Skydome Atlantis Technology of the Fallen Angels; The Watchers, Nephilim and Elohim Book of Enoch

Skydome Atlantis  Technology of the Fallen Angels; The Watchers, Nephilim and Elohim  Book of Enoch

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oh what's up what's up what's  up my good people YouTube it   is your boy Boogie and this is Sky dome's card I wish I knew how to do that this is the  setup y'all we're gonna try something new   today what is it I thought you'd never ask we  are gonna do some open source editing what is   it you say well I'm glad you asked it again  you have a lot of questions my good people   open source what I'm doing is I'm throwing out  some of my best captures that I just captured   just yesterday this is all fresh Fresh  Off The Sky Dome press and what I want   is I want you guys to do the hard work I want  you guys to pitch in I get tons of emails with   images photos videos you name it and it's  all about Skydome and people shooting the   Dome all around the world well why don't  we all work together why don't we pitch in   and help one another with this research so what  I've done is I did about the 20 minutes of really   solid captures on the Dome yesterday and I mean  the kind of captures that really don't need really   any retouching they don't really need anything  except for clipped out and called something so   I put them all together and here they are so  go through them check them out and you show me   and you show everyone else exactly what it is you  captured using this footage now the reason why I'm   trying this out is because to be perfectly honest  with you this is some of the best stuff I've   ever captured now saying that without actually  doing any retouching or any editing whatsoever   that's a pretty big statement okay now it's the  kind of stuff that the minute I saw it I was like   dude like I caught the track system oh my God I  caught this I got that but for the first time ever   first I think I caught the actual Skydome  Atlantis pad the actual City itself now I'm   saying that because I've never actually caught it  before I've shown it here on the channel but every   time I've ever shown it it was a picture or video  from someone else it was usually demon Hunters he   uh on numerous occasions has actually caught the  city time and time again now I personally have not   been able to catch the city but I am 100 positive  the city is here on this video today I know this   because I've already gone through the footage  and I I pulled out a bunch of uh screenshots   and I'm not sure what else it could possibly be I  mean you can see right here you can see a pad in   the Reflection In The Sweet Spot of the glass now  that coincides with that rainbow Sheen that we see   every time something's about the morph and come  into uh into view and become something tangible   it's just the way the Dome works now another  thing that I caught which I'm really well kind of   baffled about this is another reason why I really  want you guys involved is because I caught at   least three things that I couldn't tell you what  the hell they are but they look so damn important   I really don't want them to slip away okay  now what you're looking at here is the city   okay it's not quite in Focus just yet but it  will be here in just a few a few seconds and   what looks like almost muck on the glass dirt on  the glass if you really pay attention to it pause   it and zoom in on it you realize that that is a  symmetrical design in some sort of crystalline   structure this is when I knew oh my God this is  Skydome and look at it notice that to the right   and to the left of this structure that the actual  shapes are cut off it stops now if that was just   muck on the lens why would it stop why would  it have an actual heart shape to it it wouldn't   now that double line that you're seeing in  the glass that runs right into the rainbow   Sheen that is the track system okay I  know because in a few of these spots   that you're going to see here in just a  little bit you will see actual vehicles   um actual pads coming and going uh down the  actual track system itself it's unbelievable   another thing I want to test out with this video  is an idea I've had for a long time something   that brings all of us together a video or image  platform where we can all look at each other's   images and comment on them uh not really so much  grade them or judge them but somebody posts an   image I want some feedback and then all of us can  talk about it you know discuss it uh maybe bring   out details of it well Discord I think works  great for that right now if you're not on our   Discord server then you are really missing out  because essentially that's what we use Discord   for we have an ongoing chat it never stops Ops  and it is just constant throwing images videos on   there everybody's watching them commenting on them  uh reacting to them but uh for this video instead   of using Discord what I think I'm going to use is  uh Google photos so I'm gonna throw these original   Clips onto Google photos I'm also going to throw  any of the existing screenshots that I've already   taken any retouches that I've already done those  are also going to live on that server as well   this way we can all comment on it I do feedback  on it so the link to the Google photos server   that I've got this on is going to be in the video  description below it's also going to be pinned as   the number one comment on the comment section so  I think we'll try this out we'll see how it works   if this does not work correctly then we will try  Discord next time but what I'm trying to do is   I'm trying to create a sense of community here I  want everyone to be able to pitch in on this this   open source sort of editing I want everyone  to give it a try everyone that's anyone and   everyone that has ever shown any you know interest  in in Skyrim Atlantis who's wanted to pitch in but   