to act not therefore to take risks Courage is the second characteristic of a good entrepreneur and Third if you do not have resilience okay If you don't have a good resilience you won't hold up over time why? Because they come from all sides, that is, the books are going to tell you I don't know what's up I don't know how much is the same on a day-to-day basis everywhere I mean, entrepreneurs who don't buy your product, investors who tell you no, employees who are leaving, etc., etc., etc.

This is what has helped me to go from being totally alone to now being 20 people in the team and have raised a million euros, well, it's a difficult question. I think that an entrepreneur has to have several things, not many, one of which is to be emotionally strong . With Eva, I have an idea, come on. Yes, but you have an idea that has to be materialized, that you have to study, etc., etc. A thousand things, but emotionally I think you have to be very strong at a strong moment, if you are in a weak moment, a moment when you have a What problem ? Maybe it's not the time, you have to think carefully about it, not because this road is very hard, very hard, long hard and you're going to need a lot of strength and you're going to have to get up every day and you're going to have to face many problems and make many decisions then Well, it is very important to be there at the foot of the strong canyon and to have good all these things that you have said also eh I would not like to emphasize that it is hard but surely the best experience you can have as a human being is to undertake basically because you learn marketing sales How to raise money living on the edge of madness every day no then You get used to it and Even though it 's hard and it's always going to be hard it's what Better, I mean, it's the best in the world. I think you also have to have a point of madness that you have to be someone with that point. Not to jump into the pool. They don't always tell me you're crazy. No, yes, I am like that . He also plays now that he says this. Hey, I studied psychology, I'm a trained psychologist and I read a lot about this. In the startup world, that is, in the population, there are 5% of people

who have psychological problems, personality disorders, in the startup world, it is among the 30 and 40% autistic aspergers and no no [ __ ] it's full I mean it's full I mean you 10 or four out of 10 that you interview know they have something and that's the best it's my turn no no to see just on Tuesday I was in a talk at a university also with students No and that same question and I made reference to something that happened in my first year of degree that is to say that the main subject first of management they do not ask us What are these they do not ask the characteristics the skills that an entrepreneur must have and what the teacher did was to put on the wall at different points different skills not that and the premieres we have to position ourselves where we thought it was the most important and after 30 seconds everyone is positioned I I'm in the middle of the room, the only one, no, the teacher was looking at me like this weird kid who just came here first year, what's he been doing, and he came to ask me, "Hey, go somewhere, no , and I tell him no, I think this is my place." no and then he asked me before the thing Hey why did you take this point and there is my reflection I for myself from my point of view believe that all entrepreneurs are people and we are unique Not with our oddities our strengths So I don't believe or I it is very difficult to see patterns that are repeated whenever there is a specific formula that there is an entrepreneur who has these skills and such . You have to have the ability to strengthen certain skills at certain times Why Because a business also evolves Now you are in a phase within three or five years it is a more advanced phase And instead of being one more Heinson person more in the day to day One day you have to have one more management person and then if you take an ipio perhaps not political people So it is my point of view that one has that it is not a skill that is key there are not several things each person and each process is a world So you have to have a balance, it's not how I see it, simply add that I forgot a bit before, totally agree, yes, or yes, you have to be optimistic, that is, we're talking about an uncle, an aunt, who comes, maybe, she's at home , alone, and says I'm going. to do something that is going to change the world that is going to buy me the people that are going to employ hundreds of thousands and hopefully hundreds of thousands of people no [ __ ] you have to be optimistic no So you have to be optimistic and not just at the beginning when everything is the idea or such the idea such you do not have to be optimistic when you have been one year when you have been two when you have been three when they come hard No And be optimistic I don't know if but I would say yes or yes if you are not optimistic do not undertake well I don't know if what Patricia wanted to say something else. I think that undertaking you will agree

with me that it is a race more of failures and errors than there are successes of successes But there are much more failures and errors, get a little wet and tell us where you have made these mistakes In what than what you say If I went back, this I would not have done, what a question, are you prepared, that is, entrepreneurship is basically spending all day making mistakes, you spend the day, that is, it is as if you did it, almost expressly, you do not do everything wrong, but you trust that out of 100 You are going to do one or two things well and in the end it is one or two things that are going to make the project move forward. Why? Because you don't have data, you don't have visibility, you don't have a team and therefore all you do is give yourself hosts against the different walls barriers that you find until suddenly there is no wall and you shoot [ __ ] I have advanced a little and so constantly constantly when the team is growing And you are no longer alone but there are already 20 of you and hopefully not In my case, in the future 40 or 50, those other people help you see how you get ahead of those walls and not constantly beat yourself up and therefore not make as many mistakes. In my case, I started with an online psychology marketplace, then we pivoted to disruptive technology Artificial intelligence to detect the emotional state of people from non-verbal communication basically we tell you if you are stressed bored happy happy just by your face and how you move your hands and how you are okay that is, from all this we tell you how you feel and now we are making a by-product that allows you to know the personality of an individual with a video of between 30 and 60 seconds all this is part of the discovery Constant commitment and making mistakes all day, all day, as Martín said. Well, my first mistake was launching this project with a newborn baby , don't do it, okay. Motherhood is not compatible with entrepreneurship at this level, okay, that was horrible. Although I didn't realize it until a year later, okay, but that's a mistake that I made a serious mistake that someone told me like, are you sure about this right now ? that moment such a no So I was a super Woman well no we are not super womans no no no So this was very difficult for me and many mistakes every day what he says many many errors many no pricing policies making mistakes with prices since the beginning is good, load it with the margins because you don't know the business model well in my case it's a very new business model so I've had to learn a lot as I didn't So I've learned Well, that's every step an apprenticeship Why Because there is nothing from outside that explained it to me and no one explained it to me So it has been based on experience to try so this I always say come test error test error and it is like that and it is a pity sometimes because no no I don't want the formula I don't have it nor does anyone have it no then well that prices processes not in the processes is something in which I have been wrong many times no then change the process Well around here I believe that what is good is what is important that we are able to rectify, not that we are capable of managing, we have slipped in.

