Smart Protected Cultivation Technologies for South and East Asia

Smart Protected Cultivation Technologies for South and East Asia

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Namaste. A very warm welcome to Biz. I am as we all know, Protective Cultivation is now a common name in the farming sector as it made farming easy and controllable in this farming method, farmers can easily control crop production, climate conditions providing high yield. nowadays, the climate conditions current status is not favorable which majorly affects farming and production Apart from many aspects badly impact production. Hence to solve this problem, The Protective Cultivation method is in which this environment and other farming aspects can control manually. So, without any extra delay, let's start the webinar session on High-tech Protective Cultivation and stay connected with us till the end.

I would like to welcome my co host, mister Mani Pedi. Thank you. Uh thanks everyone for all the participants on board today. I'm on behalf of welcome everybody. all the participants, our guests, speakers today on board. Uh so, our new series technically, the first session that we are going to have today is the High-tech Protective Cultivation and uh before the session, I'd like to thank all our partners on today Heart and life partner in Acts college Outreach and a special thanks to our sponsoring as we all know that has been conducting this webinar series since the last one and a half months now and we are on the sixth session and the first session of our new series technology. um Beso website is

already there on board. Now, anybody can take some time and go to and log in and register their profile and enjoy the services of before any much more time. I'd like to introduce my speaker, mister Rama. There's no name is already have all the kind of uh introduction in the sector. I'm Raj Kumar is a professional with more than 25. years of

experience in the division in different, a condition of tropical sectors Since last 6 years, he has traveled more than 2000 of countries and have more successful, sustainable high-tech farming protection in south and East Asian countries is instrumental in sharing the experience of his design structures of different types of different different types of agro chemicals in this region. Today, he's going to talk about the high tech Cultivation. mainly focusing on selection of appropriate models for your climate and crops in south and the East Asia region. So, over

to you now and I'm very sure all the participants join us today. Uh we'll take a lot of lot of information from your presentation today. Over to you, sir. Assalamu alaikum. Good evening.

to all the parts from uh uh different parts of the the south and the Southeast Asia and East Asia. I welcome all of you. I'm very happy to know that a lot of people from Pakistan uh Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, even Vietnam. they are

participating in this program. So, thanks. for inviting me this uh for this session. So,

my as uh already explained. that I will be speaking on the uh protected Cultivation technologies for the south and East Asia. My main focus will be on the smart protected Cultivation technology So, most of you know that most of you are produced crop seasonally in the open field but in the open field, it's selected by the excessive heat wind rain, hail, and insects.

So open field. they actually, it's your nature without protection. It has a lot of advantages also and uh all of you know that uh because uh uh the uh since our civilization that people are good experienced in the open field contribution So it's also ready to grow in a larger area Easy to manage the crop sometime but uh they are disease and insect also and uh Captain 20s low in the open field and it is also called the low low cost production. So, both that small or large family, they they can they can do the open field Cultivation. Madrid has a lot of advantages also that the farmer they actually lies very low prices uh because they produce uh the crop and normal every every grower they produce in the same time. So, The quality of the produce is also out. that if you compare the

the grade one quality. So you will find a very, very less who can produce during the normal open field So, the climatic sectors like a hail and the rains, strong wind they call um heavy damage to the crop as you can see in the picture also, So, uh beside that uh these uh unfavorable they call the problem. They got a lot of insects. So, some and uh due to this region that uh Not only that uh a lot of uh takes place in the open field. and uh there are also very high use of chemicals, water, and other inputs in the open field.

Besides these challenges that faced in the field. So, we have other challenges also, like the electricity. if you are actually that uh uh electricity, not a believer that most of uh placing the most of farmland. It is also expensive. also and uh so is also problematic in many places uh just like in the western part of India then uh in uh uh part of Pakistan also. So, and

uh uh it's also a problem because of uh either the high in the water or uh uh there are uh other issues also. So, uh that uh because um experience because most of people, they have a experience in the open field growing. So, uh so that is some time also that it is a challenge. uh for the to adopting a very high-tech type of Cultivation. So, fantasy is

also a linking in most of the areas in many countries So, I actually if you see that due to the hyper and in the southeast, the Southeast Asia. So is also very small. So, it's not economical. So, please, if you are importing a technology or some equipment. so imported to is also very high. So, that increase your cost to solve these problems. So, we

grow the face. The challenge to determine what kind of uh Protective Cultivation and technology to be selected for their climate and crops. So, there are four major factor that affect your crop production. Mainly the sunlight as if the sun it. is the uh the

rainfall snowfall that are due and uh hailstorm the moisture in a in a in a in any kind that occurs on our land. then, we so as you all of you know that uh for this is how it takes place because plants take the sunlight and the gardens from uh Amos uh then uh the convert that into the food uh by taking the minerals and other other nutrients from the soil Normally, they appear greens. We call green because they reflect the green light so they can observe yellow, orange, red, blue, violet, as well as individual light like UV light from the sun and some infrared So, uh if you see that uh uh below that 400 to 400 that um wavelength when you have. So, that is actually ultraviolet radiation which actually um uh which increased the actually immunity of the plant so that you can prevent some uh some of the harmful insects and above 700. it is a descent which is called the uh which actually generate the heat. So, between 400 to 700, that is a visual like uh uh wavelength that uh that is a very good for the purpose So, humidity also that uh that uh not in a uh growth that if you are a multiplying the So like uh uh in doing so, you need the humidity 70% and above for any growth of any crop. So, you need the forty to