just didn't know how or didn't know how to shoot  the Dome now's your time if you have any sort of   editing program on your phone or on your computer  all you have to do is just watch the video stop it   take a screenshot pull it into your video or your  photo editor uh bring out the uh the brightness   the contrast if you have any sort of pen tool  on there you can just sit there and draw on it   outline it Circle it um I think this is going  to work quite well and I think it's going to   I don't know it really sparked some interest  in some people so you know all of you guys that   are out there sending me pictures on the side and  sending me video clips on the side of you shooting   your Dome well now is the time to get involved I  mean uh let's all work on this same clip uh this   the same footage together and uh you know let's  just throw it out there let's see what happens   then of course for any of you guys that don't want  to get involved at least you know you don't want   to edit any videos you just want to watch it or  you know scan it around then don't you don't have   to get involved but you now have this Google photo  server that you can come in you can still comment   on you can get involved that way you can also uh  you know tell people hey I see a face here I see   um you know I see some sort of COG wheel there  I see a walkway I see a guy I see whatever you   can get involved in other ways you don't have  to sit here and try to edit photos you don't   have to outline anything you don't have to dress  anything up just talk just be a part of it come   um this just gives you another platform to where  you can comment you can get involved so I thought   that was kind of a cool idea as well so whether  you love it or hate it let's just try it out right   now whether you feel like it's already going to  be a disaster well evidently you have the gift of   foresight so just sit on that and chill now this  piece of footage right here that we're looking at   right now this I included two of them one of them  is a little blurry so this must be the one that's   blurry the other one um it'll come in a little bit  later it is absolutely amazing it is a mixture of   some sort of machine acting with phenol lenses  now you're going to see these perfect fresnel   lenses popping out to the left and right there's  a few that you can already see now soon you will   see this thing crystal clear this is the first  clip we'll uh you'll see it a second time and   the second time is much more clear and you will  see all sorts of strangeness coming out of this   thing this was one of the better captures and I  would love to see what everybody's uh feedback   is on this one now as you cruise through these  recordings it is going to uh hit you like a ton of   breaks man this is some really cool footage okay  now not too long ago I announced that I think that   we're doing the wrong thing when we shoot with  a macro lens okay and I'm standing by that right   now because look how close we are right now but  look how far away the objects still look meaning   we need more zoom power so if you're going to  be shooting the Dome I believe that what you   need to do is use something like a p900 a p1000  a p950 and zoom in as hard as you can honestly   so get close I'm sorry not too close because  the minute you get close if you're on automatic   it's going to uh kick in your your Macros uh  settings uh don't do that no here's that same   area I was telling you about but uh but clear now  notice the machine type feeling of this thing the   machine type look and there's those fresnel lens  popping out of the side that is freaking wild   we'll be back don't worry there is  uh there's more to that uh that area   um I was playing with that area for quite a bit  and it's pretty wild man I got some really cool   hits on this just another really cool piece right  here it's something that I feel like you need to   connect the dots on though now it doesn't really  make a lot of sense to me this happened when we   were shooting the Dome with the laser as well a  lot of you will probably remember that video it's   when I shine just two simple 50 milliwatt lasers  into the Dome and recorded it basically well the   same thing happened I shot just simple laser beams  into the Dome and for some reason the Dome split   it up into designs like insane abstract designs  and the same thing is happening here there's one   light source the Sun the sun's coming into the  Dome and it is refracting and breaking all over   the place now I sort of made love to This Little  Dot right here notice what I'm doing here where   I'm zooming in and I'm just toying with it ever  so slightly moving back and forth and getting it   to sort of open up and it's almost acting like uh  a blossom of a flower where it literally is just   bursting open and looks like it's actually growing  pedals now right here look what happened was right   there my phone started actually catching on fire  the the uh the Dome was shooting a beam of light   right into my uh my phone's case and uh you can  see that it's just there for a split second that   a damn thing catches on fire man it was smoking  really bad uh there was almost about Three Fires   while I was shooting this stuff yesterday and uh  one of them was me burning my hand after my court   case yesterday I was like I came home I was like  back I need to shoot the Dome nothing makes me   feel better than Skydome and Lancers baby another  thing you're gonna have to be the judge on here is   uh you know when you're shooting on the side of  the Dome or just the very very top of the Dome   um the image and the object could be either way  it could be uh upside down or right side up I   mean it really is up to you and sometimes you  get an image you get a design you get a picture   you get a person an entity a craft a building and  sometimes it's all upside down and it takes you a   long time to realize