How do we solve it is not worth trying to solve it in the least painful way possible, but to solve it and be aware of where you are going [ __ ] and how you can do it sometimes not you realize eh It also takes time and you've already gotten there you say Well now well it doesn't matter Not so But well I think you have to really make a mistake I wish it were another way but I think that well I have not found the way we go has already taken the no to see I think that more than failing or failing as I always see it, they are hypotheses that must be seen validating No, for example at the beginning of everything I invite now we do this traceability so that anything that there is a chair, we sensorize it and we will do it for you, if you pay for it, we will do it for you, for example, we start the first initial idea, taking into account we have a partner who is a foundation with a thousand-odd employees with many lines of business and in all lines of business we are going to to do traceability of bikes that lasted two weeks because the hypothesis we are going to do traceability of bikes we saw that we did not add any value that there was no interest and we saw that in the sector for example more Industrial of the pallet there yes that there was No that is one thing What you see doesn't work, change it and try it. There we began to see that there was a lot of oil that there was a lot of opportunity, however it is true that our first client ended up being production traceability. number of bikes etc. no apart from this I think what we do is try initially we had a pricing model that didn't quite fit the margins didn't work it doesn't mean you were wrong simply your initial hypothesis doesn't work you have to improve it no then the The next step was to do an iteration. A couple of weeks ago we were sitting in Barcelona with Fred, looking at the costs, looking at everything, and we have to improve these margins, we have to improve this, and we are once again refocusing the pricing model, and not seeing what oysters that even though we contribute a lot of value. We could get more margin and even so it will be much more competitive than the competition. These are not things that failing is not so much, it is the constant analytical ability to review and evaluate your hypotheses to see if they work because the fact that you are now selling at a price does not mean that you are doing well it means that perhaps you can still improve it more and without going any further a failure and Between quotes, more current, the same Tuesday before this talk that we gave and such to a fairly important, fairly large, client that we have been meeting for months and such an email arrives after being yes. We have just

seen it for now, we prefer to leave it aside and return Later on at the beginning of everything when I started with this I would go crazy like [ __ ] the business is terrible we do everything wrong this does not make sense No now what I did as you can see I always have the headphones with the mobile I did not wear the headphones I went for a walk to think no and I talked to the team we took action and okay This is the strategy to redirect the situation but not yet not even because I lost no So I think it's more than failure is always having the ability to analyze little little by little, not having a lot of temper and being very cold in this aspect, almost calculating, I would say no, but it is a bit I see it, he dressed the difference in answers, he takes it to a more analytical part, almost almost as such, and we totally You are emotionally unbelievable and as you can see there are different types of entrepreneurs, not in our case, for example, taking what she was saying, of course, you have to, that is, clearly, this is the big point. absolute with your partners and such is knowing when you are failing When you are hitting a stone no because really normally this is if you have an equal that you are hitting a little stone and you are falling over and over again against the same thing not for that they are the data that I was commenting on but really having the constant ability to say okay I have failed I have made a mistake Why has this happened for me it has been one of the most difficult things because we are not used to assuming that we make mistakes and that we constantly do it myself I wanted to say something about what you said and emphasize that not when as you go along at the beginning not when something happens or someone gives you a negative response. To or from the client, you take it fatally and have a terrible time, exactly, no, and over time, well, you relativize and you analyze it, and you take it in a different way, which I think is much more appropriate, also, no, that is, you get used to it, exactly, and you redirect and take decisions and also you are also more sure of your end you take security in what you are doing Because at the beginning despite the fact that your idea is brilliant and you believe it We go like the most because you have insecurities no but to me as You are advancing and you are consolidating and you are confirming not what you were saying about the hypotheses Well, you are taking security and therefore not the problems or the things that are happening, well, you take them in another way, not