Safety Razor and Blade Making Process Treet Blade Made in Pakistan

Safety Razor and Blade Making Process   Treet Blade   Made in Pakistan

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[music] [music] [music] [music Appreciation] [MUSIC] Barber role importance in past or in the modern world is always there, In modern times despite frequent barber shops, there is a lot of focus on cleanliness and hygiene in every household, Razors and disposable blades are being used [MUSIC] We will show you how Treet Corporation Ltd. from last 70 years manufacturing multiple types of Blades, Razors and Disposable razors while using latest technology, and not only serving Pakistan but globally exporting including China with a proud tag of "Made in Pakistan" [Music] Assalam Walikum , I am Salman Khan and you are watching "Made In Pakistan". Today's program is very special because today the product whose making process we will show you, we are using it in our everyday life and it has an important role in cleanliness. We will show you how Pakistan's single and biggest blade and razor manufacturing company of Pakistan manufactures blades and razors and this company is really in the heart and Cultural hub of Pakistan "Lahore", I am talking about Treet Corporation Limited, Pride of Pakistan, which is one of the world's 10 biggest blade manufacturing company, In today's program, we will not only know their business journey but will also show you how tough and sophisticated is blade manufacturing including its by-products which are razors and disposable razors.

so let's discover [music] Its the time to let you introduce me to the man behind Treet Corporation Limited, MD "Mr. Syed Shahid Ali"" Assalam Alaikum, How are you sir, my Pleasure, sir pleasure to meet you, and its an honor to interview you today. Mashallah your family has a complete legacy and you guys have been in business for a long time, Can you please tell our audience when did you decide to come inside blade making business? and why did you come in blade manufacturing? . Treet razor plant was imported for Bhopal and it arrived in Bombay at the time of Partition it was a critical moment in the history of our country, and when it arrived in Bhopal, obviously it had to be unloaded and from Bombay my father having all the initial drive that he did have, he managed somehow to shift an entire plant in those very very difficult condition from Bombay to Karachi. And Since we had oils mills in Hyderabad, the plant was obviously shifted to Hyderabad where it is going to remain for the rest of its life and all this I can't tell you, how it came to his mind to go in for razor blades but its something which is very true in a sense that it's been over 7O years in Pakistan that we are the only razor blade producers, yes, despite of so many other people having on into very unique and different things but we went into blades and have managed to hold on to it, Well I read about it that you stand among the top 7 blade making companies in the world and its a pride, I guess pride of PAKISTAN as well. Well it is true, in a sense that we are a country of 220 million people and we roughly have 70% of Pakistan's razor blade share plus before that Covid we were exporting 40% of our production, it was exported even to places like China as unusual because china is one-way traffic, things come from there but nothing goes there so we were very fortunate that way, Sir thank you very much, it was nice talking to you.

It's an honor for me that you came to me and listened to my words. You are our true wealth, Inshallah our young generation will listen to your story and make Pakistan as you want to see it . Thank You Let's go to meet the young leadership of Treet Corporation with me [music] So viewers right now I am sending with the young leadership of Treet Corporation Ltd "Mr. Syed Sheharyar Ali" Aslamualekum sir, how you are doing, thank you very well how

are u doing, Alhamdulillah, thank you very much for your precious time, we have told about company legacy to our viewers, it's a complete journey of your business, Can you please tell us about the current status and how many many countries you are exporting your blades and razors, Mashallah we started off in 1952, this was started off by my grandfather and then my father and now I am involved in it with my father as well, so currently we are exporting to about 35 active countries in that one very interesting thing is thing is, one of our biggest customers is china. Wow, People get surprised by listening to it that china has copied everything but is not able to copy razor blades, that is something which we are very proud of our export to China is one of the few companies. It's breaking news for many because it is considered a true fact that china is producing everything but importing blades and razors from Pakistan, It is amazing, so apart from China, there are 35 more countries?, 35 countries including the MENA region, Europe and we got a breakthrough is the US as we started just six months ago so its a growing market right now. we are hoping to expand in at least 10-15 more countries by the end of next financial year, Mashallah. Please tell us about the strength that makes us unique from others? there are a few things to look at it, locally our sales team and distribution network are very strong, and we have one of the largest distribution networks in Pakistan right now you will see that in the place where you probably not getting water, you will get a barber who is using Treet blade, so our network is very strong.

