Simplify your IT management and level up with Microsoft 365 - GS004

Simplify your IT management and level up with Microsoft 365 - GS004

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Good, afternoon and welcome to integrated. For simplicity, please, give a warm welcome for corporate vice-president, Microsoft, Brad, Anderson. Buddy. It's. So great to be here with you this, is really the highlight of the year for all of us it's just an opportunity, to come and learn. And show you some of the things they've been working on and I play as engineers, get. A chance to talk with all of you and to see how you're using what we build it really is the greatest time of our lives, so. Let's not going to kind of talk about a few things now. If you look throughout history. There. Are these big breakthroughs. That have kamek times and they'll breakthroughs, always address whatever was the biggest challenge of that era you know and in each case there were scientists, and scholars who, were on the verge of doing these amazing things but. They ran into bottlenecks. Now. With each of these breakthroughs the work accelerated, but the work also simplified, and streamlined. You. Know there was one huge, challenge, as we started, the 17th, century that had never been addressed yet and it was a really big one you. Know on countless occasions there were scientists, there. Were scholars. These individuals, who were on the verge of doing amazing, things but, they dropped their research, because. They figured out the time that's gonna be required to complete all the math, would. Actually extend extend past their lifetime, and so they gave up. But. One man changed the world and we, all benefit from that today so, let me walk you through that in. 1614. This individual John Napier, little. Older gentleman living in Scotland. Treasure-hunter, inventor. You know the interesting character, used as he traveled around the world literally, he carried a box of spiders in his pocket and a. Black rooster that he believed was magical. But. What he did was magical, he had been working for 20, years on 10, million calculations. On paper by hand which. He organized, and he published the world's first logarithmic. Tables, that. Logarithmic. Table that he defined back in 1614. Was one of those moments when history changed, because, as he did that the, physical science, surged. And. So what you had happen, is these logarithmic, tables simplified. Things now people could do work with. Thousand times more work in 1000. Of a time and. You, know we see evidence, around is everywhere on this modern. Transportation, the. Architecture. The building we're in right now the software, that we our lives depend on all depends, on logarithms. And. So just like in 1614. There was this moment in history when. The world changed and our. Species, accelerated, I think we're to similar place right now and I think about all of us as IT professionals. What. I'm going to walk you through is all the things that we're now able to do in the cloud and how we're able to learn and bring that intelligence, to you and just like those logarithmic, tables it's. Gonna simplify, what you do and it's, going to accelerate the work that you do and it's gonna enable you to empower, your organizations, to achieve more and. So. First let's start talking about where we all exist today we're all trying to transform, this. Concept. Of digital transformation as, we all try to take advantage of all the new technologists, surrounding, us is just. Such an opportunity but, we're all starting in different places and all of us have legacy will you bring along and. So our view to you is is we want to help you take all your existing on-premises, infrastructure, we, want to help you connect, it to the cloud so that literally as cloud connected, IT and, as, you do this what then we can do is we can bring to bear all that knowledge all that intelligence, that we build in the cloud and we can bring it to your existing, infrastructure, and make. It intelligent, now. What's important for you as you're identifying, who your key partners here are is you need to understand, who's gonna deliver you the intelligence, to, accelerate your efforts now, it's not about who has the most data it has it's about who has the most interesting data so. Let me tell you about some of the things that we have that we collect, and some, of the things that some of the insights that we get from this data that is very unique to Microsoft, so first of all we. Service 450. Billion authentications. Every month from, 1.1, billion users of ash or Active Directory we're. Announcing today that we are we hit between config, manager and in tune we're managing over a hundred and fifty million, pcs. And mobile devices that's up 50% from a year ago when we were together we now. See 700, million Windows 10 devices. Deployed around the world and. We have over 135, million monthly active users of office 365.

Now. Why this is important, to you. Service. That use of that service that that kind of scale is what. Then gives us all these insights. That. Help us through AI to. Learn and to, accelerate your efforts. And. The. Perspective, that we have on here is unique because we're the only one the only organization, on the planet that, has this kind of insights on, identity, on productivity. On management. And security and with. That knowledge that forms the basis, then of how, we're able to advance we're able to do with you and help you and we literally take what we learn from the millions of devices the. Billions of authentications. The. Trillions, of data points that we receive and then. We actually, apply. That to your unique organization. And, we learn from the many and. Apply. To the few to help you and that's what we call the intelligent cloud and the intelligent, edge acting together so. As you take in you connect your your edge to. Our intelligent, cloud your edge becomes a part of the intelligent, edge and everything, accelerates. Now. That's foundational to what we do on Microsoft 365. Microsoft. 365 is that complete, secure, intelligent. Solution, to, empower your employees let. Me walk you through a little bit about how we think about this and just jump right into dental we're gonna spend the bulk of our time and demonstrations, today there, are four promises, of Microsoft 365 to you we're gonna help you unlock creativity for your users and for IT enable. You to work in teams we're. Gonna simplify, the work that you do and then, we're gonna build integrated, security into, it those. Are our promises, I am. An engineering leader at the company for integrated simplicity, for Microsoft, 365, so I swear I spent all my time and efforts at really. Encourage you to stay seated here in this room at, the end of this session joy. Chick and Rob levers going to be talking about intelligent, security. Amazing. Innovation you're gonna see there as well and the two work together you know management and and and security, it's, an integrated solution, that you're gonna want to make sure you take advantage of. So.