60%. uh uh humidity and for flowering uh that uh it is not only forty to 50% So for any actually optimum race that we can say that between fifty to 70% off the humidity weather for the growth of and So, similarly, the air temperature that uh optimum for the eighteen to 28° rate but broadly, we can save between fifteen to 35° Celsius. if it is less than 10°, then we call it a cold condition than between eleven to seventeen. We call it the cool and excessive values above 30° Centigrade. Similarly that uh uh uh normally that's if we design structure So uh uh a minimum that uh 110 kilometers per hour is the standard that we follow uh all over the world but uh structured cannabis can turn up to 200 kilometer per hour. So, all these things actually problem that you have seen that dissolved uh complicate you on a production. So, the three.

sunlight air temperature, wind all to what the plant is experiencing actually. So, I will give you some quick overview of the advantages and the advantages of the various products and system using the plastic covers. So, first of all, that I will speak on the net. It's a low cost uh good for summers in plains. Very

easy to cover the large area. Uh insect than the field and uh and uh you can also extend your harvesting season. Uh this type of structure, they are good for uh the western uh part of India or southern part of Pakistan or any area where the rainfall less than 500 MM. are you have a good sign. So what the house that uh uh this increase during the monsoon period or during the winter when you have a high humidity and uh uh it also involves the labor because uh uh during winter, you have to remove this uh uh covering and uh again installed during the month of uh uh spring summer So, they have this they are also uh amazed by the high winds. So that's the along with

the house. Uh if you are uh uh but if you're growing your crops like a cucumber, or uh it's a very um you can grow a very good quality cucumber in this house is especially during the summer. A lot of people in the area. uh they are growing actually cucumber and a very good uh uh they are doing the two cycles. uh some grower. they are doing the three cycles also farming It's they are very uh good for uh uh keeping your plants warm during the winter season or at a higher level during summer season. Farming is very popular in Pakistan area. So, a lot of people in in

the in the Pakistan Punjab, they they do that So, there are two types of tunnels. Uh normally one is called the low tunnels which are actually structurally installed during the winter. Uh once the spring season come and they removed these tunnels and uh let the crop grow naturally and there are high tunnels just like you see in the pictures also which are actually install normally to extend the incision in the play area of northern climate or at the higher elevations. Uh where we have a cold summers also. So, these tunnels are actually they are local structures uh can protect your crop against the cold and rain and hail and you want to do some extent with the snow. Also, and uh you can cover the larger area Um it works very well between uh ten to 28° Centigrade temperature and uh uh you can also advance your uh harvest season but uh the disease is also a problem in this this structure Uh you can't do that and that automation or optimize because this small, small tunnels you have to create on a large area.

So, sometime it is a very difficult to manage these areas and you need a lot of supervision. also and uh uh from the opening of the tunnels that are uh chances of uh uh insect entry also and uh you can uh easily lose the plastic over due to the bin even at the low speed can uh uh uh damage structure. So, these are advantages. Disadvantages with

the tunnels. So then, next level comes to a natural ventilated polys. So, this structure, they are very good for actually uh my type of climate. Uh just like uh in India. you can see the Puna Bangalore and the Southern region. We are uh somebody is

not very hot or something like that. So, you can easily manage the uh temperature in this houses They they they can you can similarly just like you can protect against the inhaler storm uh or even snowfall and uh uh it was uh very well between ten to 28° Centigrade So, you can also advance to the harvest season. You can either you can or you can you can postpone that uh harvesting uh but uh uh during uh uh high summer during the month of May, June then uh it's very difficult to grow crops uh in this uh Pos also um because if uh outside temperature is 35 then inside temperatures goes fifty plus uh during the daytime. So, it is become very

difficult to uh grow the crops during the summer. Uh uh temperature conditions and also during the season when you have a very high humidity that causes a lot of fungal and bacterial problem inside the poly so that the risk of you might have seen that in the month of May and uh this um the bills that are strong winds that they come uh in northern area Um so then uh they are off the roof. Then the next level is the the greenhouse that uh uh it's a very good for actually uh propagation purpose for the hardening for a small operation, for hydroponic growing or for our purposes that most of issues in all of the companies they install these structures. So, uh but uh uh the You can protect against all uh adverse conditions inside the structure. One problem that uh

uh uh greenhouse that uh uh that uh during the incision, when you have a high humidity outside. So, then uh it's very difficult to get rid of from inside because uh that uh uh with the cooling system, you still need to actually difference between the humidity between inside the outside so that you can get rid of a high humidity from inside Other issue that uh uh power in the uh this It's a very high Uh it is a thousand to 2000 kilowatt hours of electricity consumed for hectare per per day in the structure. So, there is also still a risk of losing the structure due to high winds So, as per the temperature that uh uh I am classified that uh which are the best for each region. So, you can see here

also in in this map These are the actually uh a tropical climate here. This area in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, um even up to Vietnam also and we have a one that here in the western part of India and the southern part of Pakistan. then uh subtropical. We have in the region in the in the area and also in the western region of India and then uh template reason we have uh in the Himalayan region even in the Indian uh Kashmir and Pakistan Kashmir also and uh and in China that is a temporary region. where you have a temperature uh highest temperature was not more than 25° during the summer season. So, uh so these are they're actually uh if we see the tunnels actually, tunnels are are very good for northern climate here. uh or in the high