Internationally I will talk about edge quality as it seems a straightforward process, Edge Blade can cut a single hair in your hand into a half slice, so it is very important that you make such a blade edge that won't pull your hair or leave skin cuts, so its a very sensitive product. Our strength is our quality, secondly, the number of products we have, we also have female razors, bringing eyebrow razors so we always keep trying to innovate new variants and introduce them to the market. One more interesting thing is hygiene razor is being copied as there are 3-4 sub copies in the market so there is demand and potential in this market but this is not an easy business to get into. We are in the market for the last 70 years and our 70 years' effort is the reason for our success.

So viewers you have listened to the conversation, you are able to know how much effort it took to build this company and met ambitious personalities behind this business and mashallah growing rapidly Now we will show you, how sophisticated is the procedure of blade manufacturing. Break Time Blade making process starts with R & D Department Where not only product innovation and efficiency is being checked but in-depth quality check of produced items as well Treet import stainless steel coils to maintain international Standards. Perforation hall process the imported coils to specific blade patterns.

Blade pattern are then wrapped and send to hardening section. For durability and strength , extreme temperature processing is used. To achieve this , you have to pass the sheet from 1000 degree Celsius and then cooling down the sheet through refrigerator to -70 Degree Celsius .

Expert also check its stiffness manually and the wrapped coil is sent to print section Next , they print Treet on blades and grind blade edges to make them sharp. Testing section checks the blades and do multiple tests to separate faulty blades. Wrapping and packing section wraps the blade in two covers. and then packs according to branding and pack sizing.

Next is razor blade section, where engineers and designers design innovative variants to improve product quality and efficiency. While using latest technology , mold of approved designs and different plastic components are prepared. Women operate all the machines as Treet believes in women empowerment. Razor assembly section where all components of razor are sent to assembly section Where latest machinery is used to place blades in razor head components to prepare cartridge and razor headers are attached to razor handles. Treet Corporation is also manufacturing disposable razors on latest machinery which are for single use only and important for healthy lifestyle.

So viewers, we have showed you complete process of blades, razors and their by products. Fortunately we are with COO of the company "Mr. Ehsan-ul-Haq". Assalam-o-Alaikum, Wa-Alaikum-Assalam Sir, we learned about Treet corporation legacy from Managing Director and Executive Director of the company We found out that Treet is among the seven worlds biggest blade making companies and pride of Pakistan. How challenging is to sustain and grow brand image. The key success behind this is only and only quality as we are competing with global players, we can't compromise on quality. As you must have seen, we are importing the world highest quality steels, our steels are either from Germany, Japan or Sweden as there is no compromise on this. Our Processes conformance is all digitally controlled and we are one of the few companies in Pakistan who are using digitally controlled procedures, SOPs and we always try to work in paperless environment. Our SOPs, Controls, Monitoring all are digitally controlled. Its a sign of sustainability.

There are multiple benefits of this, as retrieving is quick, any slight variation in process triggers quickly. So, we can take counter measures in no time. Plus we are on of the companies in Pakistan focusing on women empowerment. This culture might not be available in Pakistan that in house female trained staff are running machines. Supporting women empowerment, no compromise on quality and sustainable environment. Lets move on to show you how different and extensive range of products Treet is manufacturing. Treet making process starts from Treet R & D department . This R&D make it possible for Treet to be among 10 big blade making companies of the world.