Let's Talk a little bit about kind of some of our principles, as we think about just you have the context, so first of all we. Talk about simplicity, simplicity is actually an architectural, principle for us now. What I'll tell you is if you have a simple, architecture. Your, end-user solution, is better you're more secure, you're more agile, there's. Just this elegance, about complicity, that we just strive for and. Then, in terms as we think about the modern workplace that we deliver with Microsoft, 365, we. Want to deliver that across all your user screens, now. Most of your users big screens are Windows and Mac's the. Medium-size screens and the small screens are iOS and on Android. Microsoft. 365, delivers, that modern workplace across, all of those devices with. That beautiful, office experience management, security spanning, all of it to, make sure you empower your users, to, be productive on the devices that they want to use and that they love so here's how rehearsal going to spend our next hour we're gonna walk you through the, work that we're doing to help you cloud connect your, existing capabilities, today so, what you have today and how you Cloud Connect it then. We're going to show you how we're gonna provide you, and unlock, superior. Insights, and control and, then. Finally we're gonna help you understand how to shift to a modern desktop and if you haven't if, you haven't seen the word modern desktop as you've walked through the Convention Center I don't know how you could have missed it so we're gonna spend some time making sure you understand what that is so. First of all let's talk about cloud Connect what you have today and so, the message if you want to help you understand here is we, want to help you start where you are today and start. To advance that forward on this concept of a digital transformation. So. First of all we're, walking, through this transition, right now all of us from where we've been at to, where we want to be with the modern workplace so. We look at this diagram for a minute let me kind of help you understand some of the key points the. Top half of this really is a shift from one thing to another so you're moving from windows 7 to Windows 10 you're. Moving from office, to office 365. Things. Like AI management, security and identity is really additive, so, most of us are gonna have Active Directory on our premises for an awful long time so you add a shorted. Directory you, extend your identity out to the cloud you get additional benefits and capabilities. Most. Of you are using config manager days for your PC's when. You extend, that out of Microsoft, 365 and in tune and you get additional capabilities, as well it's not an either-or decision, let. Me tell you a little bit, and interesting about some of the defender, in some of the anti-malware. This. Is about a transition, from a signature, based model like Windows Defender to. A model, where it's behavioral base driven from intelligence in the cloud. Now. Let me give you a couple of insights and data points on a couple of these so first of all I think everybody knows Active Directory and azure rack directly by far is the authoritative source for enterprise. Identity, today. With config manager we're managing about 75%. Of the world's PCs and. When I look at all the devices that are coming in that are being MDM, managed, around the world in, the last 90 days more, than 90 percent of those are being, managed by Intune so as the world is starting to take advantage of the MDM, layer in Windows they're, doing that through in tune. Let. Me give some fascinating, data points on defender, when. I look in the config manager telemetry. What. I see on Windows 7 and Windows 8 is that defenders use on about 26%, of, the enterprise, pcs. But. When I look at Windows 10, defender. Is used on more than 55%, of. The, enterprise, the PCs, are employed using Windows 10 why. Because, Windows Defender is really a good solution. And because, it's so integrated, with config manager and intuitive simple for you and so I team moves to it and then. You add on to that the defender ATP, capabilities, and now you have all that behavioral, capabilities comes, from the cloud and so you think about how you're making this transition to. This modern workplace this. Is one of the key things for you to keep in mind so. Let's jump right in and start to look this house how some of these pieces fit together and the. First thing I want to walk you through is, is all the value that you get as soon as you connect config manager to the cloud, without.

Changing, A single thing not. Changing a single policy, I want, you to understand just the immediate things that come to your attention and you get to use as soon as you enable it so we're gonna jump here and we're gonna go to the intern console, so. Here I am in the intern console and the first time we go look at here is all my devices now. What, most people are doing is they start to use in tune is they use that for their further mobile devices and that's what the majority of you are doing today using. It to manage your iOS Android, and Mac devices, but not yet your Windows devices now. When you turn on the co management you start to do cloud management what, happens then is all your windows devices pop, in and so this what it would look like after you're done so. The first big benefit that you get when you connect config manager to the cloud is you get unified reporting, for Windows iOS, Android. And Mac in one, place that's the first benefit now. Let's go take a look at some other things I want you to see I'm gonna walk through a common scenario here, and give, you three more benefits, you get so I'm gonna come down here to the troubleshooting, now. The scenario here is an employers call they've left their PC in the lounge at the airport. And I want to show you some of the things that you get now as you add into new config manager so. I'm gonna select the user here and. I'm gonna come in and I'm gonna go look for the user sage. So. Right here if I select sage, the first thing I want you to see here is right, here I can see all the conditional access policies, that have been applied to Sage Windows. IOS Android, Mac that's, the second benefit you get when you connect config manager the cloud is you get the ability to define conditional, access policies. That, will ensure the only trusted user is using trusted, devices using trusted apps get access, to your data and the, only place you can do that is within tune in that but that's the immediate value cuz that can be applied on top of your config manager deployment, now, let's scan down here a little bit, now. Here's the PC that has been lost or he's been left in the in the lounge so I click into that and what. I want you to understand here now is because this is in tune and this is running as a cloud service when, I come up here and click on wipe that. Device is wiped immediately. It's not waiting for a polling interval because. This is a cloud service I get the third, benefit which is immediate, operational. Capabilities, where I can take action on PCs right, now if. You think about it for a minute in context of those you can use config, manager and you worry about client, health because. Your devices, are talking to in tune several times a day and the intern is talking to config manager, even, if you have devices that never come behind the firewall physically, or virtually we, can understand where they're at whether configuration, is because we get all the insights, through config manage through in tune and that's the fourth big benefit, and.