high altitude region. you can install the tunnels for a summer production and in the foothills of the Himalayas, you can install for the winter production of any high value crops that house They are best for as I told you for the summer uh period. So, you can install in any uh here it is uh a tropical dry or tropical air condition. The knuckles, they

work very well then, a retractable will actually uh it is uh the new uh the technology that have came up was uh uh in India in Southeast Asia. Uh after 2014. So, this technology is not actually a new technology. Basically, it's a word, a 40 year old technology but it's uh uh of uh it applied in the south and east and uh after the two uh 2014 since I joined company. So, I brought um

humidity also that uh uh you have to choose the structure. so that they are not good for a high tunnels as usual that uh it can work in the cold region. uh houses and all of the structure They can they have the capacity to manage that in or uh What is the key that uh from the uh conventional products and system uh stationary poly said the house roof have have many advantages and disadvantages. So, it is impossible to prevent all the problem. So, there are many causes of reduction in the venues uh with this system. uh

many causes of increase in operating cost management of business becomes difficult as business expand No one's uh system production and system is optimal, optimal development uh per year. So, now that uh what is the best that uh for this uh this region. So, I will share this video today. more people around the world than ever before are integrating fruits and vegetables into their diets and as a result, retailers will have them all year round but there are several big challenges that grows like you are facing to meet this increasing demand streaming inconsistent weather patterns result in inconsistent supply Input costs are frequently rising faster than selling process and insects cause massive damage to crops at the same time as consumers demand their food is produced with minimal chemicals. So, for you,

the challenge is have to have predictable and consistent supply when the weather is inconsistent for over 35 years, we've been working on a solution Introducing the retractable roof production system which creates a more growing environment for farmers and more and hot when the water is ideal, the roof will automatically retract, allowing the natural outdoors to come inside when cold rain or hail comes, the roof will automatically close to protect the planet. and when there's hot summer heat, the roof closes 80% to protect the plants from direct sun while also allowing for ventilation and cooling. The system is very efficient as it requires only one to two kilowatt hours of electricity per day per hector and requires minimum When temperatures exceed 35° Celsius. houses are proven to resist damage from the pale major storms such as hurricanes and cyclones By working with Craig, you can create optimum growing conditions year round to produce crops with larger sizes with higher yields, longer shelf life, extend your harvest season or target a completely different part of the season together. As partners, we will create an innovative production system to meet your market opportunities and climate challenges while targeting three to return on investment. Join us as we continue to build production systems of the future that combines nature and protection to create superior growing today. So, so very simple that

when you have a good ideal condition outside, you retract your roof means that you open your roof, you close one, you have a somewhat thirty-five plus during daytime or you have a rainfall or you have a winter temperature less than fifteen then only then If you see here, it has a flat for it is uh the structure. It's recommended for a tropical location like uh like uh or Pakistan. we have is less than 500 mm. But uh uh uh it's not suitable for a high but there are certain crops like berries, blueberries, and strawberry. So, you can use this flats flat structure also. it is actually

look lowest cost of a retractable structure. then, an A frame and a rafter. They are actually uh models. They have a gutters. So you can uh uh

manage the rainfall also very well in the structure. So, uh the only difference between these models that the degree of uh the Red Sox can uh just a bit of 110 after can uh just a binder of 140 AM Uh just a bit off for 200 kilometer per hour. So, there are actually four type of application of uh that one we call the greenhouse and pulling out and field cover and cover. They depend upon that uh

what roof covering and uh being grown. So, you can see here in the picture also that uh no plastic that we use on the detective is a very strong. So it lasts for 12 years or something 15 years also. So when call it a greenhouse. So, it means that uh BET. Uh we have a clear plastic on the top so that uh uh you can generate a heat during the winter time.

So, such type of infrastructure. they are actually installed in the uh between thirty to fifty like uh north south Latitude means that area of the daily our area of you can see that uh we are you have a cold winter so you can install this uh These are the detective greenhouses and where you are clear plastic So, then, cool. So, the only difference is that here, the plastic is white in color as you can see here in the picture. So, even when you close the this roof, then uh it will create a more shading effect just like a cloud when a cloud passes over your head So, it creates immediately create a actually a cooling effect on your body. So, same is here actually. So, this type of structure, they are recommended between the zero to 30° notes of latitude.

So, you can install anywhere in India. So, even even Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand. So, any tropical location, you can install this structure So, next application is actually a cover that you can cover any field of any shape, size, or even the so that you can see here. also that if you have a five hectares, ten hectare, or whatever if you have a rectangle or you have a uh round shape, what shape of that you can cover with the retractable roof structure. So,

that's why we call it a full cover. Also, you can grow because a lot of companies, they they grow the crops like uh maze or rice or they do the trial and the structure we have, we can call there are actually two types of this filter cover. One is the flat proof that I've already explained. The structure is actually uh very good for a tropical dry conditions. So, here you can see that it's uh a jig type of shape of this structure here so that you can utilize the maximum your land.

