Supporting Online Learner Success with Pathways and Recognition of Prior Learning

Supporting Online Learner Success with Pathways and Recognition of Prior Learning

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SUNY Online Summit 2023: And then Brian. SUNY Online Summit 2023: Okay, we're recording so we can go. SUNY Online Summit 2023: Hi, everybody! We're going to get started. SUNY Online Summit 2023: That's Norm bond for everybody who's interested.

SUNY Online Summit 2023: Hi! Everybody! Welcome to the 345 session. I'm. Meg Benkey, i'm a professor at Sunni Empire State College. I coordinated I program in adult learning also a program in SUNY Online Summit 2023: learning and LED Tech. And then I also teach in our Edd program. But it's my pleasure today SUNY Online Summit 2023: to introduce colleagues of Alex and myself who we met Pre Covid. I had the pleasure to meet these colleagues in Ireland when I was there on a Fulbright, and SUNY Online Summit 2023: brought them back to the Us. To do some other things and introduce them to Alex Pre Covid.

SUNY Online Summit 2023: And we've established collaborative relationships going back and forth SUNY Online Summit 2023: through through through this time and working together on both online education SUNY Online Summit 2023: mit Ctl and and prior learning assessment. It's my pleasure to introduce Karina Ginti, who is the director of a pretty major project that's going on in Ireland right now. 3. SUNY Online Summit 2023: There are 7 institutions that have received money from the European Union to develop a digital infrastructure student supports, and also faculty supports in Ireland's Technological University system. SUNY Online Summit 2023: and I'm. Also pleased to introduce variety Killer, who is working with another project that is called employability. What is it? We higher at 4.0 1, SUNY Online Summit 2023: which is a really innovative program that links together career planning and placement type student supports SUNY Online Summit 2023: with employer supports and prior learning assessment.

SUNY Online Summit 2023: They both work at the Atlantic Technological University, which they'll tell you more about SUNY Online Summit 2023: and work there with the online and student support areas and these SUNY Online Summit 2023: multi-funded projects. I'll tell you the number of millions, but it would be too much for us to even think about in our lovely state system. SUNY Online Summit 2023: I also wanted to say. Yesterday, Alex SUNY Online Summit 2023: said, you know, asked who who was from the farthest away, who from here and Norm tried to clam, claim that that SUNY Online Summit 2023: thing it's he, I will tell you. He's only 2,483

SUNY Online Summit 2023: miles away, and it's all by land. These women came 3,050 miles overseas. Okay, here they are. Alright, okay. SUNY Online Summit 2023: it's all right.

SUNY Online Summit 2023: 3 dots right there and then Presenter: okay, perfect. Okay, we get rid of this. SUNY Online Summit 2023: Okay, so lovely to meet you all, and my name is Karina Kenti. And thank you so much. Meg. SUNY Online Summit 2023: Oh, there's we. Thank you so much, Meg for the wonderful introduction. And thank you so much, Alex, for inviting us to be here with you today to share the story of the work going on in Atlantic Technological University. It's not sure if i'm too close.

SUNY Online Summit 2023: and so we'll be taking you through the story over the next hour, and we do have a paddler board in the chat, where we will be asking some questions, and there is some interaction along the way, so we'll begin 150, SUNY Online Summit 2023: something moving forward. SUNY Online Summit 2023: Oh, yeah, there we go. So Pridey Klorean is here, right? You want to introduce yourself. Yeah. SUNY Online Summit 2023: So yeah, good afternoon, everybody. And I suppose, just to really say special. Thank you to Alex. You know you've been absolutely wonderful and so collaborative and so kind of nice and inviting us here, and everybody is supposed to make us really welcome and friendly. Even the Shamrocks at reception, You know we're so we're so thoughtful. Thank you, Alex. SUNY Online Summit 2023: And does it. Say, Meg, as well has been. So you we've learned so much from you and what you've been doing here with Sunni, and just to say thanks. You know for that.

SUNY Online Summit 2023: Okay. So we're going to take you through a bit of a story over the next hour, and we'll tell you a little bit about our university, and we're pretty new actually, even though we've been around in our original Institute. Gmit for over, but not us working there. But it is 50 years old actually this year G. Mit. SUNY Online Summit 2023: But we'll tell you about the Atlantic Technological University and this innovation project. So there's a number of areas we're going to look at. You'll get an opportunity, then, after this session, to delve in and explore the platform and SUNY Online Summit 2023: mit ctl and Bridy will talk about a pilot initiative that is happening with Sunni and through connections with Meg, and will be delighted to share that with you as well. So 250. SUNY Online Summit 2023: Okay, so who we are. Here we are. So at Atlantic Technological University. If you're familiar with the map of Ireland, we're actually we're taking over, I suppose, the west and northwest of Ireland you'll see all the all the little orange dots there are campuses. So we start from Galway

SUNY Online Summit 2023: in the west of Ireland, Galway City if you're familiar, and it goes all the way up to the north to dongall to Letter Kenny. So we are the second largest university now in Ireland as a result of the merger of our 3 Institutes of technology, which was originally called Gmit SUNY Online Summit 2023: it cycle SUNY Online Summit 2023: Mit. SUNY Online Summit 2023: but certainly in recent years, and probably more so. In the last 5 to 10 years we've been putting more of an emphasis on focusing on flexible and online learners and some of the initiatives that we're talking to you about today. You'll see how we're trying to drive engagement and support the transition into higher LED for different cohorts. So 150, SUNY Online Summit 2023: E. C. SUNY Online Summit 2023: Within our country of Ireland we we will be seen, as I suppose, the second largest and SUNY Online Summit 2023: and it was for us as Well, we're regionally dispersed, but we're also regionally focused. So we're very focused on meeting the the needs of such a wide range of stakeholders in our region and driving engagement into higher LED 2.