So With that in mind what. I want you to understand, here now is one. Of the first things I'm going to ask you to do is when, you get back is go turn on well because we've called co-management Connect. Config manager up into the cloud with Incans you can start to do cloud, management, take advantage of all the knowledge we have in the in the cloud now. It's thinking about how the best way to show this to you you know what's the best way to show you just how easy it is to enable this you. Know unlike you I sit, in a lot of demonstrations. And I often, wonder if what I'm being shown on the on the on the screen is the happy path and it's not what the normal user see right, and so, I saw it so I thought to myself what's the best way to to show the audience here how simple it is I thought well I wonder. If there could we could would was a customer, that would come up on stage and live, turn. On co-management in front of all of you. Sound. Good, all. Right so. Do me a favor and what, we're gonna do here is we're. Gonna event can't to, come up on stage exact go turn on coal management live for, his production tenants, get my hand. Thanks. You. Got the dress code yeah. Tell. Us a little about your organization, and kind of your history yes, so let. Me start by saying that you know I'm super, excited to be here and take part of the whole Cloud Connect story I've been. In you in the client. Management industry as you know for plus 20 years and I for those. Years certainly seen and done a lot but. But never before have I seen, you know so few clicks from from. My hand here bring been bringing, so many and immediate benefits, so that backstage I just want to repeat that I've. Never seen so few clicks from my hand bring such immediate benefit, to customers, so. What's how you doing yep so as. You. Were saying that, promoted. Into my production, environment in. Copenhagen. And what can possibly go wrong in a live demo, right. So. I've cheated, a little bit I've, used my first click to sign in with my Asha credentials, as I was like I'm. Not ready, to share them with you yet. So. So. Let me go ahead and and. Use click number two so. Going. To this page here I have, to make an important decision because am, I going to automatic. Enroll my my devices here, my. My, pilot devices, or all of them into, into. India so, I feel, brave I feel confident, so I'm going to select. Out of them use. My second click and then simply going a you know hit summary and there you go out just Cloud Connect our, environment. So. Let's just. Finish that one up and. Then we are four clicks so, so, I know you release the video the famous, four click video earlier, this year and, I'm, pretty I'm pretty sure a lot of you have seen that video and some, of you have might have been thinking is it really that easy and, when I heard about the first time I was like also, you know he said really that easy but, I think I just kept your promise here you know a cloud connected my environment my production, environment. And. Simply just four clicks so it's pretty cool thanks, Kent yeah all, right. You. Know we had some fun with that but but honestly. I couldn't. Think of a better wave to help. You understand a little. Tiny investment, of your time is, gonna, pay all those dividends of all that new value that you get as soon as you attach configure manager up into the cloud all, right so with that of mine let's, talk about some of the next kind of thing that I want you to connect to the cloud now, if you think about as you are replacing, pcs, as you're upgrading pcs one of the most important points that we would tell you you need to make sure your data is up in the cloud and not just on your users pcs and.

So I wanted to give you a view of a new tool that's been released by it released by the onedrive team that's gonna help us get all your data from your PCs up into the cloud is called the, onedrive known, folder. Move okay, we're gonna show you the integration with config managers are first of all let me kind of give you a view of this this, is actually what the consumer experience looks like and so your home PCs this is what I use on my home PC to take all my data up in you, get a chance to say hey do you want your desktop your documents your pictures all moved up to the cloud you, say start protection, here and it'll it removes all that data up into the cloud it's all safe it's all protected now. We have the exact same experience for you but, you can drive it now through policy, through config manager and through in tune so if you take a look what that looks like it looks just like the consumer experience but up in the top here it gives some insight says hey your IT wants, to protect your data and so, here the users are gonna say you know what I don't want you pictures to go up because those are my personal pictures and they, would click going all the data would move up into the cloud and, you're probably gonna want to schedule this maybe in groups you may not want to take your twenty thousand employees and do it all at once you, know I'm, sure that the config manager team here in the audience has had has been given you know trouble. In the passion the networking team when you overloaded, it but. The key point here is get your data into the cloud because there are four big immediate, values that you want to take advantage of first, all your data is backed up and secure, second. Your users can access the data now from any device anywhere in the planet so you truly enable that modern workplace, third. You simplify, your provisioning, for those users for new devices from here and forever because it's just so much easier now you, give a new device there's nothing specific on that device that the user needs and so you can give them a new device, and they're off and running with their data and the, fourth thing is it's protected, from ransomware, there's, a bunch of innovation, that we did between onedrive, and Windows that even if in the case where a device gets infected with ransomware all, your data if it's up in onedrive is, protected, and so, one of the most important things for you to do is to get your data up into onedrive. Now one last thing I want to talk about in. This particular category about, trying starting to move some of your workloads to the cloud, many. Of you have, been turning on what we have called Co management, but moving into this world where you have config manager and into and working together and, you've. Wanted to move the capabilities, to do software distribution up into the cloud but there's been a problem it's been a challenge, the. MDM layer in Windows 10 doesn't. Support the all your entire estate. Of win32, apps. Ok. So today we're. Announcing that we've added win32, support, to Intune ok. Yeah. What took us so long right, let, me give you a little bit of insights into this, today. And they give you let me give you something some data points you'll find interesting. We went looked inside of the config manager, database.

You Know yesterday, asked, the question how many applications, is config manager managing, around, the globe. 6.4. Million apps. There. Are there are hundreds, of years. Of investment, from the engineers across Microsoft. To perfect what it means to deploy win32. And msi files to, all your devices now. It would be a gross oversimplification. When. The config manager code base into the intern kilobase. But. There's some truth to that too so. All that knowledge all that experience that we've been using that you use today to deploy more than 6.4 million, applications. Across. Your pcs you'll, have all the same capabilities and in tune as we go forward encourage, you to go to the sessions throughout the week to learn more about that it made its debut in the August release or the August updates of Intune and you'll see more capabilities, you know coming in through the fall my, main point here that I would say is you know you want to continue to rely upon us, to deploy those win32, applications. Yeah, I hear some of the traditional MDM, vendors talking about beginning to manage windows and hey trust us we can deploy your win32, apps I don't, think you want to be their guinea pig you want to stick with what you've been using and use, the cables that are that are proven and, ready to go okay, so with that let's now transition, to the second portion so. We've shown you how to cloud connect your existing infrastructure, so, take what you've already got start, from there connect, it to the cloud I start to get new value let's. Not start to show you some of that value let us show you how we're gonna help you unlock, all this value, and all the superior, visibility and control, now. The first thing I want to talk about is is the work that we've done on the console, and so, you know we announced Microsoft, 365 a year ago when we got back from ignite last year group Rufus got together and he said hey we need to bring the consoles, together so. The first thing that we did is an inventory of all the consoles, that exist from the Microsoft 365 services. There. Were 24. Ok. Is it anything but simple and so. We said listen by the time we get to ignite next year we. Better get we better have an integrated experience and, so. Today what we're putting in a preview, is the Microsoft 365, admin, Center, Microsoft. 365, admin, Center is that one entry point for any IT professional, who's working on Microsoft, 365. Windows. Office, management. Security identity, all of, that is in this integrated. Experience now and then we have these experiences, where from, that that console, you can dive down into the specialist, areas you see down below here, ok. Our. Goals on this we're first of all to optimize, all the daily tasks to make it easy for you second. To enable you to work in the teams that eye team needs to work in today and then, third to surface up the insights, and, make that actionable, for you to be able to take action quickly now, again the best thing here so just show you how it looks like and so what I'm gonna do here is I'm, gonna actually give you a demo of what the Microsoft 365 admin Center looks like. Ok. So I'm, sure many of you recognize this immediately this is what you know if you've been living inside of actually. You know I'm gonna put it back here so I can, give. You the aha moment just pretend you to see that for a second ok. And. So. Right here you know those of you who have lived inside of office 365 you're, gonna recognize, this console, this is what you've been living at for years and it's the office 365 administrating. Center or, the admin console what. You're gonna see here is up here in your top right you're gonna see this hey let's try the preview, and when you turn that preview, on literally, you're now gonna be, able to see and use the, Microsoft, 365. Admin. Console, and so, let me give you a quick tour the first thing here is take a look at the URL if you. Are a Microsoft, 365 IT pro you're gonna go to admin microsoft comm, and that's, gonna be your life that's where you gonna live at ok pretty easy to remember right admin, microsoft, comm, everybody repeat after me. Admin microsoft. Comm, hey thank you. Up. Here you see, all the common tasks so these are the common daily things that you do if, I come down here a little bit lower these what we call the specialist, workplaces and this you need to do a little bit more in-depth some of those pieces I'll come back and show you some of that in a minute each. One of these right here is is it what we call a card, and, these cards allow me to build my own custom, dashboards, are the things that I'm tracking, so, you can see here things like you know I'm what I want, to see there's any issues.