So, we are already building AA 150 acre of this flat roof structure here in North India. Probably it will use uh of the field in the UK discovered it with the group structure. So, here you can uh protect your crop against the end because you have a gutters here So, then uh next application is uh orchard cover. So, it means that you are you can cover any crop uh any orchard crop like apple or cherry or uh uh avocado or or whatever the crafts that you want to protect against the adverse conditions. uh because uh either it is uh uh what happens that uh during uh during uh flowering or fruiting stays. There are a lot of

fractures in the temperature so that cause failure uh in the crop, in the position on the cherry uh region in uh region of India and uh uh now actually uh mango is also that the high value mango like elephants or queso. that is also a problem due to changing the climate. So, you can actually install this uh uh uh climate control structure over these crops so that you can uh you can protect your crop against the adverse conditions So, uh this supplication that is very important that people think that When you open the roof. So, you'll be allow the insect to come inside but uh we we we installed the insect here either. it's it will be a stationery or it will be a retractable stationery in. we normally install in a type location. We have a rainfall is

very less uh uh but in other humid climate. So, we have not only this retractable type of insect so you can manage uh both uh with this uh insect uh both the insect and the humidity also because when you open this roof and uh this uh insect net so you you will uh allow to go there and we did it outside but when you close them, then you will increase the humidity Uh similarly that uh uh uh the place like the because we are Dean they have a very particular uh very very specific climate. some are too hot or too cold So you summer during the summer, you need a cooling or during the winter, you need a heating roof means that heat up the environment. So, here, we can install the roof roof here. You can see on

the top, it is a clear plastic and below it is a uh white plastic. So, it will create a cooling effect. White one and clear will uh uh uh heating effect. so you can grow the crop in a family throughout the year at the daily or even also Uh I will uh uh uh some of the crafts that we go. So, this

project actually already we are doing here in Delhi. So, we're growing a lithium house year round uh under the retractable roof and uh uh major advantage that you can save a lot of electricity uh with the retractable roof. It it lies only one to two kilowatt hours of electricity per per day. and you you need a 502 thousand kilowatt hours of electricity per hectare per day. So, they

are huge saving of operational cost actually. Uh normally that uh uh in the open field or in any other system um uh that uh we we got a eight or ten K per square meter of the metal but in the retractable roof you can uh uh uh uh for six 7 months. Uh and the years you will, you can get a forty to 45 kilo per square meter lot of growers. They grow the flowers also. the

the main advantage is that you will have a retractable group that uh uh because it's a natural type of growing system. So, number of fungicide you apply here. So, very less as compared to polio or any dimensional structure. Similarly with the also you can extend the uh that uh that the star harvest uh Normally three to 4. months to five 6 months. So, in a detective and moreover, that the size of a strawberry and uh the bricks level is also very good blueberry that we are having a project here in North India. Uh

you will be surprised that we are growing the blueberry in a very tropical location like uh Maura. So, uh normally these berries, they are grown in a cold climate like you can see that in or or even that the other part of the core region of uh uh uh the Southeast Asia normally, uh nobody think that uh uh that you can grow in in the so we have you have this summer Forty-five plus temperature but with the retractable roof, you can bring down your temperature by fifteen to 20° Centigrade during the summer time so you can grow the crops there. Raspberry is a very crop. Uh you the blackberry Also she actually is a very promising crop for the people in Kashmir region. in the both side in the Indian side and Pakistan side also because due to the uh unsealed. So sometimes you get a good crop but sometimes you lose all the crops merely the car cause a lot of damage to this club. So, with the uh the

retractable roof, it has been already proven that you can extend. you can extend your uh uh harvesting means that you can on your resting by 2 weeks or uh a similarly, you can postpone also so that if you put your hardware, you will always uh uh you will get the premium of uh you have uh uh produced by bringing that produce to the market. First of all, So, similarly, avocado oils can be grown. Normally, it is grown in a subtropical type of climate all but if you have any challenge of it all, that hailstorm, then you can put up a structure similar to the manual so that you are already explained capsule that uh uh it's a very good option to uh grow uh under a retractable. uh

normally that uh in the open field you will get a four or five kilo per square meter uh but in the retractable, if you are going for green, then you can get a uh I uh 2225 K what if and if you are growing colored one, then you can get uh of a fifteen to twenty K per square meter Similarly, this cannabis is actually becoming a very popular nowadays. Uh many countries, they have uh a permitted to grow this uh cannabis for uh not only for me but also for recreational purposes in Thailand has already uh uh done some uh some uh that uh they have allowed uh for the uh for some purpose. India also has uh in some states like UK they are permitted in probably in the days. So, it is also a way to follow uh very soon. So, this crop is also uh due to its medicinal value or it's a recreational value. So, it has a good value in the future.

just like a human being, you can create a good uh uh uh environment for your domestic animals like cows or pigs or uh this uh goats and horses also. So, you can take uh uh uh uh maintain the same condition, good condition nursery. Not only that, we have a project in Indonesia because uh uh the people from Indonesia or Malaysia or Sri Lanka because those who are living near the tropics so they know that uh what the problems they face in their optics. You have a uh uh very high humidity, high temperature, and uh uh that uh that the difference between day and night temperatures is also very last year. So, uh you need to have a very good quality nursery means that the roots would be good so that when you um passport is a material to the different locations, different islands far away from the area. So, that's what we

are very last mortality. So, we have already working with a very big cooperation in Indonesia. So, they have already installed a four hectares of roof by replacing the fan fed structure A is a very promising crop for again, for the region. uh in both India and Pakistan. uh because

uh the productivity of Apple grown in our region is very less it is uh something like eight or ten tons per hectare. It ends uh in in a country like New Zealand or other, a growing countries. So, you will have a productivity of 150 tons. So, there is a huge difference. so we can increase this uh and productivity. Why is telling the proper uh system of protection along with the high density plants and you can see in the picture, this picture is from Holland for Bean University. So, they have put