well, when I am going to move on to the next question If not, we will not advance, but And surely you have commented and answered part of this question because there are three startups, we are going to call it a success. Iran has come out ahead in these first phases. Before there was a speaker who said 70 8 0 percent of startups fail after three months three years three years [Music] you are one of the 20% that have succeeded what have you done well and don't be modest Let's see I don't want to talk much because we've been here for almost two and a half years then Perhaps we still have six months to form, but here is an important point that you have said, are you successful? Well, what is success? It is still clear, perhaps . It depends on what you define as success. It depends on the type of company you want to set up, not for me we are still a long way from reaching that success, we are still in a stage of growth that we have to consolidate , many more things have to happen for me at least and I think our team too Let's be satisfied, no. So what have we done, well, many hours and a lot of work? There is no magic formula or anything. In the end, what we do is, we have a first idea. In the

end, we are to be c Certainly analytical and not get too carried away by dreaming, but even so I would tell you that we lose our heads a bit in this regard, but I don't think there is a point that we have made that is differentiating, of course. Yes, there is one thing. It's very interesting that this has happened lately. During the first years of the company I was the only founder at the end . I started the company when I was 20 years old

. So I said , well, I'll start. I don't, but nevertheless with this process, I have been realizing after everyone told me no, no, you're not going to be able to, yes, yes, yes, it is true that having a team that is very complementary and very strong in this aspect the core does not allow you to execute because of course This is a startup there are going to be times when there will not even be capital and you can't just go with everything so in this e n this whole process it was very interesting to be able to incorporate our partners, for example, Fabián is not something to go for, for example, that person I say is as if he were a computer, he is super analytical, he has Excel eyes but like hundreds of lines and all the numbers and he analyzes everything in a moment then we have me that part that we lived more more creative more crazier and then and then there is Fred with all his experience as a serial entrepreneur and and everything he contributes on a technical level and also on technology So with this, what we have achieved is that with a team that now, let's say tomorrow, another covid starts another of these madnesses and we are going to zero . executing No, if we have done something right , I would say the greatest success in the last six months has been to do this step, not great. Well, I am also in a similar situation for only two years since we have been with this I only say because there is still a long way to go and I believe that the company is still not successful , no. In the sense that we still have a lot to learn, we still have a long way to go No, but if it is true that there are things that are good, I can still do them to say that they have helped me, not as the only one, no. Well, I started alone, no. So here I am, I would tell you that it helped me

a lot. Someone accompany me through a mentoring or coaching process that is being said today and it seems like nonsense, but The truth is that for me it was important to launch and to be more secure. Not of the steps and that helped me not to make mistakes that I had previously made with other ventures, etc. I don't think that the accompaniment is important and

sometimes we think about what we say Alone, we can do that. Yes, but we can still invest a little in help , an accompaniment, I assure you that it was an important push and then another thing that I wanted to say to you, success, a lot of perseverance. Every day I believe that this is a d and the formulas we cannot say today such a tomorrow it is already total today not today a little not every day every day every day study it Call talk something else talk to everyone talk to a lot of people explain to you explain to them what your idea your business your Like everyone to go have a coffee with whoever or make a video call or call even if you don't know him a contact that may be useful call him ask him I assure you that for me it was a click that in previous ventures I did not do and this time I It has opened many more doors and I have been much safer in many ways and I have touched doors that open and you think that no one is going to open them for you but they open them for you because there are people who are willing to help even if they don't seem like it And there are people Well, well, to give you a hand , no, and it's important to do this, well, it occurs to me as another thing, otherwise I totally agree with what my colleagues say, and I'll take what Sergi was saying because sometimes the book the name Sergio Comment on this, which is part of the team, that is, this is like one, is that without a team it is impossible . the psychological perspective we are only able to see