That Are happening with the Microsoft services right, here I'm watching, if any of my data my users are creating data it has sensitive, data and it's not safe and protected, I want, to track any risky users and this right here is is tracking what's. Happening with threats and attacks against, office 365, you, can see right here I'm about to kick-off an MDM deployment for my organization, to almost, 11,000, devices, and I'm right in the middle of deploying an update from Windows and an office. One. Dashboard it's all in there let, me just give you some of the views of some of the new things were able to do in here so I'm gonna go dig into here and go into the user management so. First of all in this particular card. In this area of Microsoft, 365 there are 1.8, million monthly active users in doing work in here it's just unbelievable. The scale at which yet, what you were using the services, you, know some of the things that we built in here now is the ability for you to go and do bulk actions, it's, like the munchies users assigned a group reset passwords, but, let me show you some of the integration that we've done to simplify, looking. At what a user, is and what that user has rights to so, right here I see all the data about the user I could change the password, this, is pretty cool because in the user card I'm surfacing, up from in tune all the devices, that that user uses, and that the user owns so. I can see all them right there here, I can take a look at the applications. From, office that are being used from office 365 and, then I can get a view of you know onedrive usage, and mail, users as well but it's all in one place in the past you would have had to gone to multiple consoles, but, you see how we bring that all together now, now. One of the really cool things about the Microsoft, 365 admin, Center is we're. Gonna surface, to you recommendations. And, you're gonna hear us doing a lot of this work we want to be able to tell you what your neck specs ash and action should be so, I'm gonna come back home here and notice right here what has happened I'm getting a recommendation, that says listen we. In all of our intelligence we, are seeing that you've got a number of users that we think are risky we, think these users may be compromised. We, want to we're recommending you to do something so, you come here and it says this and we're recommending you turn on MFA if you're admins, and for your risky users and, if I did we're just to come in and click policy, about policy, to be set and I'd be off and running it's Lily it's gonna be that easy, but, it's just such a wonderful example of, how we're gonna take we're going to learn in the cloud again from those trillion of data points the, billions of authentications, and millions of devices and then, we're gonna apply, that learning back to your individual, users to your individual devices to your individual tenets and help. You accelerate just like those longer that we talked about this. Is gonna help you accelerate your impact now.

We, Talked about the fact that the landing page is admin microsoft com, one. Of the other values of that this console, is we understand, that you know IT needs to work in teams and so, this is the IT proconsul, you know for, the individuals, who are out doing the the work and the care and the feeding of the the PCs the ID and everything else most. Organizations, have got a security and operations, team and so, if you come right down here you're gonna see that I've got a security, specialist. Area and. When I click on this anybody want to guess what the URL is gonna be. Yeah. Look at that security Microsoft, comm and here, all of the things that I'm doing from a security perspective are in there if, I come and take a look right here you can see if, from a compliance perspective you. Go to compliance top Microsoft, comm okay. How many people in the room here are using config manager and Intune, okay. Well, your new place where you're gonna be going to is. Device. Management Microsoft. Comm and. That's. Just one of those specialist pages it all comes out of the Microsoft, 365, admin, Center one. Place that brings all the Microsoft 365 admin, together and helps, you to quickly and easily get. Insights, get knowledge get intelligence and empower. Your users I think it's pretty cool. Ok. Subscribe to the slide deck for a minute now and, the. First thing I want now when I talk to you about is some of the things that we're doing to help you protect. And secure your devices now for years my, organization, my team has worked with governments, around the globe to define these these, these templates. About. What a secure windows and secure office deployment, looks like and we call these security baselines, and for, years we've published these in K they get published as I said a documentation. And many, of you would probably use those in the paths you go turn those into group policies and apply him well. Today were announcing something really really cool and in tune and what we're announcing is that, we're going to now, actually, give you actual real MDM, policies, the same policies, that we now work in conjunction with governments, around the globe while. Our recommendation. Is to you about what a secure windows and secure, office deployment, looks like, you. Literally will just think you'll get these templates in your console, you accept them you accept the default settings and you, will be applying the same recommendations. That we give to the government's about how their devices should be deployed so, let's take a look at that now let me give you a view of what that demo looks like ok, so we're back now in the, in, the, in the console and you can see right here I've got this concept of security baselines, and I'm gonna go create this MDM security baseline so here I'm looking at one baseline that I've got out right now and I can see kind of the configuration, who's compliant, who. Doesn't, doesn't match the compliant let me show you how you create a new one so I'm coming here I'm gonna create a new I'm, gonna create a new policy. And. I'm come here give it a name. Give. It a description and, then I'm gonna so I'm gonna scroll down here, and look at the settings ok so if I scroll down here take a look at the settings there. Are 40 categories, there, are more than 300. Settings, if I just for example come and pop in the browser, here it'll, show you the things that we think you need to set on your browser to make sure you have a secure. Configuration for your browser but. 40 categories, 300. Settings are all pre-populated. They're all pre-configured, all you literally have to do is say create and we'll create that baseline for you it literally is that easy and then what you do is you come in you take a look at that baseline. And. If I go into it I can go into assignments. It's. Like the groups all and assign it to this, case I'm gonna go and select all yours employees I create. That and literally. When I say that it is now off and running and I have that baseline applied so, now I come back and I can take a look at the properties and right, here it'll show you that the, number of devices that I am now tracking and applying that baseline to has increased but. Here's one of the really cool parts about this you. Can use this in conjunction with your config manager deployments, and so, you can take these security baselines, you, can configure them in in tune once you've connected clinic, manager and in tune and when, you say apply, just.