SUNY Online Summit 2023: So these are couple of a couple of images, different places where so this is the campus that Bridges and I are in in Gawey City right here in the centre, and then right up here above. Then you have the Donegal campus, another beautiful part of Ireland out in Kanemara as well. If you're SUNY Online Summit 2023: with with Konamar, if you've been there SUNY Online Summit 2023: another campus in Galway, we have for creative arts and media. We have an agricultural campus as well in Mount Belu, where, and we have Mayo as well. A lot of the Health Science and nursing programs take place there and then up in Sligo, and as well, has such a wide variety of programs and very well known for their online degree. Programs SUNY Online Summit 2023: may be familiar with Sligo and for many years. Okay. So SUNY Online Summit 2023: next. So what about the drivers, and where, I suppose. Where has this all come about, and why we're here today to chat to you about this project so SUNY Online Summit 2023: mit Ctl. And there is policy drivers that have been driving development for us, and in more recent years there has been a huge investment in higher education under this area called Human Capital Initiative Hci. So Bridy and I were part of a team that co-developed this whole proposal that you'll hear about today and 150.

SUNY Online Summit 2023: This human capital initiative. It's like an innovation Grant or an innovation fund through government. It's worth 12 million euro, and it's very much aligned with what's happening in the Technological University sector. The change in transition that's happening with SUNY Online Summit 2023: mit ctl and colleges merging together supporting that innovation and change and transition, and focus very much on a regional mission. And how we're aligning better with enterprise, and how we're supporting such a wide range of stakeholders coming in from industry, one SUNY Online Summit 2023: mit ctl, and from further edge, and from people seeking to get back into the workplace or returning into higher education. So there's a very strong focus on employability in the sector in Ireland, and that's what has drive 250. SUNY Online Summit 2023: Our engagement and reinventing and redesigning a lot of our programs. So in addition to that, you'll see more emphasis looking at micro credentials as well, and I know that I think it's Alex. That's involved in a micro credential project, is it? Maybe it's I mean SUNY Online Summit 2023: Mit. C. SUNY Online Summit 2023: So the policy drivers. So when we were making the business case for this offering, and we even at this stage Bridges and I are looking at. How is this whole initiative going to be sustained and embedded within our University, my career path so

SUNY Online Summit 2023: mit ctl. And when we look at lifelong learning, participation across the EU Ireland is quite low, and that's one of our drivers then. So when we see the EU average is about 10.5% one. SUNY Online Summit 2023: and the participation participation rate in Ireland is 7.3. We have a lot to do to encourage and get people into the Institute. SUNY Online Summit 2023: And so the Government has set us a target of 15% by 2,025 now where we are at the moment. We're probably at about 12. So we're actually doing okay, but we still have another couple of years to meet that. And that's where tools like my career path which Bridy will talk about in a moment, are going to help drive up that target and reach our numbers. SUNY Online Summit 2023: And then also you'll see other factors that are driving. There's national and international policies and strategies that are helping us, I suppose, drive higher education to to reinvent and reimagine and develop structures and pathways. And this is where the whole idea of micro potentials SUNY Online Summit 2023: and I suppose innovative learning paths is coming about as well.

SUNY Online Summit 2023: So SUNY Online Summit 2023: and so, where all this is leading to, you know you'll see this whole kind of enterprise perspective which is important, and this whole drive for upskilling of the workforce, and those links between higher education and the workforce certainly are coming through very strongly in the work that Bridy is doing, and the team SUNY Online Summit 2023: and the workplace environment. As we know, they have an agenda to digitally transform, just as we do in higher education. They want to see the right people for the right jobs, and access to higher education is key and SUNY Online Summit 2023: upskilling and upskilling staff at different stages of their careers, so that they see opportunities to excel and develop in their own particular roles. SUNY Online Summit 2023: Okay. SUNY Online Summit 2023: Okay, okay. And so this is the human capital initiative that I I mentioned. And then, just so you see as well. I think it's covered by SUNY Online Summit 2023: the sign. But maybe people see that online. But just for everyone to see here, this just gives you an insight on the growth of our online and student numbers in at us. So there's been steady, steady growth now SUNY Online Summit 2023: back in 2,002 2,003. This is where Sligo began. So our Sligo campus, where, I suppose, the pioneers and let out on the area of online teaching or online learning programs. And then we've seen steady growth over the years.

SUNY Online Summit 2023: and in particular, if we look at 2,022, that's when we all merged together when we Sligo and and we all came together, and our numbers began to grow. So you'll see numbers there at 5,972. SUNY Online Summit 2023: I don't have the numbers at the moment from 2,023. But you see strong growth there in flexible and online learning programs, and there' be about 150 available across the Atu. SUNY Online Summit 2023: So where have we? I? Where what are we doing next in relation to driving those numbers? But, more importantly, how are we promoting access to higher education and providing or pl opportunities? And this is the Atu response to that which Brid is going to talk about. Okay, so thanks, Queena. SUNY Online Summit 2023: So so I suppose, focusing on what's called the higher LED 4.0 project, and we received 12.4 million, which is fantastic because projects give you that space and that resource to innovate and do things differently. SUNY Online Summit 2023: So you can see here the project. There's 3 key themes and team. One is the one that I'm leading out on, and that was to set up a service for learners, for employees to get career guidance, to get assistance with their pla or orpl, as what we call it.