a percentage of reality no I am a very optimistic guy like that [ __ ] very crazy very such that he likes to do things and then I have a partner who is neol who is worrying who is analytical who he 's there all day looking at the account [ __ ] you don't know and this helps us reach that halfway point that makes us very very good no And you have that support on days when you're not so well no and facing Hey and when the other person is not well because you don't support them So that first point of the team I for me the success that Martín was asking about also the success part I would say that we are halfway there No now we have a company that is worth 5 million euros who has 20 people in the team uipe and that is beginning to generate a positive impact on its users Not me, success is measured by this Hey The more positive impact we generate The more employees we have and well, the more successful we will be that's it, it's not me I mean because many times they ask me Hey And why do you talk so much about the number of employees because I [ __ ] gave work to 20 people when I started alone and Girona from homes in offices without a computer I started with a computer that had to be plugged in all the time because if you unplugged it it wouldn't shut down it turned off I didn't understand it still didn't understand but it keeps turning off So the point is [ __ ] I was alone I didn't really know what to do I started generating generating now we employ 20 people and those 20 people go to the top and that's why we are hiring four or five people every two months no , so the team that I've said the most I don't know what I've said but well And then also the part of a lot of work, that is, me, on average, my girlfriend is there, I, on average, work or nas 14 hours a day six days a week every day of the year it's not that it's Christmas but Christmas is going to pay the bills to me not Mrs. Christmas So you have to give up a lot of things that really not everyone is willing to giving up not spending time with friends to travel I haven't taken vacations since I started the company was established a year and six months ago and since then I have had a maximum of two consecutive days of partying so of course the time the party time that is party of not working is how you like shit on God no right now there is a world Beyond working no So you have to give up many things in fact my girlfriend used to tell Paula when we were coming by car and I [ __ ] yes that there is movement at this time of the morning because I am in the blue office papa papa it is getting dark it is 8 [ __ ] and it is like this In other words, the reality of the entrepreneur is this everything else of [ __ ] millions go out in magazines as we left already lucky mind today that is a gallery but day to day is a good job when I was preparing this round table on the areas of entrepreneurship I wanted to choose to deal with a very important topic because when they also come to us to ask and with doubts it is a topic that has a lot of discussion and is Bayer as a person, that is, I sell shoes, t-shirts, a service, whatever, and the entrepreneur, one of the mistakes, that is, saying that everyone can wear shoes, do you think segmentation is important, and why? let's see and I'm saying things Not everything is my harvest in the end I'm very young I still lack a lot of experience but I am lucky to be part of the shuttle ecosystem if you are in the entrepreneurial world you surely know him and a few months ago he came to luiscaviedes to not to give a talk and they talked about this topic and he said something that I found extremely interesting and that is that the best Bayer person or what really defines the greatest person is an invoice. What does he tell you

with his first name, last name, who he is, where he is, and what he is willing to pay for the product and for what he specifically pays ? In the end, it's not the customer who pays. So, of course, there is a step prior to arriving at that invoice, which is again. I repeat myself, but to validate and make hypotheses, and at first we thought that the bikes, then the pallets, then again the bikes and In the end, they pay us, well, or the bikes are solar panels, they are plastic boxes, so for me those are the various people and from there I have extracted other information that it is perhaps not so much the type of company that is what they do, but in In my case, the type of assets that they use or we sell to companies that use what we call material handeling assets, that is , use assets to use materials from plastic boxes, pallets, for whatever reason the bikes entered, not to license plate facilities. or it is not so much What type of company if it is dedicated to the