Like That we're out applying that baseline to all your pcs, because all is a cloud different service it's a push model and so, you know if you want to change any of those policies, for whatever the case may be you can change all the policies, on your pcs anywhere. In the world again. I think this is pretty cool as well because this is gonna give you that same knowledge and they're very easy to use can consume way as what, we delivered all the governments of the world about how they should configure their, Windows PCs and their office deployments, okay and that's the Intune security baselines. Now. The next thing I wanna give you some ideas, in terms of how we give you more, insights and control as I want to talk about email. Email. Is the first app that all your users want to get access to it also is one of the first things that all of you want to make sure is secure and and and protected, so, let me give you a little bit of insights in what we're seeing in terms of trends with, respect to the email apps that are being used and then give you a view of some of the conditional access so first of all let me give you an insight on what we're seeing right now. Outlook. Mobile by, far, is the, number one most used email, app for accessing, business data if. I go take a look at exchange online and, I look at the telemetry more. Than 50%, of, all. Mobile, devices accessing. Exchange online are now, using outlook. And. The. Reason that is is you know first of all outlook it's got this phenomenal. Score, from end users in the store you know I checked last night four point seven and yeah in the in the Apple Store users, love it IT. Loves, because it has all the security and management of Microsoft 365. Built, into it and. So with that in mind let, me give you a little example of, how we do how we know we've built management, security natively, into this combination, of Outlook, and Exchange, Online and do that I'm gonna give you a couple of examples, here on some iPads so. First of all you know I've got these two iPads right here ones, old ones new, this, is literally an iPad 2 that we found in the closet. Seriously. And so, it's got an older version of the off of the operating system on it doesn't have a power on pin now. With Microsoft, 365, one, of the things that we pioneered here is this concept called conditional access and what that allows us to do is you, can define a policy, that tells us what a trusted user is was.

A Trusted device is and what a trusted app is according. To your definition and, then. At the time when access, is requested, from the application, to the service we. Do a quick discovery, and then. We will only give access. If that combination of user device. And app meets your criteria and, so, when they Paul in the in the demonstration, I have here for you the, policy is that the device has to be at the latest version of iOS and, it, has to have a power on pin so let me show you what happens so, here this device which doesn't have a power on pin and then does not have the latest version in the operating system when, I come in here and I click on outlook what, happens, is the Microsoft 365 services all work together to quickly come back and say you know what you, can't quite get there, your. Device isn't configuring, isn't configured properly so, we're actually blocking email, ok, and so you can just see how quickly and how effortless, we're able to give you that insight now, let's go to the to the updated iPad this. Has a power on pin this has the the the latest release of the operating system on it if I come here and click on outlook it's kind of a boring demo the first thing is gonna ask me for a pin cuz I've got a policy here that requires, a pin and no one look what I put that in there but. It's, kind of a boring down because email just works and, that's. The way it should be. But. In this particular. Configuration. Of, conditional access the. IT professionals, gonna say listen I require outlook, for. My users to get their corporate email because outlook has all the security built into it so if the user now tries and goes to use the Inbox email app look what happens you. Can't quite get there you. May meet the requirement, of a trusted user and, your device maybe trust because it meets our configuration but. We require outlook for your email click here we're gonna help you understand what you have to do and. So it's just this wonderful example, of all the innovation, that we have done across, the Microsoft, 365 services, you know with office 365 in tune as your Active Directory to, give you this level of security in this level of control with. Outlook which is the number one again the number one email app use on the planet for mobile devices in. Business, alright, so let go back to the deck, ok. So we've. Gone through two of our bookmarks we. Talked about how you connect your existing where you're at writing your existing infrastructure up into the cloud. We. Then talked about how that gives you the additional control, and visibility, now. That's where I wanted to spend the bulk of our time and I want to help you understand the things that we're doing to help you shift to a modern desktop, because. You know as we think about the modern desktop it's it really is important, that you stay up-to-date, so. First I'll just do a little bit of definition what, is the modern desktop the, modern desktop is Windows 10 and office. 365. ProPlus. And. I want to make sure you hear that, Windows. 10 and, office. 365 ProPlus. And. You're gonna see here in the in the next minute why Pearl Plus is such an important part of this but. That combination has been engineered to be used together across Microsoft, we engineer that that. Gives the best experience for users and it gives the best experience, for IT professionals, and, at. The end of the day with that your users the most productive, you. Have the most secure a configuration. And platform for business at the, lowest TCO. Now. I think it's important for you to actually see, what. The modern desktop is ok. And so the the, next thing I want to do is I want to kind of give you a view so you get a flavor for all the innovation, that we're doing in the modern desktop and. I want to ask you to just keep your eye on something for me as we're. Going through this modern desktop I want you to keep your eye on, all, the places, where the power of the cloud is. Enhancing. And accelerating. The capabilities, of the end-user ok. Deal, so. Keep an eye on that and please, welcome Mary to the stage to give you a view of the monitor desktop. Thank. You, so we've seen some of the amazing, deployment, and management benefits, with the modern desktop but, at the end of the day this. Combination. Of office and Windows is all about making your users, as productive, as possible, we. Believe the PC is still the most powerful, tool for people to be able to get things done so I, just want you to imagine for a few minutes that you're one of your users not. Just any user but the skeptical. One the. One that's gonna ask you why should I care about this technology what's.