SUNY Online Summit 2023: and provide digital tools and a platform to help learners and support them. To do this. So the second part of Team 2, then, is about developing micro credentials, because I think most of you know, and you see, the research is showing that employers really value skills. You know the skills are so important to employers, and they want SUNY Online Summit 2023: to be able to provide their employees short pieces of learning that's accredited and available to be stacked to a larger award. So that's what Team 2 is really kind of working with industry to prepare those modules. SUNY Online Summit 2023: And then the final pieces around policies, because us, as a new university had to develop policies SUNY Online Summit 2023: to support Orpl or pla policies to support micro credentials, and that was another part of our project. So they're the 3 kind of key elements. But we're just focusing today on the first theme, one which is the career and learning pathways, giving career guidance to help people with their course. Selection. SUNY Online Summit 2023: you know, which is going to help with retention, and also to an advisory service for pla. SUNY Online Summit 2023: So we developed my career path. Now I must say that i'm a year and a half in this role. So it's very new, and you know. So we've put a a lot of work in a year and a half, and what we've developed, but we have a lot to to go to as well. So

SUNY Online Summit 2023: I just want to introduce first thing around employeeability because, Queen, I just mentioned it there, and how we've linked in employability into the program and the platform, and here I have Dars pool seal, and they're They have developed a framework for employability. SUNY Online Summit 2023: and, as you all know, employability is not about getting a job. It's about remaining and sustaining your employability throughout your lifetime. And this particular framework we really liked, and it was from the University of Lancashire in the Uk. A lot of universities have integrated it there into their programs, and that's what we've integrated the model into our my career path platform. SUNY Online Summit 2023: So Here you will see there's 5 key elements to employability that must be present, you know, for a learner and their career, development, learning, experience, work in life, degree, subject knowledge, generic skills, and emotional intelligence. SUNY Online Summit 2023: And you know they need to get exposure to these elements, but also to be able to reflect on, and they have shown that this is increases. You know a learners self confidence, self efficacy, and self esteem, and there's a very strong correlation between that self confidence and employability. SUNY Online Summit 2023: and I just, you know, wanted to highlight that. And, as I say, the important thing is that all these elements must be present in order, you know, for somebody to to to maintain their employability, and what we have done with my career path is in the pathways that are learned as go through.

SUNY Online Summit 2023: We we take their employability pulse before they start their pathway, and we do it again at the end. So they're able to see where they kind of sit in terms of employability in all of these key areas. SUNY Online Summit 2023: So, as I say, my career path was developed to give career guidance to employees. People in the workplace in Ireland that Don't have access to career guidance. SUNY Online Summit 2023: It's impartial, one to one career guidance and mentoring service. And we've developed personal pathways. We're using innovative tools. So when we developed this, it was just after Covid. So it was the first time that we offered career guidance SUNY Online Summit 2023: in an online forum where we were using digital tools with the expertise of guidance councillors and also orpl coordinators.

So when we started we just mapped out what the pathway would look like. SUNY Online Summit 2023: And first of all, it was very much about engaging the learner, and you know, in Ireland, as I say, we use orpl recognition of prior learning. But people don't know what that means. You know you talk to employers, and you talk to learners, and what is it SUNY Online Summit 2023: mit ctl? And so it was about the communication around Orpl. Then it was having online resources to help people in their portfolio of application. So you have to do a very complex portfolio of application in Ireland 2, SUNY Online Summit 2023: and it was you're giving them support to do that, so helping them to to understand, align the work, experience their you know experimental learning to the learning outcomes of a program, and they were going to get more success in their applications.

SUNY Online Summit 2023: It was about career guidance. So we had online career assessment tools that we've built into the pathways. So again, helping people understand and get to know themselves and to get to know what really suits them best. SUNY Online Summit 2023: So. And then what we do is we look at the courses that suit what is presented in terms of their personality profile. We also have an E learning hub on the platform, so that if there's gaps in their learning, or if there's you know, confident around certain fundamental skills that literacy SUNY Online Summit 2023: mit ctl, and you numeracy the transversal skills. We have lots of E learning courses here. They're not accredited, but it's all about building their confidence before they take the next step of that learning 2.

SUNY Online Summit 2023: So then we have, as I say, the employability track. So that means, then something to somebody. Why, i'm going back to invest in my learning, and how it's going to be good for me long term. SUNY Online Summit 2023: and they all develop their career program and pathway and plan with smart goals and and all the rest of it. So that's really it. This is the platform, my career path, so you can come on here and you can make an appointment to meet a career learning pathway advisor. Now it's not an open platform, so you have to meet somebody first. SUNY Online Summit 2023: and they will have a discussion with you to see that it is for you, and then they'll show you the platform, and then you get access to the platform and to your pathway. SUNY Online Summit 2023: So how we thought we might reach people in the workplace is to develop these personas. So people could identify with the different personas. So you can see new beginnings, career, accelerator, mastery, path, dream builder, and entrepreneurial path. SUNY Online Summit 2023: And we've, you know these are the 5 key pathways we started with. Initially. But we've developed new ones as we work with industry, because they want us to work with their H or departments and their L and D departments to have maybe their own kind of stamp on the learning pathway for their employees. So we've also developed kind of bespoke pathways, but these were the the key ones we started with.

SUNY Online Summit 2023: and you can see there's 4 key elements to your pathway. So first of all, it's starting blocks. It's looking inward. So you're doing some kind of psychometric assessments around your strengths. So we chose kind of positive assessments to help people identify their strengths, and what courses they might align to personality to understand their personality. SUNY Online Summit 2023: So reflect on the career assessments. They're learning styles, and they're supported at each stage with their career and learning pathway advisor. And with our pl coordinator, so they will meet a person online 4 times during this process. SUNY Online Summit 2023: So the second phase is getting on your marks. So this is where we bring them to some of the e-learning courses on the platform. So we've identified maybe areas that might be good for them to learn more about, and so that's the second phase. The third phase, then, is when they're actually putting together their portfolio. So whether it's their pla SUNY Online Summit 2023: portfolio and then to get supports during that. And then finally, it's either submitted applications and they will consolidate their career development, plan with their or pl coordinator and with their careers advisor. SUNY Online Summit 2023: So again, when we started looking at the pathways, we looked at who they were, what they needed and what they bring to the table, and obviously what supports. So each pathway we kind of chose different things and different assessments, and a different pathway, obviously for each persona. SUNY Online Summit 2023: I'm not going to go through this now, but I have brought along some material, and obviously we can show you the pathways afterwards, if you'd like to see them. But you can just see how it's broken down, and there's different tasks they have to go through and complete before they can move to the next stage.