meat sector if it is dictated to the sector of whatever but the type of operation that it has internally is what Defines who we go to no later Here we will also have defined some billing ranges A company that bills five or ten million a year for us is still very small because although we want to reach that point of assistance that everyone can reach , we still have operating costs because we have to standardize processes that we have to deal with. So we are going to companies with a higher volume, not in this case But this is that there is no formula again it is to go testing and we realize that oysters this has bought us but nevertheless it has been bought much slower in what is the panel of sales than this other one, so perhaps we are more interested in investing and digging more in those that are converting faster Not because this in three months you have turned a deal of whatever it is not into e stas tardado seis meses en convertirlo pues entonces mejor vete a la que tarda tres meses no porque el mismo tiempo entras más entonces un poco Esto sí que es importante pero al principio sobre todo no des nada por hecho no digas mi tarjeta es este no no tengo este problema que creo que resuelvo pero es que quizás se lo resuelvo mejor a otra empresa que aún no tengo otro segmento que no tengo visualizado entonces una vez ves que algo funciona otra vez vas midiendo vas viendo y este se están convirtiendo muy rápido pues seguimos apretando aquí no pero como decía al principio lo mejor donde vas a tener la mayor información es en la factura es quién te paga con nombres y apellidos bueno Totalmente de acuerdo con lo que dices en mi caso el target la segmentación ya ya es un poco ya ya tenemos una segmentación ya tenemos un target más o menos digo más o menos porque no es claro no una mamá o un papá de 0 a 3 que tenga hijos de 0 a 3 años Sí sí pero es que hay muchos tipos de mamás y papás y familias no cómo lo cómo lo estudias Esto para mí es imprescindible el target eh o sea tenerlo clarísimo Quién es para ir a por él claramente No pues como como lo hice yo lo primero fue lanzar en plan Bueno siempre yendo a ese público no a través de una lo hice a través de micro influencers vale que tenía eran mamás con conciencia de asco en el medio ambiente que era un poco lo que yo pensaba y que tenían hijos pequeños vale bueno la gente que ve O sea que creen hasta influencer serán mamás y papás que tengan una cierta pues vinculación con el medio ambiente y tendrán hijos vamos a empezar vinieron las primeras ventas directas desde ahí oye di en el clavo Qué casualidad podía habernos dado Pero di qué hice lo primero que hice como tú dices factura y nombre ya por teléfono 40 minutos quién eres Qué haces a qué te dedicas dónde compras Cuéntame Quién eres Porque hay que saber quién es pero de Bueno le tienes que leer es que tienes que saberlo todo lo que puedas pero claro eso es mucha i nformación para ti qué hago cada venta y mi negocio es más de volumen cada venta es llamado todo venta que entra hago una llamada yo nadie más del equipo yo pregunto todo quién eres tal y como me has conocido y por qué te interesa esto y tal Y que bueno Cuántos hijos tienes etcétera etcétera no todas las preguntas que tú creas que pueden ser que te pueden aportar información Bueno no sé si respondido pero bueno después a decir Qué campaña hago que branding tengo que tener Cómo hago mi comunicación la publicidad porque hice dónde interceptar a esa clienta porque sé que costumbres usos Y qué le preocupa o qué le preocupa de tu negocio o cuál es el dolor o esto no lo veo claro o aquí me da un poco de cosa pues ahí vale hay que reforzar ahí porque si aquí tiene un poco de tal tienes muchísima información para campañas para comunicación para todo el marketing que vayas a hacer ya Cuál era la Bayer persona lo que tú quieras vale persona tal No ya Claro a mí la sensación que me ha dado escuch ando es que son respuestas sobre todo la de muy [ __ ] muy teóricas muy perfectas muy tal yo personalmente mi empresa no hacemos esto ya nos gustaría ser perfectos y hacer las cosas y tal tal cual o sea yo lo digo o sea nosotros yo sea descubrimos las cosas haciéndolas o sea se lo decía antes a Martín al principio no de pensar pensar muy bien de no el primer día vamos a pensar durante un rato no le hemos hecho nunca o sea lo estamos empezando a hacer ahora donde la cosa coge volumen y donde tiene sentido Pero de ponernos ahí no bueno nosotros hablamos con todo el mundo no con todas las empresas que de España y entonces empiezas a ver Oye en un Excel no de hemos hablado con multinacionales con pymes con startups Cuáles contestan más vale de las que contestan más Cuáles acaban acabando más en reunión y cuáles acaban convirtiendo más que es lo que se llama el panel de ventas no tú contactas con todo el mundo allá arriba y luego vas filtrando filtrando tal pum y te cae uno al final ostia n o Quién es este y lo analizas como como decía Patricia no te pones a estudiarlo por todos los lados Qué características tiene [ __ ] que ha caído otro estoy así son iguales perfecto porque ya puedes empezar a escalar todas las empresas de entre 50 y 100 empleados me contratan Oye no pero si te cae uno de 50 luego uno de 10 luego en nuestro caso Sanitas no Oye [ __ ] 80.000 no no se parece a los otros no y en nuestro caso aún no hemos descubierto al 100% quién es esa empresa ideal lo que comentas Y sí que es verdad que hay unos ciclos de venta que tu ideal pues Cuanto más corto mejor porque bueno Cuanto más corto mejor porque antes pagan ya está y la multinacional tarda más en pagar entonces en nuestro caso aún no lo hemos descubierto Nos gustaría hacer las cosas perfectas pero como todo va tan rápido pues las Vamos haciendo un poco como podemos A veces tenemos el sábado domingo nos ponemos los founders a repasarlo todo a ver tal y damos le damos la vuelta