up a high density orchard with a retractable roof and they have found that the number of uh uh that uh fun I had been reduced from fifteen to eight means that uh Fungicide application is 90% less as compared to open field and insecticide. is forty to 50% Less as compared to open field. So, it's a very good for growing in open field also. Oh sorry. uh growing in an organic

protocols similar to the fig. It is a very popular crop in uh turkey Uh there are some pig plantation in here in India in the region or in uh region. Also these fruits Picking up fast. after the COVID. Actually, it has a pick up a very value due to its medicinal value and uh because it's increased the immunities uh in the natural immunity. So a lot

of crop like uh karma, Ashwagandha, uh even uh Moringa so that uh they they have a very high value. So, if you want to grow under a safe uh with the minimum use of chemical for the export market So you need to Uh uh very type of uh structures. So, where you can grow these crops uh year round. So, You see another application that you can do with the retractable roof. you can cover any uh uh area. It's

a it's a tail area or it's a amusement area or it's a swimming pool or whatever that you can see this picture, right? These are from actually Land the USA where they have installed the detectable roof to give the congenial for their customers. So you can see in the picture here. So, I will now share some of the photographs of our projects that we have done here in South and East Asia. This is the first project we have done near Bangalore with the that it's one of the uh uh largest seed company in India. So, they wanted to actually uh the party. just to uh to to uh grow

these crops and uh because they did a lot of issues in existing structure because covered structure. So, you have to either put up a mammals the side to have a good one lesson but in a retractable, it's not a issue because who is uh roof opens So you you will allow the beneficial um bees or insect to come inside. So, this is a project that we have done in the uh is actually with tropical hot and humid. It's just near the Seacoast. So, this uh uh customer, he wanted to grow the leafy ACL and herbs for the restaurant business year round. So, he's growing

all these crops year round uh under the detective roof without any any uh cooling system. So, he's not only good quality but also he's reducing the cost of the production. This is a project we have done in daily. It's uh uh near the

international airport as I have told earlier that uh Delhi has a very particular condition. Some are very hard winter cold and during the winter, you have a lot of foggy uh that for 1 month to 45 days of foggy period when you have a very low light levels So, even though in those condition, you can grow crops very well. This is the nursery project in Indonesia.

I've already told you this is a project we have done in Qatar. We are actually, it's a very challenging that in the Middle East without uh this evaporate. You can't grow the crop because summer temperature is very high. Forty-five plus during the daytime. it's not only daytime but nighttime.

Temperatures are also very high. It is thirty plus so that uh that hinder your crop uh for the flowering and fruiting but you can see here this is the type of structure uh that flat roof and uh and they are going all type of crop almost throughout the year. So now, lot of projects that are coming up in the Middle East region. I'm especially that uh uh the people from uh the area or the area Gujarat Ka region. So, we have the rainfall is less So you can see the uh the this project so you can grow um the crop almost throughout the year. So, this is simply this is one of the state of art projects that we have done here in India. It's a

very investment and uh it is where the the first phase of this project is a Twenty-five acres and you you can see the different structure there. Also, of crops are nutraceuticals but uh they are growing the other high value like leafy and vine crops also So, this is a triangle farm You might have seen that they are very active on the LinkedIn. So, this project we have completed the last year. So

it's a fifteen acre single structure. So, uh the capsule but also the cucumber. Well, this is a video that will show you that uh uh that uh the the level of technology that we have here in India in the vicinity of Hyderabad. A 140 Acres farm has challenged the norms of farming Simply fresh. Start with a vision for

a healthy lifestyle has been a pioneer in precision farming in India. It has set up Southeast Asia's largest plant factory fresh medicinal and aromatic plants for you to ace extraction with high percentage of carlos and flavorful crops for whole consumption throughout the year. Aided by cutting edge global technologies and driven by AI based platform. Simply Fresh ensures a pesticide free natural produce which produces fifteen to twenty times higher yield compared to farming.

We're simply fresh is committed to food safety, hygiene, traceability of all produce these plants are using precision farming techniques. So, as Cultivation from seed to harvest, and ambient environment in the germination Chamber is created by controlling the light, humidity, and temperature for better germination of seeds. at the early stages of plant grow a system transfers germinated seeds to the nursery a fully automated greenhouse shelters the different varieties of plants in an ideal ecosystem EI assisted. retractable roof,

climate sensors, and fogging system helping filtering ultraviolet rays and maintain temperature and humidity in the greenhouse, maintaining a suitable environment for the crops all around the year. The farm management team uses different farming techniques based on plant profile, A man-made, rain water harvesting body spread across six acres with 100 million liters of storage capacity ensures sustainability of natural resources. through its proprietary software found in a box that integrates artificial intelligence system technology, and analytics. Clemons plants at every stage of its life cycle called blood profile where it harvests each drop at the right time and produces a product that is perfect for the next stage. nutrient dosing technique is used to feed the plants, the nutrients mixed with reverse osmosis and ultraviolet rays treated water to ensure optimum health and high res at the time of harvest. Moreover, the water,

the plants receive is just the amount required which is one tenth of the water used in traditional farming methods. The Bull's Harvest management team ensures that all the plants are treated as per customer specifications. the that house to you. It shows

that a fresh produce is washed and then dried using a centrifugal drying machine. The produce is the cut, processed, and packed using state-of-the-art equipment These products are dispatched to various clients. nutraceuticals, companies, retail outlets, corporates, hotels, and it is also exported to various countries. with a worldwide network of officers in Singapore, New York. This is

the uh one of the state of art project that we have here in India that is operational. uh since 2020. So, now, another project is coming up Uh this year, it will be operational by the end of this year. It is uh 450 Acres in North India. So, it's a groundbreaking ceremony You can see here for a nutshell what I will see that uh uh let's say that the open field the best during winter in lower planes and in the summers are in the area.