It Going to do for me and my team. Here's. What I would say you, will love the, modern desktop for three reasons one. It helps, you work faster, and smarter 2. It lets you get your work done wherever you are and 3. It lets cloudy I do a lot more of the heavy lifting so. For the next few minutes I'm gonna walk you through some examples of these, 3 key benefits now. I'm gonna start off here with Microsoft. Search in Windows. Which, is one place that I can quickly find whatever it is I'm looking for whether it's apps, files, settings. People. Even, quick answers in Bing. Here. Based on my search for software. Microsoft, search will put the actual download, link right here in the search results, so I don't even have to go out and click on a webpage to download this I. Can. Search quickly for colleagues, and send, an IM or an email I can, see documents, that they've shared with me I can. Even expand. This files view here and see a quick preview of documents, that they've shared and. Then of course if I forget where I've saved my own document, which I do all the time I can, just start typing a title keyword in a search and as I'm even doing that you, can see Microsoft, search, starting to populate, these results, with with, document, suggestions across my local machine onedrive. For business and, SharePoint and this. Is the, workbook I'm looking for. So. Here in Excel I have an example of what I mean by letting the cloud do more of the heavy lifting with, a really, common, challenge today which is making sense of data so. First, I really want to quickly point out that I'm co-authoring. With other users in the same workbook, real-time. Co-authoring, and, the clients, is something, that you can only do in Pro Plus you, can't do this in perpetual, office 2019, or office 2016. Editions. So. I can see here that my colleague is updated, this data there's a whole bunch of data in this workbook. Normally, I would have to create a series of pivot, tables and, charts to try to summarize this but, you can see here with ideas. Instantly. I've. Just run this against a series of machine learning models in the cloud and it's come back with some suggestions, for. Insights. That I may not have thought to look for this. One right here for example this marketing, spend drops off very sharply and this, is something that I probably, wouldn't have looked for in this data and it's something that I might want to look into a little bit further so. With one click, the. Correct chart and corresponding. Pivot table is generated, instantly, for me, now. Before. I close this workbook, I want to take a quick snip, of this. Chart, and I'm going to do that using the, new, snipping, tool in Windows by hitting Windows shift s now. I could, of course get there through the Action Center but, we're only going to use shortcuts, in this room, so remember Windows shift s. This. Is gonna save to the clipboard or I can pop it open quickly and I can use pen tools to, annotate. Or use. Touch, of the mouse if I want to and, then. I can get to my new windows clipboard by, hitting Windows, V and you, can see here the new clipboard, experience, allows me to save multiple. Items, that. I can copy later or, paste later I can. Clean things up here if I want to get rid of things I can pin items, so. They stick around if, I'm frequently using them and then this cloud, sync option does something what I think is super cool and I'm going to show you that in a couple minutes stay tuned. All. Right, so. This rich, experience that, you can only get in the. PC itself is really the meat of the modern desktop but. Microsoft is also investing. In features and tools that make both Android, and iOS, devices work, better with the PC. So. There's my android phone I've. Got my Microsoft launcher, installed on it which is designed to work with my favorite Microsoft, apps like the outlook focus inbox, here I've got my recent. Office 365, documents, if I. Want to I can get, a jump start on a PowerPoint, presentation I'm, working on by, opening this in the PowerPoint, mobile. App I. Can. Quickly, add a slide, if I think of something I need to work on later, now. Incidentally. This style, of typing, that you're seeing is something that's also available now in Windows 10 with the on-screen, keyboard with Swift key, but. What's so cool about this is when I get back to my I want modern desktop I can quickly resume, working on this document and, pick up right where I left off by clicking this share.

Charm, Right next to the file in Microsoft, launcher, it's, gonna send a notification to any of my linked pcs so. I can. Quickly open, up this document or, opens, up automatically, for me and I can continue where I left off. Now. With. The additional real estate. My larger screen I can see that this is a pretty, boring looking presentation. It's got all the info that I need but. It, just needs some help in terms of visual appeal so, fortunately, another place where cloudy. Eye really, delivers, is with, ideas, and PowerPoint, by. Clicking on ideas, here in PowerPoint you, can see it will immediately generate, some professional-looking, designs, for, my title slide, what's. More it's generating, suggestions. For image searches so, I could go out a picture and make this slide look even better and the, suggestions, and these image image, searches are based on the text in the slide, so. If I click on wind energy here, it, will pull up relevant images from Bing I can, even create filter, for Creative, Commons images, and, then. If I were to change the text in the slide the. Suggestions, are going to update based on the new text, that I put into my slide so this is really cool. Now. The suggestions, and ideas are, content. Based and context. Based as well so since, the slide has a list in it I get, ideas for how to transform. This slide in. A way that makes sense design, wise. In. This, example, I even. Get iconography. Pulled in that, corresponds. With key, words in each of the bullets that was in the text in the in each of these bullets which, for someone that spends way too much time hunting, for icons I absolutely, love this feature. Now. In this next slide ideas. Highlighting, some of the inconsistencies, and the punctuation used, at the end of each bullet so. Some bullets end with a period others. Have no punctuation, it's. Looking, for spelling, and capitalization consistency. As well, so. One, click cleans, that right up and then. Inconsistency, check here is even caught that I'm spelling website, differently, so in one of the bullets I have a space, between web, and site in. Another bullet I've just spelled it all one word so. One click cleans, that up and. Then. Lastly, since this slide, is a list of dates. I am. Appropriately. Enough getting suggestions. Here to transform this into a timeline, visualization. So I have a few different design options I can choose from again. One click and this is completely transformed, and. I also just want to point out that all of this was just done in the, web version of PowerPoint, so another example of, how a modern desktop allows users, to get their work done from anywhere. Alright. I am going to switch, to a different PC, now maybe I've gone. Home I'd left the office I'm working, from home on my I've. Got my wedding, photo, set as my desktop background I've. Got my cool. New dark, theme applied, now. Another feature that helps me stay on track across devices is Windows timeline so, right here in task view or again we can use the shortcut windows. Tab I've, got this nice chronological. View of activities, that I've done on my device yesterday, today. Earlier. Could, be earlier in the week or month and it. Could be things that I did on a different device so right here you see this surface, pro 4 this.