a la empresa Pero no lo hacemo s diariamente lo hacemos Como cada tres meses pero entiendo Pedro que vosotros tenéis un mercado donde estáis empresas que tengan trabajadores no vas a ir una pymes de 10 trabajadores intentar tener mil pymes sino claro vale hay una segmentación y tampoco vas a decir Bueno realmente vamos a ir al público general y hacerlo tú sí sí no a mí lo que me ha pasado es que lo está escuchando mis compañeros y me ha parecido que era algo muy difícil pero realmente es vale si es una no se hace nosotros nos integramos en las videollamadas y que hacer videollamadas tener más de trabajadores porque si no no tiene departamento de recursos humanos y tiene que estar en España porque la plataforma de momento está en español bueno tres filtros y empiezas Pero esto tardas media hora o sea que no que no estás seis meses y meses en nuestro caso al menos y luego haciendo eso dices ostras Pues resulta que las de Cataluña y el país Vasco convierten más Oye por qué Porque son empresas mucho más pero lo vas haci endo todo esto en el tiempo no lo haces todo el primer día ha metido en la cueva que se dice no en el mundo emprendedor pues es hacer las cosas metido en la cueva no intentando hacer un producto que la gente te va a comprar pero que no lo sabes o en el mundo real preguntando a la gente y constantemente iterando y mejorando el producto según el feedback que te dan los el mercado permitidme que pase porque vamos corto de tiempo al tema estrella que es rondas de inversión esto interesa mucho al emprendedor vale Cómo estáis vosotros en tema de Ronda de inversión habéis hecho no en qué momento estáis [Música] Sí bueno Esto es una cosa que yo con el tiempo en base a los inputs que teniendo de distintas personas he ido cambiando un poco la mentalidad porque claro empieza súper joven No tienes un [ __ ] duro no tiene nada para empezar mucho trabajo y lo primero que hace falta capital para esto no Pero es como que y esto lo dice todo el mundo prácticamente hoy en día es si no levantas una ronda no eres guagua y no eres una empresa no O sea si consigues montar un pedazo negocio Como hizo copado que ahora valen 1200 millones de euros a ellos levantaron la primera ronda cuando facturaban vía cuatro millones entonces o le tuvo porque levantas creo que le han cuarenta millones sin dejar prácticamente nada de quity y tiene un pastel muy grande no entonces en nuestro caso vino yo la verdad aún no he hecho ningún Pitch ni nada formal ni betex a ningún inversor visible de forma súper seria aún porque nuestra inversión inicial vino Pues de un mentor que tenía yo de nuestros socios la fundación y vino rodado empezamos a trabajar y el momento en que decidimos este a esto hay que porque la oportunidad pues hay que meter dinero no y quien quiera estar que meta dinero y que no pues que deje avanzar no entonces surgió así muy natural sin embargo justo ahora es interesante porque estabas en un proceso de tenemos varias oportunidades en cuanto a subvenciones que si luego algunos y te hablan y tal no y luego también con el capital propio de lo que vas haciendo Estás en un punto donde ostras tenemos muchas oportunidades también a nivel de negocio de muchos proyectos que hay que entregar y ha firmados y cómo vamos a entregar todo esto y justo estos ya estaban estas conversaciones no De qué tipo de estrategia queremos seguir queremos quizás tomar un riesgo porque al final también es un riesgo tienes una presión y alguien que está aquí detrás que es un pesado a veces no quiero que en 10 años quieres hacer un éxito de mi fan no para poder tener mi retorno entonces queremos tomar esta estrategia para poder asegurar este crecimiento seguramente con todas estas deals y proyectos que tenemos que entregar ahora es tienen tres meses tenemos un trabajo que sé que no voy a pagar en toda la vida no quizás queremos pues ir un poco por trapping o incluso queremos aplicar a proyectos públicos no que también tiene un sentido en la mesa para poder también financiar todo esto al final cada uno yo creo que se tiene que plantear Qué tipo de empresa quiere hacer a mí una persona me dijo una vez quieres hacer una startup o una empresa que es distinto no y dependiendo de lo que quieras montar Y cómo quieres hacerlo plantar esta estrategia no es una cosa que no es un poco con el tiempo hemos ido cambiando pero si te fijas nuestros dos inversores iniciales no son nibisisi ni nada es una persona individual un business se puede decir con capital y una fundación que ven esto como a largo plazo sin la presión de tener que salir en x tiempo no entonces un poco esto determina lo que queremos hacer yo siempre digo yo no me veo ahora mismo fuera de donde estoy ahora es de la empresa yo pienso cuando estoy muy estresado y digo vale está súper cansado de todo esto sal de la empresa lo que sea qué vas a hacer con tu vida no tengo ni idea entonces para mí Hay que seguir qué quiero decir con esto que para mí el único éxito que veo el único output de esto es irme a ipio a la bolsa no es como yo lo veo entonces esto define un poco Qué tipo de estrategia de inversión quieres plantear en mi caso si ahora podemos ir vendiendo sin inversión mejor cuando haga falta la planteamos con tiempo con estrategia para posicionarte desde un punto de vista que tienes la sartén por el mango es