SUNY Online Summit 2023: So career Accelerator is somebody who is a recent graduate. SUNY Online Summit 2023: somebody who maybe has a lot of work experience in the workplace, but now wants to go back to get their qualification. SUNY Online Summit 2023: and then you have mastery pathways, somebody who is seeking promotion or career advancement, or a job changer, or looking for a new talent. Then you have the dream builder. So this is somebody who's considerable achievements in their life or career, and are now looking to go back and pursue their passions. And then, finally, the entrepreneur, an ideas person, innovator, dynamic, creative, and interested in business and a problem solver.

SUNY Online Summit 2023: So this is what the platform looks like, and we used a platform called avantegro. SUNY Online Summit 2023: And what we liked about this platform is that it's all the kind of material here in the programs here. It's very geared towards people in the workplace because a lot of career development platforms are typically for younger undergraduates where this is really geared towards people in the workplace. SUNY Online Summit 2023: But we customize this. So we put our stamp on it, and SUNY Online Summit 2023: you know you've got lots of versatility here in terms of how you build your pathways. So today we we just launched last June, June, 2,022. So we have worked with 602 learners, the majority over 300 from the workplace.

SUNY Online Summit 2023: So there you can see just you know, we can log the activities. We're able to see what's the most popular activities with learners and we're tracking, You know. Obviously the outputs those that have applied to the Atu for courses. So we're able to see how it's tracking there is on the left hand side. You will see the employability report, and I have another slide on that. SUNY Online Summit 2023: But obviously, then, we have. We have a very strong focus on transversal skills, because a lot of our employers are saying. This is an area that their graduates are not very strong on. So you know, we've in built a lot of work around employability transversal skills. SUNY Online Summit 2023: Here would you see the kind of key elements of employability like I mentioned earlier, and they get a very good detailed report after doing their employability pulse. And again, I can show you more detail on that.

SUNY Online Summit 2023: But we're able to break it down. So, for example, the transversal scales the trans personal scales that we focus on are the ones that are highlighted by the World Economic Forum. And you know that say that they they look for in graduates, and we're able they're able to score them. SUNY Online Summit 2023: So if there's areas that have low scoring, we're able then to collect an online pathway to help them, you know, build their score in that area. SUNY Online Summit 2023: It's difficult to describe, but I really need to show you. You know the kind of pathway and what it looks like, but basically it's very much around. What we've developed is career mentorship or apl guidance and online resources. And we believe this is, you know, important for people in terms of going back and re engaging with higher education. SUNY Online Summit 2023: And I think it's interesting what's happening with with you, with Sunni and that recent announcement around Pla from your Chancellor, and I suppose, looking at the cohort that's out there now that you're trying to get back that Have some learning. But they don't have a degree, or they don't have certification. So it's really good way of bringing people back in building their confidence, to go back in and engage with higher education. So here's some of the outputs that they get. So on the left hand side you can see the strengths profile. SUNY Online Summit 2023: It's really nice. It gives you a an output in terms of looking at your realized strengths that you know you have, and you use your unrealized strengths. These are strengths. You may not know you. Have you learned behaviors, those things that you thought were your strengths, but they actually de-energize you. And then your weaknesses.

SUNY Online Summit 2023: So again. You can just see some of the outputs that they get along the way of their journey. It's takes 6 to 8 weeks to complete it at the moment we're going we're looking for accreditation. So we we'll have 5 credits aligned to each of the pathways, but at the moment they get a certificate. SUNY Online Summit 2023: So you know, Really, the advantages for the employees is giving that second chance of rescaling or up skating or re engaging with higher education to get guided support through the process. There is orpl information, a structured program with a careers advisor to help motivate them and keep them going. And a lot of the you know SUNY Online Summit 2023: evaluations that we've got back. Really, I think a very strong kind of point, for the program is the one-to-one guidance to get with the guidance councillors SUNY Online Summit 2023: mit Ctl. And so for employers. It's very much around, you know, in Ireland it's, you know. They they have to develop and upscale their employees. They know that to remain sustainable in their business one. So there's a big push for employers to do that with their employees. So I think this is a good way of getting people engaging with learning, because I mean the Oecd report recently has highlighted that 34%

of employees are not engaged in any learning. So you know it's to kind of address that to keep businesses viable into the future. SUNY Online Summit 2023: So lots of advantages there for employers here are some of the companies that we've worked with with our pilots. So we're very strong in med tech in Ireland and in our region. So we kind of looked out at who was in our region so medtronic, medical regeneron, Cyril really kind of strong organizations with very qualified employees. So that was really interesting. Those pilots and we got very good information in terms of SUNY Online Summit 2023: the micro credential courses they were looking for, but also you know how how we can build it. So you can see Abbott Meisner Coffee Abbey. So we've worked with their employees. And again, it was really interesting, too, because we we got an open door in to the companies and engaging with their employees. So it's a really nice way of transferring people back to our University and to our courses. SUNY Online Summit 2023: We've also worked with further education, because maybe that's the same as your community colleges, so high, higher education and further education. So we have programs to help bring some of their graduates from further AD into higher LED. So we had a couple of programs.

SUNY Online Summit 2023: We're also starting a pilot with Sunni and Meg, you know, very graciously gave us good contacts and with people there that it was interested. And Anita Brown is is going to pilot at the moment she has access to the platform. We're copying over a specific pathway, you know, to use with some of the learners just to see what that output would look like. SUNY Online Summit 2023: So I was just going to play a video, and I think i'm not sure if it's working here. But I think John is going to play it for us. I think SUNY Online Summit 2023: we just have to share it on another screen. It's.