is the best for extended winter in plains and for summer production Hills Net House is the best for spring and summer production in lower plains but not good for high altitude region is good for small operation in urban area for high-value crops but not good for a large scale operations. The roof is good for large-scale operations in hot climate but not suitable extremes at High Altitude. We are very happy and take place. Uh many more projects that are coming up. So, that's all.

Thank you for having patience and listening to this uh deliberation. Thanks. Thanks very much. Thank you, sir. It was a great pleasure. watching the entire PPT the way you had presented the entire concept of the uh high tech uh Protective Cultivation is something that is actually uh of this presentation was actually a thing that we should actually work for uh and I'm surprised that the kind of participants that we have today we have apart from the India, we get participation from Canada, Philippines, Pakistan, Nepal, Spartan, Pradesh, Vietnam, and many more. So, uh very

successful session and uh I'll I'll give you is to less because the kind of the way you presented the entire concept is something very amazing. Thank you so very much. Uh now, I'd like to take the session forward. I'd like to request my

board of director, mister Michael. uh is now there with us. Uh so without wasting my time, I'll give it to you and also I'd like to mention to all the participants that you can feel free to ask your questions. We'll be taking four live today without a speakers. So, in the next 2 minutes, whatever questions you have, you can actually put it in the chat box from Facebook, YouTube, whatever platform you're using, you can feel free to write the questions to us and we will be taking questions today and uh apart from all those four questions will also be uh looking forward to whatever questions we have. The remaining questions we have, we will be taking them forward uh through our speaker. uh maybe

uh what we will be using the entire session recorded on our Facebook and on YouTube channel dot Uh apart from that, the entire presentation of the speakers will be available on our website. So, you can register on Peoria. You can create your account and you can actually take the uh download of the presentation anytime from Arizonia website over to you Thank you, Majid. Uh in fact, I must compliment Raj for a very lucid and an educated session. Uh I have personally known him for many many years and have had the privilege uh to meet with his uh the owner of Gravel. uh mister Richard It is a brilliant system as far as Polly houses go. I think a

state of art you can't beat this. The basic concept is where you can bring Good weather in and keep the bad weather out. and this durability factor. is a very, very important asset that will take you in the long run. Uh I don't deny it is an expensive system. The return of investments depending on the crop that you have. If you have

a high value crop, maybe it would be around about three to 4 years and uh somewhere around about five to 6 years, you would have a return on investment but see the longevity the durability of the product, the life cycle cost that you will have over a span of let's say as vaginal brought out fifteen in some cases, 20 years, it'll give you very, very good returns and this is more pertinent in the present context where we've got this global unpredictability. In fact, if you see the West Coast Coast of India, we've had some cyclones. it never used to happen before the frequency of these unpredictable weather phenomena has increased in intensity and in frequency and therefore, over a period of time, it will keep increasing There is this, this opportunity for the system to be, you know, instituted so that you can protect your crops, have reduce your risk factor, the agro climatic risk factor is now increasing. So, with this kind of system, the Agro climatic risk factor will reduce greatly other than the facts that uh he's also mentioned about water conservation, energy efficiency, you know, and for all the year round. in fact, what he was talking about strawberries for extending the fruiting cycles by a few months. maybe it'll go up by

fifty to 60% then the cash flows the returns increase. So, this kind of optimization uh you won't get in in fixed polys uh as we know them in or maybe a house uh depending on the aromatic uh uh you know, conditions that exist in the areas So, I think this is the future and we've all got to be future ready. It's only a question of how it's applicable to us. What is the cash flow systems and the financials that are do? Thank you very much and uh I'd request the audience as brought up by to fill their questions so that can have answers for the same. Thank you very much. Thank you, sir. Uh

taking the things forward from here. Uh there is a very small A of Beso what is all about giving an introduction about uh the concept of insomnia, what all things we are doing and this whole uh concept of is so taking it forward. This is a small living. I like to run that first. Welcome to Biz. Biz is a digital platform assisting you with your network An opportunity to connect with 30 thousand plus plant nurseries, and allied businesses at the ease of one click only verify business profiles our platform provides authenticity and business through its network of trust and verified buyers and sellers real time business updates. You can share your

real-time status of products, pricing services, and other offers. BW, market Space Biz is a first of its kind B to B market space where you can buy and sell without any hidden fees. learn and grow a unique opportunity to enhance your skills through upskill and skills programs. webinars, and

workshops. International study tours, and publications, Click now and grow your business. to the website is is ready. You can actually log in on the dot com OMI dot com. Uh special

thanks to our sponsor agency is basically a Forty-three-year-old can be done business with more than 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing of automatic reactive groups uh houses. it has built up suspension uh experience to research and by partnering on projects across six continents in the fruit vegetable plants and reforestation sector. This has been a small that will give you an insight what all this company works on. So, it's a