decir tú no puedes ir un día cualquiera Buenos días inversor Quiero dinero tienes que ir conociendo a la gente o vamos a comer un día vamos a esto y dentro de seis meses Oye voy a abrir una ronda si te interesa pues aquí estamos no es completamente distinto el paradigma de cómo está porque es una persona que te conoce que dice [ __ ] este tío que conozco que hay evolucionando quiero invertir ustedes una oportunidad que no me la puedo perder Y es distinto no entonces aquí cada uno Yo diría que se plantee Qué tipo de empresa está haciendo quiere hacer y en base a eso vea cómo puedes salir adelante con sus propios recursos y si hace falta Qué tipo de inversión O capital quiere buscar No perfecto Patricia B ueno muy interesante lo que has comentado porque yo cuando cuando empecé con esto sí que me planteé Qué tipo de empresa quería y lo primero que pensé fue Bueno yo tengo una situación tienes que pensar no dónde vives Cómo vives Qué tipo de situación tienes no tal pensé Bueno tal niño pequeño otro niño que va a venir tal Yo quiero esto porque Además estoy loca como una cabra y quiero esto y esto lo voy a hacer Sí o sí Esto va a salir quiero cambiar un poco el mundo en este sentido Pero lo voy a intentar hacer primero a pequeña escala No porque si no no tiene sentido con mi situación no Vale entonces me lo planteé lo realmente lo estudiamos tal lo miramos Pero cuando me vi en medio del fregado Esto no es una empresa Es que esto no puede ser una empresa o es una startup o te vas y como ya estaba totalmente dentro del tema Pues nada pues Vale pues ya estaba Esta es lo que hay es así eh Porque ver hay negocios o hay fórmulas o hay modelos que pueden ser pequeñas empresas y otros que no lo pu eden ser y en este caso no puede ser pues bueno pues tiene que ser esto no que he hecho yo pues capital propio a saco family and Friends lo que amigas amigos sobre todo familia y ahora ha entrado un socio vale un socio también pues fácil ha sido una cosa fácil yo no he ido a buscar lo he ido a buscar inversión Aunque ha habido gente que me ha llamado y tal la verdad es que le tengo un poco de vértigo os diré Me da me da cosa sí No no es lo que dices tú no tener alguien detrás esta presión ya tengo mucha depresión y verme con esa además me agobia no entonces bueno he ido tirando así hasta que vino hablando tal una persona conocida Oye un business de ángel que conozco tal pues Oye pues Mira te voy te voy a ayudar No pues ya está y surgió así y ha sido la inversión que bueno el socio que tengo ha ido por aquí yo no tengo esta presión no de porque esta persona confía en mí tenemos un acuerdo tal Y yo estoy tranquila no pero tengo que ir a buscar dinero otra vez entonces Bueno pues estamos ahí no cómo hago esto que es un poco dices no el tema de las rondas Pues yo me siento un poco perdida la verdad os diré Y he hablado con gente llamado y preguntado no sé qué y se me hace un poco un mundo un mundo y en este momento lo que estoy haciendo estamos haciendo junto con otra persona estamos midiendo muy bien estamos analizando las métricas porque ha habido un punto en el que es para para un momento porque hay que parar no entonces fue como Alguien vino Y me dijo tienes que parar para para porque hay que analizar hay que medirlo bien y hay que tener todas estas métricas muy claras Y a partir de aquí no toma decisiones estrategias tal No pero sí que sí que esto ha sido un punto clave no ha sido un punto de analizar bien tener las métricas claras tal Y a partir de ahí tomar decisiones hay que ir a hacer una ronda vamos a ver cómo se hace con estas métricas tal tal tal no bueno Pues yo soy radicalmente un poco lo contrario no O sea yo tengo en el a día de hoy hoy se está firmando ahora mismo la extensión de la primera ronda nosotros levantamos el año bueno la fundacional fueron 100.000 euros entre nissa y capital propio luego 400.000 euros donde entraron fondos de

inversión alemanes de país Vasco de Barcelona y Madrid y ahora nos entra una multinacional de recursos humanos que es básicamente la más conocida aquí en España y latinoamérica que entra como socio industrial y pone medio millón No o sea en total habremos levantado un millón cien mil euros más enixas de 200 y pico mil y más cdc que es una subvención o sea mucho dinero claro y esto no que comentaban de esa gente ahí y tal a mí me dan igual o sea si esa gente y le dice no O sea literalmente yo les he llevado a decir no me toques los huevos que esta compañía es mía y si tú has invertido es por mí les dices eso ya está se acaba la historia entonces claro la capacidad que Venture capital tiene de decidir en tu compañía aunque te haya puesto medio millón de euros y solo tiene un 5% es cero yo solo tengo el 50% de la compañía y mi socio tiene el 2020 y pico no tenemos la mayoría absoluta Entonces hasta que ellos no tienen una mayoría bestial que eso pasa a partir de la serie boc el que toma las decisiones es el fundador y además Nosotros hemos blindado el pacto de socios para que todas las decisiones importantes las tomemos nosotros Entonces el un poco esta sensación que podían transmitir los compañeros que creo que tiene mucho que ver con con los mitos no de te cuento No es que los Venture capital te llaman Oye no tengo tiempo para ti y te quedas tan pan Bueno yo al menos me quedo Pancho y duermo bien