SUNY Online Summit 2023: There is a video back to your presentation because you're in a a browser already. Okay? Yeah. I'm: sorry. SUNY Online Summit 2023: Yeah, I'm: sharing this screen. Yeah. And then that's share. SUNY Online Summit 2023: And then I just gotta start presenting structure. I'll try that.

Yeah. Okay. there. SUNY Online Summit 2023: Oh, yeah. And then SUNY Online Summit 2023: it's one of these isn't it right there. that one. Okay. So I go back in here to zoom SUNY Online Summit 2023: and then share. And SUNY Online Summit 2023: where is it? Here it is Gotcha.

SUNY Online Summit 2023: We need to share. Sounds: yeah. sure. Yeah. Okay. SUNY Online Summit 2023: Now, do you want to introduce that before we press away? Yeah, that's fine. It's just a short video from one of the learners from at medical, and she worked on the production line. And since doing my career path she she got promoted. SUNY Online Summit 2023: Okay, all right. So you say that yeah, no. This is just a short video from one of the learners we've had really good. As I say, evaluations and response back from learners. This is one that she worked in the production line in my medical, their Medical Device Company, and after doing my career Patch, you got promoted and came back to reengage with the course. and she just kind of speaks briefly about it here. My name is Melissa. I'm, currently a technician in merit, medical working in the projects and engineering departments. I was recommended to do my career path, i. E. By Hr. As I wanted to further my education, and I wasn't sure what course to do or what route to take in order to get my degree.

I think it is a great programme, and it really helps people to figure out their goals in life. What career they want to have, and just figure out their strengths, weaknesses, and help build a working with my mentor online was a fantastic experience. She was so knowledgeable and helpful, and was able to with all this online, and you just booked a slot, and it just fitted around my head to schedule the E learning resources were really good and taking different career assessments and quizzes. I found out a lot of things about myself that I was unaware of. and it really helped me to work through my weaknesses. The Cb. 360 tool was also so easy to use and produced a really professional looking. Cb. SUNY Online Summit 2023: We just come back in here. Now again, is this Just goodbye. Come back to that. Okay, Stop sharing. Let me share again.

SUNY Online Summit 2023: I'm going to share this. SUNY Online Summit 2023: Oh, sorry. Not that one. SUNY Online Summit 2023: Oh, yeah. sure. But we'll pick something that SUNY Online Summit 2023: yeah. SUNY Online Summit 2023: if you want to get rid of this? SUNY Online Summit 2023: See those 3 little buttons? Awesome.

SUNY Online Summit 2023: Yeah. And then a high loading meeting. All goes. SUNY Online Summit 2023: Okay. SUNY Online Summit 2023: This is our sites. No, No, no, no, no. 18, Thank you. SUNY Online Summit 2023: Oh, yeah, no. That's on the slide. So maybe it's here. No. there we go.

No here. SUNY Online Summit 2023: Okay, okay. 3 buttons present.

SUNY Online Summit 2023: All right, then. Okay, quickly. During class. As I say, we highlighted that, you know there's a large proportion of people who did the pathways that transfer it to apply for courses within the university, all weighted highly the online element, and you know their interaction with their personal mentors. So SUNY Online Summit 2023: this was the case study we did with Medtronic, so you'll be linked into the Hr. Department and the learning and Development, and they sponsored their employees to come back and do education. So we went in before they had to apply for that. So the first stage was kind of working with the Hr. Department to see what they needed. SUNY Online Summit 2023: and then we kind of brought the employees through the 4 stage process, and it was very successful. Here is just some of the testimonials from the learners, but also from the L. And D. H. Or department. They said, the combination of E learning, tools and career assessments with the personalised device provided SUNY Online Summit 2023: by the queer and only path we advise is the second to none, but also here we have Laura Donna, who was a managing director, and she also did the program with her team, and it was really strong in terms of building up the motivation. And you know, kind of the the various kind of learning within her team. SUNY Online Summit 2023: So, Queena, I'm just going to pass over. Yeah to the so we we thought we're kind of nearly we're halfway through or nearly over halfway through. But we we did want to use the opportunity to capture your experiences as well, and we do have a padlet board in the chat SUNY Online Summit 2023: so, and we can leave that paddle board. Live as we're finishing, you know, as we're moving along with the presentation. But this link would that be that was shared with John. Yeah.

SUNY Online Summit 2023: So in this padlet board we have some questions, and if you look at the first question, what has worked well or what has not worked so well. We're just interested to learn SUNY Online Summit 2023: from your experiences of working with industry and working with employers what has worked well in the States, and you might just add to SUNY Online Summit 2023: do you all familiar with padlocks. You just add to the the stream. And then, of course, so and another question we're interested to, you know, maybe something that has not worked so well, and lessons learned from that, and we're going to come back to other questions as well. So I'll just give you a few moments if you want to go in and just add to the board, and we can show the board in a moment. SUNY Online Summit 2023: Give people a chance. SUNY Online Summit 2023: Yeah, I bring the live forward up. Yeah. SUNY Online Summit 2023: it's just one of those links.

SUNY Online Summit 2023: It's this one. Isn't: just an email. SUNY Online Summit 2023: I just I Okay. SUNY Online Summit 2023: and we'll just refresh this. So this is for everybody online SUNY Online Summit 2023: and for anybody in the room. Just the first question there, what has worked well for you in relation to the

our folks here first is who has experience when the prior learning assessment at your SUNY Online Summit 2023: yeah, you have to go back. I think. Okay. we have some experience. So we want to talk because no. SUNY Online Summit 2023: So one of the challenges here in Sunni work in a room with instructional designers. Alex will need you to get closer to the microphone. Please, alright, sorry. Is there anything in the chat, John, that of anyone who might have some experiences with prior learning assessment, because I think one of the challenges here in Sunni, aside from Empire State College, and Nan Travers, and some of the work that you all have done. I think our experiences are rather limited. Would you say that's true