it like damn it this was not  making sense and now I know why well that's why   so make sure if you see something that's familiar  in the glass something you know do a nice scan of   the glass and if you're like okay that looks like  some sort of COG wheel or a door well if it looks   like it's upside down then be the first one to uh  get some common sense and flip it right side up   um I was recording for about the seven minutes  yesterday now it's not gonna affect you because   I've already flipped the uh the the footage  but uh I was shooting for like seven minutes   yesterday and uh one of the clips just uh was all  upside down so I've already flipped it then uh   re-rendered it and all that the look at what I'm  catching here guys now notice the way that light   just spilled down like it almost cascaded like  a waterfall off of the top of that that column   um it's just it's unbelievable I love shooting  this stuff I love it for even just the visual   pleasure you know and I'm learning so much about  our visual spectrum and about light uh you know   light properties uh frequency vibration and uh  you know all of this stuff is becoming clear   to me uh for the first time in my life you  know I've had many conversations with people   that uh you know at first they come off as wow  this guy's really smart or this girl is really   smart and later you realize all they've done  is just memorized a bunch of uh brainless uh   drone things to say to you you know what I mean  yeah we're pure light and love oh shut the hell   up you know that might be true but uh show me  what that means I just don't get that man you   know and it's like well for once here we are  shooting the Dome and I can prove to you now   that we certainly are pure light now love I got a  lot of love to give but I also got a lot of Smacks   all right now this right here this area of  the glass if you just watch it close look   at the way this thing morphs into technology  after technology it even appears to be uh too   um crafts that seem to be racing is what it looks  like look at the way they shoot off of the uh the   track system behind them I mean those things are  moving independently yes I am obviously twitching   and shaking I've been holding the camera  for quite a while at this point but these   crafts are not moving uh with me or even directly  against me they're moving in their own Direction   um and I don't believe that it's based off of  my movements now you can disagree that's fine   um I could be wrong I'm uh that happens every  once in a blue moon but it's just really cool   but notice how these things are shooting downward  um and my camera's not shooting upward it's   not shooting downward either it's literally  just shaking and trying to stay in position   um so the fact that when it does shoot downward it  feels to me and it looks to me like it is making   its own independent movements and that to me is  absolutely mind-boggling and bending and melting   and anything I'm surprised we all still have  brains after hanging out on Boogeyman channel   for this long honestly you know over the last  few weeks I don't know if the stars are just   aligned I don't know if I can just feel it man if  my vibrational level is high or what have you but   we've been putting out some dope [ __ ] lately  okay and excuse my language but damn it I got   nothing but good things to say about the things  that have been coming out of this channel lately   I absolutely uh believe in them I agree with  them I love them and I am so happy and proud   to pass these things on to you guys this is my  favorite capture of yesterday watch this it is a   pure light column and as I zoom into it you will  see that this column is filled with nothing but   technology analogy maybe even Japanese writing  or some sort of ancient Rune writing there is   something to this column that I really want you  guys to dive into I want to hear your thoughts   on it this right here oh my God excites me there  is something absolutely amazing about this capture   as I was taking screenshots and looking closer at  this it dawned on me this is a huge pink ball of   nothing but numbers I cannot figure this one out  baby this one is strange what do these numbers   mean what do they represent is there any way we  can punch these numbers into something and uh   something spectacular happens is this a code  God we could be so lucky and look at these   weird outlines this thing keeps morphing man into  something strange sometimes it looks like a face   sometimes a wall of nothing but technology this  is a really cool one now I'm really hoping you   guys uh really dive into this and a lot of people  participate because I'm really looking forward to   seeing what you guys can pull out of this I know  there's a lot of talented people in the comments   section A lot of smart people right there for a  millisecond you just saw the outline of the track   system back to the smart people I want to see what  you guys got man I want to see what you're seeing   I want to look through your eyes for once it's  just not fair that I'm always the one who does   all the work and uh you know you guys sit back and  enjoy well you've seen enough Skydome Atlantis you   know what's up there you know it's fact well pull  something out show me what you're doing and I want   to see how you got it what part of the video did  you get it from and uh how hard was it in order to   bring out the details of it outline it whatever  you do in order to accent it now we're about to   pull into the home stretch on this thing onto the  video um but before we do I left you guys with   some real Newsies this is one of them um you will  see the repeating Square pattern that just lays   on the surface of this thing and it's uh it's  quite interesting and in my opinion solidifies   the crystalline structure that makes up what is  Skydome Atlantis and the city the structure that's   in the sky the