SciFriday: AI and the Spirit of Terror

SciFriday: AI and the Spirit of Terror

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Since. The dawn of the 21st, century. Scientific. Discovery, has rushed forward at lightning speed. Genetics. Physics. Computerized. Technologies. Robotics. Virtual. Reality. Join. Derek, and Sharon, Gilbert as they uncover the. Truth behind, this. Ultimate. Scientific. Deception. Get, ready for, side, right. Be. Afraid be, very afraid. It's. Time for so. Friday, from sky watch TV welcome i'm derek gilbert joining us our science advisor my, best friend and the author of the red wings saga the newest book realms, of stone now available, sharon Kegel. All right did you quote from the fly because of, the flies in our house or because. We just celebrated, the one-year anniversary of, our trip to Roswell where we were inundated, well. That was that then there was also the aspect of Terror which, I experienced, on the way into work today your, irrational, fear, of arachnids, found. A tick crawling, on my leg as I was, know. Wasn't know that, big. Big dumb yeah it would have been funny but, no it's, something we deal with here in the Ozarks. And around the country, yeah. I felt a tickle on my leg slapped at it again and then notice this eight-legged thing, crawling around the floor back. In tickle exactly. Yes, so was able to find a place, to safe place to pull over and stop and get it out of the car because I like that scream, I heard this morning yeah the high-pitched scream from, miles, away I'm sure that yeah, the whole county must have heard it but. Thankfully, I and. This is you know something it causes a lot of car accidents single car wrecks often are caused by people who are slapping a tabby or a spider or something and losing track of what's going on on the road so you know while I was looking down at the then I realized hey I'm on a two lane country road better luck a blow and. Avoided. The oncoming truck thankfully. Really, today, could have turned out to be less it, was left tick would have left yeah and, then. Moved on to another victims yeah anyway I'll tell you what we're gonna talk about a number of things so this is going to be a whirlwind, tour on this sigh Friday because there's no, particularly, direction but one. Thing is it's all in the case with Cyprus, one. Of the things you and I talked about this morning was the possibility of doing a show. About. Demons. Of fear. That. A fear, but also demons, that are really. We would render. We would think of them as strategies, or stratagems. That. The enemy would use against, us some. Event, in our lives that actually, that. Illness. Or that that, feeling. We have it's actually specific, demons, that's attached to and read yeah so is it possible that seriously. That that sometimes. What we perceive as insects this is really gonna creep you out when I say this things, that we sometimes perceive, as insects, and our lives are actually demonic.