SUNY Online Summit 2023: community colleges. There you go. Right? SUNY Online Summit 2023: Okay. SUNY Online Summit 2023: So so yeah, I mean, let's leave the padlet open, and if anyone in the virtual session has anything they'd like to add to the paddle than anyone here in the room, we'll that'll be open for, and the the padlet, the paddler board is live, and we've different questions to, I suppose, capture. I was one of the important questions that we might get you to add to towards the end of the session SUNY Online Summit 2023: is looking at the feedback from the my career path model. And maybe there is learning development pathways you have been involved with, or you were interested in, your views of what you might think of the my career path, or how it might work with your existing

SUNY Online Summit 2023: community of Okay. SUNY Online Summit 2023: yeah, just be interested to see what you think and your approach so literally use the plus sign, and we come back to the paddlers in in a in a few moments at least it's live online. And if some of the questions don't apply just to ignore, that's fine. SUNY Online Summit 2023: And we go back to the next one. This one.

SUNY Online Summit 2023: Yeah, this is this: yeah, okay. So SUNY Online Summit 2023: full screen those Times. SUNY Online Summit 2023: No.

SUNY Online Summit 2023: Oh, yeah, okay. So part of the package and part of the the whole. My career, path, experience, or learning pathway. We developed quite a number of years ago, actually back in 2,013 SUNY Online Summit 2023: was an information website or a marketing information site to help candidates interested in looking at orpl assessment, and how they might go about that, and in particular, Our focus back, then, was to develop an E portfolio assessment tool, 2 SUNY Online Summit 2023: mit ctl and built in the moodle environment to actually support candidates navigate and build evidence within this environment so they could submit it for assessment and naturally gain access to a higher education course. So one SUNY Online Summit 2023: E. C. SUNY Online Summit 2023: Mit ctl, and in managing or apl and accepting it as a mechanism for access to higher LED. So we've kind of joined forces with lots of great colleagues now the more than Sunni that we've mentioned, but also Thompson Rivers University have come on board, and lots of different work groups that work group meetings. We've established 150 SUNY Online Summit 2023: mit ctl, and we've been exploring the whole area of competency based assessment and allowing it to our. I suppose, our national framework of qualifications. We've been looking and working with Kale more recently. We got to go to the Kale Conference in Chicago, and that was very interesting because we met practitioners from all over the country that we're dealing with this one. SUNY Online Summit 2023: C. Orpl agenda. We're also very involved with the national project in Orpl called, and you can look this up. It's prior learning. So there is a huge national drive around, recognising prior learning, and I suppose, a very strong agenda for our higher Education Institutes and our registrars to recognise one.

SUNY Online Summit 2023: provide mechanisms for candidates to come into our Institutes, and very closely with su SUNY Online Summit 2023: and university of su 2. I suppose they're as old as we are. They They came out just after we became Atlanta Technological University, and Sc. To you is where Meg did her Fulbright scholarship, our Fulbright Awards experience a number of years ago. So that's Waterford Institute of Technology and Carlo. SUNY Online Summit 2023: So they have formed to become sctu so together and collectively. And we're we've been looking at this whole area of competency based rubric assessment and building out from the original. My experience moodle assessment tool and moving more into a Microsoft dynamic system. And how can that be more intuitive and work with our learners? So we're all learning from each other. And this was, that's the important thing. So we started, and we began with this my experience or pl tune, and you'll be able to see that website. It's my experience SUNY Online Summit 2023: mit ctl and study. In the back end of that there's a link which is still live. Of course it's that moodle system as I mentioned. But as we've moved, and as we've gained this higher education and human capital initiative investment, there's been a huge focus on the digital transformation element. And how can we? 100 and SUNY Online Summit 2023: Mit. Ctl. And I suppose, provide a system that is more. It has that kind of customer relationship management system built in it will follow the user and more closely throughout their journey, and higher it it'll link in my career path. And all of these factors we wanted. All of these apps to kind of merge and become more intelligent

SUNY Online Summit 2023: mit ctl, and that will help us develop and manage that candidate more effectively going forward. So there's been lots of investment in different areas. As I said, there, this is the site when you go into it at the moment, and it's actually even going through another enhancement phase in the next 5 weeks. It'll it'll have a new skin on it again. 2, SUNY Online Summit 2023: and that's in response to the feedback that we're getting from employers to engage in with my career path, but also looking at this information space, how we're going to communicate, or pl more effectively. SUNY Online Summit 2023: we do have 3 orpl coordinators in place so similar to what Bridie mentioned in my career, path, career, and learning pathway advisors. SUNY Online Summit 2023: The orpl coordinators are linked into the my career path system, and they are booking and meeting candidates as well. But their priorities to focus are they relevant to the portfolio assessment tool SUNY Online Summit 2023: mit ctl. And would they be, or do they need, I suppose, further supports from the micro courses that are in my career path? Or perhaps they need to do some bridging courses in order to leap a bit forward into the accessing our higher education programmes. So 250 SUNY Online Summit 2023: mit ctl, and there's quite a lot here in relation to the different, I suppose the the companies that we're working with and right you say a bit about that. Yeah, I know it's a really busy slide. But I suppose just to say, you know, there's 2 projects working in terms of orpl, 250