Is Actually, the machine that I was working on earlier at work so timeline is aggregating, activities, that I've done across any linked PC, so. I'm gonna go ahead and, open. Up this PowerPoint, presentation, that I had earlier, because I have a couple more things to show you. So. When I launch. This it's. Going to ask me if I want to pick up where I left off which I absolutely do. Okay. So remember earlier I, copied, that chart in Excel on my other machine. So. In Windows 10 clipboard, history now roams using, the same technology, that powers timeline, so. If I open my clipboard on this device, there. Is my chart copy. On one device paste, on another I love, this and of, course design idea is gonna make it look great for me, all. Right but I have one more thing to show you so, this. Last slide means a photo of our launch venue and it, just so happens that we're gonna do our project, launched in this very room so. I'm gonna take an opportunity to snap. A quick photo. Since. You guys are such a great-looking audience. Everyone. Say ignites. All, right so, another way that we're making the modern desktop work better with phones. Is through the appropriately, named your phone app so. With your phone in Windows 10 Android, phone users most recent, photos, and text messages, sync automatically. To their PC so. Right here you can see this this photo that I just took of everyone you. Guys look amazing and. Without having to email this photo to myself I can just pull it right over into my presentation, and of, course design, ideas. Makes it look fantastic for, me. So. Thank. You. Thank. You so much this is just a really quick highlight, reel of some of the newer features in, Windows, 10 and office 365, but remember, at the end of the day your users can work faster and smarter get, work done wherever they are and leverage, cloudy ID anymore their heavy lifting that's, the benefit you get when you shift to a modern desktop thank. You. Pretty. Amazing right. Okay. So all that stuff you just saw all that until just all that AI you. Get that when you get your users into the Office ProPlus apps you, don't get if you run off of 2010, you. Don't get in 13 you. Know get it an office 2016, you don't get it in office, 2019. You. Gotta be on the cloud okay. If you come under any data points here that ideas, you know where, does the helps. You with the creation of this of the slides now I live in that that is like my Savior let me give you a fasting data point since we launched that in 2016. We, have processed, 5.4. Billion, slide. Recommendations. That's. One for every three out of four people on the planet, now. Here's one even even more cool about it four million of those have been in the last 365. Days, so. The use is accelerating, so, ladies and gentlemen, please. Put the power of the cloud in the hands of your users, let's. Get them dumb on our desktop Windows 10 and Office, ProPlus, okay. Let me give you some insights and what we're doing now in terms of what we're seeing in the enterprise with adoption of Windows 10 we talked a lot about the fact that there's 700, million Windows 10 devices. Deployed on the planet but we've never given you insights about what it looks like within the enterprise, you're. Lucky what it looks like so. Through, August, 2018. What we were seeing is config manager was updating, a PC from windows 7 to Windows 10 every. Point, nine seven seconds, on. August 1 for some reason it accelerated. And, now we're seeing it every point six eight seconds, there's a device that's being upgraded by a config manager to seven to ten and within. The next two weeks we will cross the point where, there'll be more Windows 10 in the enterprise than. Any other version of the offering system in fact you'll across the 50 percent line so. Right here you can benchmark yourselves, where are you at today in your upgrade in windows 10 are you halfway through if you're.

Not You're behind the rest of the industry if you're ahead of that you're ahead as we, push through an old towards, that end of service in January 2020. Yeah. I watch on Windows 10 - right I'm so excited about it now. The key thing here for you understand is is how we're gonna help you and that's we're going to spend a lot of our time yet and so, you know you have the end of service coming for office 7 or. Windows 7 sorry and you have the end of service coming for office 2010. Let's. Talk about the things that are ready to help you to shift to those updated, versions so first of all you, know if we take a look we we, announced a couple of weeks ago some changes to our updating policies and so, we're still going to have the first half and second half releases. Now, one of the things that we're gonna do is in those second half the release we're gonna give you security updates for 30 months on that so if for some reason you, need to stay on a build of Windows longer. Than you know 6 or 12 months you can use that fall or at least we'll give you the security updates for 30 months but. Let me just put the plug in here and strongly recommend, that you figure out the. Tools I'm going to show you next and how to update your process, and your policies, to keep up with those semi-annual, releases, you. Know you're gonna get the security, updates but there's work that we do for example that. Work that we do to protect all your data in one drive from, ransomware, that. Was innovation in onedrive and innovation in Windows if you're. Not keeping up with these semi annual updates you're not getting, the best of the operating system and the best of their productivity suite and. So what I want to show you now for the rest of time that we have I want to give you a view of some of the things I'm wanting to dramatically, help you shift to the modern desktop. So. Today we're announcing what we call Desktop analytics, ok some of you have probably used what we call workstation, to analytics this is the evolution of that as we expand it to be you, know they look at the breadth of what Microsoft, 365 is doing this. Is gonna become your best friend as you. Stay, current with those semi-annual. Leases of Windows because what we're doing with desktop analytics, is we're. Taking everything that we learn in the cloud from those 700, million Windows 10 devices from, 135, million monthly active users of office 365 from 150, million devices the pcs that we're managing with config manager and in tune and we're, learning and then, we're applying it to you so, milwaukee's you conceptually how it works first I'm gonna show it to you and so, we have those 700 lien devices and what, you do is you turn on config manager, and you, attach it to that service, by basically. Setting a configuration, and it starts to send us telemetry, now. What we're able to do is take your, tenets, PCs and, compare. That to what we see across the seven hundred million and we, give you a readiness, report, and. Give. You a point of view on your hardware, your drivers, your office add-ins your third-party applications. And even those applications. That only exist, in your company. This. Is revolutionary. These. Are things that we've dreamed about doing for years but the technology, wasn't there to enable it yet we, are now going to give you a point of view if every single app and every single piece of hardware, if it's ready to go to the next version of Windows now. If for some reason, we find a problem we. Have this new service that we announce that starts October 1 called. The fast-track, desktop. App assurance, and what this program is if you, find an application that appears to have a compatibility, problem, you're, going to contact my engineering team we're gonna look at the application, if, it's a Windows problem we're gonna go fix Windows, if.