As Treet is our pride, we will show you how much in depth processes they use to make blades and razors. this department does not only checks in depth quality of blades but comparative analysis as well to know about global blade making products. and innovate new variants which is Treet's strength as well. Let me show you, how the Treet R&D engineers work, you can see they are having industrial microscopes. Engineers check all the components of the products As you can see the screen, it seems heartbeat of someone but its not, interestingly they are checking Treet blade tip which can't be seen with naked eye. You can see thousands time closer with the help of this microscope. Rather, surface is good and to check grinding and smoothness.

they are also checking tip of the blade on the screen to assure that the tip of the blade which can't be seen with naked eye, if it's balanced or not which determines the performance of blade. As it is a very sensitive product, they also check the sharpness. by-products of razors are examined to check the quality, they also check product geometry. You must have seen 2 blade razors, 3 blade razors and 5 blade razors in market, they have gap between razors and the gaps are to be exactly matched with the standard design to avoid any quality issue R&D doesn't only check their products but always work on innovating new variants and add product range to the market. Let me show you how they are making blades and razors according to international standards. We are now in Treet production facility and this is Treet production hall. Blades are their primary products and by-products are razors

As we have showed you raw material in store where coils are stacked to be sent to production facility. First process of blade making is perforation where press machines are installed to do perforation. Coils are loaded on this machine to start the process. They start perforating the blades on the press machine according to the design and size of blade. After cutting, they recoil the strip as you can see the blade shape and interestingly blade strip size and razor strip size is different. Razor strip is thin and different in design. This whole process is perforation

After perforation the coils are sent to hardening section as hardness is necessary for razor to work on our skin. Lets go to see the hardness process In hardening process blades are exposed to extreme temperatures to make them hard. Recoil reel is shifted with the help of extension wheels as blade strip is weak to make them hard so they can work properly in razors and blades as per satisfaction These strips are cleaned first to remove any contamination with the help of warm water and air. After cleaning the strip , it is shifted to furnace, extension wheels are to support weak strip mobilization As you can see fire from the furnace, temperature goes up to 1000 degree Celsius to heat the blade strip Blade strip comes out of furnace with water and air to cool down a bit and this machine purpose is to lower the temperature, before it goes to second extreme temperature.

These deep freezers are very special industrial freezers which can go up to -70 degree Celsius to -90 degree Celsius As you can see it is all covered with ice. Once strip comes out of freezer, its all hard and lasers are installed to beep and stop the machine about any blade surface issues or any fault. Next step is to go through tempering machine where hot and cold procedure is repeated on blade strips but not on extreme temperatures. hard strip is ready, again air pressure applied to dry out any moisture. Experts are doing quality check as in Treet quality check after every step is compulsory because it is a sensitive product. Coil is then shifted to printing and grinding section to sharpen the blade we are now in printing section where Treet stamp is printed on the strip and passed through small furnace for durable printing. Coil is then sent to grinding section to sharpen the edges Lets go to quality section which is very interesting.

So, after grinding section the sharpened blades are brought to quality inspection section and the experts perform in depth quality check. The blades are visually inspected. The bad blades are removed manually by breaking as shown Furthermore, another interesting quality test is hair test. As you can see, the human hair is used to check the sharpness according to the standard And you can see, how expertly he is performing the test. Literally, it reminds me of 'Baal ki khaal utaarna" which means "splitting hair literally and figuratively too!" The sharp edges are checked very keenly. I am also trying to perform the same test. Let me try as well.

Quality Section-Sharpness Check So, you have to be very conscious because it is very sharp. Quality Section-Sharpness Check The hairs are peeled at 60 degree angle Quality Section-Sharpness Check Wow! It is very sharp. I couldn't perform it very well but he performs this test exactly. So, its quality is checked this way and then blades are sent to packaging department for wrapping and packaging. Come-on, lets go there. Packing Section So, we are inside the blade wrapping section of Treet Corporation. Here, the finished blade, which comes here from inspection section is wrapped. The magazine is inserted in the machine before blade is fed. This is an automatic machine which wraps the blade. If you look closely, the blade has two covers. One is external and the other is internal cover with a blade inside.