SUNY Online Summit 2023: mit SUNY Online Summit 2023: The other thing we are engaging, you know, with industry, and we're having specific good examples and good case studies. So here you can see optum orps, Boston scientific and medtronic. So we're able to kind of SUNY Online Summit 2023: highlight and showcase these really good workings of how we can work with industry or pl candidates into programmes within our university. And, you know, have those pathways and systems in place. SUNY Online Summit 2023: We are, as I say, developing new digital tools and digital badges around helping. I suppose academics work with orpl, and understand orpl and assess, or pl appropriately, and build a systems within that. SUNY Online Summit 2023: and then finally, it's, then my career path it's, using the career, learning pathway advisors with the orpl coordinators to look at new innovative ways of developing that E. You know a portfolio for or p of assessment. So they're the kind of key things around that just very briefly. SUNY Online Summit 2023: And how's it going? SUNY Online Summit 2023: Okay. So so just i'll just come to that far there. Okay, so how we've responded. I've mentioned we have developed a a work group where colleagues have been meeting regularly across the sector. And SUNY Online Summit 2023: and interestingly, we're looking at Oscar as well to help guide how we structure this orpl assessments in SUNY Online Summit 2023: Mit ctl and area. And because we're moving out of the moodle environment and going into a new territory of looking at the Microsoft Dynamics type database build system. We have to think a little bit differently on how we, I suppose, bring the learner through the journey of building their portfolio 3

so part of, and then we have to also comply with SUNY Online Summit 2023: Mit SUNY Online Summit 2023: with the work group looking at our national framework of qualifications, and then aligning them to these competencies. So we're brightly talked about all these competencies and transversal skills that are peppers through my career platform and learners clearly understand that that type of language. SUNY Online Summit 2023: But when they come in traditionally to get orpl assessed within our institutes, they will be presented with learning outcomes and program learning outcomes, and in some ways that's double Dutch to a lot of candidates. So what we're trying to do is look at a way to help our educators that are assessing the candidates, but also to help SUNY Online Summit 2023: our orpl candidates coming into the system that they see a bit of plain English and simplicity around SUNY Online Summit 2023: the words the evidence that they need to provide in their portfolio. So when we talk about communication skills, we're making it more explicit, and we're showing a kind of a a mapping tool. Now, I don't have that here to show you today, but I suppose we're telling you about the workings that are going on in the background in relation to the mapping element. So so that's been a really interesting process SUNY Online Summit 2023: Mit. SUNY Online Summit 2023: and they're very interested in piloting and trialing this. So we're looking forward, and maybe it'll be this time, probably in another 6 months. I was going to say this time next year we'll have lots of screenshots to show how this system has been built, and how it's working, and it's great to have colleagues from Sunni that are in our work group as well.

SUNY Online Summit 2023: and I just move forward. SUNY Online Summit 2023: It's moving forward to this. SUNY Online Summit 2023: Okay, Try it again. Okay. So I think we're coming towards the end now. And so those benefits here.

SUNY Online Summit 2023: i'll let you. SUNY Online Summit 2023: Okay, yeah, this is the last slide. So just in terms of enterprise, you know, they're getting employees are getting recognition for especially for their experimental learning, their training, and the skills they've developed in the workplace. It's fast tracking employees, you know, into courses and giving them exemptions, etc. SUNY Online Summit 2023: Career developing career plans, a better return on investment for employers when they are supporting their employees to go back into do, whether it's a a degree, or a masters improved engagement. You know we even work with them in terms of their current role, and how they can. SUNY Online Summit 2023: you know, develop their transversal skills in their current role. So that's better engagement as well for enterprise, and I suppose always promoting the value of orpl in the workplace

for employees with our new platform to get access to all of this 24, 7, You know. What they're busy lives is when they're able to do it. They get one to one mentoring from the coordinators. They have increased self awareness and motivation, and our assessment and evaluations would show that from the learners who've already been through. SUNY Online Summit 2023: They identify their skills and their competencies. What does that mean? And just like what Queen has shown there? How that all links up, you know, and the ease of the application process at the moment. It's very complex, and the portfolio of evidence is very complex, so we need to help them with that SUNY Online Summit 2023: and appreciate the value of recognition of prior learning. And then, finally, for a university. We've developed roots to engage with industry into higher education, developed user. Friendly orpl process, and systems increased numbers in rolling enterprise, partnerships which have a knock on effect across the University, and then, as I say, finally, greater awareness of orpl which is really important.

SUNY Online Summit 2023: Oh, yeah, it comes back to our paddle board. So we do have questions sitting on the paddle board, and some of them might be relevant to the group here today, but we'd certainly love any feedback you can engage with the paddler board, and we have some questions around. SUNY Online Summit 2023: How do we make higher education more accessible? And maybe and I think Meg is going to come in and ask us lots of questions. So you're walking towards us. But so we're happy to take any questions, and it's very exciting about the work that's happening with the pilot as well with Sunni, which will give an opportunity, 2, SUNY Online Summit 2023: or perhaps this community to dive in and experience what's happening? So John (he/him) Zelenak: there are questions from the online audience. SUNY Online Summit 2023: Oh, I see questions. Okay. SUNY Online Summit 2023: What is our Ps down for? So that's a cute. SUNY Online Summit 2023: Okay? So Orpl stands for. Recognize prior learning, which is equivalent to what you call Pla: yeah, prior learning

SUNY Online Summit 2023: so. And you know i'm glad you asked that question because it's interesting. The national project that has been driving this SUNY Online Summit 2023: development of orpl policies in our universities. SUNY Online Summit 2023: They they launched their website, and it called SUNY Online Summit 2023: learning. Of course

SUNY Online Summit 2023: it's interestingly, it's not really catering for the it's catering for us as educators, but not necessarily for candidates that might be considering, because there can be a misunderstanding as to what SUNY Online Summit 2023: or pay it actually means SUNY Online Summit 2023: if it's not widely promoted, you know, by government and to information campaigns. I I can't figure out. Okay, Sorry. But, John, I can choose questions. I can. Just. Yeah, Alex. There are questions from the online audience. SUNY Online Summit 2023: I can't hear. Alex. Can you hear me? SUNY Online Summit 2023: I can hear you.