There Are an awful lot of demons that are pictured. They, are written. About us being, insectoid. In, shape, or animalistic, in shape and that, is even, been. Reported, in volunteers. In the experiments. With DMT, conducted, by dr., Rick Strassman, years. Ago yeah I'm not saying that the TIC into car this morning it's, just I think it's possible, because you and I we, talked a number of times on the show about how. Sometimes. Anyone. In ministry ministry in fact any Christian, if you're, walking with the Lord you're going to meet opposition, sometimes, that opposition comes, in the form of spiritual. Oppression right, just a sense. Apparently. Unfounded, that something very bad is about that when you say apparel and founded it do you don't immediately you, don't see a physical or natural right, cause and, we. Dealt with that here it's guy watch TV we don't talk about it much now because it's. Just part it's part of life and it's part of your calling when as you say you follow where. God is leading you you're going to run into opposition, the. Enemy wants to make the other path. What. How does Jesus describe it broad, and straight. I mean that the path that we're taking is the narrow crooked one. Because it is, not the easy path so, but. We've had times like that where things. For. No obvious, or natural. Reason, seem. Like. There's. Something coming I could just be like if it yeah and sometimes it's it's it, takes a few days of that to realize hey wait a minute maybe I should be praying about this because, maybe this is a spiritual, thing so yes there, are scriptural, references, most, notably in Psalm 91 verse five where a an. Entity, appears. To be referred to there the terror of the night Psalm, 91 five in the ESV you will not fear, the terror of the night nor the arrow that flies by day and the word translated, arrow there is a reference to the Canaanite. Actually. A very popular. Supernatural. Entity, the, arrows a reference to the weapon of the, Semitic. Deity, called reshef, or. Plague. Mm-hmm but reshef was just the semitic. Name for the Greek god Apollo yeah, there was also the plague god depicted as an archer the pestle no the plague God well. You see similar imagery in the book of Revelation, when the, writer is given a talks on it's it's called that yes it arcs like, an arrow. Does, but. It's it's very powerful, and we get the word toxic, from it right so it may be poisonous, so the Psalm 91 reference, there since, that second. Half of that verse is referring to something. Supernatural. The arrow that flies by day is not simply. The weapon. Of your physical enemy but it is a weapon of the principalities. And powers that Paul wrote about the. Terror of the night appears. To be something more than just an irrational fear of the dark and that is where that is the the Semitic. Term jihad. Fahadh. Meaning, terror which, is actually, in the dictionary of, demons and deities exactly. And it's referred, to in a couple of other places the Song of Solomon interestingly, Song, of Solomon makes. Reference to picaud, in in verse chapter. Three verse eight talking. About the the. Men. Of war or the guards, who accompany, Solomon, who is apparently. Referred to here in this tab in this this, these chapter, all, of them his, men. Accompany. In his retinue all of, them wearing swords, an expert in war each with sword at the thigh against, terror, by, night, hmm. So, what. Are what are they arming. Themselves for, if they're dealing with just. Fear. Just you know a discomfort, unease we're. Dealing with with something here a little more substantial. But. Supernatural. Absolutely. Supernatural and, I think that we tend to forget about that as you said a few minutes ago when we start to feel that sort, of unease. As you put it but that this feeling of oppression I don't really know why I'm so upset don't, know what's really bother me heaviness sometimes. You feel like a little clouds following, you around sometimes. There actually is a little cloud following. That. You you need to stop and realize that the enemy is trying to get at you and it may be through a way that the, enemy is hoping you, won't recognize, mm-hmm, it's in the old testament right right so. There's. Also the reference in job where he deals. With the the, what. Appears to be a description of night terrors so. Naturalistic. Explanations, include. You. Know being in that sort of dream state between wakefulness. And sleep. But. Spiritually. Speaking if we're dealing with, principalities. And powers, we're. Dealing with supernatural entities, that have the power apparently, to instill, that kind of unease this discomfort this sense, of dread. Or imminent. Doom. On. Us. And. The Bible tells us though that this, is not coming from God because he does not give us a spirit of fear. Know. That I'm so glad you brought that up because that's. One of those passages, that it's easy to just go, pass right right right if you're being afraid you're not really trusting in God enough well no he's referring, to a spirit.

Of Fear now that's not to go too far down that path because there are some well-meaning. Teachers who, will, ascribe to almost, any activity. A, spirit. You know the spirit of overeating, or the spirit, of. Whatever. Yeah yeah yeah you know, I don't mean to make light of anyone but I think we can go way beyond what the Bible, teaches. Us and tells us but, if we take Paul at his word and I assume Paul knew his theology better, than I do yeah then. You're dealing with. Spirits. That have the power to influence us in the natural realm principalities. And powers our wrestling, match which is a physical activity is, not against human, opponents but, against principalities and, powers and, rulers. Of spiritual. Wickedness in high places it's. Interesting that, terror. This, tactic, has. A spiritual. Identity. Yes. Because. We've. Had a war against, terror. Since. 2001, yeah. I wrote, an article about the spirit, of terror, for. Sky Watch TV magazines several months ago based. On this and it did a couple thousand words exposition, on it so I think, there's something to this, and. Again I keep coming back to Paul as the expert, here in saying that these. Issues, that we wrestle, with on a day to day basis, and oftentimes I'm a, really guilty of this and, this is something that that we here at sky watch TV the men here we. Gather. Together in the morning when we're all here in the office because there a lot of days that you know pull one or the other of side of the office but when we're here we'll get together and we pray before we do anything else to start the day and that's because we recognized, a couple of years ago that there were days were you. Know we just felt really stressed, or anxious and, then. We realized wait a minute why are we only praying, in response, to stuff that's hitting us instead of, putting. On the whole armor of God which was the whole point of chapter six of Paul's letter to the church at Ephesus, exactly. So you have to go on the offense dude right, yes, and his words depending on the translation, of the Bible that you read powers, and principalities is, from the King James the English standard version which, we like uses. The words rulers. Authorities which, often. Commentators. Can you, know so okay we're dealing with politicians, here know the words that he used there Paul the, Greek words he used are, often, applied to spiritual. Entities, rulers. Authorities cosmic. Powers. That's. Not you, know you're, yeah. That's, not your elected official cosmic, powers over this present darkness, and the spiritual, forces of evil in the heavenly places those are our true opponents, and yet, they can affect us in the natural realm so, by the way you, you mentioned that the men, get, together here and pray I just want to let you know that the, women have been praying here for a long time oh yeah yeah the ladies in the office have been getting together for years and praying right and I guess. It's about a year or two ago that you guys said hey you know what yeah, we need to start doing this too let's let's be proactive instead of reactive but. That's you, know men's like well I can solve this this is just I just need to take a deep breath my sleeve.