let's take a look around it. more people around the world than ever before are integrating fruits and vegetables into their diets and as a result, retailers want to have stock available all year round but there are several big challenges that growers like you are facing to meet this increasing demand. extreme and inconsistent weather patterns result in inconsistent supply Input costs are frequently rising faster than selling prices and insects cause massive damage to crops at the same time as consumers demand that their food is produced with minimal chemicals. So, for you, The challenge is how to have predictable and consistent supply when the weather is inconsistent For over 35 years, we've been working on the solution Introducing the retractable roof production system which creates a more consistent growing environment for farmers and warm and hot climates when the weather is ideal, the the roof will automatically retract, allowing the natural outdoors to come inside when cold rain or hail comes, the roof will automatically close to protect the plants and when there is summer heat The roof closes 80% to protect the plants from direct sun while also allowing for ventilation and cooling. The system is very efficient as it requires only one to two kilowatt hours of electricity per day per hectare and requires minimal water for cooling when temperatures exceed 35° Celsius crave houses have proven to resist damage from hail and major storms such as hurricanes and cyclones By working with Crab, you can optimum growing conditions year round to produce crops with larger size with higher yields, longer shelf life. extend your

harvest season or target a completely different harvest season together. As partners, we will create an innovative production system to meet your market opportunities and climate challenges while targeting a three to 5 year return on investment. Join us as we continue to build production systems of the future that combine nature and to create superior growing environments. Thank you. Uh as mentioned earlier, we had got not many questions and feedback from all the participants who joined us today. uh just to take the

session forward. I request my co host and the speaker today to join us there and uh building four questions. So, basically, we have got more than 100 questions on board today. So, out of those hundred questions, we had four questions that we think are much more important today to be addressed live and rest of the questions we'll be sharing with you. Maybe you can take some

time out uh maybe tomorrow a day and give a reply to all of them. So, the first questions that we have today is that which type of body will be to be the best for the succulents and cactus production in India as by succulent in India. I have seen more questions from in India. They are trying to do something at the at a very large scale. Uh so the questions that they asked by this is basically the what kind of poly house would be best for the succulents and cactus for the production especially for the Ultra because they are trying to do something in you the tanks. Uh uh. Thanks. Uh

uh. uh and uh uh this question that uh because U is actually um a lot of the Himalayas. So you have it tropical. uh hot and humid here. So, uh another you of this ornamental like uh uh you know, other other ornaments also, you need to actually uh So, how you can create in a poly house? It's normally it's a very difficult to do manage during summer season. is uh for

a small, small operation. It it may be for the summer season. It might be good but not for the year round but if you put up a uh uh a retractable structure. so uh you can not only you can multiply your planting but you can also uh for them. Uh very healthy

plants or that uh for long distance uh uh a shipment of your planting. I will prepare for such climate uh either uh this uh detectable roof uh uh on this uh house or AM or maybe if you have a very tall man so then you can think about life groups that also. So, it depends upon the type of class.

you're trying to reach. So, just to add on this one. Uh so, I just saw one more question from Nikon that he's asking that. So, you are mentioning that the climate conditions that at the foothills of the Himalayas is something that is a little bit more on the hotter side. So, there's more hotter over there. Yeah. so just ask

that thing with the same kind of uh structures will be more profitable in the condition of a because if we take consideration the kind of climate to uh recorded in a with the that's also very hot and humid. So, we kind of uh infrastructure that is recommended for the foothills of the Himalayas of the upper contract with the same kind of structures will be applicable for the Western UP the A and also actually it's depend upon the crop also because we have already a project in Niagara at the the. it's a five acre structure. So, they are going blueberry there. Uh so, a blueberry, we can grow uh in a structure because it can uh just the rainfall also that uh but uh if you are growing a capsule tomato or cucumber because uh these crops they are susceptible to the rainfall. so

you have to protect them against the rain. So then you have to choose the type of model although they are They are costly than the structure. Uh almost double the cost of flat roof but uh they are very good for your year round production. So, once you make the investment so you will feel secure with your investment that you will not lose your crop Yeah, that's good. Uh so, the second question that we have on board today is the what are the health care cost per acre cost for uh for for building this high-tech structures, The structures that you had mentioned. Uh so they

are the most commonly used the structures in India especially for the Indian uh uh this climate conditions. what kind of structures you will recommend more and what is the cost for a uh we go to the range of the cost I explained that uh uh we have a house. They are at the age of 50600 people per square meter, ten polys around 300 30400, people per square meters. then poly

houses. there are 802 thousand people per square meter retractable uh uh structure. They actually um be customize these structural ads for your climate and crops. So, um uh