John (he/him) Zelenak: Okay. So the first question is. John (he/him) Zelenak: our school levers equivalent to high school dropouts in the Us. Or high school graduates. SUNY Online Summit 2023: Yes, I think. But it wouldn't be drop out equivalent to. Oh, yeah, I wouldn't call them drop out, but I would call. SUNY Online Summit 2023: maybe. Yeah, I suppose the School leavers are those that are completing their leaving certificates. So that's the last. What do you call it in the States when SUNY Online Summit 2023: yeah, they're graduating from high school. So what do you call that state You did. They do a state exam here when you graduate from high school SUNY Online Summit 2023: and those they're 18 years old, and they're students that complete our central application system, and they choose a college and course that they want to attend 250.

SUNY Online Summit 2023: So yeah, I was just gonna add to that. Just you know, when you say it about dropouts, I actually don't like the word. But anyway, but we've developed a strength path program specifically for disengaged youth. So people who might have dropped out from education. SUNY Online Summit 2023: And again, it's a really cool. We've gamified this online program, and we use the strengths profile. And again, I I can show it to any of you here in in the room if you did want to see it afterwards. But it's really really good. So just to add that in. SUNY Online Summit 2023: And but I thank you.

SUNY Online Summit 2023: That's another cohort for targeting for my career path SUNY Online Summit 2023: for them. Thank you. John (he/him) Zelenak: So I have 2 more questions. SUNY Online Summit 2023: Yeah. John (he/him) Zelenak: Can students earn credit for career learning. John (he/him) Zelenak: portfolio courses, regardless of whether their evidence could be mapped to courses or programs SUNY Online Summit 2023: at the moment. We don't have

SUNY Online Summit 2023: a credit. Candidates do not get credits for completing an eportfolio. The portfolio is a suppose, an assessment tool that's presented for access. So you would get access or advanced entry to a program as a result of completing an E portfolio of evidence 150. SUNY Online Summit 2023: But it is something we are pushing to give credit for that portfolio, and in order for us to do that, we have to put in place. Let's say, a 5 credit module where the candidates sign up to that module as such, or that that micro credit or sorry micro credential. SUNY Online Summit 2023: and that micro credential might be building an E portfolio for orpl assessment, and that's the way of them getting credits. But at at the moment. It's something like Stand alone. They get a badge and a certificate of engagement with my career path 250.

SUNY Online Summit 2023: But as bride you mentioned earlier. There is we are looking at credit-bearing routes, and it just has to go through our quality system to ensure. That we can put that in place. SUNY Online Summit 2023: Is that? Okay? Thank you. John (he/him) Zelenak: And this is the last one I have from the online audience. Unless I miss something. Folks, if I have re re-enter your question in the chat. But this should be the last one. John (he/him) Zelenak: Can you talk more about how transversal skills are assessed? What's the psychometric background? SUNY Online Summit 2023: Okay. So actually, the tool that we use. The it's called the Career Edge plus tool, and it was developed by app. Integr. The software system that we use

and the candidates are learned? Is they actually self-assessed themselves as a series of questions. SUNY Online Summit 2023: and they self assess themselves in terms of the transversal skills. And, as I say, they do that at the beginning of the program and at the end. So it is around 12 assessment. But we have built, as we say, a learning program, using the E learning courses around transversal skills on the platform. SUNY Online Summit 2023: And again, this has been developed by adventures. So we work with them in terms of doing that. So i'm not sure. If that answers your question, there. SUNY Online Summit 2023: Is that okay? John (he/him) Zelenak: Don, did that answer your question. You can just put something in the chat. Yes, he says, yes, it did.

John (he/him) Zelenak: Thank you. Sure. John (he/him) Zelenak: Alex, if those questions from the room, we cannot hear them SUNY Online Summit 2023: for Meg Bankey here just one of the things that really impressed me about this project is somebody who's worked in the pla business, you know, for quite a long time at Empire State College.

SUNY Online Summit 2023: When you look at some of the statistics they have here. 72% of the students in the program actually go on and take courses. I mean for an employer. Somebody back here at this back table worked in continuing education. I mean getting this kind of participation from a corporate sponsor SUNY Online Summit 2023: program is a pretty high participation, right? But you also had what percentage of the students did pla of your your learners? Yeah, I don't have the percentage, but it was lower it it would actually be less. It was pretty high number, though. Yeah, I think it was like 47, 47% of these students did pla, which I think, is quite impressive SUNY Online Summit 2023: because of 2 2 different things is the combination of using the AI type tools to do the career assessment. But the high personalization of the coaching model. We're really that it's it's a a real good combination of of doing that. Any questions or comments from the room yeah, back here. SUNY Online Summit 2023: I I just wanted to comment that I think it's remarkable the work that you're doing, and I hope you're not disappointed in us that the paddle it didn't get filled up as I was seeing it not get filled up. One of the things I was thinking about is how diffuse SUNY Online Summit 2023: all of the things that you are doing are around the sunny system, where we have had a resolution on a prior prior learning assessment, and with something we need to get started on, and we do have a focus on micro credentials, and we do have a focus on online learning. But it's often completely different offices

SUNY Online Summit 2023: that deal with these things, and so like my office isn't involved with our our micro credential task force. But that's what's integrated into your program and my office. Would not, you know our continuing at office would would deal with prior learning assessment. It's it's not all. We always don't have that single structure, so it's not like out of the lack of interest or anything kind of. I think it's quite remarkable. The work that you're doing so. Thank you. SUNY Online Summit 2023: Yeah, thank you. SUNY Online Summit 2023: Meg. I was wondering if you could talk a little bit about. You know They talked about a collaboration with Sunni, and i'm wondering what is our collaboration. Brad is offered to have Empire State College

SUNY Online Summit 2023: be a participant, Use the platform with an employer to test out its viability because this is a a demonstration research project with employers. So the idea, you know, Barty talked about this at the end that they have to be able to prove that this program can be picked up and replicated SUNY Online Summit 2023: elsewhere. So I hope next year for the summit someone from Esse will come and report on that project, because that sounds incredibly interesting. SUNY Online Summit 2023: and I still want to figure out how to get my kid to do that. SUNY Online Summit 2023: Anybody else in the room. I can't go

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