city on top of the firmament it's  wild man and this is in my opinion one of the best   captures that I have personally ever caught of the  actual City itself and now if you pause this and   you look deep into it pull out the contrast adjust  the brightness you will see the city look close   and you will see people entities crafts buildings  and of course the track system the track system is   what connects all of the Technologies together  in the city itself there is gold and then there   hills yes there is a lot of stuff to find in this  video I mean it is just steaming with the piles   of goodness tons of it man it's everywhere like I  said I didn't really have to do much work in order   to bring out the details of a lot of things all  I had to do was pause and take a screenshot this   is another one this area right here on the Dome  you can see the city structure perfect now I'm   not sure how big the city is so far from what  I've seen in Demon Hunter's photos there is a   humongous arm that comes out it delivers buckyball  which are basically fake stores fake planets these   holographic projection systems it drops them off  and the arm also has some sort of laser at the end   of it it's almost like one of those cheap games  the uh the crane arm games that you would see   where you would win the uh really bad prizes the  one it never seems to be able to pick anything up   now it has the laser at the end and uh it  recharges and charges from the Sun simulator   itself now this is the better version of that  really wild uh video clip that we were looking   at earlier as you can see there's some sort of  Technologies coming on the right in the left   hand side of these lit areas now you're going to  start seeing these fresnel lenses come into Focus   and there's a lot of them and it's really hard  to say that they're nothing because well they   look like a lot of something and when you pause  this area um in particular areas you will see   entities you will see crafts um you will see a  lot of oddities and things like this that look   like it's in some sort of other script language  or writing at first I thought it was Chinese and   Japanese but it was just off I actually tried  to punch it into a Google translator and see   if it came up with something and it was quite  close and quite kind of freaky pause it zoom   into it and see an entire city structure again  this area this side of the Dome was pointed   straight at Skydome Atlantis there is no doubt  in my mind I can't help but think that somehow   they're using these lights in order to communicate  with us and then up until now I feel like no one   has been able to receive these messages that  people like seti that try to communicate with   extraterrestrials using nothing but radio waves or  wasting their time I believe that these entities   use light waves light waves to communicate that's  why we just saw a ball of light a rainbow Sheen   covered in numbers packed with it right so they're  using the universal language of mathematics but   they're sending the frequency through light  sources to them it's just like radio waves   you know these sort of things just dawn on me  and bang hit you like a ton of bricks just think   about that for a second think about how radio  waves and light waves are the same exact thing   they're just running off different frequencies  so why not use light waves versus uh radio waves   think about it you could send that same signal  in something like a laser beam for hundreds of   millions of light years away light years think  about it now this would explain also why we're   seeing these fresnel lenses and the lens flares  off of them we're using the finale lenses in   order to capture these uh well light waves two  it's also a way of encoding the light waves now   when we use the Dome think about it it's a way  of decoding and unencrypting their language and   being able to receive it firsthand unfortunately  you know we can decrypt it or I'm sorry uncode   it but we need to put it in the correct order now  and that doesn't seem to be a very easy job but I   really feel like we're on to something now guys  like I said I have quite a few screenshots that   I've already taken of the video clips that  are included here you'll see those when you   get onto the Google server that I've already set  up now we're all going to be sharing this and I   have crashed Google servers before in the past  so if you go to access the Google server and   it's really bogged down or it just gives you uh  timeouts or some sort of error codes just know   that there's probably a zillion people trying  to access the same exact folder you are at the   same exact time so check back a little later or  just hit refresh and be calm and also know that   I do not work at Google I do not work at YouTube  so if things are acting up I am cannot offer you   technical support okay I don't work there I have  no control over it I am just a customer like you   an end user so those of you out there that  aren't very good with computers or even your   phones know what I'm telling you right now do not  write me with technical questions I do not have   the answer I cannot help you all right thank you  this is your it guy Andrew signing off love you foreign that's it thank you so much for watching I'm  really excited to see who pitches in on this and   who participates so please participate [ __ ] in  let's do this together I think it's going to be a   lot of fun visit us on the website the number four that's for the email   me at my new email boogieman at  you can also email back at Boogie backs b-e-x-x   at for the check out the blog sign up  for it and subscribe you can stay up to date   with everything Boogie join us on the Discord  chat server talk to us get in the conversation   guys you can find all the information on the  video description below we will talk soon bye foreign

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