It's An application problem, we to do our best to help you fix the application, now, I'll give you a couple of data points as we've worked with a number of customers getting this all built we. Had a view of 60,000, applications, in the enterprise of those 60,000. Applications, we found 55, that. Had compatibility, issues, that's, three one hundredth of one percent. That's. The kind of compatibility, that Windows 10 has with, Windows 7 so you need to start upgrading and don't. Be concerned asking. Sort of you've been in the past about compatible, because the Windows has done team is just done a phenomenal job, of that but, as we learn in that desktop aperture program we, feed all that back into the readiness. Program and so we get smarter the. Windows operating system gets better and then, we close the loop by, then putting. That back into configuration, manager and you have a policy, now that'll automatically, upgrade all of your devices using that intelligence from the cloud. Pretty. Cool right oh. Come. On this is cool stuff. Okay. So let's show you how it actually works here now let me give you a demo of this so. First of all you, can come to the website you can come type in the name of any application this case so I'm gonna go put in teams here and, when I take a look here I want, to look at just what, Microsoft, knows about any team's add-ins and so, you can see here you know we can say that for Windows, 18:03, here's the version of the of the atom that you need there, are thousands, of is fees that have input data into our into our systems we can give you what the is via said about compatibility, but, we also take we learn from those 700 million PCs and feed that in but, let's now show you how you can do this for all your state at once and so, here I am now inside of the, inside. Of the Microsoft, 365 admin, Center and I'm here in the device management, experience. I'm gonna come to the bottom here click on this update readiness, this, takes you into desktop Analects, let me introduce you to the desktop analytics, console right. Here I get a view of all my PCs the, apps that are being used as well, as the plugins it is any data point here what we see in config manager is the average Enterprise has 2000 apps that, they're deploying through config manager now, the concept here is is we're gonna help you learn from what we know in the cloud and rapidly. Deploy out to a pilot group so you can get real-world experience, so, you do that by creating a deployment plan, I'm. Gonna deploy, the latest version of Windows and Office you. Come in here and you set up device groups so you select the group you want it to target to those, groups you're seeing those, are my config manager groups so. Desktops Analects rides right on top of config manager today and we'll integrate with in tune in the future but, right now all your ion config manager so that's what we're starting at I'm, gonna set that as my target and create that policy, here. You see all of the the policies, that are in play right now I'm, gonna come down and take a look at this right here this US East now. What you see here first of all is you can get a status of what the deployment progress is but, if I if I scan down here a little bit what you see now is we have these three steps prepare. Pilot. And then deploy and so, what we're trying to do here is help you understand, how to quickly get into a pilot, so you can actually test in production, your, applications. Your hardware, verify. That increase your coffin so you can move forward for the entire enterprise so, the first thing that we're gonna do here is you help us identify the importance, of your apps so. Right here you have a policy, or I can say hey if I see an application on less than 2% of my pcs by, default I don't want to consider that to be important. It's in the longtail and it's not important to me but, we also give you a view here of all the applications, that you have and you can come in here and you can tell us which ones are important, which ones are mission critical now, I'm gonna go click on this particular control swab this is an internal line of business application, and, right here you're seeing that we're now servicing up information about your internal, app an app, that appears nowhere else on the planet and, we're gonna help you understand if there is a compatibility, issue with your app and what needs to be done this.

Is Where you can kind of that fast-track program calls well hope you get it done I'm, gonna go ahead and cancel that now, the next thing I want to help you understand. What to do is how to create your pilot, group and, so what you want to do is create a pilot group to deploy into that is representative, of all your and state so, I come in here I create the pilot group now, there were 22 devices, in that config managed group that I selected, those, 22 devices will give me 50 3.04. Percent coverage. Of my estate my hardware my apps and my office add-ins, here's. One of the coolest parts about desktop analytics, we come back and say listen if you add these 89 devices, it'll. Increase your percentage to by 47%, and actually, give you a hundred percent coverage of all of your states you can actually now test in production. All. Of your apps all of your on all of your hardware all your drivers and verify. That it's working them like what Microsoft has told you in this is accurate. So, I'm gonna go ahead and you know show you then what it looks like this where you set it all up and then in terms of where you'll track it at you'll. Do all your tracking and config manager so, here you're looking at you can see the Microsoft, 365 servicing, brass, deployment, plan that I created right here and right here I'm able to track all, of that deployment the, pilot, and then once you get it piloted, and you get that feedback back and you verify that in fact all your applications work on that group of PCs that are representative, you. Can then roll it out to the rest of the rest of the organization. Quickly and so, one of the primary things that we need you to do here is start to use these capabilities use them as you go from 7:00 to 10:00 and then, you're gonna use it every time that you go from 10:00 to 10:00 to 10:00 to 10:00 this is gonna become just a part of your normal routine as you do all your upgrade and, as I scan down here a little bit more you know you can see things like we're, gonna give you more insights in the Apple case that you should be working on and verifying, but all this information, surfaced up inside your console. So. Let me get you a little more insights on a couple of pieces this desktop app assure program, the. Brainchild of one of the individuals in the room here named Ike Adams and this literally was this insight, of the, same thing that prevents users from moving faster, with us on the cadence is concerned. That their apps are gonna, break and so our commitment here to you is is if you find an issue that there's a compatibly, with Windows we want to fix it we want us to be better and, we want to increase our readiness cable ease and so you literally will be able to call my team directly now, in

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