por las noches no Entonces por qué Porque si tú no estás bien que eres el que ha montado el tinglado se acaba la película entonces tú le dices no me toques los huevos que se acaba película Y entonces el tío te deja tranquilo y tú vuelves al cabo de tres meses y le dices ey que estoy facturando 50.000 euros al mes y estoy levantando otra Ronda de 3 millones y ya no te vuelven a llamar jamás O sea no te llevas nunca jamás Simplemente te llaman para decirte Pedro qué tal Cómo vas te puedo ayudar en algo no y es el rol que tienen ahora los fondos de inversión con nosotros también por la forma de ser que tenemos que como ya habéis visto muy canallas muy piratas no O sea nos definimos así somos el anti founder no el founder protocolario que hace las cosas bien que va a una incubadora no un aceleradora o sea Nosotros somos antiesso nos han llamado de lanzadera de combinator de muchas y siempre hemos dicho que no porque porque donde se aprende es la batalla en el día a día en la calle y ya está bien nos queda muy poquito tiempo así que vamos a cerrar con unas preguntas vuestras del público alguno quiere preguntarles me encanta un poco de agua Martínez pasamos micrófono de acuerdo Que bueno que te llaman Y tú dices No mira yo soy el que lo hago Pero qué pasa cuando la facturación no es buena que también te puede pasar que le contesta también espérate o cómo hace Claro porque te p uede pasar eso que a ti te va a ir bien pero Y sí me va mal Qué le digo a este que me ha puesto el dinero digo no no me digas nada que voy por fe bueno que por feina no qué hacemos claro no me encontraron esa situación habría que verlo a ya qué haría en esa situación probable o sea mi forma de actuar es que probablemente ya meses antes empezaría a hablar con él Hola cómo estás lo llamo yo Hola Adrián Cómo estás Oye luego al otro no al alemán Hola gord cómo estás tal empiezas un poco a preparar el terreno no para pedirle más dinero lógicamente hay un tema importante un pentour capital no te quiere por lo bonito que eres por lo por Cómo hacer de ir a la gente por Lolis o portal solo te quiere porque él dice yo te meto un millón de euros y en cinco años espero sacar mínimo 10 y entonces es Oye tío tú tú eres emprendedor No tú qué haces metes dinero en un sitio y confías que yo tenga la capacidad de transformarlo en 10 20 o 100 veces más Pues déjame tranquilo no cuando eso no no en el futu ro supuesto de que las cosas empezarán a ir mal no lo estoy demostrando Entonces sí que necesitas que Oye ayúdame no que las cosas no están yendo como me gustarían Pero no no me encontraban rápido Rápido y hacemos la última pregunta ok No En relación a esto yo creo que es interesante cuando hablo de qué tipo de empresa startup o empresa que es porque es lo que si quieres meter un visir tendrán los primeros dos tres años periodo de inversión poniendo el capital no luego cinco años maduración del fondo no y luego la desinversión Entonces esto lo que implica es que tú cuando vas a buscar inversión le tienes que dar un recorrido o la imagen de Cuál es el exit cuál es la ventana de salida para ese fondo no entonces por eso yo digo que tienes que plantear de qué tipo de empresa quieres hacer en ese momento porque eso implica que tú a 10 años quieres tener la presión de o quieres saber que tienes que haber o hacer una hiper ronda boc para que le compren eso o quieres hacer vender la empresa e ntera O quieres ir a ipiales has llegado en ese punto no Entonces yo lo que sí que es cuando las cosas van mal es ahí donde realmente ves Si has escogido no los correctos a mí me gusta mucho creo que es el capítulo 9 o 10 de un libro se llama capitalismo consciente que está extremadamente bien y ahí habla en un punto en concreto de Los Socios no Y de qué tienes que escoger por eso y tenerte ahora de que tienes que escoger socios que aposten por la visión en la empresa a largo plazo No yo el hecho de incorporar mis dos cofundadores Fabián y Frederick no es porque sean los [ __ ] amos en tecnología y tal a mí me da igual porque [ __ ] amos en tecnología y muchos no Aunque te creo eso es porque estamos alineados en visión en el componente social que queremos hacer la empresa en la tecnología que íbamos a hacer en cómo queremos transformar el sector Entonces cuando las cosas van mal dadas Entonces no y vamos mal ahí es cuando se demuestra cuando no estamos cumpliendo con ellos de facturaci ón Bueno pues arribamos no y trabajamos todos evidentemente a ciertos niveles cuando incorporas un fondo importante no van a ponerse a trabajar contigo no pero sin embargo es un fondo que realmente no creen el 1820 por x que por supuesto es el objetivo final es sacar esta rentabilidad pero en esta visión de hoy estamos haciendo algo no van bien que hemos conseguido de estos objetivos pero la facturación acompaña que hace falta No vamos a buscar alternativas más capital vamos no que cambiar la dirección vamos a ayudar Entonces ahí es realmente lo el punto No es cuando van las cosas mal si no es en el momento de incorporarlos cuando se tiene que hacer bien me parece a mí bien la última pregunta no he visto las manos había una por aquí no no contestada pues entonces Vamos a darle un fuerte abrazo a estos emprendedores Muchísimas gracias por participar [Música]

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