Unless. You're thinking what's, this got to do with science well you know how we are we time sometimes, wander far afield but I think, you can make an argument that almost everything is science because it just means knowledge true. True and. God. Does. Give, us a. Physical. Reaction he designed us with certain physical responses. To, sudden. Jolts of fear that, can actually be very helpful. In. Fact there is a. Notice, thing that the tick was down there the tick before, it fits you well true. Was a good idea but, thankfully, I acted. Somewhat rationally, and finding a space, to pull over and get off the road before trying to deal with it glad you are in the st. Louis traffic at the time amen to that though but we. Heard. The other day and I'd have to double-check this to confirm that it's true that Australia. Which has more. Toxic. And and venomous, critters, than anywhere else on the planet no, one has died from a venomous, spider bite they're in years and years and yet you've, got single car accidents. That. That happened regularly and a lot of it is probably because somebody sees a spider or a bee or wasp in, the car and is trying to get it and losing track of what they're doing behind the wheel there. Are times when. Humans. Can be. Motivated. To almost, superhuman, feats, of speed strength or endurance because. Of the physical responses, that God designed into us to, fear, you, know to run really fast to, lift. Impossible. Loads in order to save somebody who's in danger things, like that that are part of our design but. The, spirit, of ongoing oppression, and fear the sense of dread that something might go wrong again, that's not from God and that is not a physical response to, that. We should experience. As part of this this wrestling, match against the principalities and powers well. That is so true I mentioned, a few minutes ago that since. 2001, we have been we the United States have been engaged, in a war against, terror, main tactic but. If you see, terror as spiritual, then it makes sense you're not at war against, a tactic, you are at war against, a being. Sure, or a group of beings and I think the only way to explain, the. Tactics employed by, those who. Use, terror as a weapon, is, spiritual. Mmm-hmm, because there is no I mean it is because, some of the things that we've seen from groups that have. That. You employ, terror as a weapon over the centuries not just here in recent, history with, the the Islamic state or al-qaeda or anything like that but this is this is a very old thing that goes back a long time I mean the. Whole idea of putting. Somebody's. Head on a pike outside, the castle gate, you know is to, inspire. Terror, the. The, attack, by the. The, king of Judah.

Jehoshaphat. And the. The king of Israel, I forget who the king was at the time but they were going to war against, the. King of Moab King. Mosh every, night key much but Misha left. The Moabite stone that helped translate. You. Sort of to translate other Semitic languages the. Bible tells us that Misha, took his child up on the wall his son and sacrificed, his son in the wall which inspired, fear and terror into the armies of Israel and Judah and they ran away well. We thought another. Show yesterday, that was talking about a tactic that we was used by a military. Campaign I don't know if you were watching, at the time or not but, what they did the military commissioner, brought. In condemned. Prisoners. This was going to die anyway and he ordered them you. Will take. Your heads by the hair and slice. Off your own hand capitate. Your heads in front, of this line of soldiers. So, the enemy will see what we are willing to do in, order to win and they. Were told if, you do not do it because you're gonna die anyway if you do not do it we will kill your face this was an ancient. Southeast. Asia I believe Asia in Vietnam if I'm not as it was yeah so, but. The things that things like that are so horrific the idea of sacrificing. Your child in public view, of the enemy of you know forcing, men to cut off their own heads to terrify, the enemy, that. Those, are so unacceptable, to God who as, far back as the time of Noah before he gave a lot of Moses said that for the shedding of human blood a reckoning would be required even of animals, that shed human blood that it. Has to be supernatural it has to be spiritual, terror is a spirit. In. The Bible referred, to by the name picaud. And. I, think. There's there's something to this well, we need to take a break but when we come back I want to talk about how terror can be used in a 21st century. Not. Necessarily. The. Way you might think okay, we'll talk about that and we'll also talk about our upcoming, trip. To Texas, we hope to see you there when sigh Friday returns after this, ladies. And gentlemen many of you know by now that we are hosting another true legends conference, in September at the mansion theater, in Branson Missouri, today. We're excited to announce that live streaming, for this event is now available. On Gen. 6 dot-com. Last. Year's true legends conference, was an incredibly, powerful event. All of, our speakers delivered, compelling. Presentations. On a range of topics dealing. With the Genesis, six narrative, many, of the people who joined us in Branson, or live streamed online said. This was the best conference, I've ever experienced. We, receive testimonies. From people all over the, world whose. Lies were profoundly, touched by this abandon, this, year, Gen. Six productions sky, watch TV, and Infowars. Are joining, forces, against. The technocratic, elite and, their, Luciferian, agenda, Steve. Quale Tom, Horne David. Knight Hugo, de garis and myself, among other dynamic. Speakers, will, be addressing the rise of.