For this, external cover filling is placed on one side and then internal wrap which is also called wax wrap reel is placed here. The machine automatically picks the external wrap and inserts internal wrap in it. Then blade is placed in it before moving forward. And it wraps it as well. If the blade is missed then it removes the blade from the platform after detecting automatically. The wrapped blades are collected on one side. The bundles of blades are placed inside the wooden box and are shifted to packaging section. Packaging section also operates on automatic machines. Every machine is configured according to the packing requirement. Five Blades are being packed here. Interestingly, they make a packet of five to ten blades and they are making a packet of five here.

Now, Let me show you a colorful platform where ten blades are being packed. You can count the ten blades being inserted here The ten blades are collected. At last, the pack is covered in an external plastic covering. Like this, a packet is ready and further it is packed in bigger boxes. Designing and Mold Section Razors So, the razor making process starts from the design section of Treet Corporation, where the expert designers with the collaboration of their engineers design new razors. How the products can be innovated and every component is designed after carefully thinking. Then the designs are given to production department to produce in bulk. Let's go there

Bulk production of molds - Razors After designing, the next stage is mold making. The approved designs are sent to molding section where molds are prepared through latest machines. Generally, a razor consists of five different components. The molds are prepared for every component and sent to production facility for bulk production. Lets go there. Bulk Production-Razor Section Viewers, this is the injection molding section of Treet Corporation. The molds which were prepared are used here to make plastic components in bulk. Different components such as handle and head which also has various components is being prepared. The cover of the head is also produced here. And the interesting part is that all the machines are being operated by women which is a sign of women empowerment. And usually the heavy machinery of injection molding is operated by men in many industries.

But, here women are operating these machines which is a good practice here as their COO told us about women empowerment. Truly, we can see the role of women in every section As you can see the different components are being prepared on every machine in bulk. And also they have made a safety for women. They produce different innovating products. As you can see the pink colored safeties are being prepared. By moving further we'll show you how blade is inserted in the razor and then how it is packed. Then it is sent to warehouse for distribution to various places

Assembly Section- Razors So the components produced at the injection molding section in bulk are assembled in assembly section by using latest equipment. As you can see that the razor cartridge is being prepared. The razor handle will be inserted in it afterwards and the razor will be ready. It will be sent to packing section. Let's go to packing section. Packaging Section - Razors The product from assembly section is sent to packaging section. and this is Treet razor's packaging section. Many variants are packed here, as you can see the Treet hygiene packaging.

This is a single razor packed. Also 3 razors and 5 razors packing is also available in store. Women hygiene razor is packed here and then boxed. You can see the Treet hygiene boxes ready to dispatched As you know mostly women are working here which is a sign of women empowerment and this is a pride of Pakistan. Treet corporation is on the top of list. Now we go towards the safex ustra manufacturing facility. Disposable Razor / Barber Razor- SAFEX Production Now you can see the safex assembly section where you can see the latest safex technology and its components being made. The plastic components from the molding section are assembled here in automatic machine. This Safex razor is also exported in the gulf countries. It is one time use only as you can see that the seal is broken so that it may be disposed off. Treet is manufacturing and exporting this product with a proud tag of made in Pakistan

Display Section Now we are in Treet Display section and we'll show you the extensive range of products of Treet which we saw being manufactured. These blades include 7 days, Tez Treet and most importantly platinum blade is being exported to China which is a pride of Pakistan. Not only blade but razors are also displayed such as Razor 2, Trim 2, Treet 2 and super flash. They have multiple type of packing such as 5s and 3s packing.

Treet is also making the Razors with lubra strip. Also niche products like femina pink and women hygiene are also manufactured. All these products are being exported to gulf and other countries with the proud tag of Pakistan. Last but not the Least, the safex razors which can be disposed of. We have shown you the making process of all the products in this programme first time in the history. These products are exported in more than 40 countries with proud tag of Pakistan. Hope you have enjoyed and are amazed by these beautiful Pakistan products. We must by these products especially the oversees Pakistanis so that this company and Pakistan grows. Thank you for Watching

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