I'm not aware that the area you you belong to but uh the price of our varies from twenty to $250. If you are putting a flat roof structure in the last time or in the western part of India or even in Syria, in the southern part of Pakistan. So, price will be something like Twenty-five to $30 per square meter but uh if you are putting the structure in the region or in the Highland in Malaysia Indonesia or even uh uh we have that is high. then you have to choose either from a frame or or a frame depending upon that uh what uh that that uh rest of you that education. So, price varies from $50 $250 plus perimeter. It depends on the area that how much area if you are putting up a large structure than price per square meter goes down, you are putting a smaller structure than price per will go up So, kindly our Sunday Email to me You send me your data, your place, uh and also that what you want to grow, then I can uh give you the estimated price for that. Thank you. So,

basically, if we sum it up, then it is like that uh the price ranges from the kind of structures we are trying to put and the scale of the structures that we are trying to put. Yeah. because if the scale of the project is big and the price ranges will come down and if any kind of uh customized structures we are to uh develop or put it out over there. Then

the kind of the price range will be different but as you mentioned that the price basically uh varies from a dollar $52 hundred 5250. So, this is the basically the price range for any kind of structures if you're looking for and more jujitsu that uh you might have seen that most of our the other there is a company or investor type of people. So, they are looking for a scale for every year that that that is something that is very acceptable because that is how the whole dynamics work. So, taking it for the uh

the third question that we have on board the curse is that the very same thing just has mentioned that uh the people are because the cost of the investment is a bit higher on the end. So, investors might be have that kind of uh uh thought process that what is basically what is the ROI by one of the investors can look forward to the kind of investment in that we put on installing this kind of structures. So, what is the minimum uh thing that you look for that by 3 years the uh the return starts coming out of this thing. I depend upon the crop and the market also. Okay. Uh a certain

crops just like I'm talking about the berries, berries can give you an ROI within 2 years. So, if you are planning a crop like uh an apple or cherry so you need a man to this and maybe 5 years or 6 years of the year comes later on. Yeah, yeah. yeah. So, yeah. So, uh basically, the thing that you have to think of a scale of it.

Yes. So the the the scales are the two major parameters of the dynamics of the investment and the can be planned. Yes. So, can we have the next question please? a question. What was the next question? Uh so, uh this is asking that any cost benefit analysis available would be helpful if you have something where we can connect it to the Email or something. if you have any kind of studying relate to this Dessa is my uh very senior. the

person in uh in this agricultural field. So, Okay, I will definitely share with him on the on his Email. Okay. Okay. So, thank you. Uh one question that I just saw is from Pakistan and so uh the question was that the kind of uh setup that we have been discussing about the Western UP, all these kind of the Northern England Will that be very much applicable for the uh from the also yeah. Yeah. because we are working all over the world. So, we are supplying structures uh almost uh in every country, in every continent. So, uh even uh there

are a lot of inquiries that I came from Pakistan even some of people we have already voted but due to this COVID, then things has actually slowed down Otherwise, Pakistan has a lot of school because in Pakistan is the land of Israel is actually you will find it landlords that they are having it. Uh land of 500 thousand 500500 vehicles. the Buddhist in Pakistan because Pakistan is actually you can see it's uh uh uh they can feed them the Central Asia. Uh it's a reason of this uh China so that the Western China part because it is cold conditions The crop production is very slow actually or you will not uh you can't grow the crop uh all times. So, Pakistan has a huge definitely yes. Uh so, we'll take this forward from here. uh

thank you very much. All the participants for asking all these questions. very interesting questions because of the limitations of the time. We can't take all the questions on board today but we'll be more than happy in uh getting you uh the reply to all these questions that we're recorded today. Uh the entire session is recorded on our Facebook and our YouTube channel and for the presentation of the legends. If

you are interested in getting a look to this presentation again. Then you can register as a participants with us through our webinar links and also register there at our website and click the link to our uh this presentation. So, which I recorded over there and request my colleague to be on board with me now and uh we'll be talking about the next session. Uh the next webinar that you should do next Saturday at the very same time You know. Good

evening, everyone. Uh thank you to our all participants today from India as well as from international participants and many many thanks to our speaker today, mister Raj Kumar and uh thanks to our sponsorship and we have a series of webinars every Saturday that is uh full coming Saturday, we have a very nice topics that is as well as how to make a very nice landscape of the particle garden. We have a very prominent and very renowned speakers from Harass Pra from ELT Company He will present a very nice session. You all people are welcome over there. You all are invited. Thank you very much.

As mentioned from USA. The next topic about the vertical garden and speaker. next webinar also we had the privilege of working very closely with him since last 4 years and he's an excellent speaker. So, all the participants and I'm sure you'll be getting a lot of good information about the vertical garden from our speaker. next time in the next session. So, we have uh Michael and it's now the official time to close the webinar. So, I'll request her

to say a few words and uh special thanks to for this informative session and the kind of knowledge that you have shared is something amazing. It was really amazing. So, over to my son and we formally close this webinar today Thank you, Benji. Thank you to Team Biz Biz uh main thought process is basically to make us all future ready and this high-tech structure that has been uh brought to us by Rajan has been very very educated. Thank you, Rajan and uh they are all a footprint in India and in Asia and I can see that you're doing very well. Our compliments to

you and we wish you all the very best. Thank you very much. He almost let them and thank you for giving us the what we're going to have in vertical Gardens. It's going to be very, very informative and as we've been told, that is a platform which is now growing. We're growing exponentially day by day. The kind of visitors we have on our website and the value auditions that we're giving to the industry is to thank you very much. All the

participants, there are very many questions. Uh our apologies that we can't be able to feed all of them but as time goes by, the One-on-one basis as uh Raj had mentioned about like that, we will be sharing the return on investment depending on the recital, the life that you have. So, that has been very, very informative. Thank you all very much and looking forward to you. visiting our site as well

as uh being with us for the next day. Thank you. Thank you sir. And uh thanks to all the participants, all the guests, all the speakers on board today and I'm looking forward to have you all again in the next session. Same day, same time,

next Saturday, seventeenth of July with the new topic. Stay tuned with us. Thank you. Thank you.

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