Transhumanism. And the, hybrid age, we. Are living in a pivotal, moment in history the imminent, convergence, of emergent, technologies. In the fields of genetics, robotics. Artificial. Intelligence. Nanotechnology. And cybernetics. Is about, to revolutionize, every. Facet of human. Society. And, fundamentally. Redefine, what, it means to be human the. Stakes, could. Not be higher it. Is imperative, that we comprehend. The, prophetic, implications of. What. Is about to happen to, the human race on, planet Earth. True, legends, a conference, 2018. Will be taking place from the 14th, through the 16th of, September, at the, mansion theater, in Branson Missouri, seating. Is limited and, the venue is almost sold out but, you can watch the conference, live online from, the comfort of, your own home, by, purchasing. A live streaming ticket, on Gen, 6 comm, don't. Miss the opportunity to. Be a part of this extraordinary event. Go. To Gen 6 comm today and join. The, resistance purchase. Your live streaming ticket today and watch, every, session from last year's conference for. Free on Gen. 6 comm. Welcome. Back to SCI Friday from sky watch TV I'm Derek Gilbert along with Sharon Kay Gilbert author of the Red Wings saga. Stack. Of books for only $50, donation a big stack of books six books and. A DVD yes best of sy Friday included, so you get all four of the books so far in the Red Wings saga she's currently working on book 5 and, again. Your donation is just $50 all of it to you it's a crazy deal and if you already have the first three books and I need this book for you can get that plus the, two extra books by Derek and the sigh Friday desk for just $20, donation, it's, a crazy deal no Tom he's wild, coming, to Lubbock, Texas will be there August 3rd and 4th yes. Sons of God giants of old and you know what it's if you are anywhere. Close to the area or if you just like Texas, and you want to visit it's only a $5 fee, to get in that's right that's right it's about as inexpensive. As it gets and, they. Probably will take up a free world offering because it is so inexpensive but, bringing, quite a number of speakers including, you well I will, be speaking talking about the forthcoming. Book. Which. Name, is a real blast Clash of the Titans I tried to read it which one is it oh and we may even talk about the, DVD that will be coming out with your new book the, mores of the Gods right so. That will be all, dr. Jeff Burton author, of Ethne, the interview with the Giant and the historical, notes on the Nephilim and his new book which, is the, Nephilim dossier. Gregory. Reed who's an expert on satanic ritual abuse and. Joe. Taylor, who. Is. A with, that wasn't the Montblanc dinosaur. Museum there in Texas where, you've, probably seen a picture of my fella you know white bearded gentleman standing next to a really really big femur, that's. Joe Taylor he'll be there speaking as well so that's August 3rd and 4th $5, donation the site is the fellowship which, is a church pastored, by Dan Creston, and.

The Investment will be speaking there as well so on that's gonna be so much fun and then the following weekend we will being a Long Island New York and there. Will be a tour of Montauk so. If you're interested in that if you watch stranger, things and you want to know that a little bit better you, can you can find out all about all about that'd here though watch man calm, and save $20, off the registration, with the promo code Gilbert 220 you can also save 20% on the video streaming with. The promo code Gilbert 220 well Terry is to be inspired, by putting, a man's. Head on a pike, yeah. Now. Can be inspired, by, you. Know posting, something on your social media site, there, was just a story this morning that, in India, mm-hmm, people. Have been, hanged. They, have been lynched so to speak they have been killed by mobs because. An, app. Told. Them that person, was a pedophile, or than. That person had been abusing, children, so. Modern-day. Lynch mobs mm-hmm. Being, formed. Through social media inspired, by social media imagine, now an algorithm. That. Uses social, media websites. To. Put. Forth the terrorist, campaign, blaming. People in your neighborhood starting. To name names remember, the Twilight, Zone episode. Nightmare. On Elm Street not not nightmare, a myth maple street maybe that was the name of the monsters come to maple something that yeah thing like that and it was aliens. Mm-hmm who were beaming information. Down into the. Local. Area in a neighborhood and turning off lights that's all they did mm-hmm they turned off power to certain streets yeah I know a lot of the humans, to just let, their imaginations, drive them crazy right right and there was one fellow who, well. Yeah yeah what one house where the lights are on anybody hey how come your lights are on hey don't you work in that science laboratory, with those guys, so you what are you yeah, and right basically, turning people one against another just as an experiment, you. Imagine, an algorithm, that may not necessarily be, only.

Code. But. Actually. Inhabited. By one, of these spirits. Hmm, it's a wonderful. Platform and, I use that as in that it's wonderful, to the enemy, they. Would consider it a great platform, for reaching us hey brand-new, methodology. For each of the humans don't, have to go to them in their dreams anymore use their social media website no this really doesn't take a lot of imagination to, see how this could really go maybe I'm. Getting a little bit tired. Of social media lately and I know that we need to use it in order to put. Out information and, in order to let people know what we're doing and where we're doing it that sort of thing but, I'm getting. A little tired of, social. Media walls I don't cause specific platforms. But where. It's nothing but memes. And videos, espousing. One political point of view or the other both, of which are diametrically opposed, it's a toxic, environment that, is intended, to distract, us from our, real job as believers yeah, yes, and it's very effective in it mmm, because I need to look at the news every day this this right now hits me a little harder than it does you you're, sensible enough to just turn it off and walk away I don't like you look at it I keep diving in yeah. In. The 19th century there you go, but. Yeah. And, I'm glad you do that the other day in fact you've kind of lighten the mood a bit because I noticed, a lot of people responded, to that I look and see sick of seeing political stuff so here's a picture of our dog Sam and. Frankly. A lot of times that's what I'm wanting, to see there you know what are my friends doing around the country people I haven't seen in a while what, are my family members doing yeah all I got is people, ranting and raving about the, Supreme Court nominee who hasn't even been selected yet. And. Various. Other things you know stuff going on at the border and this that deal the. Enemy is using it you're right yes instill, not necessarily. Fear but anger at the same time oh very much so because the the, stuff that we're seeing on social media is being curated for us right now, right. So. I've been going through and telling it I don't want to see this I don't want to see this I don't want to see this I don't want to say show me I don't even like kids but show me pictures of cats okay that's. Well.

There For a while I avoided some, social media websites and again I won't name them but there were there were a few out there that tended to be more cat pictures right even, those have become political. You. Know it 19th. Century is a nice. Place to hang out well it is and, you know sports used to be just sort of a recreation, for me yes I grew, up a Cubs fan and a Bears fan and etc etc so I don't take it that serious thing I'll kind of look, in during the season get me to the playoffs it's like okay the teams I like in there know okay I'll move on to something else but, even now that's getting to be a, an. NBA all-star, who. Has, been in and out of coaching for a few years was spotted, in a picture at a trump rally and, suddenly the NBA, is all up in arms he should never coach again I don't. What I tune to sports to forget about stuff like that but the enemy is using that and using, tools. Like this so again you're. Right an artificial, intelligence algorithm. Taking. This next step further, and stirring up not, just fear. But anger, hatred, hey, this neighbor of yours is. Fill. In the blank pita, file whatever. Mm-hmm, and getting crowds together so far in India they say more than 20 people have been killed in the last two months because of social media. Lynch. Mobs isn't. That tragic, it. Is we seriously these people they did in most cases probably, had done nothing to their neighbors but. Let's, say you have a neighbor who is named or you just for whatever believe that there, are pedophiles. Around and you don't like your neighbor you're, right exactly and, and this is being judged without the, benefit of due process. Sadly. This is the kind of thing that governments, are using one against another to try to stir up opposition. Movements and to. Be quite frank that's probably a lot of what's the, reason for what's going on here in the United States as well, as around the world in terms of stirring up dissension. Unrest. And chaos. Well that's the other part of it it's possible, that and a sentient, algorithm. Or an inhabited, algorithm, could, do things like this but it's also something that a government entity. Might, do to another government to help destabilize. Them just imagine we get as official super intelligence, that is literally. Inhabited. By. An external, entity, and what, kind of power it could wield using, the power of the Internet the interconnectedness, of all things the, Internet of Things tying, together every device from our smart, devices to, our kitchen. Appliances, and then, mate, move it onto the battlefield because that's where the Internet of Things is, moving, yeah battlefield, Internet yeah well, we'll, just remember the, spirit of fear is not coming from God there, is a spirit out there called terror picaud, mentioned, in the Bible so we. See this convergence. Of science and, fear. And hatred. And. It again, if you've got a biblical. Prophetic worldview, doesn't take a lot of imagination, to, see how this could be really really useful to a future one-world, government well, that is so true of where your assignment this week is to post something, to. Facebook put a cat picture up there a dog picture something nice something happy I don't thing I think on these things right, and we, thank you for watching as we keep watch have a blessed weekend with Sharon Gilbert on derek Gilbert this is sy Friday from sky watch TV.

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